The Great Reset Snakes Are Slithering Together in Davos – “The Great Reset involves the demolition and radical overhaul of several interlocking pillars of civilization: technology, society, economy, environment and geopolitics. Food and health also fall within these categories. Through control of these core pillars, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its globalist allies intend to seize control of all the nations of the world and centralize all power and wealth. ” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

The REAL agenda behind the created food crisis – “The created food crisis, whether real or a smoke-and-mirrors psy-op, is all about tearing down the global food system and “building back better” – a new dystopian food system built by corporate monoliths and rigidly controlled in the name of the greater good.” – Kit Knightly

Is Monkeypox a Smokescreen for Global Health Power Grab? – “The timing of the monkeypox outbreak is ideal from the perspective of the World Health Organization, which will harness the media’s fear porn to justify support for global, centralized health governance.” – Rob Verkerk Ph.D.

War Within the War: The Fight Over Land and Genetically Engineered Agriculture – “Ten months before Russian troops poured into Ukraine, that country’s President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a bill into law authorizing the private sale of farmland, reversing a moratorium that had been in place since 2001. The marketization of farmland is part of a series of policy “reforms” that the International Monetary Fund stipulated as a precondition enabling Ukraine to receive $8 billion in loans from the IMF. Additionally, the IMF loan conditions required that Ukraine must also reverse its ban on genetically engineered crops, and enable private corporations like Monsanto to plant its GMO seeds and spray the fields with Monsanto’s Roundup. ” – Mitchel Cohen – NOW, ISN’T THAT KIND OF INTERESTING, THERE’S A LOT TO THIS BIG PICTURE ONCE YOU GET PASS THE COVID DISTRACTION!!!!!!

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? – “Nobody would ever play with something like this in…… humans. Right? A team of scientists in the US have accidentally created overly-aggressive mutant hamsters following a gene-editing experiment. Using the controversial CRISPR technology, researchers at Northwestern University were examining a hormone called vasopressin and its receptor, Avpr1a. ….. The academics found the adorable bundles of fluff turned into mutant rage monsters exhibiting ‘high levels of aggression towards other same-sex individuals’” – Karl Denninger

Climate TRACE: A Framework for ESG Initiatives and Social & Climate Credit System – “In an appearance at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022, climate-grifter, Al Gore, took the opportunity to, once again, tout Climate TRACE, a coalition backed by the former Vice President and former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt. In response to a comment made by WEF panelist, Lea Wermelin, on the responsibility of governments to make structural changes in our economy to combat climate change, Gore replied, “I have good news on this front. We are about to enter an age of radical transparency.” – The Sharp Edge

Israeli Data Explains Why Pfizer Excluded Vaccinated People from Trials – “Paxlovid Works much WORSE in the Vaccinated and NOT AT ALL in the younger ones!” – Igor Chudov – BUT IT’S NOT STOPPING PFIZER FROM ADVERTISING THE SHIT OUT OF IT. GOT TO KEEP THE MONEY FLOWING!!!!!

Food, Fuel, and Inflation Crises All Stem From Globalist Policies – “The global elites left Davos last week after grappling with solutions to the profound crises facing the world. They left as they arrived, unaware that the crises are entirely of their own making.” – Patricia Adams and Lawrence Solomon  – I’M SURE THAT THEY ARE QUITE AWARE THAT IT IS OF THEIR OWN MAKING!!!!!!!

The Perfect Storm in Food & Energy – “The PERFECT STORM facing mankind – the military and economic confrontation of nuclear powers, the hyper-inflationary collapse of the dollar-based financial system, a continuing pandemic and famine, and a cultural decline into a new dark age. BlackRock- a company within the Rockefeller Group wants to use the Ukraine war to usher in the digital currency. The CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink, thinks the war in Ukraine and the events surrounding it could be used to accelerate the adoption of digital money controlled by central banks. Along with another two Rockefeller Group companies- Vanguard and State Street, Blackrock is considered one of the “Big Three” index fund managers that dominate corporate America, and ultimately the world.” – Sam Parker

CDC and NY Times stopped revealing the vaxxed vs. unvaxxed case and death comparisons 6 and 8 weeks ago, when the graphs began to show no benefit from vaccination – Meryl Nass


Safety Last – “Fear of death is the death of freedom’ Safety First makes us weak. It makes us cowards. It makes us easy to control. And that’s why the sneak rulers who mismanage the world from their hiding-holes in bureaucracies, camouflaged behind layers of shell corporations and holding companies, are so in love with it. It isn’t tyranny. It isn’t totalitarianism. It isn’t their pathological urge to micromanage our lives.” – John Carter – VERY GOOD ARTICLE FROM JOHN CARTER!!!!!

Recent Events Only Reinforce Our Need For Gun Rights And Community Militias – “I want to stress a very important point first and foremost, because I don’t think the political left and the average gun grabber understands the gravity of the situation and they need to be educated: Liberty advocates will NEVER give up their guns. It’s not going to happen. We have drawn a line in the sand when it comes to the 2nd Amendment and we are not going to move, not even an inch. It does not matter what legislation or executive orders Joe Biden promotes, and it does not matter if there are future criminal events involving firearms. There is no scenario in which we are going to hand over our ability to defend ourselves and rely on the government alone. All the indignant wailing and preaching from anti-gun leftists is for naught; they will get nothing. Gun rights are integral to a free society because they act as a deterrent to potential government over-reach and authoritarianism.” – Brandon Smith – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM BRANDON AS USUAL!!!!!!

Time to Reestablish the Concepts of Duty and Accountability – “Kids are getting killed and you have a badge and a gun and you just sit there? For an hour? What the hell? I’m trying to figure out the thought process and I can’t nail it down. Were they just listening to their Beto-donating boss? Were they tactically inept? Were they cowards? Duty is a demanding mistress, which is why they call it “duty” and not “fun.” You get to walk around in your uniform with people thanking you for being a first responder, which is nice. You have to deal with the hassles of taking out society’s trash, certainly. And sometimes maybe you die.” – Kurt Schlichter

People Who Defend Empire Narratives Are Really Just Defending Their Worldview From Destruction – “If you’ve publicly challenged the official narratives of the western political/media class about any major issue, you’ve probably noticed that people can get pretty upset about it. Like, actually upset. Not mildly annoyed like you might get at someone who is saying something that is obviously false and stupid, but burning hot emotional like you’d get if you heard someone insulting your loved one. Or like someone insulting you personally.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Special Counsel John Durham’s Failed Russiagate Investigation – “It was obvious that Durham’s job was to make sure the Russiagate investigation failed. We have known for years of the FBI’s role in orchestrating Russiagate. Despite evidence, he didn’t even go after Hillary. He couldn’t. Hillary on the stand would have said that the CIA and FBI brought her the issue and whereas it served her interest she did not originate Russiagate. Conservatives no less than liberals would not want to shake the public’s confidence in government by implicating the CIA and FBI in a plot to control US foreign policy and perhaps remove a president from office.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Woke Health: Biden Admin establishes Office of Environmental Justice – “A subdivision of the Climate Change office. With COVID Mania waning, American government “healthcare” institutions are being repurposed to advance wokeness and the climate agenda. And the Biden Administration has tasked their best “admiral” with overseeing the process. The climate agenda is now a key priority for Government Health, which, over the last few decades, has overseen America’s transformation into the most unhealthy large nation on the planet. The infamous transgender “four-star Admiral” Rachel Levine of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) took it upon itself to announce the establishment of the Office of Environmental Justice (OEJ).” – Jordan Schachtel

The Sheer Stupidity Of Student Loan Forgiveness While Inflation Rages Out Of Control – “The idea of increasing spending right now, while the country is arguably in the worst financial shape it has ever been in, is simply unconscionable.” – Quoth the Raven

Tulsa police interviewing witnesses, working to identify hospital shooting gunman – “Dalgieish said the shooter was a Black male, approximately 35-40 years old. He said both weapons the shooter had — a semi-automatic handgun and a semi-automatic rifle — were fired.” – Doug Cunningham – THIS ONE IS ALREADY FADING FAST FROM THE NEWS, NOT THE RIGHT NARRATIVE. GUESS BIDEN WON’T BE GOING TO TULSA LIKE HE DID TO UVALDE!!!!!!!!!!!

Kissinger Nails It. for Once. – “Do you know why Henry Kissinger’s speech at the World Economic Forum touched-off such a furor? Kissinger didn’t criticize the way the war in Ukraine is being conducted or the lack of progress on the ground. No. What Kissinger criticized was the policy itself, that’s what triggered the firestorm. He was throwing a bucket of cold water on the people who concocted this loony policy by telling them to their faces that they “got it wrong.” And, they did get it wrong, because the policy they are currently pursuing is hurting US allies and US interests. ” – Mike Whitney

Political West ‘shocked’ by polls indicating most of world population likes Russia – Drago Bosnic

US Engaged In “Offensive” Cyber Ops Against Russia In Ukraine: NSA Director – Tyler Durden – OK IF WE DO IT, NOT OK, IF THEY DO IT!!!!!!!!

Brooklyn subway mass shooting victim sues gun manufacturer Glock – “Last year, a car plowed through a Christmas parade in Wisconsin, killing five and injuring at least 40 people, according to the City of Waukesha. Earlier this year, a car ploughed into a crowd of early-morning carnival-goers in Belgium, killing six people and injuring dozens of others. Should the car manufacturers be sued for such attacks? The U.K. has strict gun laws, which probably explains the rise in the number of knife-related crimes. By the end of September 2021, U.K. police had recorded over 46,239 knife-related offenses. Should victims be able to sue knife manufacturers? What about cases of drunk driving? Shall the victim of Paul Pelosi’s drunk driving crash be able to sue the manufacturer of Porsche and maybe Chivas Regal, too?” – Rajan Laad

The Shame Of Pride Month – “The West’s top religious holiday is a Luciferian celebration of desire. No wonder Woke Capitalism loves it” – Rod Dreher

The Virtue Signallers Run Out of Ink – “It’s Pride Month and luckily for corporations, the Ukrainian war has got a little bit boring (sarcasm), meaning they are able to send their Ukrainian flags to the dry cleaners for a month and add a Pride flag to their logos instead. Yes there is a cultural difference. And yes, there is the argument that this is how advertising works, by changing your marketing depending on the audience. But if they really want to support Pride they should change their profile pictures in the countries in which it matters. The countries where you end up in prison or dying for being homosexual. Have some courage and show your support there. ” – The Naked Emperor

The secret Ukrainian military programs – “In 2016, the United States committed to arming Ukraine to fight and win a war against Russia. Subsequently, the US Department of Defense organized a biological research program in Ukraine, and then huge amounts of nuclear fuel were secretly transferred to the country. These data change the interpretation of this war: it was not wanted and prepared by Moscow, but by Washington.” – Thierry Meyssan

Two Notes on Vaccine Complications – “UK media versus USA mainstream media. One reports deaths from vaccine complications. The other mocks the unvaccinated, and celebrates their dying with Covid.” – Data Humanist

Parents are still being treated like terrorists – “The US educational establishment is waging a vicious culture war against families.” – Sean Collins


Dumbass: Janet Yellen says she didn’t know inflation would spin out of control? – “With Joe Biden’s polling numbers in the tank and runaway inflation the number one issue on voters’ minds, in steps Biden’s Treasury Secretary, and former Chair of the Federal Reserve, to take one for the team.” – Monica Showalter

Jamie Dimon Catches Up to Trends Journal, Says Americans Should Prepare for Economic Hurricane (VIDEO) – “Dimon says the hurricane is right out there, down the road, coming our way.” – Gerald Celente

Now Even The Elite Are Openly Admitting That America Is Facing An Absolutely Enormous Economic Crisis – Michael Snyder

Looming Price Hikes on Food Set to Hit Americans This Fall – “Higher inflation could force Fed action, leading to a ‘deeper recession'” – Kevin Stocklin

US Factory Order Growth Slowed Dramatically In April – “Bear in mind this is April data, meaning all of May’s maelstrom is yet to hit…” – Tyler Durden

Demand for American Gold Eagles Explodes – “Demand for American Gold Eagles exploded in May according to the latest data from the US Mint. The mint sold 147,000 ounces of American Gold Eagles in varying denominations totaling 200,500 coins. That was a 67% increase from March.” – Schiff Gold

Ruble-yuan trade soars over 1,000% – “Russia and China are ditching the US dollar in favor of national currencies” – RT

How Far Behind the Curve is the BLS and Fed on Rent Inflation? – “There will be upward pressure on rent in the CPI for the next three to six months.” – Mish


Surviving in a Shooting Gallery – “Should it look like we might be confronted by a fight, then the best thing to do is run. Get away from there and find a place to hide. That may not seem like the macho thing to do, but it’s the survival thing. The problem with fighting is that there is no guarantee of winning. No matter how good you are, there’s always someone better. While you want to do everything you can to avoid a fight, you also need to do everything you can to be prepared for a fight, should it come to you. That means being both armed and armored, but more than anything, it means being properly trained. ” – Bill White

21 Point Prepper’s Checklist For Stocking Up at Your Grocery Store – M.D. Creekmore

A Simple, Homemade Plant Propagation System That Works Fantastic – Mike McGroarty

Plantain – It’s What’s For Dinner – “Served as a cooked green? Apparently, common plantain can be cooked much like spinach – boiled in a pot and then slathered with butter.” – Aden Tate


Psalm 10:4    The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts.