“Explosive”, “Shocking” And “Alarming” FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, “End Mueller Investigation”

Sebastian Gorka: Shocking Trump Russia Investigation Memo Just the Beginning; Calls for Scandal to Be Named #ObamaGate – Kristinn Taylor

CNN COMPLETELY IGNORES FISA MEMO BOMBSHELL – “Home page doesn’t even have a single story about scandal dubbed “worse than Watergate” ‘ – Paul Joseph Watson

Congressmen Call Out FISA Abuse: “Is This Happening In America Or Is This The KGB?” – SuzanneHamner

Gallup Poll: U.S. Is Dramatically Losing Global Respect – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Putin braves icy water for traditional Epiphany dip (VIDEO) – “The annual baptism is a long-running staple of the Orthodox Church, with believers across Russia taking the midwinter dip. Putin took the plunge into an ice-hole in Lake Seliger, north of Moscow, to commemorate the baptism of Christ in the Jordan River over two thousand years ago.”

Bitcoin is a ‘Project of US Intelligence,’ Kaspersky Lab Co-Founder Claims

Country Going Down? (Podcast) – Gerald Celente

All Signs Are Pointing to a Coup Against President Trump – Dave Hodges

Leftists Bully and Fat Shame Trump – “Of course, the media exhibit selective concern over health. They were wholly uninterested in Clinton’s fainting, collapsing, odd behavior, and reported emotional outbursts during the campaign. Nor do they trouble over Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s continual brain freezes and slurring of words (talk about needing a cognitive test), even though she’ll be second in line to the presidency if the Democrats retake the House in November. And years ago they did a superb job of covering up JFK’s back problems and that FDR was actually in a wheelchair. The one thing all these individuals have in common, mind you, is that they’re Democrats.” – Selwyn Duke

The Twitter President – “a President of the United States has powers in addition to words, and Trump does not use them. Indeed, Trump has assembled a government that prevents him from using the powers of the presidency to achieve his two goals. This reduces him to a captive who hyperventilates on Twitter while he is forced to abandon his goals to those of private interest groups more powerful than the US president.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Vowing to ‘rip’ Trump ‘a new one,’ Obama’s ex-presidency devolves into third-world coup-plotting – Monica Showalter

“New” Trump Admin Policy On Syria Is The Same As Obama’s . . . And Hillary Clinton’s – Brandon Turbeville

US Syria Policy: One Step Closer to a New Large-Scale War – Peter Korzun

Deconstructing Nikki Haley’s Latest Rant – “She makes painful listening, a reckless war-mongering neocon extremist – deploring world peace and stability, raging for greater US aggression than what’s ongoing. Her remarks during Thursday’s Security Council meeting on non-proliferation of WMDs were disgraceful like all her rants – a litany of Big Lies, suppressing hard truths.” – Stephen Lendman

How the Collapse of Venezuela Really Happened: Part 2 – Daisy Luther  – PART 1 PREVIOUSLY LINKED!

“Mother Of All Blow-Offs?” – “At this point I don’t want to speculate on how much longer that Dow/SPX/Naz can go straight up. Historically this is the type of market behavior which has marked the blow-off top of speculative manias and has preceded serious market accidents.” – Dave Kranzler

The Clintons, The Red Cross & BOXES OF BILLIONS IN CASH – (VIDEO)

CDC: Only 12.8% of all diagnosed “flu” cases tested positive for flu. (2017-2018) – “So, if only few patient have a flu virus, what is making everyone sick?” – Sacha Dobler

Silver As A Strategic Metal and Why Prices Will Soar – Jim Willie

America’s Payoff from Joining The New Silk Road: Optimism – Harley Schlanger

Here Is Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book – Nick Bryant

Facebook, Google, Twitter Announce ‘Counterspeech’ Psyop to Keep Public Docile – Jake Anderson

Paying For The Surveillance State: Detroit Businesses Are Being FORCED To Pay To Allow Police To SPY On Their Customers – Alex Thomas

Gun Theft Is Sweeping America – “Robberies and burglaries targeting firearms sellers are skyrocketing, and law enforcement doesn’t know why.” – Polly Mosendz

SHTF Medical Emergencies: Why This Antibiotic is the Most Popular Type Stored – Jeremiah Johnson

The AI that can tell you when you’ll DIE: Stanford reveals ‘startlingly accurate’ system to predict the end of life for hospital patients

Weak Dollar Poses a $3.4 Trillion Question for U.S. Credit Markets – Sid Verma

10 Must-Have Supplies in an Emergency or Natural Disaster – Michael D’Angona

Total stupidity of online herd mentality on display as teens challenge each other to eat Tide laundry detergent “pods” – Lance D Johnson

Rivers & Streams Interactive Map (Upstream & Downstream)- “No matter where you live, it is very good preparedness to know where your water sources are located!’ – Ken Jorgustin

Wilderness Survival – How to Build a Shelter in a Tree – Cache Valley Prepper




Psalm 31:13   For I have heard the slander of many: fear was on every side: while they took counsel together against me, they devised to take away my life.







Fear of the Federal Government in the Ranchlands of Oregon – “Two years after the standoff at the Malheur Refuge, many people in the region remain convinced that their way of life is being trampled.” – Jennifer Percy

Rajoy Slapped in the Face: Catalonia Elects Pro-Independence Speaker – Mish

US Hostility Toward Russia Risks Nuclear War – Stephen Lendman

Socialist Dystopia: Starving Venezuelans Loot As Runaway Inflation Forces Pillaging For Food – Mac Slavo

‘Make Trade, Not War’ is China’s daring plan in the Middle East – Pepe Escobar

Tillerson Unveils ‘New’ US Syria Plan: ‘Assad Must Go!’ – Daniel McAdams

Who’s Crazy, Mentally Unfit? Trump or Obsessing Media Misfits? – “If you are unaware of the obsession of the media elites with the “Trump is insane” thesis, simply type “Is Trump crazy, mentally unfit?” — or something similar — into a search engine. You’ll find hundreds of stories over the past year along these lines: Choosing the top Trump Derangement Syndrome contestant among these many desperate attempts by Trump-obsessed “journalists” is a daunting exercise. Nevertheless, perhaps the top prize should go to the team of Jennifer Wiener (New York Times) and Michael Smerconish (CNN) for their psychoanalysis of President Trump on January 8, 2018. In her interview with Smerconish, Weiner told the CNN audience the fact that President Trump does not have a pet dog in the White House is proof enough that he is psychologically flawed.” – William F. Jasper

Breaking: Donald Trump Is Not Pregnant – “That was about the only question not asked by a Washington press corps” – Daniel John Sobieski

CNN Conspiracy Theorists Stelter & Acosta Refuse Physician’s Declaration Trump Fit For Office – Suzanne Hamner

President Trump Was Set Up From The Beginning – MSM Willing Conspirators Or Duped By Obama Deep State Members Via Steele Dossier? – Susan Duclos

Did Donald Trump Change His Mind on Domestic Spying? – Andrew P. Napolitano

WATCH: PRESIDENT TRUMP EXPLAINS WHY HE DOESN’T GET THE FLU SHOT – “I’ve never had one. And thus far I’ve never had the flu. I don’t like the idea of injecting bad stuff into your body. And that’s basically what they do. And this one (latest flu vaccine) has not been very effective to start off with. I have friends that religiously get the flu shot and then they get the flu. You know, that helps my thinking. I’ve seen a lot of reports that the last flu shot is virtually totally ineffective.”

Rethinking Putin: A Talk by Professor Stephen F. Cohen (VIDEO)  – MAY BE A LITTLE DRY FOR SOME, BUT EXTREMELY INTERESTING AND INFORMATIVE!!!!!!!

FBI Loses ALL Credibility – “Is Now Investigating Whether Russians Gave Money to NRA to Help Trump” – Jim Hoft

America’s Civil War – “It’s here, it’s real, it’s now – and I know what side I’m on” – Justin Raimondo

Q Anon, A False Flag Attempt Is Headed Our Way (VIDEO)

Marijuana Advisor To Sessions Wants To Drug Test Everyone – Heather Callaghan

Would Rural Areas Be Safer In A SHTF Situation? – “The only communities that are likely to survive in tact are the ones that are mostly self sufficient already and have a plan to maintain production and protect themselves from looters and overcrowding. Simply running to a rural area in a time of crisis is no cure all. Wherever you are, the key to survival will be advance preparation and a good plan.” – Tom Chatham

The Republican Supreme Court Gave Us The Police State – Paul Craig Roberts

Does ‘New Evidence’ Prove Noah’s Ark Is Buried on a Turkish Mountain? – Tom Ozimek


Predicted Death Of Millions In USA: Globalists Issue Paralyzing Warning, CDC Sidetracks, N.Korea MIA (VIDEO) – “Predicted Death Of Millions In USA: Globalists Issue Paralyzing Warning, CDC Sidetracks, N.Korea MIA (VIDEO) – “What on earth is going on??!! In the video below I reveal how the commandant of the Marine Corps, the Defense Secretary, Joe Biden, and the Pope are warning that nuclear war is coming and that we need to be prepared. This all happens right before two false alarms were sent out not only to the citizens of Hawaii, but also the citizens of Japan. Additionally,, a government contracted company, is predicting that by 2025 America will decrease in population by 270 million persons, and North Korea will have zero.” – Lisa Haven

Flu Descriptions Including ‘War Zone’ And ‘Flu-Pocalypse’ Hint At Weaponized Variant – Google And Globalists Funding ‘Universal Flu Vaccine’ Research As Dollar Signs Dance In Their Heads – “Remember This Globalist Motto: ‘Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste’ ” – By Stefan Stanford

Why Is There More “Flu” This Season: An Uncommon Investigation – “There is something colloquially called “chemtrail flu,” ” – Catherine J. Frompovich  – CHEMTRAILS, BIO-WEPONS: COULD BE BEING HIT FROM MULTIPLE FRONTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did the World Just Avoid Two False Flag Attempts Designed to Start World War III? – Dave Hodges

Who Survives and Who Dies When the SHTF? – Daisy Luther

Round Out Your Long Term Food Storage After Basic Goods Are Laid In – Ken Jorgustin

Would Your Children Survive On Their Own? – “What have you done to prepare your children if you are no longer able to care for and protect them?” – M.D. Creekmore




Psalm 41:7-8   All that hate me whisper together against me: against me do they devise my hurt.  An evil disease, say they, cleaveth fast unto him: and now that he lieth he shall rise up no more.






Russia Begins Massive ICBM Launch Drills

CIA False Flag Likely in Drone Attack on Russia’s Syrian Bases – Finian Cunningham

Olympic Games In South Korea – Perfect Opportunity For A False Flag Attack? – Brandon Smith

“Out”: Trump Expels CNN’s Jim Acosta From Oval Office Over Shiteholegate Questions

Bad news for the hateful Left: Trump in EXCELLENT mental health, garnering perfect score on cognitive test – “The reason that we did the cognitive assessment is, plain and simple, because the president asked me to do it.” – JD Heyes

Hold Your Applause for Trump Selling Snake Oil – “When Donald J. Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the race for the U.S. presidency in 2016, about a billion-people pegged their hopes on the billionaire developer’s promises. Now, a little more than a year into his presidency, and those vested hopes have evaporated. The only “genuine” good news where Trump is concerned, comes with the relief Hillary Clinton is not madam president. But the question now arises; “Did Clinton and the globalists really lose?” ” – Phil Butler

Beyond Imagination: Uranium One- Anne Williamson

The Whole World Is Sick and Tired of US Foreign Policy – Darius Shahtahmasebi

Self-Reflection at the Twilight of U.S. Empire – Michael Krieger

Silence Is Betrayal: Get Up, Stand Up, Speak Up for Your Rights – “Enough with the deafening silence in the face of outright corruption, base immorality, denigrating language, demoralizing greed, abject cruelty, derision, cynicism, violence, oppression and tyranny. The United States of America is run by a cabal of racist, classist, sexist, militaristic, misogynistic, greedy, heartless thugs who are obviously satisfied that their latest CEO—Donald Trump—is doing such a great job of keeping the nation polarized and pole-axed by his reality show antics.” – John W. Whitehead  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JOHN!!!!!!

New Charges Possible In Mandalay Bay Shooting While Mystery Shrouds Broken CCTV

US Wants Venezuela’s Cryptocurrency Undermined – “Washington unilaterally imposed multiple rounds of sanctions on Venezuela illegally. They aim to make its economy scream, ordinary Venezuelans harmed most, other countries pressured to observe them or face US harshness. They’re part of Washington’ diabolical plot to replace Bolivarian social democracy with fascist tyranny – so far unsuccessfully.” – Stephen Lendman

Pentagon Plans Citywide Drone-Catching Dragnets – David Axe

Leaked Pentagon Report Confirms ‘Radioactive Tsunami’ Is Not Just A ‘Conspiracy Theory’: Most Devastating Russian Secret Weapon Could Kill Millions – “We remind you that the website shows NO North Korea in 2025” – Stefan Stanford

New Flu Strains Threaten Public as CDC Admits to Flu Medicine Shortage – Tess Pennington

Explosive Article: The Pentagon Bio-Weapons – “The US Army regularly produces deadly viruses, bacteria and toxins in direct violation of the UN Convention on the prohibition of Biological Weapons. Hundreds of thousands of unwitting people are systematically exposed to dangerous pathogens and other incurable diseases.” – Dilyana Gaytandzhieva  – HMMM, BLEEDING EYE FEVER IN UGANDA, WHICH JUST HAPPENS TO BE ONE OF THE LOCATIONS OF A PENTAGON BIO-LAB: AND HOW ABOUT THE FLU EPIDEMIC IN THE U.S. RIGHT NOW. COINCIDENCE!!!!!!!!!

CIA-Connected Amazon Turns Over A Record Amount Of Data To U.S. Law Enforcement – “The transparency report also does not address whether authorities collected data via wiretapping Amazon’s speaker assistant Echo.” – Aaron Kesel

‘Smart Alarm’: Amazon Wants To Put A Microphone And Camera In Every Bedroom – (“If you mistake Amazon’s intentions to create a spynet with its Alexa AI ecosystem, you are ignorant or foolish: Amazon will not rest until every home in America has at least one Alexa device. All data collected will be monetized in multiple channels.” – Patrick wood) – Phoebe Westin

John Galt, Ayn Rand, mega-corporations, mega-government – Jon Rappoport

“Harry’s Dented logic” revisited – “Well, Harry Dent is at it again. He has advertisements everywhere, the latest posing as an “article” on Zerohedge where he says gold will be crushed to $700 in a market panic. He claims a financial and market meltdown is coming to which I wholeheartedly agree because the math not only supports this, it guarantees it at some point. The problem is this, he is trying to scare anyone and everyone he can AWAY from gold by claiming gold will trade to down to $700 and maybe even $250!” – Bill Holter

This Is How Much The News Triggers People (Video) – Truthstream Media

Is Baltimore America’s “Shithole”: Visualizing The Collapse Of An American City

What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right – ” Non-Westerners do not magically become American by arriving on our shores with a visa.” – Karin McQuillan

57 Years Ago Today, Eisenhower Predicted the Rise of the Military-Industrial Complex—He Was Right -“Dwight Eisenhower predicted the very situation Americans face today that keeps us in a perpetual state of debt and war and he called it the military-industrial complex.” – Matt Agorist

Cryptocurrency prices crashing as Wednesday trading opens up to a number of countries ready to severely regulate crypto use and trading – Ken Schortgen

Everything That Can Go Wrong, Will (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

How To Survive Without Pharmacies or Doctors … 15 Clinically Proven Herbs and Supplements – Mark Lawrence


Welcome to the neighbourhood. Have you read the terms of service? How we think about privacy today might not be the best way to deal with data collection in a smart city – “The whole point of a smart city is that everything that can be collected will be collected” – Matthew Braga

Magic Food: 7 Vegetables You Can Regrow From Kitchen Scraps – Tricia Drevets




Psalm 111:8   They stand fast for ever and ever, and are done in truth and uprightness.






Gabbard: North Korea Has Nukes Because They Saw What The US Did To Libya – “At the end of her interview yesterday on ABC’s This Week, Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard was asked by an incredulous George Stephanopoulos if it was a mistake for the United States to “take out” deceased Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and deceased Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. “It was, absolutely,” replied Gabbard, because you can’t say “It was, absolutely, you fucking idiot” on ABC.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Who Is Behind the Nuclear Terror ‘Mistake’ in Hawaii? – Harley Schlanger

Diplomacy Yes, but Pentagon Quietly Prepares for War on the Korean Peninsula

Neoconning the Trump White House – “Washington’s well-funded web of interventionist elites is quietly populating the president’s national security circle, again.” – Kelley Beaucar Vlahos


Nikki Haley for US President in 2020 or 2024? – “The possibility should terrify everyone. I’ve described her as a neocon hardliner, a recklessly dangerous hawk, a brainless Hillary clone, an ideological extremist, a political prostitute, a geopolitical know-nothing, the most unqualified ever US UN envoy, an embarrassment to the position she holds – undiplomatic in the extreme. The former GOP South Carolina governor with no foreign policy experience is unqualified for any public position.” – Stephen Lendman

Skynet Now: Pentagon Deploys Terrorist Hunting Artificial Intelligence – “A recent report from the Harvard Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs makes the case that we will see a dramatic overhaul of militaries across the world as they implement AI technology in the next five years. “We argue that the use of robotic and autonomous systems in both warfare and the commercial sector is poised to increase dramatically,” the report states.” – Jake Anderson

DARPA Funding GM Mosquitoes Research But Is It Something Else They Are Really Studying? – “After all, DARPA is a military agency and the military is interested in one thing – warfare.” – Brandon Turbeville


Facebook Bans Bestselling Author over ‘The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama’ – Megan Fox

Facebook is Changing – Here’s what You Need to Know – ” Facebook has decided that they know better than you what kind of content you wish to see each day. That being said, they’ve decided to arbitrarily eliminate most of the non-personal content you’ve been seeing on your newsfeed. It doesn’t matter if you signed up for that content by “liking” the page. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy seeing that content on your newsfeed. It doesn’t matter if getting your daily news fix is the only reason you use Facebook.” – Onan Coca

GoogTwitFace Is Now Big Brother — and You’d Better Be Scared – Selwyn Duke

Google’s voice-generating AI is now indistinguishable from humans – Dave Gershgorn

Facial recognition database? Google’s new art selfie app sparks privacy concerns – “The ACLU have warned that the biggest danger with facial recognition technology is its potential use for general, covert surveillance systems.”

Revealed: How Twitter employees are paid to analyze your PRIVATE messages – as one staffer admits ‘I’ve seen alot of d**k pics’ – “‘You leak way more information than you think,’ said one former software engineer”

Diversity Politics Vs. White People: Who Will Win? – “Formerly, the liberal/progressive/left and the Democratic Party stood for the working class. In those days societal conflict was understood in class terms, and the capitalist was seen as the exploiter. Today the conflict is identity driven, with the white heterosexual male placed in the role as the exploiter of blacks, homosexuals and women” – Paul Craig Roberts

Who’s Going To Stop The Madness? – “Every month consumer debt in aggregate hits a new record. Auto loans and student loans have been hitting monthly record highs for quite some time. In November credit card debt hit a record high in total and increased a record monthly amount for any one month. Mathematically this can’t go on forever.” – Dave Kranzler

Silver: Once and Future Money – Jim Rickards

Boeing Creating A Heavy-Lifting Cargo Drone – “Boeing is the consummate military contractor, and one would expect this high-powered drone to have warfare implications, like delivering logistics to forward bases or troop movements. – Patrick Wood” – Alex Davies

Drastic Pension Cuts Will Hit California, Kentucky, Other States – Mish

An American Water Crisis Is Just Around The Corner And No One Is Talking About It – Brandon Turbeville

Chinese Physical Gold Investment Demand Surges While Americans Pile Into Stock & Crypto Bubbles – Steve St. Angelo

3 Unique Tips for Finding Your Way Out of the Wilderness – Joshua Krause




Psalm 115:5   They have mouths, but they speak not: eyes have they, but they see not:







Trump Has Deep State Terrified (VIDEO) with Kevin Shipp – Greg Hunter

Because Mr Trump… Your Country Caused These ‘Shitholes’ – Finian Cunningham

Trump Turns on Pakistan – Eric Margolis

US Training Terrorists in Syria – “Russia and Iran, along with Syria and allied forces, are going all-out to defeat US-supported terrorists and end war in Syria. They’re undermined by Washington wanting it continued, aiming for regime change and pro-Western puppet rule installed. War was launched by Obama in March 2011, orchestrated by Hillary Clinton, continued by Trump, using ISIS and other terrorist foot soldiers, aided by US terror-bombing, massacring civilians, causing mass destruction.” – Stephen Lendman

Chelsea Clinton dares to lecture Trump on Haiti, forgetting her family’s historic robbery of the island – Alex Christoforou

Americans Must Know What Macron Has Done – Harley Schlanger


Amnesty International Is Barking Up The Wrong Tree – “Amnesty International Is Barking Up The Wrong Tree – “The violence that the US government has committed against humanity since the Clinton regime attacked Serbia was not committed by Trump deplorables. The violence that has destroyed in whole or part eight countries, murdering, maiming, and displacing millions of peoples, was committed by the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes, their secretaries of state such as Hillary Clinton, their national security advisers, their military and security establishments, both parties in Congress.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Unsealed Documents: Las Vegas Shooter May Have Had Help – “Ya think? Of course, there were more people involved.” – Tim Brown

Mass Surveillance: The Government’s Secret Tool To Convict By Violating Rights – “A devious process known as “parallel reconstruction” lurks behind many cases being brought to trial in America these days. It’s actually a mass surveillance tool for the government and it violates the rights of every single person in the United States.” – Mac Slavo

When Pot is Legal Peace Prevails: Violence Drops in States With Legal Marijuana

The Truth About Hawaii? Plus Hollywood Hypocrisy Gone Crazy (Video) – We Are Change

Was There More Going On In Hawaii Than Meets The Eye? Freakish Coincidence And BETA Test Come Along With ‘Apocalypse’s False Alarm’ – “ICBM Threat Proved How Unprepared Most Are As Primal Fear Kicked In” – Stefan Stanford

Massive flu outbreak? Here’s the real story the media won’t touch. The lies, the hoax, the scandal. – Jon Rappoport

About a dozen people arrested for feeding the homeless in El Cajon park

The TSA Snags Another Terrorist… Not – “It’s the textbook description of the modern day terrorist. White American Female – 19 years of age – long blonde hair – bright blue eyes – classic jihadi. I guess the Houston TSA folks don’t mess around and take their jobs seriously. It’s heartening to know that they are protecting the flying public from the threat of blonde teenage American college girls waving look-alike, level 2 firearms.” – The Common Constitutionalist

CIA and the Assassination of Leaders Overseas – “The history of the US Central Intelligence Agency is replete with numerous examples of political assassinations, not only in the US, but also of leaders of countries Washington disagrees with. So today, the CIA has actively begun developing various methods for the deliberate elimination of the US’s newest political opponent, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un” – Vladimir Platov

Fed’s Misconduct in Cliven Bundy Case Stems from Ruby Ridge – James Bovard

If Dr. King Was Alive Today, He’d Be Arrested and Called an Anti-Police ‘Thug’ – “As most Americans drink their beer and enjoy the day off, the thought that Martin Luther King Jr.’s struggle lives on — is but a fleeting memory.” – Matt Agorist

Weather Crimes Discussed By EMF Researcher-Activist Deborah Tavares: California Burning – “Deborah Tavares, a researcher-activist, who documents EVERYTHING she says with credible documentation, says the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are positioning “to restructure North America.” One of the apparent ‘tools’ for their soon-to-be-realized ‘pipe dream’ is the use of man-made climate-related “challenges.” ” – Catherine J. Frompovich

The Backup Weapon You Can Carry Where Guns Are Banned- Rich M

Surveillance on steroids: New device covertly scans you from a distance with a wifi blast to determine your emotional state, without your consent – Jayson Veley

Death by Physician – “Iatrogenesis and the Poisonous Nature of Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Drugs Such as Cipro” – Gary G. Kohls, MD

Blunt Force: Take an Attacker Down in Seconds – “this article is about the bat. Not that flying mammal, or the derisive term used for a mother-in-law in anger…the All-American baseball bat. This wonderful piece of sporting equipment is very effective in defending yourself in addition to hitting one over the fence in center field. For those of you who wish to know, my baseball bat of choice is an aluminum “T-ball” bat, a 24” job that sits directly next to my leg and within the groove of my vehicle’s front seat.” – Jeremiah Johnson

Another major blow to dollar hegemony as Germany decides to add Chinese RMB to their reserves – Ken Schortgen

What You Should Do Within 60 Minutes After SHTF – Bob Rodgers

The WAR on WHITEY: Schools and colleges are now teaching children to believe that being born white makes you a bad person – Ethan Huff

Gold Is Defying Conventional Wisdom; Maybe Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong – Peter Schiff

For Survivalist Being Prepared with N95 Masks is a Must! – Cody

The Strange Case Of The Falling Dollar – And What It Means For Gold – Brandon Smith

Stockpile Challenge 2018: Week 2 Check-In – “As we finish the second week of the stockpile challenge, more folks are seeing the gaps in their preparedness efforts. (Here’s where you can learn about the challenge if you’d like to join in yourself!)” – Daisy Luther




Habakkuk 2:8   Because thou hast spoiled many nations, all the remnant of the people shall spoil thee; because of men’s blood, and for the violence of the land, of the city, and of all that dwell therein.






“This Is Not A Drill”: False Emergency Alert Warning Of Ballistic Missile Threat To Hawaii Terrorizes Citizens Across The State – Alex Thomas

‘Won’t happen again’: Hawaii officials apologize, blame missile warning fiasco on ‘human error’

Residents “Crying And Screaming” After False “ICBM Threat” Alert Rattles Hawaii; Gabbard Slams Trump – AS SOON AS I HEARD ABOUT THIS, I  KNEW THAT TRUMP WOULD GET BLAMED FOR SOMETHING, SOMEHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quit LYING Hawaii – “Hawaii now claims “one employee” did this by “accident” by pushing the wrong button twice. If you believe that bald lie you’re dumber than a box of rocks.” – Karl Denninger

 You’re Being DISTRACTED: Hawaii False Missile Alert Not An Accident! Here’s What It Is Really About (VIDEO) – Lisa Haven

Why (And How) EVERYONE Should Make a Survival Shelter Plan (+ Printable Checklist) – Daisy Luther

Who’s Lying? Senator Durbin or President Trump? – “Is Senator Dick Durbin believable? Or is this another Fake News story to remove Trump “By Any Means Necessary”?” – William F. Jasper

Dick Durbin is a jerk – “Dick Durbin will lie, cheat, and betray any friend or stranger for his own aggrandizement and the furtherance of the progressive agenda. Like Obama, Durbin and his ilk want to fundamentally transform our country from what it was meant to be to something only Saul Alinsky and George Soros could love.” – Patricia McCarthy

Vatican’s War on Trump Has Papal Paper to Wading Into S—hole Muck – Andrew West

CNN meltdown over Trump is deranged and selfish – “The MSM reaction to Trump’s alleged curse is FAR worse and more disrespectful than his private closed-door meeting comment” – Seraphim Hanisch

10 Examples Proving The US Gov’t is an Expert at Turning Countries into ‘Shitholes’ – “The outrage over Trump’s crude comments about foreign countries has gone above and beyond outrage attributed to what the U.S. has done in those countries.” – Rachel Blevins

James Woods HAMMERS Bill Clinton in Ferocious Tweetstorm ‘You Looted Haiti Like a Peg-Legged Pirate’ – Cristina Laila

Precious Metals MUST-OWN Asset, Central Banks Overstretched (Video) – Nomi Prins

The Disturbing Parallels Between US Policing at Home and Military Tactics Abroad – “This army strategist says today’s policing is looking more and more like a military operation.”- Danny Sjursen

Who’s Really Against Russia and Putin? – “Fake news experts at CNN say Russian discontent with President Vladimir Putin is “bubbling up.” Before I make short work of the biggest liars in journalism, I’d like to express just how pitiful the globalist media assault on Russia and Putin has become. And, what waste of resources and potential stands behind them.” – Phil Butler

As US Global Influence Recedes, Secession Demands Grow – Wayne Madsen

The Dire Situation Of The Global Economy (Video) – Jim Willie

What and Who Killed Colton Berrett? – “AT AGE 13, COLTON BERRETT was a motocross king. He loved shooting, ice sports and scouting. Muscular, athletic… he was the all-American teen male. Just before going on a Scouting trip, he went in for a medical exam. His doctor advised him, and his parents, to take the HPV vaccine because, according to his doctor: “It can help prevent cancer”. He was told that even if he was not promiscuous, he could in the future potentially pass HPV on to his wife. Two weeks after his third course of Gardisil, Colton was experiencing a sore neck. Then serious lethargy came. Then paralysis in his right arm and hand. The scans showed that Colton had serious inflammation from the C1 to T12 vertebrae. He was given an initial diagnosis of transverse myelitis. (Please share Colton’s story everywhere – let the world know that these reckless and irresponsible people and organizations are killing our kids.)” – Dr. James Lyons-Weiler

Google, Amazon and DARPA Are Now Able to End All Free Will – Dave Hodges

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 13, 2018 (VIDEO) – “The weather makers are continuing to ramp up their all out assault on planet Earth. Winter storm “Hunter” is the latest geoengineered creation of the climate engineers. The temperature whiplash scenarios associated with this completely engineered chemical ice nucleated event were far beyond extreme” – Dane Wigington

Smart Money Moving Early into Gold for 2018 (VIDEO) with David Morgan – Reluctant Preppers – ALWAYS INTERESTING TO LISTEN TO DAVID!!!!!!!!

BE AWARE: HOW SOME ALTERNATIVE NEWS OUTLETS ARE HINDERING TRUTH – “We sit at one of the most important times for media ever. With the mainstream media being called ‘Fake News’ by the POTUS and with alternative media outlets getting so much attention from people around the world, things are changing a lot. advertisement – learn more Furthermore, almost anyone can start a media outlet these days and begin sharing their thoughts and opinions about something all while gaining a great audience. This is extremely empowering and helps to get information out of the hands of those who have historically manipulated it. But, this also means that it’s easy to jump online and start creating and distributing content without ever looking into the truth.” – Joe Martino  – GOOD POINTS!!!!!

Fighting Fake News: Back Door Trick to Enact Censorship – Makia Freeman

4 Shotgun Accessories For A Better Home Defense – Eve Flanigan

Silver Antidote to Bubble Craziness – “Central banks create trillions of U.S. dollars, euros, pounds, yen and Swiss Francs each year. The Swiss central bank “creates” currency units and buys U.S. stocks. The media thinks “creating from nothing” is normal and healthy, yet informs us that investing in gold, to protect from devaluing currencies, is silly and dangerous!” – Gary Christenson

APOCALYPSE: End Times is Near, If Evil Prevails – Head of Russian Church Warns (VIDEO)

Is Cell Phone “Addiction” Increasing Cancer Rates In Sweden? – Catherine J. Frompovich





Leviticus 20:23   And ye shall not walk in the manners of the nation, which I cast out before you: for they committed all these things, and therefore I abhorred them.



Last night I heard this politician
Talking ’bout his brand new mission
Liked his plans, but they came undone when he got around with God and guns

I don’t know how he grew up
But it sure wasn’t down at the hunting club
Cause if it was he’d understand a little bit more about the working man

God and guns
Keep us strong
That’s what this country
Was founded on
Well we might as well give up and run
If we let them take our God and guns

( God and Guns by Bud Tower, Mark Stephen Jones, Travis Meadows )








To Convince The Public This Is What The Cabal Does (Video) – “The cabal is firing everything they have at Trump to turn the public and remove him from office. They are now saying that he used language against those who are trying to enter the country via DACA. They are bringing up old stories to push their agenda”

Records show psych prof who ‘diagnosed’ Trump lacks license – Anthony Gockowski

Russiagate Battle Intensifies – Harley Schlanger

Trump and his sh*thole remark: the story nobody is talking about – “(Assuming Trump made the remark as reported—he denies it)” – Jon Rappoport  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JON. MORE TRUTH TO THIS THAN ANYTHING I HAVE READ TO DATE. AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Epic Mainstream Media Meltdown: So-Called Journalists Label Trump Evil, Nazi, Terrorist Sympathizer Over ‘Shithole’ Countries Comment – Alex Thomas

Trump Introduces New Word Into Media Lexicon (VIDEO)

Reality offends Leftists: If you didn’t know some countries are sh*tholes, you’ve never really seen the world – “If you didn’t know there are “sh*thole” countries in the world, you’ve never traveled. As someone who has traveled extensively — I speak three languages and have lived in Asia and South America — I can tell you without hesitation that there are truly many sh*thole countries in the world. Anyone who denies that is living in a fantasy land. More importantly, the very reason people from these sh*thole countries want to come to America is because their own countries are sh*tholes.” – Mike Adams

No One Cared When Obama Called Nation a ‘Sh** Show’ – “Libya is in northern Africa, but most of its inhabitants bear a lighter brown complexion than that of Obama’s darker brown ancestors on the southern part of the continent. Yet no one is on the record noted that Obama’s “shit show” comment seemed “racist.” When Obama used rough language to discuss African countries or Republican candidates, it’s brave and necessary. When Trump is accused of improper language, it’s racist and hateful.” – Joshua Paladino

Hillarys Name Is Showing Up In 4 Investigations and None Will Result in Conviction (VIDEO) – The Common Sense Show

Trump Is Right About Haiti, But the US Is Failing Terribly Too – ” … everything we do is infected by engineered falsehood and mendacity, including the news media … a culture of pervasive fraud …” – James Howard Kunstler

The Persecution of Julian Assange – “Truth was the last thing on politicians’ minds. They just wanted to divert attention from Washington’s crimes and betrayals of allies by portraying Assange as a threat and traitor to America.” – Paul Craig Roberts

The Great American Circus/Soap Opera – Deena Stryker

Media Manufactures Outrage Over Trump Remarks To Distract From Blockbuster Report Confirming That FBI And DOJ Have Become Part Of The ‘Fifth Column Cabal’ – Susan Duclos

When Socialists Run Out Of Other People’s Money, What Happens? – Daniel Greenfield

Shocking Footage Shows Crowd Of Hungry Venezuelans Slaughtering A Cow In The Open

A Great Wall: On Border Controls, Immigration, and National Survival – James Wesley Rawles

Neocon Think Tanks Not Russian Media Are the Enemy Within – John Wight

Whistling Past the Graveyard: Peter Schiff Talks Stock Market and the Economy (Video) – “Investors are oblivious. They are really whistling past the mother of all graveyards. This is the best start since 2006. And of course, people who were buying stocks in 2006 had no idea of the magnitude of the financial crisis that would hit the market in 2008. Well, the same people are even more clueless today, because the crisis that we’re heading for is going to be much, much bigger – much worse – than the one in 2008.”

Robots TAKING OVER: AI to ‘sink world into unemployed despair in hellish dystopia’ – David Rivers

Like clockwork, the gold cartel comes in and dumps over 12,000 contracts in a single minute to try to slowdown rising gold price – Ken Shortgen

Here are the 256 representatives that just voted to reauthorize and expand unconstitutional NSA spying:  – DON’T FORGET, WE ELECT THESE PEOPLE TO PROTECT OUR FREEDOMS, NOT TO TAKE THEM AWAY!!!!!!!

New Survey Reveals Staggering Number Of People Are Buying BitCoin On Their Credit Cards

Crypto Crisis Coming? Market Sell-Off Near? (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

Surviving a Mad Max World: How To Avoid Marauders and Looters After the Collapse – Jeremiah Johnson

Japan’s nuclear watchdog urges discharge of Fukushima radioactive water into ocean

The Last Great Silver Buy – “JPMorgan holds at least 675 million ounces of actual silver. Simply put, JPMorgan has acquired six times as much metal as bought by the Hunts or Berkshire Hathaway. How is it possible that JPMorgan, could acquire such a massive quantity of physical silver, with no general awareness that it was doing so? More importantly, how did they do it while silver prices steadily declined over the entire time of JPM’s accumulation?They didn’t spend the last seven years accumulating physical silver to sell that silver at anything but the highest price possible.” – Ted Butler

How to Open a Can without Can Opener (VIDEO) – Zombie Survival Tips #20

$25 For a Pack of Gatorade! Nanny State Imposes Enormous Tax on Sugary Drinks – Jay Syrmopoulos

Your UNIVERSAL RIGHT TO INFORMED CONSENT Denied By Vaccine Pushers – Catherine J. Frompovich

As Flu Deaths Soar, Big Pharma Pushes Their Answer: ‘Death By Lethal Injection’ – Has The 2018 Flu Been Genetically Manipulated? – “Witches Brew Of Chemicals Found In Government-Issued Flu Shots” – By Stefan Stanford

BOMBOGENESIS: Geoengineers Using Weather Weapons of Mass Destruction Against America – The Millennium Report

BUSTING OPEN THE CHEMTRAIL DENIAL SUBTERFUGE – “Atmospheric aerosol geoengineering (chemtrails) is one of the most crudely in-your-face debasements of civil justice and environmental and human health, ever to have been enacted upon mankind – outside of outright war. The mind tries to grasp how it could be that the smothering of our skies with toxic engineered clouds, a process that has been going on for at least two decades, could fail to elicit any response from the majority of mortals living on planet Earth.” – Julian Rose  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!

4 Hidden Dangers Of Winter That Can Kill You – Robin Marri Miller




Hebrews 2:1   Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip.






Make America White Again: Haiti, African Nations ‘Shithole’ Countries – Mish

Dick Durbin: Trump made ‘hate-filled, vile and racist’ comments repeatedly – “Durbin told reporters Friday that, of the press reports that have included the president’s comments, “I have not read one of them that’s inaccurate. ” Trump’s reported comments set off a storm of criticism among Democratic and Republican lawmakers, who are calling on the president to apologize. In tweets Friday morning, Trump denied making derogatory remarks about Haiti, and accused Democrats of fabricating his comments.” – Melissa Quinn

CNN Goes Off on a Sh*thole Sh*tstorm: Mentions “Sh*thole” at least 36 Times in One Night (Video)

Trump an Embarrassment to the Office He Holds – “He’s not unique. So were the Clintons, Bush/Cheney, Obama and other past US presidents – hostile to peace, democratic values, rule of law principles and social justice. All politicians lie, undeserving of trust. Rare exceptions prove the rule. Obama was a serial liar. Trump matches or exceeds his duplicity, mendacity and arrogance.” – Stephen Lendman

Putin: US interferes in other countries’ affairs, should expect mirror reply – “Russia has never interfered in US internal affairs and is not planning to do so, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. He added that it is the US that “interferes everywhere” and should expect reciprocal action. No country would tolerate foreign interference in its internal affairs, Putin said, as he spoke at a meeting with the Russian media.”

American Exceptionalism and America First – “Donald Trump won the White House with a policy of “America First,” which he quickly made the official position of his administration. Such language can sometimes seem like American exceptionalism. The basic premise of “America First,” in other words, contradicts the main assumptions of American exceptionalism. American exceptionalism has always said that because of its unique history the United States must model and spread democracy, religious liberty, freedom, free enterprise, diversity, human dignity, self-government, you name it.” – Abram Van Engen

Walmart Abruptly Closing Dozens Of Sam’s Club Stores, Firing Thousands On Same Day It Raised Minimum Wages

House Extends Controversial Surveillance Measure For 6 Years Despite Bipartisan Resistance – Derrick Broze

Time For Hungrexit: PM Orban Opposes Mass Immigration In Hungary, Attacks Soros In German Press – Brandon Turbeville

UN Continues To Push Countries To Open Up Borders For Unrestricted Migration – “This is not surprising considering the overwhelming influence held at the UN by Islamic nations who are supplying the ‘migrants’ to Europe and elsewhere. Ultimately, the UN wants to achieve a borderless world with no migration restrictions. – Patrick Wood”

‘The Most Sinister Threat To Free Speech In History’ – Mention God, Guns, America Or Trump And Twitter Says You Are A Redneck Republican Russian Bot – Susan Duclos

Unlike the U.S. which refuses to conduct of public audit of its gold reserves, Russia happily shows the world its growing store of wealth – Ken Schortgen

Monsanto Trying To Hide GMO Foods Under The Term “Biofortified” – “There are no power grabs out of reach for Monsanto – they are now attempting the most ridiculous propaganda scheme of all. They are attempting to manipulate definitions under Codex Alimentarius that would allow GMOs to fall under the classification of “biofortified” foods.” – Heather Callaghan – “IF YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, I URGE YOU TO WATCH THE FOLLOWING VIDEO. IT’S A FEW YEARS OLD BUT EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Worth your time! Dr Rima Laibow Codex Alimentarius (VIDEO)

Tyranny in America – “America was never the land of the free and home of the brave from inception – far from it.” – Stephen Lendman

Silver and Gold: Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme (Video)

Map Secret Underground Areas For DARPA and Win $2 Million – “But what else is behind the Subterranean Challenge.” – Paul Seaburn

How to Get Kicked Off YouTube – “It’s easy – just tell the truth about black violence and denial.” – Colin Flaherty

Global Networks Are Necessary to Overcome Abusive Governments and Oligarchy – “the universal truth is we’re a global family of human beings and we must stand in solidarity with one another on a planetary level if we’re to overcome centralized oppression, which all of us suffer from irrespective of what our passports say” – Michael Krieger

52 WILD PLANTS YOU CAN EAT ( Here are a few Common North American Goodies That are Safe to eat if You Find Yourself Stuck in the Wild) – Amy S.

Stock Market Bubble vs Gold & Silver (VIDEO)

Parents now urged to connect their BABIES to smartphones: New Fitbit-style device monitors baby biometrics while bathing infants in EMFs – Isabelle Z.

How to Make Hard Tack Biscuits With a 50 Year Shelf Life

Are You Afraid of Wasting Your Time Prepping? – “What if another major disaster never happens? Have you wasted your time, money and life with all this prepping stuff? I don’t think so – for me there has always been a great sense of accomplishment in knowing, I am as self-reliant as I can be. And at least if you are prepared you’ll never have to be one of those people who rush to the grocery store and fight over the last loaf of bread or gallon of milk at the first mention of snow on the news.” – M.D. Creekmore  – SOME GREAT POINTS!!!!!!


You have already disillusioned most of your base. Please do what you were elected to do and cut the crap and be Presidential for a change. Obama and Hillary were and are still worse. Don’t stoop to their level!!!!!!!


1 Corinthians 13:11   When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.






The Phony Russian Threat – “Russia threatens no one. No “Russian aggression” exists, not in Ukraine or anywhere else. The Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin abhors wars, champions world peace and stability – his agenda polar opposite America’s war on humanity. Bipartisan neocons calling Russia America’s greatest existential threat are bald-faced liars, hyping fear, supporting militarism and warmaking at a time the nation’s only threats are invented ones. The NYT is militantly Russophobic, its editors pathologically hostile to Vladimir Putin.” – Stephen Lendman

US deploys 3 B-2 stealth bombers to Guam in message to North Korea – Lucas Tomlinson

“Russian Agent” Trump Continues Obama-Era Saber Rattling With Russia by Arming Ukraine – “Yet the Russia-obsessed corporate media continues to peddle the narrative that Donald Trump has turned the United States into a client-state of Russia” – Darius Shahtahmasebi

Who or What Is Feeding the Unrest in Iran? – Philip Giraldi

Twitter Engineers To “Ban a Way of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning” (Video) – “In the latest undercover Project Veritas video investigation, eight current and former Twitter employees are on camera explaining steps the social media giant is taking to censor political content that they don’t like.”

The Most Important Country the US Military Has Conquered – “For all the bucks, what about the bang–what about results? Let’s just say that Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Niger, and other U.S. military interventions haven’t gone well. Yet there is one country where the U.S. military truly rules; one country which the U.S. military has truly conquered. Where and which? The USA, of course. ” – William J. Astore  – PRESIDENT EISENHOWER WARNED US OF THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX WAY BACK IN THE 50’S, BUT AS USUAL NO ONE LISTENS WHEN THEIR HEADS ARE BURIED IN THE SAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Outrageous! Far Left TIME Magazine Put’s Trump’s Hair on Fire on Cover — Releases Nasty Trump-bashing Video – Jim Hoft

The Madness of the Anti-Trump Shrinks – Daniel Greenfield

Big Brother = You – ” The real problem is that by giving out the information on Facebook, even if it all seems completely harmless and innocent to you, you have become Big Brother.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Facebook developing ‘Portal’ gadget which will let it put microphones and cameras in people’s homes – Jasper Hamill

Is Angela Merkel Done For? – Alexander Gorlach

Sessions Wages War on Natural Weed, As He Grants Maker of Fentanyl a Monopoly on Synthetic THC – Matt Agorist

The World’s Most Corrupt Man – “You have to admire the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia — the young Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The man is taking a stand against the decades of corruption that has taken place at the top of Saudi society. s It A Corruption Crackdown Or A Money Grab? It truly is almost impossible to believe. In front of the entire world, this man has arrested some of the most important people in his country under the guise reclaiming assets stolen from the Saudi people. Meanwhile, he has personally spent a combined $1.25 billion on a house, a painting and a boat — and these are just three things that we know about.” – Jody Chudley

Private property: a silver bullet to socialist vampires – Jon Rappoport

How the Collapse of Venezuela Really Happened: Part 1 – Daisy Luther

State Police to start using drones – “New York State Police will soon begin using unmanned drones to help support law enforcement missions like public safety, disaster response and traffic safety.”  – AND WHAT ELSE?  JUST THE BEGINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Police Drone Battle Continues After LAPD Approves New Purchase and Officer Training – “Moreover, there is a disturbing trend of police wanting drones for routine public infractions, which further calls into question the assurances that drones will only be used to thwart terrorism or assist in hostage rescue.” – Nicholas West

The Household Debt Ticking Time Bomb – Dave Kranzler

Why Is The FBI Afraid Of Encryption? – Derrick Broze

Was LaVoy Finicum on the KILL LIST? – Shari Dovale

The US Has Devolved into a Police State – “The police are the enforcers of the thievery practiced by the One Percent. The main function of the police in America is to suppress the citizens. The facts are established that each year 2 million criminal acts are prevented by the fact of armed Americans. The Second Amendment is the most powerful preventer of crimes in the United States. Essentially, the police prevent no crimes; rather the police commit crimes against the public, such as against the school teacher, whereas the Second Amendment protects each year 2 million citizens. What America needs is not the corrupt police force that it has, but the Second Amendment. Once Americans give up their right of self-defense, they are toast. My advice to every American citizen is: when you see the Second Amendment going down get out of the country as fast as you can.” – Paul Craig Roberts  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM DR. ROBERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is Bitcoin Other than a $15,000 Beanie Baby? – Mish

Geoengineered Winter Weather, The Chemical Ice Nucleation Factor – Dane Wigington

Warning: UN Building Geospatial Data Ecosystem To Achieve Sustainable Development Goals – “Geospatial technology tracks things that move (ie, people, vehicles, etc.) in the context of why they move and for what purpose. Technocrats seek to track everything in the world, all of the time, for the purpose of command and control over those things. – Patrick Wood” – Ananya Narain

A Realistic Assessment of Epidemic Disease After TEOTWAWKI- Part 2 – Dr. DMC

Wall Street Bank with Three Felonies Sends Employee to Head SEC Trading Division – “The arrogance of the captured Wall Street regulators in Washington grows exponentially with each passing day.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Gold soars to more than a four month high as dollar gets crushed on unexpected initial claims data – Ken Schortgen


MRE Meals for Food Storage & Survival Kit – Ken Jorgustin

China Dumping U.S. Treasuries – This Changes Everything (VIDEO) – Lior Gantz




Psalm 27:12   Deliver me not over unto the will of mine enemies: for false witnesses are risen up against me, and such as breathe out cruelty.






Deep State’s ‘Plan B’ To Remove Trump In Full Force: Lawmaker Introduces ‘Stable Genius Act’ – Mac Slavo

How President Trump Is Fading into Irrelevance – Eric Zuesse

Psychiatrists say Trump mentally ill – “Those boys have quite a con going. And now, from a few hundred miles away, they’ve diagnosed a sitting president. Well, why wouldn’t they? They’ve been shucking and jiving all the way to the bank for the entirety of their professional lives. Do you like Trump? Do you hate him? Do you think he’s nuts? Sane? Whatever you believe, it has nothing to do with the official pronouncements of psychiatry. Psychiatry has become an arm of technocracy—an attempt to organize society according to a list of so-called mental disorders parading as science.” – Jon Rappoport

US Opens 2018 With Fake-News Bang, Suggests Russia Plotting to Cut Trans-Atlantic Internet Cables – Robert Bridge

Massive 7.6 magnitude earthquake strikes in the Caribbean: Islands escape major damage after one of the most powerful tremors ever to hit the region

Google’s New Fact-Check Feature Almost Exclusively Targets Conservative Sites – Eric Lieberman

I Don’t Want Your Leaders – “Meanwhile, what do Oprah and Cuban have in common? Both billionaires, just like Trump. Is that the future the plutocrats have planned for us? Groveling for a new billionaire dear leader every four years? Sorry, but I have too much respect for myself to ever do that. I’m done playing this childish game.” – Michael Krieger

Oprah Winfrey for President in 2020? – “For undemocratic Dems, it makes as much sense as nominating Bozo the Clown. At the same time, given America’s deplorable state, why not? Qualifications for the job aren’t necessary. She and Trump share two attributes. They’re both billionaire entertainers, media celebrities.” – Stephen Lendman

Highly Classified Satellite Plummeted Into Indian Ocean After SpaceX Launch, Official Confirms  – HMM, WONDER WHAT THAT SATELLITE WAS FOR!!!!!!!!!

All Signs Point To Western-Backed Destabilization In Iran – U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia Implicated – Brandon Turbeville

Social Security proposes “immediate and permanent reduction” in benefits – “According to the 2017 Trustees report, “Trust Fund reserves become depleted in 2035.” They’re practically giving us a date that we can circle on a calendar and mark “End of Social Security.” ” – Simon Black

LAPD takes another step toward deploying drones in controversial yearlong test – Kate Mather

ANOTHER IMAM IN U.S. CALLS FOR KILLING JEWS – “May Allah destroy everyone who wants evil for Islam” – Art Moore


Congress Is About to Vote On Expanding the Warrantless Surveillance of Americans – “Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act has been abused by the intelligence agencies to spy on Americans. This week the House of Representatives will vote on a bill to make that legal.” – Daniel Oberhaus


Russia’s Plans for a “Fire Escape” Currency – “It’s important to focus on how the new BRICS gold system will rest on actual metal, unlike the current situation with London gold-trading, and on the Comex” – Byron King

Details About Flu Vaccine And Its Effectiveness – “Have you ever wondered why you contract the ‘flu’ even though you’ve had your annual flu vaccine?” – Catherine J. Frompovich

Party While You Can – Central Bank Ready To Pop The ‘Everything’ Bubble – Brandon Smith

You’ve Got Fail: Investigation into Online Gun Sales Backfires on Gun Controllers – “In yet another embarrassment for the gun control lobby, a government investigation of online gun sales designed to determine “whether private sellers would knowingly sell a firearm to an individual prohibited from possessing one” determined that … no, actually, they would not.”

CANADA ESSENTIALLY BANS THE IMPORT OF EVERY FOLDING KNIFE IN EXISTENCE… – “The insane have taken over the asylum folks. The geniuses over at the Canada Border Services Agency decided that they weren’t going to let the United Kingdom beat them in the Stupid Olympics and have opted to ban the import of basically all folding knives (if the new law is applied indiscriminately). Oh boy.” – Thomas Xavier

5 Tips for Successful Natural Navigation – Bob Rodgers

Amazon Is the Reincarnation of 19th Century Standard Oil (VIDEO) – “Jeff Bezos is the Next David Rockefeller” – The Common Sense Show

The Swedish Government Is Warning Citizens to Be Prepared for at Least a Week Without Help – “Is there trouble on the horizon? The Swedish government is also urging young people to get better prepared.” – Daisy Luther

Treasurys Tumble, Futures Slide On Report China “To Slow Or Halt” Treasury Purchases  – ALL PART OF CHINA MOVING AWAY FROM THE DOLLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even More Support: Silver Moving Higher in 2018 – Rory Hall

Golden Globes And ‘Sickening Hypocrisy’ Of Celebrity A-Listers Who All Knew About The Hollywood Culture Of Sexual Abuse And Child Molesters – Susan Duclos

Autopsy being conducted on 83rd doctor (osteopath) found dead – Erin Elizabeth

A Realistic Assessment of Epidemic Disease After TEOTWAWKI- Part 1 – Dr. DMC

Favorite Freeze Dried & Dehydrated Foods and Brands – Ken Jorgustin

There is no escape: New transmitter technology will charge your devices in your pocket, constantly bombarding you with EMFs – Russel Davis

4 Food Sources You Can Find in the Dead of Winter – Tess Pennington




Isaiah 3:15    What mean ye that ye beat my people to pieces, and grind the faces of the poor? saith the Lord God of hosts.