COVID Comeback? The “Arcturus” Strain Spreads Still “Just The Flu” – “There are two ways to view the emergence of the “Arcturus” strain of SARS-CoV-2 that is steadily making its way around the globe. The first way is Stephanie Brail’s view in her “Wholistic” Substack, which has great fun with the absolute absurdity of naming a virus after a red giant star in the Big Dipper constellation. Then there’s the corporate media approach. Suffice it to say, corporate media is much less fun to read. Once again, we get yet another installment of Pandemic Panic Narrative. Seriously, if COVID were a soap opera we would have to call it “As The Stomach Churns”.” – Peter Nayland Kust

Russia follows WHO’s lead and ramps up fear of the Arcturus variant – Rhoda Wilson

Secret CDC Report confirms over 1.1m Americans have ‘Died Suddenly’ since the COVID Vaccine Roll-Out; & further Government reports confirm the Vaccines are to blame – The Expose

Deagel population forecast of nearly 70 percent fewer Americans by 2025 is starting to look prophetic – “All of the globalist policies over the last three years are driving toward one thing, mass depopulation. Yes, they want to kill us. Until you understand that, you will never understand what’s going on. You will never make sense of it.I like to revert back to the analysis done by Deagel Corp. in 2014, forecasting massive global population declines out to the year 2025, especially in Western countries. Deagel’s founder was a military contractor who had sources well positioned in the deep state. If the Deagel calculations turn out to be even close to accurate, the most unsafe places to live over the next three years will be the United States, Canada and the U.K., followed by Germany, Australia and the rest of the E.U. nations.” – Leo Hohmann

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 22, 2023 (VIDEO) – “Record warmth to snow, back to record warmth and then back to snow again, all in the course of a week. Such extreme temperature and weather whiplash events aren’t random acts of nature, they are the direct results of completely out of control climate engineering operations.” – Dane Wigington

AI Will Eventually Be ‘As Good a Tutor as Any Human’: Bill Gates – “Artificial intelligence (AI) may not be advanced enough to replace teachers now, but according to Bill Gates, that time is not far off. “The AIs will get to that ability to be as good a tutor as any human ever could,” the Microsoft co-founder said at the ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego on April 18.” – Samantha Flom

Headed Our Way? – “You might consider it a clue that almost literally every “crisis” of the past 30 years – and the “solutions” tendered by those who insist there is a “crisis” – further consolidates the power of the government-corporate nexus and corrodes whatever nominal “freedom” still remains to us. We are no longer free to travel. On the road, we may be stopped arbitrarily – for literally no reason at all, beyond a generic assertion that there might be a “drunk” about. Not you, specifically – nor anyone else, specifically. Just a kind of archetype of “drunk” – who could be anyone. We are no longer free to travel – by air. Having successfully established the principle that there is no right to travel by car unmolested, it was easy enough to expand the principle to encompass travel by air, where being “drunk” is immaterial as you are not flying the plane. But you might be a “terrorist.” Anyone might be. Ergo, everyone must get used to being treated as a presumptive terrorist” – Eric Peters

Remdesivir Links Anthrax 9/11 Players To Corona 9/11 Gang – “The official story is that Remdesivir began in 2009 as an antiviral for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). It proceeded from there to be used for Hepatitis C in 2009-2010, and then for Ebola in Africa in 2013.” – George Webb

Feds Have No Data On How Regulations Reduce Emissions: Audit Finds – “An audit by the commissioner concluded that Environment Canada “used modelling approaches to estimate greenhouse gas emission reductions.” The federal government does not know if regulations to limit methane emissions are achieving their target, said the report. The audit found that large sources of methane emissions were unaccounted for in inventories and not covered by any existing regulations. The audit considered five regulations with the stated intent to reduce emissions from vehicles on the road, power plants, and oil and gas production.” – Marnie Cashcart  –  CANADA, THE E.U. AND THE U.S. JUST MAKE REGULATIONS WITHOUT KNOWING IF THEY DO ANYTHING OR NOT. CLIMATE QUACKERY!!!!!


Getting Off the Roller Coaster to Bondage – “Life right now feels like that moment when your roller coaster car begins slowing down near a terrifying peak, and your line of sight finally captures the precipitous plunge lying ahead. Americans know that what happens next won’t be enjoyable except in that perverse way when abject terror floods the body with adrenaline. It’s not as if the ruling class’s “cult of expertise” provides any comfort. We have a president who long ago lost his marbles, a vice president who succeeded in the political profession by excelling in the oldest one, a secretary of defense committed to promoting men in dresses, a health bureaucracy pumping citizens full of experimental drugs, a Treasury Department endlessly printing money, a Commerce Department prioritizing inflation-inducing “green” windmills over real economic growth, a homeland security chief dedicated to keeping the nation insecure, and a national police force that treats half the country as “domestic enemies.” It’s almost as if whoever installed these yahoos into the highest positions of authority wanted obvious “fall guys” for when everything, well, falls down.” – J.B. Shurk

One Day You’ll Be Out Of Days (VIDEO) – ” Live life now. We have all heard that advice. So why don’t we? One day we’ll have no more days. One day it will be too late to follow your dreams.” – Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen  – GOOD ONE FROM BJORN!!!!

Clean vs. Dirty: A Way to Understand Everything – “I’m reading, with great joy, Fear of a Microbial Planet by Steve Templeton. The book is about the ubiquity of germs, trillions of them everywhere. They can be a threat but they are mostly our friends. Exposure, his thesis goes, is the path to health. Without it we will die. And yet, over the last three years, avoiding exposure has been the main goal of policy and culture throughout the world. “Stop the spread” or “Slow the spread” or “Socially distance” or “Stay home, stay safe” have been entrenched as slogans to govern our lives. It is possible to understand nearly everything going on today – the Covid response, the political tribalism, the censorship, the failure of the major media to talk about anything that matters, the cultural and class divides, even migration trends – as a grand effort by those people who perceive themselves to be clean to stay away from people they regard as dirty. ” – Jeffrey A. Tucker  – GOOD READ FROM JEFFREY!!!!!!

D.C. Uniparty declares DeSantis Man Bad- “”We don’t like his personality!” they seethe. The Uniparty corporate media machine is launching a new series of attacks against Florida’s governor, after recent polls show that he may present the greatest threat to a second Biden term at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. ” – Jordan Schachtel

‘Growing Frustration’ At FBI Over Failure to Charge Hunter Biden – Report – “If the impatient federal agents have their way, ‘10 percent for the big guy’ could mean felony criminal charges for the little one.” – Wyatt Reed

Vivek Ramaswamy Goes There: ‘Abortion Is a Form of Murder’ – “Thirty-seven-year-old multimillionaire Vivek Ramaswamy, who launched his improbable run for the White House on February 21, 2023, continues to make headlines for his incisive articulation and no-holds-barred attack on radical leftism and its insidious metastasis throughout virtually every aspect of American society.” – Mike Miller  – NOT SURE IF VIVEK IS THE REAL DEAL, BUT I GIVE HIM CREDIT FOR SAYING THINGS THAT NEED TO BE SAID!!!

The Self-Delusions of Neocons, All The Way From Bush to Biden – “On the one hand, they talk about ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’, but on the other hand, they are themselves the world’s biggest enemies of both, because they stand astride the world’s most rampant violator of international laws, and is also in other ways a police-state, whose many coups or “regime-change” operations have produced since the end of World War II in 1945, almost all of the world’s military invasions.” – Eric Zuesse

The Great Divorce? 2.6 Million Fled Counties That Voted For Biden – “Is the country separating itself into two distinct camps? One increasingly leftist and the other trying desperately to cling to traditional American values? Census data seem to show that it very well could be underway.” – I & I Editorial Board

ALL manners of freedom are being eroded (VIDEO) -Neil Oliver

Louisville Shooter Killed Five To Get Firearms Banned — And Democrats Are Happy To Oblige – “The U.S. is apparently at such a stage of degeneracy that anti-gun radicals are buying guns to shoot people and make the case for banning firearms. The man responsible for the deaths of five at Old National Bank in Lousiville, Kentucky, on April 10 reportedly admitted that the motivation for his killing spree was to further the left’s gun-control agenda. Over and over and over leftists have shown they will not stop at anything to make sure all branches of government do their bidding. What makes the gun-control fight any different? If the leftist administration, woke corporations, and the corrupt corporate media could lack compassion for The Covenant School shooting victims in March, which social media posts and headlines show they did, nothing can stop them from capitalizing on the actions of a deranged shooter to achieve their legislative goals.” – Jordan Boyd

Feds Still Fighting Release of J6 Tapes Despite Mounting Legal Pressure – “A consortium of major media companies is suing the Justice Department and the FBI for ignoring Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain the still-secret recordings of January 6.” – Julie Kelly

“Entire Downtown Is Effectively Dead:” Baltimore City Descends Further Into Turmoil – “Downtown Baltimore is plagued with shootings, carjackings, muggings, and out-of-control packs of teenagers wreaking havoc. Baltimore residents can thank five decades of Democrat politicians for mismanaging this once-thriving town. “- Tyler Durden

Because of Incessant Black Mob Violence, Chicago Group Creating Amber Alert-Like System for Letting Chicagoans Know a Black Riot Is Underway – “Dear White People, Get out of Chicago. That’s it. That’s the message.” – Paul Kersey  – THE AUTHOR OF THIS IS STRETCHING THE TRUTH HERE. BUT IN REALITY IT’S PRETTY CLOSE AS THEY ARE INDEED WANTING TO DO THIS TYPE OF ALERT. PRETTY SAD WHEN IT HAS COME TO THIS. CHICAGO WAS ONCE A GREAT CITY BUT HAS NOW BEEN RUINED!!!!!!

UN Global Takeover Plan Wickedness from Pit of Hell (VIDEO) with Alex Newman – “The U.N. is at the top of the Deep State, and it’s setting itself up to take control during any global emergency. Newman explains, “They give no clear definition on what constitutes a ‘global emergency,’ and they actually say it doesn’t have to be global and it doesn’t have to be an emergency. So, what happens when the U.N. Secretary General declares there is this complex global emergency?” – Greg Hunter

Now Ukraine’s telling us what kind of president to elect? – “Since when does a client state tell its sponsor state whom to elect? Seems we have that right now with Ukraine telling us what kind of president we need to elect in 2024.” – Monica Showalter

SUDAN CRISIS: West Losing Africa to Russia and China – “The Clashes in Sudan suddenly broke out despite no obvious instigation/rationale. EXCEPT – for the fact that Russia and Sudan inked a deal in February wherein Russia would be granted the right to install a Navy Base in the port city of Sudan on the Red Sea. The only caveat for the agreement was that the two military juntas, form a ratified government and legislative body. Which suddenly became impossible.” – Helena Glass  – GEE, WONDER WHY THAT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Empire’s Revenge: Set Fire to Southern Eurasia – “Hegemon hacks are spinning that the North Atlantic has relocated to South China. Goodnight, and good luck. The collective cognitive dissonance displayed by the pack of hyenas with polished faces driving U.S. foreign policy should never be underestimated. And yet those Straussian neo-con psychos have been able to pull off a tactical success. Europe is a ship of fools heading for Scylla and Charybdis – with quislings such as France’s Le Petit Roi and Germany’s Liver Sausage Chancellor cooperating in the debacle, complete with the galleries drowning in a maelstrom of hysterical moralism. It’s those driving the Hegemon that are destroying Europe. Not Russia.” – Pepe Escobar

Those Scary and Dangerous Russkies – “It was always inevitable that the Pentagon’s and the CIA’s “war on terrorism” would begin fizzling out, especially as the number of foreigners they were killing significantly diminished. That’s undoubtedly why the Pentagon hedged its bets and began expanding NATO eastward after the ostensible end of the Cold War, moving inexorably closer to Russia’s border.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

PM Orbán says the US cannot push Hungary into war – the rest of Europe would be wise to follow his policy – “Constant attacks of the Hungarian government from U.S. Democrats do little to differentiate the U.S. from the bullying superpowers it seeks to distance itself from” – Thomas Brooke


Real Wages Fall for Two Years Straight as “Transitory” Inflation Turns Stubborn – Ryan McMaken

The Strangest US Treasury Yield Curve in History, What’s Going On? – “The 3-month to 1-month T-Bill spread is the largest in history. Simultaneously we have record or near-record inversions on bellwether spreads.” – Mish

Good Guys Have Been Preparing For The Destruction Of The [CB],Secrets Will Be Revealed (VIDEO) with Bix Weir – “Bix begins the conversation talking about bank failures, this is not just a hiccup, this is much larger, more banks are going to fail. The good guys have been preparing for the destruction of the [CB] system for a long time, the new system will be gold and silver, just like it says in the constitution. In the end all secrets will be revealed.” – X22 Report

Goofy Conclusions From the Silver Institute – “The fact is that the only possible explanation for there being much greater demand than supply and prices falling (as the Silver Institute is reporting), is if someone is monkeying with the price. ”Monkeying with prices” is a bland term for what the collusive COMEX commercials do for a living. I guess price manipulation is a term to be avoided at all costs in these reports, despite the fact that all the data in the survey point to that inescapable conclusion.” – Ted Butler


How to Make the Best DIY Tomato Trellis (Stake Weave Hybrid) – “There are so many ways to support and train tomato plants: cages, strings, stakes, wire panels… we’ve tried them all! But let me tell you about my favorite DIY tomato trellis system. We came up with the design last summer, and it was a HUGE success!” – DeannaCat

Building a Dedicated .22 Small Game Rifle – Part 2 – Steve A.  – PART ONE WAS LINKED YESTERDAY, THIS CONCLUDES THE ARTICLE!!!

Lemons – “Homesteading is all about living off the land and self-sufficiency. Lemons are a common fruit grown by homesteaders but they don’t just make a delicious addition to recipes, there are many uses for them around your homestead.” – Abigail Damoah


Psalm 11:5  The Lord trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth.


Beat-up little seagull
On a marble stair
Tryin’ to find the ocean
Lookin’ everywhere

Hard times in the city
In a hard town by the sea
Ain’t nowhere to run to
There ain’t nothin’ here for free

Hooker on the corner
Waitin’ for a train
Drunk lyin’ on the sidewalk
Sleepin’ in the rain

And they hide their faces
And they hide their eyes
‘Cause the city’s dyin’
And they don’t know why

Oh, Baltimore
Man, it’s hard just to live
Oh, Baltimore
Man, it’s hard just to live, just to live

Get my sister Sandy
And my little brother Ray
Buy a big old wagon
Gonna haul us all away

Livin’ in the country
Where the mountain’s high
Never comin’ back here
‘Til the day I die

Oh, Baltimore
Man, it’s hard just to live
Oh, Baltimore
Man, it’s hard just to live, just to live

Oh, Baltimore
Man, it’s hard just to live
Oh, Baltimore
Man, it’s hard just to live, just to live

( Baltimore by Randy Newman )


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