Won’t Get Flued Again – “Agenda 2030 couldn’t wait. They had to get that mRNA into bodies in a hurry and they found a way. The Flu wasn’t cutting the pharmakeia delivery mustard anymore, so they rebranded it, disappeared it, combined it with another scarier virus through PCR sorcery, dropped in heavy on the fear, planted some hysterical psyop material everywhere, invented a language, created a cult, added a dash of people collapsing in the streets of China, and voila, the dish was ready to be served a la piqûre de poison. That’s a GOOD READ AS USUAL FROMTbout as scientific as things are going to get around here. Flu me once, shame on me. Flu me twice, shame on you. Flu me three times…we won’t get flued again!” – The Good Citizen – GOOD READ AS USUAL FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? – “Let us be clear on something: gain-of-function research is not research. It is not science. It is stupidity coupled with hubris. For faux scientists at Boston University to actually create by molecular engineering a new strain of SARS-CoV-2 that has a potential mortality of 80% is morally reprehensible.” – Peter Nayland Kust

Boston University falsely denies gain-of-function accusations, lamely claims creation of chimeric SARS-2 virus will lead to “Targeted therapeutic interventions to help fight against future pandemics” – “Nothing will come of this, nobody cares, and the virus tinkerers will tinker on.” – eugyppius

Agree with Us or Hold your Tongue – “The latest iteration in Australia occurred on October 13 when the Queensland Parliament amended the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act to fundamentally reshape the relationship between doctors, patients and health regulators. As per an existing intergovernmental agreement, the Queensland change will be replicated in cascading legislative amendments in other states and territories to ensure a uniform National Law.” – Ramesh Thakur – A UNIFORM NATIONAL LAW FOR TREATING PATIENTS, SO MUCH FOR YOUR DOCTOR DECIDING YOUR TREATMENT!!!!!

The iatrogenocide accelerates – “Let’s be clear — adding Covid-19 to the childhood schedule is not adding “just” 1 more shot — it’s adding 18 more shots (it will be a yearly shot). So overnight the childhood schedule would go from 54 injections (72 antigens because of combined shots like MMR) to 72 injections (90 antigens). This has absolutely nothing to do with health — it’s all about profit and power. If the ACIP votes yes, thousands more children will die from these shots.” – Toby Rogers

Biden Regime Extends Invented Public Health Emergency When No Real One Exists – “What dominant US dark forces and their MSM press agents call a public health emergency doesn’t exist — not now or at any time since seasonal flu was renamed covid with diabolical aims in mind. The new abnormal is far removed from governance of, by and for everyone equitably, according to the rule of law. If kill shots don’t eliminate billions of unwanted people worldwide, perhaps US/Western dark forces will wage nuclear war in trying to achieve their diabolical aims. And what’s going on is at a time of double-digit inflation, making essentials increasingly unaffordable, combined with hard times getting harder — heading toward protracted Main Street economic Depression. What may not end during remaining years of the elderly may fast-forward their end time from deprivation. And make no mistake. Nothing is happening by accident.” – Stephen Lendman

New US biodefense plans cross the line from fabulism into insanity – “All the wrong lessons have been learned, these goals are madness. There is no way to have a test in 12 hours and have even a remote idea of whether or how it works. simply none. You will not know what it measures, what it misses, what confuses or confounds it, or any shred of specificity or sensitivity. To even have a pathogen characterized this rapidly is all but impossible (unless you’re starting with one you already knew about because you made it yourself…) The early stories of “heroic work at NIH to characterize corona in record time” have always smelled fishier than a bait shack dumpster. And then we want to not only have a vaccine but have produced enough for 330 million people in 130 days?” – El Gato Malo

Tulsi Gabbard and the WEF – “Tulsi whiffs on first Substack chance to robustly address the WEF. Response belied by that 2015 tweet which is still not aging well” – Sage Hana

The CDC will vote Thursday to permanently shield Pfizer and Moderna from COVID vaccine injury liability – “The end game is near.” – Jordan Schachtel  – GEEEE, WONDER HOW THAT WILL GO. DOESN’T SOUND LIKE A VOTE TO ME, SOUNDS LIKE A DECLARATION!!!!

URGENT: the CDC vaccine group is meeting tomorrow and may try to add the Covid shots to the normal childhood vaccine schedule – Alex Berenson


Think Twice Before Calling the Cops: The Deadly Cost of Police Welfare Checks – “”According to an investigation by The Washington Post, cops sent out on welfare checks ended up shooting or killing the very people they were supposed to assist in at least 178 cases over the course of three years. This is what happens when you indoctrinate the police into believing that their lives and their safety are paramount to anyone else’s: suddenly, everyone and everything else is a threat that must be neutralized or eliminated. Indeed, disabled individuals make up a third to half of all people killed by law enforcement officers. People of color are three times more likely to be killed by police than their white counterparts. If you’re black and disabled, you’re even more vulnerable.” – John & Nisha Whitehead

Synagogue of Satan: Why It’s Time to Leave the Corporate Christian Church – “I am going to state right up front here that this article is not for everyone. My target audience are those of you who no longer feel comfortable or welcome in your Christian Church due to all the things that have happened during the past 2 plus years since the Plandemic was unleashed, or to those of you who see the insanity around you and are searching for answers to understand everything, but know all too well that you will not find those answers in organized religion, including the Christian religion.” – Brian Shilhavy

Biden Says Refilling Oil Reserve at $70 Per Barrel Will Make Money – Trump Wanted to Refill Reserves When Oil Was $24/Barrel, But Democrats Blocked Him (VIDEO) – “Joe Biden on Wednesday announced the release of 15 million barrels of oil from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Of course this is a political ploy ahead of the midterm elections to help Democrats. Biden is only responsible for the good. When things are bad, it’s Putin’s fault. “I have been doing everything in my power to reduce gas prices since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine caused prices to spike,” Biden said.” – Cristina Laila

BREAKING: Joe Biden KNEW of Hunter’s shady business dealings: whistleblowers – “New whistleblower documents obtained by Senator Chuck Grassley have revealed that President Biden “was aware of Hunter Biden’s business arrangements and may have been involved in some of them.” On Monday morning, Grassley sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and US Attorney for Delaware David Weiss outlining new whistleblower allegations that claim the FBI has “significant, impactful and voluminous evidence with respect to potential criminal conduct by Hunter Biden and James Biden,” according to Fox News.” – Hannah Nightingale

Moral of the Durham trials: Jurors won’t convict sources if the FBI wanted their bait – John Solomon

Oops! She did it again — Riverside, California registrar mails 5,000 voters duplicate ballots – “Nothing to see here, little technical glitch, just throw that extra ballot away, and move along. They’ve got this. Elections are always clean in California. Problem over, right? Spencer recommended anyone who receives identical ballots to destroy the extra copy.” – Monica Showalter

This Is Going To Be A Winter Like No Other – “Energy prices have already risen to absolutely absurd levels, and now winter is coming. Unfortunately, many forecasters are warning that this winter is going to be a doozy. Colder than normal temperatures are expected across much of the northern hemisphere, and if that actually happens that would put a tremendous amount of strain on the system.” – Michael Snyder

Jeremy Hunt: Xi’s Man in London – “The choice of Jeremy Hunt in particular to lead Britain’s Government, given his intimate Chinese relations, raises troubling questions about the British political establishment’s priorities.” – Michael P Senger

New Brunswick becomes fifth Canadian jurisdiction to oppose Trudeau’s gun buyback scheme – “Austin’s statement added New Brunswick to the growing list of provincial governments – Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba – who have released a joint statement saying they are fighting back against Trudeau’s plan to use “scarce RCMP and municipal police resources to confiscate more than 100,000 legally acquired firearms from Canadians.” In addition to provincial pushback, Yukon, a territory in northern Canada, has also expressed its unwillingness to follow Trudeau’s buy-back scheme.” – Anthony Murdoch

Senate Declares War on Russia, China – “USG and its neoliberal mandarins are determined to eliminate any threat to their dominance. Nowadays, the USG does not bother with formal declarations of war, as required by the Constitution, now little more than an old piece of historical paper. Instead, it methodically arranges for war in a piecemeal fashion, and in the process draws far less attention.” – Kurt Nimmo

The Most Powerful Weapon The West Gave Ukraine: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “The Pentagon is seeking sweeping new powers in preparation for a war with China, the Senate NDAA bill increases proposed military aid to Taiwan from 4.5 to 10 billion dollars, and Tony Blinken is claiming without evidence that Beijing has greatly accelerated its plans to annex Taiwan. This is all as aggressions continue to ramp up against Russia. They really are doing this thing.   So it looks like this is what we’ll be doing for the foreseeable future: calling to escalate the war in Ukraine, facilitating the escalation of the war in Ukraine, and then screaming with shock and outrage when the war in Ukraine escalates. That seems to be what we’ve got planned.” – Caitlin Johnstone – MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!

Steadfast Noon: There’s a NATO Nuke Response Drill This Week – “As the war rages on Ukrainian soil, NATO has geared up for its annual nuclear response military exercise: Steadfast Noon. NATO itself has stressed that this military exercise is not tied to any current events whatsoever. Poor timing? Here’s what we know.” – Aden Tate

Ethiopia Exposes Western Hypocrisy Over Ukraine – “The two-year war in Ethiopia has flared up again in its besieged northern Tigray region where millions of people have been displaced and are suffering from famine. The United States, the European Union, and other Western governments are doing nothing to avert the war in the Horn of Africa. The scale of suffering and violations in Ethiopia totally overshadows what is happening in Ukraine where the U.S. and its NATO partners are showering billions of dollars in financial aid and military weapons. The indifference among Western governments and media toward Ethiopia’s horror illuminates the rank hypocrisy and cynical political motivations for their purported “concern” about Ukraine.” – Finian Cunningham

War and Regrets in Ukraine – “Washington may regret its role in the war in Ukraine.” – Douglas Macgregor, Col. (ret.)

Cui bono? The Big Picture -“First of all, we need to be absolutely clear that this insane FUBAR Ukraine situation was 100% concocted, fabricated and engineered by the USA, certainly since the droolin’ Nuland / lamebrained McCain / CIA Maidan coup of 2014, but even dating back before that. There are few situations in life where one party can be found to be 100% guilty and evil and morally bankrupt, and where the other party is 100% acting in self defence and self preservation. However history will show that with respect to this Ukraine situation, the USA was 100% the evil aggressor and Russia was 100% acting in self preservation and in defense of civilian Russian speakers in Ukraine. This is truly a war of good against evil and in case you still haven’t got the message yet, let me repeat: the USA Deep State is EVIL” – Eric Arthur Blair

Our Mercenary Retired Generals – “Senior US military brass quietly ca$h in on big paydays working for foreign governments. More than 500 retired U.S. military personnel — including scores of generals and admirals — have taken lucrative jobs since 2015 working for foreign governments, mostly in countries known for human rights abuses and political repression, according to a Washington Post investigation.” – Rod Dreher


Weeks Away from Whole Shithouse Coming Down (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – “For sure, we are already in a recession. We are now in the third quarter of negative growth. I think it is laughable that people put odds on whether or not we are going to go into a recession because it is obvious–we are already in a recession. Rates rising have absolutely frozen the real estate market. If you own a property, who is going to buy it? Rates have gone from 3.25% to more than 7%. I am on the record that once we saw a 3% yield on the 10-Year Treasury, you would start to see a tightness in credit. Now, we are over 4%. What few people are talking about is what has this already done to the derivatives market? ” – Greg Hunter  – I URGE EVERYONE TO WATCH THIS ONE. BILL IS ALWAYS A GREAT LISTEN. TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!!

No Rest for the Weary – “We’ve been waiting all year for the eventual Fed “pivot”, but there are no signs of it yet and, for now, COMEX precious metal prices continue to fall. Of course, at some point, the precious metals will “look ahead” and anticipate the eventual Fed pivot. However, it doesn’t appear that we’re at that point just yet.” – Craig Hemke

Return of the Bond Vigilantes Sent Shockwaves Around the Globe – “Deficits didn’t matter – until raging inflation brought the bond vigilantes back to life.” – Wolf Richter

Getting Rich Is One Thing; The Tricky Part Is Keeping It – Charles Hugh Smith

This Time Will Be Different: One or More Corporations Will Blow Up from Derivatives along with Global Banks – Pam Martens and Russ Martens – DOESN’T REALLY MATTER. IF THE BANKS BLOW UP FROM THEIR DERIVATIVES EXPOSURE, THEN EVERYTHING ELSE WILL BE TOAST ANYWAY!!!!!


Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.86EUR


National Grid Winter Blackout Warning: Emergency Broadcast Systeam Will there be Blackouts in The Next Few Months – “Certainly, the average American doesn’t seem to be too optimistic about the national response in the event of, say, a major catastrophe like the loss of the power grid. That said, 9 in 10 people in a recent National Geographic Channel survey said they believe the world will experience a major catastrophe, and of those, about one-third expect it to occur “less than a year from now.” In case of such a catastrophe, 57 percent of those surveyed said they would turn to friends and family for help, while 14 percent said they believed the government would be “the most help.”” – Amy S

50 Emergency Items To Always Have In The House – Kyle B.

Strategies for Dealing With Fuel Scarcity in a SHTF Scenario – Martin Banks

How To Hatch Eggs With A Broody Hen- “From correct preparation to caring for a sitting hen, here’s everything you need to know about hatching chicks the traditional way with the help of a broody hen.” – Rhonda Owen


Ezekiel 22:4    Thou art become guilty in thy blood that thou hast shed; and hast defiled thyself in thine idols which thou hast made; and thou hast caused thy days to draw near, and art come even unto thy years: therefore have I made thee a reproach unto the heathen, and a mocking to all countries.