We’re All Dutch Farmers Now – “A great awakening is happening. The barriers between people are coming down as the realization dawns that this is a global agenda and the injustices we see being inflicted on those halfway around the world will be coming for us soon enough. Many are now realizing a line has been drawn and the time to stand up has arrived. And as bad as all that is, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. . . .” – James Corbett – A MUST READ FROM JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where In The World? – “Relocation factors and living free in a brewing globalist dystopia” – The Good Citizen  – VERY GOOD READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!!!!

They want you to feel climate change is a “personal threat”. Here’s why. – ““The climate crisis is a public health crisis”, that is a tweet by Hillary Clinton’s official twitter account yesterday afternoon. The tweet included a link to a news story claiming that Spain and Portugal had seen over a thousand people had die in the past week, due to the heatwave (they’ve since amended that number to over 2000).I don’t want to get into the maths of it, but across two countries totalling around 58 million people, 2000 in a week is not very many at all. And, as I pointed out on Twitter, in a post-Covid world we can’t really be sure what “died due to the heat” even means. Case in point – we’re already seeing drownings termed “heatwave deaths”…because they wouldn’t have been swimming if it wasn’t so hot.” – Kit Knightl – I WILL SAY IT ONCE AGAIN, CLIMATE IS THE NEXT COVID!!!!!

Where’s the Beef? Ask Bill Gates – “In early June 2022, the government of The Netherlands announced it would cut the size of livestock herds in the country by 30% to meet European Union nitrogen and ammonia pollution rules.1,2 As a result of this “green” policy, many farmers will be driven out of business3 and they have gathered in protest across the country. This is important because many may not realize that even though The Netherlands is a small country, it’s the second-largest exporter of agriculture in the world, after the United States. The newly assigned Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Policy, Christianne van der Wal-Zeggelink, is married to Piet van der Wal, who together with his brother are heavily invested in the major online grocery retailer Picnic. In September 2021, Bill Gates invested an estimated half-billion dollars into Picnic, thereby becoming one of its lead investors. Gates’ involvement has raised questions about government corruption” – Dr. Joseph Mercola  – DR. MERCOLA CONNECTS SOME DOTS. ISN’T FUNNY HOW GATE’S NAME ALWAYS SEEMS TO POP UP. AH, BUT THOSE ARE JUST CONSPIRACY THEORIES!!!!!

Will Rochelle Walensky Correct Her Mistake? – Dr. Paul Elias Alexander

“One Way or Another…”(VIDEO) – “One way or another, I’m going to find ya I’m gonna get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya One way or another I’m going to win ya I’m gonna get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya” – Sage Hana

Pfizer Fail: Biden gets COVID, despite taking four mRNA miracle cure shots – “A test of his faith. “Biden has regularly claimed, contrary to the evidence, that the COVID issue is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” promising that the shots would keep Americans from spreading the virus. Despite receiving four Pfizer miracle cures (all four of the shots were the same formula), Biden got symptomatic COVID anyway. The “good news” for Biden: more booster shots are on the way, and it only cost the U.S. taxpayer another $9+ billion for more of Pfizer’s pharmaceutical snake oil.” – Jordan Schachtel – I REALIZE I LINKED ABOUT THIS YESTERDAY AS DID PROBABLY EVERYONE ELSE, BUT I HAD TO LINK JORDAN’S  TAKE ON IT!!!

Russia Jails Opera Singer for 10 Years Over Covid Protest – The Moscow Times

No, mRNA Covid vaccines do not offer long-term protection from serious illness – “Data from the Dutch government show the opposite – after seven months they substantially RAISE the risk of hospitalization and intensive care” – Alex Berenson

New study shows ivermectin can reduce chance of death by 92% – “But the WHO, NIH, and FDA all recommend that you avoid using it.” – Steve Kirsch

Robot dog with machine gun hints of a dystopian future – Vilius Petkauskas


People, Get Ready – ““Joe B” is doing his part to personally make things worse by taking Paxlovid, the Pfizer wonder drug that wondrously amps up Covid-19 symptoms and extends the course of the illness — as recently admitted by that other eminent, double-boosted Covid-19 sufferer, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the sage of US public health. If White House doctors follow the CDC’s treatment protocol they’ll soon put “JB” on remdesivir. Naturally, it kills him. State funeral… boo hoo… “46” is entombed under the Wilmington Amtrak station…. My political fantasy du jour: Thus, Kamala accedes to greatness! She must then appoint a new vice-president. That would be… wait for it… California governor Gavin Newsom — who else? Kamala soon resigns, citing “anxiety problems.” Now president, Mr. Newsom proceeds to accelerate the wrecking of the old USA along the lines of his recent work in California. All D.C. gas stations are ordered shut to promote the transition to renewables. The D.C. Mall is declared the National Homeless Camp…. I called it a fantasy, but this may be their only move left as the nation utterly loses its patience with the “Joe Biden” fiasco and the escalating disorders of Western Civ take us into August. ” – James Howard Kunstler– MR. KUNSTLER ON A ROLL HERE!!!!!!

What Are We Looking At? – “Political vacancy aside, the US also has no economy! The financialized economy that Dr Roberts describes – where “which consumer income is diverted by debt expansion away from the purchase of new goods and services into debt service and fees–interest on mortgages, car loans, credit card debt, student loan debt” – produces very little. Dr. Roberts doesn’t mention the other thing that proves we have no economy: 50% of the people in the US take their living from government in one form or the other, which means that actually 75% take their living from government, counting the half of the retail workers who serve them. And no one in our government understands the definition of work, nor do they aspire to it. Instead we have fake money, fake workers, fake defense, fake credentials, fake leadership, fake presidents, fake education, fake news, fake tolerance, fake medicine, and fake wars. Looking at this list, it is indeed impressive in its own right, and worth little more than a chuckle as we go about our day.” – Karen Kwiatkowski

What Makes Biden So Pugnacious? – “When Biden left for the day, Corn Pop was waiting for him, with three gang members, and holding a straight razor… Whatever the reality of that event, 60 years ago, Biden has issued, in his 18 months in office, a remarkable number of warnings and threats as to what he would do as commander in chief if challenged, thereby putting his own and his country’s credibility on the line.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Old Joe Says “smell my finger”! Old Joe says a lot of things… – “Well, folks, according to the latest reports old Joe Biden has tested positive for the the super deadly, (a 99.97 survival rate if you get it) Covid-19 or as we call it here the coof! Now my question is how did he catch it after all he has been double vaccinated and boosted. One would think that he would be as healthy as a horse with all the jabs and pharmaceutical drugs he has running through his system. But nope coof positive! Who would have thought. He probably caught it sniffing someone or more likely a little girl. After all, he loves sniffing those young preteen girls so much that he just can’t resist doing it whenever one is unfortunate enough to get near him. Yeah, old Joe is a sniffer. But that’s not all… nope, wait… there is more! According to him he also has cancer! But, then he also said that he was a truck driver… yeah, he said it, despite the fact that he never has done anything besides being a corrupt politician and child sniffer. So who knows… Yeah, old Joe is a case… a nut case that is… and I truly hope that he gets everything that he deserves. What’s the earned punishment for being a life long pile of shit? When old Joe goes, his druggie, whore hopping, pervert of a son Hunter will surely fall apart without his dad to help him along.” – M.D. Creekmore

Dr. Fauci’s Retirement Pension ($414,667) Will Exceed President Joe Biden’s Salary ($400,000) – “It’s the largest federal retirement package in history. An unprecedented golden parachute made possible by career-end salary spiking.” – Adam Andrzejewski

“Republicans are Just Going After Him”: The Media Starts the Spin on Possible Hunter Biden Charges- Jonathan Turley

Dem Gun Confiscation, NATO War, More Unexpected Deaths, Economy Tanking (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Never fear, Mayorkas is here – “Of course, the problem is that the border is wide open. It’s chaos down there — Border Patrol staff is overburdened and exhausted. The men and women who work on the border were not hired to manage an open border but that’s what it is. Nevertheless, we hear from Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that everything is cool, calm, and collected.” – Silvio Canto, Jr.

So let’s look at some of the outtakes of Trump’s speeches from January 6 committee… – “Every last video they wheeled out to discredit President Trump had the exact opposite effect of what they intended to show.” – Rajan Laad

The Obama Doctrine and Where it Leads Us – “US President Joe Biden is acting out the script written for the so-called “Obama Doctrine” perfectly. Which is no small feat considering the man seems narcoleptic. The truly sad part of all this is that the people of the countries involved do not want war. The world does not want more war. We are sick to death of the bloodshed so that all our elites can profit. The pundits of America’s foreign policy decisions, unfortunately, do not give a damn what the normal people want. If we truly are facing an endgame, history will tell how we marched in blindfolded. The key to understanding what is going on between the United States and Russia lies in a definition and analysis of this doctrine attached to the Obama years. Though very few ever venture to correlate the polities from when Joe Biden was vice-president, doing so will uncover a bitter truth. America is the law. We are a nation so exceptional, so above other peoples and systems, that it is our duty to run everything on planet Earth.” – Phil Butler

50 Sick Headlines About Vladimir Putin’s Health – “Over the last months the British MI-6 disinformation service had fun with strewing rumors over Vladimir Putin’s health, mostly via British tabloids. It used its usual tools – a former MI-6 chief, ‘former’ MI-6 spies and the ever available ‘anonymous’ Russian oligarch who lives in London. Like its other propaganda claims these were obvious nonsense but found a reliably echo in the gossip media. CIA Director William Burns finally had enough of it. Getting asked and having to answer stupid questions about Putin’s health is a waste of time. Official media picked up on it. The narrative is thereby dead.” – Moon of Alabama

Sinking Germany – “Each day, then, we discover new difficulties in decoupling Russia from the global economy. This is partly because sanctions have proven less effective than predicted, despite the tenacious efforts of the US and Europe. To date, there have been at least six sets of successive sanctions, each more drastic than the last: Paradoxically, though, certain sanctions have played into Moscow’s hands. By now we can assume that relations with Russia will be interrupted for at least some decades (a regrettable situation for any Westerner who hasn’t had the good fortune to visit Moscow and St Petersburg). The new Iron Curtain has been raised, and won’t be crossed for years to come. This will frustrate the strategic designs pursued over the last thirty years by the German bloc. ” – Marco D’Eramo

India-Russia-Iran: Eurasia’s new transportation powerhouses – “No longer just an ‘alternative route’ on a drawing board, the International North South Transportation Corridor (INSTC) is paying dividends in a time of global crisis. And Moscow, Tehran and New Delhi are now leading players in the Eurasian competition for transportation routes.” – Matthew Ehret


Futures Rally Fizzles After Volley Of Disappointing Earnings And Economic News – Tyler Durden

Europe’s Economic Suicide… – “The trio of the Sanctions War, Green Energy Crusade and the Virus Patrol is a mortal threat to capitalist prosperity. That’s already evident in the Eurozone where these policy diseases are most advanced and where the real GDP growth rate has plunged by 74% from its pre-2008 crisis rate.” – David Stockman

ECB Raising Rates is Europe’s Last Chance to Avoid Ground Zero – “No matter what happens, as long as Davos feels they have control over US foreign policy they will continue to act as if everything is coming up roses for them as they trash the global economy. This is why I find the myriad attacks against a mostly clueless Joe Biden so interesting right now. Is there a Davos pivot in the offing or is this another signal that sovereigntist forces within the US power structure are gaining the upper hand? With that question in mind let’s put some context on recent European events and what they say about the global story unfolding in front of us.” – Tom Luongo

ECB Exits Negative Interest Rates, Hikes by 50 Bpts, Double its Promise, Bigger Hikes on Tap, Shows Off New Glue Gun to Prevent Sovereign Debt Crisis During Rate Hikes & QT – “Raging inflation finally forces the ECB to abandon its reckless and absurd monetary policies and turn hawkish.” – Wolf Richter

What the Heck Is Happening to Silver?! (VIDEO)- “JP Morgan’s manipulation of gold and silver prices is the focus of discussion in the gold community again, as another criminal trial is now underway, this time the accused is the former head of precious metals trading at the bank” – Keith Weiner

How Central Planners Sow Seeds of Economic Ruin – MN Gordon

For 15 Consecutive Months, Year-Over-Year Wage Growth Has Not Kept Up With Inflation – “Private workers make 5.11 percent more per hour than they did a year ago. That is not close to keeping up with the pace of inflation.” – Mish

Blackstone Prepares A Record $50 Billion To Snap Up Real Estate During The Coming Crash – Tyler Durden

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.25EUR


How To Keep Long-Lasting Produce In Root Cellars – “Long before refrigeration kept our food fresh, people depended upon root cellars to secure their food for the long winters. Although they’re not as common now, in a time when panic shopping can clear a grocery store, this is just when you could use one.” – Bob Rodgers

Prepper Food Storage Mistakes To Avoid – Ken Jorgustin

6 Essential Safety Tips You Need To Follow When Using a Generator in Summer – “Making sure we put our safety and the safety of our family first is a priority for most. With the concern over rolling blackouts, brownouts, and power grid failure during this summer, many have turned to generators to power their homes. However, these, like everything, can present a safety concern if not used correctly.” – Sara Tipton

The “Whole Buffalo” Theory of Food Economics – “In Native American lore, it is often said that hunters made use of the entire animal they had killed in order to respect the sacrifice which sustained them. The buffalo was considered to be sacred, and it was felt to be an offense to be wasteful. They ate anything edible; used the hides for shelters, shoes, and clothing; they strung bows with the sinews, they used the stomachs as water canteens, and they used the horns for weapons and tools. The other day when I was preserving some peaches, my daughter pointed out that I was letting some parts go to waste. She said, “Mom, you need to use the whole buffalo!”” – Daisy Luther

How to Choose Fruit Trees to Plant: Climate, Varieties & More – DeannaCat


Psalm 83:17    Let them be confounded and troubled for ever; yea, let them be put to shame, and perish:


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