Why Would Silicon Valley be Ground Zero for Banking Centralization? Part 2 – “Contagion? I’ll keep saying it: The Plandemonium is about money, not a virus—not even a vaccine. The global economy is the real crown jewel of crime. That’s why this is World War E, which is in turn why the psychological warfare dial is turned to “overload”. As such, it should be the default to assume that the War Rooms are staffed with people who have some understanding as to what is taking place, and how it will play out. Keep that in mind.” – Mathew Crawford  – PART ONE WAS LINKED YESTERDAY IN THE ECONOMIC NEWS, BUT IN REALITY IT IS MORE OF THE BIGGER PICTURE. A GOOD READ!!!!!!!!

“One Health”, ESG & “Sustainable Development”: Inside the WHO’s “Pandemic Treaty” – “The World Health Organization is the One Ring to Rule them All, and its written goal, inscribed in fiery letters along both sides of its band, is the Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response Treaty. Fashioned by the Dark Lord of the Twenty-first Century, the United States of America, in its own iteration of Mount Doom, it only appears to yield US sovereignty to an external organisation. In reality and practice, as this article will show, the Treaty will give Washington increased power over the G20 nations — the holders of the other ‘rings’” – Simon Elmer

2023 Sea of Covid Red Herring – “Disinformation campaigns about the “benefits” of “vaccinations” plough through in hopes of creating the lasting fake reality on the ground. It seems like the dear governments have turned the corner and let us off the Covid “vaccine” hook, or needle, for the time being. But wherever you look, it’s the casual “vaccine” and Covid statements of “facts” by the media, propped up by equally casual “studies”, that keep driving me up the wall. Tooting the benefits of the jabs, at least when “compared” to the harms of straight Covid, the obvious goal is to drown the reality of what actually transpired in the sea of willful misinformation about the coordinated global depop campaign of Covid “vaccines” and mandates.” – Andreas Oehler

To Prevent the Next Pandemic, Punish Those Who Started This Pandemic – “Definition of a bioweapon revisited” – Igor Chudov

WHO pushes for a One World Government by issuing guidance to national parliamentarians – Rhoda Wilson

The doctor indicted for not killing his patients – “All the government officials, pharmaceutical executives, and doctors involved in defrauding the public with taxpayer funding and violating the consent of humanity to mandate dangerous shots are absolved of liability. Meanwhile, a doctor who took his Hippocratic Oath seriously and allegedly saved nearly 2,000 patients (with FULL CONSENT) from the shots, is facing serious federal charges for conspiracy to defraud the government defrauders.” – Daniel Horowitz


Money Troubles – “Money is all theoretical… until it’s not. The rot was plain to see in the banking architecture built on US treasury paper (bills, notes, bonds) as rising interest rates undercut the price of all the debt paper issued previously at lower rates. And this was the collateral that banks generally held the depositor’s money in. So, when it became necessary to declare a problem with the balance sheet, and cash had to be raised to cover it, the treasury paper could only be sold at a loss, liabilities exceeded assets, word got out, depositors rushed to secure the money in their accounts, and that was all she wrote for yon bank, in this case, Silicon Valley Bank, the first to crumble. Since banks today exist in a vast matrix of interconnected obligations — promises to pay this-and-that — fear grows that the rot from one bank, such as SVB, will infect many other banks that are no longer able to keep their promises about paying this-and-that, leading to a daisy-chain of things not getting paid. For an economy, that’s about the same as the blood ceasing to circulate in a body. You may have noticed that the value of your money has been slip-sliding away the past year or so. Peanut butter at five bucks a jar, and all. The situation at hand kind of guarantees that we’ll be seeing a whole ole lot more of that. And then the gods of money will have lost control of the interest rate console altogether. ” – James Howard Kunstler  – FIGURED MR. KUNSTLER WOULD BE WEIGHING IN ON THIS. NOT SURE WHERE HE’S BUYING HIS PEANUT BUTTER, BUT IT’S DEFINITELY MORE THAN $5 A JAR FOR THE AVERAGE SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden Insists “The Banking System Is Safe” – Tyler Durden  – THAT A BOY. JOE. YOU TELL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden Tries to Reassure Americans on Banks, but He Just Can’t Stop Lying – ” “I am going to ask Congress and the banking regulators to strengthen the rules for banks to make it less likely this bank failure will happen again,” Biden said. Then he falsely blamed President Donald Trump who hasn’t even been in office for more than two years and had nothing to do with this collapse. Trump didn’t make or remove any regulations that affected this bank collapse. This had more to do with the raising of interest rates in response to Bidenflation. So it’s at least in part on Biden’s horrible policies once again.” – Nick Arama

Can The Federal Reserve Stop The Avalanche Of Bank Runs That Has Already Begun? – Michael Snyder

Crisis In The Clouds – “When money has been cheap for a generation, risk-taking is no longer seen as risk-taking. It is simply how things are done, until money stops being cheap, which is what is happening now. Despite the bizarre devotion to the cult of diversity by the people running SVB, the bank itself does not appear to have been poorly managed. When the Federal Reserve started raising interest rates to combat inflation, everything based on cheap money was thrown into crisis. Since every bank in America, possibly the Western world, holds treasuries and long dated mortgage backed securities, it means every bank has the same problem as this bank in that they have assets with a book value above market value. What all this means for the rest of us is the grocery bill will rocket up this year as the bankers are bathed in free money to save the system. We will get new narratives from the Cloud People about how the food bill is a conspiracy theory or maybe it is the work of the Chinese, who are the new bogeyman. The people at the top will sleep well knowing they have once against defended the system from the barbarians of reality who threatened to crash through the gates.” – The Z Man

Pajama Nation: Americans Have Morphed Into the People of Walmart – “If one wants to see what a huge segment of the American people have morphed into, look no farther than the ‘People of Walmart’ website. It features the obscenely unbecoming clothes that people wear while shopping at Walmart. The site is both hysterical and depressing at the same time. Though it pokes fun at sloppy Walmart shoppers, the truth is that vast numbers of Americans dress like this at any place they patronize. It’s often difficult at times to distinguish between a sloppy but employed person and a homeless bum. Some have called it “hobo-chic.”” – RockaBoatus – SAD BUT TRUE. YOU SEE IT MORE AND MORE!!!!!

Can You Afford To Eat? – “Well, of course you can. What an absurd question. Most of us in the Western world have never in our lifetimes had a problem getting enough to eat or, for that matter, paying for it. Words like “famine” do exist on the periphery of our vocabularies, but they apply only to news reports on Somalia or Ethiopia, not us. But the First World is in for a change and both the availability and the cost of food will be changing with it. A question as absurd as the one above may within a year become a reality for many people.” – Jeff Thomas

The March Madness of the President – “Joe Biden’s political utility and near senility serve as exemptions for his often sexist, racist, and creepy riffs. Another couple of weeks, another bout of madness from Joe Biden and his team. Of recent Biden delusions, consider: Biden went off in one of his impromptu Corn Pop, or “beat-up-Trump-behind-the-bleachers” fables. These often slurred and nearly unintelligible tales characteristically virtue signal Biden’s own victimhood and “courage.” ” – Victor Davis Hanson

Past Prophet – “Michael Moore’s 2018 anti-Trump jeremiad serves as a warning to the hysterical purveyors of pessimism. Irewatched Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9. The 2018 film is mainly a screed about all the bad things Trump was going to do as president. Time is a cold mistress: Basically nothing Moore said four years ago about what was going to happen actually happened.” – Peter Van Buren

Jen Psaki Makes Embarrassing Admission About President Biden’s Schedule – “”It’s important to note, President Biden does nothing at 9:00 AM,” Psaki emphasized — apparently not realizing that such a quip wouldn’t land the way she intended. “He is a night owl,” Psaki continued, So, Biden stays up too late to do anything before 9:00 AM? But there’s another flaw with Psaki proudly explaining how Biden “does nothing at 9:00 AM” — because Biden is, reportedly, not actually a night owl. One CNN Politics writeup dives “Inside the new President’s routine: Oval Office fires and early bedtimes.” Wait a second… Ah, so Biden is actually *not* a night owl. Yet he still doesn’t do anything at 9:00 AM, according to Psaki? We’re gonna need some clarification from Karine Jean-Pi… never mind.” – Spencer Brown

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Whitewashes Her Authoritarian Lockdowns With Whopper About Seed Sale Ban – Jordan Boyd

The Unconstitutional Tax on “Unrealized Capital Gains” – Phillip W. Magness

Deep dive into the prosecution of the rancher who “murdered an illegal migrant on his property” – “Plus another southern border story: the kidnapping/murder of four Americans; more than meets the eye. It’s unthinkable that the US government would allow a piece of US soil to belong to murderous Mexican drug cartels. That’s where you have to start if you want to make sense of this situation. Why does the defendant, Kelly, have to deal with violent cartel members and assets and smuggled illegal migrants crossing his property in the first place? The owner of property, Kelly, has zero protection afforded by the federal government—Nogales is cartel land—and THEN, if Kelly shoots people who are illegally crossing his property, he’s charged with murder. And if you think this is the case of a deranged man with a weapon and a few innocent people walking across his lawn, as in some suburb, check your brain. This is nothing of the kind. And now let’s switch to another border story; the kidnapping/murder of four Americans— Was the drug cartel kidnapping/murder of Americans possibly about drugs? Is it possible these four Americans were traveling to Mexico to engage in drug business—and the “tummy tuck” story was a fabrication?” – Jon Rappoport

Cocaine cowboys: American man killed in Mexico border kidnap was jailed in 2015 for ‘drugs manufacture’ – while the other three ALL have lengthy drug raps – “Four U.S. citizens kidnapped by the Gulf Cartel – Latavia McGee, Eric Williams, Zindell Brown and Shaeed Woodard – had lengthy rap sheets.” -Greg Woodfield and Aneeta Behole

The Iranian-Saudi Rapprochement Will Deal A Deathblow To The Dollar – Andrew Korybko

Powered by China – ” According to data extracted from the UN Comtrade Database, China accounted for the vast majority of U.S. battery imports last year, with a total trade value of $9.3 billion. South Korea and Japan are also popular sources with batteries worth $1.3 and $1.0 billion imported to the U.S. in 2022. The total import value of lithium-ion batteries nearly tripled since 2020, reaching $13.9 billion last year.” – Felix Richter

The 10 Rules of Propaganda – “A daily scan of the newswires calls to mind three or more of these propaganda rules. On some days, six or seven. On others still, all 10. We refer specifically to the conflict presently arage in the eastern European nation of Ukraine.” – Brian Maher

As Color Revolution Rages in Georgia, Neocons Lie About 2008 Conflict in South Ossetia – “Historical revisionism is part of an effort to demonize Putin and Russia. An honest reading of history—which usually results in an allergic reaction on the part of the CFR—dispels the myth Russia invaded South Ossetia, an ethnic Russian enclave.” – Kurt Nimmo

No grounds for new Ukraine peace plan – Kremlin – “In the absence of conditions for peace, military action is required to achieve Russian goals, Putin’s spokesman has said” – RT

Another Cautionary Tale About Registration – ” Afghanistan gives us the most recent reason to be thankful.  A recent Washington Times story notes that the Taliban is using records of firearms owners as one method to track down those who worked with Americans during our country’s time in Afghanistan, then “target them for retribution, according to a U.S. government report.” What may befall these individuals is anybody’s guess, but the Taliban has an appalling track record when it comes to how it treats those it considers to be a threat to the regime or even those it simply feels may not comport to their particular ideology.  The lesson of the Taliban using records of gun owners to target what it perceives to be threats to its rule is twofold.But perhaps a more pertinent lesson to be learned from the story about Afghanistan is the danger of any government—regardless of whether or not it is tyrannical—keeping lists of its law-abiding citizens.” – NRAHQ


Yellen Said “No Bailout” But It’s a Huge Bailout of the Banking System – “I must have lost my mind to think there actually might be haircuts. Apologies offered.” -Mish

And Then Something Broke… – “First, SVB was not the first domino to fall, and it won’t be the last. The Fed just set up a program for a very specific issue. The next domino will likely be another issue. What then? Another emergency measure? If it doesn’t pose systemic risks then maybe the domino will be allowed to fall. Where does the Fed draw the line? What is systemic? Second, what if you are an unsecured bond holder or stock holder in a smaller regional bank? Well, the government just said you are getting zero if your bank collapses. So, do you really want to be a stock or bond holder in a small regional bank? Probably not. What does that mean? Third, the FDIC just raised its insurance from $250k to basically infinity… overnight! I mean, that’s like every insurance company dropping premiums to zero and saying that all claims will be paid in full without question.” – Peter Schiff

If SVB is insolvent, so is everyone else – “1) US government bonds are the new “toxic security” I know this sounds ridiculous, but banks typically loan out MOST of their depositors’ money. Wells Fargo, for example, recently reported $1.38 trillion in deposits. $955 billion of that is loaned out. That means Wells Fargo has made loans with nearly 70% of its customer’s money, while SVB had a more conservative “loan-to-deposit ratio” of roughly 42%. Point is, SVB did not fail because they were making a bunch of high-risk NINJA loans. Far from it. SVB failed because they parked the majority of their depositors’ money ($119.9 billion) in US GOVERNMENT BONDS. This is the really extraordinary part of this drama.” – Simon Black

Ignore the Bounce, the Financial System is in Big Trouble. – “Stocks are bouncing this morning on announcements that the Feds will backstop ALL of the deposits at the now bankrupt Silicon Valley Financial Group (SIVB) AKA Silicon Valley bank. This is a massive mistake. The banking system is in serious trouble and it is not clear that the $25 billion bailout the Feds crafted will be enough to deal with fallout. One other bank (Signature) has already been closed, while most of the regional banks in California have seen their stocks halted. What’s causing all of this? Two things:” – Graham Summers, MBA

Reality Check: SVB’s Collapse Was A Full Year In The Making – “The Collapse Was Foreseeable And Should Have Been Foreseen” – Peter Nayland Kust

Situation Critical: The Fed. Begins “EMERGENCY” Measures To STABILIZE The Banking System (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

3rd FDIC-Insured Bank Fails in 5 Days but Feds Avoid Black Monday by Bailing Out Depositors – Brian Shilhavy

CONTAGION: Terrorist Fed Wipes out Banks as Cryptocollapse Flushes through the System – “The more they say they are working to make sure there won’t be any contagion, the more you know there will be. The fact is there is already contagion and lots of it. That is what brought both Silvergate and Silicone Valley Bank (SVB) down — contagion from last Summer’s Cryptocrisis when many financial writers assured us there would be no contagion.” – David Haggith

Credit Suisse shares fall to new record low after collapse of SVB and Signature Bank – Steve Goldstein

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –10.29EUR


Potential Health Benefits of Dandelion – “In terms of nutritional content, the dandelion patch in your backyard can join the rankings with the rest of your vegetable garden. From root to flower, dandelion are highly nutritious plants, loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Dandelion greens can be eaten cooked or raw and serve as an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K. They also contain vitamin E, folate and small amounts of other B vitamins . What’s more, dandelion greens provide a substantial amount of several minerals, including iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.” – Amy S.

Essential Survival Know-Hows Modern People Have Forgotten – Kyle B

6 Essential Blacksmithing Tools to Get You Started – “This age-old craft has seen a remarkable resurgence in recent years and is an excellent homesteading skill to have.” – Catherine Winter  – LINKED AN ARTICLE YESTERDAY ON BLACKSMITHING. HERE’S ANOTHER ONE!!!

Get 10 MORE Years! Out of Your Compost Bays! (VIDEO) – Self Sufficient Me – INFO ON A 3 BAY SYSTEM!!!!

Evacuate with a customized bug-out boat – “Many of America’s largest cities, including Manhattan, are paradoxically located in geographically isolated areas of the country. Although one in 38 Americans lives in New York City, much of the city is bound by water, making it only marginally connected to the mainland. Consequently, in the event of a major disaster, such as a grid outage, terrorist attack, or a national pandemic, the city’s eight million residents will be dependent on a few bridges for safe passage.” – Dan Mowinski


Genesis 47:15-16   And when money failed in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, all the Egyptians came unto Joseph, and said, Give us bread: for why should we die in thy presence? for the money faileth.  And Joseph said, Give your cattle; and I will give you for your cattle, if money fail.