By fomenting border chaos and lawlessness, globalists have set trap that will deceive humanity into accepting biometric digital ID that will tag and track all people everywhere – Leo Hohmann

Twitter’s Next CEO is a WEF Executive Chair – “Nothing to see here” – Igor Chudov

Just 0.3% of Scientists Agree Humans Are Causing ‘Climate Change’ – “The globalist UN claims that “97 percent” of scientists agree that climate change is caused by humanity. According to the UN and its allies, the remaining three percent of scientists who don’t support that “climate crisis” narrative are “science deniers.” The primary paper that is often trotted out in support of the notion of “97% consensus” was written by John Cook and several other climate extremists. They reviewed the actual papers used by Cook and found that only 0.3% of the 11,944 abstracts and 1.6% of the smaller sample that excluded those papers expressing no opinion endorsed man-made global warming as they defined it. It appears that Cook and his activist co-authors manipulated the data to present an altogether untrue narrative of overwhelming support for catastrophic human-caused warming. Note that the official “consensus” position – supported though it was by just 0.3% of the 11,944 papers reviewed – says nothing more than recent warming was mostly man-made.” – Frank Bergman   – JUGGLE THE NUMBERS TO GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT. QUITE A DIFFERENCE FROM 97% TO ACTUALLY 0.3%

Rockefellers All the Way Down 4.0: “Not for Identification” – “Fake Pandemics, Vaccine Passports, Brain Chipper Peter Thiel’s Palantir, Steve Kirsch’s One ID, CBDC. All Roads Converge onto the Slave Planet Fascist Freeway as Foretold in 1969” – Sage Hana  – SAGE DOES SOME DOT CONNECTING!!!!

Twitter Rolls Out Encrypted Messaging, Don’t Trust It – “Elon Musk managed to deliver the new security feature on his self-imposed deadline, but seemingly at the cost of quality.” – Lauren Leffer

Leading OB-GYN Group Took $11 Million From CDC to Push COVID Shots on Pregnant Women, Documents Reveal – “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bankrolled the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to the tune of $11 million to promote COVID-19 vaccination as “safe and effective” for pregnant women, according to an investigation published this week by attorney Maggie Thorp. ” – Brenda Baletti, Ph.D.

Myocarditis Not Recovered in 80% at 6 Months after Vaccination – “It will take years to fully of the worst COVID vaccine impacts” – Joel S Hirschhorn


The Smell of Goose Cooking – “Reality has become so elastic in America now that it stretches to a cosmic event horizon deep in the Twilight Zone where everything is magically transformed into its opposite. Note The New York Times report on Thursday saying that the House Oversight Committee showed “no proof” in its disclosures of the Biden Family’s international money laundering and racketeering operations. In fact, the committee outlined a shit-ton of documentation in the form of bank records detailing exactly how gobs of money from foreign lands were washed and rinsed through a dozen shell companies and disbursed to everyone in the immediate Biden family down to the president’s grandchildren. The committee’s preliminary report was precise as to the money’s exact origins, its journey through the laundering apparatus, and the owners of the bank accounts it landed in. Thus: “No evidence of wrongdoing.” Does the Party of Chaos actually suppose they can keep pretending “Joe Biden” will run for a second term? Articles of impeachment await for bribery, at least, and perhaps treason. At this point, the case couldn’t be more clear-cut. ” -James Howard Kunstler

Tolerance Is Overrated: It’s Time To Start Gatekeeping American Society Again – “Whenever we have to address the issue of “progressive” ideology in America today, the debate inevitably finds its way around to the grand idealism of “acceptance” and “tolerance.” The assertion by leftists is that they are on the side of “freedom” and human rights, and that by confronting or separating ourselves from certain behaviors we are revealing out bigotry and discrimination. In other words, leftists assert that all personal beliefs and behaviors must be embraced by the populace in order for society to become pure. Except, this is not what they really believe. Leftists argue for tolerance of aberrant behaviors while admonishing normal human tribal and biological reactions. They have a vision for the world, and certain beliefs are not accepted within that Utopian fantasy.” – Brandon Smith

Government and Rule: The Bane of Humanity – “Properly summing up government and rule of any kind, is to accept that all government, all State force, and all authority of one over another, is an atrocious abomination against humanity. Government is the scourge of mankind, it can only exist due to force, and if any government or any rule is administered by any politician or ruler, or any of their ilk, freedom has already vanished. The bottom line as I see it, is that there is no such thing as good government, benevolent government, necessary government, or protective government; there is only evil government.” – Gary D. Barnett

That Bloody Line – “We have an invasion. It was still possible to define the flood of illegals coming across the border as something else, even though that’s exactly what is was. There was, at least, some room for assessing some of the reports as hyperbole and exaggeration, restraining the better judgment of the America people, but no longer. What justification do any of those in public office have for inaction? Laws? Laws? Are they serious? Every immigration law, including Constitutional duties and powers are being ignored, evaporated to for no other purpose than to accommodate this invasion. These are not the illegals of fifty years ago, searching for a better life, a way to work and build where opportunity flourishes. This is not that. How many of them are Chinese soldiers, Iranian soldiers, Venezuelan soldiers determined to carry out sabotage on our railroads, power grids, food production facilities?” – T.L. Davis

Drugged-Up and Ready to Kill Is there a link between Psychiatric Meds and Mass Shootings? – “Why—after more than two decades of these bloody incidents—do we still not have a definitive, thoroughly-researched answer to this one simple question: How many of these mentally-disturbed killers were on dangerous psychiatric medications?” – Mike Whitney  – BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW THE REAL REASON, THEN THEY COULDN’T USE THESE INCIDENTS TO PUSH THEIR AGENDAS!!!

The Bundys and Us – “Whatever you think of the Bundys, think carefully about what is being done to them. Because if it can be done to them, it could be done to you, too.” – Eric Peters

Crazy River – “The only thing I regret is I was not able to talk about Trump destroying girl power on CNN this week. It was a masterful performance that was reminiscent of his 2016 campaign. The crazy thing about it is the people at CNN seemed to think that girl power would be able to handle Trump. What were they thinking? Megyn Kelly was ten times better at being girl power and Trump wrecked her career in one show. Kaitlan Collins is supposed to be CNN’s new star and now everyone is laughing at her. Even the crazies have turned on her and CNN over this event. Trump is not going to win the 2024 election and may be forced out of the primary by party shenanigans, but it was good to see the old Trump again. He was always best as a wrecking ball, mocking stupid people like girl power. What made Trump fun in 2016 is that he revealed these people to be feckless airheads. That is what we need more of, so it is good to see the old Trump again.” – The Z Man

Title 42 Ends — The Invasion Begins – “Americans do not need even more to worry about than what’s already on our plate. Unfortunately, we’re getting hit with the expansion of a pre-existing challenge that’s about to get much worse.” – JD Rucker

Biden Expects Chaos at the Border, He’s Finally Right About Something – “A new border rule just took place at Midnight. 60,000 migrants are queued up already.” – Mish

DHS Enforces Title 8, Sends 1,500 Troops to the Border and Expands ICE Detention Measures – “Mexico will continue to accept returns (on humanitarian grounds) of migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuala who are processed under Title 8 authorities at the U.S. border.” – Karen Kingston

530,000 migrants illegally sneaked into US since October, border chief admits – “US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Chief Raul Ortiz said there have been an estimated 530,000 migrants ‘gotaways’ since the beginning of fiscal year 2023, which began in October. Gotaways are those who were spotted by border patrol but unable to be apprehended, triggered motion sensor cameras in remote areas, or were otherwise known to have stolen into the country. The true number of people who have made it into the US illegally is likely to be even higher.” – MaryAnn Martinez and Stephanie Pagones

Cruz Slams Border Chaos As “Nothing Less Than An Invasion” (VIDEO) – “This is deliberate!” – Steve Watson

There Is a Man Running for President Whose Father and Uncle Were Murdered By The CIA – “RFK Jr. may be openly saying this as a bit of an insurance policy. Even the mind numb might question the mathematical probability of another lone gunman or plane crash. (JFK Jr.) There may be another reason why RFK Jr. is likely safe. The system is rigged. Over a period of 20 years starting with the JFK assassination and ending with the attempted assassination of president Reagan, there were quite a few political assassinations and attempted assassinations. JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcom X, were all assassinated. This is quite a few political assassinations and attempted assassinations over a 20 or so year period. What changed?” – Dr. Joseph Sansone

Yellen: “We Have To Default On Something” If No Debt Ceiling Deal – Tyler Durden

“Interesting.” – “The power of a single word from a powerful and pissed off man” – John Carter –  LONG BUT VERY GOOD READ FROM JOHN CARTER!!!!

Doom Loops Are Multiplying – “We can all pretend to be fantastic until the floor collapses beneath us. At that point, complacency / denial gives way to panic, but it’s too late to effect any realistic reversal of fortune.Another doom loop is gutting rural villages and towns globally. Once the post office closes due to a decline in the populace and the elementary school closes due to a decline in enrollment, the village is doomed.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Ready for leftists to wreck your neighborhood? – “As we sit comfortably in our homes, having dinner with our families, crime rates are going up all around us. That is to say that criminals are no longer relegated to the inner cities; they’ve evolved to suburbs and rural areas as they seek new and more vulnerable targets. The Biden administration is fostering the decline of those outer areas by using the Housing and Urban Development agency to force suburbs to accept high-density “affordable housing.”” – Bob Weir

“It Took Me 20 Years to Build This Brand, They Dismantled it in a Week,” Says Man Behind Bud’s Iconic Ads – Will Jones

If you Live in Britain it’s time to consider Emigrating: Everything in Britain is now going to get much, much worse – “Today, in Britain, five pounds will only buy what four pounds bought three years ago. That’s inflation in action. Energy prices have risen 79%, food prices have risen 19.1%. Pay rises in Britain are soaring ahead – at a much faster rate than in the US or the EU where unions and workers have been relatively restrained – understanding that big pay rises mean more inflation. Productivity in the UK is worst in the world. One reason is the fact that millions of people have decided not to work but to live on benefits. Millions claim they are too ill to work – when they are not. The officially accepted fake epidemic of long covid sufferers is partly to blame. It is going to be harder to get inflation under control in Britain than anywhere else.” – Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

New IRS Data Show America’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Moment Is Already Here – “We often forget that entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of an economy. Last September, billionaire Ken Griffin announced he was pulling up stakes and moving Citadel—his gigantic hedge fund—from Chicago to Miami. Data show that several populous blue states—California, New York, and Illinois among them—have been losing population and companies for years. In 2021 Forbes wrote about “leftugees” fleeing blue states for red ones. New IRS data, however, show the speed with which blue states are losing taxpayers—and their adjusted gross income (AGI)—is increasing.” – Jon Miltimore

Do They Actually Want World War 3? Now The West Has Decided To Give Ukraine Long-Range Cruise Missiles… – Michael Snyder

The US Is Forcing South Africa To Take Sides In The New Cold War – “The US Ambassador’s allegations about South Africa arming Russia can be interpreted as a pivotal development in that targeted state’s balancing act between those two rivals. The geostrategic stakes are enormous since South Africa is a member of BRICS, thus meaning that its decision whether to legally facilitate President Putin’s in-person attendance at this August’s summit will determine whether their organization is truly independent of the West or not.” – Andrew Korybko


The Federal Reserve’s “Great Pause”… And What Happens Next – “Every headline in the financial press earlier this week says the same thing. The Fed’s “Great Pause” has now commenced. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by a quarter point—and could be done. Well, they might be done “raising” rates, but they shouldn’t be in the rate setting business—up, down or sideways— in the first place. That’s because market capitalism doesn’t work if financial asset prices are being pegged artificially and falsely by a 12-man monetary politburo rather than the vast throng of suppliers and users of funds in the global marketplace. Here is the madness that rate pegging has led to over the last 22 years.” – David Stockman

The Money Supply Has Plummeted in the Biggest Drop Since the Great Depression – “Money supply growth fell again in March, plummeting further into negative territory after turning negative in November 2022 for the first time in twenty-eight years. March’s drop continues a steep downward trend from the unprecedented highs experienced during much of the past two years.” – Ryan McMaken

Circa: Now! – “America’s economic landscape is becoming littered with one steaming pile after another. The primary offenders include consumer price inflation, interest rates, gross domestic product, and unemployment. Here we’ll take a sniff of the unpleasant odor that’s wafting around us.” – MN Gordon

What Changed In April’s Inflation Report? Not A Damn Thing – “Jay Powell Still Hasn’t Figured Out You Can’t Push A String” – Peter Nayland Kust


Last chance saloon – “This week, gold and silver continued last Friday’s sell-off. On a net basis, gold was down only $8 from last Friday’s close in European trade this morning at $2008, following last Friday’s $34 decline. Silver was marked down more aggressively, falling $1.70 since last Friday’s close to $23.93 this morning, for a total markdown of over $2 from its peak on 4 May. Volumes in both gold and silver contracts were heavy, typical of sell-off conditions before subsequent advances in price. And the underlying technical position looks very strong.” – Alasdair Macleod

How Might Gold Price Suppression Policy End?- Chris Powell

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.63EUR


How To Respond To An Active Killer Scenario – What’s wrong with Run, Hide, Fight? – “I refuse to accept yet another ineffective strategy that has not prevented a single such incident. What’s the issue with relying on the “Run, Hide, Fight” response plan? The reality is that it falls short in practicality. Running away can result in getting shot in the back, as we’ve seen in incidents like Columbine and Westgate Mall. Hiding may work temporarily, but if discovered, it can lead to the same fatal outcome. It’s commonly argued that fighting should only be used as a last resort since the attackers are armed, but that’s not a sufficient solution. If you do not fight back at the first available moment, you risk losing the initiative and becoming a casualty.” – David Andrew Brown

Prepper Mistakes On The Way To Higher Level Preparedness – “Not enough focus on the most core essential of preparedness – water. Not thinking through the reality of surviving without the power grid – longer than just the short or medium term outage. Overestimating what you have for stored food, figuring that you have enough. There are more potential prepper mistakes to be made. Better to think about it ahead of time. Measure twice, Cut once.” – Ken Jorgustin

4 Prepper Mistakes That You Should Actually Make – Christine C.

EDC Gear for the Nuclear Threat – Cache Valley Prepper


Isaiah 13:5     They come from a far country, from the end of heaven, even the Lord, and the weapons of his indignation, to destroy the whole land.