The Wrecking Crew Will Be Overcome – “We stumble into the horse latitudes of summer feeling trapped in the stillness. The heat disorders minds — and these are minds already scrambled by official propaganda. The crisis of the vaccinated is coming and there won’t be any hiding it. Anyway, nobody expects actual news reporting out of the legacy media. It will get around through the for sure, and already is, but the real spread will proceed when all the everyday people see themselves and those around them get sick, and realize they have one thing in common: those vaxxes they submitted to. It’s already happening. In keeping with the principles of mass formation psychosis, the maliciously insane people in charge of our nation’s affairs will expect you to swallow ever-greater absurdities to maintain their control (and protect themselves). But we’re way beyond the “women-with-penises” stage of the mind-fuckery program. Nobody with a functioning brain believes that bullshit anymore — except the people who run the California prison system. Next up, apparently, is a hot little war with Russia or China, a useful distraction from the systematic self-dismantling of Western Civ.” – James Howard Kunstler

The Normalization of The New Normal Reich – “I know, you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about the Rise of the New Normal Reich. You want it to be over. So do I. It isn’t over … not by a long shot. I happen to live in New Normal Germany, the current tip of the New Normal spear, or one of the tips of one of its spears (or mRNA-laced hypodermic needles), the others being countries and states like Canada, China, Australia, New York, California, and assorted other hotbeds of New Normalism. If you live in one of these New Normal strongholds, as I do, you are acutely aware of how it is not over. But the New Normal Reich is not kaput. The New Normal Reich is being … well, normalized. The masses are being systematically conditioned to accept the biosecurity police state that the global-capitalist ruling classes have been implementing for the last three years. New Normal symbols and social rituals are being permanently integrated into everyday life.” – CJ Hopkins –  ANOTHER VERY GOOD READ FROM CJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very Good Things . . . – “So many good things have come about as a result of the worst thing that has happened to us, ever. That being the “pandemic,” as its purveyors have largely succeeded in getting most of us to refer to it. Very much as they got us to use their verbiage to refer to the events of September 11, 2001 as “911.” Both of these usages being of great psychological importance. By using them, we are manipulated into agreeing with them. There is a “pandemic.” We agree that an emergency – 911 – exists. There are other such usages, such as the injunction to wear your (rather than a) “mask” and get your “vaccine.” That the “climate” is “changing.” These are all very bad things.” – Eric Peters

Don’t Let Them Reset Society to Make You Into a Bug-Eating Serf – “When did it become okay for Americas to live like mere Europeans, to settle, to compromise, to not expect that tomorrow will be better than today? When our country started being run by the pack of establishment weasels that makes up our garbage ruling class. They stopped being loyal to us and started being loyal to a global ideology that demands a “Great Reset” which, when imposed, would leave us impoverished serfs instead of prosperous citizens. But we don’t have to take it, and we’re not going to, And then there’s chicken, that basic staple chicken. In America! In America, when the hell would you ever imagine that you could not walk into a store and get as much yardbird as you wanted? Maybe in the forties, during WW2, with rationing. Yet in 2022, this is where we are. Our ruling class can’t even assure us of chicken.” -Kurt Schlichter

The Ultimate Goal: Perpetual Dumbing Down of All Society in Order to create a Slave State Ruled by the Few – “What must it be like to live in a state of mind where everything that happens in this human life is thought to be natural, unplanned, coincidence, or somehow unavoidable? The requirement for this devoid state of unconsciousness, is to exist in a world of cliches and regurgitation of the thoughts of others; mostly strangers. This is the belief of the masses, not because they had no choice in the matter, or spontaneously chose to be so trusting, but because they have been conditioned for generations to act and accept the propagandized lies fed to them throughout their lives by those state players with very nefarious agendas.” – Gary D. Barnett

The Mark of the Beast Slayer – “You want this mark….” – Bionic Mosquito

Apocalypse from now on? – “How the climate of fear turned a heatwave into a catastrophe. ‘Hellfire’, said the Sun on its Wednesday morning frontpage, alongside a close-up image of burning houses. The Daily Mirror was no less dramatic. ‘Britain’s burning’, it announced, again showing that same blaze destroying people’s homes. Likewise, the Guardian accompanied a near identical image with the admonishment: ‘A wake-up call.’” – Tim Black

“Climate Change”, Food Shortages: Coordinated Destruction of Humanity by the World Economic Forum and Its “Elite Cult” – Peter Koenig

No Farmers, No Food, No Life – “The world is now facing a man-made food catastrophe. It is reaching crisis levels. Current policies in many parts of the world place a priority on climate change for realizing a green new deal. Meanwhile, such policies will contribute to children dying from severe malnutrition due to broken food systems, with shortages of food and water, stress, anxiety, fear, and dangerous chemical exposure.” – Carla Peeters

Ireland joins Canada and the Netherlands in contributing to world famine – “However, when it comes to food production, Canada has a plan: Bugs. The government has invested in a plan to produce 9000 metric tons annually of crickets for animal and human consumption. If it’s any consolation, the solons of the New World Order will also be eating bugs. After all, lobster really is kind of like the grasshopper of the sea, right? What we’re witnessing is a form of madness, as various world governments enter into a race to return the world to a time of cold, dark, and famine. It’s no wonder, then, that Ireland just hopped on board the “let’s create a famine” bandwagon. Ireland too is demanding that its farmers cut their emissions by 28%:” – Andrea Widburg

CV19 Vax Lies – Greatest Trust Destroyer in Human History (VIDEO) with Steve Kirsch – “Kirsch explains, “I actually look at the science to see if that backs up what the recommendations are, and every time, I am surprised to find out the actual science doesn’t match what we are being told. This is true for the vaccines, this is true for the masks, and for basically any of the interventions we have been told about. The ‘six feet rule,’ even something as simple as that, you can’t find a paper that says it’s 6 feet as opposed to 7 feet, or 5 feet or whatever. It’s much more complicated than that.”” – Greg Hunter

Climate Emergency? What A Crock – “Though he put off an executive action, Biden said last Wednesday that he has “a responsibility to act with urgency and resolve when our nation faces clear and present danger. And that’s what climate change is about. It is literally, not figuratively, a clear and present danger. The health of our citizens and our communities is literally at stake.” His non-COVID fever continued: “Climate change is literally an existential threat to our nation and to the world. … Right now,” So, then what do the satellite data tell us? That we just went through “the coolest monthly anomaly in over 10 years, the coolest June in 22 years, and the ninth coolest June in the 44 year satellite record,” says University of Alabama at Huntsville climate scientist Roy Spencer. Yeah, that’s some emergency.” – I & I Editorial Board

Israel Was Caught Concealing Children’s Vaccine Injuries – “Israel’s Ministry of Health commissioned a study analyzing reports of adverse events from Pfizer’s COVID vaccine to Israel’s vaccine database, known as the Nahlieli system, between December 2021 and May 2022. Prof. Berkowitz’s team found that children in the 5-11-year age group had twice to four times as many adverse events following the Pfizer shot as children in the 12-17 age group. What’s more, the Ministry officials recommended booster shots for youngsters aged 5-11—thereby increasing the risk for serious harm.” – Vera Sharav

Yes, Birx is lying about her vaccine stance – “And yes, we have the receipts.” – El Gato Malo

‘He’s done incalculable damage’: the legacy of lockdown Fauci (VIDEO) – “‘They have no regrets for what they did to us. We have not heard a single official apology from anybody for what happened, even though none of it worked,’ Brownstone Institute founder Jeffrey Tucker said.” – Life Site News – VERY GOOD VIDEO WITH JEFFREY!!!!


The Frogs Will Boil Themselves – “In political terms, this translates into a slow increase, say, the slow rise of taxation or the gradual removal of freedoms. But there’s another way to boil the electorate of a country: have them become willing participants in their own demise. This method is a common practice in many countries, particularly the US. Americans have repeatedly been conned into begging for their second amendment rights to be diminished. The method is to make use of the media to shine a light on the horrific murder of innocents through the use of firearms. In recent years, this effort has been ramped up through regular senseless massacres of people, particularly children, in public places, such as schools and movie theatres. Whether or not these incidents are actually created by the ruling elite is a moot point. What matters is that their proliferation has been extremely effective in providing the media will the fodder to repeatedly ask, “When is the Government going to make the possession of guns illegal so that the killing will stop?” Many citizens are wary of such suggestions, but countless others quickly take the bait and demand that the Government “do something.”” – Jeff Thomas

America Is Intentionally Being Destroyed by Organized Divisiveness – “If this trailer is an indication — — we are about to be treated to a fantasy movie release in September in which black female warriors save Africa from being enslaved by the French. The film makers do not realize the irony of the setting, which is Dahomey, a black kingdom that conducted slave wars against other blacks and was the font of the slave trade. Almost every black slave brought to the Caribbean and to the English colonies in North America was a person sold into slavery by the black king of Dahomey. What might be the real purpose of this film? ” – Paul Craig Roberts –  REWRITING HISTORY TO CAUSE DIVISION!!!!!

From oil to monkeypox, truth is elusive to mainstream media – “They continue with their gaslighting” – Robert Knight


How To Erode the World’s Greatest Military – “Alienating half the country is not a wise strategy of military recruitment.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Fixed Income, Fixed Mindset: Between Fodder and Fertilizer for the Great Reset – “When you are an obese, chronically ill, broke-ass white person, you have no friends among the Democratic party — the party of globalists, of the coastal elites. If you do not understand that your life is being destroyed by the system you support, and that you will be disposed of like garbage by it (your replacement has already illegally crossed the border), then nothing can be done. Either you take responsibility for your own life and take charge, or you do not.” – Data Humanist

When They Announce WW3 Let’s Just Say ‘Nah’ – “There’s no valid reason why powerful nations can’t simply work together toward their mutual benefit. But it would mean the US empire giving up its plans of total global domination, so it’s not even being considered.” – Caitlin Johnstone – SOME MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!

Biden Considers Giving ID Cards to Illegal Aliens Released into U.S. – “Late last week, Axios reported that Biden is considering issuing the IDs to illegal aliens once they arrived at the United States-Mexico border. The goal is to make securing public benefits easier once they are released into the U.S. interior. Such a program would be a massive boost to the Biden administration’s plans to transform the southern border into a mere checkpoint for border crossers and illegal aliens, where they can be stopped, briefly detained, and then released into American communities.” – John Binder – GIVE THEM AN ID SO THEY CAN GET BENEFITS EASIER. BUT TO HAVE TO HAVE AN ID TO VOTE, WHY HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Show Of Pro-Abortion Brutality, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Just Slashed Care For Pregnant Women From Michigan’s Budget – “Hide as she might behind activist judges, Whitmer’s budget vetoes show she and her fellow Democrats don’t value women — only abortion.” – Margot Cleveland

Crooks in car mow down beloved Bronx deli clerk walking to work, then rob him while he’s unconscious – “David’s co-workers describe him as a kind soul with a keen sense of humor, someone who fit right into their small work family. David never smokes or drinks, and loves animals, the owner’s son, Khaled Alawdi, said. Just two weeks ago, he found a malnourished kitten on the street and started feeding it. “He is a nice co-worker and a great person,” Alawdi said.David moved to the U.S. as a child, but his parents still live in Guatemala and his brother lives in South Carolina. ” – Anna Gratzer and John Annese

Not a Movie: House Rep Warns Your Home DNA Test Could Be Used to Make a Personalized Bio-Weapon – “House Intelligence Committee member Jason Crow (D-CO) told the audience at the Aspen Security Forum Friday that genetic tests like the ones offered by 23andMe could be a security threat. To wit, someone could steal your DNA test from the company and make a personalized bio-weapon against you.” – Bob Hoge – THIS MAY SOUND FAR FETCHED, BUT ACTUALLY, HE IS PROBABLY RIGHT. NEVER GIVE YOUR DNA TO ANYBODY!!!!!

Ukraine Grain Deal is a Feel-Good Event. But Road to Peace is Long and Winding – M. K. Bhadrakumar

Hungary warns of shift in world order – “The West’s reliance on military aid to Ukraine and sanctions on Russia has failed, Hungary’s PM has said. Orban argued that the decision to impose sanctions on Moscow and supply Kiev with heavy weapons de facto turned the EU and NATO member states into participants in the conflict, but ultimately yielded no results. “Instead, today we are sitting inside a car with flat tires on all four wheels,” Orban said in a speech in the Romanian city of Baile Tusnad on Saturday.” – RT

Sergey Lavrov in Africa – “Hegemon USA isn’t pleased about Lavrov’s visit to nations in a part of the world it wants for exclusive US-dominated Western plunder, exploitation of its people, and as a dumping ground for corporate America/Western European toxic waste. Late Saturday, Sergey Lavrov arrived in Cario, the first stop on his four-nation/five-day diplomatic African trip. Egypt is Russia’s largest economic and trade partner on the continent. Hundreds of Russian enterprises operate in the country.” – Stephen Lendman

The revenge of Italian democracy – “The fall of Mario Draghi’s technocratic regime is a nightmare for the pro-EU elites. This is a chance to revive the spirit of democracy in Italy. The election might, for the first time in many years, lead to a prime minister who has been elected by the people rather than one appointed through backroom party deals or by the Brussels elites.” – Frank Furedi


14 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Poised To Crash Really Hard During The Second Half Of 2022 – Michael Snyder

Yellen downplays US recession risk as economic reports loom – “Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Sunday said the U.S. economy is slowing but pointed to healthy hiring as proof that it is not yet in recession.” – Christopher Rugaber

Delusional White House Economists Argue Two Quarters Of Negative GDP Doesn’t Mean Recession – “Anymore I beg of you – please – don’t let them insult your intelligence. But Joe Biden’s White House – which has been dealt more L’s in less than 2 years than the New York Jets over the last 20 years – wants to move the goalposts, just as they’ve done with the exit from Afghanistan, Hunter Biden’s laptop, the origins of Covid, what vaccines are and are not capable of doing and what is causing enormous price spikes this year (if I hear “Putin’s Price Hike” again while President Biden continues to vilify the oil industry I’m going to stand outside and unload a Costco sized case of Aqua Net brand hairspray directly toward the ozone layer).” – Quoth the Raven

The Official Story About the Economy Doesn’t Add Up – “It’s official: the economy isn’t going into recession. That pronouncement comes straight from the same top Biden administration official who last year declared that inflation would be transitory. But it doesn’t take an economist to see warning signs of recession abounding. Households see their costs of living rising much faster than their incomes. Businesses, in turn, see weakening sales numbers and tighter margins, pushing many to take drastic cost-cutting measures.” – Stefan Gleason

Like the Fed, the ECB Is Still a Long Way from “Normal” Monetary Policy – “The ECB has hinted at normalization, however, and it announced an end to its bond-buying program this past spring and then apparently ended its bond buys—known as the Asset Purchase Programme—in June. Ending this program is a key component of ending quantitative easing in the eurozone. Yet the timidity of these moves echoes that seen in the US. In the US, actual reductions in the central bank’s balance sheet have been vanishingly small, and the same appears to be true for the ECB. In other words, “quantitative tightening” is all relative in the minds of central bankers. It can mean even the smallest move away from more than a decade of immensely accommodative monetary policy.” – Ryan McMaken

When You Put Too Many Eggs in One Basket… – “When you put too many eggs in one basket, you create systemic fragility: if anything knocks that basket over, the loss is so overweighted that the entire system unravels. Why do we put too many eggs in one basket? because it’s easy and profitable.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.37EUR


Expecting Some Big Game Changer Unleashed Before The November Midterms – “Lately, I have not written too many articles of opinion and commentary having to do with politically charged content. However, today is different. Why? Because time might be running short. That is, to be prepared to a greater extent. Mr. Global is watching the clock. The power elite behind the curtain have not come this far to be set back in November…if they can help it.” – Ken Jorgustin

Stinging Nettle, the Trail-side Super Food (VIDEO) – Tyler White

How to Understand the Security of an Area Using your Tracking Skills – “This article will cover the application of man-tracking skills to find safe places in an urban environment, from small villages to bigger metropolitan areas.” – Apartment Prepper