Prioritizing life over disease ducking – “Watch as the jersey changing nears completion” – El Gato Malo – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM THE BAD CAT, AS WELL AS HIS OTHER ONE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vaccine Skeptics are the True Critical Thinkers – “We Overcame the Most Sophisticated Forms of Manipulation” – Igor Chudov

Letter to the California Legislature – “Vote NO on COVID Tyranny Bills AB2098, SB1390, AB1797, SB1464, SB871, SB866, & SB1479 The more research and data that has accumulated, the more evident it has become that the physicians who courageously challenged the propaganda machine were correct, while the policymakers were deadly wrong. Let’s look at a few examples: Masks: FAIL Lockdowns: FAIL Experimental injectable products (“vaccines”): FAIL Anti–early treatment protocols: FAIL Anti–natural immunity: FAIL Discrimination against the unvaccinated: FAIL Censoring information that contradicts the narrative: FAIL Abrogating human rights in the name of the public good: FAIL Incentivizing lethal CDC hospitalization protocols: FAIL Turning the world into an open-air prison: FAIL Indeed, the chiseled commandments issued from on high by the WHO, NIH, CDC, and FDA were so catastrophic, it’s like they were designed to fail.” – Margaret Anna Alice  – ANOTHER GOOD LETTER FROM MARGARET ANNA ALICE!!!!!

New science proves that merely BREATHING fights off respiratory viruses – now we know why they push masks – Ethan Huff

We may be entering the ‘down phase’ of the economic cycle – Simon Black

Know what’s about to go wrong by what the media is trying to normalize – The gaslights have become the headlights. Now, we’re seeing a huge push in claims of “long covid is everywhere and almost everyone gets or will get it!” that sure looks to me like the setup to try to hide what is about to be a massive sandal in long term mRNA jab injuries.” – El Gato Malo

Confidential Pfizer Document suggests ‘Covid Vaccine Shedding’ leading to ‘Menstrual Cycle Disruption’ and ‘Miscarriage’ is possible via ‘Skin-to-Skin Contact’ & ‘Breathing the same Air’ – The Expose


Thralldom and Its Uses – “America has had enough of being in thrall, especially to figures and forces dedicated to our destruction. This spring is the beginning of a national life with less stuff, including, looks like, stuff to eat. That will sure enough put folks in touch with something real, and then they will naturally have to do something about it. Centralized control of the population via trackable digital money is the last thing that will avail in the face of hunger and desperation. In fact, that is just another set of empty wishes and promises. The reality is that centralized government, such as the one in Washington DC, is less and less in control of anything — except the manufactured pretense that it can fix the problems of less stuff and decaying money. We are lately in thrall to the melodrama in Ukraine, largely engineered by figures and forces in our own government and for their own ends, which look suspiciously at odds with the nation’s actual interests (the nation being us, its people).” – James Howard Kunstler

Chinese Lockdowns Expand, Raising More Questions About Beijing’s Motives For Shutting Down – “Growing lockdowns in China have me believing more and more that the country isn’t exactly crestfallen about the supply chain crisis it is creating for the rest of the world. – Quoth the Raven – GOOD ARTICLE FROM THE RAVEN!!!!!

Yes, I am a Conspiracy Realist: All Government Is Conspiracy – “The CIA created and heavily marketed term, “conspiracy theorist,” a term invented to marginalize any questioning of the politically-plotted murder of JFK at the hands of the CIA, FBI, Johnson, and others, is still heavily in use today. It is still used to stop any supported argument, any facts, or even any discussion concerning disagreement with the state sponsored narrative. Anyone who utters this ignorant, idiotic, and useless phrase as a way of ‘argument,’ should be immediately ignored as they have not the intelligence to speak to any critical thinking individual.” – Gary D. Barnett – ANOTHER GOOD ONE. GARY HAS BEEN ON A  ROLL, LATELY!!!!!

American Commissars – “Social media platforms are aggressively censoring all who challenge the dominant narrative on Ukraine, the ruling Democratic Party, the wars in the Middle East and the corporate state.” – Chris Hedges

The Deferentials – “Let’s have a thought experiment. Suppose that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Cuban president Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez issued a joint announcement stating that North Korea had accepted an invitation to install some of its nuclear missiles in Cuba. The announcement made it clear that although the missiles could reach any American city, they would be entirely for the defense of Cuba, not for the purpose of attacking the United States. However, we know that as an indisputable fact, the Pentagon and the CIA would never permit North Korea to install nuclear missiles in Cuba, In our thought experiment, suppose the Pentagon and the CIA launched a war against Cuba to prevent North Korean missiles from being installed in Cuba, just as Russia has launched an invasion of Ukraine to prevent U.S. nuclear missiles from being installed in Ukraine. Question: Who would the U.S. mainstream media support in such a war? There is no question what the answer is.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

“Toto, I Don’t Think We’re in Kansas Anymore” – “The US today is not be ruled by dictatorship (although, to some, it may well feel that way.) But, if that’s the case, what form of rule does exist in the US? At its formation, the founding fathers argued over whether the United States should be a republic or a democracy.  At that time, Benjamin Franklin has been credited as saying, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.” Very well stated.” – Jeff Thomas

This War Is A Propaganda Campaign Wrapped In A Psyop – “The country with the worst elections in the western world, whose government intervenes in foreign elections more than any other government on earth, is waging a dangerous proxy war to save democracy in Ukraine, a nation which is not a democracy by any reasonable definition.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Willing Victims – “Word has begun to trickle out of Ukrainian and Russian channels on-line that the Zelensky government has ordered the remaining holdouts in the city of Mariupol to fight to the last man. This is one of those glimpses into the heart of the issue. The Ukrainian government does not care at all about the Ukrainian people. These nationalists, like the civilian population, are just low value pieces on the board. The real issue is the long running proxy war against Russia. Zelensky is just a cat’s paw for the neocons in Washington who are running this war. They back him because he does what he is told and he does what he is told because he will retire an extraordinarily rich man. Of course, the nationalist who rushed to back the Zelensky regime now find themselves supporting a craven lunatic. This is the trouble with living in the world of abstractions and theoretical concepts.” – The Z Man

“One less traitor”: Zelensky oversees campaign of assassination, kidnapping and torture of political opposition – Max Blumenthal and Esha Krishnaswamy

Whose Security? Sweden, Finland, NATO’s Expansion Towards Russia – “Two neutral countries, Finland and Sweden, are seriously contemplating NATO membership, as did Ukraine. Will this increase security for these two countries? On its face, one lesson to be drawn from the war between Russia and Ukraine is that Russia sees NATO membership on its border as a threat to its security, and it will act to protect its security. Why then would any country that has been in relatively peaceful co-existence with Russians since the end of WWII seek a change in that status quo that may very well diminish or destroy that peaceful coexistence?” – Kim Petersen

The Hidden Truth Behind War With Russia – “The plot behind Ukraine is far deeper than anyone is willing to talk about publically.” – Martin Armstrong  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the NYT Incapable of Truth-Telling? – “Is the Times so addicted to fake news over the real thing that it’s no longer capable of reporting truth and full disclosure? On all things related to Russia and its special military operation in Ukraine, fake news alone is featured. Not a kernel of straight talk seeps through. Its latest edition is no different from earlier ones. Here’s how the Times portrays remaining Nazified Ukrainian thugs holed up in Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant.” – Stephen Lendman

Massive immigration: humane or an invasion at the end of the Empire? – “The American Immigration Council reports that, as of 2019, there were 44.9 million immigrants living in the US. In case you’ve been living in a cave, the Biden administration is trying its best to make the southern border a sieve. But of course, this is a humane act. It has to be. Otherwise, it’s a plan to overwhelm public services, ramp up the Democratic vote, and generally stage a soft invasion whose result will be catastrophic.” – Jon Rappoport

59 Labs Around World Handle the Deadliest Pathogens – Only 1 in 4 Score High on Safety – Rhoda Wilson

Teen Opioid Deaths Have Surge 350% Thanks To Rise Of Fentanyl – Tyler Durden

From Rachel Carson to Monsanto: The Silence of Spring – “Former Monsanto Chairman and CEO Hugh Grant is currently in the news. He is trying to avoid appearing in court to be questioned by lawyers on behalf of a cancer patient in the case of Allan Shelton v Monsanto. His lawyers state that Grant does not have “any expertise in the studies and tests that have been done related to Roundup generally, including those related to Roundup safety”. Gillam notes that the court filings state that Grant’s testimony “would be of little value” because he is not a toxicologist, an epidemiologist, or a regulatory expert and “did not work in the areas of toxicology or epidemiology while employed by Monsanto”. In a just (and sane) world, CEOs would be held personally responsible for the products they peddle and earn millions from. But no doubt they would do their utmost to dodge culpability. After all, they were ‘just doing their job’ – and they would not want to feel harassed or burdened, would they?” – Colin Todhunter

Oops! Diversity officials complain about a DJ in ‘blackface’ only to be informed he actually is African American – “According to the account in the U.K. Daily Mail, The two eager-to-be-offended diversicrats are Jill Lassen, co-chair of the Scottsdale Parent Council’s diversity, equity and inclusion committee …and… [Stuart] Rhoden … an instructor at Arizona State University who also serves on the Scottsdale school district’s Equity and Inclusion Committee.” – Thomas Lifson  – OH, MY! A BLACK PERSON IS TOO BLACK. I GUESS WHEN YOU FORM A COMMITTEE LIKE THIS, YOU HAVE TO BITCH ABOUT SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 Factors Which Are About To Make The Coming Food Shortages Even Worse – Michael Snyder

Some reasons to suspect that subway shooting didn’t really happen – “There’s actually NO reason to believe a single thing “our free press” tells us” – Mark Crispin Miller

Do You Want To Benefit Planet Earth? – “Then let’s have a bill at the Federal Level which imposes the following on manufacturers of all consumer products selling for more than $100.” – Karl Denninger – THIS IS ACTUALLY AN INTERESTING ARTICLE FROM KARL. QUESTIONING WHY THEY DON’T MAKE REPAIRABLE PRODUCTS AND SUPPLY SAID PARTS TO REPAIR THEM!!!!!

Marine Le Pen warns Macron against ‘insults, fake news and excesses’ as the pair prepare to do battle in TV debate with presidential race goes down to the wire – Tom Brown


Blame Powell, Not Putin or ‘Greedy’ Corporations, for Price Hikes – Ron Paul

Just Six Wall Street Firms Borrowed $116.83 Billion from the Fed’s Money Market Bailout Fund – 72 Percent of the Total – “The Federal Reserve has set up a veritable obstacle course to prevent the public from drilling down to see that just six big Wall Street firms received the lion’s share of loans from its emergency funding facility called the Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility (MMLF).” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The Inflation Problem Goes Much Deeper Than Biden – “Biden and his handlers certainly deserve some blame. However, today’s price inflation has more to do with the policies rammed through during Biden’s decades serving in the US Senate, than his first year as President. There are others who cannot be allowed to avoid scrutiny and blame. Biden is just one of hundreds of feckless and irresponsible politicians who spent the last 50 years undermining the U.S. currency. Decades of unrestrained federal borrowing and spending and policies which hollowed out the U.S. economy have left the Federal Reserve Note vulnerable to rapid depreciation.” – Clint Siegner

Rules Don’t Apply & “Mistakes” Don’t Matter if You’re Rich in America’s Golden Age of Fraud – “Everyone from executives to government officials are apparently above the law” – Occupy the Fed Movement

TOP TREND ‘DRAGFLATION’: Troubles Loom for Central Banksters (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

Margin Debt Drops Further amid Imploded Highfliers & Broad Stock Market Sell-Off: Not a Good Sign for Stocks – “There are other types of stock market leverage, and no one knows how much leverage there is in total. Margin debt is the only reported indicator.” – Wolf Richter

Gold Rises to Five-Week High With Growing Risks Boosting Havens – Ranjeetha Pakiam and Yvonne Yue Li

The Reintegration Of Gold And Silver Into The Global Monetary System (VIDEO) – Dave Kranzler

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.86EUR


1 Peter 2:15    For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men: