The Mueller Report Is In. They Were Wrong. We Were Right. – “It has been obvious from the very beginning that the Maddow Muppets were being sold a lie. I’ve been saying Russiagate is bullshit from the beginning, and I’ve been called a Trump shill, a Kremlin propagandist, a Nazi and a troll every day for saying so by credulous mass media-consuming dupes who drank the Kool Aid. ” – Caitlin Johnstone  – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ!!!

Trump Witch Hunt Over: No American Was Even Charged With Conspiring With Russia – “Compare what cable hosts (let’s leave them unnamed) & Democratic operatives spent two years claiming this would lead to – the imprisonment of Don, Jr., Jared, even Trump on conspiracy-with-Russia charges – to what it actually produced. A huge media reckoning is owed.” – Mish

Mueller wraps up — but don’t expect the hysteria to end – New York Post Editorial Board


With RussiaGate Over Where’s Hillary? – “During most of the RussiaGate investigation against Donald Trump I kept saying that all roads lead to Hillary Clinton. Anyone with three working brain cells knew this, including ‘Miss’ Maddow, whose tears of disappointment are particularly delicious.” – Tom Luango

So, Mueller’s probe is over. Here’s what the special counsel DIDN’T find (that we were told he WOULD) – Jon Dougherty

Major Media Response to Release of Witch Hunt Mueller Report – “Not a shred of evidence supports the above bald-faced Big Lies. No Russian US election meddling occurred, no hacking of Dem computer networks or Hillary campaign emails, none stolen by Russians or anyone else. Like virtually all other US major media, the Times reported and endlessly repeated Russiagate Big Lies. Americans are the most over-entertained, uninformed people anywhere. To their shame, a majority believe the Russiagate Big Lies. They’re easily debunked by following credible alternative media reports online. Anyone connected can know what’s going on with minimal effort. Many do. Most don’t, why no matter how many times the US public is lied to, they’re easy marks to be duped again.” – Stephen Lendman  – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ AS WELL!!!!

MULEgate: Why Special Counsel Mueller Was Set Up For Perceived Failure – “Mueller’s Main Mission was to Cover Up the Democrat Crime Spree and Real Russiagate” – State of the Nation

The inflection point: Mueller Report delivery will unleash the counter-narrative – Thomas Lifson

‘$1mn for Mueller report’: WikiLeaks seeks to publish ‘Russia collusion’ probe findings in full – RT

The truth is now out about those FISA warrants – Monica Showalter

Make No Mistake the Mueller Investigation was a Coup Against President Trump and It’s Perpetrators Should Be Treated as Such – Joe Hoft

Coercion Meets Its Match – “Like the fabled spring zephyr came news that the Golden Golem of Greatness, (a.k.a. President Trump) signed an executive order that would withhold federal funding from colleges and universities that do not demonstrate support for free speech. It has been an amazement to behold the appalling, hypocritical suppression of the first amendment on campuses across the nation, with their ignoble speech codes, asinine safe spaces, sinister kangaroo courts, and racist anti-whiteness crusades.” – James Howard Kunstler

SPLC Implodes: President And Legal Director Resign Amid Sexual Misconduct Scandal – “The Southern Poverty Law Center – the “vicious left-wing attack dog” used by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google and Amazon to identify “hate groups” – is unraveling.” – Tyler Durden

Trump and the War to Save “the War” – Gordon Duff

John McCain: From War Criminal to National Hero – “Anyone who has read this blog knows I’m not a Donald Trump supporter. Donald Trump is clueless on many issues and it is an understatement to say he’s unqualified for the job. But he’s right on at least one thing. The late John McCain isn’t a hero.” – Kurt Nimmo

It’s Time To Replace America’s ‘Socialist Indoctrination Centers’ That The Left Calls ‘Universities’ Because ‘As Is’, America’s Education System Is Broken Beyond Repair – William B. Stoecker

The Gold Trade Note Has Been Introduced, The [CB] Is On The Chopping Block (VIDEO) with Jim Willie – X22 Report

U.S. runs largest monthly budget deficit on record in February – Robert Schroeder

French Military Authorized To Use Deadly Force On Yellow Vests If Lives Threatened – Tyler Durden

Housing bubble 2.0 beginning to burst at an accelerating rate – Ken Schortgen

The Fed Has Given Up: Get Ready for More QE – Ryan McMaken

The State of Michigan Is Compiling a Pre-Genocidal “Enemies of the State” List-Are You On It? – Dave hodges

Prepare To Burn?! Military Weapon Coming to A Street Near You—Millions Will Have Limited Life! (VIDEO) – “Believe it or not, the FCC has officially approved the ‘experimental’ use of 6G for public use. Even though they haven’t implemented 5G fully yet, and even though they are not fully aware of the applications that 6G (or 5G) may cause. I issue a “Red Alert” due to the fact that 6G technology contains the very technology used in military grade weapons. ” – Lisa Haven

Something To Consider: Will Rollout Of 5G Millimeter Waves Dramatically Activate The “Frey Effect”? – “the “Frey Effect” affects you more than you may know insofar as microwaves open up the blood brain barrier—a huge health No-No!” – Catherine J. Frompovich

Eradicated Diseases Reemerge with a Vengeance in Liberal Utopias Throughout the US – Off Grid Survival

US FDA Lifts Ban on GMO ‘Frankensalmon’ -F. William Engdahl

Scavenging and the Law – “Why would anyone willingly scavenge in the first place? It’s the diametric opposite of preparedness, a failure to plan. Fundamentally, there shouldn’t be anything you need to scavenge for.” – JRRT

8 Small Preps Save The Day – Salty




Luke 24:11  And their words seemed to them as idle tales, and they believed them not.







As Washington braces for Mueller report, Trump says he’s in the dark, too – “The president said earlier this week that the public should see the report.” – Dartunorro Clark

Marines Seize Pacific Island As Training For War With China – Tyler Durden

Bolton says Trump ‘very serious’ about ‘all options’ as Venezuela dismantles ‘terrorist cell’ – RT

Why are the Libertarian Ron Paul and the Socialist Nicolás Maduro Both Opposed to the US Coup-Attempt? – Eric Zuesse

Truth v. Fiction in Venezuela – “Followers of independent alternative media know Venezuela is the hemisphere’s leading social democracy. It’s not a “dictatorship” as falsely claimed by US hardliners and establishment media, reporting the official narrative exclusively, suppressing reality on the ground” – Stephen Lendman

US Completely Invalidates All Of Its Own Arguments About Crimea – “The discrepancy between the White House’s positions on Crimea and the Golan Heights can easily be explained by the nature of America’s overarching imperialist agenda. The US-centralized empire, of which Israel is an inseparable part, operates much like the creature in the 1958 movie The Blob: its goal is to absorb as many geostrategic territories into itself as possible, growing larger and stronger with every absorption.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Sucking Liberals into a New Cold War – William Blum

It Takes A Nation To Instill Tyranny & Despotism – Suzanne Hamner – EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!


New Zealand Bans All Semi-Automatic Rifles in Wake of Mass Shooting – Robert Davis

Here’s Why New Zealand’s New Gun Laws Can’t Come To U.S. – Tom Knighton

After Multiple Reports About New Zealanders Turning In Guns, Guess How Many Actually Did It? – Tyler Durden

Where’s the Globalist Safe Haven (VIDEO) – “When the elite finally get their World War III, where will they hide. We have the answer and it explains the motivation behind the New Zealand false flag and their new obsession with gun confiscation and extreme censorship.” – The Common Sense Show

Why are 2020 Democrats so weird? – “Only a few days after his long-shot candidacy had begun to attract some interest from the mainstream press, Andrew Yang came out strongly against circumcision, surely one of the most pressing political and social issues of our time.” – Matthew Walther

Omar, Bernie, and Ocasio-Cortez decried for their fusty, outdated ideas on Venezuela — from the left – Monica Showalter

The New Face Of The Democratic Party Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving: To Republicans And The Conservative Agenda – “Keep On Whining Little Socialist, Every Time You Open Your Mouth, The Sane Move Towards Trump” – John C. Velisek

The genius of gun sanctuaries: This is how real Americans defend themselves against the authoritarian Left – J. D. Heyes

Why Joe May Be Courting Stacey – “Close advisers to former Vice President Joe Biden are debating the idea of packaging his presidential campaign announcement with a pledge to choose Stacey Abrams as his vice president.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Is This What Happened to Judge Jeanine? (VIDEO) – The Still Report

FBI To Criminally Investigate Boeing Regarding 737 Airliners Causing 346 Deaths — How Come FBI Won’t Investigate Vaccine Makers For Vaccines Causing 1,295 Deaths Per HRSA Data? – Catherine J. Frompovich

The U.S. Economy Is In Big Trouble – “The Fed’s abrupt policy reversal says it all. No more rate hikes (yes, one is “scheduled” for 2020 but that’s fake news) and the balance sheet run-off is being “tapered” but will stop in September. Do not be surprised if it ends sooner. Listening to Powell explain the decision or reading the statement released is a waste of time. The truth is reflected in the deed.” – Dave Kranzler

Fed’s Powell Wasn’t Expecting this Kind of Drama at his Press Conference – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Fed’s nightmare comes to fruition as inverted yield curve validates the U.S. and the world are now in recession – Ken Schortgen

Politics Has Failed, Now Central Banks Are Failing – “With each passing day, we get closer to the shift in the tide that will sweep away this self-serving delusion of the ruling elites like a crumbling sand castle.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Traditional Liberals Forced Further Left into the Socialist Madness by Young Marxist Militants (VIDEO) – Conservative Resurgence

Self-Destruction: Cheerleading the Process Posted – “WHO PAYS? The short answer is that citizens pay via taxes and currency devaluation as the cartels suck the life out of the currency and the economy. PROGNOSIS – NOT GOOD:” – Gary Christenson

Where Should a Prepper’s Retreat Be Located? Here’s What I Learned in Venezuela – J. G. Martinez D.

Fiscal fantasy and fraud in Illinois – “Shenanigans that would get a private company prosecuted” – Thomas Lifson

Illinois’ Demographic Collapse: Get Out As Soon As You Can – “Illinois is losing residents as inbound migration and births are on the decline and outbound migration is on the rise. This is not a Midwest or rust belt trend. Iowa, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, and Indiana all gained population. Illinois politicians are faced with an uncomfortable reality. The state is no longer the beacon it once was. It’s been tarnished by decades-long policies of mal-governance, increasing tax burdens and reform avoidance.” – Mish

Dem Marxism Exposed, Trump Coup Ending, Fed Folds (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Shelter Preparedness – Pete Thorsen  – PART 1 PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!

Cops Shoot Teachers ‘Execution-Style’ With Pellet Guns in Insane School Shooting Drill – Matt Agorist


In Case Air Travel Isn’t Invasive Enough, More Airports Are Adding FACIAL RECOGNITION – Dagny Taggart

Tech Experts: What You Post Online Could Be Directly Impacting Your Insurance Coverage – “What insurance policy holders do in their daily lives may not be so private. If you’re posting any information publicly online, your insurance company could be using it to determine your coverage” – CBSNewYork

Poop: Pharma’s Next Goldmine? – “The FDA wants to turn poop into profit for Big Pharma.” – ANH-USA

Healing Herbs You Can Use Everyday – Herbs That Can Fight Cancer – Amy S.

Spice beats chemo: Study reveals turmeric is more effective at killing cancer cells than chemo or radiation – Isabelle Z.

WATCH: ‘Guns Are Not the Answer’ Short Film Pokes Fun at Anti-Gunners – Personal Defense World

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.30EUR




Proverbs 3:25  Be not afraid of sudden fear, neither of the desolation of the wicked, when it cometh.



red flag



Stunning Survey Shows Half Of Americans Don’t Know All First Amendment Freedoms – “while many Americans fear the First Amendment is under threat, three quarters don’t even know how many amendments make up the Bill of Rights.” – Study Finds

Trump says public should see ‘ridiculous’ Mueller report – Jill Colvin

The Corruption in the Department of Justice/Deep State – Martin Armstrong

You may be disappointed by the Mueller report – “The special counsel operates under rules that severely constrain how much information can be made public.” – Ken Dilanian  – THE ONLY ONES WHO WILL BE DISAPPOINTED WILL BE THE NY TIMES, THE WASHINGTON POST, CNN, MSNBC, AND ALL THE OTHER FAKE NEWS OUTLETS WHO HAVE BEEN SPREADING THIS FALSE NARRATIVE FOR OVER TWO YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Zealand mass shooting now being used to justify banning all chat boards, consolidating speech in the hands of the “authoritative” media giants – Ethan Huff

Astonishing bias: 452 Islamic terror attacks in 31 countries just THIS YEAR (so far) and zero coverage from the media – “The fact is, however, that by far, the bulk of terrorist attacks this year — and in recent years — have been committed by Muslim extremists, and often against followers of other faiths. But our media doesn’t often report those and when they do, reports are quick, superficial, and fact-based. No narratives, no outraged guest analysts, and no lecturing, finger-wagging hosts.” – JD Heyes

Vladimir Putin as Mad Max and the Impending Oil Disaster – “The US withdrawal of all remaining diplomatic personnel from its embassy in Caracas means the real geostrategy show is about to start. For months now US policymakers have been on the rhetorical, economic, subversive interference offensive against the government of President Nicolas Maduro. But the reasons for the Trump administration’s aggressive stance against Venezuela are never cited. Here is a primer for the coming proxy war in Venezuela.” – Phil Butler

How To Identify A Globalist Criminal – Brandon Smith

Goodbye to the Internet: Interference by Governments Is Already Here – Philip Giraldi

If Truth Be Told About Fake News, Trolls & “Astroturfing” – “Just about every aspect of science, medicine, pharmacology, technology, governance, politics – even religion to a certain degree – have “spin masters” who produce and promote embellished stories, consensus science, fraud or downright lies deliberately falsifying information those vested interests [control freaks, New World Order crowd, Black Ops, government agencies, the Shadow Government and the Deep State] want, and need, to control what will become “accepted norms and memes” for monitoring, controlling and governing human society, ethics, law and even your personal beliefs! Probably no time in human history has the above agenda been more active – and successful to a point” – Catherine J. Frompovich  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CATHERINE!!!!!

Deeper Discovery Into Origins Of The Green New Deal – Patrick Wood

Green New Physics – “In order to fix what’s broken, you’re first going to have to find out what broke it. The impression I get is that fossil fuels have been named the designated culprit, and people think that if only we have access to some other form(s) of energy we’ll be fine. But species extinction appears to be at least as large an issue as climate change, and the loss of 60% of all vertebrates, and 90% of flying insects in some places, since 1970 is linked to climate change only sideways.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Bumblebee Has Officially Been Added To The Ever-Growing List Of Endangered Species – The Science News Reporter

Genocide by fraud science: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is today’s Rachel Carson – Ken Schortgen

Cable Slides As Civil War Looms: “17.4 Million Voted For Brexit & Are Being Denied It” – Tyler Durden

Theresa May Compared to Trump: May Implodes in Parliament Speech – Mish

Catastrophic Flooding In The Midwest Could Last “For Months”, And That Is Going To Mean A Dramatic Drop In U.S. Food Production – Michael Snyder  – JUST ANOTHER REASON TO ALWAYS BE PREPARED. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL LIMIT YOUR FOOD SOURCES!!!!!!

Liberalism Unchecked: Indisputable Proof That Liberal Polices Are Destroying America, One City At A Time – Susan Duclos

NJ Governor Signs “Rain Tax” Bill; Residents Can Now BE TAXED When It Rains On Their Property – Mac Slavo

More than a third of New Yorkers say they can’t afford to live here – Carl Campanile and Max Jaeger

Chicago’s Democratic socialists on brink of transforming city’s politics – Eric Lutz

Fed’s Actions Speak Louder Than Its Words (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Here’s Exactly How Ugly and Personal the Vaccine Debate Has Become – “It is the lunatic fringe. Most parents I know who object to mandatory vaccines simply want the choice to make medical decisions for their children. They don’t give two hoots if another parent opts to get their kid every jab under the sun. That’s because they understand that parents should have choices.” – Daisy Luther

USDA’s refusal to regulate gene-edited crops latest example of collusion with GMO industry – Isabelle Z.

IT’S ESTABLISHMENT POLITICIANS WHO ARE ‘IRREDEEMABLE’ – “There are two key aspects which make red flag laws a dangerous and slippery slope – apart from their restricting firearms possession in the first place.” – Erik Rush  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM ERIK!!!!!


The Gun Grab Begins, Persecution of Patriots Heats Up – “Conclusion – There’s only one response to this massive and ongoing assault on gun possession worldwide and on the Second Amendment in the USA. Patriots everywhere must resist the unconstitutional and right-stripping laws that are being passed with increasing frequency. More than that, the Patriot Movement must show the very same resolve as demonstrated by these strong-willed and no-nonsense county sheriffs.” – State of the Nation

State Senate Passes Bombshell Law Promising to Disobey ALL Federal Gun Control Laws – Matt Agorist  – MISSOURI, WHERE YOUR RIGHTS ARE BEING PROTECTED!!!!!!

PA Gun Registry Bill Would Require a Background Check for Each Gun Already OWNED – And Other Extreme Mandates – Teresa Mull


3 Simple Gun Hacks That Instantly Double Your Accuracy – Survivopedia

Shelter Preparedness, Pt. 1 – Pete Thorsen

What Preppers Can Learn From the BBC Series Wartime Farm – Carolyn Dahl




Genesis 27:3  Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison;






Nonsensical Idea of the Day: All Whites to Blame for New Zealand Massacre – Mish


Ilhan Omar Was Chosen To Play A Role – The Role of Senator – “She, along with Cortez and muslim Tlaib were all chosen to play the role of Senator. Saikat Chakrabarti, is the puppet master behind bringing these three women to public office. He is funded, surprise, surprise, by Soros.” – Rory Hall

How America Becomes the Next Socialist Hellhole – “AOC’s extreme leftist ideas have struck a chord with young Americans… I say “extreme” because AOC is basically promising “free everything.” There’s just one problem… The United States government is dead broke… It’s now more than $22 trillion in debt… and that number grows by the second.” – Justin Spittler

If America’s ‘Little Girl Socialist’ AOC Has Her Way, The ‘Party Of Crazy’ May One Day Soon Come Try To Take What’s Yours And Give It To Others As That’s What Progressive Socialists Do – John C. Velisek

The Real Problem With Modern Monetary Theory – Jim Rickards

Medicare for All Will Bring a Full Federal Healthcare Takeover – “Why are Democrats now calling for Medicare for all? The reason is obvious: Obamacare failed to fix America’s healthcare crisis. If Obamacare had succeeded in fixing America’s healthcare crisis, there would be no reason to be calling for a new reform, one that would vastly expand the role of the federal government into healthcare. But make no mistake about it. Medicare for all will not fix America’s healthcare woes, any more than Obamacare did.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

HOW THE MEDIA IS PUSHING THE 2020 DEMS TO THE LEFT – “And what the Beto O’Rourke cover-up tells us about the media.” – Daniel Greenfield

On The Anniversary Of The Iraq Invasion, Bush Press Secretary Claims Bush Didn’t Lie – “Ari Fleischer is a liar. He was in the thick of the Bush administration’s campaign to sell the Iraq war to the American public, and to this day he continues trying to sell them on new acts of depraved US interventionism. He’s just as much a warmongering neocon inside as he was when he was behind a podium defending Bush’s wars in the press room, so it’s no wonder he wants to preserve the image of his insatiable death cult.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Mueller’s most devoted fans anxiously await his report – Claire Galofaro

REBELLION: Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and STATES Spring Up Across the Country – “Sanctuary cities aren’t just for immigrants anymore. A growing number of states, counties, cities, and towns are declaring themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries” and are refusing to enforce gun-control laws that infringe on the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.” – Dagny Taggart

California county’s sanctuary policy may have protected illegal immigrant before murder, documents show – Paulina Dedaj

‘The Ingraham Angle’ investigates Bambi Larson’s murder and the problem with sanctuary cities (VIDEO) -Fox News  – LAURA HAD AN EXCELLENT INTERVIEW WITH A CLOSE FRIEND OFF BAMBI’S, WHO WAS MURDERED BY THIS SAVAGE IN A CALIFORNIA SANCTUARY CITY!!!

California: First Illegal Alien Appointed To State Post – “I can’t tell you the irony of the Senate appointing someone who is illegally in the country to a position that uses taxpayer money to then use tax payer money again to educate people, including illegal aliens at taxpayer expense.” – Tim Brown  – AFTER THE ABOVE TWO LINKS, CALIFORNIA NOW HAS THE GALL TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Censorship Tightens As Governments Lose Control – “The latest outrage is Twitter banning the account of Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange’s mother, Christine. Australian and New Zealand ISPs have gone bonkers IP blocking sites in the wake of the Christchurch massacre. Sites like Zerohedge have been targeted in the past two weeks for publishing narratives orthogonal to what the governments in the West are comfortable with people consuming.” – Tom Luango

GLOBAL CONTROL MATRIX Coming Apart at the Seams – “World Power Structure Undergoing a Free-Fall Collapse” – State of the Nation

‘IneptOcrats’ Formally Known As Democrats Have Gone Full-On Socialism And Those That Escaped Brutal Socialist Regimes Are Appalled – Susan Duclos

Judicial Watch founder estimates at least 900,000 illegals voted in the 2018 mid-terms, stealing America away from its own citizens – J. D. Heyes

Julian II – The Trump of Rome? – Martin Armstrong

So Much For ‘Democracy Dies In Darkness’: WaPo Slammed For Publishing Erdogan Op-Ed – Tyler Durden


Champs-Élysées war zone reporting & the coming Yellow Vest crackdown – “What war zone? Because if Saturday March 16 was a “war zone”, then France has been at war since 2010 – I didn’t see a single thing out of the norm for France.” – Ramin Mazaheri

Brexit Chaos Intensifies: EU Won’t Approve Extension Without ‘Guarantee’ Deal Can Be Passed – “We are moving from farce to tragedy…” – Tyler Durden

Don’t Spy for Me Argentina – “The fingerprints of Abrams, Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Senate Foreign Relations Western Hemisphere Subcommittee chair Marco Rubio are all over the “Extortiongate” scandal now rocking Argentina.” – Wayne Madsen

US and Soros Take Stab at Thai Elections – Tony Cartalucci

Common Causes of Three Crises in Three Continents – Amir Taheri

Facebook just suspended Natural News for 7 days for posting this rather ho-hum fluoride infographic -Mike Adams

Covert chemical warfare: 100,000 deaths a year – “Countries of the world are literally being assaulted by pharmaceutical companies and their foot-soldier doctors. It’s chemical warfare. In case anyone thinks the FDA, the single agency responsible for certifying drugs as safe and effective, has “overlooked the problem,” Google “FDA, Why Learn About Adverse Drug Events.” You’ll find the following statements on the FDA’s own site: “Over 2 MILLION serious ADRs [Adverse Drug Events] yearly; 100,000 DEATHS yearly.” The only thing missing is: “And we, the FDA, said the drugs were safe.” ” – Jon Rappoport   – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM JON!!!!

Pesticide residues found in 70% of produce sold in US even after washing – “Strawberries, spinach and kale among most pesticide-heavy. Conventionally farmed kale could contain up to 18 pesticides” – Emily Holden

21 Healthy Meat-Free Ways You Can Add Protein To Your Diet – Lisa Egan

JPMorgan Managing Director Dies Suddenly; Has Links to Other JPM Deaths – “when it comes to JPMorgan Chase and law enforcement, there does not seem to be a morsel of curiosity over the continuing sudden deaths of its computer technology workers – no matter how high up the corporate ladder they rank or how many floors they are alleged to fall to their death.” – Pam Martens  – BANKER DEATHS BACK IN THE SPOTLIGHT AGAIN. IT’S BEEN AWHILE!!!!!!


Ten Tips For A Low-Impact Bug-out Campsite – Bob Rodgers

Will the government start using force against the American public resisting mandatory vaccines? – Erin Elizabeth

It’s Happening – The Most Dangerous Volcano In North America Just Erupted And Shot Ash Nearly A Mile Into The Sky -Michael Snyder

Survival Gear Review: Benchmade Bugout Knife – Doc Montana  – ALTHOUGH I’M A HUGE FAN OF FIXED BLADES; THIS LOOKS LIKE A WORTHY KNIFE!!!!

What FedEx Just Said About Europe and China – Wolf Richter

Central Banks Going Long Gold (VIDEO) with Andrew Maguire – Greg Hunter

What To Do If Someone Is Following You In A Car – Ken Jorgustin

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.79EUR




Proverbs 10:20   The tongue of the just is as choice silver: the heart of the wicked is little worth.







Who Spawned the Christchurch Killer? – “Does the vision of America as a country where white racism is rampant and an unleashed white nationalism is a scourge that is running amok correspond with reality?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

NZ Police “Happened to Be in a Training Session” When Mosque Shooting Began – “Police in New Zealand happened to be holding a drill in the city center when the shooting began, just miles from where the massacre unfolded.” – Matt Agorist  – ISN’T THAT THE USUAL CASE IN FALSE FLAG SHOOTINGS!!!!!!

Memory Hole New Zealand: News Reports Suggested 2 Shooters; IEDs Found Strapped To Multiple Vehicles; Suspect’s Strange Travel History – Aaron Kesel

Third Mass Shooting In A Week, This Time In Netherlands – “In every case, it was a country with tougher gun control legislation than the United States has. Meanwhile, anti-gunners are intent on blaming us, the NRA, and anyone else for the problem here in the United States but ignoring that the same thing happens elsewhere.” – Tom Knighton

While the Nation Fragments Socially, the Financial Aristocracy Rules Unimpeded – Charles Hugh Smith

It’s Mueller Time! – Martin Armstrong

BOMBSHELL: DNC Billionaire and Hard-Left Donor George Soros Tied to Anti-Trump Dirty Dossier Hoax -Pamela Geller

Is Trump Really About to Attack Venezuela? – Ron Paul

Responses To This Tweet Show How People Fixate On Narrative Over Fact – ” The deluge of responses to Gabbard’s undeniably true statement about Trump’s dangerous escalations against a nuclear superpower are largely predicated on two assumptions: (1) that Trump has not in fact made the escalations that he has made, and (2) that the danger of nuclear war is not a real or significant thing. These are both, obviously, bat shit insane.” – Caitlin Johnstone   – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!

The Difficulty of Writing for Americans – “One reason is that many, especially of the younger generations, no longer have a concept of objective truth.” – Paul Craig Roberts

SEN. WARREN PITCHES MORE THAN $100 TRILLION IN NEW SPENDING DURING BRIEF CNN TOWNHALL – “From universal childcare to slavery reparations to the Green New Deal” – Tom Elliott

Ilhan Omar Doesn’t Represent American Muslims, She Represents Islamists 0- “Criticism of Ilhan Omar’s actions is not an attack on her faith, Somalis, or her skin color. It’s an attack on her actions, while asking if America failed in integrating her and others like her.” – Shireen Qudosi

US hits Venezuela with new sanctions on state-run mining company – RT

Paris police chief sacked and demos to be banned: French government moves to end rioting – The Local fr

Inside the Yellow Vests: What the Western media will not report – “Disclaimer: if you think that Soros/Russia/America/Illuminati is behind the Yellow Vests or some other batsh*t nonsense, then please stop here.” – Ollie Richardson

Moving Forward, Iran Outflanks the U.S. in Iraq and Beyond – Tom Luango

Hyper-Hypocrisy of The West about ISIS – Eric Zuesse

Britain’s War on Christianity: Part I – Soeren Kern

After Bleeding Thailand Dry, Soros is Going in for the Kill – “The ultimate goal that Soros pursues in Thailand today is the overthrow of the so-called “military regime” in Bangkok, which is the only force that stands in the way of Thaksin Shinawatra’s return to power. Should he succeed in his quest, he will be able to reap even more profits at the expense of the Thai population.” – Jean Perier

Why aren’t we deporting illegal aliens who already have deportation orders? – “The total number of illegal aliens who remain in the country despite final deportation orders is 1,009,550. In addition, there are roughly 1.1 million others from those four counties who have “pending final orders” and are close to receiving deportation orders.” – Daniel Horowitz

Monsanto asks Trump EPA to OK drift-prone pesticide on 90 million acres of GM corn – “Drift from this poison has killed 100-year-old oak trees and withered backyard vegetable patches and entire fields of non-GM crops” –

The 737 MAX Saga Is a Total Disgrace for Boeing and the FAA – Michael Krieger

Don’t Shoot the Dogs: The Growing Epidemic of Cops Shooting Family Dogs – “In this, as in so many instances of official misconduct by government officials, the courts have ruled that the cops have qualified immunity, a legal doctrine that incentivizes government officials to engage in lawless behavior without fear of repercussions. This is the heartless, heartbreaking, hypocritical injustice that passes for law and order in America today. It is estimated that a dog is shot by a police officer “every 98 minutes.” The Department of Justice estimates that at least 25 dogs are killed by police every day. ” – John W. Whitehead

The Coming Wave Of High-Tech Authoritarianism – John Rubino

Forget Guaranteed Income — Governments Need to Stop Prohibiting Income – Lee Friday

Recycling Movement Fails: China Doesn’t Want US Garbage, Not Profitable Here – Mish

Thriving Leftist Campus Re-Education Efforts are Turning All-American Kids into Hateful Marxists (VIDEO) – Conservative Resurgence

With Millennials More Stressed Out Now Than Ever Before, And Mostly About Their Smartphones, What Happens When We REALLY Arrive At TEOTWAWKI? – Stefan Stanford

If “Slow Wifi” Causes “Major Stress”, How Are Young People Going To Make It When Times Get Really Tough? – Michael Snyder

The US government canceled 362,000 passports last year. Was yours one of them? – Simon Black

MLB Going Full-Blown TSA: As Teams Prepare To Scan Millions Of Fans Faces – MassPrivateI

How to Know If Plastic Container is Food Grade – UK Survival Guides

Latrines: A Critical Prep To Plan – Spice

Grow Your Own Survival Medicine: Cayenne Pepper – Brendan Riordan

Rats – Mice – Insects After SHTF – What To Do About It – Ken Jorgustin

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.02EUR




2 Corinthians 6:15  And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?






Even a vacuous Mueller report won’t end ‘Russiagate’ – “Too many reputations and other interests are vested in the legend for it to vanish from American politics anytime soon.” – Stephen F. Cohen

Judge Jeanine is right — Fox News is wrong – M. Catharine Evans

Demands That Trump End Economic War and Attempts at Regime Change at #HandsOffVenezuela March on Capitol Hill – “There is nobody in that White House or in this administration that cares at all for the Venezuelan people.” – Julia Conley

US is Behaving as True Looters Do – “According to the agency South Front, the United States has transported approximately 50 tons of gold from the regions occupied by ISIS in the Deir ez-Zor Governorate.” – Viktor Mikhin  – AND THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME. VIKTOR DETAILS MANY INSTANCES WHERE THE U.S. HAS PLUNDERED OTHER COUNTRIES. AN EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump’s CIA Now Unbound and Back to Its Traditional Hijinks – Wayne Madsen

Three dead in Utrecht terrorist attack, suspect identified as 37-year-old Turkish man – RT

“Kicking The Can Down The Road Forever”: Nobody In Charge Wants 2019 To Actually Begin – Michael Every

Fighting Socialist Revolution: The real solution is resolution, not – David Haggith

Deadly Serious – “The Left had better sober up and join an intelligible good faith debate about US immigration policy and the enforcement of existing laws or this will lead to exactly what Brent Tarrant laid out and what Mr. Trump maladroitly hinted at. Instead, of course, we will more likely commence another bootless campaign over guns. Here are some plain facts about that. There are already enough firearms of every sort loose in this land to commence hot civil warfare and they will not be surrendered by their owners. The horses are out of the barn on that one, even if sales of military-style weapons are outlawed.” – James Howard Kunstler  – EXCELLENT AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The New Zealand Psyop – “Following the murder of fifty Muslims at a mosque in Christchurch New Zealand, the corporate media went into overdrive, describing the alleged shooter as a white supremacist Trump supporter. This is clearly not the case” – Kurt Nimmo

HIDING THE EVIDENCE: New Zealand Gladio-Style Black Op (VIDEO) – SGT Report

Evidence Indicates Link Between North Korean Embassy Break-In And Christchurch Attacks – William Craddick

What are they trying to hide? Out of all the violent videos on the ‘net, possessing the NZ mosque shooting video can now get you 10 years in prison – Mike Adams

Why Does The Mainstream Media Purposely Ignore The Mass Killings Of Christians That Happen All Over The Globe? – Michael Snyder  – WE HAVE BEEN LINKING VARIOUS SENTIMENTS LIKE THIS FOR THE PAST FEW DAYS!!!!

Gun owners in New Zealand brace for big changes to their right to carry – Shibani Mahtani

Is More Gun Control the Answer for New Zealand? – “Would the reaction be different if the Australian shooter had flown a small plane into the mosque instead? Or used a bomb?” – Brian C. Joondeph

Gun sanctuary debate: Aren’t they the same as illegal alien sanctuaries? (VIDEO) – USA Features Media

Russia Replaces the West’s Frankenstein Foods – “Russia is set to become the world’s largest supplier of naturally grown organic foods, after taking a stand against genetically-engineered fake-food seeds last summer, saying that it has ‘chosen a different path.’” – Mike Walsh  – SMARTER THEN US!!!!!!!!!!!

Britain – Hard Exit or Cancellation of BREXIT – Martin Armstrong

Democrats and the Antisemitism Trap – Daniel Greenfield

We Were Warned Over 100 Years Ago Of This Moment In Time: Illuminati Warned They’d ‘Provoke Horrific And Savage Social Cataclysm That Would Result In The Most Bloody Turmoil’ – Stefan Stanford

The Globalist’s Doomsday Weapon Designed to Bring Down America – “The globalists motivation lies in the fact that if they can exit California from the United States, the USA will collapse. California has about 40% of American retail running through the state. If California experienced widespread crop failure, it would bring famine to the USA and to various parts of the world who depend on California. If California were to become independent, the USA would collapse.” – Dave Hodges  – INTERESTING THEORY!!!!

Boeing 737 Max Major Design Flaws, Not a Software Failure – Miosh

Conservatives face a tough fight as Big Tech’s censorship expands – Donald Trump Jr.

Gold And Silver Are Feeling Frisky – Dave Kranzler

UPDATE 2-Foreigners sell U.S. Treasuries for 3rd month in January -data – Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss

Juicing and Blending: Two Easy Ways To Get Your Health On! – Lisa Egan

Prepping Is Doing – “Prepping is doing. Effective preppers do, not just think and plan. They get the job they need done finished, and then they move on to the next task and DO it.” – Salty

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.13EUR




Ezekiel 20:43  And there shall ye remember your ways, and all your doings, wherein ye have been defiled; and ye shall lothe yourselves in your own sight for all your evils that ye have committed.






12 HUGE Bombshells in One Week – But, “Nothing’s Happening?” – “Buckle up – this party is just getting started.” – Corey Lynn

Was Judge Jeanine Pirro’s question about Ilhan Omar all that outrageous? – “Judge Jeanine Pirro got her Fox News show pulled from the air, presumably suspended, maybe cancelled, after she made a remark about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s wearing of the hijab that was condemned, first by the left and then by politically correct FNC officials as unacceptable.” – Monica Showalter

New Zealand welcomes gun control after mosque massacre: ‘There will be no opposition’ – Stephen Wright and Kristen Gelineau

NZ Killer Created By The Media, For The Media – What The MSM Is Not Reporting From Killer’s Manifesto Is More Telling Than What They Are – Susan Duclos

Media Reporting on New Zealand, but Did You Hear About That OTHER Bigotry-driven Massacre? – “Actually, the latter, recent incidents in Nigeria in which Muslim Fulani militants murdered a total of 23 Christians, are just part of a large category of massacres ignored by the mainstream media. But it’s not fair to say the media couldn’t care less about them. They care very much about ignoring them. Because these incidents involve the wrong people killing and the right people killed.” – Selwyn Duke  – JAMES GEORGE JATRAS MADE A SIMILAR ARGUMENT IN AN ARTICLE LINKED YESTERDAY. WHEN IT COMES TO CHRISTIANS INSTEAD OF MUSLIMS; IT’S TOTALLY IGNORED BY THE MSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to Read a Manifesto – ” The largest news organizations sifted through the entire 74 pages in order to find a single reference to the President of the United States and to tie it, as a headline across the globe, to the killer. Immediately the establishment hacks went into overdrive, in many cases warning, even threatening web users from looking at the video or reading the manifesto. They quickly offered up their spin of the event, creating heavily edited snatches of his writing and deleting the rest,” – Hardscrabble Farmer

John McCain’s Disastrous Militaristic Legacy – James Bovard

Pompeo’s Hubris, Arrogance, and Contempt for Rule of Law Principles – “At a Friday press briefing, Pompeo recited his usual litany of bald-faced Big Lies. Nothing he says is credible. “We all want this conflict to end (sic). We all want to improve the dire humanitarian situation (sic). But the Trump (regime) fundamentally disagrees that curbing our assistance to the Saudi-led coalition (sic) is the way to achieve these goals.” Fact: Yemen is Washington’s war, begun weeks post-9/11, waged by three US regimes,” – Stephen Lendman

New US Ambassador to Azerbaijan is a First-Class Troublemaker – Martin Berger

The Horrific Long-Term Consequences of Regime Change – Jacob G. Hornberger

From ‘Humanitarian Aid’ to a Nationwide Blackout: What Next for Trump’s Coup in Venezuela? – Jorge Martin

4th Generation Warfare (4GW) used by USG to Attack Venezuela – “The US famously overthrew democratically elected Chilean President Salvador Allende in order to install puppet dictator Pinochet in a 1973 coup. Guess what? They also cut the electricity there too before the actual coup that ousted Allende,” – Makia Freeman

Iran: Mounting Persecution of Christians – Majid Rafizadeh

Chaos Breaks Out As Yellow Vests Clash With French Police – Tyler Durden

Decentralize the French State – “In a cruel twist of irony, France has reverted back to its monarchical political economy, dominated by an interventionist state that heavily regulates, subsidizes, and controls certain sectors of the economy. Sadly, many of the yellow vest protestors have not comprehended the 800-pound elephant in the room that is French statism.” – José Niño

May and Merkel Fiddle While Their Unions Burn – Tom Luango

Beto O’Rourke’s Terrible, No Good, Gaffe-tastic Day – “Not ready for prime time?” – Rick Moran

Beto The Buffoon – “Clearly, this candidate is a total clown. His political experience is minimal, consisting of six years on the El Paso City Council and six years as a United States Representative. While in Congress, O’Rourke’s legislative accomplishments consisted of passing exactly one bill, naming a local courthouse. How can a presidential candidate who skateboards onto a stage be taken seriously?” – Jeff Crouere

OH BOY! Barack Obama’s brother asks if Michelle is ‘Michael’ – “It’s not the first time Malik has made things uncomfortable for his brother on social media. In 2017, Malik Obama tweeted an image of what appears to be Barack’s birth certificate. Except it’s not from Hawaii, but rather Kenya.” – Kyle Olson

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 16, 2019 (VIDEO) – “The tragic event in New Zealand has provided the power structure with a means of temporarily distracting populations from their ever more blatant crimes. Was there more to the recent airline crash than we have been told? The gathering storm will not seem real to most until it hits.” – Dane Wigington

Fukushima at Eight: Ongoing Cover-Up of the Nuclear Hazards in Japan and Abroad – Michael Welch, Dr. Helen Caldicott, and Arnie Gundersen

‘I will never get over feeling I killed my son’: Anti-vaccination activists refuse to be ‘silenced’ – “Vaccination skeptics say the US government has joined with pharmaceutical companies to shut them down, and the veil of silence over the true dangers of inoculation is secretly killing hundreds of children each year.” – RT

Free Speech and Shutting Down the Vaccine Debate (VIDEO) – Truthstream Media

How to Start Prepper Without Buying Anything New – Wild Bill

Shotgun myths that a lot of preppers still believe (but can get you killed) – “Remember that there is no prize for having a “cool” gun when it comes to survival. The only real trophy is your life, and those of your loved ones, as you survive the fight.” – Rhonda Johansson

USDA Has Given Non-Regulated Status to More than 20 Gene-Edited Crops – New Report – Sustainable Pulse




Proverbs 3:30  Strive not with a man without cause, if he have done thee no harm



Mother, mother
There’s too many of you crying
Brother, brother, brother
There’s far too many of you dying
You know we’ve got to find a way
To bring some lovin’ here today – Ya

Father, father
We don’t need to escalate
You see, war is not the answer
For only love can conquer hate
You know we’ve got to find a way
To bring some lovin’ here today

( What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye, Renaldo Benson, and Alfred Cleveland )







Christchurch, Birmingham, and the Power of Islamic Victimhood – “It’s the massacre heard ‘round the world! Leaders react across the globe! Religious bigotry and hate must be rooted out! Oh wait, not this one. This is just another Muslim massacre of Christian villagers in Nigeria. Ho-hum, nothing to see here folks. Just move along now… Ah, here’s the right one!” – James George Jatras  – A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Social Media Are a Mass Shooter’s Best Friend – “A terrorist attack in New Zealand cast new blame on how technology platforms police content. But global internet services were designed to work this way, and there might be no escape from their grip.” – Ian Bogost

New Zealand To Change Gun Laws After Mosque Shooting – Tyler Durden

New Zealand Mosque Massacre: A False Flag Terrorist Attack, Gladio Black Operation and CIA Global Psyop (Updated) – “The fastidious staging of this entire black operation reveals the true intent where it concerns the desired global gun control measures. TPTB have never been so afraid of an armed populace. And they will do everything in their power to disarm every citizenry in the world post-haste. The immediate response by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media points directly to a highly calculated campaign to shut down Patriot Movements worldwide with this tragic event.” – The Millennium Report   – CONSPIRACY THEORY? MAYBE, MAYBE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EXCUSE ME: BULLCRAP – “I searched, found, downloaded and watched the video. On a large screen. You should do so too. And then you should gather your family and make sure everyone in it watches it too including any child who is old enough to be out of the house without your direct, personal supervision — which means any kid old enough to go to school. You should watch it because it is real. You should watch it because it makes clear the price of cowering in the corner if and when a jackwad decides to show up and try to murder you. Further, your NATURAL RIGHT to remain alive makes clear that every human being has a right that pre-exists government, a right you had damned well better insist any and all governments respect to purchase and own (keep), have upon your person (bear) and in this sort of situation USE the most effective device ever invented by man to shift the odds in your favor: A GUN OF YOUR — AND ONLY YOUR — CHOOSING. Despite CNN and other media outlets running hours of coverage blaming Trump for the shooting, a seditious and outrageous lie, the fact of the matter is that the shooter clearly stated in his manifesto (of which I also have a copy) the government most-aligned with his view was that of CHINA. The Chinese government, may I remind you, slaughtered more than two million of their own people in just three short years between 1948-1951. In short the purpose of watching that video is to wake you from your government and media-induced stupor and recognize that the Founders, when they wrote The Declaration, were both not kidding and they had a full, complete and accurate understanding of exactly what the price is of surrendering the rights you posses and damn well ought to insist be respected irrespective of any government or alleged jurisdiction — past, present or future.” – Karl Deninger  – SORRY FOR THE LENGTH ON THIS LINK, BUT KARL WROTE AN EXCELLENT OP-ED HERE. READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In America Truth Is On The Ropes – Paul Craig Roberts

BREAKING: Everyone Who Opposes War Is A Russian Antisemite – “In order to appease the internet censors, today’s Caitlin Johnstone article has been replaced with a breaking report from the National News Conglomerate. NNC: Obey.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Yellow Vests & police clash in Paris as Macron’s ‘great debate’ ends (VIDEO) – RT

The EU Is Steadily Moving Towards Creation Of 1984-Style Ministry Of Truth – Southfront

EU: Telling Europeans What to Think – “In the same vein as China’s “reeducation camps” or the former Soviet Union’s “rehabilitation centers” that abused psychiatry for political purposes, Marine Le Pen in September was ordered to undergo psychiatric tests for tweeting the pictures, ostensibly to establish whether she “is capable of understanding remarks and answering questions”. It is probably safe to say that the first victims of the EU’s media literacy policies will be diversity of opinion and free speech.” – Judith Bergman

Gold & the USD Reign Supreme in Venezuela as it Descends Toward Collapse – “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.” – Nathan McDonald

‘Blatant Effort to Intimidate and Retaliate’: Pompeo Imposes Visa Ban on ICC Staff Probing US War Crimes – “It reeks of the very totalitarian practices that are characteristic of the worst human rights abusers.” – Jessica Corbett

New US military budget focused on China despite border talk – “the 2020 Pentagon budget proposal is shaped by national security threats that acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has summarized in three words: “China, China, China.” ‘ – Robert Burns

Trump: Ryan Blocked Subpoenas Of Democrats Who Should Have Been Investigated – Tim Brown

From Covington To New Zealand Massacre, MSM Fails Spectacularly – The Media Madness All Stems From Their Collective Trump Derangement Syndrome – Susan Duclos

The Democrat Winner of the Presidential Reality Show (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

Arkansas reinstates Hillary’s revoked law license; setting stage for Clinton as attorney general or Supreme Court – News Target

America Deserves Much Beto than O’Rourke – “Watching Beto O’Rourke announce his candidacy for president, I had snake oil salesmen come to mind. Everything about this guy is fake, which makes him a perfect candidate for fake news media to celebrate.” – Lloyd Marcus

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mocks God: “What good are your thoughts & prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe” – “If she had simply mocked gun owners, conservatives or her political opponents, that would have been bad enough. But she didn’t stop there. She mocked almighty God by implying that our thoughts and prayers are worthless.” – Michael Snyder

Bernie Sanders in the 1970s urged nationalization of most major industries – Andrew Kaczynski and Nathan McDermott  – SOCIALISTIC TO THE CORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mission Impossible: Tariffs Didn’t Reduce the Trade Deficit (Deals Won’t Either) – Mish

Just like in many places within the EU, American legal and illegal immigrants are the largest recipients of welfare per capita – Ken Schortgen

What the exodus from these states teaches us – Simon Black

5 Reasons We’re In This Mess – “The premise is simple; there are those who want the heritage America of the past and those who want another country altogether. Those aren’t views that can be reconciled and both sides are convinced that they hold the moral high ground.” – Hardscrabble Farmer

Federal Borrowing Crosses the Rubicon – Clint Siegner

STATE UPDATE: Lawmakers Debate Red Flag Laws, Arming Teachers, Sanctuary Counties, Stand Your Ground, Gun Raffles, and More – Teresa Mull

One vaccine size does not fit all—and researchers know it – Erin Elizabeth

Fracking Fluid Used to Irrigate Organic Crops – “A loophole in organic regulations means we’re eating more dangerous chemicals.” – ANH-USA





Isaiah 28:23  Give ye ear, and hear my voice; hearken, and hear my speech.






49 Dead In New Zealand Mosque Shootings; One Man Charged; Gunman Livestreamed Attack – Tyler Durden  – HEARING THE CRIES ALREADY FOR MORE GUN CONTROL HERE, AND THAT IT’S TRUMP’S FAULT. EVEN THOUGH THIS HAPPENED IN NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REVOLTING! Daily Mail wastes No Time Blaming NZ Terror Attack On Donald Trump – Falsely Labels Shooter “Trump Supporter” DESPITE MANIFESTO – Nan and Byron McKeeby  – GUESS I WAS SPOT ON. HADN’T SEEN THIS LINK WHEN I POSTED THE ABOVE LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eight Thoughts On The Christchurch Attack – Caitlin Johnstone

New Zealand and the Positive Feedback of Violence: – “Terrorists of all flavours and descriptions, and there is no philosophical difference between them at all, seem to be embarking on a highly dangerous path of proving their worth by planning and perpetrating unprecedented acts of terrorism. They see such acts like sportsmen and woman see sporting achievement records, and every achiever tries to break records.” – Ghassan Kadi   -GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!

Ocasio-Cortez hits NRA after New Zealand shooting: ‘What good are your thoughts and prayers?’ – Morgan Gstalter

Why Was John Podesta REALLY In New Zealand Days Before Mass Shooting? Signs This Was A HUGE False Flag To Demonize Nationalism And Further Censor The Internet – Stefan Stanford

Terrorism and Censorship – “The insanity is on full display this morning. Last night I read the shooter’s “manifesto” on Scribd, all ~80 pages of it. This morning it has been scrubbed. Book-burning is alive and well among so-called “progressives.” I can make a fairly-clean argument for yanking the so-called “live stream” — but what is everyone afraid of when it comes to written words? Is someone (or lots of someones) afraid that perhaps there’s some truth embedded in what will be viewed as an expression of insanity? That’s something to think about because there was truth embedded in that document. Among the truths was that Anglo-Saxon culture and people are being slowly exterminated by their own hand;” – Karl Denninger

Trump Again Threatens Europe With Tariffs: Expect Instant Global Recession – Mish

The Blind Leading the Deaf and Dumb – “You had to wonder why it took Nancy Pelosi so long to figure out that maybe impeachment was not the big rock-candy mountain that, for “the resistance,” marked the gateway to a Trump-free nirvana. It became obvious this week, through the release of the Bruce Ohr and Lisa Page transcripts, that RussiaGate was birthed entirely by persons in the employ of Hillary Clintion” – James Howard Kunstler

The Senate’s ‘Dirty Dozen’: Doing nothing about the border except obstructing Trump – Monica Showalter

Elite Caught Red-Handed… Cornered Animals are Dangerous (VIDEO) with Rob Kirby – “With governments and central banks around the globe quietly staking out positions to dump US Treasury debt, abandon the US Dollar, transact in other currencies, and bolster precious metals reserves, what do the elite know that is being hidden from us common people?” – Reluctant Preppers

War Against Venezuela Is War Against Us All – Chris Black

Fox News Doubles Down on the Big Lie and Venezuela – “It doesn’t matter what corporate alphabet propaganda network you watch, you’re going to get the same line on Venezuela. Here we have Trish Regan, a fixture at Fox News, telling numerous lies about Venezuela, lies put out by neocons and their captured president.” – Kurt Nimmo

May’s final warning to Tory rebels: back me or lose Brexit – Jessica Elgot, Rowena Mason and Heather Stewart

Brexit Chaos as War of the Elites Against Brit Independence Intensifies – William F. Jasper

World War 3 Coming? Israel Is On The Brink Of War With Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria And Iran All At The Same Time – Michael Snyder

The Devil Is Real – “No, my friends, the devil is not fake news. He just wants you to believe he is.” – Dave Daubenmire

One thing Congress gets right: funding their own pensions – “Turns out Congressmen make a lot of money…” – Simon Black

A Precarious Revolution Is Brewing – “Once again profound social and economic forces are changing the nation in ways that are difficult to understand in real time.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Connecticut Supreme Court: Remington Can Be Sued For Sandy Hook – Personal Defense World

British MP Thinks All Knives Should Have GPS Trackers To Combat Crime – Tom Knighton

Why Calling US a ‘Democracy’ Is Both False & Dangerous to Do – Eric Zuesse

Busted: Club Of Rome Reveals Gushing Support For Green New Deal – “The totality of the Green New Deal spectacle in America is precisely in line with the global elite’s plan to force Sustainable Development upon the entire world.” – Patrick Wood

Federal Judge Bans Healthy Children from School for Being Unvaccinated – “Entirely healthy children have been banned from school and treated like modern day lepers because they are unvaccinated.” – Matt Agorist

Social Media, Universal Basic Income, and Cashless Society: How China’s Social Credit System Is Coming To America – “While most Americans have scarcely noticed their descent into a police state, they are quick to dismiss the idea that such a system could be implemented in the land they still perceive to be free. However, all the moving parts are in place in the United States. They only need to come together to form the Social Credit System here. And they are coming together.” – Brandon Turbeville  – WE HAVE STATED ALL ALONG THAT THIS IS JUST A TEST RUN IN CHINA, FOR WHAT IS TO COME HERE. ALL A PART OF THE AGENDA!!!!

The European Union’s MANDATORY National Biometric ID Card Will Affect 512 Million People – MassPrivateI


Why We Are a Republic, Not a Democracy – Walter E. Williams

College Scam Distraction, Failed Trump Coup Further Revealed, Economy Teeters (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Transition to Cashless Society Could Lead to Financial Exclusion and System Vulnerability, Study Warns – “Serious risks of sleepwalking into a cashless society before we’re ready – not just to individuals, but to society.” – Don Quijones

A Debt-Riddled System That Is Hitting The Wall – Dave Kranzler

What Will You Be Holding When The Dollar Dies? (VIDEO) with Louis Cammarosano – SGT Report

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.81EUR




Nahum 1:7  The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.






Conservatism – “In my view, media making up stories and narratives from scratch is a much bigger threat to America than Donald Trump. And you certainly don’t need to be pro-Trump to point out that this is happening, or to agitate against it. If you don’t support the anti-Trump narrative, and elect to stay out of that echo chamber, you become a Trump supporter. And we all know what happens when you actively resist the narrative.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer   – ANOTHER GREAT ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!!

Lynch Testimony Reveals Bias and Intent For Failing To Give Trump Defensive Briefing – Sara Carter

Lisa Page Outs Obama DOJ – Claims FBI Told Not To Charge Hillary Clinton For Her Crimes – Tim Brown

There’s a miasma of corruption around the Obamas, even now – Monica Showalter

Judicial Watch: New evidence exposes ‘shady deal’ offered between FBI, State Department to protect Hillary from email scandal – J. D. Heyes

President Trump Warns Obama Deep State – a “Broken and Corrupt Machine” – Justice Will Be Served, More to Come! – Jim Hoft

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s wild, wacky, and wonderful questioning of Wells Fargo chairman – “Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez should get her own reality TV show. It would be a comedy, of course, Yesterday, AOC “grilled” the chairman of Wells Fargo, Timonthy Sloan, asking him a series of bizarre questions about “caging migrant children” and hypothetical leaks from the Dakota Access Pipeline” – Rick Moran  – HUH??????

Rubio’s Gloating Betrays US Sabotage in Venezuela Power Blitz – Finian Cunningham

A Deadly Spring for Syria and the World – Gordon Duff

Pompeo Declares Energy War on Russia and Other US Adversaries – Stephen Lendman

NYT’s Exposé on the Lies About Burning Aid Trucks in Venezuela Shows How U.S. Government and Media Spread Pro-War Propaganda – Glenn Greenwald

US Regime Change Blueprint Proposed Venezuelan Electricity Blackouts as ‘Watershed Event’ for ‘Galvanizing Public Unrest’ – Max Blumenthal

Home About Contact Tucker Carlson and Thoughtcrime – “The effort to shut down speech is not about protecting liberals from the perceived “hatred” and “violence” of words. It’s about eliminating opposition to their agenda. ” – Kurt Nimmo

‘Papa’s not breathing!’ Gambino boss Frank Cali, 53, is assassinated as he has six bullets pumped into his body and is run over by a truck outside his Staten Island home in first hit on a NYC Mafia don in more than 30 YEARS – Megan Sheets

De Blasio tells New Yorkers how to use their toilets: Only ‘poop, pee, puke, toilet paper’ should go in – Victor Skinner

Is Paul Krugman smarter than a high-school graduate? – “Even a high school graduate could tell you that Krugman’s consistent calls for increased government spending, taxation, borrowing and money printing, at a pace faster than GDP growth, amount to a de facto Ponzi Scheme.” – Peter Diekmeyer

The Essence of Collapse Part II – “The one central theme of a collapsing economy/empire/society/community whatever you wish to call it, the one central theme that is stripped away is God. When God is removed economies/empires/societies/communities collapse. Never in history has there been anything like we are witnessing at this time.” – Rory Hall

Depravity, Frivolity, and Dissent: Are We Watching the End of an Empire? – Daisy Luther

The Endgame Is Upon Us: Destroy The Children By Indoctrinating Them Into Deviancy And Socialism And You Destroy The Future Of The Nation – Susan Duclos

How States/Empires Collapse in Four Easy Steps – Charles Hugh Smith

The Tactics of Immigration (VIDEO) – VertigoPolitix

Study Shows Migrants Use Almost TWICE The Welfare Benefits As Native-Born Americans – Mac Slavo

The College Admissions Scandal Is A Perfect Example Of How Deeply Corrupt America Has Become – Michael Snyder

Israel Is Not America’s Ally – “Israel is one of America’s regional clients, and it is the one that the U.S. indulges more than any other, but that is all that it is.” – Daniel Larison

India v Pakistan & the 2019/2020 Turning Point – Martin Armstrong

E-Commerce is Wiping Out Mall Retailers One by One. Here’s the Data – Wolf Richter

Consumer Debt Breaks Yet Another Record in January – Peter Schiff

U.S. Rolling Out Biometric ID Exit Program In Top Airports Nationwide With Full Implementation Expected By 2021 – Aaron Kesel  – BIG BROTHER ROLLS ON, PART OF THE UN’S AGENDA!!!!!

How Conspiracies Really Work. (VIDEO) – Dan Bongino

Facebook is reportedly under criminal investigation over deals that gave Apple, Amazon, and other companies access to user data – Matt Weinberger

MSNBC Host Blast GOP Over ‘Ritual Grief’ After Mass Shootings – “Among the anti-gun set, the mention of “thoughts and prayers” is treated as an annoying cliche. They don’t want thoughts and prayers. They don’t want sympathy. Note how Melber’s solution isn’t to improve the process so background checks can be done more quickly. In his world, the only appropriate expression of grief is to create new gun laws.” – Tom Knighton

Florida State Senator Wants to Ban Gun Pics From Kids’ Social Media – Personal Defense World

Medical fascism: Leftist publishers urging doctors to push gun control onto patients – Ethan Huff

CDC Data on Gun Injuries Is ‘Less Reliable than Ever’ – Teresa Mull  – AS YOU CAN SEE BY THE ABOVE 4 LINKS, GUN CONTROL AND TAKING AWAY YOUR RIGHTS IS IN FULL SWING!!!!!!!!!!!!

These Hardcore FACTS Should ENRAGE YOU (VIDEO) – “These hardcore FACTS abut vaccine and autism Should ENRAGE YOU, as should the all out Orwellian assault on the truth” – SGT Report

Bunnies, Bombers, and Butter – “Welfare and warfare are expensive! The U.S. government can’t raise taxes enough to pay for welfare and warfare expenses, so the government increases debt. It borrows from future generations to pay for current welfare and warfare, payoffs, giveaways, and essential programs.” – Gary Christenson  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM GARY!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.89EUR




Habakkuk 1:4  Therefore the law is slacked, and judgment doth never go forth: for the wicked doth compass about the righteous; therefore wrong judgment proceedeth.