Omarosa says she will provide Mueller with tapes if he needs them as she claims Trump knew in advance that Wikileaks was publishing Hillary Clinton’s emails – Geoff Earle

“Furious” Swedish PM Rages At Violent Gang Rampage: “What The Hell Are You Doing?” – Tyler Durden

The Politically Correct Western Media Keeps Covering Up Violent Attacks by Extremists – Daisy Luther

Iran Bans Talks With U.S. After Roll Back Of Sanctions; U.S. Threatens Sanctions On Europe – Aaron Kesel

Mainstream media tries to ‘rewrite history’ to credit Obama for Trump accomplishments – “The stronger the economy gets under Trump, the more desperate his critics are to hand credit over to Obama. Even if that entails changing the past,” says an Investor’s Business Daily editorial. “A recent New York Times story says it all: ‘An economic upturn begun under Obama is now Trump’s to tout’.” – Jennifer Harper  – THE NY TIMES AT IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Facebook an Anti-Social Media Censoring Machine -Stephen Lendman

Patriotism Has Been Turned Against Patriots – “To understand how screwed-up America is, consider that patriotism is now associated with the suppression of dissent.” – Paul Craig Roberts

“EVERYBODY IMMEDIATELY KNEW THAT IT WAS FOR AMAZON”: HAS BEZOS BECOME MORE POWERFUL IN D.C. THAN TRUMP? – “The deal for an obscure $10 billion Pentagon contract suggests the extent to which Jeff Bezos is gobbling up the swamp—without the guy in the White House even batting an eye.” – May Jeong

200+ newspapers will write pro-journalism editorials. Will they also listen? – Al Tompkins

“Duhhh, Stop Defending Alex Jones! This Will Never Hurt The Left, Derp Duh!” – Caitlin Johnstone

Fear and Loathing in the Land of Political Retards – “If you can’t properly identify the slave owner, you will remain a slave. The American people are slaves—to forever debt, forever wars, and forever politicians on the take—and they will never realize emancipation, not if they keep buying into false narratives. Fake saviors abound. Fake political solutions to state-manufactured problems are proposed, legislated, and forced on the people who are in large part political retards.” – Kurt Nimmo

Monsanto Guilty Verdict Is Only Beginning – F. William Engdahl

Brennan, the Spooks, and Russian Collusion – Ishmael Jones

LA Subway Becomes First In Nation To Deploy Portable Body Scanners – Tyler Durden

It’s no laughing matter — SF forming Poop Patrol to keep sidewalks clean – Heather Knight

Close Up and Long Shot – “The animosity will only grow sharper, and it will happen because of things that are roiling in the background now — namely, the unraveling global financial system. Some fireworks commenced at the end of last week when the Turkish Lira slumped. Who cares about the currency of a second-rate player in the global economy? A lot of SIFIs (“systemically important financial institutions”) otherwise known as Too-Big-To-Fail banks. That’s who. Deutsche Bank’s stock dropped over 6 percent when the Turkish Lira tanked on Friday.” – James Howard Kunstler

301 ‘Predator Priests’ Named In Pa. Grand Jury Sex Abuse Report: ‘They Were Raping Little Boys & Girls’ – Andy Sheehan

Taking on a Supporter of the Surveillance State – Michael Maharrey

Currencies Crashing Around the Globe (VIDEO) with Gerald Celente – Financial Survival Network

The Federal Reserve: Secretly Sticking It to Americans for Over 100 Years – Clint Siegner

FBI Warns Of Global Financial Attack: Is A False Flag To Crash The Global Financial System IMMINENT? – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Scarier More Dangerous Market Crisis Blowing Up Now (VIDEO) with John Rubino – Greg Hunter

How Gold & Silver Will Trade During The Next Market Crash -Steve St. Angelo

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.84EUR




Psalm 14:3   They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one.








FBI Fires Peter Strzok – “Trump had ample just cause to fire him. Deputy DOJ Attorney General Rod Rosenstein failed to indict Comey for criminality too serious to ignore. AG Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russiagate probe. On Friday, the FBI sacked Strozok – not because of unacceptable conduct, because it became a public embarrassment to the agency. He became damaged goods.” – Stephen Lendman

Gowdy: Peter Strzok didn’t need my help to get fired (VIDEO) – Fox News

Media Spin Has Liberals Outraged Over Peter Strzok Being Fired By The FBI As President Trump Suggests Clinton Investigation Be ‘Properly Redone’ – Susan Duclos

The Law As Weapon – “What the Manafort trial should tell you is how utterly and totally corrupt the United States is. In my opinion there is nowhere an organization as corrupt as the US Dept of Justice (sic). That Russiagate continues on its corrupt course should tell you how powerless President Trump is. Trump cannot even influence his own Department of Justice, which is doing its best to destroy him,” – Paul Craig Roberts

Boston Globe editor proving Trump’s point – – “Trump has never said all of the media is disingenuous, or that all of the media publish and promote fake news. He clearly goes after the news outlets who do: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NPR, CBS, NBC, NYT, WaPo, LATimes, and too many others. The president is targeting what has become known as the mainstream media, the MSM, or the “drive-bys,” as Rush Limbaugh rightfully calls them.” Patricia McCarthy

‘Mainstream’ media pushing us toward more political VIOLENCE by refusing to call out Antifa – J.D. Heyes

WESTMINSTER IN LOCKDOWN Parliament crash – ‘terror attack’ video shows chilling moment car careered outside Westminster mowing down pedestrians and cyclists – Alex Matthews

Sweden Is Burning: Migrant Gangs Unleash Coordinated Fire-Bomb Rampage Across Multiple Cities – Tyler Durden

The US’ Rebuff Of Russia’s Cooperation Request In Syria Shows Its Cynicism – Andrew Korybko

TRUMP’S WAR ON TURKEY FOR PASTOR BRUNSON – “Every year, thousands of American citizens are incarcerated in foreign countries. Yet, President Trump has decided to go to war to secure the release of only one of them. What gives with that?” – Jacob G. Hornberger

More Than Half of Foreign Refugees Are on Taxpayer-Funded Food Stamps – John Binder

From Boston to Ferguson to Charlottesville: The Evolution of a Police State Lockdown – “It has become way too easy to lockdown this nation. This year, it was my hometown of Charlottesville, Va., population 50,000, that was locked down while government officials declared a state of emergency and enacted heightened security measures tantamount to martial law, despite the absence of any publicized information about credible threats to public safety.” – John W. Whitehead

Why Does Facebook Use NATO To Help Censor Users? (VIDEO) – “Facebook has “hired” the Atlantic Council – a NATO, US government, and foreign funded “think tank” to determine whether posts or members are authentic or whether they are “agents of a foreign power.” How is it possible that US government’s directly funded entities are collaborating with corporations to decide what speech is to be prohibited?” – Ron Paul

Google Is Constantly Tracking, Even If You Turn Off Device ‘Location History’ – Tyler Durden

America on trial – Jon Rappoport

Censorship Is What Happens When Powerful People Get Scared – Michael Krieger

George Orwell Warned Us Of The Most Dangerous Type Of Censorship – Dylan Charles

Technocrats Rule: Democracy Is OK as Long as the People Rubberstamp Our Leadership – “Technocrats rule the world, East and West alike.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Analysts Warn We’re Running Out of Resources Needed to Sustain Life on Our Planet – “Have you ever heard of Earth Overshoot Day? No? Neither had I. It’s the day each year that we use up the resources that can be renewed within that year. This year, it was on August 1st, so for the rest of the year, we’re living on borrowed resources.” – Daisy Luther

Things are Getting Crazy (VIDEO) with John Rubino – “There’s a number currencies that are currently dissolving. Argentina, Venezuela, Iran, Pakistan and Russia. The Yuan has been plunging and the dollar has been rising. It’s hard to understand the irrationality of it all. But this is what it looks like when the system starts melting down or up.” – Financial Survival Network

The Price of Cheap Dollar/Euro Debts: Local Currencies Come Unglued, Debt Crises Ensue – “Grand Collapse in Turkey; to avoid the same fate, Argentina hikes rate to 45%” Wolf Richter

James Turk – Relentless Gold & Silver Takedown Continues

Bullish Data For COMEX Gold – Craig Hemke

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.18EUR




Proverbs 30:33   Surely the churning of milk bringeth forth butter, and the wringing of the nose bringeth forth blood: so the forcing of wrath bringeth forth strife.



trump haters



NBC Ignores Own Reporter and Crew Assaulted By Antifa in Charlottesville – Nicholas Fondacaro

Antifa, Democratic Socialists And The New World Order All Want The Same Thing: “No Borders, No Wall, No USA At All” – Michael Snyder

Jason Kessler and the White Supremacy Psyop – “Today the corporate media will link Trump to the white supremacist idiots preparing to square off against equally stupid Marxists and Antifa thugs in Lafayette Square near the White House. Prior to the event, Trump made sure to condemn racism and violence. But this doesn’t matter. The Donald could be the reincarnation of Mother Teresa and the Marxist and prog idiots would still want him dead.” – Kurt Nimmo

US bomb pieces found at Yemen bus strike site as Pentagon says ‘we may never know’ who supplied it – RT  – IMAGINE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

US Dismisses Report of Civilians Killed in July Afghan Airstrike – “Concludes ‘No Credible Information’ on Deaths” – Jason Ditz  – SAME AS ABOVE, IMAGINE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Germany’s Economic Minister Calls On Europe To Defy Trump’s Iran Sanctions – Tyler Durden

Leader of German Left Slams US ‘Aggressive Ways’, Urges Closer Ties With Russia – Sputnik News

Will Trump be Trumped by “Vicious … Conniving” Omarosa and Her N-word Accusation? – “(Yes, it’s that word which, a bit like the name Voldemort in Harry Potter, you dare not utter — even for illustrative purposes — lest you get the Dr. Laura Schlessinger treatment.)” – Selwyn Duke

Refuting Omarosa’s Trump-is-Racist Lie – “I am so weary of people on the national stage willing to sacrifice the best interest of our country and people to serve their egos and personal vendettas. Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman is the latest to show her true colors. Omarosa was fired. Now she is claiming she heard Trump use the N-word. President Trump has been awesome for minorities, sending black and Hispanic unemployment to historic lows. So what good does Omarosa’s unsubstantiated claim do for anyone other than feed the American left’s lie that Trump is racist?” – Lloyd Marcus

Britain’s Biggest Home Improvement Chain May Dump Monsanto’s “Roundup” After Cancer Lawsuit – Tyler Durden

Time for Trudeau to Call the Saudi Bluff – Yves Engler

Should Al Qaeda Be Made the 51st State? – David Swanson

UN Enabling Hamas’s War Machine – Bassam Tawil

The Media Shouldn’t Fear Conservatives, It Should Fear Itself – Daniel Greenfield

CNN’s Creepy & Psychotic Obsession With Alex Jones – Openly Admits The Media Targeted Infowars For Destruction – Susan Duclos

Who is Behind “Fake News”? Fake Videos and Images – Prof Michel Chossudovsky  – INTERESTING ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sex abuse scandals continue plaguing Catholic Church – Chico Harlan and Stefano Pitrelli

Martial Law: The Ends and Outs – Are We At Risk? – Bob Rodgers

Dreamers – “It is as simple as changing our minds about whether or not we believe the fairy tales that we are being read by the pundits and politicians on the various screens we encounter about what’s going on in the world and what’s in our best interest to consent to. It’s as simple as putting down the book of fairy tales, and as an incentive to do so we only have the threat of the extinction of our entire species forever.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Show Has Just Begun, Welcome To The Swamp (VIDEO) – X22 Report

Nuts and Bolts of Agenda 21 / 2030 Agenda – “If you’re not familiar with Agenda 21 or 2030 Agenda, both of which are United Nations initiatives, you should do yourself a huge favor and begin studying up on these life altering programs. Common Core is one of the largest and most wide spread of the programs, the concentration of people into cities – more and more houses on smaller and smaller properties, not to mention the “tiny house” movement.” – Rory Hall

Do You Need Proof Of Weather Geoengineering? – Catherine J. Frompovich

10+ Weapons You Didn’t Know You Have At Home – Fred Tyrell




Luke 6:31   And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.






More than 100 newspapers will publish editorials decrying Trump’s anti-press rhetoric – Brian Stelter   – THE USUAL SUSPECTS.  I’M SURE THE NY TIMES AND WASHINGTON POST WILL DO THEIR SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Latest Sanctions Against Russia Show Trump Not in Control of His Administration – “Forget about running the Empire or the American state. Trump isn’t even in control of his team” – F. Michael Maloof

Fever Pitch – “Those in the USA who have not been driven plumb insane by President Donald Trump are probably scratching their heads down to the subdural cavity this week with his imposition of more severe sanctions on Russia only a month after he went to Helsinki to repair tattered relations with Russia’s president, Mr. Putin. ” – James Howard Kunstler  – EXCELLENT AS USUAL FROM JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Washington Can’t Get Enough of its Newly Rediscovered Gunboat Diplomacy – Martin Berger

US Sanctions Russia Over Biolab Access While Covering Up Own Secret Labs (VIDEO) – Sputnik News

The Self-Imposed Impotence of the Russian and Chinese Governments – Paul Craig Roberts

What If There Were No Official Narratives? -“What if there was no dominating elite class telling the public how they were meant to interpret events and situations? What if there was only the raw, publicly available information about what’s going on in the world, and people individually interpreted that information for themselves?” – Caitlin Johnstone

US Jury Rules Against Monsanto – “Monsanto is one of the most reviled corporate predators for good reason. It puts profits over human health. Its hazardous GMO seeds are responsible for serious diseases and illnesses. They’re also environmentally destructive. Glyphosate residues are found in popular Western foods and drinks. Tests show most Americans have it in their urine. Any amount is unsafe. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, glyphosate exposure is linked to cancer in humans. Yet no regulatory action in America or Europe has been taken to ban its use.” – Stephen Lendman  – STILL HAVE A GUT FEELING THAT MONSANTO, NOW BAYER, WILL SOMEHOW BEAT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UK Parliament Publishes Full 2002 UN Report On Sex For Aid In West Africa – Elizabeth Vos

Media covering (up) Dianne Feinstein’s major spy scandal – “The entire incident is being presented to the public as no big deal. That is a classic example of the fake news of which President Trump so vocally complains.” – Thomas Lifson

THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! (Updated) – “If Donald Trump were to leave office today, there’s no question that his single greatest achievement would be the launching of the “fake news” meme. His nonstop warnings have become the clarion call to patriots and nationalists around the globe. Trump’s extraordinary accomplishment has awakened people across the planet to the incessant lying by the media.” – The Millennium Report

U.S. Is Complicit in Child Slaughter in Yemen – “If an airstrike was a drive-by and killed someone, the U.S. provided the car, the wheels, the servicing and repair, the gun, the bullets, help with maintenance of those—and the gas.” – Kathy Kelly

Ignorant Sanders – “Socialists think government is the solution to every problem. They also pretend that what government provides is free. Sanders’ videos would be just a joke if millions didn’t watch.” – John Stossel

The Onward March of the Police State: Now at the Local Level – John W. Whitehead

Death of a Nation (VIDEO) with Dinesh D’Souza and Stefan Molyneux – “Not since 1860 have the Democrats so fanatically refused to accept the result of a free election. That year, their target was Lincoln. They smeared him. They went to war to defeat him. In the end, they assassinated him. Now the target of the Democrats is President Trump and his supporters. The Left calls them racists, white supremacists and fascists. These charges are used to justify driving Trump from office and discrediting the right “by any means necessary.” – Stefan Molyneux

The Deep State and the Left are Intertwined with Silicon Valley – Ben Garrison

Neocon Bill Kristol Celebrates Social Media Purge – “More celebration is likely as the social media giants take orders from the state to memory hole the opposition.” – Kurt Nimmo

Infowars Website Traffic Explodes After Silicon Valley Blacklists Alex Jones Empire – Tyler Durden

TO HELL WITH U.S. JOBS, LET’S GET IRAN! – “President Trump keeps vowing to create more jobs in America. But his actions often speak differently. So intense is the Trump administration’s hatred for Islamic Iran that it decided to scrap the multinational nuclear deal that would have meant opening Iran to western commerce and a bonanza for US and European companies.” – Eric Margolis

Trump’s Turkey Tariffs Are Retaliation For A Major Military Escalation – Duane Norman

China will buy Turkey on the cheap – David P. Goldman

Talk Cold Turkey – “Suffice it to say this ain’t over by a long shot, and it could lead to big trouble. And don’t let’s forget that Turkey presently hosts millions of Syrian refugees. Erdogan can just buy a bunch of dinghies (he can still afford that) and cause absolute chaos in Greece and the EU. Who’s going to be buying lira’s on Monday?” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – EXCELLENT BREAKDOWN OF THE GEO-POLITICAL IMPLICATIONS OF TURKEY BY RAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russia Finance Minister: We May Abandon Dollar In Oil Trade As It Is Becoming “Too Risky” – Tyler Durden

NY Times Vaccine Science “Hostage” Op-Ed is a Gift – “I just got finished reading Melinda Wenner Moyer’s Op-Ed in the New York Times Anti-Vaccine Activists Have Taken Vaccine Science Hostage, and I must say that was one of the more unusual and contradictory pieces of journalism I’ve ever read in my time as an autism activist. Underneath one of the more absurd cause-and-effect conjectures ever undertaken by a reporter lies a treasure-trove of truth about vaccine safety science. The giant gift: confirmation of scientific censorship” – J.B. Handley

Government’s Own Report Shows Tax Dollars Spent in Afghanistan Have Boosted Opium Production – Rachel Blevins

AI Wants to Identify, Vilify, Nullify & Destroy All Patriots (VIDEO) with Steve Quayle – Greg Hunter

Orwellian Censorship Of Independent Media Hints Horrific False Flag May Be Ahead: ‘Enemies Of America Within’ Will Stop At Nothing To Take Down President Trump And Destroy America – Stefan Stanford

Bugging In – Preparing For Riots and Social Mayhem – Do it NOW – “Gearing Up To Protect The Home and Family. I do not advocate offensive violence, but I do believe in protecting one’s family, the innocent and in maintaining a defensive posture.” – Ray Gano

Following the golden rule: Iran & Venezuela prime examples of intrinsic value of money vs. gold – RT

How To Live Off Grid For Under $3,000 – Bill White  – GOOD ARTICLE SHOWING THAT IT REALLY DOESN’T TAKE THAT MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Depositors – Not Taxpayers – Will Take the Hit for the Next ‘2008’ Crash Because Major Banks May Use the ‘Bail-In’ System – Barbara G. Ellis, Ph.D.

Anti-gun protester says you should never shoot home intruders who want to rape or murder you… because stopping them with a gun would be WRONG – Vicki Batts

4 Perennial Berries You Can Plant Once And Enjoy For A Lifetime – Malaya Careta

The Next Silver Run To $50 (And Beyond) – “JPMorgan is the unchallenged master of the financial universe and it didn’t go to the trouble of accumulating such massive and historic quantities of physical silver and gold for a quick trade or a small gain. It did so in order to make the largest profit in history.” – Theodore Butler




Luke 22:36   Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.



Yankee soldier
He wanna shoot some skag
He met it in Cambodia
But now he can’t afford a bag

Yankee dollar talk
To the dictators of the world
In fact it’s giving orders
An’ they can’t afford to miss a word

I’m so bored with the U…S…A…
But what can I do?

Yankee detectives
Are always on the TV
‘Cos killers in America
Work seven days a week

Never mind the stars and stripes
Let’s print the Watergate Tapes
I’ll salute the New Wave
And I hope nobody escapes

I’m so bored with the U…S…A…
But what can I do?

Move up Starsky
For the C.I.A.
Suck on Kojak
For the USA

( I’m So Bored With The U.S.A by Joe Strummer and Mick Jones )








US Sanctions Are Pushing Russia to War – Finian Cunninham

US Sanctions Are Acts of Political and Economic War – “No nation may legally impose sanctions on other countries, entities, groups or individuals. Washington does it repeatedly with bipartisan Republican and undemocratic Dem support. Imposition breaches international and constitutional law. The US is a pariah state sponsor of terrorism, threatening world peace and stability.” – Stephen Lendman

Washington, D.C., Braces for ‘Unite the Right 2’ White Nationalist Rally – Bloomberg

Trump Condemns “All Types Of Racism” Ahead Of “Unite The Right” Rally – Tyler Durden

The Grand Irony of RussiaGate: The U.S. Becomes More Like the U.S.S.R. Every Day – “When the system is rigged to benefit insiders, cartels, cronies and elites at the expense of the many “outsiders,” the status quo must mask this reality with propaganda and Big Lies: that is, keep repeating the lie until people believe it due to its embrace by “experts” and authorities.”- Charles Hugh Smith

Mueller’s Prosecutors File Complaint Against Judge Ellis – Cristina Laila

Why This Serial Liar, Perjurer And Leaker Of Classified Information Hasn’t Yet Met The Noose And Scaffolding Is Proof Of A Deeply Corrupted System – “America’s Most Wanted: Profiles In Treason – James Clapper” – John Velisek

20 shot in Chicago: ‘Even I’m scared to walk to the corner store’ – Madeline Buckley, Rosemary Sobol, Deanese Williams-Harris and Paige Fry

The Hunt for the Deadly “White Helmets” – “Normally heroes receive medals, award and parades but these heroes, the White Helmets, arrive by dark of night with fake identities and fat checks from spy agencies. Their “heroic” efforts aren’t over, there are more children to kill, more chemical attacks to stage, more death, more deceit, more false flag terror and a war on Iran to bring to fruition.” – Gordon Duff

The Costs are Mindblowing. (VIDEO) – Dan Bongino

Rename America – “Austin’s Equity Office has recommended renaming the Texas city because of Stephen F. Austin’s alleged views on slavery. But why stop at just renaming Austin when Amerigo Vespucci took and sold slaves. Austin, Texas is named after Stephen F. Austin, but America is named after Amerigo Vespucci.” – Daniel Greenfield

MYSTERY as DOJ & FBI Land a 757 Jet in Clinton’s Hometown Little Rock, Arkansas; Load It With Boxes & Documents

Alt Media Roundtable – Rogue Money, X22, SGT, Daily Coin, Sirius Report, Shotgun Economics (VIDEO) – Ken Schortgen

Censorship PURGE points to imminent false flag violence before mid-term elections… bigger than 9/11? – Mike Adams

Beware the Slippery Slope of Facebook Censorship – Matt Taibbi

Alex Jones Purge: US Tech Giants Meddle into 2018 Midterm Elections – “An all-out battle is raging against alternative views in the country that has positioned itself as the champion of the freedom of speech despite the fact that 90% of its media are controlled by just 6 companies.” – Peter Korzun

Proposed First Amendment Regulations In Washington, D.C. Could Set A Precedent – Aaron Kesel

The Right to Bear Arms – “Regardless of which side of the argument any particular American is on, I’ve almost never met one who knows what caused this right to be written in the Constitution.” – Jeff Thomas  – GOOD HISTORY LESSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What? So Facebook de-platforms Alex Jones but allows huge assortment of pro-terrorist filth across its platform – J.D. Heyes

Yes, James Freeman, We Do Know How Bad the Federal Reserve Is – “In summary, writers on both sides of the political spectrum see the Fed as a disfigured central bank which has lost its way. What will it take for Congress to wake up?” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Monsanto “Taken To The Cleaners” In Jury Verdict Dwayne Johnson v. Monsanto – “This should become the legal precedent to take ALL chemical companies—and microwave producers—who hide the factual downsides of their toxic products, including Big Pharma and vaccine makers, to trial. Deception and fraud are not legal defenses, U.S. Congress.” – Catherine J. Frompovich

Monsanto owners call weed killer ‘safe’ after jury orders big payout – David Courbet and Glenn Chapman

Genocide For Profit – How The Govt, Big Pharma, Psychiatry, And DSS Are Conspiring To Destroy Native American Culture – Brandon Turbeville

What Are You Prepared To Live Without? – “One of the things about prepping is that we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. Granted, we all believe in food storage and having things on hand to survive a disaster or a power outage. However, I think sometimes the emphasis on accumulating things gets out of hand. We focus on stuff instead of skills. We don’t think about the idea that we could be living without a lot of things. Here the thing about SHTF: You will probably be learning to live without stuff because it might not be available to you anymore.” – Erica   – GOOD BLOG!!!!

The Media is Diverting Your Attention From the 35 Known Jihadi Camps in America! You Should Be Asking, Why? – Bradlee Dean

Are Microwaves Making You Sick? – “Some of the latest science says the answer may be “Yes.” Wireless internet, cell phones, and smart meters are ubiquitous in the modern world, but some studies have shown that there is reason to be cautious about exposure to microwave radiation (MWR). The federal government, however, is not only asleep at the wheel; it has preempted local communities from rejecting cell phone towers based on very real health concerns. It’s time for federal regulators to take this issue seriously and stop blocking citizens from stepping in when the government fails to act.” – ANH-USA

Real Estate, Gold, Silver, USD (VIDEO) with Eric Dubin & Dave Kranzler – Silver Doctors

California HS Student Kicked Out of Class for Wearing NRA Shirt – Personal Defense World

Precious Metals: A Prepper’s Guide to Gold and Silver – Anonymous 411

Spectacular Gold COT Report: Prepare For A Huge Six Months – “No need to mince words anymore. If the futures market still influences gold’s price, then that price is going to spike. And silver is better than gold.” – Jon Rubino

Organize your garden the right way, a quick primer – Julia Dacy

CREEPY: U.S. Invaded By Armies Of Eastern Asian Tick That Spawns Without Mating – “Somehow, the tick landed here from Eastern Asia and, to listen to the media, one would think it should be called The Terminator for its horrifying description. So far, there are no reports of disease, but the potentially dangerous critters have been described as “savage” for their insatiable appetites, i.e. ability to literally drain an animal dry of its life’s blood.” – Heather Callaghan

Noxious and Toxic Plants To Avoid When Exploring The Wilderness – Part 2 – Bob Rodgers




Ecclesiastes 3:7   A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;







Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Ties To China Go Way Deeper Than An Alleged Office Spy – “Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s warm relationship with and advocacy for Communist China go back decades and involve millions, if not billions, of dollars.” – Ben Weingarten  – REALLY, AND WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT UNPROVEN RUSSIAN COLLUSION IN AN ELECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russian PM Compares Further Anti-Moscow Sanctions to Economic Warfare – Sputnik News

Why Trump Cancelled the Iran Deal – Eric Zuesse

Is There Enough of America Left To Be Saved? – “Today all it takes to trump the US Constitution is to utter “National Security.” As the United States is the Constitution, destroying the Constitution destroys the United States. Yet those destroying the Constitution claim that they are making the country safe by substituting police state measures for civil liberty.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Mueller Probe Illegitimate, Internet Purge is Here, Journalism is Dead (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

50 dead, mostly kids, in Saudi-led coalition’s ‘legitimate’ airstrike on Yemen bus – RT

US-Backed Coalition Just Slaughtered Dozens of Children Under 10-Years-old by Bombing a School Bus – John Vibes

Watch Reporters Slam US For Refusing To Condemn Saudi-US Airstrike On Yemen School Bus In Live Briefing – Tyler Durden

The Pathetic U.S. Response to the Latest Saudi Massacre – Daniel Larison

Obama Ignores Genocide In South Africa – “Once upon a time there were two politicians. One had the power to give media and political elites goosebumps. Still does. The other causes the same dogs to raise their hackles. The first is Barack Hussein Obama; the second Vladimir Putin. The same gilded elites who choose our villains and victims for us have decided that the Russian is the worst person in the world. BHO, the media consider one of the greatest men in the world.” – Ilana Mercer

Chicago: Don’t Ask Those Who Caused the Problem to Solve the Problem – Robert Klein Engler

The war to destroy Alex Jones, Part 3 – “Where is the bill of particulars against him?” – Jon Rappoport

America’s Most Wanted, Profiles in Treason: John Brennan – This ‘Stooge For Jihad’ Should Be Facing The Gallows For Subverting President Trump In Deep State Plot To Overthrow America – John Velisek, Retired US Navy

Lord Rothschild: The New World Order Is At Risk – Tyler Durden

The Real Truth About The Space Force (VIDEO) – We Are Change

Who Has Profited From Your Beliefs? – Caitlin Johnstone

Colleges: A Force For Evil – “Many of the nation’s colleges have become a force for evil and a focal point for the destruction of traditional American values. The threat to our future lies in the fact that today’s college students are tomorrow’s teachers, professors, judges, attorneys, legislators and policymakers.” – Walter E. Williams

Fort Knox Gold? – “If gold is so irrelevant that the U.S. has allowed total debt and annual expenditures to eclipse the value of its gold, why have China and Russia accumulated so much gold?” – Gary Christenson

Buybacks Will Keep the Bull Running – Nomi Prins

Children May Be Eating Cereal Laced With Monsanto’s Toxic Weed Killer – Caroline Cox

MLB and NFL fans submit their faces and fingerprints to buy food, beer and tickets – MassPrivateI

Bankrupt America: Bankruptcy Soars As The Country Grapples With An Unprecedented Debt Problem Share – Michael Snyder

THE WORLD’S GREATEST BUBBLES ARE BIGGER THAN EVER: When They Pop, You Better Own Some Precious Metals – Steve St. Angelo

Big Tech Shows “Net Neutrality” Battle Was About Power, Not an “Open Internet” – Tho Bishop

The Federal Budget Mess Is Even Worse than Reported – “If you look at the increase in the federal debt, you’ll find that it is bigger than the deficit. How can this be? The government simply excludes some of the money it borrows in the deficit.” – Peter Schiff

21 Things Your Burglar Won’t Tell You – Ken Jorgustin

6 Ways To Catch A Fish When Your Life Depends On It – Demi Rose

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.33EUR




Proverbs 22:8   He that soweth iniquity shall reap vanity: and the rod of his anger shall fail.







WikiLeaks says Senate panel requested Assange testimony for Russia probe – Morgan Chalfant

Assange Mulls Testifying in US Probe into Russian Meddling – Sputnik News

Globalists Seek Absolute Immunity from Law; U.S. Fights Back – “Globalist organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank want absolute and completely immunity from all laws, all over the world, even as UN officials and “peace” troops rape tens of thousands of women and children while hiding behind diplomatic immunity. Incredibly, in a ruling with enormous implications, a U.S. court agreed with the idea that these sorts of international institutions should be completely above the law in all cases” – Alex Newman

Trump Tariffs Crush Small Businesses: “We Are at the Limit”, Optimism Sinks – Mish

Saudi Arabia Crucifies Man In Mecca While Decrying Canada’s Human Rights – Tyler Durden

Butina Case: Neo-McCarthyism Engulfs America – “The United States Department of Justice would apparently have you believe that the Kremlin sought to subvert the five-million-member strong National Rifle Association (NRA) by having two Russian citizens take out life memberships in the organization with the intention of corrupting it and turning it into a mouthpiece for President Vladimir Putin.” – Philip Giraldi

Man Fatally Shot By Neighbor After Alleged Dog Pee Argument, Witnesses Say – Charlie De Mar  – CHICAGO, CHICAGO, MY KIND OF TOWN!!!!!!!

IDIOCY: Out of ideas, Chicagoland Mayor Emanuel BEGS violent gangs to cut out all the murder and mayhem – J.D. Heyes

THE FIRST AMENDMENT PROTECTS DIRT – “One of the most ludicrous aspects of the Trump-Russia brouhaha is the infamous meeting in Trump Tower between Trump campaign officials and Russian lobbyists. The Russians had promised to reveal campaign “dirt” about Hillary Clinton.” – Jacob G. Hornberger  – SOME EXCELLENT POINTS BROUGHT UP HERE!!!!!

Democrats: Greens and Russia Push Republican Over the Top in Ohio – “It’s amazing how delusional Americans are, especially Democrats, although Republicans suffer from their own hallucinations and demons. The latest example—a special election in Ohio.” – Kurt Nimmo

Ten Things That Are More Selfish, Stupid And Privileged Than Voting Green Party – “Apparently a few people voted Green in a close congressional election in Ohio with low turnout due to uninteresting and uninspiring candidates, which according to Hollywood celebrities like Alyssa Milano and Kathy Griffin is proof of the Green party’s selfishness, stupidity, hypocrisy, privilege, and, of course, proof of a secret Russian conspiracy. Never mind the fact that a small number of people have always voted Green when there’s an opportunity to. Never mind the fact that the Green votes didn’t even affect the outcome of the election.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Must Watch Interview – Iraq War Whistleblower Banned from Twitter Tells His Story – Michael Krieger

Shamefully, Illegal Human Organ Trafficking is Still on the Rise – Martin Berger

Civil War II Coming? – “It Won’t Be a Race War, Two Recent Dystopian Novels Tell Us” – Kevin Barrett

Censorship the New Normal in America – “Government and social media efforts to control online content threaten First Amendment rights in America like never before – on the phony pretexts of prohibiting hate speech, protecting national security and other invented reasons.” – Stephen Lendman

Senate Moves To Seize The Internet – Do We Need More Government Censorship? (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

The war to destroy Alex Jones, Part 2 – “Many strange things can be implemented on the basis of “protecting the herd.” ” – Jon Rappoport

Confused On What’s Happening With The Economy, Don’t Be This Is The Plan (VIDEO) – X22 Report

Where They Burn Books, They Will Soon Burn People – Dave Hodges

As Globalists And Big Tech ‘Identify, Vilify, Nullify And Destroy’, Totalitarian Attempts To Ban The 1st Amendment Could Lead To Rivers Of Blood Flowing Through The Streets Of America – Stefan Stanford

The State of the American Debt Slaves, Q2 2018 _ “Let the good times roll.” – Wolf Richter

Who Ya Gonna Call Before August 16 to Complain about 4G and 5G Small Cell Towers Being Installed in Front of Homes, etc.? The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee (Contact Info Provided). – B.N. Frank


Smart Meters Raise Health, Privacy and Constitutional Concerns – “I get more emails about smart meters than any other issue we cover. Pretty much on a weekly basis, somebody asks me how they can opt out of installing these devices in their homes or businesses.” – Michael Maharrey

The 7 MOST IMPORTANT Indicators To Track the Global Economic Collapse! (VIDEO) – The Money GPS

People Are Bugging Out But They’re Coming To My Place! What?! – Ken Jorgustin

14 Lies That Big Pharma And Psychiatrists Teach Medical Students – Gary G. Kohls, MD

Build the Ultimate School Bug Out Kit for your Kids – Daisy Luther

Ultimate Multi-tools For The Contemporary Survival Enthusiast – Bob Rodgers

Replacing Gasoline: 7 Homemade Alternatives For Fuel – The Prepper Dome




Proverbs 25:4   Take away the dross from the silver, and there shall come forth a vessel for the finer.






America’s Kristallnacht? – “If the US government prosecutes Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, it will mark a point of no return. We’ll never know what “average” Germans thought on November 11, 1938, the day after Kristallnacht. Perhaps a few recognized it for what it was: a turning point, an acceleration of Germany’s descent into hell. America’s Crystal Night looms, and if it occurs, only a few will recognize it for what it is.” – Robert Gore

Neocons Demand ‘Crushing’ Sanctions on Russia – Ron Paul

Trump’s Sanctions Admit the End of US Military Dominance – Tom Luango

That Time Trump’s Iran Advisor Threatened To Murder An Official’s Children To Start The Iraq War – “If you’ve been wondering why you’re seeing John Bolton’s carrion-soaked mustache on screen more than usual lately, it’s because things are escalating further with Iran. President Trump’s National Security Advisor has been on a whirlwind media tour helping the imperial propaganda machine manufacture support for the latest round of crushing sanctions that have now gone into effect against the Islamic Republic” – Caitlin Johnstone

FDA Acquiring ‘Fresh’ Aborted Baby Parts to Make Mice With Human Immune Systems – Terence P. Jeffrey

Christian heartland opens window into fight for China’s soul – “The crackdown on Christianity is part of a broader push by Xi to “Sinicize” all the nation’s religions by infusing them with “Chinese characteristics” such as loyalty to the Communist Party. Over the last several months, local governments across the country have shut down hundreds of private Christian “house churches.” ” – Yanan Wang

More Lies About the White Helmets – “When is a terrorist group not a terrorist group? Apparently the answer is that it ceases to be terrorist when it terrorizes someone who is an enemy of the United States.” – Philip Giraldi

The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Leftists vs. Conservatives – Brandon Smith

Antifa Mob Attack Against Black Conservative Woman At Philly Restaurant Ignored By Liberal Media That Was Outraged Over Starbucks Incident – Susan Duclos

War on Dissent in America – “As speech, media and academic freedoms erode in America, all other rights are threatened.” – Stephen Lendman


CNN Jokes About Obvious Truth: US Media Works With Intelligence Community – Caleb Maupin

Gerald Celente Interview (VIDEO) – “My talk with Gerald Celente about truth, freedom of speech, Alex Jones, the human spirit, slavery, corruption, Donald Trump, Julian Assange, Noam Chomsky” – Jason Liosatos Outside The Box

The Crackdown Continues: Twitter Suspends Libertarian Accounts, Including Ron Paul Institute Director – Tyler Durden

The war to destroy Alex Jones, Part One – “Rivers of elite revenge are flowing. THEY are out to get him and drive him into oblivion. He, and his huge website, Infowars, stand as a threat to the empire they are building, where free speech is a thing of the past and only correct speech that supports THEIR objectives is permitted. There are several reasons for this war against Jones and infowars. One is: he rallied untold numbers of “deplorables” and helped elect Donald Trump.” – Jon Rappoport   –    GOOD BREAKDOWN FROM JON!!!!!!!!!!!

Eerie Censorship Precedent: Big Tech Proves Alex Jones’ Motto Correct – Mac Slavo

Elite Closing Down Truth Tellers (VIDEO) with Paul Craig Roberts – Greg Hunter

Apple, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter Subvert the US Constitution, Free Speech, and American Liberty – Paul Craig Roberts

Amazon seems to have quietly stopped recommending Alex Jones products – Cale Guthrie Weissman

Welcome to Bad Faith – “President Trump was in error when he stated recently that “the media is [are] the enemy of the people.” Not quite so. They are the enemy of the truth, and their handling of the Sarah Jeong fiasco proves it.” – James Howard Kunstler

Why Has The Magnitsky Film Been Banned In USA & Europe? – Martin Armstrong

Gold Could Save Your Life – “Gold is up. Way up. I’m not talking about in the US. I’m talking about Venezuela. On July 30, an ounce of gold was going for 211 million bolivars. That’s a 3.1 million percent increase from the beginning of the year.” – Peter Schiff

Observe and Prepare for the Confusion, Panic, & Mayhem of SHTF – Selco

Fmr Education Secretary Admits US Students are Failing Because Education System ‘Runs on Lies’ – “We’re not top 10 in anything,” said a former education secretary who is calling out politicians for creating a public education system that “runs on lies.” – Rachel Blevins

Want To Stop Roundup Spraying? Then Tell Congress To Do Just That – Catherine J. Frompovich

Brazil Court Suspends Glyphosate; What About Doing That, EPA & FDA? – Catherine J. Frompovich

How To Survive A Hurricane (+ The Deadly Aftermath) – Bill White




Proverbs 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.







US doesn’t seek ‘good relations,’ it demands total submission – Nicaraguan president – RT

Trump: Anyone Doing Business With Iran Won’t Be Doing It With US – Sputnik News

US Warmachine Seeks New Pretext in Syria – Tony Cartalucci

This Is the Real, Americanized, Nazi-Dominated Ukraine – Eric Zuesse

The Myth of a Russian Threat – “The canard wore thin long ago. Russia poses no threat to America – not to its political process, national security or anything else, not to any other countries. Claims otherwise are Big Lies – repeated endlessly, manipulating most people to believe what’s clearly untrue. The only “malign influence” in Washington is internal. No foreign threats of any kind exist.” – Stephen Lendman

Will Unapproved Opinions Be Censored Off the Internet? – “You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t value alternative points of view. After all, you could easily click your mouse right now to CNBC, CNN, or the New York Times for conventional news and opinion. The fact that you have the slightest ability to bypass big media’s biased filters makes them and their ideological allies furious.” – Stefan Gleason

Epic Gun Control FAIL: Chicago Is A ‘War Zone’ – Mac Slavo

How the Coming Global State is Being Reached – Jeremiah Johnson

Major tech companies remove Alex Jones for hate, bullying – Barbara Ortutay

Facebook, YouTube, Apple and Spotify ban Alex Jones and Infowars – “This is scary. Regardless of how you feel about Alex Jones this is breaking news happening. Social media giants Facebook and YouTube have put an end to Alex Jones right to free speech and removed all his content” – Erin Elizabeth

Lefties Celebrate Alex Jones Ban – Kurt Nimmo

In A Corporatist System Of Government, Corporate Censorship Is State Censorship – Caitlin Johnstone    – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First They Came For Infowars……. Tomorrow We Will All Be Alex Jones: Independent Media Silenced – They Are Coming For Us All Now – “The Purge Is In Full Swing” – Susan Duclos

Now That Facebook, YouTube And Apple Have Come For Alex Jones, Now They Will Start Coming After The Rest Of Us – Michael Snyder

Stop Complaining and Just Delete Facebook – “Put aside what you think of Alex Jones for a moment. If they can do this to him and not fear the repercussions, they can do it to anybody. This is about power, and these platforms together account for a massive share of content distribution in the U.S.” – Michael Krieger

How to permanently DELETE Your Facebook Account – 2018 Update

Institutionalizing Intolerance: Bullies Win, Freedom Suffers When We Can’t Agree to Disagree – “You see, tolerance cuts both ways. This isn’t an easy pill to swallow, I know, but that’s the way free speech works, especially when it comes to tolerating speech that we hate.” – John W. Whitehead

Forgotten history: US bankers financing US enemies—and why it is important now – Jon Rappoport

VIDEO: Millennials try to explain the First Amendment – Cabot Phillips

Another Way Of Looking At The Pension Crisis, As “ Stealth Mortgage on Your House” – “If your home is your biggest asset but a big part of your equity is secretly claimed by the local government, you don’t really own it. And if you’re counting on a public sector pension and home equity to finance your retirement you might be hit with a double whammy when your pension is cut (despite what the state constitution says, it will be cut one way or another) at the same time your property tax bill soars to protect what’s left of pension benefits” – John Rubino  – GOOD ANALYSIS FROM JOHN!!!!!

Noxious and Toxic Plants To Avoid When Exploring The Wilderness – Part 1 – Bob Rodgers

Heading Toward a Bigger Crisis and the Same People Are Even More Clueless (VIDEO) – “As we approach the 10-year anniversary of the 2008 financial crisis, some things don’t seem a whole lot different” – Peter Schiff

It Just Doesn’t Let Up with Wells Fargo – “A Friday-afternoon-in-August disclosure. Here’s its rap sheet of ongoing official scandals.” – Wolf Richter

Have You Considered Spare Parts for Your Preps? – Erica N.




Job 6:18   The paths of their way are turned aside; they go to nothing, and perish.







Trump says son’s Trump Tower meeting with Russians meant to ‘get information’ on Clinton – ” “This was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics — and it went nowhere,” Trump tweeted.” – Daniella Silva

Can We Say that Putin’s Enemies Are the Enemies of Humanity? – Phil Butler

The ‘Magnitsky Trio’ Pushes for War With Russia With New Sanctions – “If half of what I have come to understand about the Curious Case of Bill Browder is true, then the “Magnitsky Trio” of Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham and Ben Cardin are guilty of espionage, at a minimum. Why? Because they know that Browder’s story about Sergei Magnitsky is a lie.” – Tom Luango

United States Flubs Assassination in Caracas – “Did the US try to assassinate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro? John Bolton, Trump’s veteran neocon national security adviser, told Fox News the US had nothing to do with the explosive drone attack during an appearance in Caracas. Only if you suffer from amnesia or lived under a rock for the last fifteen years would you believe this verified liar and terrorism conspirator.” – Kurt Nimmo

China Launches Personal Attack At “Arrogant, Deceitful” Trump: “We Are Prepared To Fight To The End” – Tyler Durden

Europe Fears Instability as US Reimposes Iran Sanctions – Jason Ditz

UK: Discrimination against Christian Refugees -Judith Bergman

63 shot, 10 dead in Chicago since Friday – “During one two-and-a-half hour-hour period, 25 people were shot in five multi-injury shootings. One paramedic described Saturday evening into Sunday morning as “a war zone.” ” – Diane Pathieu, Michelle Gallardo, Will Jones and John Garcia

The Enemy of the People – “Trump is right about the “mainstream” media” – Justin Raimondo  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!

Sad! Survey Shows Shocking Percentage of Americans Are Unable to Name a Single First Amendment Right – Carlin Becker

There Is No Such Thing As A Moderate Mainstream Centrist – “This is what passes for the American political “center” today. Two mainstream parties, both backed to the hilt by the entirety of corporate media from coast to coast, arguing with each other over who is doing more to help advance cold war aggressions between two nuclear superpowers. They’re not arguing about whether or not the world should be destroyed, they’re arguing over who gets to push the button.” – Caitlin Johnstone

FAKE NEWS exposed: Media attacks Trump over pesticides and GMOs on wildlife refuges, but nobody links to the memo (here’s why) – Mike Adams

Pro-Islamic State media outlet calls for BIOLOGICAL ATTACKS in the West, posters depict San Francisco – Pamela Geller

NEW LEFTIST SOCIALIST ROLE MODEL USED TO HAVE VERY DIFFERENT VIEWS – “I suspect that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez largely parrots whatever views are on her current radar. In college, she drifted into a more sensible academic niche and echoed those views. Then she drifted into activism and parroted their views. As her Firing Line interview made very clear, she doesn’t know anything, can’t explain her views and is just an overgrown teen who got elected to the House.” – Daniel Greenfield

The Terror Of 2008 Is About To Come Back With A Vengeance – Egon von Greyerz

Earth Changes Accelerate: What Is Causing These Record Heatwaves, Massive “Firenadoes”, Giant Dust Storms And Large Earthquakes? – Michael Snyder

As The World Burns, Are We Witnessing Geo-Engineered Genocide By Laser Fire? – “More Evidence Weather Modification Programs Are Wreaking Havoc Upon The Planet” – Stefan Stanford

Rothschild Sold MASSIVE Amounts of U.S. Assets in 2017! But What About 2018? (VIDEO) – The Money GPS

We’ll Pay All Those Future Obligations by Impoverishing Everyone (How to Destroy Our Currency In One Easy Lesson) – Charles Hugh Smith

Did DARPA Just Develop Autonomous Drones To Hunt Humans? – Tyler Durden

Stocked & Regulated: Why Game Will Be Scarce If The SHTF – Salty

Everything You Want (and Need) To Know About Long-Term Canned Food Storage. (Plus 10 Signs To Look For When It’s Spoiled) – Lisa Egan

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.81EUR




Matthew 5:6   Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.



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