On Which Hill? – “As the title suggests, on which hill do we die? We all die, it’s just a matter of how much pain and anguish goeth before the end. So, my reverence for my father and what he did with his life had nothing to do with his service, but how he lived it. Honesty, integrity and doing what was right were the qualities he was known for, so watching him wither, eaten up by cancer, knowing what I know now, that it was probably injected into him when he started taking flu shots encouraged by his doctor and others, grips my heart with a hatred and a thirst for vengeance. What I find so appalling about the reaction of Americans to this vaxx insanity is they are watching their innocent children, their wives, brothers and sisters die from this, their teenage boys and girls, just starting out, having not lived at all, being culled, brought down, destroyed or permanently maimed by this cabal of Satanist clowns at the WHO, FDA, CDC, in every hospital, every clinic, encouraged by every celebrity and politician, with no interest, no curiosity as to those dropping dead all around them.” – T.L. Davis  – GOOD ONE FROM T.L. AS USUAL!!!

Dr. Fauci Knew Covid Vaccines Would Never Give Us Herd Immunity – “Is Tony trying to “explain his mistakes” and ask for pandemic amnesty?” – Igor Chudov

Only Fools Think The COVID Pandemic Is Over – “We’re all living inside a CIA pharmaceutical war game to topple our republic” – Emerald Robinson

RFK, Jr. to Kim Iversen: ‘Nobody Ever Complied Their Way Out of Totalitarianism’ – “In an appearance this weekend on “The Kim Iversen Show,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and journalist Kim Iversen discussed resistance during the pandemic, strategies for rebuilding democracy and the power of fear — and of new technologies — to control dissent.” – Brenda Baletti, Ph.D.

Unvaccinated Are the Only Oppressed Minority: Time for Reparations and Affirmative Action – Dr. Joseph Sansone

Vitamin D, now conclusive (VIDEO) – ” Various studies, a association between severe vitamin D deficiency and bad COVID-19 outcomes. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in immune function and inflammation. Recent data suggest a protective role of vitamin D against bad outcomes” -Dr. John Campbell

Fine tuning use of vitamin D supplements – “Benefits will depend on getting enough into your blood. Research has shown that you need at least 50 ng/ml to get protection against COVID and other viral infections. Various studies have generally found most Americans with levels closer to 20-30 ng/ml. My studies of research causes me to conclude that most people would need to take 4,000 to 5,000 units daily to get sufficient protective blood levels.” – Joel S Hirschhorn

Jacinda Ardern: Saint or Psychopath? – Martin Hanson

Here is a 2012 interview with Dr. Michael Callahan, who allegedly called up Sherpa in Jan. 2020 and told him to “spin up a team” on COVID – “Plus a little data dump on the history of these “two old friends”” – Sage Hana


The Chinese Spy Balloon Hoax – “After the Russiagate Hoax, the Covid hoax, and the Insurrection hoax, We now Have the Chinese Spy Balloon Hoax According to Washington and the whore media, China sent a balloon that the Pentagon said “could” be loaded with explosives to spy on America. A top general said that similar balloons have entered US airspace undetected before. Do understand that what is going on here is the purposeful creation of an incident for propaganda purposes to stoke up more animosity against China, and to spend more money on defense in Asia. We don’t have a Malaysian airliner to blame on China, but we do have a weather balloon. After receiving a brainwashing by a Pentagon briefing, Rep. Jim Himes (D,Conn.) says that US officials will “learn a lot” from the pieces of the “Chinese spy craft” that was shot down.” – Paul Craig Roberts  🎈

Winning the Great Balloon War – “OK, so America used an ultra-expensive F-22 stealth interceptor to shoot down what may prove to be a common weather balloon that was “made in China.” But, dammit, we won! It was a perfect one-shot kill! Maverick himself couldn’t have done it better. Take that, China! ” – Bill Astore  🎈

Top U.S. Pharmacies To Offer Abortion Pill After FDA Loosens Regulations—What Could Possibly Go Wrong? – “Imagine walking into a local CVS and Walgreens to pick up a snack or Advil, and alongside you, a pregnant woman might be collecting prescribed drugs to kill her growing yet unborn child.” – Dear Rest Of America

Biden’s SOTU puffery of his achievements will fall on deaf ears as polls show majority think he’s accomplished little or nothing – Thomas Lifson

Denver – Rocky Mountain High to Rocky Mountain Hellhole – “Seven years ago, Business Insider published, “14 reasons why Denver is the best place to live in America.” That was then. Crime in the Mile High City is now worse than New York City or Chicago, and growing increasingly dangerous” – Brian C. Joondeph

Leaders of East Oregon bid to secede and join Idaho think movement could go nationwide – with more rural countries looking to dump urban Democratic leaders and woke havens like Portland who impose taxes on them and shun ‘traditional values’ – “Oregon’s eastern counties step up plan to break away from liberal state leaders” – Rob Grilly

New Zealand’s Largest Egg Producer Goes Up in Flames Killing 50,000 Hens Amid Nationwide Shortage (VIDEO) – Jim Hoft – NOW IT’S NOT JUST IN THE U.S.. JUST ANOTHER COINCIDENCE!!!!!!

States of Emergency & the State of the Canadian Governments’ Mind – “Canada’s Liberal government couldn’t justify invoking the Emergencies Act based on the existing definition in the legislation. So, it obtained a legal opinion to embellish parameters for declaring an emergency.” – Ray McGinnis

So, where did the Fact Checkers Go – “During a visit to Kyiv on February 2, the unelected head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, was quick to assure Ukrainians and Europeans that sanctions against Russia had an effect and its economy was thrown back ‘a generation ago,’ recalls Boulevard Voltaire columnist Frederic Lasse. However, as the author notes, these words contradict the data of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which can hardly be suspected of sympathy for Moscow. Likely, the blatant lies were intended to boost the flagging spirits of the near suicidally depressed Ukrainian people dependent upon state-controlled media.” – Michael Walsh

Over 5,000 Dead In Turkey, Syria Quake: “We Thought It Was The Apocalypse” – “Turkey Earthquake: Dozens of nations pledged aid after the 7.8-magnitude quake, which hit as people were still sleeping and amid freezing weather that has hampered emergency efforts.” – Agence France Presse

Scholz is learning that it’s not easy going green – William Wilkes and Kamil Kowalcze, with assistance from Petra Sorge and Mariajose Vera


Welcome to the Global Recession, It Began in December Last Year – “Consumer spending hit a brick wall in the US, EU, UK and Australia. Guess what that means.” – Mish

US Trade Deficit Surges To Record High In 2022 As China Flows Rebound – “The US trade deficit for all of 2022 rose 12.2% to $948.1 billion, the widest gap on record, as the US continued to depend heavily on imports from other countries to meet domestic demand.” – Tyler Durden

Prepare to Be Bled Dry by a Decade of Stagflation – Charles Hugh Smith

The Fed Is All that Matters … Until it Doesn’t and Everyone Just Ignores it – “Stock investors don’t believe Powell because the Fed lost most of its credibility in recent years by promising it could do quantitative tightening on autopilot in its long-awaited and feared balance-sheet unwind, which crashed stocks back in 2018. Next it slammed the brakes on QT in a Fed faceplant because it had also crushed bank reserves, which the Fed, more than any entity on the earth, is supposed to understand and manage. After causing the Repo Crisis, the Fed exited that misstep by overprinting money in the wildest cash spree in history, in the hysterical fantasy that massive money printing (under the new pop philosophy of Modern Monetary Theory) would not cause inflation, which it immediately caused … eventually on a large scale that it has found hard to stop.” – David Haggith

Everything Is Breaking (VIDEO) with Jim Willie – Untold History Channel

European Central Bank Preparing for Bail Ins & Banking Collapse (VIDEO)  – Greg Reese  – LINKED AN ARTICLE ON 01/02/23 BY BRIAN SHILHAVY ABOUT THE FDIC PREPARING FOR THIS AS WELL AS THE ECB!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –11.61EUR


Getting Ready for Spring Planting – “Spring comes early where I live, it doesn’t wait for a leisurely arrival in March or April. I need to expand my garden this year, adding a couple more beds. That means not only building the beds, but getting some soil, compost, and the other ingredients to make up some good potting soil for it. The race is on to see if I can get it done in time, along with all the other projects I’ve got going on. Spring planting is such an important part of self-sufficiency that it needs to be a major point on our calendars.” – Bill White

50 Items To Shop For At The Thrift Store Or Yard Sale – Sue P

The Not-So-Great Depression Diet – “Everyone is familiar with the iconic images of those with no better alternative waiting in line for a bowl of thin soup and old bread. Many tend to think of such meals as coming from the state, but in fact much of it came from private charities, Families facing budget deficits temporized or, in the parlance of the day, “made do.” That meant paying bills late or not at all, patching worn clothes instead of buying new ones, and changing their diets. Some of the dietary changes were unhealthy. Many Depression-era Americans increased their consumption of wild edibles during periods of unemployment. In South Dakota, for example, pheasants grew plentiful in fallow fields, and were easily picked off from the porch or roadside. Connecticuters and upstate New Yorkers chowed down on squirrels, rabbits, and even, I kid you not, skunks.” – Robert E. Wright

Secret Safes: How to Store Your Valuables in Plain Sight – Aden Tate

11 Fatal Mistakes To Avoid When Bugging Out – “You might be surprised to find out how many people have bugout bags but no idea where to go when the time comes to bugout.” – James Walton


Jeremiah 12:1    Righteous art thou, O Lord, when I plead with thee: yet let me talk with thee of thy judgments: Wherefore doth the way of the wicked prosper? wherefore are all they happy that deal very treacherously?




Covid and the Three Tests of Compliance – “Jesus in the wilderness faced three temptations from the Devil himself: material comfort, fame, and power. Needless to say, he declined every temptation and passed all three trials. Fairy tales too are often framed by three chances. One way to think about these last three years is a succession of compliance tests: how much liberty and good sense are we willing to surrender to the regime and on what terms? The policies seem to be constructed for just that purpose. As if to fit the model, they came in three great waves: lockdowns, masks, and vaccine mandates.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

The tracking of the unvaccinated – “Collected for insurance providers. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly introduced a new program to track people who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 after they visit a doctor or go to a hospital, according to documents and a video highlighted by National File but published back in 2021.” – Christina Maas

Hardly Able – “People who ride motorcycles still care about motorcycles – as opposed to all-too-many-drivers, who view cars as appliances. Who have been conditioned to view them as such. Evidence of this disparity in attitude comes in the form of what sells – and what doesn’t. Like electric “motorcycles” – the latter being an absurdity on par with a meatless vegan double “cheeseburger.” Those don’t sell, either. And neither has the Harley LiveWire, which is the electric scooter Harley hilariously thought people who like motorcycles would buy. To be fair, Harley has sold a few LiveWires. As in 69 of them in the last quarter of 2022. Probably comparable to the number of “plant-based” (i.e., meatless) Impossible Whoppers sold by Burger King. Does anyone bother to wonder why a person who doesn’t want a burger would go to Burger King?” – Eric Peters

This One CANNOT Be Dismissed – “The author of the substack is pretty-much spot-on here. This is characteristic of an immune runaway response in the endothelium which we know is a problem with these jabs because it was demonstrated that direct endothelial damage occurred due to the presence of the spike protein even without any other part of the virus back in the fall and winter of 2020. Note that occlusive coronary artery disease (which would be extremely unusual in anyone this young) was not found. The heart attacks, in short, were not caused by a cut-off of circulation on an immediate basis into a region of the heart muscle. Heart attacks of this type occur when electrical conduction is disrupted. ” – Karl Denninger  – KARL IS REFERRING TO THE ARTICLE BELOW FROM JUSTIN HART!!!!!

Vax Injury Evidence Series: Case Study #1: Two Teens in CT Found Dead at Home – “Case study details autopsy results” – Justin Hart

Cleveland Clinic Study Destroys mRNA Injections Biggest Lie – “Cleveland Clinic study of 51,011 employees, Pfizer post-hoc analysis, and the FDA approval documents confirm mRNA biological injections cause COVID-19 infections and increase risk for severe disease.” – Karen Kingston

US Department of Defence has been running the “covid vaccine” fraud worldwide – ““[Pfizer] did not defraud the government. We delivered the fraud that the government ordered.” Sasha Latypova used these words to describe the basis on which Pfizer has requested the dismissal of a False Claims Act case brought against them for their covid “vaccines.” The US Department of Defence ordered “demonstrations” from pharmaceutical companies using the same secretive framework they use to order weapons. While telling us they were pharmaceutical products, for legal reasons they described them as emergency use authorised “countermeasures.” No pharmaceutical regulation applies to countermeasures.” – Rhoda Wilson


Where Do Things Stand? – “Have you forgotten the Chinese balloon incident yet? Don’t worry, you will. It was just a momentary distraction from the slow-motion crack-up of our country. And it came along with a boffo jobs report, led by hiring in “leisure and hospitality.” Oddly, the same month saw a record car re-po number, even higher than the depths of the 2009 Great Financial Fiasco — raising the question: how will all those people without cars actually get to Disney World? And what will they use for money there? America was bundled up last week, huddled beside space heaters and wood-stoves against an Arctic super-blast that also distracted us from the global warming scare-talk which the agit-prop industry has ramped up to replace the disintegrating Covid-19 story in the public’s attention-space.’ – James Howard Kunstler  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM MR, KUNSTLER ON THE STATE OF THE NATION!!!!

America Is Once More Safe for Democracy After ‘Terrorist’ Balloon Shot Down! – “Imagine the angst of the people, especially the politicians, when a balloon floated slowly for everyone to see across these United States, gaining more and more press all the time. Of course it was a killer Chinese balloon; what else could it be? The news anchors at every mainstream media outlet in the country had the exact same story as it floated over my home state of Montana, and it was of course completely wrong. Airports were shut down, politicians were screaming, as the dire threat of a balloon filled the skies. The puppet pontificators, along with the military heads were very perplexed, and said there was an ‘indication’ that a balloon possibly from China was traveling across the country, spying on us. What a coup! Yes, in this extremely advanced technological age, China had perpetrated the perfect covert mission to get all the U.S. military secrets, by sending a balloon that could be seen by everyone floating across the most sensitive sites in America.” – Gary D. Barnett  – PRETTY MUCH SUMS UP THE STUPIDITY ABOUT THE BALLOON!!!!!  🎈

Paranoid Politics and Weather Balloons – “Cynical political manipulation as usual. First, it appears I was wrong about the ability of the USG to shoot down China’s weather balloon. However, there is a persistent caveat here—never take at face value what the government and its propaganda media “report,” especially in regard to manufactured enemies.” – Kurt Nimmo  🎈

America once again turns the other butt cheek – “America has adopted a sort of 1930s style European ‘appeasement’ strategy. Or as I call it, “turn the other butt cheek”. Chinese leaders must be aghast that they’ve been able to get away with so many brazen attacks. And it would be absurd to think their incursions will not continue. They’ve already stolen mountains of classified information, infiltrated thousands of corporate and government networks… and pre-positioned who knows how many zero-day exploits on critical cyber infrastructure. In other words, China has already given itself a major tactical advantage should any armed conflict break out. What are key policymakers in the US doing about it? Well, their top priority seems to be pushing the US military and intelligence agencies to become more woke.” – Simon Black  – SO IS CHINA A THREAT OR NOT, DEPENDS ON HOW YOU LOOK AT THINGS. SIMON THINKS SO, BUT THEN AGAIN THE U.S. DOES THE SAME TYPE OF THINGS!!!

Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Suck-up – “It’s obvious that Pete Buttigieg does not take his duties as Secretary of Transportation seriously. Indulging in a secret “paternity leave” (for an infant acquired from a woman) shortly after assuming office, only to have a major port congestion scandal blow his cover, was the first clue, one of many to follow, culminating (so far) with the holiday season airport meltdowns. So, what is his real job? Quite obviously, it is to act as the ultimate suck-up for a doddering president lurching from one crisis to another,” – Thomas Lifson

Ilhan Omar’s Empire of Censorship – “The accusation of ‘Islamophobia’ is cynically being used to silence critics of woke.” – Brendan O’Neill

With ‘Govt’ The All-Time Leader In Mass Murder, History Proves, ‘Gun Control’ Kills People! Americans Should Never Give Up Their Guns To A Radical Left That Has Blood On Their Hands – D. Parker

Tightening The Fossil Fuel Screws Even More – “The EU Clamps Down On Refined Russian Oil. While the price caps have been and likely will be impactful on the Russian economy, it must be acknowledged that the one thing the crude oil cap has not done is dissuade Putin from the path of war regarding Ukraine. Putin is still putting troops in the field, and still attempting to sieze territory in Ukraine. There is precious little reason to believe the refined products cap will have a greater impact on Putin’s determination to continue fighting. In terms of hastening the war’s end, the crude oil price cap has been a complete failure, as indeed all of the sanctions levied against Russia have been. The refined products cap will not do any better. At most it will make Putin’s war more expensive.” – Peter Nayland Kust

Departing from Africa, Pope Francis renews call to end anti-sodomy laws – “The pontiff repeated his January 25 assertion that ‘the criminalization of homosexuality is a problem that cannot be ignored.'” – LifeSiteNews – DOING SATAN’S WORK AS USUAL. AS I SAID A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO. DOES HE NOT UNDERSTAND WHY GOD DESTROYED SODOM AND GOMORRAH!!!!

You May Want To Vomit After You Read About The Unspeakable Evil That Is Happening All Over America Right Now – “More kids are being sexually victimized in the United States than ever before in our entire history. As you will see below, in some cases “kids are being raped 20 to 30 times a day” and very little is being done to prevent this from happening. But this crisis is certainly not just limited to the hundreds of thousands of children that have been forced into sexual slavery. In our society today, very young children are being constantly bombarded with extremely sick and twisted sexual messaging on television, in the movies, on the Internet and in their classrooms. ” – Michael Snyder

Pompeo and the Prince – “The relationship should serve as a reminder for the U.S. to disentangle itself from the Middle East. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s enthusiasm for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia illustrates the worst of U.S. foreign policy. As secretary of state under President Donald Trump, Pompeo acted as if he were a mob consigliere for the KSA’s Mohammed “Slice‘n’Dice” bin Salman. Even the CIA blamed MbS for the murder and dismemberment of U.S. resident and dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018. Yet Pompeo continued to visit Riyadh, defending the Saudi royals from criticism of their selfish criminality and ostentatious brutality.” – Doug Bandow  – AND DON’T FORGET, HE HAS PRESIDENTIAL AMBITIONS AS WELL. JUST WHAT WE NEED. MORE WARMONGERING!!!!

More Evidence That The West Sabotaged Peace In Ukraine – “The US empire is getting everything it wants out of this proxy war. That’s why it knowingly provoked this war, that’s why it repeatedly sabotaged the outbreak of peace after the war broke out, and that’s why this proxy war has no exit strategy. The empire is getting everything it wants from this war, so why wouldn’t it do everything in its power to obstruct peace? ” – Caitlin Johnstone

Setting the Record Straight; Stuff You Should Know About Ukraine – “On February 16, 2022, a full week before Putin sent combat troops into Ukraine, the Ukrainian Army began the heavy bombardment of the area (in east Ukraine) occupied by mainly ethnic Russians. Keep in mind, the Ukrainian Army was, in fact, shelling civilian areas along the Line of Contact that were occupied by other Ukrainians. This has all been documented and has not been challenged. So, the question we must all ask ourselves is this: Is the bombardment and slaughter of one’s own people an ‘act of war’?” – Mike Whitney

New $2.2 Billion Arms Package for Ukraine Includes Longer-Range Rockets – “The Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb will nearly double Ukraine’s strike range but could take nine months to deliver” – Dave DeCamp  – THE NEVER ENDING STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will U.S. ‘Interests’ Become Sacrificed on Altar of New Indo-Pacific Strategy? – Matthew Ehret


The Sound Of Balloons Bursting – “POP! Go hopes for a US labour-market slowdown allowing a Fed pivot. POP! As the US shoots down a Chinese spy balloon. POP! Go hopes for détente. POP! Goes the view China isn’t decoupling. POP! Goes the view the US is incapable of real Cold Warmongering. POP! Goes an economic balloon we shoot down in a new report” – Michael Every  🎈

Balloons and Common Sense. Lots of improbable things to consider over breakfast. – “Rugby, Balloons and Employment Data – so much to consider this morning, but what this market needs a dose of common sense, understanding of central banks, and catharsis. Real interest rates and normalisation will provide solid foundations for real growth and recovery – not market froth!” -Bill Blain

The Fed Can’t Fight What It Doesn’t Understand (VIDEO) – “I think traders are looking at the softening economic data and a pullback in some of the inflation measures that we’ve had in recent months, and they think that the Fed is done hiking now even though Powell indicated that a couple more hikes are coming.” – Peter Schiff

The Annual Interest Rate Payment on Government Debt is $850 Billion and Rising Fast – “At the current pace, interest on US government debt will soon hit one trillion dollars.” – Mish

We Have A Problem… The Global Debt Market Is Flashing A WARNING SIGNAL. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

If You Were Hoping the Fed Would Boost Your Portfolio, Friday Was a Wake up Call – “Friday’s data just obliterated any hope of the Fed stopping its rate hikes. In case you missed it, on Friday the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) reported that its non-manufacturing PMI hit 55 in January 2023. This is a HUGE deal as the same data point was 49 in December 2022. Anything below 50 is considered to indicate an economic contraction.” – Graham Summers, MBA

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.34EUR


What Self-Sufficient Living is About and 8 Tips on How to Achieve It – Jennifer Poindexter

Two is One, One is None (Situational Redundancy) – “What is Two is One, One is None Two is one, and one is none is an excellent method of making sure that you have all of your bases covered in the event your first option fails. That’s especially important regarding your survival gear and anything you need to survive a bad situation. However, the need for redundancy doesn’t stop with the items you have in your survival kit. Redundancy applies to all aspects of your ability to survive—knowledge, skills, and resources. Likewise, sometimes, it doesn’t apply, meaning having two of something may not be in your best interest.” – Brian Duff

Five Reasons Physical Activity Is Important For Cancer Patients – Kajal Gokal and Amanda Daley

Things You Should Know Before Buying A Safe – “Purchasing a gun safe can be challenging due to the numerous options and features available. Misinformation from uninformed sales staff can add to the difficulty. This guide will simplify the process by breaking down the basics of buying a safe.” – Bob Rodgers

Civil War Emergency Survival (Various powers are busy figuring out how to dominate and destroy other world powers) – “Wars are deadly, and a war between factions of the same country is no different. It can affect a good portion of the population, including children who are too young to take care of and protect themselves. Civil wars usually come with abuses on human rights by both civilians and the military. A civil war always ends in tragedy, no matter where it occurs. Families must craft emergency survival plans regardless of the type of emergency. Rather than pin their hopes on the government helping them out, they should rely on themselves. This is how they will avoid experiencing suffering, death and separation in evacuation camps designated by the government.” – Dave Jefferson

How to Survive an Earthquake: A Beginner’s Guide – Bryan Lynch


1 Thessalonians 4:7    For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness.




Well, It’s bird flu…again – “Hey remember last year? Remember the spring “bird flu outbreak”? Remember how it was all just a fear-porn story designed to discourage people from eating real food, drive up the price of poultry and eggs and sell more vaccines? Well, guess what… Anyway, the story is that scientists have found bird flu in otters, bears, dolphins and foxes in the last year. And that means it could potentially jump to humans. Because the order goes otters-bears-dolphins-foxes-people. That’s like biology 101. Seriously though, what makes this story nonsense is the only reason they found this virus is that they were looking for it.” – Kit Knightly

They Lied to Us About Myocarditis, too – “They said Covid gives kids MORE myocarditis” – Igor Chudov

Mark Steele on 5G, Nanotechnology Weapons in C19 Shots, Use of Heavy Metals as Weapons Systems (VIDEO) – “Mark Steele, weapons expert, explains how the metals and nanotechnology in the C19 shots are used as a weapon in conjunction with 5G. He explains that the more metals a person has in them, they become radio traceable from space for directed energy weapons kill missions. He explains that he has intelligence documents that speak of the plan of killing 200 Million Americans by 2025. He advises to get out of the cities which are 5 G radiation hotspots. 5G is used to target areas to create “ viral outbreak centers”.” – Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD  – FOR MORE FROM MARK ON 5G AND THE VACCINE SEE THE LINKS ON 01/05/23 AND THE DANGERS OF 5G ON 06/11/19!!!!!!!

Scientists Discover That Higher Carbon Dioxide Levels are Cooling Many Parts of the Planet – Chris Morrison

Don’t Fall For The Decoy – “The WHO published the “Zero Draft” of their proposed “Pandemic Treaty” on February 1, 2023 In my humble opinion, the “Zero Draft” of the WHO CA+ is a skillfully crafted decoy that is designed to take attention away from the proposed amendments to the IHR. The proposed “Pandemic Treaty” is a real thing, but I have been saying for nearly a year that it is also designed to function as a decoy.” – James Roguski

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 4, 2023 (VIDEO) – “”Record Setting Cold Shocks New York City”, this breaking New York Post headline is exactly what the climate engineers and their controllers want. The Post report continues with this: “The Big Apple felt more like the North Pole early Saturday Morning”. What aren’t matrix media sources mentioning in such sensationalized articles? That the completely engineered short duration flash freeze will be almost immediately followed by a rapid and extreme warm up which is scheduled to extend through most of February.” – Dane Wigington

Nanotechnology & the New Arms Race – “Nanotech weapons causing human extinction” – OUTRAGED HUMAN

Maintain and spread your anger about COVID vaccines – “The more medical research data you know, the more you condemn the vaccines. All those who have followed medical research data on the COVID mRNA vaccines must not think (or hope) that Big Pharma, especially Pfizer, and corrupt government agencies will admit they screwed up. They will keep finding ways to push the vaccines. It does not matter how many lives are harmed and lost. Making more billions of dollars is all they care about. Every one of us must find ways to spread the truth about the damage these vaccines cause.” – Joel S Hirschhorn

Government Reports & Pfizer Documents prove COVID Vaccination is causing Depopulation & we now have evidence it was the plan all along – The Expose


They’re Not Worried About “Russian Influence”, They’re Worried About Dissent – Caitlin Johnstone

Democrats Get Even More Racist – “You can tell what Democrats don’t want to talk about by what they blame on racism or some other irrelevant factor. When they don’t like a story, or can’t spin it to their advantage, they cry some kind of “ism” or “phobia,” and the granddaddy of all of it is racism. When the agenda isn’t helped by reality, Democrats simply declare a new reality.” – Derek Hunter

Stop Celebrating Stupidity | The Rise of Anti-Intellectualism (VIDEO) – Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen

FBI to get massive new edifice – “Sometimes size does matter. Taxpayer dollars—and a great many of them—are set to be used to construct a gigantic new edifice for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, more commonly known as the FBI. The massive new building/complex will be, at minimum, double the size of the Pentagon, which, until very recently, was the largest office building on the face of the planet. This means that the Feds’ new building may potentially end up being even larger than the Kremlin, which covers a staggering 66 acres. Take that, Russkies! The fact that the FBI, the U.S.’s domestic intelligence and security service and federal law enforcement arm, will soon have a home dwarfing that of the department of defense charged with guaranteeing our national security and protecting us from myriad threats from abroad, speaks volumes about the Biden administration. None of it good.” – Eric Utter  – WHEN ALL YOUR CITIZENS ARE TERRORISTS, YOU NEED A BIGGER OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New York State is Losing Jobs to Florida and Texas at an Astonishing Clip – “Let’s discuss voting with your feet, where it’s happening and why in the top 10 US population states.” – Mish

We cannot be told what to do by Government (VIDEO) – Neil Oliver

President Xi’s Dilemma: Visit Moscow Soon Or Hope That Blinken Still Comes To Beijing First? – “Going to Moscow sometime soon like his “best friend” President Putin invited him to do this spring during their traditional end-of-the-year call would show that President Xi has been swayed by his military’s hardline anti-US faction into more robustly resisting America’s attempts to reassert its declining hegemony, while continuing to delay this trip under whatever pretext in the hopes of Blinken visiting first to revive the New Détente would signal weakness in the face of US strength.” – Andrew Korybko

Washington inflates the China balloon threat – “The meltdown in DC risks turning into a self-fulfilling prophecy: Routine inter-state relations becoming a full-blown crisis.” – Jake Werner

Washington’s Reich Syndrome… War Plans Accumulate Beyond Russia to China – “This year is promising to be a most consequential watershed in world history. The reckless warmongering ambitions of the Western powers know no bounds. Just as Washington and its imperial minions in the NATO axis are escalating the war in Ukraine against Russia with the utmost deranged folly, the Western rulers are also pushing ahead to bait China with provocations and threats. The psychopathic behavior of the collective Western so-called leaders shows beyond doubt that the Ukraine conflict is but one battlefield in a bigger global confrontation.” – Strategic Culture Foundation


Federal Reserve Postures in Attempt to Create Perception of Control – “As the Federal Reserve winds down its rate hiking campaign, precious metals bulls are anticipating a favorable environment for gains ahead. On Wednesday, Fed policymakers raised their benchmark rate by just a quarter point. Chairman Jerome Powell also delivered remarks widely interpreted by markets as dovish. He suggested the Fed was close to declaring victory over inflation. Powell also claimed that disinflation is now taking hold. After getting his inflation forecast wrong for two years by insisting it would be “transitory,” he is now trying to take credit for predicting the supposed trend of disinflation.” – Mike Gleason

Powell Pulls a Surprising 180 – “Fed Chair Jerome Powell raised rates by 25 basis points as expected and forecast at least two more rate hikes. But that wasn’t the highlight of his conference call. It was his statement that “financial conditions have certainly tightened.” This was jaw-dropping for two principal reasons. First, it’s simply not true. Financial conditions are as easy as they were when the Fed Funds rate was at zero: ” –

China Preps For War: Spy Balloon Belies Much Larger Economic Warning Signs – “While we focus on the obvious, it’s important to also understand that from a monetary and financial perspective, it looks like China is preparing for war. Notably, China is continuing to stockpile gold while selling U.S. Treasuries, an obvious step that a country readying either for war or to challenge the U.S. dollar on a global stage (or both) would be taking.” – Quoth the Raven

Chess Master Putin Is Moving Closer To Destroying The US Dollar – “In the war between the western alliance and the Asian axis, the media focus is on the Ukrainian battlefield. The real war is in currencies, with Russia capable of destroying the dollar.” – Alasdair Macleod  – RUSSIA AND CHINA BOTH ARE WORKING ON DESTROYING THE DOLLAR. HAVE LINKED ARTICLES ABOUT THIS FOR SEVERAL YEARS AND NOW THEY ARE GETTING CLOSER!!!!

2023 economic conditions mirrors 2010 and 2019 and in 2010 silver tripled..(VIDEO) with Craig Hemke – Gold Seek Radio


How to Survive a Famine – “Famine is one of mankind’s oldest enemies, having existed throughout human history. Regardless of whether the famine was caused by drought or pestilence, the result is usually the same: people suffer and many die… sometimes entire civilizations. Modern farming techniques have greatly reduced the risk of famine for the countries which can afford the necessary infrastructure to support those farms. But even with the massive infrastructure we have in place, we are still susceptible to drought.” – Rich Murphy

OPSEC in the Wake of a Disaster – “The military term OPSEC has been adopted by the prepping community to denote the actions we take to keep friends and neighbors from knowing that we’re preppers. That’s a good thing and something we should all practice. Letting people know that you’re a prepper amounts to inviting them to show up on your doorstep when things go bad, even if that’s not your intention. Trust me, I know.” – Bill White

Pet Preps – “For many, pets are just as much part of the family as any member who walks on two legs. We would no sooner leave a dog or cat to fend for itself after a disaster than we would a child. Even so, as we go about planning for emergencies, we sometimes overlook the needs of our furry friends. Our critters rely upon us to provide their food, water, and other necessities. Many breeds of dogs in particular wouldn’t be able to survive long on their own simply because they are unable to hunt very well.” – Jim Cobb.

5 Reasons Gardening is Good For You – Marie Hawthorne


Matthew 10:34  Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.


There’s a place in the world
For a gambler
There’s a burden that only
He can bear
There’s a place in the world
For a gambler

And he sees
Oh, yes he sees
And he sees
Oh, yes he sees

There’s a song in the heart
Of a woman
That only the truest of loves
Can release
There’s a song in the heart
Of a woman

Set it free
Oh, set it free
Set it free
Oh, set it free
Set it free
Oh, set it free

There’s a light in the depths
Of your darkness
There’s a calm at the eye
Of every storm
There’s a light in the depths
Of your darkness

Let it shine
Oh, let it shine
Let it shine
Oh, let it shine
Let it shine
Oh, let it shine

Let it shine

( There’s a Place In The World For A Gambler by Dan Fogelberg )


bird flu day




Molnupiravir Creating New COVID Strains? – “It’s bad enough when the cure is worse than the disease, but what about when the cure becomes the disease? That seems to be what is happening with Molnupiravir, Merck’s antiviral therapeutic which it has made billions selling to a world terrified by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.” – Peter Nayland Kust

Ai Digital-Humans Replace Influencers Such as Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman and Damar Hamlin – “Why are there no videos or social media posts of his loved ones celebrating his unbelievable recovery? Why isn’t his mom testifying with her son on how his life was miraculously saved? Why aren’t his teammates posting social media videos on how relieved and joyful they are that Damar has had a full recovery? Why is Damar Hamlin alone?” – Karen Kingston  – ARE THE VIDEOS OF DAMAR REALLY DAMAR. KAREN SEEMS TO THINK NOT AND MAKES SOME GOOD POINTS HERE!!!

Eggs, Spike Proteins, And The Manufactured Food Crisis – 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

The Federal Reserve Cartel – Eight Families own the USA #BIS, IMF, World Bank – Herland Report  – OLDER ARTICLE FROM 2022 BUT HAVE NEVER LINKED IT BEFORE. MAY PERMALINK THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did US Gov Work On A Myocarditis-Inducing Virus, Then Work To Aerosolize It? Let’s Look At The Facts (VIDEO) – The Last American Vagabond

The Brave New World of Artificial Intelligence – “As a journalist and commentator, I have closely followed the development of OpenAI, the artificial intelligence research lab founded by Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and other prominent figures in the tech industry. While I am excited about the potential of AI to revolutionize various industries and improve our lives in countless ways, I also have serious concerns about the implications of this powerful technology. If you aren’t worried yet, I’ll let you in on a little secret: The first three paragraphs of this column were written by ChatGPT, the chatbot created by OpenAI. You can add “columnist” to the list of jobs threatened by this new technology, and if you think there is anything human that isn’t threatened with irrelevance in the next five to 10 years, I suggest you talk to Mr. Neanderthal about how relevant he feels 40,000 years after the arrival of Cro-Magnon man.” – Frank Miele

This Should Alarm You – “It could change everything. ChatGPT: Why should you care? Why is this important?” – Paul Joseph Watson




Why Do I Profoundly Shun the Labels ‘Libertarian’ and ‘libertarian? – “Regardless of what one calls himself, or what label is attached to his name, he will be attacked, criticized, cursed, threatened at some point in time, or even praised. Maybe the detrimental side of this is just human nature, but if so, it usually involves ignorance, or just ill intent. I know that I am an anarchist, but that term has been brutally bastardized, and the real meaning purposely changed over time by state forces who have altered the definition to mean its exact opposite. Anarchy simply means, “without rule” or “without rulers.” It has absolutely nothing to do with chaos, dystopia, violence, rioting, or lawlessness, but few today have any concept of actual language.” – Gary D. Barnett

A Warning to Americans From Across the Pond: Don’t Take Your Free Speech Rights for Granted – “Freedom of speech is functionally extinct in Britain. Americans should learn the lessons from our experience.” – Harrison Griffiths

Subsidy Junkies – “The problem with getting hooked on something – whether it’s booze, or subsidies – is that it’s hard to quit once you are. Just ask the car industry. It has become dependent on subsidies – in the form of “tax breaks” – to get people to “buy” electric vehicles; the “buying” in air-fingers-quotation marks to mock the fact that when someone else is paying, you’re not really buying.” – Gary Peters

Chinese Spy Balloons: Potential Purposes For The High Altitude Invasion – “First, the immediate question is why the Biden Administration has not destroyed the balloon? Why not shoot first and ask questions later? Well, Biden’s silence on this issue suggests he either has no answers or that the truth will make the American public very angry. The most likely reason it has not been shot down is because it is very difficult or impossible to shoot down.” – Brandon Smith 🎈

Communist Doomsday Balloon Nonsense – “The Chinese balloon is yet another distraction. It’s remarkable how easy it is to rile up the American public. The latest bit of theatrics centers around a “communist” balloon that is either a spy device or a weather balloon that has drifted off course. Either way, this thing isn’t some sort of major threat to America. Even so, it can be used as clickbait.” – Kurt Nimmo 🎈

With Second CCP Spy Balloon Confirmed, Theories Emerge About Their Evil Intentions – “Some of the theories are just crazy enough to be true.” – JD Rucker 🎈

US Surrounds China With War Machinery While Freaking Out About Balloons – “In what Austin journalist Christopher Hooks has called “one of the stupidest news cycles in living memory,” the entire American political/media class is having an existential meltdown over what the Pentagon claims is a Chinese spy balloon detected in US airspace on Thursday. Secretary of State Antony Blinken cancelled his scheduled diplomatic visit to China after the detection of the balloon. The mass media have been covering the story with breathless excitement. China hawk pundits have been pounding the war drums all day on any platform they can get to and accusing the Biden administration of not responding aggressively enough to the incident.” – Caitlin Johnstone 🎈

The Chinese Balloon Incident Could Decisively Shift China’s & The US’ “Deep State” Dynamics – “Chinese Balloon Or Black Swan? The Chinese weather balloon incident might go down in history as a game-changer in terms of how decisively it could shift China’s and the US’ respective “deep state” dynamics. ” – Andrew Korybko 🎈

That Didn’t Age Well! Read The Most Clownish Takes About The Laptop Hunter Biden Admits Was His – “Hunter Biden admitted this week that the infamous laptop made public in the fall of 2020 was his. Here are the statements that aged the worst.” – Tristan Justice

Classified Documents Everywhere, But Only One Hunter Biden – “Leaving Washington with classified documents must be a tradition for outgoing presidents and vice presidents. Sensitive government papers have now been found in the private homes and offices of Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Maybe every president going back for decades has taken documents he shouldn’t have. But only one has a crooked son who could have easily accessed those documents and used them to enrich himself and his corrupt family.” – I & I Editorial Board

The Born Loser – “Nikki Haley is going to lose. She knows she’s going to lose. That doesn’t mean it won’t be fun to watch.” – Declan Leary

Republicans to Force Nancy Pelosi to Testify about Security Failure on January 6th – Will Tanner

Food Shortages Are Starting To Become Quite Serious All Over The Planet – Michael Snyder

The CIA’s Deadly Drug-Running Operation – “Don’t count on the CIA ever being investigated or brought to justice by Congress or the Justice Department for this. As we all know, the CIA is way too powerful for that. There is no way that any member of Congress, any U.S. Attorney, or any federal judge in the land is going to go after the CIA. In fact, no president since John Kennedy has dared to take on the CIA, and we all know what happened to him.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Your Phone Runs on Cobalt From DR Congo – “The chances of your phone’s battery being made using cobalt from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are very high. The use of child labor in the mining of cobalt in DRC is well documented, with the U.S. Department of Labor estimating that 40,000 children, some as young as 6 years old, work in the mines there.” – Martin Armstrong





January’s ‘too good to be true’ jobs report was based on ‘adjustments’ – Thomas Lifson  – AS MOST PEOPLE IN THE KNOW SAID YESTERDAY AS WELL!!!!

Is it Time to Drop the “L” in the BLS? – “By all measures, the latest job report absolutely blasted past expectations with one of the biggest upside surprises in recent memory. That is one heck of a jobs report! Now take a step back. Not a day goes by without new layoffs being announced. Conditions are tightening across the board in nearly every industry. 90% of CEOs are bracing for a recession The yield curve has been inverted for months Money Supply has seen the biggest collapse in history These two sets of data points are not a little different. They are at polar ends of the spectrum. How can anyone look at the environment and then take such a job report seriously?” – Schiff Gold

It Was a “Wow! Wow!” Bow-Wow Dog of a Doozy Week for Jobs! – David Haggith

A tale of two worlds – “In the war between the western alliance and the Asian axis, the media focus is on the Ukrainian battlefield. The real war is in currencies, with Russia capable of destroying the dollar. So far, Putin’s actions have been relatively passive. But already, both Russia and China have accumulated enough gold to implement gold standards. It is now overwhelmingly in their interests to do so.” – Alasdair Macleod





How to Start a Homestead: 9 Must-Read Tips for New Homesteaders – “Do you dream of homegrown, home-cooked meals? A more simple, healthy and sustainable lifestyle? A deeply gratifying connection to your property, plants, and animals? If so, it sounds like homesteading is right up your alley! But how do I start a homestead, you ask?” – DeannaCat

Important Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Homesteading – “There are many reasons people are interested in homesteading. They might want to own a piece of land, feel freedom in wide-open spaces, or start a new way of life. For me, it was the dream of owning land on a beloved childhood lake and passing on the beauty and value of homesteading to our children. Little did I know that homesteading is much more than purchasing the land or planting vegetables and even building that hen house to raise a few chickens. Hopefully, these tips will be helpful as you embark on your homesteading journey.” – Sue P

Off-Grid Tools You Need To Have On Your Property – Katherine Paterson

Confessions of a Newly Minted Ham – “How I decided to jump into ham radio I’d been thinking about this for a while, mostly due to reading articles here on tOP and hanging out in the preppersphere. Our First World society relies heavily on technology. All it takes is a good hurricane, tornado, or attack on the local cell phone network to take that stuff out, leaving us without a reliable means to communicate. How do we contact our family? How do we gain the information we need in order to survive, not only immediately post-collapse but after death has cleared out the suckers? ” – Amy Allen

Living In The Country Isn’t A Guarantee To Survival In SHTF. (VIDEO) – “Just like the pioneers of old, heading for the countryside doesn’t guarantee success. Rural living is not without its problems. I discuss some of these problems in this video.” – Modern Refugee.





2 John 8    Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have wrought, but that we receive a full reward.







Bill Gates, “Aerogel” & the next stage of mRNA “vaccines” – “Last week professional-software developer and amateur epidemiologist Bill Gates admitted that the mRNA Covid “vaccines” had “three problems”, including that they don’t prevent transmission. But what appears at first glance to be a frank admission is really about protecting the narrative and setting up a new market for new vaccines. Let’s be clear, Gates “admitting” some relatively harmless alleged problems with the “vaccines” is not due to an attack of conscience or a Freudian slip, it’s just preparing for the next step of the scam. Firstly, when you’re trying to sell a story to seven billion people, a tactful “admission” can actually further your agenda and strengthen your narrative. When you “admit” a vaccine “doesn’t prevent transmission”, you’re also underlining that there is a new disease to transmit.” – Kit Knightly

30 More Ways to Die From a Heart Attack According to “Experts” and “Media” – Corey Lynn and The Sharp Edge

The World is Far More Corrupt than You Feared – “The BBC doesn’t really do ‘news’ any more. Now that the organisation has become a Propaganda Station for the Bilderbergers and the World Economic Forum, the BBC website (the only bit I ever see) prefers to thrill its viewers with stories of intrepid citizens struggling with sofas stuck on staircases. So, here are some of the ‘real’ news stories which I suspect the BBC may have missed in its desperation to avoid annoying the conspirators and the collaborators.” – Dr Vernon Coleman  – GOOD ONE FROM VERNON ON THE “BIG PICTURE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mislabeling Vaccination Deaths for 50 Years – “Like evil and the Devil, there are just certain things it is good to always be against, because there is nothing good in them. Vaccines have never been proven safe nor effective – none of them.” – Brian Shilhavy

The Billionaires Behind The Gas Bans The hypocrisy of the billionaires who are funding anti-hydrocarbon campaigns, including bans on gas stoves. Natural gas bans are more about class than climate change. The Climate Imperative Foundation is the newest and richest anti-hydrocarbon, anti-natural gas group you’ve never heard of. How rich is Climate Imperative? According to the latest report from Guidestar, the group took in $221 million in its first full year of operation.” – Robert Bryce  – THE USUAL SUSPECTS!!!!

Inside The Secret Government Meeting On COVID-19 Natural Immunity – “Four of the highest ranking U.S. health officials—including Dr. Anthony Fauci—met in secret to discuss whether or not naturally immune people should be exempt from getting COVID-19 vaccines, The Epoch Times can reveal.” – Zachary Stieber

The Financial Coup d’état Explained | With former insider Catherine Austin Fitts (VIDEO) -acTVism Munich  – CATHERINE IS ALWAYS A GREAT LISTEN!!!!

You asked, We Answered! Do Carbon Filters Eliminate Glyphosate? – ” Good question! This is what we found out… As per the EPA, studies show that glyphosate is effectively removed with activated-carbon methods, as well as chlorine and ozone. There are more than 750 glyphosate-based herbicides on the market, (Roundup being the most renowned), so this is a commonly used and ubiquitous herbicide. How does glyphosate get into your water? Run-off and erosion from farms, roadways and public spaces are one of the most common ways it gets into the soil, finding its way into the water supply. It’s water-soluble and in certain conditions can last up to 22 years! ” – Dr. Michelle Perro

George Soros is either prophetic or pulls a lot of strings – “The billionaire activist foresaw that NATO would become the enforcer and Eastern Europeans the manpower for his new world order” – Tony Cox,  – I THINK WE KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT ONE!!!!

ICA, Sweden’s leading grocery store, publishes “environmentally friendly” MEALWORMS recipe on its website – “How does “Insect salad with chili and garlic and roasted vegetables” sound to you? If it sounds disgusting, perhaps it’s time to contact ICA, Sweden’s largest grocery retailer, which recently put up the recipe for this ghastly dish on its website. In promotion of Klaus Schwab’s eat bugs and be happy mantra, ICA is urging its customers to try the “environmentally friendly” recipe” – Ethan Huff

11,000 Police Surveillance Cars With 360-Degree Cameras and “Perimeter Alerts” To Patrol NYC – “Way back in 2017, I wrote about tech companies working together to create 360-degree police surveillance vehicles complete with facial recognition. This has now become a reality.” – Joe Cadillic

MILKING IT China claims it has cloned three mutant SUPER COWS that can pump out 300 tons of milk & plans a herd of 1,000 – “CHINA claims to have cloned mutant “super cows” that can pump out nearly twice as much milk.” – Henry Holloway


Lose-Lose – “This whopper is an artful diversion from the reality on-the-ground that Ukraine is just about finished in this tragic and idiotic conflict staged by the geniuses behind their play-thing President “Joe Biden.” By the way, it’s not a coincidence that Ukraine and “JB” are going down at the same time. The two organisms are symbionts: a matched pair of mutual parasites feeding off each other, swapping each other’s toxic exudations, and growing delirious on their glide path to a late winter crash. The point of the war, you recall, is “to weaken Russia” (so said DoD Sec’y Lloyd Austin), even to bust it up into little geographic tatters to our country’s advantage — that is, America’s dominance in global affairs, and especially the supremacy of the US dollar in global trade settlements. The result of the war so far has been the opposite of that objective. ” – James Howard Kunstler

Biden administration considering declaring ‘public health emergency’ to promote abortion access – “The “right” to dismember babies shall not be infringed! “Wokeism” is now sadly infecting the field of medicine. Some of the madness is self-inflicted, and some is being pushed on health care providers from the outside.” – Eric Utter

Hunter Biden’s Metabiota Labs Received Tens of Millions of Dollars in DOD Contracts – Experimented with Bat Viruses in at least One Biolab – “The firm has biolabs in several countries, including Ukraine, where Hunter played an important role in the company’s activities. Following Hunter’s involvement, Metabiota was awarded a contract with the Department of Defense worth $23.9 million. The controversy surrounding Hunter Biden is far from over. The Department of Defense awarded Metabiota a $2.5 million grant for studying bat viruses for at least one of their biolabs. This Metabiota facility in Africa was studying viral sharing among bats that likely involved the coronavirus.” – Jim Hoft  – THE BIDEN CORRUPTION IS QUITE THE TANGLED WEB!!!

“Dirty Political Trick”: Hunter Biden Calls for Criminal Investigations of Critics and Media – “Months after The Post’s October 2020 reporting, Biden was warning reporters that his “alleged” laptop might be Russian disinformation — or it might be his. He seemed tortured by doubt in a 2021 CBS News interview: “For real, I don’t know. I don’t have any idea — I have no idea whether or not.” It now appears he does know “for real.” ” – Jonathan Turley

A New Chapter in the Hunter Biden Laptop Saga – “Just when you thought it was about to be over. In a new, hard-hitting strategy, lawyers representing Hunter Biden sent a flurry of cease-and-desist letters to those they feel have been persecuting Biden the younger. Initially, the president’s only living son said the laptop “could be mine.” However, these missives appear to acknowledge that the laptop left at a Delaware computer repair shop does indeed belong to Hunter. With this recent offensive brought about by Mr. Biden’s legal team, the whole megillah just got a whole lot messier. Perhaps the wisdom of the late great Yogi Berra is in order here: “It ain’t over ’til it’s over,” he said. At this point, the story of the Hunter Biden laptop is far from over.” – Leesa K. Donner – BY DOING THIS, THEY CAN NO LONGER CLAIM THAT THIS IS JUST A MADE UP STORY. I PREDICT THIS STRATEGY WILL BACKFIRE!!!

Tucker makes a stunning case on Biden’s children – “You know you’re living in a non-democracy when it’s dangerous to displease the ne’er do well children of the supreme leader. That’s what third world countries are like. All citizens are not equal in countries like that. Power derives from proximity to power. That means the second most powerful people in a country like that are the children of the leader. And very often, they don’t have jobs and are addicted to something. That’s the way it works in places like that.” – Thomas Lifson

Pfizer reports $100 billion haul, with vast majority of profits looted from US taxpayers – “mRNA experimental injection company reaps benefits of public-private corruption. It is the most expensive “free” product of all time.” – Jordan Schachtel

Google, defender of the BLM narrative – “Why has Google slapped a content warning on searches for ‘Tom Slater Tyre Nichols’?” – Laurie Wastell

The legal hits to Illinois’ gun and magazine ban keep coming – Cam Edwards

We Are About To See The Biggest Escalation Of The War In Ukraine So Far – “We are getting dangerously close to a point of no return.” – Michael Snyder

What If the Strategy Is to Leave Russia Holding a Gas Bag? – “On many occasions, Russian President Vladimir Putin has pointed out that the West is using the same colonial methods “in order to plunder other countries and to use resources of global importance for its gain.” This is not a conspiracy theory, for any honest and intelligent American citizen knows where the United States’ wealth comes from. It’s not from Detroit or the textile mills of Georgia and the Carolinas, that’s for sure.” – Phil Butler

Putin issues warning to West at Stalingrad event – “The Russian president has condemned Western tank deliveries to Ukraine, promising a response that goes beyond armored vehicles. “Those seeking to defeat Russia on the battlefield apparently do not realize that a modern war with Russia would be entirely different for them. We’re not sending our tanks to their borders. Yet we have something to respond with, and it would not be limited to armor use only, everyone must realize that,” he added.” – RT

All aspects of the U.S.-and-allied war against Russia are now failing. – “Russian trade appears to have largely bounced back to where it was before the invasion of Ukraine last February. Analysts estimate that Russia’s imports may have already recovered to prewar levels, or will soon do so” – Eric Zuesse

The West sees Iran in a new way – “The western narrative never cared to admit that Iran is ruled by elected governments. The big question is, would such street violence have erupted in Iran without the covert support and coordination by foreign intelligence agencies? It is pointless to discuss Iran’s politics while in denial mode about the whole history of foreign interference in that country’s internal affairs.” – M. K. Bhadrakumar

Is China poised to help other unaligned powers usurp the dollar? – “Beijing and Riyadh have been watching the US weaponize it’s currency as a blunt instrument of international statecraft” -.Amir Handjani


The Fed’s Giant Economic Science Experiment – David Stockman

Mission Accomplished? – “Investors, the foolish ones, seem to think so. This week, following the Fed’s rate hike and subsequent press conference, investors went all in on a variety of companies. What gives? The U.S. economy appears to be slipping and sliding into a recession. Consumers are tapped out. They’ve maxed out their credit cards. Technology workers are getting massively RIFed. The depth and intensity of the economic contraction will test the Fed’s courage to act. The political pressure applied to Powell may become too much to resist. The Fed may, in fact, cut rates later this year. This is what the fools are banking on. Though the result may not be what they expect.” – MN Gordon

Punch-Drunk Investors Will Keep Ignoring Reality…Until It’s Too Late – “Chinese spy balloons floating over the United States. Interest rates at 5%. The economy in full collapse. Inflation at 6%. We’ll send you a postcard – everything’s fine!” – Quoth the Raven  – GOOD READ FROM THE RAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Recession Signs: Money Supply Growth Went Negative Again in December –

What Was Behind Today’s “Wow, Wow, Wow” Jobs Report – “If it seems too good to be true, that’s because it is too good to be true — the gain is mostly due to seasonal factors and revisions to past data” – Tyler Durden

UNBELIEVEABLE! The Data Is 100% FAKE! But You Haven’t Seen ANYTHING YET! (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino – GREG ON THE “BS” JOB NUMBERS AND MORE!!!!!

Fed Raises Fed Funds Rate. Wall Street Shrugs It Off. – “Powell’s Plan Is Being Dragged Under By Market Inertia On Interest Rates” – Peter Nayland Kust

U.S. credit card debt jumps 18.5% and hits a record $930.6 billion PUBLISHED FRI, FEB 3 20239:45 AM ESTUPDATED 2 HOURS AGO thumbnail – Jessica Dickler  – REALLY? AND I THOUGHT THE JOBS REPORT WAS SO GOOD, RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.47EUR


Survival Foods of the Native Americans – “Native Americans have lived on the land that is now known as the United States for thousands of years, and their survival has been dependent on their ability to find food in their environment. They lived off the land and learned to utilize the resources that were available to them, such as plants, animals, and fish. These survival foods helped the Native Americans to survive and thrive in their environment.” – Bob Rodgers

Using a Rock to Build a Dakota Fire Hole – ” Long touted as the ideal means of cooking your food when you have to be careful with the light and sound signature, It seems that everybody is a fan of this type of campfire.” – Aden Tate

Make Your Own Maple Syrup: The Complete Guide to Tapping Maple Trees – Mary Blandford  – FOR MORE ON MAKING YOUR OWN MAPLE SYRUP, SEE THE LINK ON 10/16/20 BY DAN MOWINSKI!!!

WROL – Without Rule Of Law – When There’s No Law and Order – “In the context of prepping and preparedness, the reference to WROL typically goes hand in hand with one of several possible worst case scenarios (SHTF). That is, when there has been a major and widespread breakdown in law and order. There are cities in the United States, right now, parts thereof that are essentially without rule of law in many aspects. For example, Chicago, ruled by leftist mayor Lightfoot.” – Ken Jorgustin


Psalm 14:1    The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.




Rising beast system wants every man, woman and child to be a ward of the state, completely dependent on them for food, water, energy, security, shelter – “According to multiple reports, Bill Gates is invested in artificial lab-grown eggs and has been since before the current egg shortage hit. No surprise there. Gates is also heavily invested in U.S. farmland and lab-grown meat. He’s the single largest owner of farmland in America. He hasn’t ever explained exactly why he wants to possess all this farmland but we can assume it has something to do with making money, for that’s what Bill Gates does best. Make money.” – Leo Hohmann

No Other Explanation – “There really is no other explanation for what is happening…it is clearly intentional, global genocide, the only thing not yet certain is how and when. Most of the “how” has already been laid out, only the details are still fuzzy. The “when” is probably more of a mystery. I still personally am compelled to hold doubts whether the vaccine rollout is fully intentional murder or not, but it stands to reason that lowering the population at least to some degree is a clear intention—maybe primarily through sterilization, maybe not. I can’t see how anyone can say it isn’t a goal to see a smaller population, as it has been clearly spoken about for decades.” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

Moving the goalposts on “safe” (part 1) – “Ignoring the standards, ignoring the signals” – El Gato Malo

How Covid Patients Died for Profit – “Medicare has determined that if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you’ll get paid $13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator, you get $39,000; three times as much. Former CDC director Robert Redfield also admitted that financial policies may indeed have resulted in artificially elevated hospitalization rates and death toll statistics. ” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Feds Adapting A.I. Used to Track ISIS to Combat American Dissent on Vaccines, Elections – “The federal government, working hand-in-hand with universities, private companies and Big Tech, is funneling millions of dollars in taxpayer money to fund an AI censorship program to be used on American citizens.” – Nick Givas

EU Bureaucrat at Davos Predicted Censorship is Coming to America – “Věra Jourová is Vice President of the European Commission for Values and Transparency. It may soon become a punishable offense to speak your mind here on Substack or, for that matter, anywhere else, on or off the internet. Last month, at the billionaire confab in Davos, “a European Union official predicted to a U.S. congressman that the U.S. would ‘soon’ enact laws on ‘illegal hate speech’ similar to those in the EU,”” – Kurt Nimmo

Coronavirus Fact-Check #17: Masks STILL Don’t Work – “They’re trying to bring mask mandates back – but a new study says masks do exactly what they’ve always done: Nothing.” – Off Guardian

Do Governments Track the Injury and Kill Rates from Biowarfare Agents Deployed as mRNA/DNA “Vaccines”? – “Some public databases provide clear visuals of intentional harm on the population” – Sasha Latypova

CDC/Vaccinators Are Lying About The Safety of COVID-19 Injections Alongside Other Vaccines – “The truth is, we don’t know. According to their own documents, the COVID-19 injections have never been tested alongside other vaccines, therefore encouraging multiple shots at once is unfounded.” – The Last American Vagabond

Vaccines have likely been the primary cause of illnesses for over a century – Rhoda Wilson


If Not War, Then What? – “When you look at modern society as a whole there’s only one conclusion that makes any sense: Western governments are at war against their people, intend to enslave them either through chemicals or economics or both and seek to replace them with random individuals from anywhere else. Knowing that, at least recognizing that as the Occam’s Razor explanation, it simultaneously makes no logical sense for everyone to sit idly by watching it unfold, unless we are all, through chemical mental castration, drugged into acceptance. Of course, part of the playbook is that the population is made up of roughly 80% compliance-seeking normies who will do whatever it is they’re told to do by anyone wearing a suit or carrying a clipboard. My nature has always been the opposite.” – T.L. Davis  – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM T.L.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doomsday Approaches – “The shadow that has hung over the Ukraine war is the fear that it could lead to a direct clash between Washington and Moscow. Given that both sides have large arsenals of nuclear weapons, conflict could lead to Armageddon. Compounding things is the fact that Biden cannot stop talking about nuclear war. Given his mental condition, this suggests that he is often in earshot of the decision makers, who may be seriously discussing the possible use of nuclear weapons. The first question to answer here is what response from Russia would warrant a direct attack on Russia by NATO? The obvious answer is an attack on NATO. This is why the Poles rushed to the nearest microphone demanding war with Russia when the Ukrainian missile landed on Polish territory. The Polish president knew the plan and assumed it was go time. It turned out to be a Ukrainian missile, but the incident confirmed the thinking within the West.” – The Z Man

Race Everywhere – “Yet, when everything becomes racist, then nothing in particular can be racist. About the same time, the city of San Francisco, along with the state of California, was exploring paying out huge cash reparations to its African-American residents for the ancestral sin of slavery. That evil institution was abolished some 158 years ago through a Civil War that killed some 700,000 Americans. Yet California was always a free state with no history of slavery. No resident of America in six generations has been either a slave or slave owner. Such multibillion-dollar payouts apparently are to be funded by a nearly bankrupt state facing a $25 billion budget shortfall. How do we quantify either current eligibility or culpability in multiracial California where 27 percent of the residents were not born in the United States? Whites make up only 35 percent of the state’s population.” – Victor Davis Hanson  – SOME GOOD POINTS FROM VICTOR AS USUAL!!!

Tyre Nichols: the bigotry of the ‘anti-racists’ – “Footage of white cops killing black citizens understandably stirs awful historical memories, but police brutality in today’s America is not a strictly racial phenomenon. Scour the internet and you’ll find stories of poor and working-class men of all pigmentations meeting awful ends at the hands of overzealous, poorly trained or unhinged officers. That we are being asked to perform the same dance in the wake of Nichols’ killing is particularly grotesque. All of the officers he was beaten up by are black. The Memphis police chief is also black. As is 58 per cent of Memphis’ police force. But this hasn’t stopped endless speculation about ‘systemic racism’ in its ranks. The mental gymnastics have been spectacular.” – Tom Slater

We’re Ruled By Assholes Because We Have Asshole Systems – “It’s funny to think about how all our abusive, oppressive systems are only there because the people who benefit from them are able to keep everyone else too divided and distracted to notice that we vastly outnumber them and could literally just force change to happen anytime we want. People have a fairly easy time accepting that things are fucked because we are ruled by corrupt assholes. They have a much harder time accepting that we are ruled by corrupt assholes because our corrupt asshole systems will always necessarily elevate corrupt assholes to the top. It’s easier to blame our problems on oligarchs or the Deep State or a cabal of satanic pedophiles than it is to blame them on systems that we ourselves participate in and have lived our entire lives intertwined with and which have been continuously normalized within our culture.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Decline of Empire: Parallels Between the U.S. and Rome, Part V – Doug Casey  – THE FIRST FOUR PARTS HAVE BEEN LINKED PREVIOUSLY. A GOOD SERIES!!!

Media Liberals Aren’t Even Trying to Hide Their Bias Anymore – “In a piece entitled, “Newsrooms that move beyond ‘objectivity’ can build trust,” the Washington Post admits the concept of objectivity is dead. Not, curiously, because it’s a faulty one, but because the current practitioners of journalism are too stupid to understand why it was important in the first place. OK, that’s not exactly what they’re saying, but it is what they’re doing. What they’re saying is that concept of being objective is racist because it was instituted by white guys.” – Derek Hunter

“Raid” on Benedict Biden’s Home Was a Sham: FBI Literally Set an Appointment With Biden’s Attorneys – “Sadly, most seem to be falling for the con job.” – JD Rucker

Hunter Biden demands investigations into reporting on his laptop, threatens to sue Tucker Carlson – “He is not going to sit quietly by as questionable characters continue to violate his rights and media organizations peddling in lies try to defame him.” – Ben Whedon – LET’S SEE. I’M CORRUPT AND YOU FOUND OUT, SO I WANT THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT TO PROBE INTO THIS. THE SAD PART OF IT IS, THE JUSTICE DEPT. IS CORRUPT TOO, SO THEY WILL GO ALONG WITH THIS. ESPECIALLY IF IT PROTECTS THE “BIG GUY”!!!

Democrats Go Ballistic on the House Floor After Their Own Precedent Backfires – “Democrats are really, really upset that Republicans are making them live by their own precedents. During the last congress, Democrat leadership broke the norm of allowing the minority party to dictate its members’ committee assignments. Newly-minted Speaker Kevin McCarthy vowed to enforce the rules Rep. Nancy Pelosi put in place to target Republicans, and so far, he’s kept that promise. Removing Rep. Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee is the next step in the plan, and that’s being debated on the floor of the House on Thursday. Expectedly, Democrats are going ballistic, and no one more so than Rep. Rashida Tlaib.” – Bonchie

Two Insurance Companies Stop Providing Coverage for Hyundai and Kia Car Models – “State Farm and Progressive are refusing to provide insurance coverage for certain models made by South Korean car firms Kia and Hyundai, with reports claiming that the vehicles are easier to steal due to a lack of proper anti-theft technology like electronic immobilizers.” – Naveen Athrappully

Is an Illinois sheriff backing away from his stance on state’s gun, magazine ban? – “So here we are. One of the people we celebrated for his promise to uphold the Second Amendment is now trying to satisfy both gun owners and supporters of Illinois’ new ban. I fear this is just the first of many throughout Illinois, especially if some behind-the-scenes arm-twisting was applied, but even if it isn’t, we now see just how strong Mendrick’s support for the Second Amendment really is.” – Tom Knighton

US farmers sound alarm on single-most catastrophic thing headed for corn crops – “Corn farmers visit DC warning they could go out of business over Mexico’s genetically modified corn ban” – Kristen Altus

World War III: Has It Begun? – “When Does a War Officially Begin? It’s Complicated” – Jim Rickards


Ukraine Is Sinking. Are Western Elites Bailing Out? – “What makes the RAND Corporation’s latest report on Ukraine so significant, is not the quality of the analysis, but the fact that the nation’s most prestigious national security think-tank has taken an opposite position on the war than the Washington political class and their globalist allies. This is a very big deal. Keep in mind, wars don’t end because the public opposes them. That is a myth. Wars end when a critical split emerges between elites that eventually leads to a change in policy. ” – Mike Whitney

Zelensky’s Great Purge continues, launching police raid against oligarch who fell out of favor with Biden Admin – “The Ukrainian president’s longtime political and financial patron is no longer in the good graces of the people in charge.” – Jordan Schachtel

Diplomat slams Macron’s ‘absurd’ claims that giving Kiev jets won’t lead to escalation – “Maria Zakharova stressed that Russia strongly condemned “the increasingly aggressive and bellicose rhetoric of Western officials, who have not been shy about making loud statements on the Ukrainian conflict lately”” – TASS

The battle for lithium: China plants its shovel in the US’ back yard – “Superpowers are scrambling to control ‘mineral of the future’ supply chains. Latin America alone possesses 56% of the world’s Lithium deposits. Now, the US and China are competing for access to this vast supply. Traditionally, the US has claimed hegemony over the Americas through its Monroe Doctrine policy, which is intended to prevent the emergence of any other competing power in the region. In order to maintain this dominance, Washington has waged centuries worth of wars and engineered regime change and coups in Latin American countries, the most recent effort being the unsuccessful attempt to remove Nicholas Maduro from Venezuela (which itself had to do with oil).” – Timur Fomenko



Exactly What We Would Expect If A Recession Was Beginning – Sales Are Down Throughout The Economy – Michael Snyder

Welcome To the Death Spiral – “It took way longer than it should have. Gold bugs and other long-suffering critics of fiat currency and endless credit expansion have for decades been predicting that soaring debt would eventually blow up the financial world. As the story went, governments with unlimited printing presses would spend and borrow too much, forcing their central banks to keep interest rates unnaturally low to make interest costs manageable, which would encourage even more credit growth, causing inflation to spike, and so on, until everyone loses faith in fiat currencies and the misbegotten things fall to their intrinsic value of zero. That’s a bit hard to visualize when it’s explained in long, convoluted sentences. But it’s a lot clearer when you line up the relevant charts. So let’s start with US government debt, which has gone parabolic.” – John Rubino

Is the Fed Easing Up on the Inflation Fight? – “The answer depends on whether you believe your eyes or your ears. Our eyes tell us the Fed is slowing down on rate hikes. But if our eyes tell us the Fed is winding down the inflation fight, the messaging coming from the central bank says the opposite. The FOMC statement said, “Inflation has eased somewhat but remains elevated,” and it signaled additional rate hikes in the future.” – Schiff Gold

BLS Reports More Imaginary Job Openings In January JOLTS Report – “Ignores Growing Signs Of Labor Weakness Yet Again” – Peter Nayland Kust

Core US Factory Orders Tumble In December As ISM Manufacturing Plunges – Tyler Durden

Bonds Die, CPI’s Lie & Gold Rises – Matthew Piepenburg

CRITICAL ALERT: Central Banks Have Begun A NEW PHASE. They Are LITERALLY Buying It ALL (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.60EUR


The Dos and Don’ts of Going Off the Grid – “There was a time when “going off the grid” sounded like a fantasy to a lot of people for a long time. However, we’re living in a society where power outages can happen at any time — sometimes even thanks to the electrical companies themselves. On top of that, utility bills have increased for most people. Now, there’s even talk of limiting or eliminating things like gas-powered stoves in residential homes. No matter your political beliefs or how you felt about going off the grid before, there’s no denying the benefits now. It’s better for the environment, helps you foster a sustainable lifestyle, and keeps you in more control of your daily routine.” – Miles Oliver

The Chicken and the Egg: What to Do as Supply Chain Problems Keep Getting Worse – Marie Hawthorne

Antibiotic Herbs And Plants To Grow Before SHTF – Amy

Make These 8 Household Items Instead Of Buying Them – “If you want to save money and live like a true homesteader, making your own household items is the way forward. We are living in an era where it’s becoming increasingly important to be self-reliant and save for the future. Even if you earn a decent living from homesteading, saving as much money as you can ensures that you’re financially stable during the bad months. There are so many items you can make instead of buying them that it’s impossible to list them all, but here are some of the most common.” – Abigail Damoah

21 Herbs and Spices You Should ALWAYS Grow (VIDEO) – Self Sufficient Me


Proverbs 5:7   Hear me now therefore, O ye children, and depart not from the words of my mouth.





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2043 – The Return of the Hero A vision of the archeofuture – John Carter

How To Predict the Future (Part 3) – Karenland FUPAZ 2043 – Yuri Bezmenov

2043: Stories for the After Times – “A futuristic whimsy of diminutive proportions” – Harrison Koehli

2043 – “A collaboration with your favorite Substack writers as we imagine what our lives will look like in 2043” – Winston Smith

2043 – The Silver Rule – “Keep your eyes on the road.” – Mark Bisone

The Zookeeper’s Guide to Wild Americans – “February 1st, 2043.” – The Good Citizen





Sheep Cannon Fodder – “We are dealing with three basic groups of people here. The first one are the Shrews, us. This group consists of the folks who, for whatever reason, saw through all this subterfuge, and the truth came to us easily like the proverbial shit through a goose. The second group are the Sheep. No need for explanation here. The third group are the Sheep Masters, The “Shrew Group” seems to be endlessly at battle with the “Sheep Group.” We get into steamy debates, arguments, and “shut the f—k up” sort of exchanges with one another. Nothing ever is constructively accomplished, but it makes for good stories to tell and articles to write. The shrews seem to believe, or many of them do at least, that if the sheep actually listen to them, and hear the truth, they will come over to our side and join us in the battle with the third group—the Sheep Masters. All we have to do is get them to listen and convince them to use what seems to us to be their “empty” heads.But what if battling sheep is all an intended part of the evil agenda? Surely a primary goal of the puppet masters is to divide us. What better way than to push us against one another? ” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP  – GOOD READ FROM TODD AS USUAL!!!!!

Did 7.5 million people die from COVID shots? – “Using the numbers from Our World in Data, 493 million doses of the vaccine were administered in the U.S. at the time of the Michigan State survey. So, if 493 million doses were enough to kill 278 thousand Americans, how many would have died at the same rate globally from the beginning until today? At 13.24 billion doses administered globally, that would result in 7.47 million vaccine fatalities, more than the Holocaust! That would be in addition to 27 million severe injuries globally!” – Daniel Horowitz

The Curtain Finally Falls On The Pandemic Panic Narrative – “Not With A Bang, And Certainly Not With A Major COVID Win” – Peter Nayland Kust

YUGE: @DonaldJTrumpJr weighs in on the @pfizer #DirectedEvolution bombshell that has now been seen over 50,000,000 times around the world! – “Before we get the the “yuge” part, let us ask some basic questions. Is Mister Operation Warp Speed still shilling for the DEATHVAX™ that “saved millions of lives,” or not so much? Did Don Junior get all of his DEATHVAX™ doses, and is he up to date on all of his boosters? Can we see both Daddy Trump’s and Don Junior’s “vax” cards? So avoid the fact that SADS, turbo cancers, heart attacks and other VAIDS symptoms are surging since the “vaccine” rollout far in excess of any “pandemic” death, as excess mortality skyrockets, and focus on Don Junior’s take on Pfizer’s R&D Exec admitting to Gain of Function research? And stop there. Do not dare make the most important connections, yes?” – 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

More Evidence the FDA Works for Pfizer as FDA Asks Pfizer to Submit Cancer Drug for Expanded Approval with Zero New Trials – “As the alternative media is distracted by the unfounded claim that Pfizer is using gain of function technology to develop new variants of COVID for future vaccines, Pfizer is quietly working together with the FDA to build their portfolio of drugs to make up for the loss of income due to decreasing numbers of people willing to continue getting injected with COVID shots. The evidence that Pfizer controls the FDA continues to mount.” – Brian Shilhavy


The Continuous and Terminal Political Gaslighting of the American Masses – ” there are according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, well over 22 million government employees, How many in this country either work directly for the government, survive due to government largesse, (stolen money) are dependent on government welfare, or are making their living due to government laws, regulations, and warmongering? Mass gaslighting of a controlled and dependent society is an easy task to achieve, because personal responsibility has virtually disappeared. As always, nothing the state does is natural, organic, coincidental, or accidental; all is planned in advance and is part of one agenda or another. The state has nothing, produces nothing, creates nothing, and only steals and murders in order to survive. ” – Gary D. Barnett  – ANOTHER VERY GOOD READ FROM GARY!!!!!

Raging Bulls in Blue: The Deadly Toll of Warrior Policing on Steroids – “Don’t be distracted. This latest instance of police brutality is not about racism in policing or black-on-black violence. The entire institution is corrupt. The old guard—made up of fine, decent, lawful police officers who took seriously their oath of office to serve and protect their fellow citizens, uphold the Constitution, and maintain the peace—has given way to a new guard hyped up on their own authority and the power of the badge who have almost absolute discretion to decide who is a threat, what constitutes resistance, and how harshly they can deal with the citizens they were appointed to “serve and protect.”” – John & Nisha Whitehead

The GOP’s Impending Great Betrayal – “Don’t expect much from the thin new GOP majority in the U.S. House—at least anything that will materially turn the ship of state from its headlong dash toward fiscal disaster. That because on the big issues that really count, the beltway lifers who dominate the GOP’s senior ranks and committee/subcommittee chairmanships are on the wrong side! That starts with the Warfare State and its symbiosis with the Welfare State, intermediated by the log-rolling politicians of the bipartisan duopoly. The fact is, all of Washington’s abominable spending, borrowing and money-printing flows from that deadly coalition of convenience.” – David Stockman

Democrats Quietly Panic Over Kamala Harris’ 2024 Ambitions – Tyler Durden

Mothers Urge Addiction Intervention Like Biden Did With Hunter – “Biden is considering enabling addiction despite having fought to save Hunter from it ” – Leighton Woodhouse and Michael Shellenberger

“Objectivity Has Got To Go”: News Leaders Call for the End of Objective Journalism – “Advocacy journalism is the new touchstone in the media even as polls show that trust in the media is plummeting. ” – Jonathan Turley – IF IT CAN’T BE OBJECTIVE, THEN IT’S NO LONGER NEWS!!!

Good luck qualifying for that tax break Joe Biden is touting on that EV he wants you to buy – “ust yesterday, Joe Biden’s official Twitter account posted that the great American road trip is going to be fully electrified and that citizens can receive a tax credit of up to $7,500 for a new electric vehicle (EV). Along with the message was a photo of Biden driving a GMC Hummer EV. Does Biden’s Hummer EV qualify for the scheme? The $7,500 credit scheme is applicable to new vans, sport utility vehicles, and pickup trucks that cost $80,000 or less. The GMC Hummer EV costs between $87,000 and $110,000, hence doesn’t qualify for the credits. Clearly, those running Biden’s Twitter account didn’t read the criteria on the IRS Website. How environmentally friendly is the vehicle in question? The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy reported that Biden’s Hummer EV “emits more per-mile carbon dioxide pollution when taking into consideration its electricity use than a gas-powered Chevy Malibu sedan.”” – Rajan Laad  – ONE BIG SCAM ALL THE WAY AROUND. ERIC PETERS HAS WRITTEN SEVERAL GOOD ARTICLES ABOUT THIS SCAM AS WELL. SPEAKING OF ERIC, READ HIS ARTICLE NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paying People to Not Buy What Sells – “There is so much buyer interest in the Ford Bronco – which isn’t electric – that Ford can’t build enough to meet demand and is actually offering people who ordered one $2,500 store credit to cancel their order in favor of something else. Some have been waiting more than a year for a Bronco – which Ford revived for the 2021 model year. It has been a hugely successful vehicle for Ford. It is – clearly – the kind of vehicle lots of people want to buy. No subsidies – or mandates – needed. In the old normal, Ford would build more Broncos to meet the market demand for them. The whole point of being in the car business once-upon-a-time being to sell as many vehicles as people wanted to buy. But we live in the New Abnormal. It is characterized by – among other things – the building of vehicles for which there isn’t market demand, because government requires them to be built.” – Eric Peters

The One Thing Missing From Media ‘Reports’ on FBI Search of Joe Biden’s Rehoboth Home – “Today, with the President’s full support and cooperation, the DOJ is conducting a planned search of his home in Rehoboth, Delaware, Already, questions are being raised as to why the public is being made aware of this search – which includes the FBI – from the president’s attorney versus, say, the DOJ or more importantly the mainstream media, whose responsibility it is to learn of these things in advance from their sources and have teams on standby for live reports/photos as they apparently did when former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was raided by the FBI last August, and as they did when Trump associate Roger Stone’s home was raided by the FBI in January 2019 in full view of CNN cameras in the wee hours of the morning – complete with a SWAT team, automatic weapons, and a perp walk. But as far as what’s happened today is concerned, all the reports I’ve seen filed thus far are far away from Biden’s beach home:” – Sister Toldjah

Dozens of Illegal Immigrants Refuse to Leave NYC Hotel for New Mega-Shelter, Citing Poor Conditions – Rita Li

Kamala Harris Lambasted For Weird Cringe Kindergarten Description Of Astronauts’ Historic Mission (VIDEO) – “Kamala Harris, who is one health indicent away from being the President, put on a weird and disturbingly childish display Tuesday. Using a weird tone as if speaking to a room full of toddlers, Harris noted that the astronauts “suited up, waved to their families, rode an elevator… strapped into their seats… and then they launched.” “Yeah they did,” she added before bursting into fits of giggles.” – Steve Watson

“Name Redacted” Exposes Google’s Intel Community Censorship Cabal – “Why does the world’s largest search engine need 165 rabid Obama/Clinton spooks on the payroll?” – Emerald Robinson

Food prices in Britain hit record highs – data – “Consumers will pay an extra $1,000 for groceries this year, a survey shows” – RT

Something’s Buggin’ Tucker Carlson, Food Production Is a National Security Issue – “The #1 factor in the shortage of food production is the newly emboldened ‘western energy policy‘ and the impact energy has on everything from field (fertilizer) to fork (distribution). Other factors include government policy that blocks food development (Dutch, Irish and Sri Lanka Farmers), a sudden uptick in food facilities having major fires and damage, and a series of issues with the feed that goes into the production of proteins. This is all happening as the advancement of insects as a more “sustainable” protein replacement is being advanced by the same western governments. However, if you happen to notice that all of the issues travel in the same direction, you are a conspiracy theorist, or something.” – Sundance

In War on Guns, Hysteria is Powerful Weapon; Ask the States – Dave Workman

War, Market Meltdown & More War for 2023 (VIDEO) with Gerald Celente – Greg Hunter

What Was That Biden Said About “Ending the War”? – “Commentators are busy speculating how the American president’s promise – endorsed by the country as enthusiastically as Zelensky himself– of M1 Abram tanks to Ukraine will affect the war that grinds on in Ukraine. Many assume that gifts of fighter jets will follow shortly. What disturbs me is the semantics of Biden’s announcement of the gift, rationalized and neatly summed up by, “We all want an end to this war.” How can one answer Biden’s noble declaration—”We want to end this war”? So clean, so unambiguous, he talks to us as if we are children; “Yes, my little ones; daddy will take care of everything. I’ll finish off that coyote in no time and you’ll all be safe.” And who are Biden’s “We”? Do they include you and me? All Europe?” – Barbara Nimri Aziz

End the War, You Idiots! – “NATO should stop their Pontius Pilate hand-wringing about sending their upgraded Tiger tanks to Ukraine’s wrecking yards as they are damned whether they throw good tanks after bad, or if they do not. The best NATO can do is to form a line of defense stretching from the brothels of Romania in the south up through Poland’s and onwards to the pimple states of the Baltic and the big mouthed women leaders of Sweden and Finland. Ukraine, like Vietnam and Afghanistan before it, is a lost cause. NATO should end this war by packing its bags, going home and allowing Zelensky’s thugs await their fate on their own.” – Declan Hayes

A panicked Empire tries to make Russia an ‘offer it can’t refuse’ – “Realizing NATO’s war with Russia will likely end unfavorably, the US is test-driving an exit offer. But why should Moscow take indirect proposals seriously, especially on the eve of its new military advance and while it is in the winning seat?” – Pepe Escobat


ADP Blames the Weather for a Slowdown in Jobs Growth in January – Mish  – YEP, MUST HAVE BEEN THE WEATHER, SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!!!

Why the End of the Petrodollar Spells Trouble for the US Regime – “Will a shift away from the dollar in the global oil trade really lead to a big relative decline in the dollar? Probably and eventually. But a number of other dominoes would need to fall first, most especially the domino we call “Eurodollars.”” – Ryan McMaken

The Busy Week Ahead – “While there will be all sorts of economic and geopolitical headlines in the days ahead, two events that will drive precious metals stand out. The first will be the conclusion of the January FOMC meeting on Wednesday. The second will be the release of the January U.S. jobs report on Friday. If COMEX gold and silver can successfully navigate both, the possibility of a February rally will grow.” – Craig Hemke

What Goes Up Also Comes Down: The Heavy Hand of Bubble Symmetry – “Should bubble symmetry play out in the S&P 500, we can anticipate a steep 45% drop to pre-bubble levels, followed by another leg down as the speculative frenzy is slowly extinguished.” – Charles Huigh Smith

Stock Speculators Were On Amphetamines During January – “A massive disconnect between consumer sentiment and the retail stock allocation has developed. ” – Dave Kranzler

Gold Up 18% in Three Months – Will It Continue? – Peter Reagan

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 12.22EUR


The Ultimate SHTF Plan From An Army Vet- (People who prepare themselves for the urban survival lifestyles and survivalists believe this is the stage when a civilization is undergoing a complete breakdown.) – Dave Jefferson

How To Protect Your Home Against EMPs – “Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks can have devastating effects on our modern-day society. The EMP, whether from a natural source such as a solar flare or man-made such as a nuclear weapon, can knock out all electronic devices within its range, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The consequences of such an event can range from widespread power outages to complete societal collapse.” – Bob Rodgers  – HAVE BEEN SEEING QUITE A BIT OF ARTICLES ON EMPS AGAIN, LATELY. PERHAPS BECAUSE OF THE NUCLEAR POSSIBILITIES IN THE UKRAINE!!!

6 Frugal Ways to PREVENT Pest Problems – Aden Tate

Why Preppers are So Skeptical & Buy Into Conspiracy Theories (VIDEO) – The Survival Preppers

Portable Battery Power Station Generator Run Times For Appliances – “A portable battery power station generator. They are becoming increasingly popular. And for good reasons. You can run them indoors. Emission-free. They’re silent. And they can be recharged fairly quickly from a home wall outlet. Solar panel recharge too. In short, it’s basically a portable battery with an inverter that converts to 120 volts AC (i.e. same as in your home). But what can they actually run? And for how long before you need to recharge?” – Ken Jorgustin


Job 21:18    They are as stubble before the wind, and as chaff that the storm carrieth away.




Down Cricket Road – “Now you’d think that Jacinda Ardern, a WEF star, would have picked a different turn of phrase to explain her exit. Instead of lamenting that she didn’t “have enough in her tank” she could have said she hadn’t charged her solar panels enough or something. She has now perhaps joined the rest of the world reeling from the price of gas for their tanks? She’s one of us now? Is that the analogy? Why do I doubt this? And that’s about all I have to say about Ardern except: you can’t play totalitarianism with a population and then turn around and play victim when you are not liked for your actions. Meanwhile back in Canada, the latest adventure down Cricket Road is new for us all and it makes about as much sense as anything else does these days. It is obviously a test drive here in Canada—you know how “they” do that with all their grand plotting and shenanigans such as organic fertilizer farming in Sri Lanka and nuclear standoffs in Ukraine.” – Sylvia Shawcross  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM SYLVIA WHO HAS BECOME ONE OF MY FAVORITE READS!!!!!

101 Steps to Enslave Humanity (Part One: 1-56) Plotting a century of transformations toward collapsing civilization and rising global technocracy for a Malthusian transhumanist (eugenics) agenda.This series was designed to put historical events and sociocultural phenomena into a structure that helps us understand how we arrived at the world we’re living in. If for no other reason than to dispel the deception that we arrived here suddenly and without warning. To most of the western world, who are indoctrinated by public schools and presented a highly curated version of history that are at best benign fabrications, most of these steps will appear completely foreign. ” -The Good Citizen  – VERY GOOD READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!

How the “Unvaccinated” Got It Right – Robin Koerner

Over 50k Brits have Died Suddenly in the past 8 Months due to falling Victim to the 5-Month Countdown to Death COVID Vaccination causes as per Government Reports – “As the investigation deepens, it has become increasingly clear that the Covid-19 vaccines are the most likely cause of the unprecedented loss of life in Britain. The evidence is damning, with a startling correlation between the rollout of the vaccines and the spike in deaths.” – The Expose

Bill Gates secured hundreds of millions in profits from mRNA stock sales before suddenly changing tune on vaccine technology – “Once an mRNA evangelist, Gates now dismisses the technology as inferior, after banking a 15x return on investment.” – Jordan Schachtel

Every Time Something Strange Occurs, They Want Us To Believe That It Is “Just A Coincidence” – “Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. Over the past year, literally dozens of food production facilities in the United States have mysteriously burned to the ground, and now there has been another very strange fire. Hillandale Farms is one of the leading egg producers in the entire country, and an extremely unusual fire that suddenly erupted at their farm in Bozrah, Connecticut on Saturday afternoon killed approximately 100,000 chickens… Just like so many of the other mysterious fires that have erupted at food production facilities in recent months, this fire grew to an absolutely monstrous size before anyone even realized what was happening. Could it be possible that someone started this fire on purpose to make our national egg shortage even worse? Of course we aren’t even supposed to consider such a question.” – Michael Snyder


Trump’s Ego – “If you’d like to have a one-word answer to Trump’s refusal to disavow “Warp Speed” (and the outrageously false claims made for its “progress”), or for that matter January 6th, all you need is in fact one word: Ego. Nowhere was it better on display than just recently when he attacked Ron DeSantis, for “not waiting his turn.” This is, I remind you, the very same argument Hillary Clinton made in 2016: It was her “turn” to be President. Well, that didn’t work out so well, but the ego element was clear there as well.” – Karl Denninger

‘Clean and sober is the biggest damn mistake this country ever made, California’s Newsom said… – “Newsom: “Clean and sober is the biggest damn mistake this country ever made.” Should clean and sober rules be thrown out for homeless? Well, you heard it first from Newsom, Democrat frontrunner for the president in the post-Biden era, whenever that may be. It tells us a lot about why California now houses 30% of the nation’s homeless and has now become the nation’s “homeless” capital.” The tent cities and bums living under highway overpasses, booze bottles in hand, grow bigger and bigger in the state every year, even as Newsom shells out at least $12 billion for “homeless programs” supposedly to “help” them. Needless to say, this is complete lunacy. The best thing a bum can ever hear is that someone cares enough about them to encourage them, or order them, to get clean and sober.” – Monica Showalter

Joe Biden Says “Our Work Is Far from Over!” – “I received an email ostensibly from President Joe Biden the other morning which scared the hell out of me. It was the usual plea for money but the headline read “Philip, our work is far from over!” suggesting to me that the White House is seeking to do even more damage to the country in the months to come! In it, Joe claimed that he had created millions of jobs and expanded access to healthcare among other lesser achievements in his two-plus years in office. I must have somehow missed those benefits and was left wondering about the millions of illegal immigrants who have been pouring across our southern border as well as the avoidable war in Ukraine that is on the verge of going nuclear and the soaring interest rates and energy costs here at home.’ – Philip Giraldi

Did Biden Inc. Leverage Classified Documents For Profit? – “Leaving Washington with classified documents must be a tradition for outgoing presidents and vice presidents. Sensitive government papers have now been found in the private homes and offices of Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Maybe every president going back for decades has taken documents he shouldn’t have. But only one has a crooked son who could have easily accessed those documents and used them to enrich himself and his corrupt family.” – I & I Editorial Board

Zelensky Sent Out Government Decree to Destroy ALL INFORMATION on Hunter Biden’s Metabiota Company on Same Day as Russian Invasion – Then Fire Spotted Outside Intel Headquarters – “Did Zelensky keep some of the more incriminating documents against Hunter at Metabiota and Burisma to use as extortion against Joe Biden to get more money and weapons? We all know the answer – D C  Draino” – Jim Hoft

Tyre Nichols Isn’t the Only Victim Entitled to the Truth – “Americans deserve to see all of the police body camera footage from January 6, not just cherry-picked excerpts confirming the government narrative.” – Julie Kelly

Is Mitt Romney an Idiot? – “Romney lives in a neocon Bizarro world where war is peace. Mitt says “we care about human life and the suffering that’s going on in Ukraine.” If that were true, Mitt would have raised his voice in 2014 when the neo-nazis he supports began killing ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine. The takeaway from his blather is that “humanitarianism” is only valid when it comes to saving the lives of Zelenskyy and his thugs.” – Kurt Nimmo

Fact-Check: Mass Shootings Actually Increased During Federal ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban – “Assault weapons” ban proponents say that such bans will save lives. A recent opinion column published in the Chicago Sun-Times claims that the risk of dying in a mass shooting was 70 percent lower during the 1994-2004 federal assault weapons ban. The column was published while the Illinois state legislature was debating a state-wide assault weapons ban, which passed a few weeks ago. The study on which that claim was based is flawed and its conclusions unreliable.” – E. Gregory Wallace and George A. Mocsary

The Electric Wave Cresting? – “An interesting thing is happening. Just months after every company that sells electric vehicles raised the prices of these vehicles – a lot – now they’re lowering them all of a sudden, also by a lot. This sort of thing normally never happens. If a car is a really hot-seller, the prices often go up – due to demand. This is basic economics. You can charge more for that which people want more. You rarely see a hot-seller selling for less. And never when it was selling for a lot more just weeks before. A game’s afoot. The question is – what kind of game? And who’s being played?” – Eric Peters

Trials and Tribulations of the Collective West – “Sit back, relax and enjoy a race to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The only question is who will get there first: the EU, NATO, or both.” – Pepe Escobar

For any Western politician who is still confused, Russia clarifies the stakes in war with Ukraine: ‘Loss of conventional war could provoke nuclear war’ – “Neoconservative and neoliberal globalists ignore the threat of China, while provoking nuclear holocaust with Russia. Russia is a proud nation with a history stretching back more than 500 years that just happens to possess the world’s largest cache of nuclear-tipped ICBMs. What does NATO think Russia purchased those weapons for if not the exact scenario that is starting to look plausible for the first time in the nuclear age?” – Leo Hohmann

Size Matters – On A U.S. Ground Intervention In Ukraine – “There have been theories that Poland or some U.S. led coalition force would intervene with their troops on the ground in Ukraine to ‘kick the Russians out’. The two graphics though dispel any hope for such an operation.” – Moon of Alabama

Trench Warfare as Precursor to Peace, or a US Regime Change? – Karen Kwiatkowski

Warplanes to Ukrainian Nazis, Attacking Iran, WW III Underway – “Lunatics infesting the empire of lies are on a path toward killing us all. Pentagon officials support approval of F-16 warplanes to Ukrainian Nazis — while ignoring the reality of Russia’s ability to target and destroy them in flight. Weapons of every shape and kind sent to Kiev by US/NATO regimes so far failed to halt Russia’s battering of its troops to a near-state of collapse. Nor will F-16 warplanes change the dynamic on the ground. While no final decision was made by the Biden regime on supplying them, according to Politico, things are heading in this direction.” – Stephen Lendman

‘War Is Clearly Back on the Agenda’: US Says Israel Was Behind the Drone Attack on Iran – “”This latest act of sabotage conducted via a military attack inside Iran is a dangerous escalation and should be cause for concern for everyone who opposes war,” said one campaigner.” – Jake Johnson

Why Is Victoria Nuland Coming to Sri Lanka, Second Time in a Year? At the Forefront of US Incursions – Shenali D Waduge


Where all Conspiracies Begin and End – the Banking system creating Money out of Thin Air – “The reality of the banking system. Banks don’t lend money either. Instead they purchase securities. If you sign a loan or mortgage contract with the bank you issue a security, namely a promissory note and the bank purchases that. This is very different to what the banks present to the public.” – The Naked Emperor  – VERY GOOD READ, EXPLAINS HOW BANKS REALLY WORK!!!!

The BEA Wants You To Believe Inflation Is Down And Incomes Are Up. – “Look To Your Wallets For The Reliable Data” – Peter Nayland Kust

Gold And The Shrinking Trust Horizon – “But believe it or not, the public health establishment losing its credibility is related to precious metals, via something called the trust horizon. We assume everything everywhere is working for our benefit and we’re thus willing to put our welfare in those distant hands. But let some big systems fail to take proper care of us and we pull back, finding people and institutions closer to home that we can see and judge first-hand. We move our money out of distant banks and brokers and into local credit unions whose managers live down the street. We start buying groceries from farmers markets or directly from local farmers. Instead of popping whatever pill is standard for our ailments we look into “food as medicine” and other lifestyle remedies like exercise, supplements, and meditation. We homeschool our kids and join gun clubs. We buy homesteads and start raising chickens.” – John Rubino

Few Things Destroy an Investor’s Portfolio Like This – “Stocks are now in a strange time in which they do not perceive any major threats. As a result of this, the bulls are buying stocks based on the usual “the Fed is about to pivot” nonsense. And they’re in for a world of pain.” – Graham Summers, MBA

This Week’s FOMC: What Does Jay Powell Really Care About? – “Friday’s inflation data was also non-confirmatory of the need to slow things down. What bothers me most about all of this is that for so long the Fed caught flak for not raising rates and then when they finally do, it’s all this “but they’ll just pivot at the first sign of trouble,” nonsense that’s been the refrain since the first 25 bps rise last March. The first signs of trouble are already here: car loan delinquencies, housing slow downs, credit card usage rising, car prices falling alongside corporate earnings necessitating big announced layoffs in tech. So, the Fed has withstood much more than it did under Bernanke and Yellen. And yet the pivot talk is still all the rage.” – Tom Luongo

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 12.23EUR


Prepping Mistakes and Failures: 10 Lessons – “Even though science isn’t settled on whether we learn more from our own failures than our successes, it’s essential to observe and study what worked, and why.” – Fabian Ommar

OPSEC 101: Google Maps Lets You Blur Your Home. Here’s Why You Should – “Protect your family’s privacy by blurring your home on Google Maps. Street View gives anyone a free ticket to examine your home over the internet — maybe they want to look for any cameras or even find a side window to pry open. And sure, anyone can walk or drive by your home and do this in person, but Google Maps makes this process much simpler. Anyone with a phone or computer can do it.”- Nelson Aguilar

Cold-Weather Crops Care Posted – “Plummeting temperatures and shorter days are definitely reasons to be spending more time indoors, and the garden gets a back seat as far as daily routine is concerned. However, winter does not need to mean that your garden activities come to a halt! Gardening in the winters is possible, and with experience and care, it is quite possible to have a harvest at your dining table through the year.” – SG

Adding Milk To Coffee Doubles Its Anti-Inflammatory Power – Shyla Cadogan


Jeremiah 7:28    But thou shalt say unto them, This is a nation that obeyeth not the voice of the Lord their God, nor receiveth correction: truth is perished, and is cut off from their mouth.







How to Memory-Hole a PSYOP – “There comes a time near the end of every PSYOP when the PSYOP has achieved its objective, or as much of its objective as it is going to achieve, and is becoming increasingly recognizable as a PSYOP, and so the focus shifts to damage control, and erasing the PSYOP from official history. This is a crucial stage of the PSYOP, because, at this point, a significant percentage of the public have realized that they’ve been thoroughly mindfucked, and many of them are none too happy about it. At this point, it is way too late for those engaged in conducting the PSYOP to continue to deny the facts and gaslight the masses. The point is, the PSYOP that we have all been subjected to for going on the last three years is not going to be exposed, ever.” – CJ Hopkins  – GOOD READ FROM CJ AS USUAL!!!

Canada’s Bill C-26: Yet Another Government Power Grab – “Another doozy from the Canadian government. Following along several other bills winding their way along the Road to Serfdom… It’s been largely flying under everybody’s radar so far. The new bill is ostensibly a cyber-security and critical infrastructure bill, but it is riddled with nebulous, open-ended terms, Kafka-esque secrecy provisions, onerous penalties and conspicuously absent of any semblance due process: It effectively subjects Canada’s telecom and internet sectors to the whim of unelected bureaucrats and political functionaries. Am I being bombastic? You tell me: given that the legislation that grants them the power to order a telecommunications service provider “to do or stop doing anything“. ” – Mark E. Jeftovic

Eugenics, Then and Now – “Eugenics was not merely bigotry with a gloss of science. Over time it became the driving force behind segregation, sterilization, labor-market exclusion of the “unfit,” the careful management of immigration, marriage and procreation licenses, demographics, and far more. The underlying presumption always concerned the biological health of the whole population, which these elites imagined to be their exclusive purview.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

COVID + Flu Shots Injected Together: A Deadly Combo with 147 Already Dead and Over 6000 Injured – Brian Shilhavy

Broken Bioweapon – “Lack of mRNA Integrity in Pfizer Batches: All Regulators Knew This When they “Pretend-Approved” the Shots” – Sasha Latypova

There Is Far More Going On Behind The Scenes Than Most People Ever Imagined… – “In secret facilities all over the planet, scientists are pushing the envelope far beyond what most of us thought was possible. They are developing technologies that are decades ahead of what the general public has access to right now, and in many cases little regard is being given to any moral or ethical lines that are being crossed. Unfortunately, many of these new technologies are being designed to be used on us. The “Big Brother control grid” that we see all around us is going to continue to evolve, and each new “improvement” will give the elite even more control. ” – Michael Snyder

Kusings on the militarization of covid – “When (and why) did respiratory viruses become national security? A lot of very strange things seem to have happened in the west around covid and covid response. Not only did we take every piece of evidence-based epidemic guideline that had stood in place for 100 years and toss it out the window, but we then immediately adopted its diametric opposite as “proven policy” and recklessly imposed it in draconian fashion as though his was somehow “the science™.”” – El Gato Malo

Warning: sharing a spiked article could get you in trouble with the government – “An explosive new report reveals that the British state waged a sinister surveillance campaign against critics of lockdown.” – Fraser Myers

What To Do With Jordon Walker? – “Can He Be Taken Seriously? Or Is He Just A Midwit Dimwit? Ultimately, the relevant questions the Project Veritas video calls to our attention arise not because what Pfizer is or may be contemplating doing is extraordinary or unusual, but because it is, in every sense, the “old normal.”” – Peter Nayland Kust

It Started Before the Outbreak: A BioNTech-“Pfizer” Vax Project Timeline – “The bizarre Project Veritas “sting” videos that have gone ultra-viral on Twitter have undoubtedly confused the public even more. But the actual developer and owner of the so-called “Pfizer” Covid-19 vaccine is the German company BioNTech. The underlying mRNA technology belongs to BioNTech and – supposing this has been happening at all – if any company has been modifying mRNA to encode for a homebrewed variant of the virus, it would have to be BioNTech.” – Robert Kogon

The intertwined history of the Illuminati, Freemasons, Rosicrucians and Jesuits – “There are various theories about numerous secret societies. Some are better supported by source materials than others. Until those societies give up their secrets the public at large is left to theorise based on the best information available.” – Rhoda Wilson


The War Against Us – “The question you might ask these days: how did we weaponize everything in American life against ourselves? Can you name an institution that is not at war with the people of this land? The exact mechanisms for all that bad faith stand in plain sight these days, and persons responsible can be easily identified. What’s missing are discernable motives. For now, it just looks like the greatest collective act of ass-covering in history. It’s pretty clear, for instance, that all the criminal misconduct in the FBI / DOJ — continuing to this moment — emanates from the years-long effort to cover up the seditious campaign to nullify Donald Trump starting well before Nov. 8, 2016. The Covid-19 pandemic looks like a pretty large-scale racketeering operation gone awry with plenty to hide. It’s harder to unpack the enigma of the obviously unfit “Joe Biden” getting installed in the White House. My guess: the Obama claque behind him knew that “JB” was easily manipulable,Of course, the main device the claque had for pulling “Joe Biden’s” strings was the flagrant record of his many years of bribery and treason ” – James Howard Kunstler

Social Contract Theory Idiocy: What Contract? – “The very idea of any ‘social contract’ for any large group of individuals is asinine on its face. It is an impossibility to be sure if freedom is considered, and that is why constitutions, (‘social contracts’) which supposedly require individual explicit or ‘tacit’ consent, neither of which are valid in this context, are completely worthless, and only deceit by the state. Social contracts require that some or most freedoms be relinquished, and submission to the false authority of a ruler or ruling class be accepted for the ‘common good.” – Gary D. Barnett

Anarchy, American-Style – “The Left runs Oceania, and we work for their various bureaus. The current Left has no intention of “dropping out.” Why would it? It now controls the very institutions of America that it once mocked and attacked—corporate boardrooms, Wall Street, state and local prosecuting attorneys, most big-city governments, the media, the Pentagon, network and most of cable news, professional sports, Hollywood, music, television, K-12 education, and academia. In other words, the greatest levers of influence and power—money, education, entertainment, government, the news, and popular culture—are in the hands of the Left.” – Victor Davis Hanson

A Tale of Two Presidents: Biden vs. Trump – “I have one comment: I don’t think that “Joe Biden” (in Jim Kunstler language) only “supported the war in Ukraine and vilified Russia as our enemy”, “Joe Biden” did a lot more to poke the bear and instigate and fire up the war. But that’s just me. You can be the judge of that too. Also just me: when Trump left and Biden came, we were at peace. Look at us now.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer ( TAE Summary )  – THE GOOD AND BAD OF BOTH, YOU DECIDE. JUST REMEMBER BOTH SUPPORT THE CLOT SHOT!!!!

Behold the face of obsessive white guilt – “I am not a psychiatrist, and this is only my opinion, but the woman who made 38 second video picked up by Libs of TikTok is an example of pathological white guilt. What she says, via Grabien: “I got a message today for some white people, if we have white people listening, paying attention. I wouldn’t mind if you did this with me, we rub our chests, we find our heartbeat, and we say we did this. We did this. White supremacy did this. I’m talking about Tyre Nichols. Police didn’t do this. The Memphis Police Department didn’t do this. White supremacy did this.” Sorry, but I am white and I had zero to do with this, lady. The five cops in Memphis, all of whom are black, did it.” – Thomas Lifson  – THIS IS HOW INSANE THE NARRATIVE HAS GOTTEN!!!!!!

The Real Disinformation Was The ‘Russia Disinformation’ Hoax – Ron Paul

Forget classified docs, show us the real haul of Biden’s records in Delaware – “University ‘lockbox’ The University of Delaware has been used for years to shield potentially embarrassing documents from public review for the Biden family, including allegations that the president engaged in sexual harassment or assault as a member of the Senate. The university effectively agreed to serve as a type of lockbox for the Bidens to prevent a review of his senatorial records as he ran for higher office.” – Jonathan Turley

No surprise: Far-left Chicago mayor faces multiple ethics investigations – “Foul-mouthed, leftist mayor has an ethics problem, shocking no one” – Matt Lamb

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz Proposes Legislation to Eliminate The BATFE – “The recent unconstitutional “rule change” perpetrated by the BATFE will create a whole new class of felons, and Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz has something to say about it. During his time in Congress, Congressman Gaetz has repeatedly sounded the alarm on ATF overreach. In June and September of 2020, he issued letters to Attorney General William Barr and Acting ATF Director Regina Lombardo calling on the ATF to “cease taking any actions and reconsider or rescind any secret determinations which call into question the legality of firearms owned by millions of law-abiding Americans.” Both letters went unanswered by the ATF.” – Friedrich Seiltgen

Why 100% of the Blame for Ukraine’s War Is Obama’s, and None Is Putin’s – “This is in response to Caitlin Johnstone’s January 28th article, which alleged that not all of the blame for the war in Ukraine goes to Obama’s decisions, and which accused Russia of “warmongering”” – Eric Zuesse  – LINKED CAITLIN’S ARTICLE ON THE 28TH AS WELL, SHE HAD GOOD POINTS, BUT SO DOES ERIC!!!!

‘At War with Russia’, Europe Peers Down the Abyss – “Russia is unlikely to take the bait: It has the real strategic advantage in all areas of engagement with the Ukrainian forces. There is too much ‘noise’ in the system, and it is obscuring the view.” – Alastair Crooke

Iran Is Close to an A-Bomb Says UN – “UN says if Iran wants to build an atomic bomb, it could.” – Dave Patterson  – SEEMS TO ME THAT THEY HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS NOW FOR ABOUT 20 YEARS, MUST BE ITCHING TO START A WAR WITH THEM AGAIN!!!

Air Force General Demands Preparation for War with China – “China is not actively planning to invade Taiwan. If the conflict in Ukraine does not end in nuclear madness, Taiwan just might. That very well may be the unintended result if Gen. Mike Minihan, the head of the USG Air Force’s Air Mobility Command, has his way.”- Kurt Nimmo

Chinese spy fridges are making the new Cold War even chillier – “Home appliances could be used to keep tabs on Western citizens through their China-made microchips, a Washington think tank warns” – Timur Fomenko  – SO JUST BUY U.S. PRODUCTS INSTEAD, EXCEPT THAT THERE AREN’T ANY. THEN THE U.S. CAN SPY ON YOU INSTEAD OF CHINA. SOUNDS LIKE A LOSE-LOSE PROPOSITION ALL THE WAY AROUND!!!

Trudeau knows there’s trouble on the horizon – “The return of Canada’s House of Commons has triggered the unofficial start of the next election campaign.” – Zi-Ann Lum

Lavrov’s Trip To Eritrea Advances Russia’s Multipolar Strategy For The Horn Of Africa – Andrew Korybko


Key Events This Extremely Busy Week: “One For The Record Books” – “We have not seen these three major central bank decisions (Fed, BoE, ECB) and key data releases, as well as over 100 earnings reports in the same week before.” – Tyler Durden

Markets Haven’t Accounted for an Escalation in Ukraine – “The U.S. has provided Ukraine nearly $100 billion in weapons, cash, and humanitarian assistance. The sanctions imposed on Russia may be even tougher now than during the Cold War. Despite these things, investors in the U.S. don’t seem to be paying much attention to rising geopolitical risks at present. Russia / Ukraine Conflict That may soon change.” – Clint Siegner

Here’s How “Prosperity” Ends: Global Bubbles Are Popping – “So here we are: the global credit-asset bubbles are popping, and the illusory “prosperity” generated by the bubbles is about to tumble off a cliff. There are two kinds of prosperity, one fake, one real. Bogus “prosperity” depends on credit-asset bubbles inflating, magically creating “wealth” not from labor, production or improving productivity, but from the value of assets soaring as bubbles inflate.” – Charles Hugh Smith

People We Should Know: Nouriel Roubini – “Credible gloom and doom” – John Rubino

FEAR IN THE MARKET… This Is What You Need To Look Out For Now. IMPORTANT UPDATES! (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Add 4,281 Hedge Fund Clients to What Makes JPMorgan Chase the Riskiest Mega Bank in the U.S. – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 12.26EUR


Herbs for Pain Management: A Prepper’s Herbal Medicine Cabinet – “Herbs for pain management are an important tool. The more options we have, the better off we’ll be. Consider adding more herbs to your toolbox for pain management, obviously with the approval of your physician. Don’t stop taking any medication without your doctor’s help, and always check for potential interactions before taking herbal remedies with pharmaceutical medications.” – Amy Allen

15 Blackout Supplies to Get Before The Next Power Outage – “The fierce winter storm that left more than 4.5 million homes and businesses in Texas without power for days in February can teach all of us an important lesson – it could happen to us. Are you prepared for an extended electrical power outage?” – Tricia Drevets

Survival Mistakes I’m Too Ashamed To Admit – Charl M.

21 new Red-Dot Optics Sighted at SHOT Show 2023 – “With optics-ready pistols becoming the norm, I expected that manufacturers would introduce electronic sights on a large scale. The showroom floor did not disappoint; kick-off 2023 with these 21 red-dot optics:” – Frank Melloni

A Few Strategies For Unarmed Self-Defense – David Andrew Brown

How To Survive an EMP Attack – Top 5 Things You Must Do Now – Dave Jefferson


Luke 21:36    Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.


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