The Digitization Of Humanity Shows Why The Globalist Agenda Is Evil – “Now, the media is admitting that yes, perhaps the globalists do have more than just a little influence over governments, social policies and economic outcomes. But, what the mainstream doesn’t like is the assertion that globalists have nefarious or authoritarian intentions. That’s just crazy tinfoil hat talk, right? The reason for the narrative shift is obvious. Far too many people witnessed the true globalist agenda in action during the pandemic lockdowns and now they see the conspiracy for what it is. The globalists, in turn, seem to have been shocked to discover many millions of people in opposition to the mandates and the refusals to comply were clearly far greater than they expected. They are still trying to push their brand of covid fear, but the cat is out of the bag now.” – Brandon Smith

You are Going to Die, Get Over It – “”What if you truly accepted death? How would you live? Would you live the life of a slave? Would you follow the stupid lines on the floor or similar methods of dehumanization? Imagine a global population no longer moved by an irrational fear of death. How futile would mass media brain washing be then? What government or army could suppress that population? When it comes to eternity, in a sense, you are already dead. You are going to die. Get over it. Once you do, you are free to live. – Dr. Joseph Sansone

WEF: The Swiss Government Will Deploy 5,000 Troops to Provide Security at the Davos Forum – “Soldiers will be authorized to “use coercive police measures to carry out their respective tasks,” the government said. There will also be snipers on the roofs of most buildings, and in previous years, the Swiss Police have shot drones from the sky. The WEF predicts that soon everyone will be able to ‘rent’ anything they need under the cover of ‘sustainable development’ (SDG’s) and ‘saving the planet’ (Net Zero). There is no doubt that the tiny elites who rolled out the great reset will own it all.” – Sikh for Truth,  – 5,000 TROOPS. THE ELITE MUST THINK THE NATIVES ARE GETTING RESTLESS!!!!!

Are COVID Boosters Behind Increase in Cancer Among Younger Adults? – “Research shows the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein obliterates 90% of the DNA repair mechanism in lymphocytes, white blood cells that help your body fight infection and chronic disease, including cancer.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Can we at least turn the water fountains back on? – “Today’s vent will be … Here it is, January 10, 2023, and my kids’ elementary school still hasn’t turned its water fountains back on. I haven’t asked, but I guess “Covid mitigation” is still the reason. You know, let’s screw with the students a little more. Show the little rascals and their science-denying parents a little more of our superior virtue and wisdom ….” – Bill Rice, Jr.


The CDC Lied – “The latest reveal from the CDC’s own data respositories quickly reduces to simply this: the CDC lied. They lied about doing safety monitoring. They lied about the safety of the mRNA inoculations, that there were no safety signals. There were safety signals in abundance and the CDC either refused to look for them or simply ignored them.” – Peter Nayland Kust

FDA Study: Pfizer Vaccine increases risk of Blood Clots in the lungs by 54% – “In the over 65s” – The Naked Emperor


Roads Are Racist – “according to the Roads Are Racist narrative, which argues that the Interstate Highway System in particular was not meant to make it “easy to get anywhere” – but rather to make it easy for whites to get away from blacks. And – in the process – leave blacks “behind” in the bypassed ghettoes of the inner cities. The downtown areas of big cities such as Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore have become blighted wastelands, it’s true. Full of boarded-up homes interspersed with liquor stores here and there – and derelicts everywhere. But this did not happen because the roads were built. It happened because the cities became shitholes.” – Eric Peters

We’ve Been Dominated By Narrative Control Since The Dawn Of Civilization – “Where as hunter-gatherers humans were only organizing in groups of a few dozen, with the ability to settle and build things we began congregating in villages and cities of hundreds or thousands. Once you’re dealing with human groups of that size with sustenance coming from farmlands and livestock, the animal impulses of hunger, thirst and safety are no longer complex enough to determine the way those humans are going to be behaving from day to day. Copious amounts of language will now be needed. Agreements. Protocols. Rules. Etiquette. How is the civilization planned out? How are decisions made? Who does the work? How are resources allocated? How are children conceived and raised? From here you can already see how the possibility of abuse is opening up. Someone’s going to be doing the work. Someone’s going to be making the decisions.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Has American Culture Ever Been More Violent Than It Is Right Now? – “When a six-year-old boy shoots his first-grade teacher with a gun, that should be a sign to all of us that our culture has gotten completely out of control. Sadly, most of us will soon forget about that story because so many other examples of extreme violence will be making headlines.” – Michael Snyder

Let’s get serious about real gun control – “General Assembly has passed bill passes bill 5855 while ignoring programs like project exile which has reduced crime by over 50%. What I find a bit contradicting is what happens to those who don’t register their firearms, commit crimes and end up back on the streets? Who is this law really targeting and is it more political theater, which I believe we are all tired of watching at this point. Nah, this isn’t a serious gun control measure, it’s just more of the same political theater that makes the people of this state continue to wait on hold for an available U-Haul truck.” – – Robert Cruz  – GOOD OP-ED FROM OAK LAWN ILLINOIS. WE ALL KNOW THAT CRIMINALS WON’T BE REGISTERING ANY GUNS. ALL THIS NEW PROPOSED LAW WILL DO, IF PASSED AS IS,  WILL PUNISH LAW ABIDING CITIZENS AND RESTRICT THEIR RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Vice President Joe Biden Took Classified Documents from White House to Private Office Storage in Washington DC – “According to multiple media reports, it was discovered a week prior to the midterm election that Joe Biden had removed classified documents from his term as Vice-President to a private office in the Penn Biden Center.  It should be noted that as vice-president Joe Biden held no declassification authority, so removal of the classified material is a much larger breech than the claimed comparison to President Trump declassifying documents and taking them to Mar-a-Lago.” – Sundance

Scandal Alert: Biden lawyers found classified material at Biden’s former office – “If the FBI actually stood for the grand claims that A.G. Garland made and had uniformity in enforcing the laws, all of Biden’s homes and offices would have been raided and meticulously scrutinized for classified documents. But that won’t happen. We can be sure that Biden will never suffer consequences for his actions. The worst-case scenario is one of Biden’s staffers will be blamed and Biden will pardon the official later. In fact, it is quite surprising that the agencies even revealed these discoveries.” – Rajan Laad  – WHERE ARE THE RAIDS ON BIDEN’S HOMES, LIKE THEY RAIDED MAR-A-LAGO!!!!!!

Public Safety Under Attack as Biden Releases Criminal Migrants – “The Biden administration has cut deportation by 70%. The Democratic Party just doesn’t want to admit that there is a border crisis with massive illegal immigration — despite the news reports, the rise in crime, and Republican officials begging for help from the Biden administration.” – Kelli Ballard

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs in California—but What Happens to All That Water? – “The question is, with billions of gallons dropping out of the sky, where does all that water go? Shouldn’t this be enough to end the drought and leave us with oodles of H2O? Turns out, the answer lies in bad planning, wasted resources and bureaucratic entanglements. Why do I say that? Because most of this water will fly down the LA River and into the ocean, an ephemeral visitor that we fail to capture or effectively utilize. In effect, God is giving us the very answer to one of California’s most vexing problems—and we’re simply letting it slip through our hands.” – Bob Hoge

The Luciferian Roots of the FBI (VIDEO) with Matt Eheret – “The FBI was born under the Teddy Roosevelt administration when Congress would not give his Attorney General the secret permanent police force he was demanding. J. Edgar Hoover (the Scottish Rite Masons’ most honored member, second only to Albert Pike who proudly proclaimed their god, Lucifer is the god of good and light that fights against the evil God of the Christians who is against humanity) worked diligently to commit atrocities against the American people from the start.” – The Revealing

Vladimir Putin Gives ‘Full Support’ to Lula da Silva After Brazil Riots – John Hayward

The Survival Problem – “We have a bit of a test case in the Brazil unrest. The crazies have hated Bolsonaro since he first turned up on the scene. At first, they hated him because he opposed the left-wing Lula da Silva. Now they hate him because he was nice to Trump, which made him Hitler Junior. The thing is, Lula is clearly worse for the American regime than Bolsonaro. A few minutes looking at his career makes that clear. When he was in office, he was not very friendly toward America, preferring to align with China and Russia.” – The Z Man

Predictions 1: War – “My prediction is that NATO will -try to- expand/widen/deepen the Ukraine conflict in 2023, and not just a little. They have to, because Ukraine as a theater is failing, no matter how much additional weaponry they import into it. And because Ukraine is running out of -under 65- boots on the ground. For some reason the US dragged two of their biggest old warmongers out of their respective proverbial basements: former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Who co-wrote this in the WaPo: Time Is Not On Ukraine’s Side” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Will 2023 be Worse Than 2022? “Stepping into World War III” – “Is Joe Biden willing to destroy the world to “weaken Russia”? Even though one has become accustomed to seeing the United States government behaving irrationally on an epic scale with no concern for what happens to the average citizen who is not a member of one of the freak show constituencies of the Democratic Party, it is still possible to be surprised or even shocked. Or even better the advice from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s “nuclear detonation planning guide” that for everyday citizens in a city that has been nuked: “Get inside, stay inside, and stay tuned.” Dr. Ron Paul asks “Are they insane? They act as if a nuclear attack on the United States is just another inconvenience to plan for, like an ice storm or a hurricane.”” – Philip Giraldi

China Owns A Shocking List Of ‘American’ Created Companies – Between Tens Of Billions In Farm Land And China-Bought Businesses In The U.S., We Have To Wonder Who Owns America? – Susan Duclos


A Ticking Time Bomb: Rising Consumer Debt and Rising Interest Rates – “Over the last several months, consumer debt has climbed at a steep, steady pace as Americans struggle with rising prices. November was no different, with consumers piling on another $27.9 billion in debt. With the 7.1% increase in consumer debt in November, Americans now owe a record $4.76 trillion, according to the latest data from the Federal Reserve.” – Schiff Gold

Swiss central bank reports massive loss – “Last year’s $143 billion loss is the biggest in the regulator’s 116-year history” – RT

Beware the Plot Behind Interest Rates – Martin Armstrong


Global Politics – the future, and how much instability will feed into markets? – “Political instability is turning into a global competition as Bolsonaro supporters storm Brazil’s Government, the CCP reopen China’s Borders to chaos, and the US Speaker deals with political hi-jackers to secure his seat. All will have consequences and should make markets nervous.” – Bill Blain

Nine Days Into 2023, and Gold Is Already Blowing Experts Away – Peter Reagan

As the Dollar Falls, Metals Will Rise – “Precious metals did well compared to other assets in 2023, but not as well as many goldbugs expected given the highest price inflation in decades. The anemic price action was another indication of artificial forces in the markets and broken price discovery. Trading algorithms were not programmed to buy metal when prices rise for real world goods and services. They responded instead to the dollar’s strength or weakness in the foreign exchange markets.” – Clint Siegner

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.68EUR


New Year, New Plans – “If there’s anything the last few years should have taught us, it’s that things are never as they seem. The most glaring example of that is that after thinking about and preparing for a pandemic, when it came, it wasn’t like any of us expected. We can say the same for just about every problem we’ve encountered the last few years, especially the supply line shortages that we’re still dealing with. One of the habits I have, which we all should, is to take the time for an AAR or ‘after action review’ if every disaster I encounter, whether I am directly affected by it or not.” – Bill White

Can Turmeric Cure Cancer? – “The main active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin or diferuloyl methane. Laboratory studies have shown curcumin has anti cancer effects on cancer cells. Why people with cancer use it Some laboratory studies on cancer cells have shown that curcumin has anti cancer effects. It seems to be able to kill cancer cells and prevent more from growing. Curcumin is being looked at in clinical trials and some of the results have been promising. Larger studies are needed. At the moment there is no clear evidence in humans to show that turmeric or curcumin can prevent or treat cancer.” – Amy S.

Why Gardening Could Save Your Life: Having A Green Thumb Could Keep Cancer Away, Benefits Mental Health – Study Finds

10 Off-Grid Water Systems You Should Have On Your Property – Sue P  – SOME GOOD IDEAS HERE!!!!

A DIY Masonry Outdoor Cook Stove – “During our harsh winter weather, I look for projects that increase our preparedness, but that can be accomplished in the warmth of my garage; preferably with a minimum of cost.” – K.R.

20 Pioneer Skills That Will Make You Self-Sufficient – Tricia Drevets


Isaiah 55:10    For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater: