Scully and Mulder nailed it in 2016! (VIDEO) – “A year before Dr. Fauci predicted the “pandemic” under Trump, “The X-Files” foretold its use to cull the human race, and crush America” – Mark Crispin Miller – THE X-FILES NAILED IT, WATCH THE SHORT CLIP. FUNNY HOW THEY ALWAYS WARN US AHEAD OF TIME. NOW YOU SEE THE REASON FOR THIS SITE’S SUBTITLE; “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE, YOU JUST HAVE TO LOOK”!

Future of Education? WEF’s Vision — Heavy on Virtual Reality and AI Technologies, Light on Privacy Concerns – “Claiming a sense of urgency around “reimagining” education, the World Economic Forum sees a future that includes a heavy dose of virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies.” – Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

Is US/NATO (with WEF help) pushing for a Global South famine? – “Is the proxy war in Ukraine turning out to be only a lead-up to something larger, involving world famine and a foreign-exchange crisis for food- and oil-deficit countries? Many more people are likely to die of famine and economic disruption than on the Ukrainian battlefield. It thus is appropriate to ask whether what appeared to be the Ukraine proxy war is part of a larger strategy to lock in U.S. control over international trade and payments.” – Michael Hudson

Stopping ‘Quarantine Camps’ in New York State – “Imagine a land where the government has the power to lock you up because the unelected bureaucrats in the Health Department think that you might, possibly have a communicable disease. This dystopian horror sounds unbelievable to an American. And yet, the governor of New York and her Department of Health have promulgated a dystopian regulation that does all of that and more.” – Bobbie Anne Flower Cox, Esq.

Local Globalism: How cities are being used to create digital slaves to the coming beast system – “Listen to Yuval Noah Harari, the chief advisor to the World Economic Forum, in the below video. It’s 7 minutes long but if you even watch the first 2 minutes you will see where they are heading with this invasive technology. Harari says the fields of computer science and biotechnology are about to merge (could that be the real reason for their obsession with “vaccines”).” – Leo Hohmann  – HARARI’S NAME SUDDENLY SEEMS TO BE POPPING UP A LOT LATELY. BETTER KEEP HIM ON YOUR RADAR!!!!!!!

The Acceleration of Global Genocide: FDA’s “FUTURE FRAMEWORK” To Unleash Untested Injections in Perpetuity – “After successfully injecting Billions of people with mRNA bio-weapon, killing and maiming Millions, the elites are moving to the next step of their Global Depopulation plan. After the “Future Framework” is rubber-stamped by the FDA, the Big Pharma cartel would not have to waste its precious time faking clinical trials any longer.” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

Kids with the first THREE??? Yikes! – Sage Hana

What Will Happen to Personal Property in America? – “I can’t recall leaders or politicians expressly stating that they want to empty out the countryside, but the overwhelming trend of governments, and supra-national organizations like the World Economic Forum, is centralized data collection, regulations, and management, which inevitably leads to urban congregation.” – Marie Hawthorne – THE AUTHOR MAY NOT BE FAMILIAR WITH THE UN’S 2030 AGENDA. THEY DO IN FACT WANT EVERYONE URBANIZED. PART OF THE YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY THAT THE WEF EXPOUSES AS WELL. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE AGENDA FROM THE SIDEBAR!!!!

Some thoughts on the FDA’s briefing document for the Novavax EUA application – “Will the FDA make Novavax a scapegoat for the sins of Moderna and Pfizer? On Friday, the FDA released its Briefing Document in connection with the emergency use authorization application for Novavax. Everything about the Novavax clinical trial and briefing document is weird. Carolyn Johnson, a reliable stenographer for the cartel at The Washington Post gushed about Novavax in an article that read more like an advertisement. She called it “a classic decades-old technology,” “an older and more familiar technology,” and then this doozy: “Protein-based shots are tried and true. They are used against influenza, hepatitis B, [HPV], and shingles.”” – Toby Rogers

Kill Shots Working As Planned – “Too often, alleged cures are worse than the disease. Explaining it — and irreparable harm from flu/covid jabs — would be bad for business and state-sponsored mass-extermination of unwanted millions and billions so essential to know facts are suppressed.” – Stephen Lendman

Empty Houses – “In the Before – the years prior to what has been styled the “pandemic” when a house sold it was usually occupied shortly thereafter by the people who bought it. In the After – our now – when houses sell they often remain empty – sometimes for years. Which makes one wonder about who bought them. And why. There are two such houses on my country road, which is not far from the middle of nowhere, in rural SW Virginia. This suggests these homes were bought as investments – and probably not by private parties, But corporations such as BlackRock and Vanguard have very thick wallets. What could that mean? Do those “assets” include private homes no longer owned by private individuals? And why would BlackRock want to own formerly private, single-family homes? These were – in the Before – not considered “investments” but rather places to live. What are they considered now?” – Eric Peters – ALSO PART OF THE YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY PLAN!!!!

The Ideology of the NHS – “When it comes to vaccines for children. Not many parents took up this non-urgent offer for their children. The JCVI clearly did not think vaccinating young children was necessary, so included the strange wording of ‘non-urgent offer’. However the vaccine ideologues in the National Health Service (NHS) had other ideas. Does it matter that the experts don’t think it’s necessary? No, we must vaccinate everyone. Vaccines are good. Vaccines will save us. Vaccines are our road to redemption. NHS trusts began writing to children directly, using blank envelopes, almost as if they were attempting to bypass the parents.” – The Naked Emperor


Why Uvalde Doesn’t Justify Gun Control – “Yet millions of Americans seem prepared to accept this nightmare as the new normal. They don’t ask what could turn an 18-year-old boy into a monster. They just assume there are more like him – waiting, planning, marking time, ready to do the unthinkable. And their proposed solution is to take guns away from law-abiding American citizens on the assumption that evil people will be deterred from doing evil if they can’t obtain (take your pick) either long guns or handguns (or both). Why do I get the feeling these presumably well-intentioned people don’t know what evil is? Don’t they realize that mass murder is never normal? Perhaps more importantly, why do they think that the government can hinder evil by passing new laws that will restrict gun ownership? The crisis isn’t that children kill other children with guns; the crisis is that children want to kill other children with guns.” – Frank Miele

Not Identifying the Tulsa Shooter is a GOOD Thing But it Shows How Media Exploits Certain Tragedies to Manipulate You – Matt Agorist

Ketanji Brown Jackson Appears to Give Up Where She Stands on Gun Control Issues – “Supreme Court-designate Ketanji Brown Jackson didn’t attempt to stay neutral on a gun control issue that could land before the high court one day. During a commencement address at Harvard University last week, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern listed several items her government has accomplished in recent years, including “banning military-style semi-automatics and assault rifles.” Jackson, who was sitting near Ardern, was seen applauding while the graduates gave a standing ovation.” – Leah Barkoukis – SO MUCH FOR HEARING LEGALITIES ON ISSUES. THAT’S WHY SHE WAS NOMINATED, TO FURTHER THE AGENDA OF GUN CONTROL!!!!

An Open Letter to Women Who Want Gun Control – “I can tell you from personal experience that my daughter and I are unharmed today because I was carrying a gun one night back in 2016. Will you read my story with an open mind? And perhaps share it with someone who needs to hear it?” – Daisy Luther

Dialogue with a Divider – Margaret Anna Alice – SOME GOOD POINTS HERE FROM BOTH SIDES!!!!!!!!!

Mexican President’s Absence At Summit Of The Americas An Embarrassment For White House – “I won’t go to the summit because not all countries in the Americas are invited.” -Tyler Durden

White House Steps Into International Mess At The Summit Of The Americas – “Stumbling and bumbling again, the State Department seems to have miscalculated on the guest list.” – Dave Patterson

Empire Managers Are Fucking Idiots – “So in Fontenrose’s empire-addled brain, the US can simply provide private seminars for not just MBS but other foreign leaders as well, teaching them not to do atrocities and war crimes. And this will reconcile the glaring dissonance between what the US government says it values and what it actually does. That’s the kind of thinking that gets you made into a top national security advisor in the government with the most powerful military force ever assembled. Indeed, that’s the kind of thinking that runs the empire.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Exasperated Biden has only himself to blame as poll numbers sink below Trump’s – “He is exasperated that he is not receiving credit for the great achievements of his administration and feels he is a victim of circumstances beyond his control: inflation, rising fuel prices, the border crisis, Afghanistan, the war in Ukraine, school shootings, COVID-19, and so on. Oh, woe is him. So goes the spin. Biden’s solution is to snarl at staff and demand better messaging. First lady Jill Biden and the president’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens, are reported by Politico to be urging him to get out and about more. “Let Joe be Joe” is the thinking. But isn’t that part of the problem? When Biden goes off script in front of a teleprompter, things go awry very quickly” – Miranda Devine

Importing COVID: Biden administration releases 7,000 COVID-infected illegal border crossers into McAllen, Texas – Monica Showalter

Major migrant caravan sets off toward US – media – “A group estimated by media outlets at up to 15,000, possibly the largest on record, has begun its journey from Mexico”” – RT

EXCLUSIVE: Family of Bill Clinton advisor who admitted Jeffrey Epstein into White House seven times has blocked release of files detailing the death scene after he was found hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast at a ranch 30 miles from his home – Ben Ashford and Daniel Bates – YOU KNOW THE CLINTON BODY COUNT IS JUST A CONSPIRACY THEORY, DON’T YOU!!!!!!!

What the January 6 Committee Hearings Won’t Cover – “A sham congressional committee working with a corrupt Justice Department boosted by a dishonest national media can only be expected to create political propaganda.” – Julie Kelly

The Specific “Why” Behind Russiagate – “The Sussman trial shows if nothing else Hillary Clinton herself was personally the start and the end of Russiagate’s false story. As dirty tricks go, this was a helluva tale she sold to a gullible public and ready media. But so what? Politicians approve dirt being spread on their opponents all the time. But not outright, fabricated lies, which is fraud/defamation, that’s the short answer.” – Peter Van Buren

5 MLB players take a stand for God and rebuke degenerate LGBT ‘pride’ – “By peeling off the rainbow logo from their jerseys and wearing the standard team hat, the five pitchers have calmly and firmly taken a manly stand against the unbridled advancement of an ideology antithetical to Christianity. Five Tampa Bay Rays pitchers declined to wear rainbow-themed insignias on their hats and jerseys during the team’s “Pride Night” celebration on Saturday, citing their Christian faith.” – Doug Mainwaring

Soros Installed Los Angeles District Attorney Gives Repeat Felon Teen a Summer Camp Sentence for Attempting to Murder Young Mother and Child – “The CCTV video of this attack is almost too much to watch.” – Sundance

Biden’s Apocalyptic Attack Dares Russia to Respond – “US media outlets have confirmed that numbskulls in the Biden Admin have agreed to provide Ukraine with another $700 M in order to acquire the long range Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) which has a range of 186 miles, well within the Russian land mass and its more light weight companion, High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS)” – Renee Parsons

Food Shortages May Come From Excessive Intervention – “Many have read that there is a food crisis looming and there are significant concerns about grain shortages. The main reason for this possible crisis is the Ukraine invasion. However, this is not the full picture. The main culprit is rising government intervention that has made costs soar even in periods of low energy prices, and an unsustainable level of restrictions that have made it impossible for farmers to continue planting and producing grain.” – Daniel Lacalle

THE FRONTMAN OF EMPIRE: HOW BONO’S “ACTIVISM” SERVES THE POWERFUL – “Bono presents himself as a radical activist ruffling feathers and standing up for the world’s oppressed. In reality, he has not done or said anything in decades that discomforts the political and economical rulers of the world, which is precisely why he is constantly invited into the halls of power. Bono is not a threat to empire; he is its smiling, singing face. Thus, if Bono is speaking truth to power, he is so close to it that he could whisper. And power likes what it hears from him” – Alan Macleod

Biden Rocks the Middle East – “Partitioning Syria may be on the way” – – Philip Giraldi

Boris Johnson is a dead man walking – “But those hoping the populist revolt will die with his premiership are sorely mistaken.” – Tom Slater

Railroad Congestion in U.S. is a Deadly Catastrophe that is About to Affect Everyone with No Immediate Solutions in Sight – Brian Shilhavy

Russia’s selfless COVID-pill profiteers: Heroes of public health – “Let me tell you about the very rich. They’re different from you and me. They sell pills. Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova is the Pablo Escobar of Russia’s Big Pharma pill peddlers. She exists on a higher plane; she makes even the most seasoned hustlers look like complete chumps. You think you can out-grift Tatyana? She’s already five toxic liver pills ahead of you. She literally runs laps around your failing liver.” Edward Slavsquat – JUST AS IN THE U.S., RUSSIA HAS IT’S LEGAL DRUG PUSHERS, BE IT FOR COVID OR ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!

World Socialist Web Site Accuses Sweden of Herd Immunity Conspiracy – Michael P Senger


Americans ‘Deeply Pessimistic’ About US Economy, Inflation – Tyler Durden

Biden Is Talking Loudly And Carrying A Small Stick – Michael Every

The Fraud Of Financial Markets (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – ” Dr. Dave once again welcomes global capital markets expert, Bill Holter. They discuss the current state of financial markets, as well as what to expect during the “great reset”. ” – Operation Freedom

America Has Never Been in a Weaker Position to Fight Inflation (VIDEO) – “Certainly, just looking at the price of oil, we’ve done nothing to combat inflation. In fact, if you look at actual evidence that’s out there, we are further behind the inflation curve than we were when the Fed began its fight. And that’s because it’s a fake fight. The Fed is talking, but they’re not acting. They’re dragging their feet on both rate hikes and quantitative tightening.” – Peter Schiff

Bullion Investing Gains Momentum, But It’s Not Mainstream – “The wave of investors buying physical gold and silver over the past two years has certainly impacted the markets. Retail demand for coins, rounds, and bars is now multiples of what it was prior to the COVID outbreak and the 2020 presidential election. Mints and refiners are still working to add enough capacity. While American investors at large may feel more than a little nervous about their portfolios, most are still listening to their financial advisors. The decision to dump some paper assets and buy physical bullion still looks like a radical move. Only a small fraction are ready to make it. Long-time goldbugs wonder when, and if, bullion investing might move from the “fringe” into the mainstream.” – Clint Siegner

Gasoline Spikes to Nearly $5 US Average, Diesel to $5.70. Crude Oil WTI Jumps to $119. Inflation Not in the Mood of Peaking Yet – “San Francisco regular hit $6.34 on average; at Wolf’s gas station from heck, it hit $6.79, premium at $7.00.” – Wolf Richter

Goldman Now Sees Oil Hitting $140 This Summer – Irina Slav

Self-delusion – don’t underestimate its effect on markets – “Boris in his bunker is a great example of delusion. Eventually those who do not know themselves get sniffed out. Its happening in markets – speculation is dead. Common sense is back.” – Bill Blain

Eurozone Yield Spreads Blow Out, It’s Another Crisis For Greece and Italy – “Once again, the ECB has a crisis on its hands as 10-year bond rates in peripheral Europe widen relative to Germany.” – Mish

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.31EUR


As The Heat Of Summer Rolls In, Deadly Blackouts Expected – “Summer blackouts during heat waves could be deadly. Many people relying on air conditioners running off electricity may find themselves in intense and even deadly situations.” – Sara Tipton

10 Kitchen Items You Need In Order to Cook Emergency Food – Jennifer Monroe

Carrots: Saving Money with Staples – “I’m sure many of us were told at some point in our lives to “Eat your carrots: they’re good for you!” I remember my mother telling me that they were good for my eyes. Was she right? You betcha! According to Registered Dietician Anna Taylor, carrots are very good for our eyes. In fact, “carotenoids, an antioxidant pigment found in carrots, may decrease your risk of age-related macular degeneration.” However, carrots also have other important health benefits, according to Taylor: Help your body fight infections Reduce cholesterol levels, improve heart health. Reduce risks for several types of cancer.” – Colette

Can’t Find Sugar? Here are Some Alternatives. – Amy Allen


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