Anthony Fauci Joins the Long List of People Incapacitated by Coronavirus Vaccine – Adam Dick

Experts Warn Civil Rights Fallout from COVID Could be Far Worse Than the Pandemic Itself – “As President Biden signs a national mask mandate into law, measures being imposed in the name of protecting public health could create a humanitarian crisis that sees Americans sued by the state and forced into detention camps for breaking pandemic protocols.” – Raul Diego

181 Dead in the U.S. During 2 Week Period From Experimental COVID Injections – How Long Will We Continue to Allow Mass Murder by Lethal Injection? – “The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a U.S. Government funded database that tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines. Currently, data from the two experimental mRNA COVID injections that have been voluntarily reported is available for a two week period from the end of December through January 13, 2021.” – Brian Shilhavy

Did Vaxxing for Covid Kill Hank Aaron? – “On January 22, legendary baseball Hall of Fame home run king Hank Aaron reportedly died in his sleep — no cause of death given so far. After his Friday death, no explanation of cause was reported. After being vaxxed, he told AP News that he felt “wonderful,” adding: “I don’t have any qualms about it at all.”Was Hank Aaron’s life cut short because he rolled up his sleeve to do what he thought was the right thing? ” – Stephen Lendman

A Life Saving Hope or Death Defying Jab? Three Perspectives on the Experimental COVID Vaccine – Michael Welch, Mary Holland, and Dr. Meryl Nass

Agencies Investigating Cause Of Death Of Person Who Died Hours After Receiving Vaccine, Placer Sheriff Says – Heather Janssen

Face Masks, Lockdowns, & Geography: Are You Obedient to Your Values or Are You Obedient to Your Comfort? – Allan Stevo

Poor gut health connected to severe COVID-19, new review shows – “People infected with COVID-19 experience a wide range of symptoms and severities, the most commonly reported including high fevers and respiratory problems. However, autopsy and other studies have also revealed that the infection can affect the liver, kidney, heart, spleen — and even the gastrointestinal tract.” – American Society for Microbiology


Biden Can Now Launch the Nukes and Unleash World War III Whenever He Feels Like It – “During the Trump administration, I pointed to a problem with the American presidential system: it provides presidents with essentially unchecked power when it comes to launching a nuclear holocaust. Presidents can initiate nuclear war whenever they like. They need not be acting in a defensive capacity. This should strike any sane person as a rather insane policy, and as a huge hole in the so-called checks and balances on which the US political system is allegedly premised. Biden supporters on Twitter were ecstatic over the video of the nuclear “football”—the device which enables the president to launch the nukes—being handed over to Biden: But this should be little comfort to anyone who’s paying attention, especially given that the launch codes are now under the thumb of a man who may not even know what year it is.” – Ryan McMaken

How Joe Biden Misunderstands Unity – “In Biden’s speech, St. Augustine’s deep warning about misdirected unity in love of the wrong thing becomes the spiritual equivalent of “c’mon, man.”” – Ben Domenech

What Biden’s Warmongering Will Actually Look Like – “It is entirely possible–probable even–that reliable warmonger Joe Biden will end up sending more US troops to Iraq and Syria at some point during his administration. But if the antiwar community keeps staring at the movement of ground troops with hypervigilant intensity, they won’t be paying enough attention to the areas where the more deadly aspects of Biden’s hawkishness are likely to manifest” – Caitlin Johnstone

Despite What You Heard, There Was No Peaceful Transition – “A critical look at Biden’s first Executive Orders set against the backdrop of Operation Peaceful Transition in Washington, DC” – Eleanor Goldfield

Biden Made America Less Safe with Single Pen Stroke, Says Former CBP Head – Bob Price

How Many Lies In The First Days? – “Let’s do a short list. We’re not even getting to that which hasn’t been proved to be a lie yet — these are just the lies in the first 36 hours that Joe Biden himself proved through his own actions. So about hating the Orange Man so much you voted for the other guy, even though you knew he was a senile, lying dirtbag, had a 40 year record of ****ing you up the ass as a lawmaker, including screwing people of color with so-called “criminal justice reform” and who has a son that loves hard drugs and, it appears, may like abusing kids too including ones in his own family yet instead of turning him into the cops and sending him to the slammer, justly so, he apparently used him as a conduit to get rich.” – Karl Denninger  – GREAT RANT FROM KARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Biden signs whatever’s put in front of him – “Sort of like the classic TV character Col. Blake from M*A*S*H. Looking at the list of orders, one is struck by their uniformity, their sameness: every one of them is a pander to a voting bloc, a cave to a Progressive constituency for the sake of political correctness or to further the appearance of compassion or a supposed enlightened understanding of humanity. Not a single executive order redounds to the concrete benefit of the country as a whole.” – Steve Feinstein  – NO, THAT MIGHT BE A SIGN OF UNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got Hypocrisy, Joe? Biden Raked in More ‘Dark Money’ Than Any Candidate in History, Dwarfing Trump’s Donations – Mike Miller

The “Most Popular President in U.S. History” Isn’t Doing Too Well on YouTube – “Massive imbalance of downvotes to upvotes on every single White House video.” – Paul Joseph Watson

CNN is already running PR for the Biden admin – “If you thought the thinly sourced stories from anonymous ‘administration officials’ would end once Trump left office, think again: CNN is now indistinguishable from President Biden’s press shop. The network published a bogus story on COVID vaccine distribution. – Amber Athey

‘Aid and Comfort’ To the Enemy: Speaker Pelosi Ramps Up Attacks On Republican Colleagues Amidst Calls For Expulsion- Jonathan Turley

Why Donald Trump Had to Go – “There is an agenda. A huge agenda. It is a Globalist agenda that is in the process of inflicting gigantic harm to humanity. It is called the Covid-19 – The Great Reset, issued by the World Economic Forum (WEF), authored by its founder, Klaus Schwab. If left undisturbed, The Great Reset’s plan is a crime of epic dimensions, never seen before in our civilization. Mr. Trump did not want to be part of this agenda. Donald Trump, for better or for worse, is not a Globalist. He calls himself a patriot. He wanted to Make America Great Again (MAGA). Sounds silly? Perhaps. But it’s not globalist. Therefore, Mr. Trump was not the guy of the Globalist Cabal, currently calling the shots on world events – way above Presidents like Donald Trump and those of the other 192 UN member countries. This Globalist Cabal has enormous power. Jo Biden and his gang respond to this power.” – Peter Koenig

Establishment War Against “We the People” (VIDEO) with Paul Craig Roberts – ” We see, for example, free speech is now dead. Many of the institutions in the United States no longer believe in it. You can’t protest what you perceive as a stolen election without being called an enemy of democracy. Well, someone who is protesting what they perceive as a stolen election is defending democracy. Now, that means they are an enemy because the narrative can’t be challenged.” – Greg Hunter

“You’re Forgetting Who You Are As A Journalist”: Rand Paul Slams Stephanopoulos In Sunday Spat Over Election Integrity – “A journalist would hear both sides and there are two sides to this story.” – Tyler Durden

The No Fly List: More Dangerous Than the Capitol Rioters – “The No Fly List was sold as a way of protecting US air traffic from terrorist attack by barring suspected terrorists from flying. In reality, it’s just a secret government enemies list that’s grown from 16 names to tens of thousands since the 9/11 attacks. You have no way of knowing if you’re on the list until and unless you’re prevented from boarding a plane. You have no way of finding out WHY you’re on the list even then” – Thomas Knapp

3,000 arrested at protests demanding Navalny’s release – Daria Litvinova and Jim Heintz

US Orchestrated Pro-Navalny Protests in Russia? – “Alexey Navalny is a fifth column CIA asset, convicted felon, political nobody in Russia. He’s currently detained for breaching terms of his probation. Saturday protests by so-called supporters in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other Russia cities had familiar earmarks of made-in-the-USA mischief against a nation on its target list for regime change. Support for Navalny in Russia is scant. It doesn’t matter when US dark forces intend rent-a-mob troublemaking as it’s done countless times before.” – Stephen Lendman

Was Trump put in place to Pacify Patriots, and Destroy the United States of America? – “I know this isn’t going to be a popular post, I REALLY DON’T GIVE A SHIT. We’ve already been shadow banned from most social media platforms, and frankly we’ve never shied away from telling it like we see it, so why stop now?” – Off Grid Survival  – SOME VERY INTERESTING POINTS RAISED HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOMELESS: What We Can Learn About Survival from Life on the Streets – Fabian Ommar

Climate Engineering News Q & A, January 20, 2021, #3 ( Geoengineering Watch ) (VIDEO) – Dane Wigington  – PARTS 1 AND 2 PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bulls Continue To Push Stocks Higher As Risk Rises – “With so much stimulus being deployed, trying to figure out if the economy is in recession is like trying to assess if you had a fever after you just took a large dose of aspirin. But as with frogs in water that is slowly being heated to a boil, investors are being conditioned not to recognize the danger.” – Lance Roberts

The Silver Shorts’ Last Stand? – “The only alternative for the big silver shorts is to try and buy time and postpone the inevitable by arranging sharp selloffs in hopes of buying back as many short positions as possible, something they have not been able to do. Complicating the plight of the big shorts is that they have buying competition. As more and more investors and financial entities move into silver, their losses mount. If they are overrun and must buy back their shorts at any price, it will be like Tesla shares on steroids.” – Ted Butler

The Risk Of Treating Bitcoin As A Safe Haven Asset – Simon Moore

I Just Bought My First Cryptocurrency – “Whether it’s a long-term investment or a way to buy Chinese food from down the road, cryptocurrency is worth a look.” – Kerry McDonald  – STILL NOT 100% WITH CRYPTO. THE OLD ADAGE OF “IF YOU CAN’T HOLD IT, YOU DON’T OWN IT” STILL MAKES MORE SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Isaiah 33:8  The highways lie waste, the wayfaring man ceaseth: he hath broken the covenant, he hath despised the cities, he regardeth no man.


I’m not in this world
To live up to your expectations
Neither are you here to live up to mine

I don’t owe no one
No obligation
No one owe me none
So everything is fine, fine

I said
I am that I am I am I am I am [4x]

Don’t underestimate
My ability
Don’t definite my character
Don’t belittle
My authority
It is time you recognized my quality

Learn to love
To love your brother
Don’t covet your neighbour

Flee from the city
It’s getting shitty
It is full of out-a-quity

I am the rock of the ages
You cannot move I at all
I am the son of lightning
You cannot move I at all
Son of Jacob
Cannot move me at all
I am the son of Moses
You can’t move I at all
I am the son of David
You cannot move I at all

I am a firm ripe diamond
You cannot move I at all
You could a shed more tears
You cannot move I at all

You could a full of evil
You cannot move I at all
You could a try more nuttin’
You cannot move I at all

And you can try make a something
That can’t move I at all
And could a come with ism
You can’t move I at all

And could come with skism
That can’t move I at all

( I Am That I Am by Peter Tosh )













Halfway Through this Winter of Covid, Overall Mortality is Around Normal for this Time of Year. Something Doesn’t Add Up – Peter Andrews

California’s Newsom Makes COVID Data That Will Determine Lockdown Severity Secret – “Suddenly it’s okay to reopen again albeit former re-opening criteria has not been met” – Don Thompson  – FUNNY HOW ALL THE DEMOCRAT GOVERNORS WANT TO START REOPENING THINGS NOW THAT TRUMP IS GONE. NO POLITICS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

China Deletes Key SARS-CoV-2 Related Science (VIDEO) – “The state run National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) has reportedly deleted some 300 coronavirus studies, including all of the papers published by bat virus researcher Shi Zhengli, from its database. The data erasure came on the heels of President Xi Jinping’s decision to block World Health Organization investigators from entering China. These recent events have reignited fears that China is covering up the origin of SARS-CoV-2” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Mass Vaccination Of Healthy Adults Is A Sham – “CDC Data Reveals Covid-19 Isn’t The Killer!” – Bill Sardi

Nurses in Coffey County refuse to give COVID-19 vaccine – ” Four nurses at a rural health department in Kansas are refusing to administer any COVID-19 vaccines, citing the fast development and production of the shots. Coffey County Public Health Administrator Lindsay Payer said the nurses made their own decisions and expressed their concerns one by one. She called the vaccine documents concerning. “I strongly feel that if people want this vaccine, they should receive it. Absolutely,” Payer said. “But just like it’s their choice to receive it or not, I feel like it should also be my choice to give it or not.”” – AP Wire

The Vaccine Race: Yet Another US Weapon for World Domination – Valery Kulikov

Baseball Legend Hank Aaron Dead After Receiving the Experimental Moderna mRNA COVID Injection – “Baseball legend and home run king “Hammerin Hank” Aaron died today, 18 days after receiving the Moderna experimental mRNA COVID injection. Aaron was 86 years old, and joins a growing list of seniors above the age of 80 who have died shortly after receiving one of the mRNA experimental COVID injections. The Associated Press reported that Mr. Aaron was “hoping to send a message to Black Americans that the shots are safe.”” – Brian Shilhavy  – COINCIDENCE, PERHAPS? WE WILL NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!

Want The Next Stimulus? Only If You’re Immunized, One Congressman Says – Jennifer Van Laar



The Disuniting of America Is Now Inevitable Under Joe Biden and the Radical Left – “Joe Biden will ram through warped liberal social experiments masquerading as credible, time-tested programs designed to stabilize the nation.” – Robert Bridge

The Greatest Speech in History – “We sobbed tears of patriotic rapture Wednesday… as the freshly inaugurated President Biden babbled his sermon upon the Capitol steps. His shames all prior inaugural talks. Washington’s could never come within miles of it. Nor could Lincoln’s. Not even the departing president’s inaugural could approach it. It is time to empty Madison into the trash can. Once out of the way, we majoritarians will never lose a presidential election again. Now that the Democratic Party has seized the White House and both congressional branches… Thus the dream is in sight… We the People rule… forever and ever… Gloria in Excelsis Deo…” – Brian Maher

Nationwide Dementiafest – “”Joe Biden. Joe Biden. Joe fucking fucking motherfucking Biden. In a country of 328 million people the guy that gets elevated to the top is literally one of the very worst human beings in the entire population. That’s the “democracy” you’re being told is under attack. And this isn’t even prime Joe Biden. This is coming out of retirement for a half-assed exhibition match Joe Biden. This is way past sell-by date Joe Biden. This is Joe Biden with missing pieces. That’s the sort of animal that rises to the highest elected office in US “democracy”. The inauguration was a whole internet of liberals performing amazing mental contortions to forget that Joe Biden is a disgusting piece of shit. Now everyone has forgotten who Joe Biden is, including Joe Biden. – Caitlin Johnstone

Joe Biden And The ‘New World Order’: This Is No ‘Conspiracy Theory’ – Back In 1992, Biden Authored A Paper For The US Senate Titled ‘On The Threshold Of The New World Order’ – “While according to Wikipedia and the ADL, the ‘New World Order’ (NWO) is a ‘conspiracy theory’ which hypothesizes a secretly emerging totalitarian world government, called by the ADL a ‘right-wing conspiracy theory’ while USA Today called it a ‘bogus claim made by white supremacist extremists’, we don’t have to look very far at all to prove that we’re being lied to.” – Stefan Stanford  – GOOD RESEARCH BY STEFAN HAS A PDF LINK TO THE PAPER BY BIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pushback, Resistance, Dissent, and Conflict: Will you Participate or Hide? – “Time has passed, and the takeover of this country by the ruling ‘elite’ and their pawns in government has nearly been completed. The final stages of the building of a totalitarian state, and a “Global Reset” of humanity, are now fully underway.” – Gary D. Barnett

Alexei Navalny & Russia Baiting: Biden Brings Back Business as Usual – “Only 48 hours in power, and already the team behind The Maidan is looking to start a colour revolution in Moscow.” – Kit Knightly

A Large US Military Convoy Rolled Into Syria On 1st Day Of Biden Presidency – Tyler Durden

After 12 Years Of Deliberations, ECHR Concludes Georgia Began Hostilities Against Russia In August 2008 –,

On Day 1 Joe Biden Destroyed Women’s Sports – “As one of several executive orders Biden issued the Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation. It sets out a new policy” – Moon of Alabama

Biden Regime to Stay Hardline on Venezuelan Social Democracy – “Biden and hardliners surrounding him intend to continue waging war by hot and other means on nations not bending to US imperial interests. Venezuela remains high on Washington’s hit list. It’s because Bolivarian social democracy shames growing despotism in the US and West. Like its predecessor, Biden/Harris also want to gain control over Venezuela’s world’s largest oil reserves, a treasure Big Oil covets.” – Stephen Lendman

Flyover Folk Grade Biden’s First Day: He Gets An F – “Heartlanders thoroughly disgusted by job-killing edicts and National Guard insult.” – Sarah Cowgill

3 Harmful Consequences of Biden Killing the Keystone XL Pipeline – “From CO2 emissions to jobs to investment, the president’s move will have the opposite of its intended effect.” – Brad Polumbo

President Biden Prioritizes Paris Ahead of Rural America – “By rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, President Biden wasted no time making the disastrous decision to jeopardize 10 million oil and natural gas jobs and $1 TRILLION in income for the United States. President Biden and his energy appointees should have to explain why they believe massive investments in solar power is worth sacrificing millions of American jobs. They also need to acknowledge the fact that the vast majority of green technology is made in China, providing them leverage over our supply, and that over reliance on “renewable” energy left millions of California families in the dark in 2020. Don’t forget, it was then-Vice President Biden who finalized a $535 million “loan” to Solyndra. How’d that turn out? Spoiler: Disastrous.” – Larry Behrens


Orange Man Gone – “The everlasting irony of Donald J. Trump’s presidency is this: He had all the right enemies, but virtually without exception made all the wrong decisions during his hapless four-year sojourn in the Oval Office. The list of his enemies is enough to make any right-thinking supporter of peace, prosperity and liberty proud. That starts with the TV networks and print organs of the mainstream stenographers club, who peddle the state’s propaganda and call it news. This most especially includes the masters of mendacity at CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.” – David Stockman

Tulsi Gabbard on How Congress is Like High School (VIDEO) – This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1598​ with Tulsi Gabbard.  – GOOD 9 MIN VIDEO!!!!

The Echo Chamber Era – “Trust in media is down, but if journalists don’t listen to critics anyway, why should they care? Media critics who work in the corporate press, like Margaret Sullivan of the Washington Post, seem determined to look everywhere but inward for solutions. The dominant legend in our business is that if Republicans believe in fairy tales like Q and “Stop the Steal,” the traditional press can do nothing but stand its ground.” – Matt Taibbi

American wokeness will divide us all – “British leftists are looking in envy at the Democrats. But their woke agenda is a recipe for racial tension.” – Rakib Ehsan

Another Mega Group Spy Scandal? Samanage, Sabotage, And The SolarWinds Hack – “The devastating hack on SolarWinds was quickly pinned on Russia by US intelligence. A more likely culprit, Samanage, a company whose software was integrated into SolarWinds’ software just as the “back door” was inserted, is deeply tied to Israeli intelligence and intelligence-linked families such as the Maxwells.” – Whitney Webb

Butterfly population ‘plummeting toward extinction’ in California – Monica Danielle

Home Fire Suppression: What You Must Know – Cache Valley Prepper

Not Bot, Not Beast: Scientists Create First Ever Living, Programmable Organism – “A remarkable combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and biology has produced the world’s first “living robots”. This week, a research team of roboticists and scientists published their recipe for making a new lifeform called xenobots from stem cells.” – Simon Coghlan and Kobi Leins



Inflation Is Spreading Broadly into the Economy. Amid Surging Costs, Companies Raise Prices, and Customers Pay them, Despite Weak Economy, 10 Million Missing Jobs – Wolf Richter

MASSIVE FOOD PRICE INFLATION IMMINENT: Stock Up Now Before Food Costs SKYROCKET And Certain Items Become UNAFFORDABLE – “If you thought food price inflation was bad right now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Capital Controls Are Coming – “The carnage always comes by surprise, often on an otherwise ordinary Saturday morning… The government declares a surprise bank holiday. It shuts all the banks. It imposes capital controls to stop citizens from taking their money out of the country. Cash-sniffing dogs, which make drug-sniffing dogs look friendly, show up at airports. At that point, the government is free to help itself to as much of the country’s wealth as it wants. It’s an all-you-can-steal buffet.” – Nick Giambruno

Competitive Currency Debasement 101 Class is in Session – “Janet Yellen is Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary nominee. She claims to support “market forces” as the driver for the US dollar. What does that really mean in a practical sense?” – Mish

How the Fed Fails – “The Fed will fail as a result of two dynamics: diminishing returns and the U.S. dollar’s role as a global reserve currency.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Why the Precious Metals Bull Market Is Just Beginning (PODCAST) – Craig Hemke

The Silver Roadmap – “My target price over the next few years is for silver to reach at least $300. How I reach that number is a topic for a future article. But before you think I’m crazy, I can assure you that it’s an estimate relating to the gold price, and based on how gold and silver have performed in previous bull markets. If silver reaches my target of $300, that will be a 1,150% return from its current price near $25.” – Peter Krauth




Psalm 106:42   Their enemies also oppressed them, and they were brought into subjection under their hand.









Fauci: Mandatory Vaccines, Vaccine Passports? “Anything Is Possible” – “Now that the Democrats are in control of the White House and both houses of Congress, expect a more statist and authoritarian approach to most policy issues. Coronavirus response is a case in point. Under the Biden administration, all options are “on the table.” That’s the message from Trump and Biden administration chief health scold Dr. Anthony Fauci.” – Dennis Behreandt

A Warning for the Vaccine-Hesitant – “There is a new, and particularly nefarious money-making scheme that is described below. In fact, none of the Big Vaccine corporations that are making these potentially dangerous, synthetic genome-modifying vaccines have actually made the claim that their vaccines are effective in preventing infection or contagion, even after getting the required two inoculations – much less the initial shot! The only claim these billionaire-owned pharmaceutical corporations (most of all of which are members of the World Economic Forum) make is that a certain percentage of vaccinated individuals are capable of developing some uncertain level of serological immunity (ie antibody production).” – Gary G. Kohls, MD

Americans Are Fleeing Lockdowns, When They Can Afford It – “For nearly a year, governments have been instructing people to stay put. Don’t leave your home unless you have to. Forget about organizing or attending events. Weddings and funerals are too great a risk for spreading disease. And so on it goes. But not everywhere is this the case. Many states are open, some are still shut, and many others fall somewhere in between. In some places in the United States, life feels almost normal. The point is even clearer when you consider the states gaining and losing residents. Illinois, New York, and New Jersey – all with extreme stringencies – are losing residents faster than any other states.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

“The New Normal” (VIDEO) – “New documentary exploring the origin and purpose behind the covid narrative” – Off Guardian

Is the Pfizer COVID Vaccine an Unauthorized Experiment? Experts Disagree – Mercola

WHO Says Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine Is Safe For The Elderly After Norway Questioned Its Role In Numerous Deaths – “The reports of deaths in elderly people receiving the vaccine “are in line with” what would be expected for that demographic, the WHO Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety said Friday.” – Robert Hart  – I GUESS THAT MEANS THAT THEY WERE EXPECTING DEATHS!!!!

CDC Stops Reporting on Experimental COVID mRNA Injection Side Effects – “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just released its weekly Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), and for the second week in a row, there is no new data on adverse reactions to the two FDA emergency use authorization (EUA) COVID mRNA injections. The last report on the experimental injections and the adverse side effects was from January 6, 2021, and only covered the first week of injections with the experimental Pfizer COVID mRNA shots, with an emphasis on allergic reactions and anaphylaxis shock. The report on January 6th did not cover the Moderna injections which have also received emergency use authorization by the FDA.” – Brian Shilhavy

Lockdown scepticism must live on – “Criticism of the government’s authoritarian policy is as important as ever.” – Harrison Pitt



Prepare for Extreme Tyranny; The Likes of Which Have Never Before Been Seen in This Country – “What we face today, and what is coming in the near future is pure, unadulterated, totalitarian madness, and so long as the people of this country remain indifferent to this tyranny, it will worsen and escalate every single day until nothing of value remains. It cannot be stressed enough that the end of America is just around the corner. We are now on the verge of becoming a police state the likes of which have never before been seen or imagined by any American. ‘Secret police’ operating as agents for the state will be commissioned to quell any discontent, any disobedience, and any non-compliance as described by the political class in power.” – Gary D. Barnett  – A MUST READ FROM GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rough Ridin’ with Biden – “Speaking of the inauguration. The immense ranked American flags deployed silently down the mall in place of annoying US citizens lent a funereal vibe to the proceedings (as in the death of your country), while the thousands of massed national guard troops signaled the paranoia crackling under the surface as Ol’ White Joe Biden stepped forward to commence his party’s punishments against the unWoke (disguised as a call for “unity”). He was surrounded by a virtual wax museum of Deep Staters salivating for the upcoming blood-feast: The Obamas, Hillary and Bill (nodding off), Nancy, Chuck, Mitch… but just who was the Asian chap sitting behind the man-of-the-hour? Secret Service? Or his new minder (courtesy of Uncle Xi)? Nothing else is resolved about the national drift toward the Niagara of woe just downstream of here. Mr. Biden couldn’t have asked for trouble more loudly on Day One than by shutting down deportations of foreign nationals here illegally and signaling an open borders policy. The legions of newly unemployed and financially ruined US small business owners and workers may take a dim view of that.” – James Howard Kunstler

You Counter Trumpism By Ending The Conditions Which Created It, Not With Authoritarian Policies – Caitlin Johnstone

Biden Snipes at Reporter Questioning His Vaccine Plan: ‘C’mon, Give Me a Break Man’ – Joe DePaolo – CAN’T HANDLE ANY HEAT. JUST THINK IF THE PRESS BOMBARDED HIM WITH TOUGH QUESTIONS LIKE THEY DID TO TRUMP!!!!

White Supremacy: The Left’s Latest Lie – “There is only one thing that mutates faster these days than the coronavirus: the driving narrative of America’s social justice movement. It all began – if you still remember – with police brutality. Then came the charge of systemic racism. To do away with that scourge, we had to do all of the above, plus white people had to apologize for their privilege. Next came slavery.And now it is white supremacy that stains America. ” – Vasko Kohlmayer

What happened to all the pro-Trump violence that was supposed to mar Inauguration Day? – “The idea that 74 million Trump voters are bent on overthrow of the U.S. government was always a crock, but thanks to the violent incursion on the U.S. Capitol (not the first such event) on January 6, there was a seed of violence that could be, and was, exploited. Don’t forget that election integrity was and is the aim of those who question the result that led to Biden’s inauguration, not an insistence that a revolutionary vanguard would be justified in acting to seize power.” – Thomas Lifson

President Biden’s New Administration, Old Aggression – “Joe Biden has a long and sordid record as a former Senator of supporting dozens of U.S. wars and aggressions” – Strategic Culture Foundation

Who shot Ashli Babbitt? – “Ten of millions of Americans have hundreds of questions about the most watched political shooting of the twenty-first century. Not surprisingly, the American mainstream media remains irrationally incurious. After all, what loyal lapdog would bite the hand that feeds it?” – Michael Devon

Biden’s America: One Nation or Us Versus Them? – “On inauguration night, antifa mobs attacked the Democratic Party headquarters in Portland and torched American flags in Seattle, the same kind of left-wing mobs that gave us a long hot summer of rioting, looting and arson… Has Biden ever condemned by name these mobs the way he did the mob that invaded the Capitol on Jan. 6?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Woe to the Libertarian Non-Unifiers – “The mainstream press is aglow with expressions of hope and optimism that newly inaugurated President Joe Biden will lead America out of the deep morass in which the nation finds itself.I hate to rain on Biden’s military-lined inaugural parade but it just ain’t gonna happen. What these people still don’t get — indeed, what Trump and his Republican cohorts still don’t get — is that America is in a deep morass not because of who is elected president but rather because America has an immoral and inherently defective system. ” – Jacob G. Hornberger

No, the Chinese Won’t Invade America If Secessionists Succeed – “When political secession starts to become more of a realistic policy goal—and less of a theoretical ideal for the future—that is precisely when we can expect opposition to become the most dismayed and panicky. For now, critics are careful to make it appear that they regard the idea with mere dismissive contempt. The angry threats and predictions of doom from critics of secession will come later.” – Ryan McMaken

Build Back Bitter – “It’s over everyone, you can sleep easy again— the party of peace, tolerance, and reconciliation is back in power. Amen. And Awomen. They claim they want to heal and unify the nation. But clearly the only way to do so is to create enemies lists and silence anyone with dissenting opinions” – Simon Black

Cheater in Chief, Political Persecution, Biden Tanks Economy (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

GOP Lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Articles of Impeachment on President Joe Biden – Jim Hoft

Biden Is Carter – “Biden has done the same thing Carter did to the nuclear industry with Keystone in the oil and natural gas industry. Nobody in their right mind is going to put up the sunk costs for further transport and processing infrastructure if with the stroke of a pen the President can and will destroy that investment. This is not just about jobs, although that’s important. It is intended to permanently crimp US energy supplies from petroleum and natural gas by destroying expansion of the most-economical and safest transport media. The premise that we can simply make it up with “green” energy is false but Biden does not care about that. Do not kid yourselves folks — this single act is going to lead to a very significant increase in energy costs all the way down to you in your heating, cooling and light bills say much less in transportation which impacts literally everything you buy and consume. It will not happen overnight but it will happen with certainty down the road.” – Karl Denninger

The Agony Of Deceit – “Let me start my discussion by talking about someone that has been invoking the name of Jesus a lot lately. Joe Biden and his handlers are constantly touting the fact that Joe Biden is a practicing Catholic, and to be honest he goes to church more than almost anyone that I know. He claims to be a man of faith, but he has done unspeakably evil things, his son has done unspeakably evil things, and the things that he stands for are unspeakably evil. There is deception in almost every statement that he makes, but he doesn’t seem ashamed by anything that he has said or done.” – Michael Snyder

Gaining power hasn’t made the left any less insane – “One promise of the Biden campaign was that after the craziness of the Trump years, electing the ex-veep would return the country to normal. Instead, Democrats are doubling down on crazy. It’s enough to make you wish for “smug and arrogant” — but sane.” – Glenn H. Reynolds

As Establishment Media Tries To Destroy America, Independent Media Has Never Been So Important To The Republic – Susan Duclos

Roe v. Wade‘s Millions Of Ghosts In The Cradle Haunt Us All – “For most people in 1973, the womb was a black box; few knew much about fetal development. But we know. We excitedly share ultrasound photos via text and social media, and we stick the printouts on our fridges or display them in picture frames with “sneak peek” emblazoned on the border. We know. We have seen the moving limbs and the tiny fingers and the beating hearts. The advocates for our regime of elective abortion know, which is why they hide behind euphemisms — preferring to speak of reproductive freedom and choice, without mentioning the “A” word.” – Nathanael Blake  – GOOD ARTICLE, AND YES, I’M PRO-LIFE, AS IS GOD AND AS WERE YOUR PARENTS OR YOU WOULDN’T BE HERE EITHER!!!!

11,000 Pages of Evidence Filed in Landmark 5G Case Against the FCC, Hearing Set for Jan. 25 – “After the FCC last month found no evidence of harm caused by wireless technology, CHD and other groups sued — and included 11,000 pages of evidence refuting the FCC’s conclusion.” – Children’s Health Defense Team

Effective Garden Preparedness – “I am going to recommend raised garden beds unless the soil where you live is incredibly fertile. Save yourself the time and energy of planting in a non-raised area the first year as you will quickly understand the benefits of raised beds.” – Paul H.



The Harbinger – “In a world that is uniformly bullish oriented in the firm belief ( and so far correct belief) that coming inflation, ongoing central bank central bank intervention and further stimulus programs will keep the record asset price inflation machine going I want to offer a little thought experiment: What if everything is the same bubble and if so is there a harbinger of trouble on the horizon?” – Sven Henrich

Time to Worry About Stock Market Leverage Again: Another WTF Sign the Zoo Has Gone Nuts – “In a world where valuations are irrelevant.” – Wolf Richter

Keynesians going all in – “This article points out the fallacies in the Keynesian argument. It shows how key economic statistics have been manipulated and misrepresented to conceal the delusions behind state interventions. And based on inflationary programmes only announced so far, we can expect the US budget deficit in fiscal 2021 to rise to over $5 trillion.This assumes no disruption from the known unknowns, such as an inevitable banking crisis and foreigners’ liquidation of their $27 trillion pile of financial assets and bank deposits, causing a sharp rise in interest rates. ” – Alasdair Macleod

$1.9 Trillion American Rescue Plan Positive for Gold – Gold Core

Idaho Legislators Aim to Protect State Funds with Gold and Silver – “The recent explosion of money printing and debt-funded spending by the U.S. in response to the Covid-19 pandemic has sparked a renewed interest in the key role gold and silver play in hedging against systemic risks. That’s why a group of Idaho legislators are working to secure a role for the monetary metals in hedging the Gem State’s government reserves.” – Jp Cortez

European Central Bank Takes Bond Market Manipulation to the Next Level – Michael Maharrey

Two-day bitcoin sell-off wipes out over $100 billion from the entire crypto market – Ryan Browne

Is Bitcoin Strangling The Other Cryptos? Part 2: The Little Guys Are Soaring – “So what does this mean? Who knows at this point, but some possibilities are:” – John Rubino

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 8.91EUR



Psalm 78:6-7   That the generation to come might know them, even the children which should be born; who should arise and declare them to their children:  That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments:





“Perfect Storm…Not Of Our Doing” – Fauci-Led Biden Team Suddenly Stunned By Virus Surge Created By Fauci-Led Trump Team – “Even before President Biden was officially sworn in, corporate American was already rearing to have his back. But just remember…whatever happens over the next year…it’s still Donald Trump’s fault.” – Tyler Durden

WHO Changes COVID Testing Procedures on Inauguration Day – “Now, with the WHO’s lower PCR thresholds, it’s practically guaranteed that COVID “case” numbers will automatically drop dramatically around the world.” – Mercola  – WHAT A COINCIDENCE,. HMMM, CASES SEEM TO BE DROPPING SINCE BIDEN TOOK OVER!!!!!!

Lockdown extremism: an obsession for the insane and the fascists – “The conventional mainstream scientific view of the virus and its ability to spread inevitably leads to the conclusion: stopping it through lockdowns is like trying to keep water out of a forest.” – Jon Rappoport

No decline in ‘very high’ rates during first week of latest England lockdown, study shows – ITV

Unemployment During the Pandemic Expected to Cause 900,000 US Deaths, New Economic Study Finds – “A new National Bureau for Economic Research paper projects 890,000 additional deaths may result over the next 15 years from actions taken to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.” – Jon Miltimore

The Covid Vaccine Lottery: What Side Effects Will You Get? (VIDEO) – Signs of the Times

EU Set to Implement Bloc Wide Vaccine Passport Standard – “We feel that now this is the time for these vaccine certificates to be recognized across the European Union, and even beyond the European Union.” – Planet Free Will

Coronavirus plandemic finalized merger between Big Tech and Big Pharma – Ethan Huff

Big Tech and Big Pharma Merge: Oracle Takes Over Vaccine Data World – “The pandemic handed Oracle CEO Larry Ellison what he’s wanted for decades — the power to curate the vast datasets housing our medical, financial and personal information.” – Jay Hawker   – THIS IS A MORE IN-DEPTH ARTICLE THAN THE ONE ABOVE. IT’S LONG BUT VERY INTERESTING!!!!

IN 1917 RUDOLF STEINER FORESAW A VACCINE THAT WOULD ‘DRIVE ALL INCLINATION TOWARD SPIRITUALITY OUT OF PEOPLE’S SOULS’ – If you’ve felt at all like you’re in a spiritual war right now, you’re not alone. Many of the world’s greatest scholars, philosophers and ascetics understood the world to be multi-dimensional and co-inhabited by non-physical beings both good and evil, always at war with us and each other.”” – Dylan Charles


Biden’s Most Ever First Day Executive Actions – “Joe Biden made the most first-day actions in history. Here’s the list. Expect a lot more executive actions and orders in the next few days. Any executive action or order by Trump, good or bad, will soon be tossed.” – Mish  – IN CONTRAST TRUMP MADE 12 IN HIS FIRST MONTH OF OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden Orders Quarantines, Mandatory Masks As Team Teases 50+ ‘Action Items’ To Destroy Trump Legacy; Invokes Wartime Powers For COVID Jabs – Tyler Durden

Biden Issues Mask Order; Biden, Staff, and Grandchildren Immediately Break It – “In traditional Joe Biden fashion, he wants to appear like he’s doing something by ordering what people were already doing in federal buildings. That’s his big “plan.” But guess what? Then he and his own family immediately violated his own order, like so many other Democrats who preach “Do what I say, not as I do.” Then there’s this amusing picture of Jen Psaki, explaining the mask mandate while not wearing a mask.” – Nick Arama

Biden’s Presidency Will Be A Catalyst For Secession – And Perhaps Civil War – “First, though, we need to address how Biden and the globalists are going to create chaos so that they can then demand their own brand of “order”. What we are witnessing right now is the final phase of a collapse scenario that was more than a decade in the making, and Biden is about to help finish the job. To summarize, the globalists have to silence us before they can effectively demonize us. ” – Brandon Smith  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRANDON!!!!!

Biden spokeswoman refuses to answer abortion policy questions, whips out the ‘devout Catholic’ card instead – “Joe Biden hates to answer “hard” questions from the press. So how’s this for a typical Biden dodge?” – Monica Showalter

Biden’s Inaugural Address: An Exercise in Mass Deception – “Time and again, political candidates promise one thing, then deliver something entirely difference if elected, notably in the US. Government of, by, and for all Americans equitably is pure fantasy. Like most of his predecessors, Trump served privileged interests exclusively at the expense of ordinary people he was indifferent toward. Will that all change right here, right now under Biden/Harris? Will the sun henceforth rise in the West and set in the East?Biden built a near-half century political career on a foundation of Big Lies and mass deception. They’ll surely continue as long as he remains in office. Believing otherwise is naive and wishful thinking. ” – Stephen Lendman

Words of Division – “Cloaked in an appeal to unity, President Biden’s inaugural speech hit all the expected themes of racial resentment and blame.” – Heather Mac Donald

Epitaph for a Post-Trump America – “Today is the day Trump supporters can finally grow up. He wasn’t Orange Jesus sent to save America from itself. There was never a plan. Trump was just a guy in over his head doing something no President did since Calvin Coolidge, giving a shit about what America means for Americans. That’s why he had to be destroyed and that’s why we ultimately have to put him behind us. As the U.S. sinks and what’s left of the legal protections we’ve enjoyed are taken away under the guise of ‘domestic terrorism’ we are also, strangely, free.” – Tom Luango  – TOM MAKES SOME GREAT POINTS!!!!

The RINOs Never Learn- “The squishes are almost childlike in their belief that if they only submit to the Establishment hard enough by offering gooey platitudes everything will work out fine for them, like a kid who keeps hoping that this time Santa’s really leaving a pony under the tree. But some people on the right need to understand and accept that there’s no kraken, and others on the right need to understand and accept that there’s no pony.” – Kurt Schlichter

Media Literally Compares Biden to God, Whitewashing New Face of US Police State & War Machine – Matt Agorist

The Next Two Years Will Be The Democratic Party At Its Most Transparent – “Instead of grilling Biden about his decision not to prioritize his promise to end the Yemen war, which is what any real journalist would do, the press are asking him stupid nonsense questions about whether he can “unite the country”.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The New Domestic War on Terror is Coming- “No speculation is needed. Those who wield power are demanding it. The only question is how much opposition they will encounter.” – Glenn Greenwald

We ignore Big Tech censorship at our peril – “The glee of seeing Trump banned has blinded left-wingers to the threat posed by Silicon Valley.” – Andrew Doyle

Does the First Amendment Restrain Big Tech? – “Punishing speech is the most dangerous business because there will be no end. The remedy for hateful or threatening speech is not silence or punishments; it is more speech — speech that challenges the speaker. Why do government officials want to silence their opponents? They fear an undermining of their power. The dissenters might make more appealing arguments than they do. St. Augustine taught that nearly all in government want to tell others how to live. How about we all say whatever we want and the government leaves us alone?” – Andrew P. Napolitano

How bad minorities became ‘white’ – “Black and Latino Trump voters have been accused of suffering from ‘multiracial whiteness’.” – Fraser Myers

Leftists Call For New “Secret Police” Force to Spy on Trump Supporters – “Let the “healing” begin.” – Paul Joseph Watson

“Even Libertarians”: John Brennan Issues ‘List’ Of Ideologies Biden Intel Community Should Go After – Tyler Durden

Milking the Capitol Melee for All It’s Worth – “Not surprisingly, leftists are milking the January 6 Capitol melee for all its worth. There is a simple reason for that: they wish to use it to introduce a new wave of domestic tyranny into America, just as Republicans did after the 9/11 attacks. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they start referring to the melee as simply 1/6. That’s why they continue to describe the melee as an insurrection, revolution, rebellion, sedition, terrorism, invasion, and a grave attempt to destroy our democratic system and overthrow the government.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Standing Up to the Mob – “Joe Biden says he’ll “advance racial equity” by making “bold investments” in “Affordable Housing,” aiding “businesses owned by Black and Brown people,” establishing an “Equity Commission,” etc. Gosh, that’ll do it. Others demand reparations for slavery, more social programs and defunding the police. Yet, economist Thomas Sowell says, “I haven’t been able to find a single country in the world where policies advocated for Blacks in the United States lifted any people out of poverty.”” – John Stossel

They Didn’t Even Give Joe Biden One Day Before They Started Rioting… – Michael Snyder

Pompeo’s Last Stand – “One wonders why Pompeo was engaging in frenetic activity with the Administration that he represented being about to vanish in a few days, but the answer is perhaps obvious. Trump and Pompeo want to lay a foreign policy mine field for the Joe Biden White House, locking the new administration into policies that will prove difficult to untangle.” – Philip Giraldi

What Snowden’s Exile Says About America – Brian Berletic

Thoughts on the 1776 Commission and Its Report – “Finally, the commission offered the unifying remedy of  renewed civic education. Specifically, it advocates far more teaching in our schools of the Declaration and the Constitution, and other documents surrounding their creation. It most certainly did not suggest that civic education and American history ignore or contextualize past national shortcomings. Again, the report argued that our lapses should be envisioned as obstacles to fulfilling the aspirations of our founding. The commission may be short-lived with the change of administrations, given that it was born in the chaos of the divisive present. But any fair critic can see that the report’s unifying message is that we are a people blessed with a singular government and history,” – VictorDavis Hanson

First Duty of the Press: Make It About Race – “But to our media, the main point to be made about the riot was: Can you imagine what would have happened if black people had done that?  An unarmed Trump supporter crawling through a window at the Capitol was shot dead. Please name the black protester killed by the police throughout 2020’s incessant BLM riots, lootings and arsons. He’d already be on a postage stamp.” – Ann Coulter

“Toilet Paper Effect”: Americans Scramble for Ammo Amid Shortage – “…the shortage is “going to go deep into 2021. That’s a fact. This entire calendar year.” – Planet Free Will

No sooner had Brexit been approved, than the GMO lobby shifted up a few gears – GM Watch

Growing Vegetables Is Back in Style: Here’s How to Start Planning Your Garden – Joanna Miller


Janet Yellen Talking Out of Both Sides of Her Mouth – “The truth is, Yellen doesn’t care about the debt, and she, nor the newly installed Biden administration, will ever do anything to address it. The strategy is to spend, spend, spend, and continue to kick the debt-can down the road. In fact, this has been the strategy of both Republicans and Democrats for decades. Pretty much everybody pays lip-service to the national debt, just as Yellen did.” – Peter Schiff

The Dangerously Diminishing Returns on Monetary and Fiscal Stimulus – “Allow me to translate the risible claims of Jay Powell and Janet Yellen that their stimulus policies haven’t boosted wealth inequality to the moon: “Let them eat cake.”” – Charles Hugh Smith

The Price Of Gold Will Be Rising By Hundreds Of Dollars An Hour? – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart  – INTERESTING ARTICLE FROM PAUL!!!!!!!!

What’s next for bitcoin – $56k or $16k? – Technical Traders

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.16EUR


Isaiah 8:10   Take counsel together, and it shall come to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand: for God is with us.





Why Twitter and FB must ban the NY Times – “Message to Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey: you have to ban the NY Times. Now. I’ve got the hard evidence. The Times, on at least three separate occasions, has published terribly corrosive information that would destroy the official COVID narrative. Do you realize what that means? People could form a different picture of the pandemic. They could, after reading the Times, decide the situation ISN’T DANGEROUS, AND THE LOCKDOWNS AREN’T NECESSARY. THEY COULD DECIDE ONLY A FOOL WOULD LINE UP FOR THE VACCINE.” – Jon Rappoport

Vaccinated Brits told not to hug kids amid fears millions will ignore Covid rules once they have jab – “Scientists have warned that millions of Britons are likely to begin ignoring lockdown rules once they receive the jab” – Harriet Brewis

Israel’s Fauci says Pfizer vaccine’s first dose less effective than indicated – “Nachman Ash — Israel’s equivalent of Dr. Anthony Fauci — said the protection offered by the first dose is “less effective than we had thought,” “Many people have been infected between the first and second injections of the vaccine,” Ash said, adding that the protective effect appears “lower than [the data] presented by Pfizer.”” – Jackie Salo

Former FDA chief Dr. Scott Gottlieb estimates only a THIRD of the US population – about 120 million people – really want the COVID vaccine – Keith Griffith

Want to save more Illinoisans from COVID? Vaccinate the elderly first. – “For months, Gov. J.B. Pritzker has used lockdowns as his main way to handle the COVID pandemic, ignoring calls for him to focus on the elderly instead. The governor’s approach has been a major policy failure, resulting in far too much tragedy. Nearly 90 percent of the state’s 18,000 COVID victims were over the age of 60, with nearly 50 percent of all COVID deaths tied to long-term care facilities. ” – Ted Dabrowski

The Empirical Case for a Mask Mandate Lacks Scientific Grounding – “The ongoing corrections to the IHME model have severely dampened the promised benefits of a national mask mandate.” – Phillip W. Magness

Teachers Union Demands Lids on All Toilets—Though No COVID Cases Traced to Toilets – “Fear of public toilets is nothing new and surprisingly common. But is COVID by toilet really a thing?” – Jon Miltimore




The Deep State’s Stealthy, Subversive, Silent Coup to Ensure Nothing Changes – “No doubt about it: the coup d’etat was successful. That January 6 attempt by so-called insurrectionists to overturn the election results was not the real coup, however. Those who answered President Trump’s call to march on the Capitol were merely the fall guys, manipulated into creating the perfect crisis for the Deep State—a.k.a. the Police State a.k.a. the Military Industrial Complex a.k.a. the Techno-Corporate State a.k.a. the Surveillance State—to swoop in and take control. It took no time at all for the switch to be thrown and the nation’s capital to be placed under a military lockdown, online speech forums restricted, and individuals with subversive or controversial viewpoints ferreted out, investigated, shamed and/or shunned. This new order didn’t emerge into being this week, or this month, or even this year, however.” – John W. Whitehead  – EXCELLENT AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Biden and the crisis of the New World – “The Biden-supporting woke elites pose a graver threat to the American republic than Trump did. America is saved. The republic has been rescued. The healing of the nation can begin now that authoritarian populism has been defeated and ‘the adults’ are back in charge. That’s the narrative swirling around the inauguration of Joe Biden today. It couldn’t be more wrong.” – Brendan O’Neill

Baghdad on the Potomac: Welcome to the Blue Zone – “The season opening of the Joe and Kammy Regime Change Show could not be a more appropriate roomful of mirrors reflecting the self-described US “political elite”. The Blue Zone is now “protected” by a massive 26,000 plus troop surge – way more than Afghanistan and Iraq combined. The Forever Wars – which you may now relieve through my archives – have come back full circle. Just like an ordinary Iraqi was not allowed inside the Green Zone, no ordinary American is allowed inside the Blue Zone. Just like the Green Zone, those inside the Blue Zone represent none other than themselves.”- Pepe Escobar

Stabbing Hector’s Corpse – “Americans hate one thing more than a sore loser, and that is an arrogant, vindictive—and bullying—winner.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Biden Issues Barrage Of 17 Executive Actions On Border, Climate, Immigration & “100 Day Masking Challenge” – ” Biden will sign the EOs and other memoranda in the Oval Office on Wednesday afternoon, his incoming press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters.” – Tyler Durden

Your Sigh Of Relief Is Grounded In Delusion: – “Ahh at long last America is returning to normality: the hub of a globe-spanning empire which rings the planet with military bases and destroys any nation which disobeys it while propagandizing the entire world into supporting its murderousness, without rude tweets. Biden’s inauguration will be a huge relief for people who aren’t actually affected by US government policy.” – Caitlin Johnstone   – MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dissent the New US Domestic Terrorism? – “Ahead of Wednesday’s transition of power in Washington — unelected Biden/Harris to replace elected Trump — Dem Senator Richard Durbin said he’ll reintroduce the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act. Durbin is using the January 6 anti-Trump Capitol Hill false flag as a pretext to more greatly assault free expression and other freedoms in the US than already.” – Stephen Lendman

(Domestic) War on Terror 2.0 – “Media platforms and Big Tech are overreaching at this point. By doing so, they’ve brought the whole situation to a head. It’s going to go one way or another and probably wind up with violence, especially as the economy falls apart, and inflation gets out of control. Or we will have catastrophic deflation. Or both.” – Doug Casey

Russiagate Redux – “Hillary & Nancy Say It Wasn’t the stolen election that Discredited American Democracy, It Was Putin’s Order to Trump to Cause an Insurrection on January 6 Listen to the Idiots Into Whose Hands Our Country Has Been Put:” – Paul Craig Roberts

Incitement Or Free Speech? Comey calls for the Republican party to be “burned down” – Jonathan Turley

After the USSR, the USA Collapses – “Each of the two camps that are fighting in the United States, the Jacksonians and the Neopuritans, wants to end the other. The former speak of insurrection, while the latter want repression, but all are preparing for confrontation. So much so that two thirds of the citizens are preparing for Civil War.” – Thierry Meyssan

Trump’s Farewell & Now the Great Reset & The Secret Agenda – Divide & Conquer – “CNN has done its best to absolutely trash everything Trump has ever done. 72 Blog/Politics Posted Jan 20, 2021 by Martin Armstrong CNN has done its best to absolutely trash everything Trump has ever done. But what CNN and its coconspirators are really doing is trying to DESPERATELY prevent any unity. As long as they can keep the country divided, then they can usher in draconian measure following Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. Instead of promoting healing and unifying the country, CNN has embarked on yellow journalism filled with nothing but the same hatred they have demonstrated throughout the last four years and will seek to constantly rewrite the economic history of the Trump Administration.” – Martin Armstrong

Anomalies in the Capitol Melee – “Somebody needs to get a memo to the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys in charge of arresting and prosecuting the people involved in the January 6 melee at the Capitol. At this point, all I see is that these people are being charged with offenses like trespass, disorderly conduct, and theft. Judging by what leftists are saying and what the mainstream press is reporting, these people should be charged with treason, insurrection, revolution, rebellion, invasion, terrorism, and an attempt to violently overthrow the government of the United States. How come the Justice Department doesn’t realize that, at least not yet? In fact, I’m surprised that leftists and the mainstream press aren’t insisting that all the protestors, including those on both the inside and outside of the Capitol, be charged with a gigantic conspiracy to violently overthrow the U.S. government. Maybe they’re concerned about being labeled “conspiracy theorists.”” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Much to the media’s surprise, rioters, relatives, and Trump himself got no Trump pardons By Monica Showalter   – SHOULD HAVE PARDONED ASSANGE AND SNOWDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I Will Celebrate The Awakening To The Swamp – Thanks To Trump – “The man that the entire deep state and MSM establishment loved to hate will be gone. Oh make no mistake, they will still try to punish him. But eventually they will have to look around and find a new enemy to distract the sheeple – so they can continue to fleece the nation.” – Ken Jorgustin

Here Are 18 Ways Trump Supported The Swamp During His Presidency – Derrick Broze

Biden’s Inaugural Address – “You can watch Biden’s speech, straining through razor wire, views obscured by military helmets and SWAT vans, nervously looking over your shoulder. Or you can get the highlights here, because I’m pretty sure what he will say. Fellow Americans, Kamala and I (and Jill) are so happy to be standing up today to take over the country, I mean, lead the nation. It’s a great day, and I thank you, and our great military, for being here and making this day possible. Now, here’s the deal:” – Karen Kwiatkowski

The 46th President Calls For Unity – “Hammering the word “unity,” Biden glossed over issues and focused on everyone coming together.” – Sarah Cowgill

After Inauguration, Conservatives Begin Holding Biden Responsible For Every COVID Death – “Following rules set by Democrats.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Biden inaugural guest is Venezuelan coup leader charged with inciting violent assault on gov’t building – Anya Parampil  – NO HYPOCRISY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Supreme Court Evacuated Due To Bomb Threat During Biden Inauguration – “Right off the bat, the question seems to be…how the heck did a potential bomb get planted amid 25,000 National Guardsmen and the nation’s most secure inauguration in DC ever?” – Tyler Durden

Inauguration Day: Would You Be Prepared for a Communications Blackout? – Toby Cowern

3 Countries Say No to GMOs, But Big Ag’s Assault Far From Over – “Mexico, Peru and Tanzania have closed the doors to GMOs, but agribusiness giants are stepping up their lobbying efforts in other countries, especially in the EU.” – Navdanya International

Ethanol Plant Using Treated GMO Corn Poisons Town – “AltEn, an ethanol plant in Mead, Nebraska, secured a free source of corn to make ethanol by billing itself as a “recycling” plant that accepts seeds treated with pesticides, including toxic neonicotinoids. The resulting waste is too contaminated to sell as feed for animals, as other ethanol plants do, so AltEn has been spreading the waste on farmland and holding the rest on the grounds surrounding its plant. Children and adults living in Mead have reported illnesses that occurred after the ethanol plant arrived, while the stench from the waste has caused people to move and businesses to close.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Research Establishes Antibiotic Potential For Cannabis Molecule – “Synthetic cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has been shown for the first time to kill the bacteria responsible for gonorrhoea, meningitis and legionnaires disease. The research collaboration between The University of Queensland and Botanix Pharmaceuticals Limited could lead to the first new class of antibiotics for resistant bacteria in 60 years.” – Natural Blaze




Biden Will ‘Extinguish’ The Dollar? – “The fact that $100 in 1971 has been debased by 98% is impossible to tell since it is still called $100 although the purchasing power in 2021 is only $2!” – Egon von Greyerz

Money Printing, Money Printing and More Money Printing- “Print or collapse – The only trick left in the bag for the Government to keep the economic and financial system from complete collapse will be the implementation of massive “stimulus” programs. Biden has already called for $trillions of new support programs.” – Dave Kranzler

Gold and The Fed in 2021 – “In the end, and though 2021 has begun in frustrating fashion, it is still going to be a very interesting and positive year for precious metals investors. Prices will rally to highs beyond those seen last August. It’s only a question of when that rally begins. At the conclusion of next week’s FOMC meeting, we’ll begin to be able to pin down the timeline.” – Craig Hemke

Black Swans, Ordinary Swans, and Metals – “Expect more of the same for 2021 – massive debt, central bank “printing,” and dollar devaluation, while consumer prices and inflation rise. Gold and silver have been insurance and protection for thousands of years. They will shine in 2021. Regression to the mean suggests lower prices for stocks and higher prices for commodities.” – Gary Christianson

Central Bank Machinations with No Exit: ECB Leaks New Thingy, It’s Doing Yield Spread Control – “This is not your grandmother’s “yield curve control.” There is only one thing that could force this ECB absurdity to end: a big bout of inflation.” – Wolf Richter

Yellen Opens Debate on Giant Spending Saying ‘World Has Changed’- Saleha Mohsin, Christopher Condon and Rich Miller

Yellen is Yellin’ For More Free Stuff – “Janet Yellen told lawmakers during her Treasury Secretary confirmation hearing that the benefits of a big coronavirus relief package outweigh the costs in the long run.” – Mish

Gold gains more than 1% as focus turns to Biden administration – CNBC

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.19EUR




Luke 5:39    No man also having drunk old wine straightway desireth new: for he saith, The old is better.







WHO inspector caught on camera revealing coronavirus manipulation in Wuhan before pandemic – “In a video that was originally taken on Dec. 9, 2019, three weeks before the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission announced an outbreak of a new form of pneumonia, virologist Vincent Racaniello interviewed British zoologist and president of EcoHealth Alliance Peter Daszak about his work at the nonprofit to protect the world from the emergence of new diseases and predict pandemics. In the first phase of research, which took place from 2014 to 2019, Daszak coordinated with Shi Zhengli, (石正麗), also known as “Bat Woman,” at the WIV on investigating and cataloging bat coronaviruses across China. EcoHealth Alliance received US$3.7 million in funding from the NIH for this research and 10 percent was channeled to the WIV, reported NPR. The second, more dangerous phase, which started in 2019, involved gain-of-function (GoF) research on coronaviruses and chimeras in humanized mice from the lab of Ralph S. Baric of the University of North Carolina. ” – Keoni Everington

Why I Became a “Covid Denier” – “Explaining to a beginner in 15 minutes. Broadly I would say there are three main Covid-19 and lockdown narratives, as listed below, some of which overlap and have evolved somewhat over time. There are other narratives about 5G, the origin of the virus, whether it exists and around the vaccine. In my view, the evidence around these is not firmly rooted for now. Nevertheless, there are some elements around these points to cause added concern which I’ll comment on also.” – Kevin Smith

Everything’s fine, there’s absolutely nothing to see here – “When the pandemic struck, it was terrifying. No one really understood anything about it; the media practically made it out to be a flesh-eating superbug that would vaporize everyone immediately. And in the face of this threat, it was easy for politicians to convince people to literally do absolutely nothing: stay home, and shelter in place. The idea was that if we waited long enough—if we froze in fear long enough—then the danger would pass. And people maintained a belief throughout the year that life would eventually return to normal, no matter how crazy the world became.” – Simon Black

Why Hardly Anyone Trusts The Virus Experts – John Rubino

Wisconsin Nursing Home Believed to be First in U.S. to Fire Staff for Refusing Experimental COVID Injections – Brian Shilhavy  – JAB OR JOB, WHAT’S IT GOING TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13,000 NY Nursing Home Residents And Nearly Half Of Staff Decline COVID-19 Vaccine – Tyler Durden

German specialists probing 10 deaths of people vaccinated against Covid-19 – ANI

Norway Moves to Calm Vaccine Anxiety After Elderly Deaths – “Experts on vaccines and aging had predicted early on that deaths after vaccinations in high-risk patients might cause confusion. “Frail, older adults die, and die often, and I don’t think people realize that,” said Keipp Talbot, an associate professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University who advises the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on vaccine use. “My concern was that we would introduce vaccine, and people would think it was killing people.”” – Lars Erik Taraldsen and Naomi Kresge   – BUT ELDERLY PEOPLE DYING WITH COVID, WELL, THAT’S BECAUSE OF THE VIRUS – NO CONFUSION THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poll: Plurality of Brits Support Government Spying On People via Cellphone Tracking to Enforce Lockdown – “76 per cent support banning handshakes.” – Paul Joseph Watson



America’s First Revolution Is Happening Now – “Hear me out and you will understand the title. There is a difference between a rebellion and a revolution. A rebellion is what occurred in the thirteen colonies in the late 18th century. A revolution is what occurred in Russia in 1917. This brings us to America’s First Revolution now unfolding. How did it come about? It came about because decades of liberal assaults in the name of one “progressive cause” or another destroyed the structure of beliefs that define the United States. But a long list is unnecessary to show that no important institution in America any longer believes in the liberties and protections guaranteed by the US Constitution or in democracy itself. Not the universities, the bar associations, the media, the courts, the political parties or the Congress. It is this destruction of belief that constitutes the First American Revolution. The consequences are yet to be fully felt.” – Paul Craig Roberts

The Coming New Order – “The political world is a parasitic one. It relies on a continual flow of funding. This corporatist relationship has deep roots in the US, going back over one hundred years. To this day, those elite families who took control of oil, steel, banking, motor vehicles and other industries a century ago, soon created a takeover of higher learning (universities), health (Big Pharma) and “Defense” (the military-industrial complex). Through legislation, the US was then transformed to ensure that all these interests would be catered to, creating generations of both control and profit.” – Jeff Thomas

Next Several Days and Beyond – Stay Calm – Vigilant – Close To Home – “There is apparent evidence that $hit’s about to go down right quick. And some of this is evidently going to be major brown stuff flying for many (bad) people. The Republic is not lost. Stay away from D.C. and ANY capital protest. Count on False Flag Operations. There’s going to be a VERY DAMNING document dump which will apparently be VERY BAD for many powerful people.” – Ken Jorgustin

The No-Show Option: Trump Could Sit Out The Senate Trial And Still Prevail – Jonathan Turley

President Trump Issues Executive Order for January 22, Two Days After Biden’s Planned Inauguration, Proclaiming the Sanctity of Life – “President Trump supports the right to life. Joe Biden is endorsed by Planned Parenthood, which performs thousands of abortions annually. ” – Joe Hoft  – WILL BE INTERESTING TO SEE IF BIDEN CANCELS IT OUT WITH HIS OWN EXECUTIVE ORDER!!!!

Snowden and Assange: There Is Still Time for Trump to Do the Right Thing – “It is amazing to me that President Trump has pardoned some people whom he considered heroic while continuing to leave Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, two genuine heroes, in the lurch. Assange, of course, is getting the worst of it, given the brutal conditions under which US and British officials have incarcerated him in England. But it still can’t be a bundle of joy for Snowden to be living in Russia, given the societal jail-like environment that comes with living under the Russian regime.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Could Pardon Julian Assange on Last Day as President – Sputnik News

Viral #TrumpsNewArmy Video Is Liberals At Their Craziest And Scariest – “A new viral video calling on liberals to form “an army of citizen detectives” to gather information on Trump supporters and report their activities to the authorities has racked up thousands of shares and millions of views in just a few hours. So if you were hoping that maybe liberals would chill out and get a little less crazy with Trump out of the White House, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. This is as insane and scary as I have ever seen these people get, and I was in the thick of peak Russiagate hysteria. An aggressively manufactured push to get an army of citizens spying on each other calls to mind the Stasi informants of East Germany, the patriotism-fueled digital “digging” of the QAnon psyop, and the NatSec LARPing of Louise Mensch Twitter, all rolled into one great big ball of crazy.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Now, the Left Owns It All – “That mob that split off from the Donald Trump rally of Jan. 6 to invade the Capitol has proven a godsend to the left. The death of a Capitol cop has enabled the left — which spent the summer after George Floyd’s death trashing “racist cops” and shouting, “Defund the Police!” — to posture as fighting allies of the men in blue. Liberals who implored us to understand the grievances of the rioters, looters and arsonists last summer have become sudden converts to the church of law and order.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Why the Left Has to Suppress Free Speech – “The left controls universities. There is little or no dissent allowed at universities. The left controls nearly every “news” medium. There is little or no dissent in the mainstream media — not in the “news” sections and not in the opinion sections. The left controls Hollywood. No dissent is allowed in Hollywood.” – Dennis Prager  – THE ONLY THING LEFT IS FREE SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free Speech Is Hard. Its Alternative Is Worse. – “It’s hard to hear ideologues spouting ideas you know are fully wrong, even harder when you know that the implementation of such ideas would hurt people, including you. Hardest is listening to a message full of hate, vitriol, and name-calling, especially when it’s directed against you personally. It’s therefore natural to declare that there is no place in a civil society for such ideas, and shut them out for our own and others’ protection.” – Mary L. G. Theroux

Clinton & Pelosi Suggest Trump Was Following Putin’s Orders To Allow Capitol Siege – “The demented conspiracy hour with Hillary & Nancy” – Steve Watson

When Fascists Accuse Their Victims of Being Fascists – “While the charge of fascism against Trump and his supporters had been routinely hurled in the past from the Left’s more radical quarters, it has now become the accepted wisdom of the establishment mainstream. How astonishing is that? This development represents another warp in the alternative reality which has engulfed this country’s collective psyche. After all, we all know what fascists do: they employ violence to intimidate their opponents and terrorize populations. They suppress free speech and cancel their opposition. They threaten, harass and brutalize their enemies. They use intimidation and chicanery to get their way. And they steal elections. Let us ask some questions about the behavior of Trump supporters from the time they began mobilizing in 2015 through the end of last year to see whether or not their actions could be described in any way as fascist in nature.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

A Look At Biden’s Potential Executive Orders On Gun Control – “Unfortunately, the media’s silence on the issue doesn’t mean that gun owners have nothing to worry about. As it turns out, Biden’s campaign website promised several executive actions that he would take if elected, including a pledge to “use his executive authority to ban the importation of assault weapons” while working to pass his gun ban and compensated confiscation in Congress.” – Cam Edwards

Nets Ignore Violent Migrant Caravan Storming into Guatemala for U.S. – “While the broadcast networks were busy stoking fears that members of the National Guard stationed in Washington, D.C. might launch an inside attack on the inauguration, they turned a blind eye to a caravan of Honduran migrants that violently stormed into Guatemala,” – Nicholas Fondacaro

Biden begs 7,000-strong Central American caravan to not surge across the border now – “Anyone with a lick of sense could foretell that Joe Biden’s promise of free amnesty and U.S. citizenship would be just the thing to trigger a huge border surge, which is what’s happening. Which might just present Biden with a public relations problem, at least as he sees it, and explain his preposterous bid to talk them out of it. They don’t want an instant border crisis with thousands of people surging across the U.S. southern border, at least while the cameras are on and the global community is watching Biden closely.” – Monica Showalter

Illegal Aliens in Massive Caravan Explain How Joe Biden Gave Them 100 Days to Get to America – Nick Arama

Corporate America Getting Rich Off Muslim Slaves? Surely Not – “Deafening silence as Chinese camps make margins for Woke companies.” – Sarah Cowgill

Kremlin joins European Union officials in denouncing Big Tech for squelching free speech online – “The Big Tech giants wielded extraordinary power over the freedom of speech online, international officials said.” – Susan Katz Keating

Beware the Troop-Withdrawal Bait and Switch – “The election of Joe Biden as president may represent a partisan change in terms of who will be the face of the country. In terms of substance, however, it may not amount to much. Biden has a long track record of promoting interventions abroad such as the bombing of Serbia in 1999, and he voted to authorize the 2003 Iraq invasion.” – José Niño

When It Comes to National Defense, Bigger Isn’t Always Better – Ryan McMaken



Don’t Call Biden’s Plan ‘Stimulus’ — It’s Just Another Keynesian Fantasy – “Joe Biden’s promised stimulus is meant to boost an economy devastated by the Democrats’ national shutdown by handing out more checks and imposing a $15 national minimum wage. Sorry, it won’t work.” – I & I Editorial Board

Even The Director Of Biden’s National Economic Council Has Been Forced To Admit The Economy Is “Spiraling Downward” – Michael Snyder

Back To The Yellen Future – “One wonders who Yellen has been communicating with to now be so proactive fiscally. As Fed chair she raised rates when the bond market (2s-10s spread) and voices like ours were saying it would end in tears, and most so for the people who have been struggling for a long time.” – Michael Every

Killing Jobs and Raising The Cost Of Living – Day Two – “We explained how on Day One #NotMyPresidentElectbiden is planning on closing the XL Pipeline coming-out of Canada to make delivery of oil easier and cheaper, while at the same time creating hundreds, if not thousands, of good paying jobs. Well, that wasn’t good enough, now the attack turns towards taxes and small businesses.” – Rory Hall

A Few Notes on Deflation/Inflation – “The consensus is that asset inflation is unstoppable and forever. History begs to differ.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Inflation Is Really a Tax (VIDEO) – “Governments have two ways of paying for their expenditures. The most honest way is through direct taxation. But that’s not particularly popular with voters and politicians are reluctant to push tax increases. The other way is borrowing money. The government sells bonds to willing lenders. In effect, it is pushing taxation into the future. Eventually, the lender has to be paid back and that money must come from the taxpayers of the future. Meanwhile, the taxpayer of today has to pay the interest on the borrowed money.” – Peter Schiff

The Staggering Levels of Real “Inflation-Adjusted” Gold and Silver Prices – “Nominal gold and silver prices in US dollars are currently far below their real (inflation-adjusted) all time highs. And this is even true when using the corrupted, artificial and politicized CPI data of the US Government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. As the US hurtles towards destroying the US dollar with ever larger banana republic policies , how long more can the paper gold and silver market charade be kept going?” – Ronan Manly

Chainlink Hits Record High, Altcoins Rally Amid Bitcoin Consolidation – Omkar Godbole

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.32EUR




Hebrews 13:9   Be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines. For it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace; not with meats, which have not profited them that have been occupied therein.







Anteroom of Our Own Extinction – “This is now about a year into the pandemic and there have still been no debates, no public roundtables and no referendums. Nothing. Just decrees by the government. I honestly have given up trying to make sense of statistics, really. But a couple of things have not changed; the fatality rate if you catch Covid 19 is under 1% (and yes, case fatality is different than infectious mortality and that in turn is different from mortality rate). And depending on how it is being counted, it is often a good deal less than that. And yet the entire planet has been subjected to severe restrictions on travel, and coerced to follow pseudoscientific behaviour like mask wearing and social distancing. The economic consequences of these non-debated government policies have been catastrophic.” – John Steppling  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JOHN!!!!!

No ‘Virus’ Pandemic Exists: The Covid Fraud Is Nothing More Than a Cover for Many Other Evils – “The state is now God, and religion has been largely relegated to worship of the state. This has been the objective all along. This country has turned totalitarian almost overnight, and every claimed deadly threat falsely propagated by the state that has been intellectually challenged, has been refuted and then substantiated by strong evidence or fact. Invariably, the truth is ignored and said to be “conspiracy theory.”” – Gary D. Barnett

No Evidence COVID-19 Vaccines Will Block Spread of Coronavirus – “In short then, what has been measured in the trials on the BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 vaccines, as well as other experimental COVID-19 vaccines, is not whether they prevent infection with and transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus but how well they can prevent or minimize symptoms of COVID-19 disease that can be caused by the virus. There is no evidence to suggest the vaccines will have any effect in terms of protecting people from getting the virus and spreading it. It doesn’t look like these COVID-19 vaccines are going to come anywhere close to being the proverbial ‘silver bullet.’” – Marco Cáceres

10 Things You Need to Know about the Experimental COVID Vaccines – Makia Freeman

Dozens of Deaths from Covid Vaxxing – “Virtually everything reported about covid, face masks, PCR tests, social distancing, and vaccines by Big Government, Pharma, and their Big Media press agents are bald-faced Big Lies or distortions. An all-out mass deception campaign has been ongoing throughout most of 2020, continuing in the new year, to manipulate the public mind with rubbish that’s harmful to our health, well-being, safety and future.” – Stephen Lendman

The Corona Crisis: The Conspiracy Is Obvious. Here Are Facts to Construct a Theory – Jack Dresser  – LONG, BUT EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could Most COVID-19 Deaths Have Been Prevented? – “Research shows giving critically ill COVID-19 patients high doses of vitamin D significantly reduced the number of days they had to spend in the ICU. They were also less likely to need ventilation. Another recent study found high-dose vitamin D supplementation sped up viral clearance; 62.5% of participants in the intervention group became SARS-CoV-2 RNA negative within 21 days, compared to just 20.8% of controls who did not receive vitamin D.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Lockdown was never the only option – “A strategy of protecting the vulnerable could have saved lives without devastating the whole of society.” – Fraser Myers

High Decibel Social Distancing ‘Dog Collars’ for Factory Workers Deployed – “A Swedish manufacturer in France has been accused of treating their employees like dogs after the company asked its workers to wear a social distancing device that emits a high decibel sound if employees are too close to each other.” – Kurt Zindulka

Italy on brink of ‘civil disobedience’ as public defies ‘absurd’ coronavirus rules – “ITALY businesses have begun to act out against the Government’s coronavirus regulations with small acts of “civil disobedience”.” – Aurora Bosotti


The Zeitgeist Wants What the Zeitgeist Wants – “The hypothetical Biden Administration is shaping up to be something like a four-year-long séance, a conjuring of apparitions wailing out talking points in a darkened room. Meanwhile, The New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC have turned into a nonstop gloat-fest anticipating the punishments to be dished out by progressive Wokesterdom against anyone who ever entertained a thought about or uttered the phrase “stolen election.”” – James Howard Kunstler   – EXCELLENT AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Thanks, I’ll Be Skipping the Inauguration – “Hey, you guys have fun at the festival of Establishment onanism that will be the purported inauguration of that desiccated old weirdo, President Asterisk. Despite the questionable election process and slobbering media cheerleadin’, they still barely managed to drag that tiresome zombie and the Presidentrix-To-Be over the finish line. I’m not celebratin’ nothin’. The best part of Dementiafest 2021 is that it will be a sullen, sad affair installing the manifestly senile old pervert at the head of the ricketiest administration in memory while surrounded by at least two divisions of soldiers lest a gigantic army of dudes in Viking drag decide to show up.” – Kurt Schlichter

Operation “Lipstick on a Pig”: Was the “Violent Insurrection” at the Capitol a 9/11 Retread? – “It is true that hostile forces have taken control of Washington D.C. But they were not wearing MAGA red hats or waving Confederate flags. No, the takeover was at a much higher level. The Federal government, the production of money by the Federal Reserve, the educational system and the corporate media from which citizens get all information has been taken over definitively by the multinational corporations Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and SpaceX (and others), and those companies, and the banks that fund them, have taken home some ten trillion dollars from the Federal Reserve through a series of COVID19 bailouts that remain opaque, if not explicitly classified. But that real takeover of the Capitol has not been mentioned in the press. All attention is on a selfish, ignorant, racist and dangerous Donald Trump who stands in contrast to a rational, scientific and compassionate Biden administration.” – Emanuel Pastreich  – LONG BUT GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FBI warned of large-scale nationwide protests by Trump supporters, but they fail to materialize – Patrick J. McDonnell, Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Richard Read and Jaweed Kaleem  – MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Washington DC Is Preparing For War – What Else Can It Be? – “But War with who??!” – Ken Jorgustin

What’s going on in Washington, D.C.? – “The last time I checked, this was the USA. A free country. I am seeing pictures of Washington DC preparing to inaugurate Biden to the Presidency, while 25,000 armed troops are parading around, dividing the city into zones, barricading it, and walling it. Guns bristling from Coast Guard ships in the Potomac. It’s chilling! I also saw pictures of a mass of armed SWAT guarding Governor Newsom’s home in Sacramento. Against what, exactly? What don’t I know here? I feel just a tad queasy, worried because this response is so far out of character for our country, and so over-the-top compared to anything that has happened — the incursion into the Capitol was small beer compared to the riots in many other cities all last summer.” – Terry Paulding

Google Is Not What It Seems – Julian Assange  – A MUST READ FROM JULIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How soon will the Left eat their own? – “Let’s start with the issue of GMOs, poisonous Roundup, and Monsanto (now swallowed up by Bayer). Joe Biden is going to appoint Mr. Monsanto, Tom Vilsack, as his Secretary of Agriculture. Tommy boy held that post under Obama. …when you look behind the curtains to see what Vilsack was really doing at USDA from 2009 through 2017, it’s not pretty. But, Biden doesn’t care about any of this. Vilsack is Biden’s buddy and that’s all that matters to him.” – Jon Rappoport

The Unwelcome Return of the Real Purveyors of Violence – “With the mainstream media still obsessing about the January 6th “violent coup attempt” at the US Capitol Building, the incoming Biden Administration looks to be chock full of actual purveyors of violent coups. Don’t look to the mainstream media to report on this, however. Some of the same politicians and bureaucrats denouncing the ridiculous farce at the Capitol as if it were the equivalent of 9/11 have been involved for decades in planning and executing real coups overseas. In their real coups, many thousands of civilians have died.” – Ron Paul

What ‘Democracy’ Is Under Attack? Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “The previous president intervened in the primary to appoint his right-hand man as his chosen successor. That successor will be installed in a five-day, star-studded celebration surrounded by a sea of barbed wire and heavily armed soldiers. What “democracy” is under attack, exactly?” – Caitlin Johnstone  – SOME MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!

America’s Demise Is Near At Hand – “Today not only is the economy done for, but so is the belief system that sustained social and political stability. America no longer exists. A geographical entity exists of diverse peoples and interests, but not a country, much less a nation. The United States itself has degenerated into an empire. Earlier in my life free speech was used by liberals to legalize pornography, homosexual marriage, and abortion, all of which were opposed by the majority of the population. This did not stop liberals from imposing their agendas on the people. Today free speech is impermissible, because it can be used to protest what half of the population sincerely believes was a stolen presidential election.” – Paul Craig Roberts

How Billionaires Transfer Blame to Others – “Throughout history, aristocrats, and their flaks such as their ‘news’-media, cast blame downward, away from themselves who collectively control the government, and onto, instead, some minority or other mass group, who can’t even plan or function together so as to be able to control the government. The U.S. has a two-Party aristocracy, as is clear from the “Open Secrets” list of the 100 biggest political donors in the 2020 U.S. Presidential and congressional campaigns, the “2020 Top Donors to Outside Spending Groups”. Those are only these individuals’ publicly acknowledged expenditures, none of the dark political money, which, of course, is donated secretly.” – Eric Zuesse

A Bull Market For Fear – “Fear is transactional. You don’t have to buy it.” – Mark Angelides

CNN Pushes to Close Down Newsmax TV – “CNN is making no mistake about it: It wants to censor and close Newsmax from broadcasting as a cable news channel. Apparently jolted by the fact Newsmax has skyrocketed to become the 4th highest-rated cable news channel in the country, the liberal CNN is decrying what it calls Newsmax’s “election denialism” and is seeking to have it “deplatformed” from cable and satellite systems across the nation.” – Eric Mack

Who Didn’t See This Coming? Speech Nazis Want News Outlets That Don’t Toe The Liberal Line Blacklisted By Cable Providers – Next Up: Will Demand They Block Independent Media Website IPs – Susan Duclos

The Trump Ban: The Only Free Speech Zone for American Conservatives Is Russia – ” In fact within just 72 hours of this ban madness starting, Russian Social Media/Messenger Platform “Telegram” gained 25 million new users.” – Tim Kirby

A Global Calamity: 340,000,000 Christians Persecuted – “The “extreme persecution” that Christians experience in 10 of the absolute 12 worst nations comes from “Islamic oppression” or is occurring in Muslim majority nations. These include: Afghanistan (#2), Somalia (#3), Libya (#4), Pakistan (#5), Yemen (#7), Iran (#8), Nigeria (#9), Iraq (#11), and Syria (#12). “80% of Indian Christians helped by Open Doors say they were passed over for food distribution during the COVID-19 pandemic.” — Open Doors, World Watch List.” – Raymond Ibrahim

Does the West Actually Care About the Uighur Genocide in China or Is It a Handy Excuse for Conflict? – Robert Wheeler

Not the America of MLK’s Dreams – “It’s a shame that as we celebrate Martin Luther King Day, it is increasingly apparent that his dream for “all of God’s children, black men and white men… to join hands and sing… ‘Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last’” is more a pipe dream than an achievable goal. The people of America have taken great strides to eradicate all types of racism and we tend to reject it when we see it. Yet, white America stands accused of being racist — not because of our actions or pronouncements, but because of the poverty that continues to plague many black communities.” – Sally Zelikovsky

Martin Luther King Jr.’s 6 Principles of Non-Violence – “To effectively fight modern injustices, we should use the techniques of those who have effectively done so before us.” – Hannah Cox

Pros and Cons Of 10 Emergency Lighting Options – Bob Rodgers


Free Lunches for One and All – “In light of Sleepy Joe’s swell new $1.9 trillion package of more free stuff, it’s time to get out our magnifying glasses again. The purpose is to compute the size of the hole in America’s collective paycheck that purportedly requires such continued, extraordinary beneficence from our not so rich Uncle Sam.” – David Stockman

Now That Universal Basic Income Checks Have Started, The American People Will Go Mad If They Don’t Continue – Michael Snyder

Economic “Rescue” Plan Like Throwing a Drowning Man an Anchor (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Fruits Of Inflation Are Blossoming – “Donald Trump got impeached – again – this week. Big whoop! We already knew the House of Representatives at the 117th Congress is the greatest collection of political crooks, lowlifes, and losers to ever assemble under one roof. We didn’t need a token impeachment vote to validate this. More importantly, President-elect Biden’s proposed $1,400 “stimmy” checks (i.e. stimulus checks). The amount is a “topping up” of the $600 “stimmy” approved by Congress in December. Together, these total the $2,000 “stimmy” promised to voters. Naturally, Biden’s fulfilling the dream of America’s central planners. You know the plan by now. Lockdown the economy, bankrupt small businesses, and then stimulate consumer demand with fake money. As easy as one, two, three, the central planners took control of the population, the economy, and financial markets.” – MN Gordon

Janet Yellen Is Set to Inherit a Helluva Lot of Power, Thanks to Stealthy Changes in the Law – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Gold, Silver, And Tech: Utility, Form & Function Over Glitches, Bugs & Obsolescence…EVERY TIME!!! – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

The Economic Policy Failures of the Trump Administration – Jeffrey A. Tucker

When the Market Defies All Logic, it’s Time to Take a Deep Breath: My Observations as Real Estate Broker – “The new Real Estate Bubble has arrived.” – Melissa Terzis

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.67EUR


Job 12:20    He removeth away the speech of the trusty, and taketh away the understanding of the aged.





The mRNA COVID Vaccine is NOT a Vaccine – “The new mRNA COVID vaccine deployed by Moderna and Pfizer is not what you think. It’s not a vaccine. These so-called vaccines are chemical devices that make you sick, operating systems that reprogram your DNA forever, and much more.” – Makia Freeman  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM MAKIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gripping ’09 Documentary Featuring Fauci, Redfield, & Other Now-Familiar Faces Inadvertently Sheds Some Very Interesting Light on COVID-19 – “I don’t want to spoil the impact of any of the remarkable facts Leung uncovered or cause anyone to go into the film with any preconceived notions. So I’m going to let you discover them on your own as well as form your own judgments. I’ll merely say that—given the momentous events that made 2020 so uniquely dreadful—many of the surprising but altogether basic facts Leung uncovered about AIDS just might strike an eerily familiar but, I’m sorry to report, not altogether pleasant chord.” – Michael Thau

10,000 Protesters In Vienna March Against Coronavirus Restrictions – Tyler Durden

Water cannons & mounted officers: Unauthorized anti-lockdown rally in Amsterdam invokes strong police respons – “Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters took to the streets of Amsterdam, decrying restrictive measures against the coronavirus. The unauthorized gathering was met with a strong riot police force. The anti-lockdown protesters gathered in the center of the Netherlands capital on Sunday, despite failing to get authorization for the rally from the authorities.” – RT  – VIENNA, AMSTERDAM, SWITZERLAND. LOOKS LIKE EVERYONE IS FED UP WITH POINTLESS LOCKDOWNS!!!!

The Swiss Force a Referendum Challenging Government Lockdown – “We are a movement that says crisis management cannot be done without the will of the sovereign — the people” – Sam Jones

US Has Evidence Researchers In Wuhan Lab Fell Ill Before Coronavirus Outbreak, State Department Says – Chuck Ross




MSM calls for “new definition of free speech” – “New buzzwords in the mainstream media bubble spell trouble for those outside it. Firstly, and papers on both sides of the Atlantic want to be very clear about this, Donald Trump being banned simultaneously from every major social network is not in any way inhibiting his free speech. Indeed none of the tens of thousands of people banned from twitter et al. have had their free speech infringed either. Neither have any of the proprietors – or users – of the Parler app which the tech giants bullied out of existence. Free Speech is totally intact no matter how many people are banned or deplatformed, the media all agree on that (even the allegedly pro-free speech think tanks).” – Kit Knightly

Information War Dethrones US President – “In order to make their actions seem justifiable and fair to the public, yet another anti-Russia campaign was initiated within the US media landscape under the pretext of combatting false narratives and Russian government-sponsored interference in US presidential elections. Wide-spread censorship of messages and content posted on social media benefited members of the US Democratic party and individuals like George Soros as accounts belonging to alternative information sources, such as that of the New Eastern Outlook, were suspended by US-based social networking sites. Facebook whistleblower Ryan Hartwig filmed with a hidden camera and uncovered documents that show Facebook censoring conservatives and influencing elections on a global scale. In the end, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Twitch suspended Donald Trump’s and his closest allies’ accounts and channels, thereby essentially preventing him from communicating with his supporters online and making him lose elections.” – Vladimir Danilov

Google Is Evil – “Famously, Google’s motto is “Don’t Be Evil.” Maybe “famously” isn’t the right word. “Hilariously” is more appropriate because Google is, in fact, an evil company.But it’s not just Google. Name the tech giant and they are pretty much working in ways that are detrimental, if not downright destructive, to the United States of America and the freedoms we hold dear. Google not only tracks every keystroke you make, but it also manipulates your worldview without you even knowing it. ” – Derek Hunter

Fortress Washington Occupied and Militarized – “What’s going on in the nation’s capital is unprecedented. Around 25,000 troops, unknown numbers of secret service agents, other federal security forces, and local police turned the city into a blockaded armed camp ahead of illegitimate transition of power on January 20. The nation’s capital resembles occupied Baghdad’s Green Zone that’s half-way around the world from Washington DC.” – Stephen Lendman

The Establishment Has Prepared Another Assault on Trump America – “What is going on here? At the least, the purpose of militarizing the capital is to further impress on people in the US and abroad that Trump Americans are “enemies of democracy” against whom the new presidency must be protected. Having successfully misrepresented the Trump rally as an insurrection, it is easy for the Establishment to suggest that “the enemies of democracy” will strike again. The message is that as long as Trump Americans have First Amendment rights to assemble and protest, American democracy will be unsafe. This sets the stage for curtailing protests against the Biden regime’s policies and shutting down alternative explanations to the controlled explanations of the Establishment.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Maybe The People Didn’t Elect You… – “Who are you keeping out? Your base? The people that elected you? Walls? You need walls to protect you from the people that voted for you? I thought you didn’t believe in walls and that walls served no purpose? hmmm… ” – Rory Hall

Biden’s Coattails: Government Removed From The People – “The walling off of the citizenry from its halls of government is being streamlined in the wake of the unrest at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Constructing barriers to separate the American people from their own elected officials is openly referred to as the new normal.” – Joe Schaeffer

State capitols boarded up, fenced off, patrolled by troops – “Details were vague, but demonstrations were expected at state capitols beginning Sunday and leading up to Biden taking the oath of the office Wednesday.” – AP  – DETAILS WERE VAGUE. IMAGINE THAT. AREN’T THET ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s new abnormal – “Most of those who think Biden can wave a magic wand blame Trump alone for the deep polarization gripping America. They’re wrong — Trump was elected precisely because the country already was deeply polarized. Look at Washington, turned into a garrison town of fences, barbed wire and armed soldiers patrolling the streets. Is this a normal inauguration? The visible response to the storming of Congress mirrors the rhetoric coming from Pelosi, who rushed a meaningless impeachment of Trump in just one day. Before Pelosi, in the entire history of the United States, presidential impeachment was used only twice. She doubled that total in the last 13 months. Trump is her white whale. If the departure of Trump could cure what ails America, we should be seeing signs of it already. But the victory has only stoked the anger of those who never accepted him as president. Revenge is in the air, as members of Congress and far-left activists demand that airlines, hotels, publishing houses and other businesses shun Trump supporters.” – Michael Goodwin

Democrats Cling Desperately to Trump Hatred – “The Democrats are not going to be able to hide much longer behind their Trump hatred. But it’s really all they’ve got.” – Conrad Black

Soon-to-be President Biden has a pen and a phone – “Biden isn’t waiting for a compliant Congress to act. He’s got a raft of executive orders lined up to start the New World Order (plus the old Obama order)” – Andrea Widburg

Democrat House Already Planning Gun Control Bills – “Emboldened by their newly-united government, Democrats, particularly Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas) have already introduced a raft of new gun control legislation — most of which does not even yet have text. The almost spray-and-pray tactic is a wish-list of liberal infringements on the hated Second Amendment.” – Patrick Richardson

Biden fills out State Department team with Obama veterans – Matthew Lee  – I THINK WITH ALL OF BIDEN’S APPOINTEES, ONE MUST ASK AT THIS POINT, WHO IS REALLY RUNNING THINGS BEHIND THE SCENES. OBAMA, HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden To ‘Immediately’ Send Congress Bill That Would Offer Citizenship To 11 Million Illegals – Tyler Durden

Biden’s First Migrant Caravan Is Already Thrashing Its Way Across Central America – Bronson Stocking  – AND HERE THEY COME, KNOWING THAT BIDEN WILL OFFER MORE CITZENSHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With Trump on the Way Out, Mayor Lightfoot Now Demanding Restaurants and Bars Reopen ‘as Quickly as Possible’ – “In fact, with the November election now in the rearview mirror, Democrats and academics everywhere suddenly want to see an end to their job-killing, mental health-ravaging mandates, which have made life a living hell for millions of Americans for nearly a year. It doesn’t make one a conspiracy theorist to question the odd timing of all this.” – Kipp Jones

CARES Act Stimulus Did Not “Replace Lost Wages” – Alan Reynolds

Climate Engineering News Q & A, January 13, 2021, #2 ( Geoengineering Watch ) (VIDEO) – Dane Wigington – PART ONE WAS PREVIOSLY LINKED ON 1/15/21. WATCH THEM BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Bidenomics Begins With $1.9 Trillion Spending Package – “Are you ready for four years of Bidenomics? Keep checking the help-wanted ads and clipping coupons.” – Andrew Moran

Spend! Spend! Spend! (VIDEO) – “The US government ran the biggest December deficit in history last month and there is no end in sight to the borrowing and spending. President Biden unveiled a new $1.9 trillion stimulus plan this week. So what? Why does it matter” – Michael Maharrey

Bitcoin. Central Banks Attack Cryptocurrencies (VIDEO) – “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum become as an alternative to financial repression and a store of value, especially for citizens in emerging economies where currency depreciation is not a risk but a certainty.” – Daniel Lacalle  – WHICH IS PRECISELY WHY THE CENTRAL BANKS DON’T LIKE IT. THEY CAN’T CONTROL IT YET!!!!!!




Psalm 38:12  They also that seek after my life lay snares for me: and they that seek my hurt speak mischievous things, and imagine deceits all the day long.



Hey, you!
Out there in the cold
Getting lonely, getting old.
Can you feel me?

Hey, you!
Standing in the aisles
With itchy feet and fading smiles.
Can you feel me?

Hey, you!
Don’t help them to bury the light.
Don’t give in without a fight.

Hey, you!
Out there on your own
Sitting naked by the phone.
Would you touch me?

Hey, you!
With your ear against the wall
Waiting for someone to call out.
Would you touch me?

Hey, you!
Would you help me to carry the stone?
Open your heart, I’m coming home

But it was only fantasy.
The wall was too high as you can see.
No matter how he tried he could not break free.
And the worms ate into his brain.

Hey, you!
Out there on the road,
Always doing what you’re told.
Can you help me?

Hey, you!
Out there beyond the wall,
Breaking bottles in the hall.
Can you help me?

Hey, you!
Don’t tell me there’s no hope at all.
Together we stand,
Divided we fall.

( Hey You by Roger Waters )



USA Social Unrest


Pandemic Security Theater – ” As long as county politicians and bureaucrats recite their devotion to “science and data,” residents will submit to any government command. After ten months of lockdowns and shocking degrees of economic and social carnage, millions of Americans have decided that there surely must be some rationale for all the insanity and have signed on to become enforcers themselves, even and perhaps especially when the rules make no sense at all. The lockdowns have unleashed this mess. It is not easily cleaned up. It will likely take years before many people can think clearly and rationally again.” – James Bovard  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selling What the Nuremberg Code and Hippocratic Oath Ban – “The Nuremberg Code mandates voluntary consent on matters relating to human health, as well as beneficial to individuals and society procedures, while prohibiting what’s high-risk and potentially harmful. Hippocratic oath medical standards mandate doing no harm. When used as directed, all vaccines breach the above standards, especially experimental, inadequately tested covid ones that risk serious short-and-longer-term harm to human health.” – Stephen Lendman

13 Israelis suffer FACIAL PARALYSIS after taking Pfizer Covid jab, amid influx of reports detailing adverse effects – RT

Health Experts Call For Suspension Of Pfizer Vaccination Among Elderly After Norway Deaths – Tyler Durden

Are the covid vaccines safe and effective? – “One final point. None of these studies tell us whether the vaccines are safe and effective for children. It would be unethical to start vaccinating children without first having made sure that it’s safe, especially considering that the risk to children from covid is infinitesimal.” – Sebastian Rushworth M.D.  – KEEP IN MIND, THIS DR. DOES BELIEVE THE VACCINS ARE SAFE!!!

Russia To Start Mass Vaccination Of Its Population Monday – Tyler Durden

Germany to Put COVID Rulebreakers in ‘Detention Camp’ – “What could possibly go wrong?” – Paul Joseph Watson

With Trump almost gone, there’s a new drug in town against COVID – “Ivermectin finally got a boost in America just this week. The NIH has officially recognized Ivermectin as an option for treating the Wuhan virus.” – Andrea Widburg  – FUNNY HOW THE NIH WAITED UNTIL TRUMP WAS ALMOST GONE TO ANNOUNCE THIS. AND WHERE WAS THE MSM AND THE SO-CALLED-SCIENCE AT MONTHS AGO WHEN MANY IN THE ALTERNATIVE NEWS WAS TALKING ABOUT IT. SO, IT’S NOT REALLY A NEW DRUG IN TOWN. KARL DENNINGER HAS TALKED ABOUT IT MANY TIMES. PUT HIS NAME IN THE SEARCH BAR TO READ MANY OF HIS ARTICLES ON IVERMECTIN!!!!!

After judge orders hospital to use experimental Covid-19 treatment, woman recovers – “The drug Ivermectin – a pill sometimes used to treat children with head lice or to rid dogs and cats of worms – is not yet approved by the federal government for use against Covid-19. But Smentkiewicz’s son and daughter call it “a miracle drug” in their court papers. So do her attorneys, Ralph C. Lorigo and Jon F. Minear. “This lady was on a ventilator, literally on her deathbed, before she was given this drug,” Lorigo told The Buffalo News about Smentkiewicz, a Cheektowaga resident. “As far as we’re concerned, the judge’s order saved this woman’s life.”” – Dan Herbeck


ILLUSION OF FREEDOM – ““The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion.” – Frank Zappa. The quote from Frank Zappa has truly come to fruition during the first two weeks of 2021. We have been living in a Surveillance State since the introduction of the Patriot Act in 2001 (Biden has boasted that he wrote the bill years before). Until Snowden and Assange revealed the depth and depravity of this un-Constitutional intrusion into our lives only the Deep State cabal knew the truth. The social media autocrats gave the first inklings of extinguishing the illusion of freedom as they needed to ramp up the fear and panic from a flu with a 99.7% survival rate, so they began censoring doctors and other dissenters who dared to question the approved narrative of a deadly pandemic requiring mass lockdowns, small business closures (not Wal-Mart or Target) and mandatory masking.” – Jim Quinn  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Totalitarian Takeover in Progress: The Left’s Coup Against America – “The American Left has spent the better part of last year laying waste to America. Beginning in May of 2020, they unleashed and conducted the most extensive and violent riots in this nation’s history. In the process, they wrecked dozens of American cities and caused billions of dollars in damage.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

Big Tech and the Democratic Party Are Leading America to a Fascist Future – “Although there may not be tanks on the streets and a dictator inciting crowds from his bully pulpit, the end result has been pretty much the same.” – Robert Bridge

79% of Americans think the US is falling apart. That’s no surprise when one half of the country wants to crush the other- Michael Rectenwald

Don’t Fall For The Establishment’s Tall Tales. There Was No “Violent Assault on the Capitol” and There is Abundant Evidence of Electoral Fraud – “Think intelligently. The rally for Trump on January 6 was massive, which is why the presstitutes did not show it to you. No other politician anywhere in the Western World could produce such a turnout of support.” – Paul Craig Roberts

The Two Faces Of The US Empire – “The Biden/Harris inauguration event is going to be a star-studded celebration spanning an unprecedented five days, a giddy orgy of excitement at a murderous oligarchic empire having a new face behind the front desk after promising wealthy donors that nothing will fundamentally change.The US empire is ugly and creepy. The more you look at it, the uglier and creepier it gets. That’s why so much effort goes into keeping the public from looking at it directly. The US empire has two faces, one rooted in the west coast and the other in the east. The first face, which sprouts up from Hollywood, presents a grinning plastic smile to the world depicting how fun and wonderful and righteous America is and how all its systems are working completely fine. The second face, which sprouts up from DC, Arlington and Langley, is wild-eyed and covered in blood. Just like any other two-faced monstrosity, the face you will see depends on where you are standing. ” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Trump Era Held Up A Mirror To Our Shattering Culture – “Where the anxieties of the working class and Baby Boomers were channeled into Trump, the anxieties of the left were channeled into a furious, culture-wide censorship campaign.” – Emily Jashinsky

False Flag Operations Will Turn Gun Owners Into Domestic Terrorists – “I have a bad feeling about this. Remember during the Obama years how there were so many “incidents”? Shootings? False flag or not, the Marxist Leftists (and their mainstream brothers and sisters) used them all to their fullest extent to vilify all of us who own guns. (As though it’s our fault it happened)… Guilt by association with the hardware.” – Ken Jorgustin

Come & Take It: Texas Gov Says State Should Be 2A Sanctuary – Cam Edwards

Are You Getting the Message? They DON’T WANT YOU FREE! (VIDEO) – High Impact Flix

Politics Won’t Fix the American Decline – “By any measure, 2020 was not a very good year for human freedom. By now everyone is very familiar with the assaults on liberty stemming from measures ostensibly in the name of stopping the spread of covid and the way in which such measures have threatened the very existence of the social order. Beyond such obscene and unprecedented measures, 2020 also demonstrated that the leaders of our society are truly incompetent and bungling. The ineptitude is truly staggering, even for skeptics of the state.” – Zachary Yost

The truth will set you free – “When people tell you who they are, listen. Joe Biden: “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” I believe that despite what the media and the left, but I repeat myself, have said, this was a quote that was not taken out of context nor was it a simple slip of the tongue.” – Scott McNay

CBS Buries the Bad News in Misleading Headline About Biden Economic Proposal – “One of the things that Democrats are really bad at is understanding basic economics. Joe Biden seems to have that bad trait in abundance. Of course, he seems to have trouble understanding a lot of basic concepts. Biden is of course on the Democrats’ minimum wage train. So this is how media is framing it, claiming that he could lift one million people out of poverty. Except not so much. Because the reality is that such a move is likely to throw even more people out of work at a time when Democrats have done all they can, crippling the economy with virus restriction rules.” – Nick Arama


How Big Tech took over – “The establishment outsourced censorship to the private sector – and created a tyranny.” – Tom Slater  –  ALONG READ BUT INFORMATIVE!!!

Understanding Inequality Requires Much More Than Calling Everything Racist – Lipton Matthews

Smart Toilets Will Use Anal Fingerprints – “Scientists are building ‘smart toilets’ that take pictures of your anus, analyze your stool and upload the information to the cloud. What could go wrong? Here’s what you need to know about your toilet habits.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

A Prepper’s Guide to Wheat Berries: Versatile, Space-Saving, Long-Term Food – “Do you have wheat berries in your stockpile? Have you used them? It’s very important to learn how to work with your new ingredients well before you need to do so in an emergency.” – Modern Refugee


America’s Slide Into Economic Oblivion Is Already Starting To Accelerate Here In 2021 – Michael Snyder

From the Land of Financial Bubbles – “Financially, the stock markets (and certain cryptocurrencies) are also thankful recipients for the epithet “bubble.” Last year, as the U.S. economy faltered some 4-5% ‒ much more than during the financial crisis and rivalled only by the Great Depression ‒ the S&P 500 index grew by 16.3%” – Joakim Book

When Will The Window Of Euphoria Close? – “These certainly are interesting times. Despite a global pandemic, the S&P 500 is 5 days removed from all-time highs. President elect Biden is seeking an additional $1.9 Trillion in fiscal stimulus in the coming month, and the Federal Reserve will add another $1.4 Trillion in monetary stimulus this year. This is a massive stimulus driven bubble.” – Mike O’Rourke

Why comparisons between bitcoin and gold are absurd – “No one ever talks about the risk that gold could go to zero — because it can’t” – David Rosenberg

“Seasonal Adjustments” of Retail Sales Gone Awry in Weirdest Economy Ever? Americans Actually Cut Back”? – Wolf Richter

Designed To Fail, Failure Guaranteed – “Yet it still comes as a great surprise to everyone when ‘doing more of what’s failed spectacularly’ ends up collapsing the whole rotten structure.” – Charles Hugh Smith

There Are No Hawks on the Fed, Only Ostriches – “The Fed cannot spot inflation. Can you?” – Mish

IMPORTANT UPDATES: Stocks, Bitcoin, Crypto, Gold, Silver, MORE (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino


Habakkuk 1:7    They are terrible and dreadful: their judgment and their dignity shall proceed of themselves.




Dr. Fauci Warns Don’t Go Here Even If It’s Open – Alek Korab  – DON’T GO ANYWHERE, STAY HOME, WHERE DOUBLE MASKS AT HOME EVEN. HOW ABOUT JUST DON’T BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sheep Syndrome – “Today and during the last few days new “measures” – restrictions of freedom imposed by governments for reasons of “public health security”, i. e. preventing the spread of covid infections – have been tightened throughout Europe. Literally, these treacherous governments say, “we have to tighten the screws”. Seriously. WTF – who do they think they are? Servant of the people who elected them and who pay them. This is high treason. But people take it without asking too many questions, some complaints but not strong enough… we are living in the midst of the Sheep Syndrome.” – Peter Koenig

First Goes Law, Then Goes Democracy – “Righteous moral busybodies flourish in our “COVID-19”-obsessed society. They exert social pressure mandating the sharing of previously sacrosanct private information, such as health status and travel itineraries. This creates a nightmarish world of social flagellation in which we are shamed for celebrating holidays with our families, or going out for exercise within seven days of crossing a state line. Our acquaintances must have this information about our comings and goings to ensure we are not potentially diseased. There are murmurings from Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, Joe Biden, Bill Gates, and the media that these pervasive rules-that-aren’t-really-rules will need to continue at least until 2022. Of course, their deadlines notoriously creep forward, starting with “two weeks to flatten the curve,” which became “12 months to stop the spread,” which is now morphing into “five years (more?) to eliminate death by infectious disease.” Are we meant to get used to this?” – Stacey Rudin  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COVID vaccine secret, a stunner – “Bottom line: there is no persuasive evidence that a virus is in the soup. What’s in the COVID vaccine? Among other material, a supposed fragment from a supposed virus that hasn’t been proven to exist.Down yet another level, we discover that the PCR doesn’t detect a virus at all. It identifies a piece of RNA presumed to come from a virus. And finally, the test identifies a piece of RNA from a virus that hasn’t been proven to exist. This is the root of the poisonous tree. ” – Jon Rappoport

SHUTDOWN Boris Johnson ditches travel corridors for ALL countries from Monday over ‘vaccine-busting’ mutant virus fears – Natasha Clark and Sascha O’Sullivan

23 Seniors Have Died in Norway After Receiving the Pfizer Experimental COVID mRNA Injection – “Pfizer has allegedly sent an email to Bloomberg claiming these deaths are “not alarming” ” – Brian Shilhavy  – MIGHT BE KIND OF ALARMING TO THE PEOPLE THAT DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Death by Coincidence? – “Declarations by health officials and vaccine makers that deaths and injuries following COVID vaccinations are unrelated coincidences are becoming a pattern. They’re also depriving people of the information they need to make informed decisions.” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Microsoft, Big Tech Coalition Developing Rockefeller Funded COVID Passports – “The most significant vaccination effort in history” – Steve Watson

Are you ready for “The Vaccination Credential Initiative?” Big Health and Big Tech join forces to keep you safe! – “Big Health and Big Tech coming together as one to ensure our safety and well-being? That’s hardly terrifying at all. It’s called, “The Vaccination Credential Initiative.” The only way they could have made that sound more authoritarian is if they said it in German. Let’s see what that would look like. “Die Impfung Berechtigungsnachweis Anstrengung.”” – Planet Moron

The latest COVID absurdity: walking with hot beverages – Simon Black


Signs and Wonders – “In case you don’t know what condition our condition is in, the name for it is a crisis of legitimacy. Four years of seditious harassment by a “Resistance” within-and-without the US Government culminates in the janky election of a mentally incapable grifter… run by whom? Does anyone seek to know who, exactly, is pulling Joe Biden’s strings? My guess would be…duh… Barack Obama and his posse. When will he be outed? Maybe today… or next week at the latest. Heads will explode to see liberalism’s bowling trophy fall off the national mantelpiece. If you think Nancy Pelosi is running around in a hebephrenic fugue state now, just wait. A crisis of legitimacy means that citizens have lost faith in their institutions, that is, in the armature of agreements and procedures for running this society. Do you have any idea how much damage RussiaGate did to the country? The three-year-long mind-fuck perpetrated by the highest officials of the FBI and the CIA ruined whatever was left of their reputations.” – James Howard Kunstler

Why They Hate Trump So Deeply – “Isn’t the purpose of an impeachment to remove a public official from power? Trump is out of power on January 20. The impeachment trial won’t even be held until after January 20. What’s the point? I’ll tell you the point: hatred — deep, unfathomable, all-consuming hatred for Donald Trump.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

The Lynch Mob Comes for Citizen Trump – Patrick J. Buchanan

Consent-Manufacturing For Patriot Act II Continues – “They’re not actually worried about “domestic terror”, they’re worried about any movement which threatens to topple the status quo. They want to make sure they can adequately spy, infiltrate, agitate and incarcerate into impotence any movement which provides a threat to America’s rulers and the system which funnels them wealth and power at the expense of everyone else” – Caitlin Johnstone

Despite FBI Fearmongering, DHS Sees No “Specific, Credible Threats” At This Time – ” “There’s no specific credible threats at this point in time. There’s just this raised level of tension. And so we’re raising our security level. And we’re doing it across the country,” Ken Cuccinelli, acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said on CNN’s “New Day.”” – Zachary Stieber

Are We All ‘Domestic Terrorists’ – “Joe Biden has the people who took over the Capitol on Jan. 6 figured out. In just two days, he had them pegged for “a bunch of thugs, insurrectionists, white supremacists, and anti-Semites, and it’s not enough.” Not enough? He also said they were “domestic terrorists.”” – Jared Taylor

Baby Social Media – “And just like that, Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg belatedly found they had fallen on their own swords, as these were already sticking out of their backs. Let’s see it as poetic justice. They figured since most of the world doesn’t like Trump, it would applaud the moves as much as the US Democratic party does. But most of the world doesn’t. What it sees, what its leaders see, is a threat to everyone else’s freedom of speech, not just Trump’s.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Censorship: The Storm Is Here – “The mainstream media’s news cycle is presently dominated by the second impeachment of DJT. This was orchestrated when he has just a few days left in office. But that is just a sideshow to distract the public from the real news: The Purge. That larger story really should be the main topic of discussion. But the media moguls have masterfully pushed that off to the sidelines and turned the news into “All Impeachment, all the time.” I expect The Purge to continue until the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, on January 20, 2021. But then it won’t stop. ” – James Wesley Rawles  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An Impeachment Incitement – “What is this latest impeachment gambit really about? Of course, it was a Parthian shot to discredit President Trump’s supporters.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Trump Impeachment 2.0: Necessity Or Farce? (VIDEO) – Ron Paul Liberty Report

Quarter of Americans believe it’s time for U.S. to split into separate red, blue countries – “Proposals have called for essentially giving Democrats and Republicans their separate states and countries.” – Daniel Payne

Bill Gates Buying Up Huge Amount of Farmland While ‘Great Reset’ Tells Americans Future is No Private Property – “Feudalism makes a roaring comeback in the name of progress.’ – Paul Joseph Watson

“Build Back Better?”: Biden’s Gun Control Push Will Further Divide Us – Gabriella Hoffman

WaPo: Why’s It Always About Guns With These Gun People? – “The mainstream media has a big problem when it comes to gun owners. Well, and with gun owners too. This column by author and researcher Jennifer Carlson in the Washington Post is a fantastic example of the inability by the vast majority of the mainstream national media to approach gun ownership as a normal activity.” – Cam Edwards  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAM!!!!!

War Goddess Samantha Power to Join Interventionist Biden/Harris Regime – “Like other interventionists chosen to be part of the Biden/Harris regime, Power never met a nation free from US control she didn’t want smashed. The late Edward Herman once called her a member of “the cruise missile left” for good reason — time and again justifying what’s unjustifiable, adding: She “never departs from the selectivity dictated by the establishment party line.”” – Stephen Lendman

America in Crisis… Blaming Russia Is Self-Defeating Diversion – “There is something deranged about U.S. politics that continually seeks to find foreign “enemies” who are purportedly hellbent on destroying America. As the United States heads towards the inauguration of Joe Biden next week to become the 46th president of the republic, the nation is gripped by a foreboding sense of civil violence erupting.” – Strategic Cutlure Foundation

The Country Where Liberty Is a Statue – “The global reaction to the events of 6 January shows that the authority of the United States is greatly dented. Biden will use any method – including hybrid war – to revive this authority. But it is unlikely to succeed.” – Vijay Prashad

Entire Dutch Government Resigns Because of Corruption – Martin Armstrong

Climate Engineering News Q & A, January 7, 2021, #1 ( Geoengineering Watch ) (VIDEO) – Dane Dane Wigington   – GOOD VIDEO FROM DANE, AND YES IT’S STILL GOING ON; ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LOOK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RESILIENCE: Here’s How Prepping HAS to Change – “Preppers shouldn’t just amass supplies and expect that to save them. Instead, we should focus on building the resilience to withstand the unexpected. The future looks to be anything but predictable.” – Daisy Luther


Shifting Political Views and Covid Concerns Pull Down Consumer Sentiment – Robert Hughes

Stimulus-on-Steroids Cometh – “The Biden team is considering up to $2 trillion in fiscal stimulus, far in excess of earlier estimates of $750 billion.” – David Brady

Biden’s banana republic – “Donald Trump is probably the luckiest presidential candidate in history to have lost an election. He doesn’t realise it yet as he suffers from a self-inflicted wound in the final moments of his presidency. Nor does Biden yet realise how unlucky he is to have won. But that will soon change as his presidency goes from crisis to crisis in all areas from monetary to fiscal to social and political. Very little will go right during his presidency. The US economy now clearly fits the definition of a Banana republic.” – Egon von Greyerz

U.S. Retail Sales Post Surprise Monthly Drop to Cap Dismal Year – Olivia Rockeman

The destructive force and failure of QE – Alasdair Macleod

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.67EUR


Psalm 59:7  Behold, they belch out with their mouth: swords are in their lips: for who, say they, doth hear?