Go Ahead, Defend It Now – “Pick one. Masks, social distancing, kids in schools/not in schools, swabs-up-nose, etc. It’s all bull****, and you saw it on display last night. A packed-full stadium with exactly nobody distancing anything and zero mask enforcement of any sort. They didn’t even try to fake it. If you send your kid to school and let him or her put up with this crap today for one more minute you’re a monster. If you put up with it anywhere for another 15 minutes yourself then you’re stupid.” – Karl Denninger

Serious Unaddressed Business – “Two unattended very serious problems are the continuing research in weaponizing viruses and making them contagious that is financed by Fauci at NIH and by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the absence of medical research about how to help those whose health is damaged by the mRNA vaccines.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Are They Finally Admitting Natural Immunity? – “In late January, the CDC published a report that made what might have been regarded as a shocking claim. If you have had Covid, the CDC demonstrated in a chart, you gain robust immunity that is better than that of vaccination, especially concerning duration. So there: the CDC says it. So nonchalant! So uneventful! Had the knowledge of risk gradients and immunities been in the forefront of policy makers’ minds – instead of wild fear and obsequious deference to Fauci – we would have focused on protecting the vulnerable and otherwise allowed society to function normally so that the virus would become endemic.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

What’s With All The HIV & AIDS Headlines in The MSM Lately? – “Is the mainstream media preemptively covering for the next AIDS epidemic caused by the “vaccines”? Or is this even more sinister? Let’s take a look at the headlines flooding the news lately. They all seem to be pointing us in one direction: immune system depletion.” – Mac Slavo

“HIV Passports Are the New Globalist Trojan Horse” – “First they used travel bans and Covid19 fearmongering, but it didn’t work to get a large enough numbers of the young hooked on digital IDs to balance those resisting them, so now they are using sex and the fear of AIDS to usher in their digital ID system for the next generations.” – Diana West

Christina Berndt, lunatic journalist: We need mandatory vaccination, not mandatory reopening – eugyppius

MIRACLE-GRO FOR TUMORS – “It is one thing to plant a seed. It is another for it to grow successfully. It must have the right environment – and tumors must have the right microenvironment. It has been established that the Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2 impairs DNA Damage repair while simultaneously downregulating tumor suppressor proteins p53 and BRCA. This is the “planting the seed” part of establishing micrometastatic disease without a primary tumor. For those who are not familiar, most cancer patients die of METASTASIS. This is when their tumor spreads to other parts of the body and is almost universally initially undetectable. This is referred to as “occult metastasis.” But, what would happen if you generated occult metastases WITHOUT having the initial tumor present? You would indeed have an immense number of oncogenic “black holes” roaming your body. ” – W. Chesnut  – INTERESTING HYPOTHESIS!!!!!

Former FDA Commissioner and Current Pfizer Board Member Scott Gottlieb Admits Not Enough Children Under 5 Have COVID to Test Vaccine – “Scott Gottlieb is the poster boy for everything that is wrong with America today. He was the top dog at the FDA being appointed as its Commissioner from May 11, 2017 to April 5, 2019 before joining the Board of Directors of Pfizer. This morning CNBC interviewed him to explain why the FDA decided to delay approving Pfizer’s COVID-19 shots for children between the ages of 6 months and 4 years old. Gottlieb was NOT interviewed as a guest, but as a “CNBC contributor,” which means he also works for the corporate media. (Or the corporate media works for him, might be a better way of phrasing that.)” – Brian Shilhavy

See the CDC corruption for yourself – “It’s in plain sight in this paper in JAMA about myocarditis rates by CDC authors. I can’t even figure out how VAERS could be overreported since the system should eliminate duplicates unless there is a bug. But the key thing here is they did absolutely nothing to attempt to quantify the underreporting factor (URF).” – Steve Kirsch


The Mind Control Police: The Government’s War on Thought Crimes and Truth-Tellers – “The U.S. government, which speaks in a language of force, is afraid of its citizenry. What we are dealing with is a government so power-hungry, paranoid and afraid of losing its stranglehold on power that it is conspiring to wage war on anyone who dares to challenge its authority. All of us are in danger. In recent years, the government has used the phrase “domestic terrorist” interchangeably with “anti-government,” “extremist” and “terrorist” to describe anyone who might fall somewhere on a very broad spectrum of viewpoints that could be considered “dangerous.” The ramifications are so far-reaching as to render almost every American an extremist in word, deed, thought or by association.” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead  – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM JOHN AND NISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1989 Again? – “Tiananmen Square happened 33 years ago, in China. It is perhaps about to happen again – in Canada. The country’s’ GC dictator – the word is accurate because even though Justin Trudeau was elected, he has been ruling by decree for some time now – just announced his determination to continue imposing his will against all who dare to express opposition to it via Canada’s Emergencies Act. And there is an “emergency,” alright. The psychological power of the Cult of Sickness Eternal is waning – and along with it, the powers of people like Justin Trudeau.” – Eric Peters

Trudeau has gone too far – Toronto Sun Editorial

Canada’s Trudeau Usurps Dictatorial Powers – “On Monday, Canada’s tinpot despot Trudeau revealed the true measure of his dark side. In similar fashion to how Adolph Hitler usurped dictatorial powers in 1933 by invoking Nazi Germany’s Enabling Act circumvention of constitutional law, Trudeau mimicked his action by invoking Canada’s Emergencies Act for the first time in Canada’s history — when no emergency exists. Canadians across the board should denounce it by taking to the streets in greater numbers. Like his Western counterparts, Trudeau and likeminded regime hardliners are enemies of what rule of law governance is all about. By usurping dictatorial powers, their legitimacy no longer exists.” – Stephen Lendman

Justin Trudeau must be stopped: Canadian PM invokes martial law against peaceful protesters – “Trudeau goes full tyrant, suspends civil liberties and invokes martial law.” – Jordan Schachtel

Trudeau’s State Media Labels ‘Freedom’ A “Far Right” Concept – “CBC piece claims freedom is now a “malleable term” and is “open to interpretation”” – Steve Watson

Are You Better Off Than You Were A Year Ago? – “Turn the clock back a year. President Joe Biden, just weeks after taking office, was pitching his American Rescue Plan, saying that “It’s big, and it’s bold. And it’s a real answer to the crisis we’re in.” Biden promised that the $2 trillion spending spree would “generate more growth, higher incomes, a stronger economy, and our nation’s finances will be in a stronger position.” We’d be at “full employment by the beginning of next year.” Well, here it is. Next year. And nothing Biden promised has come to pass. By most measures, in fact, we’re worse off than we were before Biden “rescued” us.” – I & I Editorial Board

The Official Story – “In the official story, the United States and its allies are always on the right side of every international conflict, and it is only by a series of unfortunate accidents and intelligence blunders that this alliance is killing far more people with military violence and starvation sanctions than any other power structure in today’s world. The news media feed us accurate information about each and every one of those conflicts, explaining truthfully why each country’s government needs to be toppled to free the people of that nation, and it is only by coincidence that we suddenly stop getting news reports about how those people are doing once they have been liberated from their tyrannical oppressors.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Killing the Bill of Rights – “Democrats repress dissent to stay in power” – Philip Giraldi

The bomb that exploded in the Capitol Building, a terrorist, and Black Lives Matter – “So-called radicals rioting in the streets are bankrolled by elites. But the radicals want to destroy the elites. Wait, what? Read on…” – Jon Rappoport

What If This Whole ‘Ukraine Invasion’ Was A Hoax? – “What if it’s just Russia doing what Russia loves doing – saber rattling – and nothing else? Joe Biden needs a distraction from a lot of things, inflation being chief among them. It makes sense that he’s spewing things in such a panicked way that even the President of Ukraine is confused by it. You’d think the leader of the country “on the verge” of being invaded would be sounding the loudest alarm, but he’s not. The American President is.” – Derek Hunter

Tulsi Gabbard Points Out the ‘Biggest Threat’ to U.S. Democracy – “” – Katie Pavlich

Why The Media Have Ignored Durham Bombshell – “With breaking news over the weekend that Special Counsel John Durham has alleged Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign conspired to spy on Donald Trump as a candidate and as president, one might think this story would dominate headlines. And yet, as it turns out, mention of Durham and his findings are information non grata for the majority of the prominent left-leaning news outlets. That the Fourth Estate has determined this story is not to be seen by the public is made more astonishing by the fallout that came soon after the Durham revelations.” – Mark Angelides

We’re Still Waiting, Washington Post, for Your Story on Clinton Spying – Scott Whitlock  – WA PO, THE NY TIMES, CNN AND MSNBC, NONE OF THEM WILL REPORT JACK-SH*T ON ANY OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Latest Durham revelations put Biden’s national security adviser in uneasy light – “Jake Sullivan testified in 2017 it was “absurd” to suggest the Clinton campaign spread “fake Russian information.” Court evidence says otherwise.” – John Solomon

CNN’s unhinged war on Joe Rogan – “We’re witnessing the death throes of a media empire. Dozens of think pieces have already barnacled on to this affair. But none has matched the hysteria, none has come close to the gibbering, the absolutely hat-stand, biscuit-barrel bizarreness of the ‘analysis’ presented by CNN over the weekend.” – Simon Evans

Whoopi’s back, and she hasn’t learned anything – “After a highly publicized two-week pinch-on-the-wrist suspension for displaying her ignorance, trivializing and distorting the Shoah, (Holocaust) on the chick chat show, The View, Caryn Elaine Johnson, AKA Whoopi Goldberg, returned to a highly publicized, rousing welcome from her like-minded co-hosts.” – Ethel C. Fenig

Walmart Has Started Putting Steaks Inside “Locked Metal Cages” To Keep Shoplifters From Taking Them – Michael Snyder

States of Emergency (VIDEO) – “As we enter the Age of Biosecurity, we find ourselves living in a state of emergency. But what does this actually mean? And what does it imply about our way forward?” – The Corbett Report

5G KILL CITIES: INNOVATING DEPOPULATION (VIDEO) with Deborah Tavares. – “Words of warning about Rothschild, smart cities,UN Agenda 2030 and the 5G kill grid from Deborah Tavares. This interview is from 2018 and everything Deb warned us about has come to pass.” – SGT Report

Farming the air – “You are built almost entirely out of carbon dioxide and water. So is all the food you eat. Likewise for all the energy you use moving about and staying alive. Carbon dioxide and water! In short the carbon dioxide in the air is the global food supply. This is why all life on Earth is said to be “carbon based”. The climate alarmists play a tricky word game here. They call carbon dioxide “pollution” and wind and solar power “clean.” Our food supply is not pollution. Nor is emitting carbon dioxide (which we all do when we exhale) unclean. This is just false advertising. Watching a child grow is watching processed carbon dioxide be reprocessed.” – David Wojick

Is Russia self-sufficient? Washington threatens sanctions, again, for the 10,000th time. – “Does Moscow care?” – Edward Slavsquat

Russia Withdraws Troops From Ukraine Border After Media Said Invasion Was Imminent – ““Western propaganda failed,” claims Kremlin.” – Paul Joseph Watson

The End Of Empire – “The question that has not been given much consideration over the last few decades is how exactly will the Global American Empire end? Like every empire before it, the Global American Empire will end. This may be what we are seeing with the current crisis in Europe over Ukraine. Russia is well past the dissolution of the Soviet Empire. Europe has also evolved past the old arrangements made necessary by the Cold War. The only player stuck in the past is the Global American Empire, which is carrying on like it is 1960. We are now seeing the hints of the end for the American empire in Europe.” – the Zman


Price Inflation Rates Shoot Above the 1980 Peak – “Americans get fed a lot of BS when it comes to price inflation. Prices in the U.S. are rising faster than they were in the late 1970s when gasoline shortages triggered an economic crisis. Today, supply chain disruptions and exploding prices are also nearing crisis levels. Meanwhile, there has been a dramatic rise in dishonesty amongst politicians, bankers, and the corporate press on this subject. They hide the truth on inflation for a couple of reasons.” – Clint Siegner

Clockwork Markets’ Horror-Show – “Markets, central banks, and governments all like things to go like clockwork – in the case of stocks, upwards. Yet all are now confused by a situation that looks like a potential horror-show: that word, and the language and the dark humour that created it, just prompted real volatility.” – Michael Every

Don’t Dismiss the Possibility of Gold Confiscation – Jeff Thomas

Let’s Talk “Fed Policy Error,” Pushers and Addiction – “To talk about the Federal Reserve raising rates and reducing “easing” as a policy error is like saying the fentanyl addict who reduces his daily dose is making a policy error.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Now on the Fed’s Table: Sell Bonds Outright to Push Up Long-Term Yields, Steepen the Yield Curve, and Get Rid of MBS – ““It could be a bumpy time”: Kansas City Fed President.” – Wolf Richter

Since the Fed Announced It Was “Tapering” Last November, It’s Actually Added $332 Billion in Liquidity with New Debt Security Purchases – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Martial law in Canada: it’s never been riskier to NOT own bitcoin – Mark E. Jeftovic

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 14.03EUR


Hosea 4:7    As they were increased, so they sinned against me: therefore will I change their glory into shame.


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