Enter Dr. Zhivago – “They don’t just want us out of our cars, they also want us out of our homes, too. Out of everything – that is individually owned – in favor of collectively allowed to use. That latter being a pretty good working definition of communism. Who are they? Everyone knows. They are the people who comprise the leadership cadre of the World Economic Forum – a body whom no one elected but which wields tremendous power over every elected government in the world, somehow.” – Eric Peters – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM ERIC!!!!!

An Apocalypse Upon Us: How much more can we take?- “Trade wars, crashing stocks, bond blowouts, global recessions, rapidly plunging corporate earnings, the start of firings, a global energy crisis, collapsing cryptos, sliding housing markets, Covid, monkeypox, worldwide quarantines, government-mandated job terminations over forced experimental vaccines, soaring inflation, worldwide shortages, multinational involvement in a hot European-Russian war, sanctions, record heat waves, widespread, droughts, brownouts, blackouts, and burnouts, famines, political riots on the US Capitol steps, riots on the steps of other capitals under revolt, and racial riots in the streets. How much can we take?” – David Haggith


The Dress – “Now, it is definitely getting very hard (even if you’re an atheist) to deny we’re living all of the biblical plagues at the moment—war, pestilence, famine etc. I figure the only thing different right now is we’re expected to actually eat the locusts because they’ve got a factory somewhere in Ontario, Canada producing a facsimile for our protein consumption. And who knew that cricket poo can replace chemical fertilizers! Take that Putin! But never mind all that—If this is biblical I figure we need not worry because there’s always the Rapture to save us and I’m fairly sure there’s an Ap for that now. The point is that it is all about “The Dress.” And we’re all bloody idiots for not having figured that out by now.” – Sylvia Shawcross – VERY GOOD READ FROM SYLVIA!!!!

The tipping point on vaccines and covid policy approaches – “More evidence that the tune is changing. The overton window is moving. And many of the other side are now backing away from old positions. Watch Birx make the astonishing claim that she always knew the vaccines would not stop spread.” – El Gato Malo

The Monkeypox Scam Heats Up – “More tempest in a teapot than threat to public health, the monkeypox hoax follows the flu/covid mother of all state-sponsored scams — with intent to inflict more irreparable harm on maximum numbers of unwanted people worldwide. Yet on Saturday, Pharma-linked fraudster/WHO director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, defied science by turning truth on its head, as follows, saying: “I have decided that the global monkeypox outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern ” – Stephen Lendman

Biden administration considering public health emergency in response to monkeypox outbreak – Spencer Kimball

‘Who?/Whom?’ — Monkeypox Edition – “Remember the pandemic formula: Christian pastors BAD; gay porn star orgiasts GOOD. You might recall Lenin’s formula for determining the moral value of an act: who is doing it to whom? Something that might be a crime when done by a member of a disfavored group could be an act of heroism when done by a favored group. We saw this in action during the first months of Covid, when the US Government said NOBODY should EVER go outside and congregate in GROUPS. But when the holy and righteous George Floyd died, suddenly the rules of public health and epidemiology were magically suspended, for the sake of fighting racism™ and Black Lives Mattering.” – Rod Dreher

Boosters Now PROMOTE Covid Deaths in Europe – “Ba.5 turned out to be the “Boosted People Variant” after all” – Igor Chudov

My Predictions From November 2020 Have Come True Already With More Yet To Come… – “And herein lies the problem. For the last two years far too many have got splinters in their asses from sitting on the fence. They have been too afraid of rocking the boat and questioning the status quo. My predictions were not 100% accurate but pretty close I’d say. Unfortunately the two guys in question still believe the narrative ” – threadsirish

New Monkeypox symptoms are making cases harder to recognise – “‘Case recognition is vital, and we haven’t been equipped to actually recognize the disease,’ said Chloe Orkin. Doctors are reporting some patients with only single sores from the disease, sometimes in the mouth, anus or genitals, according to a study released Thursday by the New England Journal of Medicine. The cases don’t conform to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s definition of monkeypox.” –  Madison Muller – WELL OF COURSE. LET’S JUST SAY IT HAS NEW SYMPTOMS, THAT WAY EVERYONE CAN HAVE MONKEYPOX AND WE CAN PUSH MORE VACCINES. MAYBE IT’S NOT REAL MONKEYPOX. THEY ARE OUTRIGHT ADMITTING IT DOESN’T CONFORM TO THE DEFINITION OF MONKEYPOX. MAYBE IT’S BEEN TWEAKED BY GAIN OF FUNCTION. IT WORKED FOR COVID, WHY NOT DO IT TO MONKEYPOX AND OTHER VIRUSES AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What Does Bible Say About The End of The Age? – “The end times will be marked by final separation and judgment, by massive upheaval and then setting things right, by parallel extremes. That’s what I understand the Bible to say. Let the debate begin!” – Michael Brown

A travesty of Soros justice in New York – “In what universe do New York state official live that a freak who tried to kill a sitting congressman gets off on his own recognizance? For all the bloviating in Congress these days on the January 6 “assault on democracy,” the exact same logic can be applied with teeth to the attempted assassination of sitting congressman Lee Zeldin, who is running for governor of New York.” – Monica Showalter

Tulsi Gabbard Exposes DoJ Hypocrisy Over Bannon Contempt Conviction – Tyler Durden

White House Says US Recession Is Not A Recession – “White House rejects recession fears, Russia cuts, and US economy stumbles.” – Andrew Moran

Ron DeSantis takes a stand on China buying up American farmland – “Were we living in normal times, the people in Washington, both in the Biden administration and in Congress, would be getting very worried about the fact that China is buying up massive tracts of American farmland. After all, our population continues to grow, supply chains are breaking down, Ukraine and Russia are ceasing to have food to export, the Dutch government is seizing farmer’s land, Sri Lanka and Panama are having food shortages…and D.C. sits complacently as China buys up land that ought to be feeding Americans.” – Andrea Widburg

Missouri Sheriff Refuses To Hand Over Gun Owners’ Info To FBI: ‘I Will Go Down With The Ship’ – Jack Phillips

The Great Game of Politics is Not What You Think’ (VIDEO) with Tom Luongo: Speech at RPI Houston Conference – “Geopolitical analyst Tom Luongo takes a hard look at the west vs east emerging world at the Ron Paul Institute’s Houston Conference.” – Ron Paul Liberty Report

Putin Announces “New Era” Has Begun, Says West Can’t Offer Its Own Model Of Future – Russia Unleashes Mysterious Daenerys Targaryen Dragon Weapon – New Kinds of Weapons Seem to be Coming Out of Russia – Amy S.

Six achievements of the Putin-Khamenei meeting – “The real story of last week’s Tehran summit was the strategic advancement of a Russian-Iranian alliance.” – Abdel Bari Atwan

For Those About to Rock, NAM 2.0 Salutes You – “NAM 2.0 drive – of which China is a key player – stands in stark opposition to how the Empire of Chaos – and Lies – wove its toxic net, via the war on terror, since the start of the millennium.” – Pepe Escobar

Map of destroyed food processing centers – Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.


MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: The Biggest LIE Ever Sold (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

China Banking Crisis & the Unsuspecting World – Martin Armstrong

ECB’s Long Journey into Currency Collapse Just Got a Lot Shorter – Brendan Brown

Data Suggests a Hawkish Fed Would Hike Rates by 7.5% At Next Week’s FOMC Meeting – “Of course, the actual uberdove Powell FED is worrying about a 0.75% hike that’s one-tenth the size currently required simply to move real rates to neutral” – Occupy the Fed Movement

A Flood of Repossessed Cars Poised to Hit the Used Car Market – “Now is one of the worst times ever to buy a car. Wait six months or a year and things will be different.” – Mish


A Guide to Preserving and Drying Greens From Your Garden – Little House Living

Zone 3 Vegetable Gardening – “Gardening is very humbling. One sneaky frost or good hail storm can destroy weeks or months of hard work. Never take the weather for granted. Keep track of last and first frosts in your journal and write down successes and failures. USDA states that zone 3 has last frost of May 15. As I’m writing this, it is May 24th and yes, we had an unexpected frost this morning. And then 1st frost on September 15th. These dates are only vague guidelines. Keeping an eye on NOAA and having your own thermometers, barometers, etc is essential during the beginning and end of the growing season.” – HollyBerry

Dumpster Seed Potatoes & Planting A Second Crop. (VIDEO) – Modern Refugee.


Job 38:19  Where is the way where light dwelleth? and as for darkness, where is the place thereof,


In the empire of the senses
You’re the queen of all you survey
All the cities, all the nations
Everything that falls your way, I say
There is a deeper world than this that you don’t understand
There is a deeper world that this tugging at your hand
Every ripple on the ocean
Every leaf on every tree
Every sand dune in the desert
Every power we never see
There is a deeper wave than this, swelling in the world
There is a deeper wave than this, listen to me girl

Feel it rising in the cities
Feel it sweeping overland
Over borders, over frontiers
Nothing will its power withstand, I say
There is no deeper wave than this rising in the world
There is no deeper wave than this listen to me girl

All the bloodshed, all the anger
All the weapons, all the greed
All the armies, all the missiles
All the symbols of our fear, I say
There is a deeper wave than this rising in the world
There is a deeper wave than this, listen to me girl

At the still point of destruction
At the centre of the fury
All the angels, all the devils
All around us, can’t you see?
There is a deeper wave than this rising in the land
There is a deeper wave than this nothing will withstand

I say love is the seventh wave
I say love is the seventh wave
I say love is the seventh wave
I say love is the seventh wave
I say love is the seventh wave
I say love is the seventh wave
I say love

Every ripple on the ocean
Every leaf on every tree
Every sand dune in the desert
Every breath you take with me
Every breath you take, every move you make
Every cake you bake, every leg you break

( Love is The Seventh Wave by Sting )