Rockefeller Foundation’s New Focus on Climate Change Signals the Next Phase of The Great Reset – “Should the public ignore the history of the Rockefeller Foundation as they shift resources towards promoting Agenda 2030 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?” – Derrick Broze

CV19 Bioweapon Vax is Not Genocide, It’s Extinction – Karen Kingston CV19 Bioweapon Vax is Not Genocide, It’s Extinction (VIDEO) with Karen Kingston – ” The data shows millions have been disabled or murdered by the CV19 bioweapon/vax so far. Is it going to get worse? Kingston says, “Unfortunately, it is going to get worse. The worst is yet to come. . . . The FDA did have to prove that these were safe. Based on the information that they had in October and November of 2020, they should have never moved forward . . . with the trials. So, they broke the law.” – Greg Hunter

Karma Coming for Jabbed Heads of State? – “Is it a byproduct of the Covid jabs?” – Andreas Oehler

CDC Amends Entry Requirements for Non-US Citizens – “Signs that the restrictions may be extended again?” – The Naked Emperor

The “Godfather of AI” Says Doomsayers Are Wrong and ChatGPT Isn’t Remarkable – Mainly an Advanced Disinformation Tool – ” I am going to show what this “new” AI Chat software is actually doing today, as it has been out in the public for about 5 months now. But if you want the spoiler as to what it is actually doing today with hundreds of millions of users, here it is: It is a disinformation and data collection tool. NYU Professor and Meta Platforms Chief AI Scientist Yann LeCun: “ChatGPT Isn’t Remarkable”” – Brian Shilhavy

No-one except the Globalists Will be allowed to Grow Old – “The well-documented global slaughter of the elderly has shocked millions. In care homes, nursing homes and hospitals, the elderly were deliberately and cold-bloodedly murdered by doctors and nurses acting under ‘orders’ from above. Politicians and advisers decreed that the elderly should be denied medical care, and thousands who did find themselves in institutions were treated without compassion, caring or proper, decent care. The elderly were denied contact with relatives or friends and were kept in isolation for many months and in some cases for years. Residents were told that they had to be jabbed with a so-called ‘vaccine’ that was known not to work and to be dangerously toxic. Thousands of elderly patients were killed by a vaccine which should have been classified as too dangerous to use as landfill. The elderly were locked in, forced to wear masks (which did much harm and no good) and subjected to conditions which would have aroused an uproar if they’d been applied to illegal immigrants or dangerous prisoners.” – Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

It Begins: 500 Australians have filed the world’s first Covid vaccine class-action lawsuit – “Australia basically morphed into a full-blown, unrepentant, no-holds-barred insanity state during the pandemic. They used the virus to justify all manner of draconian restrictions on basic life; the government also threw its weight behind the untested, experimental Covid vaccine as part of that fear campaign. So it really warms the cockles to see this sort of thing finally coming to pass:” – Not The Bee Staff

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 29, 2023 (VIDEO) – “”Softball sized hail slams Texas”, this NBC news headline from this week is a glaring red flag warning of climate engineering operations and chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding. The weather makers are increasingly desperate to create short term surface cool-downs no matter how much damage they inflict in the process. What is fueling so much climate engineering desperation?” – Dane Wigington

Dear Presidential Hopeful RFK, Jr. and Team, (Kirsch, Dr. Robert Malone) – “Don’t you want to solve the “Standards of Care” Hospital Murder Mystery? Or should we just Kumbaya it out and avoid the “toxic quagmire” and open up a fresh bag of Murder Baton Doritos?” – Sage Hana

Lab leak ‘whistleblower’ unmasked as serial fabulis – “Andrew Huff has invented endless tales of Jason Bourne-like encounters with federal agents and Chinese spies. Is he telling the truth?” – Jordan Schachtel


Generational Time Bomb – “Looking back on this nation, it’s clear we have been herded like sheep through the centuries, rich people buying off universities and studies. Rockefeller convinced everyone that oil was caused by dinosaurs and therefore extremely finite to make it more valuable, then started using it to make fertilizer and pharmaceuticals that do nothing to treat diseases, but rather symptoms of those diseases. In the days of three channels, all news scheduled at the same hour, so they could control the message; The truth, it seems, has always been the enemy of the rich and powerful. Yet, those of us who are neither still represent the greatest threat to their plans when we use our own minds, make assessments and calculations based on independent research. Now we have much more information at our fingertips, so they try and stem that. Those who expose their secrets and plans are quickly done away with, silenced, canceled or murdered. Tucker Carlson is one of the latest targets of their suppression, but the harder they have to work to keep the truth from rising to the surface, the more victims they create, generating more truth that has to be smothered. ” – T.L. Davis  – ANOTHER VERY GOOD READ FROM T.L.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Freedom – “Joe Biden unironically declares that the 2024 presidential election will be about whether we want more freedom, or less. In his video, Biden states that the 2024 presidential election is about whether we want more freedom or less freedom. In asking that question, Biden makes the case that he is undeserving of the presidency. When the Biden Administration has not been able to achieve progressive goals through legislation, it has turned to executive orders and government regulation to deliver the wishes of the ruling class. With each executive order and regulation, Americans’ freedoms continue to erode slowly but surely.” – Jim Nelles

Obama and his friends are a perfect illustration of the modern-day elitist Democrat – “Just yesterday was saw more proof that the mainstream media in the U.S. and beyond are P.R. agencies for the Democrats. The media gave great prominence to former president Obama, filmmaker Steven Spielberg, and rock star Bruce Springsteen making a surprise appearance at a Barcelona restaurant with a last-minute dinner reservation on Thursday. So how can Obama’s friends in Barcelona be described? They are white, influential, powerful, and very wealthy. Most of Obama’s friends and neighbors are from this category. Most of Obama’s backers, when he was president, were also from this group. In fact, the Obama presidency was dedicated to serving this group; even some liberal outfits realized that. But if you listen to Obama’s wife Michelle, this group is causing irreparable damage to America. If you watch liberal outfits such as MSNBC or read Democrat mouthpiece such as the New York Times, you would think that this very group need to be destroyed if America has to survive. This is the modern Democrat party. There is no connection between what they say and what they are. There is no connection between what they practice and what they practice. Hypocrisy is their religion. When Michelle Obama and the Democrats pushes for diversity she know that none of her rich white friends will ever be affected.” – Rajan Laad

Will there ever be accountability for Mass Murder by Covid “vaccine”? – “Here we have more conclusive proof of Tucker Carlson’s reporting that ABC, NBC, CNN and the rest of the whore media are loyal to their profits and not to truth. The presstitutes are paid millions of dollars in Big Pharma advertising for the purpose of suppressing all truth about Covid and the alleged vaccines. Tucker Carlson’s firing by Fox News is further proof, along with the false Russiagate, Documentgate, Insurrectiongate, Strippergate charges against President Trump, Julian Assange’s decades long imprisonment in violation of due process, the eviction of Matt Taibbi from Rollingstone, Glenn Greenwald from the Intercept, and James O’Keefe from Project Veritas, that the corrupt ruling elites are determined that no truth be permitted to reach the American population.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Who is Francisco Oropeza? What we know about suspect accused of 5 murders in San Jacinto County – “Law enforcement search continues for suspect following deadly shooting. San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers said they were able to identify Oropeza through his Mexican consulate card and a doorbell camera.” – Christian Terry  – LET’S SEE, A CONSULATE CARD IS USUALLY GIVEN BY THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT TO ILLEGALS FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES FOR USE IN OTHER COUNTRIES (I.E. THE U.S.). LET’S SEE HOW THEY SPIN THIS ONE ABOUT AN ILLEGAL DOING A MASS SHOOTING. HAS BIDEN CONDEMNED THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are the skunks at the 2024 picnic. – “Just forget about who will win steal the 2024 because this POTUS election cycle promises to be: The Greatest Truth-Telling Campaign Season Ever!!! And that’s all that really matters at this critical point of American history.” – The Armchair Political Analyst

Who’s Running for Vice President on the Republican Ticket? – “Heartlanders discuss Tucker, Ronald, and The Donald as party politics heat up.” – Sarah Cowgill

Sean Hannity’s Ratings Plunge After Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Exit – “Tucker Carlson’s exit from Fox News appears to be impacting more than just the timeslot that he hosted for years on the network. Hannity earlier this week indicated he had little knowledge of why Carlson left. For years, after his 8 p.m. show ended, Carlson would hand off to Hannity, also one of the highest-rated cable news personalities.” – Jack Phillips

Daddy Dearest: Hunter Forced to Appear in Arkansas in Fight Over His Child’s Name and Support – “On Monday, Hunter Biden will finally make it to Arkansas. The Natural State is not a Biden family favorite but there is one thing that would ordinarily be an attraction: Biden’s daughter Navy Joan. In the Biden family, the four-year-old girl remains “she who must not be named” literally. Not only has President Biden refused to refer to her as a grandchild or even include a Christmas stocking with the other children, her father Hunter is fighting to prevent her from using the Biden name. Indeed, the only reason that Hunter is coming to the same state with his daughter is to seek to limit his child support.” – Jonathan Turley

The True Crime Soap Opera Life of Hunter Biden – “Keeping abreast of Biden Junior’s legal problems is no easy task – and the possible implications are enormous. The commander-in-chief’s son, Hunter Biden, has yet to be charged with a crime. Has he committed one or more? That, we do not yet know. Still, the Justice Department’s now five-year-long investigation of his tax affairs and business activities continues. The House Committee on Oversight and Reform, under the chairmanship of James Comer (R-KY), has waded through thousands of financial records and other documents – many from Hunter’s infamous laptop – that reveal a complicated network of shell companies created by or on behalf of at least nine members of the Biden family. These LLCs have received payments from multiple countries – for what, exactly, it is unclear, in many cases. And, to top it all off (so far), the mother of one of Hunter’s children is accusing him of falsely pleading poverty to reduce his child support payments. It’s a true crime thriller and a soap opera rolled into one – and it is playing out on the national stage, despite the left-wing media’s best efforts to ignore it all.” – Graham J Noble

Zelensky explains why he carries a gun – “Ukraine’s president has claimed he wouldn’t have allowed himself to be taken prisoner” – RT  – DOES ANTI-GUN BIDEN KNOW ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Astounding Series Of Stupefying Videos Prove America’s Suffering From The Worst Leadership In US History: Vapidly Stupid ‘Joey Dementia’ Babbles Gibberish As Kamala Harris Cackles Lunacy – “These Bumbling Schizophrenic Lunatics Prove They Are A Curse Upon America” – Alan Barton  – SOME VERY GOOD VIDEOS THAT ARE WORTH WATCHING ARE INCLUDED HERE!!!!

It’s Not Surprising That The Pentagon Leaks Claimed That The Global South Is Multi-Aligning – “The Washington Post’s latest report about the Pentagon leaks proves that there are very real limits to the US’ influence over the Global South nowadays, which discredits the expectation that it can force every country to take its side against Russia and China.” – Andrew Korybko

US troops drill for Taiwan war – media – “Army special forces have for the first time reportedly practiced defending against a Chinese attack on the self-governing island” – RT


US Banks Urged to Submit Final First Republic Bids by Sunday Amid Financial Fallout – “Aside from JPMorgan Chase and the PNC Financial Services Group, the FDIC has also reached out to the US Bancorp and the Bank of America Corporation. The Citizens Financial Group Inc. is also reported to be involved in the bidding war. Insiders have indicated that based on initial submitted bids, interested parties are now expected to submit their final offers. However, of the named banking companies, it’s alleged Bank of America has yet to commit to a final submission, and that JPMorgan may be ineligible as it has more than 10% of nationwide deposits in its pocket.” – Sputnik News

First Republic Becomes The Third Banking Domino To Fall Bank Failure? – “Banking Regulation Failure? Or Banking Regulator Failure? With the FDIC apparently hoping to secure a takeover—in effect, a “shotgun marriage” as was common during the Great Financial Crisis and subsequent recession of 2007-2009—before the markets open on Monday, First Republic Bank thus becomes the third banking domino to fall, as the banking crisis returns to Wall Street. This moment has been an inevitability since First Republic shared its earnings numbers on April 28, ahead of its 10Q SEC filing. The press release confirmed that the banking industry’s bad news had returned with a vengeance.” – Peter Nayland Kust

How the Dollar Became the World’s Top Global Currency – Ryan McMaken

Centralization of Power is the Dying Gasp of Our Failed Economic System (VIDEO) with Matthew Piepenburg – “Commercial Director at Matterhorn Asset Management Matthew Piepenburg believes the increased centralization of power in countries across the world is a sign that our failed economic system is nearing its inevitable end. ” – The Jay Martin Show

Food prices fall on world markets but not on kitchen tables – “Around the world, food prices are persistently, painfully high. Puzzlingly, too. On global markets, the prices of grains, vegetable oil, dairy and other agricultural commodities have fallen steadily from record highs. But the relief hasn’t made it to the real world of shopkeepers, street vendors and families trying to make ends meet.” – Paul Wiseman and Evelyne Misambi

MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: Approaching A “Breaking Point.” (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

There are 70 Major Bankruptcies in Just 4 Months This Year – “Liquidation sales are on, including Bed Bath and Beyond. There will be more.” – Mish

FORECASTING THE GOLD PRICE IS A MUG’S GAME – “Most investors are totally ignorant of the purpose of gold or its historical significance. After all, Gold is the only money that has survived in history but virtually nobody is aware of this vital information. That’s why only 0.5% of global financial assets are invested in gold. Still most people put their trust in paper money. In spite of the title, in this article I will be a Mug for a day and make some gold and silver projections.” – Egon von Greyerz


The Ultimate Guide to Doomsday Prepping: How to Be Prepared for Any Disaster – Will2Survive

How To Use a Map – “Have we become too dependent on our technology? Can you find your way around without a GPS or phone app? Our phones have become very helpful tools for navigation. What are your backup plans if we lose power or need to preserve our phone’s battery for emergencies?” – Brook Bowen

Critical Preps For Spring Storms – When Mother Nature Strikes – Arial Baker


Matthew 21:23-24    And when he was come into the temple, the chief priests and the elders of the people came unto him as he was teaching, and said, By what authority doest thou these things? and who gave thee this authority?  And Jesus answered and said unto them, I also will ask you one thing, which if ye tell me, I in like wise will tell you by what authority I do these things.


Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while
I think I see my friends coming, riding many a mile
Friends, you get some silver?
Did you get a little gold?
What did you bring me, my dear friends
To keep me from the gallows pole?
What did you bring me to keep me from the gallows pole?
I couldn’t get no silver, I couldn’t get no gold
You know that we’re too damn poor to keep you from the gallows pole

Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while
I think I see my brother coming, riding many a mile
Brother, you get me some silver?
Did you get a little gold?
What did you bring me, my brother, to keep me from the gallows pole?
Brother, I brought you some silver, yeah
I brought a little gold, I brought a little of everything
To keep you from the gallows pole
Yes, I brought you to keep you from the gallows pole

Hangman, hangman, turn your head awhile
I think I see my sister coming, riding many a mile, mile, mile
Sister, I implore you, take him by the hand
Take him to some shady bower
Save me from the wrath of this man
Please take him, save me from the wrath of this mad man
Hangman, hangman, upon your face a smile
Tell me that I’m free to ride
Ride for many a mile, mile, mile

Oh yes, you got a fine sister
She warmed my blood from cold
She warmed my blood to boiling hot
To keep you from the gallows pole, pole, pole, pole, yeah, yeah
Your brother brought me silver and your sister warmed my soul
But now I laugh and pull so hard, see you swinging on the gallows pole, yeah
But now I laugh and pull so hard, see you swinging on the gallows pole, pole, pole
Swinging on the gallows pole!
Swinging on the gallows pole!
Swinging on the gallows pole!
Swinging on the gallows pole
Pole, pole, pole, pole, pole, pole, yeah

( Gallows Pole – Traditional arranged by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant )