Absurdity of Reason – “The one thing I know for an absolute fact is that until individuals recognize their power as such, there’s not much chance of survival. What’s left of the American ideal is quickly diminishing. The future is not bright. Gen Z or Y, or wherever that stands now, might as well be called Gen L(ast). There will be no future generations, there won’t be enough children born in a given time frame to comprise of a particular generation per se.This idea of naming generations is corrupt anyway; it’s a means of destroying unity, pitting one against the other; of accusing one or the other of the destruction of the nation; of pointing fingers at anyone but those responsible; the traitors in our own government, our schools, now even our hospitals. The young, virile men and fertile women of the current generation are being killed by the jab at an astonishing rate. Those who aren’t dying are sterile or infertile. Those who were able to conceive have more often than ever, by 1000%, miscarried. The children are being taught in school, in school mind you, to reject their gender and seek acceptance in disfigurement and derangement making them incapable of reproduction.” – T.L. Davis

A Summer of Illness and Excess Death in Australia – “Covid Worsened Dramatically – but no UNVACCINATED in hospitals!” – Igor Chudov

The Covid “vaccine” Is an Intentional Effort at World Genocide – “Never before have there been massive excess deaths following vaccination. Never before have there been children, young adults, athletes in their prime, entertainers, dropping dead “cause unknown” following vaccination. Of course, the cause is known. ” – Paul Craig Roberts

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 7, 2023 (VIDEO) – “Extreme weather whiplash is now the norm, how much worse will it get? Mainstream media has been continuously sensationalizing the storms impacting the Western US, how much rain are they going to grant us? The climate engineers can alter the equation any time they want. What haven’t Americans been told about Europe’s recent record shattering weather? How deep is the deception in the entire weather reporting industry?” – Dane wigington

Kill Switch Tyranny (VIDEO) – ” Governments and big corporations will rule by the threat of using their kill switch. Let me explain.” – Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen  – GOOD VIDEO FROM BJORN AS USUAL!!!!

Peter Hotez Vies for Power as Fauci Steps Down – “As Dr. Anthony Fauci steps down from his position as director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and top chief of the American bioweapons program, the scene is open for another word-wrangling science bungler to step into the limelight. Seemingly vying for the position of lead propagandist for Big Pharma and the global Deep State is Dr. Peter Hotez, dean for the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston — a scientist enamored with dangerous virus tinkering, censorship and state-directed cyberattacks on civilians, who decries the benefits of whole food and nutrition and is a leading advocate for biomedical tyranny and the murder of independent thinkers” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dying Fast and Slow – Part 1 – “Post-injection mortality patterns in US VAERS data – significant unexplained variability over time and across the US states and territories.” – Sasha Latypova

Dying Fast and Slow – Part 2 – Sasha Latypova

Pfizer’s history of fraud, corruption and using people as guinea pigs – Rhoda Wilson

Uncensored: LUCIFERASE to go Into the FOREHEAD or RIGHT HAND! Injected People Emit EMF (VIDEO) with Hope & Tivon – Maria Zeee 


We all Secede – “Why is secession considered such an unspeakable thing by so many when it comes to peoples and nations when everyone – literally, everyone – practices it regularly in their own lives? Who hasn’t left a bad job for a better one? Moved to another place? Parted from friends outgrown? Everyone has done at least one of these things. Many have done them all, more than once. Are they guilty of a moral wrong for having . . . seceded from situations that no longer suited?”- Eric Peters

Crisis, what crisis? El Paso clears migrant camps ahead of Biden’s first trip to border on Sunday as frustrated agents say numbers always fall in January and he might as well have gone to Des Moines – “Border agents’ union says Biden will learn little from his three-hour visit. On Tuesday and Wednesday law enforcement teams moved through the downtown area, picking up migrants who had entered the country illegally. As a result, he may get a view of the border but not of the crisis, say infuriated border agents who wanted him to see the scale of the chaos last month.” – Rob Crilly  – MAKE IT LOOK GOOD SO HE CAN SAY WHAT A GREAT JOB HE HAS DONE!!!!

Strange how the media didn’t notice a ‘dysfunctional Congress’ until just now – “As speaker, Nancy Pelosi ran the House of Representatives like a fiefdom, and the media cheered. They marveled at her power. They didn’t operate under regular budget rules with individual appropriation bills. Instead, they had omnibus spending bills stuffed with garbage that have contributed to massive deficits and $32 trillion in debt as they pretended new spending was paid for. The bills were prepared outside the view of most members of Congress, and few read the bills before they were voted on. And that is supposedly what the people should want. Threatening to close the government every few months and cramming down multi-thousand-page spending bills is dysfunctional.” – Jack Hellner

The New McCarthyism – “Expect the changes to the people’s business-as-usual to be mostly cosmetic under Kevin McCarthy’s reign as speaker of the House. “My own take is that McCarthy is an unreliable ally for those on the Right. He was only too happy to shovel billions of your and your children’s money to Ukraine while doing little to secure our southern border. McCarthy is from California, so, naturally, he likes to spend money. – Roger Kimball

Jan 6 Sets the Tone for Discussions in the Heartland – “But the GOP’s House speaker election circus was a close second. Another week has come and gone, making Heartlanders, flyover folks, and those of a conservative mind want to recolonize and start this government over in earnest. Between the ridiculous antics of the House speaker debacle, the commemoration of Jan. 6 2021, and an influx of illegal aliens off the Florida coast, either there is a come to Jesus moment on the horizon or an outright rebellion in the works. When the Silent Majority decides to weigh in, they do so with more of a rebel than with quiet, polite prose.” – Sarah Cowgill

Who Needs Shakespeare When You Have C-SPAN? – “This week’s battle against the fatal inexorability of “Speaker McCarthy” seemed a little different from Swamp business as usual. There was, of course, the very public power struggle between Obstacle and Ambition, which went forward in an unscripted and, especially after the last stand of the House Holdouts, dramatic fashion. But such struggles are not unprecedented. I have turned away from the kabuki antics of the fake branches of government; nevertheless, something captured my attention here. I think was the way in which the visceral nature of this power struggle was elevated by rhetoric of Rep. Matt Gaetz, who really did speak truth to the corrupt power structure, which exists because it is supported, enabled, perpetuated by a uniparty of McCarthy Republicans and Social Democrats alike and vice versa.” – Diana West

Racism raises Alzheimer’s risk for non-white Americans, HHS says – ““Entrenched systemic racism” is a significant risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in non-white Americans, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) claimed in its 2022 update on how to fight the disease. Black people are twice as likely as white people to develop Alzheimer’s, and Hispanics are about 1.5 times more likely than whites to get it. The group says high blood pressure and diabetes are suspected risk factors and said high blood pressure is “more prevalent in the African American community,” while diabetes is “more prevalent in the Hispanic community.”” – Peter Kasperowicz  – UH, DID THE SO-CALLED HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES EVEN CONSIDER PERHAPS DIETS IN THEIR BLOOD PRESSURE AND DIABETES ANALYSIS WHICH LEAD TO SUPPOSEDLY THE INCREASE IN ALZHEIMERS, NOPE, LET’S JUST BLAME IT ON RACISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 6 Political Prisoners and the Inversion of Justice in America (VIDEO) – Greg Reese

Jordan Peterson: Enemy of the State – “For the easily led, he is a target. For the witch hunters in media and academia, he is a convenient scapegoat. Within the academy, he is the object of unrelenting envy. In the face of all this, including campus protests and media hectoring, he has been steadfast and brave, refusing to be intimidated and instead using the attention to get his message out there.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Why BRI is back with a bang in 2023 – “As Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative enters its 10th year, a strong Sino-Russian geostrategic partnership has revitalized the BRI across the Global South” – Pepe Escobar.

TikTok is at least as much an American tool as it is a Chinese influence operation – “Revelations of a Beijing-based spying campaign on the video sharing service have served to obfuscate Washington’s own insidious efforts” – Felix Livshitz

The shameful silence on the Taliban’s war on women – “Why Western progressives are so unwilling to criticise Islamic tyranny.” – brendan o’Neill

China’s Oil Production Deal With Afghanistan Is Mutually Beneficial – Andrew Korybko


ISM Services Plunges 6.9 Points Into Contraction, Another Recession Warning- “Economists missed the mark badly in estimating ISM services which plunged into contraction.” – Mish

It’s Worse Than it Looks: Beneath the Surface the Bottom is Falling Out, and People are Jumping out of Windows – “Surveying just the news that started this year in The Daily Doom, things look bad for the US economy. Worse still, if you dig beneath the few rosy headlines that did greet the year in lighter tones, the bottom falls out quickly, as it does when stepping out of a high-rise window.” – David Haggith

Stagflation to Terrorize the Economy in 2023 – Mike Gleason

Avoid The Ocean Of “Underqualified, Insecure And Dishonest” Real Estate Agents – Quoth the Raven  – VERY GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fed Confetti Party Will End Rudely & Abruptly (VIDEO) with John Titus – ” the Fed has got to be careful now. They are between a rock and a hard place. They don’t want the money supply, the bank money supply, at the retail level to rocket up. They’ve got to stop that. They have stopped that on one hand, but on the other hand, they don’t want the deflationary spiral. The last thing they want in the world is the twin nightmare. You’ve got raging inflation, and by the way, no one has a job, and nobody has any money. The money you do have doesn’t buy anything. The Fed is staring right at it.” – Greg Hunter

Is There an Economic Bomb Cyclone Ahead? – “First of all, nobody knows what will happen next with the economy. On the one hand our Democratic friends seem to think that their supercalifragilisticexpialidocious omnibus spending bill and glorious Inflation Reduction Act are already steering us to the green and pleasant land of woke Jerusalem. But then you have Jeffrey A. Tucker saying that the end of negative interest rates ain’t gonna be a walk in the park” – Christopher Chantrill

DIAMONDS THE MOST CONCENTRATED FORM OF WEALTH: Why Diamonds Are The Most Portable Wealth – Steve St. Angelo


Stealth Prepping: Preparing for the Worst without Raising Suspicion – “Did you know that more and more people are turning to stealth prepping as a way to prepare for unexpected disasters? It’s true: stealth prepping is becoming increasingly popular as a way to build an emergency supply of food, water, and supplies without drawing attention to yourself. Why?” – Valerie Whittle

Situational Awareness & Background Noise — Use Your Ears! – Ken Jorgustin

DIY Solar Water Heaters To Cut Down On Energy Bills – James Walton


Hosea 4:1    Hear the word of the Lord, ye children of Israel: for the Lord hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land.


Only love can make it rain
The way the beach is kissed by the sea
Only love can make it rain
Like the sweat of lovers laying in the fields

Love reign o’er me
Rain o’er me
Love reign o’er me
Rain o’er me
Rain o’er me

Only love can bring the rain
That makes you yearn to the sky
Only love can bring the rain
That falls like tears from on high

Love reign o’er me
Rain o’er me
Rain o’er me, rain o’er me
Love reign o’er me
Rain o’er me
Rain o’er me, rain o’er me

On the dry and dusty road
The nights we spend apart alone
I need to get back home to cool cool rain
I can’t sleep and I lay and I think
The night is hot and black as ink
Oh God, I need a drink of cool cool rain

Love reign o’er me
Rain over me, over me, over me
Oh, love reign o’er me
O’er me


( Love Reign O’er Me by Pete Townshend )