The Unmasking of America – “In the last several weeks, the scenes in airports have been rather bizarre. Even as the rest of society in most places had the feel of total normalcy, in the airport the plague seemed everywhere. Covid protocols were doing nothing to stop the pandemic but plenty to make it a massive presence in our lives even if none of it was real anymore. But the airport was particularly strange. Why does the fear here exist but doesn’t exist a few miles down the road? Even a few days before the Florida judge issued a sweeping judgment against the Biden administration and the CDC, Biden had extended the mandate until May, just to make sure. “This is obviously a disappointing decision,” Jen Psaki said in response to the court judgment. ” – Jeffrey A. Tucker  – TOO BAD JEN. ARE WE REALLY GOING TO HAVE MORE OF HER ON MSNBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The war against Corona cannot be won, and so for many it will never end – “What will this mean, in five or ten years from now?” – eugyppius

Lockdown ideology remains a widespread global plague upon humanity – “Faucism infects Shanghai. To the ruling class, human rights are an afterthought.” – Jordan Schachtel

A brave judge ends the federal mask mandate – “The videos of maskless people celebrating on airplanes tell you everything you need to know about how much normal hated this infringement on their liberties.” – Andrea Widburg  – KUDOS TO THE JUDGE, THE SAD PART OF IT IS, THAT IF THE SHEEPLE HATED IT SO MUCH WHY DID THEY OBEY?  WHY DID THEY WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO DECIDE IT WASN’T OK. THIS WILL ALL HAPPEN AGAIN UNTIL THE SHEEP STAND UP ON THEIR OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never Forget: For 2 Years, Tyrants Locked Us Down, Forcibly Medicated Us, and Destroyed Our Livelihoods – Matt Agorist

Unmasking the truth – “Separating reality from perception. They are all going after the judge now, calling her unqualified and partisan (an odd flex after the “we love kenji” motif of just weeks ago) but it’s too late. It’s backfiring. Far too many love this outcome and they are just whistling to their own dogs and it’s not only plain to see how vapid and predictably prepatterned their assaults are. They just look small and hypocritical.” – El Gato Malo

Will Russia dump the WHO? – Edward Slavsquat

Famous Democrat consultant: FDA knew vaccine not safe and effective – “Naomi Wolf has teamed with health experts and attorneys to mobilize people to pore through the thousands of documents on the Pfizer vaccine trials that the FDA was forced to release through a lawsuit. On Monday, she summarized for Steve Bannon on “War Room” the biggest news from the findings, which are compiled on the website of her company Daily Clout. The FDA, the documents show, knew that the 100 microgram doses being administered during the trial suppressed the immune system, the white blood cells, Wolf said. The Pfizer trials, which are ongoing, have found that the mRNA-produced spike protein and the lipid nanoparticles used to deliver it were making people sick.” – Art Moore

COVID-shaming pits neighbour against neighbour in locked-down Shanghai – Reuters

Does NHS data show the pandemic started in 2019 (Months before officially declared) meaning lockdowns achieved nothing. – “A look at Emergency Admissions in England. Jay Bhattacharya recently tweeted that Covid antibodies were found in stored blood from Sept/Nov 2019 in European blood banks.” – The Naked Emperor – PARTIAL ARTICLE!!!!!!

This Nasal Wash May Help Prevent AND Treat COVID-19 – Dr. Peter McCullough

US medical establishment and health care system not so great – “Only some Americans get great health care” – Joel S Hirschhorn – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JOEL ON THE AMA, COVID, PHARMA AND TREATMENTS!!!!!

43,000 Deaths 4 MILLION Injuries Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions – Brian Shilhavy


The Latest Thing – “Yesterday a federal judge struck down the CDC mandate requiring passengers to wear ceremonial face coverings on public transport. The CDC appears to have conceded the point and will not appeal. They tried to front run the news by announcing the mandate has ended. The media has made sure to put the name and picture of the judge on all of their attack channels probably hoping that one of their lunatics goes bonkers over it. This is what is happening in America. People see the latest thing trending on Twitter and start learning about it through the media. When they see the latest thing is a fraud, they get mad about it. Then they see the next thing trending and forget all about the fraud of the previous thing. The Covid fraud is now the previous thing while Ukraine is now the latest thing. People are accepting the latest thing from the same people they know sold them the previous thing. This pattern works as long as the vast bulk of people are supplied with plenty of food, safety and entertainments” – The Z Man

Thinking Harder About False Flags and Other Fables – “Counting possible atrocities is warfare by other means. It is unclear who exactly in the band of rogues surrounding Biden is most responsible for the rhetorical flourishes and hyperbole, though one might assume that it is in a fact a group effort by a chorus of mental midgets, most of whom were inherited from the beatified Barack Obama’s Administration. Only Hillary is missing. But at the same time, one must wonder how if all the sobriquets inevitably fail to bring down Putin what plan B might be.” – Philip Giraldi

The Ultimate False Flag – Russia Nukes Ukraine – “Importantly for the narrative to gain traction is the claim that Russia is losing the war in Ukraine. Russia is losing the war in Ukraine, Putin is becoming desperate, and, so the Western media narrative goes, the next event for the world to expect is the Kremlin launching a nuclear attack on Ukraine. It won’t be with “normal” large strategic nuclear weapons, but rather with “low-yield” or tactical nukes – so we are prepped to expect.” – Karl Haki



Where’s the Truth? How the CIA Shapes the Minds of Americans – “Like Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, propaganda is pouring out of the US that is shaping our perceptions of the war in Ukraine. It is produced by the CIA, it is pronounced by the State Department and it is published by the media. It is coming from everywhere. The heroes and the villains were cast from the start. The media rewrote history and created the myth of the “unprovoked war.” ” – Ted Snider

The Buck Stops … Somewhere Else – “When my kids were little and something went wrong, they always pinned the blame on an absent friend. If there was a crayon drawing scrawled on the bedroom wall, they pointed to their buddy, Michael S. When an avalanche of toys came tumbling down the stairs, it must have been Michael’s fault. My boys seemed oblivious to the fact that Michael and his parents had been living in France for over a year. Joe Biden’s explanation for America’s troubles is about as convincing as my 4-year-old twins’.” – Charles Lipson .

‘Open Borders’ Biden Is Remaking America – ““Gotaways,” those who breach our borders without ever being stopped and identified by Border Patrol or other authorities, are now estimated at 30,000 a month. Among these clandestinely crossing our border monthly are cartel members, child molesters, drug traffickers and sex offenders. We don’t know who they are, but we do know where they are. They are now our neighbors inside our homeland.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Reporter Demands To Know When Biden Will Apologise To Border Agents Falsely Accused Of ‘Whipping’ Migrants (VIDEO) – “Biden previously vowed to ‘make them pay for what they did’. Completely brushing off the question, Psaki replied “There is a process and an investigation that’s gone through the Department of Homeland Security. I don’t have any update on that.”” – Steve Watson

Biden’s Been Building – Just Not Back Better – “Are Democrats cannibalizing their commander-in-chief?” – Sarah Cowgill

Jackboots Policing: No-Knock Raids Rip a Hole in the Fourth Amendment – “It’s the middle of the night. Your neighborhood is in darkness. Your household is asleep. Suddenly, you’re awakened by a loud noise. Someone or an army of someones has crashed through your front door. The intruders are in your home. You stand frozen, your hands gripping whatever means of self-defense you could find. Just that simple act—of standing frozen in fear and self-defense—is enough to spell your doom. The assailants open fire, sending a hail of bullets in your direction. You die without ever raising a weapon or firing a gun in self-defense. In your final moments, you get a good look at your assassins: it’s the police. Brace yourself, because this hair-raising, heart-pounding, jarring account of a no-knock, no-announce SWAT team raid is what passes for court-sanctioned policing in America today, and it could happen to any one of us.” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

Putin, Saudi Prince Vow To Continue OPEC+ Cooperation – Tsvetana Paraskova –

Why aren’t we talking about the Islamist uprising in Sweden? – “Freedom of speech must include the freedom to ridicule Islam.” – Brendan O’Neill

Operation Gladio: How NATO Conducted a Secret War Against European Citizens and Their Democratically Elected Governments – “Everyone is aware of the Iron Curtain speech delivered by Winston Churchill, who was no longer British Prime Minister by then, on March 5, 1946. However, it is not Churchill who is the originator of the phrase, but rather Nazi German Foreign Minister Count Lutz Schwerin von Krosigk who made a speech in Berlin on May 3, 1945, Following this German speech, only three days after the German surrender, Churchill wrote a letter to Truman, to express his concern about the future of Europe and to say that an “Iron Curtain” had come down. This sharing of policy between Nazi Germany and England should not come as a complete surprise.” – Cynthia Chung – PART 3 IN A 5 PART SERIES FROM CYNTHIA, THE FIRST TWO HAVE BEEN LINKED PREVIOUSLY!!!!!!!

EU Exhumes 18 Year Old Embezzlement Charges to Derail Le Pen Presidential Bid – “Given the context, the EU dragging up old charges is clearly an act of election interference intended to tarnish Le Pen before this weekend’s vote.” – Paul Joseph Watson  – IMAGINE THAT. MUST BE GETTING A LITTLE WORRIED ABOUT THEIR BUDDY, MACRON!!!!!

The US Military Is Training Third World Coup Leaders Again – “Americans should be experiencing an uneasy sense of déjà vu. In the last two years, U.S.-trained officers have overthrown West African governments at least four times. There are indications that other graduates have undermined civilian governments in other portions of the continent. But U.S. military officials have been less than informative.” – Ted Galen Carpenter

Gordon Chang on Whether or Not China Will Own the 21st Century (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

Telsa & Twitter… Musk is playing us… – “What nefarious plan does Musk have in mind for Twitter? How does it relate to his empire of cars, tunnels, satellites, rockets and neural-links? How real is it and how much is hype. What is Musk playing at? Your guess is as good as mine.” – Bill Blain

Heirloom vs Hybrid vs Open-Pollinated Seeds For The Prepper Garden – “In my opinion, decisions about heirloom vs hybrid vs open-pollinated comes down to seed saving. Although hybrids have their advantages too – just not seed saving.” – Ken Jorgustin


“A Corrupt Tree Bringeth Forth Evil Fruit” – “Today we lower our ax upon the root of America’s corrupt money tree… and expose its evil fruit… the fiat dollar. You may be aware of the corruption. If you are a regular reader you are likely aware of the corruption. Yet a man must occasionally recall himself to obvious truths. The nose upon his face is so obvious he scarcely notices the protuberance. It would do him well to remember at times. Turn now to the $20 bill nesting within your wallet. It is an asset to you, its holder. It represents a legal claim upon goods and services. But this $20 bill of yours lives a dual existence — one seen — one unseen. That is because your $20 asset is at once a $20 liability. You see the asset. You do not see the liability.” – Brian Maher

Here’s the Biggest Geopolitical Factor the Markets Haven’t Priced In… Yet – “The US government is bungling the geopolitical strategy on several levels. It will foster the partnership of Russia and China, which can act as a counterweight to the US. They are creating an alternative monetary and economic system outside of the dollar that billions of people worldwide could use. It’s a nightmare scenario for US strategists unfolding right now. With Russia and China teamed up economically and militarily, what you have is not just a credible challenge to the US. You have something that could be more powerful than the West. That will have enormous implications for the stock market, the US dollar, the euro, and monetary alternatives such as gold, silver, and Bitcoin.” – Nick Giambruno

A Couple of Thoughts on Big Numbers – “Let’s ask “cui bono” of the $33 trillion in added debt and the $9 trillion added to GDP: to whose benefit?” – Charles Hugh Smith

China Is Trying to Undermine the U.S. Dollar – “But China pushing its currency forward on the world stage is nothing new. Nor is its alliance with Russia… So today, I’m sharing an extract of Collusion with you. It’s all about China’s efforts to undermine the U.S. dollar and have its own currency recognized. It essentially amounted to a declaration of monetary policy warfare against the U.S. dollar and a challenge to the old economic order.” – Nomi Prins

Corn Exceeds $8 A Bushel For First Time In Decade On Shortage Fears – Tyler Durden

Is Team NWO Willing To Make A Deal, Or Are We Past The Rubicon – “No, not US corn at $8 a bushel, and rising. No, not US natural gas above $8 too, the highest since 2008, and rising. No, not fears of global rice prices also rising, one of the last food staples not to have soared so far, and potentially bringing global food (and geopolitical) insecurity to a whole new level. I am instead referring to the fact that 75bp Fed hikes are now the new 50bp: so says the St Louis Fed’s Bullard, who won’t rule out taking that kind of step as he targets getting Fed Funds to 3.5% by the end of this year. The last time we saw a 75bp Fed hike was November 1994 – the final blow in the Great Bond Massacre and the trigger for the Mexican Peso Crisis, which snowballed to the Asian Crisis of 1997-98 and the Russian Crisis of 1998.” – Michael Every

The Risk of a Market Crash Keeps Growing (VIDEO) – “A crash is coming. Because, if the bond market doesn’t crash, the stock market will. And if the bond market does crash, well then, the stock market is going to crash too. So, either way, at some point you’re going to get some kind of crash.” – Peter Schiff

Forget About a Soft Landing, What’s the Shape of the Hard Landing? – “A recession and hard landing is on the way. What will it look like?” – Mish

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.03EUR


Psalm 69:7    Because for thy sake I have borne reproach; shame hath covered my face.