White House Soap Operas Distract From Real Global Dangers – Brandon Smith

Rand Paul: Deep State Exists, Uses Intelligence for Political Purposes – Jay Syrmopoulos

Is It The Trade War Threats Or Extreme Overvaluation? – “The stock market is is more overvalued now than at any time in U.S. history.” – Dave Kranzler

PARIS ERUPTS: Furious scenes on streets of France as THOUSANDS rally against Macron – “Teachers, train conductors and airline controllers walked off the job across France on Thursday, disrupting transport and public services in a test of public anger with President Emmanuel Macron’s reform drive.” – Rob Virtue

How To Get Rid Of Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists – Caitlin Johnstone  – ABSOLUTELY GREAT ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN. IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE TODAY, READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Scandal Rocks Facebook, Something More Sinister Emerges That Should Concern Everybody – Susan Duclos

Blasting Trump for Wanting Improved Russia/US Relations – “Trump’s criticism of scoundrel media fake news, along with wanting improved relations with Russia, are his only positive policies in an otherwise destructive agenda” – Stephen Lendman

Trump calls Putin, the establishment gets the vapors – “Until Trump was elected, the American left loved Russia. Obama loved Russia; he couldn’t wait to make common cause with Putin and Medvedev. Hillary did as well but demeaned herself with that stupid “reset” button. Not until Trump was elected and the Clintons and the rest of the left invented a fake news reason for her loss did the left suddenly and explicably decide that Russia was bad and Putin is evil.” – Patricia McCarthy

Limitless Investigation of Trump Was Always the Plan – Charles Hurt

Hawks Resurgent in Washington – Philip Giraldi

Wall Street Is Winning By Going Dark – “As front page news focuses more and more on the Russia-Trump investigation, there is rarely an in-depth journalistic investigation into the dangerous risks building up on Wall Street that makes front page news” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Probing Mueller: What Were His Roles in Boston Mafia Murders, Uranium One, and Other FBI Scandals? – William F. Jasper

Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann, the FBI and the Mob – “Mueller and Weissmann involved in the two biggest scandals in FBI history” – Sara Carter

Is It Fickle Mother Nature Or Determined Weather Geoengineering: Nor’easter No. 4 And Rainwater Analysis – Catherine J. Frompovich

Just As Russian Defector Viktor Suvorov Warned, Communist Globalists Pulling Out All Stops To Cause Havoc, Chaos And Mayhem Before ‘End Game’ – “As Some Liberals Blame President Trump For Austin, Texas Bombings, Watch The Coming ‘Blame Game’ Within The MSM VERY Closely!” – Stefan Stanford


7 Takeaways From The Austin Bombings And Beyond – “Guns are the Least of Our Worries. If the Unabomber could make effective bombs with no income and few resources, how can removing less available, more expensive and more complex items such as guns or ammo keep us safe?” – Carmela Tyrell

Gold, Dollar, Yuan, & Trump (VIDEO) with Jim Willie – Finance And Liberty

The Shocking Reality of SHTF Medicine and How to Prep for When the Medical System is GONE – Selco

NOAA Data Tampering Approaching 2.5 Degrees – “NOAA’s US temperature record shows that US was warmest in the 1930’s and has generally cooled as CO2 has increased. This wrecks greenhouse gas theory, so they “adjust” the data to make it look like the US is warming.” – Tony Heller

The Fiat System Will Collapse Under This Incredible Power Called The Truth (VIDEO) with David Morgan – “David says China and Russia have been working all of these years setting up parallel systems because they know the dollar is dying. Here’s more…” – X22 report

Operation Sterility: Top Ten Ways The Globalists Are Killing Humankind (VIDEO) – The Alex Jones Channel

Walmart Launches Small Army Of Autonomous Scanning Robots – Kiet Do  – FOR EVERY ROBOT THEY USE, HOW MANY DOES THAT PUT OUT OF WORK!!!!!!

Central Bank Money Rules the World – Nomi Prins

CDC vaccine science covers up giant conflict of interest – Jon Rappoport

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Launches Massive Facial Recognition Program – Derrick Broze

Researchers develop LED projection attack causing false positives with facial recognition – Chris Burt

Long Live Gold Manipulation – ” I see this manipulation as a gift. So do China, Russia, and other eastern central banks. Since 2009, central banks have been net buyers of gold – China and others have been gobbling it up by the pallet. The truth is that the world is going to face a serious monetary crisis in the next few years here, and those who are positioned to protect and profit are going to make extraordinary gains.” – Dan Ameduri  – IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD GOLD THEN BUY SILVER, AS IT IS MANIPULATED JUST AS MUCH, IF NOT WORSE!!!!!!




Proverbs 28:27   He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack: but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse.








I-Team: Former ATF Agent Suspects Austin Bomber May Have An Accomplice – “The search for the person behind the series of package bombs terrorizing the city of Austin appears to have come to an end after the suspected bomber apparently blew himself up amid a police pursuit. But did he act alone?”

AUSTIN BOMBINGS: Deep State Carries Out False Flag Attacks To Terrorize Texas – The Millennium Report

When Madmen Are Leading the Way – “We are once again reminded of the neocons and their destructive force. These war criminals need to be brought to justice and then eliminated from this earth. The images within the video is where children used to play, people would pray and commerce was conducted.” – Rory Hall

Truth Is The First Casualty In War. Especially In Cold War. – “The people who control the international alliances which comprise the western empire are liars and killers, as evidenced by its actions in Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, and Syria . In a cold war, we can expect them to tell more lies, not less. Don’t give them the benefit of the doubt.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!

26 Reasons Why You Need to Start Paying Attention to Edward Snowden – Carey Wedler

Will The Upcoming IG Report Trigger Politically-Motivated Violence? – Ken Jorgustin

Illegal immigrants, who dodged California ICE raid after Dem mayor’s tip-off, re-arrested for new crimes – Adam Shaw

John Brennan: Deep State Political Hack – “Considering his past record and current shenanigans, it is John Brennan who is guilty of political corruption and using the extraordinary powers of his office – not to serve his country, but to subvert it.” – Daniel John Sobieski

Has Russia Had Enough? – Paul Craig Roberts

Russophobia Gone Wild – “Accusations without evidence are baseless. It hasn’t deterred Western officials from allying against Russia, piling on, blaming the Kremlin for the alleged Skripal poisoning incident it had nothing to do with. The incident took Russophobia to a new level, matching Star Trek, going where no one has gone before, unchartered territory, risking serious consequences.” – Stephen Lendman


What Do They Know? High-Level Govt Officials Reportedly Flocking to ‘Doomsday’ Camps – “High-level government officials and national security officers are reported flocking to “doomsday camps” around the country citing “inevitable” events as the impetus behind the move.” – Matt Agorist


The Weaponization of Social Media (VIDEO) – The Corbett Report

Then Why Is Anyone STILL on Facebook? – “Where’s the panicked rush to “delete” accounts? While Facebook allows you to “delete” items and “delete” your account, the data stays behind on the server.” – Wolf Richter

Facebook Keeps Track Of A Terrifying Number Of Details About You: Here’s How To See That Data – Mac Slavo

Facebook: Six Degrees of Giant Squid – “Do you want to provide a bunch of, well, geeks, with the ability to change how you feel, just so their employers can make -more- money off of you? That is 1984. That is thought control. And Facebook is some modern honey trap. That the intelligence community today is powered by artificial intelligence is pretty out there to start with. That AI would give it the means to predict your future behavior, and manipulate you into that behavior seemingly at will, is something that warrants reflection. George Orwell could not have foreseen this.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

YouTube Cracks Down Further On Gun Channels – Tom Knighton


Congress quietly formed a committee to bail out 200 pension funds – “The US pension system has gotten so bad, Congress is actually planning for its failure.” – Simon Black

Truth About Fukushima — The Entire World is in Danger – “Do CNN, MSNBC and the rest of them think that if they DON’T report upon Fukushima, what’s happening to the fish and our oceans is ‘fake news’? Do they think that because we can’t actually SEE the radiation, it’s not really there?” – Amy S.

European Commission Clears Bayer’s Acquisition Of Monsanto With Conditions

‘Whataboutism’ is a Nonsensical Propaganda Term Used to Defend the Failed Status Quo – Michael Krieger

Why are AR-15s Controversial? – Paranoid Prepper  – GOOD ARTICLES WITH GOOD POINTS!!!!

Yes, Gun Confiscation Just Happened in Florida, and it Will Happen Nationwide – Jeremiah Johnson

Social Security “Steals” $131.8 Million From Widows… – Nilus Mattive

JPMorgan’s Domination of COMEX Silver – “JPMorgan has amassed a monopolistic and manipulative position in COMEX silver. They can create and sell thousands of COMEX contracts and then justify their short position (and clear violation of mandated position limits) through their CFTC-blessed “qualified exemption”. These are your “markets” in 2018.” – Craig Hemke

WATCH OUT BELOW: Dow Jones Index Next Stop… 19,000 – Steve St. Angelo

Deutsche Bank Plunges To 16-Month Lows, Bank Credit Risk Spikes – Tyler Durden




Psalm 11:2   For, lo, the wicked bend their bow, they make ready their arrow upon the string, that they may privily shoot at the upright in heart.






Emperor Xi Delivers Stark Warning To Trump: Hands Off Taiwan – Tyler Durden

China Ponders MILITARY ACTION As Response To US Legislation On Taiwan – Mac Slavo

A World War Might Sound Crazy, but It Could Be America’s Last Act of Desperation – Darius Shahtahmasebi

US Planning a Terrorist False Flag Chemical Attack to Justify Bombing Syria: Russia Says It Will Respond – “Events in Syria increasingly resemble a direct confrontation between major powers rather than a proxy war.” – Federico Pieraccini

Parcel filled with ‘nails and shrapnel’ en route to Austin explodes at a FedEx site in San Antonio as FBI probe link to serial bomber – Emily Crane and Hannah Parry

The Irony of the Chinese Communist Party Pushing a U.S. Gun Ban – Joe Jarvis

Hypocrisy: Why Is It OK When the US Meddles in Elections but Not When Russia Does It? – Daisy Luther

Russia Prevents US GMO Dictatorship Over Global Food Production – “Henry Kissinger once notoriously said: “Control oil and you control nations. Control food and you control people.” GMO foods and ingredients are hazardous to human health. Evidence media scoundrels refuse to report prove it.” – Stephen Lendman

Russia Demands British Apology as EU, NATO Express Solidarity With Britain – “Growing doubts over ‘nerve agent’ allegations” – Jason Ditz

Russiagate Comes to England – “Who poisoned the Russian spy?” – Philip Giraldi

Did Putin Order the Salisbury Hit? – “Before we set off on Cold War II with Russia — leading perhaps to the shooting war we avoided in Cold War I — let’s try to get this one right.” – Patrick Buchanan

Tolerance Cuts Both Ways: Freedom for the Speech We Hate – “Nowhere in the First Amendment does it permit the government to limit speech in order to avoid causing offense, hurting someone’s feelings, safeguarding government secrets, protecting government officials, insulating judges from undue influence, discouraging bullying, penalizing hateful ideas and actions, eliminating terrorism, combatting prejudice and intolerance, and the like.” – John W. Whitehead  – GREAT ARTICLE AS USUAL FROM JOHN!!!!!

The Second Amendment – “The article you are reading is not about interpretation of the Second Amendment; it is about the defense thereof. This right is under greater threat now than at most likely any other time in history. The lies are everywhere. I wanted to search some basic facts, which I will share here, about gun violence.” – D.V.  – EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!

March Madness, Hold On The Deep State Is About To Push Their Agenda (VIDEO) – X22 Report

So where was the outcry when Obama mined Facebook? – Monica Showalter

America Is In Collapse – “Americans live in a fantasy world about their Great Country, their Great Economy, their Great Military System that ensures them Hegemony Over the World even though after 17 years the World’s Greatest Military has been unable to defeat a few thousand lightly armed Taliban in Afghanistan, their Great Everything. But in fact, insouciant Americans live in The Matrix. They have no idea of their real situation. If Trump names John Bolton National Security Adviser, plan to die.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Has Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Put Democracy at Risk in Both the U.S. and U.K.? – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

“Where’s Mark?” CEO’s Silence On Cambridge Analytica Is Making Facebook Employees Uneasy – Tyler Durden

It’s time to protect yourself — and your friends — from Facebook – Damon Beres

On The 50th Anniversary Of MLK’s Death, Remember That The FBI Are Pure Scum – Caitlin Johnstone

Raleigh Police Demands That Google Provide User Data For ALL People Near Crime Scenes – “Technocrat police in Raleigh know that Google has location data on virtually everyone in society, so they are demanding the release of data on every person in geographic proximity of certain crime scenes. This dragnet-style policing is patently unconstitutional and probably illegal if viewed by a Constitutional court. Unfortunately, Technocrats don’t care about the Constitution or the Rule of Law – Patrick Wood” – Tyler Dukes

Jared Kushner, You’re Fired! – Nomi Prins

How about life in prison for doctors who prescribe psychiatric drugs to toddlers? – “Over the past 25 years, I’ve documented and exposed the horrendous effects of psychiatric drugs. To take this a giant step further, what doctor, in his right mind, would DIAGNOSE a baby, a toddler, a very young child with a mental disorder and then PRESCRIBE one of these drugs? “Your six-month-old baby has clinical depression.” What lunatic would say such a thing?” – Jon Rappoport

The Unprepared Will Die. Period. Food Shortages Across The Country As Intel Employees Are Preparing For Catastrophe – Susan Duclos

Behold, It Lives! The New American Frankenstein – “Most Americans do not know and could care less their leadership has sold them up the river. However, for those old-fashioned folks in the United States who are unaware Washington has set out to create a “New America” custom built for the elites, here’s a primer for understanding just how bad our situation is.” – Phil Butler  – A MUST READ, GREAT ARTICLE FROM PHIL!!!!!!

$21 Trillion And Counting: Why This Time The Fiscal Wolf Is Really At The Door (Part 1) – David Stockman.

Surviving The Next Great Depression – “Simply storing some of your wealth in gold and silver is no cure all but it is part of a bigger strategy to insure you do not have to suffer as many will in the coming years due to their blind faith in their belief the government will care for them” – Tom Chatham

Four Days to Trade Wars: Can Stupidity Be Avoided? – Mish

Storm Clouds Brewing: It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again – “Everything is great. We’re riding high. The stock market is up. Employment is up. Analysts and pundits see nothing but smooth sailing ahead. It sounds an awful lot like 2007. It’s like deja vu all over again.” – Peter Schiff

The Top 6 Survival Rifles And Why You Need One – Amy S.

Are You Ready For The New Wave Of Genetically Engineered Foods? – Stacy Malkan

Are You Ready? How To Survive Falling Through Ice – Jeremiah Johnson




Ezekiel 22:12   In thee have they taken gifts to shed blood; thou hast taken usury and increase, and thou hast greedily gained of thy neighbours by extortion, and hast forgotten me, saith the Lord God.






Western puppet media sticks to “dictator” Putin coverage of Russian election victory – “Putin wins “fraud-tainted” vote: Western media sticks to fake news reporting on Russian election’ ” – Alex Christoforou

Western Media Putin Bashing Following His Electoral Triumph – Stephen Lendman

‘It’s nonsense’ to think Russia tried to poison Skripals ahead of elections & World Cup – Putin

Russian to Judgement – “The same people who assured you that Saddam Hussein had WMD’s now assure you Russian “novochok” nerve agents are being wielded by Vladimir Putin to attack people on British soil.” – Craig Murray

Can Nuclear War Be Avoided? – “Two factors are driving the world to nuclear war. One is the constant stream of insults, false accusations and broken agreements that the West has been dumping on Russia year after year. The other is Russia’s response, or, perhaps more correctly, the lack thereof.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Chem Tales: Noxious Attacks Against Russia Creating Toxic Political Landscape – Robert Bridge – CHEM TAILS AND CHEMTRAILS, THE DEVIOUS DEEP STATE!!!!!!!

“Total Witch Hunt” – Trump Slams Mueller’s Bias As Probe Pivots To Obstruction – Tyler Durden

McCabe’s Domino Is Only the First to Fall – “Oh, what a tangled web the unindicted co-conspirators in the Deep State coup to keep Hillary Clinton out of prison and Donald Trump out of the White House have woven” – Daniel John Sobieski

Pompeo and Haspel are Symptoms of a Deeper Problem – Ron Paul

Austin on edge after explosion leaves 2 injured; cause of blast unclear – “Another Austin explosion — possibly triggered by a trip wire — injured two people on bicycles Sunday night, leaving police frantically working to determine if the blast is linked to a trio of package bombings that have gripped the Texas capital in fear. “If this explosion was the result of a bomb using trip wire technology, that is showing a different level of skill above that we were already concerned that this suspect or suspects may possess,” Austin Police Chief Brian Manley told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Monday.” – Ryan Gaydos and Travis Fedschun

Triggering War. A Manufactured “Catalytic Event” Which Will Initiate An All Out War? Are We Going to Let this Happen Again? – Prof. Graeme McQueen

30 Easy-Storage Garden Foods You Don’t Have To Preserve Or ‘Put Up’ – Kathy Bernier

War By Robots: Army Looking For Armed Ground Prototype By 2019 – “The military/industrial complex has been taken over by Technocrats who intend to prosecute war by armed robots. Two years ago, the military and civilian leaders said the armed robots would NOT be developed. They have not flip-flopped; rather, they simply lied to the public to mask their true intentions. – Patrick Wood” – Sydney Freedberg

‘ARMY OF ISLAM’ WOULD BE WORLD’S BIGGEST MILITARY – “Turkey hints at forming 5-million-strong alliance against Israel”

Pentagon Defends Keeping Niger Attacks Secret – “The Pentagon, already struggling to manage growing concern about the US military operations ongoing in Africa, is now facing a second problem. Last week, it was revealed that the Pentagon had kept a number of recent clashes a secret.” – Jason Ditz

The hottest trend in AI is perfect for creating fake media – Dave Gershgorn

1984 Is Not The Future – “We are not “on the cusp of a new and scary age”, we are in the smack middle of it” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Google Busted Again Manipulating Search Results As ‘Internet Bill Of Rights’ Gains Traction – Susan Duclos

Google Caught Red-Handed Censoring Search Results Asking Questions About Parkland Shooting – John Vibes

10 x 5 reasons enacting stricter gun control is not the answer – Cate Schrödinger  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!

The fallacy of epidemic school shootings – “the reality is that schools shootings, and homicides done with firearms are down in general, and it is only through the fact that the media has been consolidated down to just six entities owned and controlled by corporate oligarchs and the Deep State that these events have morphed beyond simple tragedies, and instead into crises to be used to push an agenda.” – Ken Schortgen

David Hogg: Did You Lie To Your Sister? – “your lovely younger sister is going to spend three years condemned, by you personally, to be unable to defend herself against a violent rapist who is roughly 40 times more likely to attack her than she is to be murdered by anyone during that same period of time.” – Karl Deninger  – GREAT POINT KARL!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Video By Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Student Answers Exactly Who Anti-Second Amendment Activist David Hogg Really Is – “This video needs to go viral, not just because it is extremely funny; but, because Jalen Martin has pegged Hogg to a tee.” – Suzanne Hamner

5 Food-Medicines That Could Quite Possibly Save Your Life – Sayer Ji (Green Med Info)  – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ARTICLE!!!!!!

The Retail Apocalypse Cometh – Peter Schiff

Chaos is a certainty: The lack of preparedness among city people is truly horrifying – Mike Adams

Edward Snowden: Facebook Is A Surveillance Company Rebranded As “Social Media” – Tyler Durden

Why I Disagree With The Strategy Of Exiting Facebook, Twitter And YouTube – “I know it’s intensely creepy that these Silicon Valley corporations are being used to gather information on us. I know it’s incredibly frustrating to watch them strangle our numbers further and further into marginalization. But the reason they are fighting so hard to wedge us out of their mainstream platforms is because they want us out. Saying “Okay, well if you don’t want us here, we’ll leave!” is not a punishment, it’s a reward.” – Caitlin Johnstone

U.S. Mint Fail At Combating Gold & Silver Bullion Fakes (VIDEO) – Salivate Metal

Water & Food (Level 2 Preparedness) – Ken Jorgustin

10 Basic Survival Skills That You Ought To Know – “You are not a prepper just because you have the gears and gadgets for survival. Instead, the only real identification that a prepper can show is survival skills.” – Nora King




Isaiah 42:20   Seeing many things, but thou observest not; opening the ears, but he heareth not.






In Angry Tweetstorm, Trump Accuses Comey Of Perjury, Slams McCabe “Fake Memo”, Assails Mueller Team – Tyler Durden

Brennan, Holder, Comey Rage After McCabe Fired; Veiled Threats And Temper Tantrums Fly – Tyler Durden

McCabe Should Sweat Prison, Not Pension – Daniel John Sobieski

Further Signs of More War: A Most Dangerous Game – Edward Curtin

The British Government’s ‘Novichok’ Drama Was Written By Whom? – “Provoking Russia further will not end well. Rattlesnakes are shy, but at some point they have no other way out than to bite. If we want to prevent a unpredictable clash between nuclear armed powers, which could kill millions within just a few moments, we must all publicly voice our doubts and expose the false accusations made against Russia and other countries.” – Moon of Alabama

Former British Diplomat Craig Murray Debunks Russia Nerve Agent Allegations – Harley Schlanger

War Is On The Horizon – Paul Craig Roberts

Trump’s Greatest Enemy is the Financial ‘Vampire Squid’ – Ivan Danilov

Hillary Clinton’s Treason Could Lead To America’s Extermination As President Trump Admits Corruption Existed At Highest Levels Of Obama’s DOJ, FBI And State Dept – Stefan Stanford

CNN’s absurd reaction to Andrew McCabe’s firing – “But to CNN, the Stormy Daniels story is even more important than McCabe’s firing. But CNN is still really fired up about Stormy’s accusations. Of course, they believe every word she says. Why on Earth would a porn star lie? In Don Lemon’s mind, Stormy is a pillar of the community – Patricia McCarthy

EXCLUSIVE: Head Of Libertarian Party Named In Wikileaks List Of Secret US Intelligence Assets – John Vibes

How the Deep State Lost Control and How They Plan to Get It Back (Part One) – Dave Hodges

It Begins: Florida Police Now Confiscating Guns From People With No Due Process – “A Florida man has become the first person in the state to have his due process removed and his guns taken before he was determined to be mentally unfit and before he was accused of a crime.” – Matt Agorist

The Myth of a Neo-Imperial China – Pepe Escobar

Opposition Grows to Merkel Macron EU Superstate – F. William Engdahl

More Evidence That Twitter Is Unfollowing People From Anti-Establishment Accounts – “Remember: in a corporatist system of government, where there is no meaningful separation between corporate power and government power, corporate censorship is government censorship. It is not okay for them to do this to us. It is not okay for them to stop people from communicating with each other about the powerful forces which rule them.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Fake Jobs Report, Fed/Bank Collusion, & Gold Forecast (VIDEO_ with Dave Kranzler – Silver Doctors

Senator Dianne Feinstein: Dick’s CEO Is A “Great American” For Illegally Discriminating On Gun Sales – “This is not being a great American. It’s being anti-American because it is against the founding principles and our Constitution.” – Tim Brown

‘Liberal Policies Of Mass Destruction’ Leave Blistering Path Of Death And Starvation In Socialist Venezuela, Where The Only Full Refrigerator Is At The Morgue – Stefan Stanford

Pentagon and DARPA Seek Predictive A.I. to Uncover Enemy Thoughts – “Whether or not the COMPASS system ever becomes a reality, it appears at the very least that military intelligence will be seeking more data than ever before from every facet of society as justification for creating more security.” – Nicholas West

Gibraltar – The Real Reason For Brexit Finally Revealed – Seth Ferris

Weather Forecast For The Future: More Ratcheted-Up Weather Geoengineering – Catherine Frompovich

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 17, 2018 (VIDEO) – “Will the climate engineering terrorists hammer the US east coast with a 4th engineered winter weather event in a row? The 4th such event in just over 2 weeks?” – Dane Wigington


State-Enforced Paganism in America – “The Church must reject the new barbarism and its tyrannous assault on Christianity or find itself overwhelmed by the avid worshippers of the new gods. For when the God of Christianity is rejected, new and far, far worse gods arise to demand worship.” – Fay Voshell  – GREAT ARTICLE!!!!!

The Day All The ATMs Ran Out Of Cash Written – Daniel Jennings

It’s BEGUN: Mass Amounts Of People Are Disappearing From The Internet… (VIDEO) – Lisa Haven

Lost Survival Knowledge: An Interview About The Lost Ways II – “About a year back I picked up a copy of The Lost Ways, by Claude Davis. I was intrigued by the idea behind it, and the book itself lived up to my expectations. In fact it was fascinating. So I was delighted to see a second volume, The Lost Ways II, and I bought a copy right away. If anything I was even more impressed by this one” – Alec Deacon




Luke 11:35   Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness.



Darkness, Darkness, be my pillow, Take my head and let me sleep
In the coolness of your shadow, In the silence of your deep
Darkness, darkness, hide my yearning, For the things I cannot see
Keep my mind from constant turning, To the things I cannot be
Darkness, darkness, be my blanket, cover me with the endless night
Take away the pain of knowing, fill the emptiness with light

( Darkness, Darkness by Jesse Colin Young )






Trump Slams “Sanctimonious Comey” After Sessions Fires FBI’s McCabe A Day Before Retirement – Tyler Durden

‘Panic Is In The Air’ – Obama Deep State Freaks Out After McCabe Firing As The Dominoes Start To Fall – Susan Duclos

Gowdy Will Be Announced As the New Attorney General (VIDEO) – The Common Sense Show  – NOT SURE OF DAVE’S SOURCES, BUT IT WOULD DEFINITELY BE A GOOD CHOICE!!!!!!

Will Governor Jerry Brown Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Imprisoned… – “Shadow Government Owns and Operates California Under Governor Jerry Brown” – The Millennium Report

The UK Blames Russia for the Spy Poisoning: It’s Time to Set Our Emotions Aside and Look at the Facts – Alex Gorka


Hold my beer and watch this! – “They are all at it right now. May, Trump, Macron and Merkel, of course, but also the their sycophantic presstitutes and the herds of zombified followers. They all believe in their invulnerability and superiority. The terrifying truth is that these folks have NO IDEA whom they are dealing with nor do they understand the consequences of pushing Russia too hard.” – The Saker

America’s Phony War – “Blitzkrieg Overseas, Sitzkrieg in the Homeland” – William J. Astore

Acceptable Bigotry and Scapegoating of Russia – Natylie Baldwin

As Trump Moves Toward War, “The Resistance” Refuses to Resist – Michael Krieger

Time for the US to end democracy promotion flim-flams – James Bovard

NYT Media War on Trump and Putin – “The self-styled newspaper of record is a national disgrace, a propaganda vehicle, a lying machine, truth-telling on major issues prohibited, especially on geopolitical ones.” – Stephen Lendman

It’s all Putin’s fault… but still he wins – “For all the western narrative about Russia’s “autocracy,” Putin is arguably as popular at home as Xi Jinping is in China” – Pepe Escobar

Russia & China Just Signalled The World That It’s Ready To Move Away From The Dollar (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – “Please watch, I have never said “this is the most important interview I have ever done” but this is the one. Russia and China just warned the U.S. militarily regarding hypersonic weapons and backed it up with proof last weekend. Within two weeks China will begin to supplant the petro dollar with the petro yuan. Our world is about change unlike anything we have ever seen before.” – X22 Report  – BILL IS USUALLY EXCELLENT, THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!!!!!!!!

Russian Gold Acquisitions Explode Higher In One Week! – Rory Hall

Got a Problem? Blame the Russians (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

Something BIG Going On In Russia RIGHT NOW: Imminent Launch Of The Russian Silver Rouble?  – INTERESTING THEORY!!!!

China Is Building a Fleet of Giant “Drones for the Sea” – Darius Shahtahmasebi

Deep state attacks: Gov’t ‘Fusion Centers’ spying on patriots concerned about Islam – Leo Hohmann

Four meals from anarchy: How Britain would collapse in just days if power supply is cut – Ben Farmer

Feds Plot War on Natural Health, Boosting Big Pharma Profits – “Under the guise of keeping Americans safe by restricting their choices, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is plotting a massive power-grab that could crush the popular natural-health industry under an avalanche of regulatory red tape and policy uncertainty” – Alex Newman

Six Things We Can Learn About US Plutocracy By Looking At Jeff Bezos – Caitlin Johnstone

By Trump’s Logic On Death Penalty For Drug Dealers, Big Pharma Should Be First – “Sadly, the president’s plan to apply the death penalty to heroin dealers further perpetuates the failed War on Drugs, and it will do nothing to stop opiate overdose deaths. However, it will likely solidify the pharmaceutical industry’s place as the number one drug dealers on the planet.” – Jack Burns


Knowingly and Secretly Deciding to Put the Buying Public at Risk – “The processed food industries now use tactics similar to those used by cigarette companies to undermine public health interventions.” – Michael Greger M.D. FACLM

US training Syria militants for false flag chemical attack as basis for airstrikes – Russian MoD

Syrian War For Dummies – Three Versions – “Which will Americans believe?… here are the Disney, high school, and college versions.” – Tyler Durden

Tensions Explode With Russia, Trump Fires Problems, Economic Update (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Deutsche Bank Just Never Disappoints – “Even bigger loss than reported 6 weeks ago, cost cuts abandoned, bonuses quadrupled. Aggrieved shareholders, whose dividends had gotten slashed back in the day, have had to watch the shares in their portfolio plunge nearly 80% over the past ten years:” – Wolf Richter

Perspectives on Patrolling- Part 5 – J.M.




Romans 2:23    Thou that makest thy boast of the law, through breaking the law dishonourest thou God?







Lies Can Lead To War – “Notice that the governments of the US, UK, France, and Germany did not require any evidence to decide that the Russian government used military-grade nerve gas to attack two people on an English park bench and a UK policeman. It makes no sense. There is no Russian motive.” – Paul Craig Roberts

WMD Lies Strike Again: The Skripal Incident – Tony Cartalucci

Drums Along the Potomac – ” War drums beating and war cries wafting across America’s spacious skies. The hysteria is palpable and we are making ourselves ridiculous — if not getting ready to blow up the world.” – James Howard Kunstler

WaPo Calls for Punishing Putin – “The Washington Post is a CIA house organ, masquerading as a broadsheet – a shameless, neocon-run operation, featuring propaganda, not real news and information. Its editors urged the Trump administration to ally with Theresa May-led Tories in punishing Moscow – joining the baseless accusation crowd” – Stephen Lendman

The Malign Role of the British Deep State Has Never Been Clearer – Harley Schlanger

Russia to expel UK diplomats as crisis over nerve toxin attack deepens – Olzhas Auyezov and Guy Faulconbridge

Dark secrets of Porton Down: Inside controversial defence lab which developed VX nerve agent and used human ‘guinea pigs’ – “The top secret defence base in Wiltshire was instrumental in helping identify the nerve agent used to poison a former Russian spy in Salisbury. And, not only have scientists from the specialist laboratory been at the centre of a clean-up operation following the attack, but its helped identify Russia as the source of the poison.” – Anna Verdon  – HOW CONVENIENT!!!!!!!!

Russia Blamed For Attacks On US Power Grid Starting In 2016 – Tyler Durden

When Dealing with a Bear, Hubris Is Suicidal – “I won’t even bother debunking the official nonsense here as others have done a very good job of pointing out the idiocy of that narrative. An Empire built (and maintained) on lies, accepted on the basis ignorance, justified by hypocrisy and energized by hysterics. This is what the “Western world” stands for nowadays.” – The Saker  – VERY LONG, BUT VERY GOOD!!!!!!

Warnings of ‘Civilization-Threatening Disaster’ as John Bolton Tops List of McMaster Replacements – Jake Johnson

Escape and Evasion Tactics for When S Really Hits the Fan – Bob Rodgers

Hypocrisy Defined: Clinton and Cuomo March to Take Your Guns While Entirely Surrounded by Guns – Matt Agorist

Liberal Mouthpiece Admits Bloody Endgame Plan: Civil War – ‘We Need To Take Away Guns’ – “Gun Control Proponents Really Have Not Thought Out The Consequences Of Any Attempt To Confiscate Guns” – Susan Duclos

Ohio Student Suspended for Refusing to Leave Classroom During Gun Control Walkout – Jason Howerton

Chicago students trash Walmart during walkout over gun violence – Dane Placko

Beekeepers Fuming, This Govt Will No Longer Look At Pesticides For Mass Bee Deaths – Heather Callaghan

Navin R. Johnson Goes To The White House – “(Note: with apologies to Carl Reiner and Steve Martin, who directed and co-wrote “The Jerk,” respectively) Just when you thought Trump’s “leadership” could not get any more insane, he adds a third ring to the circus going on at 1600 Pennsylvania by hiring “economist,” Larry Kudlow to be the head of his economic advisors.” – Dave Kranzler

Larry Kudlow is Still an Idiot – “Kudlow is a Washington-Wall-Street insider to the core of his mousy, shriveled soul: A turncoat Democrat — who, in his early years, worked on campaigns alongside Bill Clinton, John Podesta, and Michael Medved — Larry Kudlow has flipped as big as you can flop.Larry, in other words, has lived his entire smelly life inside the beltway of Washington, DC, and at the heart of the establishment’s world of finance in New York. You cannot spend your entire life in the fish barrel and not stink of fish.” – David Haggith

Buy King Dollar? Do You Really Want to Take Investment Advice From This Guy? – “President Trump’s new economic adviser did an interview on CNBC’s Closing Bell Wednesday and offered a little investment advice. “I would buy King Dollar and I would sell gold.” So, should you follow Larry Kudlow’s guidance? Of course, that’s up to you. But Kudlow doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to predicting the future” – Peter Schiff

Are ‘Novichok’ Poisons Real? – May’s Claims Fall Apart – Moon of Alabama

The Hidden Dangers of of Soylent “Meal Replacement” – Sayer Ji (Green Med Info)

South Africa: Genocide or Civil War? Is This America’s Fate? – “The world would be wise to watch the events in South Africa, because people like George Soros could being the same kind of persecution and tyranny could come to America as well. Some argue that is already happening. Can anyone argue that there is a decidedly anti-white movement currently sweeping the country, especially in our post-secondary institutions?” – Dave Hodges

10 ‘Must Knows’ To Survive A Gunshot Wound – Fred Tyrell

Did The Deep State Just Hint At Their Next Targeted Event (VIDEO) – X22 Report

MSM Keeps Running Stories About Space Aliens All Of A Sudden, And It’s Weird – “The mass media propaganda machine is very busy. It’s got wars to manufacture consent for, it’s got Russia to lie about, it’s got a CIA-packed midterm election to sell as healthy democracy, it’s got end-stage ecocidal neoliberalism to disguise as freedom and sanity, and it’s got a corporatist oligarchy to dress up as a constitutional representative republic. How is it finding the time to talk about space aliens so much all of a sudden?” – Caitlin Johnstone

Stoves (Kerosene, Propane, Butane, Alcohol, Wood) For Cooking Preparedness – Ken Jorgustin

Revealed: The worrying state of Earth’s species in numbers as scientists warn the sixth mass extinction is here and wildlife is in a ‘global crisis’ – Phoebe Weston

Hypersonic weapons and your standard of living…? – Bill Holter

Glass-Steagall repeal part 2? Senate to remove Dodd-Frank protections and allow banks to take Wall Street casino speculation to even higher levels – Ken Schortgen

Perspectives on Patrolling- Part 4 – J.M.




Isaiah 59:3   For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness.






France, Germany, US Demand Russia Explain UK Attack Despite Decrying May’s “Fantasy Politics” – Tyler Durden

Will Russia Wake Up? – “Russians are having a difficult time comprehending their Western enemy or even understanding that Russia has an enemy that seeks the destruction of Russia.” – Paul Craig Roberts

New Illegal US Sanctions on Russia – “Newly imposed US sanctions on Russian individuals and entities followed falsely accusing the Kremlin of poisoning former spy/double agent Sergey Skripal. Russia had nothing to do with what clearly was a UK and/or US false flag targeting the country.” – Stephen Lendman

Civilians Of Liberated East Ghouta Praise Syrian Army, Curse Terrorists, Contradict MSM Reports – Brandon Turbeville

Angela Merkel elected for 4th term as German chancellor – “Incredible. The destroyer of Germany gets another term to complete her work. The Germans have been conditioned ever since World War II to think that nationalism is evil, and it certainly was in Germany during the Nazi era. Now any defense of their country from the Muslim migrant influx that Merkel has initiated is portrayed as neo-Nazi and hence rejected. And so, before too long, there will be no Germany, or only a Sharia Germany.” – Pamela Geller

EU: More Censorship to “Protect” You – Judith Bergman

White House shake-up: Chief of Staff John Kelly may also be on the way out, sources say

WW3? the U.S. Threatens to Bomb Syria While Putin Promises to Retaliate – “The replacement of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo signals a hawkish shift in the administration’s foreign policy that is clearly intended to prepare the country for a confrontation with Russia.” – Mike Whitney

Neocon Specter of John Bolton Looms over Trump White House – Wayne Madsen

Rand Paul to oppose Gina Haspel as CIA director over her ‘gleeful joy’ at torture – “Paul claimed that Pompeo and Haspel both supported war in Iraq and currently want war in Iran, which he opposes. “I’m perplexed by the nomination of people who love the Iraq war so much that they would advocate for a war with Iran next. I think it goes against most of the things President Trump campaigned on.” – David Smith

As Trump Reshuffles His Team, Fears Grow About America’s Unpredictability – Philip Giraldi

The Fed Has Its Finger On The Button Of A Nuclear Debt Bomb – “Economic warfare can in some cases be just as devastating as nuclear warfare. It can wipe out entire populations, give rise to tyrants and enslave the minds of individuals through the weaponization of resource scarcity.” – Brandon Smith

Global Weather Modification Assault Causing Climate Chaos And Environmental Catastrophe – “Though each aspect of this subject is more than enough for an in depth article, there is often a need for more of an overall summary to pass on to those that are not aware of the broader picture.” – Dane Wigington

Why Gun Control Doesn’t Explain Australia’s Low Homicide Rates – Ryan McMaken

Bernie Sanders Attends Anti-Gun Rights Protest… With Armed Guards – “The obvious question is, if these people are there to protest gun violence, why would there be a need for armed guards? Hmmm?” – Tim Brown

Anti-Gun “National School Walkout” Duped Students, Families – “Apparently nobody told them that America, with 300 million guns in private hands, is an oasis of peace compared to many nations where law-abiding citizens have been disarmed by government.” – Alex Newman

Gun-Grabbers Blatantly Used School ‘Walkout’ Students As Props While Media Ignores Students Not Conforming To Gun Control Agenda – Susan Duclos

Chicago Residents Discuss Gun Violence In Their “Gun Free Zone” (VIDEO)

Your Right to Free Speech, Like My Right to Self-Defense, Isn’t Open to Debate – “Rallying to call for restrictive laws is a whole lot easier than getting people to submit to them.” – J.D. Tuccille


Not So United Nations – Bill White

Why Won’t Barack Obama Go Away? – “The activist never changes his act. And we’re stuck with him.” – Rich Logis

Dept With Only 8 Cops Secretly Acquired an Arsenal of 19 Military Vehicles Using 1033 Program – “A tiny police department in a small Delaware town has been using the newly reinstated 1033 program to amass an arsenal of vehicles, weapons, and equipment and they are keeping it secret. This was one of very few notable pro-liberty moves by the Obama admin, however, thanks to the current administration, it is all gone.” – Matt Agorist

This Is How Insane Things Have Become As The World Monetary System Edges Closer To Disaster

The club of liberal messiahs floods the world with love – Jon Rappoport

If you’re convinced vaccines are safe, you’re not well informed… here’s the information being withheld from you – Lance D Johnson

Modern Newspeak: How Internet Censors Are Making Sure You Hear Only One Side of the Story – “We’re watching the evolution of Newspeak right before our very eyes as the internet strives to silence any voices that oppose their carefully crafted stories of how guns are bad, there are 291 genders, and anyone who isn’t a liberal is an evil Nazi racist. If you aren’t familiar with the term “Newspeak,” it’s from George Orwell’s prophetic novel, 1984.” – Daisy Luther

Google Joins Facebook in Crypto Crackdown – “And cryptocurrencies plunge.” – Wolf Richter

THOUGHT POLICE: YouTube to start “correcting” controversial videos with “facts” from discredited Wikipedia pages run by disinfo trolls – Mike Adams

Are You Ready For The Next Rally In Silver? – Craig Hemke

Bug Out Bag Kit (Checklist – Packing) – Ken Jorgustin  – FOR MORE INFO PLEASE SEE ( How I built my ultimate 25 pound bug out bag ) – ALSO LISTED UNDER REVIEWS, ARTICLES, VIDEOS!!!!!

The Coming Pension Crisis Part II – Nilus Mattive

Perspectives on Patrolling- Part 3 – J.M.




Jeremiah 9:2   Oh that I had in the wilderness a lodging place of wayfaring men; that I might leave my people, and go from them! for they be all adulterers, an assembly of treacherous men.







Sec of State Tillerson Fired: From Bad to Worse, Iran Warmonger In – “The warmongers and trade idiots are increasingly in control of the White House.” – Mish

Trump Promotes Longtime Russia Hawk Just As Russiagate Loses Momentum – Caitlin Johnstone

UK Expels 23 Russian Diplomats, Freezes Russian Assets, Suspends High-Level Contacts – Tyler Durden

‘Don’t threaten a NUCLEAR power’ Putin REJECTS British ultimatum on Russian spy attack – Nicole Stinson

Poisoning the British Public – Brian Cloughly

Moscow not accepting groundless threats & ultimatums, has nothing to do with Skripal case – Kremlin

The Most Perilous Time in World History Got Worse – “Businessman Trump was co-opted to be a warrior president – neocon generals in charge of geopolitical policies, their agenda hardened by Mike Pompeo replacing Rex Tillerson at State, along with torturer-in-chief Gina Haspel appointed new CIA director. An unholy alliance of US extremist policymakers allied with likeminded ones in partner countries risks war winds reaching gale force, a terrifying prospect if confrontation with Russia, Iran or North Korea occurs – the possibility increased by recent events.” – Stephen Lendman

Witnessing Vladimir Putin: Emperor of Patience – Phil Butler

It’s Impossible to Overstate How Terrible Mike Pompeo Is – Michael Krieger

Will Humanity Survive Crazed Washington? – “Because of the control over explanations that people in the Western world receive, most are unaware of the mounting danger. In the past few days extreme and serious threats have been issued against Russia and Syria by Washington and London. It seems that finally the Russians have had enough.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Who Benefits? Did Western Intelligence Agencies Poison Skripal? – James O’Neill

Assange: UK Foreign Office Gears Up for Propaganda War Against Russia


LEAKED: Trump’s Next Shoe to Drop on US-China Trade – “This is the big one. It makes steel and aluminum tariffs look like a game.” – Wolf Richter

Say No to “Hardening” the Schools with Zero Tolerance Policies and Gun-Toting Cops – “Just what we don’t need: more gun-toting, taser-wielding cops in government-run schools that bear an uncomfortable resemblance to prisons. Microcosms of the police state, America’s public schools already contain almost every aspect of the militarized, intolerant, senseless, overcriminalized, legalistic, surveillance-riddled, totalitarian landscape that plagues those of us on the “outside.” Now the Trump Administration wants to double down on these totalitarian echo chambers.” – John W. Whitehead

Soros-backed “Student” Movement Against Guns Vows “Revolution” – “On March 14, anti-gun students duped into demanding that their own rights be infringed upon plan to walk out of class for 17 minutes at 10 a.m. Then, on March 24, and again on April 20, anti-gun students are also planning marches, including one in the nation’s capital. All over the country, establishment-owned newspapers are hyping the “student” marches while ignoring the pro-gun students speaking out.” – Alex Newman

Global Elitists: Bitcoin’s ‘Intrinsic Value Must Be Zero’, Bubble About To Burst – Mac Slavo

James Clapper: Deep State Point Man – “Our constitutional republic is being shaken to its foundation by corrupt unelected officials like James Clapper, who conspire to undermine a duly elected president. Jeff Sessions, who plays an attorney general on TV, has let another felon slip through his hands – Daniel John Sobieski

Deep State Could Pull Plug on Markets (VIDEO) with David Morgan – “This, along with many other reasons, is why Morgan says, “You have to have physical gold and silver in your portfolio to be truly diversified and protected.”” – Greg Hunter

Fluoride Literally Turns the Pineal Gland to Stone, Research Suggests – Sayer Ji (Green Med Info)

Smartphone Addiction Or Brainwave Entrainment? – “There is a silent war going on for control of our consciousness. A war on our consciousness is simply another method of attempted social control. It involves collusion between the military industrial complex, politicians and the media on a truly global scale. This silent war on our consciousness goes under the name ‘psychotronic’ or SSSS (silent sound spread spectrum). It involves the militarization of sound frequencies to entrance, entrain and hijack our natural brain wave activities.” – Dr. Ellis Evans

‘Total Control Kill Grid’ And ‘Pandora’s Box Of Trouble’ To Be Unleashed As 5G Brings Frequency Warfare To America – “Deadly Marriage Between 5G And AI Could Spawn ‘Destruction Of Mankind'” – Stefan Stanford

National Geographic Joins Sprint to Promote 5G Despite Decades of Research Showing Harm to Wildlife from Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation. Two Paws Down. – B.N. Frank

The Storm Is Upon US & It’s Getting Stronger (VIDEO) – X22 Report

Media Silent as Trump Administration Gives Power Over Gun Control to Federal Agencies – “While the media focuses on Trump’s lack of support for an increase in age requirements for gun owners, his support for a bill that would put every American’s Second Amendment rights in jeopardy has been ignored.” – Rachel Blevins

THE LINE IN THE SAND. PERIOD. (VIDEO)  Stewart Rhodes the founder of Oath Keepers joins me to talk about the Second Amendment which is the LINE IN THE SAND. – SGT Report

10 Reliable Pocket Pistols For Your EDC – David Andrew Brown

3 Places Preppers Would Never Think to Scrounge For Survival Supplies – Jeremiah Johnson

Risk vs. Return: Silver Looks Like a Good Bet – Peter Schiff

Shooting Ourselves In the Foot – “Serious problems affect Americans. Problems first, solutions at the end! It is time to exchange digital and paper assets into real assets – silver, gold, land, fine art, apartment buildings – whatever will retain value as the stock, bond and currencies bubbles implode. My first choice is silver, not Netflix, not Amazon, not the NASDAQ 100, and not bonds. Do your own due diligence, but protect your savings and retirement with hard assets.” – Gary Christenson  – GREAT ADVICE AND INSIGHT FROM GARY!!!!!

5 Old Wives’ Tales That Are Actually True (Yes, Green Potatoes DO Kill) – Tammy Robinson

Perspectives on Patrolling- Part 2 – J.M.

The Coming Pension Crisis Part I – “I’m talking about millions and millions of retirement promises about to collapse under the weight of cold logic and uncaring math.” – Nilus Mattive




Habakkuk 1:13   Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity: wherefore lookest thou upon them that deal treacherously, and holdest thy tongue when the wicked devoureth the man that is more righteous than he?






Trump dramatically FIRES Rex Tillerson on Twitter without telling him personally – leaving secretary of state baffled at sudden replacement by CIA boss Mike Pompeo – “Gina Haspel becomes first ever women to be Director of the CIA after clandestine career and involvement in ‘black sites’ ” – David Martosko

Trump’s Order Stops ALL Foreign Takeovers of Large US Tech Companies- Wolf Richter

Russia tells May it is ‘not to blame’ for nerve agent poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal – “Moscow demands access to nerve agent sample” – Samuel Osborne and Oliver Carroll

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT concerning Team Trump vs. Deep State – “For the uninitiated, were it not for Putin’s Russia holding their ground against the New World Order cabal, a totalitarian One World Government would have already been established.” – The Millennium Report

GOP-Led House Probe Found No Evidence of Russian US Electoral Meddling – “Russiagate accusations are part of an elaborate Russophobic hoax to delegitimize Trump and vilify Moscow – dark forces in Washington behind it, media scoundrels complicit with their agenda, providing a steady drumbeat of disinformation, Big Lies and fake news.” – Stephen Lendman

President Putin’s State of the Nation Speech Sows Seeds for Progress – Alex Gorka

World War 3 Is Approaching – “When will the Russians notice that literally everyone in the Trump regime is issuing threats to Russia— Mattis, Tillerson, Nikki Haley, government spokespersons, the UK PM and UK Foreign Secretary. Yet the Russians still speak about their “partners” and how much they want to get along with the West.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Washington is in a Rush to Sell All of its Now Obsolete Weapons – Martin Berger

GLOBAL JIHAD What remains of ISIS’s global terror network? Map reveals fanatics still have strongholds in ‘safe havens’ all over the planet – Jon Lockett

While ISIS Jihadists Who’ve Slaughtered Christians Get Free Homes And ‘Bribe Money’, ‘Future Crime’ Has Become A Reality In The UK’s ‘Orwellian Nightmare Come True’ – Stefan Stanford

US Supported Trade in Heroin: One Million Women, 100,000 Children Drug Addicts in Afghanistan – Edu Montesanti and Malalai Joya


Nation Trying to Figure out Gun Violence to Hold Military Parade Glorifying War – Carey Wedler

Marxist Wolves Circle the 2nd Amendment – ” Those wolves are the establishment. There are no political parties: the political parties are merely the illusion of choice. The government has been removed from the control of “We the People” for more than a century.” – Jeremiah Johnson

Hillary Falls Twice As Aides Scramble To Help Her Overcome Flight Of Stairs – Tyler Durden

TSA Is Franchising and Greatly Expanding Their Operations – “The TSA is indeed coming to a neighborhood near you. No longer will they be confined to the nation’s airports. Although they have never caught a terrorist, that won’t stop them from coming to your bus terminal, subway or even your child’s school. Get ready, the tyranny is expanding.” (VIDEO) – The Common Sense Show

Questions for TSA after reports of laptop and phone searches on domestic flights – “Exclusive: growing number of reports raises concerns US government may be increasing surveillance and privacy violations at airports” – Sam Levin

Worse than nothing—How ineffective vaccines enhance disease – Erin Elizabeth

Shocker: Comparing deaths from medical treatment, vitamins, all US wars – Jon Rappoport

MURDER IN PARADISE How Mexico’s party hotspot Cancun has become one of the world’s murder capitals – “Violence in Cancun has escalated, with the murder rate doubling in the past year” – Jon Lockett

How Will Gold Prices Behave During The Next Economic Crisis – Brandon Smith

2018 Predictions – “London is importing gold because they have none, and soon, the ‘Oil-Yuan-Gold Triangle’ will cause a major default.” (VIDEO) – Jim Willie

The Ongoing Plight of Christians – “Christians are facing near extermination around the globe, and the sad truth is that no one seems to be stopping the oppressors and punishing them” – Eileen F. Toplansky

The SHTF: Costco Starts Selling A Variety Of Doomsday Prepper Kits – Mac Slavo

What We Ate and How We Got Food When the SHTF – Selco

The Deep State Dead Cat Bounce Might Be More Than One Event – X22 Report

‘It’s a Movie Script’: FBI Insiders Reportedly Expose ‘Official’ Vegas Narrative as Entirely False – “According to a new report, the FBI was given a massive amount evidence that they were told not to investigate in the Vegas shooting, including evidence of multiple shooters, accomplices, and motives.” – Matt Agorist

U.S. Mint Under Fire As Chinese Counterfeits Flood Markets – “It’s vital the U.S. Mint stop sitting on the sidelines and provide support to the U.S. Secret Service as well as the precious metals industry in tackling the problem of counterfeit precious metals coins.” – Michael Pento

Make A Food Storage Inventory To Know What You Have On Hand – Ken Jorgustin

One of the Most Undervalued Storable Survival Foods – Ryan Banister

The Fed’s Dilemma: No Good Choices – Jim Rickards

Perspectives on Patrolling- Part 1 -J.M.




Proverbs 16:29   A violent man enticeth his neighbour, and leadeth him into the way that is not good.