Bilderberg does China – “Discreetly, as under the radar as a looming virus, the 68th Bilderberg meeting is currently underway in Washington, D.C. Nothing to see here. No conspiracy theories about a “secret cabal”, please. This is just a docile, “diverse group of political leaders and experts” having a chat, a laugh, and a bubbly. Still, one cannot but notice that the choice of venue speaks more volumes than the entire – burned to the ground – Library of Alexandria. In the year heralding the explosion of a much-awaited NATO vs. Russia proxy war, discussing its myriad ramifications does suit the capital of the Empire of Lies, much more than Davos a few weeks ago, where one Henry Kissinger sent them into a frenzy by advancing the necessity of a toxic compromise named “diplomacy”.” – Pepe Escobar

Pfizer CEO, Head of CIA, Facebook VP & Other Elites Secretly Meeting in DC — Corporate Media is SILENT – “No press will be allowed in, no one will be interviewed about it, and Bilderberg will not even register as a blip within the mainstream media’s radar. As the media hypes gun control and abortion debates, bankers, politicians, military leaders, and information controllers will be discussing their plans for the world behind closed doors and with zero transparency.” – Matt Agorist

Total Propaganda (VIDEO)- “Some tips on effective propaganda with some help from Jacques Ellul. It is essential for the budding propagandist to understand that effective propaganda has to be total propaganda. There is no use in implementing your message in piecemeal way – a bit of a campaign here, a bit there, some in this quarter some in that. No. This will not be effective. A blanket approach is needed, utilising all media and all institutions that the propagandist has under his influence. This is modern propaganda.” – Winston Smith – SHORT 2 MIN. VIDEO AND GOOD READ FROM WINSTON!!!!

The Everything Shortage – Global Food Shortage and the World Economic Forum Davos 2022 (VIDEO) – Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen

Get ready for the Gene-edited Zombies – “Lab hamsters become unexpectedly aggressive. This gene editing technology can show up immediately or express itself over time or in different generations. These concerns all tie in with Gain of Function (GoF) work, Dual-Use Research of Concern (DURC) and mRNA vaccines. Whilst the immediate effects of these technologies may not present themselves straight away, who knows what twists nature will provide in the future. ” – The Naked Emperor  – MORE ON THOSE CRAZED HAMSTERS, LINKED AN ARTICLE ABOUT THIS A FEW DAYS AGO!!!!

Global CV19 Vax Absolute Insanity (VIDEO) with Dr. Ryan Cole – “Board-certified pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole has treated more than 500,000 patients, and he is an expert in postmortem examination. Dr. Cole was one of the very first doctors to come out and question the entire Covid19 narrative and the extreme push for CV19 vaccine injections for all. He has been attacked relentlessly and lost half his medical diagnostic business, but he’s still fighting and telling the truth about the huge lies and deadly mistakes by the medical establishment, especially when pushing the CV19 injections.” – Greg Hunter

The Coming Food Apocalypse, and the Global Attempt at a Take-Over (VIDEO) – “This week’s Global Research News Hour follows the trail of diminishing food supplies and comes to a startling end-point that could lead to the next major Malthusian drama that awaits our species! In our first half hour we speak to Monika Tothova of the FAO about some of the specific developments around the new food crisis and what the world will have to do soon to mitigate a representative a worst case scenario. She is followed by Kit Knightly, a journalist who himself is probing the hypothesis of a planned food crisis and connections to the much talked about Great Reset.” – Michael Welch and Kit Knightly

Bundestag Vice-President demands new pandemic legislation that will enable a return to mask, test and vaccine requirements in the Fall. – “Corona is not over with.” – eugyppius – NO, IT WILL NEVER BE OVER AS LONG AS THEY CAN KEEP PEOPLE BELIEVING IN IT!!!!!


Shoot First, Think Never [Part 2] The school shootings mystery machine rolls on. – “As the latest current thing rolls on down the prefabricated tracks toward the intended end goals of all current things — less liberty for you and more power for the state — astroturfed groups funded by the usual global managers in joint efforts with massagers of celebrity culture are doing their part to activate the borg toward wanting more gun laws.” – The Good Citizen – THE GOOD CITIZEN HITS ON THE MAJOR CAUSES OF THESE SHOOTINGS, GREAT OVERVIEW AND ANALYSIS AS USUAL. PART ONE WAS PREVIOUSLY LINKED. A GREAT READ AS WELL!!!!!!

Rethinking the Second Amendment – “Can We Indeed Have Peace and Freedom Without Guns?” – Dr Naomi Wolf – VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 Shot, 3 Dead, in Mass Shooting on South Street – “An officer saw several gunmen firing into a crowd of people on South Street in Philadelphia shortly before midnight, police said. That officer then fired his gun at one of the shooters” – Christine Mattson and Rudy Chinchilla – LETS SEE, MORE THAN ONE SHOOTER, AROUND MIDNIGHT, SOUNDS LIKE YOUR TYPICAL GANG SHOOTING IN THE CITY. THIS ONE WILL VANISH FROM THE RADAR AS USUAL. GANG VIOLENCE ISN’T THE NARRATIVE, TAKING AWAY GUNS FROM LAW ABIDING PEOPLE IS!!!!

Screw ‘Pride’ And Every Other Month – “I’ve never been one to celebrate anyone or anything based on measures I deem stupid. The dumber the irrelevant characteristic, however, the more “celebration-worthy” it is declared by the progressive left. Everyone knows June is “Pride Month.” It used to be “Gay Pride Month,” but gay is the new straight and therefore unworthy of celebration. Who am I to talk, I’m just a straight white guy. In other words, I’m the worst. All people who look like me did was create things that are useful, allow people to live longer, and make life better. Gross.” – Derek Hunter

Red Flag Gun Laws Set The Stage For Selective Disarmament Of Conservatives – Tyler Durden

Biden Bunch Bemuses Flyover Folks – “He has multiple issues at the moment.” – Sarah Cowgill

If Joe Biden Cared About Gun Laws, Hunter Biden Would Already Be In Jail – Tristan Justice

“Pay-to-Play” for the Rest of Us – “You know how “pay-to-play” works: contribute a couple of million dollars to key political players, and then get your tax break, subsidy, no-bid contract, etc., slipped into some nook or cranny of the legislative process that few (if any) will notice because the legislation is hundreds of pages long or a “gut and replace” magic wand was wielded at the last minute. As the essential systems of everyday life break down and become increasingly dysfunctional, I predict the rise of what I’m calling “pay-to-play” for the rest of us: if you pay for expedited service, concierge service, etc., you will get the kind of service everyone used to get, i.e. functional, prompt and efficient.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Elon Is Asking Some Big Questions About the Media, Jeffrey Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell – “I mentioned the other day that one of the reasons many Americans are intrigued by Elon Musk is that he is plain-speaking and says what is on the minds of a lot of people. That unsettles the folks in power who don’t like people willing to challenge the narrative. Musk is not shy about taking on what seem like taboo subjects to the liberal media. On Saturday, he brought up a good question that many of us have likely had — why haven’t we seen the client list from Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell?” – Nick Arama

Trump Said We Should “Get Along with Russia”. He’s Right – “Look at this map of Ukraine. Can you see what’s going on? The Russians are creating a buffer zone along their western perimeter. Why are they doing that? What benefit do they derive from a buffer zone? Well, a buffer zone creates a distance between Russia and Ukraine which Putin thinks is necessary since Ukraine is threatening to join NATO. So, he’s creating his own DMZ on his western flank. But what does that prove? It proves that we’ve been lied to from the very beginning. Putin was not planning to reconstruct the Soviet Empire like the media told us. He did not want to seize the Capitol, Kiev, and he did not want to conquer the entire Ukrainian landmass. That was all baloney. What he wanted to do, is what he has done. Don’t take my word for it, look at the map.” – Mike Whitney – THERE IT ALL IS IN A NUT SHELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WATCH: Queen Elizabeth Charms in New ‘Tea Party’ Video With Paddington Bear – Becca Lower

One Of The Largest Egg Factories In US Torched In The Middle Of The Night Amid Outbreak Of Fires In Food Processing Facilities Across The Nation – Fox Metro News

U.S. Officials Admit They Have Lied About Ukraine Success and Russian Failures – Larry Johnson

How Many More Red Lines Can Be Crossed Before Armageddon Arrives? – “Few Westerners, being so poorly educated, are aware that Western Ukraine fought for Nazi Germany during World War II. When Washington overthrew the Ukrainian government in 2014, Washington installed a Nazi government. The Nazi government in Ukraine shelled the Russian residents of the two break-away Donbass republics for 8 years while Washington and NATO trained and equipped a Ukrainian army to retake the breakaway republics. The Donbass region, always a part of Russia, was put into the Ukrainian province of the Soviet Union by the Soviet government for administrative or other reasons, as was Crimea by Khrushchev in the 1950s. When the US overthrew the Ukrainian government and installed an anti-Russian government, the residents of Crimea and Donbass, being Russians, broke away and voted overwhelmingly to be reunited with Russia. The Kremlin accepted Crimea but made the strategic blunder of rejecting Donbass,” – Paul Craig Roberts

HollyWeird: Why Is A Child Drag Queen Being Celebrated? – Kelli Ballard


Inflation Will Price Many Americans Out Of Housing and Into Homelessness – “One of the most detrimental aspects of an inflationary or stagflationary crisis is that, in most cases, housing costs tend to rise while home sales fall. One of the only exceptions to this rule is when the government institutes rent or price controls. In Weimar Germany, for example, the government enforced strict regulatory controls on landlords, fixing rent at a rate that made profits impossible. Biden’s housing crisis. Now, this might sound familiar – during the height of the Covid pandemic the Biden administration established a lengthy moratorium on evictions, which made it impossible for many property owners to collect rent payments they were owed. Owners couldn’t replace delinquent tenants with those willing to pay on time, leading to massive financial burden on property owners across America.” – Brandon Smith

Cost Of Getting Hammered In UK Soars 70% Since 2008 – “Brits are the most miserable in years as the headline inflation rate is at a four-decade high. Turbulent economic times pressure household finances, leading some to drown their miseries at the local pub. But even at the pub, it’s hard to escape today’s disastrous macroeconomic backdrop of soaring inflation and slowing economic growth,” – Tyler Durden

The Real GDPig was a Whole Lot Uglier than it Looked! – “hat’s pretty ugly when you consider how ugly GDP looked at a growth rate (adjusted for inflation ) of -1.4%! Then that got kicked in the snout to -1.5%, but that’s not the half of how ugly it really was. What if it really was the first quarter of a covert recession? I am about to show it likely was and that the prior quarter’s growth spurt was the actual oddity.” – David Haggith

Monetary Reset: What To Expect (VIDEO) with John Rubino – “We’ve borrowed too much money. We’ve leveraged the system so egregiously that there’s only raging inflation leading to a gigantic crash or an immediate gigantic crash in our future.” – Liberty and Finance

Big Rally Coming in Gold and Silver? – Precious Metals Projections – June 2022 (VIDEO) – “Craig Hemke and analyst Chris Vermeulen of the Technical Traders break down all the charts you need as we kick off the summer ” – Sprott Money



Prepper Alert: ‘It’ Is Already Hitting The Fan, Stock Up And Buy In Bulk As Experts Warn Of Economic ‘Cyclone’ Permanently Hobbling America’s Economy – “The media continues to speak of prepping and preppers with a smirk on their face and snark in their tones, yet it is those preppers that did not find themselves panic shopping back when the lockdowns began, and stripping shelves faster than store workers could restock them…no, those were the people that listened to the MSM telling them inflation was “transitory,’ and the empty store shelves, the missing products, the ever-increasing food prices were all either short-term, or my favorite, not really happening despite what your eyes were seeing. Jump forward two years and we are still getting shocking images” – Susan Duclos

Water Storage Tips to Live By – “Storing extra drinking water in case of a water emergency can save your life. A major disaster could stop your tap water from flowing for weeks or months. If you don’t find water within a few days, you’re done. Merely storing water isn’t enough. You need clean water that stays clean in storage. Dirty water kills.” – Robert Harris

7 Things You Have On Your Property That Will Attract Intruders When SHTF – “Have you ever been invited to someone’s house for the first time and immediately knew they were a prepper? What jumped out at you to draw that conclusion? The stockpiles of food and supplies in plain sight? The solar panels and generators? Oftentimes, quirky features make it completely obvious where a prepper resides. The problem is if you can spot a prepper, who else can? When SHTF, where do you think desperate people are going to go first to beg, loot, and intrude?” – Eric Wolff

Grow Food in Summer That Lasts All Winter – Part 2 – J.T. – PART ONE WAS LINKED YESTERDAY, THIS CONCLUDES THE ARTICLE!!!


Hosea 11:7    And my people are bent to backsliding from me: though they called them to the most High, none at all would exalt him.


Hey, I’m not strange, I’m just like you
I like to do what normal people do
I comb my face and shave my hair
And keep a live chicken in my underwear

I’m not strange, I’m just like you
We’re not strange, We’re just like you
I’m not, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not strange

I’m not strange, I’m just like you
I’ve got the very same frustrations too
You should have seen me at the bar last night
I like 50 cents get me just right

I’m a real good guy, now that’s no shit
‘Bout half the time I’m full of it
I like to smoke and drink and have my fun
And see how fast my car will run

I don’t start anything that I can’t end
You know I even got married to my girlfriend
In the morning I like bacon and eggs
And I’ve got balls between my legs

( I’m Not Strange by Keith Sykes )