Having had covid not associated with higher rates of myo/pericarditis. Another covid talking point bites the dust? – “This appears to be one big shell game to divert attention and ascribe this spike in heart damage and death to anything but the experimental pharma rushed into billions of people without adequate safety testing. These increases in incidence are not covid nor sunspots nor sudden adult death syndrome that has always been with us and yet that we somehow never quite noticed before. This is gaslighting and “it’s worse if you get covid” was a key plank in that edifice. It seemed so plausible. but it’s not in the data and apparently never was. and those making such claims either knew or should have known this. It’s just another made up claim.” – El Gato Malo  – EL GATO LAYS OUT THE FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Necessary Obloquy – “Why does “masking” – as this evil imbecility is styled – persist, even in the absence of coercion? Unlike a year ago, almost no one is being told they must “mask.” Almost everywhere, people are free not to. And yet, a substantial percentage of the population continues to “mask.” This is alarming – because it is strong evidence that the “maskers’ still believe they are behaving both reasonably and morally. That it is right to “mask” – and that everything associated with “masking” was also reasonable and moral, including the enforced “masking” of others, the “mandating” of business closures and the ultimatums regarding your job if you don’t get jabbed.” – Eric Peters

The most respected doctor in the world – “The word “doctor” has magic. Information supplied by one of these critters makes an immediate impact. The subject doesn’t really matter. Compare “launched missile falls into the sea” with “doctor testifies launched missile fell into the sea.” Or you get an email with the subject line, “Must watch: doctor reveals secrets about alligators in Florida.” Well, if it’s a doctor, I should watch the video. “Doctor explains how protein 4V-3 triggers gene Y-5rg, leading to activation of the virus…” Woo. So for certain purposes, I’m adopting a new name: “The Most Respected Doctor in the World.”” – Jon Rappoport

Why Is Bill Gates In London At The Same Time Boris Johnson Resigned? – “Did you know that Bill Gates private jet flew in to London on Wednesday night ? The same day Javid and Sunak resigned, then within the space of 24 hours so did Boris Johnston. Just another amazing coincidence of course. Here is where it gets interesting and the joining of dots becomes important. The last time Gates arrived in the UK and tried to fly under the radar (excuse the pun) was back on October 18th 2021. October 19th was a watershed day to renew the temporary provisions of the Coronavirus Act 2020.” – threadsirish  – VERY GOOD AND WELL RESEARCHED ARTICLE.! WHAT’S THAT LITTLE WEASEL UP TO NOW!!!

“I beg you. I really beg you. Don’t vaccinate your child. Because in many cases…it WILL be a death sentence for the child.” – “Geert Vanden Bossche explains in stark understandable language why the Exp. COVID Injections are a disaster for children’s immune systems” – Sage Hana – GOOD VIDEO LINKED BY SAGE, I URGE EVERYONE TO WATCH THIS ONE WHETHER YOU ARE CONSIDERING DOING THIS OR NOT!!!!!

Georgia Guidestones Now Completely Demolished – Is Humanity Starting to Wake Up? – Brian Shilhavy’

Another MKUltra Mind-Controlled Shooting To Take Away Americans Guns So Globalists Can Institute Their ‘End Game’ – History Is Proof False Flags Are Standard Operating Procedure – “Project MKUltra (or MK-Ultra)[a] was the code name of an illegal human experimentation program designed and undertaken by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). MKUltra was first brought to public attention in 1975 by the Church Committee of the United States Congress and Gerald Ford’s United States President’s Commission on CIA activities within the United States (also known as the Rockefeller Commission). Some surviving information about MKUltra was declassified in July 2001. Yet who in this day and age really believes such programs were ever ended? And who in 2022 really believes that the ‘deep state’ of the US government has stopped carrying out ‘false flag terrorism’? ” Stefan Stanford

Italian COVID Treatment Movement Better Than Anything in US – “Keep in mind that in the US all we have had is a relatively small number of outspoken doctors fighting for treatment over vaccines.” – Joel S Hirschhorn – LONG, BUT VERY INTERESTING!!!

The Perils of Geoengineering with Dane Wigington (PODCAST) – Outer Limits Radio

More Predictive Programming From Amazon’s “The Terminal List” – EUA, unapproved drugs, side-effects, brain tumours, cabal, cover-ups, $ changing hands etc – threadsirish

COVID, Capitalism, Friedrich and Boris – “The IMF and World Bank have for decades pushed a policy agenda based on cuts to public services, increases in taxes paid by the poorest and moves to undermine labour rights and protections. IMF ‘structural adjustment’ policies have resulted in 52% of Africans lacking access to healthcare and 83% having no safety nets to fall back on if they lose their job or become sick. The closure of the world economy has triggered an unprecedented process of global indebtedness. Governments are now under the control of global creditors in the post-COVID era. What we are seeing is a de facto privatisation of the state as governments capitulate to the needs of Western financial institutions. Moreover, these debts are largely dollar-denominated, helping to strengthen the US dollar and US leverage over countries. It raises the question: what was COVID really about?” – Colin Todhunter

WHO To Reconvene And Decide If Monkeypox Is A “Global Public Health Emergency” – Mac Slavo

This Version Of Monkeypox Is An Excruciatingly Painful Disease, And It Continues To Spread At An Exponential Rate – Michael Snyder

Guidestones Blown Up, Vax Deaths Blow Up, Economy Blows Up (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter


Ignition… Lift-off! – “It looks like someone has called room service in a certain Swiss Fortress of Solitude and ordered der Schwabenklaus’s ass to be handed to him on a platter with a side of sauerkraut. The assisted suicide of Western Civ, Euro division, has been interrupted by peasant uprisings, first in the Netherlands, now spreading to Germany, Italy, and Poland. The farmers are on the march. They are coming for you, Klaus, and your World Economic Forum’s legion of implanted government goblins. The governments of virtually all the nations of Western Civ have become enemies of their people. It’s been obvious in the USA for quite some time, but our preposterous attempt to turn Ukraine into a forward NATO missile base next door to Russia finally revealed the villainous rot in Euroland, too. ” – James Howard Kunstler

Gaslighting: The Psychology of Shaping Another’s Reality – ““But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked. “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.” “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice. “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.” – Lewis Carroll. We are living in a world where the degree of disinformation and outright lying has reached such a state of affairs that, possibly for the first time ever, we see the majority of the western world starting to question their own and surrounding level of sanity. The increasing frenzied distrust in everything “authoritative” mixed with the desperate incredulity that “everybody couldn’t possibly be in on it!” is slowly rocking many back and forth into a tighter and tighter straight jacket. “Question everything” has become the new motto, but are we capable of answering those questions? Presently the answer is a resounding no.” – Cynthia Chung

Terrifying new footage shows Shinzo Abe’s bodyguards try to deflect assassin’s bullets with BRIEFCASES as former PM freezes when first shot is fired…then slumps when fatal bullet hits – “Shinzo Abe, 67, Japan’s former PM and a towering political figure, has been shot dead while campaigning” -Chris Pleasance

Two huge events shake America’s top allies and Sleepy Joe botches the responses to both – “Start with Japan, where the shocking assassination of a former prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has occurred in a nation where this kind of activity is not normal. Nation after nation poured in with tributes. Joe’s reaction? Well, nothing. Nobody home at the White House. Update: Joe has finally come out with a canned statement, using the occasion of Abe’s death, to shill against gun violence, as if Japan were just an oversized Chicago. Once again, highly inappropriate. Meanwhile, over in Great Britain,” – Monica Showalter

Mayor Lightfoot, It’s Time For You To Resign. Just Go Away. Now – “Chicago can’t survive much more of you. So, leave. Please. And quickly.” – John Kass

Republican Voters Want ‘Blood’—Will Their Leaders Deliver? – “After the much-hyped John Durham probe ends with a whimper and House Democrats ratchet up their public pursuit of Trump associates, the Republican base wants action, not more sternly worded letters.” – Julie Kelly – DOUBT IT, THEY ARE ALL TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The biggest story the media don’t want to tell you about – “Illegal invaders planned a July 4 terror attack with assault weapons. Why isn’t this big news? Why aren’t the nation’s socialist media all over a potential mass shooting with “assault weapons” like the attack in Highland Park on July 4?” – D. Parker

Man Charged with Murder for Defending Himself against Violent Ex-Con Who was Assaulting Him! – “Last Friday, a 35-year-old convicted felon attacked a convenience store worker in New York. The worker, Jose Alba, defended himself by grabbing a knife and stabbing the criminal who is shown on video surveillance assaulting the worker behind the counter. Shockingly, instead of being commended for putting this criminal down, New York police arrested Alba and charged him with murder. Apparently, in New York, you no longer have the right to defend yourself if the person attacking you is part of one of the democrat’s favorite protected groups!” – Off Grid Survival

What Liberals Get Wrong About the Second Amendment – “Must we really respond to the “musket” argument again? Apparently so. It’s all the rage among Democrats right now. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (Democrat) and Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (Democrat) both think it’s quite brilliant to claim that, if we care what the framers of the Constitution meant, then the Second Amendment applies only to “muskets”! The Second Amendment is nearly the only prescriptive policy in a document that liberals have been trying to pump their nutty ideas into for 50 years. Unfortunately for them, there’s nothing in the Constitution about a right to dance naked in strip clubs, contraception, marriage or sticking a fork in a baby’s head. But on the right to bear arms, our Delphic framers were nearly Tolstoyian with their explosion of words:” – Ann Coulter

Joe Biden and Other Politicians, not Coronavirus, Caused Children’s Educations to Suffer – “President Joe Biden declared Tuesday at Twitter: “Due to the pandemic, kids are behind in math and reading.” This is yet another example of politicians’ blame shifting we have seen throughout the coronavirus scare. Kids in America have fallen behind in their educations during the coronavirus scare, but not because of coronavirus.” – Adam Dick  – IT’S ALSO WHAT THEY ARE ACTUALLY BEING TAUGHT THAT HAS CAUSED THEM TO FALL BEHIND AS WELL!!!

UK To Swap Out Top Sociopath For A Different Sociopath: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

Marionette Theater: BoJo resigns, as U.K. searches for next globalist puppet – “A once promising nationalist leader ends tenure as WEF-approved, ESG-compliant marionette. I can’t think of a single world leader who has done more damage to humanity, since 2019, than Boris Johnson. And yet, his reign of terror over a once great empire was not enough for the proponents of The Great Reset and Build Back Better agenda.” – Jordan Schachtel

Long live populism – “Boris Johnson may be gone, but the Brexit spirit still reigns.” – Tom Slater

The Big Lie – And All The Little Lies – ” A hot new dramatic series has just debuted on television. It wasn’t titled “The Big Lie”, but it should have been. Instead, it carried the sober, straightforward name of the House special investigative body that produced it: The Hearings of the January 6 Commission. It stars a middle-aged, laid-back Southern congressman who might remind you of your favorite uncle. He is supported by the strict and serious aunt you always hated and your do-gooder, Eagle Scout cousin, who found themselves in the middle of a family drama so devastating that they broke with the clan and rose heroically to meet a challenge that threatens to destroy our democratic government and replace it with tyrannical fascism.” – Frank Zini

The White House Refuses to Answer Questions About Audiotape on Hunter’s Foreign Dealings – “White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to discuss a 2018 voicemail from President Biden that showed that the President lied repeatedly in denying ever speaking with Hunter Biden about his foreign business dealings. Jean-Pierre refused to answer a question from Fox News’ Peter Doocy and then refused again to answer a question from RealClearPolitics reporter Philip Wegmann. The rest of the press seemed content with an answer that was not just openly evasive but contemptful of the press.” – Jomathan Turley

Putin: We’re Getting Warmed Up in Ukraine, Try and Stop Us – “The world needs a peace movement” – Gerald Celente

Ukraine could be wiped off the map – former Trump military adviser – “Colonel Douglas Macgregor has argued for a peaceful resolution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict” – RT


What a week – recession threats and political instability causes markets to rally! – “Well… that was a week that was… I thought a nice summery photo, morning walk with dog, to relax us all… But what, if anything, is actually resolved? What did we learn? ” – Bill Blain

Writing Checks They Can’t Cash (VIDEO) – Michael Maharrey

Jobs? WHAT Jobs? – “Uh huh…. The unadjusted number was +69,000 a 90% decline from the prior month. In addition, and perhaps much worse, 700,000 people left the “not in labor force” number and came back into the workforce, so net-net most of them — 90% — didn’t find jobs. Even worse, in terms of economic pressure, health care added 57,000 jobs, which will further accelerate the ramp in cost and collapse of the system — and I’ll bet that, as has been true for a long time, nine out of ten are administrative and never provide a single second of personal care to a single person.” – Karl Denninger – KARL BREAKS DOWN THE JOB NUMBERS!!!!

Does the American State Deserve Collapse? – “Monetary, fiscal, economic, political, and military affairs are tightly interwoven into the fabric of a nation. The primary thread extending throughout is the state’s endless desire to dominate and centralize the supply of money.” – MN Gordon

The One Commodity That Won’t Stop Soaring – “In the past week, nearly all commodity markets have crashed amid growing fears of a recession, but one commodity price continues to rise. A combination of reduced supply from Russia and an outage at the U.S. Freeport LNG facility has sent natural gas prices soaring.” – Tsvetana Paraskova

Abuse of Money is the Root of Much Evil – Part 1 – “Back in the 1970s, the New York congressman and later vice-presidential nominee Jack Kemp was a fierce critic of President Jimmy Carter’s policies that produced soaring prices. Kemp said that the Carter administration was so clueless that its officials apparently thought “inflation was caused by many, many, different things, all of which are acting and interacting in strange and mysterious ways.” Carter and his minions pointed fingers at oil sheikhs, credit cards, store clerks, etc. Joe Biden’s list of inflation causers is just as tedious and laughable:” – Larry Reed

Artificial Wealth vs GDP: Why Earnings and the Stock Market Will Get Crushed – “Here’s the case for an earnings smash accompanied by a continuation of the stock market crash.” – Mish

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.18EUR


The Big Picture — Grid Up Versus Grid Down–Oil, Soil, and Water – James Wesley Rawles

The Herbalist’s Bookshelf – “The internet has been both a boon and a curse for herbalism. Thankfully, we have lots of wonderful, well-researched, and well-written herbal books today – many more than were available when I was learning. I have put together a list of what I consider “required reading” below.” – Daisy Luther

How This Cooking Hack Can Minimize the Use of Stored Fuels in Emergencies – “Learning how to use thermal cooking can help reduce the use of stored fuels during emergencies. This little-known cooking hack will slow cook your meal and help maintain indoor temperatures while reducing the amount of fuel needed.” – Sara Tipton

Pocket Notebook For Every-Day-Carry To Write Your Ideas and To-do Lists – “A small pocket notebook. One that’s convenient enough to comfortably fit in your pocket. Throughout the day there are likely many times when you might think of something that you want to remember for later. Maybe it’s something that you need to do, or want to do… A project idea, something to research, or maybe something to add to a ‘buy’ list, etc.. There are tons of examples, but you know what I mean. Here’s the problem… How do you remember all of those things? Especially as you are distracted by every-day life.” – Ken Jorgustin

Butcher Basics For The New Homesteader – Bob Rodgers


Isaiah 59:8      The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace.