A people’s revolt against eco-tyranny – “From the Netherlands to Sri Lanka, people have had enough of the elite’s green hysteria.” – Brendan O’Neill

Press Release: The World Bank and co. may be paving a ‘Digital Road to Hell’ with support for dangerous digital ID – Center for Human Rights and Global Justice  – DOWNLOADABLE PDF OF THE REPORT IS AVAILABLE!!!

Jim Breuer ‘Somebody Had to Say It’ short clip (VIDEO) – bacontrees  – 6 MINUTES OF TRUTH TELLING ON THE VACCINE. THE FULL VERSION OF THIS SHOW IS VERY GOOD AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Follow the COVID Money – “If the COVID-19 vaccines have been a disappointment from a public health standpoint in stopping the continuing spread of new variants of the disease, why is Big Pharma as well as its government allies in the FDA, CDC, and NIH still pushing them? Follow the COVID money to determine why we continue to spend a fortune on something that seems to have only a relatively limited benefit.” – Jeffrey I. Barke, M.D.

The *edit* Benevolent AI Minder* is Moving In On Substack – Sage Hana

Are We Being Socially Conditioned To Eat Bugs Instead Of Meat At The Behest Of The World Economic Forum? – “Angelina Jolie joined the campaign and is now promoting eating bugs and insects. They want you to compensate for the broken food chain and eat those bugs. The World Economic Forum says, eat insects, it’s healthy, and you’re saving the planet. Meanwhile, close to 100 food and processing plants have been destroyed in 2021/2022 and thousands of heads of cattle have been killed.” – threadsirish  –   ANGELINA CAN EAT ALL THE BUGS SHE WANTS. NOT THIS GUY!!!!!

Even the peer-reviewed academic science that everyone is supposed to follow provides clear evidence that vaccinating young people is dangerous and stupid – “So why are we doing it? There’s can’t be any argument; the evidence is so abundant it’s spilled out into major journals. And yet come the Fall, they’ll all have their needles out once again, with a whole cabinet of new undertested elixirs, which will do god knows what. As with masks, and lockdowns, and contact tracing, and all the rest of it, nobody is so uninterested in The Science, as the science-followers.” – eugyppius

Welcome to 1984 – “I’ve been addressing the war on cash lately, and for good reason. While everyone’s attention is focused on the war in Ukraine, inflation and the Supreme Court, government plans to eliminate cash are accelerating. For example, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are coming even faster than many anticipated. The digital yuan is already here; it was introduced in China last February during the Winter Olympics.” – Jim Rickards

75,322 Dead 5,938,318 Injured Recorded in Europe and USA Following COVID Vaccines – Babies and Toddlers Hallucinating and Having Seizures After Shots – Brian Shilhavy


When Will Mexico Build A Wall?- “Disparate interconnected neighbors and the futility of devotion to an America that no longer exists. The last western Empire is falling before our eyes for better or worse, and those who value liberty and bodily autonomy are running out of places in the world for refuge from tyranny. People are incapable of recognizing tyranny having been convinced of its rebranding as safety, security, and frictionless convenience for mass digital surveillance and thought control. Thanks to public indoctrination centers formerly known as schools and “higher education”, the majority of the population still holds on to the belief that government has solutions to the very problems created and exacerbated by its hands. The harsh economic realities have yet to shake most taxpayers from their high fructose corn syrup-induced lethargy and digitally engineered catatonia.” – The Good Citizen  – READ FOR THE DAY FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!!!

America Has Been Flirting With Leftist Disaster – It’s Time To Stop Compromising – “The political left as a movement has proven to be made up of some of the worst people imaginable – The kind of people that thirst for destruction and take joy in the oppression of others. They might think they are reveling in a form of anarchy, but they are actually the opposite: They are chaos creators, but only as a means to gain total control. However, while leftists make my skin crawl with their pungent scent of evil, there is one group of people that is even more annoying, and that’s the fence sitters and fake moderates. Meaning, the side of destruction is given license to continue their pillaging because, hey, we don’t want to seem like we are discriminating or biased, right?” – Brandon Smith  – AND A GREAT READ FROM BRANDON AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What If Leviathan Destroys Our Freedoms? – “What if the feds don’t take lightly a massive and state-generated defiance of their edicts? What if the feds wrongly use force to compel compliance with their edicts? What if most folks fear the feds because they prefer safety to freedom? What if the feds are wrong on the Constitution, wrong on the law and wrong on the immoral use of force? What if the resisters are right? What if it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong? What do we do about it?” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Bad Choices – “Word from Britain is that Boris Johnson has agreed to step down as Prime Minister as soon as his party finds a replacement. The right answer is that the plutocrats who control British politics never liked Johnson and they seized this chance to get rid of him. In many ways, Johnson is like Donald Trump in that he represented the unhappiness of the Tory voters, even though he never really sympathized with them. Trump rode popular discontent into the White House but was obsessed with gaining elite approval. Johnson rode a populist wave into power, but never seemed to understand any of it.” – The Z Man

Boris Johnson resigns, and sadly, good riddance: Here are five reasons why – “Like a pockmarked piece of rotten wood, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has seen his government collapse over a series of petty, stupid, self-inflicted scandals, and now he’s going down with it.” – Monica Showalter

Are You Serious? Then Read This And Understand It – “There is no answer to any of the issues we have as a nation if we do not restore The Rule of Law. And, virtually every one of our major societal and economic problems is either seriously improved or entirely disappears if we do restore it. What do I mean by “Restoring the Rule of Law”? Simple: The law says shall or shall not occur, and if it does the person or persons doing it get hauled into a courtroom where we have due process, the evidence is heard, a verdict rendered and, if guilty, they are punished. That’s it. As just one example the recent mess in Highland Park was directly caused by ignoring The Rule of Law.” – Karl Denninger

Will $5/Gal Gas Be The Death Knell For Biden’s ‘I Did That’ Presidency? – “It’s a given that the Democrats are in trouble in the 2022 midterms. But President Joe Biden might also be on his way out. Desperate Democrats are sending signals they’d be happy if he didn’t run again in 2024, and might be even happier if he left before that, and took Vice President Kamala Harris with him. Why? A look at his disastrous bumbling on energy tells you all you need to know.” – I & I Editorial Board

did that 1

Kamala Harris delivers another word salad after the Highland Park shooting – “”And we got to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are — because you have been forced to have to take it seriously.”. This is indefensible for its content, the choice of words, and the way it was delivered. Harris attempted to politicize the somber occasion by calling for restrictions on assault weapons.” – Rajan Laad

President Biden’s Mindless Energy Policies and Absurd Tweets – “To drive down the price of oil, Biden released Strategic Oil Reserves. Take some guesses what happened.” – Mish – LINKED AN ARTICLE YESTERDAY ABOUT SOME OF THE OIL GOING TO CHINA FROM THE RESERVES!!!

New 2021 Chicago data shows 400,000 high-priority incidents where dispatchers had no police available to send – “As crime continues to roil economic and social life in post-George Floyd, post-Covid Chicago, getting policing and criminal justice right are crucial. City officials are failing at that task. We’re already seen anemic rates of arrest and prosecutions in Chicago, accompanied by finger-pointing between politicians over crime and the court system. And years of no support from city leadership, anti-policing legislation and the damaging rhetoric of the “defund” movement have taken a toll on Chicago police morale and manpower. All that has spread the police force so thin that, in 2021, one of law enforcement’s most basic functions, responding to high-priority emergency service calls in a timely manner, was regularly beyond their capacity.” – Matt Rosenberg

Something Has Happened to Americans and It Is Being Blamed on Guns – “If memory serves, the first American mass shooting was the Clock Tower shooting at the University of Texas in 1966 by an ex-Marine suffering from a brain tumor which apparently unbalanced him. Since that time mass shootings have increased in occurrence. Instead of investigating what has happened to the culture or the pills people pop that results in mass shootings, guns get blamed. By passing the buck from cultural collapse to guns, a suspicion has been created that authorities are producing deranged individuals from CIA mind control experiments for the purpose of repealing the Second Amendment or reinterpreting it to mean than only militias can have guns. As the shootings are immediately and always used to attack the Second Amendment, never the real problem, suspicion is not without justification.” – Paul Craig Roberts – THE NEXT LINK IS EXACTLY WHAT DR ROBERTS IS REFERRING TO!!!!

HIGHLAND PARK PARADE MASS SHOOTING & PSYOP: This is why the NWO globalists did it on the Fourth of July – ” In fact, everything points to the great likelihood that Robert E. Crimo III was a product of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA Monarch Mind Control program so well did he carry out the massacre (unless this Gladio op was staged as a hoax blended with reality.) All of these patsies are specifically chosen for their perfectly sculpted “white supremacist” public profiles and vulnerability to being easily mind controlled by their psych handlers after being purposefully addicted to the appropriate psychotropic drugs over years of being prescribed them.” – State of the Nation

You Are Not Supposed To Notice That Psychiatric Drugs Are Driving Young American Men Insane (VIDEO and SCRIPT) -Tucker Carlson

Democrats Love Saying That AR-15s Should Only Be Used On Foreigners – “Every time there’s a mass shooting in America with an AR-15, high-level Democrats line up to proclaim that those weapons should only ever be used to kill impoverished foreigners. The latest example of this ongoing phenomenon was Illinois Senator and Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth telling the press that a recording from the July 4th Highland Park shooting which killed seven people and wounded dozens more reminded her of her combat experience overseas, Obviously American weapons of war kill far more people overseas than they do domestically, and those killings are done in wars of aggression for power and profit which are sold to the public with lies and propaganda, so they’ve got no higher moral standing than the killings of any mass shooter.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Disappearing American? – “There are historical downsides—economic, cultural, social, and military—to nations that shun child-raising.” – Victor Davis Hanson

US war hawks visit Kiev – “US Senators Lindsey Graham and Richard Blumenthal have both supported pouring arms and money into Ukraine” – RT

Russia’s Medvedev Warns US Trying to Punish a Nuclear Power Risks Humanity – “The former Russian president slammed the US for seeking war crimes trials against Russia” – Dave DeCamp

The Empire is not done torturing Afghanistan – “Despite its resounding defeat, NATO is not quite done with inflicting misery on the land of the Afghans” – Pepe Escobar

NATO Has Become the Very Thing It Was Created to Fight – Pedro L. Gonzalez


Markets switching between inflation and recession threats show lack of clear direction. – “Don’t be distracted by the antics in Westminster – there is a major market shift going on between the End of the World being triggered by Inflation, or Recession destroying everything. Relax. European Energy policy will probably kill us!” – Bill Blain

Looking Forward 90 Days – “As Q3 begins, the narrative of higher U.S. interest rates and a soaring dollar continues. But what will the narrative be by the end of Q3? Answer that question and you’ll know where COMEX precious metals prices are headed.” – Craig Hemke

Peter Hambro – BIS, central banks are rigging gold market using bullion banks’ paper gold – “This week an intriguing and eye-opening article by the well-known Peter Hambro was published by British economics and politics news site Reaction. The article is intriguing and eye-opening for a number of reasons, chiefly because it pulls no punches in highlighting the price manipulation of the gold price and naming the types of entities responsible, while explaining some of the mechanisms used in the fractional-reserve London paper gold game.” – Ronan Manly

Will Silver & Cryptocurrency Rigging Ever End? Yes! (VIDEO) – “It’s hard to predict prices when the government and banks can just click a mouse and set prices anywhere they want…” – Bix Weir

Why Economic Collapse is Inevitable (VIDEO) – Chris Martenson

Silver at a Discount: Silver-Gold Ratio Hits 2-Year High – Schiff Gold

The Precious Metals Sector Is Percolating For A Monster Move Higher – Dave Kranzler

Average Weekly Initial Claims Rise Again – “Weekly initial claims rose pushing the four-week average higher again. The combination of sustained elevated rates of price increases and softening labor market are becoming a major risk for the economic outlook.” – Robert Hughes

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.96EUR


What’s the Safest Place in the U.S. During an SHTF Scenario? – “Having the right materials and knowledge will go a long way, but you can’t overlook the importance of location. Whether you’re looking for a place to move before an SHTF scenario or want somewhere to flee, you’ll need to know which states are safest. Here’s a closer look at what those are.” – Martin Banks

Make A Food Storage Inventory Sheet – Ken Jorgustin

James Rawles: Salt Will Be The #1 Bartering Item – ” Salt is a valuable commodity that could become hard to come by in a long term disaster situation. In Ancient Rome, salt was used as a form of currency because of it’s importance in preserving food. In fact, it is still used today as a form of currency in some parts of Africa.” – Sara Tipton

Beware Of The ‘Trojan Warriors’: Infiltrators In Prepper Groups Are Targeting Patriots For The ‘Red List’ – How To Spot These Paid Trolls And Government Agents – Susan Duclos


Proverbs 18:10    The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.