21% of Deaths Reported to VAERS After COVID Shots Occurred Within 48 Hours of Vaccination – “VAERS data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention included a total of 1,237,647 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 27,349 deaths and 222,836 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and April 15, 2022.” – Megan Redshaw

Have People Been Given the Wrong Vaccine? – “Randomized controlled trials show all-cause mortality reduction from the Covid adenovirus-vector vaccines (RR=0.37, 95%CI: 0.19-0.70) but not from the mRNA vaccines (RR=1.03, 95%CI 0.63-1.71). That is the verdict from a new Danish study by Dr. Christine Benn and colleagues. Have people been given vaccines that don’t work (Pfizer/Moderna) instead of vaccines that do work (AstraZeneca/Johnson & Johnson)? Let’s put this study into context and then delve into the numbers.” – Martin Kulldorff

Male Pfizer trial participants were required to abstain from sex or use contraception – “Clinical trial documents warn males to remain abstinent or use contraception to ‘eliminate reproductive safety risk’ of COVID jabs.  While the mainstream media, regulatory agencies, and Big Pharma have continued to insist that the COVID shots have no impact on fertility or pregnancy, and suggest that anyone who disagrees is spreading “misinformation,” many doctors, including a former Pfizer vice president, Dr. Michael Yeadon, have been adamant that such concerns are scientifically legitimate.” – Jack Bingham

Shanghai Doubles Down On Quarantine Measures Despite Decline In Cases – Tyler Durden

Novavax Says New Flu-COVID Vaccine ‘Safe and Effective,’ But FDA Hasn’t Yet Authorized COVID-Only Version – “Novavax on Wednesday announced that early data on its combination vaccine targeting COVID-19 and influenza showed the vaccine produced a strong immune response. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has yet to grant the Maryland-based company’s request for Emergency Use Authorization for its COVID-only vaccine.”- David Charbonneau, Ph.D.

W.H.O. Issues Global Alert about new form of Severe Hepatitis Affecting Children; Pfizer Study Suggests COVID Vaccine to Blame – The Expose  – LINKED ANOTHER ARTICLE ABOUT THIS ON 04/17/22!!!!!

The dose makes the poison – “A major new study adds more evidence that Moderna’s high-dose mRNA shots are more dangerous than Pfizer’s smaller jabs; will public health bureaucrats acknowledge reality as they push more boosters?” – Alex Berenson

Why Has Early Puberty Skyrocketed During the Pandemic? – Dr. Joseph Mercola


“Operation Thermostat”: Energy rationing & the pivot from Ukraine to climate? – “Italy is officially becoming the first country to start rationing energy after cutting their supply of Russian gas and oil. The plan, termed “Operation Thermostat” in the press, is being sold as a way for ordinary people to show “solidarity” with the people of Ukraine, I’m not exactly sure how adjusting your thermostat is going to achieve ‘peace’, but hey we’re living in the age of sentimental manipulation over reason, so – just believe.” – Kit Knightly

Obama, Clinton Rail Against Free Speech Under Guise Of Fighting ‘Misinformation’ – Tyler Durden

Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened And Look Who Is Slithering Out – Two Of The Biggest Disinformation Peddlers Now Pushing For More Censorship By Big Tech – “BOTTOM LINE Which brings us back to Musk. Like him, dislike him, it matters not. What matters here, in my opinion, is he has opened the door, or the “box” and allowing everyone to see what is inside. His Twitter hostile takeover attempt is the first shot across the bow against the true disinformation crowd….the media, social media, and big tech. If Musk wins his bid to take over Twitter, the information war we are fighting now will be kicked into high gear, with both sides getting equal treatment. No wonder they are all freaking out.” – Susan Duclos

Biden’s Earth Day Remarks Show Just How Much He Is Deteriorating – “Biden does his creepy whisper, then suddenly starts screaming” – Nick Arama

Assange’s court ordered extradition to US is a warning to journalists covering Ukraine – Paul Antonopoulos

The State-Ordered Torment of Julian Assange, Journalist – “Now that a blob in a wig in a London courtroom has issued the order to send Julian Assange to the Soviet State of America, where the FBI is the Cheka, the courts are kangaroo, a coup took the White House, and journalism is propaganda, all that is needed for extradition is a rubber stamp. That rubber stamp is expected to fall by May 18 from the hand of the UK Home Secretary. That would mean the Wikileaks publisher would be transported to the US to stand trial and face up to 175 years for committing journalism — journalism that harnessed the Internet as a tool of exposure, not as a weapon of control. The Sovietized state of America styles the vital work of Wikileaks “espionage.”” – Diana West

My Energy is Your Problem – The Birth of a New Europe – “This day has been a long time coming. From the moment, more than a decade ago, when it was finally admitted that Europe was destined to be an energy importer, we were going to see the climax of the showdown between the West and Russia. Europe as energy importer always meant that time was on Russia’s side. All it had to do was draw the conflict out long enough, survive long enough, to force Europe into submission. Russia has the energy Europe needs, no one else can supply it, therefore the final decision will be to accept this fate. No amount of financial wizardry, pathetic virtue signaling about Climate Change, malinvestment into inefficient and unsustainable ‘renewables,’ or military threats would ultimately change the outcome of this story.” – Tom Luongo

The misbegotten notion that the South Pacific is a US sphere of influence – “The speed at which Washington officials rushed to the Solomon Islands after news of a Chinese security pact is all you need to know.” – Daniel Larison

Why isn’t the West Sanctioning Turkey for its Special Operation in Iraq? – “Thus, once again, the US officially confirmed its blatantly Russophobic policy by abandoning its Kurdish “allies” to their fate (for the umpteenth time, by the way!). And by demonstrating blatant double standards in assessing international events, they have actually tried once again to defend their “international rules,” according to which any aggression by NATO, or any NATO country (as, in particular, is happening today with Turkey’s special operation in Iraq), is a good thing and will continue to be so.” – Valery Kulikov  – BECAUSE IT’S DIFFERENT WHEN IT SUITS THEIR NEEDS!!!!!!

France and Germany could tear the EU apart – “The two great EU powers are heading in fundamentally different directions.” – Mary Dejevsky

It Is Time To End the Fixation with Federal Law Enforcement – “Will the mainstream Right rethink federal law enforcement? The past six years have witnessed America enter a bizarro world state where Democrats are the prowar, prosurveillance state party, while Republicans have looked rather restrained in comparison. The FBI’s involvement in arresting and snooping on antiwar protesters during World War I and the Vietnam War, coupled with the controversial sieges it carried out at Ruby Ridge and Waco, showcases a longstanding track record of malfeasances that conservatives have largely overlooked.” – José Niño

As infant formula shortage worsens, Arizona pediatricians see increase in calls – “Major retailers like Walgreens, Target, and CVS are now limiting the amount of infant formula shoppers can buy.” – Susan Campbell

The War in Ukraine and the Imminent Impact on Food Supplies… What You Need To Know – Chris MacIntosh

A List Of 16 Major Fires That Have Occurred At Key Food Industry Facilities In The U.S. Since The Start Of 2022 – “Can anyone explain why absolutely massive fires just keep erupting again and again at critical facilities all over America?” – Michael Snyder

Army awards Next Generation Squad Weapon contract – “The U.S. Army announced the award of a 10-year firm-fixed-price follow-on production contract to Sig Sauer, Inc for the manufacture and delivery of two Next Generation Squad Weapon variations (the XM5 Rifle and the XM250 Automatic Rifle) and the 6.8 Common Cartridge Family of Ammunition. The XM5 Rifle will replace the M4/M4A1 carbine within the close combat force, and the XM250 Automatic Rifle is the planned replacement for the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon Both weapons provide significant capability improvements in accuracy, range and overall lethality.” – U.S. Army Public Affairs

Staying Fit To Survive Any Disaster – “One of the real, make-or-break aspects of preparation can’t be packed away on a basement shelf or tucked inside of the bug-out bag. Health and fitness truly serve as a person’s greatest assets. Getting through the aftermath of a disaster requires being in decent shape and in good overall health. There’s no way around it.” – Bob Rodgers


Staring Into the Abyss – “So sorry, but “you’ll own nothing and be miserable–oops, we mean happy, yes, deliriously happy” doesn’t count as a solution. The global economy is perched on the edge of an abyss, and averting our gaze doesn’t actually lessen the risk, it increases it because problems which aren’t faced directly and addressed directly fester and rot the system from within.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Dow plunges more than 900 points for its worst day since 2020, falls for a fourth straight week – Tanaya Macheel and Yun Li

Expect More Stock Market Pain Because It’s Coming – “Today feels bad for bulls but it is not even a down payment on what’s coming.” – Mish

Fed Chairman Powell Spooks Markets by Signaling 50 Point Hike – Mike Gleason

Gold-backed Ruble set to leave PetroDollar behind (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – “Despite #WallStreet pricing in 200 basis points of interest rate increases before the end of 2022, the gold price continues to flirt with $2000 per ounce. Largely because of the developments in #Russia, where their quasi-gold-backing to the ruble has provided support to the gold market.” – Arcadia Economics  – ONCE AGAIN, BILL IS ALWAYS A GOOD LISTEN AND I URGE EVERYONE TO LISTEN TO THIS ONE, PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE DOLLAR. GOT GOLD AND/OR SIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tightening Comes Even to Ridiculous ECB Sooner, Faster as Seven EU Countries Hit by 10%-16% Inflation, Four by over 9% – Wolf Richter

Silver Takes A Hit But Enormous Strains Are Building In The Fiat World – Alasdair Macleod

Here’s What Happens When Precarious Supply Meets Soaring Demand… – “The energy landscape is changing… forever. And I’ve told you about copper’s massive role in it… and how to profit as its price takes off. You see, to make the transition a reality, the world will need a lot of copper. That’s because renewable energy systems – such as solar, hydro, thermal, and air source heat pumps – use up to 12 times more copper than traditional fossil-fuel-powered systems. Right now, the world uses approximately 25 million metric tons of copper a year. It’s used extensively in manufacturing, utilities, electronics, and transportation. But the New Energy transition will increase demand for copper. Management consulting firm McKinsey and Company estimates that demand could jump by as much as 50% over the next 20 years. And that should push copper prices higher.” – Nomi Prins

Fatal Dependency – “America’s increasing reliance on foreigners to lend us money could crater the dollar.” – David P. Goldman


Exodus 35:31    And he hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship;


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