“Pandemic Treaty” will hand WHO keys to global government – “Suggested clauses would incentivize reporting “pandemics”, and see nations punished for “non-compliance”” – Kit Knightly

Fauci co-authors new paper on Herd Immunity. – “Admits natural immunity exists and makes numerous digs at the unvaccinated. They seem keen to dismiss herd immunity even though admitting that SARS-CoV-2 will become endemic like influenza. Surely, that is one definition of herd immunity? We need to be careful that this ideology of ‘vaccines and preventative measure are the only way back to a normal life’ does not remain for much longer, eventually becoming The Science™ and impossible to escape.” – The Naked Emperor

A funny thing happened on the way to herd immunity – “The most vaccinated and boosted groups became the ones heading to the hospital” – El Gato Malo

Here lies the mask cult: 2020-2022 – “Now that the White House has backed down, the mask cult is officially dead and buried.” – Jordan Schachtel

COVID persists, but the COVID vaccine narrative has taken on so much water, the powers that be have stopped bailing, and are going to let these vaccines slowly sink – “But what do they have in store for us next?” – Meryl Nass

What’s two times zero? – “Moderna says its new Covid mRNA booster makes twice the Omicron antibodies. Think DAYS of extra protection. Yay! Also, what’s with the post-booster death Moderna went out of its way not to mention? Moderna incorrectly said that “there were no fatal events” in the trial. Well, no fatal events except for the death that occurred after someone received a 50-microgram booster dose, leading to a “study discontinuation.” ” – Alex Berenson

SARS-2 isn’t doing much of anything right now. – “And it is highly uncertain, whether it will ever do much of anything ever again.” – eugyppius

Deadly: COVID vaccine smoking gun; AstraZeneca CEO reveals the secret – “The usual destructive effects of the vaccine are not enough—there must be greater destruction” – Jon Rappoport

New CDC Center to Predict Pandemics, Provide ‘Outbreak Analytics and Science for Real-time Action’ – “the new center will also predict the future course of ongoing pandemics, in order to help public health officials to take preemptive measures” – Craig Bannister – JUST WHAT WE NEED. SOUNDS LIKE GIVING THEM MORE POWER TO CONTROL EVERYTHING!!!!

1 in 10 Surveyed Doctors Believe COVID Shots Aren’t Safe — But Is the Number Even Higher? – “A survey of primary care physicians conducted 11 months ago revealed one in 10 doctors don’t believe COVID-19 vaccines are safe or effective. Given what has transpired since that number is likely much higher.” – Madhava Setty, M.D.

7 Different Patented Poisons in CV19 Injections (VIDEO) with Karen Kingston – “The American people and global citizens were told the injections were vaccines. In fact, when you look at the patents, they call them bioweapons. They call them ‘toxins,’ they call them ‘agents of chemical biowarfare’. . . . Specifically, there is a 2017 patent related to what they are calling a ‘vaccine.’ The patent is titled ‘Vaccine Nanotechnology.’ . . .It is owned by the NIH, and when you read this nanotechnology patent in section 9, it clearly states in some embodiments, the small molecule is a toxin, a toxin from a chemical weapon, an agent of biowarfare.” – Greg Hunter

More Real World Data Confirms Masks Are Useless – “New data from the UK on mask usage is yet another nail in the coffin for masking” – Ian Miller

Get Ready for Forced Lockdowns as China is Once Again the Boiler Plate for What Comes Next – “Some in the Alternative media now seem to be coming to this understanding also, and now the corporate media is also addressing the issue, apparently warning Americans that lockdowns are coming soon to the U.S.” – Brian Shilhavy


Things Are Bad Now, But You Ain’t Seen Nothing – “All over the world, a great battle for food resources has begun. The Chinese saw this coming in advance, and so they have been engaged in the largest stockpiling program that any of us have ever seen. Has the U.S. been doing something similar? Of course not. When things get really bad in this country, you will be on your own. So I hope that you have been preparing for that.” – Michael Snyder

Information Warfare From Pre-History to Ukraine – “The Ukraine war is rife with information warfare from both sides, rising to a ubiquity and sophistication perhaps never seen before. Once again, technology plays a leading role. Beyond the powerful tool of television in information warfare, the internet, and particularly social media, has changed the game, though newspapers and TV still play their part. In fact, the conflict in Ukraine may be said to be the first major war in the social media era.” – Joe Lauria

The Lying Liars – “Most of what we consider public life in modern societies is public reactions to things done by the powerful. The New York Times makes up a new hoax and the week is spent on the hoax. The usual suspects swear by the obvious lies and normal people spend days picking apart the lies. This is the news cycle in a nutshell. There is very little news. Narrative journalism is just accepted these days. When you think of the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal as propaganda arms of their respective clients in the managerial elite, it all makes sense. Instead of the Ministry of Truth we have the mainstream media “speaking truth to power.”” – The Z Masn

NATO Is Invalid And The Nations In It Deserve What They Get – “Shipping arms into an area where armed conflict is either occurring or threatening to occur, where the destination is NOT a NATO member and thus is NOT subject to NATO’s mutual defense obligations is a clear violation of Article I. It is escalatory, it is a threat to use force or enables the actual use of force, and thus is a clear violation of Article I.” – Karl Denninger

The Ukraine Is Still Losing So What Is Its Plan? – “Is their hope that their daily over the top ‘Russia is losing’ propaganda will create enough political momentum for a large scale NATO intervention? That would end in a disaster for the NATO forces.” – Moon of Alabama

To Fight Russia, Europe’s Regimes Risk Impoverishment and Recession for Europe- Ryan McMaken

Western Sanctions Against Russia Have Failed, and We’re All Paying for It (VIDEO) – “Putin called sanctions a failure. There has been no talk of peace, only war.” – Gerald Celente

Black Hole: CNN Admits US “Doesn’t Really Know” What Happens to Weapons Sent to Ukraine – ‘Biden about to send another $800 million.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Easter Bunny Comforts POTUS (VIDEO) – “The President of the United States needed the Easter Bunny to prevent him from putting his foot in his mouth. You read that correctly. Biden began rambling about Pakistan and Afghanistan when the EASTER BUNNY strategically whisked him away. Perhaps Psaki or another handler should wear the Easter Bunny outfit to all of Biden’s public engagements.” – Martin Armstrong

The US Cries About War Crimes While Imprisoning A Journalist For Exposing Its War Crimes – “I mean, can we take a moment to deeply appreciate the irony of this? Because it’s so obscene and outrageous it’s actually hard to take in unless you really let it absorb. The most powerful government in the world, which serves as the hub of the most powerful empire that has ever existed, is working to extradite a journalist for exposing its war crimes while simultaneously rending its garments over war crime allegations against another government.” – Caitlin Johnstone

‘Journalism Is Not a Crime’: Outrage as Judge Approves Assange Extradition to US – “Extraditing Julian Assange to face allegations of espionage for publishing classified information would set a dangerous precedent and leave journalists everywhere looking over their shoulders.” – Jake Johnson

UK Court Order to Extradite Julian Assange to Heart of Darkness USA – ““Extraditing Assange would be a risk to his life.” “It would be equal to a death sentence.” “Julian’s life is in the hands of Priti Patel and Boris Johnson.” “They need to do the right thing.” What Assange endured in UK custody for the past three years revealed no BoJo regime concern for justice according to the rule of law — just the opposite.” – Stephen Lendman

Here’s What’s Next on the Globalist Calendar – “As you should know by now, the threat facing free humanity is not a secret conspiracy but a perfectly open one. Those seeking to monopolize the resources of the planet and institute a system of perfect technocratic control are, generally speaking, not secretive about their plans. On the contrary. Any number of publicly available records—from books and white papers to blog posts, fora and lectures—give an interested public plenty of lead time to prepare for the next steps in the unfolding globalist agenda.” – The Corbett Report

Just Shut Up Already, Harry – “I’ve written extensively about the phenomena I call “the lucky sperm,” those people who we only know who they are, and they have everything they have, because of who they were born to. These lucky sperm who cracked the egg bring no skills or talent to the table, but they do bring an inflated sense of entitlement and an insatiable urge to bite the hand that feeds them – perhaps there is none luckier than Prince Harry. Honestly, what does the concept of royalty mean in 2022? In reality, it means you were born rich and have been engrained with an insufferable sense of entitlement. Yet, Harry acts like he’s a prisoner. He wants all the trappings of royalty – the money, the fawning, the lifestyle – without any of the responsibilities. Hell, so do I. Who wouldn’t?  If Harry really wants to make the world “more equal” he could unburden himself of all the things that clearly weigh on him, starting with his title. He doesn’t have to have one, he could renounce the whole thing.” – Derek Hunter

Grassley calls out Biden’s ATF pick for wanting “expansive gun control” – Cam Edwards

Triggers don’t pull themselves – “People are starting to notice that leftist-inspired gun control just isn’t working very well. American liberals just cannot reconcile themselves with the Second Amendment. They still focus on the term “well-regulated militia,” as if membership in a military organization was necessary to be covered by the amendment. They seem to not be able to read farther and see the concluding phrase: “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” ” – Mark C. Ross

US Wants Pakistan to Turn Back to the Western Fold – “Despite Washington repeatedly saying that the US would not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, the overthrow of Imran Khan from the Pakistani Prime Ministership suggests otherwise if he is to be believed.” – Paul Antonopoulos

The Ouster Of Imran Khan: How Much Involvement Did the US Have in Pakistan’s Coup? – “Imran Khan joins the long list of deposed prime ministers and underscores the reality that, in Pakistan, whoever the people elect, the U.S.-backed military is always in charge.” – Alan Macleod


Inflationary Hell That’s About to Break Loose – “It is only a matter of time before Kiev surrenders to the Russians, with or without their clown-car president signing the armistice. But that deal will be so onerous from Washington’s perspective that it will not mark the end of the sanctions war, but will be an excuse for its actual intensification and indefinite prolongation. When that becomes the reality, however, inflationary hell will break out all over the place.” – David Stockman

The American Dream Is Dead: For The First Time, Less Than Half Of Americans Believe They’ll Ever Own A Home – Michael Every

Putin Knows The Monetary System Is A Credit Based Ponzi Scheme: Lawrence Lepard – Quoth the Raven

Americans Spending More, Getting Less and Borrowing More to Pay for It – Schiff Gold

Treasury Bond Massacre, Mortgage Rates Hit 5.35%, Highest since 2009, and it’s Only April – “But future bond buyers get the higher yields.” – Wolf Richter

What’s Your Plan A, B and C? – “Nothing unravels quite as dramatically as systems which are presumed to be rock-solid and forever.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.20EUR


Luke 2:1    And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.