Boston University makes new Covid strain with 80 percent kill rate – “Researchers extracted Omicron’s spike protein, which binds to and invades human cells, and attached those to the original virus that emerged in Wuhan” – Hannah Nightingale – THE RESEARCH WAS PARTIALLY FUNDED BY THE NIAID, BUT THEY CLAIM THEY DIDN’T KNOW THEY WERE FUNDING  ENHANCING THE VIRUS’S PATHOLOGY. RIGHT!!!! WE DIDN’T KNOW WE WERE FUNDING GAIN OF FUNCTION RESEARCH OR BIO-WEAPON RESEARCH EITHER. WE ALSO HAVE OCEAN FRONT PROPERTY IN ARIZONA FOR SALE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In totally fine and completely safe experiment, researchers curious about why Omicron is mild create chimeric horror virus that kills 80% of their mice – “I don’t know how this works, exactly, but I do know that the pandemic has left us with a serious problem, namely legions of eager virologists tinkering with SARS-2 in labs all over the world. These guys were a serious problem before the pandemic, but now there are many more of them and they have never had so much funding. Virus enhancement is not hard, it does not require hypersophisticated equipment, it is within the skillset of literally thousands and thousands of postdocs and lab technicians.” – eugyppius

Paging Rand Paul Staffer Sub: “…the Omicron S-carrying virus inflicts severe disease with a mortality rate of 80%.” The new Bioweapon is ready. – Sage Hana

Pfizer Product Monograph: The Safety and Efficacy of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine in Pregnant Women and Children Under 16 Years of Age Have Not Yet Been Established – “They LIED about everything” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

Exclusive: CRISPR Technology Is a ‘Recipe for Disaster’ — Not a Solution for World Hunger – “Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum and Silicon Valley investors routinely tout CRISPR gene-editing technology as the solution to global food security, there are better — and safer — ways to produce enough food for everyone.” – Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

The Ebola Lockdowns Have Begun – “Is a new outbreak of the Ebola virus about to cause widespread panic all over the globe? The Zaire strain of the disease is fairly common, and in recent years scientists have developed effective treatments for it. Unfortunately, the new outbreak that has just erupted in Uganda is of the Sudan strain. There had not been a case of that strain in a decade, but now it is spreading rapidly. ” – Michael Snyder – EBOLA ISN’T JUST RENAMED FLU AND IT SHOULD BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. HOWEVER, THERE HAVE BEEN PREVIOUS OUTBREAKS BEFORE. UNLESS IT’S BEEN WEAPONIZED, IT SHOULD BE CONTAINABLE WITH REGULAR PRECAUTIONS. SEE THE ARTICLE ON 10/10/22 BY PETER NAYLAND KUST AS WELL

Proving causality for COVID vaccine deaths with autopsies and data analysis – “We need more autopsies as deaths keep increasing” – Joel S Hirschhorn


Not Everything Is Fake – “You’re manipulated primarily by tricks of context and emphasis, not outright lies. This strategy is cheaper for mass media to sustain, and just as effective.” – eugyppius

Artificial Womb Research Rapidly Advances as Birth Rates and Fertility Dramatically Decline – “The worldwide mRNA injection rollout has been an effective strategy for the globalists’ long-held depopulation agenda. Population growth has been spiraling downward for several years in America but reached historic lows during the peak of the Covid mRNA jab campaign. The worldwide mRNA injection rollout has been an effective strategy for the globalists’ long-held depopulation agenda. Population growth has been spiraling downward for several years in America but reached historic lows during the peak of the Covid mRNA jab campaign. ” – The Sharp Edge

Meet Elon Musk, Technocractic Huckster (VIDEO) – The Corbett Report

Thinkings Points, October 17, 2022 – “Risk/benefit, Albert Einstein, quantum entanglement, heroic medicine, tobacco “science”, Baal, tools, supremacy, 8 mice, a very bad deal, the kindness of strangers” – Toby Rogers  – THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS IS WORTH POSTING THIS ALONE. THERE IS STILL HOPE FOR MANKIND. THANKS, TOBY!!!!!!

Flu Season Is Coming. Fortunately, So Is The Data – “There Are Alternatives To The Pandemic Panic Propaganda Of The Corporate Media. Lost in the hysteria of the Pandemic Panic Narrative was the reality that the United States has for years had a regular method of reporting and tracking Influenza-Like Illnesses (ILI). COVID Testing Was Never Necessary, And Never As Effective As Syndromic Surveillance” – Peter Nayland Kust


Beware of the Push to Accept Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing – “In case any of you forgot, and I hope you did, insane U.S. elections will be occurring again in three weeks. There will be big hype, and many calls to do your ‘duty,’ and participate in choosing one or the other of evil politicians to be your master. These are mid-terms of course, and not the absurd grand master selection, but completely worthless nonetheless. Voting is a fool’s game, but many will go along with this outrageous farce. Remember that almost everything offered in the so-called ‘news,’ regardless of most presenters, is meant to distract, establish a falsehood, steer opinions, brainwash, or achieve one or another nefarious agenda. Always question everything, and be very wary of those promoting their views as gospel.” – Gary D. Barnett – EXCELLENT READ FROM GARY. AFTER YOU READ IT YOU WILL SEE HOW THAT TRUMP AND BIDEN ARE BASICALLY THE SAME, AND THAT THERE IS REALLY NO DIFFERENCE IN ANY OF THE POLITICIANS. IT’S ALL A GAME “FOLKS” AS OBAMA WOULD CALL US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden reportedly about to imperil national security by draining Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower gasoline prices before midterms – “I don’t understand why Republican candidates for office are not challenging their opponents on whether or not they support President Biden’s harming national security by draining of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for temporary price declines at the gasoline pump as the nation votes. Biden’s policies brought about high oil prices, Now, as international tensions soar, and formerly reliable oil suppliers like Saudi Arabia mull retaliation for slights from Biden, our ability to withstand a cutoff of diminishment of oil supplies is imperiled by Biden’s move to shore up his political support. President Trump tried to add to the SPR when his policies brought low oil prices but Democrats blocked him; now Biden figuratively eats the seed corn that President Trump tried to put away for a rainy day as clouds loom.” – Thomas Lifson – REALLY, WHAT HAVE THE REPUBLICANS BEEN DOING THE PAST TWO YEARS OTHER THAN JUST WATCHING BIDEN SCREW UP. NOT A DAMN THING BECAUSE ESSENTIALLY, THEY AREN’T THAT MUCH DIFFERENT!!!!!

Biden’s Tech-War Goes Nuclear – “The Biden administration intensified its war on China last week when it detonated a thermonuclear bomb at the heart of Beijing’s booming technology industry. In an effort to block China’s access to crucial semiconductor technology, Team Biden announced onerous new export rules aimed at a “comprehensive supply cut-off” of essential semiconductor technology which– according to one analyst– led to an “immediate operations paralysis.” ” – Mike Whitney – WILL BE INTERESTING TO SEE HOW CHINA RETALIATES. BIDEN EVER CONSIDER THEY MIGHT DUMP TREASURY HOLDINGS. WHO WOULD BUY THEM THEN, THE FED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

China: Xi Gets Ready for the Final Countdown – “What drives China and Russia is that sooner rather than later they will be ruling the Heartland.” – Pepe Escobar

Confirmed – Democracy in the West is Dead – Brexit Britain Re-leashed – “Question no 1 – Where was Hunt?” – The Naked Emperor

Kanye West calls out Planned Parenthood as a ‘Holocaust museum’ for black babies – “West has frequently spoken out against Planned Parenthood and accused the abortion giant of “black genocide,” kindling the ire of pro-abortion advocates in the media. Earlier this month in an interview with Tucker Carlson, West decried the fact that more black babies are aborted than born in New York City, and that black women and their babies are disproportionately represented in U.S. abortion rates. The celebrity has also drawn attention to the anti-black eugenicist sentiments of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, who admitted she wanted to “exterminate” the black population through abortion and birth control.” – Ashley Sadler

Peter Strzok’s Wild MSNBC Segment Goes Completely off the Rails – “But there’s no doubt that the worst take of the insane segment was from Peter Strzok when he declared that “9/11 is nothing compared to January 6” and demanded that leaders “be on the same war footing.”” – Nick Arama

John Bolton’s Russia regime-change fantasy has little basis in reality – “The neoconservative hawk is promoting his vision of revolution in Russia. Fortunately for the world, his ideas are based on fiction” – Scott Ritter

Surf & Turf – “Since ancient times, the great civilizations have been divided into two distinct categories, land powers and sea powers. The best example is the rivalry between Athens and Sparta that culminated in the Peloponnesian wars. The Peloponnesian League was led by Sparta, the dominant land power. The Delian League was led by Athens, the dominant sea power. The great ancient conflict still casts a shadow over the West because the dynamic is still with us. We see the same dynamic today. The Global American Empire is the new Delian League, spreading democracy to the world at gun point. The Russian Federation is the new Peloponnesian League. What that means for the Ukraine is that barring a collapse of the EU or the global financial system, the GAE will shake of this failure too. Whatever is left of Ukraine will be ignored and the GAE will turn its sights to some new opponent. Land powers must always be on defense, because it is their nature. Sea power must always be on offense, because it is their nature. That means when one war ends a new war must start, regardless of how the prior war ended.” – The Z Man

South Africa Confirms Saudi Arabia Will Join BRICS Alliance with China and Russia and Move Away from US with Explosive Consequences – Jim Hoft

Gretta Finally Does Something Useful, Germany Postpones Nuclear Shutdown – “Germany announces it will temporarily extend the lifetime of all three of its remaining nuclear plants. Gretta may have played a role.” – Mish

Saudi Royal Threatens US with Jihad – “The Saudis believe they no longer owe the USG any favors. It always struck me as an absurd joke when USG officialdom declared Saudi Arabia as a friend and ally. Obviously, this “friendship” is all about oil. Well, thanks to Biden, his cognition slip-sliding away, the Saudis are upset with the USG. Biden’s handlers tried to get the Saudis to postpone announced cuts in oil production until after the election. It is, after all, Saudi oil, so they have all the right in the world to tell Biden to screw off. For me, the issue is this: why in the hell did the US ever get involved with these Wahhabi fanatics in the first place? Didn’t they realize the Saudi monarchy considers America a nation of infidels worthy of beheading? ” – Kurt Nimmo


The Great Economic Pretending Has Become Absurd, WSJ Economists Ignore Current Reality and Ponder Possibility of Recession in 2023 – “I do not know how to describe this with the Through The Looking Glass absurdity it deserves. The ability of financial media and national economists to suspend accepting current reality, while making claims about the possibilities for next year, is ridiculous. Ask me why this era of great economic pretending is underway, and I have no answer. The intellectual dishonesty is beyond my comprehension. The first and second quarters of the U.S. economy showed negative Gross Domestic Product valuations (GDP). We just finished the third quarter (July, Aug, Sept) and the likelihood of another negative GDP is high. Production is down, demand is down, consumer spending is down, inventories are climbing, and the economy is contracting. We are in a literal, technical and structural recession. Considering the Q1 and Q2 outcomes, we have been in a recession all year.” – Sundance

What You Should Know About This Triple Threat Crisis – Part II – Nomi Prins – PART ONE PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!

Fed Watch: When They Call For the Bailiff You Know You’re Winning – “In the face of the Fed’s intransigent hawkishness we are now on the verge of exposing the worst lies of two generations of people in power. I’ve maintained for more than a year now that the global oligarchy known here as The Davos Crowd thought they’d run the table on the US and the UK with COVID-19. Now, in light of the near-complete coup attempt against UK Prime Minister Liz Truss (more on that later this week) we are looking at big power plays to decide whether Davos will retain control over Western policy. Truss’ difficulties point to Davos having a few markers to call in here.” – Tom luongo

“We’ve Tried This Before… Under Brüning In Weimar Germany” – “How Now Brüning Cow? “How now brown cow” is a phrase used in elocution teaching to demonstrate the rounded vowel sound /aʊ/ since at least 1926, but today seen as an archaic greeting or an interrogative expression, one which I like using because Bugs Bunny did too – and he sounds like Janet Yellen. I’d really like to hear her say the phrase given we are in a Looney Tunes policy world right now without any Merry Melodies, and with a distinct 1920s feel to it.” – Michael Every

STOCK MARKET ALERT: Is The Bottom In? DON’T COUNT ON IT! And This Is Why… (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

If We See A Default In Silver, It’s GAME OVER (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler – Liberty and Finance – GOOD VIDEO WITH DAVE!!!

Solid physical demand for gold and silver tells you where prices are going in the long term – LBMA – Neils Christensen

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.86EUR


Easy Trick to Store a YEAR’S Worth of Potatoes | Harvesting Potatoes (VIDEO) – “I’m harvesting some of my potatoes but also leaving some in the ground for long-term storage WITHOUT a root cellar!” – Melissa K. Norris – Modern Homesteading

If SHTF, 38% Chance You Will Be At Work – “You probably spend about 38 percent of your time while at work, along with the typical commute. Assuming that you’re not retired. So if you’re one of the preparedness-minded (prepper lifestyle), you really should consider “what if” SHTF while you’re at work… You spend 29 percent of your lifetime sleeping, if you sleep 7 hours a night. 33 percent of your time you’re doing other things, at home, etc.. So, if a SHTF event were to occur, there might be a ~38% chance that you will be at work. For preparedness sake, this is a significant statistic.” – Ken Jorgustin

How To Dig A Well To Secure Your Water Supply – Bob Rodgers

How To Protect Your Garden From Looting Intruders – “The survival garden has become a mainstay of prepping, especially amongst experienced preppers. The idea that we can stockpile enough food to meet every emergency is just not practical, especially when we add TEOTWAWKI events into the mix. We all know that OPSEC is an important part of prepping. If people find out who we are and what we’re doing, they’re likely to come knocking on our doors when things get bad, expecting us to share with them. But hiding a garden is a different animal altogether.” – Rich M.

Layering Clothes: How to Layer Clothes to Stay Warm and Dry – Josh Burmeister


Isaiah 30:21    And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.


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