I am Uncle Sam’s Inflation – “I help the government and its rich owners by taxing poor, working and (whatever’s left of) the middle class. I was born at Jekyll Island Georgia in 1910 during a secret meeting by the banking cartel that convinced President Wilson and Congress to pass the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. That Act ensured that I would rise in time and was the second or third nail in the coffin of the American Constitutional Republic, which is now long dead and buried. When the dollar was still backed by Gold prior to 1971, they could only increase me 2.2% per year on average. Now they increase me every year between 4-8%. One of my ancestors, a cousin called Weimar reached her hyper version in 1922, eight years after the Deutsche Mark was removed from Gold convertibility” – The Good Citizen – GOOD ARTICLE FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN ON THE FED AND THE ECONOMY AND MORE. THE TRUE DRIVER OF THE BIG PICTURE IS THE ECONOMY!!!!!

The New World Order in the Last Days – Brenda Weltner (VIDEOS) – “Is the Biblical End-times prophecy unfolding right before our eyes?” – Lioness of Judah Ministry – SOME INTERESTING VIDEOS AND INFORMATION FROM THE LIONESS FEATURING ANALYSIS FROM BRENDA WELTNER!!!!!

Mysterious & Deadly Blood Clots Are Totally Normal Now – “Get ready for “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” to be the Media’s Latest Thing” – Emerald Robinson

You’ll Never Escape COVID – “It’s never over. “Long COVID” is coming for you. Meanwhile, the media magnify fears over the mystery of Long COVID. One third of all infected will suffer chronic and debilitating symptoms! Niggling details didn’t make it to press, though, such as how most subjects were the vulnerable elderly and hospitalized for severe acute infection. One in five may develop Long COVID, says the CDC, and vaccination will protect you! Yet the article buried how vaccination can also increase risk of Long COVID and lead to worse outcomes than hospitalization for influenza. ” – Shawn A. Means – EVERYTHING WILL TURN OUT BEING SO-CALLED LONG COVID. ANOTHER WAY TO HIDE VACCINE DAMAGE AND DEATHS ALONG WITH THE NEW SUDDEN ADULT DEATH SYNDROME!!!!!!

Developmental Disorders in Babies born to Vaccinated Mothers? -“Pfizer wants Babies to be Exposed to SIX Vaccine Shots! A great number of expectant mothers received up to three Covid vaccine shots during pregnancy. Did anyone bother testing one-year-old children of vaccinated and boosted (during pregnancy) women for neurodevelopmental disorders, before approving this vaccine for all pregnant women? The question is, obviously, rhetorical, since “mRNA Babies” of triple-vaxed-during-pregnancy mothers are only beginning to get born right now and are at most a few months old. Not one such baby reached a year of age. So nobody tested them for developmental disorders at one year of age, before approving the three vaccine shots for expectant mothers.” – Igor Chudov

CV19 Vax Deaths & Injuries are an Ignored Humanitarian Catastrophe (VIDEO) with Dr. Pierre Kory – “We just started seeing more and more vaccine injured, and they are really quite ill. It’s a very complex illness. We are working on treatments that work and understanding the path of physiology. . . . By the way, there is not a lot published on vaccine injury. As you know, they don’t want to call attention to it.” – Greg Hunter

UPDATE: Monkeypox narrative keeps on rolling – “a New York Times article claiming Monkeypox was airborne. Yesterday, a statement from the CDC countermanded this, saying it was very unlikely monkeypox was airborne, and that no airborne transmission had been reported to them. The Washington Post echoed this, reporting: Number of monkeypox cases grows, but U.S. officials say overall risk is low But then the WHO waded in to say monkeypox could be airborne after all…but only in short range. A real back-and-forth going on. Perhaps different factions of the Deep State are fighting over the Monkeypox steering wheel? Or perhaps its play-fighting to create an illusion of discord?” – Off Guardian – THEY ALREADY CAN’T GET THEIR STORY STRAIGHT!!!!!


The Federal Military – “It seems to me the U.S. military – which might more accurately be styled the federal military – is simply the enforcement division of the federal government and the corporations that own and so control it. Marine Major General Butler elaborated this fact some 100 years go, from the perspective of a top-level enforcer, who came to realize (and regret) his “service.” But, I ask – and gently: How, exactly, has the federal military fought for our freedom? Yours and mine? I mean since the War for Independence? This is not to impugn the bravery or even the good intentions of many – probably most – of the people who have “served” in the military. But bravery – and good intentions – do not change the facts regarding the “services” they have performed. Many of the people who served in other militaries no doubt were brave and well-intended, too. Does it alter the fact of whom – and what – they actually served? The fact is not easy to come to terms with. But it isn’t ameliorated by not coming to terms with it.” – Eric Peters – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM ERIC!!!!!

The United States Has Joined the Ranks of Shithole Countries – “The Biden regime has turned the United States into a laughing stock. Not that the US wasn’t already a laughing matter, but now, oh boy!, even patriots are laughing. In the South American banana republics, former presidents are subject to being arrested by their successors. In much of the world, government is just a place where interest groups fight for power, and as the saying goes, all is fair in love and war. By arresting a political candidate to keep him from being elected, the United States has now joined this third world group. The Nazified Democrats have put the writing on the wall for the wimp Republicans.” – Paul Craig Roberts


White House Earmarks $10 Billion for More COVID Vaccines as CDC Says 82 Million Doses Wasted Since Rollout – Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.

did that 1

Summit of the Americas: Lies, lies, and useless lies – “The summit was billed as a summit for all the nations of the Western Hemisphere, but at the outset, Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua were expressly not invited. This provoked Mexico not to attend. This was major and disabled the entire summit, because Mexico, not the United States, is the most important nation in the Western Hemisphere, at least for the stated purposes of the summit, because Mexico not only is the second or third largest country by population in the hemisphere, but is also the gateway border country that separates the Latino portion of the hemisphere from the Anglo portion. By not attending, Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador as much as said, “¡Mi casa no es su casa!”. Way to go, Joe.” – James A. Nollet                       

Joe Biden’s woke imperialism – “Developing nations have had enough of the West’s lectures.” – Frank Furedi

Joe Biden’s Submissive — and Highly Revealing — Embrace of Saudi Despots – “Biden’s immediate abandonment of his 2020 vow to turn the Saudis into “pariahs,” and his increasing support for the regime, shows the core deceit of U.S. propaganda.’ – Glenn Greenwald

31 Members of ‘Patriot Front’ AstroTurf White Nationalist Group Arrested in Coeur d’Alene for Conspiracy to Riot – “I hope being publicly unmasked in Coeur D’Alene puts this bunch out of business. The last thing we need now are groups of federally managed or informer-riddled assclowns with khakis, kneepads, and trashcan lids portraying themselves as being on our side. The last time that happened, there was a demonstration in the Capitol, Ashil Babbitt was executed in cold blood, and Roseanne Boyland was beaten to death.” – streiff – IS THE GOVERNMENT BEHIND THIS SO-CALLED WHITE NATIONALIST GROUP TO FURTHER THEIR AGENDA. YOU DECIDE. THEY HAVE BEEN BUSSED IN TO OTHER PROTESTS BEFORE!!!!

Flyover Folks Wonder: What’s Next? Locusts? – “They Call It Bidenflation. No amount of favorable media coverage for which the current president is begging can persuade any American with a brain that the current economy is normal. Inflation is forcing folks to reevaluate their past voting choices, decide whether to eat Hamburger Helper or Ramen noodles and, in one flaming blue state, whether an emergency is worth the gas it will take to get to the crime. That state is Michigan. And two counties have now announced they have “blown through their fuel budget,” and they’ll decide on the phone if there is a real emergency on the other end of a 9-1-1 call.” – Sarah Cowgill

We Don’t Have a Gun Problem. We Have a Race Problem – “If this latest batch of three extremely uncharacteristic mass shootings means more gun control, it will mean punishing law-abiding whites mainly because of criminal behavior by blacks. And no one – and I mean no one – in the mainstream will dare tell you that.” – Jared Taylor – JARED BREAKS DOWN THE STATS OF WHO IS ACTUALLY DOING THE SHOOTINGS!!!!

Senators Expected To Announce Bipartisan Gun Reforms On Sunday – Tyler Durden

Pitchforks soon in Europe? – “Please be advised that the EU un-elected brass simply does not represent you or your needs. They were all voted amongst themselves into their positions like members of a committee in a private country club. If left unchecked, EU politicians will now continue misrepresenting you and, on your behalf — with your hard-earned assets and livelihoods – will keep on picking a most unnecessary and prolonged armed conflict with Russia, eventually forcing upon you a total war scenario where chances play out all very strongly against you, with Russia probably resulting unscathed. European leaders crave for their war, so they can´t think of a better way to provoke it than by applying ever larger and ´meaner´ sanctions on Russia as if (a) sanctions were effective and (b) as if Europe could win such war (not). Accordingly, we now have yet another set of spanking new EU “sanctions” in package No. 6 that will eventually backfire flat on Europe´s face – like all the others — such as banning the insurance and financing of oil tankers that carry Russian oil.” – Jorge Vilches

Ukraine Bits: No Ammo, More Casualties, Thin Lines, Propaganda And Passing The Buck – Moon of Alabama

NATO Deputy Chief Expects Permanent Bases in Eastern Europe – “Under a 1997 agreement with Russia, NATO agreed not to establish permanent bases east of Germany” – Dave DeCamp

Matt Walsh blasts Fox News for celebrating ‘transgender’ child: ‘Horrifying, evil, and sick’ – “‘We have to call this evil lunacy out wherever we see it. Especially on our own side,’ he said.” – Kennedy Hall

The Origin and Operation of the US Administrative State – “Let’s not be naive about the prospects for change. It is going to require far more than merely electing a new class of supposed rulers via the democratic process. The real rulers are too smart to subject themselves to the business of elections. Those are designed to keep our minds busy with the belief that democracy still survives and therefore it is the voters, not the government, that is responsible for outcomes. Until the public figures this game out, genuine change will still be a very long time away. Meanwhile, the emerging economic crisis is going to unleash the administrative state as never before.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

‘A Chupacabra?’: Texas City Asks For Help Identifying ‘Strange Image Outside The Zoo In The Dark’ – Zach Jewell

Mattel Introduces Pregnant Ken Doll (VIDEO) – The Babylon Bee  – SATIRE, BUT PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS SHIT!!!


Monday is Going to Be Interesting for Stocks – “Still way too much wild craziness, including the ultimate bag-holder gamble: Why the bottom isn’t anywhere near” – Wolf Richter

MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Automatic Earth in Athens June 2022 – “Yes, yes, I know, high time for another update on the Monastiraki kitchen you have been so wonderfully, gracefully supporting for 7 years now (I first got here in June 2015). I saw this report a few days ago on RT (so no link, RT’s only on my phone in Greece), and scary as it looks, it still downplays matters a lot -because it’s based on “official” numbers”. Inflation at 11%? Well, not in my supermarket, it’s more like prices have almost doubled. But look at the energy costs that even official numbers cite:” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – RAUL ON CHARITY AND INFLATION!!!!!


Eyes Wide Shut – “A reasonable person, when presented with silver’s extreme undervaluation compared to its actual fundamentals would conclude something is wrong – but, according to the incredulity factor (referenced by Krugman) therein lies the problem, namely, the vast majority of reasonable people are not even looking, due to the deeply-imbedded collective sense that current market prices can’t be that far off from where they should be. I’ve been asked more times than I could possibly recall why someone big hasn’t bought silver (apart from JPMorgan). The answer is elementary – because the persistent low price has signaled it’s not worth the time to investigate.” – Ted Butler

FED Purchases $42.3BN USTs and MBS from June 1st-9th Despite 8.6% CPI, 20%+ Housing Inflation – “Just $18.4BN left to “reinvest” with 19 more Treasury auctions scheduled in June; and FED already bought billions more MBS than estimates for entire month of June” – Occupy the Fed Movement

Stars Aligning for Metals & Miners – David Brady


6 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Compost Pile – “Here’s how to make your garden’s “black gold” better than ever.” – Rebecca Straus  – A FEW YEARS OLD, BUT NEVER BEEN LINKED. GOOD ARTICLE!!!

The First 15 Things You Must Do Immediately After an EMP – The Survival Mom


Philippians 3:16      Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let us mind the same thing.


There is no political solution
To our troubled evolution
Have no faith in constitution
There is no bloody revolution

We are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world

Our so called leaders speak
With words they try to jail you
They subjugate the meek
But it’s the rhetoric of failure

We are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world

Where does the answer lie?
Living from day to day
If it’s something we can’t buy
There must be another way

We are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world

( Spirits in The Material World by Sting )