My – Oh My – Oh My! – “Please forgive the title, but my oh my! What in the world is happening, and why is it happening all at once? We now have constant train derailments, hazardous truck crashes, extensive increases in deadly weather (manmade?) and solar geoengineering, dangerous chemical fires, food production and distribution destruction, animal slaughters, explosions, strange weather anomalies, sudden deaths, and eggs at $12 a dozen. January 6th, the ‘greatest insurrection’ in the history of the world, all planned by government, FBI, CIA, and others, was on TV as everyone watched the set of that movie, and fake investigations have been ongoing since that time. All of a sudden, ‘hidden’ tapes and information are available on the mainstream, so now many of those who condemned it, have changed sides, and everything is being reversed. The same is true of the ‘covid vaccines,’ (bioweapons) as actors and politicians who wanted to imprison or kill all those refusing to take the injection, are now claiming that they are dangerous. Reversal.” – Gary D. Barnett

Climate Engineering Must Stop or Humanity is Finished (VIDEO) with Dane Wigington – “California has been in the bullseye. It’s not good news because it’s from one destructive extreme to another. Wigington explains, “We know the technology exists and is being used to steer upper-level wind currents and, thus, steer moisture currents, and they are directing moisture into where they have engineered back-to-back snow storms. There is no question that it is being engineered. . . . People act like this is some sort of fringe theory, and it’s hard science. We can test the snow and find the same things in climate engineering patents. We find aluminum, barium, manganese, polymer fibers, graphene and surfactants as well.” – Greg Hunter

The Banking Collapse Has Begun (VIDEO) – Greg Reese  – SHORT AND TO THE POINT GREG TIES IT ALL TOGETHER!!!!

Furious Fauci lashes out at Elon Musk and GOP leaders calling for his arrest over COVID origins – and claims his family still need protection due to death threats two months after he quit – Paul Farrell


Pfizer Trade Secret: COVID-19 mRNA Injections are Formulated with Graphene Oxide – “Pfizer knew that no one would agree to being injected with electronic nanotechnology devices, so they lied to us. Pfizer’s document states that their COVID-19 mRNA ‘vaccines’ contain graphene oxide.” – Karen Kingston

Nearly $32 billion spent by US government on mRNA vaccines – “New Harvard study shows enormous federal spending to get a deadly COVID vaccine” – Joel S Hirschhorn

SPACEX – Let’s look at Starlink – “First, I want you to really look at Spacex’s logo at the beginning of this video! Do you see what I see? The first up-stroke of the capital letter A is missing. That is a bent Y. It says SPYCEX.” – Frances Leader  – GOOD CATCH BY FRANCES!!!!!


Treasonocracy – “the January 6th tapes should be, in any rational, reasonable society, the most explosive and damning evidence of government corruption and treason as has ever been recorded and displayed. They confirm every conspiracy theory of January 6. They show that the government, in it’s desperation to prevent the realization that the November 3rd election was a coup, an overthrow of the republic, was willing to entrap and victimize concerned citizens of the nation, imprison them and in Ashli Babbit and Roseanne Boyland’s cases, was willing to kill them in cold blood. This is what they show.” – T.L. Davis

Hand Picked – “Were we handpicked to know the truth? Are we the chosen ones? I have resisted this idea for almost three years. It seems much too biblical, and although I consider myself a spiritual/religious person I am not so sure if I see the Bible as literal as most religious people do. Since the beginning I have wondered why we, over here, think the way we think. Thinking like this comes naturally for me. I thought everyone thought this way—critically, inquisitively, curiously. It certainly doesn’t take any special intelligence or knowhow, although it seems as if the sheep are very often stupid, ” – Todd Hayen

Liberating Ourselves from Dystopia – “More Americans grasp how the U.S. government actually works. Large corporate interests pay off politicians and bureaucrats to advance their financial interests. In return, those politicians and bureaucrats are responsible for creating new problems for the American people that can be exploited to justify spending huge sums of money — the bulk of which falls into the laps of the large corporate interests. The pharmaceutical industry, for instance, would love for lawmakers to mandate that Americans purchase and use their products in perpetuity.” – J.B. Shurk

The Betrayers of Julian Assange – “The day dream about Anthony Albanese doing the right thing has reached its limits. As prime minister he has not fought to bring home an Australian who is both the embodiment of courage and the victim of a great, vindictive injustice.” – John Pilger

Democrats Are Terrified Of An Educated And Informed Public – “It’s a strange time in the United States, where one political party is actively engaged in a series of actions to keep as many people as possible ignorant. Ignorant not of one particular event, study, or story, but of so many topics that reality itself” is what they’re ultimately attempting to obscure. It’s evil, honestly, and it begs the question “What are Democrats so afraid of?” The only answer is simple: an informed public.” – Derek Hunter

Jan 6: The End of the Rule of Law – “The seeming desperation of government officials, journalists, and politicians to make the January 6 riot seem like a fundamental threat to the republic have led some to suggest the entire thing was a hoax — an inside job by intelligence services. The truth is much more banal: It was a protest that got out of control. But no one seems to want to know what really happened and understand what went wrong: ” – Gregory Hood

Jacob Chansley – The Plot Thickens for the Supposed QAnon Shaman – “More twists and turns in the famous case of a Jan. 6 ‘rioter.'” – Leesa K. Donner

J6 GULAG PRISONER: “THERE’S MORE ON EPPS – I know where to find it!” It’s time to RELEASE THE 44,000 HOURS and let Citizen Journalists get the facts straight! – Kelly Wilde

The government may stop issuing Social Security payments after the debt limit is hit — here’s why – “An obscure provision of a 1996 law makes the Social Security trust fund vulnerable” – Mark Hulbert

Imperial Narrative Managers Always Try To Make Peace Seem Unnatural – “I’ve been ranting all week about the shocking war-with-China propaganda escalation in Australian mainstream media, and I feel like I could easily scream about it for another month without running out of vitriol for the disgusting freaks who are pushing this filth into the consciousness of my countrymen. One really really can’t say enough unkind things about people who are openly trying to pave the way toward an Atomic Age world war;” – Caitlin Johnstone

India Takes A Leading Role In De-Dollarization – “Lo and behold, that’s precisely what happened, with India of all countries accelerating de-dollarization through its non-dollar-denominated energy deals with Russia. About them, Russia has since become India’s largest supplier over the past year and now provides a whopping 35% of that country’s needs, which is also the world’s third-largest oil importer and fifth-largest economy. Their new energy ties, and particularly the growing de-dollarization dimension of their deals, are thus globally important.” – Andrew Korybko


“Never Seen In Over 40 Years” – SVB Collapse Sparks Bank Runs As People Wait In Lines – Tyler Durden

Yellen rules out bailout for Silicon Valley Bank: “We’re not going to do that again” (VIDEO) – Face the Nation  – NO BAILOUTS. DON’T WORRY, EVERYTHING IS SAFE AND UNDER CONTROL ACCORDING TO JANET. OH, AND THE ECONOMY IS GREAT TOO, JUST ASK THEM!!!!!

Why Would Silicon Valley be Ground Zero for Banking Centralization? Part 1 – Mathew Crawford  – LONG, BUT VERY GOOD READ AND ANALYSIS FROM MATHEW!!!!!!!

Alert! MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: Systemic BREAKDOWN And A Consolidation Of POWER (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino – VERY GOOD LISTEN FROM GREG TODAY!!!!!

SVB Financial had Investment-Grade Credit Ratings (Moody’s, S&P) up to Collapse. Got Slashed in One Fell Swoop to Default – “Not learned a thing since the Financial Crisis. Relying on ratings, preferred stock holders found themselves bailed in, bondholders got crushed.” – Wolf Richter

Have The Bank Runs Only Just Begun? – “Already we are learning about companies that held assets at SVB. These companies will be forced to either raise the cash elsewhere or sell off assets themselves. As I noted on Friday, the bank run genie is officially out of the bottle.” – Quoth the Raven

Let the SVB Recriminations begin – “Case in point: streaming company Roku left a quarter of their cash in uninsured deposits with the bank.” – Peter Nayland Kust

UK races to minimise damage from Silicon Valley Bank collapse – Reuters

The Bank Collapse Will Spread To Japan And Europe (PODCAST with Alasdair Macleod – King World News


How to Fill Raised Garden Beds with Organic Soil – “One of the most common gardening questions I get is: What kind of soil do you fill raised garden beds with? There are so many raised bed soil choices out there, it can feel confusing and overwhelming to figure out what’s best. It’s also pretty darn important to “get it right”, since soil health plays a HUGE and direct role in overall plant health and productivity.” – DeannaCat  – JUST FINISHED BUILDING NEW RAISED BEDS YESTERDAY. THIS ARTICLE WILL DEFINIELY COME IN HANDY. SEE DEANNA’S ARTICLE LINKED ON 11/19/22 AS WELL!!!!!!

People We Should Know: Marjory Wildcraft – “Grow your own groceries, make your own medicine (in an hour a day). While we’re thinking about prepping, let’s segue from bugging out to staying put, with the following premise: In a world where we can’t trust factory farms, Big Pharma, or any regulatory agency, a family that makes most of its own food and medicine has a vastly better chance of surviving and thriving than one that’s dependent on the dubious kindness of rapacious strangers. If this strikes a chord, you should know Marjory Wildcraft (she of the perfect name). ” – John Rubino

How to Save Money with Food Cooperative Buying Groups – Colette

Strange Meals People Ate During The Great Depression – Rebekah P


1 Timothy 1:19    Holding faith, and a good conscience; which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck:


He wants to dream like a young man
With the wisdom of an old man
He wants his home and security
He wants to live like a sailor at sea

Beautiful loser
Where you gonna fall?
When you realize, you just can’t have it all

He’s your oldest and your best friend
If you need him, he’ll be there again
He’s always willing to be second-best
A perfect lodger, a perfect guest

Beautiful loser
Read it on the wall
And realize
You just can’t have it all

You just can’t have it all
You just can’t have it all
Ohh, ohh, can’t have it all

You can try, you can try, but you can’t have it all
oh yeah

He’ll never make any enemies, enemies, no
He won’t complain if he’s caught in a freeze
He’ll always ask, he’ll always say please

Beautiful loser
Never take it all
‘Cause it’s easier
And faster when you fall

You just don’t need it all
You just don’t need it all
You just don’t need it all
Just don’t need it all

( Beautiful Loser by Bob Seger )