King Joe’s EV Stamp Act: Where’s the Outrage? – “Why so little fuss over King Joe’s Stamp Act: an outrageous, unjustified, immoral, and economy-wide act of taxation without representation, regulation without delegation, and downright despotism? Fast forward to 2023 and the Biden regime’s corrupto-cratic diktat to consign internal combustion engines to history’s junkyard. Like the handiwork of King Joe’s across-the-seas predecessor and his Parliament, the new standards have nothing to do with “fuel economy” (their initial purpose in 1970s, oil embargo-scarred America), climate, or even cars. Unelected bureaucrats will essentially tax the family car into unaffordability Energy-impoverished, pedestrianized and mass transit-bound populaces will be squeezed from spacious suburbs into dense urban enclaves, further accelerating the catastrophic decline in birthrates and family formation and increasing reliance on government when it’s harder to get to, and therefore even get, a job. In short, the mandates’ tenacles, like those of the Mad King’s version, will extend to all aspects of the economy and society.” – Bob Maistros  – ALL A PART OF THE CLIMATE SCAM WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CLIMATE, JUST CONTROL. AND YOU THOUGHT COVID WAS BAD. YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANYTHING YET!!!!

“Bold Goals”: Biden’s EO Will Have Us Bioengineering Everything – “However, I believe that these goals will be used to grab land from existing farmers and ranchers.” – Marie Hawthorne

Non-Profit Hospitals Made Huge Profits During Pandemic While Receiving $23 Billion in Federal COVID-19 Aid: Report – Mark Tapscott

Why e-verify is a deeply dangerous idea – Adventures in trojan framings: more tyranny toolkit dressed up as safety” – El Gato Malo  – LEO HOHMANN HAD A SIMILAR ARTICLE THAT WAS LINKED YESTERDAY ABOUT THIS!!!

Darkfield Live Blood Analysis 90 Minutes After IV EDTA Chelation In Unvaccinated Patient Affected By C19 Vax Shedding Shows Marked Improvement – A Case Report – “I have seen many patients who improved significantly after 2-3 Chelation’s and I have had patients who within 2 weeks had complete resolution of symptoms with 8 IV treatments” – Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

Becoming Invisible, Part 1: How They Track Us – “If they can see. And a lot of the data that’s collected is being used to control us in various ways, whether (at the benign end of the spectrum) to convince us to buy things or (at the scary end) to control us financially or politically. To put it bluntly, we can’t be free if we’re visible. Becoming as invisible as possible is thus a goal worth pursuing. This is the start of a long series of posts dedicated to figuring out how we can evade the prying eyes of those who would control and profit from us.” – John Rubino

The national covid ’emergency’ ends after 1196 Days of Slowing The Spread – “The racket is over, for now. In short, the White House is pointing to a useless and failed mRNA experimental gene shot, and the swindle that is the Covid Testing Industrial Complex, in defeating the “disruptive force” that is the Wuhan sniffles. Not only did all of their measures fail, because nobody was in fact protected by any of their strategies for fighting this invisible enemy, but nobody is being held accountable for this gross failure, despite claiming they had the “tools” necessary to stop a virus. Not only are these forces not being held accountable, the Public Health tyrants are congratulating themselves as heroes of the pandemic.” – Jordan Schachtel

Neighborhood Watch Out: Cops Are Incorporating Private Cameras Into Their Real-Time Surveillance Networks – “Police have their sights set on every surveillance camera in every business, on every porch, in all the cities and counties of the country. Grocery store trips, walks down the street, and otherwise minding your own business when outside your home could soon come under the ever-present eye of the government.” – Beryl Lipton

Researchers Had a Simple Test for Determining if an Asymptomatic Person Who Tested Positive for COVID Was Infectious — But CDC, Fauci Ignored It – “Researchers at Stanford University who developed the test also determined that the vast majority of asymptomatic individuals who tested positive — 96% — did not transmit the virus.” – Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

Either Elon Musk Thinks We’re Stupid or the WEF Controls Him – “The third option is that Elon Musk is stupid, which he isn’t. He certainly stepped in a pile of globalist dung by hiring Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter. She may be qualified. She may be smart. She may have all the right skills to get Twitter to be as profitable as possible. But there are five words attached to her that will paint the company as a globalist organization that America First patriots cannot trust. “World Economic Forum Executive Chair.”” – JD Rucker


Disinformation and the Return of Joe Biden’s Ministry of Truth – “Federal government plans for sweeping censorship have kicked into high gear.” – Graham J Noble

Yellen & Biden Should be Impeached to Save America? – “Janet Yellen has become way too partisan to be a trustworthy government official. Since Biden now says he will nominate a Latina for Fed governor regardless if they are qualified or not is precisely why SVB failed for starters. Everyone just wants to be WOKE and hire people based entirely on their race or gender preference. SVB hired risk managers to check a box – not for qualifications. Had they simply subscribed to Socrates they would have been hedged. Why is Yellen still there? She would be fired being a white over-the-hill official. Or is it that she is just like Biden and says whatever the people writing cue cards instruct her to say next?” – Martin Armstrong

The 10 Commandments and sexually explicit books – “How crazy, insane and perverse are today’s Democrats – really? They oppose a bill to require the Ten Commandments in schools, one Texas state legislator calling it “idolatrous,” but they favor sexually explicit books. Is that nuts? This is where the battle lines are drawn today. They call evil good, and good evil – just like it says in the Bible.” – Joseph Farah

Record-Setting 83,000 Migrants Illegally Crossed US Border This Week – Tyler Durden

Illegals spreading scabies through buses, planes, Border Patrol source warns -Report – “Illegal immigrants, who travel for thousands of miles through mud, jungles, rivers, cargo boxcars, unsanitary third-world city streets, and other inhospitable places before crossing into the U.S., can bring with them a lot more than just COVID.” – Monica Showalter

Biden Exploding Over Border Failures, Unable to Sit Still at Howard Commencement – “Things are not looking good for Joe Biden, as Title 42 was lifted this week and he seemed to have no idea what to do about it. Reports are that he “exploded several times” over what he thought were his team making excuses for failing to deal with the crisis at the border. They’ve had a long time to come up with an answer; they’ve known it was going to expire for some time. Yet, they still seem to have no real solution. The problem for Joe Biden is that he hasn’t taken the whole border problem seriously for all the time he’s been in office. He just threw everything President Donald Trump did under the bus, and then everything got worse. Now that he’s running again, he realizes he’s in a fix of his own making—and he wants his people to help get him out of it. Biden went to Howard University to give the commencement address on Saturday. “What did Biden sell at Howard? Nothing appealing — divisiveness and race-baiting. There are a lot of threats that Americans face right now, not the least of them is a guy allegedly in charge who seems to want to finish off America. But what did Biden pitch, as the worst terrorist threat to America? White supremacy, which raised some eyebrows. – Nick Arama  – WHEN IN DOUBT, BLAME IT ON WHITE SUPREMACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Report: Feinstein Asks ‘Where Am I Going?’ As She’s Wheeled Back To Into U.S. Capitol – “Visibly decrepit 89-year-old has been absent for over two months” – Steve Watson

Biden EPA Announces Toughest-Ever Rules for Power Plant Emissions – “After weeks of buildup, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled its strictest-ever rules for power produced using natural gas, coal, and oil that could spur the use of carbon capture technologies. The standards released on May 11 would affect new and old power infrastructure, including new natural gas turbines and the country’s existing coal fleet. 2035 Target for Carbon-Free Electricity Still Viable” – Nathan Worcester

Since when do illegal alien invaders get priority over needy Americans? – “When did unvetted foreigners violating our border rise to the top of the list of priorities for receiving taxpayer-funded services? And when did homeless veterans, many of whom are homeless because of traumas they endured while serving our country in distant and dangerous places, become sacrificial lambs in order to house these unvetted law-breakers who have no roots here? Who made this decision?” – Thomas Lifson

So Why Aren’t We Paying Down the National Debt? – “The most immediate benefit of paying down the debt is to end the recurring debt-ceiling crises. If America’s putative leaders really want to prepare the nation for future exigencies, they need to fight over how much to reduce the debt, not how much to increase it. Reducing the debt gives the government more fiscal “dry powder” to use during future emergencies, without bashing Americans with high taxes and/or inflation.” – Robert E. Wright

US Sold Weapons to Roughly 60% of World’s Authoritarian Nations in 2022: Analysis – “”These findings fly in the face of Biden’s preferred framing of international politics as a ‘battle between democracies and autocracies,'” says the author of a new report.” – Kenny Stancil

Why the Aggressor in Ukraine is America — NOT Russia – Eric Zuesse

Cries and Whispers Along the Russian Watchtowers – “To quote Dylan, who might have been a Bulgakov epigone: “So let us stop talking falsely now/the hour’s getting late.” By now it’s quite clear the delusion of a “peace” deal in Ukraine is the latest wet dream of the “non-agreement capable” usual suspects, always hooked on lies and plunder while deftly manipulating selected liberals among the Russian elite. The goal would be to appease Moscow with a few concessions, while crucially keeping Odessa, Nikolaev and Dnipro, and safeguarding what would be NATO’s access to the Black Sea. All that while investing in rabid, resentful Poland to become an armed to the teeth EU military militia.” – Pepe Escobar

The revenge of the technocrats – “Rishi Sunak’s u-turn on scrapping EU laws should worry all who believe in democracy. So much for the bonfire of EU laws. Rishi Sunak’s government has ditched plans to erase all EU legislation from the UK statute books by the end of 2023. It was his big promise during his leadership campaign in August last year. So, seven years after 17.4million of us voted to leave the EU, we’re still labouring under EU legislation, and will be for a long time to come.” – Brendan O’Neill


Why the Government Debt Crisis Will Blow up before we Even Get to Default – David Haggith

Dollar Weaponization Expands – FDIC Message to Foreign Depositors Is Don’t Trust the US – “The weaponization of the US dollar by US agencies continues with a ruling by the FDIC.” – Mish

Price Inflation Growth Slowed Slightly in April. Now Wall Street Will Demand More Easy Money. – “Meanwhile, April was yet another month of declining real wages, and was the twenty-fifth month in a row during which growth in average hourly earnings failed to keep up with CPI growth. According to new BLS employment data released earlier this month, nominal wages grew with hourly earnings increasing 4.4 percent year over year in April. But with price inflation at 4.9 percent, real wages fell.” – Ryan McMaken

A Big Disconnect (VIDEO) – “The CPI data for April came out this week. The mainstream spin was that it was more good news for the Fed’s inflation fight. But the actual data tells a different story.” – Michael Maharrey

Dave Ramsey Goes Off: “The Golden Rock Has No Magical Qualities… – “Naysayers will try to scare buyers out of the market by claiming that gold has put in a major top or that its way overpriced. Yet most of the anti-gold commentators out there were just as bearish on the monetary metal when it was trading much cheaper. Their anti-gold animus remains the same even as their rationalizations for it shift with the circumstances. When gold is cheap, they say you shouldn’t buy it because it hasn’t performed well. Then when gold does start performing well, they say you shouldn’t buy it because it’s gone up too much! Financial talk show host Dave Ramsey is known to get riled up at people who mention gold under any circumstance. Dave Ramsey: Risky is gold. Gold is much more volatile. If you look at the price of gold on a chart, it’s way up and way down much more than the stock market is, a lot riskier. And it does not yield the net return. The average annual rate of return on gold sucks. Gold is a commodity. Okay? It’s a rock that is yellow. It’s not, “Oh, it’s a golden rock. Woo!” Okay? So, the golden rock has no magical qualities. It’s a rock. Where to begin. Well, first of all, gold isn’t a rock. It’s a precious metal.” – Mike Gleason  – GOOD READ FROM MIKE, RAMSEY OBVIOUSLY HAS NO UNDERSTANDING OF GOLD AND SILVER AS WELL!!!!

New Record Highs in Gold to Follow the Next Low – David Brady


Prepper Pantry Inventory List – “A prepper pantry is a collection of non-perishable food items that are designed to last for an extended period while providing the necessary nutrition. In this blog post, we will be discussing the top prepper pantry inventory list items that you should consider adding to your pantry.” – Will2Survive

The Issues with Going Solar – “Anyone who has been around prepping for any length of time has a general idea of just how critical electrical power is to modern society. But even with all this understanding, few of us actually have enough power generating capacity to make much of a difference, should the grid go down. Most preppers I’ve seen have a solar panel or two, or perhaps one of those “solar generators” which consist of a solar panel and a car battery; but I’ve hardly seen anyone who has a considerable amount of electrical generating capacity, unless it is a full-blown commercial installation. Even then, those aren’t really installed for prepping; but to supposedly save money.” – Bill White

Maintenance Logs For Preppers – “Keeping a little notebook helps me stay on top of things. Information in my maintenance log comes in several categories. Vehicles. Ventilation System. Electric System. Appliance Purchases. Plumbing. Septic System,” – Marie Hawthorne

First 4 Core Ingredients For Survival Long Term And A Good Bug Out Bag (Items To Take With You In The Wild) – Dave Jefferson


Luke 12:39    And this know, that if the goodman of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched, and not have suffered his house to be broken through.