The Idiocy Abounds – “The Biden Thing has caught the ‘Rona – the very ‘Rona he said no one who got “vaccinated” could get, if anyone remembers that. Perhaps because he only wore his Face Diaper intermittently, as when he appeared briefly “masked” on late-night TeeVee. The doctor who has never practiced medicine is also afflicted by the sickness he insisted the “vaccines” – and “masks” – assured would prevent the getting and the giving. The latter is worth harping upon given that the insistence by this man that not “masking” risked “spreading.” Does anyone remember that? And now this rat-eyed little “health” bureaucrat is sick – and very probably spreading sickness, “asymptomatically” – despite his being “masked” and (so he says) “vaccinated.” He continues to advocate for both, just as the Biden Thing continues to do. Could anything be more idiotic?” – Eric Peters

Kamala Harris Could Have Been Recklessly Dropping COVID Viral Load All Over the Place Today – “Did the Biden White House feel its party affiliation protected them from infection? It seems that way, given how this administration has gone off the rails regarding COVID. In a fair world, we’d be trashing this administration for being reckless. The stigma of getting COVID is a liberal invention. Don’t let them forget it. The CDC protocols, everything has been disregarded in the aftermath of White House Steward Joe Biden contracting the virus. The CDC protocols have been wrong and contradictory for months; I’m not defending the CDC here. But Democrats went all-in with this lot on COVID panic, and now—people exposed are frolicking with no masks. These people never thought they’d catch the virus. That’s my bet. They followed all the rules, got filled with the Pfizer cocktail, and it still struck the Biden White House hard.” – Matt Vespa

They’re bringing COVID back…& this time its permanent – “Covid is back in every headline. As the new normal crowd get desperate to scare people into accepting the Great Reset they’re going back to their old favourite to get us used to the forever pandemic. The UK’s “Covid cases” are (apparently) up to 3.8 million, according to the Office of National Statistics. It’s reportedly just as bad in the EU, where “cases” (allegedly) tripled in six weeks. Thing’s are looking pretty grim across the pond too, with “cases” “surging” all across the US. No matter where you live “cases” are on the way up. But, as we all know, “cases” actually means “people who tested positive”, and is a fudged statistic used entirely for propaganda purposes.” – Kit Knightly

Tucker Carlson Tonight 7/21/22 🆕 Fox News July 21, 2022 -FOX mulder NEWS – A MUST WATCH FROM TUCKER. HE IS SPOT ON HERE. WATCH THE WHOLE THING WHETHER YOU LIKE TUCKER OR NOT!!!!!!!!

From Powerpoint to Potatoes: Why is Bill Gates buying so much land? – “The billionaire’s latest acquisition has made people wonder why rich investors are so interested in gathering large tracts” -RT

Omicron “Sub-Variants” Have Exact Same Mutation As Previous Gain-Of-Function Infectivity Experiment (VIDEO) – Ryan Cristián – LINKED SLUGDADDY’S SUBSTACK ABOUT THIS ON 07/19/22!!!!

A Pandemic of the Vaccinated: President Biden tests positive for COVID-19 – “In July of 2021 he said this was impossible, lying to the American public about the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines. That guarantee from Biden was significant. After that statement, there was a multi-pronged effort to scapegoat the continuation of the “pandemic” on the unvaccinated. Dr. Fauci blamed the unvaccinated for “propagating” the latest outbreak, saying we need to “do something to get them to be vaccinated.” That term do something suggested action. State governments and cities began issuing their own vaccination requirements. ” – Techno Fog

GMO Salmon, Pork and Chicken — Coming to Your Dinner Plate Soon? – “The development of genetically engineered food animals will likely increase because GMO foods are more profitable for big meat producers.” – Martha Rosenberg

Amazon Bans the Sale of Opaque Mylar Food Storage Bags…to “Combat Drug Trafficking” – “If you’re in need of mylar bags for your food storage system, you’d best order them now. The ability to get them is about to get much more difficult. According to Amazon, they are banning mylar bags to combat drug trafficking. Mylar bags are a staple of the preparedness and homesteading community, commonly being used to vacuum seal food to keep it preserved for long periods of time. If spoons are used by heroin addicts, will they be banned by Amazon next? What will we do about syringes? This decision comes right at the time as gardeners throughout the United States are pulling in and trying to preserve their harvests. Those with freeze dryers or who regularly vacuum seal their own food are going to be in something of a predicament if they can no longer get the mylar bags they’re used to from their main marketplace. ” – Jeff Thompson  – SO THE REAL REASON IS THAT THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO STORE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Pharma Wants to Put an End to Vitamins and Supplements – “One of the latest attempts to thwart your ability to access nutritional supplements comes in the form of draft legislation that would require premarket approval for dietary supplements. In short, it would require supplements — which are food — to undergo the same approval process as drugs. Another strategy the drug industry has been using to gain a monopoly over the supplement industry is to buy up supplement brands. Just 14 mega corporations — many of them drug companies — now own more than 100 of the most popular supplement brands on the market.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Four Ontario Doctors Have Died This Week. Suddenly and Unexpectedly… – “How many more “coincidences” will people accept. This is just a beginning of a perfect storm.” – Lioness of Judah Ministry


Bidin’ His Time – “Biden leaving is the easy part. What happens next? The obvious follow-on is not much better than Biden staying in the White House until 2024 (nobody expects him to run then under any circumstances.) If Biden resigns or is moved from office under the 25th Amendment, Kamala Harris as vice president automatically takes over. Her poll ratings are as dismal as Joe’s and after 18 months in office has nothing, literally nothing, to show for it. The tricky thing about Joe leaving power is thus what to do with Kamala. Right behind the Kamala problem is the, um, well, somebody problem. There is no likely Biden successor. The left-overs from the 2020 campaign, guys like Beto and Buttigieg, are just that, leftovers.” – Peter Van Buren

Is The Joe Biden Crime Family Finally Breaking Apart? – “The news these days for President Joe Biden and his errant son Hunter is almost all bad. As the Justice Department investigates Hunter Biden for tax and weapons charges, it’s become increasingly obvious over the years that Joe Biden has far more to answer for than Hunter does. The headlines haven’t been kind to the Biden White House of late” – I & I Editorial Board

Media Sugarcoat 79-Year-Old Biden’s Covid Test After Threatening School, Church, And Work Could Kill You – Elle Reynolds

Black Brutality – “Either we talk about it or we lose our country. Of course, it is a small minority of blacks who behave this way, but America pretends this minority doesn’t even exist.” – Jared Taylor

Hillary Posts Campaign Photo Minutes After Biden COVID Diagnosis – “Is she running again?” – Steve Watson

Servant of the Corrupt – “The portrait of the Ukraine president as a democratic paragon whitewashes the real Zelensky and conceals a vast web of corruption and international skullduggery of which Ukraine is situated in the center. Understanding the real Zelensky, requires seeing him as a creation of Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky. He is, in truth, a puppet of intrigue.” – Pedro Gonzalez

Pelosi’s Taiwan visit could be breaking point for US-China relations – “Whether the US House Speaker goes to Taiwan or not, Washington owes the world answers on its China policy” – Bradley Blankenship

Pelosi To Blinken: Designate Russia as State Sponsor of Terror or Else Congress Will – “Currently, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria have the designation” – Dave DeCamp

CIA Director admits US lied about Iran – “American officials are starting to admit Washington’s lies about Iran. William Burns, director of the CIA, said on Wednesday, July 20, that Iran has never resumed its nuclear weapons production program since it was interrupted, in 2004. The statement only confirms the suspicion of several analysts around the world, but it is truly impressive that it came from the head of American intelligence. Indeed, it reveals that Washington really bases its interventionist foreign policy on lies and distortions.” – Lucas Leiroz

US Appeals Court Forces EPA to Reassess Glyphosate on Health and Environmental Impact – Sustainable Pulse


Russia And China Officially Announce A “New Global Reserve Currency” – “And once again, as happens often with consequential news in the United States and the West, no one has noticed and no one seems to care. It shouldn’t be any surprise to those paying attention that Russia and China are strengthening their economic ties amidst continued Western sanctions on Russia as a result of the country’s war in Ukraine. What may surprise some people, however, is that Russia and the BRICS countries, including Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, are officially working on their own “new global reserve currency,” RT reported in late June. Nobody even seemed to notice.” – Quoth the Raven

SLAVE PLANET: People Are Continuing To Take On More Debt As Inflation SURGES. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino – ANY TIME YOU CAN LISTEN TO GREG, YOU HAD BETTER LISTEN!!!!!

“Transitory” No Longer: Double-Digit Inflation Is Already Here! – Joseph T. Salerno

US Natural Gas Prices Re-Spike, after the Big Plunge – “Just when we thought the plunge in natural gas prices might take pressure off inflation, it starts all over again.” – Wolf Richter

There Will Be NO SILVER When Public Wakes Up To Dedollarization (VIDEO) with Andy Schectman – Liberty and Finance

Bargain Hunters Jump on Recent Silver & Gold Pullback – “Relentless dollar strength in 2022 a major headwind for gold and silver prices” – Mike Gleason

Celente Says Gold Price Should Be $2,500 And Silver $70-$100 – King World News

The COT Report For Gold And Silver Is As Bullish As I’ve Ever Seen (VIDEO) – “The Treasury curve is imploding, which means interest rates have become more negative this week, especially today. The gold/silver action is strictly in the corrupt Comex arena. Also, the action in Treasuries is an ominous warning of a big problem in the financial markets lurking right around the corner. Hold on tight to your physical gold and silver. It would be a huge mistake to believe that any metal you might “own” in ANY custodian is safe…” – Dave Kranzler


Ways to Improvise and Maximize – “In light of the skyrocketing inflation and looming food shortages, the public is looking for ways to stretch their dollar, make use of their supplies, and find creative solutions to prepare for whatever may be around the corner. Here are some great tips to improvise and maximize your resources.” – The Sharp Edge -VERY GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!

Everyday Carry Essentials – Gear That Can Save Your Life – Pat Henry

5 Survival Shelters Every Prepper Should Know – “According to the survival rule of threes, you can die in as little as three hours without adequate shelter during bad weather. This fact makes shelter a critical aspect of our survivability. The problem is that there are hundreds of styles of shelters that one could construct in a survival situation. With shelter building being calorie intensive, it is essential to take the time to learn how to create a few different styles of shelter before you find yourself in a survival situation. I have selected the following five survival shelters because they fit a variety of situations and are tried and tested designs.” – Michael Major

Healthiest Drink In The World? 5 Terrific Health Benefits From Tea, According To Science – “It’s no secret that drinking tea is good for you. Could it possibly be the healthiest drink in the world?” – Study Finds


Psalms 73:7-9   Their eyes stand out with fatness: they have more than heart could wish.   They are corrupt, and speak wickedly concerning oppression: they speak loftily. They set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth.