End Environmental Racism! – “Biden creates Office of Environmental Justice. Today, President Biden signed an Executive Order to enable environmental justice for all. After almost ignoring the Ohio train derailment, the Biden-Harris Administration is suddenly worried about communities facing persistent environmental injustice through toxic pollution, underinvestment in infrastructure and critical services. They say that these disproportionate environmental harms are not due to poverty but racial discrimination. It is likely that incidents such as the Ohio derailment occur more frequently due to failing infrastructure. And this will only accelerate if funds are diverted away from maintenance and upkeep to wishy washy environmental justice departments. And we all know where the money will really end up, in some rich person’s bank account who has multiple jets but claims that sea levels will kill us all in 10 years.” – The Naked Emperor

The Tower for Twitter? UK Minister Calls for Jailing Social Media Bosses Who Do Not Censor Speech – Jonathan Turley

According to Robert Kennedy Jr., Climate Skeptics Should be Put in Jail – “RFK Jr. and his team of lawyers and editors wrote an excellent exposé on Dr. Mengele 2.0 entitled, The Real Anthony Fauci. But if you read his book carefully, you would have noted that while he provided charts showing that the major vaccines were all introduced after the respective diseases they were supposedly preventing were all but eradicated, he still did not reject these dangerous and ineffective poisons. He also intimated that AIDS was Dr. Mengele 2.0’s first crime against humanity, but then concluded that the disease most likely is in fact real. There have been rumblings that RFK Jr. is also anti-2A. His most redeeming quality currently is that he is an anti-vaxxer when it comes to the COVID-19 slow kill bioweapons, as well as his position on mandates, lockdowns and masks. His position on Ukraine is utterly misguided and naive. But what about his take on the Great Reset’s endgame PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE?” – 2nd Smartest Guy in the World  – IS BOBBY JR. REALLY WHO YOU THINK HE IS!!!!

Tech Would Be Fine If We Weren’t Ruled By Monsters: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “Militarized robots are the anti-guillotine. They’re the final solution to the ancient “there are a lot more of us than there are of our rulers” problem. Everyone with wealth and power has been eyeing their incremental rollout with intense interest while trying to play it cool. So many emerging technologies would be cause for celebration if our rulers weren’t so damn evil and our systems weren’t so damn oppressive. In a healthy society we’d be celebrating automation and AI giving us more and more abundance and free time; instead we’re terrified of police robots and technocratic dystopia.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Charge Lines – “Back in the ’70s, there were gas lines – caused by gas shortages. Which were caused not by a shortage of gas but by politics. These often stretched around the block. People sat for hours to get some gas – sometimes running out of gas while they waited to get it. How long will people be waiting for a charge? It could be even longer – and in more than just the obvious sense. That being it always – and necessarily – takes longer to charge an electric car than it does to fuel up a gas (or diesel) powered car. Even if there isn’t a line, you will get to wait.” – Eric Peters

Damning Proof The US Govt Has Been Lying To Us For Decades About ‘Climate Change’ With Weather Modification Confirmed By The MSM After Being Called A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ For YEARS – “Please forgive me if I sound quite angry in this story but that’s because I’m absolutely enraged at the satanical ‘powers that be’ that have been LYING to the American people for YEARS AND YEARS, while punishing independent news outlets for reporting the truth that they’d never previously report on but now, all of a sudden, have decided to do. For almost 10 years now we’ve been reporting here at ANP on the weather modification projects, chemtrails and ‘cloud seeding’ that the globalists have been doing to ‘modify’ the weather… for that entire time the globalists have been calling any and all such reports ‘conspiracy theories,’ with ANP being slandered as putting out ‘fake news’ or ‘mis/dis-information’ by google for our reports which now, after nearly 10 years, the mainstream media has decided to confirm. ” – Stefan Stanford

Former nurse describes hospital Covid-19 protocols as “medical murder” – Ethan Huff

Covidism: Contagious Deception – 2023 Documentary – “”Covidism: Contagious Deception” is the most comprehensive documentary on Covid-19, thoroughly analyzing both the scientific and political aspects of the crisis.” – Lioness of Judah

Ursula von der Leyen, world’s most powerful and worst woman – “The lady who texted with Pfizer’s president over the price and number of doses of COVID vaccines the EU would buy–10 doses per person. What else has she done? The 2022 Global Goalkeeper Award, which was presented by Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates, recognizes a leader who has driven progress on a global scale toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. This year’s award was presented to Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission… For Ursula, you give away the EU’s money to Bill Gates’ charity Gavi, and you get an award from GATES. I looked in 20 places but could not find the monetary value of the BMGF award to Ursula, which makes me wonder if it is huge?” – Meryl Nass

Debt Ceiling Crash, Biden 9.5% Approval, CV19 Bioweapon Peak Death (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter


It’s Inevitable: American Patriots Need Guns Because A War Is Coming – “Should the actions of a handful of criminals be used as an excuse to take away the rights of millions of innocent people? Any reasonable person would say no, but when it comes to gun related violence the standards of logic tend to go out the window. There are many government officials that view each major shooting as a gift – They believe that tragedies are political capital, a tool for leveraging away our freedoms. Why do they pursue this particular narrative, though? Perhaps because, statistically speaking, conservative (and libertarian) men are the predominant group keeping authoritarians at bay. The government attacks us because they are afraid of us, and they are afraid of us for a reason. It’s not about what we are doing, it’s about what we could do if they cross the line into accelerated tyranny, and this is on the verge of happening.” – Brandon Smith  – ANOTHER VERY GOOD READ FROM BRANDON. ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE WHO ARE ANTI-GUN AND DON’T REALIZE WHAT THE ACTUAL GOAL IS HERE. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH KIDS GETTING KILLED OR STOPPING CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Existential Economics – “Like most of you, my tolerance for the politics of corruption has about run it’s course. Anything they might have been able to do wasn’t done and now they’re left with continuing to pursue what they can no longer accomplish. The society we grew up in was glorious, but it was a moment of fantastic dreams coming true sandwiched between the great depression and Ruby Ridge. Why Ruby Ridge and not 9/11? Because Ruby Ridge taught those of us who grew up in American greatness that it was no longer great, that the evil governments were capable of in the rest of the world had found purchase in our beaches. It was the red flag waving in the distance that everyone could see. The Weavers were an excuse to breathe in that corrupt air of superiority and self-righteousness that no communist is capable of resisting.” – T.L. Davis

Wool Over Our Eyes – “It is curious to me that people do not understand that historically, perpetrators of evil have always made an effort to convince people in general that what they are doing is not evil, and in fact is good for them. If the militia police pulls a man from the street for whatever reason the government wants him, his family is told he was breaking the law. If there is a peaceful protest of concerned citizens, who are beaten and arrested for protesting, the general public is told they were destroying property, or attempting to overthrow the government, and thus are a threat to everyone’s well being (think Truckers Convoy in Canada). The strange thing again is that people do not connect the dots. Not only will they refuse to see what is plainly in front of them, they will deny it with such vehemence and conviction, accusing anyone attempting to enlighten them they are conspiracy theorists, rabble rousers, insane, or worse.” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP  – GOOD READ FROM TODD AS USUAL!!!!

Is Everybody Lying? – “Not that reasonable people trusted most of them in the first place. It took a while, but some of the biggest “official narrative” scams and cons of the past few years are finally being exposed. High-ranking US officials have apparently been lying about public health, election integrity, and (of course) war. Among the things that have just come to light:” – John Rubino

The World is Not Enough for Crazy Western Warmongers… NATO Launches Biggest-Ever War Drills in Atlantic AND Pacific – “The manic Western warmongering instinct is still viral and a potentially catastrophic danger. In line with its fateful imperial implosion, the United States-led military machine known as NATO is desperately cranking up on all cylinders – in order to incite war tensions in both of the world’s hemispheres. The global picture is at once condemnable and outrageous, and yet consumers of Western corporate media are numbed with lies, sophistry, distractions and blandishments.” – Strategic Culture Foundation

Is the outrage mill a feature or a bug? “I have a suspicion it’s both and that this is what makes it so difficult to parse” – El Gato Malo

ELECTION 2024 Trump & Kennedy? Or The Cartel’s Great Depression? – “Wading into the 2024 fray of candidates, the most striking intrigue is Bobby Kennedy Jr. Displaying all the good and some of the not so good characteristics of the Kennedy family, Bobby Kennedy’s decision has the potential to completely obliterate the democrat party as it is currently defined. In reality, of course, there is absolutely nothing democratic about the Democrat Party and they should reclaim their roots as the Communist Party of Bolsheviks. Kennedy is old school Democrat Party…” – Helena Glass

Hunter Biden’s lawyers to meet with feds – CNN – “Attorneys for the US president’s son have reportedly set up talks with prosecutors about a pending criminal investigation” – RT – LOOK FOR THEM TO WORK OUT SOME DEAL OR GET THE TAX CHARGES DROPPED. THEY ARE ALREADY ACCUSING THE WHISTLE-BLOWER OF COMMITTING A FELONY BY REVEALING PRIVATE TAX INFO. HE’S THE FELON AND NOT HUNTER, WHAT A JOKE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden Plays Russian Roulette With Your Family’s Future – “At a news conference in Washington, Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York and the majority leader, was more blunt. “If Speaker McCarthy continues in this direction,” he said, “we are headed to default.” Are they even speaking the same language? What’s more disturbing is Senator Schumer’s “blunt” response threatening default. That’s a big, big threat. President Biden has completely refused any discussion or negotiation, and his “all or nothing” strategy has set the two sides, fiscal responsibility versus massive spending, on a collision course.” – Peter Reagan


The Bud Light Revolt – “Pissed-Off Patriots Reject “Woke” Indoctrination” – Mike Whitney

REPLACED: Bud Light Marketing VP Behind Brand’s Transvestite Embrace Put on Leave of Absence – “Alissa Heinerscheid was toxic for the brand. All of these wokesters are killing their companies.” – JD Rucker

Ralph Yarl and the poison of identity politics – “This awful shooting is being used to peddle divisive racial myths. No one is questioning Yarl’s innocence in all this – by all accounts, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nor is anyone seriously suggesting that Lester responded in a rational or defensible manner. But while race has dominated the discussion of the charges, it doesn’t feature in the charges themselves. In time, proof of Lester’s alleged prejudice may well emerge. We should wait for all the facts before rushing to judgement. The point here is that too few journalists or politicians even waited for the dust to settle before they set about turning Yarl into the next BLM figurehead. Of course, this isn’t the first time that The Narrative has run so far ahead of the facts where violence and race in America are concerned.” – Tom Slater

Why Exactly Is Washington State Passing A Wholly Unconstitutional “Assault Weapon” Ban At This Time? – “There are no coincidences. In section 3 of this criminal “law” the following is stated: No person in this state may manufacture, import, distribute, sell, or offer for sale any assault weapon, except as authorized in this section. This abomination of a bill then goes on to state: All forms of AK47s, and all forms of AR15s, M16s and M4s. Basically, the majority of all modern rifles are now illegal in this technocommunist hellhole State.” – 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

Washington To Castrate Minors Without Parental Consent As UN Pushes Legalized Pedophilia (VIDEO) – Greg Reese – THIS IS A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earth’s Ultimate War: A Battle to Control the Noosphere – “”You feel it, don’t you? There’s something deeply wrong with our world. And I don’t refer to the planet’s geosphere. I mean, there’s something deadly wrong with society overall, and the ways in which we interact and react. Something is coming, and many understand what it is. The quote below is from Putin’s editorial: “We propose the creation of a harmonious economic community stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok. In the future, we could even consider a free trade zone or even more advanced forms of economic integration. The result would be a unified continental market with a capacity worth trillions of euros.” This was 2010, and the notion scared the hell out of everybody at the World Economic Forum, including the janitor. It was at about this time that the hierarchy decided that Putin and Russia as the boy from Leningrad envisioned it, must go. And here we are, witnessing a proxy war with one purpose, to tear a deep crevice in between Europe and Asia.” – Phil Butler

US Tries To Blame Russia For Sudan “Deep State” War – “Debunking The Latest Fake News Narrative” – Andrew Korybko


Fantasy of the Day: The U.S. Consumer is Holding Up Well – “Unlike European customers, US consumers are sticking with brand names. But Is the U.S. Consumer is Holding Up Well? On a nominal basis it appears so. On a real (inflation-adjusted basis) the story looks different. In 8 out of the last 10 months, consumer spending did not keep up with inflation.” – Mish

Short End of the Treasury Market Goes Totally Nuts. Doubts Creep in Over Debt Ceiling? – “The good folks in Congress are surely too worried about their own wealth, and sheer greed will keep them from pushing the US into default. But…” – Wolf Richter

Extremes Get More Extreme, But Everything’s Fine – “Extremes keep getting more extreme, but for those at the top of the heap, it’s all fine. For everyone else slipping down the ladder, all that FINE adds up to Fragile, Insecure, Nonsensical, Expensive.” – Charles Hugh Smith

A Silver Lining (VIDEO) – “Most attention in the precious metals markets has focused on inflation and the Federal Reserve’s response. The perception that the Fed will continue to tighten monetary policy to fight inflation has created headwinds for gold and silver. But as Friday Gold Wrap host Mike Maharrey explains, there is a silver lining in all this – the fundamentals for silver. In this episode, Mike highlights silver’s supply and demand dynamics. He also covers some good news for gold and silver coming out of Arkansas.” – Michael Maharrey

EU Introduces New Tax To Push For Global Carbon Pricing – ZeroHedge

Silver report out – “Gold and silver continued their consolidation this week, with gold down $17 from last Friday’s close at $1986 in European trading this morning. And over the same timescale, silver was down 24 cents at $25.07. On Comex, turnover in the gold contract was low, with 95,300 ounces (2.96 tonnes) stood for delivery in the first four days, while turnover in silver was healthier. This week, the Silver Institute released its annual World Silver Survey. It headed its introduction by stating, “Once again, 2022 was a year of sharp contrast between silver’s fundamentals and institutional investor attitudes towards the metal; while the silver market saw what may have been the largest deficit on record, professional investors were indifferent or bearish for much of the year.”” · Alasdair Macleod

Why Gold Is Such an Effective Weapon Against the Government’s Monetary Schemes -Joshua Glawson


Building a Dedicated .22 Small Game Rifle – Part 1 – “I have been looking for a dedicated .22 Long Rifle (LR) small game rifle built along the lines of a target rifle. If I ever have to feed myself using a .22 rifle I want one that is heavier than normal for stability, is significantly more accurate than most factory rifles, has good optics and a good trigger, is easier to clean and maintain, can be cleaned from the chamber end of the barrel, fits my adult size well, takes a detachable magazine, has a conventional stock, and will always work. It must have practical accuracy as well as mechanical accuracy.” – Steve A.

Improvised Fallout Shelter Tips – “Your government has gone to great length to preserve itself against nuclear attack, but has done virtually nothing to protect you, the American citizen.” – Cache Valley Prepper

SHTF – What To Do NOW To Be Ready – Fabian Ommar

Power Grid Outage – Something You Must Know About Solar Panels for Urban Survival – “If you are concerned about the likelihood of a power grid failure in 2023 and are considering solar energy as an urban survival alternative, there are three things you need to know. Solar energy is not as simple as putting up some panels and then plugging in your appliances. Most “Off the Grid” Houses Are NOT Off the Grid Contrary to popular belief, most homes that produce “all the energy they need from solar panels” are still very much connected to and dependent upon the power grid. In fact, it is the power grid that balances out their overproduction of electricity during the day with their lack of solar electricity during the night.” – Dave Jefferson

Valuable Vaseline: More Than 55 Frugal Ways to Use It – Chloe Morgan

10 Emergency Uses for Vicks Vapor Rub – Bernie Carr  – SIMILAR TO THE ABOVE ARTICLE!!!


Jeremiah 8:9    The wise men are ashamed, they are dismayed and taken: lo, they have rejected the word of the Lord; and what wisdom is in them?


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