You Can’t Silence The Awakened. – “So, when I dived into the fray about year ago my instinct too was for an urgency to find like-minded people and for us all to unite and march on government buildings together. But as the movement of awakened communities matures my thinking on this subject has shifted. More towards moving away from the systems of control than to shouts for them to lets us all in. I don’t particularly want in anymore. My view is that these systems will collapse. Maybe in six months or maybe in six years. But ultimately they will fail and when they do we need to be ready. For the greatest totalitarianism comes in the moments before collapse and in the crumbling that leads up to it. We are in the crumbling phase. So we are also in the ultimate stages of old world daftness and over-arching control too.” – Gerry O’Neill – A GOOD READ FROM GERRY!!!

One more time: where is the spike protein? – “Since, again, the whole and only reason you’re injecting the RNA shot is to make the body produce the spike protein… Aren’t you going to make sure the body is, in fact, producing that protein? Of course you are. How will you do that? In the only way you can. You’ll line up 10 or 20 thousand vaccinated people and test them. You’ll test them to make sure you can find that spike protein in their bodies. So show me the study. Show me that vaccine researchers and vaccine makers and the FDA actually had that study done. Where is it?” – Jon Rappoport

Biden Administration Makes Available 10 Million Doses of COVID Vaccine for Kids Under 5 — Before FDA Authorizes Shot – The Defender Staff – YEP, BETTER GET A JUMP ON IT. KIND OF LIKE THEY ALREADY KNOW THAT IT’S GOING TO BE APPROVED, HMMM!!!!

Weird that the “I-Believe-The-Science(TM)” crowd has completely given up on science – “The NY Times announces that henceforth, clinical trials for Covid-19 shots must be abandoned because real world data makes the cartel look bad” – Toby Rogers

The X-Files Motherlode (2016) (VIDEO) -“Coincidence, Warning or Psychological Programming?” – The Good Citizen – THE GOOD CITIZEN TAKES THE X-FILES VIDEO THAT WAS LINKED TUESDAY AND DOES A GREAT JOB BY TAKING IT FURTHER!!!!!

SARS-2 surges only in the winter, goes endemic after two waves, is impervious to vaccination, and has become harmless with Omicron – “A lot of the Corona data we’re fed is essentially meaningless propaganda, and it has obscured crucial patterns. Here, I want to look at the only metric that really matters, namely excess mortality, to make some basic points about what has happened to us since 2020, and what is happening now.” – eugyppius

Why Progressives Love Government “Experts” – “In twenty-first-century America, ordinary people are at the mercy of well-paid, unelected government experts who wield vast power. That is, we live in the age of the technocrats: people who claim to have special wisdom that entitles them to control, manipulate, and manage society’s institutions using the coercive power of the state. We’re told these people are “nonpolitical” and will use their impressive scientific knowledge to plan the economy, public health, public safety, or whatever goal the regime has decided the technocrats will be tasked with bringing about. These people include central bankers, Supreme Court justices, “public health” bureaucrats, and Pentagon generals. The narrative is that these people are not there to represent the public or bow to political pressure. They’re just there to do “the right thing” as dictated by economic theory, biological sciences, legal theory, or the study of military tactics. ” – Ryan McMaken

Poxvirus Vector Vaccines – “Yup, Poxvirus. As in smallpox. What could possibly go wrong? On my journey through the endless sea of covid vaccine case reports, I stumbled across a series of studies from the past decade or so documenting attempts to use pox viruses as vaccine delivery vectors, where they basically grafted an antigen from the targeted virus onto a dead or attenuated modified poxvirus. Considering what we now know about what went down in these past few years, this is at least a little hair raising.” – Ashmedai  – THE LIONESS OF JUDAH LINKED THIS YESTERDAY, KUDOS FOR LINKING IT!!!!!

WHO issues monkeypox surveillance, contact tracing, and isolation guidance – The Counter Signal


Get Your Monkeypox On – “The made-for-TV January 6th Capitol Riot hearings kicked off last night with tribute video of a whole lot of pissed-off ordinary Americans marching on the stately building where, that fateful day, the final certification ceremony of a blatantly dishonest election was underway after, mind you, four years of seditious machinations by a weaponized bureaucracy aimed at disabling and destroying the sitting chief executive — in case it’s unclear why the huge crowd flocked to the capital city in the first place. The Party of Chaos is playing its hand: a select committee of seven deuces and two jokers. Do they look like they’re going to get through this extravaganza without humiliating themselves? It’s the centerpiece of their midterm campaign. And I submit that it may be just a little premature as it becomes increasingly clear that the Party of Chaos, led by the “winner” of the 2020 election, “Joe Biden” and unseen handlers, have nearly completed their mission of destroying the USA as an ongoing enterprise. Broken economy, broken health, broken military, broken law enforcement, broken culture, broken morale. They sure got’er done. Do they think nobody noticed?” – James Howard Kunstler

Justice Department Colludes with Congress to Bolster the ‘Insurrection’ Narrative – “Facts don’t matter in Collaboration Theater.” – Julie Kelly

Tulsi Gabbard slams the Jan 6 hearings: It’s ‘political interest’ (VIDEO) – “Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard assesses the January 6 hearings, says the Democratic-led Congress is not taking action on the real threats facing Americans on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.'” – Fox News

YouTube’s Selective Ban On ‘Stolen Election’ Videos – “The New York Post reports that YouTube deleted a video it posted about the Jan. 6, 2021, incursion into the Capitol building. “In the video, Aaron Mostofsky, son of a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge, explains why he was compelled to come to the Capitol, namely ‘to express … [his] opinion as a free American … that this election was stolen’,” the Post says.” – I & I Editorial Board

Leftist Groomers: Keep Your Gender Fluids Away From Children – “It’s not always the case, but there are times when social conflicts arise in which one side is fully correct and the other side is completely and utterly wrong. When it comes to the debate over “trans rights” and the exposure of children to trans ideology, the political left has no logical defense. They are wrong to the point of pure madness, and like most insane people they choose to double and triple down on their delusions anyway.” – Brandon Smith

The Subordinate Citizen – “Americans feel that ordinary citizens like themselves who follow the rules are treated more harshly by their own government than are both noncitizens and our own progressive elites.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Joe Biden and the poison of identity politics – “The most powerful man in the West is resuscitating racial thinking. Perhaps worst of all, in January 2021, Biden said that when the government hands out Covid recovery funds, ‘our priority will be black, Latino, Asian and Native American-owned small businesses’. That was racial politics. It represented a coming together of the old ‘pork barrel’ race games played by sections of the American elite, where they tried to shore up ethnic-minority support through funding and favour, with the new woke ideology that says there are the Privileged and the Oppressed and that the latter must take priority over the former. There is something deeply disturbing about an American president openly saying that some races will receive government support faster than others, and that only certain races need apply for government roles.” – Brendan O’Neill

So You Say You Want a Revolution? President Biden Continues to Talk Revolution if the Court does not Rule as Demanded – Jonathan Turley

Biden Regime Road to Hell with Pure Evil Intentions – “A combination of Biden regime war on public health with destroying it in mind, wrecking ball economic/financial policies, and risk of crossing the line in Ukraine to direct confrontation with Russia, the state of things today is more recklessly dangerous than any previous time in modern memory.” – Stephen Lendman

Biden’s ‘Summit of the Americas’ showcases failed Cold War-style worldview – “By restricting the meeting to democracies, the president omitted countries key to addressing the agenda’s top issues.” – William LeoGrande

Joe Biden at the summit: One embarassment after another – “Joe Biden has repeatedly embarrassed himself at head-of-state summits, as we noticed in Europe — everything from “long and loud” farts for the British royals to getting lost at the buffet table. Staff can’t seem to keep him out of them, though. That brings us to his series of bumblings at the Summit of the Americas, a major gathering of Western Hemisphere leaders that this year was hosted by the U.S. in Los Angeles. Everything from word salads to poor planning to pawing the Argentinian president’s girlfriend.” – Monica Showalter

Build Back Better? With What Resources? – “Folks tend to forget that a government doesn’t produce anything. It merely sucks up resources from the productive and redistributes those resources. In any event, the ever-continuous intrusion into citizens’ lives while “providing” for them things such as education, healthcare, pensions, and myriad other things which governments should have no hand in cost money.” – Chris MacIntosh

Study US Foreign Policy By Looking At Oil Reserves – “You can learn more about US foreign policy from a casual glance at a list of the world’s largest proven oil reserves than you can from a lifetime of consuming mainstream news media.” – Caitlin Johnstone – MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!

Hunter’s Hooker: A Teachable Insight into American Capitalism – “Every individual and entity seeking to maximize their private gain by prostituting themselves to the government is, well, prostituting themselves to the government. The free-money PPP “loan” obtained by a prostitute frequented by Hunter Biden offers a vividly teachable insight into American capitalism: you don’t maximize your private gains by offering a product or service that’s faster, better, cheaper, you maximize your private gains by securing a government-gimme.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Chevy Volt Short-Circuit: Virtue-Signaling GM Exec Gets Owned on Clean Energy (VIDEO) – ““What really powers electric vehicles like the Chevy Volt” is not a question GM Environment and Energy Policy executive Kristin Zimmerman is comfortable answering, as you’ll see in today’s must-watch clip.” – Stephen Green  – THIS PRETTY MUCH SUMS UP THE JOKE OF EVS!!!!!!

The Greenest of All Vehicles – The “greenest” vehicles on the road do not have plugs – nor batteries, either. Excepting the very small one that serves to start their engines. They have no electric motors, either – excepting the small ones that roll up their power windows and run their cooling fans. They are old vehicles, like my 20-year-old truck “” – Eric Peters – ERIC EXPLAINS THE DIFFERENCE AND IT MIGHT SURPRISE YOU!!!!

SEC’s “Climate-related disclosures” would put farmers and ranchers in regulatory cross-hairs – “Being Part of the Targeted Supply Chain. Farmers and ranchers may not have to report directly to the SEC, but they could find themselves forced to disclose their “climate emissions” to companies that are regulated by the SEC.” – Bonner Cohen, Ph. D.

Creating cold war conditions in Asia isn’t easy – “Meanwhile, while many in the West tend to see China as firmly in Russia’s corner, the reality is more nuanced. China has sought to position itself as neither critic nor supporter of Russia, which, arguably, in the given circumstances, favours Russia, and has shown no signs of shifting its position in the face of Western criticism. Without doubt, China finds itself in an advantageous geopolitical situation. ” – M. K. Bhadrakumar

Russia Threatens West, Pfizer Bait & Switch Confirmed, Economic Slide Continues (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Ukraine: What comes next? – “If Kissinger has been relegated to the group of dissident (but not decisively influential) voices within the empire, another thing can be said of George Soros. The nonagenarian tycoon and prodigal political financier of US wars, launched at the Forum the lapidary warning that: the best and perhaps the only way to preserve our civilization is to defeat Putin as soon as possible” Soros’ words must be understood in their true sense. Soros does not say “save humanity”, since that is the least important thing for the globalist elites who today command the “collective West”. He says “save our civilization”, that is, the only one that exists for them, which is the one that arose as a result of the genocide of the European colonization of the world 500 years ago.” – Jorge Capelán


The CPI Much Hotter Than Expected Rises to New 40-Year High – “Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s yapping over the past few days set the tone for the CPI news today.” – Mish

Inflation rose 8.6% in May, highest since 1981 -Jeff Cox

A Shocked Wall Street Reacts To Today’s “Scary” CPI Print – Tyler Durden

There Are Just Two Solutions To This Inflation Shock – One Is Extremely Painful, The Other One Is Worse – “Fiddle Didi in Shangri-LaLaLand . Apologies, but this is going to be an inflated Daily today: hopefully it still adds value rather than subtracting it.” – Michael Every – LONG, BUT GOOD ANALYSIS FROM MR. EVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Inflation Got Away from Washington Screw Ups – “Being a government hack has its advantages. You get eleven paid holidays per year. You get promoted for poor performance. The benefits are superb. Best of all, you can get remarkably rich…even if you’re a screw up. President Joe Biden, for example, has worked for the federal government for nearly 50 years. His net worth is about $9 million. The Good Book says we should pray for our leaders. Here at the Economic Prism we have yet to say a prayer for Joe Biden. Perhaps we should. He’s a major screw up. He’s President of the United States. And he’s struggling bigtime.” – MN Gordon

Protection from a currency collapse – “While markets seem becalmed, financial conditions are rapidly deteriorating. Last week Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase gave the clearest of signals that bank credit is beginning to contract. Russia has consolidated its rouble, which has now become the strongest currency by far. The Fed announced the previous week that its balance sheet is in negative equity. And there’s mounting evidence that we have a nascent crack-up boom. Russia now appears to be protecting the rouble from these developments in the West, while previously she was only attacking the dollar’s hegemony. China has yet to formulate a defensive currency policy but is likely to back the renminbi with a commodity basket, at least for foreign trade. If it is taken up more widely by the members if the Shanghai Cooperation organisation and the BRICS, the development of a new commodity-based super-currency in Central Asia could end the dollar’s global hegemony.” – Alasdair Macleod

Silver Under Selling Pressure As BLS Whips Up Another SORCHER Of An Inflation Report – “The latest inflation report has “beat” “market” “participants” “expectations”… “Traders” and “investors” are apparently selling their silver because inflation is blazing hot: Seems legit. Developing…” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart – “PAUL SPOTTED THIS ONE INSTANTLY, NO REASON SILVER SHOULD BE DROPPING. CAN YOU SAY RIGGED MARKET ONCE AGAIN!!!!

Two Primary Pointers to Recession are Rapidly Diving Deeper – “One who was a solitary voice in claiming the year began in a recession has now been joined by several significant voices claiming the recession is here; it will hit like a hurricane; and it will be deep, long and difficult to get out of….” – David Haggith

“Warning Flags Are Everywhere”: Kenny Polcari On The ECB, Inflation And U.S. Stocks – “We’ve gone from ‘transitory’ to ‘prolonged’ inflation…” – Quoth the Raven

‘Shrinkflation’ hits consumers worldwide – AP – “Companies say they are forced to downsize their products due to rising commodity, energy and labor costs – RT

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.46EUR  – A WOPPING 5% DROP TODAY. IT’S COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HOW TO PREPARE FOR ROLLING BLACKOUTS AND POWER OUTAGES – “Electrical companies intentionally do rolling blackouts to reduce the load of the grid. Summer is a particularly tough time for the grid, and electrical companies need to ensure the power lines are not overloaded in the hot temperatures. However, rolling blackouts can happen in the winter when a state is particularly hit hard with winter weather and the grid has been damaged. Rolling blackouts and power outages can last for an hour or days.” – Erica Nygaard – ALSO SEE SARA TIPTON’S ARTICLE ON TUESDAY!!!

How to Use, Store or Preserve Garden Produce to Reduce Waste – DeannaCat

Pests & Diseases in the Garden Happen… What do you do? (VIDEO) – Stacey Murphy


1 Timothy 2:1-2    I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;  For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.


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