The Value of Legal Experts – “Okidoki, let’s take a look. “Abuse of Power”. That’s a very broad stroke, it could mean anything really. “Betrayal of National Security”. What they mean here is Trump delaying military aid to Ukraine. But there is no evidence he did that to get Zelensky to start probing Biden. That’s just a story. Moreover, Obama withheld “lethal aid” to Ukraine for a very long time. Where were the Dems shrieking about national security back then? Trump was the one to reverse that policy. It’s upside down world. “Interference in the conduct of elections”. Really? After Crowdstrike and Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele, you sure you want to make this point?” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – RAUL HAS BEEN ALL OVER THIS WITH SOME GREAT ARTICLES. THIS IS ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Fraught Moment – “What is the Democratic Party today? Well, it’s the cheerleading squad for “seventeen” government agencies that add up to the craftily-labeled “intel community,” a warm-and-fuzzy coalition of snoops, false witnesses, rogue lawfare cadres, seditionists, and bad-faith artists working sedulously to hide their previous misdeeds with ever-fresh ones. They’re the party against free speech, the party against due process of law, the party determined to provoke war with Russia.” – James Howard Kunstler

Pelosi: “Civilization Itself is at Stake” if Trump Wins Re-Election – “Trump Derangement Syndrome goes supernova” – Paul Joseph Watson

Pelosi’s Love is Everyone’s Tragedy – “Nancy Pelosi is a bitch. And in saying that I’m actually being sexist against female dogs, since every one of them I’ve ever met is a higher quality individual than Pelosi. So, my apologies to dogs everywhere. Just when you thought this power-mad harpy couldn’t sink any lower she responds to a simple question from a reporter with the kind of lame, stuttering virtue-signaling that has become her signature move, to attack when confronted with the truth.” – Tom Luango

Queen Pelosi’s Abuse of Power – Daniel John Sobieski

Impeach Trump To Defend The Constitution? Nobody Believes That – “The left doesn’t care for the Constitution. Invoking it to justify impeachment isn’t going to fly.” – Graham J Noble

Schiff Gets Blasted for ‘Gross Abuse of Power’ as Info on How He Got Call Records Is Revealed – Nick Arama

How to Re-Elect Trump in One Easy Lesson – “Radical progressives are up in arms. Ironically, if Trump wins again, they will be the reason.” – Mish

Seems Like Old Times – “Star Democratic witness dusts off neocon rationales for Iraq War to justify US proxy war on Russia” – Rod Dreher

Heartlanders Separate The Heroes From The Zeros Of Impeachment – “The commonsense folk of the heartland can tell the good from the bad.” – Sarah Cowgill

Hillary Casually Drops ‘Russian Asset’ Smear On Bernie Sanders In New Interview – Tyler Durden

Biden Snaps: Former V.P. Has Angry Exchange With 83-year-old in Iowa – “Gorman then said that he’d heard the report about Hunter and Burisma on MSNBC, which fired up Biden again. “You don’t hear that on MSNBC. You do not hear that at all.” “The hell I didn’t,” Gorman shot back.” – James Murphy

Dem Impeachment Disaster Continues, IG Report Drops Bombs, Banks Buying Gold (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Prof. Turley says he’s been slammed by calls for his termination and death threats for being HONEST about impeachment – National Sentinel

Is that you, Bill Clinton? New book says Epstein blackmailed politicians – Monica Showalter

Bottom Falls Out as CNN Ratings Hit 3-Year Low – John Nolte  – EVERYBODY IS SICK OF THEIR “BS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Senile Dotard’: Trump & ‘Rocket Man’ Kim Are Back To Name-Calling As Deadline Looms – Tyler Durden

Bloomberg Unveils Plan for Extreme Gun Control if Elected President -Teresa Mull  – EVEN A PAST DUI COULD KEEP YOU FROM GETTING GUN UNDER HIS PLAN. WHAT’S NEXT, A SPEEDING TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms – Jacob G. Hornberger – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With Virginia The New ‘Canary In The Coal Mine Of Tyranny’, ‘Impeachment’ Is A Distraction From The ‘War Upon You’ – “Republicans & Democrats have no problem joining forces to maintain their stranglehold on power” – Stefan Stanford

The “glue” that makes us all average, normal, and clueless – “Tragic events, crises, threats are designed to capture our minds and hold us in a state of emergency, whether or not such a state is officially declared by our august leaders.” – Jon Rappoport

How to Avoid Civil War: Decentralization, Nullification, Secession – “It’s becoming more and more apparent that the United States will not be going back to “business as usual” after Donald Trump leaves office, and it is easy to imagine that the anti-Trump parties will use their return to power as an opportunity to settle scores against the hated rubes and “deplorables” who dared attempt to oppose their betters in Washington, DC, California, and New York.” – Ryan McMaken

The most EVIL corporations of 2019 – Ethan Huff

Finally a Foreign War Close to Home – ““Fortress America” would be all but confirmed. It has been rumored for quite some time, that Donald Trump is trying to push forward a type of Monroe Doctrine 2.0 that has been dubbed “Fortress America”. One should note that Trump himself does not use this expression but it gets attributed to him, but with US backed regime change (in one form or another) in Bolivia, Brazil, and a hard push in Venezuela we can definitely see there is a tangible desire to focus on South of the Border.” – Tim Kirby

Why Do Western Governments Favor Immigrant-invaders Over Law-abiding Citizens? – Paul Craig Roberts

Trump Was Right Before He Was Wrong: NATO Should Be Obsolete – “This Cold War relic shouldn’t be reconfigured to maintain U.S. domination in Europe, or to mobilize against Russia or China, or to launch new wars in space. It should not be expanded, but disbanded. Seventy years of militarism is more than enough.” – Medea Benjamin

The Feds Don’t Need To Tell You Or Get A Warrant To Collect Your Emails And Phone Records – “In reality, the government can obtain electronic communication records without taking any extraordinary measures. There are very few limitations on this congressional power.” – Leslie McAdoo Gordon

A World With a Billion Cameras Watching You Is Just Around the Corner – “Global numbers to grow almost 30% as higher image quality allows better facial recognition” – Liza Lin and Newley Purnell  – EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE, EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE. I’LL BE WATCHING YOU! ( IN THE PROPHETIC WORDS OF STING )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Ring Went From ‘Shark Tank’ Reject to America’s Scariest Surveillance Company – “Amazon’s Ring started from humble roots as a smart doorbell company called “DoorBot.” Now it’s surveilling the suburbs and partnering with police.” – Caroline Haskins

Artificial Wombs to Make Women Obsolete – #BraveNewWorldNextWeek (VIDEO) – The Corbett Report

TWITTER CENSORSHIP: “SHADOW BANNING” IS WRITTEN INTO THE PLATFORM’S NEW TERMS – “The platform will now intentionally “limit the visibility” of some users. Expect those who dissent from the official narrative to be the ones censored. Critics have accused Twitter of censorship for quite some time now. But this time, it’s official.” – Mac Slavo

Planning Your Escape – Part 2 – JMD

People with cancer may benefit from medical marijuana, so why aren’t oncologists recommending it? – Tracey Watson

Australian Researchers Discover Tropical Weed that ‘Eats’ Glyphosate – Sustainable Pulse

What NOT to Carry in Your EDC Bag If You Want to Avoid Suspicion – Sandra D. Lane

Lethal Force vs. Stopping Power – Jim Cobb

Keeping Warm in the wilderness – 5 Useful tips – Bob Rodgers






Here Is The Main Reason For Today’s Blockbuster Jobs Report – “Warts aside, many are confused what was behind the surprise upside print, and how the payrolls print came 29K jobs more than the highest forecast among 78 economists. The simple answer: a surge in manufacturing workers. As shown in the chart below, 54K manufacturing workers were added in November, the most in over two decades, or since 1998, as a result of about 41K GM striking workers returning to their jobs. That said, the November surge was an offset to the 43K slide in October, so on net, the print was largely a wash between the two months.” – Tyler Durden  – SAY ANYTHING TO KEEP THE STOCK MARKET UP, NOTHING NEW HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Farmers Struggling In Rigged Markets…Trade Deal Unlikely, Won’t Help (VIDEO) with Brian Ochsner – Silver Doctors

What Went Up Came Down and Up and Will Come Down Again -David Haggith

Federal Reserve V.P. Grilled at House Hearing on Hundreds of Billions in Fed Loans to Wall Street – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

World food prices surge in November, lifted by meat, vegetable oils: U.N. FAO – Reuters

Silver’s Criminal Element may be in Dire Straits at the Exchange – J. Johnson

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.54EUR




1 Peter 2:1  Wherefore laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings,






Pelosi Says House Will Draft Articles Of Impeachment Against “King” Trump – Tyler Durden

Trump Target – “There are things you just cannot do. Partisanship, even the semblance of it, when discussing the US Constitution, is certainly one of them. But there we go: in Jerry Nadler’s Judiciary Committee hearings starting today, the Democrats get to pick 3 Constitutional experts, vs just one for the Republicans. There is no bigger no-no. This is not about whether Trump has tried to bribe Ukraine president Zelensky, something the latter has denied quite vehemently multiple times, this is about the Constitution, the document that holds the entire country together, the paper that everyone will cite whenever it appears to favor their views. But which should also be a beacon when those views get blurred. You cannot make the Constitution play second fiddle to party politics. But that’s what just happened.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer   – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Turley Exposes Democrat Hunger Games – “Judiciary Committee presides over constitutional law sideshow.” – Graham J Noble

Matt Gaetz destroys all four law professors who testified at House impeachment inquiry with a simple ‘raise your hand’ question (Video) – “During the Garbage Party’s sham impeachment hearings on Wednesday, in which four liberal law professors testified that President Donald Trump is the worst president in the history of presidents because of all the stuff he’s done wrong — whatever it is — Rep. Matt Gaetz destroyed all of them with a single question.” – National Sentinel

Yesterday’s Impeachment Hearing Was Mind Numbingly Stupid – Bonchie

Evidence The Rabid Swamp Monsters Pushing Impeachment Swallowed The Globalists Totalitarian Agenda Hook, Line And Sinker – “Those Crying ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Were Caught With Their Own Hands In The Ukraine Cookie Jar” – John C. Velisek – US Navy, Retired

Impeachment Counsel Norm Eisen Has Ties to George Soros Cash – Luis Miguel  – FUNNY HOW SOROS’ NAME ALWAYS COMES UP IN THE DIVIDING OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Durham Needs to Bring Indictments – Chris Farrell

Hillary Clinton Crawls Out of Her Hole After Pelosi Directs House Dems to Proceed with Impeachment, ‘No One is Above the Law’ – “Hillary Clinton, who has never paid the price for a life of corruption, crime and pay-to-play schemes had the nerve to lecture Trump that no one is above the law.” – Cristina Laila

‘This Is Exactly What Hillary Tried To Do’ – Critics Slam New Biden Ad For Claiming ‘World Is Laughing’ At Trump – Tyler Durden

Joe Biden Says He Will Refuse to Testify If Called By the Senate in Impeachment Proceedings – Nick Arama   – AND CNN, MSNBC, THE WASHINGTON POST, THE NEW YORK TIMES AND THE REST OF THE TRUMP HATERS WILL BE OKAY WITH THAT AND PROBABLY DEFEND HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hillary Clinton drops biggest hint yet that she’s mulling a 2020 presidential run – Maureen Callahan

Obama on Mount Rushmore: Move Over Guys, Room for One More Con Artist – “Obama’s actual achievements after eight years in office can be counted on the fingers of one hand. So what else did Saint Obama do? For starters, Obama was the first president in US history to be at war for every single day of his eight year presidency. As president, Obama approved military action in seven countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen as well as special operations on a smaller scale all over the globe. Obama exceeded the number of killings by drone carried out by his predecessor George W. Bush. His administration also institutionalized the “profile” killing of individuals on the ground. Obama was the first and only president to spend his Tuesday mornings in meetings with his security staff drawing up “kill lists” that included American citizens who were somewhere overseas and considered dangerous.” – Philip Giraldi  – AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. THANKS TO PHIL FOR SHOWING WHAT A GREAT PRESIDENT OBAMA WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Presidential Aspirant Pompeo’s Big Lies on Latin American Countries – “Reportedly he has 2024 presidential ambitions in mind. The possibility of him as US president should terrify everyone.” – Stephen Lendman

Tucker Carlson Is Right About Wall Street’s Indifference To America – “Right now, the interests of the GOP donor class are being put above the interests of the American people, and easily 90 percent of GOP voters. It’s beyond time for that to change.” – Willis L. Krumholz

The Crisis “Medicare for All” Will Cause – Doug Casey

Pro Tip: Mentally Replace All Uses Of “Conspiracy Theorist” With “Iraq Rememberer” – “The pejorative “conspiracy theory” has been such a useful weapon in inoculating the herd from dissident wrongthink that the propagandists do everything they can to avoid tainting their brand, even if it means refraining from using words for the things that they refer to. This is why the word “collusion” was continuously and uniformly used throughout the entire Russiagate saga, for example. It was a narrative about a secret conspiracy between the highest levels of the US government and the Russian government to subvert the interests of the American people, yet the word “conspiracy” was meticulously replaced with “collusion” by everyone peddling that story.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Cartel Violence Explodes — Has Mexico Finally Lost All Control? – “Mexico’s president snubs Trump’s offer to help.” – Sarah Cowgill

24 Voices That Are Warning America About What Is Coming, And Most Of Them Are Being Censored And Persecuted – Michael Snyder

Project Guardian: Another Big Attack on the Constitution and Liberty (VIDEO) – Tenth Amendment Center

Despite Common Core Promises, U.S. Kids Repeat Poor Performance On Latest Global Test – “On Tuesday, the latest results from a respected international test showed U.S. students making no progress in math or reading in the past 19 years. It’s the latest puncture in Common Core’s inflated promises.” – Joy Pullmann  – COMMON CORE WAS NEVER MEANT TO EDUCATE, IT WAS MEANT TO INDOCTRINATE!!!!!!!!!!!

Neonatal Nurse on Vaccines: We are Destroying an Entire Generation of Children – Brian Shilhavy

Illinois’ unfunded pension liability rises to $137.3 billion – Reuters


Colorado’s “Red Flag” Gun Seizure Law Is A Disaster In The Making – Cam Edwards

Secrets of a Counterintelligence Agent: How to Increase Your Situational Awareness – Graywolf

What I Carry In My Backpack | How Much Is Too Much? – “Many of us tend to over-pack. It’s better to have too much than too little, right? While that may be true to an extent, for efficiency you might carry only what you may need – as opposed to want.” – Ken Jorgustin

Muhammad makes list of 10 most popular baby names in the US for the first time – Fionnuala O’Leary




The Masses Are Being Conditioned To Ignore The Economic Bubble – Brandon Smith

The Lurking Inflation Monster – “Where’s the inflation? The Federal Reserve printed money for nearly a decade, and yet, inflation – as measured by the government – has been “muted.” What gives? But the truth of the matter is, there has been increasing inflation. As the saying goes, this probably isn’t going to end well.” – Peter Schiff

Costs Are Spiraling Out of Control – “And how do we pay for these spiraling out of control costs? By borrowing more, of course.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Dimon’s View Of Economic Reality Is Still Delusional – Lance Roberts

Gold has outperformed the stock market over the last year – Simon Black

Criminal, Astronomically Huge 28,834 Contracts Send Gold Open Interest Back Above 700,000 – “Harvey Organ says they’ve conducted another raid on both gold and silver to try and quell demand. Here are the details…” – Silver Doctors


Me?? I’m Suggesting Physical Silver and Gold in Hand! – “We are in a place in where there is no other way out. Either the US Dollar gets devalued against a host of other fiats, that have already done so against our currency, or we implode because tariffs, and the spread in currencies, have no middle ground, until the end, when all currencies go to zero.” – J. Johnson

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.44EUR




Mark 3:25  And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.







The 10 most important revelations to expect from the Russia probe FISA report – John Solomon

House Dems Release Sham Impeachment Inquiry Report – “Make no mistake. What’s going on is one of the most disturbing political spectacles in US history — one right wing of the one-party state trying to defrock the other wing’s leader for politicized reasons, not legitimate ones. Daily theater in Washington is unrelated to removing Trump from office because the GOP-controlled Senate opposes the scam. What’s happening is all about Dems wanting Trump delegitimized and weakened for winning an election he was supposed to lose.” – Stephen Lendman

Republican bomb-throwers prep impeachment spectacle – “Some of the most colorful GOP lawmakers in Congress serve on the House Judiciary Committee, and they’re ready to aggressively defend Trump.” – Melanie Zanona

ABC: Watch Out for Republican ‘Theatrics’ This Impeachment Inquiry Hearing! – “Minutes before Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee impeachment inquiry hearing began, ABC journalists were already spinning what Republicans would say as nonsense.” – Kristine Marsh   – BUT BE SURE TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE DEMOCRAT’S THEATRICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Constitutional Professor Slams ‘Thin’ Evidence for Impeachment During Judiciary Hearing -Andrew West

So dishonest: One of Nadler’s ‘impeachment witnesses’ called for ousting Trump back in 2017 – “The tomfoolery and BS surrounding the Garbage Party’s so-called “impeachment hearings” set to kick off on Wednesday are already drawing controversy because House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler of New York is every bit stricken with Trump Derangement Syndrome as his colleague Adam Schiff.” – National Sentinel

Biden’s Cringe-Worthy Ramblings – “Dem frontrunner takes his gaffes to another level.” – Graham J Noble

Three Reasons Kamala Harris Crashed – “Her campaign was over-hyped by the media, her record as a prosecutor was unattractive to Democratic primary voters, and Tulsi Gabbard exposed her hypocrisy.” – John Daniel Davidson

Trump calls Trudeau ‘two-faced’ after hot mic catches NATO leaders speaking candidly – “The Canadian premier and others were heard speaking about the president.” – Allan Smith

Trump Suddenly Has No Deadline, Talks Keep Dragin’ On – Mish 

Tucker Vs. Vulture Capitalists – “Watch that 11-minute segment from Tucker Carlson, ripping the spine right out of the back of billionaire hedge fund leader (and major GOP donor) Paul Singer.” – Rod Dreher  – SAW THIS LAST NIGHT. EVEN IF YOU DON’T LIKE TUCKER, THIS IS A MUST WATCH AS HE WAS SPOT ON. KUDOS TO TUCKER ON THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 2020 Internet Trump Takedown Has Begun – “Google Removes Trump Campaign Ads -Can the behemoth succeed where it failed in the 2016 election?” – Jeff Charles

From Russia With Sense: Putin Says ‘Nyet’ to PC Radicals Replacing ‘Mothers’ and ‘Fathers’ – “When it comes to protecting children, families and Russian traditions, Vladimir Putin has few rivals in the developed world. But will Russia be able to holdout forever against the globalists’ ultra-liberal agenda now threatening the planet? Had Peter the Great known what strange ideas would come to fixate the Western mind, perhaps he never would have built his northerly city of St. Petersburg, designed to throw open a ‘window to the West’. Indeed, he most likely would have evacuated the swampland, ditched his Europe-inspired beard tax and retreated inland as far as possible.” – Robert Bridge

Bolivia’s Lithium Is Fair Game in a World Ruled by Spheres of Influence – “The US approach to overthrowing governments in Latin America and the trail of tears and blood it left in its wake will no doubt be highly motivating to the broad masses of Latin Americans who will support the coming Latin American bloc.” – Joaquin Flores

Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Abruptly Quits After ‘Father-Of-The-Year’ Blows Off Child Support Hearing – Tyler Durden

After His Mysterious Death, the Media Scrambles to Get its Story Straight About White Helmets Founder James Le Mesurier – “Almost immediately after Le Mesurier’s alleged plunge to his death, reports began to emerge of tampering and the removal of details about the controversial “private security” operative’s career.” – Vanessa Beeley

Is someone gonna ask the Clintons about all those trips to Epstein’s ‘cowboy village’? – “The press is piling on against the U.K.’s Prince Andrew, who’s been probably credibly accused of participating in “suicide” pervert Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-with-little-girls operations. Yes, it’s wretched and appalling. But it’s also of limited interest, given that Prince Andrew is not even important in the royal succession lineup, and frankly, who cares what some rich overseas princeling is up to? The media sure didn’t, up until now. There’s likely a reason for it — to deflect attention from the growing evidence that Bill, Hillary, and even Chelsea Clinton have had a pretty spectacularly intense association with the very same pervert.” – Monica Showalter

Medical Diagnosis: Confusion – Jon Rappoport

ATF: 423M guns in America, 1.2 per person, 8.1B rounds of ammunition a year – “These figures show the industry that America has a strong desire to continue to purchase firearms for lawful purposes,” – Paul Bedard

Gun Background Checks On Pace For A Record High – Cam Edwards

DHS Wants MANDATORY Photographs of American Citizens – “The Department of Homeland Security is hard at work thinking of ways to make traveling miserable and invasive for the rest of us. And chances are good they aren’t planning to stop with travelers.” – Daisy Luther  – HAD A LINK ABOUT THIS YESTERDAY, AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LAPD Cop Busted on His Own Body Cam Fondling a Dead Woman’s Breasts – ” In one of the strangest and most disgusting cases TFTP has ever reported, an LAPD cop is now under investigation after he was reportedly caught on his own body camera fondling a dead woman’s breasts.” – Matt Agorist

Man allegedly killed by neighbor in dispute over mowing grass – Davey Roach  – THE WORLD HAS GONE BAT-SHIT CRAZY AND IT’S GETTING WORSE ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why You Can’t Stop Clicking (VIDEO) – Truthstream Media

Things You Didn’t Know About Beef Jerky – Amy S




House of cards will tumble down on consumers (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Exchange For Physical? – “Yes, that’s right. In just two calendar years, 4,444,344 contracts have been swapped off of COMEX and, in the CME’s own words, converted into “physical, unallocated accounts”. Now let’s do some math. At 100 ounces per COMEX contract, 4,444,344 contracts equates to 444,434,400 ounces. And 444,434,400 ounces is about 13,820 metric tonnes. Now that, my friend, truly is A LOT of gold. For the sake of comparison, that’s more than the combined holdings of the Unites States, Germany, and Switzerland! It’s also about five times the total annual global mine supply!” – Craig Hemke

Debt Bubble to End All Bubbles (VIDEO) with Michael Snyder – Greg Hunter

In the Midst of the Biggest Wall Street Bailout Since the Financial Crisis, the Fed Presents Alice-in-Wonderland Testimony for Today’s House Hearing – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The Truth Behind The “Repo” Non-QE QE Money Printing – Dave Kranzler

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.47EUR




Jeremiah 30:16   Therefore all they that devour thee shall be devoured; and all thine adversaries, every one of them, shall go into captivity; and they that spoil thee shall be a spoil, and all that prey upon thee will I give for a prey.






Betraying the Constitution: Who Will Protect Us from an Unpatriotic Patriot Act? – “While Congress subjects the nation to its impeachment-flavored brand of bread-and-circus politics, our civil liberties continue to die a slow, painful death by a thousand cuts.” – John W. Whitehead  – A MUST READ FROM JOHN AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barr’s Disagreement With Horowitz Is How It’s Supposed to Work – Sarah Lee

Lisa Page Plays The Victim Card Ahead Of IG Report Release – “Did Page attend victimhood classes with her fellow disgraced FBI associates?” – Graham J Noble

HUGE Institutional Cover-Up! IG Horowitz Brazenly Hides Joint FBI-DoJ-CIA Coup Attempt Against Trump – “What could possibly be more dangerous to the American Republic than when the Inspector General of the Department of Justice works for the bad guys?” – State of the Nation

Judge Jeanine: ‘Obama started the Trump hate’ – “Almost four years into the war on Donald Trump, any mention of Obama’s role in the banana republic tactics has been covered up. The fact that high-ranking Obama-appointed FBI/CIA/intelligence officials have been caught plotting to delegitimize an election and remove President Trump from office makes it a sure bet that Obama, the consummate community organizer, had a tight leash on everything going on in the White House.” – M. Catharine Evans

Pelosi Chooses Climate Change over USMCA Jobs – “Ever notice that climate change conferences are never held in places like Somalia or Bangladesh or perhaps one of those islands that are going to be under water the day after tomorrow? They are always held in places like Copenhagen (2009) or this time in Spain, places where the elites can fly in on private jets, stay in five-star hotels, and explain why they must control every aspect of our lives lest we all die in the next dozen years.” – Daniel John Sobieski

This Is What ‘The Enemies Of America Within’ Don’t Want Us To Know! Mass Murderer Joseph Stalin Would Have Been Proud Of Adam Schiff & ‘The Cabal’ & Their Soviet-Style Coup Attempt – John C. Velisek – US Navy, Retired

Proof America Has Crossed Over Into The Twilight Zone – The ‘Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything The American Public Believes Is False’ – Susan Duclos

Human Rights and Hypocrisy in the White House and Congress – Brian Cloughley

OK Boomer Gibberish – Kurt Nimmo

So What? It’s Time For War – “Could you imagine the Democrats siding with America in a war on Mexican drug cartels? If you can, you’re higher than Hoover Biden at a strip club on a Saturday night. So, in essence, what’s being put forward on the table is that half of America and half of Congress, and perhaps all of it, would choose to be a narco-state with criminal gangs running around not just Mexico but America too cutting off heads, hanging people from bridges and generally being, well, real *******s. Do you really believe the gangs aren’t all over America today? The DOJ says they are.” – Karl Denninger

NATO Ups the Military Ante against China and Russia – Salman Rafi Sheikh

Two Paths Forward with China – The Good and The Bad – Michael Krieger

In Hong Kong, It’s US vs. China Now – “Xi Jinping is no Mikhail Gorbachev. He is not going to let his people go. He is not going to risk a revolution to overturn the Maoist Revolution he has served his entire life.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Germany is the Rotten Heart of Europe – Tom Luango

Pope Francis Declares That Christian Fundamentalists Are “A Scourge” – Michael Snyder

Virginia Dems Aim to Criminalize “Tactical Training.” A Trap for Gun Owners? – “The Founders knew from personal experience that a “well-regulated militia” is key to keeping a nation free from threats foreign and (especially) domestic. Like many big government undertakings that are ostensibly for our own good, anti-paramilitary laws claim to protect us from domestic terrorists while removing our ability to defend ourselves from the people we should really be worried about.” – Luis Miguel

Opening Arguments Begin for First SCOTUS Gun Case in 10 Years – Personal Defense World

Anti-Gun Hysteria Still Surrounds SCOTUS Case – Tom Knighton

KONE To Put Facial Recognition And Alexa Listening Devices In Elevators – “The good old days of elevator music being a minor distraction is about change.” – MassPrivateI

U.S. homeland security proposes face scans for U.S. citizens – Ted Hesson

Why Pomegranate Juice is ‘Roto-Rooter’ for the Arteries – Sayer Ji (Green Med Info)

Planning Your Escape – Part 1 – “The goal of this article is to address that gap and provide some ideas and suggestions for planning on how to get back home if you’re away when a significant event occurs, which I’ll refer to a ‘Return to Base (RTB)’ planning.” – JMD

Stealth Survivalist Christmas Gifts for the Non-Preppers in Your Life – Daisy Luther

9 Outdoor Games Today’s Kids Probably Don’t Know How to Play – Kara Kovalchik




Dow drops 400 points, biggest fall in 2 months, after Trump says he could wait on China deal – Thomas Franck and Fred Imbert

The Naughty List and Grizzly Bears – “Actions have consequences, even if delayed. Uncontrolled spending and massive and unpayable debt lead to nasty inflation, hyperinflation and social unrest. Savings, retirements, corporate profits, and debt paper may crash in a conflagration of hyperinflation. Hard assets will remain. Avoid counter-party risk by owning gold and silver.” – Gary Christianson

4+ Smart Ways To Invest Even If You’re Low On Cash – Bill White

The Path Of Least Resistance For Gold Is Up – Dave Kranzler

Is the Fed’s $3 Trillion in Loans to Trading Houses on Wall Street Legal? – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The Fed’s “Irrational Exuberant” Bull Market – Joseph Carson

Do We Even Need the Fed? (VIDEO) with Economist Edward Stringham – Mike Maharrey

Deutsche Bank Probed Again as Bank’s Need $325B Tonight! (VIDEO) – Bix Weir

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.36EUR




Jeremiah 44:10  They are not humbled even unto this day, neither have they feared, nor walked in my law, nor in my statutes, that I set before you and before your fathers.







SEE YOU ON THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON – “This truly is the battle of this century. Will a small cadre of unelected, unregulated, unaccountable thugs be allowed to use the massive power of the state to rule over the plebs, enriching themselves and their acolytes? Or will the people – US – regain control over the destiny of our country, through whatever means necessary? It is becoming quite clear to me, these evil men will not relinquish their wealth, power and control without a fight requiring a violent response by the deplorables.” – Jim Quinn   – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, look: Lisa Page pops up in public to proclaim her Spygate innocence… just before DoJ IG report comes out – National Sentinel

Lisa Page plays the victim card a week before Horowitz report to be released – Thomas Lifson

New Interview With Lisa Page Can’t Undo IG Horowitz’s 2018 Statements About FBI’s Sketchy ‘Neutral Factfinding’ – Sarah Lee

Death Wish – “The early winter holidays are notorious for giving people the blues, but as the last Thanksgiving leftovers slide into the stockpot, the Democratic Party was put on suicide watch. Is the ghost of Jeffrey Epstein in charge? It’s a little late to call an exorcist. The gun pointed at the Democrats’ head now is a stubby little low-caliber weapon in the person of Jerrold Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, who has only grazed the party’s skull in two previous misfirings. The third time, the old saying goes, may be the charm.” – James Howard Kunstler

Hitler’s War Crimes vs. Those of Churchill & the Americans – Paul Craig Roberts

Could America Survive a Truth Commission? – “A nation that’s no longer capable of naming names and reporting what actually happened richly deserves an economic and political collapse to match its moral collapse.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Bloomberg’s Awful Foreign Policy – Daniel Larison

The Filthy Truth About America’s Fake Position on Afghanistan – Gordon Duff

Nation Abandonment: the Catch Phrase for the 21st Century – Wayne Madsen


ADL, Sacha Baron Cohen, and the Criminalization of Thought – “The FBI has made it crystal clear—if you believe “alternative facts,” especially those concerning Israel and the Jews, you are a domestic terrorist. And since the implementation of the Constitution-negating PATRIOT Act, we know how the state treats suspected terrorists” – Kurt Nimmo

Conservative Media Killing Operation Mockingbird – Lloyd Marcus

FBI Diagnosed With CIA Disease – “An inspector general’s report underscores how the FBI departed from its tradition of professionalism and honesty in pursuit of domestic political influence.” – Angelo Codevilla

Ironic that FBI is warning about Smart TV privacy (VIDEO) – RT America

WATCH French riot police knock down elderly woman… during rally for 80yo who died after getting hit by tear gas grenade – RT

Prince Andrew ‘has kept in constant touch with Jeffrey Epstein ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell via phone and email’ – Lara Keay

Asset Forfeiture and the Destruction of American Liberty – “The Fifth Amendment states in part: “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury…. nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Live in the collective and forget who you are – “We are now told it’s selfish and greedy to promote freedom for the individual. It’s old-fashioned. It’s passe. It’s dangerous. It’s nothing more than a ruse floated by the rich to hold down the poor. If you’re going to fight and fight to win, it helps to know why you’re in the battle, why you’re really in it.” – Jon Rappoport  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FDA amps up Big Pharma protection racket by attacking the CBD industry, claiming natural cannabinoids are “unapproved drugs” even though hemp existed for thousands of years before the FDA was even founded in 1906 – Ethan Huff

New York Vaccine Police State: Proposed Mandatory Gardasil Vaccine to Target Homeschoolers? – Brian Shilhavy

Humans ‘mistake sex robots for real people’ in AI world first – David Rivers

Why The Narwhal Tusk Story Resonates With Americans – “There’s also the fact that Łukasz should never have had to use a narwhal tusk. He or someone else should have been able to be armed with a real weapon, something that could have met the attack and put an end to it. Some in the U.K. are arguing that this proves you don’t need guns. Meanwhile, I’m going to point out that there aren’t a lot of narwhal tusks lying around.” – Tom Knighton

SCOTUS May Soon Blow the Gun Control House Down and Democrats are Already Screaming – Brandon Morse

FBI says Black Friday gun purchase background check numbers are second-largest single day in program history – Sean Walton

What are The Benefits of Doing 50 Sit-Ups a Day – M.D. Creekmore

CYBORG SOLDIER 2050 DEEP DIVE! We Have The Documents! Part 1 (VIDEO) – Jason Bermas

How to Survive a Knife Attack (And 4 Myths That Could Get You Killed) – Graywolf




Betting on a Pair of Deuces – “The West is nearing the end of that run. The debt bubble is the largest in history and is overdue to pop. Continued borrowing in order to stay in the game has allowed the West to remain at the table awhile longer, but the writing is on the wall.” – Jeff Thomas

Is It Finally Time to Load Up on Silver? – Matt Smith

63 Percent Of All U.S. Jobs Created Since 1990 Have Been Low Wage Jobs – Michael Snyder

Can the Fed Can Fight Wealth Inequality? – mISH

The New York Fed Has Some Explaining to Do Over Morgan Stanley’s Unreported Trading Losses – “The Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation was supposed to put an end to the Federal Reserve’s unaccountable bailouts of Wall Street’s trading houses. The Federal Reserve’s mandate is to be a lender-of-last-resort to deposit-taking banks, not trading casinos. And yet, here we are again today dealing with secret trading losses and the Fed’s secret bailouts to unnamed trading houses on Wall Street. Making the situation at Morgan Stanley even more dicey, it owns two Federally-insured deposit taking banks that the U.S. taxpayer is on the hook for. If you’re thinking this is the banking structure from hell, you would be spot on.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.47EUR




Proverbs 17:22  A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.







Empire, Intervention, and the Intentional Sacrifice of U.S. Soldiers – “The Constitution called into existence a limited-government republic. No Pentagon, no CIA, and no NSA. Just a relatively small military force. No foreign military empire, no foreign colonies, and no U.S. military bases in foreign countries. That system lasted for more than a century. By the same token, the original foreign policy of the United States was one of non-intervention in the affairs of other nations. No coups, foreign wars of aggression, foreign aid, state-sponsored assassinations, alliances with foreign regimes, or regime-change operations. That system too lasted about a century.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

The swamp will never honestly investigate the swamp: Imminent IG report will clear the FBI and bury any evidence of a coup against Trump – JD Heyes

Dan Bongino Deconstructs Latest NY Times Attempt to Sterilize IG Report and Makes a Stunning Connection – Elizabeth Vaughn

Nunes: “Phase Two” Of The Impeachment Circus Begins This Week – Sara Carter

‘Telling the truth becomes a crime’: UK & international pundits blast Assange imprisonment – RT

Just call him ‘Fingers’: Creepy Joe Bitin’ is back in action – “YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP. Joe Biden just NIBBLED on his wife’s finger at a campaign stop in Iowa.” – Monica Showalter

Joe Biden Stuns Crowd by Talking about Kids Playing with His Hairy Legs and How Much He Loves Children on His Lap and Roaches… WTH? (VIDEO) – Jim Hoft

World’s Highest Rate of Child Detention Under Obama – “A UN study shows the “U.S. has world’s highest rate of children in detention”. That was under the Obama administration. Unacceptable Headline Of course, such a headline is politically unacceptable. Thus, the UN Withdrew the Study.” – Mish

Obama Takes the Field and Hillary May be Around the Corner – Stephen J. Sniegoski  –  SCARY, BUT POSSIBLE SCENARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Frontrunners That Weren’t: Joe Biden Is Why Buttigieg’s in the Race – “Yet certainly Buttigieg’s role is to be so absolutely about nothing that when Biden gestures in some direction which otherwise would be described as feckless and dull, it’s at least more exciting and popular than Buttigieg. So Buttieg’s real role is that of – now for the irony – the straight man in Biden’s comedy.” – Joaquin Flores

Michael Bloomberg And Tom Steyer: Lots Of Dollars But No Sense – Graham J Noble

The Corruption of Bloomberg News – Jeffrey Lord

Hunter Biden says he’s out of cash – “How long does it take for a politically privileged princeling to blow through a not-so-hard-earned $80,000 a month?” – Monica Showalter

Will The Epstein Story Ever be Fully Told? – Bill Rice, Jr.

“Medicare-for-All”: UK Socialized Medicine Lists Hernia Repair as “Unnecessary Treatment” – “Medicare for All means Medicare for no one. Socialized medicine forces everyone into a rationed system with far fewer options and far more rationing. You end up paying for more in taxes while getting less than you would otherwise. And the benefits keep being cut. Here’s another reminder of that from the UK. One of the models for lefties and medical unions campaigning for socialized medicine in America.” – Daniel Greenfield

OPCW Manufactured A Pretext For War By Suppressing Its Own Scientists’ Research – Moon of Alabama

Mexico Won’t Allow US Military Operations Against Cartels – “Foreign Minister warns drone strikes would violate sovereignty” – Jason Ditz

Why a Second American Revolution Is Necessary for the Entire World – Eric Zuesse

The Secret War in Africa – “The United States and NATO operate the largest military infrastructure in Africa with thirty-four bases (some secret) and thirty new US military or NATO construction projects underway in Africa spanning four countries.” – Steve Brown  – ALWAYS MEDDLING AROUND THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

War and Peace: How Violence is Disrupting the Global Economy – Katie Jones

This Is Why ‘America’ Is A Perfect Example Of The Democrats & Globalists Worst Nightmare: Armed People Make Terrible Slaves! – “Beware, Virginia! Venezuela Is Modern Day Proof That ‘Gun Control’ Precedes Tyranny” – Stefan Stanford

SHOW MERCY FOR ANIMALS – ” Animals being sent to their deaths are given no food, water or, in the depth of winter, heat. It’s time to end this barbarous behavior on land and sea. Animals have the same senses of fear, pain, family bonds and hunger or thirst as we do. The huge animal industry insists, contrary to all evidence, that animals are insensate objects. It’s time for us to set the animals free and accord them their natural rights.” – Eric Margolis

China introduces mandatory face scans for phone users – AFP

Researchers Say 3D Scans Will Reveal Noah’s Ark Is Buried in Turkish Mountains – Robert Jay Watson

Amazon warehouses are ‘cult-like’ sweatshops run by robots: ex-employee – Maureen Donnelly

Thinking BEYOND the Gun: The Life-Saving Importance of Improvised Weapons – Daisy Luther

Why Home Cooked Meals Are A MUST For Your Family’s Physical & Mental Health – Sara Tipton

Make A “Prepper Dinner” Once A Month – “Practice your survival skills. Make a dinner whereby you only use your food preps, your “deep pantry” and/or “long term food storage”. AND DO IT WITH NO ELECTRICITY. Challenge yourself. Don’t just grab an MRE or a Mountain House Pouch.” – Ken Jorgustin



The Year Black Friday Died: Brick-And-Mortar Traffic Slides While Online Spending Soars – Tyler Durden

The Fed’s Answer to the Ghastly Monster of its Creation – MN Gordon

Fed Out of Bailout Bullets (VIDEO) with Rick Ackerman – Greg Hunter

Repo Madness: Up to $300 Billion Per Day As First 42 Day Term Repo Kicks In Going Into 2020! (VIDEO) – Wall Street for Main Street




Proverbs 12:10  A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.



Many a mile to freedom, many a smile to tell
Ask my bluebird to sing you, from the heart of a wishing well
Call all my reindeer to graze here, call all my grain to grow
Then together we flow like the river
Then together we melt like the snow

Many a thought unanswered, many a tale to tell
Ask my bluebird to sing you, from the heart of a wishing well
If you should ask me to give you the reason for life that we know
Then together we flow like the river

And together we melt like the snow

Many a mile to freedom, many a smile to tell
Ask my bluebird to sing you, from the heart of a wishing well
If you should ask me to give you the reason for life that we know
Then together we flow like the river
Then together we melt like the snow

A few more miles to go
Miles to freedom

( Many A Mile To Freedom by Steve Winwood and Anna Capaldi )






The Rush To A Cashless Society Only Serves Globalist Interests – “Over the course of a decade, the masses have been acclimated to the idea of a digital currency system. They are now being acclimated to the idea that physical currencies should be done away with and replaced with the “more efficient” blockchain tech – Death to the dollar, death to the Fed and death to the globalists say activists as they cheer for the new digital landscape! But this is not what is really happening. The death of the dollar and physical cash is only the primer for a new and even more invasive world order.” – Brandon Smith  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRANDON, AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New York Times Defends FBI Before IG Report Release: Don’t Call It Spying! – Clay Waters

Pelosi & The Deep State Panic (VIDEO) – Operation Freedom

Gabbard Derangement Syndrome – “Is there nothing that the embattled elites won’t blame on Russia?” – Tim Black

As Kamala Prepares to say Sayonara, Harris Campaign Blames Gabbard for Spiral – Andrew West

Hillary Clinton Is not just a sore loser, she is a total loser – “We could go through the litany of Hillary Clinton’s failures – Cattlegate, Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, her clumsy and opaque handling of the health care assignment her husband handed her, her tour of duty in the U.S. Senate, or her stint at the State Department,” – Kenneth Eliasberg

Bloomberg’s Train Wreck Campaign – “Entering the race late, skipping the debates, and now ignoring flyover folk? It looks like Mike needs a new campaign chief.” – Sarah Cowgill

Bloomberg: The Billionaire Nothingburger – “The former mayor of New York is a strange creature, and not one the voters will like.” – E. Jeffrey Ludwig

Will Deval Patrick be president? Not if his past scandals have anything to say about it. – James Bovard

If America Crosses The Rubicon Into Socialism, There Will Be No Turning Back So We Best Prepare For Mass Famine, Starvation & Opposing Global Government Tyranny While We Still Can – Stefan Stanford

It’s time to get real about Islamist terror – “Censorship and cowardice have helped radical Islam to flourish. It’s time for a change.” – Brendan O”Neill

A Wicked Cocktail of Corporate Greed, Social Media and Opioids Is Slashing U.S. Life Expectancy Rates – “Following decades of increased life expectancy rates, Americans have been dying earlier for three consecutive years since 2014, turning the elusive quest for the ‘American Dream’ into a real-life nightmare for many. Corporate America must accept some portion of the blame for the looming disaster. Something is killing Americans and researchers have yet to find the culprit. But we can risk some intuitive guesses.” – Robert Bridge

2A Sanctuary Supporters Are Defending Freedom, Not “Sowing Chaos” – Cam Edwards

The Coming Crisis With North Korea – Daniel Larison

US primes NATO to confront Russia, China – M.K.Bhadrakumar

Macron Tells NATO Russia Must Come in from the Cold War – “The big shift here is Macron signaling out that NATO needs to shift its focus away from Russia and China and focus on threat of terrorism. Make no mistake, this speech by Macron is a victory for Russia and, by extension, the world.” – Tom Luango

‘We’re working for the dark side’: Spanish firm accused of spying on Assange by German broadcaster boasted of US intelligence ties – RT

Criminalizing Speech and Press Freedoms in the US and UK – “The persecution of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning is all about waging war on truth-telling, about wanting journalism the way it’s supposed to be silenced, about wanting high crimes of state concealed — about creeping fascist tyranny over peace, equity and justice.” – Stephen Lendman

Angela Merkel Says Freedom Of Speech Must Be Curtailed To Keep Society Free – “Wait, what?” – Paul Joseph Watson

China’s African Swine Fever Now Global Threat – F. William Engdahl

BLACK FRIDAY FREAKOUTS 2019! (VIDEO) – Public Freakout Videos

Black Friday smart TV buyers should take this FBI cybersecurity advice – James Leggate

Bestselling Novelist Who Wrote About Vaccine Industry Deception Found Dead – “Whether or not some formal information will come out to clarify and put to rest the speculations that are spreading on the internet about Jennifer Jaynes’ death remains to be seen. As it is, because of the obvious anti-big pharma slant of her recent book, the mind naturally gravitates towards past tragedies such as the number of holistic doctors defiant of the medical establishment who were being killed mysteriously over a short period of time,” – Richard Enos

Medical Errors Kill Five People Per Minute, 2.6 Million People Every Year – TVR Staff

Genealogical databases are a goldmine for police, but with few rules and little transparency – Paige St. John

How to Build a Bug Out Bag FAST from Unlikely Places – “What would you do if you were out at a tourist attraction or traveling, and suddenly, it looked like things were about to go sideways? For this exercise, we’re going to pretend that for some reason, we don’t have our emergency gear…” – Daisy Luther




Abysmal Black Friday Shows Economic Reality Harder For MSM To Hide, Gold & Silver Benefiting – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Libra: Facebook Wants to Control Your Money – “Facebook – backed by some of the largest banks and corporations on Earth – seek to create a global digital currency and reassert Western dominion over the global economy.” – Tony Cartalucci

Is the US dollar doomed? – Alex Rankine

Competition Dead, Trade Down, Riots Up (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

Unholy Alliance – “Some things can’t be proven, but they can be observed. Correlation is not necessarily causation, but when the evidence keeps mounting so does credulity. And the cumulative evidence increasingly points to an unholy alliance between Donald Trump and the US Federal Reserve with the Fed succumbing to political pressure and delivering Donald Trump what he needs most: A soaring stock market to ward off political problems and to help ensure a 2020 re-election.” – Sven Henrich




Proverbs 29:8     Scornful men bring a city into a snare: but wise men turn away wrath.  








MALL BRAWL Black Friday chaos sweeps the world with fights, stampedes and gun scares at shopping centre – Christy Cooney  – THE IDIOTS ARE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BLACK FRIDAY: WOMEN IN HIJABS FIGHT OVER A VACUUM CLEANER AT WALMART While other shoppers squabble over $1.60 towels. – Paul Joseph Watson

The Turnaround – “with the Thanksgiving shut-down, something began to turn. It was signaled especially in the Left’s chief disinformation organ, The New York Times, with a week-long salvo of lame stories aimed at defusing the Horowitz report, forthcoming on December 9. The Times stories were surely based on leaks from individuals cited in the IG’s report, who were given the opportunity to “review” the briefs against them prior to the coming release. The stories gave off an odor of panic and desperation that signaled a crumbling loss of conviction in the three-year narrative assault on the truth — namely, that the US Intel Community organized a coup to overthrow the improbable President Trump.” – James Howard Kunstler

GOP Salivating, Democrats Trembling Over Senate Trial – “For Republicans bent on revenge, it doesn’t get any better than this.” – Tim Donner

More Suspicious Events in Obama’s White House Connects Schiff’s Suspected Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella to Soros Operatives – Joe Hoft

Tulsi Gabbard: Wake Up And Smell Our $6.4 Trillion Wars – “Meanwhile, her fellow Democrats appear abysmally unconcerned about the human and financial toll.” – Doug Bandow

Tulsi Gabbard Slams Democrats for Calling Trump Supporters ‘Deplorables’ and Refusing to Go on Fox News – Cassandra Fairbanks

Why Michelle Obama may jump into the race – “Not just the weak Dem field. The Democrats have a new and powerful reason to lean on Michelle Obama to run.” – Peter Skurkiss

Douma Looks Increasingly Like a Staged Chemical Attack by the West – Martin Jay

Understand The OPCW Scandal In Seven Minutes – “One of the annoying things about continuing to write about the OPCW/Douma scandal in the near-total absence of mainstream media coverage is the fact that it’s difficult for a new reader to just jump in on this developing story without having followed it from the beginning” – Caitlin Johnstone

Syria is not the Only Country where the US is Occupying Oil Fields – Vladimir Platov

A Terrorist Designation For Cartels Is A Bad Idea – Daniel Larison

As Heroes Like Assange Rot in Prison, Trump is Pardoning War Criminals Left and Right – Matt Agorist

A China Trade Deal Just Finalizes the Divorce – Charles Hugh Smith

President Trump Signing 2 Hong Kong Bills Today Kills Last Chance of A China Trade Deal? (VIDEO) – Wall Street for Main Street

Mother of Joe Biden’s Latest Grandson is a Stripper – “Just when you thought that Hunter Biden’s issues couldn’t get any worse, here come the newest revelations about the worst member of the Biden clan. A title that it takes some work to earn. And Hunter is working hard to earn it.” – Daniel Greenfield

The Real Barack Obama Has Finally Revealed Himself – “Since 2016, his major concern has been to preserve a legacy whose progressive bona fides are increasingly threatened by the genuine radicalism of those to his left – and to use the vast power and influence at his disposal to stand in their way.” – Luke Savage

How the Epstein Saga Connects to Almost Every Aspect of the Worldwide Conspiracy – “The Epstein Saga has Seemingly Endless NWO Themes and Connections. The Epstein saga is a microcosm of the NWO macrocosm. It is a window in to a dark world which has always existed.” – Makia Freeman  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM MAKIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ex Chief Adviser For A UN Children’s Program Has Been Convicted & Jailed For Pedophilia – “Elite level pedophilia is a reality the world is starting to wake up to more. People in positions of power, especially ones that make major decisions about or world, may be involved in not just the abuse of children, but ritual abuse and murder.” – Arjun Walia

The Political Promise Tax Act – “The latest insanity is out of Bloomberg, continuing one of the most-sordid candidate games in the modern era. It’s not just politicians who do this. Warren Buffet has famously called for Congress to raise his taxes; indeed, it is one of the infamous scolds of various wealthy people from time to time. The problem of course is that exactly zero of them have ever voluntarily paid said amounts — yet Treasury will happily take however much money you wish to give them. Their pronouncements are thus not “I deserve to be taxed more for the common good” because if that was what any of these cocksucking pieces of **** actually believed they’d have long since been stroking the checks. No, their actual speech is I want to tax you and, if it happens to get me too, well, I’ll try to get around it but if I can’t then I guess I’ll begrudgingly pay so long as you get ruined by it at the same time.” – Karl Denninger

The Traitorous CIA’s Role In The Attempted Overthrow Of America Goes Back DECADES Using One False Flag After Another & Their Total Infiltration By America-Hating Communists & Muslims – “US Intelligence Agency Traitors Have Long Tortured & Murdered Americans With Impunity” – William B. Stoecker

Stockholm: 51 Per Cent of Women Feel Unsafe Going Out at Night – “Cultural enrichment intensifies.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Anti-gun Dems in Virginia have awakened a ‘sleeping giant’ as scores of counties declare themselves ‘Second Amendment sanctuaries’ – National Sentinel

ABC Broadcasts Pop Music From Hell – “ABC aired The American Music Awards on Sunday, Nov. 24, and the big surprise was that none of the featured pop stars launched into a political diatribe about the horrors of the Trump era. The shock factor was reserved for one of the most vicious assaults on God ever projected by Hollywood.” – Brent Bozell and Tim Graham

– ALL PART OF THE LUCIFERIAN AGENDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Tech is now banning ALL “unauthorized comments” about vaccines, including vaccine ingredients, side effects, autism, etc. – censorship is about way more than just politics! – Ethan Huff

U.S. Tech Companies Prop Up China’s Vast Surveillance Network – “Intel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and others aided and profited from China’s multibillion-dollar surveillance industry, used in its Muslim crackdown” – Liza Lin and Josh Chin

The Cancer Within Modern Medicine Part 4: Manipulation of the Minds – Corey Lynn  – GREAT SERIES OF ARTICLES FROM COREY, THE OTHER PARTS HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

72 Items That Will Disappear First When The SHTF – MD Creekmore




US Consumers Abandon Brick And Mortar, Spend Money Online As Black Friday Begins – Tyler Durden

The Fed Detests Free Markets – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

We Are on the Brink of the Second Great Depression – John Mauldin

America’s trade policy will end up destroying the dollar – “Together with Russia, the other BRICS members and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation as well as her trade counterparties in sub-Saharan Africa, China’s policies for trade settlement without the dollar will affect more than half the world’s population.” – Alasdair Macleod

Hidden Failure of SIFI Banks – “Consider Deutsche Bank which has derivatives in USD-Gold, in the Petro-Dollar, and in Interest Rate Swaps, with a tremendous book of loans to the Southern Europe PIGS nations. The big venerable bank is broken, bankrupt, and worth zero. Imagine all the help they receive from the USFed and the Euro Central Bank. The panic that ensues when this fact is better comprehended will be a massive global rush into Gold, followed by central banks stockpiling Gold in their reserves, then finally a ten-fold rise in the Gold price past $10,000 per oz.” – Jim Willie  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mystery Buyer Makes Huge Options Bet on Gold Hitting $4000 – Mish

Inevitable For Hunt Brothers Silver Trade to Be Repeated (VIDEO) with Nick Giambruno – Silver Bullion TV

How Inflation, Prudence, and Fundamentals Are Setting Up Gold to Soar – Dave Forest

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.56EUR




Proverbs 4:7  Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.






I’m Grateful to Have LESS This Thanksgiving – Daisy Luther

Turkeys In The Swamp – “It’s Turkey Day, and that means it’s time to round up all the wild birds roaming around the Swamp. Grab your gloves and a sturdy pair of boots; it’s going to get rough out there. This year, the D.C. fowl are in abundance, pecking and gobbling their way through the chicken coops, looking for any little scrap they can use for fodder. As we weave our way through the mighty mass of feathered flock, shooing the young chicks aside while the more experienced birds suffer from delusions of grandeur, a few toms and hens stand out. While we sit around the dinner table with family and friends, giving our thanks and stuffing our bellies, let’s take a moment to recognize the biggest turkeys in the Swamp. – Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Fauxcahontas, and Joe Biden” – Kelli Ballard

Jeremy Corbyn Hates All Jews – “For political, but, much more, monetary reasons, the media makes their mark, and therefore Jeremy Corbyn hates Jews, Julian Assange is an unwashed rapist and Donald Trump is Putin’s handpuppet. And if you object, you’re a suspect human being. In order to make money, and retain or gain power, the media and intelligence services, along with the political powers friendly to them, inject opinions into the populace. How Orwellian do you want it? My personal opinion is that Assange has far too little support, and that worries me a lot every single day, while Corbyn and Trump just drown in social media and MSM nonsense. The problem is, that nonsense poses as truth today.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Trump Accused of Fraud With Two Sets of Books – Mish

Crack, strippers, and lucrative Chicom crony capitalist deals: Hunter Biden is a walking security risk – “A lot of people think that Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden shouldn’t be judged by the actions of his wayward son, Hunter Biden. Biden, after all, was drummed out of the Navy for cocaine use, made a lot of questionable overseas business deals when his father was vice president, and most recently was found to have fathered an out of wedlock child in Arkansas while dating his deceased brother’s wife. Irrelevant to Joe, Joe’s on the up and up. Pay no attention to the evidence of some very skeezy parenting skills and weird family values. After all, every family as a black sheep, right?” – Monica Showalter

Facebook/Snapchat Is Down For Millions: Millennials Panic As They Face Thanksgiving ‘Alone’ – Tyler Durden  – OH MY GOSH, PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO ACTUALLY SOCIALIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CNN’S “Token Latina” lashing out in frustration over Trump’s rising black approval ratings (VIDEO) – Conservative Resurgence

Bloomberg: U.S. needs more immigrants – Jonathan J. Cooper

Attacking The Source: The Establishment Loyalist’s Favorite Online Tactic – “The mass hysteria about “fake news” and “Russian propaganda” has left consumers of mainstream media with the unquestioned assumption that if they ever so much as glance at an RT article their faces will begin to melt like that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. They’ve been trained to believe that it’s perfectly logical and acceptable to simply shriek “propaganda!” at a rational argument or well-sourced article which invalidates their position, or even to proactively go around calling people Russian agents who dissent from mainstream western power-serving narratives.” – Caitlin Johnstone

America Owes its Freedom to one Man, Bashar al Assad – “We begin with a rash statement or is it? As the Democratic Party in the US self-destructs, with 3rd rate candidates turning on one another like ravening rats, one candidate stands above the others, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii.” – Gordon Duff

Iran May Be the Only Winner in Iraq – Philip Giraldi

Bolivian Coup and Indian Wars on Thanksgiving – “Apt it is, in a heinous way, that as the United States celebrates its annual Thanksgiving Day this week, the indigenous people of Bolivia are being slaughtered by a US-backed coup unfolding in the Andean nation. When former President Evo Morales was threatened out of office on November 10 by orchestrated, massive street violence, US President Donald Trump hailed it “a great day for democracy”. What Trump meant was “a great day for plutocracy”. The new regime in Laz Paz is the colonial-descendant, ruling class back in power, rolling back the gains made after 14 years of progressive socialism and democracy for the indigenous majority of Bolivians.” – Finian Cunningham

China accuses US of ‘sinister intentions’ after Trump signs bills supporting Hong Kong protesters – Grace Shao, Christine Wang and Evelyn Cheng

Amazon Ring Doorbell Camera to Build Watchlist of “Suspicious” Neighbors for Police – John Vibes

5G, Smart Street Lights, Face Recognition, and Door Bell Cameras, Oh My! (VIDEO) – The Conscious Resistance

Rutgers Prof Calls Second Amendment Supporters “A Death Cult” -Tom Knighton

Why a Wealth Tax Can’t Solve Our Problems – “The unforeseen consequences of a wealth tax would inevitably come back to haunt the American people. Progressive politicians have made a habit of proposing costly new government programs. By costly, I am referring to programs that are estimated to cost tens of trillions of dollars. Some time ago, these figures were unthinkable, but today they are thrown around as if money grows on trees.” – Mitchell Nemeth

“RED” ALERT!!! Food Is the Weapon of Choice for All Communists: Treat This Thanksgiving As If It’s the Last – Dave Hodges

7 Essential Steps To Survive The First Week After SHTF – Bob Rodgers




The Bank Pyramid Scheme | Inching Closer To Toppling? – Ken Jorgustin

Peak Irony: Fed Paper Admits Fed Policy Can Lead to Economic Ruin – Michael Maharrey 

Gold and Silver Moonshot, Bank Failures, QE to Infinity (VIDEO) with Jim Willie – Arcadia Economics

Physical Silver Market Continues to Tighten (VIDEO) – “A couple million more reasons to be bullish on precious metals” – Silver Fortune

Preparing for the Coming Storm: Poland Repatriates 100 Tonnes of Gold from Bank of England – Nathan McDonald

Is ANOTHER Electronic BANK RUN at Hand? (VIDEO) with Lynette Zang – SGT Report

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.61EUR




Psalm 75:1  Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks, unto thee do we give thanks: for that thy name is near thy wondrous works declare.







Ukraine, Trump, Biden — The Real Story Behind ‘Ukrainegate’ – “One cannot even begin accurately to understand the impeachment proceedings against America’s current President Donald Trump (“Ukrainegate”), unless one first knows and understands accurately what the relationships were between Trump and the current Government of Ukraine, and the role that the Obama Administration had played in forming that Government (installing it), and the role that Hunter Biden had been hired to perform for his actual boss at Burisma, Kolomoysky, soon after Obama (via Obama’s agent Victoria Nuland) had installed Ukraine’s new Government.” – Eric Zuesse  – LONG, BUT EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama Admits He Would Speak Up Only To Stop Bernie Sanders Nomination – “a bombshell admission from Politico today exploring Obama’s substantial behind the scenes influence as Democratic kingmaker” – Tyler Durden

Do-Nothing Speaker Pelosi Blows Off All Her Work in DC Will Join Global Warming Summit in Madrid with Greta Thunberg – Jim Hoft

President Trump’s Defense – “How would Noonan or anyone else outside Trump’s circle know whether he does or does not have a defense when the rules of the only body that has pursued the case against him preclude him from offering a defense? In the House impeachment hearings, Trump’s defenders cannot call their own witnesses, cannot confront the whistleblower whose complaint launched the case, cannot challenge hearsay evidence and have it excluded, and cannot probe the motives or possibly illegal behavior of his accusers.” – Robert Gore

Blockbusters Buried In The IG Report On FBI Misuse Of Confidential Sources – “The media has ignored several significant revelations detailed in the FBI report Inspector General Michael Horowitz released last week.” – Margot Cleveland

FBI Mysteriously Uncovers NEW Hillary Clinton Emails – ‘Were the Emails Found on Weiner’s Laptop?’ – Cristina Laila

Steele distributed other dossier reports, including one to an oligarch’s lawyer – John Solomon

The House Will Not Vote On Impeachment. It Will Censure Trump. – Moon of Alabama

Another Schiff Staffer Found With Ties to Burisma-funded Think Tank – Luis Miguel

Leftists show their class, allowing kids to ‘boo’ Melania Trump who was there to help them – Monica Showalter

DHS to Tell States How to Implement REAL ID Requirements – “Constitutionalists will immediately recognize the real problems with REAL ID.” – Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WaPo Prints Blatantly False Article: ‘Barack Obama, Conservative’ – Alicia Luke

Out of Whack: NY Times Sees ‘Moderates’ in Bloomberg, Buttigieg, and…John Kerry – Clay Waters

MSNBC doesn’t try to hide ‘contempt’ towards Gabbard – The Hill

Fake news fury: Media lies about how they lied about Trump’s fake ‘medical emergency’ – National Sentinel

Grand Theft Government With a Tinge of Perversion – “The world is currently mired in massive malfeasance in office by senior government officials, including heads of state and government, who are more interested in personal gain than in government service. Mixed in with financial and political scandals in dozens of nations is the specter of some government officials being involved in illegal sexual activities with underage individuals.” – Wayne Madsen

Gun Sales Surge Amid Fears of Gun Control Proposals From 2020 Democrats – Zachary Stieber

Russia: Friend or Foe? – “There is no reason why the U.S. government must have official enemies or official friends among foreign regimes. All that is necessary to help restore a peaceful and harmonious society to America is (1) to rein in the federal government by restraining it from intervening in the affairs of other countries, and (2) to liberate the private sector of the United States, thereby the American people to interact freely with the people of the world.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

If Trump Designates Cartels As Terrorist Groups, He Should Go To War With Them – John Daniel Davidson

Narrative Managers Faceplant In Hilarious OPCW Scandal Spin Job – “Imperialist propaganda firm Bellingcat has published a response to the ever-expanding OPCW scandal, and it’s got to be seen to be believed. Syria has been the target of what may be the most sophisticated propaganda campaign in history, and Bellingcat has been consistently rallying behind even the most transparently ridiculous tools of this campaign.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Iran’s ‘only crime is we decided not to fold’ – Pepe Escobar

French Farmers Descend on Paris in Fresh Revolt Against Globalist Regulations – “Tractors block roads in protest against agricultural industry being blamed for climate change.” – Paul Joseph Watson

The New York Times’ Long History of Endorsing US-Backed Coups – “The New York Times Editorial Board, it seems, rarely meets a coup backed by the US government that it doesn’t approve of.” – Alan Macleod

Why the Trump Regime Toppled Bolivia’s Evo Morales – “In a word, he wasn’t “our guy” in La Paz, Bolivia’s political capital. He didn’t surrender the sovereign rights of the nation and people to US interests. He was democratically elected and reelected four times, serving from January 22, 2006 until stepping down on November 10 to avoid greater CIA-orchestrated violence, vandalism and chaos. US-installed, unelected, illegitimate, political nobody hardliner Jeanine Anez replaced him — supported by Bolivian military and police junta power.” – Stephen Lendman

Chile simmers after another night of unrest – AFP

Violence erupts again in Colombia ahead of nationwide protests – Sinikka Tarvainen

Thanksgiving – The History The Deep State Does Not Want You To Know (VIDEO) – Operation Freedom

We Can Only Choose One: Our National Economy or Globalization – “The servitude of society to a globalized economy is generating extremes of insecurity, powerlessness and inequality.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Improve transparency with “Private Label” brands – “All supermarkets now have their own “private labels.” Shoprite, Wegmans, ALDI, LIDL, Stop & Shop, Walmart, and every single major food retailer has them. In fact, they have exploded over the past few years alone. (Along with many people’s digestive systems!) The problem is – that “private labels” do not offer any transparency whatsoever. [You have no idea who is really making it!] . You find out who makes this stuff after E.Coli outbreaks!” – NJroute22

Nightmares Are Coming True — Police Using Boston Dynamics Robots as “Observation Devices” – “” – Brandon Morse

US Police Have Quietly Brought a “Terrifying” Robot Dog Into Their Ranks – “The four-legged robot “Spot” resembles a metal dog without a head.” – Elias Marat

Tidal Wave Of Stories Published In November Warning Of ‘The Rise Of Killer Robots’ Proves ‘The Future Is Now’ – “A Permanent System Of Oppression For The Human Race Is Looming” – Stefan Stanford

Rise of the Superbugs: Bacteria Are Outsmarting Humans. Will They Eventually Kill Us All? – Dagny Taggart

Hydroponics: The Good, The Bad, & The Necessary Equipment – “You could realistically grow an entire garden hydroponically in your own home, and with a large enough financial investment, have fresh produce year-round even in cooler climates!” – Sara Tipton

How to Build a Root Cellar – A Correctly Built Root Cellar Is The ‘Secret’ To Refrigeration For Food Without Electricity – Mark Lawrence




Putin Predicting US Dollar Collapse is Serious Warning (VIDEO) with Catherine Austin Fitts – ““What Putin is saying is the dollar is going into a steep decline, and what was interesting about his comment is he said ‘soon.’ . . . If Putin has access to that intelligence, and I don’t, which is saying the dollar could go into a deep decline, we need to take a serious look at it. The dollar is clearly under pressure, and if you look at reserves, the central banks are buying gold and selling dollars, including the Russians and Chinese. ” – Greg Hunter

The Coming Global Financial Reset (VIDEO) – ““The world is full of risks today, and there aren’t a lot of intelligent alternatives. But owning physical gold and silver is one of them.” – Doug Casey” – International Man

That Ain’t The Last Bite! (Or, The Cartel Isn’t Finished Smashing Gold & Silver) – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Gold and the Lender of Last Resort – “Gold and silver are real money. If you paid for groceries with silver coins, or silver backed paper certificates, the banking cartel would not extract their slice from the transaction. Hence gold and silver backing for the currency were eliminated. When gold and silver back the money supply, government must responsibly manage expenses and minimize debt. Big spenders avoid responsibility and detest the discipline of gold.” – Gary Christenson

BANKS NEAR THE END OF THEIR ROPE (VIDEO) with John Rubino – “With civil unrest going global, one seasoned analyst suggests that banks, central banks, and governments may be near the end of their rope, and poised to pivot to a survival strategy.” – Reluctant Preppers

John Mauldin sees an ugly conflict coming soon to the US as their official debt levels become unsustainable and they face a “Great Reset”. Will a better wealth and policy balance rise from the impending shambles? – John Mauldin

South Carolina Legal Tender Act Would Treat Gold and Silver as Money – “Practically speaking, this would allow South Carolina residents to use gold or silver coins to pay taxes and other debts owed to the state. In effect, it would put gold and silver on the same footing as Federal Reserve notes. South Carolina could become the fourth state to recognize gold and silver as legal tender.” – Michael Maharrey

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.67EUR




Isaiah 42:18   Hear, ye deaf; and look, ye blind, that ye may see.