CDC Director Walensky Says Vaccines Don’t Stop Transmission. Why Does Maine Still Mandate the Shot for Healthcare Workers? – “CDC Director Rochelle Walensky testified in Congress Wednesday that the mRNA injections marketed as COVID-19 vaccines do not stop the spread of the virus. Walensky’s comments contradict repeated claims during the pandemic that urged people to get the vaccines because doing so would reduce transmission of the virus. On Wednesday, she claimed those previous statements were true at the time, but since then, there has been an “evolution of the science” and now the vaccine no longer stops transmission.” – Steve Robinson  – AH YES, “EVOLUTION OF THE SCIENCE”. WHO IS SHE BULL-SHITTING!

Yet Another Attempt to Hide the Inconvenient Climate Data – Chris Morrison

Is the BBC the Most Corrupt Broadcaster in the World? – “BBC staff like to pretend that they have the right to the high moral ground. In reality the BBC (which is, let us never forget, a Government approved, Government controlled propaganda machine) employs 22,000 people who should all be arrested for complicity in a series of crimes. The crimes? Taking part in the biggest fraud in history. Supporting the fake pandemic, the dangerous lockdowns and the useless but dangerous masks. Promoting the most dangerous, pharmaceutical product ever made, lionising those making and promoting the vaccine and refusing to allow those questioning the safety and efficacy of the vaccines to discuss their fears on BBC programmes. Suppressing the truth to help perpetuate the fraud and demonising the truth-tellers. Refusing to allow proper, balanced debate of vital issues such as vaccination, digital currencies and smart cities. Promoting the absurd pseudoscientific nonsense known as ‘climate change’ and pretending that it is real and backed by the world’s scientists when it is neither of those things.” – Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

According To The Globalists, We Are One Crop Failure Away From ‘Food System Meltdown’ – New Consumables Added To The Shortage And/Or Inflation List – Susan Duclos

NYTimes Bitcoin Hit Piece Backfires as #StopThePresses Movement Erupts on Social Media – “What happens when America’s purported “paper of record” promulgates an unabashedly biased hit piece against Bitcoin’s so-called “climate impact”, replete with shoddy reporting, wrong data, logical fallacies and even doctored photographs? The public, fed up with being spoon-fed increasingly nonsensical propaganda under the guise of “news” turns the spotlight back on the outlet, highlighting the New York Times very real destruction of habitats, ecosystems and life giving, carbon reducing trees. the #StopThePresses movement erupted over the weekend, drawing attention to several inconvenient truths about how the New York Times print edition gets made:” – Mark E. Jeftovic

Steiner & the Blood Demons – “Is the human race under spiritual attack? And did the esoteric philosopher and clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner warn about it over a century ago when he said a ‘vaccine’ would be the delivery system for the defeat of humanity? Unlike some esoteric thinkers, Steiner saw the great importance of materialistic science but argued that it was vital to see it as only a single aspect of reality which should ideally be combined with what he called ‘spiritual science’ – gained by mystical experience – in order to present the full picture. His clearest warnings about the future fate of humanity came in a series of lectures delivered towards the end of his life in Dornach, Switzerland; these lectures are reproduced in the book The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness.” – Jason Heppenstall,  – INTERESTING READ!!!!!



Bobby Steps Up – “Of course, Yahoo News, and all the rest of the in-the-tank news media greeted Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s presidential announcement by branding him a “noted-anti-vaxxer,” as if that’s a bad thing. Yes, noted, thank you very much. Bobby Kennedy stepped up on Wednesday and gave a long and comprehensive speech so rich with historic resonance, intelligence, and flat-out bravery — in the face of, let’s face it, a Satanic opposition — that he made every other figure in this land aspiring to high office within memory look like quality-control rejects from evolution’s Homo sapiens assembly line. For 90-minutes in a Boston ballroom, RFK, Jr. told America the truth: Most of all, Bobby demonstrated that there is a way out of the bad-faith wilderness America has been lost in for years. Bobby’s entry onto the national stage is already a shock to the political system, which is why the captive news media is trying so hard to squash the news about it. They know that he brings something to this game that can trip-up the players currently on-the-field and take the contest of 2024 in a wholly different direction than the owners of the game expected.” – James Howard Kunstler  – A COUPLE OF GOOD OPINIONS HERE FROM MR. KUNSTLER AND GARY BARNETT. DIFFERENT VIEWS BUT BOTH WELL WORTH READING!!!!!!

Here We Go Again: Deranged Voters Looking for a Political Savior – “My gracious sakes alive; it is amazing that it is only eighteen months away from yet another mentally deranged presidential ‘election,’ and the insanity circus is already in town. Who will run? Who will be nominated? Who will be your savior this time around? Who will give you a check? Who will ‘fix’ the country? Who will be tasked with continuing the madness? Which trimmer will get called into the game by the ruling ‘elites’ to compete in this selection-based political process? Will it be Biden again, Trump, DeSantis, M. Obama, or the new lauded democrat, RFK, Jr., or any others in the cadre of political scum of wanna-be rulers vying for the selected top spot?” – Gary D. Barnett

Asked & Answered – “Many have noted the parallels between this age and the 1970’s. Trump is a good analog for Nixon. Biden is Carter. We have stagflation due to mismanagement of the money supply and reckless spending. The politicians have thrown open the jails and stopped prosecuting criminals, so the cities are falling into chaos. We now even have a standoff with the Russians. It is like old times. Of course, the irony is that the people in charge today were in the streets causing trouble back in the 1970’s. It is as if their last hurrah is going to be reliving their youth at your expense, one last time. The grand finale will be a Kennedy challenging their Jimmy Carter, thus ushering in the end of the madness. Or will it be a Sirhan Sirhan, this time in drag, assassinating a Kennedy to kick-off the madness? All of those things are superficial, but the parallels are interesting. A more serious storyline is that the Democrats may now have a Trump of their own. Kennedy is promising to run as a populist.” – The Z Man

RFK Jr. Launches Presidential Campaign, Vows to Reduce Chronic Disease in Children – “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Wednesday officially launched his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president, telling an overflow crowd in Boston that if he has not “significantly dropped the level of chronic disease in our children by the end of my first term, I do not want you to reelect me.”” – The Defender Staff

Why do Peacock Spiders dance? – “We’re not divided enough. Surely there are more things for us to fight each other over? We’ve got vaccines, gender, wars, race, food, ageism, mathematics, territories, immigration, abortion, religion, economics, politics, nationalities… …I mean, is that all there is? For example, the inflation economics and the outrageous gender stuff—we did all that back in the Weimar Republic. All we need now is the humiliation of losing the war with Ukraine and we’re ripe for electing Hitler 2. Almost as if it was orchestrated. But never mind all that. That was pretty obvious after a bit of thinking for most of us.I think I have it. We should have thought of this sooner. What happens? There’s a run on bathroom tissue. And what do we fight about when it comes to bathroom tissue? Should it roll over or under?” – Sylvia Shawcross

Biden DOJ Indicts Four Americans For “Weaponized” Free Speech – “The superseding indictment containing these charges consists of a lot of verbal gymnastics to obfuscate the fact that the DOJ is prosecuting US citizens for speech and political activities in the United States which happen not to align with the wishes of the US government. Under the First Amendment the government is forbidden to abridge anyone’s freedom to speak however they want and associate with whomever they please, which necessarily includes being as vocally pro-Russia as they like and promoting whatever political agendas they see fit, whether that happens to advance the interests of the Russian government or not.” – Caitlin Johnstone – BASICALLY DENYING YOUR RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT. ISN’T THAT COMMUNISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Cost of the Mafia – “It is almost exactly what the cosa nostra – the mafia, as portrayed in movies such as The Godfather – does, with the difference being that what the insurance mafia does is not only legal but legally required. You must hand them over money as one of the many conditions of being allowed to use the car you think you own on roads you’ve paid to use (and which you are effectively forced to use, as the government has taken over what used to be the public right-of-way that everyone once had an understood right to use into something you’re allowed to use, if you abide by the various conditions stipulated by the government).” – Eric Peters

Who Really Cares About Dead Kids?- “We’ve heard a lot lately about how Republicans don’t care about dead kids — just keep your hands off their guns! The bullhorn insurrection staged by Tennessee legislators, for example, was justified on the grounds that they were JUST TRYING TO SAVE CHILDREN’S LIVES!!! You’re supposed to be thinking of the little kids killed in school shootings, like in Uvalde or the Christian school in Nashville. In fact, the odds that a child will be killed in a mass school shooting are 1 in 10 million. The trick is that “children” includes 16-to-19-year-old gang members. Exclude 16-to-19-year-olds, and the number of kids killed by guns every year plummets from 2,811 to a few hundred. It turns out, black teenagers are using guns to kill a lot of other black teenagers.” – Ann Coulter  – AND THAT IS HOW THEY TWIST THE TRUTH IN ORDER TO TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS!!!!

Five reasons why Michelle Obama needs to stop attacking American Citizens’ rights to gun access – “Michelle has also mastered the art of playing the victim while being wealthy and powerful. If questioned or challenged, she is quick to play the race card. But beyond using her race to escape scrutiny, she had very little use for people of her race. So, let’s return back to Michelle Obama’s gun access statement. Michelle Obama probably forgot that her husband was in the White House for 8 years and did nothing about it. That is the first reason why she should remain quiet on gun issues. Michelle Obama probably forgot that since the day her husband announced he was running for President on February 10, 2007, the Obamas have received protection from armed bodyguards wherever they go and will continue receiving protection for the rest of their lives.” – Rajan Laad

Is Biden’s Credit Score Screw Job On Mortgage Pricing Even Legal? – “Previously, I wrote about new rules on mortgage rates in which the better your credit score, the higher your effective interest rates. This is an update.” – Mish

Transportation secretary Buttigieg blames transportation problems on…climate change – “It’s hard not to laugh at the deadly earnest, self-righteous inanities spouted by former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who, primarily because of his sexual orientation, was chosen to lead the Department of transportation. Name a bugaboo the progressives claim bedevils our society and Pete will tell you that it is at the root of transportation problems. Let’s see. Racism? Check. Next: climate “change.” Yep, Sexism? That’s coming up,” – Thomas Lifson

The Government Loves a Whistleblower – But Not for Hunter Biden – “After years of praising the exposers of secrets, the DC Swamp turns silent.” – Mark Angelides

Feds Now Eyeing Multiple Felony Charges Against Hunter Biden; IRS Whistleblower Story Grows Legs – “Several Hunter Biden stories have begun gaining traction in the last 24 hours, including a report by NBC News (so, ‘the narrative’) that federal prosecutors are eyeing charges on three tax crimes and a charge related to a gun purchase. Of course, nothing related to Hunter’s trips on Air Force Two with his then-VP-daddy to ink shady family deals with CCP-linked business partners, or that giant diamond & a $30 million offer that has all the appearances of a bribe, or the $3.5 million payment made to a Hunter-founded firm from the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow. None of that.” – Tyler Durden

Consumer Alert: Air Fresheners – “An astounding 19 pages of chemicals go into making one commonly used brand of air freshener, representing just how poorly regulated and toxic this increasingly popular class of consumer products is.” – Green Med Info

THE CANADIAN JOB Massive £12million gold haul STOLEN in audacious Ocean’s 11-style heist as thieves make off with bullion from airport – James Liveris and Olivia Burke  – YESTERDAY MY IMAGE FOR THE DAY ASKED – “GOT SILVER?”  THESE GUYS OBVIOUSLY GOT GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Discord Leaks: Justification to Quash Encrypted Messaging? – “But if this leak of information is so catastrophic, why are those same media outlets that helped find Teixeira reporting the material in the leaks? Given the number of articles generated by the Times, the Post, the BBC, and other major outlets, the leaks obviously contained a great deal of newsworthy information. Does anyone else smell hypocrisy here? How will this affect encrypted messaging? And is that the point?” -Marie Hawthorne

Motive for massacre: Louisville bank shooter Connor Sturgeon wrote chilling 13-page manifesto laying out his THREE reasons for killing spree: To prove how easy it is to buy a gun, highlight America’s mental health crisis…and kill himself – Greg Woodfield and Caitlyn Becker – KILLER SUPPOSEDLY LEFT A MANIFESTO ACCORDING TO THIS DAILY MAIL ARTICLE, BUT IT DOESN’T SAY WHERE, WHEN, HOW OR WHO. SUPPOSEDLY THE POLICE HAVE IT AND WE ARE JUST SUPPOSE TO TAKE THEIR WORD ON IT!!!

Officials in Tennessee Say Release of Trans Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto is Being Stalled by the FBI – Mike LaChance – MUST STILL BE WORKING ON THIS ONE!!!

100,000 Sri Lankan Monkeys Threaten the Yankee Dollar – “Whether the Chinese want to eat them, use them as lab rats or put them into zoos, the sheer scale of this order shows that China is now a major player in the monkey business. The news that Sri Lanka may export over 100,000 monkeys to China is another dagger to the Yankee dollar’s heart. Before moving on to other exotic exports from other exotic countries, let’s first put this monkey business to bed.” – Declan Hayes


Why Decades of Inflationary Finance Are Finally Coming Home to Roost – David Stockman

How quickly will the dollar collapse? – “The dollar’s monopoly was notably challenged by Saudi Arabia, which removed itself from the US’s sphere of influence to that of China and Russia. Consequently, peace has broken out throughout the Arab lands. But rising interest rates have destabilised western banking systems, which have added to the attractions of payment in China’s renminbi relative to maintaining bank deposits and investments in the currencies of the western alliance — particularly of the dollar. Foreigners hold $7 trillion of deposits and short-term bills and $24.5 trillion in bonds and equities. These balances are becoming surplus to their needs. The outlook is for US bank credit to contract further, which will drive interest rates even higher. More banks can be expected to fail. Foreigners are bound to become increasingly reluctant to hold dollars, which they will sell. Therefore, the question now is not how much will the dollar decline, but how rapidly. ” – Alasdair Macleod

Has The Banking Crisis Really Been Cancelled? Or Merely Postponed? – “What Has Actually Changed Since SVB Imploded?” – Peter Nayland Kust

Short End of the Treasury Market Goes Totally Nuts. Doubts Creep in Over Debt Ceiling? – “The good folks in Congress are surely too worried about their own wealth, and sheer greed will keep them from pushing the US into default. But…” – Wolf Richter


Three Charts You Need to See Before the Weekend Hits – “It’s earnings season and options expiration week for the month of April. Both of those items have historically been extremely bullish: stocks almost always rally into earnings and options expiration week is the week of for Wall Street to gun the markets higher. And yet… the stock market is doing this. When a pattern that has a lot of historical precedent stops working… it can indicate a serious shift is taking place under the surface of the markets.” – Graham Summers, MBA

LEHMAN X 5 EVENT IMMINENT (VIDEO) with Jim Willie – “Jim Willie is back with his uncensored take on the economic calamity that. is closing in on us. Jim says it will be like Lehman times five.” – SGT Report

JP Morgan on the Ropes in Gold as Silver Coverage Reaches Record Low – “On the surface, everything still looks fine at the COMEX, but the data reveals more going on.” – Schiff Gold

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.89EUR


DIY EMP-Proof Truck – “In a crisis, having a vehicle makes a huge difference to your chances of survival. You can cover enough ground, fast enough, to get away from fires, contamination or bad weather. You can load up all the gear you need and head for a bug-out location. Scavenging and foraging is a lot easier when you have a vehicle to transport your haul. But is it possible to have a vehicle that will keep running after an EMP attack? Yes, it is. ” – Fergus Mason

How to Smoke Meat and How to Make Meat Jerky – Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E.

Binoculars For Prepping, Preparedness, and their Many Uses – “Binoculars. They have so many uses and applications. Maybe you have a pair. I’ve owned a number of them over the years. Some have been pretty cheap. Others better. I have always been a fan of quality (where applicable, or when it’s worth spending for it based on one’s own situation). When it comes to binoculars, I’ve learned that the cheap ones are frustrating. Poor optics. A big ‘let down’ when you actually use them.” – Ken Jorgustin

7 Things You Should Never Compost: You’ll Regret It Later – JZ


Jeremiah 13:24-25  Therefore will I scatter them as the stubble that passeth away by the wind of the wilderness. This is thy lot, the portion of thy measures from me, saith the Lord; because thou hast forgotten me, and trusted in falsehood.