Tucker Carlson Calls For Investigation Into Fauci Wuhan Lab Connection – “Why isn’t there a criminal investigation into Tony Fauci’s role in this pandemic?” (VIDEO) – Steve Watson  – WHETHER YOU LIKE TUCKER OR NOT, HE BRINGS UP GREAT POINTS IN THIS VIDEO. A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!

Unthinkable Thoughts – “The confluence of these two themes suggests the dark logic that I take for my topic today: Those who knew in advance, not only that there would be a pandemic but that it would be a Coronavirus, were actually responsible for engineering this pandemic.” – Josh Mitteldorf  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE. KIND OF GOES ALONG WITH TUCKER’S POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COVID vaccine can worsen disease; mainstream study; not on the evening news – ““COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralising antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated.” Feel free to take THAT to a doctor. This quote appears in an October 2020 study, published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice. Have you heard of anyone about to receive the vaccine being INFORMED that they’re at risk—that they’re liable to become more seriously ill than if they refused the shot? Of course not. Politicians, news people, and other idiots simply take the word “vaccine” and push it like a street dealer pushes heroin.” – Jon Rappoport

STUDY: ‘Third wave’ of sickness and death will be dominated by those who have been fully vaccinated – Leo Hohmann

NVIC Seeing Through the COVID Spin (VIDEO) – “The COVID-19 spin is reaching dizzying new heights every day, with fundamental facts about the experimental vaccine’s risks and failures getting lost in the hard sell. At dinner time, if you turn on any major television network in the U.S., you will see that the evening news has turned into one long COVID vaccine commercial infused with a heavy dose of fear mongering. On April 1, 2021, the U.S. government announced a $3 billion COVID vaccine ad campaign paid for with taxpayer dollars. Why are taxpayers footing the bill when vaccine makers are raking in record profits?” – Barbara Loe Fisher

The CoVaxx-19 Scorecard: Bleeding, Blood-Clots and the Whole Nine Yards – “Why would anyone allow himself to be injected with a substance for which the long-term adverse effects are completely unknown? Why? Why are so many people submitting to this experiment? It’s a mystery, isn’t it? Do you have any idea of what these vaccines do once they’re in your body? Do you realize that the substance enters your bloodstream and spreads everywhere including to your brain?” – Mike Whitney  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Healthcare workers report suffering ‘full body convulsions’ after COVID-19 vaccines – “I had no idea what was going on, but then when the convulsions started, I knew it had to be from the vaccine,” Angelia Gipson Desselle said. “I was a normal forty-five-year-old healthy person… I never in a million years thought I would be like this today” – Raymond Wolfe

Promoting Warp Speed Global Covid Mass-Jabbing Toxification – “Complicit with US/Western dark forces and Pharma, establishment media want maximum numbers of unwitting people seriously harmed and eliminated — straightaway or later on. According to the NYT, “the world is getting (jabbed for covid) too slowly for there to be much hope of ever eliminating the virus.” It called for speeding up mass-jabbing with toxins able to destroy health, not protect it. Separately, the Times expressed concern about covid doses exceeding demand” – Stephen Lendman

The Variant And The Vaccine – “Get ready! Each new variant, determined by the CDC, will come with its own vaccine. When it comes to the variant and the vaccine, you are asked to make a choice: will you be part of the experiment or part of the control group?” – Rosanne Lindsay, ND  – VERY GGOD ARTICLE!!!!!

Face Masks Are Not About Science, They Are About Instilling Fear & Social Control – Bill Sardi

A Misleading C.D.C. Number – “They continue to treat outdoor transmission as a major risk. The C.D.C. says that unvaccinated people should wear masks in most outdoor settings and vaccinated people should wear them at “large public venues”; These recommendations would be more grounded in science if anywhere close to 10 percent of Covid transmission were occurring outdoors. But it is not. There is not a single documented Covid infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions, such as walking past someone on a street or eating at a nearby table.” – David Leonhardt

Why Are Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin Being Officially Suppressed? – “Both HCQ and, even better, Ivermectin have been prophylactically prescribed by physicians working on pandemic’s front lines with enormous success. Yet those American physicians struggling to get this urgent message out to federal health officials are being marginalized and ridiculed en masse.” – Dr. Gary Null and Richard Gale


The Conditioning and Behavioral Control of Americans Is Firmly in Place – “The initial step of this ‘pandemic’ plot was to test whether or not the people at large would comply with any number of idiotic and blatantly preposterous orders from above. Almost immediately, it became obvious that this population could be fooled into almost anything simply due to fear of a manufactured lie. They were ripe for takeover,” – Gary D. Barnett

Free Expression – “President Biden was not quite right when he claimed that “no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.” The First Amendment simply recognizes Americans’ absolute natural right to express themselves freely without fear of government interference, be it direct or indirect through corporate regulation.” – Robert E. Wrigh

The American Cyber Stasi Will Suppress All Digital Dissent In Biden’s Dystopia – Andrew Korybko

“Keep As Much Money As You Can”: Hunter Biden Disclosures Offer New Details On His Chinese Financial Dealings And Associations – Jonathan Turley

Why Is the Government Hiding January 6 Video Footage? – “The American public still doesn’t know exactly what happened on January 6—and it’s clear the government will use any means necessary to keep it that way.” – Julie Kelly

Who’s Up For Another Garbage Poll Showing Massive Approval Numbers For Joe Biden? – “The media is really bending over backwards to make it look like Joe Biden is more popular than he really is. A new poll shows Biden’s approval at over 60 percent. Does anyone believe that?” – Mike LaChance

Has the Backlash Arrived for Police-Bashing? – “The daily reports of escalating violent crime, resulting in growing numbers of innocent wounded and dead, are inducing a fear for safety that is outstripping any fear of cops. And politicians are beginning to see the numbers shift and reacting accordingly. Consider a few of the crime numbers…” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Western Civilization has become a never-ending Jerry Springer episode – “Frankly it’s an embarrassment to watch… and symbolic of modern moral decay. Social media is even worse. Platforms which were originally intended to provide a sense of community have instead become cesspools of garish narcissism and childish arguments waged by petty insults.” – Simon Black  – A GOOD ANALOGY FROM SIMON!!!

Two Israelis killed in Ashkelon rocket attack as Netanyahu threatens escalation – “More than 400 rockets have been fired at Israel since yesterday • IDF strikes more than 130 targets throughout the Strip” – Anna Ahronheim, Tzvi Joffre, and Idan Zonshine

Establishment Media Ignore Israeli High Crimes – “There’s no ambiguity about life in Occupied Palestine. In 1948, Palestinians lost 78% of their historic homeland to Israeli aggression, the rest in June 1967. From that time to now, they’ve endured brutalizing occupation, colonization and apartheid. All of the above breach core international law.” – Stephen Lendman

The Israel Narrative Is Crumbling Because Of Phone Cameras And The Internet – “The New York Times has been cartoonishly re-writing its own reporting in a desperate attempt to make Israel look like an innocent victim of unprovoked attacks instead of the obvious aggressor against people protesting a brutal apartheid regime backed by an entire empire. The New York Post falsely reported that the deaths on Monday were caused by “Airstrikes from Hamas militants” (when did Hamas get an air force?) when sharing an article which falsely implied that those fatalities were inflicted by both sides.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Biden Promised To End Dependence On Fossil Fuel – Promise Kept – “Fallout from Colonial Pipeline cyberattack takes us back to the long lines and shortages of the 1970s.” – Andrew Moran

Russia Denies Involvement in Darkside Attack on Colonial Pipeline – “U.S. officials believe Russian cybercriminals were behind a ransomware attack that shut down a major artery of America’s fuel supply, portending similar attacks on U.S. infrastructure.” – Paul D. Shinkman  – JUST AS I SAID THE OTHER DAY, RUSSIA WOULD BE BLAMED AS USUAL!!!!

Just Whose Coast Is the Coast Guard Guarding? – “Most Americans likely assume that the mission of the U.S. Coast Guard is to protect the coasts of the United State from maritime threats. Increasingly, though, that is no longer true, as Coast Guard vessels and personnel now routinely operate thousands of miles from the US homeland. Late last month, a Coast Guard cutter, the USCGC Hamilton entered the Black Sea as part of the US Navy’s show of strength against Russia.” – Ted Galen Carpenter

A Few Historic American Stews You Should Try – Rhonda Owen

10 Things People Will Miss Most Without Electricity At Home – “Most people can go without electricity for a couple of hours, right? But imagine if their power stays out for days, or even weeks! Imagine the unthinkable. Challenge yourself to consider life without electricity for several weeks, a month or even longer!” – Ken Jorgustin


The End of the Present Dark Age – “The Central Banks of the World – Russia and China both perhaps excepted – are all members of an International Club of Central Banks. This Club is run according to the rules dictated by the BIS, the Bank for International Settlements, located in Basel, Switzerland. In the coming world monetary disorder, the institution of national Central Banks will have become irrelevant. The politicians who are Presidents or Dictators will have to step in, to provide real, tangible silver or gold money to their populations, paper or digital money having become irrelevant.” – Hugo Salinas Price

Washington’s Bipartisan Fiscal Folly – “Americans as a people and a polity are astoundingly indifferent to debt and have embraced it as the (temporarily) normal way to live.” – Mark Hendrickson

Yikes! Corn Prices Are Up Roughly 50% In 2021 As Americans Brace For Years Of Horrific Food Inflation – Michael Snyder

What is everyone smoking when it comes to asset bubbles? – Bill Blain

Consumers Expect Surging Inflation to Crush the Purchasing Power of their Labor: Fed’s Survey – “And there are some whoppers.” – Wolf Richter

Chinese yuan reaches strongest level against US dollar since 2018 – RT

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.35EUR


1 Samuel 12:21    And turn ye not aside: for then should ye go after vain things, which cannot profit nor deliver; for they are vain.



Fauci: “Possible” Mask Mandates Could Last Indefinitely to Fight Flu – “I think people have gotten used to the fact that wearing masks.” – Paul Joseph Watson  – DOES ANYONE EVEN TAKE THIS GUY SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Great American Mask Mess – “It couldn’t possibly get any more confusing.” – Leesa K. Donner

COVID vaccine deaths: the numbers point to a catastrophe – “There has been a massive increase in deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) this year. That’s not a ‘conspiracy theory’, that’s an indisputable fact. We’re talking about a huge and unprecedented increase—so massive that in the last 4 months alone, VAERS has received over 40% of all death reports it has ever received in its entire 30+year history.” – Jon Rappoport

Vaccine Passports Illegal, Infections and Deaths after Vaccines, Government and Media Lies, the “Booster” Myth – Rodney Atkinson

Former HHS COVID Advisor Dr. Paul Alexander: Do NOT Give COVID Shots to Children! (VIDEO) – Brian Shilhavy

Vaccine Choice Canada demands Health Canada reverse authorization of experimental COVID shots for children – Vaccine Choice Canada

Blessed Are The Covidians – “Back when the Covid-19 panic started, a clever fellow pointed out that one possible way out of it would be a vaccine that did not work, but with enough effort could convince people it did work. The rulers could claim it is 80% effective at preventing infection and there would be no way to know it was a lie based on medical statistics. The vaccinated who got Covid would just be those for whom the vaccine did not work. If the producer could keep the secret, no one would be the wiser.” – The Zman

The Rise of Utilitarian Extremism, and How to Recognize It – “If you had any doubt the only reason for a vaccine passport is control-based, this is it. Of course, they’re keeping busy trying to convince you otherwise – yet they conveniently overlook these facts and opt for smear tactics instead of actual data and evidence.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

The Next Pandemic! Chikungunya Virus – “The remedy for Chikungunya virus is but a simple inexpensive amino acid – lysine. No boost to the stock price of any pharmaceutical company will be announced on Wall Street either. Sadly, we don’t live in a world where such natural and inexpensive remedies are embraced by public health authorities nor by industry-controlled news media.” – Bill Sardi

Is pine needle tea the answer to covid vaccine shedding / transmission? Learn about suramin, shikimic acid and how to make your own extracts – Mike Adams


The Raptures of Hyper-Complexity – “Now along comes the curious case of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown. It’s especially interesting because the pipeline itself, while big is itself not that complicated. The Colonial Pipeline is easy-peasy compared to the financial system and the electric grid. If the first one gets hacked, the nation’s nominal wealth might disappear (yours included), Hear that giant sucking sound? That was your livelihood, your pension, and your legacy rushing by en route to zero. The electric grid is sometimes referred to as “the biggest machine in the world.” Unlike the financial system, it’s not largely stoked on hyper-complex dishonesty, it’s just really old, and jerry-rigged, and held together with duct-tape and baling wire. Taking down the grid would be, effectively, the end of civilization, at least for a while, maybe a long while, maybe for good.” – James Howard Kunstler

State of emergency declared over US cyber-attack – BBC

Biden’s “America the Beautiful” Vision Ignores Feds’ Dreadful Record – “Biden has not yet specified which provision of the Constitution entitles the president to proclaim national land use goals. Regardless, he is reaping applause for pledging to fight climate change, protect biodiversity, expand parkland, and other courageous positions. Biden is launching the initiative regardless of the feds’ own dreadful environmental record. ” – James Bovard

‘I have some bad news’: Edward Snowden rips ex-CNN White House reporter for saying journalists don’t expect govt spying & lying – “American whistleblower Edward Snowden and many others mocked a former CNN White House correspondent for insinuating that US government lies and spying were unique to the Trump administration and reporters don’t expect it.” – RT

The Big Lie Is That Cheney Is Still A Republican – “Good riddance to Liz Cheney – Yo Lizzy, don’t go away mad, just go away rejected and humiliated back to the smoldering ruins of your failed dynasty. Her ejection is the minimum act of political hygiene necessary to demonstrate to the base that the Republican Party is no longer the cruise ship fleet of the past. I’d ship off Adam Kinzinger too, but his new pals the Democrats will take care of that simpering suck-up soon enough when they gerrymander his Illinois district into oblivion in 2022.” – Kurt Schlichter

Democrats Celebrate Swindling Americans Into Believing Farthest-Left President Ever Is A ‘Moderate’ – “At his hundred-day mark, Biden is the most liberal president we’ve had — and the public thinks he’s a moderate. That’s a winning strategy to me.” – Joy Pullmann

Antony Blinken Continues to Lecture the World on Values His Administration Aggressively Violates – “How can you feign anger over others’ attacks on a free press when you imprison Assange as punishment for his vital revelations about U.S. officials?” – Glenn Greenwald

The Wall Street Journal hints that Bill Gates has a Jeffrey Epstein problem – “I ignored the story that Bill and Melinda Gates are getting a divorce. Their personal life holds no interest for me, although I care that Bill Gates is having an outsize say in both the climate change debate and in the response to COVID. But as I said, his personal life was a “meh” — that is, right until the Wall Street Journal hinted that Bill Gates’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein led directly to his divorce.” – Andrea Widburg

Tuning Out Wokeism – “The current madness is the stuff of history as we watch it predictably unfold, until—and if—a few, a “happy few,” finally say to the mob, “no mas.”” – Victor Davis Hanson

If You Believed Something Else, You Wouldn’t Be Sitting Here: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “It sure is interesting how stuff keeps happening that makes free speech on the internet something dangerous which must be curtailed. Covid, the Capitol riot, Russian propaganda, all of which just happen to require tightening restrictions on our single best tool against the powerful.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!

To Humbly Submit – “Submission to the state is a time-honoured tradition, a concept supported by governing bodies since time immemorial. Why, then, does it persist? Well, in fact, it generally persists as long as there is prosperity and a people are prepared to tolerate dominance. However, should prosperity diminish dramatically, obeisance tends to diminish accordingly. At some point, the leaders conclude that they may be losing the submission of the people and need to reinforce it. This is done by one of two methods and, on occasion, both at the same time.” – Jeff Thomas

A Federal Judge Just Struck Down One of the CDC’s Most Blatant Power Grabs – “We should all be able to agree that the government shouldn’t pursue solutions that clearly exceed its legal authority.” – Brad Polumbo

The Dubious Premise for Expanding the Regulatory State – “Today, it seems that the case for an ever growing regulatory apparatus seems to be shrinking by the day as the damage makes itself more apparent. It is clear that the regulatory state does not make society more efficient, and it does not make it more innovative. It can be argued that it doesn’t even make it safer, but perhaps the regulatory state can shape society in a more democratic fashion to achieve political goals.” – Ethan Yang

Surviving Change – “If the past year has taught us nothing else, it should have reinforced how quickly things can change and how much resiliency matters. Your ability to deal with these changes will be the difference between success and failure.” – Daisy Luther

How To Start a Pallet Garden and What Vegetables Grow Best With It? – “A pallet garden is an easy and frugal way to grow compact vegetables and herbs. But before you get your pallet garden started, here are a few important facts I discovered.” – Tess Pennington


EVERYTHING! Copper, Tortilla Chips, (Silver?): Real-World Inflation Fire Rages, Dollar-Based Paper & Digital Financial Assets To Burn Down! – “US Dollar Hot Potato has begun, only, it’s more like a hand grenade than a potato, and by grenade, it’s more like a nuclear bomb…” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Why Is The Mainstream Media Suddenly Freaking Out About The Horrifying Inflation That Is Ahead Of Us? – Michael Snyder

Confronted with a Nightmare Scenario (VIDEO) wth John Rubino – “Financial writer John Rubino says there is no easy way out for the financial and political mess the United States has created for itself. Rubino starts with the economic problems and explains, “Now, inflation is starting to spread. . . . Look at lumber.” – Greg Hunter

Here’s How ‘Everything Bubbles’ Pop – Charles Hugh Smith

Corn Is the Latest Commodity to Soar – “Prices have risen 50% in 2021, and a bushel costs more than twice what it did a year ago” – Ryan Dezember and Kirk Maltais

Investors Bet Billions That Metals Bull Run Isn’t Stopping – Mark Burton

Keep It Simple: Gold vs. a Mad World – “Each passing day, the evidence of the inflationary cancer beneath the smiling surface of our still rising markets and “recovering/opening” economy increases, and thus, like it or not, the inflation topic just won’t and can’t be over-stated enough. In short: Here I go again with the inflation thing… From the Grocer to Buffet: Inflation is Obvious.” – Matthew Piepenburg

You Don’t Need Jobs If You’re Spending Printed Money (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.57EUR


Deuteronomy 9:13  Furthermore the Lord spake unto me, saying, I have seen this people, and, behold, it is a stiffnecked people:




Update on ivermectin for covid-19 – “As before, it appears that rich western countries have very little interest in studying ivermectin as a treatment for covid. I understand why pharmaceutical companies don’t like ivermectin. It’s a cheap generic drug. Even Merck, the company that invented ivermectin, is doing it’s best to destroy the drug’s reputation at the moment. This can only be explained by the fact that Merck is currently developing two expensive new covid drugs, and doesn’t want an off-patent drug, which it can no longer make any profit from, competing with them. The only reason I can think to understand why the broader medical establishment, however, is still so anti-ivermectin is that these studies have all been done outside the rich west. Apparently doctors and scientists outside North America and Western Europe can’t be trusted, unless they’re saying things that are in line with our pre-conceived notions.” – Sebastian Rushworth M.D.  – GOOD ANALYSIS OF SEVERAL STUDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why are vaccines so favored over treatments? – “On March 17, 2021, Emory’s non-profit drug development company DRIVE announced its discovery of a new antiviral drug, called molnupiravir (formerly EIDD-2801), which can be administered to outpatients in pill form, and which appears safe and reduces SARS-CoV-2 to undetectable levels in COVID-19 patients after five days of administration, according to data from a Phase II clinical trial in the United States” – John M. Contino

No Jab for Me – And Here Are 35 Reasons Why – Gary D. Kohls, MD

Covid-19 fear porn has cast a chill over love, sex, and birthrates, and we were damn fools to let it happen – Robert Bridge

At Vatican conference, Chelsea Clinton calls for global crackdown on anti-vaccine social media posts – “I personally very strongly believe there has to be more intensive and intentional and coordinated global regulation of the content on social media platforms.” – Dorothy Cummings McLean  – DOES ANYONE REALLY CARE WHAT CHELSEA CLINTON BELIEVES. BEING THE OFF-SPRING OF TWO OF THE MOST CORRUPT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, DOES NOT MAKE HER OPINION ANY MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYONE ELSES’!!!!!

No Vaccine Passports in Texas! Medical Doctors Testify Before State Senate to Oppose Mandatory COVID Shots – Brian Shilhavy

Chinese Military Discussed Weaponizing COVID In 2015 ‘To Cause Enemy’s Medical System To Collapse’ – Tyler Durden


Kamala’s first foray into international diplomacy does not go well – “Finally, six weeks after taking on the responsibility for dealing with illegal aliens swarming the southern border, Kamala announced that she would meet with the presidents of Mexico and Guatemala. Except nothing went well. Kamala, whom I’ve always been told by people who know her, is as dumb as a box of rocks with the personality of an arch narcissist, managed to leave President Lopez Obrador in a towering rage, furious at American machinations and deeply offended when she simply walked out on him.” – Andrea Widburg

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Your doggy chain necklace is waiting for you.’ Flirty messages from Hunter Biden’s Chinese-American secretary, 29, who worked for him when he partnered with the ‘spy chief of China’ are revealed – Josh Boswell

Andrew Cuomo Investigation Expands as State Attorney General Looks at Aide’s Calls – “Inquiry into sexual-harassment allegations looks at whether a top adviser linked access to Covid-19 vaccines to support for the governor” – Jimmy Vielkind


Time To Focus On God, Groceries, Gold And Guns And Batten Down The Hatches As America’s Financial House Of Cards Comes Crashing Down: Pray, Plan, Prepare! – Don Boys, Ph.D.

More ‘Woke’ Insanity – “It’s Mother’s Day, not “birther’s day.” Name me one biological man who has ever given birth. Just one. All women are not mothers, but all mothers are women. Period. Those are facts and no amount of mentally-deranged bull**** can or will ever change said facts. Celebrate Mother’s Day and ignore — or even mock — those who try to redefine it.” – Karl Denninger  – KUDOS TO KARL. 100% AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to Know When the Narrative is False- Rob Jenkins

29 Whites Dead: April 2021—Another Month In the Death of White America – “During April 2021, I learned of 23 interracial conflicts that resulted in the death of white people. All of the offenders appear to be black or a person of color. Perhaps the most appalling case, instantly memory-holed by the Regime Media for obvious reasons: A black former pro football player, Phillip Adams, killed six whites, and himself.” – Kenn Gividen  – AND THE MSM WON’T REPORT THIS. IT DOESN’T FIT THEIR DEFINITION OF RACISM; JUST AS THEY PIGEONHOLE WHO IS REALLY KILLING MOST OF THE ASIAN AMERICANS. HINT: IT’S NOT WHITE SUPREMACISTS!!!

Glock wins (and Biden loses) in major liability suit – “The PLCAA law was passed with a bipartisan majority in both chambers of Congress to keep activists from attempting to bankrupt firearm manufacturers by tying them up in court with unfounded claims. This demonstrates why protecting this legislation against attacks by President Biden and gun control factions in Congress is critical,” – Paul Bedard

Media Continues Meltdown Over Gun Sale Surge – “There has been a gun sales surge ever since the early days of the pandemic. From the moment we knew it was coming to our shores, people started buying guns. The buying hasn’t stopped either. However, anti-gunners have been freaking out about this for some time now. That freak out isn’t slowing down, apparently, with news outlets proclaiming that “gun sales and a mental health crisis… are seen as risk factors in school shootings.”” – Tom Knighton

Biden Regime Pouring Heavy Weapons into Ukraine for Warmaking – “For over seven years, a permanent state of US-orchestrated war by Ukraine continues on Donbass along Russia’s border. Much the same goes on every week — on orders from Kiev’s higher authority in Washington.” – Stephen Lendman

Why Moscow Doesn’t Just Knock Him Over – “Moscow knows what Washington has not yet learnt: it’s not just one guy, it’s a whole country and sugar hits don’t last.But there’s actually a good reason why Moscow, in Ukraine or earlier in Georgia, did not invade and knock Zelensky or Saakashvili over and why it doesn’t forcefully deal with other irritations. And that reason is a very simple one: it’s not that it couldn’t have done it – there was nothing between Russian power and Tbilisi in 2008 or between it and Kiev in 2021 – but, simply, experience. Both Moscow’s experience and its observation of others’ experiences. ” – Patrick Armstrong

Afghanistan: Nearly 1,600 Child Casualties in Airstrikes Over Past Five Years – Dave DeCamp


Prices are rising everywhere you look – Julia Horowitz

US inflation numbers are understated, could be up to 20% – RT’s Keiser Report (VIDEO)- RT

Best Inflation Resistant Assets To Buy Before It Gets Worse – Ken Jorgustin

Over-Fed but Malnourished – “Is the inflation I’ve been writing about really all just transitory as Papa Powell claims it is? The Fed Head assures us he has this under control. Would that be just like Father Fed and friends had bank reserves under control right before the repo crisis blew up in late 2019? Or just like they had their Great Rewind under control right before the stock market imploded in late 2018 due to Fed tightening that was promised to be as boring as watching paint dry? Or just like Janet Yellen, the author of paint-by-numbers boredom, now has everything under control, except apparently her yellin’ mouth:” – David Haggith

Hey Fed, Explain Again How Making Billionaires Richer Creates Jobs – “Despite their hollow bleatings about ‘doing all we can to achieve full employment’, the Fed’s policies has been Kryptonite to employment, labor and the bottom 90%–and most especially to the bottom 50%, the working poor that one might imagine most deserve a leg up.” – Charles Hugh Smith


Swamponomics: A Dogecoin Day Afternoon – “Dogecoin is no laughing matter, U.S. Chamber of Commerce pleads with Biden, and Americans borrowing again.” – Andrew Moran

Warren Buffett Just Snubbed the ‘Social Responsibility’ Craze. Here’s Why He’s Right – “Business ethics should not be conjoined with ecological and social for many reasons.” – Kimberlee Josephson

Silver Tests Resistance At $27.50 After Shocking U.S. Jobs Data – “Silver gained upside momentum as U.S. dollar moved lower.” – Vladimir Zernov


Exodus 20:12    Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.


A wall of denial
Is fallin’ down
Wo it’s fallin’ so hard
Down to the ground
Never knew something so strong
Could be washed away by tears
But this wall of denial
Was just built on fear

We’ve all had our demons
From the garden of white lies
Dressed them amused them
Pullin’ wool over our eyes
Go so far as to love them
To keep from letting them go
All the while they we’re killin’ us
But we couldn’t let it show

No matter what the trouble
We carry round inside
We’re never safe from the truth
But in the truth we can survive
When this wall of denial
Comes tumblin’ down
Down to the ground

Simple things in life
Bring the greatest pleasure
A smile, a kiss
A little baby’s laughter
It makes no difference
If we run away in fear
The little things in life hold us so near

No matter what the trouble
We carry round inside
Never safe from the truth
But in the truth we can survive
When this wall of denial
Comes tumblin’ down
Yeah this wall of denial
Must tumble down
Down to the ground

( Wall of Denial by Stevie Ray Vaughn and Doyle Bramhall )






Beware of Covid PCR Testing and the Relentless “Vaccinate Vaccinate Vaccinate” Campaign – “This therapy is untested. No substantial animal trials. In the few animal trials carried out on ferrets and rats, all animals died. Claiming an emergency, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes the gravity of the current public health emergency and has granted a so-called Emergency Use Application (EUA) for what effectively is a gene-therapy, not a vaccine. Therefore, further animal trials were skipped and this experimental gene-treatment, the mRNA-type jabs went directly to humans – which are now acting as guinea pigs. It appears that so-called vaccination and testing are in reverse proportions related, i.e. the fewer people volunteer to take the jab, the more governments force these false PCR test on the population.” – Peter Koenig

Despite Massive Push, Survey Finds Just 29% of Parents Want COVID Vaccine for Kids – Matt Agorist

I am one of millions who have chosen not to have a Covid vaccine. Does that mean I’m to be banned from planes, buildings & shops? – “The mainstream media and the medical orthodoxy is adamant that everyone needs to get the jab – or face exclusion from everyday freedoms and be shunned from society. Don’t they realise how fascistic this view is?” – Jani Allan

All Things Covid Tyranny – “Anyone connected online with minimal effort can learn enough about the mother of all scams since last year as I and many others have done. Virtually everything mandated and recommended since last year is harmful to health and well-being, not the other way around. US and other Western governments, their hostile to public health handmaidens — like charlatan/profiteer Fauci — Pharma, and their media press agents have lied and mass deceived the public since last year virtually daily without letup.” – Stephen Lendman

The Calm Before the Storm: Use it to Gain Strength to Fight the Coming Tyranny – “At this point in time, reverse propaganda has begun, and it will become more pronounced in the short term. It is being and will be said more often that the cases and death over the fraudulent ‘pandemic’ are lessening, and permission to move about, albeit with state-supported caution, will be slightly increased, but only temporarily. The ‘vaccines’ will be credited for ‘slowing the spread,’ but of course this is only a lie and a smokescreen. This is the calm before the storm.” – Gary D. Barnett

What Can the Unvaccinated Do? – Bill Sardi

CDC Reports 2 More Infant DEATHS Following Experimental COVID Injections During Clinical Trials – “The CDC released more data in their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) today, and it included two new deaths of infants age 2 and age 1. While none of the COVID injections have emergency use authorization for children under the age of 17 yet, there are ongoing trials with children being injected with the experimental shots as young as 6 months old. One of the infants who died was apparently in a Pfizer trial, while the other one was apparently in a Moderna trial.” – Brian Shilhavy

Top 10 Absurdities of the COVID Pandemic – PF Whalen

Halt Vaccine Passports! – “It’s illegal, medical apartheid. It is very important that people understand what is happening here. The intention is to introduce vaccine passports everywhere. But this is a disguise. It’s a world’s first digital common-format, globally-interoperable ID system with an editable health flag (vaccinated Y or N). It makes no one safer. If you’re vaccinated, you’re protected & are not made safer by knowing others immune status.” – Dr Mike Yeadon

Naomi Wolf calls out Michigan lawmakers, media who mock COVID passports – “The feminist author has been smeared as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for raising the alarm on COVID-19. Wolf, who is a life-long Democrat, has been a sharp critic of coronavirus passports and vaccines lately.” – Stephen Kokx

NBA Study Shows Post-COVID Viral Transmission Rare, Even With Positive Test – “That someone who has had COVID can infect others has been a persistent fear, but these findings from the professional basketball league suggest that many who recover can return to contact with others without spreading the virus, researchers say.” –




The Coming IRS Reign of Terror – “The power to tax has long conferred the power to destroy political opponents. But in the glorious era of President Joe Biden, all previous cases of government abuse of power are being expunged, at least by the media and Biden supporters. That is why it is supposedly safe to vastly increase the power of perhaps the most feared federal agency, the Internal Revenue Service.” – James Bovard

Don’t Hold Out Hope: A Biden-Putin Meetup May Not Change Much – “Forget the fact that every western think tank, media outlet, propaganda channel, and corporate banking entity needs Putin to be gone. And pretend that Joe Biden is the guy running the show in America. There’s not much these two leaders are going to be able to agree upon. That is, in case the American president can manage not to trip on something on his way up or downstairs to the meet spot. Can’t you imagine it? I see Biden demanding that Russia give up on Crimea and allowing NATO into all Russia’s bordering nations, on top of relinquishing all mineral rights to the liberal world order! And Putin says – Nyet, nyet, and hell nyet. Putin should ask for Mexico in return or offer to trade a barrage of RS-28 Sarmat “Satan II” for whatever world-ending nuclear horror America has.” – Phil Butler

Bidenomics is already starting to slam the US economy – New York Post Editorial Board

Biden Defends His Horrendous Jobs Report With a Bizzare, Backward Claim – Brandon Morse

Border Crisis: Denials Are Up, Deportations Down – “Is this yet another existential linguistic crisis to muddle through?” – Sarah Cowgill

Joe Biden’s Offshore Wind Energy Mirage – “The reality is a lot of turbines, not much energy.” – Craig Rucker

We Were Repeatedly Told by the Presstitute Lie Machine that there Was NO Election Fraud – “So why is Arizona’s Maricopa County refusing to comply with the court order and Arizona Senate subpoenas to provide the voting system logs for investigation? The clear answer is that Maricopa County is protecting the false news narrative of no electoral fraud.” – Paul Craig Roberts

New census data raises serious questions about 2020 election fraud – “According to the Census, the recorded number of people voting in 2020 was tallied at 154,628,000. On the other hand, official results place the number of actual ballots cast slightly north of 158 million. That’s a discrepancy of nearly four million votes. If the census data is correct, then about 4 million votes mysteriously were added to the election totals. Usually, the census data and the reported vote totals correlate closely.” – Thomas Lifson

Key U.S. Energy Pipeline Closes After Cyberattack – “Colonial Pipeline carries roughly 45% of gasoline and diesel fuel consumed on the East Coast” – Collin Eaton and Dustin Volz  – I’M SURE THE RUSSIANS WILL BE BLAMED FOR THIS ONE, WAIT AND SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ban the FDA Rather than Menthol Cigarettes – “But wait a minute! If the concern is cigarette smoking and cancer, why ban only menthol cigarettes? Why not ban the sale of all cigarettes? Well, it turns out that menthol cigarettes are the preferred cigarette of blacks. So, the FDA is just trying to help them out by banning the cigarettes they like. Apparently the FDA doesn’t care about white people because it isn’t banning the non-menthol cigarettes they like. A question naturally arises: Who gave the federal government the authority to serve as people’s nanny? I don’t see any nanny power in the Constitution, which is the document that sets forth the powers of the federal government. Moreover, in a genuinely free society people are free to ingest and smoke anything they want, no matter how harmful it might be. It’s simply none of the government’s business what people are choosing to ingest or smoke.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Woke Math: Two Plus Two Equals Anything You Like – “Science-worshipping progressives decide that there are no wrong answers in math.” – Kelli Ballard

‘It’s OK when we do it!’ America calling out China for protecting its national interests in Africa is the height of hypocrisy – Scott Ritter

BoJo Rejects Idea of Indyref2 as ‘Irresponsible and Reckless’, Warns Against ‘Ripping Country Apart’ – Svetlana Ekimenko




Social Unrest Fears Mount As World Food Prices Soar In April – Tyler Durden

Unemployment Crisis, “Labor Shortage,” or Out-of-Whack Labor Market – Which Is It? – “The bizarre phenomenon of companies complaining about “labor shortages” amid dropping job applicants, while 9.8 million are “unemployed,” and 16.2 million people claim unemployment benefits.” – Wolf Richter

Is Unlimited Spending Sinking the Ship? – “The economic stimulus approach to solving U.S. financial problems does get at the causes of those problems because, far too often, those causes are its own creation.” – David Morgan

The Pivot to Gold Has Begun – “Today there is now the slowly dawning realization by so many big name money managers that both the Gold Bugs and the Bitcoiners may have been right all along. Gold and bitcoin are the safe havens from central banks and government operatives hell bent on changing the rules of the economy completely.” – Tom Luango  – GOOD ANALYSIS FROM TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRACE FOR IT: Uncle Sam Has To Stop The Free Cash Handouts Right Now! America Is Turning Into A Nation Of All Shoppers, No Workers! – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart


Banking Crisis & How FED Will Respond (VIDEO) with Alasdair Macleod – Liberty and Finance

Nature’s First Green is Silver – “Silver continues to benefit from the expansionary monetary and fiscal policies worldwide and silver’s critical industrial role in the environmentally friendly technologies of the “green revolution.” Silver remains in a bullish consolidation in the form of flag or pennant formation. Typically, if these bullish flag formations hold together and break to the upside, the price objective can be significant. We will be prudent and wait for the pattern to be confirmed. The initial resistance will be $30, then $35 if the flag pattern is triggered.” – Paul Wong




Proverbs 20:17    Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel.







The Grandest Human Experiment In History – “In 1947, a world disgusted by Joseph Mengele’s medical experiments on German prisoners said: never again. Yes, sounds familiar. The Nuremberg Code was drafted: The ten points of the code were given in the section of the judges’ verdict entitled “Permissible Medical Experiments”: I’ll leave it up to you to decide to which extent the mRNA -and other unapproved vaccines- experiment abides by that code. Which in 1964 was further extended and formalized in the Helsinki Declaration.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Federal Gov’t Telling Facebook to Silence Those With Vaccine Safety Concerns Says Lawsuit – “It is no longer a random act — Facebook censorship has become so blatant and massive that they have indefinitely silenced the former president of the United States.” – Matt Agorist

What’s Behind Vaccine Hysteria? – “Hysterical people are scrambling to figure out how to get the vaccine hesitant to capitulate.” – Sally Zelikovsky

This Biden Proposal Could Make the US a “Digital Dictatorship” – “A “new” proposal by the Biden administration to create a health-focused federal agency modeled after DARPA is not what it appears to be. Promoted as a way to “end cancer,” this resuscitated “health DARPA” conceals a dangerous agenda.” – Whitney Webb  – LONG BUT EXCELLENT ARTICLE BY WHITNEY ON THE BIG PICTURE!!!!

A Third of Recent ‘COVID Deaths’ in England Not Caused by Virus – “More people are dying from flu and pneumonia yet Coronatarian totalitarianism continues” – Sarah Knapton

Health Experts Admit Outdoor Mask Wearing Is Ridiculous – “Using mathematical models, Italian researchers have calculated the amount of time it would take for you to contract the SARS-CoV-2 virus outdoors in Milan. If 10% of the population were infected, you would require 31.5 days of continuous outdoor exposure to inhale a dose of virus sufficient to transmit infection” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Covid has made celebrities out of public officials we’d never have heard of – no wonder they don’t want restrictions to end – “Narcissistic civil servants have turned into pseudo-celebrities thanks to the pandemic and they don’t want to go back to the shadows. Now the only way to stop their endless restrictions is by threatening their public standing.” – John Scott Lewinski

Covid Vaccines: The Tip of the Iceberg – “The decrease in covid infections in many US states and European countries since late winter or early spring was driven not primarily by vaccination campaigns, but by seasonal effects and other epidemic dynamics (both of which are well-known but poorly understood). This is shown by the fact that infections decreased simultaneously and to a similar extent in countries with a rather low vaccination rate, such as South Africa, the Ukraine, Moldova and Albania.” – Swiss Policy Research

Governor Jay Inslee Orders Churches, Sporting Events To Implement ‘Vaccinated Sections’ – Tristan Justice

An army of Big Biotech companies is using psych tactics to ‘create vaccine demand’ – “A new ‘Vaccination Demand Observatory’ is using surveillance, bots, and ‘behavior change’ mass marketing schemes to press reluctant people into getting the shots” – Celeste McGovern





The Truth Is Surely Baseless – “What you’re seeing now with the DC establishment are desperate moves to keep the suspicious and yet more pissed-off public from understanding the government crime spree of the past five years that started with the Obama gang using the Department of Justice to disable and terminate Donald Trump and the threat he represented to the network of special privilege and money known as the Swamp, which has managed to put a deep-fake president in office as a last resort to protect itself. Of course, the Arizona business is only one leak in a giant dike of official deceit built-up over the years to keep any truth from deluging the DC lowlands. Other leaks are springing in New Hampshire and Michigan, with a wormhole opening up in Georgia. It will be interesting to see if cable TV news can keep painting the truth as something against the public interest.” – James Howard Kunstler

The Very Notion of ‘Leadership’ Is One of an Abject Failure of Individual Responsibility – “Considering the living hell that has consumed this country and the world due to the multitude of followers listening to and bowing down to the evil few, most find themselves at the mercy of the powerful. This is certainly not necessary, and in fact is the absolute worst possible position for any society to consider.” – Gary D. Barnett  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM GARY!!!!!!

Re The Lefty Twit Called Zuck – “We have no use for Donald Trump, but even less for the arrogant lefty twit, Mark Zuckerberg, who joined a conspiracy of Silicon Valley Robber Barons on January 6th to ban a then sitting president of the United States from their social media platforms. But this isn’t really about free speech narrowly; it’s about the malign societal impact of free money from the Fed and the manor in which the vastly overvalued companies in the tech space have enabled the callow wokesters who run them to subordinate profit-maximization to left-wing virtue-signalling.” – David Stockman

Democrats Can’t Quash the ‘Big Lie’ – “The “Big Lie,” of course, isn’t that the 2020 election was stolen—it’s that the election was perfectly fair and lawful.” – Julie Kelly

New Jobs Report Is the Worst Miss in History as Biden Administration Failures Mount – Bonchie

Psaki Out: White House Spox Signals She’ll Step Down Next Year – Tyler Durden – PRETTY TOUGH ANSWERING ALL THOSE SOFTBALL QUESTIONS, JEN!!!!!


If all politicians were Marjorie Taylor Greene, America could be a better place – “I must admit that I was already inclined to like Greene before I heard her speak. First, if the Democrat operatives in the media were attacking her with such ferocity, they clearly feared her. That intrigued me. Second, from the moment she hit D.C., she refused to let the Democrats intimidate her. Third, I read very carefully through her draft America First plan and thought it was a great statement of classically liberal and constitutional principles. The fact that the Vichy Republicans attacked her for it pretty much summed up the disgrace of the GOP.” – Andrea Widburg

Where Did All Those ‘Capitalist Pigs’ Go? – “Today’s billionaires’ boys club has come to understand how to make its astonishing wealth acceptable… Set up a tax-exempt foundation, fund it with billions of dollars, invite in liberals to sit on the board, and, at munificent salaries, to run it and distribute its income to liberal causes.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

CIA ‘Woke’ Recruitment Ad Invites Ridicule, but Are Audiences Missing the Bigger Picture? – “Call me paranoid, but it’s difficult to understand why the CIA would ‘go woke’ unless there was some sort of ulterior motive behind it. First, not once during this entire woke sermon was the term ‘American’ uttered. That may or may not be significant, but it does seem telling. Amid persistent rumors that the Western elite are hell-bent on laying the groundwork for their ‘New World Order,’ the first step to fulfilling that deranged dream – mentioned in a State of the Union Address by former CIA chief turned U.S. President, George W. Bush on Sept. 11, 1991 – would be to obliterate any notion of nationhood once and for all.” – Robert Bridge

Political correctness: a tyranny of the minority – “The list of words you’re not supposed to say and opinions you’re not supposed to hold grows larger by the day. The rise of PC culture means that many people feel they have to walk on eggshells to avoid causing offence. Majorities of people in the UK, the US and France believe that people today are too easily offended.” – Spiked

The Border Is Spiraling Out of Control – “The border is in crisis. Over 170,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border during the month of March. The month of April is expected to yield around the same number or higher. Of course, that’s just the number of people who were caught. It is estimated around 1,000 illegal immigrants a day are able to avoid apprehension. All of this to say that the crisis at the southern border is still ongoing. Of course, Joe Biden and Democrats say the crisis is essentially “over.” It is not.” – Julio Rosas

Bloodbath in Mexico: Another gift of US drug and drone wars – “Washington’s failed approaches to foreign policy and counterinsurgency is playing out today in our own backyard.” – Ted Galen Carpenter

Diplomacy-boosters France and Britain get out their gunboats – “In a post-Brexit world, everything old is new again. So we have the oldest fault line in all Europe, the rivalry between Britain and France, flaring up with a naval standoff.” – Monica Showalter

An empire in love with its Afghan cemetery – “One cannot but feel mildly amused at the theatrical spectacle of the US troop pullout from Afghanistan, its completion day now postponed for maximum PR impact to 9/11, 2021. Nearly two decades and a staggering US$2 trillion after this Forever War was launched by a now immensely indebted empire, the debacle can certainly be interpreted as a warped version of Mission Accomplished.” – Pepe Escobar

Oh What a Lovely New War! False Flagging in the Middle East? – “There has been virtually no American media coverage of last week’s arrival of a senior Israeli delegation in Washington to discuss Iran. The delegation included the head of the Israeli external intelligence service Mossad Yossi Cohen and Israel’s National Security Advisor Meir Ben-Shabbat. Their itinerary included briefings at the Pentagon and also with national security and State Department officials at the White House.” – Philip Giraldi

US seen as bigger threat to democracy than Russia or China, global poll finds – Patrick Wintour

Militant Russophobe Back at State – “Biden regime’s under secretary of state for political affairs Victoria Nuland is the department’s third highest ranking official — after Blinken and his deputy Wendy Sherman. They and numerous others hostile to world peace, stability, and the rule of law hardliners comprise Biden’s warmaking team. Belligerent USA is increasingly totalitarian, plutocratic, kleptocratic, treacherous, and tyrannical. Nuland fits right in. Her disturbing resume should have automatically disqualified her for any public post, clearly not a sensitive one that lets her continue hostile to peace and stability actions.” – Stephen Lendman

Sustainable Agriculture and Responsible Land Stewardship Is the Answer to Global Food Insecurity – Indiana Lee




Huge Jobs Disappointment 732,000 Under Consensus With Big Negative Revisions Too – “Expectations of a Big Jobs Boom Fall Flat” – Mish  – YEP, WERE GOING TO BUILD BACK BETTER AND CREATE MILLIONS OF NEW JOBS. BETTER GET ON THE STICK, JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If We Are Experiencing Severe Shortages Now, How Bad Will Things Get When The Economy Starts Tanking Again? – Michael Snyder

Three reasons why inflation is rising. Two of them aren’t going away – Simon Black

Fed’s QE amid “Everything Mania”: Total Assets $7.8 Trillion, More than Doubled in 18 Months since Repo Market Blowout – “QE from crisis to crisis, and even when there is no crisis.” – Wolf Richter

Never mind The Great Reset. Here comes The Great Reject. – “The antidote to all of this are crypto-currencies, smart contracts and decentralization.” – Mark E. Jeftovic

The CFTC, CCP And Silver Manipulation: “Fox, Please Watch The Hen House” – Dave Kranzler

After Mega Banks Supervised by the Fed Lose Over $10 Billion to a Highly Leveraged Hedge Fund, Fed Puts Lipstick on a Pig in its Financial Stability Report – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.48EUR




Proverbs 19:2  Also, that the soul be without knowledge, it is not good; and he that hasteth with his feet sinneth.







Aldous Huxley foresaw our despots — Fauci, Gates, and their vaccine crusaders – Patricia McCarthy

The New York Times Now States that Covid is Forever: Why You Should be Concerned – “An article in The New York Times, published on May 3, reveals a dramatic shift in the narrative concerning coronavirus and the future. Gone are the declarations that Covid is a temporary phenomenon, to be defeated by masks, lockdowns and herd immunity. Quoting Rustom Antia, who is a virologist with Emory University, the article promotes the hypothesis that Covid is now forever.” – Janet Phelan

The Incredible Vanishing Flu – Brian C.Joondeph, MD

CDC: 4,178 Americans DEAD Following Experimental COVID Injections – Deaths from COVID Shots now Equal 20 Years of Recorded Deaths Following Vaccines Since 2001 – “The CDC has just released the newest total of deaths reported following the experimental COVID shots since they were granted emergency use authorization (EUA) in early December through May 3, 2021, and that total now stands at 4,178 deaths reported to VAERS” – Brian Shilhavy  – THANKS AGAIN TO BRIAN FOR RELEASING THE FIGURES THAT THE MSM CONTINUES TO IGNORE OR EXPLAIN AWAY!!!!

Manitoba working on QR code technology that could be used to track vaccination status – Anthony Murdoch

Canada Confirms Second Death Linked to AstraZeneca, Becomes First Country to Approve Pfizer for Young Teens – “A 50-year-old Canadian woman died from a rare “vaccine-induced” blood clot condition linked to AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine.” – Megan Redshaw

Stay-Home Order Side Effect: Opioid Deaths Nearly Doubled – “Opioid overdose fatalities nearly doubled during the stay-at-home order in Cook County, Illinois, compared to a 100-week period in 2018 to 2019, rising from 23 deaths per week to 44” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Pro-Vaxxers Are “Concerned” The Some Won’t Take The Vaccine – Mac Slavo

Promoting and Profiting from Mass-Toxification – “Mass-jabbing for covid should be banned. It’s well known that toxins in experimental covid inoculations risks serious harm, nothing beneficial. Mass-jabbing children should be criminalized, not OK’d and promoted. State-sponsored draconian social control and depopulation hugely benefit Pharma. Since mass-jabbing for covid began last December, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and J & J have been cashing in big on a bonanza of huge profits.” – Stephen Lendman

Pfizer’s obscene $900m profit from its Covid vaccine in just three months proves capitalism and public health are bad bedfellows – Bradley Blankenship

Big Pharma doesn’t want healthy people, it wants customers – “The misleadingly-labeled ‘vaccine’ isn’t the root of the problem. The real threat is the international healthcare industry run by Big Pharma.” – Stephen Kokx

New York Yankees & Mets to Segregate Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Fans – “To comply with CDC social distancing rules.” – Paul Joseph Watson


More Government Spying and Lying – “Twice last week, the federal government’s unconstitutional spying on ordinary Americans was exposed. All this shows just how corrupted America’s security state has become under presidents of both parties. From counting 16,000 as if it were one, to hacking the texts and emails of people without articulable suspicion or probable cause, to orchestrating end runs around the Fourth Amendment, to lying to federal judges about all this — we see the tactics of the East German Stasi and Soviet KGB have been reborn on this side of the Atlantic. Of what value is the constitutional guarantee of privacy if those we have hired to protect it are themselves undermining it?” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Existential Economic Threats: How U.S. States Can Survive Without Federal Money – Brandon Smith

Are Americans Becoming Sovietized? – “If our wokists destroy people in the name of equity, then they believe their nihilism is justified.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Don’t Be Fooled By Joe Biden – “He knows his infrastructure and education bills have as much chance at becoming law as the $15-dollar minimum wage or the $2,000 stimulus checks he promised us as a candidate. He knows his American Jobs Plan will never create “millions of good paying jobs – jobs Americans can raise their families on” any more than NAFTA, which he supported, would, as was also promised, create millions of good paying jobs. His mantra of “buy American” is worthless. He knows the vast majority of our consumer electronics, apparel, furniture and industrial supplies are made in China by workers who earn an average of one or two dollars an hour and lack unions and basic labor rights.” – Chris Hedges

The Fact-Checkers’ Prevarication: In Study Biden Shown to Lie Just as Effectively as Trump – Brad Slager

Kamala Harris Doesn’t Care About Solving the Border Crisis – “What has she accomplished six weeks after being tapped to lead the administration’s response? Nothing.” – David Keltz

Competing With China Shouldn’t Entail Becoming More Like China – “When Biden said he wants to compete with China he wasn’t referring to a focused plan to contain Chinese military expansion, curb the expansion of authoritarianism, and maintain US primacy in the Asia-Pacific. This is not a plan to contain Chinese influence. It’s a plan to see which country could spend the most money at the federal level and centrally plan everything. This neo-Keynesian push is based on the tired old models of state spending and central planning.” – Ethan Yang

The US Brainwashes the World – “The American Establishment uses the presstitute lie machine to control the narrative for most of the world by broadcasting disinformation in 59 languages. Countries and their news services rely on “news” from the US to comprehend world events. Most of the world has little alternative to American news sources except for the BBC which is part of the US presstitute network. In effect, the US has been effective in brainwashing the world. Just as the US controls the international payments system, the US controls world opinion.” – Paul Craig Roberts

The internet once offered a promise of free speech for everyone; Big Tech has since turned it into a prison – Nebojsa Malic

China Vows to Take Control of the Internet and Influence Opinions…of the ENTIRE WORLD – Robert Wheeler

Sit Home And Get Wasted Fails – “It’s about darn time. The court ruled that the CDC’s “Eviction Moratorium” was unlawful and vacated it nationally. There have been other challenged to this, which led to only single relief — that is, the one tenant in question wound up getting the “pay up or get out” notice, but those judges did not extend it nationally. This one did. On the clear language the CDC never had this authority in the first place. Further, even if Congress was to do so explicitly (which they did not) it still fails because you are taking both possession and money from the landlord without compensation, which is private property and thus under the 5th Amendment impermissible. This judge never got to the second point because he didn’t have to. The bottom line is that the free ride is over. This is a good decision and needed to happen a long time ago for the good of those who rent their residence.” – Karl Denninger

Anyone but Sadiq – “Sadiq Khan’s five years as mayor have been a disaster for London.” – Brendan O’Neill

One-Third of U.S. Counties are Second Amendment Sanctuaries – A-Patriot

US Establishment Recycling “WMD” Iraq War Propaganda For Iran – “As the United States seems to be nearing re-entry into the Iran Nuclear Deal, the corporate media are whipping out every piece of war propaganda in order to drive a wedge between the Biden Administration and the Iranian government. This Monday, in a piece so outrageous that it verges on the comical, Fox News published a piece which directly claim’s Iran has been seeking technology to develop “Weapons of Mass Destruction” as of last year.” – Robert Inlakesh

Death by resource depletion – “Unfortunately the world’s ecological balance has not been right for a very long time. As a society, we are consuming resources far more quickly than we are replacing them, which is the very definition of unsustainable. Food production is at the heart of the problem, made worse by climate change, which brings droughts that kill crops and a lack of fresh water for irrigation. Adding more people puts pressure on finite food resources that can lead to conflicts and in especially stressed regions, hunger.” – Ahead of the Herd

How long could you stay at home without leaving for anything? – Erica Nygaard


Initial Jobless Claims Fall To Pandemic Lows But Over 16 Million Americans Remain ‘On The Dole’ – Tyler Durden

What If “Transitory” Inflation Is Here To Stay? – John Rubino

Lumber: Scary-Crazy Inflation Now Gets Passed On. But These WTF Price Spikes Cannot Last – “Irrational behavior by buyers confidently betting on being able to pass on that irrationality to their customers. It works until it doesn’t.” – Wolf Richter

Is Silver Going to $300? – “the fundamental side of silver demand is looking strong, but the technical side is also very bullish.” – Peter Krauth

Silver Investment Demand Explosion and Other Silver News – Peter Schiff

The Rise of Bitcoin – “The blockchain technology at bitcoin’s core provides a new and fundamentally different way to process payments. It relies on neither decentralized nor centralized clearing. Instead, it processes transactions over a distributed network. And, by solving the double spending problem without recourse to a trusted third party, it has the potential to offer a degree of financial privacy comparable to decentralized payment mechanisms like cash.” – William J. Luther

Bitcoin: It’s Not a “Real” Truck – “Over time our perceptions of what is and is not real change. They change with age and experience. So too, do gold guys have to get on board with crypto to help all of us navigate a very uncertain future, become part of the powerful network effect of Bitcoin. At the same time the ‘have fun being poor’ crypto guys have to get out there, take some profit off the table, get ‘real’ and buy some gold.” – Tom Luango

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.35EUR


Exodus 23:7    Keep thee far from a false matter; and the innocent and righteous slay thou not: for I will not justify the wicked.




Parallels between GMO COVID vaccine and GMO crops; lessons not learned – “The COVID vaccine is a gene treatment. RNA is injected into the body, for the purpose of forcing cells to manufacture a protein. The promise? Protection against a purported virus. The first generation of Monsanto crops followed the same pattern. The overall health of the crops and the human body were reduced. The nutritive value of the crops diminished; super-weeds on the GMO farms flourished. The huge number of adverse effects from the vaccine testify to expanding human damage.” – Jon Rappoport  – GREAT ARTICLE FROM JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Report Sheds Light on Vaccine Doomsday Cult – “While the paper focuses strictly on Covid-related issues, it unavoidably raises questions about the new vaccines that contain billions of spike proteins that could greatly increase the chances of severe illness or death.” – Mike Whitney

Biden’s Vaccine Push: Some “Need More Convincing” – Mac Slavo

Making Billions Of Dollars From The Pandemic “For Years To Come” – “The vaccine brought in $3.5 billion in revenue in the first three months of this year, nearly a quarter of its total revenue, Pfizer reported. The vaccine was, far and away, Pfizer’s biggest source of revenue. The company did not disclose the profits it derived from the vaccine, but it reiterated its previous prediction that its profit margins on the vaccine would be in the high 20 percent range. That would translate into roughly $900 million in pretax vaccine profits in the first quarter.” – Michael Snyder  – AND THIS IS WHAT IT’S REALLY ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vaccine Passports Are Just a Way for the Regime to Expand Its Power – “”We had no choice!” the politicians will insist. “Science forced our hand!” This is a convenient way for politicians to weasel out of responsibility for forcing much of the population—much of it a low-risk population—into submitting to certain state-mandated medical procedures.” – Ryan McMaken


A COVID Lifeline Is Being Severed – “Multiple studies have demonstrated successful treatment of COVID-19 with ivermectin, which lowered mortality rates, shortened hospital stays and limited viral spread. Although billions of doses have been used in the last 30 years, Merck now says there is a concerning lack of safety data and the WHO is concerned it may create “false confidence”.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

I’m Still not Getting the Vaccine – “I’ve got news for you: If you spend all your time worrying about getting sick, you’re sick already.” – Dan Gelernter

Nation’s Vaccine Reaction Reporting System Is Under Attack – “The volume of adverse reaction reports on the COVID vaccines “dwarfs” other categories, serving to “amplify fears” of the vaccines, Politifact says. But instead of addressing the numbers, Politifact simply brushes the reports off, saying “anti-vaccine groups and activists” are filling the system up with “unverified, incomplete numbers to advance far-reaching claims.”” – Cindy Olmstead  – OF COURSE POLITIFACT IS GOING TO COVER FOR THE ADVERSE REACTIONS!!!

Mass-Jabbing Malpractice – “During and since elimination of millions of Native Americans, genocide has been official US policy. Covid mass-jabbing is the latest domestic way. It has nothing to do with protecting against disease. It’s all about inflicting harm on maximum numbers of people in the US, West and elsewhere — slow-motion genocide its longterm aim. Covid jabs are bioweapons to spread disease, not protect against contracting it.” – Stephen Lendman

Children are far more likely to die from diarrhea than COVID-19 – Simon Black

Imperial College Predicted Catastrophe in Every Country on Earth. Then the Models Failed. – Phillip W. Magness


The Extreme and Deadly Risks We Face Are Many, and of Our Own Making – “It is easy to lay blame at the feet of politicians, until one realizes that tyrants could never survive and prosper without the consent of the governed. Accepting this legitimate reality can be the impetus for achieving a free existence. We are in the midst of an aggressive attack on humanity itself. Each of us at some point must accept the fact that without mass resistance, we will all be slaves. Without that resistance, the possible, or more likely probable, terror that we will experience will be widespread and all encompassing. The next planned and telegraphed major attack against the people, the next “9/11’ type event if you will, in all probability, “will be a massive cyber attack meant to implode the entire financial system, and allow for a government censoring and takeover of the internet.” – Gary D. Barnett

The Criminalization of Dissent – “One of the hallmarks of totalitarian systems is the criminalization of dissent. Not just the stigmatization of dissent or the demonization of dissent, but the formal criminalization of dissent, and any other type of opposition to the official ideology of the totalitarian system. Global capitalism has been inching its way toward this step for quite some time, and now, apparently, it is ready to take it.” – CJ Hopkins

The Cost Of Virtue Signaling Is Getting High — And Leading Directly To A Social Credit System – “‘Black out your square’ on Instagram? That was last year. ‘Get your injection’ on Instagram and then your vaccine papers? That’s the new thing.” – Christopher Bedford  – A SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM IS DEFINITELY A PART OF THE BIG PICTURE. JUST ASK THE PEOPLE OF CHINA!!!!!!!!!!

Is It Still Unconstitutional If the Govt. OUTSOURCES Spying on Citizens? After All, They’re Only Surveilling “Extremists.” – “In 2021, there is no denying that the United States is a full-on surveillance state. The Biden Administration attempts to remove all pretense of privacy with its new consideration to use outside firms to track “extremist” chatter by American citizens online. But what exactly is an “extremist?” According to Tulsi Gabbard, recent efforts essentially criminalize half the country:” – Robert Wheeler

Our Country Was Founded by Geniuses, but It’s Being Run by Idiots- J.B. Shurk

Merrick Garland And The Re-Defining Of “Domestic Terrorism” – “The constant world-play and games that are spewed forth from the talking heads who act as the masters of the universe gets old. Thematically the progressive agenda is really great about re-branding. You don’t need to be cracking open a cold can of Woke-a-Cola in order to see this. Commonly-owned rifles become “assault weapons”, or even worse, “battlefield weapons of war.” 17-round magazines are suddenly “large capacity.” And gun control becomes “gun safety.” Now we’re starting to see the phrase “domestic terrorist” used as a synonym for some, but not all, acts of politically-motivated violence. The good news? We have a statutory definition in the US Code to help aid us on our journey:” – John Petrolin

Was The Unity Promised By Biden Just Sweet Nothings? – “A sobering reality has set in after America tied the knot with career politician Biden.” – Pennel Bird


The Migrant Crisis Isn’t Just About Illegal Immigration, It’s Also About The Cartels That Run The Border – “The Biden administration wants to blame the border crisis on Trump, but the problem is much larger and more complex than that.” – John Daniel Davidson

The Ashli Babbitt Killing: Where’s the Outrage? – “There is an obvious double standard in deciding if a police officer should be charged with violating a use-of-force policy On January 6th an unarmed 5′ 2″, 110 pound Caucasian female was shot by police with minimal media coverage and even less outrage. A Google search reports approximately 1,060,000 results for Ashli Babbitt and 293,000,000 for George Floyd. Ashli Babbitt was a decorated Air force veteran and a Trump supporter. George Floyd, despite what the media is attempting to portray him as, was a criminal.” – John Dietrich

To Promote Equality, California Proposes a Ban on Advanced Math Classes – “In the name of equality, the California Department of Education seeks to dumb down the brightest kids.” – Mish

Detente: The Vital Word Missing From Discourse On Russia And China – “In fact, as the US-centralized empire hurdles headlong into increasingly hostile cold wars with both Russia and China, the word “detente”, which means the easing of hostilities between nations, has been curiously absent from mainstream discourse. During the last cold war it was a mainstream point of discussion embraced by prominent Democrats and Republicans alike, but in this dangerous new multifront cold war it’s gone missing.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Nuclear Climate Change: Washington Heats Things Up – “We have been moved yet another step closer to planetary destruction” – Brian Cloughley

Justin Trudeau: woke wordsmith – “The Canadian PM has warned of an economic ‘she-cession’ that will devastate ‘peoplekind’.” – Spiked

Get Outside Into The Real World – Walk, Look, Listen – “Too many have their heads in their screens these days, for too long. The electronic world. Virtual reality.” – Ken Jorgustin

8 Ways to Alleviate Seasonal Allergy Symptoms – Tess Pennington

Weedkillers are accelerating the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria – “Three herbicides used on GM herbicide-tolerant crops – glyphosate, glufosinate, and dicamba — increase prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes in soil” – GM Watch


Just Keeps Getting Worse: Services Trade Surplus, the American Dream Not-Come-True, Falls to 9-Year Low, Total Trade Deficit Explodes to Worst Ever – Wolf Richter

BIDEN’S MMT – MORE MONEY THEORY – “So if people have no job, just print money and give it to them. If companies go under just give them sufficient funds to survive. If banks with their reckless lending and speculation are on the verge of being insolvent, just print and give them whatever they need so they can continue their irresponsible credit policies. After all the top management needs their big bonuses and someone or something has to pay for that – and MMT is the perfect instrument for achieving this. And Biden has already after 100 days been a masterful user of MMT. His initial programme of spending $6 trillion is perfect for MMT.” – Egon von Greyerz

Janet Yellen’s Flip-Flop and What She’s Really Telling Us – “Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sent markets into a tizzy on Tuesday when she said interest rates may have to rise to keep the economy from overheating with all the government stimulus. But later in the day, she walked those comments back, claiming inflation isn’t going to be a problem and insisting that she wasn’t suggesting or predicting rate hikes. Yellen’s flipflop is telling. Even if inflation is an issue (and it is), there isn’t a darn thing the Federal Reserve can do about it.” – Peter Schiff

Fragile: Handle with Care – “What a circus. I imagine there’s a big sign in every Fed building in America: Don’t drop, fragile, handle with care. Janet Yellen, while no longer in a Fed building, committed the cardinal sin of pointing out the obvious yesterday: Rates may have to be raised in response to rising inflation. The response sequence was as predictable as laughable:” – Sven Henrich

US Businesses Are Closing Because They Can’t Find Anyone to Work. Here’s Why – “In a recent interview, economist Lawrence Summers said the government’s juiced-up unemployment benefits have created a record labor shortage.” – Jon Miltimore  – THEY DON’T WANT PEOPLE TO WORK, THEY WANT YOU TO DEPEND ON THE GOVERNMENT. THAT WAY THEY HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER YOU!!!!!

Failing Global Politics and Inflation will be a Nasty Shock – Bill Blain

We Need to Starve the Beast to Break the Silver Market (VIDEO) with Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart – Silver Fortune

Germans own over 9,000 tonnes of gold and keeping buying – Gold Seek

COMEX Gold Delivery Update – “something clearly broke in March of 2020, and the fractional reserve and digital pricing system has yet to recover. In response, the CME Group made deliberate changes to their COMEX in order to maintain the legitimacy of the price discovered there. In doing so, the entire investment world has discovered that the COMEX vaults are a place you can now turn to if you need delivery of physical metal. The delivery and daily vault stock reports prove this out. And this will work fine…until it doesn’t. ” – Craig Hemke

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.33EUR


Jeremiah 7:27    Therefore thou shalt speak all these words unto them; but they will not hearken to thee: thou shalt also call unto them; but they will not answer thee.




From Mind Control to Viruses: How the Government Keeps Experimenting on Its Citizens – “The U.S. government, in its pursuit of so-called monsters, has itself become a monster. This is not a new development, nor is it a revelation. This is a government that has in recent decades unleashed untold horrors upon the world—including its own citizenry—in the name of global conquest, the acquisition of greater wealth, scientific experimentation, and technological advances, all packaged in the guise of the greater good. Mind you, there is no greater good when the government is involved. There is only greater greed for money and power. Fifty years from now, we may well find out the whole sordid truth behind this COVID-19 pandemic. However, this isn’t intended to be a debate over whether COVID-19 is a legitimate health crisis or a manufactured threat. It is merely to acknowledge that such crises can—and are—manipulated by governments in order to expand their powers.” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM JOHN ON THE BIG PICTURE!!!!!

A Pandemic of Fear – I think we can all agree that we have careened from fear to fear over this period of time. Fear over hospitalizations gave way to fear over the infamous death counts displayed 24/7 by mainstream media. As death rates subsided last summer, fear of death gave way to fear over cases accompanied by an almost manic counting of tests administered. And, finally, the obsession with test and case counts has been displaced by how many have gotten their Covid shots.”” – Steve Berger

Relax Folks: The CDC, VUMC, Johns Hopkins Are All *DONE* – “The CDC still claims the spike protein in the shots is “harmless” despite three scientific papers dating to December stating otherwise, one of which is peer reviewed and another from Salk, with the first known published evidence of a problem dating back to September of 2020. All were deliberately ignored and still are being ignored. The science says it’s not harmless; it is in fact pathogenic. The CDC is lying and as a result people are dying. If you think this can remain “under wraps” and not get into the public consciousness you’re wrong.” – Karl Denninger  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM KARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Bill and Melinda Gates split up, it’s time to divorce the Microsoft billionaire from calling the Covid shots for us – “Bill Gates isn’t a doctor, he wasn’t elected to anything, and now we know he can’t keep his own house in order, either. So can we quit pretending that he’s the oracle on Covid-19 vaccines or how to run the world?” – Tony Cox

CDC Suddenly Concerned About Covid ‘False Positive’ Tests? (VIDEO) – ” False positives could undermine support for the vaccine. This move makes sense…but what about an entire year of testing the general population with a cycle of 40 or above? Are some false positives more equal than others?” – Ron Paul

Frequency Change: A Deeper Look at COVID Vax Transmission Phenomenon – “The COVID vax transmission phenomenon has now become well-known. Many have experienced it. The COVID vaxxed are transmitting something to those around them (including many unvaccinated people) that is causing those around them to suffer strange symptoms (migraines, nosebleeds, bruising, bloating, period pain, serious irregularity with menstruation, etc.). Does this connect in with the Synthetic Agenda, the Nanotech Agenda and the Smart Grid? Is this actually about controlling frequency and perception?” – Makia Freeman

Lecturer Warns Lockdown Restrictions Will Return Whenever There’s a Harsh Flu Season – “This is not over until we say it is.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Is the genetic COVID vaccine creating a hurricane inside cells of the body? – “I want to examine a narrow claim about the COVID RNA vaccine: It instructs cells of the body to manufacture ONE AND ONLY ONE specific protein. However, what guarantee do we have that the cells of the body are manufacturing only the one desired protein during the rehearsal? How do we know the cells are always making the same protein? Where is the proof? Where is the large confirmatory study that has examined thousands and thousands of human cells, from thousands of people who have been vaccinated? I haven’t been able to find such a study.” – Jon Rappoport

Experimental Adenovirus COVID Injections Continuing to Kill Younger, Middle-Aged People – “The AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson experimental adenovirus COVID shots seem to be killing younger, middle-aged people at a higher rate than the mRNA shots from Pfizer and Moderna. Here are the stories of some of the victims who have died following the injections and devastated their families.” – Brian Shilhavy

Joe & Jill Biden Wear Masks Outdoors on the Way to the Carters but Take Them Off Indoors While Meeting the Elderly Couple – “Somebody explain the science here?” – Anti-Empire

Open the pubs – “After a washout bank-holiday weekend, we need to open the pubs properly.” – Paddy Hannam

Why masks are still mandatory – “Think about what would happen if they allowed (there’s that word again) people not to wear masks after being vaccinated. People would actually begin to associate non-masking people with safety, while mask-wearing people would signal danger. The danger of the unvaccinated. The government has just lost all control. Do you really think these people will give up their newfound power so easily?” – Alex Hamilton


Corporate News Outlets Again “Confirm” the Same False Story, While Many Refuse to Correct it – “Journalists with major outlets know they spread a false, retracted story about the FBI and Giuliani but refuse to remove it, because their real job is spreading disinformation.” – Glenn Greenwald

CNN Has Become Desperate to Rewrite the ‘Biden Vaccine’ History – “This becomes yet another case of Biden plagiarizing for his own edification. To see an entire news network, one that previously called to not politicize the pandemic, joining in to burnish his record is beyond disturbing. They are trying to inoculate the country from the truth.” – Brad Slager

Biden vs. Biden on ‘Is America a Racist Country?’ – “Can you lead a country about whose history you profess shame? And how long will Americans follow leaders who appear to agree with those who hate what America was and, yes, what America is?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Brace yourself, America! Biden reportedly considering increasing domestic spying powers – “In a May 3 exclusive, CNN alleged that Joe Biden’s administration is considering using external contractors to track “extremist chatter” by US residents both on social media platforms and via encrypted messaging apps. “Multiple sources” are said to have confirmed that discussions are taking place on the plan, which would allow the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to circumvent restrictions preventing it from spying on Americans “without justification,” or creating false identities to gain access to private forums, groups and messaging apps used by “extremist groups.” ” – Kit Klarenberg

The Shape of Things to Come – “Democrats prepare to eliminate opposition to woke culture” – Philip Giraldi

The USA Titanic – Buckled Hull Plates Now Letting Water Into The Ship – “Seems to me we are on a sinking ship – numbly staring as hole after hole is being punched into the hull -the water is pouring in – we are starting to sink. Started slowly, but now is speeding up.” – A Patriot

The Democratic Party’s Stasi – “The Biden Justice Department is “the shield and the sword”—the motto of East Germany’s Stasi—for the Democratic Party, protecting its own corrupt ranks while terrorizing any and all detractors.” – Julie Kelly

It Doesn’t Take A Genius To Grasp Why The Crime Rate Has Skyrocketed – “The year 2021 is shaping up to be quite the boon for criminal activity across the United States. Homicides are up in the Big Apple 45% and shootings 78%. In Chicago, the murder rate has risen 16% and shootings 25%. In Washington, D.C., police data reveal a 16-year high, with a 43% rise in homicides. What, pray tell, could be the reason for such a drastic crime rate increase? Sane people get this.” – Leesa K. Donner

You Simply Cannot Make Up Cuomo’s Latest Advice on the COVID Vaccine – Matt Vespa

Intersectional Torturers – “Social media was ablaze yesterday over a CIA recruiting video which you should definitely watch if you haven’t seen it already, because it has to be seen to be believed. The video features a Latina CIA officer proudly describing her ascent to her position in one of the most depraved institutions that has ever existed using a jaw-dropping fountain of social justice buzzwords and appeals to Latin American culture while wearing a t-shirt featuring a girl power symbol and the caption “Mija, you are worth it.”” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Decline & Fall of the USA & Rise of China- “China will NOT join the West in destroying its economy to BUILD BACK BETTER. In fact, Su Wei, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that “Because renewable energy (sources such as) wind and solar power are intermittent and unstable, we must rely on a stable power source … We have no other choice. For a period of time, we may need to use coal power as a point of flexible adjustment.”” – Martin Armstrong

Blinken Bashes Russia and China on European Trip – Stephen Lendman

Creating a More Self-Sufficient Garden for the Long-Term – Joanna Miller

Surviving through Severe Water Shortages – “We don’t usually talk about it in the prepper community, but having enough water in any survival situation starts with making sure that we’re not wasting water.” – Bill White


Futures Slide, Tech Weak On Rising Inflation Fears – Tyler Durden

The Twilight Zone – “Why it feels to me like I’m in the Twilight Zone, is because the one commodity I follow and am more interested in than any other, silver, is still 50% below either its all-time highs of more than 40 years ago or of ten years ago, even though the evidence is strong that a pronounced physical shortage has been developing. Of course, even if I weren’t so interested in silver or had studied it so closely for decades, I would have been perplexed that it, as well as gold, hadn’t tracked more closely with the tremendous price surge occurring in so many commodities of late.” – Ted Butler

Skyrocketing Lumber Prices Have Increased The Average Price Of A New Home By $35,872 In 1 Year – Michael Snyder

Froth – “So Powell finally used the F word: Froth. Being non specific though as one would expect and being super careful as to not overtly link monetary policies to the said froth we can note some faint sense of recognition on the side of central bankers that the liquidity avalanche they have unleashed has resulted in market distortions.” – Sven Henrich

The Foundation Of Precious Metals (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – Operation Freedom

CPI Is a Lie! (VIDEO) – “The government always makes changes to their methods of measuring things, whether it’s GDP, or inflation, or unemployment. And they always tweak the numbers to produce a better result as a report card.” – Peter Schiff


Psalm 40:14    Let them be ashamed and confounded together that seek after my soul to destroy it; let them be driven backward and put to shame that wish me evil.






What Is Coming?! – “Have you had your injection yet? Are you excited about getting your immunity passport so you can gain permission to live … or not? Are you planning on being able to get a green code showing that you have complied with all the orders you have been given? Are you ecstatic about the slight possibility to travel or go to a live concert? Can you even contain yourself while waiting on a government digital currency, and an account that is fully controlled by your masters in government?” – Gary D. Barnett

The Great Reset: An Ancient Faith Continuously Renamed – “Consider how Covid Collectivism requires its believers to participate in the new sacraments of wearing masks, social distancing, and mandatory vaccination – all against an invisible killer; except this particular devil has a survival rate of 99.74%. Furthermore, The New Faith comes complete with own religious vestments (masks, gloves, face shields), liturgy (statements of faith like “Masks Up”, “Together Apart”, and “Build Back Better”, hand-washing, and needles/penetration), hierarchy (medical facilities, CDC, WHO), and collectivist theology (the young must be injected to protect the old).” – Doug “Uncola” Lynn  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM DOUG OIN THE BIG PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Vaxxing Question – “In 1956 German pharmaceutical company Chemie Grünenthal GmbH, licensed a new experimental drug designed to treat colds, flu, nausea and morning sickness. While forty-nine countries licensed the drug under multiple different names, the then head of the FDA Dr. Frances Kelsey, a physician-pharmacologist with a profound interest in fetal development, refused authorization for use in the US market due to her concerns about the lack of evidence regarding the drug’s safety. The drug was also known as Thalidomide. Sixty-five years on and the stringent safety measures brought in to avoid another scandal on the scale of Thalidomide have been swept aside in order to fast track the approval of experimental mRNA vaccines.” – Suzie Halewood  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!

The Missing Piece of the Covid-19 Death Puzzle: Co-Infection – “Oh, So You Thought If You Got Vaccinated You Would Avert Death By Virus? Maybe Not” – Bill Sardi with Matthew Sardi

CDC Officially Recommends COVID Jab for Pregnant Women – “The beyond conflicted U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has struck again: Pregnant women are now urged to get the COVID-19 gene manipulation jab, based on preliminary findings.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

COVID: Vaccinated people shedding and spreading genetic disaster to unvaccinated women? – “Why couldn’t “shed and spread” occur with a genetic COVID vaccine? In practice, who knows how many different dangerous and harmful processes can be detonated in the human body—plus the drifting of those genetic effects from person to person, whether vaccinated or not.” – Jon Rappoport  – MAKIA FREEMAN HAD A GOOD ARTICLE ON THIS AS WELL THAT WAS LINKED ON 4/28!!!!!!



15-Year-Old Boy Dies Of Heart Attack Two Days After Taking Pfizer Vaccine, Had No History Of Allergic Reactions – Tom Pappert

Vaccine Injury Reporting System Is Backlogged by Months – “A backlog by months not only indicates that quite possibly there are so many reports coming in that that the CDC can’t handle them, but it very well could prevent the CDC from performing its job of performing that primary goal.” – Cindy Olmstead

The Covid fines are a monstrous assault on justice – “More than a quarter have been issued unlawfully. They must be scrapped. More than 85,000 fixed-penalty notices have been issued for breaking the Covid restrictions in England.” – Laura Dodsworth




Biden Family Justice – “If you want to grok the awesome failure of authority these Fourth Turning crack-up years in America, start with the lawlessness at the Department of Justice and its sociopathic step-child, the FBI, along with a demonic host of intel agencies seeded throughout the national government: the CIA, the NSA, the DIA, the DHS, and even the lowly crypto-public US Postal Service, lately enlisted to spy on US citizens’ social media posts. The campaign of false witness against US citizens went into overdrive when Donald Trump strutted onto the scene and “seventeen agencies of the Intel Community” conspired with The New York Times and other news media to manufacture the RussiaGate hoax. Now comes the curious case of Rudy Giuliani, whose apartment was raided on a warrant last week by the FBI seeking his computers and cell phones. The probable cause remains murky” – James Howard Kunstler

The Bleak Biden Way What is the Biden way? – “To surveille, monitor, root out, raid, jail, confine, and smear all impediments to fundamental transformation.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Who Gets To Define What’s Patriotic? – “Biden wants to use his version of patriotism as a blunt instrument to forward the agenda of the left, which supports the most unpatriotic ideas imaginable. The left, a retrograde tribe made up of almost every Democratic politician and party official, nearly every member of the media, and most of the entertainment industry, does not believe in freedom outside of special privileges it’s carved out for itself. But we also know that George Washington warned us to “guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism,” and Theodore Roosevelt said “patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official.”” – I & I Editorial Board

Biden’s Agenda of “Democratic” Paternalism and Planning – Richard M. Ebeling

$8 TRILLION A MONTH! Will American work ethic survive this government’s socialist-style generosity shower? – “Amid enormous government stimulus spending to offset the ravages of Covid-19, a whopping 34% of US income now comes not from the sweat of one’s brow, but from that bottomless pit known as Uncle Sam’s pockets.” – Robert Bridge

Fake News Still Gaslighting America with Phony Polls – ” …and this is far from their only tool for propaganda.” – Brian C. Joondeph

Are They Purposely Trying To Make The Streets Of America “Abnormally Violent” In The Summer Of 2021? – “Have you noticed that the corporate media has been repeatedly using the word “violent” to describe what the summer of 2021 is going to be like? Many Americans believed that once Joe Biden was in the White House that all of the civil unrest that we have been witnessing would magically disappear and that violent crime rates would go back to normal. Of course neither of those things has happened.” – Michael Snyder

Minneapolis Target Store Ransacked by Rioters Features Mural Celebrating Rioters – “Capitulation.” – Paul Joseph Watson  – GUESS IT PAYS TO PANDER TO THESE IDIOTS. GOTTA LOVE IT!!!!!

Juror in Chauvin Trial Makes Potentially Problematic Statements on Morning Show – ““I mean it’s important if we wanna see some change, we wanna see some things going different, we gotta get out there, get out into these avenues, get into these rooms to try to spark some change,” he said. “Jury duty is one of those things. Jury duty. Voting. All of those things we gotta do.” Now that’s obviously problematic because you’re not supposed to be sitting on a jury to “spark some change.” You’re only supposed to be deciding guilty or not guilty based solely on the facts and evidence presented in the case, nothing else. Not whatever societal change that you may think needs to happen.” – Nick Arama

Silicon Valley Algorithm Manipulation Is The Only Thing Keeping Mainstream Media Alive – Caitlin Johnstone

PARENTS: You Have The Power – “Parents across the country are worried about what their children are being taught in school, with subject matters such as critical race theory, the transgender agenda, and revisionist history being forced on them, not to mention the sexualizing of children that is taking place. Parents are also very concerned about their children being made to wear masks for upwards of seven hours a day, and battling school boards to remove the mandate. In fact, just do a quick search on the internet and witness how many parents are suing school boards across the country right now. Bring the fire!” – Corey Lynn

Queen versus Knave: The Battle for the Soul of the United Kingdom – “The common criticism of the Royal Family is that they are out of touch with everyday life, with all their hereditary titles and palaces. People support them in the same way they support pop stars or television personalities, not because of the work they do. But the antics of the Johnson clan are about to make the Royal Family more relevant than ever. All the things they attack, whilst ostensibly pretending to support in principle, are there because they are considered the best alternative. Even if the Royal Family isn’t any more, it soon will be again, because anyone who wants that will have nowhere else to go.” – Seth Ferris

It’s Aggression When ‘They’ Do It, but Defense When ‘We’ Do Worse – Alan Macleod

If Anti-Gunners Want To Know Why We Cling To Them, They Should Ask – “But for some people, actually talking to us and finding out why we refuse to budge is just too damn hard.” – Tom Knighton

The 4 Levels of Disasters (And How to Prepare for Each One) – “Disasters come in all shapes and sizes, and so do your preps. There are four different levels of disasters, from personal emergencies to a full-on SHTF end-of-the-world kind of thing. The good news is, no matter what your level of preparedness or your budget is like, there are things you can do to prep for each one.” – Daisy Luther




Cradle-to-Grave Stimmy: How We Got Here – David Stockman

Yellen Discusses Inflation Tools As If She Was Still the Fed Chair – “Former Fed chairman and current Treasury Secretary was pumping Biden’s $4 trillion socialist program on Sunday.” – Mish

Fed Helps Biden Cheat to Avoid Economic “F” (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

“The Costs Are Up, Up, Up. We’re Seeing Substantial Inflation” Admits A Surprised Warren Buffett As Powell, Yellen See Nothing – Tyler Durden

Inflation, Mispricing, Shrinkflation, And Out-Of-Stock: Is A Food Supply Crisis Or Shock Imminent? – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Why Did The CFTC Help Suppress Silver Futures Prices? – Dave Kranzler

Wait, What Did the Former U.S. Mint Director Say About Silver?! (VIDEO) – “It’s not only what was said, but who said it, that matters. Precious metal investors, take notice.” – Silver Fortune




1 Peter 3:10    For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile:








For the Vaccinated the CDC Redefines What a “COVID Case” Is – “If you have been vaccinated the CDC only cares about tests positive at under 28 cycles. In fact, the agency plans to stop counting post-vaccine virus cases entirely.” – Anti-Empire  – CAN’T LET IT SHOW THAT THE VACCINES AREN’T WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Vaccine Passports’ Inch Closer As Canadian Prime Minister Says They Are “To Be Expected” – Arjun Walia

Efforts to Silence the Debate on Vaccination Safety: The Weaponization of the CDC Against Public Health – Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null

GENOCIDE in the U.S. Continues: 3,848 DEATHS 118,902 Injuries Following COVID Injections – Children Now being Reported as Dying Also – “The mass murder of Americans through the experimental COVID injections continues, as the CDC is now reporting that 3,848 people have died and 118,902 adverse reactions have now been logged into their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).” – Brian Shilhavy

19,916 ‘eye disorders’ including blindness following COVID vaccine reported in Europe – “More than 10,000 reports of eye disorders after COVID shots in the U.K. alone” – Celeste McGovern

Like ‘15 days to slow the spread?’ Fauci advises India to SHUT DOWN country ‘for a few weeks’ amid record Covid-19 surge – RT  – WHY DON’T THEY JUST MAKE FAUCI “THE WORLD COVID CZAR”


The Star-Bellied Sneetching Of America – “In a disturbing echo of the classic Dr. Seuss story “The Sneetches,” the relentless efforts of the progressive left to apply the mathematical principle of division to America is resulting in a stark, binary rendering of the nation into “them” and “us.” You see it everywhere in these days of false unity promised by a president who is delivering its antonym. Them and us. Second class citizens get yellow stars – while elites have none upon thars.” – Pennel Bird

Brave new cancel culture world – “If we need a date when the West started to go seriously wrong, let’s start with Rome in the early 5th century” – Pepe Escobar

USA Gangster Government (VIDEO) with Alex Newman – “Journalist Alex Newman says the rule of law is disappearing in America. You can see it in the thug tactics of raiding the office of the President’s former attorney Rudy Giuliani to the election audit finally underway in Arizona that is sure to reveal massive ballot fraud.” – Greg Hunter

The Never-ending Hunt for a Trump Crime – “If you are not yet concerned about the FBI’s counterintelligence operations, its incompetency and KGB-type operations, you just aren’t paying attention.” – Clarice Feldman

The Left Continues to Destroy Itself and Others With Evidence-Free Destruction of Reputations – “Equating accusations with proven fact is reckless and repressive. It is also standard behavior in liberal politics, whereby they ruin lives without a second thought.” – Glenn Greenwald

Media hysteria means Arizona election audit may be on to something – “If the 2020 election were as well run as touted, then the Biden-centric media should be cheerleading the effort.” – John D. O’Connor

‘We’re here for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop’: Trump supporter reveals ‘surreal’ moment FBI raided her Alaska home in hunt for computer stolen during the Capitol riot – but she claims it’s a case of mistaken identity – Emily Crane and AP

Democrat’s DC Statehood Idea Is Dead Already. What Else is Dead? – Mish

Guess Who’s Testifying In Congress US Troops Must Stay In Afghanistan Forever? – Tyler Durden

John Kerry invested in oil companies prior to becoming Biden’s climate envoy, financial disclosures show – “Kerry’s total investments were valued between $4.2M and $15M” – Joe Schoffstall  – IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. DO YOU REALLY THINK KERRY CARES ABOUT THE CLIMATE. ONLY IF HE CAN MAKE MONEY ON IT. IT’S ALL A JOKE, PEOPLE. WAKE UP!!!!!

Twitter isn’t censoring accounts to keep users ‘safe’, it is using its power to spoon-feed the world establishment narratives – Eva Bartlett

Russia, Iran and a SWIFT Nuclear First Strike – “In fact, if Russia was cut out from the SWIFT system their next move would be to demand all payments for their energy through their own version of SWIFT, which is now fully functional. It would be an ‘act of war.’ That this resolution passed with just 67 against it tells me it has broad backing within the EU parliament of those in the pay of both George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the World Economic Forum. And this means they are willing to start World War III to make the world safe for communism and Climate Change.” – Tom Luango

World’s Most Tyrannical Regime Can’t Stop Babbling About “Human Rights” – “Like all US secretaries of state, Blinken’s public statements overwhelmingly focus on the claim that other nations abuse human rights, and that it is America’s duty to defend those rights. Which is very silly, considering the fact that the US government is the single worst human rights abuser on planet Earth. And it’s not even close.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The CIA’s Chinese Walls – “It is not in dispute that the CIA is in possession of Julian Assange’s legal and medical files seized from the Ecuadorean Embassy, including correspondence and drafting by his lawyers on his defence against extradition to the USA on Espionage charges. The CIA put effort into collecting specifically his legal papers from Quito. If there are effective “Chinese walls” preventing the stolen and eavesdropped material on his legal defence being given or explained to the American government prosecutors, then who is the market for these legal papers? Who is the CIA providing them to? What other purpose are the CIA supposed to be seizing his legal papers for?” – Craig Murray

West Africa is the Latest Testing Ground for US Military Artificial Intelligence – “In its preparation for great power competition, the US military is modernizing its artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques and testing them in West Africa.” – Scott Timcke

80 Groups Blast US Interference in Mexico’s Phaseout of Glyphosate and GM Corn – “We call on Secretary Vilsack and Trade Representative Tai, as key leaders in the new administration, to respect Mexico’s decision to protect both public health and the integrity of Mexican farming.” Jessica Corbett

Water Wars – “rom oil and natural gas to rare earth minerals in the deep sea, we’ve looked at the competition for critical natural resources. Today, we examine the battle over a natural resource that’s even more fundamental, water. There’s every chance that America’s Water Wars may be overflowing into your neck of the woods soon. When it comes to America’s Water Wars, the West is as wild as it ever was. And the mighty Colorado River is one of the spoils.” – Full Measure


Federal Reserve Shrugs Off Inflation Threat – “Biden’s false facts, and food prices.” – Andrew Moran

The Price of the Stuff That Makes Everything Is Surging – “From steel and copper to corn and lumber, commodities started 2021 with a bang, surging to levels not seen for years. The rally threatens to raise the cost of goods from the lunchtime sandwich to gleaming skyscrapers. It’s also lit the fuse on the massive reflation trade that’s gripped markets this year and pushed up inflation expectations.” – Eddie Spence and Megan Durisin

The US Government’s Debt-to-GDP Ratio Is Worse Than Greece’s Before the 2008 Crash (And It’s About to Get Worse) – “The US is in uncharted debt territory. That should worry us.” – Jon Miltimore

Is the US Economy a Virtual Reality? – “There is no magic money tree out there to achieve such things.” The tree might not be magic but it does exist. It’s called the Federal Reserve. Here is the alarming chart of the broadest definition of national money, which reveals a quadrupling in the last year. The effects of such a thing can be difficult to trace. And much depends on factors outside the Fed’s control. Even the attempt to reign in the long-run effects could fail. Even so, the short-term effects, combined with unprecedented increases in government spending, have been to create the appearance of near full recovery. By the aggregated data alone, the US economy seems almost back to normal.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Gold is Laughing at Powell – “With the exception of Paul Volker and William Martin, the sad truth is that nearly every person who has sat in that lead Chair of a private bank masquerading as a “Federal” reserve has made the bank, and themselves, a public embarrassment. As the legendary private investor Jim Rogers recently observed on Kitco news, almost all central bankers effectively lie and obfuscate facts as part of their job description (and job preservation) at the Fed.” – Matthew Piepenburg


Job 29:14    I put on righteousness, and it clothed me: my judgment was as a robe and a diadem.


One world is enough
For all of us
One world is enough
For all of us

It’s a subject we rarely mention
But when we do we have this little invention
By pretending they’re a different world from me
I show my responsibility

One world is enough
For all of us
One world is enough
For all of us

The third world breathes our air tomorrow
We live on the time we borrow
In our world there’s no time for sorrow
In their world there is no tomorrow

One world is enough
For all of us
One world is enough
For all of us

Lines are drawn upon the world
Before we get our flags unfurled
Whichever one we pick
It’s just a self deluding trick

One world is enough
For all of us
One world is enough
For all of us

I don’t want to bring a sour note
Remember this before you vote
We can all sink or we all float
‘Cos we’re all in the same big boat

One world is enough
For all of us
One world is enough
For all of us

One world is enough
For all of us
One world is enough
For all of us

One world is enough
For all of us

It may seem a million miles away
But it gets a little closer everyday
It may seem a million miles away
But it gets a little closer everyday
It may seem a million miles away
But it gets a little closer everyday

One world…

( One World ( Not Three ) by Sting )
15 days