Keeping Liberty Alive in an Age of ‘Coronavistas’ – “A look around at our coronavirus-obsessed world leaves those of us still possessing common sense with one question: What on earth have we become?” – Jeff Minick  – GREAT READ FROM JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Virus – “Mandatory vaccination is a legal nightmare no matter what, but in this particular case, it would appear to be DOA. Still, there are other avenues. They can, through vaccine passports, attempt to exclude you from social activities, including shopping. These passports always say a negative test is good too, but only if your test is less than, say, a day old. And you mostly have to pay for it yourself. And even if you do, and you test negative 100 times, you still lose out to someone who has been injected with untested and unapproved substances of which nobody has shown any evidence that they will protect you from infection, or from infecting others. Bizarro world meets Kafka. If you work in sectors like travel and hospitality, forget about having a choice.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

The Covid Vaccine Is an Integral Part of “The Great Reset” – “It seems increasingly likely that the COVID jabs are part of a much larger set of interlocking projects sometimes described as “the Great Reset.” The COVID jabs seem to be the essential agents in the merger of biological with psychological warfare pointed our way. We are the targets. Over decades there has been a marriage of military and medical operations in the Coronavirus Business, an enterprise subject to thousands of patents. The Coronavirus Business is a transnational operation that involves many prominent universities. It also involves research activities in very specialized labs with high-tech innovations meant to contain deadly pathogens. Do these labs ever leak? These p4 labs include the inter-related research facilities in, to mention only a few locations, Wuhan China, Fort Detrick Maryland, and Winnipeg Manitoba.” – Anthony Hall

COVID vaccination site closes early after adverse reactions to Johnson & Johnson shot – Kenneth Garger

Lockdown Protests Flare Up Around the World – Barbara Loe Fisher

Americans to receive COVID shots inside abortion centers as part of multi-million dollar Planned Parenthood campaign – “The vaccine initiative also may be a new source of taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, which has been defunded by multiple states and was denied tens of millions of dollars of federal funds under former President Donald Trump. “You can always count on Planned Parenthood’s ability to get taxpayer funding no matter the problem,” Kristi Hamrick of Students for Life of America said. She called the COVID vaccine campaign “really appalling but completely unsurprising.”” – Raymond Wolfe  – GET A JAB, GET RID OF YOUR BABY ALL IN ONE VISIT. EUGENECIST MARGARET SANGER WOULD BE PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brits At Pubs Will Have To Register On Government Tracking App, Hand Over Phones – “Venue staff will be mandated to check people’s phones” – Steve Watson

India Piloting Aadhaar-Based Facial Recognition For COVID-19 Vaccinations – Trisha Jalan

‘New Normal’? Davos Billionaire Crowd Pushes Orwellian ‘Smart Mask’ (VIDEO) – “Just as many US states are seeing Covid numbers plummet, Klaus “trans-humanist” Schwab’s World Economic Forum is pushing a new “smart mask” that not only tells you when to take a breath of fresh air: it also warns you to put it on if you’ve forgotten it. All tracked through your mobile phone. It is one more step toward China’s Orwellian “social credit” system (in fact, the mask itself was developed by a Chinese firm!). And the billionaire elites want to shove it down our throats.” – Ron Paul

Keeping us masked forever? The Davos set’s dystopian ambitions are very clear – Neil Clark




Will America Survive Joe Biden? – “If you want to understand the complete failure of moral authority in America, seek no further than the gothic doings of the Biden family, especially now that the President’s degenerate son, Hunter, has been rewarded with a $2-million advance-against royalties (i.e., money up-front) from Simon & Schuster, and a gala publicity tour of the national news media designed to conceal his criminal culpability in evidence contained on the “laptop from hell” that he stupidly abandoned in a Delaware repair shop while lurching through his daily doings on one of countless drug jags he’s enjoyed between rehabs since his dad stepped back into national politics. Most recently, in a striking instance of in-your-face duplicity, Joe Biden announced his new crusade against gun ownership the same week that credible evidence surfaced that Hunter had obtained a .38 caliber handgun by lying on the application about his drug use — well-documented in his discharge record from the Navy Reserve (for failing a cocaine blood test), as well as his repeat visits to drug rehab clinics.” – James Howard Kunstler  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!!!!!

Biden’s Chamber of Confected Hatreds – “The collapse of the Trump-hate fraud is forcing the American national political media, with infinite regret and trepidation, to subject the Biden Administration to an elemental level of oversight. The former president has outsmarted his enemies, however, and has graciously allowed his successor to take center stage and blunder and misspeak on a level never approached in the history of his great office.” – Conrad Black

Kamala Harris gets ‘a snack’ – “So where’s Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s border crisis project manager? Looks like she’s in Chicago, getting “a snack,” according to White House spokesweasel Jen Psaki. Such is the simplified summary of the state of things, based on a snapping, flippant reply by the latter to a question from a New York Post reporter. On the border, Kamala Harris is AWOL and everyone knows it.” – Monica Showalter

Hunter Biden Incident Shows that Gun Laws are for the Little People – “There is a central hypocrisy at the heart of the gun control effort. High-profile gun control-supporting politicians, the Hollywood elite, and billionaire tycoons, will advocate to strip ordinary Americans of their right to defend themselves and their family, all the while enjoying the security that armed men with guns provide. As Hunter Biden’s 2018 firearm incident shows, this hypocrisy extends even to incidents where a high-profile individual has taken the step of procuring their own firearm. The message from these elites could not be clearer: Gun laws are only for the little people.” – NRA-ILA

Biden’s New Executive Orders Could Turn a Whole Lot of Gun Owners Into FELONS – “Joe Biden promised to do it and he has finally delivered. Today, the cognitively declining President of the United States signed a number of Executive Orders allegedly designed to “curb gun violence” but actually designed to destroy the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights.” – Robert Wheeler

Minority Report Precrime is Here: Biden Signing Executive Order Nationalizing RED FLAG Laws for Gun Confiscation – “So-called “Red Flag Laws” or emergency risk protection orders (ERPOs) are one of the biggest threats to gun rights in the list of actions; it’s not only unconstitutional, but it is basically punishing you for crimes that you have not committed, in all likelihood never will commit, but for some reason, the government claims may happen.” – Off Grid Survival

Biden to Nominate Anti-Gun Advocate David Chipman as ATF Director – “Chipman is a former ATF Special Agent. Even if you don’t think you know Chipman, you probably do. He’s grabbed headlines for years. He’s written op-eds and crying for gun control, penning pieces for the likes of Everytown for Gun Safety and Giffords.So for all of you — all of us — who bought guns over the last year, Chipman clearly doesn’t hold you in the highest regard. This, however, is the guy Biden wants to lead the charge for the ATF. ” – Personal Defense World  – MAYBE, IF HE BECOMES THE HEAD OF ‘AFT” AS SENILE JOE CALLS IT, HE CAN START LOOKING INTO HOW HUNTER GOT A GUN ILLEGALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hordes Of Demoralized Police Officers Are Quitting Their Jobs, And America’s Streets Are Less Safe As A Result – Michael Snyder

The racism racket – “Diversity training in the workplace and beyond is worse than useless. This massive rollout of diversity training is not only taking place without any evidence of its effectiveness — it is also happening at a time when, by all measures, race has never been less of a barrier to advancement in the workplace. Yet the absence of both legal discrimination and explicit prejudice are no hindrance to the rise of the race experts.” – Joanna Williams

Is a Cultural Revolution Brewing in America? – “The lesson of China’s Cultural Revolution in my view is that once the lid blows off, everything that was linear (predictable) goes non-linear (unpredictable).” – Charles Hugh Smith

Media Just Cooked Up a Scheme to Provide Cover For Black NFL Player Who Killed White Family – Revolver

America’s elites want a racial apocalypse – “The narrative of racial conflict peddled by politicians, Big Business and progressives threatens social peace.” – Joel Kotkin

Biden To Boost Already Bloated Pentagon Budget With Proposed $715 Billion – Tyler Durden

“Regime” And “CCP”: Propaganda Tools For Dissociating A Targeted Nation From Its Government – “Have you ever seen a mainstream news report containing the phrase “the French regime”? How about “the British regime” or “the Australian regime”? If these phrases look a bit odd, it’s because you’ve never seen them written down before. Ostensibly the word simply means “a form of government” or “a government in power”, but it’s generally understood that it’s got a kind of negative connotation to it just because of the way it tends to be used. In theory its meaning is closer to “a bad or authoritarian government”, and in practice by the western media it means “a government which disobeys the dictates of Washington”.” – Caitlin Johnstone

CNN Catches Russians Red Handed Hiding Secret Arctic Bases! – “Sorry, I get carried away at the lunacy of it all. I mean, half a hundred years and we are back to square one? What happened all these decades? The wall came down. They told us we would be a global family. And in troubled times they declared war on terror even. How long ago was that? Oh, yeah. Two decades ago and we are still fighting. The reader is with me, right? Doomsday at hand, it’s time for American presidents to act, for NATO to be rearmed, and for middle Americans to accept transgender Olympic athletes competing whichever way the wacky far-left wind blows. Crazytown Earth! So the question arises, “Why all the sudden hysteria over weapons systems all sides know about?” Well, it’s the narrative to get our humongous arms race rolling.” – Phil Butler

Threatened War in Europe’s Heartland – “Biden regime hardliners are pushing the envelope for war along Russia’s border — an act of madness that risks direct confrontation with nonbelligerent Russia. It’ll defend its security and citizens, including Russian nationals in Donbass if attacked by Ukrainian proxies for US imperial interests. On Thursday, Putin’s deputy chief of staff Dmitry Kozak said the following: If Kiev attacks Donbass, “(e)verything depends on what the scale of fighting will be.” If there’s risk of large-scale casualties, “we will be forced to stand up for ourselves” — to defend Russian nationals in harm’s way.” – Stephen Lendman

Recipes For The Simple Pioneer Breakfast – Bob Rodgers




Wokester Capitalism, Jeff Bezos Style – “By and large these new titans are not geniuses. They are bubble riders who were in the right place at the right time. And after years of the Fed’s massive inflation of financial asset prices they have become totally corrupted – politically, intellectually and otherwise. We were put in mind of this baleful reality by today’s headline announcing that Jeff Bezos is four-square behind Sleepy Joe’s Infrastructure Abomination, including its massive tax hikes. These people have been made so insanely rich by the Fed’s egregious stock market inflation that they no longer care if their businesses are inconvenienced or even deeply harmed by schemes like the Biden Boondoggle;” – David Stockman

Janet Yellen Is Serious, and That’s Really Sad – John Tamny

What if the Fed is Wrong? – David Brady

Producer Prices Blow Out – “And companies have been reporting that they’re able to pass on those surging costs. So here we go with inflation.” – Wolf Richter

Senate Banking Chair Sherrod Brown Sends Letters to Wall Street Banks on the Archegos Blowup and Opens a Big Can of Worms, Including Antitrust Issues – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Archegos & Credit Suisse – Tip of The Iceberg – “I have warned about the derivatives bubble for years. Archegos has just lit the fuse and soon this whole market will explode. Archegos is a very good example of what the world will experience on a much bigger scale – $1.5 quadrillion will not disappear quietly. The banks managed to stop contagion this time but they won’t once it starts in earnest.” – Egon von Greyerz – THIS IS THE REASON DEUTSCHE BANK’S QUOTE IS USUALLY LISTED -THEIR HIGH DERIVATIVES EXPOSURE. WHEN YOU SEE IT START TO DROP IN A HURRY, YOU KNOW THAT IT HAS BEGUN!!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.34EUR




Isaiah 51:7  Hearken unto me, ye that know righteousness, the people in whose heart is my law; fear ye not the reproach of men, neither be ye afraid of their revilings.








Fauci says new Covid-19 cases are at a disturbing level as the US is primed for a surge – Madeline Holcombe – I PREDICT, IN 2025 HE WILL BE SAYING THIS AGAIN FOR THE 200TH TIME. STARTING TO SOUND LIKE A BROKEN RECORD!!!!!!

IBM Colluded With Hitler, Now Makes Vaccine Passports – “Former Clinton adviser and author Naomi Wolf warns that mandatory COVID-19 passports will spell the “end of human liberty in the West”. IBM has partnered with COVID-19 vaccine maker Moderna to develop a digital Health Pass system that ties our biometric IDs to our health data through its smartphone app and shares data between governments, health care providers, life science organizations, individuals, food supply chains and global financial systems” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Medicare to Double Payment to Administer Vaccines – “Medicare will pay physicians and practices that administer COVID-19 vaccines $40 per dose – nearly double the current payment, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has announced.” –

Risk of Asymptomatic Spread Minimal. Variants Over-Hyped. Masks Pointless. An Interview With Professor Jay Bhattacharya – Oliver May

Covid Odds and Ends – “Passport rollout. Was the Covid pandemic a planned, purposeful event? In my mind, this is certainly possible but at this point I am not absolutely sure. On the other hand, have the draconian totalitarian policies all been in preparation for many years just waiting for the right (fake) emergency? No doubt about it. Here is one example you can show your friends. From their own website you can see that the European Union was planning for a vaccine passport for many years” – Ira Katz

SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028: A Repeat Rehearsal of Event 201? – “The SPARS Pandemic – 2025 to 2028 – A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators – The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. This 89 page-paper has supposedly been written in 2017, preceding by 2 years the by now infamous Event 201 that took place in NYC on 18 October 2019.” – Peter Koenig  – INTERESTING ARTICLE AND MORE IN STEPHAN’S ARTICLE, BELOW!!!!!!

Mother of All Scams Planned Long in Advance – “Diabolical events rolled out early last year took detailed longterm planning.” – Stephen Lendman




Biden’s and Trump’s Decree Laws – “The Los Angeles Times today is reporting that President Biden plans “to take executive actions to reduce gun violence.” Another way to put it would be that Biden plans “to exercise dictatorial powers to reduce gun violence.” In a representative democracy, the legislative branch of government enacts the laws and the executive branch of the government enforces them. In a totalitarian-like dictatorship, the ruler bypasses (or ignores or even abolishes) the legislature and simply issues decrees that have the force of law. That’s what “executive actions” or “executive orders” are all about. Not wishing to wait for Congress to act, the president simply issues edicts that have the force of law.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Biden Lies About Background Checks & More During Anti-Gun Presser – “Well, ladies and gents, the wait is over. We all knew this day would come. Today, we have it. President Joe Biden has issued a number of executive orders relating to gun control.” – Tom Knighton

The Tyranny of the Majority – “Does it really matter if the instrument curtailing liberty is a monarch or a popularly elected legislature?” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Wealthy and Woke – “Apparently to rant about “privilege” means the less you need to worry about your own. Ed Bastian makes $17 million a year as chief executive officer of Delta Airlines, Georgia’s largest employer. Bastian just blasted Georgia’s new voting law. He thinks it is racist to require the same sort of ID to vote that Delta requires for its passengers to check-in. Yet most Americans believe voting is a more sacred act than flying Delta and, moreover, may have noticed that Delta has all sorts of partnerships with a systemically racist China. So polls show Americans approve of voter IDs. Bastian fears the woke mob more than the majority of Georgia residents who support the law.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Infrastructure Bills Do Not Lead To Recovery, Only Increased Federal Control – “Only time will tell what the true agenda is, but this much is undeniable given the facts at hand: Biden’s plan is either an act of desperation, a deliberate attempt to pull the rug out from under the U.S. dollar and the economy to jump-start the globalist reset, or a scheme to lock state governments into obedience over pandemic restrictions. Whatever else Biden’s “New New Deal” is, it is certainly NOT a plan for economic recovery.” – Brandon Smith  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRANDON!!!!!

Biden Is Determined to Create Jobs… in China – “For three principal reasons, his [Biden’s] jobs plan will create full employment in China. First, Biden will create substantially more demand for Chinese materials to go into America’s planned physical infrastructure improvements. Second, the large corporate tax increases he proposes will drive even more businesses out of the U.S. — and across the Pacific. Third, Biden’s “green energy” ideas will eliminate one of the crucial advantages American manufacturers now have: cheap energy.” – Gordon G. Chang

Joe Biden’s No Boondoggle Left Behind Plan – “The Biden administration’s dogma that “government must be a powerful force for good” could be paving the way to both constitutional and political ruin. Many of the same zealots who swore that the federal government was a fascist dictatorship while Trump was president now believe that practically every federal program will operate impeccably because Biden is president. This is an even more childlike notion than most of the political delusions festering inside the Beltway. Because Biden is in the Oval Office, we are obliged to believe that federal spending will miraculously achieve what politicians promise. If that was the case, Biden would not be hustling a long list of public sector failures that supposedly require trillions of dollars of new government spending.” – James Bovard

Biden Says Justice Department Will Rule on Pistol Braces Within 60 Days – Personal Defense World

Watch Out For Sinister Ulterior Motives When The Left Speaks Of An Exploding ‘Mental Health Crisis’ Due To Covid-19 – ‘Mental Health’ Has Been Used To Take Away Americans 2nd Amendment Rights And Disarm Americans – Stefan Stanford

Joe Biden is coming for the suburbs – “Biden’s $2.3-trillion infrastructure package is a Trojan horse for a federal takeover of local zoning. If it passes, expect lots of cheap apartments going up in suburbs zoned for single-family homes. Don’t think it’s not about turning red counties blue.” – Monica Showalter

YouTube Censors Florida Governor DeSantis and His Science Advisors – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Crazy: Nancy Pelosi Says Border Situation Has Improved Under Biden – “What is “good” about rape, disease and human trafficking?” – Steve Watson

MINNEAPOLIS VS. THE EVIDENCE – “Apparently, no one is watching the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer on trial for the murder of George Floyd. Otherwise, the media couldn’t get away with their spectacular lying to the public about how the prosecution is killing it. It’s quite the opposite. The defense hasn’t even begun to make its case, but the prosecution’s witnesses keep helping Chauvin.” – Ann Coulter

Amazon is the New Walmart of the Workplace – “Amazon is beating its brick-and-mortar rival, Walmart, for subhuman work conditions. As happened with Walmart, the retail behemoth of virtual space is increasingly developing a monstrous reputation. Walmart had to make major changes as public scorn grew against it. Amazon will, too. Is it Amazon’s right to be greedy in order to maximize profits for stockholders? Of course it is! It is also everyone else’s right to hate them for it. Increasingly, many do. That’s part of being a world citizen. Plain and simple.” – David Haggith

The Empire Has A Dark Vision For Our World: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “The ultimate goal of the US-centralized empire is to have such control over the world’s economic and financial systems that conventional warfare becomes obsolete, because they’ll be able to fully strangle any population which disobeys its dictates by cutting them off from money.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Pope Francis calls for ‘global governance’ and ‘universal vaccines’ in letter to globalist financial summit – “His letter is the latest in a series of recent acts in which Francis has aligned himself with global corporations committed to anti-Catholic agendas.” – Michael Haynes  – FRANKIE HAS BEEN A NWO PUPPET SINCE DAY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Four Words Gates and His Pals Despise: Democracy & Minimum Support Price – “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and an assortment of high-profile figures and policymakers are pushing for unregulated gene-editing technologies, the rollout of bio-synthetic food created in laboratories, the expanded use of patented seeds and the rollback of subsidies and support for farmers in places like India. These neoliberal evangelists despise democracy and believe that state machinery and public money should only facilitate the ambitions of their unaccountable mega-corporations. Corporations are jumping on the ‘sustainability’ bandwagon by undermining traditional agriculture and genuine sustainable agrifood systems, and packaging this corporate takeover of food as some kind of humanitarian endeavour.” – Colin Todhunter

Pesticide Toxicity to Invertebrates and Pollinators Increasing in GM Crops – Sustainable Pulse

Merkel Demands Putin Reduce Russian Troops Near Ukraine In Phone Call – “Putin shot back accusing Ukraine’s army of leading the “provocative action”…” – Tyler Durden

The Yankees Are Coming Home: The Taliban Won. Get Over It – “American soldiers can still win wars, but it has to be a real war where there is something genuine at stake, like protecting one’s home and family.” – Philip Giraldi

It’s time to tear up the Northern Ireland Protocol – “The instability in Northern Ireland isn’t down to Brexit – it’s down to our failure to implement Brexit properly.” – Brendan O’Neill

The Coming Antibiotic-Resistance Pandemic that Could Make COVID Look Like the Flu – “While the Global South overprescribes antibiotics, in the West farm animals are pumped full of them, farmers even giving them to healthy animals so they can be packed tighter in ever-increasing herd sizes.” – Alan Macleod

Officials Use COVID To Create Statewide Vehicle Surveillance Programs Run By Rekor Systems – MassPrivateI

8 Reasons You Should Be Collecting Rainwater – Kristen Chapple





A Rising Dollar Sinks All Boats – Tom Luango

This Economic Depression Has Left Very Deep Economic Scars All Over America – Michael Snyder

The Power of Stimmies after Decades of Rampant Offshoring: Trade Deficit Hits Worst Ever, Duh – “Imports of goods soared, while the already small services surplus plunged to nine-year low.” – Wolf Richter

Over 18 Million Americans Are Still On Government Jobless Benefits, Despite Broad ‘Reopenings’ – Tyler Durden

The Promise of Cryptocurrencies – “Cryptocurrencies have the potential to improve upon both commodity and fiat monies.” – William J. Luther

Absolute Mayhem is Coming, Be Careful What You Keep In the Banking System! (VIDEO) with Egon Von Greyerz – Silver Bullion TV

Hyperinflation Is Here: Expect Panic When The True Supply Of Physical Gold Is Revealed (VIDEO) with Rafi Farber – “”The only reason the dollar has any value is that it can still buy precious metals. – Palisades Gold Radio

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.34EUR




Psalm 37:8    Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.







Jab-erwacky (or, Why Are People So Crazy about Being Guinea Pigs?) – “Well, now I’ve seen twenty. Twenty separate people bragging about handing themselves over to the biggest, and perhaps the most dangerous, medical scam of my lifetime. So what’s next? Will people I know start making breathless Facebook posts each time they swallow arsenic or snort some airplane glue? Are they going to brag publicly about wading through chemical dumps? Am I supposed to applaud them if they do?” – Michael Lesher  – GOOD OP-ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

246 “Fully Vaccinated” Michigan Residents Catch COVID-19, 3 Die – “So much for the COVID jabs being “100% effective” at preventing “serious illness.”” – Tyler Durden

Vaccine Passports to Hell – “The concept of vaccine passports should horrify Americans, regardless of their personal stance on the issue. As Americans, we should have the freedom to either take the vaccine or not.” – Jeff Crouere

Israel’s troubling ‘Green Pass’ post-coronavirus system – “Israel is almost completely opened for business. But to participate in the post-coronavirus bustle, you need a Green Pass, a government-sanctioned document that says the carrier has been vaccinated. And that’s troubling, to say the least.” – Cheryl K. Chumley

European Plans For ‘Vaccine Passports’ Were In Place 20 Months Prior To The Pandemic. Coincidence? – “A roadmap document issued in early 2019 subsequently set out specific plans for implementing the European Commission’s proposal. The primary action listed in the roadmap was to “examine the feasibility of developing a common vaccination card/passport” for European citizens that is “compatible with electronic immunization information systems and recognized for use across borders.” The plan aimed for a legislative proposal to be issued in Europe by 2022. Interestingly, the roadmap uses several terms that, while relatively uncommon in most countries prior to the pandemic, have since become heard on a daily basis in the mainstream media.” – Paul Anthony Taylor

Venues are rebelling against vaccine passports – “The British Institute of Innkeeping, a professional body for licensees, has declared the use of vaccine passports to be ‘baseless’ and ‘unworkable’. And a new campaign, Pubs Against Passports, has been set up to keep them out of pubs.” – Spiked

Masks Are a Ticking Time Bomb – “Not only are masks not being recycled, but their materials make them likely to persist and accumulate in the environment. Because masks may be directly made from microsized plastic fibers with a thickness of 1 mm to 10 mm, they may release microsized particles into the environment more readily — and faster — than larger plastic items, like plastic bags.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Strange Alive Worm-Like Fibers Found in Face Masks Produced for COVID – “It is too early to say precisely what these mask fibers are, however they certainly resemble Morgellons fibers – synthetic and self-aware.” – Makia Freeman  – MORGELLONS, HAVEN’T SEEN MUCH WRITTEN ON THEM FOR AWHILE!!!!!

Local teen diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome questions COVID-19 vaccine after receiving first dose – Haley Hernandez

Latest vaccine flip-flop gives the vaccine game away – “The Astra-Zeneca “cheap and easy to store” “workhorse” vaccine causes blood clots in general, and in particular clots in the venous sinuses of the brain, which have killed or wounded a number of people, especially women under 55.” – “How well does the Astra-Zeneca vaccine work in the elderly? Only two months ago the leaders of France and Germany told us: Officials in Germany claim the Astra-Zeneca vaccine is only 8% effective in those over 65. French President Macron has complained to Agence France Press that the A-Z vaccine was only “quasi-ineffective for people over 65.” So, in order to use up the supply, or perhaps for other purposes, Germany will now use the vaccine only in those over 60, and France will use it only in those over 55 — which are the age groups in which they claimed it didn’t work. In case it is not yet clear, this latest flip-flop from Macron and Merkel reveals the truth. The purpose of the vaccines is obviously not to protect us. The vaccines enrich Pharma. The vaccine passports enable much greater control over the citizenry. There may be additional agendas.” – Meryl Nass, M.D.

‘100% vaccinated’: Norwegian announces vaccine requirement for all passengers, crew on cruises – Morgan Hines

Why Young Adults Are the Most Frightened of COVID, Even Though They Are the Least at Risk – “Nearly half of Americans between 18 and 34 are concerned about returning to a normal social life after the pandemic, a new YouGov poll found.” – Jon Miltimore


Financial Tyranny: Footing the Tax Bill for the Government’s Fiscal Insanity – “We’re not living the American dream. We’re living a financial nightmare. The U.S. government—and that includes the current administration—is spending money it doesn’t have on programs it can’t afford, and “we the taxpayers” are the ones who will be forced to foot the bill for the government’s fiscal insanity. This financial tyranny works the same whether it’s a Democrat or Republican at the helm. Let’s talk numbers, shall we?” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

What Would a Real Capitol Hill Riot Look Like? – “Our politicians, the media, and the unelected bureaucrats cry wolf over “domestic terrorism” without understanding that, in a real confrontation, theirs is the losing hand.” – Dan Gelernter

No, This Was Not Federalism at Work – ” When we needed the genius of states’ rights the most, panicky politicians trampled on them. Here’s hoping a strategy that was so inimical to knowledge, health and economic vitality is not attempted again.” – John Tamny

Stop worrying and love the mob: Democrats would rather see homicide surge than bring back ‘racist’ cops – “Is anyone really surprised that the very same cities that coddled the mob during last year’s fervent ‘summer of love’ are now witnessing out-of-control violence and murder?” – Robert Bridge

Washington’s Follies Are Dangerous to Us and to the World – “Russia does nor have a hostile ideology or any plans or aspirations to militarily conquer the West. This makes Washington’s constant name-calling and false accusations look like propaganda intended to justify an attack on Russia. This is extremely irresponsible. If the Russians see the situation this way, the Kremlin is unlikely to sit waiting on an attack. Washington’s European puppets whom insouciant Europeans permit to govern them are stupid beyond belief it they permit Washington to locate offensive missiles in their countries. The consequence will be that all major European and British cities will be targeted by Russia.” – Paul Craig Roberts

The Mainstream Worldview Is As Garbage As Mainstream Music And Movies – Caitlin Johnstone

Biden’s Executive Orders On Guns Are Coming As Soon As Thursday – Cam Edwards

Out Of Sight: Where In The World Is Kamala Sandiego? – “Want to take Vice President Harris off the stage? Give her a really important job. The first female vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris, has been given her first responsibility in office: address the U.S. border crisis. But she seems to be absent without leave, or AWOL, and some have described her as missing in action, or MIA.” – Dave Patterson

Biden backtracks, restores border wall contruction, claiming it’s to ‘plug holes’ – “As a president, Joe Biden is a mess, always wrong on every foreign policy decision, as Bob Gates used to say. One of his biggest, among many, is his hideous decision to halt construction of President Trump’s border wall, which has since led to hundreds of thousands of illegals pouring in. Being Incompetent Joe, he didn’t see it coming. Now old Joe’s got no choice but to backtrack. Blaming Trump, sending in Kamala, and living with the consequences of his own sorry executive orders aren’t working for him.” – Monica Showalter

Biden’s California Dream – “I was surprised to read (in The Los Angeles Times) that the Biden administration’s “role model for America” is… California! He wants to “Make America California.” That’s is a terrible idea. Californians now rush to move out of California. At least Californians can move to other states. But I don’t want to leave America.” – John Stossel

Anti-Vax & Anti-Tax – 2 Huge Trends of 2021 (VIDEO) with Gerald Celente – Greg Hunter  – GERALD IS ALWAYS A GOOD LISTEN!!!!!!

If Democrats Will Cry ‘Racist’ No Matter What, Republicans Should Pass Much Stronger Laws – “Everyone knows why Democrats don’t want voters to show ID. It has nothing to do with racism, and everyone knows it. So why are we playing this stupid game?” – Joy Pullmann

Meet the Censored: The U.S. Right to Know Foundation – “A nonprofit that investigates Genetically Modified Organisms and the origins of Covid-19 is the latest to see its traffic plunge after a search engine update ” – Matt Taibbi – GOOD ARTICLE FROM MATT. THINK YOUR SITE IS LOSING TRAFFIC. THIS ARTICLE TELLS YOU ONE OF THE REASONS WHY AND IT’S DONE ON PURPOSE!!!!!

China Rises in Latin America as Sun Sets on the Monroe Doctrine – “China’s rise in trade, business and influence in Latin America has been comparatively ignored. But it is happening. It is real. China is rapidly surpassing the United States as the most influential nation across Latin America, in the U.S.’s own backyard. This is not a boast by the Chinese government.” – Martin Sieff

Ukraine redux: war, Russophobia and Pipelineistan – “The deep state/NATO combo’s using Kiev to start a war to bury Nord Stream 2 and German-Russian relations” – Pepe Escobar




Dangerous Monetary Manipulations and Fiscal Follies – “Monetary expansions influence relative prices and wages, profit margins and resource allocations in ragged and uneven ways that bring about a whole series of distortions and imbalances that create instabilities and mismatches between supplies and demands that set the stage for a future “corrective” downturn during which markets attempt to rebalance themselves for sustainable economy-wide coordination. ” – Richard M. Ebeling

What Could Go Awry? – “What a remarkable moment in time: every asset is lofting higher, with no limits in sight.” – Charles Hugh Smith

American Gold Eagle Bullion Coin Sales Hit 20-Year High in Q1 – Peter Schiff

Future of Silver and Gold: The Global Reset (VIDEO) with Jim Willie – GoldCore TV

Did Gold Hit The Physical Floor Again? (VIDEO) with Craig Hemke – “There’s a point at which even the banks cannot drive the price lower. You get to a point where you can’t allow too large a divergence or you risk the system imploding. We’ve seen it numerous times, most recently March 2020 and again last week. Many technical and fundamental reasons why it’s probably going higher. Dollar peaked. Bond market double topped. At some point the down trend lines end” – Kerry Lutz’s Financial Survival Network

The Mainstream Is Wrong About Rising Bond Yields and Gold – Michael Maharrey


Isaiah 33:23    Thy tacklings are loosed; they could not well strengthen their mast, they could not spread the sail: then is the prey of a great spoil divided; the lame take the prey.




Citizens Told Entry Into Society Requires A Pass – “These are testing times — and not just because of the hysteria and hypocrisy over the “pandemic”. Our familiarity with dystopian literature is also being brought to the fore, as the draconis horribilis scenario races ahead. The “ID” in Covid is now being given air time in the mass media,” – James Fitzgerald

Vaccines Are the New ‘Purity Test’ – “The public narrative is not only building prejudice against people who refuse to wear masks or get an experimental vaccine, but is also using healthy people as scapegoats from the very beginning, blaming the spread of the virus on asymptomatically infected people. With the rollout of vaccine certificates, we are stepping firmly into discrimination territory. The last step will entail persecution of non-vaccinated individuals. Vaccine passports are about creating justification for segregation, discrimination and elimination of certain groups of people, in this case, people who don’t want to be part of the experimental vaccine program, which identifies them as noncompliant with top-down edicts.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Feds Won’t Mandate Vaccine Passports, But Will Help States, Businesses, Schools Develop Standards – “States are split on vaccine passport mandates, with some vowing to resist and others embracing the idea as necessary for a return to normalcy, but feds insist their role will be limited to ensuring equity and privacy.” – Megan Redshaw  – OH, WE ARE JUST GOING TO HELP. HMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New York’s Vaccine Passport Program Is Already Failing – “The Cuomo-IBM idiocracy can’t produce a good product.” – Jordan Schachtel

The Next Phase of This Fake Pandemic Will Be Premeditated Mass Murder by ‘Vaccine’ – “The stage is set, the plan is in place, and the people are still asleep. The realization that this state has declared war on the American people is unknown to most, and when the killing reaches high levels, the sheep will be told it is due to a mutated virus variant, and it is their fault for not being injected quickly enough with a poisonous ‘vaccine’ administered by this same criminal state. Make no mistake about it; you are the enemy of the state in this war against mankind.” – Gary D. Barnett

Italy: two more teachers die within 20 days after AstraZeneca shot – The COVID Blog

Italy makes vaccines compulsory for health workers. But some are unconvinced – “Reports of rare blood clots affecting a small number of people in Europe who had had the AztraZeneca vaccine made headlines last month and led to a brief suspension of use of the jab in Italy. However, the European Medicines Agency and the World Health Organization both said there seemed to be no link between blood clots and the vaccine, and both bodies said the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks.” – Hada Messia, Livia Borghese and Laura Smith-Spark  – OH, REALLY. MAYBE CNN, WHO WROTE THIS ARTICLE, SHOULD READ THE ABOVE LINK, INSTEAD OF PUSHING PROPOGANDA FOR ASTRA ZENECA

Mask-Wearing Represents Fear and Blind Obedience, Not Science – Dennis Prager

Texas Has Fewer COVID Cases Than Michigan—Despite Nearly 20M More People and No Restrictions – “In Texas, COVID cases continue to fall. Meanwhile, many other states are fighting a resurgence of the virus despite state attempts to tame it.” – Jon Miltimore

Dr. Fauci Can’t Explain Why Texas COVID Cases Keep Dropping Despite Reopening – “Dr. Fauci seemed dumbfounded. He first suggested that the surge in cases simply hadn’t manifested yet because of a “lag”. That might have made sense if the trend had only been in place for a week or two. But a month has passed, and Texas’ positivity rate – the share of new tests that yield positive results, seen as a more accurate representation of community spread – has continued to fall. “I’m not really sure, it could be because they’re doing things outdoors,”” – Tyler Durden – IN OTHER WORDS, THE SO-CALLED EXPERT, DOESN’T HAVE A CLUE. BUT I GUESS BEING OUTSIDE IS A GOOD IDEA AFTER ALL. IMAGINE THAT. FRESH AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paradise Lost – “So a single political party gains control of a lockdown-battered country desperate for any and all forms of government spending. Direct payments, loan forgiveness, infrastructure, all of these and more are not just possible, but popular. The president and his Congressional allies simply write the bills, pass them, and bask in the near-universal admiration of their generosity.” – John Rubino

A Government of Thugs, by Thugs, for Thugs – “The Democrats seem to have taken their cues from earlier totalitarians in the way they have built bridges to the world’s thug population.” – Paul Gottfried

America’s left puts Putin to shame when it comes to disinformation – “Why do the Russians need to bother spreading disinformation when our own ­domestic sources do a much better job at it?” – Rich Lowry

Over 170,000 Illegal Immigrants Flood the US in March, Most in a Decade – Mish

Oh My: Looks Like Biden DHS Is Admitting Trump Was Right About the Wall – Nick Arama

Where Is The Outrage? Every Single Day, Christians Are Being Tortured, Beaten And Killed All Over The Globe – Michael Snyder

Everything The West Claims It Values Is Invalidated By Its Treatment Of Assange – “The western world has a very high opinion of itself and its supposed values, and its treatment of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange makes a lie of it all. Truth. Justice. Freedom. Democracy. We are taught from an early age that these are the sacred values our society upholds with the utmost reverence, and that we are very fortunate to have been born in a part of the world which holds such virtue. You see this haughty self-righteousness pop up on a daily basis in the most influential circles on earth, from the way US presidents are still to this day referred to as the “leader of the free world”,” – Caitlin Johnstone

Are You Prepared For a “New Normal” of Flashmobs, Revolutionaries and a Lower Standard of Living? – “The protests and riots that engulfed the United States just before the election seem to have calmed down. However, you only need to turn on the news to see that random protests and mob street action are popping up all across the country. Sometimes, the target of the mob attacks is the police. Sometimes they involve competing militias. (Antifa vs. Proud Boys etc.) Sometimes, they are organized mob violence against innocent bystanders.” – Robert Wheeler

Milwaukee Black Panthers racially harass and force shutdown of Asian nail salon as media avert their eyes – ” I am not aware of the Black Panthers being a white supremacist organization.” – Thomas Lifson

Pritzker Lobbies For Huge Federal Tax Cut For The Rich With Dishonest Letter To Biden – “So, if Pritzker’s effort is successful, not only would the wealthy get a huge tax cut, they’d also see their home values soar by reducing the after-tax cost of ownership. Pritzker is hardly alone in his hypocrisy on this. Illinois Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth, as well as Illinois Rep. Brad Schneider, are leading the charge to repeal the SALT cap” – Mark Glennon

What Would Hunter Biden’s Laptop Reveal About The Coming Ukraine War? (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

Would Israel Blackmail a US Congressman? – “Should there be any doubt?” – Philip Giraldi

Britain Creating Facial Recognition Database of Everyone! – “Boris Johnson has emerged as a ruthless dictator. One must wonder how this man is staying in power.” – Martin Armstrong

Some Christians believe homosexuality is a sin – get over it – “The fuss over Keir Starmer’s visit to Jesus House is mad. Some Christians disapprove of homosexuality. They think it’s sinful. They might even think it’s yucky. Amazing, I know, that people whose holy book literally says a man should not lie with a man as he would with a woman – it’s an ‘abomination’, booms Leviticus – might feel a little uncomfortable with the idea of two blokes getting hitched or two women sharing a steaming night of passion. And yet here we are.” – Brendan O’Neill

For What Should We Fight Russia or China? – “If red lines are to be laid down, they ought to be laid down by the one constitutional body with the authority to authorize or declare war — Congress. And questions need to be answered to avoid the kinds of miscalculations that led to horrific world wars in the 20th century.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Washington Is Misreading Russia at the World’s Peril – ” I think the risk is high that the American people are going to be very regretful that they permitted the military/security complex to use the dumbshit Democrats to prevent President Trump from normalizing relations with Russia.” – Paul Craig Roberts

War with China? What Fun! – “Why would war seem reasonable? Because Americans have never seen one, and believe their forces to be invincible. If you think that you can’t lose a fight, why avoid one? And because those in comfortable circumstances know that a war in Asia would be fought by the lower economic classes, about whom they care nothing and don’t much like. American elites do not fight. Note the list of draft dodgers during Vietnam: Bush II, Cheney, Bolton, Trump, Biden. These men, knowing almost nothing of the military, war or, very likely, military history, are quickly hijacked mentally by the Pentagon. The firm handshake, the steely gaze, the clean shaven, confident, and patriotic warriors (if only via Powerpoint) are impressive to pols who…well, you know…haven’t done that. They project strength and realism, without necessarily having either. I’d Rather Be Ruled by Brain-Damaged Twelve-Year-Olds” – Fred Reed

Marijuana Legalization Has 3 Life-Saving Public Health Benefits, New Study Finds – “Abandoning the failed war on marijuana would literally have life-saving results.” – Brad Polumbo

Vacation Preparedness: How to Avoid a Survival Nightmare – “It may seem a bit early, but people are already starting to plan their summer vacations. In a couple of months, kids will be out of school, and families will be packing up to head to… wherever. Most people will have enjoyable vacations, with nothing more serious happening to them than spending too much money. But there’s always a tiny percentage of people whose vacations don’t turn out that way.” – Bill White


Prices Surge Broadly Across the Massive Service Sector and Companies Are Able to Pass On these Higher Prices – “Services are about two-thirds of the economy.” – Wolf Richter

Markets Rally, but what about COVID? – “Markets look set to rally strongly into Q2, but are they over-exuberant? The rise in deaths and new strains in Brazil hints the Covid war isn’t won yet, there are rising political risks in Europe, and widening wealth inequality is apparent everywhere. Just how solid are our expectations of stability, renewed global travel and recovery if Covid is here for the long-term?” – Bill Blain

China’s Digital Currency Has Nothing to do with Bitcoin – “Just because a money has the word “digital” in the title doesn’t mean it is a form of Bitcoin. It is not. It is nothing more than a government currency with a different delivery system. The digital Yuan does not live on a public ledger. It is controlled centrally by Chinese authorities, to be changed if, as, and when political whims require such.” – Peter C. Earle and Jeffrey A. Tucker

Possible Bottom In Gold And Silver? – Dave Kranzler


Isaiah 58:4    Behold, ye fast for strife and debate, and to smite with the fist of wickedness: ye shall not fast as ye do this day, to make your voice to be heard on high.




The Biggest Mistake We’ve Ever Made – “It is yet to be determined how bad this might get, but it could get very, very bad. This risk is real and its universal with all the Covid “vaccines” currently being produced and in trials in the US. Worse, we relied on the RNA and protein data directly from China without independent validation via Koch’s postulate and our own isolation and purification of the virus itself. Today, as you read this, that isolation, purification and confirmation via Koch’s postulate in the United States has not been done. The problem is that when the tricked cells produce the spike protein and thus your immune system identifies them as “defective and dangerous” it now attacks the cells. This raises the potential for a serious or even permanent autoimmune problem; autoimmune disorders arise when your immune system goes haywire, declares your own body’s cells harmful and attacks them.” – Karl Denninger

Hazardous to Health and Well-Being Establishment Media – “Covid mRNA drugs and vaccines risk increased numbers of outbreaks, not the other around as the Times falsely claimed. Everything mandated and recommended by Western governments and their public health agencies are harmful, not beneficial. Lockdowns, quarantines, mass-jabbing with toxic drugs, face masks that don’t protect, PCR tests that don’t work, and destructive to normal human interactions social distancing should be halted straightaway.’ – Stephen Lendman

The Cheapest Covid-19 Therapy in the World (That Big Pharma Doesn’t Want) – Mish

Frightening Forecast Predicts 70% Decline In US Population By The Year 2025: Extermination Of The Masses By Nuclear War or Contrived Pandemic? – Bill Sardi  – BILL IS TALKING ABOUT DEAGEL’S FORECAST OF WHICH SEVERAL ARTICLES HAVE BEEN LINKED OVER THE PAST 5 YEARS!!!!!

The COVID Response Disaster – “The COVID fear playbook is nearly identical to the one used after 9/11.” – Peter Van Buren

The Big Lie: How COVID-19 became a disinformation operation wrapped in a virus – “The CCP pulled off the greatest deception in modern history. Supercharging this process was the breathtaking, horrifying photos and videos coming out of Wuhan. What we were seeing through the lens of social media appeared to be an Ebola-like plague, something so horrifying that it seemed to belong in a Hollywood script. Ultra viral videos and photos often showed citizens in business attire, out and about, seemingly going about their day, when suddenly, they were captured on film dropping like flies. It was “like Walking Dead” in the way that the virus supposedly struck its victims, suddenly and without remorse.” – Jordan Schachtel

Sara Holub: 40-year-old Wisconsin teacher dead four days after Facebook “vaccinated” post – “A 40-year-old music teacher is dead four days after publishing a Facebook photo wearing a mask and hold an “I was vaccinated” sticker.” – The COVID Blog

Why the Silence in the Face of Covid Tyranny? – “Had I encountered this ad any time before mid-March of 2020 I would have been stunned, stupefied, staggered. The revelation that British health authorities are seeking to make the testing of asymptomatic people a normal part of everyday life – and that an effort is underway to propagandize in support of this grotesque invasion of privacy and infringement of freedom – would have sent me first to Google to ensure that this ad isn’t a hoax. But encountering the ad in early April of 2021 sparks no surprise at all. Such a violation of liberty is a predictable part of what David Hart calls the “hygiene socialism” that has descended upon much of humanity over the past 13 months.” – Donald J. Boudreaux  – A GREAT READ FROM DONALD!!!!!!

New Study: Exposure to COVID-19 Confers Immunity Even When Not Infected – “A new study in Nature shows that not only do people infected with SARS-CoV-2 develop lasting T-cell immunity, but so too do their close contacts who never experience a detectable infection and have no detectable antibodies.” – Lockdown Sceptics

Sunlight renders coronavirus inactive 8 TIMES faster than predicted, says new study – RT


Peak Woke – “What were the execs of these mighty companies thinking — these knights of the boardroom, these capitalist geniuses, these moral nonpareils — when they cancelled Atlanta’s turn to host the midsummer All-star Game to “protest” Georgia’s passage of a law that requires voter ID? Surely that they were striking a righteous blow against systemic racism. And then, the rest of the world realized — almost immediately — that Major League Baseball requires online ticket buyers to show ID when they pick up their tickets at any stadium… and that Delta Airlines requires passengers to show ID (duh) before being allowed to fly in one of their airplanes…” – James Howard Kunstler  – A MUST READ FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!!

Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and MLB Oppose Election Integrity – “If you are a Democrat or a woke idiot, you think that it is racism or fascism or undemocratic for election laws to require an ID to vote. It is not racism or fascism or undemocratic to require an ID to purchase a bottle of wine or a firearm, to cash a check, or apply for a driver’s license. But you must not try to protect election integrity. Democrats, US corporations, and baseball’s commissioner think that everyone should be able to vote, not just citizens, and they should be able to vote many times by voting in all the precincts, which is what is possible when no ID is required to vote.” – Paul Craig Roberts

“Wokeism” Is The Biggest Threat To America (VIDEO) – Steve Hilton  – VERY GOOD!!!!!!

You Can’t Win. Don’t Even Try! – “researchers have known for half a century the mechanism by which people can be made to effectively lock themselves up inside their own mental prison…and it didn’t take long for the intelligence agencies to put that research to use. Today, let’s explore the startling true story of how and how the public has been conditioned into a (false) sense of helplessness, and — more important by far — what you can do to break that conditioning.” – James Corbett

Free Speech Threatened by Censorship Extremists – “A number of elected government officials are using their positions of power to pressure tech platforms into silencing voices of the opposition, or simply those whose speech they don’t agree with. In less than a year, we’ve gone from massively censoring COVID-19 treatment information, the origin of the virus and COVID-19 vaccine information, to censoring election disputes and conservative news networks, to now calling for the censoring of climate information. Censorship will continue to expand until all bases of human thought are covered.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Donald J. Trump: Joe Biden’s Best Friend – “The myth of Biden the healer, and Trump the cruel divider, got Biden elected. But the fantasy that Biden had the answers to problems that Trump created is a far greater—and more dangerous—delusion.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Biden Is Covering Up True Price Tag of Infrastructure Plan, Experts Warn – “Biden is trying to slip thousands extra out of the average federal taxpayer’s pocket without them noticing.” – Brad Polumbo

Exclusive: Janet Yellen to call for global minimum tax rate – Hans Nichols

Forget your phony laptop excuses, Hunter Biden – ““Not that I remember.” It’s a convenient excuse for a self-described longtime crack addict. Yet in his memoir, “Beautiful Things,” he can recount vivid details of his substance use, from his first glass of champagne at age 8 to his months-long crack benders at LA’s $830-a-night Chateau Marmont. He finally was blacklisted from the hotel in 2019 for excessive drug use. Somewhere in Arkansas, there is a 2-year-old girl he refuses to acknowledge as his daughter, even after a paternity case determined she was. “Hunter Biden is . . . the father of three daughters [and a] son,” his book’s jacket declares, callously erasing the fourth of his five children. She may one day read those words and be cut to the core. Hunter says he can’t remember the child’s mother, Lunden Roberts, 28, the stripper he met at one of the seedy clubs at which he spent thousands of dollars in a night. “I had no recollection of our encounter,” he writes. Unfortunately for him, the laptop tells a different story.” – Miranda Devine  – HUNTER ONLY BELIEVES WHAT HE WANTS AND THE MEDIA PLAYS ALONG. MAYBE SOME OF IT WOULD COME BACK IF HE WAS SITTING IN FRONT OF A JUSTICE DEPARTMENT PROSECUTOR!!!!

Biden family values crawl out of the woodwork in Hunter memoir – “Some multi-generational swingerly activity from the house of “devout Catholic” Joe.” – Monica Showalter

‘60 Minutes’ Ignores Democrat Governors’ Scandals, Invents One About DeSantis – “To push the false narrative and protect its favored governors, “60 Minutes” refused to interview people who disputed its false narrative, selectively edited video to hide facts, and omitted data that debunked its thesis and accurately describe Florida’s success.” – Mollie Hemingway

Prosecutors Ask Jurors To Dismiss George Floyd Autopsy Findings – Jonathan Turley

State Defies Feds, Passes Law Letting Residents Buy & Carry Guns With NO Permit – ““We will never be able to outlaw or prevent every single bad actor from getting a gun, but what we can do is ensure law-abiding citizens have full access to their constitutional rights while keeping Iowans safe,” the governor said.” – Matt Agorist  – HERE IS A STATE THAT STANDS BEHIND THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!

Signs And Symbols Of Power – “Capital cities are rife with symbolism and messaging – but what is the demand?” – Mark Angelides

Why is the Biden Administration Pushing Ukraine to Attack Russia? – Ron Paul

US-NATO provocation in Ukraine to stop Russian pipeline – “Ukraine, the US, Poland, and the Baltic States oppose the pipeline, while Russia’s Gazprom is in alliance with several European companies. Ukraine stands to lose approximately $3 billion annually in gas transit fees because of the bypass.” – Steven Sahiounie

Opposing US Imperialism Shouldn’t Depend On Ideology: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “The empire doesn’t get enough credit for propagandizing us into arguing with each other about whether our expensive new multifront cold war should prioritize escalations against Russia or China, instead of whether that cold war should occur at all. Truly a masterful manipulation.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – MORE OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!

The dangers of Britain-bashing – “The upper middle-classes’ fashionable loathing for the country they live in is sowing division and tension.” – Brendan O’Neill


Frozen Vacuum Sealed Meat – How Long Is Storage Life In The Freezer – “I used to use Ziploc type bags. I would burp the air out as best I could. But after awhile they would always begin to get some freezer burn. Frosty. This is not good for the meat. But you know what? For the low cost of vacuum seal bags (compared to the price of meat), wow, when it has been vacuum sealed – it looks as good as it went in the bag – even a year or more later!” – Ken Jorgustin

Essential Survival Skills for Bugging Out in the Outdoors – “Far from being a perfect answer to all the problems risen up in an urban scenario, bugging out in the outdoors has certain pros and cons. First of all, being an outdoor enthusiast for all your life doesn’t make you an expert in wilderness living. In fact, there is a substantial difference in spending some weekends out camping, hiking, climbing, hunting, or whatever and mastering real skills which could literally save your life.” – Bob Rodgers


US National Debt Passes $28 Trillion, +$4.7 Trillion in 13 Months. General Treasury Account Down by $480 Billion in 2 Months, $620 Billion to Go – “What does it mean for the markets that the government now spends the proceeds from debt sales last spring that the Fed had monetized back then?” – Wolf Richte

JPMorgan’s Federally-Insured Bank Holds $2.65 Trillion in Stock Derivatives; How Did It Avoid the Archegos Blowup? – Pam Martens and Russ Martens  – GOOD QUESTION. HOW DOES JP MORGAN AVOID A LOT OF THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Great Inflationary Race To Bottom, The Stock Market Melt-Up, And The Winner (SPOILER ALERT: Silver) – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Gold and Silver Under Extreme Pressure (VIDEO) – David Morgan


Isaiah 59:10  We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes: we stumble at noon day as in the night; we are in desolate places as dead men.

IMAGE FOR THE DAY ( Special Thanks To The Trends Journal )




Science? What Science? – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM RAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why the Push Is on to Make Pandemic Life ‘Permanent’ – “COVID-19 is new. But the reaction to the crisis is starting to look familiar.” – Tom Mullen

Policymakers use panic to shift blame for Covid-19 onto us, the people. This will leave society scarred forever – “Since the start of the pandemic, the UK government has attempted to turn the public’s fear off and on like a tap. It has used extreme and often deceitful tactics to expand risks and quell dissent. Through visceral campaigns, policymakers have deflected attention from themselves by emphasising the risks we pose to each other. Not only is this undemocratic, it has damaged society by turning people against each other. This is by design” – Ashley Frawley

Now the police are breaking up Good Friday services – “The cops’ invasion of a Polish Catholic mass in South London is genuinely chilling.” – Brendan O’Neill

Pastor Orders Police to Get Out of His Church, “Get Out, You Nazis!” (VIDEO) – “It’s perhaps not hard to understand why on Easter weekend that this video has gone viral. It shows several Canadian police officers and a woman with a “pubic health inspector “sweater showing up at the Cave of Adullam Church in Calgary, Canada.” – Nick Arama

Every pub customer must sign in as landlords face ‘triple whammy’ of new Covid rules – Jeremy Culley

Florida’s governor bans agencies and businesses from requiring ‘vaccine passports.’ – “Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, issued an executive order on Friday prohibiting businesses from requiring patrons or customers to show vaccine documentation, or risk losing grants or contracts funded by the state. It was not immediately clear how the order applied to state and local government agencies. Requiring proof of vaccination, the order says, would “reduce individual freedom” and “harm patient privacy,” as well as “create two classes of citizens based on vaccination.”” – Patricia Mazzei, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Eileen Sullivan and Isabella Grullón Paz  – GOOD FOR HIM!!!

Is This the Most Effective Weapon Against Viral Infections? (VIDEO) – “Nebulized hydrogen peroxide is a safe, inexpensive and incredibly effective way to prevent and treat viral illnesses of all kinds” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

CDC: 2,509 Deaths Following Experimental COVID-19 “Vaccines” Now Equal to Total Deaths Recorded After Vaccines for the Past Decade – “Yesterday (April 2, 2021) the CDC released more data into their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a U.S. Government funded database that tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines.” – Brian Shilhavy  – BRIAN IS THE ONLY ONE I KNOW THAT PUBLISHES THESE FIGURES FROM THE CDC!!!!

UK Reports 25 New Cases Of Rare Blood Clots Linked To AstraZeneca Jab – Tyler Durden

The totalitarians’ Covid con unintentionally explained by CNN public health ‘expert’ – “Too much freedom is a bad thing because it limits the ability of the state to coerce its subjects (“citizens” seems almost archaic as the Great Reset looms) into behavior they otherwise would resist. That’s the basic message explained to Chris Cuomo by a professor of public health policy that CNN favors with its airtime.” – Thomas Lifson

How the Bastard Newsom is ‘Nudging’ California Entertainment Companies to Demand Vaccine Cards of Attendees – “So this is what the slick, about to be recalled, governor of California is up to now. He on Friday cleared the way for people to attend indoor concerts, theater performances and NBA games for the first time in more than a year. Governor Newsom won’t require testing or proof of vaccination for most of the events. BUT the bastard has a nudge that will incentivize entertainment operators to do so.” – Robert Wenzel

Globalists are Initiating their Extinction Protocols (VIDEO) with Steve Quayle – “Steve Quayle, contends the evil elite have long warned about drastically reducing the global population. They even carved it into the infamous Georgia Guide Stones. It says the world should be comprised of only a half billion people, not the 7.9 billion living on the planet today. Quayle says the Covid-19 (CV-19) vaccines are part of the plan to kill off a stunningly large part of humanity. ” – Greg Hunter  – MANY FIND STEVE A LITTLE EXTREME, BUT I THINK HIS VIEWS ARE INTERESTING. OVER THE YEARS HE HAS ALWAYS APPROACHED THINGS AS A BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL. WHEN YOU GET DOWN TO IT, IT REALLY IS!!!!


Joy Comes in the Morning – “We who share in the joy of Easter can relate to a perfect Man who bore griefs and pain unimagined so that we might have a Savior who calls us with a gentle yoke to lay our griefs and pain at His feet.” – Jennifer Polk

What’s More American than Coke and Baseball? – “Until very recently, it would have been hard to imagine anything more iconic of American life than Coca-Cola and baseball. Today both remind me of Benito Mussolini’s corporatist – aka, fascist — game of merging of state and corporate power. The CEOs of these operations should hang their heads in shame and fire their public-relations teams. American corporations cloaked in virtuous anti-racism throw in with partisan power efforts to weaken election integrity.” – Clarice Feldman

Democrats: Stupid Or Liars? – “Hank Aaron is one of baseball’s all-time greats, and its real homerun king. When he passed away in January, it was only natural that Major League Baseball would honor the Braves great throughout the year, and especially at the All-Star Game. It was the perfect setting – the game was set for Atlanta, where Aaron hit many of his record 755 homeruns, including his record-breaking 715th. That honor won’t happen now, as a string of lies has the cowardly MLB moving the game elsewhere thanks to Stacey Abrams, Joe Biden, and the woke mob media that couldn’t do more to damage this country if it were their actual job. How did this come about? There are only 2 options: Democrats are either stupid or liars. It’s an acceptable answer to think it’s a combination of both, but it is likely more one than the other, at least on a case by case basis. When it comes to Abrams, it is definitely both.” – Derek Hunter

Tankie, Conspiracy Theorist, And Other Pejorative Tools Of Narrative Control – “What these pejoratives accomplish, as Noah Smith is well aware, is the ability to inoculate the mainstream herd from the wrongthink of anyone to whom that label has been applied. This is a major part of an imperial narrative manager’s job these days: smearing anti-imperialists and critical thinkers as untrustworthy. The debate is never to be engaged and counter-arguments are never to be made; why engage in a debate you will probably lose when you can simply explain to everyone why nobody should listen to the other side?” – Caitlin Johnstone

People Have No Idea What Is Coming – “People like the United States president, Bill Gates, and thousands of other politicians and people who believe in man-made global warming are seriously out of their minds. They are people who think they can defy the laws of gravity or believe the world is flat even though the world looks round from the moon or even from space stations in near orbit. In terms of climate change, we have a reality crisis, or what is being called an “information disorder.” Joe Biden has called upon us as a nation to “defend the truth and defeat the lies,” but he is all for the lies of man-made global warming, which is ridiculous in a rapidly cooling world.” – Dr. Mark Sircus

Demented Thinking About Joe Biden – “The president has dementia. I’m a cartoonist and a writer, and I am most assuredly not a gerontologist. I did not go to medical school. If I am not an expert in aging and cognitive decline, how do I know President Biden has dementia? The same way you and I and everyone else know things to be true despite our lack of credentials: experience and pattern recognition. I don’t need to be an ornithologist in order to identify a blue jay.” – Ted Rall

Russia’s Lavrov Warns of Surging Anti-White Racism in U.S. – “Asserts that forces within U.S. are trying to impose a “cultural revolution.”” – Paul Joseph Watson

Biden Regime Playing with Fire on Ukraine – “Belligerent USA is an unparalleled menace on the world stage — especially when undemocratic Dems are in power like now. Since Biden replaced Trump by brazen election rigging, its hardliners escalated war on nonbelligerent Russia by other means.” – Stephen Lendman

Russia’s Role in Preventing the Genocide of the Syrian Christians – Vladimir Platov

Joe Biden, Hunter’s laptop & media lapdogs – “But karma is a funny thing, and Hunter’s comments Friday to CBS during a book tour bring the laptop back into play. While I’m not naive enough to assume The New York Times, CNN and Twitter will suddenly become anything other than leftist shills, they no longer have a monopoly on the information many Americans get. Moreover, as president, Biden cannot hide as easily as he did last year” – Michael Goodwin

US has given Beijing an 8-year head start – Biden’s ambition to outcompete China’s is too little, too late – “Because while there is no debating the need for massive investment in American infrastructure, the idea that such a program could offset the structural advantages that have been accrued by China over the past two decades is, to put it mildly, laughable.” – Scott Ritter

The Chinese-Russian-Iranian Alliance Ushers in a New Hope for the Middle East – “As the USA continues its lunge into the abyss of obsolescence, under the new Don Quixote-modelled leadership of Joe Biden, Russia and China have accelerated the next phase of Middle East reconstruction and stabilization this week with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s March 24-30th Middle East tour resulting in the finalization of the long-awaited Five Point Initiative for Security in Southwest Asia on March 30th and $400 billion Iran deal on March 27th. These milestones were accompanied by a powerful Chinese-Iran joint declaration on Syrian reconstruction standing in total unified opposition to the regime change fanatics of the west.” – Matthew Ehret

‘Tweeting Is Easy, Governing Is Hard’: AOC Deemed Among ‘Least Effective’ Lawmakers According To Study – Tyler Durden

Delaware Senate Approves Gun Magazine Confiscation Bill – Cam Edwards

Big Tech’s Greatest Threat – “They leave no paper trail for authorities to trace. They are the perfect weapon for changing… the outcome of elections” – Robert Epstein

Big Tech Can Make Sure Billions of People NEVER See Dissenting Opinions – “We’ve reached a critical tipping point in the United States in which we’re being turned against one another and silenced via wokism. I submit to you this hypothesis: Big Tech (social media, mainstream media, and companies like Google and Amazon) form an unofficial fourth branch of the government. They’ve gotten so big that they can make sure that billions of people all over the world are never exposed to dissenting opinions.” – Daisy Luther

TSA Has Never Stopped a Terrorist But They’ve Been “Legally” Robbing Travelers for Years – Matt Agorist

Science-Based Companion Planting Strategies for a Healthier Garden – “Imagine being able to suppress weeds and add nitrogen into your soil simply by planting the right plants at the right time. Sound too good to be true? It’s not my friend. This post is all about companion planting and living mulches. Learn how living mulches can work alongside no-till gardening methods, how to choose plants that will add nitrogen to your soil just by growing them, how to use them for weed management, and how they can help make your garden healthier” – Melissa Norris


The Inflation They Can’t Hide – “You can’t reduce the size of a 4×8 sheet of plywood to hide the rising cost of one – or shave some length off a 2x4x8 – without it being not only obvious but an issue, functionally. Try siding a house with 4×7.4 sheets of plywood, for instance. So, instead, the price goes up. Which is really a measure of the value of your money going down. But the destruction of the value of money – manifested by its ominously decreasing purchasing power – is becoming impossible to not notice when it comes to products that can’t be skimmed, put less of into the same size packages.” – Eric Peters

Big Debt Plus Rising Interest Rates = Big Danger – Doug French

Why do we have fiat money? – “Who benefits the most from it? Ask yourself this? What is the best form of money ever discovered on planet earth? Or maybe we should instead be asking ourselves; best for whom? That is the real question. First off lets define “fiat”. Fiat means money created by law or decree with no inherent value. The form(physical or digital) itself has No real value. Example; a $1 dollar bill has the same amount of paper and ink as a $100 dollar bill. Only real difference is a couple more zeros. Kind of stupid if you think about it.” – Right Reason

Gold Rises as Financial Faith Weakens – “Given such historically low nominal rates, most informed investors see very little upside in bonds, and as such continue to buy silver and gold. In fact, nominal yields would have to climb to at least 3% for gold investors to exit the precious metals space in large numbers, and we don’t expect nominal yields to reach such levels, again, because governments like the U.S. (or corporations on the S&P) could not afford such sustained rates. In short, don’t fight a desperate Fed. Furthermore, even if the central banks implode tomorrow under the weight of their own grotesque debt and mismanagement, and yields and rates were to shoot to the moon, so too would inflation, and hence so too would gold prices. Either way: Gold wins.” – Matthew Piepenburg

“This Looks Like The Stock Market Peak” Warns Macro Analyst Wolf Richter (VIDEO) – Peak Prosperity

$100 Silver Ahead – “Being a silver investor over the last few weeks has become more psychologically challenging” – Peter Krauth


Mark 16:9  Now when Jesus was risen early the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had cast seven devils.


I know a guy that’s got a lot to lose.
He’s a pretty nice fellow but he’s kind of confused.
He’s got muscles in his head that ain’t never been used.
Thinks he own half of this town.

Starts drinking heavy, gets a big red nose.
Beats his old lady with a rubber hose,
Then he takes her out to dinner and buys her new clothes.
That’s the way that the world goes ’round.

That’s the way that the world goes ’round.
You’re up one day and the next you’re down.
It’s half an inch of water and you think you’re gonna drown.
That’s the way that the world goes ’round.

I was sitting in the bathtub counting my toes,
When the radiator broke, water all froze.
I got stuck in the ice without my clothes,
Naked as the eyes of a clown.
I was crying ice cubes hoping I’d croak,
When the sun come through the window, the ice all broke.
I stood up and laughed thought it was a joke
That’s the way that the world goes ’round.

( That’s The Way That The World Goes ‘Round by John Prine )









Mark 15:44-47, Mark 16:1And Pilate marvelled if he were already dead: and calling unto him the centurion, he asked him whether he had been any while dead. And when he knew it of the centurion, he gave the body to Joseph. And he bought fine linen, and took him down, and wrapped him in the linen, and laid him in a sepulchre which was hewn out of a rock, and rolled a stone unto the door of the sepulchre. And Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joses beheld where he was laid. And when the sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome, had bought sweet spices, that they might come and anoint him.








WHO Pushes International Pandemic Treaty – Another Stepping Stone to World Government – “On March 30th 2021, the WHO released a letter, signed by its director-general Tedros Ghebreyesus plus 23 other world leaders, calling for the world to unite behind a new international pandemic treaty. Is this really about protection or something more sinister? Is this in fact another stepping stone towards the creation of a NWO-style World Government?” – Makia Freeman

The Top Four Reasons Why Many People, Doctors & Scientists Refuse To Take The COVID Vaccine – “It’s no secret that vaccine hesitancy is at an all time high. Mainstream media has claimed that this is a result of “anti-vax conspiracy theories” when in reality, there are legitimate concerns not being addressed.” – Arjun Walia

Chicken Little’s Puppet Masters — Fear Destroys Freedom – “While COVID-19 can hardly be called a major public health threat anymore, having now reached endemic status (like the seasonal flu), the fearmongerers who need this crisis to continue in order to complete the implementation of a Great Reset of the global economy and social structure aren’t letting up. In a mid-March 2021 appearance on MSNBC News, National Institutes of Health director Dr. Francis Collins expressed dismay at the public’s display of independence, He’s referring to a new variant of SARS-CoV-2 that is, allegedly, now “causing so many problems” in Europe. But is it really? To be clear, there will be many new variants of this virus, just as the seasonal flu changes and evolves from year to year. The thing is, as viruses mutate within a population over time, they tend to become more benign.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

You can’t ‘follow the science’ – “Too many politicians have spent the pandemic dressing up value judgements as facts.” – Gabrielle Bauer

The Lockdowners Have Their Own Conspiracy Theories – Phillip Magness

Scenes From 2030 – “So, what’s new? What are your plans for next week?” “Not sure. Maybe I’ll go to the City Hall Yearly Masked Ball. You want to come? The masks are all N95 compliant, so it’s safe.” “No, thanks. I thought you were travelling to Italy for the holidays?” “Nah, I can’t board a plane this month. I didn’t get my Moderna monthly booster shots. I wanted to, but the lines were so big, the next appointment available for me is only next month.” “This Covid-29 is really pesky, isn’t it?”” – TE Creus  – A GOOD READ. SADLY, IT’S PROBABLY SPOT ON!!!!!!!

UK Refuses to Suspend AstraZeneca COVID Shots as Other Nations Have – 95 New Deaths Recorded this Week in the UK Following AZ COVID Shots – “The UK Government’s reporting system for COVID vaccine adverse reactions from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency released their latest report today, April 1, 2021” – Brian Shilhavy

Covid Mass-Jabbing with Depopulation in Mind? – “Long before hazardous to health mass-jabbing for seasonal flu-renamed covid began, Henry Kissinger endorsed the idea of eliminating maximum numbers of what he called “useless eaters.” What’s gone on since early last year has multiple diabolical objectives in mind.” – Stephen Lendman

Spain Passes Law Mandating Face Masks Even While Swimming in the Sea – Paul Joseph Watson  – AFTER ALL, IF COVID CAME FROM BATS ( THE SO-CALLED EXPLANTION ), THEN I”M SURE IT CAN COME FROM FISH AS WELL. SO, BETTER MASK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Potentially toxic masks distributed in schools and daycares in Quebec – “Radio-Canada has obtained documents showing Health Canada warned of the potential for “early pulmonary toxicity” from the SNN200642 masks which are made in China and sold and distributed by Métallifer, a Quebec-based manufacturer.” – CBC News

Can mRNA Gene Therapy Jabs Permanently Alter Your DNA? – “What’s most concerning when it comes to the mRNA vaccines is that the study also found that the embryo then takes up these plasmids and carries them (sustains and clones them into many of the daughter cells) throughout its life, even passing them on to future generations. So, the real answer as to whether or not mRNA gene therapy can permanently alter your DNA is a definite yes — and it’s something scientists have been aware for years. The only question, then, is will these vaccines end up being a type of birth control?” – Cindy Olmstead

Ontario ignores effective COVID interventions, imposes still another province-wide ‘shutdown’ – “Premier Doug Ford’s lockdown begins the day before Easter in a move that Christians could view as discrimination.” – Life Site News



Paradigm Failure – “A nation literally falling apart certainly might want to Build Back Better, but it also might want to consider building back differently, consistent with the signals that reality is sending to humankind these days. For instance, the signals that the old industrial paradigm is coming to an end, and that the furnishings and accessories of it may not be the ones that humankind actually requires going forward. A thumping sense of triumph attended the roll-out of the Build Back Better infrastructure bill, at least on the Democrats’ side, especially with all the chocolate Easter eggs for “social justice” lodged in the $1.9 trillion basket. I imagine it will mark the Biden regime’s high point of esprit. By the time Congress churns through it all, the financial markets will be sending florid distress signals of deepening instability” – James Howard Kunstler

Joe Biden’s Bid to Remake America – “If Joe Biden’s American Jobs Program, outlined in Pittsburgh, is enacted, then the federal government will take a great leap forward toward irreversible control of the destiny of the Republic. To finance this leap, to subsidize this giant stride toward socialism, U.S. corporations are to be forced to turn over to the government a far larger slice of their earnings.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Socialist Revolution On Target – “It doesn’t take any imagination to then hypothesize and extrapolate that the WHO, WEF, UN, Gates and other uber-wealthy people are the designers and movers of this takeover worldwide.” – Martin Armstrong

How Biden Became the Dollar Sign President – “So far the defining word of the Biden era is “trillion.” The Joe Biden who portrayed himself as a moderate, old school, bipartisan deal-maker during the presidential campaign is now a distant memory. But when all the money is spent, will anyone really be able to point to transformative change? ” – Rich Lowry

Biden Scolds Americans for Acting Like They Have Freedom – Leah Barkoukis

Biden finger-wags Texas for stadium crowding as migrant cages overfill – “Joe Lockdown is working on his hypocrisy. Packing anyone in a room to 1,600% capacity, even without a pandemic, is ordinarily reason to call the fire marshal. But under Joe Biden, who invited the migrants in, and incentivized them with instant benefits, somehow it’s all OK as he points the finger at Texas.” – Monica Showalter

The Border Is Wide Open – It’s Not Secure – “Illegal Border Crossings Jump to 150,000 in March” – A Patriot

Ever-projecting and never going away, Hillary Clinton invents new rights to take away God-given ones in latest anti-gun campaign – “No one needs or wants to hear failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s specious views on recent mass shootings. We all know her totalitarian aim is disarming ordinary Americans by exploiting ignorance of the Constitution. Who even asked her to weigh in on America’s latest wave of mass shootings, anyway? Basically, Clinton herself.” – Tony Cox

Wow! Such BS Caught on Video: Pete Buttigieg Has Gas-Guzzling Suburban Drop Him Off a Couple Blocks from Work So He Can Ride His Bike in for the Cameras (VIDEO) – “More liberal BS caught on video. The media went gaga after news broke that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was riding his bike to work. What a guy! What a great example!” – Jim Hoft

Minnesota State Officials Emulate Pontias Pilate by Handing over Officer Chauvin – “An attorney who is monitoring the trial of officer Chauvin has concluded that Minnesota officials arranged in advance Chauvin’s conviction. The attorney is not a member of Chauvin’s defense team. He is monitoring the trial because of his long-standing interest in the systematic destruction in America of a fair trial. Just as Pontius Pilate is believed to have turned Jesus over to the Jews in order to avoid troubles, it seems the state of Minnesota has decided to turn Chauvin over to Antifa and Black Lives Matter. We will see whether this cowardly and despicable act quiets trouble or emboldens trouble-makers” – Paul Craig Roberts

Understanding Anti-Putin PSYOPs: Preparing for War – The Saker

Ukrainian Troops Are Being Fired Upon By Grenade Launchers And Machine Guns As More Russian Forces Race Toward The Border – Michael Snyder

The Endless War: Afghanistan Goes On and On – “The real damage comes when governments lie in order to start or continue a war. The Administration of George W. Bush did just that when it lied about Iraq’s secular leader Saddam Hussein seeking nuclear weapons, supporting terrorists and developing delivery systems that would enable Iraq to attack the U.S. with the nukes. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice knew she was not telling the truth when she warned that “the problem here is that there will always be some uncertainty about how quickly he can acquire nuclear weapons. Rice is, by the way, not in jail and is currently a highly esteemed elder statesman serving as Director of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. Likewise for her friend and patron Madeleine Albright who famously declared that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children due to U.S. imposed sanctions were worth it. In the United States the only ones who are ever punished are those who expose the crimes being committed by the government, to include a number of whistleblowers and journalists like Julian Assange.” – Philip Giraldi

Despite History of Failure, Destructive Rent Control is Poised to Hit Illinois – Mish

The tyranny of racial groupthink – “Individuals are being routinely reduced to their skin colour. ‘White privilege’, ‘black oppression’ – these are the kinds of grand generalisations with which we are all familiar by now. They are the sweeping concepts we are encouraged to use to interpret our world – a world in which we don’t realistically live as individuals, but as ‘black people’, ‘white people’, ‘Asians’, ‘people of colour’ et al.” – Remi Adekoya  – LONG READ, BUT VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

These Clues Suggest We’re Headed For a MASSIVE Global Energy Crisis – Fabian Ommar

GM waxy maize: The gene edited Trojan Horse is moving through the gates – “At least five countries– Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile and the US– have approved a variety of maize genetically modified (GM) with a genome editing technique called CRISPR, without subjecting the crop to the risk assessments and regulations for GM crops. Other countries could soon follow. The GM maize is produced by US-based Corteva, the world’s second largest seed company and fourth largest pesticides company.” – Grain



A Trillion Here, a Trillion There – “The late Everett Dirksen, a long-serving Minority Leader of the Republicans in the U.S. Senate, is famously quoted as saying a billion here, a billion there, and soon we’re talking real money. That was back in 1969. At the time, a billion dollars was about one-tenth of 1 percent of GDP. What about today? To put these amounts into perspective: A trillion dollars is today about 4 percent of GDP.” – Clifford F. Thies

The UFO/Fed Connection – “You’ve probably noticed the recent uptick in UFO sightings and video recordings from aircraft of the extraordinary flight paths of these unidentified objects. Perhaps it’s not coincidence that UFO sightings are soaring at the same time as central banks pursue unprecedented monetary policies. Perhaps the aliens’ keen interest in Earth’s central bank magic and its potential for destruction results from a wager.” – Charles Hugh Smith

The Twilight Zone Economy – “Today, economic leaders base policies on a hoped-for utopia with bubbles called ‘growing markets’ and greed termed ‘good valuations’. The twilight zone economy is a place where fundamentals have disappeared. It is a utopian world of no moral hazard for business, financial or economic mistakes.” – Patrick Hill

Silver Bugs Are Getting Angry And Mad: One Step Closer To Capitulation – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

How The Nation’s Central Bank Is Covertly “Nudging” Americans To Accept Digital Money & The Great Reset – Bill Sardi

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.26EUR



John 19:30    When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost.







Impending Doom, Indeed! – “We will not mince words. America is indeed suffering from a dangerous plague – a plague of misanthropic fear-mongering from the likes of Dr. Fauci, the Scarf Lady and the Biden’s new CDC director, among countless others of the self-designated Virus Patrol. The fact is, back in the more benighted times of earlier centuries, they quarantined the sick, not the well; and when people got sick from seriously dangerous pathogens, they stayed home because they were too sick to wander around the community. Stated differently, in the face of serious general contagions, society didn’t need officialdom constantly beating the tom-toms to induce fear-based changes in behavior that were not warranted by the facts at hand.” – David Stockman

COVID-19 Vaccines Likened to ‘Software Updates’ for Your Body – “However, despite being a recognized form of gene therapy since its inception, vaccine makers are now frantically trying to deny that this mRNA technology is gene therapy. One reason for this, suggested by David Martin, Ph.D., might be because as long as they’re considered “vaccines,” they will be shielded from liability.” – Joseph Mercola

Is The AstraZeneca Vaccine Causing Deadly Blood Clots? – “Reading between the data lines reveals a worrisome possibility.” – Pennel Bird

Sorry to be such a doom-mongering Jeremiah, but I fear we face THREE YEARS of wave after wave of Covid outbreaks and lockdowns – “Britain’s baby steps towards freedom this week show how desperate we all are for the pandemic restrictions to end. But politicians and others promising our ordeal is almost over are creating false narratives of hope and despair.” – David Matthews

TALK ABOUT COVID-19, MRNA BIOWEAPON, IVERMECTIN, & THE IMPORTANCE OF VITAMIN D (VIDEO) with DR. RYAN COLE – “DR. RYAN COLE, a Medical Doctor in Idaho speaks about the Covid-19 corona virus and about the mRNA vaccine which is not a vaccine but a gene modifier which is an experimental treatment. More importantly the doctor talks about the great importance of vitamin D and how it has a big impact on the health of your immune system. He also talks about how safe and very effective Ivermectin is for treating Covid-19 and new viral variants that would arise. The mRNA jabs killed all animals in animal trials of the past, and animals share a majority of the same DNA as humans do.” – Sergeant Major

Dispelling Mandatory Masks with Current Data – “Things that make you go “hmmmm….”.” – A Patriot

Bipolar Corona-Politics Positive? – “Ambulance-chasing Johnson and Hancock remain gripped by folie à deux, and the UK suffers Stockholm syndrome. It has fallen in love with its coronavirus captor. The global response is neither characteristically scientific nor medical. The proposition by governments that we, as eight billion relatively healthy people, should expect perpetual lockdowns and serial, designer gene therapies yearly, if not more frequently, is grotesque. At this point we are not the raison d’être, we exist for the vaccines and gene therapies.” – The Covid Physician  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!

6000% Increase in Reported Vaccine Deaths 1st Quarter 2021 Compared to 1st Quarter 2020 – “As can be expected when new experimental “vaccines” that are not approved by the FDA are given emergency use authorization to fight a “pandemic” that is now over a year old, reported deaths following the injections of these shots have now skyrocketed in the U.S. population” – Brian Shilhavy

The Texas Neanderthals were right – “Texas ditched the mask mandate and opened up – and it’s all fine.” – Sean Collins

The masks can come off again! Spain backtracks on plan to make tourists wear face coverings on the beach – Natalia Penza


Gaslighting: How Leftist Psychopaths Demonize And Demoralize Their Opposition – “Governments and other mainstream institutions always lie because psychopathic liars always infiltrate and overrun them. We have very few checks in place to prevent this, and very little is understood about psychopaths in the general public. To understand destructive institutions is to understand the character traits and methods of the psychopaths that control them. Psychopaths are not very complicated people nor are they all that intelligent, but they often succeed because they are relentless in their pursuits.” – Brandon Smith  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRANDON AS USUAL!!!!

It Got Serious In A Hurry – “He’s a joke, but nobody’s laughing. Teasing black belts who can respond with hypersonic flying kicks is moronic. Russia and China both claim weapons of mass destruction to which the US military has no defenses. Maybe they’re bluffing, but why are Biden and company running the risk of learning the hard way they’re not?” – Robert Gore  – GOOD ANALYSIS FROM ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cancel Culture Is Just the Beginning – “Imagine the jackboots kick in your door at midnight and haul you off to a reeducation camp because of that tweet. (Which one? Does it matter?) You think about resisting but then you realize that your assailants are not government employees but rather the hired henchmen of MegaX corporation, so you relent. The right of MegaX to forcibly reeducate you was probably in your user agreement, so it’s all good. Right? Wrong! ” – Robert E. Wright

Radical New Rules for Post-America – “Americans privately fear these rules, while publicly appearing to accept them. There are 10 new ideas that are changing America, maybe permanently.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Leaked military training docs identify pro-lifers, government critics as potential ‘extremists’ – “The Department of Defense ‘has yet to provide any assurance that Evangelical Christians and Catholics will not, once again, be labeled and targeted as extremists.'” – Calvin Freiburger

Biden Passes Alzheimer’s Test With Flying Colors, Silencing Doubters – Caitlin Johnstone  – A LITTLE SATIRE FROM CAITLIN FOR APRIL FOOLS!!!

Biden Picks Kamala Harris to Carry the Carrot and Stick in Central America – “With Kamala Harris now riding herd, the stage is set for a massive tech overhaul of the migrant crisis.” – Raul Diego

Once again, Congress wants to go back in time to steal your money – “it’s quite ironic that the barons’ revamped, medieval death tax is actually much more attractive than what Congress is now considering.” – Simon Black

US is lagging behind China on infrastructure & Biden’s $2trn plan is no solution – because America only ever spends big on wars – Tom Fowdy

Officer Chauvin’s Show Trial Will Bring the End of Law and Order – “The United States now has attributes of the 20th century totalitarian regimes that it opposed. The New York governor is implementing the hated Soviet internal passport that prevents freedom of movement, and the illegitimate Biden regime is working with private firms to create a nationwide internal passport. American elections mean no more than Soviet ones. As Stalin said, it is who counts the votes that matters. Washington’s foreign policy is more aggressive and bloody than the Third Reich’s. Soviet show trials are now the new normal for American “justice.”” – Paul Craig Roberts

It’s Important To Be Honest About What Today’s Media Actually Are – “They are Democrat propagandists and should be treated as such.” – Mollie Hemingway

Myanmar’s Lesson for America – “While the U.S. mainstream press comes down hard on the military crackdown in Myanmar, unfortunately, but predictably, they fail to see any parallel with our situation here in the United States. Myanmar, like the United States, is a national-security state. And woe to any president who dares to take on the national-security establishment. No president since John F. Kennedy has dared to do that, and we all know what happened to him. For a while, it appeared that President Trump was going to do that, which is one reason he won the 2016 election, but for some unknown reason he soon crumbled and cratered, giving the Pentagon and the CIA whatever they wanted and, in the end, not daring to pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

They’re Not Even Trying to Make Sense Now – “In short, we are supposed to believe that in 2016 the Russian hacked nothing but the election and in 2020 they hacked everything but the election. The idiocy began when Trump, campaigning, remarked that it would be better to get along with Russia than not. A sentiment that would not have surprised Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan or any of the others who recognised that, like it or not, Moscow was a fact. A fact that had to be dealt with, talked to, negotiated with so as to produce the best possible result. Why? Well, apart from the diplomatic reality that it is better to get on with your neighbours, the fact that the USSR/Russia was a nuclear power that could obliterate the USA was adequate reason to keep communications alive. If relations could be improved, all earlier US Presidents would agree, so much the better. But for Trump – the outsider – to dare to say so was an outrage.” – Patrick Armstrong

Retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor Exposes the Pentagon’s Schemes to Undermine President Trump’s Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan – Jose Nino

Biden Plans Afghanistan Train Wreck – “The endless war in Afghanistan will remain so under President Biden, though there’s no good reason why it should.” – Doug Bandow

Biden Regime Stoking Escalated Conflict in Eastern Ukraine – “Ukraine is a virtual US colony, its status since the Obama/Biden regime replaced its democratic government with Nazi-infested tyranny in February 2014. For most of the past seven years, US armed, trained and directed Ukrainian conscripts have been waging intermittent war on Donbass in the country’s southeast.” – Stephen Lendman

Now Russia Amassing Troops on Border as Well to Preclude Ukraine From Getting Ideas – “Ukraine has been building up along rebel Donbass for months” – David Martin

The “Defender-Europe”. US Army Arrives. – “Not everything in Europe is paralyzed by the anti-Covid lockdown: in fact, the mammoth annual exercise of the US Army, Defender-Europe, which until June mobilized on European territory, and beyond this, dozens of thousands of soldiers with thousands of tanks and other means, has been set in motion. The Defender-Europe 21 not only resumes the 2020 program, resized due to Covid, but amplifies it. Why does the “Europe Defender” come from the other side of the Atlantic?” – Manlio Dinucci

Tanzania’s Late President Magufuli: ‘Science Denier’ or Threat to Empire? – “While his COVID-19 policies have dominated media coverage regarding his disappearance and suspicious death, Tanzania’s John Magufuli was hated by the Western elites for much more than his rebuke of lockdowns and mask mandates. In particular, his efforts towards nationalizing the country’s mineral wealth threatened to deprive the West of control over resources deemed essential to the new green economy.” – Jeremy Loffredo and Whitney Webb

Connecticut School Shows Cartoon of Man With Erection Standing Over ‘Sad’ Girl — to SECOND GRADERS (Watch) – Mike Miller  – CAN’T SAY THIS ENOUGH; DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR CHILDREN ARE BEING TAUGHT IN SCHOOL!!!!!

Hope for the Dead – “Jesus had the freedom to reject His horrific death, but He exercised His free will to accept it so that we might know the truth. The truth is that He — and we who have faith and hope — would rise from the dead. On Easter, that “far-off divine event,” Jesus rose from the dead. By doing that, He demonstrated to us that while living, we can liberate our souls from the slavery of sin and our free wills from the oppression of the government because, after death, we of faith, hope and selfless good works can rise to be with Him.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Healing herbs: Ten plants you should grow – Bob Rodgers


Hooray! The Price of Toilet Paper is Going Up, Are You Cheering Too? – “The Fed is rooting for more inflation. It’s coming and the Fed is cheering.” – Mish

Will a China Real Estate Collapse Trigger the Global Meltdown? – “Prevailing financial sector “wisdom” holds that while the bond and stock markets of the US and EU are dangerously inflated following huge COVID borrowings and unprecedented central bank measures, that China is the one example of a market suitable for investment as it has managed to get beyond COVID and restart its economy. A closer look at recent official measures by Chinese financial regulators and the Bank of China suggest it is anything but safe, and that its domestic real estate sector could be a bubble whose collapse can trigger a global financial catastrophe beyond any seen in modern history.” – F. William Engdahl

Biden’s Plan Will Weaken Economy & Lessen Opportunity (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Things Can Only Get ? – “Q1 was “interesting”. More financial madness in 3 months than I’ve seen in 35 years, but at least it was fun. How much more sober and boring might the market become? Deliveroo’s botched IPO suggests Investors ain’t as stupid as we think.” – Bill Blain

There Are Still Over 18 Million Americans Getting Government Jobless Benefits – Tyler Durden

U.S. Treasuries’ Worst Quarter Since 1980 Upended Global Markets – Greg Ritchie, Farah Elbahrawy, Vildana Hajric and Andres Guerra Luz

The Surging Dollar Kills Commodities – Craig Hemke

Ted Butler Has It Right – “Mr. Butler is extremely careful about what he writes. His analysis is based on government data and he sticks closely to the facts. No one has ever successfully overturned his arguments or proved him wrong. He believes we are currently at a juncture in the silver market that will soon resolve the concentrated short position. Consequently, a silver price explosion is inevitable.” – Jim Cook

US Dollar’s Status as Dominant “Global Reserve Currency” Drops to 25-Year Low – “Central banks getting nervous about the Fed’s drunken Money Printing and the US Government’s gigantic debt? But still leery of the Chinese renminbi.” – Wolf Richter

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.29EUR


Luke 22:48    But Jesus said unto him, Judas, betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss?




The ‘Covid’ Vaccine Is a Weapon of Mass Destruction! – “Many are having horrible effects due to these injections, and many are dying. Some are dying immediately after taking this shot, some are dying after a few hours or days, others after a few weeks, and the long-term effects at this point are virtually unknown. This is a war against the people; the chosen tool to gain the submission of the masses has been a lie called Covid-19, and the weapon of mass destruction being used to accomplish the death of millions is the ‘Covid vaccine!’” – Gary D. Barnett  – GARY HAS WRITTEN A LOT OF GOOD ARTICLES ON COVID, THIS IS ANOTHER ONE!!!!!

The Vast Majority Of The Global Population Has Eagerly Embraced A Giant Deception – Michael Snyder

Johns Hopkins doctor defies Fauci, says ‘herd immunity is likely close at hand’ – “Dr. Marty Makary has criticized Fauci’s broad influence in forwarding a ‘vaccination-only path’ to herd immunity, saying it is not ‘healthy for a small group of people to be making all the public health recommendations. It’s good to have multiple voices.’ Dr. Marty Makary called into question Fauci’s claim that “70% to 85% of the population” must be vaccinated against COVID-19 before herd immunity will be reached, positing that Fauci “inexplicably ignores natural immunity.”” – David McLoone

But Dr. Fauci says… – “The person I spoke with, whom I will call “Jim” to protect his privacy (although he doesn’t really deserve it), started off the conversation by stating: “Something is wrong with you.” When I asked him to elaborate, he said “People like you are the reason things are not back to normal.” And on and on his rant went.” – Josh Kantrow  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JOSH THAT SHOWS HOW EXTREME SOME PEOPLE HAVE BECOME!!!!

We Must Not Be Forced Into Vaccinating Our Children From COVID – “The recent push by the CDC, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and other television medical experts who suggest that we can only get to herd immunity by vaccinating our children is absurd and patently false. They are denying scientific reality. They are spreading false information to the nation. The current data suggest that we are much nearer to herd immunity than they wish it to be.” – Paul E. Alexander

The Vaccine Passport Propaganda Template – “With reports that President Joe Biden’s administration is planning for imposing a vaccine passport mandate in America, expect to see in the media a deluge of vaccine passport propaganda. What will that propaganda look like? A template illustrating several elements you can expect to see in the propaganda push was provided several weeks ago in a CNN interview.” – Adam Dick

Vaccine passports: the end of liberty as we know it – “Britain could become a two-tier, papers-please society.” – Mark Johnson

In Berlin You Need to Show a Negative COVID Test to Enter a ‘Non-Essential’ Business – “Berlin’s Senate agreed to new pandemic restrictions from Wednesday that include tighter rules on testing and mask wearing but which steer clear of a return to a strict lockdown. Compulsory FFP2 masks The new rules, which were agreed on Saturday and will come into force on Wednesday April 1st, mean that everyone will now have to buy FFP2 masks if they want to go shopping, or move around the city on public transport. Normal medical masks (usually blue and white in colour) will no longer be permitted in many public spaces. The stringent new mask requirement applies to supermarkets, as well as any other shops that may be able to open in April due to a ramped up testing regime.” – Anti-Empire

Dozens in Central Florida contract COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated _ “So-called breakthrough cases pop up in Orlando area” – Louis Bolden  – SO MUCH FOR THE VACCINE GIVING YOU IMMUNITY. WHAT “BS” IS FAUCI GOING TO SAY TO EXPLAIN THIS ANOMALY. SOME WERE FULLY VACCINATED FOR SEVERAL WEEKS. ANDMORE BELOW!!!!

Over 100 fully vaccinated people contract COVID-19 in Washington state, officials say – “Officials said the so-called breakthrough cases are expected with any vaccine.” – Morgan Winsor  – I WOULD THINK THAT THE PEOPLE GETTING VACCINATED WERE EXPECTING SOME KIND OF IMMUNITY!!!!

Covid Vaccine Nonsense – “US-based human rights lawyer breaks down the contradictory claims of “effectiveness”, the incomplete studies and legal minefield of forced use of experimental vaccines” – P Jerome

Canada Suspends AstraZeneca COVID Shot – 2,530 Injuries and 24 DEAD Following Mostly Pfizer and Moderna Shots – Brian Shilhavy


Prepare for 3 Things: Big Government, Huge Boondoggles, Massive Taxes – “Progressives have their eyes on on your wallet to pay for their big government schemes. And it looks like Biden will oblige them. $10 Trillion for Climate and Infrastructure” – Mish

Joe Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Plan Sure Talks About ‘Equity’ A Lot – “The White House also claims the “American Jobs Plan” will “fix highways, rebuild bridges, upgrade ports, airports and transit systems,” in addition to renewing the “electric grid” while delivering “high-speed broadband to all Americans.” The plan calls for “building, preserving, and retrofitting more than two million homes and commercial buildings.” But a close look at the details and the “fact sheet” put out by the White House shows the plan is also full of social justice projects and “equity” is a major focus.” – Katie Pavlich

Biden’s Ukrainian “Putin Push” May Lead To World War III – “Biden was in charge of much of the “Ukraine project” during Obama’s time in office. In recent weeks President Biden has been saying some rather mean-spirited things about Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Now Russian state sources are alleging that Washington under the Biden administration is ramping up military aid to Ukraine.” – Bruce Wilds

Washington’s Hegemonic Ambitions Defy Multipolar Reality, Risking Catastrophic Conflict” – Finian Cunningham

Opposing All Governments Equally Is Supporting The Most Powerful Government – Caitlin Johnstone

Republicans Want to Take Your Guns – “Republicans like to portray themselves as the most ardent and dedicated protectors of gun rights and the Second Amendment. No. It hasn’t been true for a long, long time. Which is worse: being robbed or being swindled? If someone robs you, you’ll know they’re robbing you. You can stop it from happening again. If someone swindles you, you may not know about it for days or weeks or more. Democrats will rob you of your guns. Republicans will swindle you out of your guns and you’ll be none the wiser.” – Dakota Hensley

Ministry of Truth? Gates/Soros-Funded Org Starts Leftist ‘Information Disorder’ Commission – “An organization backed with millions of dollars from liberal billionaires Bill Gates and George Soros has launched a commission led by radical liberals to fight “mis- and disinformation.”” – Joseph Vazquez

The ‘Insurrection’ Probe Is Falling Apart – “No Sedition Charges So Far. Despite heavy-handed threats and braggadocio about pending “sedition” cases, nearly three months later, the Justice Department has nothing even close to this boast—and their mouthpieces in the media are getting nervous.” – Julie Kelly

Elite Media Look The Other Way On Portland Riots – “But anyone associated with the Jan. 6 uprising is picked to pieces publicly.” – Sarah Cowgill

Stop blaming everything on ‘white supremacy’ – “The Atlanta and Boulder shootings were swiftly pinned on racism. The reality was very different.” – Wilfred Reilly

Do Not Look Away From Evil – “The first step to stopping Anti-Asian hate is to see it clearly.” – Bari Weiss

An Ebola Outbreak In America Now A Very Real Possibility – With Untested Illegal Immigrants Being Inserted Into Vulnerable Communities, What Could Go Wrong? – “With COVID having such a low death rate compared to the death rate of Ebola victims, depopulation proponents would much rather have Ebola here in the U.S. than COVID, but having both would be their dream scenario to bring the numbers more in line with Deagel’s predictions.” – Susan Duclos

Game Over, SquarePants: Two SpongeBob Episodes Pulled, the Reasons Are the Silliest Yet – Mike Miller

Google Is Testing Its Controversial New Ad Targeting Tech in Millions of Browsers. Here’s What We Know – “Google’s launch of this trial—without notice to the individuals who will be part of the test, much less their consent—is a concrete breach of user trust in service of a technology that should not exist. Below we describe how this trial will work, and some of the most important technical details we’ve learned so far.” – Bennett Cyphers

Microchips Are the “Brains” of Every Electronic Device in the World and They’re Becoming Scarce – J.G. Martinez

How To Preserve Potatoes – Ken Jorgustin


NYT Fake News Calls Main Street Economic Collapse the Biden Boom – “NYT propagandist Tom Friedman absurdly called $1.9 trillion stimulus enacted into law a “rescue (plan for) the poor (sic)” and a boon for “the private sector to start new companies and create more good jobs (to) boost living standards (sic).” It’s a short-term bandaid, not a boon for ordinary Americans. Nor will it “create more good jobs,” stimulate economic growth, or “supercharge” it. A “Biden boom” applies to Wall Street, not Main Street. America’s privileged class will keep benefitting at the expense of exploited ordinary Americans.” – Stephen Lendman

The Tail That Wags The Dog – “As Greensill and Archegos roil markets and cause losses, they beg the question – who is next? Why is 2021 turning into the year the scams are unravelling? Will leverage on leverage trigger wider implosion or will it be something else, like liquidity?’ – Bill Blain

Our “Wealth”: Cloud Castles in the Sky – “Buyers know there will always be a greater fool willing to pay more for an over-valued asset because the Fed has promised us it will always be the greater fool.” – Charles Hugh Smith

DISORDER WILL COME – AS CONFUCIUS WARNED – “So getting out of stocks and holding physical gold will not only be a seminal decision but it will also heed 2,500 years of wisdom that Confucius taught.” – Egon von Greyerz

Rising Interest Rates and Inflation – “a 5 to 10 percent jump in inflation expectations could be enough to set off a fiscal crisis for the federal government. And a fiscal crisis could be enough to generate a crisis of confidence in the dollar.” – James L. Caton

SILVER LEAVING THE BUILDING (VIDEO) with Andy Schectman – “No longer just standing for delivery on the exchange, the big money players are now actually puling metal off the exchange – and out of the building – in massive amounts never seen before.” – Liberty and Finance

What Biden’s Big Infrastructure Push Means for Silver – Stefan Gleason

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.19EUR


Proverbs 24:3  Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: