Experts warn that the US could soon lose control of monkeypox due to lack of testing and limited access to vaccines – “Some experts are warning the monkeypox could get out of control due to failures by health officials” – Mansur Shaheen –  HERE COMES THE RAMP UP OF THE BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!

The people are starving and the skies are clear – “Inflation IS their climate change plan. That old broken down demented grifter, Joe Biden, said the price of gas at the pump was the doing of GAS STATION OWNERS, and all they had to do was cut the price. The Political Left—meaning Globalists—want to limit driving and traveling and use of oil across the board. This is the limit-CO2 agenda. But that agenda was and is a cover for enforced poverty and lower energy use. That agenda is the Globalists’ planned future for all of us. A decrepit country struggling to maintain any sort of functioning economy at all. Because that country is easier to take over.” – Jon Rappoport – GOOD READ FROM JON ON THE BIG PICTURE!!!!

Build Back Better 2.0: global elites rebrand to ‘Rules-Based World Order’ – “More Hubris. Less Freedom. And after two years of our prized “free world” autocrats unleashing relentless COVID-excused tyranny upon their own populations, the rules seem to be continuously changing and reoriented at a moment’s notice.” – Jordan Schachtel

Want MORE proof of this ongoing Holocaust? Try to call an ambulance. – Mark Crispin Miller


We Are All Already Wearing A Mask… – “Mask Usefulness Myth: Nature has already given us an air filtration system that is optimised for our bodies and for respiration. Fooling around with it is lunacy.” – Marc Girardot

Pathologist Speaks Out About Covid mRNA Vaccine Impacts. Cancer on the Rise – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction: The US Department of State Requesting Documents Pertaining to the Buried NEPHILIM – “What is the connection between the Fallen Watchers, the Nephilim, CERN, and the coming Beast System?” – Lioness of Judah Ministry – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM THE LIONESS!!!!!


The war against the Fourth of July – “The massacre at a Fourth of July parade speaks to a hollowing-out of America’s soul. If you cannot even attend a celebration of your nation’s independence without risking murderous assault, then there is something wrong with your nation. Surely even in these fractious times we can all agree on that.” – Brendan O’Neill

This July 4th we should ALL declare our independence from the New Normal – “The United States of America has become a corrupt Imperial juggernaut, chewing up the world and spitting out bones. We have all seen warmongers and tyrants prop up the corpses of Jefferson and Washington and claim to be their descendants whilst spitting on their legacy. This makes it easy for us to forget that the idea of America was once something different, & that idea still exists in the wording of the Constitution & the Declaration of Independence. Just as the teachings of Jesus are not marred by every holy warrior who claims to conquer in God’s name, so the sentiments expressed by the founding documents of the United States bear none of the blood so dishonestly shed in theirs.” – Kit Knightly

If the Highland Park Shooting Happened 25 Miles South, You Wouldn’t Have Heard About It – “As is the case with all mass shootings, both political parties frantically dug up whatever information they could in hopes of associating the shooter with their political rivals. Anti-gun activists and politicians have blamed everyone from the Supreme Court to the NRA as the right blamed antifa and liberals. They are both wrong. In reality, this loser likely fits the profile of all the other deranged lunatics who wish to cause harm to innocent people. Unfortunately, however, his likeness will be used to demonize millions of good people who would never think about doing anything remotely close to harming innocent people. Before the coward opened fire on innocent people in Highland Park, more than 60 people were shot in Chicago, 15 of them fatally. In fact, this is a common occurrence just 25 miles south of Highland Park in Chicago and dozens of people are killed every weekend… yet we never hear about it from mainstream establishment sources. Why is that?” – Matt Agorist – IN JUST 3 WORDS: NARRATIVE, NARRATIVE NARRATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Is America? – “One may also become an American citizen by naturalization. The idea here is that if one is willing to adopt the core beliefs of America, one can join the American body politic, despite being connected neither by bonds of descent nor geography. There’s something noble in such an ideal. The problem is that it isn’t consistently applied. Does anyone really imagine that most immigrants to the United States of America come because they yearn to breathe free, to speak their minds and take responsibility for their own defense? Some surely do, but it seems to me that most are drawn by the promise of wealth like blackbirds to a freshly planted field, neither knowing nor caring what went into the planting of the field in the first place.” – John Carter

Quo Vadis, America? – “There is our future, America, if we stay on this path. A trans stripper leading a child down the primrose path is a condensed symbol for the road to hell down which our country is walking. Seems like there’s a new moral and cultural low every day here in a country led by a Democratic president who said that advancing the goals of groomers like the trans stripper above is “the civil rights issue of our time.” It is hard to believe that the Democratic Party as well as the entire ruling class of the USA has been captured by decadence to this degree. But here we are.” – Rod Dreher

The US Government Hates Americans – “The US government views the American people as an annoying distraction from its real job of managing a globe-spanning empire. They couldn’t be more obvious about it. The only thing keeping Americans from seeing it are the media spinmeisters telling them daddy loves them all day.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN, MOST ARE PRETTY GOOD. I’LL LET YOU DECIDE WHICH ONES!!!!

A Speech for Independence Day And Some Songs – “Have you ever noticed that the Constitution bears no resemblance whatsoever to the Declaration of Independence? Here are the rights mentioned in the Declaration: right to life right to liberty right to pursuit of happiness right to alter, abolish and overthrow government The CON stitution doesn’t mention individual rights even once. It mentions the general welfare (lol), as well as the rights of politicians, authors, and inventors. The first mention of an individual right (free speech) was four years later in 1791 when the first amendment was added.” – Monica Hughes PhD

The character of recovery: exiting the soundbite era for something better – “I do not believe in blind patriotism nor in “my country (or my party) right or wrong.” I believe in changing that which has become unsuited to the provision of human agency and human thriving. and that takes courage. And this is why courage is and ever must be the foundation of a free society.” – El Gato Malo  – THIS IS A VERY GOOD READ!!!!!

The Time For Compromise Is Over – There Can Be No Compromising With Baby-Killing, Gun-Grabbing People That Think There Are 58 Genders – Susan Duclos

Finally! A whiny woke employee got fired for whiny wokeness – “Every Friday, explains Lopez, he was responsible for processing the reports for upcoming releases, which he then put in an email with 275 recipients. But last Friday, after Dobbs, it was just too much for him, so he sent the following email to those 275 recipients: I didn’t do them today. I’m in mourning due to the attack on people with uteruses in the US. Federally guaranteed access to abortion is gone. Poor Lopez. He apparently was unaware that the corporate tide may be turning. That may explain why Lopez was so shocked by UME’s next step: it fired him for failing to do his job. In other words, Lopez, a San Diego State U graduate, thought he was still in college, where students (with government backing) are writing the checks and the institution is happy to coddle them, especially because the students are parroting academia’s views. Lopez hadn’t made the intellectual transition that would allow him to understand he was in the working world, where his employer was writing a check and wanted Lopez’s labor in exchange for that money, a concept Lopez found offensive.” – Andrea Widburg – OH, YOU ARE ACTUALLY SUPPOSE TO WORK TO GET PAID. WHY, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!!!!!!


Joe Biden’s open border is now the world’s ‘deadliest’ land crossing – “There are a lot of hellholes out there that make good candidates. But according to a United Nations agency, looking at the objective numbers, the honor goes to Joe Biden and his open border — now the world’s deadliest land crossing. A historic high of 728 recorded immigrant deaths and disappearances along the U.S.-Mexico border crossing in 2021 has made the land crossing the deadliest in the world, according to the study conducted by the United Nations agency, the International Organization for Migration (IOM).” – Monica Showalter

Biden’s Job Approval Enters Marianas Trench – “As we celebrate America’s founding on this 4th of July, mired in inflation that’s simply ‘not his fault,’ President Joe Biden also marks a special occasion – his lowest job approval ratings, ever – all while American pride hits a new low. Biden’s job approval has plummeted to 30% – with 57% flatly disapproving of the job he’s doing.” – Tyler Durden

Biden Warns “This Is A Time Of War And Global Peril” – Amy S. – GOOD READ FROM AMY!!!!!!!

AOC For President? Seriously? – “Lord, have mercy, the circus is back in town. Big smile, even bigger delusional dreams, and with bionic woman self-restraint, the coquettish Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) managed to keep those lips zipped when asked on The Late Show with Steven Colbert whether she’d run in the 2024 presidential election. Of course, dodging questions while flirting can only mean she’s seriously considering a tryout for the biggest show on earth: Well, now that Barnum and Bailey hit the skids.” – Sarah Cowgill

Why The Racist Left Smears Clarence Thomas As An ‘Angry Black Man – “White leftists resort to racism the moment a black man breaks free from his intellectual shackles.” – Tom Elliott

China Queues Up to Join the Davos Beatdown – “The headlines are full of abject terror that Germany’s vaunted industrial base can collapse, and with it the banking sector, if Russia pulls all natural gas supplies. Of course, this is exactly what the EU said they wanted, and the question now is will they get it, to quote H.L. Mencken, “good and hard.” So, finally, after destroying their own economy, the politicians in Europe are considering the right question, “Did we do this to ourselves?” The Euro’s collapse this morning to a new twenty-year low below $1.03 is answering a resounding, “Yes. Yes you did.”” – Tom Luongo

Dutch Uprising: fishermen block ports across the Netherlands – “Dutch fishermen have joined the fight against the WEF-inspired climate change policy that will destroy thousands of blue-collar jobs in the Netherlands.” – Keean Bexte

The Test Of Strategy – “If you have to fight a war on your home territory, winning comes with a fair bit of losing. Even before industrial war, defending your own lands meant disruption to your economy and culture. Fighting on the other guy’s turf is always preferred. Winning is all upside and you can mitigate the cost of losing by withdrawing before total defeat. This was the formula for destroying Russia. The West, which again is the Global American Empire, would wage a proxy war on the borders of Russia. From the very start, the collective West has operated under the assumption that the Russians could not sustain combat activity in the Ukraine for long. Here we are five months into the war and that last bit of analysis has proved to be completely wrong.” – The Z Man

Turkey and NATO: a vital alliance, with limits – “With deepening global polarization, can Ankara retain its foreign policy autonomy within NATO?” – MK Bhadrakumar

US power companies brace for supply crisis – Reuters – ” Consumer energy demand is expected to hit all-time highs this summer, and utilities are warning they may lack the equipment to maintain the grid” – RT

Crime and Punishment – “Government officials must be held accountable. Under US law, torture committed by “government officials and their collaborators upon a person restrained by the government is a felony punishable by up to 20 years in federal prison, and its fruits are inadmissible in all courts.” Given that background, one is astonished to learn that some in the government have not taken the obligation seriously.” – Philip Giraldi


Biden Fails Economics 101 as Stagflation Takes Hold – “As Joe Biden’s presidency descends into free-fall with voters, the economy may be on the verge of collapsing in similar fashion. All presidents make mistakes, whether it’s failing to limit the growth of the federal budget or being unable to anticipate turns in the economic cycle. But the Biden administration has been unique in consistently getting just about everything wrong while stubbornly refusing to change course.” – Stefan Gleason

Dow falls 600 points as Wall Street grapples with recession concerns – Jesse Pound and Samantha Subin

Atlanta Fed’s Model Forecasts GDP to Contract by -2.1 Percent in Second Quarter; Morgan Stanley Says S&P 500 Could Drop Another 22 Percent If that Happens – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Nationally, Rent is Still Rising, Compounding the Fed’s Recession Woes – “Recession is here, but the Fed will not be able to do as much recession fighting as many people expect.” – Mish

Strike Three for the Federal Reserve – “America’s central bank, the Federal Reserve System (Fed), is currently decimating the US economy for the third time in its existence. No batter always gets on base but America, nay the world, has a high-quality pinch hitter that it benched a century ago: the Gold Standard. It’s not perfect but it is far better, and fairer, than the Fed.” – Robert E. Wright

Russian Gold and the Meaning of BRICS (VIDEO) – David Morgan

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.83EUR


Mental Stability as a Part of Survival – “One of the most important and least talked about parts of survival is your mental attitude. Every military manual you open on survival starts out with a chapter talking about the survival mentality. Considering that the military can spend pretty much whatever they need on the creation of those manuals, if they say something, we should probably pay attention. Putting it simply, a survival mentality is all about believing that you can and will survive.” – Bill White

The Most Effective Amish Home Remedies You Haven’t Heard About – Katherine Paterson

8 Crops You can Still Plant in July (VIDEO) – “Did you know that even in July it is not too late to plant some seeds in your backyard garden? This video covers the 8 seeds you can still plant in July and expect to get a harvest this fall before the first frost. This video is intended for folks living in USDA gardening zones 5,6 and 7a.” – ourstoneyacres  –  STILL TIME TO GET ANOTHER HARVEST IN!!!!!!

How Long to Boil Water For Drinking – “How long to boil water for drinking. It’s good to know. And the time it takes is probably not as long as you may think… 90 percent of the world’s water is contaminated in some way according.” – Ken Jorgustin


2 Timothy 2:15    Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.