Has America Become a Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy? – “Indeed, what most Americans perceive as life in America—privileged, progressive and free—is a far cry from reality, where economic inequality is growing, real agendas and real power are buried beneath layers of Orwellian doublespeak and corporate obfuscation, and “freedom,” such that it is, is meted out in small, legalistic doses by militarized police armed to the teeth. All is not as it seems.” – John W. Whitehead

Putin: In a Nuclear Holocaust “We Will Be Martyrs, They Will Drop Dead” – “Vladimir Putin’s comments at a Russian think tank last week about the results of a potential nuclear holocaust should concern everyone.” – Robert Wheeler

Over 7K-strong, migrant caravan pushes on; still far from US – Mark Stevenson

ARMY INVASION: Honduran Caravan Includes Military-Aged Male Migrants From Bangladesh, Haiti and Congo – Cristina Laila

China Slams Pompeo’s “Ignorant And Malicious” Debt-Trap Warning – Tyler Durden

TEOTWAWKI: What America Will Look Like Should The Globalists Ludicrously Pushing For War With Russia Get Their Way – “Russia’s Unstoppable Nuclear Weapons Are A Warning To The Psychopaths” – Stefan Stanford

At George Soros’s Westchester County Home, Explosive Device Found in Mailbox – Sarah Mervosh, William K. Rashbaum and Andrew R. Chow  – YOU THINK HE MIGHT HAVE SOME ENEMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Britain’s Grooming Gangs: Part 2 – Denis MacEoin  – PART ONE PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!

The Mainstream Media: A Tool to Destroy the U.S. – “A deliberate attempt is being made by the MSM (Mainstream Media) to destroy the remaining fabric of American society and force the country’s disintegration and absorption into a global government. They don’t have very far to go: since the 1960s, a family-centered culture that was the “hub” of the greatest nation this world has ever seen…that bastion of the family has been eroded and all but destroyed.” – Jeremiah Johnson

Houston Rally Is The Perfect Example Of Why The Media Hates President Trump – Susan Duclos


Barack Obama Is Back On The Campaign Trail And Back In A Box – “That is not how America works. That is how some tin-pot dictatorship works.” – Ben Smith  – HE SHOULD KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

China Builds Infrastructure, US Drops Bombs – Mish

Gallup Poll Shows Majority of Americans Oppose Assault Rifle Ban – Personal Defense World

Ignoring EMP threat is a death sentence for Americans – William R. Graham and Peter Vincent Pry

If You Don’t Know You’re in a Bubble, You Don’t See the Pins (PODCAST/VIDEO) – “How many canaries have to die in the coal mine before the mainstream wakes up?” – Peter Schiff

It’s the Banks Again – “US bank stock index down 17% from January. EU bank stocks crushed, crushed, crushed since Financial Crisis.” Wolf Richter

Toxic Wilderness – Avoiding Mother Nature’s Deadly Defense – Bob Rodgers

Top 20 Foods Wasted – Thrown In The Garbage – Ken Jorgustin

Everything To Know About 5G Rollout: Countless Studies Show 5G Frequencies Cause Illness – Markab Algedi

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.26EUR




Proverbs 28:2   For the transgression of a land many are the princes thereof: but by a man of understanding and knowledge the state thereof shall be prolonged.








Withdraw first, ask later: He nuked Russia-US relations, now Bolton arrives in Moscow to talk – RT

Responding to US Unleashing Unfettered Arms Race: Russia’s Options – Andrei Akulov

“Putin’s Puppet” Advances Nuclear Missile Escalations Against Putin – “Yesterday the news broke that Swamp Monster-In-Chief John Bolton has been pushing President Trump to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, the 1988 arms control agreement between the US and the Soviet Union eliminating all missiles of a specified range from the arsenals of the two nuclear superpowers. Today, Trump has announced that he will be doing exactly as Bolton instructed.” – Caitlin Johnstone


The Damnable Cult of the Stock Market and the Istanbul Bonesaw Massacre – David Stockman

Kashoggi’s Message in a Bottle, Will We Get It? – Jim Dean

Nation Will Rise Against Nation: Israeli Tanks Mass Along The Border As War Between Israel And Hamas Appears To Be Imminent – Michael Snyder

The 2018 Midterms Migrant Caravan PSYOP (VIDEO) – PressResetEarth

Caravan Puts Trump Legacy on the Line – Patrick J. Buchanan

Ocasio-Cortez speaks like an ignorant high school student, and thinks like an economically illiterate communist – J.D. Heyes

Even Democrats Are Sickened By Her: Will Hillary Running In 2020 Be A Gift To President Trump Or A Curse Upon The World? – “A Hillary Election Steal In 2020 Would Usher In The Gulags!” – Stefan Stanford

Julian Assange should be thanked – not smeared – for Wikileaks’ service to journalism – “The UK government is ignoring a UN ruling that determined the Wikileaks founder was being held in ‘arbitrary detention’ at the Ecuadorian embassy” – Mark Curtis

Britain’s Grooming Gangs: Part 1 – “As far back as 2013, Britain’s Attorney General stated in the House of Lords that 27 police forces were then investigating no fewer than 54 alleged gangs involved in child sexual grooming.” – Denis MacEoin

Facebook’s New Troll-Crushing “War Room” Confirms Surveillance By Corporation Is The New America – Tyler Durden

Reverb Celebrated Deplatforming Alex Jones, Cries Foul After it is Purged from Social Media – “It’s like a mental defect, this inability to understand something very simple and straightforward. If you’re not part of the corporate club, you’re not going to be allowed the privilege of posting on social media. If you rub the state-sanctioned narrative wrong, you will be deplatformed.” – Kurt Nimmo

Opinion: Where Does The Latest Social Media Purge Leave The State Of Social Discourse? – Elizabeth Vos

37 Hygiene Items To Add To Your Survival Supplies – Erin Foster  – SOME GOOD IDEAS, BUT NOT ALL ARE ESSENTIAL!!!

Prepping For Mobility When Injured – Spice

Mysterious Honey Discovered That Kills All Bacteria Scientists Throw At It – Nick Meyer




Psalm 75:5-7   Lift not up your horn on high: speak not with a stiff neck.  For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south.  But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.






FBI Admits It Used Multiple Spies To Infiltrate Trump Campaign – Tyler Durden

Trump’s campaign mode revives fiery immigration talk – Zeke Miller and Catherine Lucey

Putin: After a Nuclear Armageddon, We’ll Go to Heaven; Those Who Nuked Us Will Go to Hell – “Not the most uplifting words ever to come from Putin’s mouth” – Russia Insider

Gorbachev: Trump’s move to quit INF is ‘narrow-minded’, a clear ‘mistake’ – RT

Migrant caravan swells to 5,000, resumes advance toward US – Mark Stevenson and Sonia Perez D.

Matt Gaetz, George Soros and Invaders Walking to America – “The people are being paid. My guess is, like Mr. Gaetz, George Soros’ Open Society is footing the bill.” – Rory Hall  – WE STATED THIS AS WELL YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An Analysis of “The Arrival” Courtesy of George Soros (VIDEO) – “Should I stay or should I go? If you are being funded by George Soros and his Democratic-Socialist operatives, then you “go north young man”.” – The Common Sense Show

THE ENEMY ARMY MARCHES (VIDEO) – “The enemy’s army is on the march, and the desperation of this overtly criminal, seditious attack on the sovereignty of the United States has the fingerprints of George Soros all over it. And if Soros’ puppet Hillary Clinton was in the White House, this “caravan” would be propagandized and welcomed as a “humanitarian crisis” and you would be called a bigot and a xenophobe if you dared not to embrace it. This” – SGT Report

Politico Report Says Russiagaters Should Prepare To Kiss My Ass – “. For two years the idiotic, fact-free, xenophobic Russiagate conspiracy theory has been ripping through mainstream American consciousness with shrieking manic hysteria, sucking all oxygen out of the room for legitimate criticisms of the actual awful things that the US president is doing in real life. Those of us who have been courageous and clear-headed enough to stand against the groupthink have been shouted down, censored, slandered and smeared as assets of the Kremlin on a daily basis by unthinking consumers of mass media propaganda, despite our holding the philosophically unassailable position of demanding the normal amount of proof that would be required in a post-Iraq invasion world.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Saudis Invent New Phony Explanation for Khashoggi’s Death – Stephen Lendman

War Plans on Iran Mean Trump and Saudis Coordinating Cover-up of Khashoggi Killing – Finian Cunningham

Terrorism U.: Gov. Cuomo Supports Terrorists Angela Davis, Oscar Rivera, Antifa on Campus – William F. Jasper

Theresa May enters ‘killing zone’ – “Tories tell PM she has 72 hours to save her job” – Tim Shipman

One More Thing To Worry About, Saudi Edition – “Ah, Saudi Arabia, land of heat and contradictions. One day they’re jailing women’s rights activists for wanting to drive, the next day they’re dismembering still-living Washington Post journalists. And yet they can count the world’s capitalist democracies as friends, because today’s dysfunctional economic/geopolitical system depends on both Saudi oil and Saudi willingness to keep their (apparently even crazier) Middle East neighbors in line. Now it turns out that even Silicon Valley has a Saudi problem because – get this – the Kingdom is the biggest single funder of tech start-ups.” – John Rubino

Bubbles, Balloons, Needles and Pins – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Backlash Against War on Cash Reaches the Bank of Canada – Don Quijones

Top 5 Guns For Your Family’s Protection – James Forrester

Vaccine profiteer, Paul Offit, announces Trump’s child is autistic because Trump’s old sperm, & laughs w Zdogg at father whose child died hours after getting vaccines- Erin Elizabeth


The Geopolitics of Human Gene Editing – Ulson Gunnar

Preparing for Winter and What It Can Teach Us About Prepping – Erik

How China’s AI Technology Exports Are Seeding Surveillance Societies Globally – Scott N. Romaniuk & Tobias Burgers

Something MAJOR Happened On Mars.. Are They Hiding It? (Video) – SECURE TEAM10

Insurance Companies Aren’t Covering Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Exposure Risk – B.N. Frank

More toxic to humans than high fructose corn syrup, this dirty little secret ingredient is COMMON in U.S. foods (and beverages) – “Sodium benzoate was banned from the rubber making industry because many workers exposed to it developed leukemia and died” – S.D. Wells

The Four Essentials Of Off Grid Solar – Ken Jorgustin

Why You Should Practice Long-Range Handgun Shots – Sam Hoober

Gun Owners: Beware the New Deceptive Redistricting Scheme Promoted by the Left – Brenden Boudreau




Isaiah 1:7   Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.



I left my home in Tamaulipas
In Sonoyta I came across
Just six of us when we started
Walking behind the coyote boss

The old man said let me go there with you
Yes I’m old but I’m mighty tough
I know the road maybe I can help you
Got good shoes I won’t hold you up

But up on Tinajas Altas he stumbled and he fell
He begged and pleaded we had to leave him
Lying on Camino Diablo Trail
Quick sand I think we lost direct ion

Quick sand now we’re losing ground
Quick sand nobody ’round to help us
Quick sand now we’re sinking down
Thought we was getting close to Yuma

I heard it’s an unfriendly town
We just need a cool drink of water
Even Yuma can’t turn a poor boy down
Then a Dodge Ram truck drove down on us

Saying I’m your Arizona vigilante man
I’m here to say you ain’t welcome in Yuma
I’m taking you out just as hard as I can
I saw mi madre crying in her rocking chair alone

I saw La Llorona flying please take a message back home
Quick sand I think we lost direction
Quick sand now we’re losing ground
Quick sand nobody ’round to help us
Quick sand now we’re sinking down

( Quicksand by Ry Cooder )








Putin Lays Down The Law At Valdai – “The big quote from his talk is the one everyone is focusing on, and rightly so, Russia’s policy about using nuclear weapons. It’s not that Putin’s stance was any different than in the past. Russia will strike back at an aggressor under any circumstance where the future of Russia is at stake. It was his assurance that in doing so 1) it would be just and righteous “dying like martyrs” and 2) so swift and brutal the aggressors would “die like dogs” bereft of the chance to ask for salvation.” – Tom Luango

Does Putin Have A Traitor In His Government? – Paul Craig Roberts

You Want to Make America Great Again? Start by Making America Free Again – “Clearly, the government has no interest in hearing what “we the people” have to say. It’s the message that is feared, especially if that message challenges the status quo. That’s why so many hurdles are being placed in the path of those attempting to voice sentiments that may be construed as unpopular, offensive, conspiratorial, violent, threatening or anti-government. Yet the right of political free speech is the basis of all liberty.” – John W. Whitehead

State Department provided ‘clearly false’ statements to derail requests for Clinton docs, ‘shocked’ federal judge says – Gregg Re

Judge Orders Mueller To Prove Russian Company Meddled In Election – Tyler Durden

The People “Stopping Election Interference” Are the Ones Who Are Actually Rigging the Election – “But as far as making the election more resistant to interference, the result of the Alternative Media Purge is the diametric opposite. People will now only get one side of the story.” – Daisy Luther

U.S. brings first charge for meddling in 2018 midterm elections – Josh Gerstein

The Syrian War will Go Nuclear – Gordon Duff

Why the Surprise? Saudi Arabia has Always Engaged in Murder – Kurt Nimmo

Be Skeptical Whenever The Political/Media Class Converges On A Single Narrative – “Whenever you see the politicians and media all converge in agreement across political lines upon a single narrative with a great deal of focus and promotion, it’s time to turn up the dial on your skepticism, especially when that narrative involves foreign policy. The Middle East is a hotly disputed and strategically essential zone; one need only to read this Saudi media column threatening dire consequences should the US impose sanctions on it over Khashoggi to see this.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Converting Khashoggi into Cash – James George Jatras

How Obama Treated Slain Journalists – “Journalists should not be slain by authoritarians, tyrants, or ideological fanatics for their views, but they have been, and in the case of President Obama with an attitude of callous indifference. Has the media forgotten the attack on the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo” – Daniel John Sobieski

Saudi Arabia Considers Itself Untouchable Due to Oil and Money – Michael Krieger

Chill! – “How many Democrats have you seen declaring that the US should stop selling weapons to the Saudi’s, should tell them to stop starving millions of Yemeni children, should cut off all communication until the truth about Khashoggi is revealed? Me neither. Their identity is no different from Trump, other than on minor issues, the only identity they have is they’re against him. And that’s the same as having none.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

What ACTUALLY Happened To Khashoggi, Why It Matters, & What Happens Next? (VIDEO) – Philip DeFranco

Cleaning Up Loose Ends? Khashoggi Murder Suspect Dies in “Suspicious Car Accident” – The Free Thought Project

“All-Out War” Coming: Record Number Of Israeli Tanks Amassed On Gaza Border – Tyler Durden

Migrant caravan halted after storming Guatemala-Mexico border – Jennifer Gonzalez Covarrubias

Donald Trump Suggests Someone Is Paying Migrants in Caravan – ““We’re starting to find out, and I won’t say 100 percent, I’ll put a little tiny question mark at the end … but a lot of money has been passing through people to come up and try to get to the border by election day,” Trump said during a campaign rally in Montana.” – Charles Spiering   -WOULDN’T BE MR. SOROS BY ANY CHANCE, WOULD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coverup in Crimea? – “Moscow and Crimean authorities are suspiciously calling Wednesday’s Kerch Polytechnic College mass shootings, responsible for scores of casualties, a lone gunman incident.” – Stephen Lendman

Parents Lose One More Right in California as the State Limits Kid’s Menu Drinks to Water or Milk – Meadow Clark

‘Halloween’ Billboard Hijacked to Target Maxine Waters – Paul Bond

Feeling the Heat Yet? – “If there was a true loyal opposition in this land, they would have called the fire department long ago. But they were too busy texting out their contrived grievances and sending cute Instagrams of each other in pussy hats to friends and allies while the flames of the burning house reflected off the screens of their iPhones. The vaunted technology did not save the day. It only stole their attention.” – James Howard Kunstler

South Africa City To Begin Confiscating Land From Whites In National “Test Case” – Tyler Durden

‘SNEAK ATTACK’: Hurricane Michael was a 9/11-style false flag attack on the Deep South – “Superstorm Michael was basically a geoengineered hybrid Cat. 4 Hurricane and F2 Tornado that was slammed into the Florida Panhandle as a ‘ginormous weather weapon’ ” – The Millennium Report

For Next Weapon in Anti-Protest Arsenal, US Military Building Plasma Gun Capable of Vaporizing Human Flesh – Jon Queally

Trump vs. The Fed: When Markets Crash, Who Is To Blame? – Brandon Smith

Financial Market Collapse: Not an “IF” But A “When?” – Dave Kranzler

We Are Walking Right Off The Cliff Into A Government Debt Apocalypse – Ken Jorgustin

Nine Meals from Anarchy – Jeff Thomas

Message To Hollywood Bimbos: You Do Not Speak For, Nor Represent, All Women In America – NewsFlash: We Do Not Care What You Think – “Why is it that Hollywood celebrities think they can preach to Americans, tell them what to do, who to vote for, what to think? Even more annoying is seeing the women in Hollywood, I call them the “Hollywood Bimbos” making sweeping statements about how “women feel,” without a clue as to how anyone outside their liberal, Hollywood bubbles actually thinks or feels.” – Susan Duclos

Existing Home Sales Drop 6th Consecutive Month – Mish

UN Climate Change Report: A Choice between “Mad Max and Hunger Games” – “Humanity, we’re essentially told, is doomed lest people concede their freedom to the experts, lawmakers, and bureaucrats who can save us.” – Jon Miltimore

What’s In Your Nightstand? – “It is the sound that almost everyone fears at some point. ‘That noise’ you hear while you are in bed that doesn’t sound right. I don’t know how many times I have been in bed with my wife and we will hear something and she will say ‘What was that’? Already, my ears are perked up and I am trying to figure out mentally what that sound was. Assuming you aren’t anti-gun or they aren’t illegal where you live a gun is my first priority when it comes to home defense.” – Pat Henry

5 Flu Vaccine Myths Everyone Should Know – 5 Flu Vaccine Myths Everyone Should Know

Trial: Facial Recognition Technology To Be Used In UK At Select Self-Checkouts – Aaron Kesel

TSA announces “biometrics vision for all commercial aviation travelers” – “It’s a terrifyingly totalitarian vision of pervasive surveillance of air travelers at, quite literally and deliberately, every step of their journey, enabled by automated facial recognition and by the seamless collaboration of airlines and airport operators that will help the government surveil their customers in exchange for free use of facial images for their own business purposes and profits.” – Edward Hasbrouck  – EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE, EVERY STEP YOU MAKE, I’LL BE WATCHING YOU (THANKS STING )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Covert” facial recognition street lights coming to a neighborhood near you – MassPrivateI

Medical drugs: too big to fail – “A message to Wikileaks, Cryptome, Public Intelligence, and other sites that expose secrets.” – Jon Rappoport




2 Timothy 3:7    Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.








Blacks Like Trump? Don’t Blame Kanye – ” Democrats’ mantra was that black conservatives could not possibly exist in the natural world. They had to be some kind of genetically modified organism to which, when someone wandered off the plantation, they would apply that scientific term “Uncle Tom.” The problem for Democrats is that blacks are leaving their political plantation in increasing droves. In a bit of irony, they are pouring across ideologically open borders. Heeding candidate Trump’s call of “what the hell do you have to lose,” ” – Daniel John Sobieski

Saudi Airstrike Hits Busload of Civilians in Yemen; At Least 17 Killed – “Attack targeted vehicles at crowded checkpoint” – Jason Ditz

Did Saudis, CIA Fear Khashoggi 9/11 Bombshell? – Finian Cunningham

Christians Sentenced to Death Under Sharia Law – Majid Rafizadeh

World War 3 Battle Lines Are Drawn: Was Russia And China’s Vostok-18 A Dress Rehearsal For Conquering NATO? Signified Their De Facto Alliance Against The United States – Dr Peter Vincent Pry

Welcome to the G-20 from Hell – “World leaders wrestle with a maelstrom of complex, burning issues as they prepare for November 30 summit” – Pepe Escobar

Do Mexico’s Cartels Have WMDs? – “The threat of cartel-handled nuclear or biological weapons in particular is a grave threat to not only the Mexican government, but also the United States. With a migrant crisis due to looming unrest in South America becoming likely, possession of such weapons will give organized criminal groups a powerful bargaining chip.” – William Craddick

The Routine Use of Fake Images and Video Footage by the Western Media – Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Facebook, Google declare all pro-liberty speech to be “political spam” or “Russian bots” as pretext to censor conservatives – JD Heyes

Google’s Good Censor Plan (VIDEO) – Kurt Nimmo

Google vs. Trump: “the Good Censor” On Collision Course with the Patriot President – “The leaked internal Google briefing “The Good Censor”  has received suspiciously little attention from the Main Stream Media, but it represents the crassest statement yet of the Tech oligopolies’ intention to impose Silicon Valley Political Correctness on the U.S.” – Washington Watcher  – THE GOOD CENSOR FILE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD UNDER LINKS IN THE LEFT COLUMN – (REVIEWS, ARTICLES, VIDEOS)

Police facial recognition body cams can be edited by law enforcement – “Soon nowhere will be safe from Big Brother’s prying eyes. Imagine walking down Main St., and seeing officer friendly approaching you. As the officer approaches you, he or she has already scanned your face against a 15 million person database and knows if you have any outstanding tickets, warrants etc. That is the future of American policing. Police across America will soon be using Vigilant Solutions (VS), “VideoBadge” body cams to identify everyone they come in contact with.” – MassPrivateI

The U.S. Military Is Working on Mind-Control for Drones – “The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ( DARPA ) has tested an implant that allows an operator to simultaneously control, with their mere thoughts, up to three unmanned aerial vehicles. The technology could one day lead to a direct interface between human beings and UAVs.” – David Axe

US Marines reveal plans for plasma crowd control weapon that can shout at people from 3,000 feet away – then be ‘turned up’ to temporarily blind and even burn them – “Scalable Compact Ultra-short Pulse Laser System will be mounted on a truck. Will be used for ‘security and crowd control applications’. Could also be used by ‘many other U.S. Government agencies as well as civilian law enforcement'” – Mark Prigg

United Nations Pushes Geoengineering As Last Ditch Effort to Save Humanity – Derrick Broze

Climate Engineering, Clearcutting, And Record Wildfires – Dane Wigington

Scientists Receive Green Light To “Resurrect The Dead” Using Stem Cells – Alexa Erickson

The Surprisingly Simple Way To Avoid Being Robbed – “Developing Situational Awareness” – Rich M  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!

Woman Undergoes Extensive Arm Surgery After Flu Shot (A Must Read) – Erin Elizabeth

VACCINATED CHILDREN HAVE 420% HIGHER RISK OF ADHD COMPARED TO NON-VACCINATED KIDS – “But it’s only probabilities. Easy to ignore since there’s always the possibility everything will be fine. This is the substance of what passes for medical ethics: the weaponization of ambiguity. Except where harm is obvious and demonstrable such as genital mutilation, in which case resolute blindness is needed, but it takes years of medical education to achieve that level of self-discipline.” – Rich Winkel

Glyphosate and Dicamba Herbicides Increase Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria – Sustainable Pulse

ONE GIANT HOAX FOR MANKIND? (VIDEO) – “Bart Sibrel the producer of the documentary ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon’ joins me to discuss You Tube censorship, NASA and its supposed Apollo moon missions, SpaceX and more.” – SGT Report

Be Energy Efficient This Winter. This is the Best Wood To Heat Your Home – Sara Tipton

The Amazing Bean: Why You Should Consider Adding Them To Your Food Storage – SurvivalWoman

23 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do – Brett and Kate McKay

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.40EUR




Ecclesiastes 11:4   He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap.







GOP Seizes On Left’s “Unhinged Mob” Mentality In Viral Video – Tyler Durden

Video: Huge Brawl On The Streets Of America As Antifa Goes Head To Head With Proud Boys: Portland Cops Open Fire With Less-Lethal Rounds – “Mob violence on American streets is getting wilder by the day.” – Mac Slavo

The Mobs Are Becoming More Unhinged As 20 Examples From October Alone Show Us That We Are Past The Point Of No Return – Susan Duclos

United States Did It Again: Warplanes Use White Phosphorous Munitions in Syria – Peter Korzun

Banned Weapons Used in All US War Theaters – “Whenever US forces aggressively attacks countries, dirty war is waged, including use of banned weapons. Prohibited terror-bombing is longstanding US policy, indiscriminately harming civilians. In all US wars since the misnamed “good war” against Nazi Germany and imperial Japan, US forces used banned weapons. Pentagon claims otherwise are false, issued to try concealing its war crimes in all US war theaters – naked aggression waged in them all from Korea to post-9/11 conflicts.” – Stephen Lendman

The Information Terrorists, Part 2 – Kurt Nimmo

‘We need answers’: Florida residents increasingly desperate for food and shelter – Richard Fausset, Audra D.S. Burch. and Alan Blinder

Internet Censorship Just Took An Unprecedented Leap Forward, And Hardly Anyone Noticed – Caitlin Johnstone

Of Course The Fed Is Crazy – “Still, there must also be tons of people left thinking the Fed can kick that can six times to the moon and back, or sixty. If only because they’ve never bothered to think about price discovery, and what role it plays in the very ‘markets’ they volunteer to spend their money in. And along those same lines, many acknowledge housing bubbles in Sydney and Vancouver but think the US has learned its lesson a decade ago. And the loco Fed plays its role there too: mortgage rates have been ultra-low, enticing the last left batch of greater fools not mortally wounded by the last fire to jump in this time.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

You Can Kick The Can Down The Road, But Reality Will Catch Up With You Eventually – Michael Snyder

4 Pillars of Debt in Danger of Collapse – Nomi Prins

Monsanto: judge moves to allow new trial after $289m cancer verdict – “Agrochemical company is challenging a landmark ruling that ordered it to pay the award to an ex-groundskeeper dying of cancer” – Sam Levin   – MONSANTO WILL GET OUT OF THIS YET, WE HAVE PREDICTED IT ALL ALONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Human 2.0 Is Almost Here: The Transhumanism Agenda Just Went Mainstream (VIDEO) – Truthstream Media

The Perfect Storm Bringing China And Russia Together – Vanand Meliksetian

DEA Grants Pharmaceutical Company Monopoly on Medical CBD – Carey Wedler

Fascism Perfect Antidote: The Gold Standard – Jim Willie

Entire Federal Budget Now National Security Secret (VIDEO) with Dr. Mark Skidmore – ” Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Skidmore made a stunning discovery late last year. Using publicly available government accounting reports, he revealed there was $21 trillion in what he calls “missing money” from the Department of Defense (DOD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The data he used has been scrubbed, all accounting records are heavily redacted and now the federal government has declared its accounting falls under “national security.” ” – Greg Hunter

Turmeric OUTPERFORMS conventional chemotherapy drugs in treating all forms of cancer – Vicki Batts

Exxon Now Advocates for Carbon Tax? Hmmm – “What’s behind the “Americans for Carbon Dividends” scheme?” – Leonard Hyman and Willian Tilles

Forget What Phony Government Statistics Say – the “Strong Dollar” Buys Less – Clint Siegner

What to Know and Have on Hand if You Ever Need to Treat a Gunshot Wound – Friedrich Seiltgen

The capture of Health Freedom – Jon Rappoport

Prepping Your Pantry For The Long Haul – Bob Rodgers

Walmart’s Creepy Shopping Carts (VIDEO) – “Walmart is getting new shopping carts. They are creepy beyond belief. You will not believe what these shopping carts can do.” – The Common Sense Show

The Last Rebels: 25 Things We Did as Kids That Would Get Someone Arrested Today – Daisy Luther

The 4 Main Types of Punches and How to Use Them for Self-Defense (VIDEO) – Personal Defense World


Bad Idea: Four To Avoid If The SHTF – Salty




Proverbs 29:23   A man’s pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit.



Only in America
We’re slaves to be free
Only in America we kill the unborn
To make ends meet
Only in America
Sexuality is democracy
Only in America we stamp our dollar
“In God We Trust”

What is right or wrong
I don’t know who to believe in
My soul sings a different song
In America
What is right or wrong
I don’t know who to believe in
My soul sings a different song
In America, In America, In America

Church bell’s ringing
Pass the plate around
The choir is singing
As their leader falls to the ground
Please mister prophet man
Tell me which way to go
I gave my last dollar
Can I still come to your show

What is right or wrong
I don’t know who to believe in
My soul sings a different song
In America
What is right or wrong
I don’t know who to believe in
My soul sings a different song
In America, In America, In America, In America

( In America by Creed )






Haley’s Resignation Positions Her to Run for President – “The possibility should terrify everyone. If elected to high office, her militant extremism would threaten world peace more than already, increasing the chance for nuclear war with Russia, China, and/or Iran, the ultimate nightmare scenario if occurs. Earlier, she denied interest in serving as vice president, her sights likely set on the highest US office.” – Stephen Lendman

Did US and Allies Commit War Crime by Bombing Syria on April 14th? – Eric Zuesse

Bolton Warns Chinese Military to Halt Dangerous Naval Encounters – “White House adviser says Navy rules allow response to threatening Chinese actions” – Bill Gertz  – MORE SABRE RATTLING FROM BOLTON!!!!!!!!!!!

Ban Saudi Oil – “Why so much more interest in this case than all the other disappearing journalists? Khashoggi is/was no Christ; he was close to the royal family for years while women and gay people and dissidents were under severe threat. Just more hypocrisy. And if we want to end that, let’s boycott Saudi oil. Let’s use different oil, or none. And until then let’s not fall for the stage performances of all those who all of a sudden want to be seen as principled actors. That’s just about as bad as sawing a guy into pieces.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

President Trump Pens Scathing Op Ed For USA Today: Warns Democrats Want To Turn America Into Venezuela – Stefan Stanford

The Information Terrorists – “Molly McKew taught me something last night. I’m an information terrorist. McKew believes our entire way of life is threatened by a new form of terrorism that invades the mind through social media and the internet.” – Kurt Nimmo

Italy Declares War On Merkel And The EU – Tom Luongo

The Cracks In The Market’s Floor Grow Wider – Dave Kranzler

Drones swamp US-Mexico border but federal agents powerless to stop them – “The Department of Homeland Security and FBI identified this week unmanned aerial systems, or drones, as one of the greatest national security threats to America — rating it as severe a concern as cybersecurity hacks, critical infrastructure attacks, and terrorism.” – Anna Giaritelli  – YET THEY HAVE NO PROBLEMS USING THEM TO BOMB AND SPY ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

NONE DARE CALL IT SOCIALISM – “Whatever one might say about liberals (i.e., leftists or progressives), one thing is certain: When it comes to socialism, they get it.So, here you have a leftist making a very logical argument. She’s essentially saying, “Given that you conservatives love Medicare, which guarantees government health care for seniors, why not love it even more by expanding it to everyone?” It’s a good question! In other words, if you love socialism, why settle for just a little socialism? Why not go further and embrace more socialism? For a conservative to be skewered by a liberal in that way has got to be painful. What does the conservative say in response? All he can say is, “No, I’m a small-socialism conservative, not a big socialism conservative.” That’s got to be embarrassing.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Outbreak: A World Threatened by Proliferation – “Worst of the worst, Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge, havens for the select mediocrities to be “rubber stamped” into ignorance and controllability, channeled into the corridors of power, knowing little or nothing of the real world, schooled in flummery and falsehood. Each and every university has been put under political control and fed a series of narratives. Academics who stray into genuine research do so at the risk of their careers, their reputations and even their lives.” – Gordon Duff

5G And The Internet Of Everything Is EVERYTHING THEY WANT! (VIDEO) – We Are Change


Move Over Russia – Facebook Purges US-Based Independent Media For Political Disinformation – “The concerted efforts to censor independent media on social media began in earnest following Facebook’s announcement this past May that Facebook would be teaming up with the notoriously hawkish, government- and corporate-funded think tank, the Atlantic Council.” – Whitney Webb

Top Ten Alternative Media Sites BANNED on Facebook and Twitter – “The social media purge has begun and pages that question the government or point out police brutality have been wiped from the platforms.” – The Free Thought Project

First They Came for Alex Jones — We Told You We Were Next — We Were – “Social media giants launched a massive purge of independent media on Thursday effectively wiping out hundreds of liberty-minded pages.” – Matt Agorist

Facebook, Twitter Purge More Dissident Media Pages In Latest Escalation – “Two of the most high-profile pages which were shut down have probably been seen at some point by any political dissident who uses Facebook; the Free Thought Project, which had 3.1 million followers, and Anti-Media, which had 2.1 million. I’ve found useful information on both sites before, and despite disagreeing with them ideologically in some areas have found them both vastly more legitimate than anything you’ll find on Google News.” – Facebook, Twitter Purge More Dissident Media Pages In Latest Escalation

The Purge Is Here: Hundreds of Political Social Media Pages Deleted Without Warning – Carey Wedler

Who Do Americans Trust (VIDEO) – The Common Sense Show

Americans are Stuck in Abusive Relationships with Power – Michael Krieger

Has “It” Finally Arrived? – ” Is this week’s 6% market drop the start of the Big One?” -Chris Martenson

This Market Sell-off Is a ‘Wake up Call, the Fantasy Is Ending’ (VIDEO) – David Stockman

The Myth Of The Eternal Market Bubble And Why It Is Dead Wrong – Brandon Smith

Hammer Time – “Looks like somebody threw a dead cat onto Wall Street’s luge run overnight to temporarily halt the rather ugly 2000 point slide in the Dow Jones Industrial Average — and plenty of freefall in other indices, including markets in other countries. A Friday pause in the financial carnage will give the hedge funders a chance to plant “for sale” signs along their Hamptons driveways, but who might the buyers be? Hedge funders from another planet, perhaps? You can hope. And while you’re at it, how do you spell liquidity problem? Welcome to the convergence zone of the long emergency, where Murphy’s law meets the law of unintended consequences and the law of diminishing returns, the Three Amigos of collapse.” – James Howard Kunstler

The Gold Standard: Protector of Individual Liberty and Economic Prosperity – Antonius Aquinas

HURRICANE MICHAEL: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targeting Tallahassee and Florida Panhandle—Why! – State of the Nation

Soros Project Teams Up With Dark Money Non-Profit To “Boost Democratic Candidates” In At Least 11 States – Tim Brown

Tom Fitton on NRA TV: Obama ATF Tried to Do ‘End-Run’ Around 2nd Amendment by Banning Ammo (VIDEO) – Judicial Watch

A Reverse Bucket List – “A reverse bucket list—as used here—is a list of things already occurred, but we wish had not happened.” – Gary Christenson

Valued Preparations & Preparedness BEFORE The Crisis Hits – Ken Jorgustin

IMF Warns About Emerging Markets: Hello “Always Late” IMF, Global Crisis Coming – “The IMF is finally warning that there may be an emerging market crisis. Hello IMF, it’s already here. Look ahead.” – Mish




Isaiah 65:6   Behold, it is written before me: I will not keep silence, but will recompense, even recompense into their bosom,







Nikki Haley resigns as Trump’s UN ambassador – AFP

Empire Loyalists Grieve Resignation Of Moderate Psychopath Nikki Haley – “Describing Nikki Haley as a “moderate Republican” is like describing Jeffrey Dahmer as “a moderate meat eater”. Besides John Bolton there is nobody within the depraved Trump administration who’s been a more reliable advocate for war, oppression and American/Israeli supremacism, no more virulent a proponent of the empire’s photogenic version of fascism than she.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Florida Panhandle Bracing for Category 4 Hit – Michael Bob Henson

The World Is Quietly Decoupling From The U.S. – “Blind faith in the U.S. dollar is perhaps one of the most crippling disabilities economists have in gauging our economic future. Historically speaking, fiat currencies are animals with very short lives, and world reserve currencies are even more prone to an early death. But, for some reason, the notion that the dollar is vulnerable at all to the same fate is deemed ridiculous by the mainstream.” – And No One Is Paying Attention – Brandon Smith

Erasing History, Diplomacy, Truth, and Life on Earth – “One of the reasons that countries fail is that collective memory is continually destroyed as older generations pass away and are replaced by new ones who are disconnected from what came before.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Mike Pence’s Dumb Ass Speech on China: When the Cat is Away, the Mice will Play – Harley Schlanger

Great News, Republicans! Hillary Clinton Is Back And Telling Us All ‘Where We Go From Here’ – Will The Media And Liberals Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory Again? – Susan Duclos

The Brazilian Trump: Three things you should know about Brazil’s next President… and why you should care. – TheModernSurvivalist

Frosty Pompeo Reception in Beijing – “Deepening US hostility toward China is all about wanting to curb its growing economic, financial, and military might. It’s about Washington’s imperial aims, wanting dominance over all other nations, its opposition to mutual cooperation and multi-world polarity, its rage to colonize planet earth for unchallenged control over all countries, their resources and populations – endless wars its favored strategy in pursuing its hegemonic objectives.” – Stephen Lendman

Most of Us Are NOT Participating in the Hysterical Rage You See on the News – Daisy Luther

The Real Cost of Food and Medicine in Africa – Everything Africans Own – “What is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation really doing in Africa?” – Phil Butler

The IPCC Prepares to Release More Hot Air – James Corbett

A Climate Fit For a Groundhog – “And there we go again. Another IPCC report, and they all keep getting more alarming than the previous one. And then nothing substantial happens. Until the next report is issued and makes everybody’s headlines for a day, or two. Rinse, spin and repeat. “Now we really have to do something!”. “World leaders have a moral obligation to act!”.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Wireless Wars: When Censors Control the Sensors – Patricia Burke

Contact First They Came for the Libertarians – “For know-nothing and imbecilic Identity activists, being a libertarian is the same as being a racist, sexist, misogynist, and an intolerable rightwing extremist advocating nonviolence and the principles of natural rights” – Kurt Nimmo

With the Kavanaugh Saga over, CNN Returns to Talking About Trump’s Penis – Justin Caruso

Bill Clinton’s Sexual Assault Allegations Are ‘Different’, Hillary Says – Tyler Durden

American Consumers Now Over $3.9 Trillion in Debt – Peter Schiff

How to Make Your Rural Home Safe From Intruders – Patrick F

This Is A History Lesson Every American Should Know: The Evolution of Armed America And How The 2nd Amendment Helps Protect The ‘American Dream’ – Jay Chambers

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone Now Or You’re Going to Have a Bad Time When the SHTF -Selco

The Catholic Church’s Grim History of Ignoring Priestly Pedophilia – and Silencing Would-be Whistleblowers – Brian Clites

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.60EUR




Proverbs 29:11   A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.






Gimme Some Truth: John Lennon Tells It Like It Is – “Lennon dared to speak truth to power about the government’s warmongering, and as a result, he became enemy number one in the eyes of the U.S. government, his phone calls monitored and data files collected on his activities and associations. Until the day he died, Lennon continued to speak up and speak out. In honor of what would have been Lennon’s 78th birthday, here are some uncomfortable truths about life in the American police state:” – John W. Whitehead

A Bigger Picture On The China Threat To The U.S. (VIDEO) – “Is The China Technology Takeover Already Here?” – We Are Change

America Has Become Even More Dangerous – “The issue is world conquest, and the unanswered questions are “by whom” and “for what purpose.” The mechanism, military and financial war, “hard and soft war,” as they call it in Washington and can only be achieved with total control of America’s political system. The only way that can occur is with rigged elections, a congress and presidency under control as well and the Supreme Court of the United States ready to overrule any tries to reinstitute democracy or reform.” – Gordon Duff

US Forever War in Syria and Elsewhere – “Make no mistake. Washington intends endless war in Syria, the same scenario as in all its war theaters. US forces come to stay. Republicans and undemocratic Dems pursue the same imperial aims, wanting sovereign independent governance replaced by pro-Western puppet rule everywhere. Russia, China, and Iran are prime targets for regime change. The US pursues a permanent war policy, risking catastrophic consequences.” – Stephen Lendman

John Bolton Ups the Pressure on Iran – “This week saw secession from an obscure treaty and a move to make Iran the centerpiece of U.S. counterterrorism.” – Curt Mills

End the Noxious U.S.-Saudi Relationship – Daniel Larison

Venezuela’s annual inflation hits 488,865 percent in September: congress – Reuters

Aftermath as Prologue – “I believe that the Christine Blasey Ford gambit was an extension of the sinister activities underway since early 2016 in the Department of Justice and the FBI to un-do the last presidential election, and that the real and truthful story about these seditious monkeyshines is going to blow wide open. It turns out that the Deep State is a small world. Did you know that the lawyer sitting next to Dr. Ford in the Senate hearings, one Michael Bromwich, is also an attorney for Andrew McCabe, the former FBI Deputy Director fired for lying to investigators from his own agency and currently singing to a grand jury? What a coincidence. Out of all the lawyers in the most lawyer-infested corner of the USA, she just happened to hook up with him.” – James Howard Kunstler

Investigative Journalist Probing EU Corruption Found Brutally Raped And Murdered – Tyler Durden

Some Thoughts On Climate Change – Caitlin Johnstone  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NAFTA 2.0: Free Trade or Central Planning? – Ron Paul

Columbus Day Proves History is Written by the Winner Who Cons People into Celebrating Mass Murder – “People are finally waking up to the fact that Columbus was a mass murdering tyrant but only after centuries of celebrating him as a hero.” – mATT aGORIST

The Clinton Sexual Predator Behind Murphy Brown’s Fake Feminism – Daniel Greenfield

Russia, US Are In a Military Exoskeleton Race – Patrick Tucker

The Monsanto Papers (VIDEO) – reported by Stephanie March and presented by Sarah Ferguson

Pope blames devil for Church divisions, scandals, seeks angel’s help – Philip Pullella

Schools Pushing For Police-Grade Surveillance Technology To “Protect” Students – Aaron Kesel

Police-Grade Surveillance Technology Comes to the Playground – Sydney Fussell

Creating National Biometric System For Patient Matching Will Threaten Privacy And Security – Natural Blaze

Nearly 50 Oregon Gun Owners Have Their Firearms Seized by the State – Teresa Mull

How to Survive When You Can’t Pay Your Bills – Daisy Luther

Eerie News From Social Media: Facebook Wants To Put A Camera In Your Home – Mac Slavo

The Music Fades Out – “A $20 trillion loss in market capitalization” – John P. Hussman

With corruption like this, it’s no wonder so many pension funds are insolvent – Simon Black

Sea Foam: All Purpose Fuel & Motor Treatment For The Prepared – Ken Jorgustin

The Top 6 Survival Rifles And Why You Need One – Cody Griffin  – OLDER ARTICLE, BUT INTERESTING!!!!!!

Buy Five Preps For $5 – “There are a whole host of preps you can buy for one dollar if you shop at the right place and plan ahead, here are a few of our favorite non-perishable long-term items to stock up on.” – Salty




John 7:43   So there was a division among the people because of him.






Pentagon Accuses China of Threatening US National Security – “Sino/US tensions risk boiling over into something much more serious than already. Washington falsely considers China’s significant political, economic, trade, and military strength a threat to US national security.” – Stephen Lendman

China’s ‘Ultimate Silent Attack’ Upon US Military And Intelligence Agency Computers Indicates Something Much More Sinister And Damaging Is Still Hiding Below The Surface – “Are Senator Dianne Feinstein And Other Globalists Complicit In China’s Massive Hack?” – Stefan Stanford

Does Russophobia Draw Us Closer to Our Doom? – Martin Berger

Have Cyber-Threats Surpassed Terrorism and Nuclear War? – Julio Rivera

Trump Admin Follows Corporate Media Playbook for War With Iran – John C. O’Day

NATO to Deploy 45,000 Troops Near Russian Border—Calling it a “Defensive” Move – “As the US and NATO allies accuse Russia of aggression, the group announced that they will be staging tens of thousands of troops near the Russian border.” – The Free Thought Project

EU Attempting to hold Great Britain Hostage by Delaying and Obstructing Brexit – “Oh, the joys of being in a globalist run multi-nation union.” – James Murphy

How Many More Lives Does Angela Merkel Have Left? – Tom Luango

How Russia Plans to Disentangle Its Economy From US Dollar – RT News

Tone deaf: Al Sharpton compares Trump supporters to white Christians who attended ‘lynchings’ – “Divisive: Well, someone dragged a $20 bill through Harlem and lo and behold, Al Sharpton showed up. The well-known race hustler appeared — where else? — on NBC” – J.D. Heyes

ACLU’s Opposition to Kavanaugh Sounds Its Death Knell -Alan M. Dershowitz

Trump’s NAFTA Rebrand Is a Marketing Fraud (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

The US military’s vision for state censorship – Patrice de Bergeracpas

There Was No Debate When We Needed One – “The utter failure of democratic politics” – Paul Craig RobertsThere Was No Debate When We Needed One – “The utter failure of democratic politics” – Paul Craig Roberts

Columbus Day: Romancing Greed, Slavery, and Genocide – Ipek S. Burnett

America, the radicalized – “It’s going to get worse. Virtually every major American institution is being radicalized — or being reshaped by the radicalization of our public lives. You see this most vividly in politics, where the White House and Congress are often the cause and effect of the radicalization.” – Jim VandeHei

Americans Are More Radicalized Than Ever As The Country Literally Spirals Toward Civil War – Michael Snyder

Another Week, Another Example Of Hypocrisy Among The Elites – “For some reason, the media wants to hang on the every word celebrities utter. When it comes to guns, it’s particularly insidious. People like James can afford to hire professionals. They can afford to outsource their personal safety. Most of us can’t. When people like James advocate for more gun control, they’re seeking to make it impossible for us to take our safety in our own hands.” – Tom Knighton

FDA Turned Your $10 Supplement into a $40,000 Drug – “Earlier this year, we told you about an FDA back-channel that allows drug companies to turn supplements into drugs—and remove the supplement versions from the market. This has happened to a popular and medically important version of vitamin B6 (pyridoxamine), and with the FDA’s approval of a new drug to treat sickle cell anemia, the same could happen to L-glutamine” – ANH-USA

DARPA-Funded Work May Help Troops See Around Corners – Patrick Tucker

Media Misses Key Detail In Trump GMO/Pesticide Policy (VIDEO) – “In recent news, Trump’s administration ‘lifted the ban’ on GMO’s and neonicotinoid pesticides in certain cases. But this isn’t any different than the same policy Obama’s administration had in place. So why did the media cover it in this manner?” – Collective Evolution

Using facial recognition to activate police body cameras sparks concern – Chris Burt

The Global Distortions of Doom Part 1: Hyper-Indebted Zombie Corporations – Charles Hugh Smith

Stick It In Your Ear? How Bluetooth Can Affect Your Eyes, Ears, Brain, and Everything Else. – “Many people who use Bluetooth technology to connect their devices may have no idea that exposure has been linked to brain tumors as well as dizziness, sleep issues, anxiety, depression, birth defects and more. This is because Bluetooth emits the same RadioFrequency (RF) radiation as a microwave oven that cooks food.” – B.N. Frank

The First 23 Things I Put In My Survival “Go Bag” – M.D. Creekmor

Globalist Cabal Needs A Major False Flag Attack Between Now And Election Because of Red Tsunami – State of the Nation

22 Old Weather Proverbs That Are Actually True – Jeremy Anderberg

29 Items Veteran Preppers Get From Garage Sales – Bill White

These 5 Censored Books Tell a History the Establishment Wants Hidden (VIDEO) – RT




Proverbs 19:20   Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end.