When We Got to See . . . If We Were Looking – “Occasionally, the curtain is parted and we get to see . . . provided we want to look. Nahhhnlevven was one such moment. Even insofar as the term (and day) itself. What are the chances it was random chance – coincidental – that the events of that day happened on that day out of all the 365 days of the year? On Nine One One . . . the day-term people in America associate with an emergency? Does it make sense that the “Islamic terrists,” as The Chimp styled them – and by the way, where have they all gone? – would chose that particular day, for that reason? The people standing around waiting to be loaded into boxcars in those black-and-white images all of us have seen didn’t see, either. The normal human brain cannot process this kind of thing – until it is too late to see. After the doors have been closed and the realization finally dawns that they are not being “relocated” to new homes in the East.” – Eric Peters – THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST ERIC HAS WRITTEN AND HE WRITES A LOT OF GOOD ONES. THIS IS A MUST READ FOR TODAY!!!!

If You’re Reading This Message, You’re Ready to Resist Tyranny – “When thoughts are understood as “inputs” that can “spread,” then it is easy to see why governments have an incentive to keep us isolated from each other. Locking people down in their homes under the guise of viral pandemics or “urgent” climate change “emergencies” strengthens government’s ability to monitor what information we learn. If freedom of association is outlawed and citizens are kept apart, then information normally exchanged through human interaction disappears.” – J.B. Shurk

Elon’s Folly – “Instead of trying to save a dying Marxist bird, the richest man in the world should spend $44 Billion to take a flame thrower to the agenda of Global Tyrants. There has been much debate about Elon Musk’s stance on the Great Reset, Why does Elon assume restoring “free speech” on one dying Marxist platform will help anything? We now have a digital universe where each platform is populated with people who all agree with each other and reinforce each other’s views. This used to happen on Twitter with algorithmically curated echo chambers, but at least the sheep were all in the same meadow, if not the same state. Being surrounded by those who constantly agree feels good but advances nothing, unites nobody, provides no stimulating debate or conversation, and only further divides an already partisan world by sealing people into tighter and narrow tunnels of accepted information.” -The Good Citizen  – VERY GOOD READ. FOR MORE BACKGROUND BE SURE TO READ THE GOOD CITIZEN’S PREVIOUS POST ON ELON , “OUR FREN ELON” LINKED ON 04/15/22!!!!!

How to Protect Yourself from Davos Man – “Anything that comes out of Davos, no matter how noble it sounds is really just veneer to get enough useful idiots to convince enough useless eaters to accept the narrative that what is being done to them is for their own good. This year took aim at individual carbon footprints.” – Mark E. Jeftovic

Monkeypox is following the Covid playbook step by step – “Monkeypox is back in the headlines as of yesterday, back to work after a short break. It burst onto the front pages, with concomitant BIG RED NUMBERS and daily case updates a couple of weeks ago, and then went quiet. The press pretty much stopped talking about it. …until they started again. Yesterday it was reported that the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has “upgraded” monkeypox to a “notifiable disease”, meaning any positive test must be immediately reported to the government agency.” – Kit Knightly

Try not to Laugh at Moderna’s “Omicron Vaccine” – Igor Chudov

No evidence of effectiveness against Omicron, definitely causes myocarditis, Sounds great! says the FDA’s “expert advisory committee” – “Feckless bureaucrats add Novavax to the Final Solution. Welcome to the clown show” – Toby Rogers

Norway to Track All Supermarket Purchases – “Statistics Norway wants to receive several million daily receipts from food stores, signalling a new era in state data collection. Privacy advocates and the supermarkets themselves are unhappy.” – David Nikel – WE KNOW WHAT YOU EAT, SOON TO BE WE KNOW EVERYTHING YOU DO AND NOT JUST IN NORWAY!!!!

Same junk, different name: Novavax will pursue indefinite boosting, and there’s no trial data on Omicron – “Prior to COVID Mania, Novavax and its competitors had never brought a product to market. This “expert” panel, which again and again has presented a green light for mRNA injections for young children, has concluded that Novavax’s product is a worthy COVID vaccine. Why? Because they say so.” – Jordan Schachtel

3,816 Babies Died After Their Mothers Were Vaccinated – Report = Maria Ziminsky and Linnea Wahl

Dangers of COVID shots ‘deleted’ as thousands of injury, death reports go missing: Data analyst – “Despite their best efforts, the FDA and CDC can’t delete enough reports to make the jabs look safe. Vaccine injuries are so commonplace, most people know of someone who had a bad reaction, got COVID anyway, or died from it. And they can’t scrub that” – Dr. Joseph Mercola


Rewriting the Trump Presidency – “The Democrats and their despicable presstitute scum have invented a January 6 “Trump Insurrection.” In this fake news narrative, Trump assembled his forces of Trump deplorables and white supremacists to overturn the Democrats’ election victory with an assault on the Capitol. In truth Trump was speaking at the time a mile or more away at the Washington Monument to his supporters who had come to show their support for the presentation of evidence to the members of Congress that the election had been stolen from Trump. The Capitol police opened the doors of the Capitol and escorted a few weird looking “Trump supporters” around the Capitol. The only death was a white female veteran who was shot for no legitimate reason by a black Capitol policeman. For the longest time the murderer’s name was refused release, and in the end the black policeman who killed the white female veteran suffered no accountability. You see, the Democrat/FBI narrative needed some violence to make the alleged “break-in” credible, so they killed a US military veteran, a woman. ” – Paul Craig Roberts

Hey, Democrats, No One Gives a Damn About Your Hearing – “The simple fact of the matter is the American people don’t give a damn about any of this. Was the January 6th riot good? Hell no. It was stupid. But was it a “threat to democracy”? Absolutely not. There was no plan, no plot. To the extent that anything was coordinated it was between a couple of guys no one has ever heard of who, for reasons maybe someone should ask the FBI, did their best to stir people up. The only person killed that day was Ashli Babbitt and the cop who killed her didn’t even face professional discipline, let alone charges. No matter how many times Joe Biden and other Democrats lie and claim police officers were killed that day it won’t make it true.” – Derek Hunter

Price of gasoline too high? buy an EV! – “Assessing the claim that EV’s will save working people money or save the environment. This seems to be the frequent claim of many a politico of late. it left me wondering: is it true? so i ran some math to see. spoiler alert: apart from some very rare cases, it’s not a money saver and as an eco choice, it’s vastly inferior to other options.” – El Gato Malo

I Cannot Believe It’s Come To This – “People know. They have to know that COVID makes no sense by now. They have all had it. The symptoms are not new, not unique in any way. These are illnesses we all dealt with for all of our lives, so did our parents and our grandparents. There was never a time when people did not get coughs, body aches, fevers, and sniffles. The only thing new since 2020 is that now people run out and get a test when these symptoms arise, the test tells them their symptoms have a name, and they announce this to everyone they know. There is literally no endpoint to this. People will have to stop testing, or COVID will go on forever. And that is why I am moving to a place where people don’t “do COVID.” ” -Stacey Rudin  – GREAT OBSERVATION FROM STACEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does America need a religious revival to offset its godless liberalism? – “Faith is declining in the US as ultra-liberal virtue-signaling replaces true virtue” – Robert Bridge

Why black Americans are arming themselves – “The idea that only white supremacists care about the Second Amendment is nonsense.” – Kevin Yuill

Joy Behar Faces Ridicule For Saying “Once Black People Get Guns in this Country, the Gun Laws Will Change” – “Apparently, black people don’t own or use guns.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Kamala Harris finally offers solution to ‘root cause’ of Central American illegal migration: Community organizers – “At the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, Joe Biden’s border czar, Kamala Harris, stood front and center, attempting to show her “clout.” Tuesday, she unveiled her grand plan to address the “root causes” of illegal migration from Central America to the assembled heads of state. What did she have to offer for places that are shipping tens of thousands of illegal migrants to claim asylum in our country? Drum roll, please…more community organizers.” – Monica Showalter

DHS Issues National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin (STAY AWAY FROM MALLS, SPORTING EVENTS THEATERS etc) – “Release Date: June 7, 2022 WASHINGTON – Today, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas issued a National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin regarding the continued heightened threat environment across the United States. Threat actors have recently mobilized to violence due to factors such as personal grievances, reactions to current events, and adherence to violent extremist ideologies, including racially or ethnically motivated or anti-government/anti-authority violent extremism.” – Dave Hodges – DAVE HAS A LINK TO THE ACTUAL NEW BULLETIN FROM THE DHS. WATCH OUT FOR THOSE THREAT ACTORS. I THINK ACTORS IS THE APPROPRIATE WORD HERE, BECAUSE ANY FALSE FLAG WILL BE DONE BY ACTORS!!!!!!!

Canadian Gun Stores Report Panic Buying Following Trudeau’s Plan To Ban Handgun Sales – Tyler Durden

Will Punch-Drunk Biden Take America Down with Him? – “President Biden often looks like a punch-drunk old fighter sent into the ring once too often. At this point, the only thing lower than Biden’s approval numbers is his energy level. At this point, Biden is running on little more than fumes and righteousness. In his televised antigun speech Thursday night, Biden proclaimed that he expected most people “to turn your outrage into making this issue [assault weapons] central to your vote.” Biden’s histrionic spiel was far more likely to turbo-charge gun owners than gun banners and could be another coffin nail for Democratic candidates in middle America. Biden perennially tells audiences that banning assault weapons is justified because the Second Amendment didn’t permit Americans to own cannons—a falsehood that even the Washington Post has repeatedly derided.” – James Bovard

Why Are Energy Prices High? Blame President Biden – “An explosion at a liquid natural gas export facility puts an explanation point on inept Biden administration policy.” – Mish

Press sec Karine Jean-Pierre has entered the Twilight Zone – “Precisely nobody will believe this: What we’re trying to say, what I’m trying to say to you, is that the economy is in a better place than it has been historically. Yet she said it:” – Thomas Lifson – PSAKI WAS BAD ENOUGH, BUT I DON’T THINK SHE WAS STUPID. THIS ONE DEFINITELY IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zelensky Finally Speaks The Truth – “It’s pretty amazing, but finally Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskiy has said something that is actually true. Not because he intended to, but hey, beggars are choosers. Zelensk(i)y(y) today compared western weapons and sanctions to Covid vaccines. A tad late, for sure, given the vaccine fatigue, but then his audience are not the smartest sheep in the herd. But he is so right it’s impossible to let this slip. Because any additional weapons delivered to Ukraine will have the exact same effects that the Covid vaccines have had. That is, they will kill more people and end more lives, than no vaccines and no weapons could ever have done.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Biden Works to Prolong Ukraine War – “This blow to the peace process was a setback in Ankara, and I should say that every source I spoke with believed the Ukrainians were acting on instructions conveyed from Washington to Zelensky by Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, who openly stated he wanted the war to wear down Russian defence capabilities. A long war in Ukraine is of course massively in the interest of the US military industrial complex, Why we live in a world where the goal of nations is to damage the lives of inhabitants of other nations is a question which continues to puzzle me.” – Craig Murray

What If the U.S. Had Invaded Ukraine? – “Suppose that Ukraine was headed by a pro-Russia regime. After repeated failed attempts at assassination by the CIA, the Pentagon finally decides to invade Ukraine for the purpose of bringing about regime change — i.e., ousting the pro-Russia regime from power and replacing it with a pro-U.S. regime. What then would be the response of American statists, especially those within the U.S. mainstream press? There is no doubt about the answer. Everything would be different than it is today with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The media would be proudly embedding itself within the U.S. military’s invading forces.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Facts v. Fiction on Grain Exports – “There’s no shortage of grain to feed the world. According to International Grains Council data last month: “Total (2022-23) global grain production at 2.251 billion metric tons (is estimated to be) the second largest on record.” While wheat is second only to corn as the most produced grain, global trade in the former commodity is greater than all other crops combined. EU bloc countries combined are its largest producer. China, India and Russia are the largest individual country producers, the US ranking fourth. Ukraine’s wheat and other grains for export are less than 1% of the world’s total.” – Stephen Lendman

Top German Official to Russia: ‘F-ck You,’ Causes Stir – “Culture Minister Claudia Roth was in Odessa at the time. Claudia Roth, Germany’s cultural minister, demonstrated once again that our leaders are mentally deranged and detached from all reality. She held up two stamps at the time showing a Ukrainian soldier gesturing to Russia’s Black Sea fleet. The stamps commemorated the sinking of Russia’s Black Sea flagship Moskva. The New York Post said the soldier was holding up his middle finger. “This is Russia,” Roth said, holding up one of the stamps, “and this is ‘f–k you.’” The Post pointed out that she attempted to edit her comment and clarified, “F–k you, ship.”” – Gerald Celente

Canada’s now going fully BIO-FASCIST right before our eyes – “They’re vaccinating for monkeypox, phasing out free speech online, starving wayward doctors, and planning to impound the people’s guns (while making opiates, cocaine and MDMA readily available)” – Mark Crispin Miller

Possible Applications of Advanced Biotechnology – “Modern biotechnology is a double-edged sword, capable of healing and harming in equal measure” – Spartacus  – GOOD ARTICLE, LONG, BUT WORTH THE READ!!!


The Worst Economic Gloom In 50 Years – ” Just about everyone can see that economic conditions are rapidly deteriorating, and there is a tremendous amount of alarm about what the months ahead will bring.” – Michael Snyder

Something Needs To Crack… Just Without A Cascade Into Systemic Failure – Michael Every

Inflation Tax Costing US Households $433 Per Month – Schiff Gold

Why Inflation Is Hitting American Households Like Never Before – “For two straight months, the primary consumer expenses — fuel, power, and grocery-store food — have all been rising at double-digit annual rates for the first time since 1981.” – Olivia Rockeman, Will Wade and Michael Hirtzer

Labor Market On Edge: Jobless Claims Jump Most Since Last July, Hit 5 Month High – Tyler Durden


Grow Salad Greens and Herbs in Containers – “Salad greens and herbs are among the easiest food plants to grow from seed in pots. In fact, it makes sense to have containers filled with greens on your deck or patio even if you have an in-ground garden! ” – Home Garden Seed Association

15 Survival Items You Can Buy At Costco – Rebekah P.

Drinking Coffee Linked To Lower Risk Of Kidney Damage – John Anderer

VIDEO: How Land Nav Training Can Sharpen Your Mind and Body – Jason Salyer


Proverbs 14:25    A true witness delivereth souls: but a deceitful witness speaketh lies.