Digital Humanity Heading Toward a Digital World Reality: A Robotic and Distorted Environment Without Culture, Caring, or Intellect – “Human beings it seems are creatures of their environment. One of the signs that expose these truths, is the almost universal dependency on technology that has consumed the public. Little personal communication or togetherness seems necessary or important when all forms of interaction boil down to ‘smart’ phones, computers, and the games and circuses offered to the sleeping sheep. Abandonment of loved ones became the new normal in this age of fake and fraudulent ‘virus pandemics.’ Due to this mindset and addiction to technology, the family structure has been and is being eliminated; no longer held up as the basis for society, but an afterthought rarely considered except as an impediment to instant gratification and the useless exploitation of some at the expense of all.” – Gary D. Barnett  – ANOTHER VERY GOOD READ FROM GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Systemic Destruction, The Informed Consent Interview (VIDEO) with CJ Hopkins – “The author of “The Rise of the New Normal Reich” joins Chris to dig into the system that seems bent on destroying civilized life as we now know it. They also discuss his book and the proclamation of the “New Normal” that went with the initial Covid propaganda blitzkrieg in March of 2020, the global lockdowns, the suspension of constitutional rights, mask mandates, censorship, and the segregation and persecution of “the Unvaccinated.”” – Chris Martenson – GOOD INTERVIEW, CJ ALSO HAS HIS OWN WEBSITE, THE CONSENT FACTORY AND SUBSTACK PAGE!!!!!

Switzerland’s Secretive Banking System and the WEF’s “Great Reset”: First in “You’ll Own Nothing and You’ll be Happy”? – “It has often been said, Washington is the Belly of the Beast and Switzerland is the Head of the Beast. Considering a variety of dimensions, it is probably not far from the truth. Switzerland is home to a number of highly dubious institutions and organizations.” – Peter Koenig

Against Coronadoom – “Don’t worry too much, OK? Very bad things can certainly happen in the future, but there is no evidence that bad things are happening right now, or that bad things are impending. All the speculation about killer variants to come is unsupported and really not worth worrying about. Everything on the Corona front has been the same since January:” – eugyppius

The 4 Tiers of Authoritarian Behavioral Control and The Value of Your Unique Mind – “Behavioral modification and behavioral control are essential to the kind of social control sought by the technocratic fascist takeover of planet earth, currently underway. The controllers absolutely cannot tolerate protest, dissent or even abstention from their insane agendas, and so it’s necessary for them to ensure that individuals are unable to express contrarian viewpoints. Their plans simply won’t fly without mass obedience, or at least the perception thereof. If you won’t automatically just go along with whatever authoritarian roadblocks are tossed into your path, you must be singled out before you create a ripple of dissension among the hive. And so the cage to contain you is taking form.” – Dylan Charles

New Zealand to price sheep and cow burps to cut greenhouse gases – “New Zealand on Wednesday released a draft plan to put a price on agricultural emissions in a bid to tackle one of the country’s biggest sources of greenhouse gases, belching sheep and cattle. The proposal would make New Zealand, a large agricultural exporter, the first country to have farmers pay for emissions from livestock, the Ministry for Environment said. New Zealand, home to 5 million people, has about 10 million cattle and 26 million sheep.” – Lucy Craymer – YOU MIGHT AS WELL ADD THE 5 MILLION PEOPLE TO THE SHEEP TOTAL SINCE ONLY SHEEP WOULD ALLOW THIS NONSENSE!!!!

Developmental Disorders in Babies born to Vaccinated Mothers? – “Pfizer wants Babies to be Exposed to SIX Vaccine Shots!” – Igor Chudov

Russia & the Eternal Pandemic – “Moscow’s Sanitary Shield will normalize useless PCR tests and “vaccines”” – Riley Waggaman aka Edward Slavsquat


What is motivating the controlled demolition of American energy? – “Is the Biden Administration purposely destroying reliable energy in the United States? No, you can’t run a nation on solar and wind. But the people in charge of the power and the money want to pretend otherwise. Enormously powerful, regime-connected institutions like Blackrock and Vanguard, with a combined $18 trillion dollars in assets under management, continue to appeal to the carbon scam, because it forces compliance under the guise of “saving the earth.” ” – Jordan Schachtel

From Russia with Lvov – “100 days of taking it hard in the tank at the pump to cancel a nation of 145 million. Russia IS our enemy. Get it? The American government is injecting children with toxic experimental biological agents and shooting up schools while parents are held back by law enforcement to endure the unfathomable. The State has said it wants parents to hand over their children. Is this what they meant? In response, the government is intent on seizing guns while urinating on the constitution but never forget during your daily dedicated five minutes of hate that Putin is your enemy and Russia is evil. The arrogance of elites dictates that we peasants accept who they want our enemies to be. Get it!?” – The Good Citizen – GOOD READ AS USUAL FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!!

They Plan On Repeating “Putin’s Price Hike” Until People Believe It – “President Biden used the phrase “Putin’s price hike” again in a reaction to Friday’s Consumer Price Index report revealing continued high inflation, showing once again that the US government believes Americans are idiots. Which is of course absurd. Prices were already soaring and inflation was already at a 40-year high before Russia invaded Ukraine..  There are many people Americans could blame for their shrinking bank accounts, but Putin isn’t one of them.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Kitten corner: A day to remember – Supporting the january 6th commission – Gatito Bueno – GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The January 6 Capitol riot was not the real insurrection – “America is under attack from within, and it’s not by the DC rioters from 17 months back” – Ian Miles Cheong

FBI Arrests Republican Candidate for Michigan Governor at His Home on Misdemeanor Jan. 6 Charges – “Do people really get their homes raided and arrested in front of their children over a misdemeanor? Democrats are out in force weaponizing our justice system and targeting their political opponents.” – Debra Heine – KIND OF LIKE A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY WHERE YOU ARREST YOUR POLITICAL OPPONENTS!!!!

15 Percent Less Gas – and Money to Buy it With, Too – “It’s ironic that the Thing responsible for causing the price of gas to double (on its way to tripling) at the same the value of the money we’re forced to use to pay for it has declined by about 15 percent has decided there’ll be 15 percent less gas in what was – once – 100 percent gas. This is what’s styled “E15” – which is set to become the new default standard, replacing “E10,” the styling for what was 90 percent gas adulterated with 10 percent ethanol alcohol. It – the Thing – says this is being done “As part of (his) commitment to providing Americans relief from market supply issues created by Putin’s unprovoked war in Ukraine.” A number of interesting things about this transition.” – Eric Peters

Joe Biden effectively tells Americans to ‘lie back and enjoy’ his new round of Bidenflation – “Now we have handsy Joe telling us “we’re gonna live with this inflation for a while,” as if the great salary-and-savings-shrinking machine he’s unleashed upon every man, woman, and child in this country were nothing more than an unpleasant zoning decision to tolerate and try to ignore.” – Monica Showalter

Biden’s Foreign Policy Is One Big Mess – “Over the last months I have written little about other U.S. foreign policy issues than the war in Ukraine. A short review shows that there is little that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken or his president could count as a success. Last month Biden traveled to Asia where he had meetings with the QUAD (Australia, Japan, India and the U.S.) as well as with South Asian leaders. Most noted though was that Biden came to Asia with empty hands: Another area where current U.S. foreign policy is failing is in the Americas. Biden is currently hosting the ‘summit’ of the Organization of American States. The head of states of at least 7 of the 34 OAS member states were not invited or declined to come: Biden again came with empty hands:” – Moon of Alabama – EVERYONE BRAGGED AND ARE STILL BRAGGING ABOUT HIS SO-CALLED FOREIGN POLICY EXPERTISE AS OPPOSED TO HIS PREDECESSOR, HUH?????????????????????

The Summit of the Americas: What a Joke! – “I can’t decide which part of the Summit of the Americas is funnier — the dust-up over which Latin American countries President Biden would permit to attend or Biden’s dramatic plan for economic improvement in Latin America. The brouhaha over which countries would be allowed to attend involved Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Biden decided that he didn’t want those three countries to attend the meeting, which is being held in Los Angeles. But not inviting those three countries to participate in a summit on Latin America met with disapproval by countries who were invited and who were expected to attend. For example, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, decided to boycott the summit, which obviously left a big hole in a conference whose principal focus is on Latin America.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Trump Pentagon first offered National Guard to Capitol four days before Jan. 6 riots, memo shows – “Official Capitol Police timeline validates Trump administration’s account, shows Democrats’ fateful rejections of offers. “Seems absolutely illogical,” one official wrote about security posture hours before riot began.” – John Solomon

Zuckerberg, Rockefeller, Google and the Privatization of Election Integrity – “Through deceit and capitalizing on loopholes in US law for non-profit entities, private corporate and foundation interests have and are pouring vast sums of money to corrupt the US election process in the interest of a dystopian Green Agenda and worse. It consists of a complex network of interests including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Google, Rockefeller funds. The evidence is that this is all being covertly orchestrated by US intelligence agencies to impose a destructive economic and social agenda on the US tied to the Davos Great Reset and UN Agenda 2030.” – F. William Engdahl

The Great Ukraine Blame Game Has Begun! (VIDEO) – Gonzalo Lira II

The goal is not to help Ukraine, but to fight Putin – ” We have to make a difference between what we think about Putin and what we want to achieve politically. These are two different things. In addition, I always ask myself if are we so keen to blame the aggressor. Why didn’t we blame and sanction the U.S., the UK or France when they attacked Middle Eastern or African countries?” – Jacques Baud

Pentagon divulges number of US-funded biolabs in Ukraine – “US insists 46 “peaceful” facilities were all about public health and safety” – RT – OF COURSE, JUST HAPPENED TO BE LOCATED RIGHT NEXT TO RUSSIA. HOW MANY OTHER COUNTRIES ARE THERE WHERE THE US HAS 46 BIOLABS LOCATED RIGHT NEXT TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

India and China Coal Production Surging By 700M Tons Per Year: That’s Greater Than All U.S. Coal Output – “If you think the world is moving beyond coal, think again. The post-Covid economic rebound and surging electricity demand have resulted in big increases in coal prices and coal demand. Since January, the Newcastle benchmark price for coal has doubled.” – Robert Bryce  – (“HOW DARE YOU” – GRETA) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unusually High Bee Die-Off In Canada Will Impact The World – Sara Tipton


Thanks, Fed Economists: Inflation Surges Yet Again as Real Wages Drop – Ryan McMaken


“The Fed Now Has Good Reason To Surprise Markets”: Barclays Is First Bank To Call For 75bps Next Week – Tyler Durden  – GREG SAYS THE SAME THING IN HIS VIDEO ABOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Smoking (AGAIN): It’s NOT Transitory – “I hope you like bad things and bad times; they’re coming.” – Karl Denninger

Inflation Hits 40-Year High, Dow Falls Over 700 Points, Worse is Yet to Come – “With inflation at 8.6 percent and the Fed rate between .75 and 1 percent, a 50 basis point hike will do nothing to stop inflation.” – Gerald Celente

Ouch! Hot Inflation Melts Pilot Powell’s Feet to the Pedals – “Better strap on your parachute and exit the plane ahead of landing because there is no getting out of a crash landing now that inflation is burning the landing gear off the bottom of the Fed’s plane. Captain “Bring-her-home Jerome” Powell was already trying to land his Federal Airlines 747 at the steepest angle of decent ever attempted in the middle of a California forest-fire hellscape of inflation. Some of us were already concerned about his plan to dump the jet fuel while landing because he didn’t jettison the Fed’s fuel earlier. ” – David Haggith

How new EU sanctions on Russia will shake up global energy trade – “The Ukraine-Russia war has already shaken up global energy markets. Sanctions finalized Friday by the EU will shake them up a lot more — not only for the tanker industry but also for American diesel and gasoline consumers. The EU is a vastly larger buyer of Russian petroleum than the U.S., which banned imports from Russia in early March. The new EU sanctions will end Europe’s imports of Russian seaborne crude by Dec. 5 and refined products by Feb. 3, 2023. The U.K. is also set to ban insurance and reinsurance for such tankers. Over 90% of the world’s ships are insured in Europe and the U.K. The insurance ban could have “a dramatic impact on seaborne trade of Russian oil and oil products,” said brokerage and consultancy Poten & Partners. “The potential implications cannot be overstated.”” – Greg Miller – NO ONE LOOKS AT THE LONG TERM EFFECTS OF THESE SANCTIONS AND THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THINGS -IDIOTS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Real Talk: What’s One Survival Tool You Think Everyone Should Have? – Joshua Swanagon

Looming Grain Shortage. Do This Before It’s Too Late – “As supply chains get disrupted, diesel fuel costs rise, and wheat-producing countries feel the sting of lost grain crops due to war, conflict, heat, and export restrictions– it’s not that hard to see the writing on the wall. Countries dependent on grain imports from Russia and Ukraine might be the first to feel the effects of food insecurity caused by shortages. However, there is some good news: the US is number four in the world in wheat production behind China, Russia, and India. So we shouldn’t be that worried, right? Well, not exactly.” – Christine C.

Nine Vegetables That Are Healthier For You When Cooked – Laura Brown


2 Corinthians 10:12    For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.


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