The Death Of Jordan Neely: Why Vigilantes Are A Good Thing – “In November of 2021 the political left was frothing at the mouth in anticipation of the verdict against a conservative 17-year-old named Kyle Rittenhouse, who had used a firearm in self defense against a mob of BLM supporters trying to kill him in Kenosha, Wisconsin. With the few shots Rittenhouse fired from his AR15 rifle, he managed to hit a convicted pedophile, a convicted domestic abuser, and a third assailant with a decade-long record of theft and violence. The first two died and the third survived; the rest of the mob ran away. Statistically speaking, how was this even possible? Apparently you can’t spit in any direction at a BLM or Antifa protest without hitting a hardcore criminal, and it proves that leftist mobs are often made up of the worst kinds of people. When Rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges, leftists were furious. Even now, many on the political left still argue that Rittenhouse should be punished if only because his vindication in court might lead to even more acts of “right-wing vigilantism.” My question is, what is wrong with vigilantism? Since the media is going to conflate self defense with vigilantes, lets really get to the root of the issue here – If a person or organization is belligerently opposed to self defense and good samaritans, I have to wonder if it’s because they have their own criminal intent?” – Brandon Smith  –  VERY GOOD READ FROM BRANDON ONCE AGAIN!!!!

Those Who Speak for the Earth – “There are things that once unloosed can no longer be restrained. A federal police force is one of those. A concession of liberty to the prospect of safety is another. These things were warned of, but discounted when convenience was threatened. The pandemic was a test that Americans failed and now, a few short years later, the WHO is taking that test as a green light to proceed with a world government where local police forces and medical systems will be used to trap and enslave you to achieve climate change goals. Don’t think for a minute that there’s anyone at these negotiations that have the American people in mind for anything other than a source of funding. the MSM doesn’t want to know anything about it. Your senators don’t want to know anything about it. Why should they? This is not something that will go to our senators to approve before it’s initiated, that will come from Joe Biden alone as a signatory. But, that’s unconstitutional! Yes, and so was the lockdowns, mask mandates, vaxx mandates, it’s all there in black and white and we, as a nation, lapped it up.” – T.L. Davis  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM TL!!!!!

Rockefeller partners with WHO to control the world in the event of “pandemics” caused by “climate change” – Rhoda Wilson

And Just Like That, Your Rights are Gone – ““He who controls the children, controls the future.” Whose quote is that? It’s mine. It formulated in my mind over the past several months as I’ve been adding more and more parental rights’ issues into my speeches. Why do I keep adding more and more in? Because the attack on parental rights is gaining momentum. Actually, here in New York, it’s hitting us like a freight train! Lately, I’ve been noticing a sharp increase in the stories I hear regarding direct attacks (or outright revocation), of parents’ rights. Those attacks are oftentimes coming from government entities, or pseudo government entities (not officially run by the government, but so tied to their purse strings, they may as well be). So I began to connect the dots. There weren’t too many to connect until I realized, they are coming after our children! Openly. Unabashedly. Intentionally.” – Bobbie Anne Flower Cox

In the days before… – “Around us, despite our human scampering and musing, nature still does what it does so far, although some say it won’t always. The point would be right now, just for the moment, it does what it does. We linger in its benevolence and its grace. It watches us with our madness of wars and politics and busy-ness. It wants us to full-fall into its fields and feel the growing beneath and around us reaching to summer and the soft winds it brings. It does not want us sad or mad or hurting… it is as an old person asking for our time. A little time. Just a little time away from the distractions that crease trails in our foreheads. Away from the technology that squeezes the lifeblood out of us. It wants to laugh with us again. It wants to tell us its stories. Stories that stretch so far back we can’t imagine. For we are just children on an old land bartering our lives for another day.” – Sylvia Shawcross

Excess Deaths Are Exploding, Experts Remain Stumped – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Western media attempts listlessly to stir new panic about surging infections in China, studiously ignores what is actually happening there – eugyppius

UK Commits £1 Billion for Moderna’s mRNA Universal Flu Vaccine Despite Lack of Scientifically Sound Data – Brenda Baletti, Ph.D.

The Australian Government agency policing tweets on breastfeeding – “If tweets containing a breastfeeding advocate’s opinion about a trans woman’s attempt to lactate can be declared unlawful on the basis that they constitute “material targeting a person” because of their identity, what other kinds of speech might be declared unlawful under these parameters?” – Rebekah Barnett


Trial By Ordeal – “I’m sure you’re asking yourself: what’s up with the company CEOs like Anheuser-Busch’s Brendan Whitworth, Target’s Brian Cornell, and North Face’s Todd Spaletto? Did they green-light the disastrous Pride Month marketing campaigns based on transgender activism that are suddenly wrecking their businesses? I’ll tell you what you’re not seeing and hearing: the red-faced shrieking in the board rooms as boycotts kill sales and directors face the wrath of the share-holders. It was one thing when Bud Light hitched trans “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney to the beer wagon in place of the traditional Clydesdale horses. After all, every state has a drinking age, though it’s pretty astounding that anyone at Anheuser-Busch thought “Ms.” Mulvaney’s cringy Instagram antics would sell beer to grown men moving appliances and fixing pot-holes. It’s another thing, in the case of Target, to aim sexually-loaded gear to little children, for instance a line of T-shirts that proclaim “Satan Respects Pronouns” made by one Erik Carnell’s Abprellen company out of London.” – James Howard Kunstler

Ants at the Picnic, Part One – “At best, government is a protection racket that offers security to its citizens from external and internal violence and criminality at an acceptable cost. At worst, which is most of the time, the biggest threat of violence and criminality comes from government itself—extortion, fraud, theft, corruption, brutality, and murder.” – Robert Gore

Why Haven’t Chip and Joanna Gaines Spoken Out? Continuing to partner with Target at this point doesn’t seem to match their claims of faith and morals.” – JD Rucker – SOME GOOD POINTS FROM JD AND MAYBE CHIP AND JOANNA WILL SPEAK OUT!!!

The Bud Light Boycott and Clueless Corporate Executives – “In perhaps one of the most unexpected and sudden shifts in consumer demand in recent years, sales of Bud Light have now fallen sizably for six weeks in a row, with no end in sight. Not surprisingly, Bud Light is also losing market share as former Bud Light consumers turn to competitors. If Bud Light’s decline continues, it will be because company executives committed the most basic sin of entrepreneurship and marketing: they were apparently more interested in their own preferences rather than the preferences of their customers. ” – Ryan McMaken

Seriously? Trump Really Just Said This About Andrew Cuomo- “Claiming that Florida’s Ron DeSantis handled COVID worse than New York’s Andrew Cuomo because the former state experienced more raw deaths is an insult to the intelligence of anyone he’s trying to convince.” – Guy Benson  – AND THE ORANGE MAN LET FAUCI RUN HIS SHOW AND STILL BRAGS ABOUT THE WARP SPEED VACCINE THAT DID MORE DAMAGE THAN ANYTHING!!!!!

Feds Drop Almost All Charges Against Illegal Alien Driver of U-Haul Who Attempted to Ram White House Gate, Kill and Kidnap Biden – “Considering that J6 attendees have been charged and locked up for simply parading around the Capitol Hill building, the contrast of the way the authorities are handling Sai Varshith Kandula is rather stark. Walk around the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, and you are a domestic violent extremist terrorist hunted by the FBI. Drive a U-Haul into the White House security perimeter, waving a Nazi flag, while admitting you are trying to kidnap and murder the president and vice-president, and you are a bad driver. Suspicious Eddie is, well, suspicious.” – Sundance  – THIS ONE HAD FALSE FLAG WRITTEN ALL OVER IT!!!

“I Don’t Want to Do Any of This”: IRS Whistleblower Defies the Biden Administration and the Media – ““I don’t want to do any of this.” Those words from 14-year IRS veteran Gary Shapley may be the most important line in his CBS News interview this week. After weeks of Democrats dismissing whistleblowers alleging the president’s administration interfered with investigations of Hunter Biden, Shapley had enough. Putting his career and much of his life at risk, Shapley came forward to say he and others believe Hunter is being protected and identified the Justice Department as the source of the protection. Shapley has every reason not to want to do any of this. After all, as President Joe Biden stated last year, “No one f–ks with a Biden.”” – Jonathan Turley

DeSantis and Trump diverge on The Fed, Big Government, and Bitcoin – “A generational gap reveals itself” – Jordan Schachtel

The DeSantis (Or GOP Generally) Political Question – “Let’s cut the crap and get right down to it: Voting for a lesser evil is like being asked whether you’d like to be robbed — or raped — a little or a lot, both at gunpoint. I will not and you should not support this; such nonsense, placed before us every 2 years, is a false choice. We all know the situation with the pandemic. Not one Governor actually said “No!” and meant it. People claim DeSantis did but they’re lying. I lived in Florida when this started; I was in the process of moving to Tennessee but was a Florida resident and had to put up with all of it during the process of moving. My daughter lived in Florida, as an independent adult, and lost her job because the place she worked was forced closed by the Governor. Others I know ran establishments that were forced closed, in one case by cops showing up and forcibly ejecting the patrons; the cops were all, of course, armed. Do not tell me that this didn’t happen: It did happen, it occurred to varying degrees everywhere and not one of said 50 governors has apologized, said they were wrong and most-importantly passed iron-clad law to prevent it from ever being done again.” – Karl Denninger

What do search engines want to show you? -“Pictures are worth a thousand words. If you want a visual of what Big Tech thinks of white people, black people, or any people, do an image search on your preferred engine of the following terms. You will be unsurprised at the results. I don’t like to promote companies that hate me, so I will just say that the search engine I used rhymes with “luck, luck, no.” First, I typed “shoplifter.” Big Tech is using manipulated results to warp our perceptions. Think it’s hard to prove? A quick image search of common everyday terms should show expected results. When they don’t, it is evidence that the hidden hand is up to no good.” – Nick Lopez  – INTERESTING.  DID THE SAME SEARCH USING STARTPAGE AND PROBABLY 90% OF THE IMAGES WERE OF WHITE PEOPLE SHOPLIFTING, STARTPAGE DOES USE GOOGLE IN IT’S SEARCHES!!!

Harvard Researchers Expose Google Targeting and Manipulating the Minds of Children – “Google’s colossal psyop targets children through platforms like YouTube and beyond.” – Matt Agorist

Vermont BANS The Well Regulated Militia, Necessary To The Security Of A Free State – “Vermont Governor Phil Scott recently signed legislation banning “paramilitary” or Militia activity. The law prohibits a person from teaching, training, or demonstrating to anyone else the use, application, or making of a firearm, explosive, or incendiary device capable of causing injury or death that will be used in or in furtherance of a civil disorder. It also bans a person from assembling with others for such training, instruction, or practice. Violators could face up to five years in prison, a $50,000 fine, or both. The problem with this new law’s definition is that it is based on future intent. Who will be determining intent?” – Dan Wos

Illinois Democrats channel King George III in effort to stifle legal challenges – “HB 3062 isn’t a gun control bill, at least on first glance. But the legislation, which cleared its final hurdle in the Illinois statehouse on Thursday, was very much written with gun control in mind; namely, an attempt to keep unconstitutional measures on the books and make it much more difficult to challenge them in court. Under the bill, which is likely to be signed into law in the very near future, all lawsuits dealing with constitutional challenges to state statutes would have to be filed in either Cook County (i.e. Chicago) or Sangamon County, home to the capitol city of Springfield. During debate, the bill’s sponsor made it clear that the intent is to deny downstate judges the chance to weigh in on the constitutionality of the Democrats’ agenda, including their war on the right to keep and bear arms.” – Cam Edwards

Great white shark population is booming, researchers say – Carter Evans


Kremlin responds to Ukrainian threat to kill Putin – “The Russian services protecting the head of state know their job well, the president’s spokesman has said” – RT

Is the United States Poking the Bear or Is Ukraine Going Rogue or Is it Both? – “Yesterday three Western supplied drone boats attacked a Russian ship guarding the Turkstream pipeline. Russia claims all were destroyed but there is video that suggests one hit the Russian ship. This attack is the latest in a series of events over the last three weeks where Ukraine is hitting targets in Russia with U.S. and British supplied weapons.” – Larry Johnson

Profiting from War and Death: The Organ Harvesting Business in Ukraine – “Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has issued a plea to deal with the “big business” of organ harvesting and called for close international monitoring of these illegal activities in the combat zone of Ukraine. “The existence of this terrible bloody business is impossible without sponsorship at the highest government level,” Zakharova pointed out.” – Brian Shilhavy

Operation Stiff Upper Lip… British Minister Rushes to Kiev Following Artyomovsk Debacle – “hen the NATO-backed Nazi regime in Kiev is finally defeated, people like Ben Wallace will be answerable to war crimes prosecutions. Britain’s top military minister Ben Wallace was in Kiev this week on a surprise visit – only days after the stunning news of Russian forces finally taking the city of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut). This year marks the 80th anniversary of the same city being liberated by the Soviet Red Army from the Nazi Wehrmacht and their Ukrainian fascist collaborators. The shockwaves from the defeat of the NATO-backed Kiev regime are shaking Western capitals, and none more so than in Washington and London, the two most prominent protagonists of the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Ben Wallace, like his American counterpart, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, is up to his neck in pushing this dangerous proxy war.” – Finian Cunningham

The CIA, Remote Viewing & Extraterrestrials – “A common theme among CIA & Stanford Research Institute remote viewers was and is the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials.” -Arjun Walia


Withdrawing your own cash? NatWest bank wants to know why – and see proof. – “Here in Canada, for at least a few years – predating COVID, the big four banks have been routinely asking you why you are taking cash out whenever you withdraw anything over a couple thousand dollars. However, you can tell them pretty well anything (“because I want it”, “none of your business” or even “to blow it all on booze and hookers”, will all work). I haven’t heard of a case where a withdrawal has been denied based on the reason supplied, yet. But now that we’re starting to see it formalized in policy language of banks, we can all see where this is going.” – Mark E. Jeftovic

Trade Deficit in Goods Jumps 17 Percent as Imports Surge and Exports Plunge – “Economists missed the mark badly on the trade deficit this month fueled by a 5.5 percent decline in exports.” – Mish


Fed’s Favored Core PCE Price Index Re-Accelerates, Driven by Services, Motor Vehicles: Inflation Stuck on High, Shifts from Item to Item – “Not encouraging: core PCE price index refuses to come down, has moved sideways since July last year.” – Wolf Richter

Signals in the Markets – “Bond Troubles. Just before Liz was unceremoniously dethroned, the IMF decided it needed to step in. It told the UK that it did “not recommend large and untargeted fiscal packages at this juncture, as it is important that fiscal policy does not work at cross purposes to monetary policy”. The UK duly obliged and Sunak brought in another globalist, Jeremy Hunt, as Chancellor. At the time we were told that bond yields were spiking due to “Trussonomics”. MSM papers told us how expensive our mortgages had become due to Liz’s mini budget, completely failing to mention the excessive money printing that had occurred during the pandemic. So with Hunt doing what the IMF asked, everything should be ok, shouldn’t it? Well apparently not. Something is spooking the markets.” – The Naked Emperor

Banking Crisis Not Accidental: It’s the Last Leg of the Fed’s Master Plan Warns Jekyll Author (VIDEO) – “The world is now in the hands of the banking institutions,” says G. Edward Griffin, author of Creature from Jekyll Island. He argues that large banks have become so powerful that they are now “regulating the governments.” ” – Stansberry Research

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.73EUR


Invisibility: Increasing OPSEC – Part 1 – “To ensure the maximum amount of privacy possible there are two must-do principles which stand above all others: Never, ever let your name be attached to your home address Determine what lying is and where to set the bar for your personal privacy goals A lesser degree of privacy, still valuable in its own right, can be obtained without these two principles but if you want as much OPSEC privacy as possible, these two rules are paramount.” – St. Funogas

101 Gardening Secrets the Experts Never Tell You – Amy S.

A Few Expert Tips On Harvesting More Produce And Longer Storage – ” After dedicating our time and effort throughout spring and summer to grow our own food, it would be a shame not to fully utilize the harvest. However, handling the abundance of summer crops can be quite challenging as they all seem to ripen simultaneously. During the peak of summer, it is advisable to inspect garden plants every other day to identify what needs to be harvested. Remember that the smaller versions of fully ripe fruits and vegetables often offer the best taste and nutrition.” – Rhonda Owen

Ensuring a Safe Water Supply for Your Off-Grid Cabin – Brian Duff

7 Things That You Should Never Do After An EMP – Nicholas Oetken

Survival Gardening: 18 Plants & Trees That Can Survive a Drought – Alan Urban


Jeremiah 40:4    And now, behold, I loose thee this day from the chains which were upon thine hand. If it seem good unto thee to come with me into Babylon, come; and I will look well unto thee: but if it seem ill unto thee to come with me into Babylon, forbear: behold, all the land is before thee: whither it seemeth good and convenient for thee to go, thither go.