Searching For The Incompetents – “People generally subscribe to one of two prominent yet conflicting theories regarding “Covid” events of the past few years. The Plandemic Theory The Incompetents Theory There is rarely someone who falls in between. The doctors, experts, scientists, media actors, late show clowns, and government officials, all working on behalf of a globally coordinated effort to terrorize the world in lock-step were not incompetent at all. They knew exactly what they were doing at every stage.” – The Good Citizen  – ANOTHER VERY GOOD READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!!!!!

Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework Part 2 – A Powerhouse of Ruin – “There are 76 international organizations whom hold extensive immunities and privileges, in addition to the Bank for International Settlements along with 63 central banks and financial institutions that function with BIS, to create a complete control framework that operates entirely outside the law from what all other organizations must adhere to. While they all tout they are about “transparency,” that couldn’t be further from the truth. This framework began in the 1930’s, was formally established in the 1940’s, and has evolved into the most powerful globalist regime, with arms extending beyond 190 countries.” – Corey Lynn  – ANOTHER GREAT WELL-RESEARCHED READ FROM COREY. PART ONE WAS LINKED ON 09/30/22!!!!!!

COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Psychosis – 13 Cases of Post-Vaccine Psychosis, Mania & Suicide Attempts That Will Shock You. – Dr. William Makis

Bob Addresses the WHO in 2011 about “Gene to Vaccine Products”, Foreshadows Trump’s 2019 Executive Order 13887. The strange mystery of Bob “Covid Gump” Malone and the Gene Based Vaccines may boil down to something like this: He was a brilliant young guy. He discovered some shit in the lab. He was excited. He got fucked over because Bioscience is apparently a Viper’s Den of sociopaths. Then he still got rich and was ushered into the Viper’s Den club which soaked up his talents. Absolutely you cross a line at some point. Especially if you are already prone to the “Big I”, aka, narcissism. This makes him special and yet not so special. This makes him another gifted outlier cog in a machine that has methodically ground its gears to this point in history. And if you like the guy and think he’s swell…he’s getting a pass. Basically, that seems to be the metric on everybody from John Campbell to Aseem Malhotra to Bob Malone to Donald Trump. If you like them, they were duped. If someone out there was purposely employing Manufactured Bioweapons, say a DARPA guy in Wuhan, or in vaping products; not leaking them, but purposely poisoning people to test and murder and create the necessary problem for their pre-arranged (final) solutions? That person will be a global war criminal. Anyone with knowledge of that Operation will be a global war criminal, or at the most generous, a war profiteer. It is vital that all the players, and the Monster itself, not let this out. If That they did it all on purpose.” – Sage Hana  – GOOD READ FROM SAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iatrogenic deaths: was it mishandling society or mishandling covid? – “The closer i look at this, the more it looks to me like the huge killer here was the truly nasty combo of bad policy on care homes, hospitals, and vents and the massive suppression of effective medicines and health aids. covid became deadly because we lost our collective minds and short circuited the functioning of modern medicine.” – El Gato Malo

Fauci’s successor at NIAID is a partisan democrat activist linked to gain of function cover up operation – “FEC filings show Hugh Auchincloss is heavily involved in D.C. politics.” – Jordan Schachtel

Why do people think Putin dislikes clot-shots? – “We are genuinely curious why anyone would think this” – Edward Slavsquat / Riley Waggaman

Why can’t they leave Novak Djokovic alone? – “The tennis star is still being punished for his views on vaccines.” – Laurie Wastell





Everything, All at Once – “Time, they say, is nature’s way of making sure that everything doesn’t happen at once. Whoever “they” are — and these days it is liable to be just one person — obviously hadn’t tried living in the USA in 2023, because now everything is happening at once. The defining moment of the week was the White House ceremony with Dr. Jill Biden and her side-piece, Tony Blinken, presenting an International Women of Courage award to Ms. Alba Rueda of Argentina, a biological man. But was that little scene more absurd than the regime’s campaign in Ukraine to do… uh, to do what, exactly? To punish Vladimir Putin, or something like that. Meanwhile, our Intel Community has discovered that it was… well might have been… Ukraine, after all, who blew up the Nord Stream pipelines — with help from some outside parties (namely, America’s Intel Community).” – James Howard Kunstler

The Censorship Industrial Complex – “I think something is seriously wrong with my brain. Yesterday, I hallucinated that Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger testified before a subcommittee of the US House of Representatives about the Censorship Industrial Complex, i.e., the US arm of the global official propaganda and disinformation apparatus that has been waging an all-out war on dissent for the better part of the last six years. And then my hallucination got weird. Now, it’s been quite a while since I’ve indulged in any seriously mind-bending drugs, but this reminded me of a bad LSD trip, like when Satan starts talking to you through the TV. There I was, happily hallucinating these two distinguished independent journalists who had done all this historic reporting on a story of extreme importance and had been invited to Congress to talk about it, and, suddenly, it all went dark and twisted. Stacey Plaskett, the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary subcommittee started badgering, insulting, smearing, and baiting Matt and Shellenberger like Joe McCarthy in drag.” – CJ Hopkins

With the Twitter Files, Democrats Support Government Censorship of Lawful Speech – “Welcome to the era of state-sponsored thought police” – Bill Astore

Three Dots: Well, that was weird… – “Yesterday we helped break what could be the most important story of the year, if not the decade: U.S. government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security and the National Science Foundation, have been financing and working private sector entities to secretly censor ordinary Americans. Michael and Friend of Public Matt Taibbi testified before the House Committee on the Weaponization of Government about our findings. Did the Democrats respond by thanking us for exposing this imminent threat to the First Amendment? They did not. Rather, Democrats spent the hearing impugning our motives and calling us “so-called journalists.” Happily, the Republicans on the committee showed appropriate levels of alarm and promised to investigate our charges.” – Michael Shellenberger and Leighton Woodhouse

The Frog of War – “When looking at how the war they are peddling is going it is important to remember the frogs because everything else is just noise and misery. The frogs however are carrying on as they do. Frogs are completely carnivorous and eat all sorts of bugs because they are frogs. Humans are, e.g. not frogs and do not normally and very occasionally eat bugs but only in a pinch or for special events. Many intelligent frogs are concerned about the terrible future for frogs because human beings are about like you know 10,000 times bigger than they are and they apparently are going to be eating “their” bugs now. This is a terrible threat to the frog’s way of life and they are mostly, with the exception of one type, innocent peaceful creatures who only want to make tadpoles and gulp and sing and hop and stuff. Pelophylax esculentus has been mucking about with DNA ‘lo these many years. The Pelophylax is a crossbreed from two other types of frogs.. The parents of the Pelophylax obviously inspired scientists to create biolabs mucking about with DNA all over the Ukraine. Now some argue that the concept of biolabs in the Ukraine is purely Russian progaganda so instead of calling them biolabs, let’s call them what Victoria Nuland (USA Undersecretary for State) called them in the senate*: Biological Research facilities.” – Sylvia Shawcross

Transgender Activists Are A Lot Like Pennywise The Clown – “Transsexual cosplay has somehow become the reigning social issue of our era, with trans activism taking precedence within government, public schools and even the corporate world. For reasons that defy logic the question of “trans rights” has superseded all other conflicts regarding civil liberties. A group that comprises less than 0.5% of the US population has been dictating the national discussion.” – Brandon Smith

Biden Budget 2024: A Fiscal Nightmare? – “Back to the Obama economy – Trillions in new spending, tax hikes, and deficits. The proposed numbers are staggering: $6.9 trillion in spending, roughly $5 trillion in tax hikes and new levies, $17 trillion in cumulative deficits over the next decade, trillions of dollars in interest payments, and tepid real GDP year-over-year growth (between 1.5% and 2.3%).” – Andrew Moran

Bank of America gave private info to FBI in Capitol-riot probe – “The Bank of America has acknowledged it secretly turned over to federal investigators the private financial information of customers who made purchases in and around Washington, D.C., at the time of the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. The bank, the nation’s second largest, identified a total of 211 customers who met certain “thresholds of interest” in the probe, ” – Art Moore

Video: Kamala Harris Worries About “Climate Mental Health” – “Complains that young people are worried about having to get a real job when they should be concentrating on being climate activists”- Steve Watson  – YEP, YOU TOO DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING LIKE OUR V.P.., DON’T WORRY ABOUT WORKING, LET SOMEONE ELSE SUPPORT YOU WHILE YOU BITCH ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT’S SUPPOSEDLY WRONG!!!!

USAID’s Georgia Riots: the Next Phase in the Insane Plot to Destroy Russia – “How coincidental. USAID boss Samantha Power visited Tbilisi, Georgia the other day, and now there are violent protests in the streets outside parliament.” – Kurt Nimmo

Kremlin gives no credence to some pro-Ukrainian ‘Doctor Evil’ behind Nord Stream attacks – “Dmitry Peskov highlighted that media reports about who was allegedly behind this terrorist attack had been “released simultaneously in different countries”” – TASS

Fire Victoria Nuland — Don’t Let Her Drive War – ” Nuland lights matches wherever she meddles, agitating for war in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Ukraine. If feminists remain silent or support this Bush-era neocon simply because she is a woman, Victoria Nuland might just burn down the world in a nuclear fire.” – Medea Benjamin, Marcy Winograd and Melissa Garriga

We Are All Going To Need Anti-Radiation Pills If Our Leaders In Washington Continue Going Down This Path – Michael Snyder

Biden, Sunak, Macron, Trudeau et al are leading us into Nuclear War – “There is no other news story worth reporting at the moment. And yet the mainstream media throughout the western world is ignoring what is happening.” – Dr Vernon Coleman

Any Political Solution To The Yemeni War Must Restore South Yemen’s Independence – ““The Chinese-Mediated Resumption Of Iranian-Saudi Ties Is A Remarkable Development” in and of itself, one which might also catalyze progress on a political solution to the Yemeni War. ” – Andrew Korybko

“Forever Chemicals” In Plastic Packaging Start Contaminating Food Within A Week – Shyla Cadogan





The Status of the Everything Bubble Created by the Fed – David Stockman

Wall Street Trigger Warnings: Jay Powell Does What Federal Funds Rate Cannot Narrative Is Beating Fundamentals. – “This Will Not End Well.” – Peter Nayland Kust

Money Supply Growth Went Negative for the Third Month in a Row, and Is Near a 35-Year Low – “During periods of economic boom, money supply tends to grow quickly as commercial banks make more loans. Recessions, on the other hand, tend to be preceded by slowing rates of money supply growth. However, money supply growth tends to begin growing again before the onset of recession. Negative money supply growth is not in itself an especially meaningful metric. But the drop into negative territory we’ve seen in recent months does help illustrate just how far and how rapidly money supply growth has fallen in recent months. That is generally a red flag for economic growth and employment.” – Ryan McMaken


The Bank Run Genie Is Out Of The Bottle – “With rates close to 5%, how could we have not seen this coming?” – Quoth the Raven

300 Billion Reasons Why SVB Contagion Is Spreading To The Broader Banking System – Tyler Durden

WARNING: Big Tech Banks Collapsing! Infection Spreading to Other Sectors – “The collapse of the banking industry has started, with FDIC-insured Big Tech Silvergate Bank announcing yesterday they were liquidating their assets and closing down. Silicon Valley Bank also announced yesterday that they have lost $10 billion, while trying to reassure depositors to just “stay calm,” suggesting that their collapse is also probably imminent. Bank runs that began last year, are only going to significantly increase in the days and weeks ahead. And this infection is not confined to Big Tech and their banks, but is spreading fast to other sectors of the economy.” – Brian Shilhavy

The War for the Dollar is Over Part II: The Fly or the Windshield? – “More than 10 years later we’re now looking at the lynchpin of the petrodollar, Saudi Arabia, seriously considering taking other currencies for their oil. The petrodollar was never going to die overnight, it was always going to die as the cost of doing business in dollars rose to make using other currencies a better path to buying/selling oil.” – Tom Luongo





Building A Bicycle Generator – “Being able to generate even small amounts of electricity post-SHTF will be very valuable. A simple, human-powered, 12-volt generator can be constructed easily and for very little money.” – Ed J.

Fantastic Uses for Baking Soda & Remedies – Amy S

10 Herbs for Wound Care: A Prepper’s Herbal Medicine Cabinet – “The references I’m using are Cat Ellis’s Prepper’s Natural Medicine, The Green Pharmacy by James Duke, and Brigitte Mars’ Natural First Aid Handbook. (All of these books are OP-recommended!) The following herbal remedies appear in all three references, so those are the ones I’ll cover. This list is by no means exhaustive. Reference books are our friends! Those I’ve listed include recipes for powders, tinctures, and other formulations, along with specific information on each herb’s uses.” – Amy Allen

9 Ways to Keep Your Garden Soil Healthy – “You chose a location that gets plenty of sunshine. You purchased the best quality seeds and starter plants. You followed organic measures for pest control. You monitored rainfall and watering carefully, even installing a drip irrigation system. Yet, despite all these “right” steps, your garden did not flourish last spring and summer. In fact, despite another year of gardening experience under your belt, your garden did more poorly than the year before. Why?” – Tricia Drevets




Proverbs 22:26    Be not thou one of them that strike hands, or of them that are sureties for debts.



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