Why Tucker Carlson Had To Be Purged – “Michael Rectenwald exposes the corrupt Big Pharma interests behind Tucker’s ouster: Why would Fox get rid of an income generator like Tucker Carlson just as the bill came due? The answer is that Fox is not as concerned about making money as it is about being a faithful servant of the regime. Tucker crossed significant establishment redlines and has finally suffered the consequences. In February, BlackRock Inc. increased its position in Fox Corporation (FOXA). BlackRock now owns 15.1 percent of the company. BlackRock’s enhanced position in Fox Corporation explains, in part, the Tucker dismissal, and it was a dismissal, not Tucker’s choice. Why would BlackRock, headed by CEO Larry Fink, pressure Fox News to axe Tucker? For one, Tucker was known for his scathing criticism of Ukraine’s corruption, which put him at odds with the investment giant. BlackRock also has enormous holdings in pharmaceuticals companies, as one of the three largest shareholders of Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Merck. And Tucker recently interviewed Robert Kennedy, Jr. A presidential candidate, Kennedy has lambasted the covid-19 vaccines as ‘deadly and worthless.’” – Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.  – ARE YOU STARTING TO GET THE BIGGER PICTURE YET. BLACKROCK HAS IT’S HANDS IN EVERYTHING. INCLUDING NEWS MEDIA, FOOD SUPPLY, PHARMA  AND MORE, HAVE LINKED MANY ARTICLES ON THEM!!!!

15 Minutes to Hell – “The WEF depopulationist crowd is promoting global totalitarianism and it would appear that 15 minutes cities are an element of the global takedown. Smart cities using the most advanced technology to monitor, corral, and continue to experiment on the lessor humans that will be kept around for spare parts. ” – Dr. Joseph Sansone

Hot, Hot, Hot – “The sky warriors hold the climate models that have been predicting global doom to be sacrosanct. But as we have reported many times in the past, they’re flawed. A new research paper confirms our warnings. It would be helpful if the brand name media would make note of it. We won’t be holding our own hot air, though. Since 1980, Earth’s temperature trend “has changed little.” The researchers reckon that global temperatures have increased 0.19 degrees Celsius per decade over that period. The data was pulled from 50,498 weather stations combined with sea-surface temperature data. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the predictions that have been made by the climate models. Their forecasts indicate that ​​temperatures should be increasing at the rate of about 0.28–0.29 degrees Celsius per decade. That’s about 50% higher than the increases Berkeley Earth found.” – I & I Editorial Board

Tonic Discussions Episode 1: Climate Change (VIDEO) – Discussion featuring Grant Smith, Mark Bisone , Daniel D , Harrison Koehli , L.P. Koch , and John Carter – Tonic Seven

No, Washington Post, the Experts Were the Whole Problem – “The problem was and is that the remarkable knowledge of very few very smart people will never measure up to the collective knowledge of the citizenry. That’s why communism failed so impressively in the Soviet Union, and it’s why it fails in Cuba. Translated for those who need it, the people are the market and markets work. – John Tamny


Econ 101, a Fable – “Historians of the future, poaching ‘possum snouts in sorrel sauce over their campfires, will trace the fall of Western Civ in the 2020s to the dissolving hallucination that was called the financial economy. It was a phantom parasitical organism that thrived on the back of a real economy based on making-and-doing things derived from the natural world, turbo-charged by fossil fuels. The orgy of making-and-doing went on for two-hundred-plus years. Even with cyclical “recessions,” the making-and-doing always increased in the aggregate, while its products got ever more plentiful, elaborate, and complex. The phantom financial parasite clinging to its back got used to this “growth” and it, too, developed ever more ingenious ways to suck the life out of its host organism, until it became a greater entity than the host itself, breaking its back. ” – James Howard Kunstler – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!

Government without Consent Lacks Legitimacy – ” Politicians will say, “We’re fighting for democracy,” or “against terrorism,” or so that “we don’t have to fight them over here.” Rarely, however, will you hear those politicians use freedom as a call to arms, even though America was forged and invigorated by an indomitable spirit yearning to be free. Why? Why would those in positions of power forsake freedom as a rallying cry when no other word better signifies who Americans are, what they have done, and what they will do in the future? The answer is that the American government has become no different than the English one it overthrew — intoxicated by its own power to such a degree that it has deluded itself into believing that control over those it purports to govern is its by right.” – J.B. Shurk

Hunter Biden Heads to Court After Attorney Refuses to Tell Judge if ‘So-Called Laptop’ Is His Client’s – “Well, let’s clear that issue up right now. Is it your client’s laptop or not?” – Jon Miltimore

The Crazy Contours of the Crazier 2024 Election – “For the Left, having virtually no president at all certainly has its advantages. With no one in charge, everyone is in charge.” – Victor Davis Hanson

The Michelle Obama Nightmare Scenario- “All the attention is on the Republican race right now, but it should be on the Democrat race following the announcement, by that desiccated pervert masquerading as our president, that he thinks (sic) that he can go another round as president. The sad fact is the only people happy about Biden’s presidency are that very real doctor, Jill, and Jimmy Carter, who is serene in the knowledge that he was not the worst president of the last century thanks to Grandpa Badfinger. Everybody knows that Joe Biden is a demented freak and a creepy confident weirdo who was an idiot before his mind disintegrated into the kind of mush that he eats on the rocking chair every afternoon watching “Matlock” reruns. What are the chances that Michelle Obama will come out of her expensive and luxurious retirement to try to take up the banner for the Democrats in 2024? She has certainly sparked a lot of speculation, and a lot of dread, among Republicans. ” – Kurt Schlichter

Joe Biden claims to be the most pro-union president in history – but workers disagree – “A US Railway Union (RWU) rep explains why Biden isn’t their man in the White House” – Bradley Blankenship

Three Times Deported Mexican Who Shot Neighbors Described by Media As “Texas Man” – “DHS chief refuses to comment on case. Despite there being numerous mugshots showing Oropesa, the media appears to be unwilling to use them and keeps referring to him as a “Texas man”.” – Paul Joseph Watson

New York City is starting to smell like dirty bong water, disgusting even the tourists – “With drug decriminalization and the proliferation of homeless encampments, the smell of marijuana is all over New York City and it stinks something fierce.” – Monica Showalter

Chicago’s Criminal Irresponsibility – “Progressive thinking on urban violence is so unrealistic it is dystopian.” – Jukka Savolainen

Which Lives Matter? – “I think we all know. This month, there were four shootings in just one week, in which someone opened fire after a chance encounter. All four sound awful, but only one made the big time. Joe Biden called the victim, Kamala Harris prayed for him, and he netted millions in GoFundMe money.” – Jared Taylor

CIA Director William Burns Met with Jeffrey Epstein According to Epstein’s Private Calendar – “in these new documents that the Wall Street Journal has obtained, several high profile names that were not previously associated with Jeffrey Epstein have emerged, including current CIA Director William Burns. It is truly amazing to see how these people in positions of power and wealth are trying to backpedal their past associations with the accused and convicted pedophile.” – Brian Shilhavy

The Single Dumbest Thing The Empire Asks Us To Believe – “The single dumbest thing the US-centralized empire asks us to believe is that the military encirclement of its top two geopolitical rivals is a defensive action, rather than an act of extreme aggression. We’re asked to believe many extremely stupid narratives by the manipulators who rule over us, but I really think this one might take the cake. The idea that the US militarily encircling Russia and China is an act of defense rather than aggression is so in-your-face transparently idiotic that anyone who thinks critically enough about it will immediately dismiss it for the foam-brained nonsense that it is, yet it’s the mainstream narrative in the western world, and millions of people accept it as true. Because that’s the power of US propaganda.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Who gains from a forever war in Ukraine?- M. K. Bhadrakumar

Trans activists like Dylan Mulvaney are pushing relentlessly to redefine society. We must respond – “You’re not crazy for noticing the transgender movement’s revolution, but you are being gaslighted. They attempt to transform every aspect of society, implement compelled speech (“preferred pronouns”); insist that their ideology be taught in state schools; advocate for laws that would see children taken away from “non-affirming” parents; demand that their flags be flown from public flagpoles; and call for sex change surgeries for children — and then claim that we are somehow the ones causing all the fuss for responding to these things. ” – Jonathon Van Maren

Was It Really a Good Death? Or Murder? – “Tens of thousands of people in the U.K. have allegedly been murdered via involuntary euthanasia in hospitals and care homes run by the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS).1 The process typically involves the administration of midazolam, a sedative drug often used in the U.S. for execution via lethal injection.2 Because it doesn’t relieve pain, an opioid such as morphine is usually added in. The scandal is ousted in “A Good Death? The Midazolam Murders,” a documentary film produced by Jacqui Deevoy. She realized something was wrong when a do-not-resuscitate order, or DNR, was put on her dad while he was in a care home.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

House Judiciary Committee Questions ATF Director on Overreach – Larry Keane

Court Issues Order Blocking Illinois’ – “There is no evidence as to how PICA will actually help Illinois Communities,” the court wrote. “It is also not lost on this Court that the Illinois Sheriff’s Association and some Illinois States Attorneys believe PICA unconstitutional and cannot, in good conscience, enforce the law as written and honor their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution.” The court continued, “it does not appear that the legislature considered an individual’s right under the Second Amendment nor Supreme Court precedent. Moreover, PICA did not just regulate the rights of the people to defend themselves; it restricted that right, and in some cases, completely obliterated that right by criminalizing the purchase and the sale of more than 190 ‘arms.’” The court was even more critical of the arguments that the state put forward in defense of PICA. The state argued that PICA was constitutional because the arms and magazines that it banned did not exist in 1791 when the Constitution was ratified. The court called that argument “bordering on the frivolous.”” – NRA-ILA

Illinois gun stores swamped after judge halts enforcement of gun and magazine ban – Cam Edwards


An Invite You Cannot Refuse, JPMorgan Takes Over First Republic Bank, Big Get Bigger – “Regulators seized First Republic Bank and offered it to JPMorgan with sweeteners.” – Mish  – DOESN’T LOOK LIKE THEY ARE DOING MUCH REGULATING. LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE IN CAHOOTS WITH JP MORGAN. IMAGINE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JPM CEO Says “System Is Very, Very Sound” After Second Largest US Bank Failure In History – “”Doesn’t seem like it Jamie, old chap? But hey, whatever you say now as the CEO of a bank that holds over 10% of America’s deposits. – Tyler Durden

The System Is Starting To Unravel At A Pace That Is Absolutely Breathtaking – Michael Snyder

The Entire System Is BREAKING! And Its A Set Up For What Is Coming.. BE READY. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino  – ANOTHER GOOD WATCH FROM GREG!!!!!

Pay Now vs. Then – “General Motors CEO Mary Barra reportedly received almost $30 million in compensation last year. For one year’s work. For about nine year’s work, she has been paid about $200 million, according to the trade publication, Automotive News. That’s nice work – if you can get it. GM – all of it – currently has about a 17 percent market share in the U.S. GM – all of it – currently has about a 17 percent market share in the U.S. It’s up slightly from the 16-ish percent GM had circa 2021 but it’s still a lot less of a share than GM’s Chevrolet division had by itself back in 1970, when then-CEO James M. Roche was paid $822,000 for the year. The rest of GM – back then – had about a 50 percent market share. Of course, $822,000 in 1970 isn’t what it is today. But it’s not almost $30 million, either. And neither is 17 percent of what used to be 50 percent. There is another interesting number to chew on as regards GM today: $52,849. The average price paid for a new GM vehicle last year. As GM “electrifies,” prices will continue to rise – while affordability will fall. It’s a perfect nexus of sales disastrousness.” – Eric Peters

Fooling Us With Fake Stats: Household Net Worth When something means the opposite of what they claim… Towards the end of a financial bubble, the people who benefit from the bubble’s continuation — politicians hoping to be reelected, bankers hoping to complete the next deal, money managers talking their books — start touting “record household net worth” as a sign of societal health.” – John Rubino

The Economy Is A Powder Keg, Boiling Over And Ready To Blow – “Pressure is building up in the economic system while our government crosses the Rubicon with how they handle policy. Something’s going to blow. Two “variables” that happened to catch my eye on Friday were (1) another regional bank collapsing, and being put into receivership and (2) the price of equities continuing to move higher as though nothing is wrong. The juxtaposition of these two variables — the fact that markets didn’t care and/or notice that another bank had just collapsed — is tough to overlook. It’s especially tough when put into context. Since March, five major banks have collapsed: Silicon Valley, Silvergate, Signature Bank, Credit Suisse and now First Republic.” – Quoth the Raven

Ongoing U.S. Mint Failures Bring Discredit to America, Raise Costs – “We are one third of the way through 2023, and it has certainly been interesting in the bullion markets thus far.” – Clint Siegner

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.97EUR


Amish Lessons That Prepare You For Living Off The Grid – “There are dozens of potential crisis scenarios that we face these days. One of the scariest is the loss of our power grid. However, there is one group of people living in modern society that has chosen to live without electricity. This is the Amish. Day in and day out for hundreds of years they have preserved food, lit their homes, worked the land, and cooked their meals without any need for electricity. ” – Ryan Dotson

19 Edible Climbing and Vining Plants for Vertical Gardens – Catherine Winter

98 percent of Americans Depend on 2 percent who are Farmers – “Whatever the many additional reasons are, the fact is that much our food supply is in the hands of the few – most of whom are ‘big farming’ and/or part of ‘big corporate agriculture’. And they do not necessarily have your best interests in mind. Don’t get me wrong.. they’re producing lots of ‘food’ (and exports). However the way I see it – this has put most of our eggs in one basket, so to speak. From the standpoint of prepping & preparedness, I see all this as a fairly significant risk. ” – Ken Jorgustin

Throw It Out! – “In this article, we will explore some common signs that food has spoiled and how to tell it’s time to throw it away. Common Signs Of Spoilage. There are many ways to tell a product is spoiled. However, it differs depending on the type of product in question.” – Katherine Paterson

16 Easy Chicken Coop Ideas – Candi Hanson


Proverbs 20:8    A king that sitteth in the throne of judgment scattereth away all evil with his eyes.