Most All That Is Rational, Good, Beautiful, and Moral Has been Destroyed in Favor of Collective Idiocy? – “The false assumption of solidarity and the unwarranted perception of unity that necessarily accompanies any ‘thought’ of the ‘common good,’ which is neither common nor good, is only an illusion, and one that has to be accepted without proof or validity in order to perpetuate the state sponsored narrative. The dynamic of group lies and propaganda, something I refer to as societal shared obsolescence, is the core underlying premise expected and demanded by the ruling ‘elite.’ ” – Gary D. Barnett

White House to set date for Covid vaccination of babies – “Coronavirus shots for the very youngest children could be authorized within a matter of weeks, a senior US official says” – RT

We Create Our Own Reality – “Indeed, few seem to care as the cabal of monied interests chat amiably about centrally managed digital currencies, consolidating global health authority in unelected bodies, collapsing the world economy, generating needless food shortages, unpopular fake meat, and other new market opportunities. Fewer still see the implicit threat of globalist agendas to the rule of sovereign states. There is such little resistance largely because billions of people believe what they read and what they are told by the news media. A healthy dose of distrust would serve the global populace well, if only it could release itself from the grip of mainstream corporate news.” – Julien Charles

Global Elites Converge on Washington, DC, for Bilderberg Group Meeting – Simon Kent

BILDERBERG MEETING 2022 – “Bourla, Albert (USA), Chairman and CEO, Pfizer Inc.” – Participant List – COMPLETE LIST. HMM, WONDER WHY PFIZER’S CEO WILL BE THERE!!!!!!!

Universal Basic Income? IMF Calls For Governments To Subsidize Food And Energy – “Inflationary and stagflationary crisis events open up a lot of doors and create a lot of convenient opportunities for globalists obsessed with the ideology of total centralization. A key aspect of the “Shared Economy” agenda put forward by the WEF is the concept of UBI (Universal Basic Income). If the government becomes the primary pillar of the economy and the primary source of necessities for a large portion of the population, then this makes public defiance of government mandates much less likely. When the government becomes our nursemaid, how many people will be willing to bite the hand that feeds them? ” – Tyler Durden

UK school children to be fed bugs to stop climate change – “Scientists will use UK school children as guinea pigs, having organized workshops where bugs will be served as food to see their response to eating “alternative proteins.”” – Thomas Lambert

The Government Culture of Death – “People usually get the government they fear, whether it be Hitler’s willing executioners, Putin’s willing dupes or America’s willing subserviates. Thus, when cultural and financial elites craft a government based on nihilism — a belief in nothing but power — when everything the government says is a lie, when everything the government has it has stolen, when the one thing the government does well is engage in violence, the result is a culture of death. America today epitomizes a culture of death.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Study finds latest Monkeypox Outbreak is result of Biolab manipulated Virus possibly released intentionally – The Expose

Tracking The Unvaccinated: Canada’s Branch Of WHO is Hiring for the Centre for Immunization Surveillance. – “Worlds puppet governments are gearing up for the next phase of the End Game – Lioness of Judah Ministry – LOOKS TO ME LIKE CANADA IS THE TEST RUN FOR EVERYTHING ANYMORE. AND WE THOUGHT CHINA WAS BAD. CASTREAU IS REALLY STARTING TO MAKE A NAME FOR HIMSELF. LOOK FOR BIDEN TO FOLLOW SUIT!!!!

Remember when they said you were just as likely to get Myocarditis from Covid? – “It wasn’t true” – The Naked Emperor 💔


Swamp Gas – “On Monday, Michael Sussmann, Esq., was released like an undersized crawdad back into the fetid waters of the DC swamp by a jury of his peers — meaning fellow DNC contributors — despite compelling evidence of his guilt. Special Counsel John Durham took the loss with stoical equanimity, leading some to suspect that he was in on yet another ritual humiliation for the out-group of Americans who might call themselves We-the-Not Insane. The outcome of the trial raises a passel of questions about Mr. Durham’s mission, his integrity, the fitness of the federal courts, and our country’s relations with some rather important principles such as truth and justice. Why? Because the RussiaGate affair at issue evinced a gangrenous rot that is remorselessly killing America in body and soul — if you care about such things. It’s pretty obvious that Mr. Durham knew all along that the Sussmann trial would be a low percentage play in terms of getting a conviction.” – James Howard Kunstler

A Joyous Return – “Distraction is a primary tool of politics, used most often by politicians who are in trouble with their voters for some reason. Joe Biden is trying the same act with guns. Unlike Boris Johnson, Biden has many more problems to hide via distraction. Eighteen months into his tenure and just about everything has gone wrong. Biden is about as popular as rectal cancer. The reason is incompetnace. This is compounded by the fact that Biden is a vegetable, barely able to function most of the time. Even when lucid, he reminds people why no serious person ever thought Biden was anything but a clown.” – The Z Man

The Final Exam – “Attempting to get people to “mask up” was the first test. The second was attempting to get them to roll up their sleeves for the Jab. Many failed both tests. Now comes the most important test – the final exam, so to speak. It is the attempt to get them to hand over the one thing that, so far, has probably prevented anyone – in the U.S. – from being forced, at gunpoint – to submit to masks and Jabs.” – Eric Peters

The True Evil Behind America’s Mass School Shootings (VIDEO) – Reese Report – A MUST WATCH FROM GREG!!!!!

Biden addresses nation to push gun control – “Nothing in there was really surprising. Oddly, the mental health services for students is probably the least controversial thing Biden mentioned during the address. But what about the rest? To be clear, absolutely none of this is new. We’ve seen this and addressed all of these in the past” – Tom Knighton

Give Biden your guns? the perils of a state monopoly on violence – “COVID Mania exposed the dangers of government power. Following the authoritarian insanity that was COVID Mania, more and more Americans have become aware of the reality that few if any of our federal legislators care much for the Constitution. The Second Amendment is there to protect all of our other rights and to give the government an incentive to stay out of our pockets and off of our property. Without it, we are Aussies, Kiwis, and the Chinese civilians of the last two years, ” – Jordan Schachtel

Video: Dem Rep. Yells “Spare Me The Bullshit About Constitutional Rights” During Gun Debate – “This tells you everything you need to know about the Democratic attitude to the Second Amendment” – Steve Watson

Trumpology – “The path to the 2024 presidential election will be shaped entirely by how things look for Donald Trump in the wake of the 2022 midterms.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Biden’s inner Trudeau: On guns, he seems to be operating under the wrong Constitution – Jonathan Turley

Disarm Americans, Heavily Arm Ukrainian Nazis – “Multiple mass-shootings in US cities this year have had the foul odor of made-in-the-USA false flags all over them with diabolical aims in mind. They’ve come at a time when polls show the likelihood of Republicans gaining control of both houses of Congress from November midterm elections because of soaring inflation and growing economic hard times most voters justifiably blame on the party in power. So undemocratic Dems want the subject changed.” – Stephen Lendman

Reckoning With Insanity, Part Two – “You don’t have to be David to fight Goliath and you don’t have to be Atlas to shrug. ” – Robert Gore – VERY GOOD READ FROM ROBERT, THE FIRST PART WAS LINKED ON WEDNESDAY!!!!

Another holiday weekend, another spike in big-city shootings – “It’s almost like clockwork. A holiday weekend comes along, and violent crime in Democrat-controlled cities spikes. Despite a much higher death toll and victms mostly “of color,” the media prefer to focus on Uvalde.” – Michael Letts

Biden’s Visit To Saudi Arabia Exposes The Ukraine Narrative For The Sham It Is – “So in order to punish Vladimir Putin for his war crimes and his assault on freedom and democracy, Biden will be courting a tyrannical war criminal whose country has no freedom or democracy. Washington will be ending its brief diplomatic dry spell with a government that has been waging a horrific war against Yemen while suppressing any semblance of human rights at home in order to more effectively punish Putin for waging a horrific war against Ukraine which we’re told threatens freedom and democracy throughout the western world.” – Caitlin Johnstone

White House wants to sell our killer drones to Ukraine – “Biden tells us we are not enabling Ukraine to strike outside its borders, but we seem to be giving it every opportunity to do so.” – Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

Biden Tweaks Ukraine Narrative – M K Bhadrakumar

War, Death, Inflation all Rising (VIDEO) – “The USA is rushing to spend more money on weapons to send to Ukraine for more war. They are sending drones, hellfire missiles and $700 million more to kill Russians if the money ever even makes it there. The USA is also cutting Russia off from the payment system and will force them into default. What will Russia do to counter this dirty trick?” – Greg Hunter

The Politics of Natural Infection – “From the very outset of this pandemic, the topic of natural infection has been a taboo. To suggest that anyone might have been better off risking infection and thereby gaining immunity from a respiratorial virus rather than hiding under the sofa for two years was seen as outrageous and irresponsible. My theory is that the reason has always been political. And that’s tragic.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Breitbart: “Uvalde Schools Locked Down at Least 48 Times This Academic Year” – “Yes, this is the Texas School District where the recent massacre of students and teachers took place. Mayor Don McLaughlin reported the district had been forced into lockdowns 48 times during the first few months of the school year, largely due to human smuggler pursuits near campuses.” So…very young schoolchildren are locked down almost once a week, because of danger from fleeing illegal immigrants.” – Jon Rappoport

‘We Have Screwed Up the Balance of Nature,’ Chemical Expert Tells RFK, Jr. – “Pesticides have “screwed up the balance of nature,” Dr. David Carpenter told Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the 100th episode of “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast.” Carpenter is a leading expert on the impacts of toxic chemicals on human health, He and Kennedy discussed what Kennedy called the “global apocalypse of insects.” “Something like 80% of winged insects have disappeared over the past decade,”” – Susan C. Olmstead


Americans Will Never Forget The Historic Economic Collapse During Joe Biden’s Presidency – Michael Snyder

So Much Today Is So Stupid – “Today can be summarised with one word – ‘payrolls’. Indeed, short is best. Also given so much today is so stupid it does not deserve a detailed response, I am using emoticons as commentary: ヽ(・∀・)ノ” – Michael Every

Ze Jobs, Biden, Ze Jobs! – “So screameth the Bureau of Lies and Scams: Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 390,000 in May, and the unemployment rate remained at 3.6 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains occurred in leisure and hospitality, in professional and business services, and in transportation and warehousing. Employment in retail trade declined. Hmmm…. better than expected, so say the various hollering ninnies. Let’s take a look inside.” – Karl Denninger

Countdown to Fed’s Next 180 – David Brady

Suddenly Here Comes the Inventory: Homes Listed for Sale Jump amid Price Reductions and Sagging Sales – “The shadow inventory emerges with perfect timing, just as holy-moly mortgage rates and sky-high prices keep buyers away.” – Wolf Richter

The Retail Apocalypse was Bloodier than it Looked – David Haggith

How Quantitative Tightening Ends – “The pursuit of decadence is always met with the painful reality that stopping the excess is much more difficult than starting. This realization, like a killer in the night, lies in wait until just after the point of no return. When the certain destruction cannot be undone.” – MN Gordon

IS GOLD HOBSON’S CHOICE? – “Gold has been one of the top performing asset classes in this century and still nobody owns it with only 0.5% of world financial assets invested in gold. Most investors don’t follow gold since the banking and investment management industries neither promote gold nor understand it. They obviously don’t like to recommend physical gold since it doesn’t lend itself to commission churning. And the precious metal mining stocks is such a small sector that few bother about it. Everybody talks about how bad gold has been as an investment.” – Egon von Greyerz

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.20EUR


Off Grid Living: A Real-world Guide to Going Off the Grid – ” There are of course many different ways one could live off the grid, and it boils down to how you want to live and sometimes where you want to live. While it is possible in some areas to live off the grid in a tent, or crude shelter, most people’s off-grid living plans focus around a cabin of some sort on rural property. However, off-grid living on boats and RV’s are also possible. Let’s take a look at three ways folks go off the grid, plus the pros and cons of each method.” – Off Grid Survival – VERY GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grow Food Fast: 13 Veggies for a Quick and Tasty Harvest – The Survival Mom

How to Make Homemade Broth Out of Scraps – “Each year, in the USA alone, 108 billion pounds of food is wasted. In other words, over $4 billion worth of food. In fact, almost 40% of all food in America is wasted or thrown out.” – Chloe Morgan

The Best Holistic Plants To Add To Your Garden – “Though some remain skeptical of holistic medicine, for centuries, various cultures and people have successfully used plants to improve their health and heal their bodies. Having holistic plants in your garden is also helpful from a survival standpoint. Still, learning how to grow your own food and medicine is not only crucial for your health, but it is an essential skill that can help you survive on your own, should anything happen.” – Miles Oliver


Biden said