Remote Controlled Humans (Part 1—GO!) – “A plandemic of graphene oxide poisoning for wireless frequency rollout and human experimentation. The ‘no virus’ rabbit hole is actually a mountain of evidence few “experts” of the “medical freedom movement” want to take seriously. Why is that?” – The Good Citizen  – A LONG AND DEEP DIVE BY THE GOOD CITIZEN, TAKE THE TIME TO DIGEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OffG’s Quick Take: White House Truck Attack – A LITERAL False Flag? – “Meanwhile, the “domestic terrorism” narrative will keep on chugging along.” – Off Guardian  – COULD IT BE ANY MORE OBVIOUS. THEY MUST REALLY THINK WE ARW STUUUUUUUPID 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑!!!!

Trojan Horse Stampede – “It seems these days, and maybe it always has been, that nearly everything our leaders shell out to us is sugarcoated with “Trojan Horseisms” to get us to buy into it without resistance. Once bought, and once the horse is “in” (quite literally sometimes) it kills us—again, quite literally, or maybe only figuratively. Either way, it isn’t good for us. Let’s start with the most obvious Trojan Horse of them all—the Covid vaccines. First they produced a false threat. The “false threat” is very often a precursor to the horse’s entrance because the threat makes the gift more enticing and appreciated. All of the radical social changes we see, trans kiddie parties, forced pro-nouns, presentism, Critical Race Theory, are all presented under the Trojan Horse umbrella as efforts toward DEI, (diversity, equity and inclusion.) What could be better, eh? Another good one is Climate Change, which is a horse that rides in on some truly significant issues: pollution, toxic air and toxic water, loss of animal life, etc. etc. Some of these issues are clearly problems; most of them are fabrications.” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

Is This Why Pediatricians Push Vaccines? – Dr. Joseph Mercola

‘One Health’ will give WHO’s Dictator General power to initiate climate lockdowns – “One Health has little definition or structure and is sold using vague strings of words and phrases that are meaningless and often confusing. This is deliberate and in the same vein as tactics used by governments during the covid era to keep populations confused and so more likely to blindly follow instructions. Behind the verbiage, One Health is a tool to create networks and combine efforts towards centralising power and control. Where will the power and control be centralised? The World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”) Director Dictator General Tedros the Terrorist and, ultimately, those who fund WHO. That One Health is incorporated into WHO’s global dictatorship plans has almost slipped under the radar, but some researchers such as Dr. Meryl Nass have noticed, investigated and are trying to inform others.” – Rhoda Wilson

China’s “summer Davos” 2023 – “Described as the “Annual Meeting of the New Champions”, this has been an important yearly WEF event since 2010, always hosted somewhere in China. Back in January this year it was reported by TASS, citing Bloomberg, that no “business representatives from Russia and China” would attend the annual WEF meeting in Davos, and this has been cited by some as further evidence of the alleged split between Western finance and the BRICS nations. However, it should be noted that China’s “vice premier” Liu He actually was at Davos, and, on January 17, gave a “special address” about the importance of international cooperation and tackling climate change. We think the counter-narrative may have elided this part, but, together with the fact China continues hosting WEF’s annual summer extravaganza, it suggests the rift is perhaps not as deep or wide as many claim.” – Off Guardian



A Look at 10 Red States Leading the Charge Against Financial Tyranny – “While dysfunctional D.C. battles it out over the debt ceiling to reign in uncontrolled federal spending, ‘Quid Pro Joe’ (who is under Congressional investigation for laundering bribes by foreign nationals) recently pledged hundreds of millions more in aid to corrupt Ukraine, which has been exposed for embezzling funds. If that wasn’t enough, ‘The Big Guy’ committed another $250 million through USAID to the World Bank, which has the power to launder with immunity. Meanwhile, the 2023 banking collapse is turning out to be worse than the 2008 crisis, and the Treasury Secretary is warning that more bank mergers may be around the corner, as wealth consolidates into a handful of woke megabanks, like JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America, which continue to target the regime’s political enemies.” – The Sharp Edge

Insouciant Americans Have Doomed America to Tyranny – “Time and time and time again, insouciant Americans allow the presstitutes to brainwash, indoctrinate, and deceive them. Afterwards they, or some of them, eventually catch on. But despite lesson learned, another precedent that erodes truth and liberty has been established. And despite lesson learned they will sit in front of their TV screens for their next brainwashing and indoctrination by the presstitutes who serve the ruling oligarchy by deceiving Americans. We don’t have to go far back in time, just the adult lifetime of the current older American generation to list deception after deception.” – Paul Craig Roberts

US Constitution Fourteenth Amendment – “Clinton wants Biden to assert the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution in order to override Congressional approval of a budget without a debt ceiling. Clinton, a former lawyer would seem to NOT be versed in the exact wording of the Amendment’s articles and their meaning. Section 4 of the Amendment is the clause they feel leverages this right.The budget proposed by Biden is not ‘debt’ because it hasn’t been authorized yet. It is simply a request at this stage. Debt refers to obligations by law which would have accrued already such as Social Security, Interest and Pensions. But there is another stickler to Biden/Clinton’s 14th Amendment assertion – Section 5 states: The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article. There is absolutely no statement that gives the acting President the authority to override Congress or omit them from budgetary law. ” – Helena Glass

The Left Has Pushed the Envelope – “Why are our government, corporations, and popular culture colluding in mass suicide—to the delight of our enemies like Communist China?” – Victor Davis Hanson  – GOOD READ FROM VICTOR!!!!!

Brezhnev and Biden – “Leonid Brezhnev, one of the last leaders of the old Soviet Union, was 75-years-old when he died in 1982 – although he looked near death for several years prior. Joe Biden is currently five (going on six) years older than Brezhnev was when he died, back in 1982. If he is re-selected in 2024, he will be 85-years-old at the end of his second term. Assuming he makes it that far. Biden’s age is appropriate, though, in that he is much like Brezhnev – and America has become much like the Soviet Union. It (America) is an ossified, stultified, bureaucratized failing state, ruled by dead-handed gerontocrats who won’t give up the power they spent a lifetime scrabbling for until they are, finally, dead. And have killed the country.” – Eric Peters

University program linking Christians, Republicans to Nazis granted DHS funds under ‘anti-terror’ initiative – “Biden admin funding controversial efforts to treat conservative groups as radical, watchdog warns” – Aaron Kliegman

Past And Present – “This week we have seen two more contenders join the Republican primary field, promising to be happy warriors to save America. Tim Scott from South Carolina and Ron DeSantis of Florida bring the field to eight, as far as the candidates with any chance of getting on the debate stage. With the exception of Trump and Ramaswamy, the field is all doing some version of conservative nostalgia. That is a mix of the crucible, the covenant, and the creed. This conflict between the past and the present is why the Republicans are about to replay their 2016 primary. They have a more diverse field than in 2016 and Trump is not viewed as a novelty act. DeSantis is a better version of Ted Cruz, but he is occupying the same place as Cruz occupied in the 2016 race. Trump, of course, is an improved version of himself, having suffered the full force of the regime. He is not just a rambunctious rebuke, but a legitimate victim of the regime. Even so, this replay of the 2016 election is due to the fact that the party and the country are stuck in the past. Everything about our present politics is backward looking, as if no one really wants to face up to the present.” – The Z Man


The FBI Broke The Law Over 278,000 Times With Illegal Searches On Americans – “The law enforcement agency constantly breaks the law.” – Dan Frieth

NY Governor Hochul floats idea of housing illegals in dorms at state universities – “As long as it was red states Texas and Florida bearing the brunt of massive Biden-era illegal immigration, blue state Dem politicians were happy to claim that only heartless xenophobes and racists could possibly object to open borders. But when Texas and Florida started shipping a comparative few to places like Martha’s Vineyard, Chicago, and New York City, it got very awkward. Hoping that nobody would notice that only a comparative trickle of illegals was coming their way compared to, say, El Paso, they declared a crisis. And started to have to make difficult choices.” – Thomas Lifson  – SHE MIGHT AS WELL GIVE THEM A FREE EDUCATION WHILE THEY ARE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fish and Wildlife Services Direct Funds to Woke Eco-Anxiety Counseling – “Perhaps eco-grief could be better managed by employees just doing their job in the forest.” – Sarah Cowgill

Forget ‘Pride,’ How About A ‘Dignity’ Month? – “Have you heard the news? Gay people are wildly oppressed in the United States because state governments are moving to protect children from having their bodies permanently butchered over Internet memes and insistent teachers union members, or something. Also, Florida is removing children’s books with graphic depictions of sex, particularly between men and boys, from public school libraries (though adults can buy them anywhere if they’re perverted weirdos who feel compelled to expose their kids to such things). It’s just like the Holocaust…or so we’re told. Only it’s not, and the dirty little secret leftists won’t talk about is most of the rest of the people represented by the LGBTQIA-whatever the hell it is now gang are just as disgusted by the other letters, particularly the “T,” as everyone else. June is “Pride Month,” because attention whores need attention. Though you’d be forgiven if you thought every single day was “Pride Day” given how the media sucks up to the Alphabet Mafia. And speaking of attention whores, have you ever seen a “Pride Parade”? Probably not. But if you have, it’s something really gross.” – Derek Hunter

Yellen ‘Not Prepping For Default’ Despite Debt Ceiling Impasse – Tyler Durden

JPMorgan Chase and Jeffrey Epstein Were Both Involved in a Strange Offshore Company Called Liquid Funding – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The inside story of Russia-Iran-India connectivity – “The G7 is stupefied by the dynamic progress of the multipolar order embodied by the Russian-led INSTC and the Chinese-led BRI, with Iran’s strategic port of Chabahar now poised to play a transformative role. ” – Pepe Escobar

Clown Prince Zelensky’s Saudi And Japanese Slime Trail – “The way forward for Japan, as well as Taiwan and Korea, is to emulate Saudi Arabia and to tiptoe away as gingerly as they can from their American lords and masters. Fresh from defiling Western Europe, Clown Prince Zelensky’s slug show next hit Saudi Arabia and Japan, two countries where protocol and presentation are paramount. Zelensky’s insistence on showing up in both countries in his GI Joe regalia did whatever self-serving cause he was propounding immense and irreparable harm. First off was Saudi Arabia where Syria’s President Assad, and the world’s other Arab leaders, showed how things are done in their neck of the woods, much as they are done in Japan. You dress the part, play by the rules and business gets done.” – Declan Hayes

Ukraine attacks in Russia should be an alarm bell for Washington – “Given its critical role in arming Kyiv, the US has a right to say how its aid is used, especially if it risks getting drawn directly into the war.” – Anatol Lieven

In Hiroshima, Zelensky proved he remains a ‘Servant of the People’ – but not the Ukrainian people – “A president elected on a promise to bring peace is offering his people as cannon fodder for external powers who are using them to fight a proxy war” – Vladimir Kornilov

Ukrainian Intelligence Says It’s Trying to Kill Putin – ” A high-ranking official admitted to actively plotting the Russian leader’s assassination after a recent drone attack on the Kremlin. “Putin is noticing that we are getting closer and closer to him,” Vadym Skibitsky, the deputy head of Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate, told Welt in an interview. He added, Putin is number one on the kill list “because he coordinates and decides what happens.” The Ukrainian intelligence official claimed his agency had failed to kill Putin because he “stays holed up.” Skibitsky suggested another attempt could be made soon as the Russian leader “is now beginning to stick his head out.” ” – Kyle Anzalone  – ME THINKS MR SKIBITSKY JUST SEALED HIS FATE!!!


Recession Watch: 10 “Hard Landing” Charts – “Negative growth by year-end, the Fed back to easing by early 2024” – John Rubino

Inflation A Stickier Problem Than Markets Realize (VIDEO) with Wolf Richter – “There is no shortage of opinions out there about where the economy is headed right now. You’ll find equally vocal advocates for a hard landing vs a soft landing. And a growing number saying there will be “no landing at all” and a new bull market lies ahead. When there are so many voices at odds with one another, it’s useful to look closely at the data and take measure of what simply “is”. What are the economic conditions, right now, telling us? To do just that, we welcome Wolf Richter back to the program for a deep look at growth, interest rates, inflation, liquidity, employment and other key indicators.” – Wealthion

UK Inflation is Sticky… Wow! Try telling that to the Bank of England. Why? – “Yesterday’s UK inflation numbers hint the Bank doesn’t understand the modern drivers of inflation or how to address them. It leaves some stark likely outcomes: stagflation or a Reflationary Death Scramble. Neither are good.” – Bill Blain

4 Ways to Protect Your Savings from Almost Anything – “Most Americans are looking for ways to protect their retirement savings against the corrosive effects of inflation. Because, right now, inflation is still top-of-mind for Americans nearing retirement:” – Peter Reagan


Wages Going Up for Good: Catch-Up and Blowback – “Blowback has its own dynamics, as we’ll learn in the decade ahead. One of the most durable expectations in the financial sphere is that inflation will drop sharply in a recession and the Federal Reserve will lower interest rates back to near-zero. There is a good reason to doubt this: rising wages.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.70EUR


DOOMSDAY PREPPERS: PREPARING FOR THE END OF THE WORLD – “There is no one-size-fits-all approach to doomsday prepping, and different people prepare in different ways. Some preppers focus on building self-sustaining homesteads, while others focus on stockpiling supplies and developing survival skills. Still, others invest heavily in gold and other commodities.” – Will2Survive

Here’s What People Are Doing in Venezuela to Get Through Hard Times – J.G. Martinez D

Three herbs recommended for kidney health – “As a forager, I’ve always been fascinated to discover that certain herbs can not only prevent various health problems but also aid in their treatment. When it comes to kidney health issues, Bearberry, Nasturtium, and Stinging Nettle are among the most commonly used herbs due to their healing properties. These herbs have been utilized for centuries, and their use can be traced back to ancient times.” – Bob Rodgers

Don’t Do This – “Perhaps you have a stockpile, a bunker, or a grab-n’-go bag. Maybe you are ahead of the game and have a highly organized system and a solid plan for an emergency. That’s great! However, even the best-laid plans can fail. We all make mistakes. Even the most experienced of us will sometimes miss a vital component or forget a critical item. Unfortunately, when it comes to preparedness, there is no room for mistakes, and failure could be fatal. To stay safe and sane during an emergency, you must ensure that every base is covered and your plan is perfected.” – Katherine Paterson – SOME GOOD SUGGESTIONS FROM KATHERINE!!!

7 Ways to Use Summer’s Long Days to be Better Prepared -The Survival Mom /

SQUARE FOOT Gardening Easily DOUBLED This Guy’s Harvests OVERNIGHT! (VIDEO) – The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni


Jeremiah 18:12   And they said, There is no hope: but we will walk after our own devices, and we will every one do the imagination of his evil heart.


A church house gin house
A school house outhouse
On Highway Number Nineteen
The people keep the city clean
They call it Nutbush
Oh Nutbush
Call it Nutbush city limits

Twentyfive was the speed limit
Motorcycle not allowed in it
You go t’the store on Friday
You go to church on Sunday
They call it Nutbush
Oh Nutbush
Call it Nutbush city limits

You go t’the fields on week days
And have a picnic on Labor Day
You go to town on Saturday
But go to church ev’ry Sunday
They call it Nutbush
Oh Nutbush
Call it Nutbush city limits

No whiskey for sale
You can’t cop no bail
Saltpork and molasses
Is all you get in jail
They call it Nutbush
Oh Nutbush
Call it Nutbush city limits

Little old town in Tennessee
That’s called a quiet little old community
A one-horse town
You have to watch
What you’re puttin’ down in old Nutbush
They call it Nutbush
Oh Nutbush
Call it Nutbush city limits

( Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner )