Influencing Oblivion (VIDEO) -“Things to do in America when you’re dead”. – The Good Citizen – GREAT VIDEO FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN, THEY KEEP GETTING BETTER AND BETTER!!!!

Explosion Partially Destroys Georgia Guidestones – “Monument has attracted controversy over creepy messaging.” – Paul Joseph Watson  – THE GUIDESTONES GET ATTACKED, SOMEONE’S STEPPING ON THE NWO’S TOES!!!!!

Even when one realizes that SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon, the rest of the story still does not make sense – “So I turn to you dear reader to help fill in the gaps” – Toby Rogers

Regular Coffee…black – “I don’t need the half caf-half decaf or the whipped cream and sugar, thanks. And this goes for my Psy Op Information Coffee as well.” – Sage Hana – I AGREE WITH SAGE, NO SUGAR COATING, JUST GIVE US STRAIGHT ANSWERS!!!!!

Lab-Designed GMO “Carbon Capture Plants” to Replace Pastures – “Their Polymer Roots Never Rot. What can go wrong? So, after we stop eating meat, they plan on liquidating pastures and planting those genetically engineered “carbon-capturing” plants on the pasture land.” – Igor Chudov

Augusto Perez: “This New Virus Was Devastating To Mankind. The Carnage That Was Taking Place Was Horrific To Behold.” – Michael Snyder  -DON’T NORMALLY LINK PROPHESIES, BUT THIS IS INTERESTING AND I HAVE FOLLOWED MICHAEL FOR YEARS AND HE USUALLY BRINGS A LOT TO THE TABLE!!!!

Clogging up the Green Agenda – Dutch Farmers Protest Reduction of Food Supply & Loss of their Livelihoods – “Green Agenda exacerbating the Food Crisis” – The Naked Emperor – THE FARMERS AND FISHERMAN ARE TIRED OF THE “BS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Tomorrow, All New Vehicles in the EU Will Have Surveillance Black Boxes – “Greasing the skids for speed-limiting technology.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Chinese International Investment: Energy and Metal Sectors – ” Why does this matter? Clean Energy Technology depends on green metals and rare earth elements. Even upgrading a conventional power grid requires the same. For now, China controls the future.” – Data Humanist

Lockdowns Actually Saved SHOCKINGLY Few Lives – Fake Fact Checkers DEBUNKED(VIDEO) – “When Johns Hopkins Economics Professor Steve Hanke released a metastudy indicating that COVID lockdowns had only saved a small number of lives compared to the astronomical figure that had been reported by an Imperial College study, the backlash was quick and fevered. The Imperial College researchers, along with “fact checkers” like Snopes sought to refute the claims Hanke and his co-authors made. Jimmy interviews Professor Hanke, who explains what his antagonists got wrong,” – The Jimmy Dore Show  – GOOD INTERVIEW TO WATCH WHEN YOU HAVE TIME!!!!!





Rogue Cops: The Supreme Court Is Turning America Into a Constitution-Free Zone – “Although the Court’s 2021-22 rulings on qualified immunity for police who engage in official misconduct were largely overshadowed by its politically polarizing rulings on abortion, gun ownership and religion, they were no less devastating. The doctrine of qualified immunity was intended to insulate government officials from frivolous lawsuits, but the real purpose of qualified immunity is to ensure that government officials are not held accountable for official misconduct.” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

Too Many Good Men are Dying – “This post is not directly related to covid-19 stuff. But the human element stories are a reminder of what we’re fighting for here. A microcosm of the thousands lost every day.” – Monica Hughes PhD

Biden releases U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserves … to China – “Biden’s announcement about releasing the oil barrels was made in April, and saw him say: ‘These releases will put more than one million barrels per day on the market over the next six months, But it has had little effect, with a closer look at the press release revealing that the oil released from the strategic reserve was always destined for the highest bidder – even if they were overseas. That is due to strict international rules dictating the sale and supply of oil – although a regular American who listened to Biden’s proclamation in passing would likely have believed that the increase in supply would have been destined for domestic refineries, to lower US prices. You can bet that Biden didn’t plan for that when he decided to shift the purpose of the SPR from “emergencies only” to his open-market mechanism. Worse still, a lot of this SPR release has gone to Asia, particularly China, which isn’t using it to fuel gas stations. China isn’t even using the oil — it’s stockpiling it for its own strategic petroleum reserves, meaning, the U.S. oil taken off the market is not helping to lower the price of crude even on a worldwide basis.” – Monica Showalter

Biden aims to shutter largest oil field in U.S. amid record-high gas prices – “the Biden regime is now threatening to close the country’s largest oil field. According to reports, the EPA is readying itself to cite the Texas-based oil field, known as the Permian Basin, for supposedly violating “ozone pollution standards.” Biden promised a cold, dark winter – and it is coming soon.” – Ethan Huff

UK cabinet members resigning in disgust – “The smarter rats are fleeing the HMS boris and this trend is going global. The great unravelling is nigh. Governments lie. Of course they do. Always have, always will. But some governments lie more than others and the last 3 years has been unlike anything I have ever experienced. My friends who grew up in the Soviet Union are saying things like “now you know.”” – El Gato Malo

The UK? Who would want to be Chancellor now, and what did Boris promise him? – “The question is not why did they leave, but why have others remained in the bunker with him. Just what has Boris promised the new Chancellor, and does what is good for Boris coincide with what is good for the UK?” – Bill Blain

Enter the executioner: Powerful Tory backbench chief Graham Brady heads for Downing Street to deliver final blow as Boris Johnson faces the endgame with ‘Quit Squad’ of top ministers telling him to GO – but PM still defiantly vows he WON’T walk away – James Tapsfield

Putin’s False Flag – “A few commentators have suggested that, motivated by his love for the Russian people and their culture, Putin is determined to stand against the assault on humanity embodied by the so-called Great Reset. Unfortunately, this is little more than wishful thinking. Putin does not care about the Russian people, nor any other for that matter. He cares about the Russian state because that is the source of his power and authority and a multipolar world order, ostensibly controlled by Russia, China and the BRICS, is no better than the G7-led, unipolar alternative. In fact it is hard to distinguish between the two.” – Iain Davis  – YES, I DO LINK OPPOSING VIEWS IF THEY ARE GOOD!!!!!!

How the Media Used Russiagate Conspiracy Theories to Create a News Cartel – Daniel Greenfield

Ukraine’s endemic corruption problems are suddenly forgotten as hungry Western investors smell ‘reconstruction’ profits – “The flagship “Ukraine Reform Conference” is suddenly rebranded to suit current needs.” – Rachel Marsden – ISN’T EVERYTHING ABOUT MONEY FOR THE ELITES!!!!!!

Neocon Hack Bill Kristol Redefines July 4th – “Neoconservative pundit Bill Kristol is among the most vociferous critics of right-wing populism. His long-time advocacy of never-ending wars and mass migration make him a sworn enemy of anyone who believes in preserving the Historic American nation and its foundational principles. Previously, a staunch Republican, Kristol has hedged his political takes to become more amenable to neoliberals in the Democratic Party.” – Jose Nino

Germany went all-in on Green energy — Now its economy hovers on the brink – Reagan Reese

EU Economies Are Down on Their Knees – “Germany is heading for a major economic crisis. The head of the German Federation of Trade Unions has been quoted as saying in the weekend, “Entire industries are in danger of collapsing forever because of the gas bottlenecks — especially, chemicals, glass-making, and aluminium industries, which are major suppliers to key automotive sector.” Massive unemployment is likely. When Germany sneezes, of course, Europe catches cold — not only the Eurozone but even post-Brexit Britain. Welcome to the European Union’s “sanctions from hell.” The US literally hustled the Europeans into the Ukraine crisis.” – M. K. Bhadrakumar

Great Salt Lake drops below historic low level – “But the Great Salt Lake is not the only major body of water seeing a drastic reduction in its elevation. Lake Mead, the biggest man-made reservoir in the country, was full roughly two decades ago, according to The Associated Press. But Lake Mead is now seeing low levels,” -Caroline Vakil





The One Solution to All Our Problems – “From this perspective, there is one solution to all the problems, because if you don’t fix the industrial base then the whole shebang collapses. All those little things like a judiciary, law enforcement and food supply system all rely on a functional industrial base, by which I mean the interwoven industries that made the millions of essential parts and components of a complex industrial economy. We all know about fuel and fertilizer, but when you look beneath this superficial surface you find a bunch of stuff without which the entire industrial machine breaks down.” – Charles Hugh Smith

FED “Independence”: A “Public” Agency Wholly Captured by Wall Street Poses Grave Threat – “FED independence is a total farce while firms like BlackRock run America vicariously through it” – Occupy the Fed Movement

Manufacturing Still Hung in there in May, New Orders Surged in Part Driven by Raging Inflation. June Less Promising – “Consumers shift their spending back to services. The spending boom on goods is over, and it will eventually show up in manufacturing.” – Wolf Richter

Euro Sinks to a 19-Year Low as the Dollar Continues to Strengthen, For How Long? – “The US dollar is still rising. When will that stop?” -Mish

Great Reset Will Be the Great Reject (VIDEO) with David Morgan – “Morgan says this is not going to turn out like the globalists want. Morgan says, “This is not about money–it’s about control. They want absolute control.” What can people do to make the “Great Reset” not work? Morgan says, “It’s the ‘Great Reject.’ You do not participate in the ‘Great Reset.’ You stay out of the system to the best of your ability, which means you use cash like Catherine Austin Fitts talks about. You can trade in silver and gold.” – Greg Hunter

Gold rises on bargain hunting after hitting weakest level since December – Arundhati Sarkar

If Central Banks Do Not Tackle Inflation, Deflation Will Come from A Crisis – Daniel Lacalle

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.76EUR




8 Tips for Prepping in Suburbia and the City – “If you aren’t already living on your dream acreage in the country, you may need to settle in for the long haul wherever you are.” – Daisy Luther

Monocultures: The Myth…the Reality…the Future – The Advantages of Growing Monocultures – “Many farmers plant only one crop in the same place year after year. This is what is known as monoculture crops. Supporters claim it is a more profitable way to farm than switching crops around each year. Before the age of monoculture different crops were grown in between each other. And incidentally, this system is being reintroduced in many countries to keep plagues and diseases at bay” – Amy S. – GOOD ARTICLE. THE PROS AND CONS OF BOTH METHODS!!!!

How to Relieve Airway Obstructions When You’re Choking – Bob Rodgers

10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Gardening with Grow Bags – Tracey Besemer

10 Items YOU NEED To Buy NOW – Last Forever! | Supply Chain Collapse (Hygiene Items) Prepping Pantry (VIDEO) – The Mac’s





Proverbs 4:17     For they eat the bread of wickedness, and drink the wine of violence.