The Great Convergence I – Pennywise World Hatches the Hydra – “Something very interesting has been happening over the last few years, and very few people have been noticing it. These are terrifying times. A cult of sociopaths, narcissists, and megalomaniacs organized under the banner of the World Economic Forum (as merely the most visible face of the cult) have quietly infiltrated every institution that matters in the Western world. They’re in elected office, state agencies, media, non-governmental organizations, the upper echelons of corporate management, the commanding heights of high finance, the platforms of Big Tech, the universities, the mainline churches. It turns out Clown World has more in common with Pennywise than with Krusty. Many of us have had a sense for a long time now that things aren’t right. ” – John Carter  – LONG BUT GOOD READ FROM JOHN CARTER!!!!!

Guns Are The Issue Now…But They’ll Be Coming For Your Gold Next – “What are the best ways for government to usurp more power from its citizens? Wrangle the guns from its citizens and then abscond with all the “sound money” the nation has.” – Quoth the Raven

Whilst the world was distracted with Depp v Heard, the secret meeting of the Bilderberg Group was taking place – “Clearly the chaos we can all feel is also being felt by the globalists. Obvious issues such as Ukraine, Russia and China are on the list but, more interestingly, their number one concern is Geopolitical Realignments. Continuity of Government and the Economy sounds foreboding, especially when followed by disruption of the Global Financial System. Fragmentation of Democratic Societies, Disinformation and Energy Security and Sustainability all sound like they are panicked. Deglobalisation is also an interesting topic for the globalists to be discussing. And finally Post Pandemic Health. What could this mean? Future pandemics? Health problems caused by Covid, lockdowns or vaccines?” – The Naked Emperor – SOME MORE ON THE BILDERBERG MEETINGS!!!!

Fears of Cover-up as Pathologist Who Said 30-40% of Post-Vaccine Autopsies died from Vaccine Went Oddly Silent and Suddenly Stopped Carrying Out Autopsies – Will Jones

The regulatory capture of “unexplained” deaths – “Turning up the gaslights so that no one can see. Neither the media nor the health agencies and officials are staying silent. they are actively gaslighting and flat out making up syndromes to explain away an inconvenient fact pattern: they just pushed the most dangerous and ineffective vaccines in human history upon a credulous public and the effects are starting to get really, really bad and the big truth of it is becoming to vast for the big lie to eclipse.” – El Gato Malo

ARPA-H, New DARPA Styled Agency created to restructure the National Institute of Health (NIH) – “If you are not concerned about ARPA-H, you should be after reading this article. Considering most DARPA projects are black, it is likely ARPA-H projects will be black too. But, here is what we do know at this point.” – Sarah Westall



Your Show of Shows – “Thanks to “Joe Biden,” the dollar is hemorrhaging value, we instigated a war in Ukraine that will lead to global famine and mass refugee events, oil and natgas are unaffordable thanks to our destabilizing global distribution networks, spare parts are unavailable for every imaginable machine in the land, the business model for farming is broken, real estate is groaning under rising mortgage interest rates, the CDC is still pushing Covid vaccines despite proof that they are ineffective and harmful, cities are overwhelmed with criminal violence and psychotic homeless drug fiends, and, as a final indignity — actually, an advertisement to the world of our depraved weakness — the US military is hosting drag queen shows at our European air bases. Are these the circumstances that American voters are expected to endorse in the November election when all these conditions are liable to get a lot worse? Apparently, the Party of Chaos thinks so, since they’re delivering exactly what they stand for.” – James Howard Kunstler

About all this “Democracy” – “The irony about “democracy” is it isn’t even that. Ostensibly, it is majority rule – which sounds superficially appealing, to people who’ve not given it much thought. After all, it seems fair that in any group of people, the wants of the majority ought to be determinative, since more want whatever it is that’s up for discussion and it would be unfair for the minority to decide. And here we arrive at the irony of what is styled “democracy,” which you are forced to submit to even when you don’t want to. The minority rules.” – Eric Peters

Quitting The Circus – “This is why morality in a liberal democracy gets turned on its head. Society’s least principled people are elevated to the top of the moral hierarchy. Carny folk are made into the priestly class. Naturally, they warp public morality into that which best serves their interests as performers. Like all carny acts, the political class in a liberal democracy is always on the look out for a new act and new bit. The highest moral good becomes the new act that brings in the crowds. This is why American politics is so shallow. The current gun grabbing show being staged in Washington is a good example. Like a reboot of a comic book franchise, the gun grabbers are performing fan service. They know the slobbering idiots will show up with their t-shirts and home made costumes. It is a low cost way for the performers to get a big audience. The only point of the gun grabbing act is to please this narrow market sector so the performers can get a quick payday.” – The Z Man

The Sovietization of American Life – “Behind all our disasters there looms an ideology, a creed that ignores cause and effect in the real world—without a shred of concern for the damage done to those outside the nomenklatura. Examine California and ask a series of simple questions. ” – Victor Davis Hanson

Hurricane Joe – A Category Five Economic Calamity – “It’s clear that America is heading toward an economic hurricane. Do others recognize this, aside from the three commenting above? Does the media notice, or are they too busy reporting on COVID cases as if it’s still 2020? Average Americans certainly recognize the coming economic storm. Anyone who drives a gasoline powered vehicle knows the pain of filling up the tank. Gas prices hit another record high of $4.71 a gallon with seven states topping $5.00 a gallon. Biden’s response is that gas and food prices are “not likely” to come down anytime soon because there is a lot “going on right now.” There’s always a lot going on. He was elected to manage it.” – Brian C. Joondeph

Grading the uses of the Defense Production Act during COVID Mania – “The latest use of the DPA: building solar panels. In short, these are emergency powers granted to the executive with a precedent for being enacted during an actual war. These powers allow the president to compel private companies to work with the government on developing material goods that are supposed to be used for national security purposes. Over the years, these powers have been heading down a quadruple black diamond slippery slope, completely detached from any semblance of national defense matters.” – Jordan Schachtel

Media: What We Warned About In 2018 Is Now A Conspiracy Theory in 2022! – “Democrats used to insist that election fraud was real during the Trump Era. The problem with American corporate journalism today is that its “reporters” are the least curious people on earth. They do no homework. They fact-check nothing. They have no subject expertise in any field. They’re cowards who write with the constant fear that one stray sentence about a Democrat politician can end their career. Facts don’t matter to them — if they lead to an inconvenient ideological outcome.” – Emerald Robinson

What about the good fathers? – “A couple of months ago, I started to write a piece about all the celebration-and-recognition days, weeks, and months in America. Proud of this, hurray for that. Participation trophies for civic workers who are left-handed, and are missing a toe. I gave up after an hour. There are too many of these Special Days. Far too many for any country that wants to call itself sane.” – Jon Rappoport

Why We Need Our Guns – “Make no mistake about it, brain-dead Biden and his gang of criminals want to take our guns away. And these efforts didn’t start with him. Almost all the ban advocates favor prohibiting rifles built on the AR-15 design. Though these firearms have been endlessly demonized, they are involved in a very small percent of homicides. All types of rifles account for only 3 percent of homicides, and AR-15-style weapons are only a small fraction of the rifle-related homicides. But that doesn’t matter to politicians who are crusading against guns the way Temperance activists crusaded for Prohibition a hundred years ago.” – Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Gun Sales Soaring in the US and Canada – “Over 1 million civilians purchased firearms in the month of May alone, marking a record-breaking streak of 34 months of increased sales. Although the left would like the world to believe that there are no restrictions on buying guns, the majority of people who applied were not eligible. The FBI reportedly conducted 2.4 million background checks last month alone.” – Martin Armstrong

A $20,000 AR-15-style rifle? – “they’re constantly looking for clever little ways to make it impossible for Americans to own guns without actually banning them outright. The latest idea, from Rep. Donald Beyer, a Virginia Democrat, is to impose a 1,000% excise tax on AR-15-style rifles. The government, of course, wouldn’t pay this tax for its military-style long guns, further cementing the fact that Democrats aren’t opposed to guns. They’re just opposed to you having guns.” – Andrea Widburg  – GUESS THERE WOULD BE A LOT OF TAX EVADERS THEN!!!!!

America’s great cities are gripped by decline and disorder – “Voters have had enough of ‘progressive’ leaders who are presiding over spiralling violence and crime.” – Joel Kotkin

France and the EU blew it in Africa and are trying to blame Russia – “Former colonies are looking elsewhere for military support after years of bungled operations” – Rachel Marsden

How Russia Can (And Will?) De-NATO-size Europe – “(Gonzalo) Lira states, and I agree with him, that Russia will win the war in the Ukraine, take the south and east to likely create a new country and leave the rest of the cadaver for Poland, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania and others to feast on. But then what? The U.S. controlled NATO will still be there. It is practically guaranteed that the U.S. will use it to push for revenge for the loss of Ukraine. This will be done by a steady buildup of troops and long range missile capabilities along Russia’s Nordic and Baltic borders and additional naval threats in the northern Arctic as well as the southern Black Sea. Some ten years from now the U.S. would be able to again try to wage a big (proxy) war against Russia.” – Moon of Alabama

The Great Russian Grain Robbery? – “In its latest fake news edition, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT turned reality on its head — once again — with the following infowar rubbish headline: “Russia Seeks Buyers for Plundered Ukraine Grain. Fact check: Russia is one of the world’s leading grain producers. Besides current large-scale production for domestic use and export to world markets, it’ll produce around 50 million tons of grain from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023. If Russian vessels weren’t banned from accessing US, UK, EU ports, this action would ease growing food insecurity and crisis conditions in their countries. Potential Ukrainian grain exports are minor by comparison. They include about 5 – 6 million tons of wheat and around 7 million tons of corn — a small volume relative to what’s needed globally. Yet Russia supports these exports.” – Stephen Lendman

Americans are taking more and more prescriptions drugs. How much more? Let’s see the data! – “Females still have a higher average rate of prescription drug usage than males. But males are closing the gap fast. Also, prescription drug usage has increased across all Age Groups.” – Data Humanist

COVID Policy Reinforces Chinese Communist Party Tyranny – “Perhaps more significantly, Beijing’s resort to totalitarian social controls is driving the young away from the CCP. The Chinese people have put up with much over the years. Even the young appeared to accept political repression so long as the regime encouraged the economy to grow and respected their personal autonomy. Beijing’s COVID policy, however, threatens both their prosperity and freedom.” – Doug Bandow

A New War in the Middle East? Israel Military Exercises Simulates Invasion of Lebanon, War with Hezbollah, and Iran – Timothy Alexander Guzman

European Union Commission Declares ‘Future is Queer’ – “A Twitter account run by the European Commission has marked the start of Pride Month in June by declaring that the “future is queer” and promoting a new campaign.” – Chris Tomlinson – GUESS THE EU TAKES PRIDE MONTH PRETTY SERIOUSLY, SOUNDS LIKE A DYSTOPIAN FUTURE TO ME!!!!!


Oil tops $120 a barrel on Saudi pricing despite OPEC+ deal – Shadia Nasralla

Markets Refuse To See That The West Cannot Enjoy Its Flimsy Festering Fat Fiat Fiesta Forever – “Payrolls, inflation, missiles – and the missing link” – Michael Every

Hiring Slows in 5 out of 8 Sectors – “The May jobs report was widely regarded as strong. The US economy added 390,000 jobs, according to the latest data. But a deeper dive into that data reveals that the labor market might not be as strong as the mainstream spin is leading you to believe.” – Schiff Gold

Respect the Fed? No, End the Fed – “President Joe Biden has unveiled a three-part plan to fight inflation — or at least make people think he is fighting inflation. The last and most important part of Biden’s inflation plan is recognizing that the Federal Reserve “has the primary responsibility to control inflation.” President Biden has pledged to “respect the Fed’s independence,” unlike former President Trump, who Biden accused of “demeaning the Fed” by subjecting the central bank to mean Tweets. It is hard to believe that someone who has been in DC as long as Joe Biden really thinks Donald Trump was the first President to try to influence the Fed’s conduct of monetary policy.” – Ron Paul

Fed Data Shows a Half Century of Moderate Growth in the Fed’s Balance Sheet through Two World Wars – Then a Seismic Explosion Under Bernanke, Yellen and Powell – Fed Data Shows a Half Century of Moderate Growth in the Fed’s Balance Sheet through Two World Wars – Then a Seismic Explosion Under Bernanke, Yellen and Powell

Gamblers ON EDGE With Silver: Rigged Inflation Report To Hit Rigged Casino – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Can Anyone Compete With China’s Battery Dominance? – “The electric vehicle boom has created the perfect market for battery makers. China has remained a dominant force in the battery market.” – Felicity Bradstock

You Own Stocks, But…. – “….. you don’t really own them. Let me explain. Let’s say I own shares of Boeing or GE. This gives me the right to vote my shares. Except…. this has been corrupted. A huge percentage of the people who own the “S&P 500″, for example, own it via a mutual fund or an ETF. Said are run by firms such as Vanguard and Blackrock, to name two. If you buy such a fund you lose the right to vote on the 500 company proxies contained in that ETF, and Vanguard, Blackrock, or the other management firm has the right to vote those shares — and does. Do their views align with yours? Doesn’t matter. Do you even know, or have a right to control, how they will or do vote the shares you own via that ETF? Nope.” – Karl Denninger

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.35EUR



Cut-And-Come-Again Gardening Will Boost Your Production – “Many vegetables can be grown, harvested, and will continue to grow for later harvests. This is called a cut-and-come-again garden, a technique used for continuous harvests. We cut only enough for our use at that moment, allowing the plant to grow for another harvest on another day. ” – Amy Allen


Hebrews 5:12    For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat.


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