Consolidation of Power, the Great Reset Goal, Part 1 – The Fourth Reich – “John Kerry has declared war on U.S. farmers stating government confiscation of farms like my grandparents are not off the table. They claim small farms are emitters of nitrogen. This is absolute rubbish and we all know it. His claims avail the WEF to starve the people and force them to eat only what WEF allows. The COVID propaganda succeeded so perfectly. Fellow citizens became mask Nazis screaming at those who didn’t cover their faces, calling them murderers, heartless, and callous human beings who shouldn’t be allowed healthcare, or should be imprisoned. This time the targets aren’t the Jewish people. This time the targets are all of humanity, and all of the Lord’s creation. The animal population is also being poisoned with mRNA injections, including zoo animals.” – Kelleigh Nelson – GREAT READ FROM KELLEIGH, I URGE EVERYONE TO READ THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chemtrails are not a theory, they are a conspiracy fact – “In 2014 a whistle-blower described how she discovered the US Air Force was involved in chemtrail operations. “Geoengineering is occurring, it’s been occurring, and it’s not new. And your tax dollars are funding this … I 100% know that the US Air Force was involved,” she said. Fast forward to 2022 and Bill Gates openly admits to funding SCoPEx’s chemtrail experiments to “create a global cooling effect.” Gates is a prop in a global disinformation campaign, GeoEngineering Watch says. The experiments themselves are nothing more than an orchestrated distraction from the ongoing global climate engineering operations that have been deployed for approximately 74 years – over a decade longer than Bill Gates has even been alive.” – Rhoda Wilson

Climate Czar Kerry: Emissions from agriculture must be “front and center” – “Farmers and ranchers who assume that their main job is to produce food to feed hungry people stand corrected. John Kerry, the Biden administration’s special envoy on climate, wants to enlist them in the global struggle to combat the “climate crisis.” “A lot of people have no clue that agriculture contributes about 33% of all the emission in the world,” Kerry said during his May 17 keynote address at the Department of Agriculture’s AIM Climate Summit. ” – Bonner Cohen, Ph. D.

WHO’s Tedros Fearmongers Again: World Should Prepare for ‘Even Deadlier’ Pathogen Than COVID – “These people are never going to stop, are they? World Health Organization (WHO) head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus not only warned on Monday that the threat of another public health crisis should not be kicked “down the road,” but the longtime fearmonger also ominously warned that the next pathogen to strike the planet could be “even deadlier” than COVID.” – Mike Miller

Can you name >5 unvaxxed Amish who died from COVID? Why not? They are “supposed to be” dying in droves! – Steve Kirsch  – ONCE IN A WHILE KIRSCH ACTUALLY COMES UP WITH SOMETHING INTERESTING!!!

CHINA – Embraced by Western Powers To Conquer – “The International Foundation For Electoral Systems ‘assists and supports elections and electoral stakeholders in new and emerging democracies’. Election stakeholders would be those within the Mafia Cartel who determine who will win an election. They boast of happily performing their work in 145 countries to create the democracy they deem profitable for them. IFES is a subset of CSIS funded by US Taxpayers thru USAID. Partners and Donors to this recreation of global ‘democracy’ include: META, Google, Open Society Foundations, and the governments of the US, France, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, UK, India, and Australia – THESE are also Stakeholders. Every Election across the globe where IFES works is a forgery under the guise or pretext of democracy.” – Helena Glass

Make This Video Go Viral: Remember Who Said What, When, And How—Major Vaccine Propagandists Who Lied To You And Threatened You Bundled In One Video (VIDEO) – The “Nobody Is Safe Cult” of 2021-2022 In Media, Politics, Public Health And Entertainment Helped Kill Millions And Are Still Employed” – Celia Farber

 The truth about the BBC’s war on ‘disinformation’ -“The new BBC Verify project reflects the cultural elites’ paranoid fear of free speech.The BBC has launched yet another project to fight what it sees as the great evil of our time – so-called disinformation. Introducing the new ‘BBC Verify’ project, BBC News CEO Deborah Turness says that ‘audiences are constantly bombarded with mis- and disinformation… noise and sensationalism’. This, she adds, has led audiences to doubt what they see and hear, including when it comes from the BBC.” – Fraser Myers  – AND THEY SHOULD DOUBT IT IF IT COMES FROM THE BBC!!!!

UPDATE: Sucharit Bhakdi Found NOT GUILTY – Off guardian




The Death Of Conservatism – “It is fair to say that American conservatism is dead, at least the version that has been sold to us by the conservative industrial complex. Flag waving and tax breaks for corporations is just not the crowd pleaser it was a decade ago, much less forty years ago. Conservatism as a political force is headed to the dustbin of history. The question is, why did it fail? Lost in the endless stream of outrage, real and manufactured, is the fact that the winners are ridiculous. Conservatism lost to men in sundresses demanding to wave their genitals in the face of school children. They lost to people who think Hitler is hiding under their bed. They lost to childless middle-aged women drunk on cheap wine, complaining about men on Twitter. It took effort to lose to this collection of bourgeois misfits. One reason conservatism failed in America is that conservatives could never accept that people lie in politics. In fact, lying is an essential part of politics.” – The Z Man

No Truce With the Heartland – “And that’s why there can be no losing for the West in Ukraine. To the Mackinderists at the top of the power structures in London, Washington D.C. and Brussels, losing Ukraine means losing the entire world, because they have this very-outdated view of world geography. The cost/benefit analysis of continuing the Ukraine project has reached the tipping point. The problem now is too many in power, like European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen, still believe they have room to maneuver in a conflict looking increasingly stuck in the geopolitical mud of the Donbass. The optics at the G7 meeting couldn’t be more stark. Meeting in the one city that is the ultimate symbol of Western madness, Hiroshima, the symbolism was very clear. We are united in our self-righteousness and if you don’t like it, remember what happened to Japan. We will destroy the planet in order to save it. Indivisible European/Asian security is a euphemism for global war. No amount of failure seems to dissuade these people. Because failure is simply not an option.” – Tom Luongo

Faith, Family, Nation: How Common Priorities of Old Have Become the Keys to Our Survival Today – “We are in the fight of our lives whether we want to admit it or not. Things are changing so rapidly that it’s common for people to no longer notice how crazy everything has become.” – JD Rucker

Three Lies They’re Telling You about the Debt Ceiling – “Republicans and Democrats are presently using increases in the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip in negotiating how federal tax dollars will be spent. Most of this is theater. We know how these negotiations always end: the debt ceiling is always increased, massive amounts of new federal debt are incurred, and federal spending continues its upward spiral. In fact, since the last time we endured a major debate over the debt ceiling—back in 2013—the national debt has nearly doubled, soaring from $16.7 trillion ten years ago to $32 trillion in 2023. Over that same period, federal spending has increased more than 80 percent from $3.4 trillion in fiscal year 2013 to $6.2 trillion in fiscal year 2022. So here we are again with policymakers essentially discussing how long it will take for the national debt and federal budget to double again.” – Ryan McMaken

Eliminating the Debt Ceiling: Is There Anything the 14th Amendment Can’t Do? – “the US government cannot lawfully repudiate its debts or willfully default on them. Section 4 means that the Treasury has to service all the government’s bonds and pay Social Security and certain other debt-like obligations before it can make other payments, including to federal government employees. What Biden’s tribe (or is it Tribe’s Biden?) wants to do, apparently, is to issue debt not authorized by Congress so that it can continue normal federal government operations.” – Robert E. Wright

Why the Conspiracy Theory About Trump and Russia Won’t Go Away – “The latest investigation into the charges that Donald Trump’s campaign worked in concert with the Russian government exposes a cynical collaboration between Trump opponents and the FBI.” – Chris Hedges

We need to stand up to morons like Mizzy – “Too many adults are turning a blind eye to infantile delinquency. By now, everyone’s seen one of those Mizzy videos. Mizzy, whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, is an 18-year-old black kid in London whose ‘prank’ videos on TikTok show him entering strangers’ homes uninvited, asking random people in the street if they want to die, running off with an elderly lady’s dog and making fun of Orthodox Jews, including by trying to leapfrog over one of them. Pranks? I’m old enough to remember when these things were called crimes. His alleged juvenile delinquency has been making headlines over the past week. Ageing journalists – me included, I confess – are flummoxed by this social-media trend of apparent cruelty for kicks. Youths filming themselves, with their faces in full view, as they appear to do things that are against the law? It’s surreal.” – Brendan O’Neill

Adam Schiff Faces $16 Million Fine for Spreading Russia Collusion Hoax – “But we already know how this will turn out, don’t we? Members of the ruling class are rarely held accountable for their corruption, so it seems probable that this resolution will not stick and Schiff will live to lie another day.” – Jeff Charles

Here’s A Big Tell Democrats Believe The FBI Works For Them – “Democrats are communicating loud and clear that they support law enforcement so long as it abuses police power to serve their political goals. They want to defund police who enforce the law, and expand police forces that use law as a political weapon on Democrats’ behalf.” – Joy Pullmann

Chicago Carnival Invaded By “Flash Mob” Of Over 400 Teenagers – “The best way to destroy a once-great American city is to elect progressives who will implement social justice reform. And the result, as we turn our attention to various West Coast cities, Baltimore, and Chicago, is the rapid decline of law and order. The latest incident of chaos is a “flash mob incident” on Saturday at the Armed Forces Weekend Carnival in Tinley Park, a town located in liberal-controlled Cook County and just outside the crime-ridden city of Chicago. Videos posted on Twitter show “multiple fights that broke out after hundreds swarmed Saturday’s event as part of a flash mob,” reported local media outlet ABC 7″ – Tyler Durden


Germany is Turning Against the EU’s Green New Deal, Common Sense to the Forefront – “Fresh on the heels of a sensible request by France to pause new green regulations comes an even stronger pushback in Germany.” – Mish

Biden’s F-16 Move Is Flight of Fancy Signifying Desperation – “It’s no coincidence that U.S. President Joe Biden made a sharp U-turn to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine on the same weekend that the NATO-backed Kiev regime just lost the strategic battle for Artyomovsk (Bakhmut).” – Finian Cunningham

A Young Zelensky Defending Russian Interests in the Donbas Region. Zelensky BC – Before Corruption (VIDEO) – Da Watchman – SO WHO GOT TO HIM. THE BIG GUY PERHAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

US struggles to explain images of its destroyed hardware inside Russia – “The Russian Defense Ministry released footage showing American vehicles used by Ukrainian militants in Belgorod attack” – RT

Target in a panic over LGBTQ merchandise outraging customers -reports – “You’d think Target would have learned its lesson. But noooo. They’ve learned nothing. Now they’re in a panic. A Target insider said there were “emergency” calls on Friday and that some managers and district senior directors were told to tamp down the Pride sections immediately. Fact is, not everyone wants woke merchandise and many don’t want what they perceive as the gay agenda constantly pushed in their faces, as if the group merits special treatment. While gay-themed merchandise has been around for years and is eminently recognizable as a result, (with no problems, actually), there seems to be a reaction against continuously putting it front and center, seemingly all the time.” – Monica Showalter




They’re Taking America and System Down (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – “If you were looking at this with common sense, you would think the hiking of interest rates are done. Financial analyst Zoltan Pozsar said recently that QT (Quantitative Tightening) has to stop, and QE (Quantitative Easing) has to start–now. . . . If those in control were not purposely trying to take the system down, I would say that is correct. At this point, my guess is they are purposely trying to take the system down. So, we are not going to see an easing until something really big breaks.” – Greg Hunter  – ALWAYS A GOOD LISTEN AND THIS ONE IS ACTUALLY ON THE BIGGER PICTURE AS WELL AS ECONOMICS!!!

BRICS? China’s Economic Strategy is Propaganda-driven in the Geopolitical Rut. – “There is a myth BRICS nations now exceed the GDP of the G7 West. It’s propaganda to boost a story of de-dollarisation, anti-G7 rhetoric and how China and its allies will create a stronger, more equal global market. It’s like watching Stags fight for dominance.” – Bill Blain

Don’t Like The Inflation Numbers? Just Make Up New Ones – “Why The “Experts” In The Financial Press Need To Just Stop Talking” – Peter Nayland Kust

White House Warns: “STOCKS WILL DROP 45% IF US DEFAULTS ON ITS DEBT.” Important Updates. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Citigroup Projects $30 Silver in the Next 6 to 12 Months – Schiff Gold

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.70EUR



Lessons From “the Great Depression” Are You Destined to Repeat Them? (The Great Depression Started When 7 Things Combined Together) – Dave Jefferson

Vegetable Planting Mistakes to Avoid (VIDEO) – Next Level Gardening

A Few Ways To Use A Condom In A Survival Scenario – “Including the practice of survival improvisation in your regular preparedness training is essential. It’s a straightforward process – select an item or product not specifically designed for survival and engage in brainstorming sessions to generate as many survival applications as possible. When brainstorming, consider various survival categories such as shelter, water, fire, food, first aid, and self-defense. It’s acceptable if you don’t have solutions for every category. Let’s consider an improbable and arbitrary example: the condom. You’d be surprised by the multitude of ways a condom can assist in meeting fundamental human survival requirements. Unorthodox? Sometimes unconventional solutions are the most effective.” – Bob Rodgers  – THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT A CONDOM WOULD BE A PART OF YOUR PREPS!!!!



Matthew 11:12    And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.