Coronavirus covert operation – “Notice that, in all these insider pronouncements, whatever they are, there is a re-enforcement of the basic idea that THE VIRUS is the cause of the “epidemic.” BUT REMEMBER, “THE VIRUS” IS THE BASIC COVER STORY. Planners of a covert op want people to buy the basic cover any which way.” – Jon Rappoport

The Grim Reality About Pandemics They Don’t Want You To Know: “No Country is Prepared” – Sara Tipton

Coronavirus Moves to Europe and the Dangerous Side of Globalization (VIDEO) – Harley Schlanger

Coronavirus spreads to Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Iraq, Spain, Algeria, Austria and Brazil while cases explode in Italy by 45% in one day – Mike Adams

CDC Warns of Coronavirus Spread in USA: ‘Disruption to Everyday Life Might Be Severe’ – Joshua Caplan

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is A Crisis Now Obvious To All (VIDEO) – Chris Martenson

China Virus Accelerating End Stage of Fiat Currency Disease (VIDEO) with Wayne Jett – “Jett says the China virus crisis is not a coincidence. Jett thinks that it is happening now because the Deep State is hitting the global economy and Donald Trump in an election year to stop him from winning a second term. I am quite convinced of it. I think, most likely, there was some communication behind the scenes at some level indicating either you stop these investigations and prosecutions that you are planning . . . or we are going to do this. They got a ‘NO’ on that, and so the so-called virus has been released. . . . ” – Greg Hunter

Did the 5G rollout in Wuhan damage the innate cellular defense cells of the population, putting the people at risk of complications and death from coronavirus? -Lance D Johnson

How to Prepare for a Coronavirus Quarantine – “This article is written with the non-prepper in mind, so if you’re new to the preparedness world, you’re in the right place. Let’s start with a very basic list and then I’ll go into more detail further on in the article. Imagine that right this minute, you had to stay home for a month. What would you need that you don’t already have?” – Daisy Luther  – FOR THOSE THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN INTO PREPPING, THIS IS A GOOD ARTICLE FROM DAISY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most Animals Can Harbor But Are Not Sickened By Coronavirus Because They Internally Produce Vitamin C 24/7 – “Vaccine Could Make Coronavirus Infections Worse” – Bill Sardi

Coconut oil eyed as possible treatment for coronavirus infection – CNN Philippines Staff

Natural Protection Strategy Against Viruses, Including the Coronavirus – Charles K. Bens, Ph.D. (Green Med Info)



The Looming Financial Nightmare: So Much for Living the American Dream – “Consider: The government can seize your home and your car (which you’ve bought and paid for) over nonpayment of taxes. Government agents can freeze and seize your bank accounts and other valuables if they merely “suspect” wrongdoing. And the IRS insists on getting the first cut of your salary to pay for government programs over which you have no say. We have no real say in how the government runs, or how our taxpayer funds are used, but we’re being forced to pay through the nose, anyhow. We have no real say, but that doesn’t prevent the government from fleecing us at every turn and forcing us to pay for endless wars that do more to fund the military industrial complex than protect us, pork barrel projects that produce little to nothing, and a police state that serves only to imprison us within its walls.” – John W. Whitehead  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump to detail US coronavirus efforts, Schumer seeks $8.5B – “Trump also criticized some news media coverage of the coronavirus, accusing news outlets of “panicking markets.”” – Darlene Superville  – TRUMP NEEDS TO REALIZE THAT THE STOCK MARKET IS NOT THE ECONOMY. IT’S THE GOODS AND SERVICES THAT THE VIRUS IS AFFECTING!!!!!!!!!

Trump faces ‘black swan’ threat to the economy and reelection – “Even Trump‘s leading allies acknowledge the deadly coronavirus could present an existential political threat for the president in an election year.” – Dan Diamond and Nancy Cook

The Chaotic Debate In South Carolina – “The South Carolina debate was one of the worst-moderated presidential debates in recent memory. Despite the moderators’ inability to control anything and the frequently insipid questions they asked, the debate nonetheless provided more insight into the candidates’ foreign policy views than the last time these candidates met. Since the previous debate included virtually no discussion of foreign policy, that was not a high bar to clear. Mike Bloomberg was finally challenged to defend his claim that Xi Jinping is not a dictator. His response was extremely awkward and invited well-deserved mockery from Sanders.” – Daniel Larison

The Democrat debate looked like a mixed martial arts cage fight – “Who could have imagined that the debate in Charleston on Tuesday would be worse than the previous one, the one during which Elizabeth Warren went after Bloomberg with a scythe, Bernie did his wild-eyed crazed thing, and Biden fell flat?” – Patricia McCarthy

WTH…? Biden Claims Half the Population of the United States Has Been Killed by Gun Violence Since 2007 (VIDEO) – Cristina Laila

‘I Bough…—I, I Got Them’: Bloomberg Almost Admits to Buying Members of Congress -Jake Johnson

Bernie Sanders’ socialist freebies literally cost more money than there is in the world: How’s he gonna deliver? – Jon Dougherty

Assange lawyer brings up claim US mulled ‘kidnapping and poisoning’ of publisher – here’s what we know – RT

ASSANGE EXTRADITION: Assange Helped Manning Crack Password to Download Video Games, Not State Secrets, Court is Told – Joe Lauria

Debunking The Smear That Assange Recklessly Published Unredacted Documents – Caitlin Johnstone

Police State US/UK v. Julian Assange – “Tuesday was day two of Assange’s Orwellian extradition hearing — a scripted extrajudicial show trial. Like virtually always in the modern era, Britain is in cahoots with the Trump regime to crucify Assange for the “crime” of truth-telling journalism — revealing US high crimes of war and against humanity both right wings of its war party want suppressed.” – Stephen Lendman

Official Investigation into the shooting death of DHS whistleblower Philip Haney continues – Peter Barry Chowka

While Putin Defends Russia Israel Helps Create a Terminator World – Phil Butler

The Politics Of A Coronavirus Pandemic Hitting The United States – Will There Even Be A 2020 Election If American Cities Are Locked Down During TEOTWAWKI? – Susan Duclos

The Global Economy Was Sinking Long Before The Coronavirus Appeared – “In order to determine if a geopolitical or economic threat is legitimate, I find it helps to watch how the mainstream propaganda narrative flows and changes. Who benefits the most if you and the majority of people have no contingency plan? Who has something to gain by trying to convince you to ignore the obvious? As mentioned, if they can’t win by conning the liberty movement into turning a blind eye to the facts, they have decided to let us know that it doesn’t matter and we will still be made to suffer for our defiance. This confirms my long-time argument that prepping is only the beginning of the fight; it is a means to an end. The real fight will be for our freedoms and the freedoms of future generations.” – Brandon Smith  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM BRANDON AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gun Election 2020: Democratic Hopefuls Draw Their Battle Lines – “Make no mistake, the candidates vying for the upcoming Democratic nomination have one thing in common: They’re gunning for our Second Amendment rights. If anyone had any lingering doubts, Tuesday’s debate in South Carolina illuminated each and every anti-gun position. ” – Personal Defense World

The Ultimate Guide to Debating Gun Control: Part Three – José Niño  – EXCELLENT SERIES OF ARTICLES FROM JOSE. PARTS ONE AND TWO PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!

Musical Chairs in the White House – “On the job training in the intelligence community.Here in the Land of Oz, otherwise known as Washington, one continues to run into people who should know better who insist that they have a friend in the White House who confirms that President Donald Trump is really a man of peace being obstructed as he seeks to withdraw the United States from senseless wars in Asia. ” – Philip Giraldi

Civil War Rumblings? Republican Efforts to Redraw Map Along Ideological Lines Point to Dark Days Ahead – Robert Bridge


1 in 5 Europeans says secret Jewish cabal runs the world, survey finds – CNAAN LIPHSHIZ/JTA

Facial Recognition Is Spreading Faster Than You Realize – Garfield Benjamin

Brain Scans Reveal Structural Differences In People With “Smart Phone Addiction” – Arjun Walia

Why You Need To Rethink Your Bug-Out Decision – Bill White




“A Cry For Help”: Global Sell-Off Accelerates On Rising Coronavirus Panic – Tyler Durden

The Economic Cataclysm Ahead – “The economic storm hasn’t passed; the false calm is only the eye of the financial hurricane.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Cycles: What Goes Up Comes Down – “Coronavirus will disrupt transportation, retail sales, manufacturing, global trade and more. Governments may be embarrassed by their inadequate responses to the pandemic. Expect more civil unrest. Coronavirus could be used as a scapegoat for a global debt reset, the Fed’s failed policies, recession, or a stock market correction.” – Gary Christenson

“The Jig Is Up!” – Covid-19 And The Defenestration Of The Central Bankers – David Stockman

Powell Painted Into a Corner…Again – Craig Hemke

It’s The Virus, Stupid – “The biggest issue will not be the cases or even deaths, it will be that ever more of the things we have come to rely on far away lands for, will slowly cease to arrive on our shores. Some of it will be trinkets we never needed, but some of it will also be things without which our lives and communities can no longer function the way we’re used to.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Markets Wiped by Coronavirus Fears (VIDEO) with Peter Schiff – Boom Bust

PRECIOUS METALS INVESTOR ALERT: Prices Are Heading Into An Entirely New Market – “Even though the silver price sold off today, it’s all due to speculative paper trading. Think about it. Would someone want paper contracts worth 50 surgical masks, or would they want 50 surgical masks? Don’t let the paper price of silver bother you. It will come down to how many ounces you own.” – Steve St. Angelo  – GOOD POINT FROM STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 8.80EUR




1 Corinthians 1:20   Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?






Desperate to stop virus’ spread, countries limit travel – Kim Tong-Hyung and Matt Sedensky

Lie of the Day: This is Not a Pandemic – Mish

So You Still Think Coronavirus is an Accident? – Coronavirus, Predicted in a 1981 Book! The Cure For Healing is Known, But Everyone Ignores it! “It’s the Perfect Biological Weapon for Wartime. “ – “Did this 1981 Dean Koontz novel really predict the birth and spread of Coronavirus? Yesterday, social media and viber groups were furiously sharing a photo of Dean Koontz’s novel The Eyes of Darkness, specifically of a page that apparently alluded to this year’s COVID-19 outbreak. In the passage that was cited, a man-made virus called the “Wuhan-400” was being described in detail. The fictional disease was described “a perfect weapon” that was developed at RDNA labs outside of the city of Wuhan.” – Amy S  – COINCIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

US confirms 53 cases, CDC outlines pandemic planning – Dawn Kopecki, Berkeley Lovelace Jr., and William Feuer

Americans “Should Prepare For Community Spread,” CDC Warns As HHS’ Azar Admits US Lacks Mask Stockpile – Tyler Durden

THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Why Covid-19 Could Be the Deadly Pandemic That Changes Everything – Cat Ellis

The Extreme Panic The Coronavirus Is Causing Elsewhere On The Globe Could Soon Be Coming To The U.S. F-Michael Snyder

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Economic Impact Sweeps Down on Global Economy Like a Fat Black Swan – David Haggith


Still think the global supply chain is fine? Proctor & Gamble warns of 17,600 products using 9,000 materials from 387 factories in China… ALL impacted by the coronavirus pandemic – Mike Adams

China Hunting Down Coronavirus Critics, Here’s How – Tyler Durden

Scientists Infect Monkeys With Coronavirus in Search of a Cure for COVID-19 – “The monkeys who took part in the experiment were euthanized shortly after the study was completed.” – John Vibes  – THAT WAS NICE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contagion Survival Kit: Preparing for a Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak. (VIDEO) – MD Creekmore





Donald Trump pounces on reports Russia is seeking to help Bernie Sanders – Martin Pengelly

Assange’s Extradition Hearing Begins: Truth-Telling Journalism on Trial – “What’s going on affects all truth-telling journalists. We’re all Julian Assange on trial. His fate is ours. Who’s next on the US/UK hit list to silence? In an Orwellian age, speech, media and academic freedoms are threatened on the phony pretext of protecting national security — at a time when alleged threats are invented, not real. Censorship in the West already is the new normal. Extraditing Assange to the US for kangaroo court proceedings to convict is all about criminalizing journalism its ruling regime finds objectionable — the hallmark of totalitarian rule.” – Stephen Lendman

Trump’s Betrayal of Julian Assange – Ron Paul

Op-Ed: Stop Revolting, You Insolent Peons – “So just do the right thing, forget about your little revolution, and nominate a safe, moderate progressive like Michael Bloomberg or Ted Cruz. Then we can get back to ruling the world, and you can get back to your Netflix televisions and your doughnut pizzas. Everyone’s happy, and we don’t have to get authoritarian on your insolent asses. Get it? Got it? Good.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – GOOD TONGUE-IN-CHEEK FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernie Sanders Just Destroyed His Own Campaign (VIDEO) – Tom Luongo

Democrats unload on Bernie Sanders in likely debate preview – Steve Peoples, Meg Kinnard and Bill Barrow

Will JFK’s Party Become Sanders’ Party? – “Bloomberg can probably buy enough votes to win some states. But would the other Democratic candidates, who have fought for a year, stand aside to yield the field so this ex-Republican oligarch can save their party from Sanders? Why should they? And where is the evidence that Bloomberg can beat Sanders? Or beat Trump?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Bloomberg’s Dictatorship Double Standard – “Mike Bloomberg’s campaign thinks that it is smart to go after Sanders for his fairly unremarkable Cuba comments despite the former mayor’s admiration for authoritarian systems in other countries. Bloomberg’s campaign Twitter account started making up fake quotes as a way to “guess” what Sanders thought about other authoritarian rulers around the world:” – Daniel Larison

Biden Is Feeling the Sanders Pressure, Has a Virtual Gaffe-Arama In South Carolina – Nick Arama

Biden Claims He Worked with Chinese Leader Deng Xiaoping on Paris Climate Accord… Except Xiaoping Has Been Dead For 23 Years – Cristina Laila

Globalization and Our Precarious Medical Supply Chains – “The grave risks and dangers in the process of worldwide out-sourcing and so-called globalization of the past 30 years or so are becoming starkly clear as the ongoing health emergency across China threatens vital world supply chains from China to the rest of the world.” – F. William Engdahl

Critical Thinking Has Never Been More Important – ” Absent Russia hysteria, a Sanders vs. Trump matchup would quickly become a battle of who’s more populist, and issues that make so-called elites very uncomfortable would become widely discussed. The ruling class doesn’t want the public talking about such things so they need to turn the election into a complete circus if Sanders can’t be blocked. Instead of talking about economic insecurity, healthcare, the cost of college and wars for empire, the goal is to make Sanders and Trump spend the entire campaign season arguing about who hates Russia more.” – Michael Krieger   – GOOD ARTICLE FROM MICHAEL, AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never forget the media’s blind eye to Obama’s corruption – Jack Hellner

Five things to watch in the South Carolina debate – Max Greenwood

American Bar Association Pushes For Gun Control – “What is up with some of the professional organizations taking an anti-gun stance that clearly doesn’t reflect the views of many of their members? I’ve spent a fair bit of time criticizing the American Medical Association for such things, just to name a prime example.” – Tom Knighton

If at first you don’t succeed: Virginia senate set to pass seven new gun control bills, setting up showdown with ‘gun sanctuaries’ – Tank Murdoch

America’s Unfolding Horror Show Was Carefully Crafted With The Perfect Storm Of Homelessness & Cesspools Of Filth In The Big Cities For Society To Be Taken Down By A Pandemic – William B. Stoecker

TSA Searches and Interventionism – “Every time you go to the airport and are forced to undergo the TSA screening process, including the possibility of pat-down searches, keep in mind that this is for one reason alone: to ensure that the CIA and the Pentagon continue to have the “right” to intervene and meddle in the affairs of other nations. That’s what the destruction of our liberty and privacy are all about —f oreign interventionism. It is not about protecting our freedom because no one is threatening to invade and conquer the United States.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

With Grenell Appointment, the Israel Lobby’s Foothold on US Intelligence Grows Even Stronger – “With Richard Grenell now overseeing all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies, Israel’s influence over the U.S. intelligence community has reached new and troubling heights.” – Whitney Webb

Putin keen to cool Turkish hawk down – “Idlib is Erdogan’s last stand, but the fighting goes way beyond Syria – it’s shaping as another NATO-Russia proxy war” – Pepe Escobar

Pipelines Produce Peace and Prosperity So Why Oppose Them? – “Unfortunately, Washington has a history of preferring confrontation to economic cooperation that might benefit other countries, and has imposed sanctions on Nordstrom 2 with the aim of preventing its completion, which in normal circumstances would have taken place by now.” – Brian Cloughley




Coming Soon: More Money Printing And Higher Gold Prices – “Make no mistake, the Fed is printing money to keep the fragile financial system glued together and to monetize new Government debt issuance. The economy will continue to contract with or without the help of coronavirus. The Fed knows this, which is why several Fed officials including Jay Powell are already telegraphing more money printing.” – Dave Kranzler

Jawboning – “How much pain are they willing or can they afford to take? The answer: Virtually none. The economy is not the stock market, but the stock market is the economy. Or rather the stock market is the biggest threat to the economy and must be protected at all costs.” – Sven Henrich

No, the Fed will not “save the market”–here’s why – Charles Hugh Smith

Markets Scramble To Stage “Turnaround Tuesday” But Bad News Keeps Coming – Tyler Durden

Stocks Plunge (or Dip?), Traders Confused: This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen. Complacency Exacts its Toll – “The coronavirus is just the latest in a long series of issues successfully brushed off as irrelevant because all that mattered was that stocks went up.” – Wolf Richter

Investing In Physical Gold / Silver (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – JSMineset

Wall Street Banks, Insurers Sell Off — Dangerously Linked by Derivative Trades – “If the federal government wants to quarantine the most dangerous threat to the financial health of the United States, it will impose a lockdown and decontamination of the federally-insured banks that are holding tens of trillions of dollars in derivative trades. Yesterday, the stock market rout outed the worst of these actors.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 8.72EUR




 Jeremiah 32:19    Great in counsel, and mighty in work: for thine eyes are open upon all the ways of the sons of men: to give every one according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings:






WHO Chief Insists Coronavirus “Not Yet A Pandemic” Despite “Tsunami” Of Global Cases – Tyler Durden

Virus pushes beyond Asia, taking aim at Europe, Mideast – Kim Tong-Hyung and Matt Sedensky

Wuhan and the polluted air as a cause of epidemic illness – “Horrific air quality brings on lung infections of all kinds, including pneumonia. Pneumonia is THE illness attributed to the coronavirus. How convenient. The Chinese government has recently ruled that testing patients for the coronavirus isn’t necessary for a diagnosis of “epidemic illness.” A CT scan of the lungs is sufficient. If the patient thus shows signs of pneumonia, he is labeled “a coronavirus case.” Air quality? Brushed aside.” – Jon Rappoport

China coronavirus hype straight out of the CDC flu playbook – “Well, it turns out the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been running its own pneumonia scam for a long time. So we have two fake hustles, years apart, in the US and China, both based on the deceptive use of pneumonia.” – Jon Rappoport


Covid19 Real Beast Causing Dangerous Pandemic (VIDEO) with Chris Martenson – “Don’t believe the mainstream media. Things are not getting better, and Martenson contends, “It’s getting worse. It is a tale of two stories inside China and outside China. ” – Greg Hunter  – CHRIS HAS BEEN COVERING THE VIRUS QUITE EXTENSIVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thousands of people queue to buy face masks in astonishing drone footage from South Korea as the country is gripped by coronavirus outbreak – Chris Pleasance

South Korea Braces for Economic Pain as Virus Cases Soar – Sam Kim, Sohee Kim, and Kanga Kong

The True Danger of Coronavirus (COVID-19): What are the real risks of infection, death and a global pandemic? – “The public is always ready to panic over the next pandemic. Mainstream media, often instrumental in creating health scares, is whipping up concern that the latest coronavirus (there have been many coronaviruses over the years), recently given the name COVID-19, might be that pandemic. What do they actually know?” – David Haggith

“It’s Total Panic” – Store-Shelves Empty Airus-Spread Sparks Panic-Buying Food & Masks Across Italy – Tyler Durden  – PRIME EXAMPLE OF WHY PREPPING IS SO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NIH spent more than $700 million in taxpayer money to develop coronavirus pharmaceuticals, vaccines and bioweapons – “The National Institutes of Health (NIH), the report explains, has played a “singular role” in making sure that your hard-earned income makes it into the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry, which continues to argue that its monopoly-based patent system for synthetic treatments “is the most effective tool to reward and incentivize innovation.”” – Ethan Huff




Trump goes there, blames ‘leaker’ Adam Schiff for feeding NY Times bogus claim Russia trying to help him win reelection – Tank Murdoch

Why Trump Rallies Have Democrats Freaking Out – “The president’s populist message is bringing in a lot of unlikely suspects. Just who is this rabble?” – Leesa K. Donner

Guess We Didn’t See That Coming – “The metaphysical question, what does Russia want, is sounding a lot like the cosmic conundrum posed by Sigmund Freud: What do women want? Is Vladimir Putin transitioning to “become” a woman? It seems like the hormones are getting to him. One day he’s got a crush on Donald Trump, the next day he’s mashed on Bernie Sanders. At least according to America’s Intel Community. Amazing how quickly the narrative flip-flopped, though, by whatever supernatural means the news media employs these days- One might deduce that the Democratic Party nomenklatura realized in a flash of insight that Russia’s affections were far more useful applied to Mr. Sanders than Mr. Trump, whose status among the Dems these days ranks as “worse than Satan.” Not much to work with there.” – James Howard Kunstler

One Month After Hillary Clinton Says “Nobody Likes” Bernie Sanders, He Makes History Winning Popular Vote in First Three States – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Bernie’s Victory Inspires a Panic Next Week? – Martin Armstrong

Exploding Cigar II: Florida’s Democrats panic after Bernie Sanders blows a kiss to Castro – Monica Showalter

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Calls for Assault Weapons Ban – Personal Defense World

‘Bernie Sanders is your enemy’: Venezuala socialism victims sound the alarm – Jon Street

UN study: 1 of every 3 Venezuelans is facing hunger – Jorge Rueda and Christine Armario

“It’s Not That Our Socialist Friends Are Ignorant…” – Rory Hall

Good-Bye, Amigo, and Rest in Peace, Patriot – “The investigation of Phil’s death continues, and I hope that Attorney General William Barr constitutes a team of special investigators from the federal law enforcement bureaucracy under his command to conduct an exhaustive, independent investigation of the circumstances of Phil’s death, given that Phil had exposed enormous treachery by the Obama administration to cripple our nation’s counterterrorism efforts.” – William Marshall

Assange’s US extradition hearing begins: What’s it all about and how did we get here? – RT

DOJ Drooling Over Likely Assange Extradition – “Don’t trust the Brits to make the right decision here. Meanwhile. American press is decidedly against Assange and any attempt to make him “one of them.” Much of this is because of the so-far-unproven connection he has with the Russians and the DNC email scandal. Journalists would be gravely stupid to ignore the implications of Assange’s persecution,” – Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

We’re Asking One Question In Assange’s Case: Should Journalists Be Punished For Exposing War Crimes? – “And, ancillary to that question: should we allow them to be punished by the very people who committed those war crimes?” – Caitlin Johnstone  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN FROM A SPEECH SHE MADE YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

As Hearing Begins, Rights Groups Warn Extraditing Assange to US Would Deal ‘Body Blow to Press Freedom’ – “Using the draconian wartime powers of the Espionage Act against Assange undermines journalists’s rights and sets dangerous precedents that cast journalists and publishers as criminals.” – Julia Conley

The War on Drugs Meets the War on Immigrants – Jacob G. Hornberger

How to Know If America Is Your Enemy – “If your country is friendly toward Russia, China, or Iran, then today’s American Government is probably applying subversion, economic sanctions, or maybe even planning a coup, or (if none of those will succeed) probably is war-gaming now for a possible military invasion and permanent military occupation, of your country. These things have been done to Russia, Iran, China, Yugoslavia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Ukraine, Georgia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and some other countries.” – Eric Zuesse

Switzerland at the Heart of a Far-Reaching Surveillance Network Facilitating the U.S.-Backed Operation Condor – Ramona Wadi

“The People’s Democratic Dictatorship” – “Those of us in the West tend to look upon Chairman Mao, or indeed his successor, Xi Jinping, then look at the political hopefuls on our television and resolve to be grateful that the lack of true democracy in our country is not worse, as it is in China. But is this the best way to view our situation? Should we not go further and assess also those countries where the governments are more representative than our own?” – Jeff Thomas  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Global Economy Still Suffers from the Legacy of Colonialism & Why the Dems Can’t Give Up Russia (VIDEO) – Harley Schlanger

Tech Tyranny: The Dangers Of Fake News – “Which is worse, faux news or the efforts to get rid of it?” – Laura Valkovic

Defeating Deep Rooted Evil Requires Revolutionary Thought (VIDEO) with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai – SGT Report

The Surprisingly Solid Mathematical Case of the Tin Foil Hat Gun Prepper Or, “Who Needs an AR-15 Anyway?” – “So if you ask someone else on the opposite side of a culture war argument, “Why would you want to own one of those things, anyway?” please don’t be surprised if they simply respond, “Why wouldn’t you?”” – BJ Campbell   – LONG, BUT GOOD ARTICLE!!!

Best Canned Meat For Preparedness | Protein And Calories – Ken Jorgustin




Black Monday: Dow Futures Down 800, Europe Crashes Most In Four Years; Gold, VIX Soars – “And just like that the complacency is gone with a bang.” – Tyler Durden

SLAUGHTERED: Just When The News Couldn’t Get Any Worse, Here Comes THE Stock Market Crash…?!? – “My gut is telling me that the crash is imminent. It would add to the massive chaos all over. Which began as we ended last year. American Globalists do love this. Globalists love it even more. But what about sheeple? Um, well, about them. It’s a “slaughter”. Of them all? Nearly all. Indeed.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Supply Chain Disruptions Impact on Global Growth – “These are risks that we need to consider. Ignoring them just because central banks will continue to pump liquidity and cut rates is irresponsible.” – Daniel Lacalle

The Global Draghi Moment? – “Brace! Brace! Brace! Have we arrived at the moment when the global economy and markets tumble into a proverbial hole? ” – Bill Blain

10-year Treasury yield falls to three-year low on coronavirus fears, 30-year rate hits record low – Yun Li

The Gold Bull Market Of The Roaring 2020s Has Just Begun – Goldfinger

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 8.86EUR




Proverbs 26:20  Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out: so where there is no talebearer, the strife ceaseth.










Coronavirus Panic Goes Global: S.Korea Warns Of “Watershed Moment” As Italy Confirms 3rd Death, Cancels Venice Carnival: Live Updates – Tyler Durden

Internet SHUTDOWN begins in Wuhan, China to stop the spread of truth and hide the severity of the outbreak from the world – JD Heyes

Fewer than 600 people “officially” tested for coronavirus in the entire United States; massive cover-up under way as 47 U.S. states have tested ZERO people – Mike Adams

No need for face masks says Australia’s chief medical officer, as Victoria braces for pandemic – Jennifer Duke, Rachel Wells and Tate Papworth

US Biowarfare Act Author: Studies Confirm Coronavirus Weaponized (VIDEO) – “In this interview, the Author of the US Biowarfare Act, Professor Francis Boyle uncovers four separate studies which he claims confirm as ‘smoking gun’ evidence the Wuhan Coronavirus known as COVID19 was in fact weaponized.” – Spiro Skouras

Coronavirus: How WHO Corruption Helped It Spread (VIDEO) – China Uncensored

Locusts Could be the Next Plague to Hit China – “APOCALYPSE NOW? The voracious insects already have ravaged parts of Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. China may be next. How much more can it take?” – Brendon Hong





Bernie Wins But We Still Don’t Have the Results – “Numerous sites have declared Bernie the winner by a landslide, but once again we gave caucus delays.” – Mish

MSNBC Melts Down As Bernie Sanders Projected To Win Nevada Caucuses – Justin Caruso

Smearing Bernie Sanders – “Just before Tulsi Gabbard announced her candidacy for the presidency as a Democrat, NBC ran a smear piece that suggested Vladimir Putin and the Russians loved her. This smear was then repeated and amplified by Hillary Clinton, who suggested Gabbard was being groomed by the Kremlin to run as a third-party candidate, thereby ensuring Trump’s reelection in 2020. There was no evidence for any of these claims — none. Yet Gabbard was put on the defensive and her campaign (still ongoing) has been essentially redlined by the mainstream media. Now it’s Bernie Sanders’s turn.” – W.J. Astore

Intelligence Sources: All Candidates Are Russian Agents But Pete Buttigieg – Caitlin Johnstone

Democrats Already Blaming 2020 Defeat on Russia – “How can you tell that the Democrats don’t even expect to win in 2020? The Russia stuff is back on the table and it’s now being used to push claims that Russia is once again backing Trump. This is all but an admission that they don’t expect to win in 2020 and so they’re preemptively going to claim that the election was rigged.” – Daniel Greenfield

Coronavirus: US says Russia behind disinformation campaign – Jessica Glenza

Russia Behind Campaign to Blame US for Coronavirus Outbreak? – “False accusations allege Russian social media accounts are “sow(ing) discord” by claiming the US is waging “economic war on China,” including by a CIA manufactured bioweapon, namely the coronavirus (COVID-19). English-language Russian media RT and Sputnik are falsely accused of linking the US to the virus outbreak and spread to damage Washington’s image on the world stage — already irreparably damaged by its war on humanity. In response to the phony accusation, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denounced it as “deliberate fake” news.” – Stephen Lendman

William Barr’s Adjudication Of Spygate Will Determine His Legacy – Patrick J. McShay  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

DHS Whistleblower against Obama Administration Philip Haney Found Dead – Shot and Killed – Jim Hoft

Suicide? BS – “Oh do come on folks. Right. He was found outside his car with (1) a gunshot wound to the chest and (2) a firearm right near his body. I assume there were powder burns on his chest, which would be consistent with a contact or near-contact discharge. But if you think about this why would he get out of the car before shooting himself? In addition, he was engaged to be married. Is either of those consistent with a suicide? I think not.” – Karl Denninger

Philip Haney: Whistleblower and Happy Warrior – “The press worked hard to ignore Phil and his book. His story didn’t jive with their pro-Obama “moderate Muslim Brotherhood” fairy tale narrative. Phil’s irrepressible intellectual and moral commitment to the meliorative counter jihad efforts made him a persona non grata to any main stream media beyond FOX News. Phil was on the trail of the terrorists behind the attacks in both San Bernardino and Orlando. But those cases were shut down by the Obama Administration.” – Joe Martin

Is AIDS US $90B Taxpayer Dollars A Global Slush Fund? Chpt 3: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Corey Lynn  – EXCELLENT AND WELL RESEARCHED SERIES OF ARTICLES FROM COREY. A MUST READ. PARTS ONE AND TWO PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

ASSANGE EXTRADITION: Did Sen. Warner and Comey Crush Assange Immunity Deal? – Ray McGovern

Chief magistrate in Assange case received financial benefits from secretive partner organisations of UK Foreign Office – Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis

In 2020, More People are Enslaved on Earth Than Ever Before in Human History – Matt Agorist

Canada and the Lima Group. Criminal Conspiracy Against Venezuela – Ken Stone and Mark Taliano

The U.S. is the World Leader of Bio-Weapons Research, Production, and Use Against Mankind – “Manmade viruses meant for warfare, whether for economic destruction, starvation, or mass death, are the workings of the truly evil among us. Predation at this level is relegated to those in power; a president for example, could give the order to wipe out millions due to his inability to control a problem he caused and perpetuated, and then lay blame on the victims.” – Gary D. Barnett  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sexualization, Pornography, and Grooming in the Schools – “Concerned citizens all over the country are joining the resistance to what the sexual-radical Left calls “comprehensive sex education” (CSE). We are not against sexual education, but we are absolutely against the inappropriate, pleasure based components within CSE that we feel harm our children[.] … Elementary age children do not need to learn about masturbation. Teens should not be told that the pull out method is more effective than they think.” – Amy Contrada  – PARENTS, DO YOU PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THEY ARE TEACHING YOUR KIDS IN SCHOOL. MORE INDOCTRINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden puts gun manufacturers on notice: ‘I’m coming for you. Period’ – Sean Walton

Illinois Gun Owners Fight Back Against Proposed Regulation Changes – Tom Knighton

5 Biggest Pesticide Companies Are Making Billions From ‘Highly Hazardous’ Chemicals, Investigation Finds – Jordan Davidson




Gold Signaling A Financial System Disaster Will Hit – “And it’s not just gold. The Fed is already hinting that more money printing is coming. Powell suggested at his semi-annual Congressional testimony that QE would be used in the next recession. A couple other Fed officials this week confirmed that the FOMC is preparing to crank up the printing press even more than it has been running since mid-September. But why does the Fed feel compelled to warn us that more money printing/currency devaluation is coming if, a Powell told Congress, “the economy is in a good place?”” – Dave Kranzler

Mapping out the Banking Elite’s Goal for a Cashless Monetary System – Part One – Steven Guinness

When It Comes to Raw Power, Few Have More of It Than Central Bankers – Per Bylund

Subprime Credit Card Delinquencies Spike to Record High, Past Financial-Crisis Peak, as Other Consumers Relish the Good Times. Why? – Wolf Richter




Exodus 9:15  For now I will stretch out my hand, that I may smite thee and thy people with pestilence; and thou shalt be cut off from the earth.



Trouble in the city, trouble in the farm
You got your rabbit’s foot, you got your good-luck charm
But they can’t help you none when there’s trouble.

Trouble, trouble, trouble
Nothing but trouble.

Trouble in the water, trouble in the air
Go all the way to the other side of the world, you’ll find trouble there
Revolution even ain’t no solution for trouble.

Trouble, trouble, trouble
Nothing but trouble.

Drought and starvation, packaging of the soul
Persecution, execution, governments out of control
You can see the writing on the wall inviting trouble.

Trouble, trouble, trouble
Nothing but trouble.

Put your ear to the train tracks, put your ear to the ground
You ever feel like you’re never alone even when there’s nobody else around ?
Since the beginning of the universe man’s been cursed by trouble.

Trouble, trouble, trouble
Nothing but trouble.

Nightclubs of the broken-hearted, stadiums of the damned
Legislature, perverted nature, doors that are rudely slammed
Look into infinity, all you see is trouble.

Trouble, trouble, trouble
Nothing but trouble.

( Trouble by Bob Dylan )





Go Forth and Multiply – “When I first read that the passengers of the Holland-America Line cruise ship Westerdam had been allowed to leave the ship when it landed in Cambodia a week ago after, I think, 9 days of floating around aimlessly, I thought this was a “Go Forth and Multiply” message for the virus. Second thought was: who’s in charge here? Still wondering about that one.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer   – GOOD ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coronavirus: two Australians evacuated from Diamond Princess test positive in Darwin – “All cruise ship passengers tested negative before flight home, but two found to have Covid-19 upon arrival” – Ben Doherty

Don’t buy China’s story: The coronavirus may have leaked from a lab – Steven W. Mosher

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Accelerating Worldwide (VIDEO) – “Outside of the lockdown within China, covid-19 cases are accelerating across the globe.The virus has truly jumped the defense line. It’s now a true pandemic, with countries all over the world reporting huge percent increases in the number of infected cases. We already know it has reached ‘endemic’ status in Japan and South Korea. But overnight, new cases have been declared by the US, Italy, Iran, Lebanon, the UAE and Israel, among others.” – Chris Martenson  – CHRIS HAS HAD SOME GREAT VIDEOS ON THE VIRUS. MOST HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Italy locks down 50,000 people across 10 towns as coronavirus outbreak leapfrogs across Europe – Mike Adams

CDC Preparing for Possibility of Coronavirus Pandemic Spread inside the United States – Off Grid Survival

The Cost of Covid-19 Quarantine: Would You Be Financially Prepared? – Daisy Luther


Corona Virus Mapping – Pat Henry  – ARTICLE WITH SOME LINKS TO MAP THE SPREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does the U.S. Military have so many Pentagon Biolaboratories Around China ? – State of the Nation

‘A Scourge Of Biblical Proportions’ Could Bring About The End To The Mass Production Of Food And Supplies, Public Chaos, Economic Disaster And The Demise Of Entire Populations – “Social and economic disruption caused by a pandemic marked the end of Roman rule” – Don Boys, Ph.D.



Schiff Is Laying Groundwork for Tying Up Trump’s Second Term in More False Charges – “A country ruled by propaganda and disinformation has no capabiity of knowing what its interests are, much less how to defend the unknown interests. A brainwashed population cannot hold on to its country.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Is Bernie getting help from the Russians, or are they helping Trump? Could it be both? – “The interference effort, aimed at disrupting the Democratic presidential primaries, has been relayed to President Trump and lawmakers on Capitol Hill, unnamed sources told the Washington Post. The article noted that it is not clear what form the “Russian assistance” has taken.” – Sean Walton  – ALWAYS UNNAMED SOURCES. YEA, RIGHT. WAPO SPREADING IT’S NORMAL DISINFORMATION TO TRY AND TAKE DOWN BERNIE AS WELL AS TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dem Civil War, Deep State Reveals All, Economic Update (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Michael Bloomberg, Arrogant Elitist – Norman Rogers

‘Moderate’ Democrat Bloomberg Perfectly Echoes Stalinist Dictator Fidel Castro on Gun-grabbing – Humberto Fontova

Opinion: Bloomberg, Soda Bans and Democrat Control Over Your Life – Mike Ford

Warren Misses The Real Bloomberg Danger – “The oligarch has flagrantly conflicted ties to China and a self-serving globalist agenda – all ignored in favor of Warren’s emotional assault.” – Joe Schaeffer

Michael Bloomberg Was In Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book – “Where Is Ghislaine Maxwell?” – Patrick Howley

“Jeffrey And I Had Everyone On Videotape” Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Told Friend – “If true, we wonder who exactly was taped?” – Tyler Durden

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein Calling? – “A close study of his circle — social, professional, transactional — reveals a damning portrait of elite New York.His Contacts, A to Z A guided tour of a perverse power list. ” – Brock Colyar, Kelsey Hurwitz, Charlotte Klein, Ezekiel Kweku, Amy Larocca, Yinka Martins, Adam K. Raymond, Matthew Schneier, Matt Stieb, and James D. Walsh  – OLDER BUT VERY INTERSTING ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Assange’s Persecution Has Exposed Media Depravity The World Over – “Julian Assange started a leak outlet on the premise that corrupt and unaccountable power is a problem in our world, and that problem can be fought with the light of truth. Corrupt and unaccountable power responded by detaining, silencing and smearing him. His persecution has proved his own thesis about the world absolutely correct. Power is the ability to control what happens. Absolute power is controlling what people think about what happens. Humans are story-oriented creatures, so if you can control the stories that the humans are telling each other about what’s going on, you can control those humans.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – COPY OF AN EXCELLENT SPEECH CAITLIN GAVE IN MELBOURNE LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Londoners rally for Assange ahead of extradition hearing – AFP

Why No Retired Generals Oppose America’s Forever Wars – Danny Sjursen

As Media Amplifies Unrest in Venezuela and Beyond, Millions Are Quietly Revolting in Colombia – “Despite protests of historic proportions fueled by anger over corruption and a brutal right-wing crackdown, the unrest in Colombia has garnered remarkably little international media attention compared to Venezuela.” Alan Macleod and Whitney Webb

France: Macron Vows Crackdown on Political Islam – “The problem is when, in the name of a religion, some people want to separate themselves from the Republic and therefore not respect its laws.” – Soeren Kern  – NOT A BIG FAN OF MACRON. BUT HE IS SPOT ON HERE. WHEN’S THE U.S. GOING TO WISE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Worst Deal of the Century for Palestine – Tim Kirby

“Biggest Humanitarian Horror Story Of The 21st Century”: Up To A Million Refugees Trying To Flee Idlib – Tyler Durden

Don’t Be Fooled by the Deplatforming of Facebook – “Three times in as many weeks billionaire busybody George Soros has attacked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, demanding he be removed because he is working to re-elect Donald Trump. This seems like an absurdity. But it isn’t. It’s all part of the game plan. Create a controversy that isn’t real to seed a narrative that there’s a problem in need of a solution. Facebook has been the center of this controversy to inflame passions on both sides of the political aisle to ensure the desired outcome. They want regulation of all social media companies to create unscalable barriers to entry for new ones while curtailing free speech on the existing ones. Warren Buffet would call that a moat. I call it tyranny.” – Tom Luango

ALEXA, GOODBYE Only way to stop Amazon Alexa recording you at home is to BIN it, experts warn – “IF you don’t want Alexa to record private conversations in your home then you shouldn’t have one.” – Sean Keach

EU poised to create massive transatlantic facial-recognition database, link with US – RT  – BIG BROTHER KEEPING TRACK OF EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shocking Study Shows Police Chases Over Minor Crimes Kill Thousands of Innocent Bystanders – Jack Burns



Gold rallies as fear takes center stage – Chris Vermeulen

Caught Off Guard By Gold & Silvers’ Moves? Just Wait Until “Market Participants” Realize It’s TEOTWAWKI – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

The Glub, Glub, Glub of Recession Circling the Drain – “Who says there is no recession anywhere in sight? It depends on where you are looking” – David Haggith

These 3 Charts Say Silver Prices Could Skyrocket – Silver – Moe Zulfiqar

QE to Infinity = Repurchasing Agreements of Infinite Print – J. Johnson

With Half of China Locked Up, Car Sales Plunge 92% – Mish




Micah 2:10   Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction.






5+ NWO Agendas Accompanying the Coronavirus Epidemic – Makia Freeman  – MAKIA HAD AN EXCELLENT AND WELL RESEARCHED ARTICLE YESTERDAY. THIS ONE IS JUST AS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Weapon Left Behind: The American Hybrid War on China – “Enter the Dragon Killer working hypothesis: a bio-weapon attack capable of causing immense economic damage but protected by plausible deniability. The only possible move by the “indispensable nation” on the New Great Game chessboard, considering that the U.S. cannot win a conventional war on China, and cannot win a nuclear war on China. A biological warfare weapon? On the surface, coronavirus is a dream bio-weapon for those fixated on wreaking havoc across China and praying for regime change.” – Pepe Escobar

Little Chance of Coronavirus Containment in South Korea – Mish

WHO Chief Warns “Window Of Opportunity Is Narrowing” As Coronavirus Spreads To Lebanon, Iran & Israel; China Orders Millions Back To Work – Tyler Durden

Coronavirus Infections Outside Of China Are Growing Exponentially (VIDEO) – Peak Prosperity

The Pluses and Minuses of Perceived Slyness, Stuffed Sinuses, and Coronaviruses – “Coronaviruses are actually common and cause lots of conditions like pneumonia, respiratory infections, colds, and the flu. They are ordinary viruses and many people who test positive for coronavirus have no symptoms at all. Of course, with the recent advent of Coronavirus®, there have been comparisons to the SARS scare several years ago: And what is SARS exactly? Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Add up those words up and they mean…. pneumonia. Therefore, if pneumonia could be compared to Acetaminophen, then it appears SARS and Coronavirus® been rebranded into the Tylenol® of respiratory illnesses. Why?” – Doug “Uncola” Lynn   – GOOD ARTICLE FROM DOUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When US Hospitals and Military PUBLICLY Brace for a Coronavirus Pandemic, You Should Pay Attention – Daisy Luther

Most Americans Are Not Taking This Coronavirus Outbreak Seriously, And That Is Potentially Very Dangerous – Michael Snyder

Moscow deploys facial recognition technology for coronavirus quarantine – Reuters

Are They Burning Dead Bodies In Wuhan, China To Hide The Inadvertent Release Of A Mortal Nerve Toxin? – “But a question remains: is the COVID-19 coronavirus really a virus? Or is it some other pathogen?” – Bill Sardi  – INTERESTING ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STOP THE SPREAD Coronavirus – Thousands in US are in voluntary quarantine to avoid passing on killer virus – David Boroff

Wuhan Coronavirus: Are You Ready for the SHTF? (VIDEO) – MD Creekmore

No Escape! Gold & Silver Bid As Economic Contagion Spreads Faster Than Coronavirus (Covid-19) Itself – “The coronavirus is spreading fast, but a wave of economic convulsions will spread even faster, and no country will be able to escape them…” – Silver Doctors

Houston Company Claims That It’s Created a Vaccine to the Coronavirus – Brandon Morse




Keep Throwing Spaghetti at That Wall – “We’re reminded this morning by The New York Times, America’s official psychotic fantasy generator, that the Russians are coming (again!) as an ad hoc arm of the committee to re-elect Mr. Trump. You have to ask yourself: Does Mr. Trump actually need their help? His opponents have been self-meddling so diligently that their party now looks like a Frankenstein creature” – James Howard Kunstler

Tis the Season for Phony Accusations of Russian US Election Meddling to Surface – “The NYT lying machine reared its ugly head again, warning of Russian meddling to re-elect Trump that hasn’t occurred. Nor does any evidence suggest it’s coming ahead. Earlier accusations of Moscow electoral interference to help Trump defeat Hillary in 2016 were bald-faced Big Lies.” – Stephen Lendman

Brennan Pushes Latest Deep State Leak to NY Times – Accuses Trump of “Abetting a Russian Covert Operation” to Win 2020 Election – Cristina Laila   – BRENNAN HAS TO KEEP PUSHING THIS “BS” TO COVER UP HIS INVOLVEMENT WITH THE HOAX!!!

The Myth Of The Moderate Democrat: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

You Bernie Suckers Are Going to Get Fooled Again – “I don’t know exactly how they are going to do it – more convenient caucus kerfuffles, super-delegates, shenanigans at the convention – but there is no way your masters will ever let you win. Like I said, you’re socialists, and therefore stupid, so you will get cheated and you will end up having to vote for the Verne Troyer of American big-money politics. And, like the obedient saps you are, you’ll do it.The only viable option besides Vermont Stalin is Scrooge McSuck. And your next protest will be that Donald Trump is worse than Mini Mike. ” – Kurt Schlichter

Bernie Sanders on Bloomberg debate performance: “I think it’s quite likely that Trump will chew him up and spit him out.” – 60 Minutes Overtime

Heartlanders Don’t Want A Farming Lesson From Bloomberg – Sarah Cowgill

Was the Debate Beat Down Fatal for Mayor Mike? – Patrick J. Buchanan

Biden Promises Far Reaching Gun Ban – “‘Sleepy’ Joe wants to outlaw “clips that have multiple bullets in them.” That description encompasses most guns in America.” – Steve Watson

Turns out Hunter Biden was pretty useful for Burisma after all – “So much for that well-worn chestnut that Hunter Biden “did nothing wrong,” heard so very frequently during President Trump’s impeachment hearings.” – Monica Showalter

The Rise of Pete Buttigieg: The Man Who Isn’t There – Martin Sieff

Truth Matters to the Government, Sometimes – “Given that Jackson served in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington, D.C., for six years, surely she is familiar with the case of James R. Clapper, Jr., the former director of national intelligence. What Clapper did to Congress was no different from what Stone did to Congress: Clapper knowingly, intentionally, and deliberately lied to Congress when he falsely denied that U.S. national-security state officials were conducting secret mass surveillance on the American people. What happened to Clapper? Nothing. No indictment. No criminal prosecution. No conviction. No sentencing. Why the difference between Stone and Clapper?” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Believe it or not, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just came up with a fantastic idea for presidential debates – “We never thought the day would come when we would find something to agree on with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but it has arrived. “Honestly, there should be themed debates. Doing so educates the public far more on issues & actually serves the purpose of distinguishing who knows what they’re talking about +who doesn’t. Climate debate. Foreign policy debate. Healthcare. Racial justice. Labor&Econ. Can’t hide,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote. This is a rational, cogent suggestion that has a lot of merit and should be seriously considered moving forward. No, that wasn’t sarcasm.” – Tank Murdoch  – MOST OF AOC’S IDEAS ARE OFF THE WALL, BUT WE WILL GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead Of Whining About “Russian Election Interference”, Democrats Should Be Searching For A Winning Nominee – Michael Snyder

INjustice system: Roger Stone gets 40 months in prison for a HOAX while the perpetrators of a coup are still breathing free air – By JD Heyes

Globalists Are Dead Men Walking, They Will Be Held Accountable (VIDEO) with Bob Kudla – X22 Report

Turkey, So Much We Aren’t Being Told – Gordon Duff

As Usual, Western Media Grossly Distort Syria’s Conflict – Strategic Culture Foundation

Nano-technology: one world, one brain – “Nanotechnology, to choose one branch of such research-exchange, has applications in weaponry, transportation, surveillance, medicine, etc. And of course, mind control.” – Jon Rappoport

Yale Study Reveals 1 in 3 Drugs Have Safety Issues Even After FDA Approval – Arjun Walia  – THE FDA IS NOT HERE TO PROTECT YOU, THEY ARE HERE TO PROTECT BIG PHARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why It’s So Hard To Escape America’s “Anti-Poverty” Programs – Justin Murray

World Urban Forum Looks To Cities To Advance 2030 Agenda – “The master plan for all cities around the world, including those in the United States, is embodied in the UN’s 2030 Agenda, which officially states that the objective is to transform the world into Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. – Patrick Wood” – Technocracy News

Plague of locusts threatens East African economies as UN sounds alarm – “In recent days, locust swarms have begun to impact South Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania, having already decimated crops throughout Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, Eritrea and Djibouti.” – Elliot Smith




Price Extremes, The Trapped Fed and Scapegoats – “Central banks will protect the political and financial elite. The rest of us need silver and gold bullion held in private vaults, outside the banking system.” – Gary Christenson

The Fed Just Revealed Plans for a Digital Dollar Replacement – Birch Gold Group

There Was a Flash Crash in the Stock Market Yesterday: Here’s Why You Should Be Very Concerned – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Covid-19: Global Retrenchment Will Obliterate Sales, Profits and Yes, Big Tech – Charles Hugh Smith

Ecommerce Spikes by Most Ever. Brick & Mortar Melts Down. Department Stores are Toast – Wolf Richter

Red Gold: China’s Stealth Plan to Use Gold for World Domination – Marin Katusa

Smart Money In Gold Foresaw Repo Market Crisis As Early As June 2019 (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler – Silver Bullion TV

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.52EUR




Ephesians 5:11  Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.







Iran Reports 9 Deaths As Coronavirus Outbreak Accelerates – Tyler Durden

COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic So Much Worse Than You Know… – “Why the mainstream news is not talking more about COVID-19. Again, this is my opinion. Based on information that I have seen, read, and heard. But this is why COVID-19 coronavirus is being suppressed in the media, by our own government, and by Big Tech controllers: BECAUSE THEY ARE DESPERATELY TRYING TO MANAGE THE UNFOLDING BREAKDOWN They CANNOT stop it.” – Ken Jorgustin – GOOD ARTICLE FROM KEN!!!!!!!!!

BIOENGINEERED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: Primary Reasons for the Full Deployment of this Bioweapon in 2020 – State of the Nation  – INTERESTING ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

US Wages Biological War Against China – “The main question is who benefits from the fact that yet another epidemic has put a powerful nation such as China off its stride. The outbreak caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) that struck China is most likely beneficial to the United States.” And the worse the situation is for Beijing, the better it is for Washington, especially since the outlook for the epidemic looks bleak for now.” – Viktor Mikhin

The Coronavirus 5G Connection and Coverup – Makia Freeman  – VERY INTERESTING AND WELL RESEARCHED ARTICLE FROM MAKIA!!!!!

COVID-19 – What people say, and only 5 realities – “The main trope out there is that this is a bioengineered bioweapon. But right at that point opinions diverge so widely that one can only ask questions, and not conclude anything.” – Amarynth

CONFIRMED: CoVid-19 coronavirus found to contain unique “gain-of-function” property “for efficient spreading in the human population” … exact quote from science paper just published in Antiviral Research – Mike Adams

China to change definition of coronavirus “infection” again in pursuit of fewer cases – News Target




With Bloomberg Entering Race, U.S. Oligarchy Takes Stage – “The American two-party system has always been an electoral front to conceal the reality of how big money buys U.S. politics. With media tycoon Mike Bloomberg entering the presidential race, U.S. “democracy” can be seen for what it is: it’s all about big money duking it out. Political parties are now manifestly irrelevant.” – Finian Cunningham

Bloomberg Was Stopped, Frisked and Bruised at Debate – “Voters across the country who had been inundated with Bloomberg’s $409 million in advertisements (ten times what Senator Bernie Sanders has spent) were likely shaking their heads in amazement that such an amateur had made it onto the debate stage with three U.S. Senators and a former Vice President.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

“If This Doesn’t Knock Him Out Of The Race, Nothing Will” – Bloomberg Battered By Left & Right In Debate Disaster – Tyler Durden

Terrible Showing by Bloomberg in the Debate: Will it Matter? – “Michael Bloomberg lived down to the expectation he was not a good debater. And then some. Bloomberg did so poorly in the debates he would have been far better off to have not qualified. Having qualified, he might have done better to not show up. Bloomberg gave the single worst response in debate history.” – Mish

Michael Bloomberg Is Trying To take Down Bernie Sanders, Not Trump – “Michael Bloomberg’s campaign has called on the other “moderate” candidates, such as Amy Klobuchar, Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg, to step down and unite behind him as the only force that can stop Bernie Sanders, who, he warns, will soon have an insurmountable lead in delegates.” – Alan Macleod

Bernie Sanders Loses It When Bloomberg Calls Him The ‘Best Known Socialist’ Who ‘Happens To Be A Millionaire With Three Houses’ – Scott Morefield

Millionaire ‘socialist’ Bernie Sanders defends his millionaire socialist status in Las Vegas debate – Tank Murdoch

The Democrats’ personalities were exposed in Nevada and it wasn’t pretty – Andrea Widburg

Foreign Policy? What’s That? – “There was no real discussion of foreign policy in the debate. It is common for presidential debates to skimp on covering these issues, but it has been a long while since there have been no questions about it. If it hadn’t been for a question bringing up Klobuchar’s inability to name the president of Mexico in a recent interview, there would scarcely have been any mention of the rest of the world.” – Daniel Larison

Trump’s Chances of Re-Election Soar After Shambolic Dem Debate – “There was one clear winner.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Former skeptics now warning of brokered convention ‘nightmare’ for Democrats – Amie Parnes  – GET READY FOR HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama’s Wingman Blasts AG Barr – “You just know that the former Obama Deep Staters are feeling the heat of impending indictments for their participation in the seditious coup these days when you see all of them bleating about their concerns about the alleged “politicization of the Department of Justice” in the Trump era. AG Barr is cleaning house, and your pals are going to pay the price, Eric – just like you did when the Senate voted to hold you in contempt. The end.” – Stu Cvrk

The Battle Lines Are Drawn As Americans Awaken To ‘Satan Central’: The Democrat & UN’s Agenda For America And The World – “‘Sustainable Tyranny’ Is What These Devils Are Working Towards” – William B. Stoecker   – THE UN’S AGENDA 2030 IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL IN THE GUISE OF SUSTAINABILITY. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE AGENDA FROM THE SIDEBAR UNDER ARTICLES AND READ IT YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More on Assange, and How Environmentalists Threaten the Global Food Supply (VIDEO) – Harley Schlanger

It’s Jeff Bezos’s Planet Now – “In an age of political dysfunction, the Amazon founder has begun to subsume the powers of the state.” – Franklin Foer   – BEZOS WANTS TO CONTROL EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

Behind the explosive Charles Lieber scandal – “Once upon a time, they called it espionage. Then they called it “illegal technology transfer.” Then they casually and admiringly called it Globalism.” – Jon Rappoport

Scandal-Ridden OPCW Now Using Twitter’s “Hide Replies” Function – “These deliberate acts of obfuscation make no sense if you look at the OPCW as an independent international investigative body whose sole interest is truth and the elimination of chemical weapons, but they make perfect sense if you see it as a narrative management apparatus of the US-centralized empire.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Mike Pompeo’s Latest Delusion – “Even by his highly delusional standards, Mike Pompeo came forth with a doozy at the Munich Security Conference last weekend. “The West is winning,” saith the most dangerous secretary of state to serve at Foggy Bottom since Henry Kissinger’s murderous tenure during the Nixon administration. “We are collectively winning,” the oafish evangelical added. “We’re doing it together.”” – Patrick Lawrence

Munich conference reveals East-West divide – Pepe Escobar

Drug War Obtuseness – “Anyone who still thinks that the war on drugs can be “won” is living in la-la land. It’s just economics 101 — i.e., the laws of supply and demand. By making drugs illegal, black-market prices and profits soar, attracting unsavory competitors into the market who don’t hesitate to employ violence to garner larger market share. If one of them is busted, that causes prices and profits to spike, which means that other competitors quickly fill the void. Thus, this drug-war strategy has never worked and will never work. The more drug lords and drug dealers they bust, the more that others quickly replace them.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Global Crop Failures Continue: In Australia This Is Going To Be The WORST HARVEST Ever – Michael Snyder  – LOCUSTS, FLOODS. WHAT COULD GO WRONG HERE. ARE YOU PREPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Spring Flooding in 2020 Repeat Last Year’s Disaster? There Are Some Troubling Signs. – “Even if the flooding isn’t as severe and widespread as 2019, it could still lead to more delays in crop planting, possibly in the same areas farmers struggled to plant or harvest last year.” – Jonathan Erdman

Florida’s ‘Red Flag’ Gun Confiscation Order Used More Than 3,500 Times – D.J. Parten

Suffolk County To Attempt To Ban Smoking In Private Homes – ” Is one suburban county going too far trying to legislate what residents can and cannot do in the privacy of their own homes?” – Jennifer McLogan

What Survival Foods You Actually Need – Cache Valley Prepper

10 Essential Tools You Need To Have When You Go Hunting – Bob Rodgers




Financial Feudalism – Michael Krieger   – MICHAEL IS ALWAYS A GOOD READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never Go Full Retard – “The recognition that this market is in a bubble (something I’ve been writing about extensively) has gone mainstream and banks are recognizing is now too” – Sven Henrich

It Gets Surprisingly Ugly: US Freight Shipments Plunge 9.4%, Steepest since 2009 – “But the coronavirus impact has not been felt yet; that will come later.” – Wolf Richter

Demand For Physical Precious Metals Surge Due To Fears About Disruptions In The Global Supply Chain – Steve St. Angelo

Mexican Congressman Calls On Govt To NOT EXPORT Mexican Silver, To Back The Peso With Silver, And Urges Citizens To Save In Silver! – Silver Doctors

Waiting on COMEX Silver – Craig Hemke

Getting on Board the Silver Express! – David H. Smith

This Will Push The Price Of Gold Even Higher – Gerald Celente

The New Gold-Dollar Correlation (VIDEO) – “Since the Fed’s final rate hike, the dollar and Gold have been positively correlated. Gold against foreign currencies is at new all time highs, Gold breaks $1600 and Gold and the dollar are rising together.”- The Daily Gold

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.00EUR




Psalm 49:5-7  Wherefore should I fear in the days of evil, when the iniquity of my heels shall compass me about?  They that trust in their wealth, and boast themselves in the multitude of their riches;  None of them can by any means redeem his brother, nor give to God a ransom for him






Russia to ban entry of Chinese nationals to halt virus – The Associated Press

Coronavirus up to 20 times more likely than Sars to bind to human cells, study suggests – “New strain appears to be more readily transmitted from human to human than Sars, Texas researchers find” – Gigi Choy

Coronavirus: Who is Controlling the Information? Are Potential Government Actions More Dangerous than the Actual Virus? – “Is the current coronavirus “pandemic” really threatening modern civilization as we know it, or is it being hyped to appear much worse than it really is? To answer this question, it depends on where you get your information, and how you interpret that information.” – Brian Shilhavy

Wuhan Mother Speaks Out “No Beds, No Medicine, All Lies” – Mish

Did the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship “Quarantine” Just Infect More People with Covid-19 and Spread It Further? – Daisy Luther

Why are 712 people in Washington State being “monitored” for coronavirus infections, but NOT TESTED? -Mike Adams

The global search for a vaccine to prevent coronavirus infections (VIDEO) – “Chinese and global institutions are investing huge amounts of time and money to find a viable vaccine that is safe and has no side effects. A major first step in the process is animal testing, which recently got underway at various labs around the world.” – South China Morning Post

10 Very Important Questions That The Mainstream Media Should Be Asking About This Coronavirus Outbreak – Michael Snyder

“Mandate of Heaven” in Jeopardy – “Over 60 million Chinese in several major cities are under “lock-down” where individuals are confined to their homes and may only leave once every three days to buy groceries. Streets are empty, stores are closed, trains and planes are not moving, and factories are shut. The Chinese economy is slowly grinding to a halt. This not only affects China’s economy as a whole, but the contagion filters down into individual companies that are dependent on China both for supply chain inputs and final sales.” – Jim Rickards

“Keenly Aware”- FDA Braces For Drug And Medical Supply Shortages From China – Tyler Durden




Trump Accuses “Mini Mike” Of “Sinister” Campaign Violations Ahead Of Dem Debate Debut – Tyler Durden

Trump Frustrated About Unprosecuted Deep State Crimes (VIDEO) with Kevin Shipp – “What the President is doing is tweeting and communicating with the American people because the press is going to cover it up, and the Deep State is not going to let that sort of thing out. This is the beauty of his tweets . . . . He is telling us what is really going on. . . . These prosecutors, going all the way back to Mueller . . . have engaged in prosecutorial misconduct, and nothing has been done to them.” – Greg Hunter

Tulsi’s Populist ‘Country-First’ Anti-War Crusade – “She’s hitting all the right notes for many Americans and plans to take her campaign all the way to the convention.” – Hunter DeRensis  – HOWEVER THE MAINSTREAM WON’T GIVE HER A VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poll: Sanders Leads The Field, Bloomberg Qualifies For His 1st Debate – Domenico Montanaro

Bloomberg’s Rising Polls Show The Power Of Billionaire Narrative Control – “Whether it’s running ads, buying up media outlets, funding think tanks or incentivizing politicians to regurgitate the desired lines, billionaires are constantly using their wealth to shore up narrative control, because they understand that whoever controls the narrative controls the world.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Michael Bloomberg: Smirking Id Of America’s Elites – “He says he’s ‘fiscally conservative and socially liberal.’ What that amounts to is dehumanizing authoritarianism.” – Matt Purple

Michael Bloomberg Flunks Ag 101 – “Mike Bloomberg deserves a chapter unto himself in “The Ignorance and Tyranny of Self-Anointed Experts.”” – Geoffrey P. Hunt

Bloomberg camp’s “dire” warning: Sanders soon unstoppable – Mike Allen

The Dem ad campaign aimed at taking down Bernie – Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman

Everything You Wanted to Know About Pete Buttigieg, But Were Too Afraid to Ask – “Rhodes Scholar. Afghan vet. Mayor. An impressive resume, to be sure, but to have made the fantastic leap from local politics to the doorstep of the Oval Office – at the age of just 38 – seems altogether impossible without some serious behind-the-scenes connections.” – Robert Bridge

Democracy Dies in the Washington Post: WaPo op-ed argues for having elites decide presidential nominees -Monica Showalter

Out Of Control And Getting Worse – Attacks Becoming More Frequent Against Conservatives While Liberals Become Increasingly Unhinged As The 2020 Presidential Election Nears – Susan Duclos

Emails: Burisma Consultant Linked To Hunter Biden Approached Top State Department Official To Arrange Ukraine Meeting – Chuck Ross

Who’s Complaining About Investigations Now? – “now, as Barr looks into how it all started, some voices that were part of that frenzy are changing their tune about the value of investigations. They now express concern about investigations, and concern that Barr is politicizing the Justice Department to go after perceived political enemies. Where were they when the Steele dossier burst onto the scene in January 2017, with its extremely damaging and unsupported allegations, Where were they when the Justice Department cooked up the idea that Flynn had violated the Logan Act, the 1799 law under which no one has ever been convicted,” – Byron York

Julian Assange Must Be Freed, Not Betrayed – John Pilger

So Long, Oregon – Conservatives Plan Idaho Escape – “Moving Oregon’s border will solve a problem for rooted right-leaning Oregonians who want liberation from leftist governance.” – Kelli Ballard

Global Centralization Is The Cause Of Crisis – Not The Cure – “Once you understand the globalist mindset, almost everything they do becomes rather robotic and predictable. It should not be surprising that the World Health Organization (WHO), a branch of the United Nations, has been so aggressive in cheerleading for the Chinese government and its response to the coronavirus outbreak. After all, China’s communist surveillance state model is a beta test for the type of centralization that the UN wants for the entire planet. They certainly aren’t going to point out that it was China’s totalitarian system that allowed the outbreak to spread from the very beginning.” – Brandon Smith  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRANDON!!!!!!!!!

Compliance 101: Gun-Toting Cops Endanger Students and Turn the Schools into Prisons – “Just when you thought the government couldn’t get any more tone-deaf about civil liberties and the growing need to protect “we the people” against an overreaching, overbearing police state, the Trump Administration ushers in even more strident zero tolerance policies that treat children like suspects and criminals, greater numbers of school cops, and all the trappings of a prison complex (unsurmountable fences, entrapment areas, no windows or trees, etc.). The fallout has been what you’d expect, with the nation’s young people treated like hardened criminals: handcuffed, arrested, tasered, tackled and taught the painful lesson that the Constitution (especially the Fourth Amendment) doesn’t mean much in the American police state.” – John W. Whitehead  – A MUST READ FROM JOHN, AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘We can’t have Turkish laws on French soil’: Macron vows to fight foreign imams preaching ‘Islamist separatism’ – RT  – SMARTEST THING MACRON HAS EVER SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omens, Portents, Karma and the Mandate of Heaven – “The question of legitimacy isn’t limited to China.” – Charles Hugh Smith

‘Nothing left’: Kenyan mother’s fields stripped by locust swarm – Reuters

Uganda army fights voracious desert locusts – Michael O’Hagan

Emerging Evidence on Continuing Allied Lies About the War in Syria – “One of the clearest indicators of the legitimacy or otherwise of Western military actions is the coverage that is given to it by the western media. When evidence emerges that the given military action was at best ill-founded and more often blatantly illegal under international law, then the western media is silent as to any criticism. Alternatively, it gives undue prominence to self-serving and frequently blatant falsehoods about the actions in question.” – James ONeill

Photos From Final Liberation of Aleppo Demonstrates How MSM Narrative Was False All Along – “Western mainstream media outlets simply cannot show the results of the recent liberation of Western Aleppo in Syria without first doing much editing and damage control work on the television screen. While Western outlets continue the tired line that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is “killing his own people” and that the poor democracy-loving “freedom fighters” armed, trained, and directed by the Western powers are nothing more than victims, scenes from Syria easily challenge any perceptions western audiences may have had regarding recent events there” – Brandon Turbeville

BREAKING: Switzerland’s environmental agency announces national moratorium on 5G – Michael Alexander  – THERE’S AT LEAST ONE SMART COUNTRY OUT THERE!!!!!!!!

WATCH: Sen. Amy Klobuchar Says Gun Buyback ‘Not Gun Confiscation’ – “A mandatory buyback is nothing but gun confiscation, Senator. If you take tax dollars I don’t want to give you, and you require those be spent to unfairly trade for private arms you never sold me, that’s confiscation. We didn’t authorize you to use our tax dollars this way. You didn’t sell us our guns. And we never agreed to allowing you to “buy them back.”” – Personal Defense World

Why Every Prepper Should Be Familiar with 80% Firearms – Bob Rodgers




The Fed is a “Pickle” – “The politicians and economists at the Fed are gambling with the health of the economy, purchasing power of the dollar, individual savings, Fed credibility, pension funding, and retirements. The gamble will work poorly for most people, but the Fed will protect the political and financial elite.” – Gary Christianson

U.S. GDP Could Get Hammered – Nomi Prins

30,000 Contracts Multiplied by 5,000 Ounces Equals… – Rory Hall  – GOOD ARTICLE ON JP MORGAN’S SILVER MANIPULATION FROM RORY!!!!!!!!

Greed Unbounded: “A Slow-Motion Looting” – “I made the observation back in 2004 that the elitists would keep the financial and economic system from collapsing using printing money and debt for as long as it took for them to sweep every last crumb of middle class wealth off the table and into their own pockets” – Dave Kranzler

Who Bought the $1.3 Trillion in Debt the US Government Added to its $23-Trillion Pile in 12 Months? – “Treasury securities are hot. The Fed backed up the truck. US banks & others bought too. But China dumped” – Wolf Richter

QE won’t cure the coronavirus or the economy (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Move Along Citizen, Nothing To See Here (But Deposit Theft) (VIDEO) – “AITS (Average Inflation Targeting) new acronym for negative interest rates. Commercial Banks will be complicit with FED in next crisis. “Hold still, little fish! All we intend to do is gut you”.” – McAlvany Financials

Paul Krugman Returns to Perpetuating the Big Lie for Wall Street – “This time he’s told such a doozie of a lie that there is no longer any doubt that he’s on a mission to restore Wall Street’s credibility, even if he has to rewrite the history of the financial crash and every official report that’s been published on it.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

What Do Crashing Emerging Market Currencies Signal About Future Gold and Silver Prices? – J. Kim

Silver Bullion To $50/oz and When to Sell Gold or Silver? (VIDEO) – Gold Core

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.90EUR




Proverbs 13:11  Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase.



Researcher In Laboratory Is Analyzing Blood Sample In Test Tube



Half the Population of China, 760 Million, Now Locked Down – Mish


How are viruses discovered and identified in the first place? – Jon Rappoport

“It’s Just A Cold – Nothing Really To Worry About” Said the “Authoritative Sources” – “The “authoritative voices” were all lying then and they are lying today. While I am here in middle Tennessee I have to tell you, I am very concerned for the safety of my family. The reason for my concern is the sheer volume of lies and misinformation coming from so-called “authoritative sources”.” – Rory Hall  – THIS ARTICLE AND THE NEXT, GO HAND IN HAND!!!!!!

COVID-19 Pandemic: The Complacent Are Clueless – “The eventual price of substituting magical thinking and survivorship bias for actual evidence will be far higher than the complacent realize.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Coronavirus: Is the Puzzling Silence From Officials The Calm Before The Storm? (VIDEO) – Chris Martenson  – CHRIS HAS BEEN DOING SOME GREAT COVERAGE ON THE VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!

WHO Holds Secret Talks With Tech Giants To Stop Spread of Coronavirus “Misinformation” – “Despite the fact that some things labeled “misinformation” turned out to be true.” – Paul Joseph Watson

US Breaks Cruise Ship Quarantine, Flies 13 Infected Americans To Omaha Facility – Tyler Durden

The ‘Wipe Out Humans To Save The Earth’ Insanity Now Being Babbled By ‘Elite Leftists’ Another Hint Coronavirus May Really Be A Depopulation Weapon – “As Flu-Like Illnesses Explode Across America, One Homeless Coronavirus Carrier Could Cause Havoc” – Stefan Stanford

10 Plagues That Are Hitting Our Planet Simultaneously – “Can any of you remember a time when we have been hit by crisis after crisis like this all at once? 2020 has certainly started off with quite a bang, and many expect global events to continue to accelerate.” – Michael Snyder

Who is WHO’s Tedros Adhanom? – ” As the leading international health authority, the UN WHO carries considerable influence over national responses to any such health danger. This makes Tedros’ condemnation of airline travel bans more noteworthy. It raises the question whether the WHO head has an undisclosed agenda.” – F. William Engdahl




Will Censorship Prevail Over The First Amendment? – “Today censorship is ubiquitous. It is everywhere. In the United States censorship is both imposed from above and flows from the bottom up. Censorship is imposed from above by, for example, TV and print media, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and by laws in 28 states prohibiting criticism and participation in boycotts of Israel and by President Trump’s executive order preventing federal funding of educational institutions that permit criticisms of Israel. Censorship flows from the bottom up by, for example, people of protected races, genders, and sexual preference claiming to be offended.” – Paul Craig Roberts

‘A complete disaster’: Fears grow over potential Nevada caucus malfunction – “Volunteers complain of poor training for a vote-reporting system that was adopted on the fly.” – Laura Barrón-López  – HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Bloomberg: Trojan Horse For Clintonista Revival – “It’s been obvious to me since he declared that Mike Bloomberg is not a serious candidate for the Democratic nomination. He is everything the Democratic base doesn’t want — white, billionaire, oligarch, Wall St. 0.000001%’er. He’s running to clear the field for Hillary. Because the fight over these early states are as much about splitting the delegate count as possible, to strip Bernie Sanders of his chance at the nomination. Hillary is still angry at Bernie for challenging her in 2016.” – Tom Luango  – EXCELLENT ANALYSIS FROM TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Farming Does Not Take Much Smarts, According to Bloomberg – “But Bloomberg did not stop with his condescending remarks about farmers — he also spoke in a derogatory manner about factory workers. “Then we had 300 years of the industrial society. You put the piece of metal on the lathe, you turn the crank in the direction of the arrow and you can have a job. And we created a lot of jobs.” – Steve Byas

Paul Harvey ‘So God Made A Farmer’ Speech – ” I originally posted this years ago. However I am republishing it today (FEB-2020), given recent uncovered comments by democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg” – Ken Jorgustin

Bloomberg drops $124 million in Super Tuesday states. Rivals go on the attack – Michael Finnegan

Sanders tells New York Times he would consider a preemptive strike against Iran or North Korea – Jacob Crosse and Barry Grey

Sanders on Geopolitical Issues – “Follow what politicians do, not what they say they’ll do. Time and again, rhetoric and actions are world’s apart. Obama and Trump are Exhibits A and B, their pledges to voters as presidential candidates polar opposite their policies in office on vital issues mattering most to most people. Sanders is no peacenik.” – Stephen Lendman

Bernie Sanders’s Long History of Pushing Government Takeovers of Private Markets – Mitch Nemeth

Left Goes Bananas On Barr’s DOJ After Ignoring Far Worse Under Obama – “How soon my leftist colleagues and media flacks forget they engaged in ‘community organizing’ for left-wing activism at the highest levels of the Department of Justice. What if that attorney general is Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch? Put aside the fact that Holder was held in contempt in the U.S. House—let’s chalk that up to politics and overlook the 17 Democrats who voted for contempt. Even a cursory review of the record shows that Holder, and his successor Lynch, abused power in the Department of Justice for a full eight years while carrying out hatchet work for President Obama.” – Chip Roy

Living Paycheck To Paycheck As Government Picks Your Pocket – Andrew Moran

George Soros: “Remove Zuckerberg From Facebook Now… He’ll Get Trump Re-elected” – Tyler Durden

Twitter Locks WikiLeaks’ Account Days Before Assange’s Extradition Hearing Begins – Aaron Kesel

Wildfire Insanity: Now AU – “The glo-bull scolds are at it again, this time with regard to Australia and their wildfire problem. Let me remind you of a few facts: 1. Australia, just like our western states, has enacted laws prohibiting both controlled burns and the responsible burning of brush and similar debris on private land. As a result there is no legal way that people who own land can clear accumulations of flammable underbrush and dispose of it in a responsible manner so wildfires do not have nearly as much fuel to consume.” – Karl Denninger

Border Patrol released more than 375,000 illegal immigrants directly into US last year: report – Chris Enloe

Genetically Modified Seeds: Conceived as a Weapon Part III – Larry Romanoff  – GOOD SERIES OF ARTICLES FROM LARRY. PARTS ONE AND TWO PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Armageddon, Determinism and Rage – “Determinists rule our century, we bask in their hubris and ignorance. When their theories fail, a new algorithm applied to fake data is turned to, and the descent into catastrophe, though inexorable to the rational, disappears at the determinists’ other theory, that of denialism. As we move into February 2020, the tensions, the hate, the anger can be felt around the world. To most, if not all sentient mammals, the idea of governments and institutions as primary actors is at an end. Banditry, hypocrisy and hedonism rule.” – Gordon Duff

Trump Plans to Keep U.S. Troops Permanently in Iraq – Eric Zuesse

If Duterte Wants Us Out, Let’s Go – “Time for Manila to take charge of its own defense. Indeed, what is the argument for a treaty that virtually dictates U.S. involvement in any future war in 7,600 islands 8,000 miles from the United States?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Libyan General Haftar’s forces claim they’ve bombed Turkish ship ‘loaded with weapons & ammo’ at Tripoli port – RT


Nets Ignore Massive Gun Control Defeat: VA Rejects Assault Weapons Ban – Nicholas Fondacaro

Siri is Now Refusing to Say the Word “Gun” – “Yes, really” – Paul Joseph Watson

A Huge Wake-Up Call – Coronavirus & Prepping Go Hand-In-Hand: Reader Recommendations And Preparing For Supply Chain Disruptions As We Learn In China Some Cannot Leave Their Homes, Even For Groceries – Susan Duclos

How Expert Preppers Survive On A Tight Budget – Bill White




It Starts: Apple Throws Revenue Guidance Out the Window, on Supply Chain Woes & Sales Collapse in China – “This will become an often-played tune over the next few months, delineating how dependent Corporate America has become on China.” – Wolf Richter

COVID 19 – A Problem Central Banks Can’t Solve (VIDEO) – Silver Fortune

Deadly Viral and Economic Reapers – “If the bad case scenarios do accelerate the viral epidemic could be the pin that pricks the greatest bubble in the world, not only in China but the entire world. “The spread of the coronavirus coincides with the downturn in the global credit cycle, with potentially catastrophic results.” – DrSircus

Tragicomedy – “We’re all frogs getting our perception of reality boiled in the pot of price perversion central banks have unleashed on the world. A tragicomedy of epic proportions continues to unfold in front of our own eyes. On Friday global markets again closed at record highs and this week everybody is already crying again for more stimulus and central bankers across the world are too eager to oblige.” – Sven Henrich

Subprime Auto Loan Delinquencies at Financial Crisis Levels – Peter Schiff

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.93EUR




Matthew 24:21  For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.







CDC begins testing Americans for the Coronavirus—but how? – “The prospect of these two tests being done on Americans is not comforting, to say the least. People will be roped into believing they are “epidemic cases,” and therefore need to be isolated, and treated with highly toxic antiviral drugs. In the event they become ill, from the drugs, they’ll be told “the coronavirus is doing the damage.”” – Jon Rappoport

Big Jump In Coronavirus Deaths Coming Up? – Mish

Coronavirus: run, here come the experimental drugs – “here come the antiviral drugs. They’re ordinarily used for other diseases (malaria, HIV) or, in one case, no disease yet (unapproved, unlicensed). But it’s time for “heroic measures.” A better term would be “reckless experimentation.”” – Jon Rappoport

Did coronavirus originate in Chinese government laboratory? Scientists believe killer disease may have begun in research facility 300 yards from Wuhan wet fish market – “Beijing-sponsored South China University of Technology concludes that ‘the killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan’ ” – Ross Ibbetson

China Detains Activist Who Accused Xi of Coronavirus Cover-Up – DNYUZ

Coronavirus Cruise Passengers Land in U.S., Including 14 With Infections – Suryatapa Bhattacharya

Would We Still Have Power and Water If We Had a Massive Coronavirus Quarantine in the US? – “How long do you think a pandemic quarantine could go on with power, running water, the internet, and trash pick-up continuing to run as normal?” – Selco Begovic and Daisy Luther

What happens if coronavirus begins infecting cargo-ship crew? – Greg Miller  – THIS AND THE ABOVE ARTICLE ARE TWO THINGS TO THINK ABOUT!!!!

All Our Drugs To Treat The Coronavirus Depend On Chinese Suppliers – “The U.S. has allowed another country to take over the industrial production of our medicines, with no forethought or planning for crisis.” – Rosemary Gibson

Locust plague reaches coronavirus-hit China after wreaking havoc across Africa – “Chilling footage has shown thousands of insects swarming the skies at a border in China. They reportedly come from a plague that has devastated east Africa in recent weeks” – Simon Green




Op-Ed: Dems Should Do The Sensible Thing And Nominate A Moderate Rapacious Psychopath – “If you can’t take it from me, take it from the cold, hard numbers: if Democrats want to beat Trump, they need to nominate a centrist. Someone who rejects the extremes of Bernie’s far left and Trump’s far right and instead espouses sensible, middle-of-the-road values like endless war and military expansionism, rapacious ecocide, corrupt plutocracy, crushing domestic austerity measures, new cold war nuclear escalations, continued deregulation of sociopathic financial and commercial institutions, police militarization, unprecedented levels of imprisonment, Orwellian surveillance programs, internet censorship, and ever-mounting authoritarianism. You know, the moderate position.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Billionaire Bloomberg Aims to Buy the US Presidency – “Because his super-wealth is used largely for ill, not good, Bloomberg represents the venality of the hugely corrupted US political system that’s too debauched to fix. A fantasy democracy, never the real thing, Americans get the best rule of privileged interests money can buy, elections farcical when held. Bloomberg’s billions give him a significant edge only money can buy.” – Stephen Lendman

Bloomberg Has Built a Star Wars Machine to Try to Steal the Democratic Nomination – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

East Coast Elitist Mike Bloomberg: “Anyone in This Room Can Be a Farmer” – You Need “Gray Matter” to be in Information Economy (VIDEO) – Jim Hoft

Bernie breaks out of the pack – “In Nevada, rival campaigns privately concede the race is for second or third place.” – David Siders

Running Bernie Sanders Against Trump Would Be an Act of Insanity – Jonathan Chait

Socialism Or Oligarchy: The Nightmare Option For 2020 Dems – “Bloomberg versus Bernie battle highlights the party’s ideological bankruptcy.” – Joe Schaeffer

The price of crazy: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez yelps for help against 12 primary challengers – “The socialist sensation has got primary rivals coming out of the woodwork now.” – Monica Showalter

At Stake – “A miasma of consternation lay heavy across the Potomac swamp late last week when former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe was let off the hook for lying to his own bureau while, elsewhere across DC, the distinguished Lt. General Flynn was still fighting for his life against exactly the same charge after three years of dilatory maneuvers by the DOJ to conceal their prosecutorial malfeasance in the case… and then the sketchy Roger Stone matter entered a twilight zone of jiggery-pokery that appeared to climax in a staged ruse by his four prosecutors to lure the Attorney General, Mr. Barr, into a trap. You are forgiven for failing to follow all the twists and turns in this latest installment of what might now be called CoupGate, a summation of the seditious campaign to overthrow the president, which already has gone through so many gates — SpyGate, RussiaGate, MuellerGate, UkraineGate, WhistleblowerGate — that Mr. Trump looks like he’s spent three years training for the giant slalom in the next winter Olympics” – James Howard Kunstler  – ANOTHER GREAT ARTICLE FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger Stone, Bill Barr, and the Washington Civil War – Daniel Lazare

Here’s the Question Liberal Talking Heads NEVER Ask Their Deep State Guests – Elizabeth Vaughn

Cuomo Doubles Up On Anti-Gun Agenda – Tom Knighton

Ralph Northam’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Just Crashed and Burned – “This isn’t a total victory, as several other, less consequential (but still unconstitutional) “gun control” laws have already passed. But, this was the one that sought to target a broad range of semi-automatic weapons, as well as their magazines.” – Bonchie

Trump Policy Wangle in Munich: Human Beings Reduced to Smelly Sauce – “Naturally, nowhere in these discussions can you find a mention of just who started the Syria mess in the first place. America and allies act as if Arab Spring were some organic uprising beamed down from a cosmic source deep inside some other galaxy far, far, away. Meanwhile, any homeless American veteran with a tin cup and pencils to sell knows spontaneous upheavals in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, and Bahrain in 2011 were set ablaze by “you know who.” ” – Phil Butler

It’s time to reclaim Syria’s road to recovery – Pepe Escobar

Sinn Fein’s Victory is Ireland’s ‘Brexit Moment’ When Left-Out Voters Turn on the Elite – Patrick Cockburn

The Terrorists Migrating into Europe – Judith Bergman

Tech Tyranny: Protection Or Censorship? – “International spying, Trump and Pelosi finally agree, and a new federal agency?” – Laura Valkovic

The Death Of Free Speech: Zuckerberg Asks Governments For Instructions On “What Discourse Should Be Allowed” – Jonathan Turley

New Bill Will Make it Illegal for Citizens to Pump Their Own Gas — To Keep You ‘Safe’ – “In the land of the free, there are still lawmakers who push for the most ridiculous laws despite there being no benefit to the citizens whatsoever. In fact, a proposed Bill in Illinois will actually hurt citizens and likely lead to fines or other punishment if they simply try to pump their own gas. Seriously. Rep. Camille Lilly (D–Oak Park) introduced the legislation earlier this month. It is nothing short of the full force of the nanny state coming to fruition. “No gas may be pumped at a gas station in this State unless it is pumped by a gas station attendant employed at the gas station,” reads the Gas Station Attendant Act.” – Matt Agorist  – THE DEMS IN ILLINOIS ARE AS CRAZY AS THE ONES IN CALIFORNIA. NO WONDER PEOPLE ARE LEAVING THAT STATE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A ClearView Of AI Facial Recognition! Yes They Have A TROVE OF OFFLINE MATERIAL! (VIDEO) – Jason Bermas

RAIN ENERGY: A New Renewable Energy Solution Or Just More High-Tech Insanity – Steve St. Angelo

Survival Gear to Stockpile Before it Runs Out (VIDEO) – Canadian Prepper

When do you give up warning folks and just shut up and hunker down? – Ken Jorgustin




The Fed Has Created a Monster Bubble It Can No Longer Control – “The Fed must now accept responsibility for what happens in the end-game of the Moral-Hazard Monster Bubble it created” – Charles Hugh Smith

The Fake News Economy – “The stock market is becoming increasingly disconnected from underlying main street reality.The “narrative” architects and fairytale spinners are desperately looking for evidence to fit their “consumer is still healthy/economy still fine” propaganda. But a look under “the hood,” starting with the employment report, reveals a reality that is in stark contrast to the manipulated headline numbers. There’s no b.s. like the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). ” – Dave Kranzler

Where Is the Gold Rush Leading to? – “Fewer nations trust the United States these days since there are absolutely no guarantees that Washington, which has more and more often resorted to the use of financial pressure, will not freeze the assets of “inconvenient” countries. Hence, practically all the nations with advanced economies have actively begun buying gold on global markets recently.” – Vladimir Odintsov

The Benefits of Economic Collapse – “The controllers of an economy always benefit from a collapse. It’s important to bear in mind that real wealth never disappears; it merely changes hands. To prepare for the new game, the objective would be to liquidate all or most stocks, bonds and hard assets such as real estate, in advance of a crash.” – Jeff Thomas

1 In 3 American Workers Runs Out Of Money Before Payday – Tyler Durden

Japan’s GDP Is Collapsing, And Experts Are Warning That China Will Be Next – Michael Snyder

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.18EUR




Isaiah 24:10   The city of confusion is broken down: every house is shut up, that no man may come in.