The WEF’s War on Rurality – “The war on cars is also a war on anyone who does not live in or very near a city. Such people are “immoral in today’s world,” says Klaus Schwab, the unelected leader of the world, who leads the World Economic Forum. You will own nothing – and be happy. You will also not live in the country. You will own nothing – and be happy. You will also not live in the country. You can “walk or share” (a ride) instead. This of course not being possible outside of or very nearby to urban areas. Presto, a way to make living outside of them very difficult, if not all-but-impossible.” – Eric Peters  – AND THAT IS THEIR STRATEGY TO FORCE EVERYONE INTO SMART CITIES WHERE EVERYTHING YOU DO WILL BE CONTROLLED AND SURVEILED. DON’T THINK FOR A MINUTE GETTING PEOPLE TO BUY EVS IS ABOUT SAVING THE PLANET. BUT THE 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 WILL GO ALONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘It’s the most rewarding work we’ve ever done’: Canadian doctor who’s euthanized 400 people proudly shares how she helped kill man deemed incapable of choosing assisted suicide – as another physician says she’s helped 300 die – Ronny Reyes

Canada’s killer doctors love what they do – “Reading how two Canadian doctors revel in the joy of their killing work is absolutely chilling. For over 2,000 years, the Hippocratic Oath guiding doctors has mandated “First do no harm.” What happens, though, when doctors decide that it harms their patients to let them live? Under Canada’s Medical Assistance In Dying (“MAID”) program, which encourages and facilitates patient deaths, it turns out that, the song goes, “It’s murder by numbers, one, two, three, It’s as easy to learn as your ABCs.”” – Andrea Widburg

Covid-related tech was exploited for mass surveillance, just as we were warned – “Various governments across the world have co-opted digital tracing for use by police and intelligence services” – Rachel Marsden

XBB.1.5: The Plague That Almost Was- “Estimates Are A Poor Substitute For Hard Data. What a difference a week can make. In one week’s time the United States has gone from the umpteenth coming of the COVID plague to a Gilda Radner-esque “Never mind!”” – Peter Nayland Kust

Why you should NEVER let the TSA scan your eye (VIDEO) – “The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has slowly been incorporating new technology into its security lines for a while now, and now facial recognition programs at airports are one step closer to being widespread.” – Glenn Beck  –  A MUST WATCH!!!!

Why don’t we ever hear the good news about climate? – “Climate-related disasters are killing fewer people than ever.” – David paton


Insurrection Anybody? – “Insurrections galore spark off all of a sudden and 2023 was just born days ago! Want to know why? Because the business model of the global economy is broken and the supposed remedy for that is centralized control of populations and super-strict regulation of all their activities — that is, techno-tyranny (with Marxist characteristics, as the Chinese like to put it). A large number of people went apeshit in Brazil over the weekend in that country’s weird, geographically isolated capital, Brasilia, a horror of 1960s-style Modernist city planning. They stormed the national congress and trashed the offices within to protest the fishy election of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva over the former incumbent Jair Bolsonaro. The truth is more that Mr. Lula is another Hugo Chavez, poised to wreck Brazil with a fresh attempt at nationalizing all enterprise, ramping up a Marxist police state, and inviting China in to partner-up in the action,” – James Howard Kunstler

Pro-Bolsonaro rioters storm Brazil’s top government offices – Diane Jeantet and David Biller

Everyone Should Exercise Caution Before Rushing To Judgement On What Just Happened In Brazil – “Debunking The Speculation That Biden Just Tried To Overthrow Lula” – Andrew Korybko  – ANDREW’S AND KURT’S TAKE BELOW SEEM TO BE OPPOSING VIEWS, I OFFER BOTH FOR CONSIDERATION!!!

Usual Suspects in the Attempted Coup Against Lula in Brazil – “CIA, USAID, State Department undermined socialist Lula, helped put authoritarian Bolsonaro in control of South America’s largest nation.” – Kurt Nimmo

Ashli Babbitt murdered, mother arrested, U.S. now a police state – “U.S. Capitol police recently arrested Micki Witthoeft, the mother of Ashli Babbitt, the woman who was fatally shot two years ago by Capitol police officer Michael Byrd during the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot. On Jan. 6, 2023, the anniversary of Ashli’s death. Yet Byrd, the Capitol police officer who murdered Ashli– a diminutive, unarmed veteran posing no danger to anyone– was never charged, his actions never investigated. Despite the fact that he has a documented history of mishandling firearms. The same police force that murdered her daughter arrested her for jaywalking…on the anniversary of her daughter’s death that she was protesting. If Ashli Babbitt’s mother had donned Atifa attire and burned down a Target, she would have been O.K. This is beyond disgusting, beyond repulsive, beyond sickening. It is sheer in-your-face evil, the state bludgeoning those it rules over because it can—and desires to intimidate anyone thinking of disobeying it in the future.” – Eric Utter

The Letter That Greg Abbott Handed To Biden During Visit To U.S. Border – Daily Wire News

Biden’s New Border Strategy: Blame Republicans First – “Wait a second. Biden was able to get more than $3 trillion in new spending through Congress. He’s pushed the limits of presidential authority to achieve the things he still couldn’t get through Congress. But when it comes to the border, he couldn’t get the $3.5 billion he wanted because of the party that did not control the House or the Senate or the White House? As Biden would say, c’mon man. And that $3.5 billion Biden wanted wouldn’t have gone to border security, but to speed up the process of getting illegals in the country. As the Daily Signal points out, the recent $1.7 trillion “omnibus bill” includes a provision saying that money for the Customs and Border Protection specifically cannot be used “to acquire, maintain, or extend border security technology and capabilities, except for technology and capabilities to improve Border Patrol processing.” The only question we have is are the American people buying any of the excrement Biden is peddling?” – I & I Editorial Board

Biden Leaves El Paso Without Seeing Major Border Damage in Brief Visit – “Although Joe Biden finally visited the southern border after years of criticism, his trip was short and did not take him to any of the most heavily damaged areas, leading to further criticism of empty virtue-signaling without any substantial results. Biden’s visit to El Paso saw him briefly walk along a portion of the border that was already fenced off, then observe a port of entry where border officials searched vehicles for various contraband, such as weapons and drugs. But many critics pointed out that Biden’s visit did not encompass the areas where the worst of the migration crisis are happening, including the areas with no border of any kind, where the worst of the overflows are occurring.” – Eric Lendrum

What Did Our Speaker Thing Get? – “Don’t kid yourselves folks, there were substantive changes that came out of the US House speaker “fight.”” – Karl Denninger


In 2022, the IRS Went After the Very Poorest Taxpayers – “Despite $80 billion in new funding, the agency is living up to its reputation of hassling low-income taxpayers over rich people.” – Liz Wolfe

Tanks for the Memories!.. German and NATO Tanks to Roll in Ukraine – “German, American and French tanks are supporting a regime that openly glorifies its Nazi collaborators. They say history never repeats exactly. It certainly rhymes though.” – Finian Cunningham

‘We Are Facing The Entire NATO In Ukraine’: Kremlin Says, As UK Mulls Battle Tanks – “Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev has issued ultra-provocative words claiming that it’s not fundamentally Ukraine that Russia is at war with, but that the Russian military is facing all of NATO inside Ukraine. “The events in Ukraine aren’t a clash between Moscow and Kiev. It’s a military confrontation of NATO, first of all the US and Britain, with Russia.” – Tyler Durden

Why China made a $540mn energy deal with the Taliban – “Despite its aversion to Islamic fundamentalism, Beijing is being pragmatic in securing energy” – Timur Fomenko

Kroger Shoppers Call Out Shortages: “A Lot of Empty Shelves” – “It’s not a stretch to say that millions of shoppers rely on Kroger for their groceries and other necessities. The company currently operates roughly 2,800 stores—including some under the Ralphs, King Soopers, and Dillon’s brand names—across 35 states, making it the largest supermarket chain in the U.S. But even as a shopping mainstay, customers have begun to take to social media to air their frustration about some locations’ lack of items.” – Zachary Mack  – WALMART IS NOT MUCH DIFFERENT EITHER AS FAR AS PRICES AND SELECTION GOES!!!!!


10 Major Layoff Announcements That Have Already Happened So Far In 2023 – “This is my rebuttal to those in the federal government and elsewhere that are attempting to claim that the job market is in good shape.” – Michael Snyder

The Real Jobs Report Way Worse Than Headlines Suggests – Schiff Gold

The Present Fiat Monetary System Is Breaking Down – “Under the present monetary standard—i.e., the paper standard—an increase in the quantity of money, because of the loose policy of the central bank, undermines the pool of real savings and in turn undermines economic growth. (Observe that loose monetary policy sets in motion an exchange of nothing for something.)” – Frank Shostak

Hello Curve Watchers, the Yield Curve is Steepening, Just Not in the Normal Sense – “The 3-month to 10-year spread flattened from +227 basis point to 0 and is now 112 basis points inverted, steepening in a negative (inverted) direction.” – Mish


Here’s How Aesop’s Fables Apply to Survival – Aden Tate

What Does Self Reliant Mean – Ken Jorgustin

I Hate Being A Prepper (And You Should Hate It Too) – “All over the world, the Prepper movement is getting a serious second look. What started as a prime-time laugh fest featuring fringe lunatics and clipping reasonable people to make them look crazy, has become a way of life that looks oddly appealing after 2020. As a prepper for over a decade and a man who makes his living in the prepping world, I have come to realize that while there are massive benefits to living a life of self-reliance and independence there are also some ugly parts. There is some very real bliss in ignorance. You forfeit that when you become a prepper.” – James Walton

Medical Procedure – IV Basics For The Prepper Medic – “The prepper with medical training must deal with a wide range of medical issues. When you don’t have access to modern medical facilities, bleeding, broken bones, burns, and infections can pose serious problems.” – Bob Rodgers

Native American Recipes Every Homesteader Must Know – Elizabeth Grant


Lamentations 4:18    They hunt our steps, that we cannot go in our streets: our end is near, our days are fulfilled; for our end is come.


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