The Global Covid Vaccination Campaign Is Courting Catastrophe – “From the closing weeks of 2020 through February 1, 2022, more than sixty percent of the world’s population was injected with Covid-19 vaccines. This means that in a period of less than fourteen months more than 4.7 billion people received at least one Covid shot. Tens of millions received as many as four doses. The phrase “safe and effective” became the de-facto slogan of the planet-wide vaccination enterprise. Believing that the vaccines were “completely safe,” billions of people willingly – and even enthusiastically – lined up to receive their Covid injections. Needless to say, not everyone was ready to accept the propaganda. Shortly after the vaccinating commenced, reports of severe adverse reactions and deaths started pouring in. Within a couple months, death reports garnered by the Covid injections exceeded the annual record count of any other vaccine in the database’s history.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

They Never Stop: ‘Leading Scientists’ Warn New COVID Variants Could Cause ‘Far Higher Number of Deaths’ – “David Nabarro, a special envoy on COVID-19 for the World Health Organization — same WHO with which Donald Trump cut ties over COVID hysteria — piled it high and deep during an interview with The Guardian.” – Mike Miller

They Are Still Defending Lockdowns – “The evidence is in. Restrictions are not associated with any particular set of virus mitigation goals. Forty studies have shown no connection between the policy (egregious violations of human liberty) and the intended outcomes (diminishing the overall disease impact of the pathogen). You can forget about “causal inference” here because there is an absence of correlation of policy and outcomes at all. You can do a deeper dive and find 400 studies showing that the impositions of basic freedoms did not achieve the intended result but instead produced terrible public-health outcomes. The first time in modern history or perhaps all of history when nearly all governments undertook “ordering people to stay home” (which amounts to a universal quarantine) to “decrease disease transmission” was in 2020.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Super Bowl Mask Hypocrisy Was on Bold Display While Kids in School Still Have to Suffer – “There were over 70,000 at the Super Bowl on Sunday and the stadium said they would be requiring them to wear masks in the stadium, regardless of vaccination status, for everyone over two years old. They were even handing out N95 masks to people when they came in to encourage people to wear them.” – Nick Arama

As yet more jab injuries emerge, Imperial College London says: “If there were side effects, we’d have seen them by now” – “Why are these people not accused of dangerous “disinformation”?” – News Uncut

Nobody has a Plan for Covid – “Our Society is Circling the Drain, The only thing that is NOT going away is Covid itself. Mild Covid every 60 days is NOT Mild Covid is not a regular cold coronavirus. It is a lab designed virus that was developed with a purpose that is somewhat unclear. Whatever is the origin of Covid, the HIV-like inserts are there, and it is known to damage immunity, kill off naive T-cells, and cause widespread cardiovascular and neurological damage EVEN IF MILD. Thus, repeated COVID infections are bad, just as repeated useless mRNA spike-generating injections are bad, and the damage from repeated injections and repeated Covid infections on top of that, will likely have cumulative effect.” – Igor Chudov

The search for the origin of Covid-19 – “Viral makes a compelling case for the Covid lab-leak theory. As Matt Ridley and Alina Chan explain in their indispensable new book, Viral: The Search for the Origin of Covid-19, this failure to explain how Covid-19 emerged matters, ‘not for assigning blame’, they write, ‘but for preventing future outbreaks’. So if Covid came from some part of the animal kingdom, that part must be identified. If it was produced by some farming practice, that practice must stop. And if it escaped from a laboratory somewhere, regulatory and safety measures must be reviewed. ” – Tim Black

PolitiFact’s Crummy ‘Fact Checking’ on Coronavirus Shots Safety – Adam Dick

Belarus adopts Russia-backed vax passport – “It was inevitable” – Edward Slavsquat




Speed Wobble – “The timing has gone all awry on them. The Covid-19 hysteria draws to a close against their wishes to drag it on forever. Even the triple-vaccinated are sick of it — and not a few of them are sick because of it. Governments and the corrupt medical establishment won’t touch this info with a stick, but the morticians and insurance execs are hopping up and down about what looks like a supernatural die-off of folks between 18 and 60 generally not susceptible to early death. Kind of worrisome, a little bit. Anybody with half-a-brain left is declining the offer of yet another booster — though Dr. Fauci was still tirelessly selling them last week.” – James Howard Kunstler

“Freedom FROM”—the forgotten bombshell – “On February 7, the Department of Homeland Security issued a heinous document with the highly significant title, “Summary of Terrorism Threats to the Homeland (February 07, 2022).” Terrorism. “Here is a quote. Then I’ll reveal breaking news. These threat actors seek to exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest, which could potentially inspire acts of violence.” Here is the news. The whole purpose of the Constitution was to undermine trust in government institutions.” – Jon Rappoport


Our Founding Fathers Would All Be Driving Trucks Today – J.B. Shurk

Trudeau To Unleash Never-Before-Used ‘Emergency Powers Act’ To Counter Protests As US-Canada Bridge Reopens – Tyler Durden

Free speech becomes roadkill in the crackdown on Canadian truckers – “In the meantime, the government has demonized the convoy. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who praised truckers just two years ago as heroes, has denounced them as “trying to blockade our economy, our democracy.”” – Jonathan Turley

Finnish Christian On Trial For Quoting The Bible On Twitter: ‘God Is Working’ – Joy Pullmann

Joe Biden, Alchemist? – “He is a delusional medievalist who does his best to turn golden policies into dross.” – Victor Davis Hanson

The United States Of Chaos – Crime Rates Spiral Higher And Our Politicians Are Powerless To Stop It – Michael Snyder

Where’s Hillary? – “Hillary Clinton is in big trouble. At the center of the unraveling spider web is Hillary Clinton herself, and attention is rightly turning to her. And curiously, she’s made herself scarce these past few days. Her normally active Twitter account has gone silent. But it doesn’t mean she’s hiding in shame. She’s all full of defiance and mockery. In third world countries, embattled pols sometimes run for president, or the legislatures of their countries, not because they want power entirely, but also to stay out of jail. Might that be what Hillary is trying to do now?” – Monica Showalter  – POSSIBLY, SINCE WE HAVE PRETTY MUCH TURNED INTO A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY OURSELVES!!!!!!!

Video: Biden Declares “Personal Freedom” Comes Second To COVID Mandates – “Think of the children.” – Steve Watson

It’s Official – White House Ukraine Crisis is Manufactured – Pelosi Says if Russia Doesn’t Invade Ukraine, It Proves Strength and Brilliance of Joe Biden Policy – Sundance

Ukraine makes new Biden request – “The Ukrainian president said the US leader’s arrival in Kiev would help “de-escalate” the situation. A trip to the capital, however, does not appear to be on Biden’s schedule, CNN reported, citing US officials saying that such a visit would be “extremely unlikely.” “A senior Ukrainian official” told the channel that Biden gave “no positive response” to the invitation during the call.” -RT

Ukraine Crisis: A Nightmare Caused by US Interventionism – Ron Paul

Putin ‘doesn’t give a s*** about sanctions,’ Russian diplomat warns – “The diplomat said the sanctions have made Russia more “self-sufficient.”” – Madeleine Hubbard

Facts On Ukraine And The Acts Of OUR Government – “We have a serious and brooding problem in the United States, and its of our own making as citizens. In short citizenship in any nation is not a spectator sport. Nor are ethics and, for those who care to ascribe to a higher power, morals. The Ukraine situation is complex, and most international policy issues wind up there because nations try to shave the corners on their agreements. We’re no different than anyone else.” – Karl Denninger

It is not ‘appeasement’ to oppose war with Russia – “Western liberals and neocons need to grow up – Putin is not Hitler and Ukraine is not Poland in 1939.” – Brendan O’Neill

Do the hawks in America and Britain actually want a war with Russia? – “Unwise, inflammatory talk from politicians needs to be toned down before it sparks an unnecessary conflict.” – Paul Nuttall

Russia Bashing on Sunday Propaganda TV Talk Shows – “The Biden regime’s so-called national security advisor Sullivan — a caricature of the real thing — was double-featured. Instead of one recitation of bald-faced Big Lies about Russia, he got a second time around encore appearance to repeat them. While interventionist Blinken hyperventilated about the nonexistent “risk of (imminent) Russian military action” during a weekend press conference, Sullivan tap-danced in similar fashion on two Sunday propaganda TV talk shows. Fooling no one aware of what’s going on, his recitation included the following perversions of reality:” – Stephen Lendman

The US Government Truly Believes The Entire Planet Is Its Property – Caitlin Johnstone

Observations on the Russia China Statement – “This document is the grand strategic manifesto of a new world order and there is much more to be said about it than what follows. It is a truly new order of things, not the old “new world order” which was based on US supremacy. And it is most certainly not the so-called Rules-Based International Order in which one side makes up the rules, breaks them when it wants to and orders everyone else to obey. The Russian-Chinese document speaks much of “democracy” but it’s a different vision than the one common in the West.” – Patrick Armstrong

The twists and turns of Erdogan’s foreign policy – “A deeply NATO-entrenched Turkey is heading east, but not in the way you think. Erdogan’s ‘Asia Anew’ strategy is all about Turkic primacy, and will likely be at odds with Chinese and Russian-driven integration plans” – Pepe Escobar

Blood Clots May Be the Root Cause of All Heart Disease (VIDEO) with Dr. Malcolm Kendrick – Joseph Mercola

“Not Going To Happen To Me Again” – Prepping Goes Mainstream In Post-COVID Era – Tyler Durden




The Soft Power Of The EU And Its Markets Are Clashing With The Hard Power Of Russia And Its Weapons: Who Wins? – Michael Every

Russia And The Fed And The Week Of Uncertainties Ahead – “Ukraine’s concession to not join NATO has me thinking potential for a relief rally Monday, but the waters are too uncertain for me to make any meaningful decisions.” – Quoth the Raven

Americans Cannot Rush Into Silver If They Can Only Afford To Buy Toilet Paper By The Roll At Dollar Tree (For $1.25) – “On the streets of America, the New Third World, Americans are broke. Let’s face it. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in so little time.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

European Energy Prices Soar As Western Media Hypes Imminent Russian Invasion Of Ukraine – Tyler Durden

“Government in Sunshine” Emergency Fed Meeting on Monday to Discuss Inflation – “There’s an emergency Fed meeting scheduled. Will the Fed hike or make excuses?” – Mish

How many reasons to be miserable about markets do you need? – “It’s going to be a testing week for markets as a whole slew of negatives, challenges and no-see-ums threaten to overturn everything. It couldn’t look worse… unless of course you remember my key market mantra (read on), and that the sun usually comes up tomorrow. Happy Valentines..” – Bill Blain

The Inflation Tsunami Is Just Getting Started (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Brutal Stock Deterioration: 46 Percent of Nasdaq Stocks Are More than 50 Percent Below their 52-Week High – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Harry Dent outlines scenarios and solutions for a dramatic first crash in the markets (VIDEO) – Herman James  – A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK HARRY IS A CRACKPOT, BUT I LIKE TO GET HIS TAKE ON THINGS ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 13.91EUR




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