American Inquisition – “The world turns and things change. Everybody knows that. But the turnings and changings throw off sparks, which light fires. The intellectual turnings of the European Renaissance lit fires in the lumbering bureaucracy of Roman Catholicism, burdened as it was with abstruse theology larded with lingering, age-old superstition. Witch hunts, inquisitions, and persecutions ensued,Likewise in Western Civ today. Our authorities have disgraced themselves behind a new theology of degenerate “science” that veers back into superstition and necromancy. Proof that they don’t believe their own story shows in their desperate efforts to hide the data, confabulate numbers, ignore true facts, and lash out viciously at anyone who discloses their zealous deceits. Case in point: the persecution of Meryl Nass, MD, in the state of Maine by its Board of Licensure in Medicine” – James Howard Kunstler – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM MR. KUNSTLER IN SUPPORT OF MERYL AND OTHERS!!!!!

Maine’s Governor Janet Mills used tax dollars to give away opioid antidote Narcan to one in every 10 Mainers. – “While she simultaneously worked hard to prevent Mainers from obtaining the COVID antidotes ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine” – Meryl Nass

XBB, The “Nightmare Variant” Is Here – “The mainstream media is making sure we know that the XBB subvariant of Omicron is here and it’s a “nightmare”. This one, like many before it, has been “immune evasive” meaning it’ll still infect those who have already had COVID-19 or have been given five injections to prevent it. So what’s the point with all the shots then if the heavily injected are in the same boat as those who have not had any shots?” – Mac Slavo

New Study from Ioannidis: Covid’s IFR in 2020 Was Less Than 0.1% for Those Under 70, Even Lower Than Previously Believed – Michael P Senger

Something BIG is happening Europe, and the WEF is winning (VIDEO) – “”The Dutch farmers are losing their battle against the globalist WEF and these draconian environmental policies. Over 17,000 farmers in the Netherlands are being effected. The story doesn’t end there because it’s crushing farmers from Germany to New Zealand. – Redacted with Clayton Morris

Truth is Treason… “What is being done by big pharma, the banks, and the government that supports them, will lead to actual harm and disaster for numerous individuals. A recent study done by the Heart Rhythm Society published this week makes the claim that video games are a cause of cardiac arrest in children. Well, add video games, along with marijuana, the sun, etc. to the growing list of “newly discovered causes” of heart attacks. What this ever growing list actually is is a bunch of scapegoats for the real reason behind the sudden increase in heart attacks: the CoronaVirus vaccines. Of course, this is not being talked about seriously in the mainstream media, other than when they are making up excuses and or playing cover for the vaccines.” – Stratton J. Davis

COVID-19 is SEVEN Times More Dangerous for Myocarditis Than Vaccine? Ha! Ha-Ha! – “A “study” says so. Let’s dive in.” – Andreas Oehler

Alberta security guard saw ‘hundreds’ of adverse reactions at COVID clinics – Matthew Horwood

Simple Nasal Wash Reduces Risk of COVID Hospitalization – Dr. Joseph Mercola


The Gaslighting of the Masses – “For students of official propaganda, mind control, emotional coercion, and other insidious manipulation techniques, the rollout of the New Normal has been a bonanza. Never before have we been able to observe the application and effects of these powerful technologies in real-time on such a massive scale. In a little over two and a half years, our collective “reality” has been radically revised. Our societies have been radically restructured. Millions (probably billions) of people have been systematically conditioned to believe a variety of patently ridiculous assertions, assertions based on absolutely nothing, repeatedly disproved by widely available evidence, but which have nevertheless attained the status of facts.  One of the most basic and effective techniques that cults, totalitarian systems, and individuals with fascistic personalities use to disorient and control people’s minds is “gaslighting.”” – CJ Hopkins  – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM CJ!!!!!!!!

The Tentacles of the Social Media Octopus – “The sharper wits of Silicon Valley know that if the public sees their products as toxic extensions of left-wing groupthink, the majority of Americans will shun them.” – Victor Davis Hanson

The All-Important Doorman – “The US is run as a corporatist body – joint rule by big business and the state. The elected members are, like doormen, temporary. They are, of course, highly visible, which they’re intended to be, as they’re meant to distract the public eye away from those who are truly in charge.” – Jeff Thomas

These 2 Issues Will Decide the Next Elections – While this sounds like a political post from the title, it isn’t, really. It’s about our quality of life here in America.”” – Daisy Luther

Why Joe Biden can’t stand Brexit Britain – “The president should focus on fixing his own economy rather than criticising ours.” – Brendan O’Neill

Adam Kinzinger continues support for Ukrainian ‘meme army,’ despite neo-Nazi ties – “In defending NAFO, unhinged congressman attacks Jewish entrepreneur and the State of Israel.” – Jordan Schachtel – KINZINGER IS A RINO AND HE HAS COMPLETELY LOST IT. MORE BELOW!!!!!

Kinzinger Unravels In Bizarre, Embarrassing Rant After Critic Hits Close to the Mark – Nick Arama

We’ve Had Food Price Inflation. Now We Get Food Insecurity – “Without Fertilizer, There Is Not Enough Food To Feed Everyone” – Peter Nayland Kust

“This Is What Annihilation Looks Like”: Biden Export Controls ‘Wreaking Havoc’ On China’s Chip Industry – “Long story short, every advanced node semiconductor company is currently facing comprehensive supply cut-off, resignations from all American staff, and immediate operations paralysis. This is what annihilation looks like: China’s semiconductor manufacturing industry was reduced to zero overnight. Complete collapse. No chance of survival.” – Tyler Durden

The Neocons and the Woke Left Are Joining Hands and Leading Us to Woke War III – “The online mob has decided that any support for a negotiated settlement—even proposals that Zelensky himself appeared to support at the beginning of the war—is tantamount to taking Russia’s side, denouncing voices of compromise and restraint as Putin apologists. This removes them from acceptable discourse and shrinks the Overton window to those advocating the total defeat of Russia and an end to Putin’s regime—even if it risks WWIII.” – David Sacks

Russia responds to UN official’s rape claims – “Claims made by the UN special representative on sexual violence, Pramila Patten, go “beyond the reach of reason,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement on Sunday.” – RT

A war Russia set to win – “The Europeans have been nicely played by the Americans” -MK Bhadrakumar

Dr. Strange Biden – “Is the Biden administration planning to use tactical nuclear weapons against the Russians in defense of Ukraine? It should be unthinkable but we live in an age in which the most offensive and absurd is celebrated, so we can no longer assume anything, no matter how monstrous, is beyond the pale. The bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines was an outlandish act of provocation, so we cannot assume there is anyone in the admiration on the side of restraint. The first clue that the Biden people are talking about the use of nuclear weapons is their endless talking about the use of nuclear weapons. For months they have been talking about it, in the context of the Russians threatening to use nukes.” – The Z Man

Russia and China on Same Page, Seeking to Build New Order Free of Western Pressure – “Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a pivotal speech on Sunday outlining the country’s strategy at a time when geopolitical uncertainties and unforeseen factors are rising. Key political issues touched upon by Xi came in unison with a stance earlier voiced by Russian President Vladimir Putin.” – Ekaterina Blinova

The Non-West Coalesces – “Nations representing more than 80 percent of the global population and a like percentage of global gross domestic product are perfectly capable of seeing the Biden administration’s pointed provocations and do not approve. India, Turkey, Argentina, South Africa, Egypt: These are not nations Washington likes to dismiss as pariahs, rogues, outcasts, or autocracies run by “thugs”—a favorite epithet of the thuggish Biden—even if some of them deserve it. This changes the complexion of the coalescence I describe. We are now talking about nations the U.S. counts as friends of one or another kind.” – Patrick Lawrence – EVERYBODY SEES THROUGH BIDEN’S BULLSHIT AND THEY DON’T LIKE IT!!!

Federal Regulatory Corruption – “More than 2,600 officials at agencies from the Commerce Department to the Treasury Department, during both Republican and Democratic administrations, disclosed stock investments in companies while those same companies were lobbying their agencies for favorable policies. So, not only are these regulatory bureaucrats eating out our substance with their tens of thousands of rules and regulations and taxation, they are also financially profiting from their regulatory corruption. ” – Jacob G. Hornberger


Who Actually Dictates The Fed’s Monetary Policy – “Hint: it’s not Jay Powell or the FOMC. The mistake most people make is believing that the public figures elected and appointed by those elected are the ones who devise fiscal and monetary policy. Wrong. They are the front for the real deciders – mere pawns who are well-compensated for their role. This is a must-read Tweet thread from Occupy the Fed:” – Dave Kranzler – DAVE HAS THE TWEET THREAD LINKED!!!!!

Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire – “Expensive, epic flops are all around us.” – Michael Every

Inflation Insanity Continues (VIDEO) – “The classic definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different result. In fact, the insanity goes all the way back to the days when everybody just said inflation was transitory.” – Peter Schiff

Factory Activity CRATERS As Economic FREEFALL Worsens. IMPORTANT UPDATES… (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

In Emergency Policy Statement UK Reverses Tax Plans, Markets Jump On the News – “UK Chancellor of the Exchequer (Treasury Chief) Jeremy Hunt reversed ‘almost all’ the administration’s announced tax cuts. The pound rose, dollar fell, and stocks rallied globally in response.” – Mish

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.58EUR


Ways to Generate Your Own Power – Unlimited Energy Resource – “There are many different methods of generating your own power or heat at home. Find out more about methods you could use to save money on your bills or even contribute power back to the grid.” – Amy S.

One-Week Meal Plan From The Great Depression – Tracy Nawara

Learning to pick a defensive position in an armed confrontation – Bob Rodgers

Silvasorb Gel – Why I Use Silver Antimicrobial Wound Gel (2022) – “Silvasorb Gel, also known as Skintegrity, is a powerful and innovative wound gel that uses ionic silver technology to provide non-stinging, non-staining, antimicrobial protection and promote healing. Whether you are recovering from surgery, dealing with a fresh and open wound, or need some extra protection against infection, Silvasorb Gel is the perfect choice for fast, effective healing.” – Brian Duff

.308 vs .30-06 – Which is Better – “They’re two useful calibers, but which one wins?” – Steve Markwith


Psalm 25:15    Mine eyes are ever toward the Lord; for he shall pluck my feet out of the net.