Trump Explains What Iran War Would Look Like Under His Watch – Tyler Durden

Trump, Iran, and Anything American – “n a rebound from his last minute cancellation of what would have resulted in the murder of countless Iranians, President Trump went back on the war path Tuesday (at least in oratorical fashion), once threatening murder and mayhem.” – Kurt Nimmo

John Bolton’s Blueprint for War on Iran – Stephen Lendman

Iran Calls Trump RETARDED So Trump Threatens OBLITERATION As Gold And Crypto SOAR!!! (VIDEO) – Press For Truth

How Evil Wins: The Hypocritical Double Standards of Political Outrage – “Please spare me the media hysterics and the outrage and the hypocritical double standards of those whose moral conscience appears to be largely dictated by their political loyalties. Anyone who believes that the injustices, cruelties and vicious callousness of the U.S. government are unique to the Trump Administration has not been paying attention. No matter what the team colors might be at any given moment, the playbook remains the same. The leopard has not changed its spots. Scrape off the surface layers and you will find that the American police state that is continuing to wreak havoc on the rights of the people under the Trump Administration is the same police state that wreaked havoc on the rights of the people under every previous administration.” – John W. Whitehead

Iran Is Ready for War! Is the United States? (VIDEO) – “Iran is ready for war, both in the Middle East and inside the United States with their terrorist cells. Iran may be ready, but the question is, will the United States be ready for war? Here is the story…” – The Common Sense Show

Pro-War Media Wants to Destroy Tucker Carlson for Attacking Ruling Class and Neocons – Amalric de Droevig

Trump’s Foreign Policy: Choosing Enemies Very Selectively – Brian Cloughley

Foreign Sleeper Cells Here – Waiting For Their “Go Orders” – Ken Jorgustin

US threatens Turkey with ‘economic ramifications’ over Russia missile defense deal – RT

Dossier 2.0 — Mueller’s ‘Black Cash’ Ledger – Daniel John Sobieski

Survey: Americans Have Remarkably Ignorant Attitude Toward Nukes And North Korea – “The narrative that the use of nuclear bombs was a tragic but necessary means to end World War II is a lie that the US has used its cultural hegemony to circulate around the world, much like the lie that America was mostly responsible for Germany’s defeat and not the USSR.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Breakouts, burns and zingers: What to watch in Dem debates – Laurie Kellman

Republicans want Donald Trump to ignore the Democratic debate fray. He’s making no promises. – John Fritze and Michael Collins,

De Blasio quietly dumping NYC’s homeless on other cities – “So much for “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…” as far as New York mayor Bill de Blasio is concerned.” – Thomas Lifson

White House to Hold Social Media Summit – “Move comes as Facebook and Google are under attack in Washington; Trump claims sites are biased against him” – John D. McKinnon and Catherine Lucey

California on verge of becoming our first ‘third-world’ state as disease, trash, homelessness plague biggest cities – Jon Dougherty

The Dying Days Of An Empire – “The US no longer has the economic, political or military might to dictate to the entire world any terms it wants to. Those days are long gone. That ended in Vietnam. Trump’s living in the last century, while Bolton and Pompeo, they live in their own time and world.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer


The Media Needs To Stop Hiding The Truth About Illegal Immigrant Crime – Dave Seminara

Brexit: Please, Let’s Discuss 10 Pertinent Facts – Mish

A Look at Finland’s EXTENSIVE Disaster Preparedness Plans – Daisy Luther

Surviving Past The First 72 Hours Of The Disaster – Bob Rodgers

Google buries search results in escalating attack on all independent health, nutrition and vaccine information – Ethan Huff

Time To Counterpunch Erroneous Pro-Vaccine Hype & Abuse – Catherine J. Frompovich



The Pain Of This New Economic Downturn Is Starting To Show Up All Over The Country – Michael Snyder

The Diminishing American Economy -“Since June 2009 Americans have lived in the false reality of a recovered economy. Various fake news and manipulated statistics have been used to create this false impression. However, indicators that really count have not supported the false picture and were ignored.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Merrill Lynch Caught Criminally Manipulating Precious Metals Market “Thousands Of Times” Over 6 Years – “Remember when it was pure tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory to accuse one or more banks of aggressively, compulsively and systematically manipulating the precious metals – i.e., gold and silver – market? We do, after all we made the claim over and over, while demonstrating clearly just how said manipulation was taking place, often in real time. Well, it’s always good to be proven correct, even if it is years after the fact.” – Tyler Durden  –  AND IT’S STILL GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time for an International Gold Reset – Gary Christenson

The Real Reason the Deep State Hates Russia… And What it Means for Gold – International Man  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!

Inflation Chickens Will Come Home to Roost (VIDEO) with Peter Schiff – Greg Hunter

Wealthy Families Attacking COMEX & LBMA Now, DEMANDING Delivery Of Physical Gold & Silver – “The end game for the gold & silver price suppression is now, and the question is how fast does it play out?” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart




Isaiah 56:10  His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.








Trump Slams Iran’s “Ignorant, Insulting” Statement, Warns Any Further Attacks Will Mean “Obliteration” – Tyler Durden

Trump Imposes Sanctions on a Dead Man – “The following is an excellent example of just how ignorant Donald Trump is. He knows virtually nothing about Iran—except, of course, what he is told by his neocon henchmen—and he apparently believes Ayatollah Khomeini, who died in 1989, is the Supreme Leader of Iran.” – Kurt Nimmo

‘Dialogue at gunpoint’: Bolton says Iran’s ‘silence’ is DEAFENING while it’s actually pretty vocal – RT

Iran — Message Sent, Message Delivered – “It is clear that Iran is sending the U.S. a stern message. And that message is we can hurt you asymmetrically as much as you hurt us. The more we learn about this incident the more the initial story concocted by the U.S. looks specious. Drone in international airspace? Most likely not. Trump said someone made a mistake? No, completely deliberate.” – Tom Luango

Trump: War President or Anti-Interventionist? – “As for the U.S. charge that Iran is “destabilizing” the Middle East, it was not Iran that invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, overthrew the Gadhafi regime in Libya, armed rebels to overthrow Assad in Syria, or aided and abetted the Saudis’ intervention in Yemen’s civil war. Iran, pushed to the wall, its economy shrinking as inflation and unemployment are rising, is approaching the limits of its tolerance.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Is the Iranian nuke weapons program an illusion? – Colonel W. Patrick Lang (Ret.)

Democrats form circular firing squad – “Democrats, get ahold of yourselves. It’s still early in this silly political season, but you’ve already gone off the deep end. There are so many presidential candidates, some of whom have no idea why they’re running, but all of whom are so desperate to get any attention whatsoever and so hungry for a headline, they’ll seize any opportunity to invent a phony excuse to stab another Democrat in the back. With the willing help of the breathless, clueless, political media.” – Bill Press

Two Nights, Five Moderators, 20 Candidates: Can NBC Pull Off Debate-a-Palooza? – Jeremy Barr

E. Jean Carroll loses more credibility … and CNN tries to cover it up, twice – “Has CNN found itself a new Avenatti?” – Monica Showalter

Slavery and Reparations and Concentration Camps, Oh My – “he problem with our lefty friends is that they don’t really want to have what they call a “conversation.” Their idea of conversation is for highly trained activists to ram their morality down our throats and then demand we say thank-you.” – Christopher Chantrill

How the Clinton Campaign Created a FALSE Narrative Against Donald Trump! (VIDEO) – Judicial Watch

You Are Fighting In The Most Important Battle Of All Time – “All of mankind’s biggest dilemmas are ultimately due to the fact that propaganda is far more ubiquitous and far more advanced than most people realize.” – Caitlin Johnstone

At What Point Does America Revolt? – “The Joe Biden and Kamala Harris views are not only criminally insane they’re going to lead to a no-bull**** civil war incited by the fiscal collapse of the nation. Trump, as he stands today, is no better. Mr. Barr, his AG, could file hundreds if not thousands of felony 15 USC Chapter 1 indictments right now and put a stop to all of this crap. He has refused, and that refusal is intentional just as was the refusal of Jeff Sessions and all of Obama’s AGs as well.” – Karl Denninger  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM KARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be Wary of Undue Optimism – Paul Craig Roberts

Illinois Lawmaker Admits Gun Confiscation Is the Ultimate Goal – Teresa Mull

Where is Original 302 on General Flynn’s Discussion with FBI in the White House? If Destroyed He Must be Set Free and Corrupt FBI and Mueller Gang Indicted! – Joe Hoft

Sign Of The Times? Weather Patterns All Over The Planet Are Going Absolutely Nuts – “We have never seen global weather patterns go as crazy as they have so far in 2019. Record high temperatures are being shattered all over the planet, but meanwhile some parts of the U.S. were just buried by massive amounts of snow. The sixth largest city in India is literally running out of water due to extremely dry conditions, but in middle America it just won’t stop raining.” – Michael Snyder  – GEOENGINEERING AT IT’S FINEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tampering Past The Tipping Point – “Yet another round of spectacular data tampering by NASA and NOAA. cooling the past and warming the present.” – Tony Heller

More Evidence That NASA Really Does Stand For: ‘Never A Straight Answer’ – “Is the US government operating a secret space program with advanced propulsion technology far beyond anything known to the public? Are they continuing to waste money and risk lives with the public space program…limited mainly to conventional rockets burning chemical fuels…as a cover for the real program? On a broader scale, are our glorious masters ignoring or even suppressing advanced “free” energy, propulsion, and even medical technologies that could raise our living standards, clean up the environment, alleviate suffering, and save lives? Are people dying slow and horrible deaths from cancer or heart disease, their health actually harmed, not helped, by chemotherapy and statin drugs, while the elites (note how long-lived they tend to be) heal themselves with real medicine?” – William B. Stoecker  – NOTICE HOW THE ELITES LIKE ROCKEFELLER, ROTHSCHILD, PAPA BUSH, SOROS, ETC. ALL LIVE INTO THEIR 90s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Did You Expect, Techno-Fascist? Roses, Love Letters? Think Again – “If you haven’t seen the brutal expose’ presented by Project Veritas detailing how google rigs everything, well… welcome back from Mars. To say that google was caught with their “hands in the cookie jar” would be the understatement of a lifetime.” – Rory Hall

Google Deletes Videos Accusing It of Election Manipulation from YouTube… Which It Owns – The Free Thought Project

This Monster Must Be Taken Down Before It Destroys All Of Us! Censored New Project Veritas Video Proves, When It Comes To Manipulating Elections, Russia Has Nothing On Google! – “Conservative Body Count’ Shows: If ‘Big Tech’ Is Allowed To Rig 2020 Election, Kiss America Goodbye!” – Stefan Stanford

BLACKLIST: MSM IGNORES PROJECT VERITAS BOMBSHELL GOOGLE EXPOSÉ – “Story red-linked on Drudge, addressed by members of Congress” – Jamie White

Is Facial Recognition Destroying our Right to Privacy? – Martin Armstrong

Why I Refuse to Stay Home Despite Terrorists, Mass Shooters, Invasive Airport Security, and Other Villains – Daisy Luther

Rise of the Greens = Deindustrialization of Germany – Mish

What The Huffington Post Misses In Its Anti-Gun Scare Piece – “knowing the Huffington Post’s ideological bias doesn’t excuse it from trying to frame absolute BS as truth” – Tom Knighton

Mysterious Flying Objects Over Kansas Turn Out To Be Top-Secret DARPA Experiment – Tyler Durden

Gold, Cryptos, Censorship, & Strategic Relocation (VIDEO) with James Wesley Rawles – Reluctant Preppers

How To Keep Cool During A Heatwave – Bill White




The Economic Collapse Continues With Record US Crop Failure In 2019 (VIDEO) – ” We are now starting to see record levels of crop failure with what has been planted. Some people want to brush this subject off but it is much more serious than many are letting on.” – Silver Report Uncut

Market Mania Bets the Cash Registers Go Xi Ching! – David Haggith  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!

OCC Report: JPMorgan Chase and Citibank Control 76 Percent of all Precious Metals Contracts at 5,362 Federally-Insured Banks – “The weirdness doesn’t stop there. According to the latest OCC report, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA holds $2.4 trillion in stock (equity) derivative contracts – which represents 64 percent of all stock derivative contracts held by all 5,362 Federally-insured banks in the United States.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens  – OF COURSE THEY DO, THEY ARE RIGGING THE MARKET IN THEIR FAVOR. TED BUTLER HAS DOCUMENTED THIS FOR YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIS Wants ‘Level Playing Field’ for Banks Amid Threat from Facebook – Daniel Palmer

If History Still Matters, Silver Is Poised For A Huge Move – John Rubino

The Future Pop in Silver’s Price Will Be Loud and Clear! – J. Johnson

Gold Is Going Higher – But Brace Yourself For Volatility – Dave Kranzler




Ezekiel 22:27    Her princes in the midst thereof are like wolves ravening the prey, to shed blood, and to destroy souls, to get dishonest gain.







Trump Unleashes On Uber-Hawk Bolton: We’d Be Fighting “The Whole World At One Time” – Tyler Durden  – IT’S TIME FOR TRUMP TO CAN BOLTON AND START CLEANING UP HIS OWN “SWAMP”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bolton’s Brazen Iran Lies Never Stop – Daniel Larison

As We Face Armageddon the Western World Is Leaderless – “The moronic warmongers in high office—Bolton, Pompeo, and Pence—and their Israel Lobby masters are determined, and they have not abandoned their campaign for war with Iran. Of course, the liars say that Iran will just accept its punishment for defending its territory and there will be no war. But this is not what Iran says. I believe Iran. Some of the tiny percentage of people in the Western World who are still capable of thought regret that Trump called off the insane plan. They think the consequences would have been the destruction of the Saudi and Israeli governments—two of the most evil in history” – Paul Craig Roberts

Boxed in by Neocons and the Media, Will Trump Launch Iran War? – Ron Paul

Doofus-in-Chief Tries to Make Up for Failing to Start WWIII – “The only conclusion I can reach about Donald Trump is he’s an ignoramus that shouldn’t be anywhere near the White House. This is underscored by a series of tweets he posted on Saturday.” – Kurt Nimmo

As War Drums Beat for Iran, Remember, Lies And Propaganda Started Nearly Every War In US History – Matt Agorist

Supporting War, Deploring Peace, How US Media Operate – “Both extremist right wings of the US war party never met a sovereign independent state it didn’t want to rape and destroy. US media are willing accomplices, supporting what demands denunciation. Today’s key geopolitical issue is whether Trump regime hardliners will get DJT to go along with their rage for war on Iran.” – Stephen Lendman

Provoking Iran Could Start a War and Crash the Entire World Economy – Federico Pieraccini

Russia warns of repeat of 1962 Cuban missile crisis – Reuters

President Trump announces delay of mass immigration raids that were to start Sunday – Phil McCausland and Julia Ainsley

Giving Trump Credit (But Not Too Much) on Iran – Maj. Danny Sjursen

Trump: “Major Additional Sanctions” Coming For Iran Monday – Tyler Durden

Starvation Sanctions Are Worse Than Overt Warfare – “Starvation sanctions kill people. Tens of thousands of Venezuelans have reportedly already died as a result of this administration’s relentless assault on their economy; those human beings are no less dead than they would have been if the US had killed them by dropping cluster bombs on Caracas. Yet these deaths have received virtually no mainstream media coverage, and Americans, while they strongly oppose attacking Iran militarily, have had very little to say about Trump’s attacks on the nation’s economy. The economy which people use to feed their children, to care for their elderly and their sick.” – Caitlin Johnstone

New High in U.S. Say Immigration Most Important Problem – “Americans’ concern with immigration continues to be heightened, as 23% name it the most important problem facing the country. This is by one percentage point the highest Gallup has ever measured for the issue since it first began recording mentions of immigration in 1993.” – Jeffrey M. Jones

Trump Full of Laughs: “Hillary Clinton was a Great Candidate” – Mish


Just like the 1930s, this trade war has the potential to turn nasty – “Echoes of that decade are getting uncomfortably loud as Trump imposes tariffs and the eurozone devalues its currency” – The Guardian


Brazilgate is Turning into Russiagate 2.0 – Pepe Escobar

As the EU Refuses More Migrants, Thousands TRAPPED in the Balkans Are Overwhelming the System – Selco

Global Espionage Attack on Trump Worst in History (VIDEO) with Kevin Shipp – “They used illegal subcontractors . . . so the FBI could spy and abuse the 702’s. That is huge. It’s one of the most vast violations of the Constitution and Title 18 U.S. Code criminal law. . . .This is the biggest espionage story in western history without a doubt.” – Greg Hunter

Deep State Set Up Gen. Flynn To Be Falsely Convicted After He Uncovered Clinton Funding of Global Terrorist Operation – State of the Nation

CRIMES & COVER-UPS (VIDEO) with Donald Jeffries – “In this far reaching conversation we also discuss the liberal agenda to kill free speech and take down President Trump.” – SGT Report

Clapper Hears Barr’s ‘Chilling’ Footsteps – Daniel John Sobieski

Spygate: Trump Holds All the Cards (VIDEO) – The Epoch Times

Does America’s next civil war begin in Oregon? Gov. Kate Brown orders state police to round up Republican lawmakers at gunpoint – Mike Adams

Shocking Before And After Photos Reveal The Truth About The Widespread Crop Failures The U.S. Is Facing In 2019 – Michael Snyder

How Wall Street Colonized the Caribbean – “Scrubbed from the pages of glossy coffeetable books, the history of U.S. imperialism can be found in the archives of Wall Street’s oldest, largest, and most powerful institutions. The expansion of banks such as Citigroup into Cuba, Haiti, and beyond reveal a story of capitalism built on blood, labor, and racial lines.” – Peter James Hudson

All It Took Was Radical Liberal Policies To Turn U.S. ‘Utopian’ Cities Into Hell-Holes – This Is What They Want For America – Susan Duclos

Early Democratic Field Splits Into Two Tiers – “Ahead of the first primary debates this week, Biden, Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, Harris have opened clear lead” – Ken Thomas and Julie Bykowicz

Sanders to propose canceling entire $1.6 trillion in US student loan debt – Jeff Stein

House Party – “As the first of 12 presidential debates blows in at mid-week like an evil patch of bad summer weather, twenty candidates vie for the position of Ole Massa on the Democratic Party plantation, and the air is gravid with bad vibes. One highly-favored entry, Mayor Pete (Buttigieg) of charming South Bend, Indiana, stepped into (and tripped over) a big fresh patty of mule poop over the weekend at a “town hall” ” – James Howard Kunstler

Google’s Chrome Web Browser “Has Become Spy Software” – Tyler Durden

How to Rebel Against Corporate Food (and Why You Should) – Daisy Luther

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Signs 10 Pro-Gun Bills Into Law – Personal Defense World

6 Critical Things To Consider When Building Your Survival Shelter – Survivopedia

Dogs Developed “Sad Puppy Eyes” To Appeal To Humans: Study – Mayukh Saha  – INTERESTING ARTICLE!!!!



THE WOLF STREET REPORT: Stealth Stimulus Has Arrived – Wolf Richter

The Dollar Decline – Martin Armstrong

Credit Card and Student Loan Debt Magnify the American Economic Downward Spiral! (VIDEO) – The Money GPS

What is Money? – “At the opposite end of the spectrum to fiat currencies is sound money or hard money which retains its value over time. Whereas fiat currencies are not backed by anything tangible, hard money in the form of commodity currencies and commodity-backed currencies are backed by tangible assets of value. Examples of commodity currencies would be precious metals coinage circulating as money, in gold or silver coins of known weights. Circulating precious metals monies have inherent value precisely because they are minted from precious metals which have inherent value.” – Torgny Persson  – GOOD EXPLANATION!!!!

Gold Giving A Major Warning Signal And Silver Coiling For An Explosion To $66 – Egon von Greyerz

VERY IMPORTANT WEEK FOR GOLD: Where Is The Price Heading? – Steve St. Angelo  – ⬆️

Guardians of money bristle at Zuckerberg’s new financial order – “Led by the social network with more users than the combined population of China and the U.S., the project represents a potential challenge that the guardians of money have never faced: a global currency they neither control nor manage” – Alastair Marsh

Everything You Are Being Told About Saving & Investing Is Wrong – Part 2 Written – Lance Roberts  – PART 1 PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.31EUR




Revelation 6:8   And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.







Who Survives the Iran Counter-Offensive? – “Iran has had enough. I think it’s fair to say that after 60+ years of U.S. aggression towards Iran that the decision to shoot down a U.S. drone represents an inflection point in world politics. What’s important is to know that the rules of the game have changed. Iran has taken all the punches to the nose it will take from Trump without retaliating. When you corner someone and give them no way out you invite the worst kind of counter-attack.” – Tom Luango

Iran Calls Trump’s Bluff – “The President is caught between hawkish goals and dovish means.” – WSJ

Iran goes for “maximum counter-pressure” – “Iranian diplomacy, discreetly, has already informed the EU – and the Swiss – about their ability to crash the entire world economy. But still that was not enough to remove US sanctions.” – Pepe Escobar

Trump Concerned About Loss of Lives in Iran? – “Trump’s record in office shows utter disdain for human lives, rights and welfare. His approved rape and destruction of Mosul, Iraq and Raqqa, Syria alone were responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, countless more injuries. Since taking office, he escalated war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia, along with waging war by other means on Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.” – Stephen Lendman

Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran – “He campaigned as a man who would end the costly and neverending decades-old and counting US wars far away from American shores and territory. He hasn’t lived up to those campaign goals at all, far from it, and he hired doofuses like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo to show everyone that he didn’t, but in the early hours of June 21 2019 he apparently decided at the last minute that it just didn’t add up. Trump’s domestic opponents don’t appear to want peace, not those in the Democratic party, and not those in the MSM, or at least not anyone I’ve seen, other than Tulsi Gabbard. I haven’t seen a word from Nadler or Pelosi trying to coax Trump away from bomb bombing Iran, and diddly squat from the NYT or WashPo either.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer – GOOD ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fact That Americans Need To Be Deceived Into War Proves Their Underlying Goodness -“Today I have a lot more hope. It’s becoming clear that the manipulations of the US war machine are becoming more and more obvious to more and more people and that everyday, regular Americans are reacting with a healthy amount of horror and revulsion.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Back Story Behind Trump’s FAKE Pullback Order to Attack Iran – “The ‘Peacemaking’ POTUS Morphs Into a Warmongering Psychopath. President Trump has put all his cards on the table. There’s no longer any question that he’s nothing but a zealous cheerleader for the Military-Industrial Complex. And, that his primary mission is to Make Israel Great Again (MIGA).” –

If The U.S. And Iran Go To War, Tens Of Thousands Of Missiles Will Rain Down On Israel – Michael Snyder

Tucker Takes Aim At ‘Bureaucratic Tapeworm’ John Bolton For Fomenting War With Iran – “Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized National Security Advisor John Bolton as a “bureaucratic tapeworm” pushing from within the Trump administration for an unnecessary and costly war with Iran.” – Scott Morefield

We Are Approaching A Point Where Jail-time Is Becoming A Reality (VIDEO) with Harley Schlanger – X22 Report

Wall Street Wants Dems to Nominate Anyone but Sanders, Warren or Gabbard – “How horrifically bad a US President Barack Obama was, wasn’t reported by America’s press. Perhaps this is why the three leading candidates among America’s Democratic Party voters today are Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and Kamala Harris. Supporters of any of those three are supporting, to become the Party’s nominee, someone who would respond to an economic crash very similarly to the way that Obama did (for the elite crooks, against the public). All three despise the “pitchforks” who want accountability, and each respects only his own mega-donors.” – Eric Zuesse

Reparations: Democrats Scam and Insult Blacks Again – “Reparations is the Democrats’ latest scam to purchase black votes with a government check.” – Lloyd Marcus

Pelosi’s Double-standard on Need for Congressional Authorization for War Written – Steve Byas

Joe Biden can’t keep his story straight – Thomas Lifson

If I Only Had A Brain: AOC Goes Daft (Again) – Jeff Charles

WATCH: CNN Goes All In With AOC In Comparing Trump to Hitler – Rusty Weiss

Trump’s Not Going After Hillary As Promised but He’s Letting the Government Come After You – “Has Trump betrayed his base? If not, tell me why Hillary has not been indicted. Trump has had ample opportunity to prosecute Hillary. However, not only is Trump not going after the Deep state as promised, he is silent on governmental actions that could do us great harm. Earlier this week, I raised the question as to why Trump has not moved to repeal the unconstitutional NDAA which can snatch Americans off the street without due process. When Trump was elected, I thought we’d be hunting Deep State game by this point in time. Is anyone else worried that we have been compromised?” – Dave Hodges  – DAVE MAKES SOME VALID POINTS HERE!!!!!

U.S. cities brace for immigration raids, say they will not participate – Reuters

Illegal immigrant ‘got aways’ at five-year high as border agents pulled from patrol duties – Stephen Dinan

Assange Lawyer Reveals The Pentagon Was Behind Bringing Down WikiLeaks’ Assange – Joe Martino

“Made in China” Soon to be Replaced by “Made in Taiwan” – Mish

Lightfoot on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ answers the Chicago deep dish question – “Colbert noted Chicago’s strict anti-gun laws have not stopped shooting deaths, and Lightfoot lamented about the porous Indiana and Wisconsin borders. “Well, part of the challenge for Chicago is we’re right door to Indiana where you can literally drive on the border and get military-grade weapons in any quantity without a background check. And then they bring them back into the city of Chicago.”” – Lynn Sweet  – WHAT IS HER DEFINITION OF MILITARY GRADE WEAPONS!!!!!!

Trump EPA OKs ‘Emergency’ Use of Bee-killing Pesticide On 13.9 Million Acres For The Next 4-6 Years – Arjun Walia

Two more Americans reported dead after Dominican Republic vacations – Amanda Woods

Hidden Fees Could Be Costing You Thousands of Dollars. Here’s How To Protect Yourself – Dagny Taggart

With Anti-Gunners, It’s Always About Never About The Facts – Tom Knighton

Gun Owners Say New Zealand Govt. Is Committing ‘Robbery’ with Buyback Program – Robert Davis

Millions of pigs culled as swine fever spreads through Asia – Hau Dinh and Sam McNeil

Survival Basics: Suturing A Wound In The Wild – Chris Black



Gold Glowing, War Drums Beating (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

Not Even The Stock Market’s All-Time Record High Could Steal Gold’s Shine This Week – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Will A Gold Backed Trade Settlement Note Be Announced in 2019, 2020 or Later? – “Recently the head of the Central Bank of Russia announced that, not only does Russia hold close to zero U.S. Treasuries (instrument of debt), they have a “savings account” worth more than half-a-trillion (equivalent) U.S. dollars! Oh yeah, and Russia has added gold to their balance sheet every month for the past 6 years.” – Rory Hall

The Greatest Gold Call Option On The Planet? Revisited – Bill Holter

ZIRP And QE Won’t Save The Economy – Buy Gold – “While the financial media and Wall Street “experts” are pleading with market participants to ignore the warning signals transmitted by the various yield curve inversions (Treasury curve, Eurodollar curve, GOFO curve) gold’s movement since mid-August reflects underlying systemic problems bubbling to the surface. The rocket launch this week is a bright warning flare shooting up in the night sky.” – Dave Kranzler

Why are central banks buying gold and dumping dollars? – Richard Mills

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.31EUR




Proverbs 6:16-18    These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:  A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,  An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,






“We Were Cocked & Loaded”: Trump Explains Why He Called Off Iran Strikes In Last Moment – Tyler Durden

Be Thankful for Trump’s Iran Indecision… For Now – “We can for now be thankful Trump didn’t kill people and blow things up in Iran yesterday. Even so, the fact he went full-throttle, and then backed off is worrisome. It’s been obvious for some time now the president is in the middle of a tug of war between those who want to annihilate Iran and those who advise caution and diplomacy. Trump, unfortunately, believes a raft of lies put out by the neocons. He demonstrated that this morning with a series of tweets.” – Kurt Nimmo

Did Tucker Carlson Avert War With Iran? Written – “Carlson has been advising Trump both publicly and privately against being sucked into a war with Iran.” – Steve Byas

Iran denies reports Trump sent warning about imminent attack in retaliation for downed US drone – RT

“Still Plans For Striking Iran on Friday Night” – US Officials – “For anyone disappointed the beginning of WW3 was called off with “planes in the air” last night… So buckle up, and make sure you’re ready to meet your maker. This ain’t over yet.” – Silver Doctors

President Trump: Please Find A Way To Stop World War 3 From Erupting In The Middle East – Michael Snyder

Spoiler Alert: They Want a War – “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (!) is making noises about ties between al Qaeda and Iran. The intent is clear.” – Charles P. Pierce

With Russia’s Most Modern Warship Now In The Caribbean Sea And The Middle East Heating Up To A Fever Pitch, Vladimir Putin Hints One Wrong Move And The End Is Nigh – “he Admiral Gorshkov Is Capable Of Firing Long Range Attack Missiles Into The Heart Of America” – Stefan Stanford

MH17: Compromised From The Start – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Nuclear Treaties All to Expire, Putin Warns: MSM As Usual Not Reporting It – “Any media worth its salt – whether mainstream, alternative or independent – must report and be focused on this highly important issue. The future of humanity is at stake.” – Makia Freeman

US Foreign Policy Exposed – Kevin B. Zeese and Margaret Flowers

US Cyberwar on Russia? New York Times Does Psyops – Strategic Culture Foundation

Crazyland – “Surfing the cable channels the evening before my Friday a.m. blog duties, I came upon Sean Hannity at Fox News completely losing his shit in a colloquy with Geraldo Rivera about the Iran drone incident. “Bomb the crap out of them!” Mr. Hannity ranted, several times, the veins in his neck throbbing visibly on the high-def screen. I thought I was having an acid flashback to Doctor Strangelove. Geraldo himself seemed a bit nonplussed and embarrassed by Mr. Hannity’s tantrum, but his attempts to calm down the raving anchorman only ramped up the hysteria. Perhaps the Golden Golem of Greatness, our president, who is also known to follow the Cable TV news, witnessed the cringeworthy incident and realized that every other head-of-state on this nervous planet would also see it, and might infer he was doing the bidding of a crazed boob-tube performer if he actually went forward with an air strike” – James Howard Kunstler

The NYT Calls for Congress to Address (Nonexistent) Russian US Election Meddling – “Time and again, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT proves it’s a national embarrassment, a mouthpiece for powerful interests at the expense of truth and full disclosure. It consistently features managed news misinformation and disinformation on key issues, especially geopolitical ones, notably about nations on the US target list for regime change, Russia most of all.” – Stephen Lendman

Grampa Simpson runs for president – “The concern, as articulated by his Democratic rivals and a wave of harsh online commentary, is that Biden sees contemporary America through a distorting haze of nostalgia.” – John F. Harris

Will Joe Biden’s “Greedy Tracks” in Ukraine Derail Presidential Bid? – Henry Kamens

Outrage In The Red States – “From reparations to immigration, flyover folk are worried about the Republic.” – Sarah Cowgill

Iran Drone Crisis, Illegals Removed, Pretend Economy (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Islam: Political and Religious Globalism for Useful Idiots – “Somehow, Western leaders believe they can contain the cancer that is Islam. What kind of blindness is this? How can political leaders who rise through the cesspool of maneuvering to reach national prominence not understand what Islam is? The message of Islam is simple: convert or die. There is no ambiguity within Islam. This is why I say that the world and especially the leaders of the world’s nations, save a few, are completely deceived. This deception is satanic.” – Dr. Mike Spaulding

Surge of Haitians arrested at southern border – Fox5

4 Scoops on George Soros – Corey Lynn   – EXCELLENT RESEARCH AS USUAL!!!!!

The “incubation period” lie about Ebola, and why America is vulnerable to an Ebola outbreak from infected migrants – Mike Adams

THE 5G DRAGNET (VIDEO) – “The dark truth is that the development of 5G networks and the various networked products that they will give rise to in the global smart city infrastructure, represent the greatest threat to freedom in the history of humanity.” – The Corbett Report

Silicon Valley Is Destroying American Democracy by Playing Political Favorites – Robert Bridge

Do You Have A Plan Of Last Resort? – Tom Chatham

Amazon Cloud Will Host DHS Biometric Data On Hundreds Of Millions Of People – “Home grown Surveillance State: “The department seeks a new platform to identify people using fingerprints, irises and faces, and eventually DNA, palm prints, scars and tattoos.”” – Jack Corrigan

“Facebook Is The Last Place We Should Trust As A Banking Hub” – Bill Blain

FacebookCoin is a Trojan Horse of Corporate Oligarchy – “I’ve come to view Mark Zuckerberg as a strategic genius with zero ethics. In other words, he probably has a plan beyond your field of vision and you can’t take anything he says at face value.” – Michael Krieger  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM MICHAEL!!!!

Alexa Gone Bad: When A.I. Assistants Turn On Us – “In the new ‘Child’s Play’ film, the wicked Chucky doll is reconceived as an A.I. assistant. But what if our real smart-home helpers rebel in less murderous ways?” – Matthew Kitchen

Yikes! Japan has more people over the age of 80 than under the age of 10 – “You don’t need a PhD in statistics to see where this is going: in the very near future there aren’t going to be enough young people to take care of older people. And in many countries that’s already the case.” – Simon Black

Observation: How to Tell If Someone Is Carrying a Gun – Guy Sagi

Fake Food, Fake Meat: Big Food’s Desperate Attempt to Further the Industrialisation of Food – Vandana Shiva

Knowing The Signs Of Blood Poisoning Could Save A Life! – Sara Tipton

Surviving a Move to the Middle of Nowhere- “One women’s view on leaving the city behind and enduring tough lessons of love in training to become a “warrior mom.”” – Ozarks S.

20+ Reasons Why You Need Food Storage – Ken Jorgustin



Gold regains $1400 while silver hits $15.50 – “The question that remains is… are we now at the point where the cartel either cannot, or will not work to keep down the price? We should probably find out the answer in the coming days.” – Ken Schortgen

Hello Ten-Year One-Handle, Hello Gold – Mish

Preparing for dollar doomsday? Russia adds 6 more tons of gold to its coffers in May – RT

Why is JPMorgan Above the Law? – “Recent developments indicate, almost beyond question, that when it comes to silver (and gold), JPMorgan is operating in direct violation of the law. So clear is the proof of this allegation that the only real question is why JPM is allowed to openly flaunt basic commodity and antitrust law?” – Ted Butler  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM TED!!!!


They Are Calling This A “Bloodbath” For The $800 Billion Trucking Industry As U.S. Economic Activity Dramatically Declines – Michael Snyder

The Fed’s Casino Is Giving Away Free Gambling Chips (But Only to the Super-Rich) – “The rest of us eat our losses, either all at once or in bitter bites as we trudge through the financial wasteland left after bubbles burst.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Free Lunch! – “Central banks have created over $20 trillion in “funny money” from “thin air” in their debt fueled fantasy land. They used those currency units to buy dodgy bonds, stocks, ETFs, gold, politicians and much more. Sounds like a free lunch… billions of free lunches…” – Gary Christenson

Your Assets are Being Harvested by the Banks (VIDEO) with Rob Kirby – Reluctant Preppers

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.32EUR




Psalm 140:1-3   Deliver me, O Lord, from the evil man: preserve me from the violent man;  Which imagine mischiefs in their heart; continually are they gathered together for war.  They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent; adders’ poison is under their lips. Selah








Trump says Iran has ‘made a very big mistake’ after shooting down US drone as Putin warns war would be ‘catastrophic’ – Tariq Tahir

Iran Downs Hostile US Spy Drone in Its Airspace – “A Pentagon spy plane provocatively entering Iranian airspace when tensions between both countries are at a fever pitch was a hostile act, further heightening them. Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Bill Urban claimed “(n)o US aircraft w(as) operating in Iranian airspace today.” An unnamed Trump regime official claimed the RQ-4 Global Hawk was shot down in “international airspace” by an Iranian surface-to-air missile.” – Stephen Lendman  – OF COURSE WE WILL SAY WE WEREN’T IN THEIR AIRSPACE, DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russia to Washington: Drop Middle East troop plan and stop provoking Iran – Reuters

Report: US Planning “Massive” Airstrike On An Iranian Facility – “So the idea that this will just be a limited strike and the Iranians won’t respond seems extremely unlikely, but this is how you sell a big war: you pretend that you are selling a small war,” – Caitlin Johnstone

A Proactive Russia and China Could Prevent US War with Iran – “There is so much disinformation that it is difficult to judge the Israeli news report below that the US is planning a military attack on Iran. Israel wants the US to attack Iran and the report could be an attempt to push events in that direction. There is no valid reason for Washington to serve Israeli interests. It would be extremely irresponsible for Washington to risk starting another war. As Russian and Chinese interests could be threatened by a US war with Iran, the situation could become uncontrollable. If there is a real prospect of a US attack on Iran, it would be a responsible action for Russia and China to block it in advance by taking a firm position. ” – Paul Craig Roberts

June Madness Strikes Washington. Iranians, Russians and Britons Beware! – Philip Giraldi

NUKES OF HAZARD US hints it could use nuclear weapons once again to create ‘decisive results’ in wars in chilling new Pentagon report – Jon Lockett

FBI, warned early and often that Manafort file might be fake, used it anyway – John Solomon

Biden’s gift for gaffes keeps on giving – Thomas Lifson

MSNBC continues AOC’s campaign to label migrant detention centers as ‘concentration camps – Andrew west

Black intellectuals surprise Democrats by telling them who owes the tab on reparations – Monica Showalter

The Jackboots Are Coming: Mass Arrests, Power Grabs and the Politics of Fear – “How do you persuade a populace to embrace totalitarianism, that goose-stepping form of tyranny in which the government has all of the power and “we the people” have none? You persuade the people that the menace they face (imaginary or not) is so sinister, so overwhelming, so fearsome that the only way to surmount the danger is by empowering the government to take all necessary steps to quash it, even if that means allowing government jackboots to trample all over the Constitution. This is how you use the politics of fear to persuade a freedom-loving people to shackle themselves to a dictatorship. It works the same way every time.” – John W. Whitehead  – EXCELLENT AS ALWAYS, EVERYONE SHOULD READ JOHN’S WEEKLY COLUMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Medical IDs: Enemy of Privacy, Liberty, and Health – Ron Paul

What Is REALLY Going On With America’s Food Supply? Between Record Flooding And Suspicious Food Recalls, We May Be Witnessing Full Scale Asymmetric Warfare Upon America – “And Are We Being Set Up For A Massive Grid Meltdown Which Brings In The ‘End Game’?” – Stefan Stanford

“We’re All Socialists Now!” – Antonius Aquinas

Amazon drones could be used to spy on your home and spot intruders, patent reveals – James Cook

New York, California high-tax state exodus just beginning, expert warns – Brittany De Lea  – MIGHT AS WELL ADD ILLINOIS TO THE LIST AS WELL!!!

These Are the Safest and Most Dangerous Countries in the World in 2019 (Where the US Ranks May Shock You) – Daisy Luther

THIS is NO conspiracy “THEORY” (VIDEO) – SGT Report

1,000 Earthquakes In 3 Weeks? Oh Yeah, Those Living Near The San Andreas Fault Definitely Have Reason To Be Concerned -Michael Snyder

Deepfake Technology Can Put Words in ANYONE’S Mouth – Even YOURS (VIDEO) – “Did you know that technology exists that can create images of people that are not real? And, did you know that technology exists that can make those “people” talk?” – Dagny Taggart


Pride Month Shines A Light On Something Many In The 2A Community Have Ignored – “Regardless of your opinion on homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality, or anything else, everyone has a right to live. People have a right to exist, whether you agree with what they do with that existence or not. And a growing number are buying guns and learning to defend themselves. Anyone willing to defend the Second Amendment needs to be held close as an ally. I don’t care about anything beyond that. I may find disagreement on other issues, sure, but that’s trivial when it comes to the gun debate. And there’s a reason the LGBT community is arming up. Simply put, armed gays don’t get bashed.” – Tom Knighton  – GOOD POINT!!!

Your HAM Radio Is The Single Most Important Item When SHTF – Bob Rodgers

Household Survival – 15 Lifesaving Items You Probably Already Have – Pat Henry




Economic sanctions against Russia hit a snag as Moscow’s new SWIFT alternative has nations lined up to participate – Ken Schortgen

It IS Different This Time – “They’re right. It IS different this time. It’s worse. Much, much worse. What is? Everything. In terms of preparedness for the next recession that is. Debt is higher than ever, be it corporate debt, government debt, central banks balance sheets, available ammunition to deal with a new recession, wealth inequality, the social divisions and political extremes, and now trillion dollar deficits, everything points to a much more fragile system. Oh yes on paper low rates keep it all afloat, but the context is as ugly as it gets. Here we are, the great collapse unfolding in front of us” – Sven Henrich

Draghi Punts, Trump Grunts, Gold Bunts – Tom Luango

The Fed Is Running Out Of Bullets – Dave Kranzler

The Fed Isn’t the Only Game in Town: The ECB Takes a Decidedly Dovish Turn – Michael Maharrey

Dear Central Bankers: Prepare to be Swept Away in the Next Wave of Populism – Charles Hugh Smith

Brick-and-Mortar Meltdown Gets Costly for Big Retailers, and Results May Vary – “Ecommerce and the globalization of retail crush distribution channels, wholesalers, local retailers, large retailers, prices, and margins.” – Wolf Richter


New Gold Bull Run Already Started (VIDEO) with Gerald Celente – Greg Hunter

Why an Epic Bull Market in Gold Is About to Begin – Nick Giambruno

“The Dollar Is Becoming Toxic” – “With the latest TIC data showing China following Russia’s lead and reducing its US Treasury exposure (to two-year lows), as it increases its gold reserves (for six straight months), the unipolar US hegemon faces an ugly trend among the ‘rest of the world’ attempting to de-dollarize” – Russian Intel Chief Slams “Aggressive, Unpredictable” US Behavior – Tyler Durden

Student Loan Debt Climbs to Record High $1.4 Trillion in 2019 – Mish

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.32EUR




Ezekiel 36:29-30   I will also save you from all your uncleannesses: and I will call for the corn, and will increase it, and lay no famine upon you.  And I will multiply the fruit of the tree, and the increase of the field, that ye shall receive no more reproach of famine among the heathen.







‘Wagging the Dog’ While Lying About It – “The Donald Trump administration, aided and abetted by the Republican congressional conference, will go down in history as a regime of liars, grifters, dime store propagandists, common criminals, and schoolyard bullies. The evidence that “Team Trump” can and probably will lie the United States into a war with Iran, just as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney lied America into a war with Iraq, is seen in the latest tomfoolery regarding recent attacks on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman” – Wayne Madsen

False Identities Become the New Weapon: War with Iran Promoted by Fake Journalists – Philip Giraldi

China Warns: US About To Open “Pandora’s Box” In Middle East – Tyler Durden

Iran at the center of the Eurasian riddle – Pepe Escobar

War With Iran Would Become ‘Trump’s War’ – Patrick J. Buchanan

The Last Ditch ‘NeverTrump’ Ploy: A Stupid War With Iran – “Time to Wag the Dog – But how to derail a successful presidency? Get the president to mire the U.S. in a stupid, protracted war. So it’s time to lure Trump into this one. No, Iran is not a genuine threat to American safety, any more than Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11, or developing nuclear weapons.” – Jason Jones and John Zmirak



Iran Decided To Put Maximum Pressure On Trump – Here Is How It Will Do It – Moon of Alabama

Venezuela the latest victim of West’s ‘virus-like’ black ops – Russian intel chief – RT

Record number of African migrants coming to Mexican border – “The immigrants in Texas were mostly from the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola. Cameroonians have also been traveling up through Mexico and into the U.S. in larger numbers and seeking asylum at ports of entry.” – AndrewW Selsky and Patrick Whittle

Trump says U.S. agency will begin removing millions of illegal immigrants – Reuters

Heh CuckSucker: WE’RE TIRED OF THE LIES =- “Trump tweeted that ICE was going to begin the process of removing millions of illegal invaders. Begin the process? NOW? After two and a half years in office when one of the signature platform planks was “Build The Wall”? When does the tolerance for this fraud’s bull**** come to a full stop? The facts are that Trump knows good and damn well there are millions of voters who believed his bluster and then have watched a girl in Iowa be murdered and myriad others be assaulted, raped and killed by these illegal invaders while he’s hollered and strutted but not done a ******ned thing about it.” – Karl Denninger

Trump Set to Live-Tweet Democratic Debates – WSJ

Elizabeth Warren in Bed With Trump: Both Want to Sink the Dollar – Mish

New Clinton Email Review Reveals ‘Multiple Security Incidents’ – Tyler Durden

What a fish rotting from the head down looks like: Hillary Clinton’s no-secrets State Department – Monica Showalter

President Dow: A Hard Look at Trump’s Threat of an Epic Market Crash if He’s Not Reelected – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The Coming Show Trial of Julian Assange – “We know what will be done to Assange. It has been done to thousands of those we kidnapped and then detained in black sites around the world. Sadistic and scientific techniques of torture will be used in an attempt to make him a zombie.” – Chris Hedges

The Deep State’s “Hammer Platform” Revealed – “The “Hammer,” created in the 2000s during the Bush Administration, was flipped into an offensive weapon by the Obama Administration to be run for domestic surveillance, etc. It was supposed to be used for foreign surveillance ONLY, but the Obama Administration applied it to USA domestic society! Nothing short of unbelievable, which the mainstream, lamestream media apparently colluded not to report to the public” – Catherine J. Frompovich

ILLINOIS FARMERS HAVE “GIVEN UP” ON PLANTING – “Already dealing with the political ramifications of the trade war, bankruptcies and suicides at record levels, farmers are now devastated by destructive weather. All things considered, farmers are expected to harvest the smallest corn crop in four years nationwide, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.” – Mac Slavo

“It’s Going To Be A Train Wreck”: Farmers Say Corn Crop Far Worse Than USDA Estimates – Tyler Durden

All the Cyber Attack Stories from the Past Few Days Can’t Be Linked…Can They? – “Isn’t it funny how the NYT has accused Trump and a whole bunch of other people of helping out the Russians but they just tipped off the Russians to an American operation if any of this stuff is true? Either way, the Kremlin is ticked.” – Daisy Luther

The Advent of Truth-Destroying Technology – Paul Craig Roberts

An Examination Of The Leftist Cult And Their Religion – “The end goal of the globalist cabal is to eventually reach a point where EVERYONE in the world is a supporter of totalitarian centralization – a world where everyone is a leftist, whether they realize it or not. How they plan to achieve this goal is rather indirect but potentially very effective” – Brandon Smith  – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With The Perfect Storm Unleashed Upon America, Why Are Almost ALL Western Nations Succumbing To The Same Evil Madness? – “This hints there really is a New World Order global conspiracy to enslave the entire planet!” – William B. Stoecker

BANG FOR YOUR ZUCK? Facebook unveils ‘its most invasive and dangerous form of surveillance yet’ with launch of Libra cryptocurrency – The Sun

54 Jimmy Buffett fans from US fell ill during group trip to Dominican Republic, travel agent says – Amy Lieu

Climate Emergency – The New Justification for New Taxes – Martin Armstrong

Can Western Central Banks Continue Capping Gold At $1350? – ” In my mind there’s no question that the $1350 official price-cap will fail. At that point its anyone’s guess how high the price will move in U.S. dollars. But the price of gold is already breaking out in several currencies other than the dollar.” – Dave Kranzler

Maryland Gun Control Laws Haven’t Decreased Baltimore Gun Violence – Personal Defense World

The Most Comprehensive 5G Exposé: The Ultimate Weapon of Depopulation – Shoshi Herscu  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE, A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congressional Dems Back Gun Licensing Schemes – Tom Knighton

The U.S. Marine Corps Turned San Diego Into A Massive Chinese-Style Smart City – MassPrivateI

Is the Fed Dead? – “The end of confidence in the con game” – David Haggith

Who Bought the Nearly $1 Trillion of New US Government Debt over the Past 12 Months? – Wolf Richter

False Flag To Hide Greatest Theft Of All TIME! And How to Protect Yourself! (VIDEO) – Chris Duane

Everything You Are Being Told About Saving & Investing Is Wrong – Part I – “Things You Can Do To Succeed: I love ANY program that encourages individuals to get out of debt, save money, and invest. Period. No caveats.” – Lance Roberts

Gardener, Canner, Hunter, Camper, Prepper, Survivalist? What’s In A Word? – Sandra Lane




Proverbs 10:23   It is as sport to a fool to do mischief: but a man of understanding hath wisdom.






Provocations in the Gulf of Oman: Will John Bolton Get His War on Iran? – Michael Welch, Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Pepe Escobar, and Yves Engler

Will A False Flag Iran War Cause A Financial Crisis? – John Rubino

Moscow warns against ‘baseless accusations’ over tanker attacks – AFP

Guilty or Not, Iran’s Fate Is in Trump’s Hands – Tim Kirby

Massive Misdirection Now Ongoing On Iran: Experts Warn Iran Has Probably Had Nukes For Well Over 10 Years And Barack Obama Was ‘Woefully Deceived’ (Or ‘Part Of The Plan’!) – “Anybody Who Thinks Iran Doesn’t Already Have Nukes Hasn’t Been Paying Attention!” – Stefan Stanford

Oil Tanker Attacks In The Gulf Of Oman & What It Means For The Preparedness Community – Samantha Biggers

Malware and the War on Russia – “Buried in their hubris and a false sense of superiority, the global elite actually believes they can roll over Russia and reduce it to a neoliberal vassal state. This illusion may soon result in war and the destruction of civilization.” – Kurt Nimmo

New poll shows Trump trailing Biden and four other Democrats – Brian Knowlton

The Truth Versus Your Truth – “Another whopper staring the credulous thinking class in the face is the obvious fact that Mrs. Clinton’s campaign colluded with Russians. How is it that the news media shows no interest in these matters? I suppose because it is not their truth. Mrs. Clinton’s additional dealings with Russians — and the choo-choo train of cash money they rode in with — reached a high tide during her tenure at the State Department, when her foundation hauled in more than $150-million from Russian business interests alone (that is, from oligarchs), not to mention the mere half-million in walking-around-money that husband Bill received for giving a single speech to a Russian banking group. How is it that a Secretary of State trafficked in so much grifted loot without raising any red flags for institutional auditors?” – James Howard Kunstler

Narrative Management = Reality Management – Caitlin Johnstone  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump’s EO Accelerates Proliferation of GMOs – “On June 11, Trump’s Executive Order 13874 accelerated the US war on safe to eat foods and ingredients, aiming to replace them with hazardous to human health GMOs. GHW Bush’s 1992 Executive Order falsely called them “substantially equivalent” to ordinary seeds and crops, saying no government regulation is necessary. Agribusiness giants want all animal and vegetable life forms patented. They want worldwide food control. Prioritizing profits and control over what people eat in the US and worldwide, they want it genetically engineered.” – Stephen Lendman


“It’s A Disaster Like I’ve Never Seen Before”: 2019 Could Be The Worst Year EVER For U.S. Corn Farmers – Michael Snyder

Hunt begins for the cause of huge South American blackout – ” The lights were back on Monday across Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay after a huge blackout that affected tens of millions people, but authorities remained in the dark about the cause of the grid collapse and continued to calculate the economic damage.” – Luis Andres Henao and Paul Byrne

Modi wades into Eurasianism – “The fact that Modi and Xi exuded confidence to accelerate the negotiations for a border settlement alone underscores that the Russia-India-China triangle has become very dynamic. Truly, the RIC summit in Osaka provides underpinning for the concert of the three Asian powers. To be sure, the West won’t like what is happening.” – M. K. Bhadrakumar

Another Attempt To Deny Second Amendment Rights! – Sean Walton

The Rise of Facial Recognition Should Scare Us All – Derrick Broze

How High Can Consumer Debt Go Before the Bubble Pops? – Peter Schiff

Where’s Jerry Dammers When You Need Him? – “Julian Assange has been smeared with sexual allegations, just like MLK. In MLK’s case it was courtesy of J. Edgar Hoover. In Assange’s case, it was -is- way more elaborate, they have 3-4 governments involved. Imagine Hoover having the tools the FBI and MI6 have today. How scary is that? Well, we’re not so far removed from just that, and Assange was the primary person to warn us about exactly this.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

We Must Reject LGBTQ Craziness Becoming America’s Accepted Norm – Lloyd Marcus

How Much of Your “Wealth” Is Hostage to Bubbles and Impossible Promises? – Charles Hugh Smith

The 8 Pillars Of The Ultimate Survival Technique – “Special Forces Operators have everything on the line when they go on a mission. That’s why they cannot afford for their methods to go wrong because they could get captured and could put the entire task operation at risk.” – Survivopedia

Tech giants head down ‘dangerous’ censorship path – Jeffrey M. McCall

Massive Animal Die Off – Why are you being lied to? (VIDEO) – Full Spectrum Survival

Nevada Governor Signs Slew Of New Gun Control Laws – Tom Knighton

Silver Breakout To $22.50-$24.00 Coming In Next 2-4 Months – Then Quickly To +$85/ozt! – Lorimer Wilson

You May Be Surprised What Survival Products Worked and What Didn’t – Daisy Luther

Ho Ho Ho It’s magic: Deutsche Bank, Market Cap $14B to Spin Off $50B in assets – Mish

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.09EUR




Ezekiel 22:9    In thee are men that carry tales to shed blood: and in thee they eat upon the mountains: in the midst of thee they commit lewdness.







Aren’t delirious Democrats now accusing Team Obama of treason? – John Solomon

Cabal Freaking Out Because of Trump (VIDEO) with Wayne Jett – “They are freaking out because the noose is slipping over the heads of some of them in terms of the prospects of their being tried for treason or for some other heinous crime. There are many of them. The network, I am sorry to say, goes far and deep throughout our society. . . . ” – Greg Hunter

Trump accuses New York Times of ‘virtual act of Treason’ with Russia report – Justin Wise

Russia Expert’s 2017 Prophecy About The Nuclear Threat Of Russiagate Is Coming True – “The New York Times has published an anonymously sourced report titled “U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid”, Obviously this is yet another serious escalation in the continually mounting series of steps that have been taken into a new cold war between the planet’s two nuclear superpowers. For all the outrage that liberals display whenever a high-profile Republican utters the phrase “deep state”, it sure is interesting that the Commander-in-Chief has found himself in a situation where he is at the whim of a collective of warmongers who are advancing pre-existing agendas against a nation they perceive as a geostrategic threat to US hegemony. It begs the question, who is really in charge?” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Stories are Beginning to Exceed even the Gullibility of Americans – “In the New York Times, David Sanger, a generally unreliable reporter in my opinion, released what a person with my quarter century of experience in Washington would regard as sensitive national security information when he reported that Washington was puting malware into the Russian electrical grid. Who leaked this sensitive national security information?” – Paul Craig Roberts

NYT Propagandist David Sanger’s War on Iran – “Militantly hostile to the country, he wrote numerous propaganda reports, hyping a nonexistent WMD threat. Earlier he ignored clear evidence that Iran’s nuclear program has no military component, repeatedly affirmed by IAEA monitors.” – Stephen Lendman

NYT busted twice for fake news this weekend – “The paper continues to sacrifice its credibility on the altar of “the narrative” – the leftist dogma that Donald Trump is: racist, sexist, homophobic, antisemitic, stupid, crude, vulgar, unpopular, dangerous, and any other negative human characteristic you could imagine. That shrinking credibility is the Achilles Heel” – Thomas Lifson

Did the B-Team Overplay its Hand Against Iran? – Tom Luango

Iran hints US could be behind ‘suspicious’ tanker attacks – France24

Think US Media Won’t Help Lead Nation Into War With Iran Based on Flimsy or False Intelligence? Looks Like They Already Are – “If there were any lingering hopes that the corporate media learned from its role in perpetuating the lies that led to the 2003 invasion of Iraq and would never again help start a Middle East war on the basis of false or flimsy evidence, the headlines that blared across the front pages of major U.S. news websites Thursday night indicated that such hopes were badly misplaced.” – Jake Johnson

The State Department’s War On Americans Against War On Iran (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

The Senate basically just voted to arm ISIS with your tax dollars – Jack Hunter  – HAVEN’T WE ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s Back to Cold War Days Over the Baltic – “There is little doubt that the Western military alliance is attempting to turn the Baltic Sea into a “NATO lake.” ” – Wayne Madsen

Moderator Maddow: Locking Dems In The Progressive Utopia – “t is the presence of Maddow that is likely to play the most significant role in preventing any of the 20 candidates who will take the debate stage over two nights from straying too far from the suffocating progressive dogma that currently rules the Blue Roost.” – Joe Schaeffer


When the Deep State Controls Deep Thinking and Russophobia – “I apologize if I have upset your feeling of security that came from the assurance our best and bravest were going into the field armed with the truth, deep intel, and the assurance that America is always in the right” – Phil Butler  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comey-Clinton Cover-up Exposed (VIDEO) – “Betsy and Thomas do a deep dive into some very interesting tweets from Trump in mid-June 2019. ” – American Intelligence Media

How Convenient! — Christopher Wray’s Corrupt FBI ‘Loses’ Notes from Meeting Where Corrupt Cop Peter Strzok was Told CHINA was Hacking Hillary’s Emails – Joe Hoft

Foreign Influence And The Fake Uproar – “To begin, it is worth noting that the single most influential entity in American politics is the media industry.” – Graham J Noble

Mahatir Opens A Ukraine Political Pandora’s Box = F. William Engdahl

Obama playing dictator-in-exile from a kingly south of France palace? – Monica Showalter

Democrats Have Invited God’s Judgement Upon Our Country With Their Push To Turn America Into The Modern Day Sodom And Gomorrah – Don Boys, Ph.D.

The “Mass Shootings Map” Propaganda Should Convince You to Carry At All Times – “If you use any form of social media whatsoever, you’ve probably seen the scary “mass shootings map” published by PBS, leading people to believe that they live in a terrifying place and that strict gun control is the only answer. But, you see, the map is BS. It’s a big old truckload of baloney sandwiches, steaming in the sun. It’s a manipulation that is being used to frighten people into thinking they’d be safer if none of us had the tools that we need to protect ourselves.” – Daisy Luther

As migrants arrive in Texas from the Congo, media buries the medical fact that Africans can carry Ebola without showing any symptoms – Mike Adams

Ebola Ridden Immigrants Is the Cover Story for a Devastating Bioterror Attack to be Unleashed On America – “With Ebola positive people entering the United States, we could soon have a built in excuse to begin to quarantine Americans. It is my belief that as my FEMA friend predicted six years ago, a manufactured threat would usher in the real biological attack with chemical and biological super weapons.” – Dave Hodges  – INTERESTING THEORY FROM DAVE!!!

“Nuclear Armageddon” and Geopolitical Simulacrum – Ollie Richardson   – LONG, BUT INTERESTING!!!

FCC Wants to Allow Telecoms to Pay Homeowners to Install 5G Antennas On Their Roofs. Still No Evidence 5G is Safe. American Opposition Increasing. – B.N. Frank

Study Shows Growing Hemp is a Powerful Tool to Fight Bee Population Decline – Matt Agorist

MARKETS A Look Ahead: An Unholy Alliance… (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Inspired by Deutsche Bank Death Spiral, European Banks Sink to Dec 24, 2018 Level – First Seen in 1995 – “The benefit of NIRP: There’s hell to pay – even the ECB admits it.” – Wolf Richter Inspired by Deutsche Bank Death Spiral, European Banks Sink to Dec 24, 2018 Level – First Seen in 1995 – “The benefit of NIRP: There’s hell to pay – even the ECB admits it.” – Wolf Richter

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.06EUR





Proverbs 17:6   Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.



.Sailing down behind the sun,
Waiting for my prince to come.
Praying for the healing rain
To restore my soul again.

Just a toerag on the run.
How did I get here?
What have I done?
When will all my hopes arise?
How will I know him?
When I look in my father’s eyes.
My father’s eyes.
When I look in my father’s eyes.
My father’s eyes.

Then the light begins to shine
And I hear those ancient lullabies.
And as I watch this seedling grow,
Feel my heart start to overflow.

Where do I find the words to say?
How do I teach him?
What do we play?
Bit by bit, I’ve realized
That’s when I need them,
That’s when I need my father’s eyes.
My father’s eyes.
That’s when I need my father’s eyes.
My father’s eyes.

Then the jagged edge appears
Through the distant clouds of tears.
I’m like a bridge that was washed away;
My foundations were made of clay.

As my soul slides down to die.
How could I lose him?
What did I try?
Bit by bit, I’ve realized
That he was here with me;
I looked into my father’s eyes.
My father’s eyes.
I looked into my father’s eyes.
My father’s eyes.

My father’s eyes.
My father’s eyes.
I looked into my father’s eyes.
My father’s eyes.

( My Father’s Eyes by Eric Clapton )




Had to use this one again. It just keeps getting worse!!!



The Gulf of Credibility. False Flag, Ludicrous Allegation. Iran Rescued the Crew of the Japanese Tanker – “I really cannot begin to fathom how stupid you would have to be to believe that Iran would attack a Japanese oil tanker at the very moment that the Japanese Prime Minister was sitting down to friendly, US-disapproved talks in Tehran on economic cooperation that can help Iran survive the effects of US economic sanctions.” – Craig Murray

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Gold Standard Coming Into View – “A Perfect Storm is hitting the Gold market, with an internal factor (return to Quantitative Easing on steroids), an external factor (Shanghai Gold Exchange taking market share), and a systemic factor (Basel 3 Rule permitting Gold in account ratios). All three forces are positive in releasing Gold from the corrupt clutches of the Anglo-American banker organization. The Eastern Hemisphere has a planned coordinated and effective strategy to abandon the USDollar and to adopt the Gold Standard” – Jim Willie

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Daniel 8:5-8   And as I was considering, behold, an he goat came from the west on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground: and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes.  And he came to the ram that had two horns, which I had seen standing before the river, and ran unto him in the fury of his power.  And I saw him come close unto the ram, and he was moved with choler against him, and smote the ram, and brake his two horns: and there was no power in the ram to stand before him, but he cast him down to the ground, and stamped upon him: and there was none that could deliver the ram out of his hand.  Therefore the he goat waxed very great: and when he was strong, the great horn was broken; and for it came up four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven.