“Outraged” Trump Claims 19,000 Missing Strzok Texts Would Have Exposed Mueller Probe “Hoax” – Tyler Durden

Trump will “Absolutely” Shut Down the Government: OK, So What Will Close? – Mish

BOOM! FBI Agents Lied in 302 Report!… Say They Notified Flynn on “Nature of Interview”… A COMPLETE LIE! – Jim Hoft

Sarah Huckabee Sanders torches criminal Comey after he slams the president, Fox News – J.D. Heyes

Envelopes Delivered, Placeholders Created, Ready For The Plot Twist (VIDEO) – “Flynn is in the spotlight once again, Mueller played his next card and made a move, used ammunition. Trump predicted this before it happened with a tweet. Comey is not cooperating in his second hearing.” – X22 Report

Mass Media’s Russia Hysteria Is Openly Acknowledging The Power Of Propaganda – ” By far the dumbest thing about this story is the implicit suggestion that only Russian propaganda was at play during the 2016 election, and no other propaganda.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hysterical Media Promoted Fake News About Russia – “Major media in America and the West operate as mouthpieces for wealth, power and privilege – betraying their readers and viewers. They consistently feature disinformation, Big Lies and fake news on major issues, especially geopolitical ones, notably anything about Russia. Their rubbish is polar opposite what journalism the way it should be is all about, available only through alternative sources, largely online.” – Stephen Lendman

‘Junk News’: Russia Report Done By Anti-Conservative Academics – Corinne Weaver

Is Cohen Plea Deal to Mueller Part of Effort to Ultimately Impeach President Trump? (VIDEO) – Judicial Watch

Someone please tell Democrats Obamacare is not like car insurance – Jack Hellner

In Defiant Speech, President Xi Declares “No One Can Dictate Reforms To China” – “He reasserted his contention that the country had entered a “new era” under his leadership and was poised for a bigger role in world affairs.” – Tyler Durden

Putin claims Russia’s new weapons have no foreign equivalent – AP

Can America Fight Two Cold Wars at Once? – Patrick J. Buchanan

French Media Caught Doctoring Images of Yellow Vest Protesters for Televised News – Vic Bishop

Say No to Government Grinches and Corporate Scrooges – “What a year. It feels as if government Grinches and corporate Scrooges have been working overtime to drain every last drop of joy, kindness and liberty from the world. Then again, isn’t that struggle to overcome the darkness and find the light within exactly what Christmas—the celebration of a baby born in a manger—is all about? The reminder that we have not been forgotten or forsaken. Glad tidings in the midst of hard times. Goodwill to counter meanness. Innocence in the face of cynicism. Hope in the midst of despair. Comfort to soothe our fears. Peace as an answer to war. Love that conquers hate.” – John W. Whitehead  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The use of false flags to increase power – Martin Armstrong

The 10 Daily Habits of Prepared People – Daisy Luther

Ignored by Media: Families of Citizens Murdered By Illegal Aliens Hold Demonstration at US Southern Border – Cassandra Fairbanks

The stock market is on pace for its worst December since the Great Depression – Michael Sheetz

Stock Market Hangs on Edge of Very Big Cliff – David Haggith

A Million New Jersey Gun Owners Ignore State’s Magazine Ban – Bob Adelmann  – THE ONLY WAY TO BEAT TYRANNY IS TO STAND UP TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Legal Guidance: What to Do As NJ Police Come for Your Gun Magazines – “New Jersey readers if you had not turned in all your standard gun magazines, that hold more than ten (10) rounds, by December 10, 2018, the state of New Jersey has made you a felon. You are now a criminal under the law.” – Ammo Land

NJ State Police Refuse to Rule Out House-to-House Enforcement of High Capacity Magazine Ban – Awr Hawkins

Gun Confiscation Has Begun-What Comes Next? History Speaks Will America Listen? – Dave Hodges

Incoming Communists Ready A Bill That Will CRIMINALIZE Private Gun Sales – Mac Slavo

House Democrats Moving Quick on Federal Background Checks – Personal Defense World

What Would Martial Law Look Like In The United States? – Guest Contributor

Russia Continues Moving Away From Dollar As Banking Sector Incorporates Blockchain – Rory Hall

Individual Preparations Have National Implications – Tom Chatham

An Orwellian Digital Iron Curtain Is Being Built Up Around Us Before Our Eyes: A.I. And The Takeover Of Humanity Require Widespread Systematic Censorship To Silence All Dissent – Stefan Stanford

Who Exactly Mopped up $1.33 Trillion of New US Government Debt over the Past 12 months? “Debt out the wazoo, but someone is still buying it.” – Wolf Richter

It’s official: the Federal Reserve is insolvent – Simon Black

London Begins Testing Facial Recognition In Public Despite Being “Staggeringly Inaccurate” – Nicholas West

Nvidia’s Scary AI Generates Humans That Look 100% Real – Jesus Diaz

Robot to begin patrolling Los Angeles mall – News 4 Staff

Facebook Bug Exposed Millions of Users’ Private Photos, Here’s How to See if You Were Affected – Matt Agorist




Ecclesiastes 7:6-8   For as the crackling of thorns under a pot, so is the laughter of the fool: this also is vanity.  Surely oppression maketh a wise man mad; and a gift destroyeth the heart.  Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.








Trump Slams Fed On Eve Of Rate Decision: “Incredible” Fed Hiking With “World Blowing Up” – Tyler Durden

The Myth of Western Democracy – “How does the West get away with its pretense of being an alliance of great democracies in which government is the servant of the people? Nowhere in the West, except possibly Hungary and Austria, does government serve the people. Who do the Western governments serve? Washington serves Israel, the military/security complex, Wall Street, the big banks, and the fossil fuel corporations. The entirety of the rest of the West serves Washington.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Fatal Over-reach – “Interestingly, The New York Times didn’t even report the story (nor The WashPo, nor CNN, nor MSNBC). Since their “Russia Collusion” narrative is foundering, they can’t tolerate any suggestion that their Avenging Angel of Impeachment, Mr. Mueller, is less than the sanctified plain dealer he affects to be. And if it turns out that Mr. Mueller and his team are disgraced by their apparent bad faith behavior in the Flynn case, what then of all the other cases connected to Mueller one way or another:” – James Howard Kunstler

The Russia Investigations: A Case Still Unproven – Philip Ewing

Time to investigate the investigators? – Elad Hakim

Mueller has ‘destroyed’ evidence in Flynn case and is suppressing other materials – J.D. Heyes

This Should Make Your Blood Boil: Rotten-Robert Mueller And His Gang Of Stasi Terrorists Have Long Used Trickery And Deceit To Terrorize Innocent Americans – “If the US Justice Department under Loretta Lynch and the FBI under crooked cop James Comey had spent as much time, taxpayer money and serious effort investigating the crimes that were continuously being committed by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton against America and the American people as they are now upon President Donald Trump, Obama and Hillary should have both long ago been tried, convicted and executed for treason.” – Stefan Stanford

Who is Peter Comey and Why it Matters – F. William Engdahl

Ron Paul: A 50% correction will spark depression-like conditions that may be ‘worse than 1929’ – Stephanie Landsman

The Canary in the French Mine – Amir Taheri

“Yellow Vests” and the Downward Mobility of the Middle Class – “Capital garners the gains, and labor’s share continues eroding. That’s the story of the 21st century.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Twenty-One Thoughts On The Persecution Of Julian Assange – I write a lot about the plight of Julian Assange for the same reason I write a lot about the Iraq invasion: his persecution, when sincerely examined, exposes undeniable proof that we are ruled by a transnational power establishment which is immoral and dishonest to its core.”” – Caitlin Johnstone

Ukraine’s Putschist Regime Planning Belligerent Provocation Along Russia’s Border – “The US-installed, Nazi-infested, Kiev regime represents militant fascist extremism in Europe’s heartland – supported by Brussels instead of denouncing its illegitimacy and threat to European and world peace. The Obama regime transformed democratic Ukraine into a US vassal state, supported by Trump regime hardliners, using the country as dagger aimed at Russia’s heartland.” – Stephen Lendman

Gun Confiscation Begins in New Jersey – “Which part of “shall not be infringed” does the Third Circuit not understand?” – Daniel John Sobieski

Democrats and Republicans Uniting on Red Flag Gun Laws – “Passing these laws and eliminating our rights to due process is a clear violation of the constitution let alone giving the attorney general the power to fund it with our money. People need to awaken to the fact that Democrats and Republicans are uniting on this issue and in the event any of these laws pass it will be under the guise of bringing the country together to make us all safer.” – David Risselada

Venezuela’s Crisis: What’s Oil Got to Do with It? – Carmen Elena Dorobăț

Wall Street, Banks, and Angry Citizens – “The Inequality Gap on a Planet Growing More Extreme” – Nomi Prins

Google may be blocked in Russia & country is ready to change laws to do it – watchdog – RT

THE VAULTS ARE NEARLY EMPTY (VIDEO) with David Jensen – ” “all hell is breaking loose in the Palladium markets” and as David explains it, the unallocated paper precious metals Ponzi scheme may come unraveled once and for all due to what’s happening at the LBMA right now with Palladium. The NYMEX vaults are down to a mere 18,000 physical ounces and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange is down to just 600 ounces Palladium. This house of cards is collapsing.” – SGT Report

Avoid Supporting These Companies if You Value Your Gun Rights – “Sometimes anti-gun businesses can be tricky to identify” -Teresa Mull

Why Did Google Choose NOW to Remove “Don’t Be Evil” Clause from Its Code of Conduct? – Meadow Clark

Deciding To Implement a Bug out Plan – Why Evacuate? – Bob Rodgers

Newly-Elected M.D. Member Of Congress To Challenge CDC About Fraudulent Vaccine Research & Data – “One newly-elected member of the U. S. House of Representatives is a medical doctor from Tennessee, the former TN State Senator Mark Green, who has vowed to take on the CDC regarding fraudulently-handled data and research about vaccines and Autism.” – Catherine J. Frompovich

No Separation of Satan and State? Satanic “Christmas” Displays Aren’t Progress – “The Land of Lincoln is now more like the land of Satan, because in the Illinois Capitol Rotunda we now “find a nativity scene for Christmas; a menorah for Hanukkah; and, alongside these displays, an arm holding an apple, with a snake coiled around it” – Selwyn Duke

Are We Microchipping Our Way Into Madness, Menstrual Problems, Miscarriages, And Other Maladies – Patricia Burke

You’ll Absolutely Need This Frugal Prep in the Event of a Total Collapse – Jeremiah Johnson

How to Render Lard at Home for Cooking or Baking – Jennifer Poindexter




1 John 2:21  I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth.







‘Unregistered foreign agent’: Clinton Foundation oversight panel hears explosive testimony – RT

Mueller Destroyed Messages From Peter Strzok’s iPhone; OIG Recovers 19,000 New “FBI Lovebird” Texts – Tyler Durden

Mueller Dropping Russia Probe, Says Trump Working for Israel and Saudis – “The real money trail that initially led to Russia has now branched out, it goes to Israel, to Saudi Arabia, to the UAE and even the “Russia trail” may not be a trail at all. It may well be fake. You see, many of those investigated as Russians, always listed as “close to Putin,” are, in actuality, more closely tied to Trump supporters Semion Mogilevich and Felix Sater, listed as Russian crime bosses who are both Israeli citizens with long histories of working with the Mossad.” – Gordon Duff

The Rushed Mueller Investigation Is Already Falling Apart – “The nuts and bolts will come off the clown car, but by then it will have accomplished many of its goals. No matter how dirty it had to play.” – Daniel Greenfield

The Maria Butina Case Is Not About Spying – “Why did U.S. authorities bother to pursue a Russian gun-rights activist for activities they could easily have ignored? The answer should worry you.” – Leonid Bershidsky

Here We Go-> Holder, Dems Lash Out at Texas Judge For Ruling Obamacare Unconstitutional – Demand “Medicare For All” – Cristina Laila

The Empire’s Sea of Woes – “The crazies’ kings, queens, and courtiers face a dwindling inheritance and mounting debt, but spend lavishly to keep up appearances. Falling markets and rioting taxpayers are unwelcome reminders that the money’s running out, leaving behind a stack of IOUs that won’t be paid. The aristocracy wants to offload the pain to the peasantry, but the riots demonstrate that the peasantry has other ideas.” – Robert Gore

‘New World Order’ Wine Pompoured into a Pro-‘Sovereignty’ Rhetorical Bottle – “As Pompeo’s Max-Schachtman-masquerading-as-Pat-Buchanan speech shows, the neocon/Deep State lock remains on a policy that hurtles heedlessly forward towards disaster.” – James George Jatras

How the New Silk Roads are merging into Greater Eurasia – “Russia is keen to push economic integration with parts of Asia and this fits in with China’s Belt and Road Initiative” – Pepe Escobar

Are The “Psychoses” Of The United Nations and French President Macron Revealed? – Catherine J. Frompovich

“United Nations, Your Silence is Getting Worse”: Extremist Persecution of Christians – Raymond Ibrahim

Don’t Laugh : It’s Giving Putin What He Wants – “Russia makes fun of western establishment narratives about it because those narratives are so incredibly easy to make fun of that they are essentially asking for it, and the nerdy way empire loyalists are suddenly crying victim about it is itself more comedy” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Incredibly High Cost Of Illegal Immigration Is Being Used By The Globalists To Bankrupt America: They’ll Stop At Nothing To Destroy Us And Turn Us Into A 3rd World Nation – John C. Velisek

The boogeyman is coming for you… no matter where in the world you are – “I still don’t think it’s right to apply American law worldwide… but what do you expect America to do? It’s not surprising. But the USA’s latest move should disgust anyone with even a distant memory of what freedom was. The USA is the self-declared dictator of the planet. Forget sovereign nations, US law applies worldwide. And they will kidnap and extradite you from New Zealand, London, Canada, or wherever else they can get their hands on you. If they want you, they will get you.” – Simon Black

2019 Trends Forecast – Uprisings and Zombies (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

All (Political) Roads Lead To Massively Higher Government Spending – John Rubino

The Mechanics of Gun Confiscation and Forced Deportation to a FEMA Camp – Dave Hodges

Introducing the Army’s New Deadly Sig Sauer’s M17 and M18 Handguns – Kris Osborn

Top 10 Reasons You Should Own An AR-15 – “Second to the muskets used in our revolutionary and civil wars, the AR-15 may be the most important firearm in American political history.” – Mark Overstreet

“5G: The Most Censored Story Of 2018” – Journalist Masterfully Educates Houston City Council – Arjun Walia

Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that asbestos lurked in its Baby Powder – Reuters

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 15, 2018 (VIDEO) – “No matter how increasingly unnatural our skies become, there is still no official acknowledgment of climate engineering. The National Weather Service last week admitted they had no idea of what they were seeing on their radar screen, is this really the truth? – Dane Wigington

Compounds in pomegranate juice found to trigger cancer cell death – Erin Elizabeth

The CDC Claims the Flu Shot Reduces Mortality in the Elderly. But Where’s the Evidence? – Jeremy R. Hammond

Then They Came for Tumblr: Yes, Tech Totalitarians Can Just Pull the Plug – “the micro-blogging platform Tumblr announced that in one fortnight, on December 17, all “adult content” will be permanently removed from its site.” – Hubert Collins  – IN THIS INSTANCE, IT’S ABOUT PORN. BUT WHAT’S NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Job 27:7  Let mine enemy be as the wicked, and he that riseth up against me as the unrighteous.



I slept and I dreamed of a time long ago
I saw an army of rebels, dancing on air
I dreamed as I slept, I could see the campfires,
A song of the battle, that was born in the flames,
and the rebels were waltzing on air.

I danced with a girl to the tune of a waltz
that was written to be danced on the battlefield
I danced to the tune of a voice of a girl
A voice that called “Stand till we fall
we stand till all the boys fall.”

As we danced came the news that the war was not won
5 armies were coming, with carrige and gun
Through the heart of the camp
swept the news from the front
A cloud crossed the moon, a child cried for food
We knew the war could not be won.

So we danced with a rifle, to the rhythm of the gun
in a glade through the trees i saw my only one
Then the earth seemed to rise hell hot as the sun
The soldiers were dying, there was tune to the sighing.
The song was an old rebel one.

As the smoke of our hopes rose high from the field
My eyes played tricks through the moon and the trees
I slept as I dreamed I saw the army rise
A voice began to call, stand till you fall
The tune was an old rebel one.

( Rebel Waltz by The Clash )






In the Western World Truth Is on Its Deathbed – Paul Craig Roberts

2018: Trump’s year of disruption — and danger ahead – Sebastian Smith

Obama Regime Tried to Undermine Trump Straightaway in Office – “The city is a swamp too deep to drain, reflecting the its corrupt state, too debauched to fix, rigged to serve powerful interests, a cesspool of unaccountable criminality. According to heavily redacted State Department FOIA-obtained documents released by Judicial Watch (JW), the Obama regime “provided Russiagate (witch hunt) documents to multiple senators immediately ahead of Trump’s inauguration” – aiming to undermine him straightaway, likely because he defeated DNC/media darling Hillary. Neither figure is fit to hold any public office, let alone the highest in the land. – Stephen Lendman

Obama Was Hand-Picked, NOT a Natural Born Citizen, Congress Knew and Tried to Protect Him – Dean Garrison

Imagine If Saudi Arabia Was Not A US Ally – “The struggle to dominate the Middle East remains one of the foremost priorities of elite power in this world, and they’re going to do everything they can not to let a few piles of dead children interfere with an important alliance.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!

What Goes Around, Comes Around: Unfolding in Record Time – “Trump knows that he is now fighting for his life, and unfortunately for the Democratic party, he still holds the upper hand, at least in the short term. They have backed him into a corner, and he has no choice but to use every tactic at his disposal. Washington, as a whole is filled with shady dealings and cases of corruption, just waiting to have the curtain pulled back on them, exposing them to the public forever.” – Nathan McDonald


“Unconstitutional Disaster!”: Trump Celebrates After Judge Strikes Down Obamacare – Tyler Durden

“Tens of Thousands” of Police Prepare for Act 5 of Yellow Vest Protests – Joe Jankowski

BUTINA PLEADS GUILTY TO BEFRIENDING THE UNITED STATES – “The Justice Department’s criminal prosecution of 30-year-old Russian Maria Butina, along with the mainstream media’s reporting on the case, gets more comedic with each passing day. Yesterday, Butina pled guilty to the grave federal criminal offense of befriending the United States. What could be more evil and nefarious than that? Imagine the audacity of a Russian trying to make friends with the United States! What could possibly have been going through her mind? Lock her up!” – Jacob G. Hornberger

If The UN Has Their Way, America Will Be Transformed Into Skid Row: 750 Million Adults Want To Leave Their Countries And The USA Is The Most Desired Destination – “The UN’s Global Compact For Migration Means The Death Of Nations” – Stefan Stanford

Dems Change Rules to Make It Easier to Raise Taxes – Tom Hebert

“Purpose Of Convenience”: Hillary Clinton Files New Answers Under Oath about Illegal Email System – “Of course, it wasn’t for convenience. She had access to government email, and email is email. Convenience is not the issue. Hiding what she was doing is the issue.” – Tim Brown

Clinton Charity Not a Charity? Fed $ Trouble and USA Oil Boom (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN – “The walls are closing in on the Clintons, and that’s not “fake news”, it’s a fact. Corey Lynn from joins me to discuss the swamp in Arkansas, home of the Clinton crime family – and many deep state criminals who are being investigated, arrested and sentenced to prison terms.” – SGT Report

George H.W. Bush: The Man Behind the Mask – What a difference living long enough can make to a man’s reputation!”” – Martin Sieff

Criminal Comey jokes about how he set up Michael Flynn, proving he’s just another DC swamp creature – J.D. Heyes

The Flynn Investigation: McCabe’s Personal Retaliation? – Daniel John Sobieski

Jupiter Falters – “After less than two years, France’s youngest President, Emanuel Macron, is on his way to becoming the de facto leader of Europe, while being rejected at home.” – Deena Stryker

In 2019, Scientists Funded by Bill Gates to Spray Particles Into the Sky in First Experiment to Dim the Sun – Matt Agorist  – FIRST EXPERIMENT IS A LITTLE MISLEADING; HOW ABOUT ALL THE UNOFFICIAL SPRAYING THAT HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CNN’s Cuomo says viewers are ‘frustrated’ because he’s ‘too balanced’ – “Cuomo actually believes that viewers think he’s too balanced in his treatment of the administration. He’s not lying – he’s just oblivious to reality. Instead, he has created his own reality where up is down, black is white, and anyone but someone besotted with Trump-hate thinks he’s “too balanced.” ” – Rick Moran

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Examined By Doctors As MSM And Democrats Push Fake News Story On Meeting With Paul Manafort – Aaron Kesel

Personal Bank Accounts in Venezuela Frozen to “Fight Terrorism” – “Controlling a society is not an easy task. It is about controlling food production means, limiting the mobility of people, denying access to everything, allowing basic human rights to be violated by the uniformed corps (very important because these groups have weaponry), and allowing irregular gangs take over resources that, otherwise, they would never be able to have control of. Therefore, they NEED desperately to make people knee, and one of the ways they can do it, is via the control of the circulating money. This is nothing new.” – J. G. Martinez D.

Fed Will Be Blamed, Arrests Will Be Made, Timing Is Everything (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – X22 report

Weapons of War On Our Streets: A Guide to the Militarization of America’s Police –   – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pittsburgh Attempting to Ban Ammunition, Semi-Auto Firearms, and Magazines – Off Grid Survival

Trump’s new HHS department may BAN mandatory vaccinations nationwide and restore health and religious freedom – S.D. Wells

CDC Finally Admits What Anti-Vaxxers Say About The MMR Vaccine – Catherine J. Frompovich

Over 40 percent of Americans say no to flu vaccinations – FOX 5  – PEOPLE ARE FINALLY WAKING UP TO THE DANGERS OF VACCINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Royal Family Implicated Again In A New Court Case About Pedophilia & Sex Slavery – Arjun Walia

The Yield Curve Flattens And Bank Stocks Plunge. Here’s The Connection – And The Prediction – John Rubino

How to Feed a Family for a Month from Your Stockpile – Daisy Luther

Preppers How Much Food is Enough? (Estimates Based on Historical Events) – M. Roberts

“Tool Of Terror”: This Killer Opioid Could Be Used As “Weapon Of Mass Destruction” – Tyler Durden

How To Cache Your Survival Supplies – Bill White

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.78EUR




Isaiah 3:9    The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.






The War Against Globalism – “There have been windows in history when the people have had enough abuse and so rise up in revolt. The American and French revolutions come to mind as does 1848. Perhaps we are experiencing something like that at the present time, a revolt against the pressure to conform to globalist values that have been embraced to their benefit by the elites and the establishment in much of the world.” – Philip Giraldi

RIP George H. W. Bush and the Rest – “I am sure God will decide whether or not dead presidents are worthy or not. Rest in peace, that’s what my Momma told me to say.” – Phil Butler  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Weakened’ May Returns To Brussels As Cabinet Pushes For ‘Doomed’ Vote Before Christmas – “Theresa May is in power. But she’s not in charge.” – Tyler Durden

Soros, inspired by Hitler’s bankers, wants to burden Europe with debt in order to turn it to Africa – gefira

The EU and the warning signs of Fascism – Kit Knightly

Exposed: the Nazi roots of the European Union – “World War 2 continued by other means” – Jon Rappoport

The Trade War Distraction: Huawei And Linchpin Theory – “Trump’s trade war is acting as a perfect distraction from the crisis which the banking establishment has now deliberately triggered.” – Brandon Smith

France in a Nutshell: “The Government Stopped Listening to the People 20 Years Ago” – “The elites’ clever exploitation of politically correct cover stories has enthralled the comatose, uncritical Left, but not those who see their living standards in a free-fall.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Suspicious Strasbourg Shootings – “The Macron regime alone benefits from what happened, its timing suspicious. – Stephen Lendman

Who Does Emmanuel Macron Owe? – President Macron is often presented as a Rothschild Boy. This is true, but secondary. He owes his electoral campaign mostly to Henry Kravis, the boss of one of the world’s largest financial companies, and to NATO – a considerable debt which weighs heavily today on the solution to the Yellow Vests crisis.”” – Thierry Meyssan

Blacking Out the Yellow Vests on Cable News: Corporate Media Doing its Job – Paul Street

Judge in Flynn case demands more documents before passing sentence – Thomas Lifson

I AIN’T GOT NO QUARREL WITH THEM RUSSIANS – “I look at the anti-Russia brouhaha in much the same way. What have them Russians done to me? What have they done to any American? In fact, what have they done to the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA except to deprive them of an official enemy?” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Jeffery Epstein-What Is the Truth? – Dave Hodges

Don’t Underestimate Dumb Voters’ Appetite For Idiot Leftist Politicians – Kurt Schlichter

More UN Chicanery – “So while there is no need to worry that the Global Compact will supersede the U.S. Constitution any time soon, there is legitimate reason for concern that this devious deal will constitute yet another obstacle to citizens of the free world who care about protecting and preserving their countries — but whose elites are dead set on thwarting their will.” – Bruce Bawer

Democrats pleading poverty when it comes to funding Trump’s wall but didn’t bat an eye when Obama paid off the Iranians – J.D. Heyes

How Politicians Are Using Alleged “Restrictions” On The First Amendment To Argue For Restricting The Second Amendment – Tim Brown

China Set to Shock Markets with Low Glyphosate Residue Limits in Food Imports – Sustainable Pulse

“You’re Worth $1 Trillion. Why Do You Need Our $3 Billion?” Angry New Yorkers Confront Amazon Execs at City Council Meeting – “The online retail giant has said its new headquarters in New York will create 25,000 jobs for residents—a claim one protester derided as “smoke and mirrors”” – Julia Conley

Peter Schiff: “The American Standard Of Living…It’s Going To Collapse” – Mac Slavo

California proposes a plan to tax text messages – Heather Kelly

It’s a Buyer’s Market: Why and How to Buy Silver Bullion Now – “Few markets are as depressed – and, as many analysts argue, suppressed – as silver. Prices for the white metal continue to languish in a low-level trading range amidst lackluster demand. The upshot for investors is that they can now obtain silver bullion at both a low spot price and a low premium above spot.” – Stefan Gleason

FBI plans ‘Rapid DNA’ network for quick database checks on arrestees – Tom Jackman

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Searching Travelers’ Devices At An Alarming Rate According To Gov’t Watchdog – Aaron Kesel

How likely is an earthquake in the Midwest, South? The Big One could be coming – Thomas Novelly

The Largest Earthquake In 45 Years Hits Tennessee – Is The “Deep Underground Scar” In The Center Of The United States Awakening? – Michael Snyder

Parents accuse CDC of not reporting children’s deaths from polio-like AFM – ABC

CIA Economic Experts Of A Disaster That Would Make The Great Depression Seem Harmless — How to Prepare for Great Depression In The History – Amy S.

Cannabis Cures Cancer – Dr. Mark Sircus

The Most Valuable Items For Barter After The Collapse – Ken Jorgustin




Proverbs 13:16  Every prudent man dealeth with knowledge: but a fool layeth open his folly.






Mueller’s Investigation is Missing One Thing: A Crime – “If he had something on Trump, we would have been watching impeachment hearings by now.” – Peter Van Buren

Gen. Flynn was set up by FBI, told no lawyer needed when FBI sprang its perjury trap – “Outrageous abuse of a distinguished general. ” – Thomas Lifson

Civil Unrest? Trump Believes ‘The People Would Revolt’ If He Is Impeached – Mac Slavo

Reveal the Congressional Hush Fund Hypocrites – “Which is worse: candidate, businessman, and then still private citizen Donald Trump using his own money to make what Hillary Clinton might call “bimbo eruptions” go away to protect his brand and himself from personal embarrassment, or Congress using taxpayer money in a slush fund to pay off those sexually harassed by sitting officeholders?” – Daniel John Sobieski

Washington Is Changing The World Order Against Its Own Interests – “The United States itself is extremely unsuccessful, but its propaganda still rules the world. The consequence is that, based on its propagandistic success, Washington thinks it still holds the balance of economic and military power. This is a delusion that is leading Washington to nuclear war.” – Paul Craig Roberts

How Democracy Is Losing the World – “We are an unserious nation, engaged in trivial pursuits, in a deadly serious world.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

The Trade War Is Not The Problem With The Global Economy – Dave Kranzler

Politics and Economics in Times of Crisis – “You tell me why Manafort faces years in jail while Rahm Emanuel became mayor of Chicago. But if you’d actually want to explain, I suggest you prepare well, maybe talk to a few lawyers in the process. Washington attracts shady characters like dung beetles to horse shit and honey bees to Mountain Dew, and only a special counsel would ever think of picking them off one by one if he can’t find any of the actual crimes that he was appointed for to find. Cue: Rahm Emanuel.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers To Testify About Tax Crimes, Pay-For-Play – Tyler Durden

Can the ‘Yellow Vests’ Protests Go Global? – Michael Krieger

The Noose Tightens Around the EU’s Neck – Tom Luango

SKIPPY’S BACK | NO ESCAPE | NO DEALS (VIDEO) – “Skippy Podesta is back and Q asks, Coincidence?” – SGT Report

Rolling Stone: Podesta and Friends Think They’ve Defeated Pizzagate – “None of these pedos and Jews and well-connected leftists want to debate anymore. They just shut everything they don’t like down. The media covers up their crimes and insinuates that anyone who doubts the official narrative is insane. Pizzagate is no exception.” – Roy Batty

Republican Rep. Introduced “Minority Report” Gun Confiscation Bill – “Yes, it’s true. It isn’t just Democrats going after your guns, America. Republicans are doing it too, just like Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) warned us earlier this year. The government doesn’t have to prove a crime at all. They just have to lay out a case of subjective claims that the individual is “dangerous” and shouldn’t have a gun.” – Tim Brown

NJ State Police Refuse to Rule Out Door-to-Door Disarmament – Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

Venezuela annual inflation tops 1 million pct in November: Congress – Reuters

Time’s Person of the Year Hypocrisy – “Person of the Year, Nobel prizes, US Presidential Medal of Freedom awards, and other establishment ones most often honor the least deserving – ignoring the most worthy in societies worldwide.” – Stephen Lendman

Times Propaganda I Mean Person Of The Year (VIDEO) – We Are Change

DRAGONFLY: Google Employees Publicly Rebel Against Building a Dystopian New Search Engine – Meadow Clark

Facebook Filed A Patent To Calculate Your Future Location – “The methods described in three Facebook patent applications use your historical location data — and others’ — to figure out where you’ll go next.” – Nicole Nguyen

A Bad Moon Rising – Over Several Markets – Gary Christenson

America Must Immediately Exit These Three Groups In Order to Survive – “NATO. the United Nations, he United Nations and the central banks are working towards the unification pf the planet from a political, economic and culture. There are very specific dangers that globalization holds for America.” – Dave Hodges

What science is confirming about the benefits of CBD oil – Vicki Batts

Magnitude 4.4 Earthquake in Tennessee Felt in Atlanta Metro, Southeast – “The quake appeared to occur along the Eastern Tennessee Seismic Zone, a southwest-to-northeast belt extending from Alabama to far southwest Virginia that is the second-most active quake zone in the central and eastern U.S. behind the more notorious New Madrid zone. ” – Jonathan Erdman

Trend is Clear – Rapid Decline of World Economy (VIDEO) with Egon von Greyerz – Greg Hunter

Rely On Yourself First, Because Being Self Reliant Will Make A Better ‘You’ – Ken Jorgustin

Pedophilia & Child Trafficking: A Shocking Scourge Unveiled – “”If parents have never thought about that ‘actuality’, maybe it’s time to look into what’s been going on for decades, if not centuries, regarding the abuse of children, which is totally offensive to me, but indicative of the ‘power struggles’ that go on within the systems of child trafficking, pedophilia and satanic rituals. – Catherine J. Frompovich

As many as 8 MILLION children are kidnapped and trafficked into sex slavery every year by global pedophile network – of which MANY politicians are members – Ethan Huff

Gold & Global Financial Crisis Redux – “The Systemic Lehman Event has begun. The French riots add a social dash of salt to the table. The political and social ingredients are what the globalist banker cabal cannot control, and will result in major eruptions across the globe. – Jim Willie

Bungee Cords and Their Uses in Off-Grid and Survival Situations – Jeremiah Johnson

US Bank Stocks Spiral Down – “Something’s not right: Banks are heavily exposed to record business debt, as credit quality deteriorates.” – Wolf Richter

Germany Accelerates Plans For Deutsche Bank-Commerzbank Megamerger – Tyler Durden  – AN ACT OF DESPERATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.79EUR




1 Peter 3:12   For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil.






Not So Fast – “The media branch of “the Resistance” wet its pantsuits last Friday when Robert Mueller released sentencing memos on Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, the human keys to the dungeon they would like to toss Mr. Trump into. Over in the House of Representatives, incoming Judiciary Committee chair Jerrold Nadler spooged himself into a rapture as visions of impeachment lap-danced in his head. Their victory orgasms may prove premature.” – James Howard Kunstler

Fired FBI Director James Comey Calls on Americans to “Use Every Breath We Have” to Oust President Trump – Jim Hoft

Trump Turns International Organizations into ‘Neo-Confetti’ – “Trump and his neo-cons have withdrawn from so many international organizations and agreements that his foreign policy has earned a shameful nickname: “the Withdrawal Doctrine.” ” – Wayne Madsen

Sabotage: The Deep State Has Destroyed Trump’s Chances Of A Trade Deal With China, And The Stock Market Is Tanking As A Result – Michael Snyder

Toughness the Only Language US Understands – “Things appear heading inevitably toward global war if their imperial agenda isn’t challenged with toughness. Acting as a US proxy against China, Canada’s arrest of Huawei Technologies’ chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou is one of countless examples of how the US disdainfully and aggressively treats other countries – serving its own interests at their expense. Beijing’s only alternative is to respond with toughness – demanding her immediate release, suspending talks and other dealings with the US until the offense against her, Huawei, and China is reversed.” – Stephen Lendman

The stock market’s severe drop: Normal pullback or an ominous sign? – James F. Peltz

Truth and Free Speech Are Being Taken Away From Us – “Free speech and the ability to speak truth are being shut down. It is happening with the complicity of the print and TV media, the liberal/progressive/left, the US Department of Justice (sic), the law schools and bar associations, Congress, and the federal judiciary.” – Paul Craig Roberts

How Plutocratic Media Keeps Staff Aligned With Establishment Agendas – Caitlin Johnstone

Macron Attempts to Placate Yellow Vest Protesters With Free Money – Mish

Meanwhile In Brexit… Total Chaos – Tyler Durden

A Crisis in the Making: Know Your Rights or You Will Lose Them – “We are approaching critical mass, the point at which all hell breaks loose. The government is pushing us ever closer to a constitutional crisis. What makes the outlook so much bleaker is the utter ignorance of the American people—and those who represent them—about their freedoms, history, and how the government is supposed to operate. More than government corruption and ineptitude, police brutality, terrorism, gun violence, drugs, illegal immigration or any other so-called “danger” that threatens our nation, civic illiteracy may be what finally pushes us over the edge. Unfortunately, the American people have existed in a technology-laden, entertainment-fueled, perpetual state of cluelessness for so long that civic illiteracy has become the new normal for the citizenry.” –

Signs of Coming Collapse: Citizens Worldwide Revolt Against Taxation & Illegal Aliens – Jeremiah Johnson

With The Smell Of War In The Air, Patriots Should Be Prepared To Defend Their Families And America Against Globalist Terrorists! – “The Deep State’s War Upon President Trump And America Ramps Up To Crisis Levels” – Stefan Stanford

WHAT THE FACEBOOK WARS ARE REALLY ABOUT – “Soros and the media’s censorship plot.” – Daniel Greenfield

China Is Data Mining DIRECTLY FROM THE BRAINS of Workers – Meadow Clark

WashPost Blasts Sputnik Radio For … Reporting on Injustices Inside the US – Sputnik News

The ‘America Last’ Express Hurtles On: Saudi Arabia, INF, Ukraine – James George Jatras

Despite Strict Gun Laws, California Firearm Homicides Up 18 Percent – Personal Defense World

Are Weather-Geoengineered Crop Failures Documented In Pennsylvania? – Catherine J. Frompovich

What Do These Jobs Numbers Really Tell Us Anyway? (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff


Your apps know where you were last night, and they’re not keeping it secret – “At least 75 companies receive anonymous, precise location data from apps whose users enable location services to get local news and weather or other information,” – Jennifer Valentino-DeVries, Natasha Singer, Michael H. Keller and Aaron Krolik

Debt, Death, and the US Empire – Antonius Aquinas




Psalm 44:5    Through thee will we push down our enemies: through thy name will we tread them under that rise up against us.







MEDIA DEMAND TRUMP IMPEACHMENT FOLLOWING COHEN SENTENCING FILING [UPDATED] – “MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, Eddie Glaude Jr., and Ali Velshi have all suggested Trump should be impeached. On CNN, Carl Bernstein and Watergate attorney John Dean also called for Trump’s impeachment. The Boston Herald’s Kimberly Atkins is calling for impeachment, too. On MSNBC, host Lawrence O’Donnell said flat out that Trump “must be impeached.” ” – Tom Elliott

Comey Lied – “James Comey is a serial liar and arguably a serial felon who supervised and directed Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page in an organized deep state coup to keep Hillary Clinton out of prison and Donald Trump out of the White House.” – Daniel John Sobieski

The “Punishing Truth” About Donald Trump’s Policies _ Phil Butler

Trump Flies Solo as Perils to Presidency Mount – “The tumult of personnel turnover that’s come to characterize Donald Trump’s administration is suddenly posing a major problem — just as his presidency enters an especially risky phase.” – Kathleen Hunter

IT’S ALL OVER! With AG Nomination Trump Proves Swamp Will NOT Be Drained – State of the Nation

Hey, Mr. Trump! Tear Down That Deep State Wall…..Of Secrecy – “After 22 months in office, however, the truth is patently obvious: The only Swamp that Donald Trump wants to drain is one filled with his political enemies and policy adversaries at any given moment in time. Even then, you have to consult his tweetstorm ledger to know exactly who the swamp creatures de jure actually are.” – David Stockman

Eventually This Had to Happen: France Investigates Russia Over Yellow Vest Riots – Mish

Macron facing a crisis that he created by baiting Trump – Thomas Lifson

The Largest Conspiracy Theory Peddlers Are MSM And The US State Department – Caitlin Johnstone

CLINTON NIGHTMARE! Chief Financial Officer of Clinton Foundation Turns Government Informant on Crime Family – Jim Hoft

It’s Not Over Yet For Hillary Clinton – Approaching Time To ‘Lock Her Up’? While The MSM Slobbers Over ‘Trump-Russia’ Collusion, They Want You To Know Nothing Of These Under-Reported Court Cases And Investigations – Susan Duclos

Futures Tumble After China Summons US Ambassador, Threatens “Further Action” Over Huawei Arrest – Tyler Durden

US Media Whitewash Bush Senior’s Bloody Saudi Legacy – Finian Cunningham

UN Approves Terror, Torpedoes Peace – Bassam Tawil

UN Proposes Repopulation Migration In Global Migration Compact – “When did the united States, virtually all European nations, and possible Japan relinquish authority to the United Nations (UN) to regulate, control or solve any “population” issues – aging, declining or otherwise? What the world’s nations and populations can take from this is the UN is out to destroy the individual culture present in individual nations through inundating more wealthy nations with multiple cultures, causing culture wars, extreme violence inside each nation that could result in a thinning of the world’s European, American, and other wealthy nations’ native populations.” – Suzanne Hamner

ANTIFA Violence Breaks Out at Ottawa Protest Against Global Compact for Migration – “Meanwhile – north of the border my countrymen are finally starting to wake up. These protests were held across the country. The anger against our government is growing on many fronts – immigration is only one issue as the frustration with globalism bubbles continuously to the surface.” – Francis Marion

The French People Feel Screwed – “For the first time in his presidency, Macron is in trouble and Europe and America are looking on.” – David Brown

The Riots in France Are NOT Just About Taxes – Robert Wheeler

Jerome Powell Is Between A Rock And A Hard Place – “Powell’s borne the brunt of President Trump’s recent accusations that the Fed’s hikes are what’s hurting the stock market and threatening the economy.” – Nomi Prins

Central Banks Have Triggered A Global Collapse – Egon von Greyerz

Name One Government Agency That Doesn’t Do The Exact Opposite Of Its Purpose – Joe Jarvis

Wolfgang Halbig has stunning evidence that Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed months before ‘massacre’ – Govt. Slaves

Facebook censors photo that ‘may show violent or graphic content.’ Photo depicts Santa Claus kneeling to honor baby Jesus in manger. – True Pundit

Homeland Security creates exclusive “Platinum” spy on your neighbors cam-share club – MassPrivateI

NIH Swiftly Condemns Gene Editing In China, Silent On The U.S. Fetal Harvesting Market – “U.S. scientists are outraged over gene editing on babies in China, yet silent about the federally expanded market for aborted baby parts here in the United States.” – Grazie Pozo Christie

Self Reliance & Self Sufficiency – What’s The Difference? – Ken Jorgustin

Gerber Prodigy – “I’m always on the lookout for knife bargains and knives to test for our readers. It’s a lot of knife for very little money. I think you’ll really like it.” – Pat Cascio  – I OWN ONE, NICE KNIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Artificial intelligence is creeping up on us—literally – Corinne Purtill

Big Names in Big Data Continue to Harvest Users’ Data, Put Users at Risk – C. Mitchell Shaw




Revelation 11:18    And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.






Trump Claims He is Cleared of Felonies: Democrats Claim Proof of Felonies – Mish

Schiff: Trump may face ‘real prospect of jail time’ – Michael Burke

Trump, Cohen, Impeachment and Indictments – “So now we have the “sentencing memo.”What that memo makes clear is what we’ve all known as Americans for decades, but nobody cares: Everyone in power, especially in DC, breaks the law on a daily basis. They don’t break it a little, they break it a lot and in felony forms. Is anyone surprised by any of this? I’m not even a little surprised. Hell, read this article for some context — it’s the truth, and you know it: ” – Karl Denninger

Drain the Neocon Swamp — Start with Mattis – “Mattis is the perfect deep state agent, conducting bombing campaigns for Israel and globohomo, while refusing to lift a finger to do the very thing he is sworn to do: defend the United States of America.” – Jay Lorenz

Trump Has Been Broken by the Military/Security Complex – “In order to protect himself from the military/security complex, President Trump has abandoned his intention of normalizing relations with Russia. – Paul Craig Roberts

The Donald Undone: Tilting at the Swamp, Succumbing to the Empire – “You can’t build the Empire and drain the Swamp at the same time. That’s because the Swamp is largely the fruit of Empire. And it’s also the reason that the Donald is being rapidly undone.” – David Stockman

Nikki Haley To Be Replaced By Blonde Version Of Nikki Haley – “Nauert is perfectly qualified for the job of UN Ambassador, because all that job requires is being a sociopathic war pig. She’s already been doing that.” – Caitlin Johnstone

WHY ISN’T TRUMP MAKING MEXICO PAY FOR HIS WALL? – “Correct me if I’m wrong but my recollection is that in his campaign for the presidency, President Trump said that he was going to make Mexico pay for his 1900-mile wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. All I see today is Trump and his supporters getting angry over the fact that Congress is, so far, refusing to pay for Trump’s Wall.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Why Russia Won’t Invade the Ukraine, the Baltic Statelets or Anybody Else – The Saker

A People’s History of George H. W. Bush. “Soldier Statesman” or Criminal War Profiteer? – “Exposing Bush family ties with Nazis, Bin Ladens” – Michael Welch, Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Stephen Lendman, and John Buchanan

Poppycock: Death of a Resumé – “As the deaths of McCain and Bush sickeningly demonstrate, the devotion to power wins Washington’s highest honors and accolades. It is the root of evil and it has led the US down the path of debt, destruction, death, and ruin.” – Robert Gore

Beijing Threatens “Severe” Retaliation Against Canada If Huawei CFO Is Not Released – Tyler Durden

Deep State arrests top Chinese telecom exec without telling POTUS Trump as he dines with Xi: Was it a setup? – JD Heyes

Paris cleans up after latest riot; pressure builds on Macron – Angela Charlton

260+ injured & over 1.7k detained across France in latest Yellow Vest chaos (VIDEO) – RT

Macron Regime at War on Social Justice – “Hubris, arrogance, and contempt for ordinary people define him. Macron represents virtually everything just societies abhor. He’s a former Rothschild banker/economy minister, a neoliberal reactionary, an establishment president – hostile to liberte, egalite and fraternite for everyone in France, Europe and everywhere else.” – Stephen Lendman

SECOND FRENCH REVOLUTION: Macron’s Tyrannical Reign Is Finally Over – “EMMANUEL MACRON: A Rothschild Plant Whose Election Was Stolen Morphs Into Humpty Dumpty” – The Millennium Report

OPEC Cuts Deep to Save Cartel – Tom Luango

May Unleashes ‘Project Fear 3.0’ As Brexit Vote Looms: Stockpile Food, Drugs, Prepare For The Worst – Tyler Durden

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 8, 2018 (VIDEO) – “The human race continues to hit the accelerator as we head over the edge of the abyss. The weather-makers are fully utilizing their resources to engineer yet another winter weather event over North America, “Winter Storm Diego”. Are environmental protection provisions being augmented? Or are they being completely gutted? ” – Dane Wigington

This Anti-Gun Bill Would Require the Social Media History and Internet Search History of Prospective Buyers – Daisy Luther

Mother of all white flight to hit NY schools and De Blasio pretends he had nothing to do with it – “If there’s one thing a socialist will never do, it’s admit responsibility for the mess his socialist scheme creates.” – Monica Showalter

They Walk Among Us-They Live Next Door-Many More Are On Their Way-The UN’s Bloodless Coup Against the US – “The United Nations claims to be the defender of human rights. According to their Agenda 2030 “All people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect…” then ask yourself a question, why did the UN just demand that all nations fine, seize the businesses, block internet access and incarcerate ANYONE who criticizes UN Migration policies. So much for the United Nations and their treating people with respect mantra. Free speech is endangered species on this planet. And before I lose my freedom of speech, I best present a quick presentation about how we are being conquered and occupied while I still can. The United Nations is no respecter of freedom of speech.” – Dave Hodges

Stock Market DROPS 550 Points! Deutsche Bank Hits RECORD LOW! FANG Stocks SELL OFF! (VIDEO) – The Money GPS

How Many Americans Has The ‘Deep State’ Murdered Using MKUltra Mind Controlled Shooters In Schools, Concerts And Other Large Events? – “Newly Released Documents Prove MKUltra May Still Be Ongoing Now And Can Work On Large Crowds” – Stefan Stanford

TSA’s Roadmap for Airport Surveillance Moves in a Dangerous Direction – India McKinney

The Agricultural Pesticide Damaging Kids’ Brains – “The chemical Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate pesticide that affects the nervous system of insects by inhibiting acetyl cholinesterase, a key enzyme for neurotransmission. It apparently can have similar effects in children’s brains, especially during gestation, i.e., pregnancy.” – Catherine J. Frompovich

Yet Another Trillion-Dollar Unfunded Liability: WHY California Is Burning – John Rubino

Concealing Your Guns: 7 Ways To Keep Them Safe And Out Of Sight – Off The Grid News

What’s The Best Extreme Cold Weather Clothing? – “A Better Way to Stay Warm:” – Andrew Skousen and Joel Skousen

Stealth Survivalist Christmas Gifts for the Non-Preppers in Your Life – “We all have them. Those people we care about who think we’re nuttier than a bag of pecans for our prepping endeavors. Although they’re doubting Thomases, we still love them and want them to be safe in an emergency.” – Daisy Luther

Why buy gold now? Because I don’t know – Simon Black




Deuteronomy 23:23  That which is gone out of thy lips thou shalt keep and perform; even a freewill offering, according as thou hast vowed unto the Lord thy God, which thou hast promised with thy mouth.



I was born by a river
Rolling past a town
Given no direction
Just told to keep my head down.
As I took my position
A man fired a gun
I was so steeped in tradition
That I could not run.

I was raised by a river
Weaned upon the sky
And in the mirror of the waters
I saw myself learn to cry.
As my tears hit the surface
I saw what had been done.
I gave feet to my freedom
And I did run.

( The River by Dan Fogelberg )






MSM Is Getting Weirder, More Frantic, And More Desperate By The Day – “For two years they have been reaching and leaning all over the place trying to regain control of the narrative like a novice ice skater trying to regain balance, and they are only getting closer to falling.” – Caitlin Johnstone

There Is A World Of Stupid Being Reported On And It Is Getting Worse As Colleges And The Media Deliberately Dumb Down America – Susan Duclos

Five Stories the Media Missed While Obsessing Over the Bush Funeral that Cost Taxpayers $500 MILLION – Matt Agorist

How Big Brother Grips Americans’ Minds to Support Invasions – Eric Zuesse

U.S. prosecutors name Trump in hush payments, detail Russian contacts – Nathan Layne and Brendan Pierson

Feds recommend ‘substantial’ prison time for ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen – Kaja Whitehouse and Bob Fredericks

Trump Regime Revolving Door Changes -Stephen Lendman

Capture the Flag – “A titanic battle between Mr. Trump and his antagonists looms in the political gloaming of the new year. It may not be resolvable by conventional means since the Intel and Justice agencies have been leading a two-year coup-by-subterfuge against the president, with Robert Mueller as the spearhead, leaving a slime-trail of sedition and prosecutorial misconduct that they are now desperately trying to cover up. How then can the corrupted Department of Justice and its stepchild, the FBI, be relied on to adjudicate these unprecedented crimes against themselves?” – James Howard Kunstler

Here’s Why Canada Arrested Chinese CFO for Trump Admin – “Neocon Bolton Behind Arrest of Chinese CFO to Enforce Sanctions on Iran and Sabotage Trade Talks” – State of the Nation

America Under The Globalists Became A Government Of Criminals, By The Criminals And For The Criminals – “As citizens of this ‘banana Republic’, we owe no obedience to its laws, no loyalty to its leaders, and no taxes to its Treasury” – William B Stoecker

Tear gas, mass arrests as new Yellow Vest protests spread in Paris – France 24

‘Yellow vest’ rioters back on the streets but where’s Macron? – Rick Moran

The French Revolt Against The New World Order? – Catherine Frompovich

Clashes as yellow vest protests grow in Belgium, Netherlands – Lorne Cook and Mike Corder

US Consumer Credit Hits All Time High As Credit Card Usage Soars – Tyler Durden

Macron Heralds The End Of The Union – “Merkel was the leader of both Germany and of Europe, and when things got precarious, she chose to let German interests prevail above Italian or Greek ones. That’s the fundamental flaw and failure of the Union in a nutshell.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

U.S. Accused Of “A Declaration Of War” Against China As Stock Market Teeters On The Precipice Of Disaster – Michael Snyder

The Offended Majority – Paul Craig Roberts

The Breakdown of Society in Venezuela Is “something desperate and dangerous” – J.G. Martinez D.

Federal Judge Opens Discovery Into Clinton Email Usage – Judicial Watch

“I Know Where All The Bodies Are Buried”: Clinton Foundation CFO Spills Beans To Investigators – Tyler Durden

What Was In The Mystery Envelopes That Hillary, Biden And Pence Received At Bush’s Funeral? – Michael Snyder

Ocasio-Cortez already threatening to abuse her office before even being sworn-in – Thomas Lifson

Ugly Week for Stocks: Bad Sign that Even the WSJ’s Mega-Effort to Reflate them Fizzled – Wolf Richter

New Nevada Gov. Names Gun Control Among Top Priorities, Other States Follow Suit – Teresa Mull

Trump’s Trade War Dilemma And Gold – Dave Kranzler


Are We in a Recession Already? – Charles Hugh Smith

SPY SECRETS Truth about CIA’s illegal MKUltra mind-control experiments – using drugs, hypnosis and electronic devices- revealed in sensational new documents officials hid for decades – Emma Parry,

A Global Dearth Of Liquidity – Pater Tenebrarum

Is The EMP Issue On The Table Again? – Bill White

8 Creative Reasons Why Every Prepper Needs PVC Pipe – Jeremiah Johnson

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.66EUR   – GOING DOWN> DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Proverbs 25:27     It is not good to eat much honey: so for men to search their own glory is not glory.