Suspending the Constitution: In America Today, the Government Does Whatever It Wants – “We can pretend that the Constitution, which was written to hold the government accountable, is still our governing document. The reality we must come to terms with, however, is that in the America we live in today, the government does whatever it wants, freedom be damned. “We the people” have been terrorized, traumatized, and tricked into a semi-permanent state of compliance by a government that cares nothing for our lives or our liberties. The bogeyman’s names and faces may change over time (terrorism, the war on drugs, illegal immigration, etc.), but the end result remains the same: our unquestioning acquiescence to anything the government wants to do in exchange for the phantom promise of safety and security.” – John W. Whitehead   –  EXCELLENT ARTICLE AS USUAL FROM JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evidence Is No Longer A Western Value – “The question before the world, the question that neocon John Bolton most fears, is whether Russian truths will prevail over Washington’s lies. Washington is prepared to initiate World War 3 rather than accept the prevalence of truth over its lies.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Lost in Lies, America’s Policy Prison – Gordon Duff

Trump Slaps Tariffs On $200BN In China Imports; Will Add Another $267BN If China Retaliates – Tyler Durden

Trump Unwisely Escalates Trade War: Expect a “Rare Earth” Response From China – Mish

China’s Patience with Trump Regime on Trade Wearing Thin – “The Trump regime’s “America First” agenda is all about serving US privileged interests more one-sidedly than earlier, demanding other nations bend to Washington’s will or else, alienating other countries. The scheme is an all take and little or no give agenda, pressuring and bullying other nations the US seeks to dominate, how all hegemons operate” – Stephen Lendman


Trump orders declassification of surveillance application, release of Comey texts – Kyle Cheney, Josh Gerstein, and Darren Samuelsohn

Monsters All the Way Down – “Robert Mueller’s fishing crew was out trawling for Manafort, a blubbery swamp mammal valued for its lubricating oil when, by happenstance, a strange breed of porpoise called a Podesta got caught up in the net. Turns out it was a traveling companion of the Manafort. Back in 2014, the pair swam all the way to a little country called Ukraine via the Black Sea where the Podesta used some Manafort SuperLube on then-president of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych.” – James Howard Kunstler

The War for the President’s Mind – “Are the good guys winning?”- Justin Raimondo

Desperate Measures: Plot to stop Kavanaugh is deep state’s last attempt to save itself from mass arrests (and military trials) – Mike Adams

While All Eyes Are on Syria’s Idlib, US Continues to Decimate Yemen – “Make no mistake, if the US pulled its support for Saudi Arabia, Yemen’s suffering could stop tomorrow” – Darius Shahtahmasebi

EU Does Nothing to Stop US Meddling into Its Elections – Alex Gorka

MAXINE WATERS ENCOURAGES ‘RESISTANCE’ TO “KNOCK OFF” TRUMP – “Unhinged Congresswoman spews more incendiary rhetoric” – Paul Joseph Watson

Former Vice-President Joe Biden: Trump Supporters Are The ‘Dregs Of Society’ – “Former vice president Joe Biden is going on an insult tour, calling supporters of President Donald Trump the “dregs of society.” In a not-so-classy move, Biden used a pro-LGBT Human Rights Campaign annual dinner on Saturday to rip supporters of Trump and the president.” – Mac Slavo

“State of Emergency” Declared at Brunswick Nuclear Plant in Southport, NC – Daisy Luther

America Has an Infrastructure Crisis: Gas Pipes Exploding; Concrete Basements Collapsing; Lead in Water; the 100-Year Flood that Comes Annually – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The Next Economic Hurricane Will Be a Category 5 (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

‘CHOLESTEROL CON’ Doctors say there’s ‘no evidence’ high levels of bad cholesterol causes heart disease – “17 physicians from across the world appear to have dispelled the theory that there are links between having high LDL-C levels – known as bad cholesterol – and fatty deposits that clog arteries.” – Ellie Cambridge

The Fall & Winter Prepper Checklist: 9 Things To Get Your Home Prepped for Disasters – Jeremiah Johnson

The Central Bankers Have Already Picked A Date For The Crash (VIDEO) – X22 Report

Anti-Gun Groups Join Forces to Change Florida Gun Law – Personal Defense World

Bone Chilling Footage Shows the Horrific Tyranny Google is Now Secretly Fostering in China – Matt Agorist

Was Gary Caradori and his 6 year old son murdered by the U.S. Government? His plane “broke up mid flight”, on board he had with him a suitcase of blackmail tapes featuring politicians in sexual acts with children. – Gov’t Slaves

Cochrane’s HPV Vaccine Review Not What It’s Cracked Up To Be: Conflicts Of Interest Undermine It – Catherine J. Frompovich

The Truth About That Packet of Wheat Seed in Your “Survival Seed Bank” – Scott M Terry

Pagan Religion And The Never-Ending Quest To Be God – Bill Heid

What Really Happens When the SHTF Is Over Is Not What Most People Expect – Selco

To Autonomous AI, We Will Be Simply ‘Carbon Lunch’ – As Human Race Approaches ‘Technological Extinction’, Hollywood Inoculates Us Against The Question: ‘Will Machines Take Over The World?’ – Stefan Stanford

How To (Legally) Break The Rules When SHTF – Cache Valley Prepper

Aggressive Scavenging When Your Family’s Life Is On The Line – Off The Grid News




Romans 13:2   Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.







Wilmington Cut Off by Florence as Catastrophic Flooding Spreads Across North Carolina – AP

Al Gore’s claim about Hurricane Florence doused by scientists – Meteorologist Ryan Maue says Gore’s assertion made ‘without any evidence'” – Valerie Richardson

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 15, 2018 (VIDEO) – “The mainstream media focus has now transitioned from record wildfires to record cyclones, the weather manipulation continues unabated. What agendas are being carried out by the weather-makers? ” – Dane Wigington

Britain Joins the US in Unwise Confrontation in the South China Sea – Brian Cloughley

Azov Sea Flashpoint: Russia, Ukraine Teetering On The Brink Of War – Peter Korzun

Presenting The Syria Deception: Al-Qaeda Goes to Hollywood (VIDEO) – “A new investigative mini documentary deconstructs and demolishes the western-jihadi lies on Syria, particularly their joint project in promoting Bana al-Abed” – Dan Cohen

Greater Eurasia coming together in the Russian Far East – “The Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok has become a crucial part of strategic integration between China, Russia and other countries in northeast Asia, a graduation assimilation set to transform the current world system” – Pepe Escobar

LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE… EXPOSED (VIDEO) with Harley Schlanger – SGT Report

Trump, Pompeo: Kerry Is Undermining Foreign Policy – R. Cort Kirkwood

Kavanaugh and Probabilities – “Ah, so now we have it… So she doesn’t know who’s house it was, why she was there, what the “gathering” was about (gee, I wonder.)” – Karl Denninger

Professor accusing Kavanaugh is radical SJW with some damning student reviews – Selwyn Duke

Hollyweirdos & Others Can’t Be Quiet! – Suzanne Hamner

Antifa Website Shows How To Injure Police, Hold Up Banks, Sneak Across The Border, & More – Brock Simmons

Massive Deficit Spending Greenlights Waste, Fraud, Profiteering and Dysfunction – Charles Hugh Smith

Five Horrifying Examples of What Happens When Gov’t Takes Guns From the People – “Gun rights might not guarantee victory against tyrants, but being deprived of them all but guarantees submission.” – The Free Thought Project

By Comparison, Being Thrown to the Lions Would Be… – Rory Hall

FEMA And The Disastrous Problem Of “Good Intentions” – Off The Grid News

FEMA to test new system allowing Trump to send emergency alerts – Frieda Powers

MILITARY FRAUD IN THE JFK AUTOPSY – “A popular lament about the JFK assassination is, “Golly, I guess we’ll never know what really happened.” The reason people express that lament is that they are thinking of what the law calls “direct evidence,” like a videotaped confession or a written memorandum detailing plans to conduct the assassination. What such lamenters fail to consider, however, is the important role that circumstantial evidence can tell us about what happened on that fateful day in November 1963.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Three New Deals: Why the Nazis and Fascists Loved FDR – David Gordon

No bad reviews? Amazon employees might have deleted them for bribes – RT

The CDC’s “National Violent Death Reporting System” posts inaccurate police killings figures – MassPrivateI

Video Demonstrates How Radiation Exposure to Utility “Smart” Meters is WAY WORSE than “Smart” Phones – B.N. Frank

A Serious Warning About The Toxicity Of Aluminum-Adjuvanted Vaccines – Especially For Infants And The Elderly – Gary G. Kohls, MD

Fear: A Tool We Are Manipulated With – Salty

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.78EUR




Psalm 119:133   Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me.








Police arrest 5 in North Carolina as looters begin to capitalize on Florence chaos – Paulina Dedaj

Drone Army Is Ready to Swoop in for Florence Power Recovery – Naureen S. Malik

Hilarious fake news: Weather Channel reporter fakes hurricane-force winds while two guys casually stroll down the street behind him, wearing shorts – Mike Adams

The Bluffer’s Guide to Bombing Syria – “The Dirty Dozen: 12 lies they tell you to anaesthetise you for the upcoming bombing of Syria.” – Peter Ford

President Bolton Threatens to Sanction the International Court – “John Bolton is undoubtedly well aware of these violations of international law, but can the same be said for the president-in-waiting, known for his ignorance of international affairs? And if he did understand, it wouldn’t matter. He has advocated “bombing the shit” out of small, recalcitrant nations, while knowing practically nothing about those nations. The only thing that works for the neocons is bombing and mass murder. So, when will Bolton bomb The Hague?”- Kurt Nimmo

Washington’s Matrix Is Closing Down Truth Throughout the Western World – Paul Craig Roberts

America Is Today’s Nazi Germany – “With super-weapons making earlier era ones look like toys, Washington’s bipartisan-supported permanent war agenda for global dominance risks armageddon like never before. America is today’s Nazi Germany, wrapped in the stars and stripes, no other nation ever more ruthlessly dangerous on a global scale, waging war on humanity at home and abroad, willing to risk destroying planet earth to own it. – Stephen Lendman

INTERVENTIONISTS ARE ADDICTED TO INTERVENTIONISM – “In an editorial opposing a U.S.-supported coup in Venezuela, the New York Times gets it right, mostly. Unfortunately, the Times’s editorial board, like so many advocates of foreign interventionism, just cannot let go entirely of its interventionist mindset.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Trump Is Still No Closer To Impeachment. At What Point Do Russiagaters Lose Faith? – “The collusion narrative is like an old rusty Pinto on cinderblocks that racing enthusiasts keep placing bets on because the NASCAR commentators keep saying it’s going to win” – Caitlin Johnstone

Judge Jeanine: To Dems, you’re guilty until proven innocent (VIDEO)- “Senator Feinstein’s handling of Kavanaugh letter shows complete disregard for truth, justice and the American way.” – Fox News


A View of the Deadly World Order – “The outlook for humanity is not good. Crises that should by now, not even exist in the 21st Century, they now affect every man, woman, and child on the planet. Still, reality never really sinks in for the people of the world. Hollywood and the PR gamers obscure the same evils humankind has endured for countless centuries. Meanwhile, the real villains escape the justice they so richly deserve.” – Phil Butler  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deep State Does America—BIG TIME! – “rimo agent of Deep State Robert Mueller was handpicked by DOJ plant Rod Rosenstein to manufacture a criminal case against President Trump the likes of which the Democrat leadership is actually guilty of.” – The Millennium Report

The Deep State, Obama, and Destroying America – Todd Royal

Obama repeatedly stutters, talks about himself 79 times while campaigning for candidates – Kyle Olson

Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Sexual Predator “Inspiration & Friend” – “Once they were exposed and the pressure was on, she called for their resignations. But she did nothing to stop them when they were going about their rounds.” – Daniel Greenfield

Michael Moore’s Latest Conspiracy Theory: Maybe ‘Trump Wrote’ the Anonymous NYT Op-Ed – Justin Caruso  – TOTAL IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chelsea Clinton: Reversing Roe v. Wade Would Be “Unchristian” – “In other words, in Clinton’s opinion, the pro-life movement, which is overwhelmingly made up of Christians, is opposing God by standing up for the unborn and trying to get Roe overturned” – Michael Tennant

Lamentation – “The one salutary effect of Hurricane Florence may be that news of the after-effects will supersede the incoherent manufactured political blather welling up around the coming midterm elections — especially if the financial damage is powerful enough to disturb the debt-fueled occult economic “boom” attributed to the magic powers of our deal-wielding POTUS.” – James Howard Kunstler


Cooking, Surviving And Thriving During A Long-Term Power Outage – Rich M.

Deadly experiments: Georgian ex-minister claims US-funded facility may be bioweapons lab – RT

The Social Media Purge and How It Affects Everyone – Daisy Luther

50+ Years of Debauchery Has Lead The World To… – “You rarely, if ever, hear / read local stories of what the church community or an individual church is doing to improve the community. Local news stations and, where they still exist, local newspaper are not really interested in these stories. No, you rarely, if ever, hear any word regarding the Christian faith unless it is somehow unhealthy or “radicalized”.” – Rory Hall

These Lessons From History Teach Us Why We Prepare: ‘For When They Shall Say Peace And Safety, Sudden Destruction Cometh Upon Them’ – Dr Peter Vincent Pry

Dollar Dominant & Dangerous – System Not Stable (VIDEO) with Catherine Austin Fitts – Greg Hunter

“They Just Evacuated Us”: Conspiracy Theories Run Wild After FBI Shuts Down Solar Observatory – Tyler Durden

Week-long evacuation of solar observatory still a mystery – New Zealand Herald

Sunspot Observatory Evacuation Mystery Becomes Even Creepier As Inside Footage Of The ‘Ghost Town’ Emerges – Susan Duclos

Ben Bernanke’s Waffle House – “Yes, it is hard to believe, but still happening: 10 years after Lehman the very same people who either directly caused the financial crisis of 2008 or made things much much worse in its aftermath, are not only ALL walking around freely and enjoying even better paid jobs than 10 years ago, they are even asked by the media to share their wisdom, comment on what they did to prevent much much worse, and advise present day politicians and bankers on what THEY should do.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Ten years after the crisis… they’re doing the same thing and expecting different results – “ten years ago the collapse took all the ‘experts’ by surprise. Now, a decade later, the experts once again agree that it’s all rainbows and buttercups. They believe they fixed a problem caused by too much bad debt by facilitating record levels of even worse debt. They believe they fixed a problem caused by too much money in the system by injecting trillions of dollars of new money into the system.” – Simon Black

Google’s Prototype For China Searches Links To Phone Numbers – “Forget do no evil. Google has joined the Dark Side in China. The Chinese version of its search engine, code-named Dragonfly, will match searches with phone numbers, giving Technocrats instant knowledge of your every move on the Internet. (Patrick Woods)” – Ryan Gallagher

My Fear Of An EMP Motivated My Prepping – Salty

Your Store Bought First Aid Kit AINT ENOUGH!! – Build One Suited For YOU & YOUR Needs – Ray Gano

Rip-Offs In Healthcare, Especially Prescription Drugs – Catherine J. Frompovich

How To Choose Your Perfect Survival Tent – Cache Valley Prepper

New Gene-Editing Report Highlights Risks to Human Health and Our Environment – Sustainable Pulse




Ephesians 4:17-19   This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind,  Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart:  Who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness.



Babylon is a Devil inna blue dress, Satan in a suit and tie
Oppression is freedom, Heaven is Hell and the truth is a lie
They murder the youth, the police don’t shoot in the sky
It’s a warzone, you do what you gotta do to survive
You get suited and ride, life is hustle or starve
This is capitalism religion, money is god
America eats the young like cannibal breakfast
Wall Street is swarming with Hannibal Lecters
Crooked elections, politricks of the shitstem
Legal lynchings, modern day crucifixions
Slaves to the current conditions that we live in
More faith in the reverends than making our own heaven
It’s foul, how the youth glued to the television
Ain’t heard of Assata, but Twitter following Paris Hilton
It’s only right we want to be more than poor and righteous but
Even the rich today can’t ignore the crisis in Babylon..

( Babylon by Gordon Ranoy, Delroy Reid, Gavin Clayton, Llamar Louis Rashaud Brown, Lavonne Alford, Stephen Marley  )







Dramatic Footage Of Florence Devastation; 600K Without Power; Fatalities Reported – Tyler Durden

4 dead as Hurricane Florence drenches the Carolinas – Jonathan Drew

‘It’s like a bomb has gone off here’: Stranded residents hunker down as Florence hammers NC – Karma Allen and Morgan Winsor

MEDIA POLITICIZE FLORENCE, BLAME TRUMP FOR STORMS, PREDICT MASS DEATH – Trump is ‘actively making the problem worse’ – “On CNN, political analyst John Avlon, in a segment titled “Reality Check,” suggested Trump is at fault for Hurricane Florence, and that his climate policies could kill up to 80,000 people per decade. Is Trump “complicit in this storm?” asked Alisyn Camerota in the segment introduction.” – Grabien News

Trump Tells Aides to Proceed With $200 Billion in Tariffs on China – Mish

How Donald Trump Desecrates America’s Founders – “The nation that America’s Founders established was conquered by internal subversion after World War II, an American counter-revolution by subterfuge that now controls both of this nation’s political Parties.” – Eric Zuesse

Strzok Wanted To Hunt Down Trump Ties Using FBI “Steele Dossier” Report Leaked To CNN – Tyler Durden

The Mueller Investigation Is Sending People to Jail – But Not For Collusion – Aaron Maté

The World’s Most Important Funeral: Google’s Answer to Trump – “Forget the lamentations for John McCain. Ditto the wailing for Aretha Franklin. This week, we just learned about the biggest and most significant funeral dirge in the history of the world: the private and confidential gathering of tens of thousands of Google employees to mourn the election of Donald Trump” – Colin Flaherty

Google Caught Red-handed: Tried to Get Clinton Elected – Selwyn Duke

Profiles In Treason: Rod Rosenstein – From Uranium One To IRS Corruption To The FISA Scandal, Rosenstein Sold Out America For Globalism While Covering Up Clinton Family Crimes – John C. Velisek

Michelle’s ‘Becoming’ a Gazillionaire Book Tour – “For those who forgot – or would like to forget – despite waking up every morning for eight years “in a house built by slaves,” America’s former first lady, Michelle Obama, indulged in 100 million dollars’ worth of vacations at taxpayers’ expense; wore haute couture; and, while attempting to limit every morsel Americans put in their mouths, ate epicurean fare fit for a queen.” – Jeannie DeAngelis

‘Unmasking The Deep State’ – Project Veritas Is Prepared To Name The Names, Job Titles And Treasonous Quotes, All Caught On Camera – Susan Duclos

Feds Set Monthly Spending Record: The Swamp Is Now Bigger and More Expensive than Ever – Peter Schiff

The Fed and Trump To Ignite Economic Turmoil (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

The Bailouts for the Rich Are Why America Is So Screwed Right Now – “Did they prevent a full-scale collapse? Yes. Was it necessary to do it the way we did? Not at all.” – Matt Stoller

The Ever-increasing Presence Of Glyphosate – “Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s ‘flagship product’ Roundup®–now owned by Bayer Pharmaceuticals [1], apparently has contaminated every last bastion of healthful food production and naturally-grown field crops. The latest and most unfortunate producer of clean and organic grain products, Bob’s Red Mill of Oregon, has been sued over the findings of glyphosate in its “organic oatmeal.”” – Catherine J. Frompovich

Anthony Samsel on Vaccines contaminated with Glyphosate (VIDEO) – Tony Mitra

Communist / Socialist Taking Over New York – “Where are the centrist? Where are people that believe in the Constitution and real capitalism, not this nightmare of fascism veiled as crony capitalism, but actual capitalism that generated wealth for the many? The problem these young people don’t see is that only the few, the very, very few would have any property rights, any wealth or liberty.” – Rory Hall

Thoughts on Nomadic Survival from a Venezuelan Refugee – J.G. Martinez D

The Deep State Prepares Counter Narrative, Truth Will Win (VIDEO) – X22 Report

Yet Another Trillion-Dollar Unfunded Liability: Too Many People In Hurricane Alley – John Rubino


It’s Time to Break Up the Forced Child-Bride Marriage Between Solar, Sustainability, and Smart Meters – Patricia Burke




Job 27:5   God forbid that I should justify you: till I die I will not remove mine integrity from me.






‘Threat becomes reality’: Florence begins days of rain, wind – Jonathan Drew

Hurricane Florence Assaults North Carolina, Leaving Major Damage, Nearly 300,000 Without Power and 150 Awaiting Rescue – Ron Brackett

Hurricane Florence Updates: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown – Daisy Luther

Two Dozen Fukushima’s At the Same Time? Keep Your Fingers Crossed and Pray – “Hurricane Florence could unleash two dozen Fukushima’s. Nobody in the MSM or in government are talking about the dangers. What do the experts say?” – Dave Hodges

America’s Disaster Zones – Are You Living In Harm’s Way? – Bob Rodgers

A Record 7 Named Storms Are Swirling Across The Globe – Has ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ Arrived? – Michael Snyder

In May, A FEMA ‘National Level Exercise’ Simulated A Hurricane Which Devastated East Coast, Took Down The Grid And Severely Damaged Nuclear Power Plant – “Might Reality Soon Mimic Fiction?” – Stefan Stanford

Superstorm Florence Geoengineered To Be Another Hurricane Harvey (Graphics) – “How did Flo abruptly change course to target the Carolinas when it was originally tracking to the mid-Atlantic Ocean?Answer: Lots of Chemtrail Spraying and HAARP Manipulation ” – The Millennium Report

Four Reasons Why Interventionism In Syria Is Crazy And Stupid – Caitlin Johnstone

On the Brink with Russia in Syria Again, 5 Years Later – Ray McGovern

A Third Attack on Syria Would Be Just as Illegal as the Last Two – “A reminder of what should have been of huge importance but for some reason is insignificant” – Daniel Larison

Trump Regime Lies About Saudi-Led Aggression in Yemen – “Yemen is Washington’s war, begun long before the Saudis and UAE began terror-bombing Houthi fighters and civilians in March 2015 – compounded by suffocating blockade conditions. Along with endless naked aggression, it’s responsible for slow-motion genocide against millions of defenseless Yemenis.” – Stephen Lendman

Pompeo Green-Lights More Saudi Slaughter In Yemen (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

Merkel Melts Down After Thousands Of Germans Protest Violent Migrants – Tyler Durden

The US ‘Deep State’ Is Trying To Split Putin & Deripaska But It Won’t Succeed – “The New York Times broke what would be a major story over the weekend even if it’s only partially true, and it’s that the FBI supposedly had a decade-long relationship of an unclear nature with Mr. Deripaska that eventually fizzled out after he refused to go along with the “deep state’s” Russiagate witch hunt fake news narrative about Trump” – Andrew Korybko

Obama Brazenly Tried to take Credit for Better Economy Under Trump – Steve Byas

Democrats hit a new low in their crusade against Kavanaugh – New York Post Editorial Board

Dianne Feinstein is a Judas goat – “A Judas goat is a trained goat used in general animal herding. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared.” – Patricia McCarthy

Family arrivals surge at US-Mexico border in August – Elliot Spagat

US Biological Warfare Program In The Spotlight Again – Peter Korzun

For Over a Century, the New York Times Has Praised Big Bank Consolidation – “For more than a century, the New York Times has championed some of the most despised men on Wall Street in their power grabs of other banks. The resulting mega bank concentration has crippled competition, crippled democracy in the U.S. and led to unprecedented wealth and income inequality in our nation” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Argentine Sex Abuse Victim: Pope ‘Opens His Door’ to Celebs Like DiCaprio but Won’t Even Write Us a Note – Katherine Rodriguez

“Explosive” documents detail Monsanto’s crimes against humanity across European countries – Tracey Watson

A Brief History of Repressive Regimes and Their Gun Laws – “Arguably one of the rights that has seen less government encroachment in the US — in contrast to other activities such as commerce — gun rights are now witnessing unprecedented attacks at the state level and even from politically-connected corporate entities. Although gun control laws are not created equally in terms of overall impact, gun confiscation holds a special place in the halls of political repression. A trip down memory lane will give us a refresher of how gun confiscation has helped consolidate government power.” -José Niño

Firearm Safety: 4 Rules That Every Shooter Should Follow – Jay Langston

Facebook to Start Fact-Checking Photos, Videos – “The social-media company will use technology and human reviewers to help flag false content” – Micah Maidenberg

Google Isn’t Biased, Nor Do They Censor Conservative Voices – Just Ask Them – Rory Hall

Home Security and Safety Tips for Single Women Living Alone – Susan B

Dollar Worries Spur Central Banks to Buy Gold – Peter Schiff

An Easy Do-It-Yourself Way To Detect Electromagnetic Fields In Your Home – Catherine J. Frompovich

How To Preserve Food For Winter Like The Pioneers – Amy S.

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.79EUR




Proverbs 1:32   For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them.






Storm’s uncertain track sows fear; 10 million in crosshairs – Jeffrey Collins

What To Do If It’s TOO LATE and You Can’t Evacuate Before a Hurricane – Daisy Luther

Hurricane could flood many waste sites, creating toxic brew – Michael Biesecker

MSNBC and Dem senator prove once again why virtually NO ONE trusts the media – J.D. Heyes

Tensions Continue Rising Between Russia and The U.S. In Syria – Aaron Kesel

Lights, Camera, Action, False Flag in Syria – “The die is cast in Syria. The mother of all battles to eliminate US-supported terrorists in Idlib province looms” – Stephen Lendman

Will Russia Call America’s Bluff – Gordon Duff


Understanding The Tactics Of Subversive Globalism – Brandon Smith

The Ritual Burial of the US Constitution – “In the wake of a number of the Lehman and 9/11 commemorations in America, and as a monster storm is once again threatening to cause outsize damage, we find ourselves at a pivotal point in time, which will decide how the country interacts with its own laws, its legal system, its Constitution, its freedom of speech, and indeed if it has sufficient willpower left to adhere to the Constitution as its no. 1 guiding principle. The main problem is that it all seems to slip slide straight by the people, who are -kept- busy with completely different issues” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Watch Out President Trump! The Globalists Are Trying To Get You To Make The Same Mistakes Bush And Obama Made! And Nothing Less Than ‘Judgement Day’ May Await The Wrong Decision – Stefan Stanford

Why the swamp has little to fear – Rick Hayes

The US is Already an Authoritarian Regime – “Or at the very least, an incipient monarchy: the only problem is that the monarch — while having plenty of clothes — has no head. – Deena Stryker

The Costs of 9/11 Continue to Mount – “People all over the world are amazed that Americans could witness videos of the two towers blowing up floor by floor and the obvious controlled demolition of Building 7 and conclude that they were witnessing buildings collapsing from asymetrical structural damage and limited, short-lived office fires. The 9/11 fabrication and the Osama bin Laden myth were used by the Cheney/Bush regime to destroy the civil liberty protections in the US Constitution and to elevate the executive branch above both domestic and international law.” – Paul Craig Roberts

WATCH: Since 9/11, America Has Traded Liberty for Security, And We’re Almost Out of Both – Derrick Broze

Giuliani, “Mayor 9/11,” Claims the ‘Truth Isn’t Truth’ – “As mayor of New York, Giuliani not only presided over the quick removal of World Trade Center debris from the “ground zero” crime scene, but also interfered in an FBI investigation of five Israeli suspects arrested in New Jersey in the afternoon of September 11, 2001. The Israelis, all connected to Israeli intelligence, were believed by the FBI and Central Intelligence Agency to have been connected with the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.” – Wayne Madsen

Trump May Replace Sec. Def. Mattis with a Neocon – Kurt Nimmo

ThinkProgress Censored By Facebook After Cheerleading Facebook Censorship – Caitlin Johnstone

The Next Financial Crisis Is Right on Schedule (2019) – Charles Hugh Smith

Foreign Media Reporting That Reckless China Is Preparing for Multiple Pearl Harbors Against the US – “What does it say when I am forced to find out from New Zealand and French news sources about impending Pearl Harbor style attacks being planned by the Chinese? Where’s the American media? This information was delivered to Congress nearly a month ago and we are not hearing a word about this? More to the point, it is obvious that Trump’s economic attacks upon China is serving the same purpose as what FDR, through the 8 Point Plan, achieved in the pre-World War II era. This is our path into war.” – Dave Hodges

“Leaking Like Mad”: FBI-DOJ-MSM Collusion Went Far Deeper Than Previously Known – Tyler Durden

FBI and Blackhawk choppers: National Solar Observatory shuts over mysterious ‘security issue’ – RT

Dollar As World Reserve Currency Coming to An End? – Rory Hall

Yes, Sweden Is A Domino – “Over the weekend, another European nation turned toward the populist direction. It was enough to get one’s attention when Italy did it, but Sweden is something else altogether. The country has been long held out as an exemplar of everything that is right with globalization. They have industry, youth, etc. How in the world could another “far right” party score so much?” – Jeffrey P. Snider

“Catastrophic”: EU Passes Copyright Directive Including Internet “Link Tax” and “Upload Filter” – Joseph Jankowski

Warren Buffett Explains Bubbles: But He Doesn’t Know We Are In One – Mish

Gun Show Protesters Mislead the Public in California – Robert Davis

Gold, Currency IOUs and Inflation – Gary Christenson.




Psalm 26:9   Gather not my soul with sinners, nor my life with bloody men:






‘Big and vicious’: Hurricane Florence closes in on Carolinas – Jonathan Drew

“Worst Storm In US History” Florence Set To Break All-Time Records; Forecasters Fear Harvey Flood Redux – Tyler Durden

Last-Minute Emergency Supplies:What to Buy When the Shelves Are Almost Empty – Daisy Luther

Preparing for Hurricane Florence and What We Learned From Past Experiences – David Andrew Brown

People Are “Fighting For Food” As Authorities Warn Florence “Could Produce A Disaster Comparable” To Hurricane Katrina – Michael Snyder

‘Resistance’ runs amok in the US Deep Throat War – “Bob Woodward’s book and the ‘resistance’ op-ed look increasingly like a sophisticated psy-ops scheme and a prelude for a ‘Deep State’ coup” – Pepe Escobar

Fighting Starts in Syria’s Idlib: US Military Considers Military Options – Peter Korzun

As Things Heat Up In Idlib, Remember: The US Empire Has A History With False Flags –

How To Explain The Cause Of The Syrian War In 2 Minutes – “2 minutes of truth about US intervention in Syria from Jeffrey Sachs @JeffDSachs is worth more than 98 percent of the bullshit we are hearing on TV” – Tyler Durden

China’s “Long Term Collaterisation” Of Loans Strategy & Her Disguised Recolonization Of African Countries Economically – Richard Krah

9/11: The Day Rule of Law in America Died – “Throughout its history, America was never beautiful, far from it, a fantasy democracy from inception – the nation today on a slippery slope toward full-blown tyranny. Most people are none the wiser – daily bread and circuses doing their job, manipulating and distracting them from what’s most important. Elected officials, their minions, and media scoundrels fill their heads with daily rubbish, suppressing what’s vital to know.” – Stephen Lendman

Americans Need Social Media Guided by the Rights Enshrined in the U.S. Constitution – Michael Krieger

Trump’s Tariffs Will Hit the Economy with a ‘Gale Force’ that Will ‘Accelerate’ Inflation (VIDEO) – David Stockman

Media Blackout on Dire Global Debt (VIDEO) with Greg Mannarino – “People here in our country are not being allowed to see what is going on outside of the United States. The mainstream media (MSM) outlets are doing everything they possibly can to keep people misinformed and uninformed. This is what is happening right now. On a global scale, the world is overdosing on debt.” – Greg Hunter

As White House Coups Go, Wall Street Has Staged Plenty – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Setting Up For The Next Major Silver Bull Market – Steve St. Angelo

Thanks to Obama Bailouts and Trump Tax Cuts, Five Largest US Banks Have Raked in $583 Billion Since 2008 Crash – Jake Johnson

Bezos, Kafka, and a Replacement for Book Burning – “Nazis burned books. The richest man in the world simply memory holes them from his Amazon bookstore.” – Kurt Nimmo

At Least 10 And Potentially 15 Nuclear Power Plants Are In The Path Of Hurricane Florence – Is Florence An Attack Upon America? – “Still Think ‘Weather Modification’ Is A ‘Conspiracy Theory’? You Won’t After Reading This!”- Stefan Stanford interview: Architects And Engineers For 9/11 Truth CEO Speaks Out (VIDEO) – “The 9/11 false flag event gave the western military industrial complex the license it needed to fully release its fury on resource rich countries in the Middle East. Below is a new exclusive interview with Architects and Engineers For 9/11 Truth CEO, Richard Gage.” – Dane Wigington  – A MUST WATCH/LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Since 9/11, America Has Traded Liberty for Security, And We’re Almost Out of Both – Derrick Broze

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Jude 8    Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.






What I Don’t Like About Life in Post-9/11 America – “What began with the passage of the USA Patriot Act in October 2001 has snowballed into the eradication of every vital safeguard against government overreach, corruption and abuse. The citizenry’s unquestioning acquiescence to anything the government wants to do in exchange for the phantom promise of safety and security has resulted in a society where the nation is being locked down into a militarized, mechanized, hypersensitive, legalistic, self-righteous, goose-stepping antithesis of every principle upon which this nation was founded. This is not freedom. This is a jail cell.” – John W. Whitehead  – A MUST READ FROM JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9/11 Revisited: Live Mainstream Media Coverage Conflicts with Official Story (VIDEO)- Truthstream Media

New Strzok-Page Texts Discuss FBI “Media Leak Strategy” Within Hours Of Washington Post Bombshell – Tyler Durden

Where’s the POTUS crime, Rod Rosenstein? An expert says America needs to know – J.D. Heyes

False Flag Stage Set: US, UK, France Threaten Syria with Much Stronger Action – “Mr. Bolton dismissed accusations made by Russia that the U.S. and its allies are working with Syrians to stage a chemical weapons attack as a pretext for Western military strikes. “That has to be, in the history of propaganda in the 20th and 21st centuries, one of the most outrageous claims that I can think of,” Mr. Bolton said. The claim is hardly outrageous.” – Mish

Three-Bagger – And so the Golden Golem of Greatness re-enters the hall of mirrors that Syria has become. The US intelligence “community” has informed the US Media that Syrian President Assad is planning a new gas attack on Idlib Province, where a ragtag army of US-backed “rebels” (ISIS, etc) remain holed up against Assad’s forces backed by Russian air support. Have we seen this movie before?Is Mr. Assad truly that dumb? “‘ – James Howard Kunstler

Armageddon Rides In The Balance – “Out of its hatred of Trump the left has united with the forces of evil and war that are leading to conflict with Russia.” – Paul Craig Roberts

US Warplanes Terror-Bomb Syrian Targets with Banned White Phosphorous – “Geneva Protocol III on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Incendiary Weapons (1980) banned use of white phosphorous against civilian populations and military forces in or near noncombatant areas. Washington unlawfully used these weapons in terror-bombing Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and elsewhere. Israel used them in Gaza and Lebanon.” – Stephen Lendman

The US’s Choice: WWIII or Saving Face in Syria – Tom Luango

US, Britain, France Nail Colors to Terrorist Mast – “The three Western members of the UN Security Council – the US, Britain and France – all gave warning that they would carry out military strikes on Syria if the government forces there were to use chemical weapons. That is a risible deceit of course, since the Syrian government does not possess chemical weapons, having disposed of its arsenal some two years ago under UN supervision.” – Strategic Culture Foundation

Horrifying Video Shows Israeli Soldiers Shoot, Kill 16yo Boy While His Hands Were In The Air – Rachel Blevins

China Joins Russia In Massive War Games In Sign Of Growing Military Ties – Tyler Durden

Behind the Anglo American War on Russia – F. William Engdahl

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Ethiopia – A Case Study in Take-Over by Western Interests – Peter Koenig

Predictive Programming: The Last Ship Promotes a Red Dawn Invasion from Latin America – “At seemingly every turn when I research a multitude of potential threats against the United States, I find the Chinese at the bottom of virtually every threat. It is becoming clear that China is close to completing its plans to occupy key areas as a precursor to invade the United States. This article is the first part of a two part series on this subject.” – Dave Hodges

Expect a Storm Surge of 15 – 20 Feet in a Landfalling Category 4 Storm in the Carolinas – Dr. Jeff Masters

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Has The ‘Black Wind Of Death’ Been Unleashed? Here’s What They’re Not Telling Us About Monkeypox: The Shed Virus Can Maintain Infectivity For Months At Room Temperature And Perhaps Indefinitely In Cold Weather – “Global Connectedness Could Trigger A Cascade Of Infection” – Stefan Stanford

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The Fed & Former Fed Heads Are Now Worried About The Future Of The Fed (VIDEO) – X22 Report

Key antidepressant ingredient contributing to antibiotic-resistant superbug – “Researchers from Australia’s University of Queensland discovered the drug fluoxetine, which is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) commonly found in antidepressants like Prozac and Sarafem, can reduce antibiotic capabilities.” – RT

The Military Now Has Tooth Mics For Invisible, Hands-Free Radio Calls – Patrick Tucker

The Most Common Concealed Carry Mistakes You Should Avoid – David Andrew Brown

Cosmo magazine now celebrating morbid obesity, featuring it on their cover in the name of “feminism” – Vicki Batts



Acts 25:27   For it seemeth to me unreasonable to send a prisoner, and not withal to signify the crimes laid against him.






US Says Assad Has Approved Gas Attack In Idlib, Setting Stage For Major Military Conflict – “At this point there’s not even so much as feigning surprise or suspense in the now sadly all-too-familiar Syria script out of Washington. – Tyler Durden

Trump Will ‘Get Very, Very Angry If Syria Offensive Slaughters Civilians’ – “Threatens to respond ‘swiftly and appropriately'” – Jason Ditz

Russia says US dropped phosphorus bombs over Syria, which Pentagon denies – Middle East Monitor

Senator Richard Black meets with Syria’s Assad, claims West is planning fake chemical attack – Tom O’Connor

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Obama’s Benghazi Body Bags No Mere Conspiracy Theory By- “The arrogance of the man who lied to the parents of the Benghazi dead in front of their sons’ caskets as they were returned to the country they fought for is mind-boggling. As he attempted to rewrite many chapters of his failed presidency in a speech at the University of Illinois, he called the accurate and documented reports of the criminal negligence of secretary of state Hillary Clinton and himself during the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on our Benghazi compound a mere “conspiracy theory.” ” -Daniel John Sobieski

What the US-Backed Slaughter of Children in Yemen Looks Like: ‘Warning: The Images… Are Extremely Graphic’ – Jon Queally

That Time CNN Staged A Fake Interview With A Syrian Child For War Propaganda – Caitlin Johnstone

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A Diabolic False Flag Empire: A Review of David Ray Griffin’s The American Trajectory: Divine or Demonic? – “No one is more emblematic of this noble effort than David Ray Griffin, who, in book after book since the attacks of 11 September 2001, has meticulously exposed the underside of the American empire and its evil masters. His persistence in trying to reach people and to warn them of the horrors that have resulted is extraordinary.” – Edward Curtin

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Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.70EUR





Isaiah 1:28   And the destruction of the transgressors and of the sinners shall be together, and they that forsake the Lord shall be consumed.






Slouching Toward Okeefenoke – “Quite a hot time in the ole Swamp this week, with the gators, ‘possums, snakes, and snappers roiling the filthy waters to a bloody froth in the battle for supremacy of the food chain. There is now a clear evidence trail about eight-lanes wide detailing Russian collusion of the Democratic Party, the Hillary Campaign, the FBI / DOJ, plus a caravan of Robert Mueller aides, adjuncts, colleagues and former trainees.” – James Howard Kunstler

“This Is A Coup, Okay”: Bannon Weighs In On Anonymous Anti-Trump Op-Ed – Tyler Durden

Democratic Party And Deep State’s All-Out War Upon President Trump Is Orchestrated Sedition And Treason: Will It Lead To Civil War Upon US Soil? – “Cowardly Coup Attempt Proves America Has ‘Enemies Within’ ” – Stefan Stanford

Beware of the American Political Snake Oil Salesmen – Wayne Madsen

Trump Plots Venezuela Coup With Terrorists Accused of Torture, trafficking – “Nothing like backing terrorists, drug traffickers, and other unsavory characters to support a regime change more to our liking.” – Mish

Trump’s Wars and the Threat to Free Speech – “It looks like Trump will plunge us into war, either in Iran or Syria, and possibly both with the truly frightening prospect of Russia and the US going up against each other. I remember Bush the Elder’s first war in Iraq. I recall my coworkers all of a sudden morphing into little war zealots overnight, demanding I show the flag and support for “our” troops. Later, it was discovered Bush and his coterie of mentally-disturbed neocons had lied about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But this didn’t matter, not to the president and his advisers or, for that matter, millions of Americans who were convinced—thanks primarily to non-stop war propaganda—Saddam wanted to kill every last American with nukes and nerve agents.” – Kurt Nimmo

Are Multiple “Failed Coups” Leading To The Engineered Fall Of America? – Brandon Smith

The Monster of Idlib – Gordon Duff  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM GORDON!!!!!!!!!!

NYT Anti-Syria Rage – “The Times and other media scoundrels are allied with dark US and partnered forces waging naked aggression on Syria since March 2011 – wanting its sovereign independence destroyed, its resources looted, and people ruthlessly exploited. When it comes to US-led wars of aggression in multiple theaters, the Times operates as an imperial press agent, supporting what demands condemnation.” – Stephen Lendman

Judge Jeanine: You’re the reason Trump is president, Barack (VIDEO) – Fox News

Obama’s Back, Slamming Trump and Projecting His Own Sins onto GOP – Selwyn Duke

Obama claims Benghazi is a ‘wild conspiracy theory,’ only to get backhanded by a warrior who was there – J.D. Heyes

TWITTER SUSPENDS BENGHAZI HERO After Criticism of President Obama! – Jim Hoft

The Untold Story About Obama’s Former CIA Director, John Brennan – “Why does John Brennan need a security clearance other than to commercially exploit it?” – Richard Galustian

While Chicago Burns It’s Own, Mayor Rahm Emanuel Is Absent – “Why isn’t someone like, Don Lemon of CNN, Joy Reid of MSNBC or any of the other black commentators, or any people of color, on corporate media doing what Laura Ingraham did on September 7? Why? It doesn’t fit the narrative. Laura Ingraham’s ChicagoTown Hall was one of the most powerful programs produced by corporate media in some time.”- Rory Hall  – WATCH THE NEXT LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ingraham Angle 9/7/18 (VIDEO) – Fox News

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From Buenos Aires To Nashville: The Emerging Market Crisis Spreads From Periphery To Core – John Rubino

Back-Door Martial Law Will Follow a False Flag Pandemic Release – Dave Hodges

Lies, Lies & More Lies: Standard Government Procedures About 9-11 – Catherine J. Frompovich

Catholic Church Found to Have Spent Over $2 Million Lobbying To Block Child Sex Laws – “The Catholic Church was caught lobbying against “The Child Victims Act” which would have helped victims of sex abuse more easily seek justice.” – John Vibes

Crypto-Mania Collapse Update: $638 Billion Gone – “Of the seven biggest, six have plunged by 78% to 92%.” – Wolf Richter

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We Are In The Reset (VIDEO) with Jim Willie Pt2 – Perpetual Assets

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10 Top Ways To Stop Pests Ruining Your Survival Garden – Lisa Tanner




Job 24:24   They are exalted for a little while, but are gone and brought low; they are taken out of the way as all other, and cut off as the tops of the ears of corn.



Counterfeited philosophies have polluted all of your thoughts
Karl Marx has got ya by the throat, Henry Kissinger’s got you tied up in knots.

When you gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up
When you gonna wake up strengthen the things that remain ?

You got innocent men in jail, your insane asylums are filled
You got unrighteous doctors dealing drugs that’ll never cure your ills.

When you gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up
When you gonna wake up strengthen the things that remain ?

You got men who can’t hold their peace and woman who can’t control their tongues
The rich seduce the poor and the old are seduced by the young.

When you gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up
When you gonna wake up strengthen the things that remain ?

Adulterers in churches and pornography in the schools
You got gangsters in power and lawbreakers making rules.

( When You Gonna Wake Up by Bob Dylan )