Immunizing Ourselves – “A reader mentioned the way chicken and egg prices have been manipulated – upward – by culling flocks, ostensibly on account of some avian virus, probably as dubious as the ‘Rona but just as useful. Now comes word that the flocks are to be “vaccinated,” just as we were all supposed to have been – with the grift going straight into the pockets of the drug cartels who, conveniently, have “vaccines” at the ready. Meanwhile, we’re paying $7 for a dozen eggs – probably soon $12. But there is a way to immunize ourselves against this – and not just with regard to eggs and chickens – although that’s as good a place as any to start, if you’re able. We got our own chickens – and so have our own eggs. We are immune from the grift – and our birds don’t have whatever’s-in-those-drugs coursing through their bodies and so, inevitably, ours. We have unvaccinated chickens – and eggs.” – Eric Peters

The Forced Medication of All Citizens – “It all started back in the 1950s with “these drugs will make you feel better, just try them.” And people did. Over the years it morphed into “WE RECOMMEND these drugs if you don’t want to be sick, depressed or dead.” Almost everyone listened and accepted that drugs were the answer and there was no way to live without them. Over the past three years it’s been “YOU MUST TAKE these drugs or else you endanger your own life and the lives of those around you.” By this point, people were so conditioned to take drugs that they thought nothing of submitting to an experimental mRNA gene therapy that the experts promised would keep them “safe”. Within the next couple of years, it will be “YOU ARE REQUIRED to take these drugs by law and if you don’t, you will go to prison for endangering the planet.” ” – Karen Hunt

Illinois town nixes solar desert – “In a stunning setback for solar, the City of Pontiac, Illinois has scuttled plans to construct a solar energy project that would transform a vacant lot in town into a shiny solar desert.The dramatic turnaround shows what can happen when citizens are well informed about how harmful solar (and wind) projects are, and then mobilize to stop deep-pocketed renewable-energy developers from ruining their communities. ” – Bonner Cohen, Ph. D.

Circles of Death…Is Wind Turbine Energy Really Green? – “There is much to think about here, and it is clear to anyone who cares to see the truth, that this industry is NOT green and is not clean. Firstly, the Wind Turbine Energy is fossil fuel dependent. Depending on the turbine size, each turbine requires oil to operate, and not a small amount.” – Patrice Tullai  – AN EXCELLENT MUST READ. AFTER READING YOU WILL SEE THAT THESE ARE NOT GREEN ENERGY AT ALL!!!!

More COVID Fear: NYC Rats Can Carry New COVID Variants – “The ruling class is trying to get COVID back in the limelight to keep the fear high. New York City now says that new COVID variants can be carried by rats. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says animal-to-human transmission is rare but the study’s lead investigator calls for a closer look at the virus in rats for new strains that could infect people” – Mac Slavo


Dear Conservatives, I Apologize My “Team” was Taken in By Full-Spectrum Propaganda. There is no way to avoid this moment. The formal letter of apology. From me. To Conservatives and to those who “put America first” everywhere. It’s tempting to sweep this confrontation with my own gullibility under the rug — to “move on” without ever acknowledging that I was duped, and that as a result I made mistakes in judgement, and that these mistakes, multiplied by the tens of thousands and millions on the part of people just like me, hurt millions of other people like you all, in existential ways. But that erasure of personal and public history would be wrong. I owe you a full-throated apology. But you don’t have to agree with Mr Carlson’s interpretation of the videos, to believe, as I do, that he engaged in valuable journalism simply by airing the footage that was given to him.” – Dr Naomi Wolf  – EXCELLENT READ FROM NAOMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Handy January 6 Fact Sheet – “Plenty of other falsehoods and misrepresentations animate the fable of January 6. But for those honestly seeking the truth, consider this a cheat sheet for future use.” – Julie Kelly

The Brain Standard, Part Two – “There are grounds for hope. From the ruins of impending collapse there will be some who reject collectivism and are committed to rebuilding on a foundation of individual rights. How they will protect those rights and whatever territories they stake out are what theoretical physicists sometimes call “engineering problems.” One advantage they’ll have, though, as the brain standard constituency—they’ll be smarter than their adversaries. Attention, imagination, and intelligence will be keenly focused on building from the ruins and protecting what they’ve built.” – Robert Gore  – GOOD READ FROM ROBERT. PART ONE WAS LINKED  ON 03/02/23!!!!!!

The Bulk of This Population Has Been Rendered Mentally Harmless by the Elimination of Individuality – “Many wonder why things are as they are today, why unique and sovereign individuals gather in large groups en masse, (as one) why they seek and embrace the herd mentality, and why they demand a dominate government, when this behavior can only lead to a loss of identity and an elimination of all critical thought. This does not happen due to a lack of intellect, it does not happen because of any intentional desire for one to destroy his own free will, it is the result of purposeful long-term planning on the part of the ruling class, ” – Gary D. Barnett

The Only Way to Defeat the Censorship Industrial Complex – “It’s going to take all of us, but I truly believe we can slay this evil beast before it’s too late.” – JD Rucker

It’s Unlikely That The US & Mexico Will Ever Meaningfully Cooperate Against The Cartels – “The present state of bilateral ties is mutually disadvantageous for the vast majority of their populations and each country’s objective national interests. ” – Andrew Korybko

Biden’s Budget Is Tax-And-Spend On Steroids – “The only reason to offer something this extravagant is to score political points. Biden wants to go around the country promising voters free everything while pretending to cut the deficit, and with all the costs paid for by undeserving billionaires and evil corporate giants. When he ran for president, Biden promised to restore honesty in government. This budget is arguably the most dishonest one that any president has ever offered up.” – I & I Editorial Board

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy rips Schumer, promises full release of Capitol’s Jan. 6 video – “U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy has affirmed that he will authorize a full public release of all surveillance video recorded at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. The Democrats, with their previous majority, had kept the recordings of that day’s disturbances under lock and key for about two years, releasing only the clips they wanted viewed by the public.” – Patrick Delaney

These Are The US Cities With The Most Homeless People – Tyler Durden

Mayor Eric Adams Wants New Yorkers to Pay for Migrants to Go to College – Jeff Charles

The Ukraine Off Ramp? German/Western Support For Ukraine Implodes With Help Of Fake Story About Nordstream Sprung By NYT/WaPo – “A Very Bad Week For The “Build Back Better” Crowd, As Everything They Spent Hundreds of Billions on Implodes and Collapses Before The World’s Eyes” – Celia Farber

Short List of USAID Subversion Operations – “The “protests” in Georgia follow the State Department’s subversion template. Let’s take a look at USAID, the United States Agency for International Development. The first thing to know: the agency is run out of the State Department. Its pubic relations cover is to provide “international development.” This is code for fomenting regime change and undermining elected governments not on-script with the neoliberal agenda.” – Kurt Nimmo

Biden Asks for Massive $886 Billion Military Budget for 2024 – “Congress could easily bring the 2024 NDAA to over $900 billion, closing in on the $1 trillion mark. The NDAAs don’t include the funds authorized for the Ukraine war, which could add another $100 billion if the US keeps spending on the conflict at the same pace. According to Responsible Statecraft, more than half of the budget will likely go to defense contractors, with Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon getting the biggest chunk.” – Dave DeCamp – WAR IS DEFINITELY GOOD BUSINESS. OOPS, I MEAN FIGHTING FOR DEMOCRACY!!!!

Moveable Multipolarity in Moscow: Ridin’ the ‘Newcoin’ Train – “The new currency should be able to become an “external money” storage of capital and reserves down the road, not just a settlement unit.” – Pepe Escobar

Why the Iran-Saudi agreement to restore ties is so big – “The fact China helped to broker the deal is significant too. The question is, how will the US react?” – Daniel Larison


Is SVB Just the Beginning? – “Our guard should have gone rocketing up last month — when Mr. Jim Cramer recommended Silicon Valley Bank stock to his listeners. That is because the fellow is a nearly perfect “contrarian indicator.” If he says x you can very reliably wager on y.” – Brian Maher  – CRAMER IS MORE LIKE “INSANE MONEY” RATHER THAN “MAD MONEY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Banks Topple, Regulators Face Reckoning on Week of Mayhem – “On Monday, the head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. warned a gathering of bankers in Washington about a $620 billion risk lurking in the US financial system. By Friday, two banks had succumbed to it. Whether US regulators saw the dangers brewing early enough and took enough action before this week’s collapse of Silvergate Capital Corp. and much larger SVB Financial Group is now teed up for a national debate.” – Hannah Levitt, Katanga Johnson and Katherine Doherty

Watch For Bank Failure Contagion As Systemic Meltdown Worsens. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Good News! US Economy Added 311K Fake Jobs In February – “Gotta Love That Lou Costello Labor Math” – Peter Nayland Kust

Wall Street Crybabies Hate Powell’s Latest Move – Should You? – Peter Reagan


Blacksmithing for Beginners: Here’s How to Get Started – “Don’t worry. It isn’t as complicated as it looks to get started. While mastering the skills can take a lifetime, anyone can give it a try if they have the right tools and information. Even though blacksmithing was traditionally used to make practical items, it’s also a great way to create jewelry and art, which you can sell online or at local markets.” – Sarah Yule

Canning Your Own Meat Is A Skill You Need To Have – Amy S.

Prepping for Emergencies: How to Create a One-Year Food Supply for Your Family – “Preppers are individuals who take steps to prepare for potential disasters or emergencies, such as natural disasters, power outages, or economic collapse. One crucial aspect of prepping is storing food for an extended period. Having a one-year supply of food can provide peace of mind and ensure that you and your family are prepared for any crisis that may occur. There are several reasons why having a one-year food storage plan is essential for preppers:” – M.D. Creekmore

Survive Balkanization and Collapse with a Dual System – “Again the word “Balkanization” becoming popular. Actually, it has been often referenced for several years, ever since people understood that events that happened in the Balkans might happen in their neighborhood too in some form. Usually people think about that word in the terms mentioned above, fragmentation into smaller parts that are not necessarily friendly to each other. And that fragmentation might come in many forms that I described and discuss in a lot of articles. Back then, mostly people did not believe in it.” – Selco

How To Treat And Heal Wounds With Sugar – Charl M


Proverbs 25:28    He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.


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