“This is a CDC Issue, It Should Not Have Been a Court Issue” – Fauci Insists the CDC Should be Above Federal Courts and Law (VIDEO) – Cristina Laila – ALL I CAN SAY TO THIS IS “F*CK FAUCI”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are mRNA vaccines causing innate immune suppression? – “A look at new work on pathways and proposed areas for research” – El Gato Malo

The death throes of the ‘Public Health expert’ – “A fraudulent profession has been exposed to the world.  But with COVID Mania came a rocket ship-like rise to stardom, and a level of status that these forces understood as a sanction for them to play SimCity with all of our lives and livelihoods. Every TV broadcast and newspaper interview needed a credentialed “Public Health expert,” because for one reason or another, common sense went flying out the window,” – Jordan Schachtel

My My My, Myocarditis rates are high – “For the vaccinated. Even for women” – The Naked Emperor

WHO pandemic treaty should be called the Gates Treaty – “Public hearings discuss expansion to include climate change. The audacity of the World Health Organisation never ceases to amaze me. By their own admission they haven’t had a great pandemic season. Seasons plural might be the more accurate statement of fact actually. In the midst of global conflict and an inflation cycle that is just itching to go hyper, the WHO are currently drafting a set of proposals or “substantive elements”. These elements will then be submitted for inclusion into a legally binding treaty with any nation states daft enough to sign up to it.” – Gerry O’Neill

Wuhan Lab Allowed to Destroy ‘Secret Files’ Under Its Partnership with US National Lab, Agreement Shows – Eva Fu  – MY, THAT’S CONVENIENT!!!!

Poking Holes in the Brain-Blood Barrier. Is that such a good idea? – “Vaccine Safety Myth – Current Covid vaccines inevitably stimulate immune attacks against the BBB risking neurodegenerative illnesses like Alzheimer Disease” – Marc Girardot

Germany: Vaccination Clown World – “In which the vaccinators suppress data showing a high vaccination rate, to support vaccine mandates, which have no statistical hope of achieving anything, because the vaccination rate is so high.” – eugyppius

BREAKING NEWS: Three sources tell Politico that Pfizer’s EUA application to inject kids under 5 pushed back to June – “This tells us that the Pfizer clinical trial has failed for a third time and that our calls to action are working!!!” – Toby Rogers -TOBY HAS BEEN DOING OUTSTANDING WORK IN GETTING PEOPLE TO PROTEST AGAINST THE VACCINES!!!!


Daddies in Mommie-land – “Welcome to the season of everything losing ground, at least for Western Civ. Sore-beset with idiots and scoundrels running things, the West stumbles backwards into neo-medieval darkness and superstition, hurling garlic bombs of objurgation against the supposedly wicked Putin along the way. The West detests the actual Mr. Putin for systemically and doggedly having to correct the mischief that the USA set in motion there in 2014 — putting out a dumpster fire we kept feeding for eight years. Mainly we hate the Russian president for doing what he said he would do, acting like a man, literally having to set boundaries for the unruly children, like Daddy used to do. America hates daddies. To America, all daddies are monsters (rapists!). That’s why America wants to turn all daddies into mommies. America is a drama queen, ” -James Howard Kunstler

Taking Away Special Treatment For Woke Corporations Is Not “Authoritarian” – “For whatever reason, certain companies are afforded special treatment by state and federal institutions and what this does is create problems. This is not a free market system, rather, it is socialist and monopolistic.” – Brandon Smith

As President, I wouldn’t shake hands with air – “If he were a CEO at a Board meeting or a construction supervisor addressing his men, there would have been a follow-up. Meaning: significant people would be saying to each other, “This guy’s lost it, we have to replace him NOW.” But because he’s the President, that can’t happen. Apparently. You see, when you’re the President, it would too embarrassing for the country to dismiss you and send you away for being off your rocker.” – Jon Rappoport

Exposing Some Myths About the Ukraine War – Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Have the Gods Made Puppet Zelensky Mad? – “Installed by hegemon USA in May 2019 as Ukrainian front man to pursue endless proxy war on Russia, comedian/performer Zelensky and leadership as it should be are on different planets. Delivering nightly addresses to Ukrainians via TV from his Polish hideout — while pretending to be defending the nation from Kiev — he increasingly sounds like the Gods turned him mad. On the one hand, scripted remarks were prepared for him to recite nightly by his US handlers. On the other hand, his tone reflects growing frustration about the reality of Ukraine’s battered and degraded military at the hands of superior Russian forces — while pretending otherwise.” – Stephen Lendman

Going Gonzo – “It’s been a crazy 24 hours Good Citizens, but one final message needs to go out because a few things just aren’t making any damn sense. It was a nice surprise to see Gonzalo Lira alive, but also very confusing and I don’t think I’m alone so I’ll crowdsource this one to all of you. A few peculiar contradictions I noted:” – The Good Citizen

Fate of missing American Zelensky critic revealed – “Gonzalo Lira said he had been taken by the Ukrainian Security Service last Friday” – RT

An American journalist goes missing in Ukraine. The silence is deafening – “Gonzalo Lira’s disappearance should have triggered outrage and calls for an investigation by the “freedom-loving” US government and media” – Scott Ritter

Shitlibs Are Foam-Brained Human Livestock – “The hyperbolic language westerners use to describe fairly normal modern warfare in Ukraine suggests they’ve invested exactly zero thought in what their own governments have been doing in the middle east for the last two decades. It’s like, yes, killing, violence and destruction is what war looks like. You’re describing the thing that war is. It’s creepy that you’re only just discovering this now. What did you think your government has been using to conduct its wars this whole time? Dank memes?” – Caitlin Johnstone

Biden Brags About Sending Weapons at ‘Record Speed’ to Ukraine, No Talk of Peace (VIDEO) – “Biden has sent $3.4 billion in less than two months to Ukraine” – Gerald Celente

US Treasury Is Helping to Pay Ukrainian Soldiers’ Salaries – “$1.8 billion for Ukrainian salaries in a couple of months. More on the way.  Kiev can say that US money is paying civilian government employees and pensioners, but obviously if those are paid with US money, it makes it easier for Kiev to pay soldiers with what’s left. (Whether tax revenue or foreign aid it’s all just on pile of money.)” – Anti-Empire

Russia/Ukraine Intensifies, Germany Tanking, Food, Inflation & Drought (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

How Russia Avoids Oil Sanctions: Transfer at Sea to “Destination Unknown” – “Russian oil still flows under the radar. It goes to “destination unknown”.” – Mish

Biden holds up Portland as model for America, foresees expanded Senate majority – “Biden is going bonkers. President Joe Biden stopped in Portland for a few hours Thursday afternoon… “Oregon and America have gone from being on the mend to being on the move,” Biden said. Oregon? Portland? Seriously? That’s like touting Flint, or Detroit as the great model upon which to build back all of America. Portland is a disastrous antifa-infested mess, a pit of drugs, crime, and homelessness, with corporations and citizens pulling up stakes to flee the city.” – Monica Showalter

Defund the Capitol Police – “While purporting to defend “Congress, the U.S. Capitol, and our democracy,” Capitol police act as a narrative enforcer for Democrats.” – Julie Kelly

Destroying democracy to save it? Court advances effort to block GOP candidates from ballots – “As the country braces for the midterm elections, the left seems to be rallying behind three D’s: Democracy, Disinformation and Disqualification. The latter effort just received a huge boost from a judge in Georgia who has allowed a challenge to knock Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) off the ballot as an insurrectionist. Nothing says “democracy” like preventing others from voting.” – Jonathan Turley

What Macron and Le Pen have in common – “Neither candidate has a compelling vision to overcome France’s deep divides.” – Fraser Myers

Big Tech’s ‘Cancel Culture’ Love Affair – “Of course becoming a target of cancel culture – twice – does not even remotely compare to the fate of Julian Assange, imprisoned for over three years in Belmarsh under the most appalling circumstances, and about to be dispatched for “judgment” in the American gulag for the crime of committing journalism. Yet the same “logic” applies: journalism that does not conform to the hegemonic narrative must be taken down.” – Pepe Escobar

Microchip Implanted in Your Hand? Why Worry? – “An implantable microchip holds your digital identity, health data and finances. The chip is implanted just beneath the skin on the hand, and operates using either near-field communication or radio-frequency identification.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Rule Of Three – Survival Priorities And Decision Making – “Knowing and adapting to the rule of three for survival. It could make the difference between life and death when making critical decisions in an environment of potential or actual disaster. The Rule Of Threes is a way to help remember a set of priorities to sustain life.” – Ken Jorgustin

Be Prepared: 5 Emergency Tool Must-Haves – Cornelia Adams


Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Face…. And Everyone Is Being Punched In The Face – Michael Every

Dark Forces, Plain Speak, Brighter Gold & The Fed’s Sick End Game – “As usual, the end game will boil down to yield curve controls and more money printing, which means more currency debasement and a central bank system that secretly (and historically) favors inflation over truth and markets over Main Street.” – Matthew Piepenburg

The Fed’s Conundrum (VIDEO) – “The Fed faces a real conundrum. Bond yields continue to rise. The only thing that can stop it is a central bank pivot back to rate cuts and quantitative easing. But the Fed needs to raise rates and shrink its balance sheet to fight inflation.” – Michael Maharrey

The Notion You Need Inflation To Create Growth “Is Just Bullshit”: Lawrence Lepard (PODCAST) – Quoth the Raven

Are Soaring Food Inflation And Rolling Blackouts The Start Of Next Emerging Market Meltdown? – Tyler Durden

While JPMorgan Chase Was Getting Trillions of Dollars in Loans at Almost Zero Percent Interest from the Fed, It Was Charging Americans Hit by the Pandemic 17 Percent on their Credit Cards – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Gold is the Safe Harbor in the Brewing Storm – “I’ve been rather quiet on Gold recently because it has been more or less stranded in a range of 1900 to 2000 since mid-March. This is interesting given the volatility in almost everything else:” – David Brady

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.94EUR


Psalm 40:4  Blessed is that man that maketh the Lord his trust, and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies.