Obama would take the COVID vaccine on live television if Fauci assured him it was safe – “There’s no risk here, because if doctors have any sense, they’ll make sure Obama is jabbed with a shot of saltwater, a placebo, masquerading as the real thing. The real thing, the RNA COVID vaccine, poses all sorts of dangers. No RNA technology for a drug or vaccine has ever been approved for public use.” – Jon Rappoport  – GREAT POINT FROM JON ON THE PLACEBO ANGLE!!!!!!!

Jab Me if You Can: How Political Endorsements Defeat Vaccinations – “Enlisting politicians and leaders into the role of product promotion, especially in the field of vaccines, is goggling in its daftness. In the United States, the brand label of the presidential endorsement is hardly glorious.” – Dr. Binoy Kampmark

Down with the New Normal Who wants to live in a nerdy world of no handshakes and no big sweaty crowds?” – Brendan O”Neill

Coronavirus vaccine: Pfizer given protection from legal action by UK government – “Pfizer’s UK boss refuses to explain why the business needs protection from legal action” – Shaun Lintern  – NO NEED TO EXPLAIN, THEY KNOW WHAT THEY WILL BE INJECTING INTO PEOPLE AND THEY DON’T WANT TO BE SUED FOR THE GARBAGE THEY WILL BE PUTTING INTO EVERYONE’S SYSTEM!!!

About Those Vaccine ID Cards… – “Authorities around the world have made it clear that they will do “whatever it takes” to vaccinate their citizenry with one of the first available vaccines. Authoritarian states may mandate universal vaccinations while less authoritarian states will favor a “carrot and stick” approach of offering benefits to the vaccinated and exclusions from employment, education, travel and most of everyday life for those who refuse to be vaccinated. To identify the vaccinated and unvaccinated, many nations are planning to issue ID cards or “vaccine passports.” As an abstraction, this seems straightforward, but if we start digging into the actual operational requirements of this mass ID card issuance and distribution, a number of common-sense issues arise.” Charles Hugh Smith

The Global Guinea Pig: Airlines to Discriminate Based on Your Medical Status – Micha Gartz

Asymptomatic People Do Not Spread COVID-19 – “A study looking at PCR test data from nearly 10 million residents has found not a single one of those who had been in close contact with an asymptomatic individual tested positive. So why are authorities making fear run rampant by testing people who aren’t sick?” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Facebook Bans Anti-Vaccine “Conspiracy Theories” As US Rollout Begins – “It was probably inevitable. Just in time for the vaccine rollout in the US this coming week (as Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel said, inventory has already been loaded on to trucks, and will be en route to destinations across the country as soon as the FDA gives the green light) Facebook said Thursday that it’s “updating its policies around the coronavirus by removing false claims about upcoming vaccines”. The social media giant said it will be monitoring for misinformation that has been debunked by public health experts on both Facebook and Instagram.” – Tyler Durden  – MORE NARRATIVE CONTROL!!!!

Canada’s COVID-19 Strategy is an Assault on the Working Class – Dr Sunetra Gupta and Dr. Martin Kulldorff

Governor wants kids to rat out their parents’ Covid violations – “Are you ready for this week’s absurdity? ” – Sovereign Man

UK Government Voids Quarantine Requirements for “High Value” Travellers – “One set of rules for your corporate and celebrity Lords, another for the disease-spreading peasants” – Marko Marjanović

Are PCR Tests Secret Vaccines? – “Concern is growing that an innovative nanotech device developed at Johns Hopkins University may be used to secretly deliver the COVID19 vaccine to those people who are “vaccine hesitant.” Certainly, the technology is real, but is their any merit to such a claim?” – John O’Sullivan  – INTERESTING THEORY!!!!

Have A Positive Covid Test Result? – “Be sure to ask this question.” – Chris Martenson

That Time the 2018 Flu Killed 20,000 People Inside a Month in the UK Alone and Nobody Noticed – “No face diapers, no martial law” – Anti-Empire




A Hall of Smoke and Mirrors – “If the drawn-out election melodrama were a movie, think: Seven Days in May meets Six Days in October meet Burn After Reading. You get a nice serving of treason in high places with a side-dish of Cuban Missile Crisis end-of-the-world existential angst, and for dessert, a comic fiasco of bumbling government depravity as served up by the Coen Brothers. The Democrats, you understand, are the party of chaos, yet President Trump’s attempt to impose order on the scene has the quality of clown car driving to put out a fire. It’s almost impossible to see through the smoke-and-mirrors of all news media. The captive Left media won’t cover, or even pursue, legitimate news stories that counter its precooked, self-serving narratives, while much of the on the Right seems to emanate from TinFoilHatLand. Fact and emotion corrupt each other until truth itself is cancelled, disgraced, and deplatformed. Meanwhile, authority hides offstage wringing its hands, affecting powerless impartiality.” – James Howard Kunstler  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!

Georgia Gov. Kemp Calls For Signature Audit Following CCTV Footage Of Late-Night Ballot Malarkey – “CCTV footage of Georgia poll workers waiting for observers and news outlets to leave State Farm Arena in Atlanta after calling an end to counting for the night, before pulling out several large suitcases containing ballots from under a table.” – Tyler Durden

The Stench of Bipartisan Cooperation on the Potomac – “Well, here is a picture worth a thousand words. Featured front and center is Mr. Crony Capitalist Never Trumper, Mitt Romney, explaining how another $908 billion of Everything Bailouts – on top of the $3.5 trillion that have gone before – is just the thing to do.” – David Stockman

These Hypocritical Government Officials Want YOU to Stay Home While THEY Go Out and Party – Daisy Luther

“Extremism” as a Ticket to Tyrannize – ““Extremists” are one of the famous bogeymen that American politicians invoke to sanctify their own power. But the definition of “extremism” has forever been in flux. The only consistent element in definitions of extremism is that politicians always win.” – James Bovard

Ignoring the War Risks of Red Lines – “When America did nothing after Obama’s red line was crossed, U.S. credibility suffered. Of late, Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s foreign policy team have both been drawing red lines and warning Iran and China not to cross them or they’d face U.S. military action, even at risk of a wider war.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Don’t Trust the News: Matt Taibbi on Media’s Failure (VIDEO) – “If you feel you can’t trust the news anymore, you have good reason. Award-winning — and newly independent — journalist Matt Taibbi (of “vampire squid” fame) returns to Peak Prosperity to break down for us how the news media industry became corrupted by the profit motive and now intentionally produces content to “entertain” rather than “inform”. The five media behemoths who own more than 90% of all US media outlets (Comcast, Viacom, Disney, Time Warner, Newscorp) have discovered that its much more profitable to focus on discrete audience segments and give them the information they want to hear. Which is why the former approach of “just the facts” reporting to a general audience has practically disappeared. There’s less money in it.” – Peak Prosperity

Tips For Building A Proper Smokehouse – “Once upon a time, every home had a smokehouse out back. Before refrigeration, smoke curing was the only way to safely preserve meat. Besides making the meat last longer, the time it spent inside the smokehouse gave it an extremely pleasing flavor.” – Rhonda Owen




The Unemployment Rate Dramatically Overstates the Strength of the Economy – Mish

Junk Bond Yields Hit Record Low: Most Distorted Markets Ever – “Well, not markets. Fed-managed paper exchange.” – Wolf Richter

OCC Says JPMorgan Chase Has $29.1 Trillion of Custody Assets; That’s $8 Trillion More than the Assets of All Banks in the U.S. – “JPMorgan Chase is the largest bank in the United States. To put the $29.1 trillion into even sharper focus, JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A., according to the FDIC, has a total of just $2.87 trillion of its own assets. But, somehow, it has managed to attract more than 10 times its own assets on a custodian basis. If the idea of numbered Swiss bank accounts is floating around in your brain right now, you can be forgiven.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

EU Banking System Imploding (VIDEO) with Alasdair Macleod – “The banks are bust in the Eurozone, and it’s only a matter of time. He is concerned about the possibility of Central Bank digital currencies and the potential loss of freedom. Central Banks hide what inflation is by relying on some metrics they control. This way, they can inflate the money supply as they wish. They are just impoverishing everyone who is not in government. At some point, they will be forced to back their currencies with gold, or they will become worthless. Any government that relies on printing money to finance it’s deficits will destroy it’s currency.” – Palisades Gold Radio

Why Hasn’t Our Politics Affected Precious Metals? – J. Johnson

Bullish For Gold: Yellen’s Appointment Merges The Treasury With The Fed – Dave Kranzler

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.72EUR




Psalm 37:23  The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.







‘Immunity Cards’ To Be Issued To All Americans; Enable CDC To Track COVID-19 Vaxx Status In Database – “On Wednesday the Department of Defense released the first images of a COVID-19 vaccination record card as well as vaccination kits, according to CNN.” – Tyler Durden – HERE IT COMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First in line for Covid vaccine? Some US health care workers say no – Medical Xpress  – THAT SHOULD TELL YOU ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE VACCINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fauci to have first ‘substantive’ talks with Biden transition team – “I would have liked to have seen us getting involved with the team as early as we possibly can because we want the smooth transition to occur,” Fauci said. “Everyone believes that a smooth transition is certainly better than no transition.” Fauci said he has not yet spoken with Biden, but that he expects to do so in the near future. He said he also expects that the incoming president will want him to continue advising him about the pandemic. “I am almost certain that he’s going to want me to do that, because that’s what I do,” – Steinbuch

Lockdowns are based on fraud: open letter to people who want freedom – Jon Rappoport

A global team of experts has found 10 FATAL FLAWS in the main test for Covid and is demanding it’s urgently axed. As they should – Peter Andrews

Obama, Bush And Clinton Will Get On-Camera Covid-19 Vaccine To Boost Public Confidence As Trump Remains Silent – Robert Hart  – THAT REALLY REASSURES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Covid-19 Vaccines Won’t Save The World – “When 95% Vaccine Effectiveness Is Really Less Than 1%. And Why I Might Opt For A Garlic Clove Over Vaccination” – Bill Sardi

Renowned scientist tells Laura Ingraham the COVID-19 vaccine is ‘downright dangerous’ and will send you ‘to your doom’ – “Please, all of you, sit down and think about this. Read about this and then make up your own mind” – Peter Barry Chowka

UK Minister Warns Brits Could Be Denied Normal Life Without COVID Vaccination – “Perhaps coming as no surprise, both Nadhim Zahawi and Alan Joyce have ties to the World Economic forum, the organization behind the “Great Reset” agenda …” – Joseph Jankowski

Only FOUR hospitals in the whole of England are busier now than last winter: As top medics blast No10 for ‘brainwashing PR campaign’ to scare people into lockdown, use our interactive tool to find out how busy YOUR local trust is – Connor Boyd and Stephen Matthews

Censoring anti-vaxxers would be a terrible own goal – “Science improves when it is put under pressure, even by people who are wrong.” – Radomir Tylecote

Covid 19 Vaccines: Paving The Way For The Surveillance State (VIDEO) – “Like so many other “crises” that preceded it, the Covid-19 “pandemic” has provided fertile territory for the authoritarians who seize any opportunity to destroy freedom and liberty under the false claim of “keeping us safe.” The PATRIOT Act passed after 9/11 was supposed to do the same thing: keep us safe by targeting the terrorists who wanted to kill us. But as we learned from Ed Snowden shortly afterward, it was a lie. The PATRIOT Act was designed to view us as the enemy, to be spied on, tracked, and harassed. The Covid “crisis” and coming vaccine will be the same. Will Americans resist?” – Ron Paul

The List of Politicians Defying Their Own Lockdown Orders Is Extensive and Growing While They All Share the Same Menu Item – “The hypocritical elites are in long supply while our patience for them is running short.” – Brad Slager

ONE IN SIX COVID-19 DEATHS IN VERMONT CAME FROM A SINGLE NURSING HOME – “The deaths occurred weeks after the state settled an investigation into allegations of neglect at a Burlington home owned by Genesis HealthCare.” – Matthew Cunningham-Cook




The Leftist Obsession With Parler Reveals Their Infatuation With Thought Control – “In order to disrupt speech that offends their tender emotions, leftists consistently misapply accusations of racism and hate speech as a tool to silence opposition. Everything is racist, according to these lunatics, therefore everything can be censored if they deem it necessary. And, of course, they have declared THEMSELVES the arbiters of what is racist and what is not, therefore they become the arbiters of who gets to speak and what social platforms are allowed to exist.” – Brandon Smith   – ANOTHER EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM BRANDON!!!!!

The Grand Inevitability of Unavoidable Endings – “At this point, it no longer matters whether President Trump is a real swamp fighter, a naïve dupe, or a symbol of (misplaced?) hope to his supporters. In truth, the tsunamis of trends were formed decades ago in America and have since grown larger than any campaign platform or presidential administration. The Covid pandemic was unleashed by psychopaths who now demand the plebeians to submit for reasons of safety. The irony is ridiculous. And, now, an American presidential election is in the process of being illegally stolen by the same psychopaths who will soon issue despotic edicts on a citizenry expected to acquiesce and obey. This is tyranny.” – Doug “Uncola” Lynn  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM DOUG AS USUAL!!!!

Americans Feel The Crunch as Food Lines Grow – “Food lines on a scale not seen since the Great Depression are springing up across America, and official unemployment rolls suggest 22 million people are out of work, as pandemic restrictions hit small businesses and workforces of all kinds. The much mooted “Dark Winter” of Covid-19 is here, if media reports are to be believed. Medical pundits predicted in this second wave as early as February, suggesting that it was going to be a multi-year pandemic. Their bravado and cynicism seemed premeditated when other factors are taken into consideration: the “viral strain” has yet to be identified specifically and the PCR-led statistics are inherently flawed, given the very high false/positive rates of the test.” – James Fitzgerald  – GOOD ONE FROM JAMES AS WELL. THIS ARTICLE AND DOUG’S ARE GOOD ARTICLES ON THE “BIG PICTURE OF THINGS”!!!!!!!

Obama Is An Asshole, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone – THAT HE IS. BRAVO, CAITLIN! MORE GREAT INSIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Estalishment Relies on its Lies Being More Convincing Than the Truth – Paul; Craig Roberts

Progressives Are No Longer Defenders of Free Expression – “A half-century ago, progressives used to push limitless free expression, blasting conservatives for their allegedly blinkered traditionalism. Now? The left is Victorian — increasingly puritanical, regressive and hypersensitive. Even totalitarian censorship and book-burning have weirdly become part of their by-any-means-necessary methods.” – Victor Davis Hanson

CNN liberal apologists caught burying The Post’s Hunter Biden exposé: – “CNN boss Jeff Zucker is heard instructing his staff to downplay the bombshell story that implicated Joe Biden in a shady foreign influence-peddling scheme, according to audio released Tuesday by undercover news outlet Project Veritas.” – Miranda Devine

Three Tactics of the Neoliberal Order and the Biden/Harris Transition – “The exploitation of identity, the powerlessness of the Sanders left, and the promise of returning to pre-Trump “normalcy”: all driving Democratic decision-making.” – Glenn Greenwald

Scrub-a-dub-dub: Biden appointees attempt to erase their Internet pasts – “Joe Biden, who plays a moderate Democrat on television, has quite a crew of extremists in his cavalcade of appointees in a presumed Biden administration. Now they’re trying to scrub their Internet pasts. Wonder why.” – Monica Showalter

Has Biden Already Caused A Middle Eastern Military Escalation? – “There is reason to believe a Biden presidency would return the Middle East to regional instability.” – Onar Åm

Joe Biden Wants a Huge New Tax on Gun Owners – “Joe Biden’s gun policy platform offers support for almost all conceivable forms of government restrictions on the Second Amendment. This include bans and restrictions on sales, expansion of registration and background checks, expansion of buyback programs and gun-grabbing statutes, and the closing of all sorts of “loopholes.”” – Mark Thornton

No, women are not ‘better’ at politics – “Joe Biden’s all-female comms team looks like a cynical stunt to satisfy the woke.” – Ella Whelan

Trump Lawyers Claim Widespread Election Fraud In Nevada, And They’re About To Have Their Day In Court – “The media have scoffed at what they say are ‘baseless’ claims of election fraud, but in Nevada we’re about to hear evidence in a court of law—finally.” – John Daniel Davidson

Trump Right About Rigged Election 2020 – “The election came at a time when Pew Research (PR) found that most Americans “feel anger (and) fear (about) state of nation.”“Few feel proud,” based on survey results reported on June 30. PR found that 87% of Americans are dissatisfied with “how things are going,” 71% angry “about the state of the country,” 66% fearful. Only 36% of respondents called Trump great or good, 42% calling him poor or terrible. Joe Biden fared worse, only 28% calling him great or good, 43% calling him poor or terrible. Both aspirants for the nation’s highest office were far from the people’s choice, based on the above data.” – Stephen Lendman

A Killing in Iran: Who Gains From Yet Another Assassination? – Philip Giraldi

Hollywood – This Year’s Top Five Standing For Liberty – “A few more celebrities step up to say enough!” – Leesa K. Donner  – GOOD FOR THEM. AT LEAST SOME CELEBRITIES DON’T THINK THAT THEY ARE THAT IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Proof That Trickle-Down Never Even Dribbled Down – “Want to see a crystal-clear picture of who has been helped the most by decades of trickle-down economics, who has gone nowhere and who has actually gone slightly downhill? Well, here you go:” – David Haggith

Gold in the Season of Santa, Milk, and Cookies – Gary Christianson  – GOOD READ FROM GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

House Hearing: Wall Street Gets Bailed Out by Fed; Main Street Gets Sold Out – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

A Mystery – “I got a mystery for you, cause who doesn’t love a good mystery. Record inflows. Week after week, record tech inflows, all year long. Almost daily we get headlines about money coming in and buying equities, passively presumably as that is where most inflows are moving into these increasingly automated ETF driven markets. Hence no wonder greed is back as we discussed yesterday” – Sven Henrich

Money Supply (Inflation) Continues to Grow at Torrid Pace – Peter Schiff

Why Does Bitcoin Have Value? – ” What Bitcoin is depends on its use as a means of storing and porting value, which in turn rests of secure titles to ownership of a scarce good. Those without experience in the sector look at all of this and get frustrated that understanding why it is valuable is not so easy to grasp.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Illinois Is Ground Zero for the Pension Crisis – “In Illinois, hundreds of billions of dollars in pension debt are dragging residents and the government at every level, under water.” – Mish

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.73EUR




2 Peter 2:2  And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.







Warp Speed Ahead: COVID-19 Vaccines Pave the Way for a New Frontier in Surveillance – “Like it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic with its veiled threat of forced vaccinations, contact tracing, and genetically encoded vaccines is propelling humanity at warp speed into a whole new frontier—a surveillance matrix—the likes of which we’ve only previously encountered in science fiction. Those who eye these developments with lingering mistrust have good reason to be leery: the government has long had a tendency to unleash untold horrors upon the world in the name of global conquest, the acquisition of greater wealth, scientific experimentation, and technological advances, all packaged in the guise of the greater good.” – John W. Whitehead  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Covert op: “the virus” as cover story – “These days, the coronavirus cover story obscures crimes according to the same general pattern. EVERYONE is considered an agent of potential infection. Therefore, a new Chinese strategy: universal lockdowns. COVID-19 is essentially an intelligence-agency type covert op. The short-term goal is wrecking economies. The long-term goal is taking the population into a new world of technocratic control.” – Jon Rappoport

22 Scientists Publish Paper Claiming The PCR Test Is “Useless” For Detecting COVID-19 Cases – Arjun Walia

PCR Tests and COVID Vaccines are Useless – “If you’re enthusiastic about the impact of the newly arriving COVID vaccines, and you expect to “go back to normal” soon, don’t. You’re being fed fairy tales and other narratives. After first reading an absolute decomposition of the PCR tests this morning, I figured out that the new vaccines being rolled out are equally useless. One has to wonder what goes on here.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

According to This Government, All Americans Are Terrorists, and Will be Treated as Such! – “There is no need to create a false enemy any longer, as now we have all been conditioned to consider our family, friends, neighbors, and countrymen as mortal enemies due to fear of a common cold. I have said on more than one occasion that the controlling top tier and their enforcers in government must be sitting in back rooms laughing out loud at the general population’s gullibility, and what idiotic orders they are willing to religiously follow.” – Gary D. Barnett

Dr. Northrup Discusses “Worst Case Scenarios” with New COVID Vaccine Dangers (VIDEO) – “Please note that there are literally hundreds of new COVID vaccines in the pipeline, and that Dr. Northrup is discussing the “worst case” scenarios here, specifically for the new class of DNA COVID vaccines that are being developed with nanotechnology.” – Brian Shilhavy

Health Advisers Rename ‘Adverse Reactions’ to COVID-19 Vaccine – “If you start hearing about “immune responses” that many people have in conjunction with the COVID-19 vaccine, be aware: This is the new name for adverse reactions. In other words, the COVID-19 vaccine no longer has “adverse reactions” but, rather, the bad side effects you feel — some of which could be very serious — are now called “immune responses.”” – Mercola

Putin Orders Mass Covid Vaccinations To Begin Next Week In Russia – “The vaccination against Covid-19 will be voluntary, and Russian citizens will be getting the shots free of charge.” – Tyler Durden

Norwegian Health Authorities Report 0.12% COVID-19 Fatality Rate – “No more lethal than the flu” – Magnus Blaker




The Mainstream Press Has Failed America – “While President Trump continues to maintain that the presidential election was marred by massive fraud, the mainstream press continues to maintain that Trump’s charges are “false” and “baseless” and that his allegations are damaging trust in America’s democratic electoral system. Actually, however, it’s the other way around: It’s the mainstream press, owing to its extreme deferential attitude toward the Washington, D.C., establishment, that has severely damaged trust in America’s democratic system.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

America’s Ideological Divide and What Comes Next – “Throughout his presidential campaign, Joe Biden said that this would be a “dark winter” in the US. When Joe Biden was in his basement, he must’ve watched Game of Thrones again and again. Biden thinks he’s John Snow saying, “Winter is coming.” He’s right about that. But he’s no John Snow. The government can definitely make it into a dark winter, indeed, so it’s interesting that he said that. The government can create huge economic destruction just by continuing their foolish lockdowns. But, as they say, “we can do more!” Biden wants more regulations. He wants more money printing. He’s said that he wants much higher taxes. We can expect the economy to get a lot worse. Joe’s prediction about a dark winter is absolutely right from an economic point of view.” – Doug Casey

The Republican Establishment Sees Trump as a Threat and Wants Him Out – Paul Craig Roberts

The Streetlight Effect: When People Look Within The System For Solutions To The System – “After months of lying to themselves that lifelong warmongering corporatist Joe Biden could be somehow “pushed to the left” by progressives in order to make voting for him seem more palatable, the incoming administration has been seemingly going out of its way to prove them wrong in as spectacular a fashion as you could possibly imagine with its nominees and transition team of war whores, corporate sociopaths, free speech opponents and austerity enthusiasts. Tanden is just the diarrhea icing on the giant steaming shit cake.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The New Resistance Is Rising – “In the wake of a decades-long culture war, four years of bile and lies from the left and the mainstream media, nine months of coronavirus lockdowns, and now an election possibly rife with fraud, more and more Americans are opening their eyes to the debased state of their political system and the abusive machinations of their governments. More and more of them are spitting mad and are not going to take it anymore.” – Jeff Minick

The ‘Not My President’ Crowd Needs To Sit Down And Shut Up – “The left made the rules. I’m ready to play by them.” – David Marcus

Surprise! CNN Finally Discovers China Lied About COVID Mishandling – “This was announced via an “exclusive” report written by Nick Paton Walsh which explored how the Chinese government lied to the rest of the world. Co-host John Berman openly declared to Walsh: “Well we can’t depend on the Chinese to be transparent which is why it is so important to have your reporting.” So now the Chinese government cannot be trusted? Not when CNN called this same accusation a distraction back in April? How about when they called China’s response “incredible”?” – Joseph Norris  – ONLY TOOK THEM 8 MONTHS TO FIGURE OUT WHAT EVERYONE ELSE SAID A LONG TIME AGO, AND THEY ACT LIKE IT’S THE LATEST NEWS. ONLY FROM THE SELF-CALLED “MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Treasonous Enemies: Will Trump Honor Oath and Invoke Insurrection Act? – Ken Jorgustin

The Cheering Section for World War III – “America repeatedly elects and re-elects champions of “regime change” in nations abroad (George W. Bush in 2000, Barack Obama in 2008, Donald Trump in 2016, and Joe Biden in 2020), such as in Iraq in 2003, and in Afghanistan in 2001, and in Libya in 2011, and in Syria in 2011-2020, and in Yemen in 2015-2020, and in Ukraine in 2010-2014; and, in all instances, has destroyed those nations while claiming to be supporting ‘human rights’ and ‘democracy’ and to be ‘opposing corruption’ in all of those nations that it was actually destroying. Joe Biden, like all 21st Century U.S. Presidents except Donald Trump, wants regime change in Russia, and that would require WWIII. Only people who are either very stupid or very evil want that. Which is Joe Biden? Which was Barack Obama? Which was Hillary Clinton (whom Trump had beaten)? Which was Bush?” – Eric Zuesse

Iranians: The people the West are allowed to assassinate – “The recent assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh – and the total silence regarding any sanctions on those who illegally played judge, jury, invader and executioner – reminds us how very unique Iranians are: Iranians are the people whom Westerners feel they are legitimately allowed to assassinate. The citizens of which other country get so shamefully and shockingly assassinated by Westerners with such regularity in the 21st century?” – Ramin Mazaheri

Obama does his version of the Clinton leg-spread magazine cover – “What is it about Democratic presidents and their urge to get in your face, showing themselves in all their arrogant glory on men’s and women’s magazine covers as their terms end? Exhibit A is Barack Obama’s sneering, smirking, arrogant photo on the cover of InStyle magazine, looking down with a sneer at all those deplorables as if to say, forever and ever, “I won.”” – Monica Showalter

Like Vice and Lice Everywhere, Susan Rice Infests NYT Editions – “Former Obama/Biden regime national security advisor and UN envoy Susan Rice is now one of the Times’ stable of hack opinion commentators who impersonate the real thing. Earlier described by a critic as a “consummate ally of grubby despots,” Rice wholeheartedly embraces endless wars of aggression over world peace, stability, and cooperative relations among nations.” – Stephen Lendman

Joe Biden looks bent on restoring chaos at the border – ” After much trial and error, President Trump came up with ­arrangements with Mexico and Central American countries that drastically diminished the pressure from asylum-seekers on our southern border. Biden has pledged to overturn these policies, as well as undermine enforcement and boost immigration numbers generally. The lie about Biden is that he is a “moderate,” when the truth is that he has always been smack in the middle of his party, which now bristles with contempt for borders and the agents who police them. Its attitude will color everything Biden does.” – Rich Lowry

Biden’s Covid “Supply Commander” Is Bad Medicine – Bradley Thomas


Is Bill Barr a bad guy or helpfully spreading disinformation? – “When Trump installed Bill Barr as his attorney general, most conservatives thought this was a good thing. Barr was seen as a straight shooter who had come out of retirement to help clean up the Justice Department that Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch had corrupted and that Jeff Sessions had been helpless to repair. With Barr having denounced fraud claims, there’s a debate about whether Barr is another swamp creature or if he’s part of some more devious plan.” – Andrea Widburg

Messengers of Gates’ agenda – “How the Cornell Alliance for Science spreads disinformation on behalf of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Cornell Alliance for Science was founded with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), which has emerged over the past decade as perhaps the single most influential actor in an ever-intensifying battle over the future of food and agriculture. The BMGF has been pumping major funding into industrial agriculture while also creating powerful alliances seeking to reconfigure global governance of the food system.” – GM Watch

World Economic Forum Encourages Plebs to Eat Weeds & Drink Sewage The ‘Great Reset’ never tasted so disgusting. – “The ‘Great Reset’ is about enacting a drastic reduction in living standards for the plebs which will force them to put bugs, weeds and sewage on the menu while the Davos elites continue to feast on the finest cuisine in their ivory towers.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Yes, This Makes Perfect Sense: Cities All Over America Are Slashing Police Budgets As Crime Rates Soar – Michael Snyder


Despite Lockdowns, Isolation, Poverty, and Loss, the Human Spirit Will Always Prevail – Daisy Luther

We need to talk about Ellen Page – “I’m sorry, but a woman cannot just click her fingers and become a ‘he’. Page, the actress most famous for starring in irritant quirkhouse movie Juno, has now declared that she is Elliot Page and that she’s a he. And, boom, just like that, Ellen’s gone. She’s being erased from film history. People are getting into trouble even for saying the word ‘Ellen’. ‘Who?’, woke identitarians ask, as if they’ve all gone mad.” – Brendan O’Neill

The Tomahawk – A great Wilderness Multi-tool – Dan Mowinski




Woke Economics: Biden’s Pick for Treasury Thinks It’s Her Job to Manage ‘Racial Equity,’ ‘Gender Disparity,’ and the ‘Climate Crisis’ – Mike Miller  – MAYBE THE NEW DOLLAR BILLS THAT THE TREASURY PRINTS WILL HAVE PICTURES OF WOMEN, MINORITIES, AND LGBTQ PEOPLE ON THEM. OR EVEN PERHAPS GRETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Senator Menendez: “3.3 Million Small Businesses Have Closed” and “1.1 Million Local and State Employees Have Lost their Jobs” as a Result of Pandemic – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Do You Really Think the Empire Will Sacrifice the Dollar to Further Enrich Billionaires? – Charles Hugh Smith

Greed is Back – “On every front at a time of the highest market valuations in history with not a sign of fear or concern in sight and to my eye this continues to breed vast danger for markets.” – Sven Henrich

Fed Would Need to Double Quantitative Easing to Keep Pace With US Debt – Peter Schiff

Silver To $32 Quickly, Then To $39 (VIDEO) with Chris Vermeulen – Silver Doctors

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.54EUR




Psalm 80:6  Thou makest us a strife unto our neighbours: and our enemies laugh among themselves.








The Plan Is Unfolding for How Vaccines Will Be Monitored – “”Operation Warp Speed (OWS), a joint operation between U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Defense, continues to be shrouded in secrecy. OWS is a public-private partnership tasked with producing therapeutics and a fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine — 300 million doses’ worth that are intended to be made available starting in January 2021. OWS has plans to engage an “active pharmaco vigilance surveillance system” to track Americans for 24 months following vaccination. – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Here’s Why You Should Skip the Covid Vaccine – “The new Covid vaccines will make billions of dollars for the big pharmaceutical companies, but here’s what they won’t do: The vaccines will not cure Covid. The vaccines will not prevent people from contracting Covid. The vaccines will not prevent Covid-related hospitalizations. The vaccines will not prevent Covid-caused deaths. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “If the vaccine does not protect me from getting Covid (or dying from Covid), then why should I take it?” And the answer is: “You shouldn’t. It makes no sense at all, especially in view of the fact that new vaccines pose considerable risks to one’s health and well-being.” – Mike Whitney

COVID Vaccine Hesitancy Widespread, Even Among Medical Professionals – “Public health groups, including the World Health Organization, are making a concerted effort to reduce COVID vaccine hesitancy, as many medical professionals and minority groups remain doubtful about safety and efficacy.” – Jeremy Loffredo

The Censorship of Dr. Briand – “On November 13, 2020, Johns Hopkins University Advanced Academic Programs posted a YouTube lecture conducted by Dr. Genevieve Briand, JHU’s MS in Applied Economics Assistant Program Director. The general idea of the lecture was that Covid-19 deaths as reported by the CDC may be misleading due to a number of accounting aberrations in the data. One of the most notable discrepancies Briand points out is the reclassification of death by other diseases, such as heart disease, as Covid-19 deaths simply because at the time of death the individuals also had Covid. The video stood without any protest for almost two weeks and JHU’s student newspaper even ran an article about the research on November 22nd. ” – Ethan Yang

Nets Blackout Fauci Saying Kids Should Be in School, Tucker SKEWERS Him – “Oh, one other thing, the country’s public health establishment has tortured your children for eight months for no apparent reason. That happened. That story has not received a lot of coverage but it’s been confirmed tonight,” he said. “The authorities have admitted it.” -Nicholas Fondacaro

Flight From Reality: Airlines Demanding ‘Vaccine Passports’ Signals the Death Knell of Democracy – Robert Bridge

UK bars, cinemas may require proof of COVID-19 vaccination to visit – Justine Coleman

Lockdown 2.0: was it worth it? – “‘We have got this virus back under control’, announced the health secretary, Matt Hancock, in Monday’s Downing Street news briefing, declaring England’s second lockdown to be a success. New figures from ongoing research led by Imperial College London released this week suggest that cases of Covid-19 have fallen markedly since the introduction of a second lockdown in England on 5 November. But maybe things aren’t quite as clear cut as they appear. We cannot remain hunkered down until spring.” – Rob Lyons

The SARS-Cov-2 virus was never proved to exist – “If you can’t prove a virus exists, how do you create a test to detect it? How can you claim the test reveals that people are infected with the virus?” – Jon Rappoport

Covid Misclassification: What Do the Data Suggest? – Gilbert G. Berdine, M.D

Britain’s two-tier police state – “Police are using excessive force against anti-lockdown protesters and even journalists.” – Laura Dodsworth

Another Day, Another CA Dem Hypocrisy: San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo Breaks His Own COVID Thanksgiving Protocols – “I think it is now becoming a journalistic sporting event to catch these political fools in the act.” – Jennifer Oliver O’Connell



Politics, Positivism and the Science of Tyranny – “Listen very carefully to most political arguments that start with, “the data suggests” or “experts say” and what you most likely will hear is someone talking out of their ass but appearing to have facts on their side. And when you factor in the corrupting nature of government funding of science picking winners and losers for grant money, you really have to question what it is you think you know about just about everything you’ve ever been told.” – Tom Luango

The U.S. Constitution vs The Communist Party USA Constitution Through The Eyes of a Teenager – “If the constitution is not upheld, the U.S. is headed for communism. That’s not conspiracy, that is fact, well laid out by the World Economic Forum for a one world governance. They themselves like to refer to it as the “New World Order” and “The Great Reset.” All anyone need do, is go review all of their videos or their “Great Reset” interactive map of how they plan to control the world and all of the people in it. It is so important for the younger generation to understand what is at stake and what we are fighting for, and for teachers to be brave enough to have open discussions about it. ” – Corey Lynn  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM COREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Past Lives On: The Elite Strategy To Divide and Conquer – “these people are referred to as Trump’s “deplorables.” They comes in baskets, as Hillary Clinton said. And even though they represent nearly half the voting public in the last two presidential elections – 70+ million Americans – their complaints are dismissed as the rantings of ignorant, conservative racists. Name calling substitutes for understanding. This is not an accident.” – Edward Curtin

2021 is Already Optimized for Failure – “One sure way to identify a system “optimized for failure” is if all the insiders are absolutely confident the system is “optimized for my success”.” – Charles Hugh Smith

“And Why Stop There?”: CNN Analyst Calls For Sweeping Regulation Of Free Speech On The Web – “One vocal advocate of censorship and speech controls has been CNN media analyst Oliver Darcy who just ratcheted up his call for de-platforming opposing views. Like many anti-free speech advocates, Darcy simply labels those with opposing views as spreading “disinformation” and demands that they be labeled or barred from social media.” – Jonathan Turley

They’re Lying. We Aren’t Trying to “Overturn the Election” We Are Trying to Get the Real Results (VIDEO) – Dinesh D’Souza

Election Doesn’t Pass The Smell Test – Biden Magically Outperformed – “The apparent and evident fraud is astounding. The reports, stories, interviews, information, videos are out there – despite Big Tech and MSM suppression. I have been devouring all that I can. Most do not know it, but I believe there is an incredible battle going on behind the scenes, right now, within the government deep state and within the military itself.” – Ken Jorgustin

Strange “Coincidences” That Should Deeply Bother All Of Us As We Try To Put The Puzzle Pieces Together – Michael Snyder

Firm That Owns Dominion Voting Systems Received $400 Million From Swiss Bank With Connection to Chinese Government Before Election – “Dominion Voting Systems has financial ties to the Chinese government, according to filings” – Summit News

Loving Your Neighbor Is More Important Than Winning An Election – “Absolutely no election result changes the fact that people around you need a friend” – John Patton

The Slow-motion Assassination of Julian Assange – “People of Conscience Must Stop It” – Kim Petersen

Vultures, Wolves and Sharks Around Iran – Brian Cloughley

Joe Biden will Militarize US Middle East Policy – “Notwithstanding Biden’s campaign rhetoric, it remains that the Obama-Biden administration had sold more arms to Saudi Arabia, well over US$100 billion, than any of his predecessors, and that administration also supported the Saudi war in Yemen with diplomatic backing and military assistance. This means that Joe Biden is not really an anti-Saudia leader. If Biden didn’t care about thousands of Yemenis dying at the hands of the Saudis, he is unlikely to translate his apparent anger over the murder of a journalist into a radical policy shift.” – Salman Rafi Sheikh

Paris protesters torch cars, set BANK on fire amid clashes over bill slammed as ‘ban on filming police brutality’ (VIDEOS) – RT

Half Of America’s Safest Cities Are In Constitutional Carry States – Cam Edwards

Eight cracking facts about eggs – “The incredible egg is pure protein and there are numerous (both sweet and savoury) methods to prepare this natural nutritional powerhouse.” – Hazel Flight



Yellen Is Offering To Recover The “American Dream”: What Does That Mean? – “She’s ba-aaack. Janet Yellen, now officially named as Biden’s nominee for Treasury Secretary, joined Twitter yesterday. (She was hardly going to turn up on Parler.) “We face great challenges as a country right now,” she tweeted. “To recover, we must restore the American dream – a society where each person can rise to their potential and dream even bigger for their children. As Treasury Secretary, I will work every day towards rebuilding that dream for all.” Pass the motherhood and apple pie, please. What part of the American Dream is Yellen offering to recover? Presumably not the gold rush, or Bitcoin, but one could see that as a possible side-effect if you are in that camp: will she ever say “There will never be a fiscal crisis in my lifetime”? What about the Pursuit of Happiness? But from the Treasury? Unlikely. Or religious or political liberty? Wrong portfolio. More seriously, how about socioeconomic mobility, which has been withering in the US? Or good middle-class jobs, which have also been withering? If so, it would be useful to get some details soon of exactly how this will be done, and against the backdrop of the current Congress, not a dream one” – Michael Every

Innovation Or Enslavement – Europe Plans For A Virtual Currency – “Europe hopes to make the euro digital, joining China in the virtual money push.” – Andrew Moran

17 Million Americans Behind on Mortgage or Rent Payments – Peter Schiff

In October, Money Supply Growth Remained Near All-Time Highs – “The central bank continues to engage in a wide variety of unprecedented efforts to “stimulate” the economy and provide income to unemployed workers and to provide liquidity to financial institutions. Moreover, as government revenues have fallen considerably, Congress has turned to unprecedented amounts of borrowing. But in order to keep interest rates low, the Fed has been buying up trillions of dollars in assets—including government debt. This has fueled new money creation.” – Ryan McMaken

US Billionaires Have Gained $1 Trillion Since The Pandemic Started – Tyler Durden

Top 20% Gets 6x More Benefits from Student Debt Cancellation than Bottom 20%, New Study Finds – “Student debt forgiveness would overwhelmingly benefit the most well off in America, new economic research shows.” – Brad Polumbo

That Precious Metals Rumor Mill – “We are hearing rumors this week of a shortage of the big silver bars, the thousand-ouncers. No, we don’t refer to bullion banks saying this. Nor big dealers, who are happy to sell us as many of these as we can buy. Nor our peeps in high places (we don’t claim to have any such peeps). We refer to the usual suspects. We talk about abundance and scarcity of the metals in nearly every one of these reports, in terms of the spread between spot and futures prices.” – Keith Weiner

The Price Attack On Gold Signals More Fed Money Printing (VIDEO) – Dave Kranzler

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.48EUR



Ecclesiastes 10:3   Yea also, when he that is a fool walketh by the way, his wisdom faileth him, and he saith to every one that he is a fool.








COVID-19 Pt. 2: CDC’s New “PIC” and The Hidden Data – “Most people aren’t aware that the CDC has lumped influenza together with Covid and pneumonia in death rates with a new name called “PIC.” This comes after the CDC confirmed that only 6% of Covid-related death certificates indicate Covid as the only cause, while 94% list other illnesses as the cause with an average of 2.6 comorbidities. In other words, if someone was in the hospital dying of heart disease and they tested everyone for Covid to separate them to other rooms or wings, Covid was marked on their death certificate.” – Corey Lynn  – EXCELLENT SERIES OF ARTICLES FROM COREY. PART ONE WAS LINKED ON FRIDAY THE 27TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johns Hopkins study explodes COVID death hoax; it’s re-labeling on a grand scale – Jon Rappoport

On That Censored Johns Hopkins All-Cause Death Analysis – “You’d think by now our rulers would stop the anemic way they censor what they consider dangerous information. Their blundering attempts only highlight what they want to hide. It’s particularly silly with coronadoom censorship. Take the Johns Hopkins blog post “A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19” detailing some work by a lady named Briand. It was up, it was circulated, then it was deemed dangerous and pulled down.” – William M. Briggs

The COVID Case Con Continues – “The Washington Post claims that Wuhan coronavirus cases are “skyrocketing” while the New York Times wails that “It has hit us with a vengeance.” Yet the media is oblivious, either ignorantly or deliberately, to the reality that positive tests are not the same thing as cases. A “case” has a very specific definition, apparently beyond the intellectual realm of Wolf Blitzer or Neil Cavuto. The CDC provides a specific “case definition.” A case is not just a positive test.” – Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

Statistics Show that the Number of People who Died in the U.S. in 2020 will be the SAME as Previous Years, in Spite of COVID – Brian Shilhavy

“Dark Winter” Was The Code Name For A Scenario In Which A Biological Weapon Was Used Against The American Populace N- Michael Snyder

Is COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Safe Even Though It Was Rushed To Market? – “Big Tech and MSM platforms are silencing, cancelling, discrediting, and burying search results which in any way challenge or question the mRNA / Covid-19 vaccine and its methodology. Instead, it’s all being highly promoted as safe, 95% effective, and perhaps even becoming “mandatory” (Vaccine ID’s – passport).” – Ken Jorgustin

COVID-19: Take The Jab Or Lose Your Job? – “Phase Four of the coronavirus social protocol approaches.” – Joe Schaeffer

Why Does Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Need To Be Kept Colder Than Antarctica? – “Both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine candidates use a new approach to unlock the body’s immune defenses. The approach uses messenger RNA, or mRNA, to turn a patient’s cells into factories that make one particular coronavirus protein. The problem, says Liu, is that mRNA is “really easily destroyed, and that’s because there are many, many enzymes that will just break it apart.” Here’s an analogy: Think of the vaccine as a chocolate bar that melts easily. Just as there are ways to keep the chocolate from melting into goo, there are things the drugmakers did to protect their COVID-19 vaccines.” – Selena Simmons-Duffin

BRAINWASHING THE YOUNG: Cry Babies dolls allow children to “vaccinate” their dolls, causing measles-looking red dots on their face to vanish – Ethan Huff   – INDOCTRINATION 101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Fauci Finally Confirms That Children Don’t Catch or Transmit COVID-19 in Large Numbers – Stacey Lennox

El Paso Mayor Says Recent COVID-19 Spike Due To ‘Fatigue,’ Many Cases Coming From Shopping At Large Retailers – DFW CBS Local  – I THOUGHT IT WAS BARS AND RESTAURANTS!!!!!!

LISTEN to the 4.5 min video to learn what’s in the COVID-19 vaccine! – State of the Nation





Behind the Scenes in Swamptopia – “Apart from the soporific side-effects of eating all that leftover turkey for three more days after Thursday’s celebration of gluttony, this holiday weekend was, news-wise, as still as the mummy’s tomb, or, rather, Joe Biden’s basement. Yet these post-election days are gravid with portent. The major newspapers and cable news platforms report nothing beyond their heartwarming narrative of Biden risin’ with Woke times a’comin’— but the casual observer senses powerful intrigues swirling backstage in Swamptopia. Something tells me the scene is about to liven up this week, even explode.” – James Howard Kunstler

How easy it is to be “dangerous” – “Such is life now in western civilization: you can now be considered a danger to the public for what you believe. If your faith requires that you gather to worship, you’re considered a danger to public health and subject to arrest– — unless, of course, you belong to the Holy Church of Black Lives Matter, in which case you are free to burn, assault, loot, and riot your way to salvation, mask-free, with no restrictions whatsoever. And it’s not just religion.” – Simon Black – GOOD ARTICLE FROM SIMON!!!!!

Winding Up Americans – “Today, the objective of the media is not to offer news. It is to create strife – to pit one half of the electorate against the other. In doing so, the ruling elite have the justification to lock down the entire USA under martial law. Once that has been accomplished, the elite may do as they please. As in all countries where a police state has been achieved – such as Nazi Germany, Mao’s China or Stalin’s Russia – once military control has been put into place nationwide, meaningful protest ends.The American populace has been programmed like windup toys, with the ruling elite winding up the keys on their backs as tightly as they will go. ” – Jeff Thomas

The Proof Is In: The Election Was Stolen – “I have read enough of the fraud reports, affidavits, and statements from election security and forensic experts to be comfortable in my conclusion that the election was stolen. But I am not confident that anything will be done about the fradulent election. The American elite no longer believe in democracy. For those of you who find it too technical and volumnious to read through the massive evidence of election fraud, here is a brief summary: ” – Paul Craig Roberts

The Great Reject — Of The Great Reset – “As we peer at the newspaper headlines each morning, we become aware of a very well-coordinated story line being monotonously repeated day after day, with almost no variation wherever you happen to be in the world – but especially so in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.” – Julian Rose

The Digital ‘Iron Curtain’ Descends – “These U.S. Tech platforms have, for some time, become effectively fused into the ‘Blue State’ – particularly in the realms of intelligence and defence – to the extent that these CEOs no longer see themselves as state ‘partners’ or contractors, but rather, as some higher élite leadership, precisely shaping and directing the future of the U.S. Their objective however, is to advance beyond the American ‘sphere’, to a notion that such an élite oligarchy eventually would be directing a future ‘planetary governance’.” – Alastair Crooke

What’s Biden hidin’? Biden team won’t let fawning media off bus to cover his dog-broke-my-foot story – “It might be called a metaphor — Joe Biden getting off to his purported presidency — on the wrong, or broken, foot. This might explain why Biden didn’t want to let the news get out. Biden blocked reporters from taking pictures of him and his broken foot, something he claims to have sprained with hairline fractures while playing with his dog named “Major.” ” – Monica Showalter   – WONDER WHY THE DOG PSYCHIC REPORTED ON YESTERDAY DIDN’T CATCH THIS!!!!!!!!

Biden Appointee Neera Tanden Spread the Conspiracy That Russian Hackers Changed Hillary’s 2016 Votes to Trump – “How can Democrats and allied media outlets credibly oppose unhinged conspiracy theories and attacks on U.S. election legitimacy while empowering its worst purveyors?” – Glenn Greenwald

Israel’s gift to Joe Biden, 52 days before he even takes office: War with Iran – Scott Ritter

US is Losing in the Militarily Race against Russia and China – Valery Kulikov

Edward Snowden On Big Tech Companies, Like Facebook, Censoring & Controlling Information – Arjun Walia




Stocks Slammed As Month-End Selling Accelerates, Yellen Tweets – “Today’s selling began as Joe Biden announced his economic team – coincidence?” – Tyler Durden

Silver Has Set-Up The ULTIMATE Bear Trap!!! – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Why Central Bank Digital Currencies Are a Bad Idea – “The final major implication of cash tokenization is the potential it creates for financial surveillance. The central banks are ostensibly introducing digital tokens to protect people’s privacy in the face of those reducing their anonymous cash usage. But the idea that a branch of government that imposes KYC/AML rules on existing crypto token platforms, limits physical cash use to prevent tax avoidance, and uses financial surveillance to catch nonviolent “criminals” cares about our privacy is laughable.” – Tomas Forgac

Foreign Share of US Debt Plunging; Fed Picking Up the Slack – Peter Schiff

The State of American Restaurants, by City: The Catastrophe of the Second Wave – Wolf Richter

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.36EUR




Psalm 55:10    Day and night they go about it upon the walls thereof: mischief also and sorrow are in the midst of it.








We Have Immune Systems, New York Times Reveals – “Scrub and spray everything with chemicals, bathe in Purell, mask up, stand no nearer to anyone else than six feet, stay away from crowds, douse yourself with alcohol, wash your hands and face raw, protect yourself from germs at all costs. Some nations are closed completely. No one in or out. Is this an experiment? Yes, and likely a deadly one. What precisely are we doing to ourselves? What are we doing to children? Early in the pandemic, doctors went on the national stage to frame it up clearly: we are wrecking our immune systems and making ourselves vulnerable to more serious pathogens later.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

COVID-19 Has A 99.95% Survival Rate For People Under 70 – Stanford Professor of Medicine – Arjun Walia

The Covid-19 celebrity humanitarianism – Sean Penn and the Great Reset, funded by Bill Gates and the Clinton Foundation – “On the 12th November 2020, an article appeared in the Daily Mail about three powerful men sharing a beach holiday: Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Hollywood’s Sean Penn and the reclusive Israeli billionaire, Vivi Nevo. The story slipped under the radar, almost unnoticed by a public caught up in the Covid-19 controversy that continues to sweep the planet. However, the connections between these three elite influencers is well worth a closer look, particularly with regards to their combined role in promoting the transnational corporatocracy’s Covid-19 narratives.” – Vanessa Beeley  – LONG, BUT VERY INTERESTING AND WELL RESEARCHED!!!!!!!

Lockdowns Destroy What Makes Us Human – “If such people had their way, everyone would remain under veritable house arrest and not see anyone else for months or even years, as the duration of such onerous impositions has gone from “fifteen days to slow the spread” to months or even years into the future. That such ideas are even being considered demonstrates just how out of touch with human reality much of our “expert” class and their hordes of lemming-like followers are.” – Zachary Yost


Chinese Government Stepping Up Propaganda to Change COVID Origin Story – “Their latest gambit is to promote the story that the coronavirus traveled to China via frozen food imports — a nearly impossible feat, say epidemiologists. The communist propagandists have pointed the finger at Italy, India, and on “many continents” before the poor Chinese became victims of the coronavirus.” – Rick Moran

Why Does the Liberal Media Refuse To Report Meaningful Data on Covid? – “I will reiterate what I have written before–Covid is a real disease and, in some cases, kills the infected soul. But the number dying, at least here in my neck of the woods in Florida, the vast majority of people are not sick and not infected. But that is not the message that the media is putting out.” – Larry Johnson

Mask-Wearing: Ineffective, Potentially Hazardous. To Be Mandated in the US? – “We’re living through unprecedented times. Covid is another form of seasonal flu/influenza that occurs annually like clockwork. Millions of people are affected worldwide with no fear-mongering mass hysteria, no lockdowns, social distancing and mask-wearing — until 2020. What’s likely to continue ad infinitum is a made-in-the-USA dystopian nightmare.” – Stephen Lendman  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM STEPHEN!!!!

How Very Stasi: COVID-19 Restrictions Go Full Authoritarian – “For folks in the Sunbelt and other places that still feel like America, the COVID-19 holiday restrictions seem more than a little over the top. However, if you live in New York City, what is going on in Los Angeles seems low-key. America’s worst mayor, Bill de Blasio, has decided he will be placing checkpoints at the entrances to the city. These will be operated by law enforcement to strictly enforce the travel quarantine:” – Stacey Lennox

Pandemic Rules Are Only for the Little People – “We’re expected to suffer discomfort, economic pain, and emotional distress or else pay fines or serve jail time. Government officials, meanwhile, take offense when called out for violating the standards they created.” – J.D. Tuccille

Psychiatrist Blows the Whistle on Pandemic Fearmongering (VIDEO) – “Dr. Peter Breggin, a psychiatrist, has written more than a dozen bestselling books on psychiatry and the drug industry. This past year, he’s homed in on COVID-19 and the fears around it, which is the topic of this interview. He also started researching the history of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has been the face of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, learning more than he bargained for in the process.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

‘Bleak Milestone’: More Than 100,000 Nursing Home Residents and Staff Killed by Pandemic – “Forty percent of all Covid-19 deaths in the United States have occurred in long-term care facilities.” – Kenny Stancil

In Japan, more people died from suicide last month than from Covid in all of 2020. And women have been impacted most – Selina Wang, Rebecca Wright and Yoko Wakatsuki

LONDON OUTRAGE! Massive Police Brutality Recorded with Attacks Against Peaceful Protesters Over COVID Restrictions – “The citizens of London were strictly ordered NOT to protest outdoors on Saturday, November 28, 2020. Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, disobeyed their government and took to the streets in peaceful protests over new COVID restrictions. (The “official” corporate media report is that “300-400” turned out to protest. Watch the video below to see for yourself.)” – Brian Shilhavy





A Historic Presidency – “Can anyone believe that Bush Republicans or the “Never-Trumpers” are the future of the party when one considers the massive and visceral reaction of millions of Trump voters even to the idea of conceding his defeat in this election?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Trump Faces Critical Choice About His Political Future – Victor Davis Hanson

Moral Decay Leads to Collapse – “A very strong case can be made that America is now a moral cesspool. Consider just three cases: Jeffrey Epstein, the CEO of Pfizer and JPMorgan Chase.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Biden Euphoria Already Over – “Point being, the media euphoria about Biden and that America is back! – is a concept that is as eerie as it is surreal. The very thought that common sense will now prevail in a landscape that has lost its collective geopolitical mind is not only misplaced, but abjectly delusional. And false.” – Steve Brown

Joe Biden’s Dogs Have Told This Pet Psychic a Lot About Their Beloved Master, and His Future – “Pet psychic Beth Lee-Crowther says Joe Biden’s dogs, Major and Champ, told her they are excited to live in the White House. They also say their master will be “a great president.” ” – Tim Teeman  – JOURNALISM AT IT’S FINEST!!!!. SEE MONICA’S TAKE BELOW!!!!!

Joe Biden’s lapdog press is doing stupid pet tricks – “As a pet psychic who performs animal communication using telepathy and “mind-to-mind communication,” Crowther, from the county of Worcestershire, uses photographs, or can just be in the same room as an animal, in order to begin—she claims—speaking with it. With their pictures, she says she forged a close relationship with Biden’s dogs—and wow, did they ever dish about their owner, Had enough? I couldn’t read further. What this crap amounts to is the press converting itself to oozing lackeys, janissaries, court eunuchs, and flatterers, in a sorry bid to play public relations agent to Biden as they foresee his move to the White House.” – Monica Showalter

The Obama Media Is Back – “When a Democrat is in the White House, journalists spend more time sucking up to the administration than doing anything that could even loosely be defined as reporting. It’s embarrassing to watch. It was only a matter of time before the media reverted to the lazy, drooling, throne-sniffing sycophants they were from 2009 to 2017.” – Derek Hunter

AOC’s Latest Viral Post Flunks Econ 101 – “There’s one glaring problem with Ocasio-Cortez’s impassioned tirade. Say what you will about left-wing darling Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but she knows how to get a message across on social media. One of the youngest members of the House of Representatives, the New York Democrat and socialist boasts 8.1 million Instagram followers. It’s a shame that Ocasio-Cortez has once again used her talent for going viral to spread misleading narratives that ignore basic economics.” – Brad Polumbo

Media lies about congressional Democrats’ refusal to approve COVID aid – “…and as usual, they falsely paint President Trump as the bad guy. Facts haven’t mattered to them for a long time.” – Jack Hellner

A Rare Glimpse of Democrats ‘Back in Power’ – “Backward, March. Biden has already signaled through his “transition team” of more than 40 registered lobbyists that he is willing to bring in swamp creatures who have been in D.C. for decades. He would add buffoons to his cabinet and inner sanctum, such as John Kerry, who has never entered into a foreign negotiation that he couldn’t completely screw up.” – Jeff Davidson


Twitter And Facebook: The New Nanny State – “Who needs government censorship when you have social media tyrants?” – Jeff Charles

Awakening Not Reset Coming (VIDEO) with Bo Polny – “We are living in Biblical times, and we are about to see Biblical things go down. God is in control of this. . . .This is like the time of the Red Sea and Moses. Everything looked bleak and horrible.” – Greg Hunter

Keeping the Empire Running: Britain’s Global Military Footprint – Binoy Kampmark

Hungarian cultural commissioner lights powder keg of controversy after describing Europe as ‘George Soros’ gas chamber – RT

The Right to Own a Gun Isn’t Just for Americans – “Moreover, the idea of people carrying firearms almost seems unreal to many. Indeed, gun ownership is as American as apple pie and will not go away so easily, much to the dismay of the most rabid of gun control proponents.” – José Niño

Mark of the beast? UN rolls out biometric digital ID wallet and passport – Ramon Tomey

The Secret Medicine From Your Kitchen Cabinet – “In fact, some of the most effective and natural medicines of all can be found in your kitchen, and every cupboard holds valuable resources. The herbs and spices in your kitchen can prove useful if you know how to use them. Herbal medicine should not be frowned upon, and those that do it are usually ignorant people. If it weren’t for plants, we wouldn’t have today remarkable medicine such as aspirin, penicillin, myriocin, and quinine, just to name a few.” – Bob Rodgers




The Unintended Consequences Of Perpetual Stimulus – “Federal Reserve warns about QE, Apple shifts production, and jobless aid to expire.” – Andrew Moran

Global Inflation watch – “This brings us to metallic money, the gold and silver to which people have always defaulted when kings, emperors and governments fail to sustain their unbacked alternatives.” – Alasdair Macleod

2021 Would Be a Great Time to Audit the Fed – “Gone are the days of the Federal Reserve hiding in the shadows. Now it’s a woke central bank fighting for climate and racial justice. Progressives must not fall for this but instead team up with the populist right to audit the Fed and demand transparency.” – Nick Hankoff

ALL 3 RESETS LEAD TO GOLD – Egon von Greyerz

Indian’s appetite for gold grows as price for metal hangs near multi-month low – RT




Habakkuk 2:19  Woe unto him that saith to the wood, Awake; to the dumb stone, Arise, it shall teach! Behold, it is laid over with gold and silver, and there is no breath at all in the midst of it.



I rebel music;
I rebel music.)
Why can’t we roam (oh-oh-oh-oh) this open country? (open country)
Oh, why can’t we be what we wanna be? (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
We want to be free. (wanna be free)

3 o’clock roadblock – curfew,
And I’ve got to throw away –
Yes, I’ve got to throw away –
A yes-a, but I’ve got to throw away
My little herb stalk!

I (rebel music) – yeah, I’m tellin’ you! –
(I) I rebel music (rebel music). Oh-ooh!

Take my soul (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
and suss – and suss me out (suss me out). Oh-ooh!
Check my life (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh),
if I am in doubt (I’m in doubt); I’m tellin’:
3 o’clock roadblock – roadblock – roadblock,
And “Hey, Mr. Cop! Ain’t got no – (hey) hey! (hey, Mr Cop) –
(What ya sayin’ down there?) – (hey) hey! (hey, Mr Cop) –
Ain’t got no birth certificate on me now.”

( “Rebel Music ( 3 O’clock Roadblock) by Bob Marley )






Fragile and Unsustainable Lies – “The longer policymakers allow the pandemic to play out through forced restrictions on natural interaction, the more Americans who will conclude that the public health system and Big Medicine have formed a “complex” akin to the military-industrial and scientific-technical-research complexes that Dwight D. Eisenhower warned Americans about when he left office in 1961, in the wake of another election apparently won with the aid of dead Democrats. ” – Robert E. Wright   – VERY GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There Is Foretelling of a Dark Winter: The Real Plan Is for a Dark Year, Dark Decade, and a Dark Century – “There will be a ‘dark winter’ because the perpetrators of this fraudulent ‘virus pandemic’ have already made certain that this population has been sickened and weakened by these totalitarian lockdown and isolation measures and mandates. Once this advances to the next planned stage of this fraud, the ‘dark winter’ will become the dark spring, the dark summer, and then the dark fall; just in time for the next flu season. This is meant to be an ongoing operation, and will not end without great resistance by the people of this country.” – Gary D. Barnett  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM GARY AS WELL ON THE “BIG PICTURE’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johns Hopkins Study Saying COVID-19 Has ‘Relatively No Effect on Deaths’ in U.S. Spiked After Publication – “Wait, what? Really? That’s what it says. And, it should come as no surprise that the study was deleted within days. Luckily, a back-up copy remains on The Wayback Machine, and we can still read the study.” – Matt Margolis

Masks on ‘busy streets’ & at work: Ireland issues stricter guidelines on face coverings ahead of holiday season – RT

UN Dubs Self ‘Trusted’ Pandemic News Source, Teams Up With World Economic Forum To Encourage ‘New Social Norms’ – “The new initiative also seeks to rope social media influencers into spreading ‘real news’ about the pandemic – which we assume means nothing to do with hydroxychloroquine, incredibly low fatality rates for most people below retirement age, or anyone even slightly opposed to business-killing lockdowns. One also has to wonder how the UN and WEF would cover egregious flip-flops from global health authorities on everything from transmissibility to mask use.” – Tyler Durden

Is The Warp Speed COVID Vaccine Ready For Its Close-Up? – “With compulsory coronavirus vaccine mandates advancing from a whisper to a scream in the culture at large, we should all widen our apertures to take in the full field of vision on events unfolding at … warp speed.” – Pennel Bird

“Stay of Action” Filed Against FDA to STOP Approval of COVID Vaccine for Using Faulty PCR Tests in Trials – “The Petitioner of this ADMINISTRATIVE STAY OF ACTION is Dr. Sin Hang Lee, a pathologist and founder of Milford Molecular Diagnostics, a CLIA-certified diagnostic laboratory in Milford, Connecticut. Dr. Lee is a world-renowned expert on DNA sequencing-based diagnostics. He has trained and taught in some of the world’s most prestigious institutions and has published scores of scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals.” – Brian Shilhavy

10 Hypocrite Dems Who Prattle on About Masks and Lockdowns But Personally Act Like They’re All BS – Victoria Taft

Covid Christmas: ‘Avoid board games and sleepovers’ – “Earlier this week, the government announced up to three households will be allowed to form a “Christmas bubble” from 23 to 27 December. But the government’s scientific advisory committee, Sage, warns coronavirus could easily spread during the festive relaxation of the rules. They say people should still weigh up if an event could be postponed.” – David Shukman

This is nuts. 97 cops to stop someone from getting a steak sandwich in Toronto? (VIDEO) – Maddie Di Muccio on Twitter

Covid Is Just the Latest Excuse for Canada’s Politicians to Violate the Constitution – “Freedom of association. Freedom of peaceful assembly. Freedom to work and earn a living. These are just some of the freedoms included in the Charter which have been denied to Canadians as a result of the government’s various covid-19 mandates, such as economic lockdowns, quarantine/isolation of healthy people, social distancing, face masks, prohibitions of large gatherings, restricted access to medical treatment, etc.” – Lee Friday

Brutal police beating of maskless French man hints at frightening future for locked-down Europe – Damian Wilson

New Study Highlights Alleged Accounting Error Regarding Covid Deaths – “The study – which is still being vetted – simply examines the raw data that should have been questioned months ago. The overall conclusion is that Covid-19, at least according to collected data, is not the killer disease that it is currently hyped up to be.” – Ethan Yang

Emergency Physician Unjustly Fired for His Writings on the COVID Crisis: The Right of Response – “I only wanted to ask questions, to give my points of view without ever imposing them, to question, to nuance, to contextualize, to reassure when others only want to terrorize. I was condemned, thrown away for that.” – Dr. Pascal Sacré



Was the Election Free and Fair? The American Foreign Policy Establishment Doesn’t Care. – “Through scandals like the Abu-Graib debacle, unconstitutional wiretapping, torture, and ceaseless paranoid calls for an ever larger national-security state, the American foreign policy establishment has done more to undermine American democracy and institutions than Trump could ever hope for. Yet, these people are now speaking as if they are moral authorities on preserving the rights of Americans.” – Ryan McMaken

The ‘smartest man in the room’ has joined Sidney Powell’s team – “Dr. Kershavarz-Nia’s name may not mean a lot to you, but it’s one of the weightiest names in the world when it comes to sniffing out cyber-security problems.” – Andrea Widburg

A Personal Statement from General Flynn to America: Faith, Family, and Friendships – Michael T. Flynn

Joe Biden and Terrorism – “As Joe Biden unveils his hawkish cabinet picks, it’s hard not to get the sense that we’re all hurtling back in time to those glorious days of regime change when the United States believed it had a sacred right to topple any government that got in its way. It also seems like we’re returning to the days that when jihadi terrorism aimed at America and its allies was horrible, terrible, a crime against humanity, and so on, while terrorism aimed at people the US didn’t like was, well, distasteful and unpleasant but not something to bring up in polite company. While no one wants to blow up innocent civilians, in other words, what really counts is which civilians and in whose behalf.” – Daniel Lazare

What a Biden Administration Means for Border Security – “Biden’s reversals spell doom for overloaded (and closed) hospitals, schools, public housing, and courts. Remember: Biden (and the rest of the Democratic presidential field) promised free healthcare to all illegal aliens. Biden will reverse Trump policies and rules governing legal immigration. He will — no doubt — cancel Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban” that barred immigrants from certain countries and curtailed legal immigration, including restrictions on asylum claims.” – Chris Farrell

A Grim Outlook on the Future of US-Russia Relations – “That said, let’s look at the clear evidence of the coming confrontation. Joe Biden has already announced that former Obama secretary Antony Blinken will be his secretary of state. And Blinken makes no bones about his utterly Russophobic opinions, which serve as a precursor to show the Biden administration’s intentions to push Russia into war.” – Phil Butler

Iran’s supreme leader vows revenge over slain scientist – Amir Vahdat and Jon Gambrell

Hungary and Poland Create The Unbridgeable Gap of the Great Reset – “The smartest thing either could do right now is to open up new rounds of talks with the Russians who just announced they are pretty much done with negotiating anything more with the EU. That would give them both tremendous leverage with Brussels, by cutting down their list of ‘enemies’ from three to two, even if it means courting further sanctions from Merkel and her new Stasi.” – Tom Luango

The Left’s Final Objective Is Subversion of Western Civilization – Vasko Kohlmayer

Dispossession and Imperialism Repackaged as ‘Feeding the World’ – “Private equity funds – pools of money that use pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowment funds and investments from governments, banks, insurance companies and high net worth individuals – are being injected into the agriculture sector throughout the world. This money is used to lease or buy up farms on the cheap and aggregate them into large-scale, US-style grain and soybean concerns. In addition to various Western governments, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust, which manages the foundation’s endowment, is also investing in private equity, taking positions in farm and food businesses around the world.” – Colin Todhunter

Illinois To Borrow Another $2 BIllion From The Fed, Only State To Do So – “With the options to borrow, tax and postpone debt repayments being taken away from them, Gov. Pritzker and the legislature must begin to realize they can no longer avoid real reforms, starting with a push for a pension amendment. Sure, another stimulus round may provide some temporary relief, but it will do nothing to fix Illinois’ structural problems and to avoid an eventual junk rating. Reforms in Illinois were once seen as impossible, but they are quickly becoming inevitable.” – Ted Dabrowski

Twitter’s New Censorship Czar Announces Her Agenda – “Twitter just got a new leader for their Ministry of Propaganda, and she recently gave the world a glimpse into her agenda. Spoiler alert, it ain’t good, folks.” – Jeff Charles

Circles of Survival: The Worse It Gets, the Smaller Your Focus Should Be – Selco




How Big Government Stacked the Deck Against Small Business – “Not only did government persecute certain businesses to the benefit of others, it also provided incentives, handouts, and other pork.” – Hannah Cox

Inequality And The Gold Standard – “It’s not a coincidence that the wealth of the top 1% began to really take off when the US ended the last remnants of the gold standard in 1973.” -David Howden

Market “Participants” Sell Off Their Silver Faster Than Walmart Sold Out Of The New Xbox! – “It sure looks like the Cartel has finally called off the dogs, however, and that the bottom for silver is in… Who called the dogs off? This doesn’t look like a dead cat bounce: That looks like a bottom to me.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Fake News Engulfs The Gold And Silver Markets (VIDEO) – “Reuters wrote a news report attributing the sell-off to “hopes for a virus vaccine.” Just one problem with this explanation: no new vaccine news was released today. In fact there was a complete absence of any news relevant to precious metals before or after the price ambush.” – Dave Kranzler

Early Xmas Gift From the Bullion Banks – “Manipulation has an expiration date, as demonstrated in the 2000s and 1970s in particular. They cannot stop metal prices going up forever, and you want to be around when Gold and Silver soar next—they are still the most undervalued assets out there today. The smart money (China, Russia, and JP Morgan) have been loading up on physical metals for years now.” – David Brady

We’re at the Silver Bull Market’s Most Powerful Leg (VIDEO) with David Morgan – Silver Bullion TV




Amos 5:7  Ye who turn judgment to wormwood, and leave off righteousness in the earth,






America’s Future Is Liberal Fascism Sporting a Smiley Shirt and Armed With a Syringe – Robert Bridge  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COVID Equals Groundhog Day – “When politicians across the globe tell you they listen to “the science” when defining their COVID measures, they don’t really, they are lying. What they listen to is a shred of science as formulated by their local virologists and epidemiologists, which is inevitably questioned by other scientists. If this were not the case, the entire world would now be taking the same measures, and there would not be any discussions in the scientific community. Still, when measures are imposed in various countries, they are imposed as some kind of law.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

COVID-19 Hospitalizations: Reality Check – “Televisions, computers, radios, and cell phones are blowing up with the media sounding the alarm: “hospitals are reaching full capacity!” while governors slide back into their authoritarian lockdowns. Back in March we heard the same panic-stricken message and were flooded with images of people lined up to get into hospitals, shortages of beds and ventilators, freezer trucks lining the alleys, graves being dug, and hospital ships swimming their way to the coasts of New York and California. Yet, by April 21, the Comfort ship was leaving the port from New York because Governor Cuomo said he didn’t need it. The 2017-2018 highly contagious flu season resulted in 810,000 hospitalizations and over 61,000 deaths – that no one heard a peep about. There were no lockdowns, mask mandates, or restrictions. Chew on that for a bit.” – Corey Lynn  – ANOTHER WELL RESEARCHED ARTICLE FROM COREY!!!!!!

Are Hospitals Really Over-Crowded due to COVID Sick Patients? – “As governors and health departments across the U.S. try to justify a second round of lockdowns in the name of COVID, the corporate media is once again proclaiming that hospitals across the U.S. are being overwhelmed by the COVID “pandemic.” Since the corporate pharma-funded media got caught lying numerous times about over-crowded hospitals with alleged COVID patients the first time around back in March and April of this year, it is only prudent that we examine these claims and question the images they are broadcasting to see if they are in fact publishing the truth.” – Brian Shilhavy

The Johns Hopkins, CDC Plan to Mask Medical Experimentation on Minorities as “Racial Justice” – “Under the guise of combatting “structural racism,” the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security has laid out a strategy for ethnic minorities and the mentally challenged to be vaccinated first, all “as a matter of justice.” However, other claims made by the Center contradict these social justice talking points and point to other motives entirely.” – Jeremy Loffredo and Whitney Webb

Landmark legal ruling finds that Covid tests are not fit for purpose. So what do the MSM do? They ignore it – Peter Andrews

The Strangely Unscientific Masking of America – “Scientists ought to dispassionately analyze data that contradicts their biases and assumptions, and be open to changing their beliefs accordingly. That the results of the only randomized, controlled study were and continue to be automatically discounted demonstrates that, when it comes to the subject of masks, anything approximating the scientific method has gone out the window. That is all the more evident given the lack of interest that mask proponents have shown in conducting a randomized, controlled study themselves.” – Jenin Younes

Lockdowns Not Linked With Lower COVID Death Rates, New Study Finds – “The researchers found that the criteria most associated with a high death rate was life expectancy, though higher COVID death rates were also observed in certain geographic regions.” – Jon Miltimore

What NO ONE is Saying About The Lockdowns (VIDEO) – Corbett Report

JAW DROPPING New side effect of long-Covid sees sufferers’ teeth fall out suddenly – Vanessa Chalmers – HERE WE GO, ADD ONE MORE TO THE LIST!!!!!

Pot Calling The Kettle Black: Cuomo Calls Police Who Don’t Enforce Covid Orders DICTATORS – Brock Simmons

A Trojan Horse? PathCheck’s Contact Tracing App Coming to Minnesota and the World – “Another contact tracing app is being rolled out in the state of Minnesota. This brought to you by MIT Media Lab spinoff PathCheck, who intends to be the global leader of “precision medicine” for minorities.” – Raul Diego

Rebellion rising; the people have had enough – “Across America, without fanfare, pockets of the economy are wide open—no masks, no distancing, no one is paying attention to government regulations. The walls of lockdown fascism are cracking, in large ways and small. Actually, there is no small. Every act inspired by the fire of freedom counts.” – Jon Rappoport

The Media’s Covid War on the Dakotas – “What’s driving the anti-Dakotas vendetta is that the mainstream media overwhelmingly support authoritarian measures and governors of both states have resisted them. It’s all about politics, sensationalism, and possibly envy.” – Michael Fumento



President Swamp – “Donald Trump found out the hard way how illusory his powers as POTUS really were, conditioned against the inertia, malice, and bad faith resistance of the bureaucratic establishment, a.k.a. the Swamp. He also knows that the Swamp just worked the system it created to elect itself president as (it likes to think) a final act of revenge against the orange interloper who threatened to drain it and, alas, failed to. All hail President Swamp! Unless that doesn’t pan out, and there’s a fair chance it won’t, since a 2020 election fraud case will eventually land in the Supreme Court where at least five justices might not be so inclined to let what remains of the Republic roll into a Woke sludge of lawlessness. Do you suppose Clarence Thomas & Co haven’t been paying attention the past four years to the swampish doings in the other branches of government? ” – James Howard Kunstler

Why Commies Hate Your Thanksgiving Dinner – “Driven by both ideology and economic necessity, the communists viewed domestic meals and meal preparation as wasteful activities. Both men and women, it was believed, would be better off spending their time in factories and other settings where production of industrial goods could be maximized.” – Ryan McMaken

U.S. Election ‘Success’… And Hey Presto ‘Russian Interference’ Disappears – “Biden’s nominal victory from the popular vote tallies is glaring proof that Russia did not interfere in the American presidential ballot. Not in 2020. And not, we may discern, in 2016, nor in any other election. Yet the silence in US media over this obvious conclusion is deafening. Four years of frenetic and unsubstantiated allegations of “Russian interference” have disappeared overnight, it seems. Poof! Gone! As if by a magic conjuring trick. Now you see it, now you don’t, so to speak. The New York Times has declared the recent presidential contest a “great election.. a resounding success free of fraud”.” – Strategic Culture Foundation  – THERE’S ONLY INTERFERENCE AND FRAUD IF TRUMP WOULD WIN!!!!!!

Pennsylvania Appeals Court Tosses Trump Lawsuit, Setting Stage For Supreme Court Showdown – Tyler Durden

5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms – “Surely the journalist class should be intrigued by the historic implausibility of Joe Biden’s victory. That they are not is curious, to say the least.” – J.B. Shurk

Sidney Powell Lawsuits Against Brazen Fraud in Michigan and Georgia – “Brazen Dem fraud occurred in key swing states and others. Mounds of credible evidence prove it — enough to render Trump v. Biden results null and void. The full extent of fraud won’t likely ever be known. Enough was discovered to prove Trump won. Biden/Harris lost. If they’re inaugurated in January, they’ll be illegitimate throughout their time in office. Chances for future open, free, and fair elections will be lost at the same time — voting henceforth a waste of time.” – Stephen Lendman

The Definitive Case Proving Donald Trump Won the Election – “Four of the seven most extreme vote dumps decided the election for Joe Biden. This alone is bizarre and fundamentally cuts against his narrative of moderate increases in suburban and exurban areas.” – Revolver News

Paris Climate Treaty Puts America Last – “Here we are in the midst of the second wave of a once-in-a-half-century pandemic, with the economy flattened and millions of Americans unemployed and race riots in the streets of our major cities. And Joe Biden says that one of his highest priorities as president will be to … reenter the Paris Climate Accord. Trump kept his America First promise and pulled America out of this Obama-era treaty. Biden wants us back in — immediately. Why? Paris is an unmitigated failure. You don’t have to take my word for it. National Geographic, a supporter of climate change action, recently ran the numbers and admits in its recent headline: “Most Countries Aren’t Hitting 2030 Climate Goals.” That’s putting it mildly. Most haven’t even reached half their pledged target for emission reductions.” – Stephen Moore

Democrats Want Unity Only on Their Terms – “If you want to heal, stop calling us haters and bigots simply because we strongly disagree with you on policies. Quit suppressing our speech, and quit canceling us from culture. Most of all quit pretending your calls for unity are anything other than a demand that we surrender to your radical agenda.” -David Limbaugh

Biden proclaims ‘America is back’ as the US makes provocations on Russia’s borders – Johanna Ross

And the Emmy Goes to… – “Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, recently released a book he allegedly wrote called, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic,” congratulating himself for being an amazing leader. So the first time I saw the headline that Cuomo had won an Emmy, I thought it was a joke, poking fun at the Governor for his self-aggrandizing book. But this is not The Onion: Cuomo, will receive an Emmy award for his 111 televised COVID-19 briefings this spring. The academy, which typically awards Emmys to actors in TV series, said Cuomo’s leadership had people around the world tuning in” – Simon Black  – WELL, BASICALLY CUOMO IS ACTING, ISN’T HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

American Governors – COVID Crisis Actors – “American governors, and other politicians, are a new version of crisis actors, proclaiming a crisis and offering draconian solutions and mandates, but when not acting, after removing their costumes and make up, they are contradicting the dictates of their contrived crises.” – Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

Portland Rioters Cause Thousands Of Dollars In Damage On Thanksgiving Night – Tyler Durden

Can we skip ahead to the part where we say, ‘We told you so’? – “No takers in the Minneapolis and Portland attempts to obtain more cops.” – Steve Pomper

Trump Slams Twitter, Suggests Section 230 Is a National Security Threat – Luis Miguel

The dozen belated disclosures that turned the tide in Michael Flynn’s case – “Long-withheld evidence of innocence revealed the FBI never thought it had a case against former Trump national security adviser.” – John Solomon,

Social Media Section 230 Law: No One is Happy – Mish

Britain’s Class War on Children – John Pilger

One Of The Best Preps To Have Is… – “Food & Water, Shelter & Security, Firearms & Ammo… are all great prep categories for SHTF. Here’s another thought… One of the best preps to have is ZERO DEBT. This concept is quite contrary to that which is promoted today, and here’s why…The system wants (needs) you to be in debt. The system ‘works’ on debt. It’s ALL based on debt. As the saying goes, “The joke’s on you”. There is such a thing as smart debt (for smart responsible people). But the problem is that ALL debt is portrayed as smart, good, or necessary. This is so terribly wrong, and is contributing to our perpetual slavery as a people. ” – Ken Jorgustin

Getting Your Traps Ready For the Trapping Season – Dan Mowinski



75% of the $454 Billion CARES Act Money Never Went to the Fed; It Was Invested by a Mnuchin Slush Fund Called the ESF – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Bloodbath Friday! Silver Price SLASHED By Over 3%(Or, Cartel Unveils Its Black Friday Sale!) – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart


The Noble Metals: Hard Money and the 79th Element – Marin Katusa

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.48EUR



Ephesians 4:31  Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice:






More Salem than Thanksgiving – “Coronavirus panic has set America back hundreds of years” – Heather Mac Donald  – LONG, BUT EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!!!!!

Seeing Family on Thanksgiving Is Too Important to Bow to the Mob – “There are worse things than COVID-19—and isolation and loss of the family unit are chief among them.” – Hannah Cox

Vaccines for Guinea Pigs – “So it’s politics and profit that determine the world of vaccines. What a sorrowful state of affairs. And that’s not even the worst of it. Far from it. With vaccines -that we know of- being developed in Cuba (4x), China, Russia (2x), West (multiple), etc., maybe we can have the luxury of choosing the ones that do the least harm? Well, there’s a trap door hidden somewhere in there. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines use a whole new (revolutionary!) technique to produce vaccines. Some people even refuse to call them vaccines because of this.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Study finds 84% fewer hospitalizations for patients treated with controversial drug hydroxychloroquine – Andrew Mark Miller  – OH, BUT IT DOESN’T WORK, REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!

Former Pfizer Science Officer Reveals Great COVID-19 Scam – “Can You Get Reinfected? Yeadon also says he’s “sick and tired” of people claiming that immunity against SARS-CoV-2 may wane after a short time, leaving you vulnerable to reinfection. If you’ve been ill with COVID-19 and recover, you will have antibodies against the virus, and you will be immune, he says. He understands that journalists may get this wrong, or may be given incorrect information, but if a scientist says this, “they are lying to you,” he says.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

The madness of a Covid-secure Christmas – “Do health experts like Devi Shridhar really believe we’ll do Christmas in summer or in the freezing cold?” – Fraser Myers

Belgians Told Police Will Knock on Doors at Christmas to Enforce COVID Rules – “If there is a lot of noise, police will knock on doors.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Sexiest doctor alive’ is called out for partying maskless on a boat while surrounded by bikini-clad women in Miami, despite stressing to his millions of Instagram followers to think before traveling, wear a mask and social distance – “Mikhail Varshavski, who has found fame as Dr. Mike, has been in the vanguard of stressing the importance of wearing a mask to stop the spread of Covid-19” – Martin Gould  – MORE DOUBLE STANDARDS AND HYPOCRISY, AND YET THE SHEEP STILL OBEY THE SO-CALLED EXPERTS!!!!!

Another hallmark of the Soviet Union: separate rules for the peasants – “Covid-19 lockdowns around the world have taught us how precious freedom is, and how easily simple things like going outside, breathing fresh air, and the ability to travel, can be taken away from us by people who refuse to follow their own rules. Frankly this was another theme of the Soviet Union—the big bosses had one set of rules for themselves, and the rest of us peasants had another set of rules that we had to follow.” – Viktorija

Snitchgiving: Americans Are Being Urged to Report Families Gathering for the Holiday – “Lots of folks are willing to narc on their neighbors. Don’t fool yourself into thinking your neighbors wouldn’t do such a thing. More than a third of the people who took part in a Rassmussen poll would rat out the folks next door in a heartbeat.” – Daisy Luther

More Signs A Covid-19 Vaccine Is Setting Us Up For The Mark Of The Beast – Only Fringe Fanatics And Medical Morons Would Assert All Vaccines Or Drugs Are Always Safe – Don Boys, Ph.D.

Doctors Urge the CDC to Make the Public Aware of Painful Side Effects of Experimental COVID-19 Vaccines – “They want the public to know the truth.” – Shane Trejo

Pubs are hanging by a thread – “The new ‘tiered’ restrictions could kill off the great British boozer.” – Paddy Hannam




Biden: Americans Need To ‘Forgo’ Holiday Traditions This Year – “As Democrat leaders across the country arrogantly ignore their own COVID-19 restrictions (over and over and over), their leader – Joe Biden – has asked Americans to “forgo” holiday traditions this year. In a monotone Thanksgiving eve address against a yellow “Office of the President Elect” backdrop (an office which doesn’t actually exist), the presumptive president-elect said that every American has “a responsibility” to take coronavirus seriously and ‘redouble our efforts’ to fight the disease.” – Tyler Durden

Give Thanks and Tell the Turkey Fascists to Go Gnaw on a Drumstick – “The towering mediocrities, who are now telling you to cower in your homes this Thanksgiving instead of deciding for yourself if you should be joining with your family and giving thanks to God for His blessings, get off on their power, and they dearly love the idea of you being suppressed, oppressed, and depressed. Well, I got something to pass them at the table and it isn’t stuffing, though stuffing is what they can do with it.” – Kurt Schlichter

Thanksgiving 2020 – “What if, on Thanksgiving Day, our gratitude is not to the government that assaults our freedoms and steals our wealth but to God, who gave us our freedoms and our ability to earn wealth? What if, on Thanksgiving Day, our gratitude is for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the exercise of free will and human reason? What if these are integral to our humanity despite the government’s assault on them? What if, on Thanksgiving Day, we are most grateful that we are free creatures made in God’s image and likeness? What if we can use our freedoms to reject the government, make-believe or not?” – Andrew P. Napolitano  – VERY GOOD ARTICLE FROM JUDGE NAPOLITANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For What Are America’s Wealthy Thankful? A Worsening Culture War – “When leaders run out of unifying myths, division is the last currency. Why this Thanksgiving, America is a “death cult” versus “radical socialists” ” – Matt Taibbi

Power Is An Illusion, Control Is A Facade – “Entire societies can be easily influenced when they suffer from delusions that the bad times will be fleeting, and that governments will keep them safe no matter what. It is a historically proven pattern that governments tend to CREATE problems instead of solving them, and this is because the power dynamic of government never changes. The politicians we “vote” for are not in control, rather, the elites who fund their campaigns and who permeate their cabinets are in control.” – Brandon Smith  – ANOTHER GREAT ARTICLE FROM BRANDON!!!!!!

Coming Soon From Joe and Kamala: Hooray for the Revolution! – “There is something quite scary about the way leading Democrats have persistently wrapped their attempts to control the American people in platitudes and self-righteous drivel. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who are currently pulling their team together, are no different than the Clintons and Obamas who preceded them and are already on course to establish conformity by diminishing the fundamental rights that have been hitherto enjoyed by the American people. The current war being waged against the United States and its constitution hinges on the expressed desire to extirpate “white supremacy” aka “white privilege” aka “systemic racism.” It is a convenient campaign slogan as it immediately creates guilt and apprehension in those white people who are foolish enough to believe it. It also is a vague enough term that it becomes possible to wrap a lot of other issues into it, like gun control, destruction of traditional education, reparations and affirmative action, and even de-policing urban areas.” – Philip Giraldi

Have We Met The Threshold Of Tyranny? Or Are We Quite Beyond… – “It is clear that we are presently on a path to authoritarianism / tyranny. Are we already there? Yes. To varying extents, in my opinion.” – Ken Jorgustin

Oligarchic Imperialism Is The New Dominant World Religion – Caitlin Johnstone

First, They Came for Thanksgiving; Now They Are Coming for Christmas – “Kate Brown, the Governor of Oregon, was rather ambivalent in her approach to violence during the time Portland was torched by radical mobs. In fact, she thanked “Oregonians for expressing their free speech rights largely through joyful celebrations…” But Gov. Brown apparently did some soul searching since the election. She found a joyful celebration about to be held by unquestionable enemies of the people. It turns out actual domestic terrorists are Oregonians who wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s extremists who wished to dine on turkey and all the trimmings who are dangerous, as they are potential super-spreaders of disease and destruction.” – Fay Voshell

Obama Is a Jerk, and It Comes Through With Every Media Appearance – Jennifer Oliver O’Connell

Sidney Powell released the Kraken in Georgia – “Sidney Powell promised to release the Kraken and show Americans the scope of election fraud on November 3, 2020. Shortly before midnight on Wednesday, she filed a 104-page complaint detailing everything she asserts took place in Georgia. This post will give you a very brief overview of the allegations.” – Andrea Widburg

Why Trump Provided A Happy Thanksgiving For Michael Flynn – “An American political martyr is pardoned, much to the outrage of some prominent Democrats.” – Leesa K. Donner

SCOTUS Strikes Down Cuomo’s Draconian Restrictions On Religious Services In New York – Tyler Durden

The Ruling Elite’s War on Truth – “American political leaders display a widening disconnect from reality intended to mask their complicity in the seizure of power by global corporations and billionaires.” – Chris Hedges

US limited isolation from the world stage is likely coming to an end – “Judging from the two names listed, Biden gives a decisive sign of discontinuing Trump’s foreign and national security policies. There is also a strong feeling that Biden wants many of the policies made by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to return. Under Biden, the U.S. will attempt to regain global influence it lost under Trump. In doing so, the architects of Washington’s new foreign policies will undoubtedly have full support from the American establishment and much more resources at its disposal.” – Paul Antonopoulos

We Haven’t Seen This Much Suffering On Thanksgiving Since The Great Depression Of The 1930s – Michael Snyder

Millions of Americans Expect to Lose Their Homes as Covid Rages – Alexandre Tanzi

Question of the Day: Bad Deal on Fish or No Deal on Fish? – “Rumors have it that a post-Brexit deal is in the works. Fish are at the heart of the matter.” – Mish

Everyone Needs to Understand These 10 Stages of Genocide—they’re happening right now across the planet – State of the Nation

12 Ways To Figure Out Your Direction Without A Compass – Bob Rodgers




Our Frustrations Run Far Deeper Than Covid Lockdowns – “The reality is the roulette wheel is rigged and only chumps believe it’s a fair game.” – Charles Hugh Smith

The State of the American Consumer: Free Pandemic-Money Runs Low – “Stimulus & extra UI dried up. But 16% of “proprietors’ income” in October was PPP money & Pandemic farm aid.” – Wolf Richter

The Real Villain Is the Fed (VIDEO) – “Peter talked about the big stock market rally. He said it’s not really about the presidential election, or the COVID vaccine, or excitement about Joe Biden. The rally is all about the Federal Reserve. And it always has been.” – Peter Schiff

Biden the Silver Bull – “Biden could become silver’s best friend.” – Peter Krauth

2020 Hindsight: Gold to Party Like its 2019 (VIDEO) with Craig Hemke – “What a very long a year it has been. It’s nearly impossible to believe that only a year ago, gold was breaking through $1350, $1450, and $1500​, and the Fed was mysteriously embarking on “Not QE” bond repos, during “the greatest economy ever.”” – Liberty and Finance

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.42EUR




1 Thessalonians 5:18    In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.






All Those Supporting Lockdowns and Compliance Have Blood on their Hands – Gary D. Barnett

What the Covid Vaccine Hype Fails to Mention – ” There was no information about the cycle number for the PCR tests. There was no information about whether the “cases” had symptoms or not. There was no information about hospitalizations or deaths.There is no evidence, yet, that the vaccine prevented any hospitalizations or any deaths. The Moderna announcement claimed that eleven cases in the control group were “severe” disease, but “severe” was not defined. If there were any hospitalizations or deaths in either group, the public has not been told. ” – Gilbert Berdine, MD

On Thanksgiving, Democrats Demand The Ultimate Family Separation Policy – “Life is too short to live it in fear of dying.“If you are planning to spend Thanksgiving with people outside your household, we urge you to reconsider,” wrote a group of governors in the pages of the Washington Post. These authors included little tyrants such as Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, whose lockdown orders arbitrarily outlawed the sale of gardening seeds while allowing patrons to purchase lottery tickets, Gov. Andy Beshear, who ordered that Kentucky police record church attendees’ license plate numbers at Easter services as “the only way we can ensure that your decision doesn’t kill someone else,” and Gov. J.B. Pritzker, whose family violated his own lockdown orders on more than one occasion to travel to their second home in Florida. ” – Kylee Zempel

Pandemic or Syndemic: How Deadly COVID-19 Isn’t – “With more data available about COVID-19’s effects, it’s becoming clear that we have better ways to control it than shutting down America.” – Matt Rowe

CDC Tells Americans to Avoid Alcohol and Singing During Thanksgiving Gatherings – “Basically, anything fun is frowned upon ‘because COVID’. The guidelines appear on the official CDC website under the heading ‘Holiday Celebrations and Small Gatherings’ and include literally dozens of “considerations for small gatherings of family and friends.”” – Paul Joseph Watson

Maryland Governor Expands COVID-19 Snitch Line, Says ‘No Constitutional Right’ To Go Maskless – Tyler Durden

The new class war on our pubs – “The UK government’s latest response to the coronavirus crisis is empowering pub-hating prigs.” – Mick Hume

German Lawsuit Against “FactCheckers” Would Force Them To Prove Legitimacy of C0VlD Tests (VIDEO)- Ben Swann




Open letter to patriots everywhere – “We have to live life, work, move forward. WE HAVE TO OPEN UP THE ECONOMY OURSELVES, every which way we can, regardless of orders from governments—federal, state, or local. Protests? Yes. But more than that, we go back to work. All over this country, we stand on our natural and Constitutional freedoms. We don’t give in. Our government is based on the consent of the governed. WE decide. We aren’t property of the State. We aren’t products shaped by the State. We weren’t born to be medical patients all our lives.” – Jon Rappoport

You Should Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Family – Joe Cunningham

Biden’s ‘Return To Normalcy’ Is Going To Be Terrible – “The media spent four long years suggesting that President Donald Trump was steeped in corruption, ensconced in partisanship, enmeshed in dangerous foreign policy fiascos. The media assured us that they would defend democracy from Trump’s brutalities, that they would spend every waking moment fighting to prevent anyone from accepting Trumpian standards as the “new normal.” Instead, the media suggested we needed to return to the old “normal” — by which they meant a system in which the media and Democrats worked hand-in-glove together to lie to the American public about the content of policy” – Ben Shapiro

The Correct Response To “Give Biden A Chance”: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “Trump’s horrible horrifying horrific assault on democracy that everyone’s spent weeks freaking out about is infinitely less destructive to democracy than (A) the status quo US policy of interfering in elections and toppling governments around the world, and (B) the basic US electoral system.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FRPM CAITLIN!!!!!!

Listen closely to Sidney Powell … – “Her track of investigation, exposing systemic election fraud in the voting machinery and software, may pan out.” – Nick Chase

Peace Groups Blast Biden’s DNI Pick Over Links to Drones, Torture, and Mass Surveillance – Brett Wilkins

If You Like War, You’re Going To Love The Biden Administration (VIDEO) – “If Joe Biden is successful in his fight for the White House, he will be bringing with him a foreign policy team that is responsible for some of the biggest and deadliest fiascos in the past quarter century. From the idiotic attack on Yugoslavia, to arming jihadists in Syria, to the murder of Libya and the Ukraine coup, the team of rabid interventionists readying themselves to return to power have left a scorched earth behind them. Now they are ready to get back in the ring.” – Ron Paul

Biden Cabinet Roundup: Retreads And Woke Folk – “Something old, something new, something borrowed, everything blue.” – Leesa K. Donner

What does Joe Biden believe? We still don’t know. (VIDEO) with Tucker Carlson – Fox News

The Coup Against America Is Nearly Complete! ‘Tis Time to Part! Red States Must Separate From Blue State Tyranny!!! – Dave Hodges

Long lines form at food banks across country ahead of Thanksgiving – John Bowden




The Dow Just Hit 30,000, But Meanwhile The Real Economy Is Having A Meltdown – “In the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s, the stock market has been soaring to heights that we have never seen before. What we have been witnessing is completely insane, but I suppose that if the entire system is utterly doomed, we might as well go out with a bang.” – Michael Snyder

The Great Reset – “In a sense, their so-called reset is just a grab-bag of all the rubbish policies of the Left. They are using the pretext of the COVID pandemic—really, the consequences of lockdown—to repackage their old rubbish as some kind of “rebuilding”. We must insist that taxing the still-solvent to dole out free goodies to the nonproductive is not rebuilding at all. It is actually just more tearing down. Many other newly rebranded reset policies have nothing to do with rebuilding.” – Keith Weiner

Gold Retested $1,800 As We Forecasted Over Two Months Ago & Silver Eagle Sales Top 4 Million – Steve St. Angelo

Devastating Damage from the Pandemic Is a Long Line of Bad News – David Haggith

Wall Street is Celebrating Easy Money Under Yellen – Mish

Bitcoin Is Free From Counterparty Risk? Not So Much… – Dave Kranzler

Both Citigroup and JPMorgan Have Now Received Huge Fines for Crimes the Regulators Won’t Reveal – Pam Martens and Russ Martens



Psalm 107:39    Again, they are minished and brought low through oppression, affliction, and sorrow.