Blaming Conservatives for Collapse: Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don’t on the Debt Ceiling There is more at stake in this particular debt ceiling battle than any other we’ve seen in modern history. – “We just saw the beginning of the end with the latest banking crisis involving companies like SVB, First Republic and Credit Suisse – It’s not just US finances, but banks around the world that rely on liquidity injections from the Fed to stay afloat. The central bankers addicted the system to cheap easy debt and now they are taking away the drugs. In other words, no one can honestly argue that the central banks are ignorant or unaware of the threat. They KNOW what’s about to happen and they do not care. But why does the establishment want a crisis now instead of five years ago, or five years in the future? Thankfully, much of the public is becoming aware of the various programs to introduce CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), but what they may not understand is the manner in which such massive economic changes usually happen. Generally speaking, in order to institute a new economic system the banks have to take down the old system.” – Brandon Smith


WASHINGTON, D.C. AND THE SCAMDEMIC – “This past weekend, I traveled to Washington, DC…The DC region isn’t filled with earnest, altruistic, bang-for-buck public servants. Rather, it’s largely populated by government workers with high GS titles and salaries, as well as other affluent opportunists at PR and lobbying firms and NGOs. Fauci emblematizes those who dip big buckets into the wide river of dollars generated by tax revenues and government printing presses. He took over $434,312 in annual salary during Coronamania and is pensioned $414,000/year for lying to and terrorizing a nation. During his 55-year(!) tenure, he also funded much pernicious research. Is there any doubt that the US would have been far better off over the past three years if Fauci, the rest of CDC/NIAID staff, Francis Collins, Debbie Birx, Rochelle Walensky and their ilk had worked at Taco Bell instead? Even during his retirement, Fauci shamelessly doubles down on Covid and “vaccine” lies, which the complicit media has never challenged. In general, DC has been an occupational magnet for latte-loving, European-vacationing liberals who think that they’re smarter than the proletariat and that governments should increasingly control society; to them, Coronamania was a festival.” – Mark Oshinskie  – GOOD READ FROM MARK!!!!

WHO Is Warning Of Dengue and Chikungunya Outbreaks In Americas – Mac Slavo  – KEEP THOSE OUTBREAKS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good health reasons for not wearing face masks – “From the very beginning of the COVID pandemic evidence said they were ineffective. Though even healthy people have sound reasons to reject mask wearing, those of us with serious medical problems have even more reasons.” – Joel S Hirschhorn

Diagnosing long Covid: ‘We still don’t really know what it is – “In the fourth year of the pandemic, long COVID is emerging as a major public health concern. However, the medical community is yet to arrive at a clear understanding of what the condition is, what causes it, and how to treat it.” – Rebekah Barnett

Kill Shots Destroy The Human Immune System- Pfizer And Moderna Flu/covid Jabs Are Bioweapons, Not Vaccines. – Dave Jefferson


Poverty and Crisis: Sucking Humanity Dry – “In 2022, it was estimated that a quarter of a billion people across the world would be pushed into absolute poverty in that year alone. In the UK, poverty is increasing in two-thirds of communities, as millions go without heat and skip meals. Living standards in the UK are plummeting. The Bank of England’s chief economist Huw Pill says that people should ‘accept’ being poorer. This is similar to the response of Rob Kapito, co-founder of the world’s biggest asset management firm BlackRock. In 2022, he said that a “very entitled” generation of people who have never had to sacrifice would soon have to face shortages for the first time in their lives. Of course, Kapito is no doubt referring to ordinary US citizens and not himself. Kapito, as the president of BlackRock, made $26,750,780 in total compensation in 2021. BlackRock is one of the rich ‘barbarians at the barn’ who continue to make huge financial killings from an exploitative food regime.” – Colin Todhunter

Why they hate Tucker Carlson – “The liberal elite’s fear of Fox News is really a fear of the white working class. Woe betide the left-leaning hack who deviates from the narrative about Tucker Carlson. Witness the troubles at the American Prospect. On Wednesday, the day after Carlson’s abrupt departure from Fox News, that young organ of pained liberalism made the grave error of publishing a piece suggesting Carlson might in fact be a complicated figure. Cue hysteria. Twitter – well, the small portion of it that reads the American Prospect – went nuts. Readers vented, subs were cancelled. Things got so crazy that the magazine’s executive editor, David Dayen, issued a mea culpa. We ‘fell short’, he said. He atoned for the American Prospect’s transgression against liberal orthodoxy by publishing a follow-up piece titled ‘The Real Tucker Carlson’. The real Tucker Carlson is a ‘neofascist’ in thrall to ‘racism, xenophobia, misogyny, disdain for democracy, affinity for autocrats and autocracy [and] habitual lying’, it said. Shorter version: Carlson’s scum. Order restored. Narrative reinstated. Sleep easy, rich liberals.” – Brendan O’Neill

ABC News censors RFK Jr. interview remarks on Covid vax problems, may have violated federal law – “Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a bigger problem for the Democrats and their media arm than they realized. The blowback from an interview with Linsey Davis that aired Thursday on ABC demonstrates the nature of the problem. You see, before airing the taped interview, ABC censored his comments attacking the effectiveness and safety of the Covid vaccines.” – Thomas Lifson

Newsmax Offers Tucker EVERYTHING — Complete Control Over ALL Programming If true, it sounds like a good deal for everyone. TCN. The Tucker Carlson Network. That’s essentially what Newsmax would become if Carlson accepts the unofficial proposal reportedly being offered to him through proxies by CEO Chris Ruddy.” – JD Rucker

Reminder: The Media Once Bashed Trump For Transgressing The One-China Policy The US Now Spits On – “The US has been increasingly treating Taiwan like a sovereign nation with whom diplomatic relationships and alliances can be formed, in violation of its longstanding One-China policy that has kept the peace for decades. And I just think it’s worth noting that the western media who’ve lately been condoning these moves became outraged at Donald Trump just a few years ago for doing the same thing to a far lesser degree.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Why Hasn’t the U.S. Arrested WaPo Journalist for Publishing Classified Documents? – “Why hasn’t the U.S. government arrested WaPo journalist Shane Harris for publishing highly classified documents related to the war in Ukraine and U.S. spying on its allies? The ones leaked by Air national Guardsman Jack Teixeira? Meanwhile Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is under arrest, rotting away in his fifth year in a UK prison fighting extradition to the United States. There are complex legal questions to be answered about who is a journalist and what is publishing in the digital world” – Peter Van Buren

‘We’re Experiencing Real-Time Sovietization’: Taibbi on the Media Blackout of CIA’s Election Meddling – “I’m not one given to hyperbole, but I think Taibbi is right. We’re witnessing naked electoral corruption, orchestrated from the highest levels of power in America. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before, at least not in my lifetime. And we’re watching the media remain silent about it, either because they are complicit in the lie, or because they want to protect Biden, or they’re too afraid to share the truth (perhaps all three).” – Jon Miltimore

POPE FRANCIS; The Web of Charity – And Government Charity – “WHY doesn’t Pope Francis say anything about the rise of Legal Pedophilia via UN Demands? Why doesn’t Pope Francis comment about the Jesuit Churches helping illegal immigrants invading the US? Why doesn’t Pope Francis express contempt for the Ukraine Nazi’s? Why doesn’t Pope Francis announce the truth about degenerative Biden? Why doesn’t Pope Francis reveal the value of the Vatican and Vatican City? WHY does the Vatican hide documents of historical value?” – Helena Glass

THE FIX IS IN: Biden Gets Reporter’s Question in Advance – Joe Biden, the most anti-gun President in the history of the United States, is 80 years old, suffers from advanced dementia, and has trouble reading from a teleprompter, much less comprehending what he’s saying. He makes up stories in which he always appears in the starring role, even though everyone knows they’re lies. And he tends to wander off if left unsupervised, which is why the First Lady leads him around like a puppy. Therefore, if Biden is going to beat the GOP challenger, regardless of who’s nominated, he will need serious help. Yesterday, the legacy media proved once again they are more than willing to give Biden all the help he needs. They’re conspiring with the White House to gaslight the American public into believing their commander-in-chief has a full set of marbles rolling around in his vacuous head. This cheat sheet had the name and picture of Los Angeles Times reporter Courtney Subramanian. It also had the question she planned to ask, which raises even more questions about Biden’s fitness for office. He called on Subramanian first but didn’t even try to pronounce her last name.” – Lee Williams

White House insists Biden reporter cheat sheet ‘entirely normal’ – “White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed Thursday it was “entirely normal” for President Biden to be holding a cheat sheet with advance knowledge of a journalist’s question at a joint press conference — even as she denied that was what happened.” – Josh Christenson

8 Ways Government Shielded Joe Biden From The ‘Laptop From Hell’ – Margot Cleveland

Kamala’s Affair – Sleeping Her Way to The Top – “Since the media is shining a light on Trump’s affair, it is only fair to point out similar actions taken by those on the other side of the aisle. Kamala Harris is not a particularly intelligent or charismatic individual, but she managed to work her way to the top by dating men in positions of power. In the 1990s, 29-year-old Kamala Harris dated married 60-year-old San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. Harris was 31 years younger than Brown, who was married with a family at home. Harris accompanied Brown on his campaign trail and made connections along the way. She cannot deny the affair and claims that it is now “an albatross hanging around my neck.” Clinton used to call Brown “the real Slick Willie” for his playboy ways, which is saying something coming from blue dress Bill.” – Martin Armstrong

Dylan Mulvaney says it should be ‘illegal’ to use wrong pronouns – “Like, the articles written about me using ‘he’ pronouns and calling me a man over and over again, I feel like that should be illegal.” – Emily Crane  – WELL, LET’S JUST CALL HIM A “DICK” THEN. HE ( YES, HIM AND HE ARE THE CORRECT PRONOUNS ) IS ACTING LIKE ONE!!!

Time for Biden to come clean on Ukraine – “The leaks appear to show that officials’ understanding of the war is at odds with their public statements, raising the specter of Vietnam.” – George Beebe

Trapped Americans In Sudan “Shocked & Disgusted” – Left By Biden To Fend For Themselves – “Sudan is continuing to stare into the abyss of full-blown civil war as the battle for control of the capital of Khartoum between two rival generals – now reaching the two week mark – results in a mounting death toll. Currently, dozens of countries have for days been racing to get their citizens out via military transport planes, ships, and via cross-border land routes into Ethiopia and neighboring countries, but not the United States.” – Tyler Durden

5/11: As many as a million migrants mass at the U.S. border for illegal entry -lawmaker – “This week Joe Biden touted a laundry list of immigration carrots and sticks intended to disincentivize illegal immigration at the southern border now that he’s lifting the sparsely enforced Title 42 restrictions on May 11. They were mostly carrots. The New York Times called them a “new back door on immigration,” and explained that its permissiveness went well beyond the lawful congressional parameters for the admission of immigrants. The response? More migrants at the border than ever. They’re massing now in record numbers. Call it 5/11.” – Monica Showalter

NATO Boss’s Ukraine Membership Stupid Comment Explained – “For Ukraine to become a NATO member at any point, points to a WWIII scenario. Has the NATO boss lost his mind or is the plan of the Americans coming off the rails? So NATO now is planning on making Ukraine a member, or at least this is the rhetoric coming from its secretary general who recently announced it. Given that the very essence of what the Ukraine war is about is membership of this 31 member defence organisation it would seem unfitting for Stoltenberg to make such an announcement, especially considering that Hungary would always veto such an idea anyway. So what’s really behind this latest ‘news’ item? ” – Martin Jay

US officials accuse Russia of antagonizing Washington’s illegally occupying troops in Syria – “The Americans claim there is “unsafe and unprofessional” activity where they have no right to be” – Robert Inlakesh

They Are Literally Poisoning Our Food On A Massive Scale, And Most People Don’t Even Realize What Is Happening – “Have you ever heard of neonicotinoids? Most of you probably have not, and that is exactly what the giant agricultural corporations want. They don’t want you to know that crops all over the United States are literally being “pre-poisoned” with harmful insecticides that are having a nightmarish impact on the environment. And most of our politicians will never do anything about this because they are being showered with campaign donations by the companies that are doing the poisoning.” – Michael Snyder


JPMorgan, PNC To Buy First Republic After FDIC Seizure First Leaves Taxpayers Holding The Toxic Stuff – “As the weekend begins, the WSJ reports late on Friday that big banks including JPMorgan and PNC are set to buy First Republic Bank but not in a private, market-arranged deal but rather in a transaction that would follow a government seizure of the troubled lender. A seizure and sale of First Republic, which would wipe out the equity of FRC and potentially impose losses on creditors, could come as soon as this weekend, the WSJ sources said. And so JPM, which is already the largest US bank is about to get even bigger, by scooping up all the good FRC assets while leaving US taxpayer holdings on to the toxic ones.” – Tyler Durden

This Inflation is Stuck, Churns from Product to Product: Core PCE Price Index Moves Sideways for 9 Months, Stubbornly High Near 5%. To Top it Off, February Was Revised Higher – “It’s just not encouraging at all. Inflation is just shifting around, dropping in some product categories, rising in others.” – Wolf Richter

Core Inflation Is Proving More Stubborn Than Jay Powell – “Nothing To Show For A Year Of Futile Fed Funds Rate Hikes” – Peter Nayland Kust

Fed Says… “The Banking System Is Sound.” Is This The KISS OF DEATH? (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

What the End of Fed Rate Hikes Means for Stocks – “According to this week’s Commerce Department report, U.S. GDP increased at an annualized rate of 1.1 percent during Q1 2023. The experts thought GDP would grow by 2 percent. They were wrong. By now, it’s very well possible GDP has already slipped into reverse. We won’t know until the Commerce Department’s Q2 report is released in late July. In the interim, there’s an important question to be asked: Is a recession bullish or bearish for stocks? Next week, following the federal open market committee (FOMC) meeting on May 2 and 3, it’s widely anticipated that the Federal Reserve will hike interest rates by 25 basis points. This will take the federal funds rate to a range of 5.00 to 5.25 percent. It is also anticipated that this will be the last rate hike of this rate hiking cycle. That the Fed will then hold interest rates, before cutting them later this year to offset the recession.” – MN Gordon

Stagflationary outlook – “Consolidation of precious metals prices continued this week, with gold unchanged at $1984, and silver down 26 cents at $24.83. Turnover in silver futures on Comex was healthy, while in gold futures it was more modest. In the four days of this week, 779 gold contracts were stood for delivery, representing 2.42 tonnes. Gold and silver prices were undoubtedly “managed “by market makers and bullion bank trading desks, to ensure that April gold call options struck at $2000 and above expired worthless. That being the case, some selling pressure is likely to be alleviated in the weeks ahead. But as always, the battle between the bulls and bears continues, with the establishment shorts continuing to try to call the shots.” – Alasdair Macleod

Markets Eye Looming New Bank Failures, Debt Ceiling Showdown – “Possible Price Catalysts Include Fed, Banks, Political Conflict. Hard assets stand to gain from a cheapening U.S. dollar. The Dollar Index has been in a downtrend since last Fall. But over the past three weeks, currency markets have been choppy – as have precious metals market” – Mike Gleason


Experts Warning Americans to Be Prepared For Economic Collapse-Prepare For The 2023 The Year of Total Economic Collapse & A Permanent Great Depression !! – Amy S.

Get Started With Scratch Cooking – Part 2 – SaraSue  – PART ONE WAS LINKED YESTERDAY!!!

Transplanting Seedlings Outside: Tips for Success – “Ah, that special moment when the seedling babies you’ve gingerly raised indoors are finally ready to move out into the big bad world of the garden. Or, is it more like those lanky teenagers have long overstayed their welcome – and you’re ready to kick them out of the house? Either way, nothing is more rewarding than transplanting seedlings outside… except harvest time of course! ” – DeannaCat

10 Giant Edible Crops You Can Grow – Sunny M

Potassium Permanganate: Why I Still Carry this “Old School” Chemical – “Potassium permanganate, also known as “Condy’s Crystals”, has a multitude of survival uses. In use since the 1800’s, it is still important enough to be included in the WHO’s List of Essential Medicines, so this oldie is still a goodie that can treat drinking water, be used and an antiseptic, wound wash, antifungal bath, signal for rescue on snow and more. Best of all, nearly all these uses require surprising tiny amounts of the powerful chemical, making it possible to include it in even the smallest survival kits.” – Cache Valley Prepper

A Definitive Guide to the Difference Between Burls and Galls on Trees – “At some point, you’ve undoubtedly seen trees with strange-looking bumps and growths. These might have been smooth or lumpy, matching the tree’s bark color or contrasting sharply against them. Do you know what these lumps are called and what causes them? Typically, they’re either burls or galls, and what you should do about them depends on which it is.” – Catherine Winter


Proverbs 29:11    A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.


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