America, Meet Your New Dictator-in-Chief: The President’s Secret, Unchecked Powers – “America, meet your new dictator-in-chief. As the New York Times reports, “Newly disclosed documents have shed a crack of light on secret executive branch plans for apocalyptic scenarios—like the aftermath of a nuclear attack—when the president may activate wartime powers for national security emergencies.” The problem, of course, is that we have become a nation in a permanent state of emergency.  These are the powers that continue to be passed along to each successive heir to the Oval Office, the Constitution be damned. This is what you might call a stealthy, creeping, silent, slow-motion coup d’état. From Clinton to Bush, Obama to Trump, and now Biden, it’s as if we’ve been caught in a time loop, forced to re-live the same abuses over and over again: the same assaults on our freedoms, the same disregard for the rule of law, the same subservience to the Deep State, and the same corrupt, self-serving government that exists only to amass power, enrich its shareholders and ensure its continued domination.” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead  –  A MUST READ FROM JOHN. AND DON’T THINK CRAZY BIDEN WOULDN’T HESITATE TO USE THESE POWERS!!!!

Globalists have entered the kill phase of Great Reset; Remember the Deagel population forecast? It now makes total sense – Leo Hohmann

World Health Organization gives go-ahead for gay ‘pride’ events despite monkeypox outbreak – “‘It’s important that people who want to go out and celebrate gay pride,’ a WHO official said Tuesday.” – Jack Bingham – AH, YES! LET’S LET PEOPLE INFECT EACH OTHER WITH A PRIMARILY SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE, AND THEN WE CAN HAVE MORE LOCKDOWNS AND VACCINATIONS!!!!

CDC Issues “Alert Level 2” For Monkeypox – Mac Slavo

107 Times the Risk, Are ‘Boosters’ Designed to Kill? – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Mass vaccination & climate change: A curious agenda at Russia’s Davos – “The 25th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is going to be a game changer. Klaus Schwab’s Oligarchic Burning Man finished last week and everyone had a great time predicting how many people would starve to death in the next twelve months. Everyone except for the Russian oligarchs and Kremlin apparatchiks who were rudely excluded from this year’s festivities due to sanctions. No worries. Russia has its own Davos—the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum—and this year’s agenda is going to vaporize the Federal Reserve.” – Edward Slavsquat

Deep State Predators Need to Terrify Everyone (VIDEO) with Alex Newman – “Deep State globalists are afraid the world is waking up to the tyranny they are trying to impose on every country on earth including America. Things are not going as smoothly into their so-called reset as they had envisioned. People are waking up at such a rapid rate that they are in a moment where they are going to have to go for broke and try to impose the whole agenda and damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead or they are going to be in big trouble. They are going to be prosecuted. Right this moment, there are conversations in state attorney generals’ offices all across the country, and this is a problem. People are demanding prosecution. . . . ” – Greg Hunter

YouTube CEO Reassures Davos Elites That They Will Continue To Control The Narrative – Tyler Durden

The most heavily Censored Comedian in the UK (VIDEO) – “Time to laugh about the last few years” – The Naked Emperor – GOOD VIDEO!!!!!



The Game – “It is tempting to think that at some point the public will get wise to the fake news and this madness will come to an end. If no one believes what is in the media, then the media’s ability to shape the news comes to an end. The trouble with this theory is most people have already figured out that the news is fake. The Ukraine war is a prime example, as most people never cared enough about it to listen to the story. Public apathy and skepticism have not changed the behavior of the media.” – The Z Man

Just whose side is Trudeau on? – “Because it does not seem like it’s the side of peaceful people” – El Gato Malo – Mr. CASTREAU’S ILLEGITIMATE SON HAS BECOME A WORSE DICTATOR THAN HIS DAD!!!!

Reckoning With Insanity, Part One – “What they fear the most is you, thinking for yourself. Within those three words are two implicit concepts. Thinking is the fundamental essential for human existence. It can be hard work, but nobody will disparage it on that basis. Attacks on thought, and there have been many, tend to be more subtle. The for yourself is more problematic. For one thing, it sounds selfish. The debt situation is an insanity that has become almost normalized because it’s gone on for so long. Perhaps to divert attention, the liars have started a war with Russia. The time many people will have to grasp the insanity of the Russian situation may be measured in microseconds. A brilliant, blinding flash and millions are instantly incinerated. ” – Robert Gore – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM ROBERT!!!!!!

Democrats’ Latest Phony Inflation Scapegoat: Credit Cards – “In this administration, it’s always someone else’s fault. Inflation is now the No. 1 concern of voters, so the White House first blamed COVID. Then Donald Trump’s tax cuts. Then Vladimir Putin. Then meatpackers and the poultry industry, Big Oil and pharmaceutical companies. Now, Democrats have identified a new inflation scapegoat: plastic. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and other credit cards hidden away in your wallet.” – Pat Buchanan

More people are shot and killed in Chicago each day, weekend than what happened in Uvalde Texas; most black Americans; why are the democrats & republicans playing bull shit politics? lets be serious! – “This is about games and politics, if you care about gun violence, why have you not done anything in Chicago? Why? Are black Americans not important? You democrats & republicans do not care for blacks.” – Dr. Paul Alexander

New York Times launches Vaccine Fantasy Island – “I’m loving this one. The Times has a new piece about the anti-vaxx movement: The Times really had to stretch to come up with such a load. ““’There’s a lot of misinformation about the Covid vaccines, and it just bleeds into everything,’ one doctor told us. ‘These fake stories and bad information get stuck in people’s heads, and they understandably get confused’.” Also, notice how he characterizes the parents who “have been radicalized”: They’re people who don’t have a brain in their heads. They’re massively ignorant robots, dupes and yokels just waiting for vaccine misinformation, which they grab like kids going for candy. Parents actually thinking for themselves?” – Jon Rappoport

The thoughtpolice are a law unto themselves – “Why can’t we get rid of ‘non-crime hate incidents’? NCHIs are a sinister form of thoughtpolicing. They can be recorded by the police whenever someone is accused of showing ‘hostility towards religion, race or transgender identity’. There does not need to be any evidence of hate – just as with hate crimes more broadly, the only requirement is that the victim or anyone else perceives the motive of the non-crime incident to have been hateful. In other words, literally anything can be logged as a hate incident.” – Fraser Myers – AND IN THE UK, AS WELL, THEY WANT TO CONTROL WHAT YOU SAY AND THINK!!!!

Who’s Going to Fix What’s Broken? – Charles Hugh Smith

Moments of Russiagate Truth – “What matters is less the details of Hillary’s lie but that as someone very close to being elected she would lie about such a thing, claiming her opponent was working for Russia against the interests of the United States he would soon swear an oath to. As for NBC (and Twitter) its journalistic slovenliness laid bare news organizations work with the intelligence community to manipulate elections. Both of this week’s revelations are bombshells if you blow the smoke away, and both threaten to make a second run at our democracy in 2024.” – Peter Van Buren

The Great Russiagate Hoax Revisited – “When accusations lack supportive evidence, they’re baseless. Not a shred of evidence ever linked Russia to election meddling in the US or anywhere else. Longstanding US election rigging domestically and worldwide is worlds apart from how Russia operates. Hillary’s dirty hands were behind the Russiagate hoax — what was all about attempting to delegitimize Trump’s legitimate 2016 presidential triumph. Tuesday’s acquittal of former Hillary campaign attorney, Michael Sussman, on lying to the FBI changed nothing about the Russiagate hoax.” – Stephen Lendman

Rape Allegations Against Russian Troops In Ukraine Were Fake – “There is a first and still very low noise signal that the Zelenski regime in Kiev is coming apart. Six weeks ago there were suddenly many claims that Russian soldiers in Ukraine had raped people. Eager anti-Russian activists were spreading those dubious claims:” – Moon of Alabama – AS WELL AS TIME AND OTHER SO-CALLED NEWS OUTLETS!!!!

George Soros and son funding Irish campaigning website – “Now, in fairness, old George is over 90 at this stage so Alex Soros is the face of all of the Soros family “philanthropy” in recent years. Although George still gets wheeled out for the big events and small occasions. Do we have another question? Why yes we do. What are the stated aims of the Open Society Policy Centre? Well let’s just allow them to tells us shall we? Courtesy of the bigger banner on their website home page. I have to hand it to these progressive NGO types – everything is hidden in plain sight. If you just open your eyes a little.” – Gerry O’Neill

The Sanctioned Ones: How Iran-Russia are setting new rules – “While China, keen to ward off US sanctions as long as possible, is lagging, its RIC partners Iran and Russia are doing the legwork to break the west’s global financial grip.” – Pepe Escobar

Does Big Pharma Share Any Blame In Plague Of Mass Shootings? – Madame Defarge

How Advertisers’ ‘Invisible Strings’ Control What You Read and Watch – “Censorship is a hot topic today, but research reveals corporate media has spent decades burying stories in deference to big-money advertisers.” – Rebecca Strong


Did Biden Privately Tell Powell To Pivot In September, Ensuring All Blame Falls On The Fed – Michael Every

Inflationary Pressure Is Worse than They Say – “We are apparently back in the spend-your-way-to-prosperity mode.” – David Stockman

Peak Inflation or Peak Dollar? – “Talk of “peak inflation” is helping to drive investor inflows back into stock and bond markets. As the narrative goes, inflation readings have hit their highs for the year. The Federal Reserve will hike rates until monetary policy “normalizes,” then declare victory over the very problem its policies unleashed. This rosy scenario gained some traction on Friday after the government reported Personal Consumption Expenditures data. The Fed’s preferred “core” PCE measure came in at 4.9% annually in April, down from 5.2% in the previous month. Conveniently for central bankers and Wall Street cheerleaders, the “core” rate excludes volatile food and energy prices. Unfortunately for those who live in the real world, there are no signs that food and energy prices are done rising.” – Stefan Gleason

Fifty Basis Points Does Not Fix This – “Your Masters of The Universe at the Federal Reserve would like you to believe that they have inflation under control and they can solve the problem through a few hikes of the fed funds rate. This is foolhardy and today let’s look at just one problem that they cannot fix. If you’ve traveled by car recently, you’ve likely noticed that highest gasoline and diesel prices on record. And the situation is unlikely to improve anytime soon with crude oil prices approaching $120/barrel…” – Craig Hemke

Personal Savings and the Savings Rate Continue to Crash From Stimulus Highs – “Personal savings and the savings rate have plunged rapidly. Adjusted for inflation, its worse.” – Mish

Why Shouldn’t You Give Up on Gold and Silver? (VIDEO) – “All the people who said there was no inflation to worry about — they were wrong. Yet it’s very frustrating that even though we were right, we’re not getting rewarded for being right in the price of our gold and silver that should be much higher.” – Peter Schiff

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.30EUR


What the US Plans To Do About the Wheat Supply Shortage and How You Can Prepare – “A year ago, we wrote on the importance of being mindful of your food stores. Recently, countries are starting to ban wheat exports out of their country which spells out increased shortages and higher prices at the grocery stores.” – Sara Tipton

12 Places to Buy Organic, Heirloom, & Non-GMO Garden Seeds – DeannaCat –  PERSONALLY USE BOTANICAL INTERESTS. LINK IN ARTICLE AND SIDEBAR!!!

Some Pointers and Picks for Home Defense – “In this piece, we’re going to cover some recommendations on firearms for your home-defense needs. Needless to say, we’re facing some difficult current events, with the killings that occurred in Texas and New York. These senseless, wanton, reprehensible murders place an unwarranted stigma on gun owners. Aided by armies of leftists and their endlessly-fawning media machinery, Democratic and RINO politicians are calling for more gun control measures. Yes, they want gun control over the citizen-serfs while handing out billions of dollars worth of weaponry to Ukraine to aid in a proxy war against Russia. They want gun control while they strike down laws denying entry to the illegal aliens crossing our southern borders, undoubtedly with terrorists hiding in their midst.” – Jeremiah Johnson

How Long Does Rice Last? Shelf Life, Storage, and More Explained – The Prepping Guide

1 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar For 60 Days Can Help Eliminate These Health Problems – Amy S.


Jeremiah 51:30    The mighty men of Babylon have forborn to fight, they have remained in their holds: their might hath failed; they became as women: they have burned her dwellingplaces; her bars are broken.