Spontaneously Combusting Narratives – “Instigating mental wild fires around weather events for political agendas. Fires that are started by arsonists and burn hundreds of thousands of acres start out as “climate fires” and later get buried by the media. These are fires that the media blames on global warming and summer weather until fire investigators determine it was started by arson, and then like hard-working firefighters on the front lines vigorously digging trench lines, the media will dig their own holes and bury their own false narratives without any corrections or retractions. Anything that can be blamed on global warming is amplified and never corrected. California is often the poster state for “global warming” wildfire fear-mongering. ” – The Good Citizen  – AS I HAVE STATED, THE CLIMATE AGENDA IS NEXT. EXCELLENT ARTICLE ON THE AGENDA!!!!!

Is Eating Bugs Really About Saving the Planet? – Marie Hawthorne

Class Formation – “National Globalism and Global Nationalism. Can you taste it? The blood in the water. All over the world, Behemoth is bleeding from a thousand tiny cuts. In Sri Lanka, in the Netherlands, in Ecuador, in Panama, and in a dozen other countries, the populace is in revolt. The tree planted by decades of mismanagement is bearing its poisonous fruit, and people are gagging as they sample it. The WHO announces the simian PridePox as a new global health emergency, and globalpop rolls its eyes. Our ruling class no longer bothers to hide their contempt. They do not perceive themselves as having anything in common with the villanous commoners, and they intend to strip away all of our old liberties, religions, and whatever scraps of wealth we’ve managed to retain, to take it all for themselves, and to leave us with pods, virtual girlfriends, cricket gruel, and pride parades.” – John Carter –  GOOD ANALYSIS AND A VERY GOOD READ FROM JOHN!!!!!

The Big Lie Strategy in America of the Super-Rich – “The war has already been declared. Both China and the United States, and many other countries, have become the battle ground in the drive to completely corrupt science, and to make all sources of information spigots for propaganda in support of bio-fascist regimes like COVID19. Whether in Dallas or Wuhan, Osaka or Dresden, AI logarithms are being used now to shut down civil society, and stacks of drones and robots that can attack whoever they are programmed to attack, are waiting in the wings.” – Emanuel Pastreich – LONG, BUT GOOD ANALYSIS AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Monkeypox” is only circulating in countries where the Pfizer Vaccine has been distributed & is being used to advance a Technocratic Great Reset – The EXPOSÉ  – HMM, WONDER WHY THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a clean vaccine death – “There are millions of Mikes in the world who are mourning the vaccine death of a loved one. Can you guess what happens if they all speak up?” – Jon Rappoport – A WORK OF FICTION FROM JON, BUT OH SO TRUE!!!!!!

Justin Trudeau and the dangers of eco-posturing – “The Western elites’ war on modern farming is a menace to humankind. Justin Trudeau has joined the mad war on farmers. The king of virtue-signalling is insisting that nitrous oxide emissions be cut by 30 per cent by 2030. It’s all about Canada doing its bit for the planet, he says. But such a severe reduction in nitrogen-use would be disastrous for the planet. It would mean Canadian farmers being pressured to use less fertiliser, which would mean fewer crops, which would mean less food not only for the people of Canada but for people around the world.” – Brendan O’Neill

What Exactly Do the Officials Mean by “Managing the Transition”, Here is What They Will Not Say Openly – “As you are well aware the various western nation central banks including the U.S. Federal Reserve, are raising interest rates into a global economic contraction, a drop in demand. Raising interest rates into a contracting economy is counterintuitive, it runs against the expressed interest of government to grow economic conditions. The central bankers are trying to support western government policy. Unfortunately, the government policy they are under obligation to support is the fundamental energy shift, or what the World Economic Forum (Davos Group) has called the “Build Back Better” climate change agenda.” – Sundance

Tanks for the memories – “You know you’re fucked when tanks are being put on the streets in China to protect the banks. The same banks where savings accounts were declared to be ‘investment products’ and thus not able to be withdrawn which pretty much pissed off everyone, prompting a riotous mood in the very large crowds gathering to look longingly at their former money, now an investment in some of the most corrupt institutions on Earth. The banking chaos in China has continued through all of this year, and now has reached a pivotal moment as the CCP must protect some of the largest ‘assets’ of the World Economic Forum, aka, China’s collapsing banking system. Dissension, distrust, tension, conflict, contention, and revolution have erupted around the planet as the FRN (Federal Reserve Note) dies, drowning in debt. As the Federal Reserve Note, aka, the ‘dollar’, as the global reserve currency sinks under the waves for this last time, the planetary financial structure unravels the social infrastructure threatening to take all governments down.” – clif high

So many people are now “dying suddenly” that “our free press” can barely hide it any more – “The toll of “vaccination” will soon be too obvious for ANY propaganda to obscure it—as we’re now seeing in the USA and Canada, Ireland, Cyprus, Sri Lanka and Australia” – Mark Crispin Miller  


The assault on definitions: from mRNA ‘vaccines’ to economic recession – “Understanding the power of language. Call it whatever you want, but the economy is in shambles, largely due to a lethal formula that is Keynesian Federal Reserve policy and the “Great Reset” agenda that is being pursued by our ruling class. Speaking of your primary series, remember when “fully vaccinated” meant two shots, and the end of your relationship with the gene juice? Well, now we’re on shots four (and five coming in the Fall). Just don’t call it shots four and five. “Fully vaccinated and twice boosted” is the proper terminology, according to the brain trust over at the CDC and FDA, even though it makes no actual sense. They tell you that Vladimir Putin is responsible for this administration’s own controlled demolition on reliable energy. “Putin’s Price Hike!” They tell you that there is a “Climate Emergency,” without actually defining what the emergency is. Oh, the weather is changing, and it’s time for you to hand over some more liberty to the government. They’ll fix the climate dial for you. Just eat the soy and the bugs and live on tried and true windmill power!” – Jordan Schachtel  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JORDAN!!!!!

Just Paddling While The Empire Burns – “The phrase “fiddling while Rome burns” is an intriguing idiom, One cannot ignore the parallels to our American empire in flames as Biden, the hordes of hyena politicians in Washington DC, their captured corporate propaganda media mouthpieces, central banker fiat printing enablers, and the Davos billionaire cadre are attempting a controlled burn of our world, but it has become a conflagration destined to rage out of control and consume the planet in flames. We are most certainly living in a time of crisis, as this Fourth Turning hastens towards our rendezvous with destiny. Not only is the American empire burning in an abstract sense, but once the ANTIFA, BLM and pro-abortion terrorist groups (all funded by Soros and Gates) hit the streets, the country is literally burning. The chaos, havoc, violence, and vitriol are all being engineered by the puppeteers/invisible government who control the minds of the masses through media manipulation, non-stop propaganda, technological deceit, and social indoctrination through government schooling. ” – Jim Quinn

China: Pelosi Trip to Taiwan a Provocation – “If Pelosi postpones or cancels the visit, it will be seen as a U.S. climb-down in the face of Chinese indignation and protest, and an affront to our friends in Taiwan… Either way, relations between our countries will likely suffer, and perhaps seriously, if the Chinese opt for a military response to a Pelosi visit.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Warmongering Republicans Have Throbbing Hard-Ons For Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip – “Octogenarian House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to spend her final years on this mortal coil trying to start World War Three, pushing the Biden administration to designate Russia an official “state sponsor of terrorism” and planning a freakishly incendiary trip to Taiwan just in the last few days. Beijing has made it clear that the first visit to Taiwan by a major US official in decades would be seen as an aggressive escalation and an egregious transgression of Washington’s official one-China policy.” – Caitlin Johnstone

None Dare Call it a Recession Lest the Democrats Lose the Mid-Terms – “When all you have left is managing narratives, managing narratives becomes a full time job. This is where The Davos Crowd is today– just before the next Fed rate hike and just over three months out from the US mid-term elections. It doesn’t matter the subject anymore, everything is managed, massaged, wheedled or cajoled into a convenient definition which serves some aspect of the Davos agenda. Last week it was blaming Russia for the West’s financial problems – food and energy shortages forcing the ECB to raise rates. This week we’re going to be redefining a ‘recession’ and shifting the blame for it to the Federal Reserve.” – Tom Luongo

The White House Brags: The Average “Peson” Spends $35 Less on Gasoline – “Spelling issues aside, is this realistically a winning message?” – Mish

Talking Points on the dangerous Executive Order no one is talking about – “Last month, President Biden issued a “net zero” Executive Order that threatens the very existence of our nation. And yet he has received very little pushback. The Biden Administration recently issued an Executive Order that commits the Federal Government to reduce emissions 65% by 2030 and be “net zero” by 2050. This commitment is suicidal because 3/4 of government energy use is for defense—and most of that must come from fossil fuels.” – Alex Epstein

Al Gore is baaaack – “With the global warming agenda on the rocks and greenie measures absolute failures around the world, who should come to its rescue but…Al Gore?” – Monica Showalter

FBI Sabotaged Hunter Biden Evidence To Derail Investigation: Whistleblowers – Tyler Durden

Ranchers Are Selling Off Their Cattle In Unprecedented Numbers Due To The Drought, And That Has Enormous Implications For 2023 – Michael Snyder

AGW Cold-Cocks Victim – “Surveillance camera footage has emerged depicting the truth about a vicious cold-cocking that occurred in Texas recently – and was denied, absolutely – until the video evidence established the deniers were lying, extremely. The man can be seen not “resisting” when he is knocked out cold by the AGW, The AGW is not a peace-keeper. He is an armed government worker. He works for the government. Who are also in a position to harm anyone they like, anytime they like – because they are armed government workers and what are you going to do about it? To “resist” – even in self-defense – is itself a “crime.”” – Eric Peters

The Psychology of Children – “The transgender movement wants you to believe that young children know exactly what they want and, therefore, they should be allowed to have it. Even without the obvious guidance, nudging, and grooming from teachers, parents, and friends, some of these children want to change genders—we are told. This is bullshit only a demented person would believe.” – Jon Rappoport

Russia Will Now Help Ukrainians “Get Rid Of Regime,” Lavrov Says – Tyler Durden

The All-American Lie Factory – “Government and the media work together to promote war on Russia” – Philip Giraldi

Congressional Delegation in Kyiv Wants US Military Advisors Sent to Ukraine – “Reps. Michael Waltz (R-FL) and Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) favor the idea” – Dave DeCamp – WARMONGERING FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE, SO YOU SEE, THERE IS REALLY NO DIFFERENCE. THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM IS JUST A JOKE!!!


Nearly half of all Americans are falling deeper in debt as inflation continues to boost costs – Jessica Dickler

Stocks fall after Walmart’s profit warning, dragging other retail names lower – Tanaya Macheel and Sarah Min

Difficulty Paying Bills Tops Pandemic High in US Census Survey – Alex Tanzi

Tanking Housing Market a Red Flag for the Broader Economy – Schiff Gold

It’s Game Over for the Fed—Expect a Monetary “Rug Pull” Soon… – “If you earned $1 per second, it would take 11 days to make a million dollars. If you earned $1 per second, it would take 31 and a half years to make a billion dollars. And if you earned $1 per second, it would take 31,688 years to make a trillion dollars. So that’s how enormous a trillion is. When politicians carelessly spend and print money measured in the trillions, you are in dangerous territory. And that is precisely what the Federal Reserve and the central banking system have enabled the US government to do.” – Nick Giambruno

Federal Data Show JPMorgan Chase Is, By Far, the Riskiest Bank in the U.S. – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Gold’s Rise Is Just a Recession Away – “Many are asking about Gold’s rise, or better yet: When, how and why it will rise? Toward this end, cold data in the face of historical facts and current recessionary realities will make gold’s rise easier to grasp. Let’s start with the cold data,” – Matthew Piepenburg

Are Banks HOARDING SILVER? (VIDEO) with Robert Kientz – Liberty and Finance


Preserving Tomatoes: How to Make Herb Sun-Dried Tomatoes in 5 Easy Steps – DeannaCat

Strategies for Your Home Defense – “One of the risks we all know we face in the event of a major disaster is that of our homes being attacked by hungry people trying to steal our food and other supplies. While none of us truly know what might come, that risk is quite real and will probably become more real the more desperate people become. With that in mind, we all need a defensive plan in place so that we will be prepared to defend our homes and families from such attacks. The idea of being a lone gunman, holding off the approaching hoards, might look great in the movies, but it doesn’t work in reality. None of us are Rambo,” – Bill White

Working Out Twice As Long As Recommended Cuts Risk Of Death By Nearly A Third – Matt Higgins

Worst States To Live In If You Have To Defend Your Property – “The theory behind gun control is that taking guns out of circulation and/or making them harder to buy will stop criminals from buying them. That’s a noble sentiment… if it worked. But according to a report from the U. S. Department of Justice, 89.9% of the firearms used in crimes aren’t purchased in retail establishments. So no matter how much effort is put into passing laws which make it harder to buy and own guns, the only difference those laws can possibly make is to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to buy guns, making them more vulnerable to criminals.” – Rich M.

The unreality of a bug-out location – Patrice Lewis  – VERY INFORMATIVE ARTICLE!!!!!

How To Use A Watch As A Compass – “It’s surprisingly simple and easy how to use a watch as a compass. It only requires having enough sunlight to cast a shadow from a twig. And, of course, an analog watch.” – Ken Jorgustin

Extra Capacity Pistol Magazines – “I keep telling everyone who will listen, to get more magazines – NOW! Some folks say: “Oh, I have five spare magazines for my gun…” Sorry, that’s not going to be enough!” – Pat Cascio


Mark 13:37      And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.