Our National Case Of Long Covid – “Anyone saying “we are still in the midst of a global pandemic” at this point is ill and needs to be helped.” – Carmel Richardson

Watch the Water – “Someone may be pissing in it upstream of you… The Watch The Water “documentary” is being passed around the net like a blunt at a Rastafarian dinner party. Blunts are good. This ‘documentary’ is not good. In my opinion. Propaganda! was my first impression of this video. The sound track, and the production values reinforced that idea. This movie was NOT made to simply present facts, or an opinion. It was made to SELL an opinion.” – Clif High

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: presents case for why children must not be vaccinated with ANY of the COVID vaccines; their natural INNATE immunity (antibodies) are potent, broad, but are damaged by vaccine – Dr. Paul Alexander

AstraZeneca Source Recording from 2020 Shows CEO Pascal Soriot Saying, ‘Millions of [Immunocompromised] People Can’t Be Vaccinated…Antibody [Treatment] Has Enormous Potential’ – Projecy Veritas  – JON RAPPAPORT HAD A GOOD ARTICLE ABOUT THIS THAT WAS LINKED YESTERDAY!!!!

Rhode Island bill plans to DOUBLE tax for parents of unvaccinated children – “This is by far most punitive “anti-vaxxer” legislation we’ve seen (so far). Even if it does not pass, it shows us that the Covid agenda is still very real, and they are not even close to done trying to bully people into compliance.” – Kit Knightly

Mass Testing: The Fatal Conceit – “While contact tracing and isolation may be important for some infectious diseases, it is futile and counterproductive for common infections such as influenza and Covid-19. A case is only a case if a person is sick.” -Yuri Blondi

Latest COVID vaccine adverse events data – “Take your time to appreciate the totality of the disaster that is COVID vaccines” – Joel S Hirschhorn

Fear Mongering Over “More Contagious” Omicron Sub-Variant Ramps Up – “The mainstream media has begun the propagandized fear-mongering campaign over an omicron subvariant. The panic over these variants is stemming from “lower vaccine effectiveness.” Lower than what? The media doesn’t say, but for the past year and some months since the “vaccines” have been released, they have been claiming “immunity wanes” after getting injected. Government documents have shown that immunity doesn’t wane, but instead, the immune system itself degrades.” – Mac Slavo

Is Covid Actually Snake Venom?? (VIDEO) – “Snake venom. Graphene and Nanotechnology. These are the latest conspiracies that could be planted into the ether as a way to discredit anyone opposed to mandates and experimental vaccines. Don’t be fooled, BUT more importantly, don’t allow yourself to made into a fool. These theories are easily destroyed with a little bit of simple science, doing a bit of research, and deductive reasoning, yet somehow they gain traction in the public.” – Chris Martenson


I Just Don’t Get It – “I’m ready to make a lot of you mad, and I’m ok with that…. I’m not against hunting, it helps control animal populations that otherwise would grow too large and starve a lot of them. It also feeds people. I’m not even really “against” what I’m going to talk about here, I’m just saying that I simply do not get it. I’m talking about trophy hunting. ” – Derek Hunter – THIS IS A MUST READ FOR TODAY, MAYBE THE BEST ALL WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All England Grass Smoking Club Bans Ruskies – “Never get high on your own idea of yourself.” – The Good Citizen

Back to the future: recovering from the aggrievement age – ” Once upon a time our differences were fun and funny. Reclaiming this state of the world and seeking commonality is how we restore our civilization.” – El Gato Malo  – VERY GOOD READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How America Became La La Land – “Nothing seems to be working. And no one seems to care. First, all of these problems are self-induced. They did not exist until Biden birthed them for ideological or political reasons. Second, Biden has no solutions to these self-created problems because of the ideological restraints the Left has imposed on him. The administration fears the anger of the hard Left more than the furor of the American people.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Using War to Assault Freedom – “I have argued in this column and elsewhere that the Biden administration sanctions imposed on Russian and American persons and businesses are profoundly unconstitutional because they are imposed by executive fiat rather than by legislation and because the sanctions constitute either the seizure of property without a warrant or the taking of property without due process.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Assange’s Extradition Is Another Building Block of The Controlled Explanation – “The Corrupt US & British governments, greatly aided and abetted by Western presstitutes, have destroyed the First Amendment protection of journalism. Julian Assange’s extradition to the US to stand trial for espionage signals the termination of a free press as a method of holding government accountable. Henceforth, any journalist who publishes a leaked story unfavorable to the government can be prosecuted as a spy.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Former Intelligence Officials, Citing Russia, Say Big Tech Monopoly Power is Vital to National Security – “When the U.S. security state announces that Big Tech’s centralized censorship power must be preserved, we should ask what this reveals about whom this regime serves.” – Glenn Greenwald

Kramatorsk Train Station Attack – “The key to finding the perpetrator lies in this overlooked detail” – Scott Ritter

Are You on the Right Path in Life? There May Not be Much Time Left to Decide – “Political parties and politicians do not provide solutions to life that can lead us to freedom. American politics are based on the Hegelian principle of “order out of chaos.” It is the principle of creating a crisis, and then proposing the solution to solve that crisis, to achieve some pre-determined purpose. The entire world has watched this happen for the past 2 years, as they created the crisis, fear of a “deadly” virus, with the solution: universal vaccination. There is an illusion of different choices between the two political philosophies in America today, with Republican/Conservatism and Democrat/Liberalism. This two party system is needed by the Globalists to keep society divided, and fighting against each other. But in the end the results are the same: medical tyranny and slavery.” – Brian Shilhavy  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRIAN!!!!

Food Production Is Going To Be Substantially Lower Than Anticipated All Over The Globe In 2022 – Michael Snyder

Food Riots and “Inflation Lockdowns” – Doug Casey

Multiple Large Food Processing & Distribution Plants in US Have Recently Exploded or Burned Down – “To be clear, general warehouse fires are quite common. In fact, fire departments respond to more than 1,000 a year. However, the main cause of these fires is arson. What’s more, fires in food processing facilities are not that common and occur far less often. To claim that all of these incidents are related would be pure speculation. But given the current supply chain situation and looming food shortages, the very idea of critical infrastructure burning to the ground, for any reason, is unsettling to say the least.” – Matt Agorist

The Great Reset: It Begins (VIDEO) – “Klaus Schwab and the WEF tout their work in saving the world using environmental metrics called ESGs. But if companies that have good scores are actually the worst environmental violators, could it be that what the WEF are really working towards is a social credit scoring system?” – Russell Brand  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM RUSSELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘I’m Not a Biologist’: The Strange and Fantastical World of Being Willingly Blind to Reality – “All her years of—to call up the current cant tautology—“lived experience” with her status as a woman were evidently not sufficient for her to even venture an opinion. On a point which even a 2-year old, of either sex, is demonstrably clear, and hence the fluency with mom and dad in that age group, a fully adult person seeking elevation to a post that calls for the highest intellectual skills declared herself uncertain and at sea. It is as if she were asked to define a “chair” and declined due to not being a carpenter.” – Rex Murphy

Whom exactly was Biden talking to during his many stays in Delaware? – “The New York Post tried to find out and got a peculiar answer from the Secret Service.” – Andrea Widburg

Kayleigh McEnany: Psaki should cry about aborted babies, not ‘forcing sexuality’ on 5-year-olds – “If you wanna cry, don’t cry about forcing sexuality on kindergartners. That is sick. Cry about the 62 million children who can’t even go to kindergarten,” – Emily Mangiaracina

“Taiwan Is Part Of China”: Chinese Defense Minister Warns Pentagon Chief In 1st Call – Tyler Durden

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words – “Marine tracker image showing over 500 cargo ships stacked at the port of Shanghai. This is what zero covid policies do to global trade and supply chains.” – The Naked Emperor – IS IT ZERO COVID POLICIES OR IS CHINA DOING THIS ON PURPOSE. READ QUOTH THE RAVEN’S ARTICLE LINKED ON MONDAY FOR HIS PERSPECTIVE ON THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stunning Shanghai Graphic Shows How China Is Destroying All Of Us Without Firing A Shot While The Media Keeps The Attention On Russia And Ukraine – “While the nightly news, or cable news focuses their audiences attention on big bad Russia and the Ukraine war, China is the real danger to America and the global community. We have given them that power and they are now using it against us. Prepare accordingly.” – Susan Duclos

CIA Torture Queen Now A Beauty And Life Coach – “The news man tells me the CIA’s “Queen of Torture” now runs a life and beauty coaching business which helps midlife women “look good, feel good, and do good.” “HI, I’M FREDA, A CERTIFIED BEAUTY AND LIFE COACH READY TO HELP YOU OWN YOUR BEAUTY FROM THE INSIDE OUT AND FEEL INVINCIBLE IN MIDLIFE,” her website reads in all caps. And I can only sit here and wonder, twiddling my pockmarked heart in my hands, how one is meant to react to such information?” – Caitlin Johnstone – ALFREDA SCHEURER HELPED INSPIRE THE LEAD CHARACTER IN THE MOVIE ‘ZERO DARK THIRTY’!!!!

Trilateral Commission Members Serving In Biden Administration – “The Trilateral Commission started in 1973 to create a New International Economic Order and was the fountainhead of modern globalization. Their members have dominated every Administration since, and the Biden Administration is no exception. The two most elite posts are the Secretary of State (Blinken) and the National Security Advisor (Sullivan). To say that the Commission is mothballs in 2022 is foolishness.” – Patrick Wood

Where is Gonzalo Lira? And how is it okay that he’s been missing for five days? – “Our free press” hates dissidents as much as Ukraine’s Nazis do. Gonzalo Lira, the Chilean-American journalist/novelist/filmmaker, whose excellent commentaries on the Ukraine conflict (under the name Coach Red Pill) I’ve shared here, has disappeared.” – Mark Crispin Miller

Marcron v. Le Pen: What the French election means for the US – “These presidential candidates, locked now in a super tight race, have vastly differing positions on Russia and European cohesion.” – Tara Varma and Jeremy Shapiro

German Media Falsely Claims Muslim Riots in Sweden Were “Right Wing Demos” – “Fact check” – Paul Joseph Watson

The Zero Emissions Tanker Truck – “If you think about it, a tanker truck is a “zero emissions” vehicle – in that the gas it carries isn’t “emitting” anything, as it is being transported from the refinery to the station. Why are electric cars considered “zero emissions” when it amounts to the same thing? True, while they are moving they are not “emitting.” But how about what makes it possible for them to move? Lots of C02 is being “emitted” by the coal/oil/natural gas-fired ultility plants that generate the majority (by far) of the electricity that electric vehicles “burn,” so to speak. Electric cars are given a pass with regard to their “emissions” because they serve the political purpose of (step one) cattle-prodding non-electric cars off the market in order to (step two) leave people with no alternative to electric cars,” – Eric Peters

Cluster of rare New Jersey cancers connected to fluorides? – “Faced with toxic fluorides destroying food crops, animal and human life; and with law suits piling up, atomic scientists decided they could distract the nation by promoting fluorides as a beneficial tooth treatment…” – Jon Rappoport


Biden to Attack Republicans for Not Having a Plan to Bring Down Inflation – “That wins my hoot of the day award easily. Let’s discuss plans to bring down inflation. Who has one and who doesn’t.” – Mish – HE’S TOTALLY LOST IT NOW. NO ANDS, IFS OR BUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Israel Dumps The Dollar For China’s Renminbi, Beijing Starts Quietly Acquiring Russian Energy Assets – “The bedrock of the global monetary system continues to shift, including two profound pieces of news over the last 24 hours that no one seems to have noticed.” – Quoth the Raven

The economic consequences of the war in Ukraine – ‘The Ukraine War has catalysed a tsunami of negative economic events around the global economy – and markets are remaining pretty much blind to the long-term consequences.” – Bill Blain

All Market Memes And Narratives Must Be Bullish… The More Bullish They Are, The Less Sense They Have To Make – “The market decided the “peak inflation” meme is the new “transitory” yesterday.” – Michael Every

Big companies manage to pass on soaring costs to cash-strapped consumers – John Revill

Real Incomes Collapsing at an Unprecedented Rate (VIDEO) – “The wage increases are accurate. It’s the price increases that are not. Because if inflation is actually 17 or 18%, not 8.5% but wages are only growing by four or five percent, real incomes are collapsing at an unprecedented rate.” – Peter Schiff

Biden Has Nominated a Man from the Sandy Weill/Robert Rubin/Tim Geithner School of Wall Street Hubris to Head Regulation at the Fed – “To anyone who hasn’t been in a coma since the Wall Street crash of 2008 – an event that sent the U.S. economy into the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression – an affiliation with the name “Weill” should have been an automatic disqualifier for any position in the Biden administration even remotely connected to regulating Wall Street. Instead, at the behest of some powerful person or persons, Michael Barr is now Biden’s nominee to be the point man at the Federal Reserve for regulating the megabanks on Wall Street as the Fed’s Vice Chair for Supervision.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Value destruction – “it is not just the emergence of new commodity backed currencies in Asia that will threaten the dominance of Western currencies, but the Fed’s failing monetary policies and those of the other major central banks. An unstoppable rise in interest rates will in large part be responsible for their demise.” – Alasdair Macleod

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.30EUR


Proverbs 14:12  There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.