They all “died suddenly” just this past week (February 8-14) – “Before we note all those whose “sudden deaths” made news just this past week—“unexpected deaths” with no reported cause, or due to heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, cardiac arrest or swift, aggressive cancers (all known to be “adverse events” post-“vaccination”)—let’s review how this unprecedented global spike in sudden death has been deliberately obscured by “our free press.”” – Mark Crispin Miller

Your mask ennobles me – “Of all the utterly discredited non-pharmaceutical interventions around covid, perhaps none stands as pervasive in its application and as universal in its failure as masks. It was a flat out cargo cult belief set from the beginning and the inefficacy of this purported intervention was known and knowable beforehand and was confirmed, again and again, by all the emerging data.” – El Gato Malo

FDA Executive Officer on Hidden Camera Reveals Future COVID Policy: ‘Biden Wants To Inoculate As Many People As Possible…Have to Get an Annual Shot’ (VIDEO) – “FDA Executive Officer, Christopher Cole: “You’ll have to get an annual shot [COVID vaccine]. I mean, it hasn’t been formally announced yet ‘cause they don’t want to, like, rile everyone up.”” – Project Veritas

A Highly Virulent Form Of The Bird Flu Is Starting To Spread Like Wildfire Across Several Eastern States – “Long before COVID ever came along, bird flu was one of the main threats that global health authorities were concerned about. The good news is that human cases of the bird flu have been fairly rare in recent years, but just like COVID, bird flu has the ability to mutate rapidly.” – Michael Snyder

BioNTech Introduces the BioNTainer – “Creepy new vaporware vaccine factories for Africa. The message: Africa will be a vaccine importer no longer. Soon, Africans will get their own factories, just like we have here. Well, kind of. Actually, probably not. In other words, these aren’t mobile factories at all; they’re just containers full of laboratory equipment with cool green lighting and an emergency eyewash station.” – eugyppius

Can Super-Shots and ‘Morality Pills’ End COVID? – “Many experts are now admitting the pandemic is over and done with, but the pandemic industrial complex is not willing to let go of its brand-new golden goose. As discussed in the 2019 Milken Institute meeting, they’re in hot pursuit of universal mRNA-based “super-shots.”” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Decoding mRNA Research Findings… …and What it Means for the Vaccinated (VIDEO) – “We’ve been told that mRNA vaccines degrade within the human body in a few hours, or days at most, and that the spike proteins they generate would also be gone in days or hours. A new peer-reviewed study in the journal CELL reveals that in some people mRNA and the spike protein can be detected in their lymph nodes up to 8 weeks later! This is shocking.” – Chris Martenson

The elite unmasked – “Of course celebs don’t wear masks – Covid rules are only for the little people.” – Brendan O’Neill

A “Striking” Link Between Vitamin D Levels and Omicron – “Low levels are associated with the severity of Omicron and other variants.” – Richard E. Cytowic M.D.


The Bear, The Park Ranger and The Comic – “Imagine the world is a forest and Ukraine is a campsite and not a country. It’s a campsite that has a campsite manager who represents all citizens and is their embodiment. From 2010-2014 the campsite manager was Grizzly Adams who was friendly with a bear who came to visit the campsite from time to time. This bear is of course the embodiment of Putin and all the people of Russia. The bear and Adams got along splendidly and traded things that were useful to each other. Things were good until…” – The Good Citizen  – GREAT ALLEGORY ON THE UKRAINE SITUATION FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!!!!

All Of Joe Biden’s Problems Are Someone Else’s Fault – “Joe Biden has not given Americans any reason to believe he understands the issues facing our country, let alone has plans to solve them.” – Bob Anderson

Can we trust the Dem reversal of masks and mandates? – “They have no intention of giving up this position permanently. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer spoke with the outlet’s medical analyst, Dr. Leana Wen, where she called for the end of mask mandates in order to “preserve the ability of public health authorities to reinstitute mandates in the future” the next time a new variant is discovered. I repeat: do not forget that these people have been revealed as tyrants for the past two years. They leveraged their positions of trust to gain power and by all indications appear willing and eager to do it all again when it suits them next. The media will once again help them do it. Only “We the People” can stop it.” – Linnea Lueken

Justin Trudeau Said He Admired China’s Dictatorship. Canadians Should Have Believed Him – “Justin Trudeau’s 2013 comment expressing his “level of admiration” for China’s dictatorial regime was a red flag on how he sees power” – Jon Miltimore

Canada invokes Emergencies Act to seize convoy funding – “Clearly the government think the easiest way to break the blockades and protests is to go after their money.” – Kit Knightly

Famous Canadians quiet as mice about the Truckers – “They’re not taking sides. Unless I’m missing their statements, the silence is deafening. What? Not interested? No balls? They’re Americans now, with amnesia about their pasts? Nothing? No strong support for Trudeau? No words of encouragement for the truckers? Just total avoidance? Meanwhile, little rich boy Trudeau is seizing bank accounts of people donating to the truckers…” – Jon Rappoport

New Zealand’s Ardern to deliver Harvard commencement in person, while prohibiting non-compliant citizens from leaving the country – “Hypocrisy of the Police State. That’s right. This supposedly dedicated committed climate change activist will take a 9,100 mile flight from Wellington to Boston. Meanwhile, back in New Zealand, Kiwis continue to come out in droves to protest the Ardern-led self-siege policy. In recent days, large groups have demonstrated in front of parliament to showcase their disdain for the regime.” – Jordan Schachtel  – DOESN’T SPEAK TOO WELL ON HARVARD AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED, EITHER. BUT THEN AGAIN, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM AN EDUCATION SYSTEM THAT IS ALL ABOUT INDOCTRINATION!!!!!!!

The January 6 Pipe Bombs Look Like Another FBI Hoax – “No one still trying to convince the public that two pipe bombs were planted near the Capitol in advance of January 6 can be believed.” – Julie Kelly

Two intriguing points about the Durham allegations – “However, with the Durham revelations, my guess is that the Democrats will offer Hillary up as a sacrificial lamb for the party. She’ll be asked to take responsibility with the promise that she’ll get no prison time. Instead, she’ll just retire from the public eye, having taken one for the party and protected both the Sainted Barack Obama and the current White House occupant. The problem with this theory is that it’s hard to see Hillary going down quietly.” – Andrea Widburg  – GOOD ARTICLE. DIVES DEEP INTO THE TANGLED WEB, AND BOY IS IT EVER TANGLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Media Vapors: How Special Counsel John Durham Has Triggered a Media Meltdown – “While the media has largely buried or downplayed the disclosures by Durham on the origins of the Russian conspiracy claims, Durham keeps adding new details implicating top Democratic figures in what he describes as an ongoing investigation. You can only hold your breath so long and Durham shows no signs that he is done by a long shot.” – Jonathan Turely

Democrats, the More Effective Evil – “The U.S. is a de facto one-party state where the ideology of national security is sacrosanct, unsustainable debt props up the empire and the primary business is war.” – Chris Hedges

US Accuses Zero Hedge of Spreading Russian Propaganda, Who’s Next? – “Intelligence agencies feel the need to sling arrows at Zero Hedge anonymously. What a hoot. It’s no wonder people turn to Zero Hedge looking at the unbelievable garbage coming from the US state department time and time again. Does anyone recall the lies that kicked off the Vietnam War? ” – Mish  – HOW DARE YOU TELL THE TRUTH AND EXPOSE U.S. PROPOGANDA, YOU COMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Russian Propaganda” Means Disputing US Propaganda – Caitlin Johnstone

Associated Press Runs Counter-Intelligence for Clinton Campaign by Attacking Zero Hedge – “Desperately needing a scapegoat to take attention off their own ineptitude in failing to cover how Hillary was colluding with spy agencies to create anti-Russian propaganda against Donald Trump, they came out with a story today to try to take some of the heat off poor besmirched Hillary by claiming Zero Hedge is a Russian propaganda site” – David Haggith

Drudge Is Dead – “What exactly has happened to the formerly must-read Drudge Report? Yet today, it is the Drudge Report that is Newsweek. The Drudge Report might quaintly sport the same typeface it used in the early days of the Internet, but on Sunday and then all day and all evening Monday, a story of Lewinskyesque scale rocked the nation’s capital. But if the Drudge site is your go-to news source, you might never have known on Monday that Durham did anything. The site offered its readers nary a link nor a word – though it did serve them up about a dozen links to sensationalist stories on the Super Bowl and off-field pro football escapades;” – I & I Editorial Board  – DRUDGE IS JUST PROPOGANDA NOW, BASICALLY A CNN OF THE ALT MEDIA. THAT’S WHY THEY GO AFTER SITES LIKE ZERO HEDGE AND ANY OTHERS THAT DON’T GO ALONG WITH THE NARRATIVE!!!!!!

Tulsi Gabbard: ‘Power Elite’ Will ‘Silence & Cancel Anyone Who Dares Question’ Biden – “Former Democrat congresswoman issues warning about the ‘bigger issue’ with censorship” – Jay Greenberg

Ukraine Invasion Scheduled for Wednesday Canceled – “’Foiled again!’ rose the cry from those expecting Russian President Vladimir Putin to step out of character and risk war, just as he finally succeeds in getting the U.S. to take Russia’s security concerns seriously – and even address them. Has AP Learned a Lesson? Over recent weeks, AP’s ace reporter Matthew Lee and colleagues had been repeatedly led down the White House garden path by the likes of broken-record “the-Russians-are-coming-and-it-could-be-Wednesday” national security adviser Jake Sullivan.” – Ray McGovern

So Biden, Sullivan, Stoltenberg, UK PM & defense officials, presstitutes, where is the “Russian Invasion”? – “So Biden, where is the “imminent Russian Invasion of Ukraine?” Where, Jake Sullivan, is the “major military action that could begin any day now?” Where UK government, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, NY Times, Bloomberg, Washington Post, BBC, and the rest of the presstitutes are the Russian hordes that are supposed to be overrunning Ukraine?”” – Paul Craig Roberts

Ukraine weirdness: Views from Russia – “War canceled? War inevitable? A sample of hot takes from across Russian media. Today’s the big day! According to various British tabloids, the invasion of Ukraine is expected to begin any minute now.” – Edward Slavsquat

No Russian Invasion of Ukraine in Sight on the Biden Regime’s Designated D-Day – “No evidence indicates a Russian invasion of any nation is planned or forthcoming. Yet on Tuesday, the fake Biden recited pre-scripted lines via teleprompter about an invented Russian threat to Ukraine that doesn’t exist.” – Stephen Lendman

Russia Mocks US, Requests ‘Full List Of Ukraine Invasion Dates’ For Year Ahead – ” ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova on Wednesday jokingly requesting of the US and UK governments and media to go ahead and publish a schedule of Russia’s “upcoming invasions” of Ukraine for the current year. She said that she’s worried about timing her vacations so they don’t get interrupted by her country’s scheduled invasions…” – Tyler Durden

Biden Suddenly Discovers That Russians, Ukrainains Share “Deep Ties of Family, History, and Culture” – “When it’s convenient for him. Biden, who was Obama’s point-man on Euromaidan, suddenly discovers that Russia and Ukraine share “deep ties of family.” At the time these “deep ties” did not prevent Biden from trying to violently break them. When one half of Ukraine violently removed the leader chosen by the other half — and did so by murdering 50 of its own people in a false-flag butchery — Biden considered it a great success. No harm to “deep ties” was considered then.” – Marko Marjanović

Gardening Calories List of Vegetables From A Survival Contex – “It will be especially important to maximize your caloric return for your time and effort during a time when you’re literally growing a vegetable garden to survive.” – Ken Jorgustin

How to Sharpen a Knife Without a Sharpener – “A dull knife can be frustrating as well as dangerous. If a knife sharpener isn’t available, sharpening a blade is possible with many common household items ” – Preparedness Advice Blog


In 2022 Man Will Turn Back to God (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – “The Fed just had a so-called “emergency meeting” on Valentine’s Day because of spiking inflation. The meeting produced no action taken by the Fed. It did nothing. Holter explains, “Maybe we have a month, maybe we have even less than that. If they do nothing, then, basically, they have lost credibility. They have thrown in the towel, and they are telling the markets that they do not have the ability to raise rates. They do not have the ability to tighten, which hyperinflation runs completely rampant. That would be your kickoff to hyper-inflation. . . . 80% of all dollars in existence today have been printed or created over the last two years. . . . That is hyperinflation.”” – Greg Hunter  – MORE STRAIGHT TALK AND COMMON SENSE FROM BILL.  ALWAYS A GOOD LISTEN!!!!!!

Stocks Under Pressure Amid Ukraine, Fed-Hike Angst: Markets Wrap – Rita Nazareth

Biden Energy Policies Added $1,000 to Typical Household’s Costs in 2021: Report – Mark Tapscott and Nathan Worcester

COMEX Silver Trade at Settlement – “You may recall that we caught an interesting new wrinkle in the COMEX gold trade late last year and again late last month. And now we’re seeing the same thing in COMEX silver. Uh-oh.” – Craig Hemke

Even in Services, the Wholesale Price-Spike Is Now Relentlessly Red-Hot – “Heading toward the consumer’s wallet.” – Wolf Richter

2 reasons Americans just dove into credit card debt faster than they have in 22 years – Jason Lalljee

Producer Price Increase Doubles Expectations in January – “Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell “retired” the word “transitory” as it relates to inflation back on Nov. 30. Just two-and-a-half months later, we’re seeing a new word bandied about to describe inflation — persistent.” – Michael Maharrey

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 13.82EUR


Ezekiel 7:26      Mischief shall come upon mischief, and rumour shall be upon rumour; then shall they seek a vision of the prophet; but the law shall perish from the priest, and counsel from the ancients.